Reunion 001: We Meet Again

[Blythe is almost dressed for a date. Which is silly, because she is currently standing in the common room of a military prison and kind of wishing she dressed a little more… inconspicuous!] -06:52 Dec 05
[Fred Williams fas been led in prison orange and handcuffs to the public meetng room, there is another prisoner on the other side of the room and a familiar figure standing there as the big guard locks his cuffs to the surface of the table adn he waves as best he can.] -06:53 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe was very quick to slide in to her seat, as if sitting down would somehow make her stand out a little less. She was second guessing this common room thing. Maybe the glass walls or a private room would have been better than a place with other prisoners too… she was a little uncomfortable! Still, she gave Fred a smile even while she was eyeing the orange and the handcuffs. "Um…. So hello again..?" Not the best way to start things off. She should have brought notecards. -06:58 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "Hey Blythe." he said with a nervous smile. "You should give the cake to the guard to keep since we’re not appowed to touch eachother in here." he tried to point at a sign but had to nod his head at it instead. "How was the trip? Did they throw a bag over your head and throw you into a van?" -07:01 Dec 05
Blythe: "Oh, right." Blythe almost forgot all about the cake! Sitting nice and neat in a little green bag. She slid that to the corner of the table where one very serious, very large guard took it. Blythe supposed that man could crush someone with his bare hands and enjoy doing it. And Fred had to live here? The van comment made her grin, though. "No bags over my head. There -was- a van, though! One of those all black windowless things and I had to sit in the back with two gentlemen wearing sunglasses. I didn’t think real government people actually did that. The sunglasses thing…" -07:07 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "It;s ebcause they don’t want you to notice they never bling." he said quietly and gabed a themb in the direvtion of the guard who shot him a look before he signaled for another guard to take his place and moved off with the bag. "Did you meet the doctor?" he asked "I’m not sure if she wanted to talk to yo or not." -07:10 Dec 05
Blythe: "I haven’t. I suppose she’ll want to after this, though." Blythe was definitely curious about the Doctor that seemed to be so much of a help. Hers had been such a pain she quit seeing him all together. …Of course, Fred didn’t have that sort of choice! Blythe leaned forward, giving him a speculative look. "Now that you -see- me, though, and I’m not just words on a paper, any more of those killy-feelings?" Maybe wasn’t the most subtle way to go about it, but… she had a right to ask! -07:14 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He gave her a look and then shook his head. "I told you I’m on medication, and no no urged to lure you here with letters and then kill you. Look, I know this is hard to understand but you’re the only friend I have who isn’t paid to talk to me. Unless you are and this is all a governlent plot." he stuck out his tongue to let her know he was joking. "But seriously. No I havn’t wanted to kill you since the reunion." -07:18 Dec 05
Blythe: She looked like she was giving it some debate. Tapping her fingers on the table nervously and examining his face for some sort of sign of lying, or evil, or…. Well, Blythe didn’t really know what she was looking for. She did, however accept his word and relaxed. …just a little bit. She shrugged her shoulders and grinned again. "I had to ask, right? It’s not every day you get your own mad scientist. Is it um… worrying or scary to be here in prison with crazy criminals? I know you said you have a private cell and everything but…" she cast a wary look around again. It was pretty obvious she didn’t find it comfortable. -07:23 Dec 05
Fred Williams: There was a very light and bery brief tough of the tip of his finger against her hand while the guard was distracted. "No one here is particularly insane, that I have men. Usully people who forgot a security protical too serious to just be fired, or soldierd who went against some regulation or another. I think I’m the only person in here for attempted murder." he looked sheepish after saying that. "And stealing military equipment… but tha’ts relativly minor. So relax, okay? I’m sure they told you that either of us can end the meeting at any time if we’re uncomfortable." -07:28 Dec 05
Blythe: At least getting poked by him didn’t give her evil shivers or a sense of impending doom. That thought had her giving a much more natural smile. "You make it sound like detention for adults! I guess I must have some yet-undiscovered fear of locked up places." She glanced at his hands, chewing on the corner of her mouth a moment. It was too bad he had to be handcuffed, she felt a little bad about it now… "On the bright side, we’ve figured out that letting you drink too much gets you all villanous, so we’ll be avoiding the booze when you’re released?" A pretty weak joke but it came with a smile too. -07:34 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He smiles back and nodded. "We’ll see. But if you’re suffering from ansiety I know a great doctor. I’m sure you could get an appointment, just try to steal some military secrets and you’ll be right here." his turn for a weak joke. "You know I’m surprised how easy this is. I was expecting to not be able to find the words to say anything." -07:38 Dec 05
Blythe: She was tapping her fingers on the table too much, so Blythe opted for resting her chin in her hands to keep them still. There was another shrug of her shoulders and a grin. "Maybe because you’re not actually a murderous psycho and just had one drunk night of stupid? I mean, it wasn’t even me that pressed the charges and I would have dropped them after getting to talk to you, I bet. But the government isn’t really all that understanding about circumstances when it comes to secret equiptment…" Nope chin in hands wasn’t working either. She shifted to lean forward on the table and grip her elbows instead. "Did you help design the hooky thing? I don’t think I ever really asked what you did as a scientist!" -07:45 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "You know about secret projects and now they’ll never let you leave." he joked. "And yes, I designed and built the H.M.E. unit myself. It’s part fot eh futuresoldier project, some of which is public knowledge, other parts isn’t. You can understad I’m not allowed to talk about the last group, as for what I did, I designed and tested equipment to help our soldiers on the battlefirls. The ‘hooky thing’ was my fourth project. My first was socks that can be worn for weeks and prevernt blistering and infection. Not the most exciting thing in the worls of military technology but I was proud of it. They’re thinking of adapting the weave for the next generation of space suits. I got the lettr from the lead design of that project last week. I helped space exploration!" -07:54 Dec 05
Blythe: "So you’ve made Space Socks…" That made her laugh suddenly. A little too loud and when she realized it she shut her mouth quick and tried to put on a straight face. "…well that is an accomplishment! And really cool, actually. I can’t even begin to try to invent something like that. I suppose you have to be really imaginative." Blythe was shifting again, right back to tapping her fingers on the table. Though this time she ease her reach forward to tap his hand. Some vague crazy part of her wondering if a guard would come tackle her and throw her in a cell for breaking the rules. "I guess that means you aren’t totally unhirable for jobs, after all, though? I told you they wouldn’t let a good scientist go to waste." -08:02 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "All you need to do is know how materials behave, it’s a lot of time sitting with a pen doing physics and design, but maybe. I know i’ll never work for the government again but maybe Spaceex or Boeng… I could take a course in automotive engineering…" she stopped talking and meshed his fingers, kind of hoping she would touch him again even if the guard had cleared his throat when she did, then he glanced at the clock, wondering how long she would be allowed to stay." -08:07 Dec 05
Blythe: "I know as much about physics as do about biology, and believe me that is not very much." She was grunted at! At least that’s what she thought the guard was doing. Blythe retracted her hands to a more ‘approved’ distance. …at least until her resolve broke and she was giving the guard a pleading, hopefully irresistible look! "Can we take the handcuffs off? If it’s not going to get someone in trouble? I don’t think they’re necessary and I just, I really don’t feel comfortable like this." -08:13 Dec 05

The guard looked down a her and sighed. “Rules are rules. This man tried to kill and woman with stolen military property, and if they were removed I’d be the one getting into trouble.” he said. “The only people who can authorise contact between prisoners and visitors are the commander and the doctor.” -Fred Williams

Fred Williams: He tilted her head at her. "Blythe… it’s alright. I don’t need my hands to talk." she was being sweet and kind of adorable… especially dressed to out of place. "Maybe you can talk to Dr. Winters and next time…" was there going to be a next time? -08:20 Dec 05
Blythe: "Sorry, okay." Damn. She didn’t want the guard getting in trouble, and was almost amused enough to say she -was- that woman almost murdered. Blythe doubted he’d see the humor in it though. She was casting Fred an apologetic smile and shrugged her shoulders again. "I’ll do that. And next time maybe a conferance room where I don’t feel like I am getting stared by jealous inmates. There are conjugal rooms, right? For families and stuff like that?" -08:27 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "There are." he said slowly as he looked around. "Sorry you’re uncomfortable, but it is a prison…" his forehead was knit and he looked concerned. "If it helps I think you look very pretty like that. Did you really dress up to come and see me?" -08:35 Dec 05
Blythe: Yep, she totally chose the wrong thing to wear to a prison. Completely conspicuous. Her face turned red a bit and she rubbed her temple. "I don’t know what I was thinking. There’s that crazy girl thought of ‘Oh, I’m going somewhere special, I need to dress nice!’ and then I thought maybe it would be a bad idea to look fancy in jail. But then I figured I should show I care enough to look nice? …it’s pretty stupid!" -08:42 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He shot his head. "You’re not crazy. Shows you care and have really forgiven me?" he he could touch her he would. "And you’re perfectly safe here. Probablt safer than a lot of other places. Theres guards and bars and everyone dangerous isn’t allowed anywhere hear here." Just as he was saying that another prisoner was bing shown to a table, one who liked the fact that there was a pirl looking pretty. -08:49 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe was breaking the rules again, and if the gaurd didn’t like it, well he’d have to explain to people it was HER fault. Fred sounded like he needed it. She reached across the table to grip his hands and grin. "I forgive you! I forgave you ages ago. Pretty much when I realized you were drunk as hell and not bananas. So consider it forgetten and something we can laugh about at the next class reunion." She almost forgot to pay attention to the room itself but at the sound of the door and someone new entertaining, there was that anxious feeling again. Only this time she was squeezing Fred’s hands instead of tapping her fingers on the table. -08:53 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He glanced at the guard who did not look happy and was taping his fingers on his nightstick but so far wasn’t going to do anything. He couldn’t turn far enough to see the smug grin on the other prisoner’s face as he stared at blythe intently. "It will always be a stupid mistake I made." he said looking down at her hands and feeling like he didn’t desurse to touche her. "But I’m happy you’ve forgiven me, I have too. I can never tell you how good it is to hear you say it though." he tried to smile but was cup off by the guard stepping up to the table. -09:03 Dec 05
Blythe: She quickly pulled her hands away again. Did they put you in time out for breaking jail rules? Blythe didn’t want to find out! She was trying to keep her vision focused on Fred and not on the prisoner who was definitely staring. Last thing she wanted to do was have a panic attack in a prison and have everyone think that was Fred’s fault and end up witnessing prison violence or something. "At least you didn’t show your bits to two hundred people, right? Um.." Why did she even say that. She clearly had an issue with saying stupid things while under duress. -09:12 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He frowned thinking it was the guard making her uncomfortable and gave him and gleading look while behind him the prisoner mimed jerking off then pointed to Blythe. "Everyone does dumb things in highschool. He tried to reach out for her hand but was forstalled by the guard taking his shoulder and pushing him back in his seat. "Are you okay? -09:19 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe tried to tell herself that if she were in a bar, she’d just flip that guy off or something and it shouldn’t matter that she was in a prison. …but it kind of did! She nodded quickly, though, giving Fred an almost strained smile. "Yeah, um, I should probably get going though. I’m sure my driver probably doesn’t wait to wait on me all day and I doubt they have overnight rooms in prison. At least not ones I want to stay in. I’ll talk to Doctor Winters on my way out, okay? I’d like to see you again." she was already scooting back her chair. -09:23 Dec 05
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[Blythe couldn’t have left that common room fast enough, which surprisingly enough, had nothing to do with Fred.] -06:40 Dec 05
[Dr. Winters is in her office waiting for the guarst to arive.] -06:41 Dec 05
Blythe: Once being directed to the Doctor’s office by a very nice, if equally as stoic looking prison guard, Blythe gently knocked on the office door before stepping inside. "Um…. Doctor Winters…? I am Blythe Kennedy." -06:41 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: In front of her sitting in a chair in the lounge area of a warmly lit and well furnished room was a a tall woman of roughly middle age. Her hair was in a hight bun but there was a well practives friendly smile as Blythe evtered. "Blythe, yes. Good to finally meet you." as she spoke she stood and offered Blythe a handshake before moving to a table that housed a kettle, mugs and varius jars and was soon setting down a pot of tea. "How is the visit?" there were cues, Bkythe had a ervous look about her even if she had dressed up for the occasion, had something unexpected happened? -06:46 Dec 05
Blythe: This wasn’t the sort of office she was expecting inside a military prison. …or the sort of woman she thought she’d meet! So it was a little hard to hide her surprise. After shaking the doctor’s hand, Blythe slid in to a chair, tapping her fingers on one arm of it as she turned her body to face the other woman. "Well, actually! I feel a lot better getting to really talk to him about things. Not that we had long to discuss much, but I really don’t feel like I have to…" -06:51 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: It was very hard not to go into analitical mode but Blythe was not her pacient, that was why they were in the lounge and not in the chair and lounger on the other side of the room. "To talking to him went well? That is good." she placed a cube of sugar into on eof the much and poared tea into it and then into the other. "And do not worry I am not here to do the god of Dr. Livinston that you stopped seeing." yes she knew, a thourough background check had been done on Blythe concerning her history and current living conditions. "I just want to know wat you can tell me about your relationship with Fred in highschool, and to talk to you in general. Have some tea it’s a special indian blend that calms the nearvs. I give it to my pacients all the time." -06:59 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe looked a little sheepish about the comment on her ex-therapist. But she welcomed having the cup of tea in her hands, both for something to keep her occupied and because she could really use the warmth. "We never really spoke to each other in school. At least not until senior year when I ran for class president against him. And all of that was perfectly friendly." Blythe took a sip of the tea. …it really was good! -07:07 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "It was friendly until you won, is what I understand." she sipped her own tea and smiled. "But I can safely say that Fred has put that behind him, but may I ans, what made your meeting with him end to abruptly?" this was the million dollar question, and when she acked it some of her central european accent slipped through. -07:12 Dec 05
Blythe: "Yeah, and I don’t blame him for being mad about it. I kind of pulled a stunt to win favor." she muttered softly, her facing tinging with red for a moment. Did he tell her all the details about that? Well, he probably had to. "Oh- that! It wasn’t Fred’s fault at all! I’m just… a little uncomfortable here I guess. One of the prisoners irked me a bit and I really didn’t want to freak out there and having confused prison guards running in. That’s actually why I wanted to talk to you before leaving…" -07:15 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She rested her mug on her knee and nodded. She did know about the snunt and why it affecter Fred the way it had. "What did you want to talk to me about?" had something happened? aybe it would explain something about Blythe that could explain her behaviour towards Fred. -07:21 Dec 05
[Dr. Winters enters.] -07:24 Dec 05
Blythe: "So I didn’t want to do the glass-wall meeting because that was so impersonal, you know? But I don’t think I can do another common room meeting. I mean, absolutely not because of Fred, because I really wish I could stay longer, and I’m sure most of the prisoners really aren’t dangerous but it was so uncomfortable." Even with a cup in one hand, Blythe was very expressive with her hands. …or else was so nervous she couldn’t keep still. She had to pause for a moment making sure she didn’t spill her tea. "Fred had to wear the handcuffs and I know that wasn’t comfortable for him either, and I just… Well, someone was staring me down and I guess I got freaked out a little. I was wondering if next time it would be okay to have a more private room?" -07:28 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "I could arange that if you’re sure that is what you want, would you like to stay the night and have that meeting in the morning. I could arange for you for have ano od the empty staff quarters for the night and for a room meeting at ten o’ clock?" she sipped her tea wordlessly reningding herself where the cloths were in case of an accident. "Drink, it’s good for nerves." -07:32 Dec 05
Blythe: "There are live in rooms here?" That surprised her! Another pausing, shocked expression as she raised the cup and took a sip as urged. Staying a night in the prison. She may very well go berserk and get herself locked up. …but she really had hoped to talk to Fred longer than she had, and there was no telling how long it would be before another meeting could be made. She didn’t know how these things worked! "…that does sound really tempting… is it safe to stay here at the prison? I mean, I know there’s guards everywhere but… And locks? Would I get locked in there?" -07:37 Dec 05
[Dr. Winters enters.] -07:39 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "She smiled and shook her head. "Not in the prison, but in the agoining compound. There will be security, it’s a military facility but you’ll have a little cottage to yourself and a direct line to me if you need anything. You can see the cottages if you go to the window." they were outsid the outer prison walls and in thier own fenced off area, cotage was a kind word they were more like two bedroom suburbian houses with a few largr ones for families. -07:41 Dec 05
Blythe: Another surprise! Blythe got up and moved to the window, holding her cup in both hands as she took a peek. A whole military prison compound? They really took this stuff seriously! She was really doubting the harmlessness of Fred’s fellow inmates. "That doesn’t look too bad. I don’t really have any extra clothes with me though. …and I guess we should probably ask Fred if he actually wants to see me so soon." -07:45 Dec 05
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[Dr. Winters enters.] -08:01 Dec 05
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Dr. Winters: "Clothes won’t be so dificult to find." she said "You just need to tell me your size and if you want to look like you’re on a date or I could give you one of m suits. You have shorter legs than me but that won’t matter with a skirt, would you be comfortable in a skirt in a private room?" she was looking at Blythe’s figure and wondering if she had anything that would fit. I have an allointment with him this afternoon, do you want to sit in?" -08:13 Dec 05
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Blythe: Blythe looked down at her legs and blinked. "A skirt is okay. And I’d like to look nice, and I don’t think Fred has a very good impression of me." Turning away from the window, she had that thoughtful look again as she thought about a sit-in session. "It wouldn’t be weird for me to be there too? You therapists ask crazy personal questions.." -08:18 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "You are the only person I think he would allow it. Of course I would ask him first." she said before knitting her brow in thought, she was begerously close to revealing personal information about a client but she wouldn’t. "And if he doesn’t want to answer something in front of you I’m sure he would say so. Or you could leave after he arives so you can ask if he wants to meet tomorow." -08:26 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe had to admit she was a little curious about Fred’s therapy sessions, and how Doctor Winters worked. She didn’t much like therapists… Her fingers tapped against the cup with that nervous tick again. "I’ll sit in if he says that’s okay. And ask about the morning!" -08:35 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She nodded. "He should be brought up here in a few minutes, if you want to make yourself at like and help yourself to anything on the table." she smiled and stood to straiten her pants and set her empty mug down. And as always, if you need anything just ask." -08:43 Dec 05
Blythe: Looking down at her half drank cup of tea, Blythe quickly swallowed the rest in a big gulp. The she was politely taking it back over to the table. She didn’t make herself another though, she had the sudden need to primp…! Straightening her shirt and smoothing out her pants where she really didn’t need to. At least now she felt much less anxious. "Right, if I have a Blythe Kennedy brand panic attack I’ll give you a signal." she cast a quick cheeky grin. -08:49 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "Or you could drink more tea, or ask be for something to calm you down. I am after all a therapist." she smiled warmly before speaking again. "Kep talking I just need to get ready for the session." she moved to a cabinet and retrieces a clip board and pen. "If you do feel like you need to leave you can wait out in the corridor." -09:05 Dec 05
Blythe: "I don’t want to take anything…" she paled briefly, but that was gone in an instant when she changed the gears in her head and tried to think about what she could talk about to entertain a doctor. She ended up wandering around the office looking at things as she spoke. "I’m not sure what I should be saying now… Other than talking about Fred, but I’m still kind of adjusting to the differences between high school Fred and now Fred. He doesn’t really seem to have a lot of people in his life…" Blythe paused by a shelf and peered at the items on it. -09:11 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "That is often the case with obcession." she said placing the clip board bext to the chair he sat on while giving therapy. "Anything not to do with the focus of the obsession is ignored, in this case that included possible friend." she got out another mug and set it on the table. "Anythign to eat?" -09:23 Dec 05
Blythe: "I’ve never had that kind of passion or feeling for anything before. Well. No, I take that back. I DID really, really need to win class president. But after that, nope! I did carry a torch for someone from high school though, until I found out he was gay at the reunion! But it was unsurprisingly, the least upsetting thing that happened all night and I was kind of relieved to close the door on that, you know?" There weren’t any personal pictures in this office. Blythe supposed that made sense if you didn’t want crazy inmates hunting your family later… -09:28 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She nodded and was poing into work mode, on Blythe! "Don’t be so sure he was focused on anything in particular. But it seems you know how he felt, carrying feelings for someone even though you hadn’t spoken to than on a while and not being able to let them go?" she tapped her fingernails on the surface of the table. "You two are probably more alive in your situations than you think." -09:35 Dec 05
Blythe: "I gues you could call hating someone for years a little similar to crushing on someone. Only, I never really thought about Jonathan at all until I saw him at the reunion. I did think about Fred, though! He was so mad after the final debate, and I was so embarrassed I never really had the guts to go and talk to him about it." Blythe had wandered back over to the table again, this time picking up a cookie to nibble on. Blythe hadn’t thought to ask him if it was the reunion that dug that all up for him, or if he had be pissed off the entire time… -09:41 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She leaned forwards and nodded. "I don’t think he spent all that time hating you, but he things he did because that is what his obcession focused on the night of the reunion and the weeks before. But the reason for that I cannot tell you without breaching doctor pacient trust. "I think I will cancell my appointlent with him today and let you use my office to talk to him, It might be better than having a session, for oth of you if I sit while you talk, for the forst part and nudge the contersation along. If that is alright with you." -09:48 Dec 05
Blythe: "I guess so? You’re a lot less creepy than prison inmates!" Blythe supposed the doctor just wanted to see how Fred was handling his childhood nemesis. ..which almost made her feel like a science expirement, but the lady was oddly relaxing to be around. Maybe she drugged the tea! Blythe leaned over the snack table to pour another cup. Drugged tea or not, it -was- really good tea. -09:52 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She checked the time on the wall and sat down. "Then if Fred agrees that is what we’ll do. And I will leave after a few minutes to allow you two to talk privately. I just want to see how you two interact in person." and as if on cue the door opened and Fred walked in and Winters stood. "Fred, Please come and sit down. We’re doing something a litttle different today." -10:00 Dec 05

Fred looked between the two and walked over to sit down and without hesitation poared himself a mug of tea as it it was habbit and sat with it steaming in his hands. “Hey Blythe… Winters.” he was unsure what was going on but smiled at Blythe. “I see you two have met. Oh…” one of the guards put Blythe’s green packed on the table between them before leaving. “Telling eachother how crazy I am?” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: Blythe nearly fumbled with her cup, only because the door opened so suddenly. And there was mister serious faced guard again. Blythe gave that guy a cheeky grin before before she sat down next to Fred and smiled. "Yep. I told her everything. All fifteen minutes of pure insanity. And then she drugged me with the tea!" -10:06 Dec 05

“It’s camomile.” he said. “I used to drink it all the time after work.” he smiled and sipped his mug before the doctor spoke. [color=lightblue]”We were talking about before the reunion.”[/color] She gave a reasuring smile as Fred looded up suddenly. [color=lightblue]”You two can talk to eachother, I’m just here to watch.”[/color] -Dr. Winters

Blythe: Blythe leaned over the arm of her chair towards Fred. The guard couldn’t growl at her now! She whispered loud enough for the doctor to hear, though. "It’s kind of like being at the zoo, only we’re on the other side of the glass." Another smile before she straightened, tapping her fingers against her cup. "Actually, I talked about school a little bit. About the presidency debate and all." -10:20 Dec 05

“Ahh…” he looked between them then turned in his seat and looked at Blythe. “You know you don’t have to keep mentioning that, it’s in the past.” [color=lightblue]”Actually I’d like you two to talk about that if you don’t mind. Blythe, you suffered feelings of guilt, Fred, you suffered from feelings of betrayal and outrage. Maybe Blythe would understand your position after the debate of she knew where those feelings came from. And Blythe, I think Blythe may have appologized a lot earlier if you had appeared more receptive to disclosure.”[/color] -Dr. Winters

He looked at Dr. Winters and then put his head in his hands. [color=lightblue]”It’s alright Fred, I’m right here.”[/color] She looked at Blythe indicating she should do something. [color=light blue]”It would help you both understand eachother’s feelings and positions. It is in the past, the past only has as much influence as you allow it. She should know.”[/color] She looked at Blythe hoping she had read her correctly. “It’s stupid.” he said. “Blythe, you remember how we scored closely on every test? That drove me to be competitive against you but it also made you the only person in class I could respect. And though most of the seniour year I had the silliest crush on you, but you only had eyes for whatshisname… you know the guy I mean.” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: "You had a crush on me?" The doctor was forgotten for a moment as she leaned towards him in her seat and reached a hand out to grip his arm. "I am the worst person to crush on! I think I am bout as oblivious as anybody can get… Jonathan was the guy I crushed on, and you know what I found out during the reunion? Totally gay! Not that I’M gay. But, um.. I mean, I’m not that smart, Fred… You have no idea how hard it was for me to get such good scores." -10:47 Dec 05

He sighed. “I never said it was a smart crush.” he said. “It wasn’t. Especially with what you did in front of everyone when I was waiting for the debates to be over to tell you about it, get dumped, and move on with my life. I never got that sense of closure I was looking for. That is why I did stupid things. I’m sorry. It just couldn’t be helped and I should have acted sooner.” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: "No, don’t be sorry.." Oh, she felt so bad. She really did just completely steamroll his whole life..! Blythe moved to set her cup aside and then she was grabbing his hand and giving him a pleading look. "Don’t, okay? Who knew what I would have said? It’s not like I was thinking at all, at least not about anything other than myself, and I knew the second after I did it that it was a stupid thing to do and I knew I hurt you and cheated you, and I really did want to tell you I was sorry!" Holy crap, where did all of that come from? Blythe was pretty sure it had all been agreed on and resolved, but she couldn’t stand to hear him talk like that! -10:59 Dec 05

he looked at her. “I know, you said so before and it doesn’t matter what I felt about you then. You couldn’t have known and you obviously didn’t. It just made me feel like you bad betrayed a trust that never existed and that [i]is[/i] stupid, or was. I don’t want you to get worked up about what I felt back then and make it awkward for us now. But maybe it explains a few things?” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: "It does, a lot yet…" Basically, it meant everrything Calvin and that Annabell girl said about her. Blythe lived in her own little bubble, oblivious to all the ways she was hurting people and now a girl was dead and Fred in jail, and Calvin drinking, and who knew what else and…! She was suddenly having a very hard time breathing, and there wasn’t a table high enough for her to crawl under! -11:18 Dec 05

He reacted on instinct puttig his arms around her as the doctor moved from her seat and openes a jar of smelling salts to wave under her nose. “Blythe…” [color=Lightblue]”Blythe, breathe.”[/color] the doctor’s voice was calm. [color=lightblue]”You couldn’t have known, many people go though highschool not noticing those around them, especially those working hard for marks or sports. It’s part of growing up.”[/color] -Dr. Winters

Blythe: She cough, but it was just as much of a soft sob as she shook her head. There were people here and she didn’t want people seeing her cry! But she couldn’t help it. "I’m sorry..! I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t mean to hurt anybody, but she’s dead and you’re in jail, and maybe that was lucky cause you might have swallowed a bottle of pills too, and what kind of person hurts people and doesn’t know…!" -11:31 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "You can’t blame yourself." she said slowly "How could you know how things would turn out." she wiped her tears away with her themb and then turned her with a hand on her shoulder so that she was leaning against Fred who still had his hands around her. "Blythe, it’s not your fault. It’s mine. I should have said something, or just let it go. You’re not responsable for me being here, and you even came all the way out to see me when I tried to kill you. You’re a good person and shouldn’t blame yourself for where I am. Maybe I needed to be here to meet a doctor who could actually help me and be forsed to try and be a better person. Please, don’t blame yourself." -11:45 Dec 05
Blythe: "It is my fault, I yelled at her and I said she was being stupid and needed to grow up and I was wrong. I can’t even remember what I said to you that night either and I just…" She just couldn’t quite breathe. She was leaning against him, though and he was trying so hard to make her feel better when she didn’t deserve it. Blythe managed to find a breath, shakey as it was and rubbed her own hands against her eyes. "…I’m sorry! I’m being stupid, I keep doing this and it’s just so dumb…" -11:52 Dec 05

“It’s not your fault. You didn’t even say anything to me that night. I didn’t give you the chance. People are responsable for their own actions. He didn’t know weather to shake her or to squeeze her to death. “Just take a deep breath and…” a paper bag was pushed into Blythe’s hands by the doctor and then a glass of cold water was poared and placed on the table. [color=lightblue]”He is right. You shouldn’t blame yourself. If everyone took responsability for what others did then I would be here, but I wouldn’t be working. Breathe Blythe.” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: Argh, paper bags… she used it though. Painfully aware that she had once again had a breakdown somewhere public, and now worse in front of a therapist inside a military prison. She kept breathing deep in she finally got her chest to quit hurting and all of those up and down emotions finally faded, to the much more familiar paign of regret and embarrassment. Her hands with the bag fell to her lap, and there was a crazy urge to just turn and hug Fred for the next hour and a half. "I’m okay now… Sorry. Really. Told you I had a problem.." she muttered and shrugged a shoulder at Fred. -12:05 Dec 06
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[Blythe had a panic attack in the military prison, and not even about what would be expected!] -06:11 Dec 06
[Fred Williams watched the Doctor stand and say goodbye to them telling them to call her if she’s needed.] -06:14 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "You might, but not one you can’t work out with time. Call me if you need to talk I’ll give you my nuber when I come back. You two should talk now. I’ll be just outside if you need me." and with that she was gone leaving Blythe in Freds arms and he looked down at her. "Are you okay?" he asked slowly. "You really don’t been to blame yourself for things you can’t control." -06:23 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe nodded with a sheepish expression, and pulled back just a bit. At least he could say he was drunk when he showed up trying to kill somebody, she really didn’t have any excuses. "Yeah. I’m sorry. Pretty much just highjack your therepy session, though. I’m apparently pretty good at stealing things from you." -06:31 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He frouned. "I know Dr. Winters. If this wasn’t something she wanted to happen she wouldn’t have left us alone." he rubbed at her hack over her shirt to maybe help her feel better. "Just don’t worry about it, okay? Tea?" he looked at the table. "At least you know I’m not going to kill you the moment we’re alone." -06:35 Dec 06
Blythe: She blinked at him a moment before she suddenly laughed. "Well, I wasn’t afraid of that…" She glanced over at the table and nodded again. "A fresh cup of tea would be nice. I kinda feel really, really stupid…" How many times was she gonna say that? -06:41 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "At least you didn’t steal anythign or try to kill anyone, once you do that talk to me about stupid." he moved away and poared her a fresh mug and handed it to her before setling back down in his seat. "Adn you trust me, you have no idea how much that means to me." he put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. -06:44 Dec 06
Blythe: Sipping from the mug, she regarded him with a soft look. When he smiled was nice. Granted, he was probably thinking she was nuts that wasting his time on her was a huge mistake, but she was kind of glad he was being nice about it. "Why weren’t we ever in friends in school? We probably would have been good friends…" -06:52 Dec 06
Fred Williams: Because we were rivals, then I had a crush on you and couldn’t have spoken to you if I wanted to becausse there wasa girl who actualy did the work and put in the effort and was going to go places. We should have, we could have been highschool sweethearts, but you know things happen and they have an odd way of working out. You know I’ve never been happier than I am in jail. Because I’m not overworking myself for the first time in my life, and I have someone to talk to." -06:56 Dec 06
Blythe: "I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say they were happy to be in jail." she tilted her head, examining his face to see if he really meant it or if he was just trying to keep her calm. "Well… I’m glad it’s all coming together for you. Sure beats doing the same thing everyday without any sort of idea about the future or what you’re going to do." -07:02 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Then do something different." he said "Write a novel, bubmit an article to a newspaper, write about spies and military secrets and the quest to save a friend from long ago. And now I’m just waying random things. You have a good brain. Put it to use with something that will make you happy. You desurve to be happy." -07:05 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe looked a little dubious. "Write? Never really thought about doing that before…" She wrote greeting cards, but writing stories was a little more difficult than that. …Though she could easily think up amusing mad scientist stories with Fred as inspiration. Blythe almost cracked a smile. "I’m not really sure what’s going to make me happy right now and I kinda gave up thinkingabout it. I think I’m just lucky to exist at the moment." -07:13 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He gave her a look. "You need to be happy, if you’re not happy then you need to chnage that because otherwise why are you living?" he placed a hand on her arm. "Ask yourself what you need to be to be happy and go for that. I don’t care if you never talk to me again but you can’t keep living for ‘someday’ or for ‘other people’ go back to school if you need to. I know when I get out of here I’m not wating around to wallow in self pity. I’m going to make something out of my life and maybe finally be happy. Because that is what life is about… isn’t it?" -07:17 Dec 06
Blythe: This was a strange turn of roles! Blythe was supposed to be the one cheering him up and making him feel better about his situation so he didn’t feel so alone. It struck a strange cord with her and before she ended up sniffling and crawling under the desk, she changed her tone and her focus real quick. "I’m not going to stop talking to you, Fred. Getting letters from you gave me something to look forward to every day. There haven’t been a lot of people in my life lately, so I am lucky to have a new friend?" -07:22 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He sat in the arm of her chair and put an arm around her. "Thank you. Now I can stop my stomach from squirming up m throat to throttle me for sugesting it. But I mean it, do something you enjoy even if it’s as a hobby on the side. I’ll read all yout letters waiting for you to tell me what it is. Now, should we try this cake?" he moved forwards to open the packet and take out her cake and look for a knife. "How big of a slice do you want?" -07:26 Dec 06
Blythe: When his back was turned, she almost pouted because he moved away. A hug would have been really nice, but she was aware that she was all weepy, needy, and generally emotional. The last thing she needed to do was put all of that on Fred. She rose from her chair too to lean against the desk and peer at the cake. "A small one? Um… Maybe bigger than that. As it turns out, when you actually follow the directions to the letter, baking doesn’t turn out so bad. My first few test cakes weren’t so lucky." -07:33 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He must have head her mind because once that peice was on the plate he placed it on the desk next to her and hugged her. "I’m happy I her to do this at least once." he said sounding at if he was unsude she would push him away. "I’ll do it again when I get out of here." -07:37 Dec 06
Blythe: She stiffened a little bit in surprise, but in an instant she curled her arms around his waist to hug him too and rest her head against him to hide her face. If she started crying from just a hug, she deserved to be in a loony bin. But it felt good to have one, and she really, really needed it! "You’re going to have a really sad time in jail if this is the only hug you get until release, Fred!" -07:42 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Then come and see me again." he said settling into the embrace and putting his cheek against her ear. "As good as Dr. Winters is she’s not a huggy person." he sighed and held her close. You’ll be fine right? Out there on your own? I know you have been for the last ten years but I’ve been worried about you." -07:47 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe was definitely a huggy person, and she couldn’t even remember the last time she hugged somebody! So she wasn’t thinking twice about taking advantage of the moment and just being glad to have contact with someone. She laughed softly, if a little muffled. "Worried about me? I do want to come see you agin, though. Doctor Winters said it was okay for me to stay here over night and have a longer visit in the morning since I had to leave so suddenly. I didn’t know they actually had staff cabins here and everything." -07:54 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He almost laughed. "Ther is an entire national guard base." he said. "It was a convenient place to build a secure prison, besides you need somewhere for the staff to sleep right?" he resting his chin on her shoulder and closed his eyes. "You’re stayin gthe night then? You know you don’t have to, I mean I’ll still be here the next time you visit." -07:57 Dec 06
Blythe: "I’m not sure how long it will be before I can come again, and I really did want to spend longer than fifteen minutes talking to you without handcuffs. And without me freaking out. That’d be good too." This was surprisingly comfortable. Almost natural to be held by him like this, and had she not been trying to linger with it as long as possible, she might’ve thought it a little weird. "So if you don’t mind an early morning visit we could talk about the good things about school and you could show me your models?" -08:01 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I could!" he said "I’ll have to picks out a few and take them with me wherever we’re meeting." he instantly had a good idea of what to bring. "Oh…" he realized holding onto her was preventing her from having her cake, but he didn’t want to let go." -08:05 Dec 06
Blythe: "Hmm?" …oh, right! Awkwardly and inappropriately long hugs, totally not a good idea. Regretfully, and with a tinge of red to her face she pulled away. "Sorry. I guess I needed that more than I thought…. But cake.. cake is good! And there is plenty enough to leave for Doctor Winters too. And um.." Blythe just shut her mouth. It was safer that way! -08:10 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He looked disappointed to have the hug broken and stood there for a moments wordering what to do with himself before he patter her and on the shoulder and offered her a smile. "It’s fine, I’ll give you another one tomorow." then he was cuttin g himself a slice and moving to his chair to sit down and nibbble on it. Something nuetral to focus on after the physical contact. "It’s good." he said chewing. "What’s in it?" -08:14 Dec 06
Blythe: Something to do with her hands to keep her from fidgeting, and to keep her from blabbering too much, a bite of cake. With her plate in hand, she sat on the edge of the doctor’s desk, kicking her feet back and forth. "Um… fresh lemon! Someone told me you should always use the fresh flavoring when you can. So lemon, and sugar, and all the normal stuff and almond. And cream cheese for the frosting. I ran out of the normal frosting with my test cakes." -08:18 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Frankencake…." he said looking down at it. "It works though and that is the make thing." he was having a hard time figuring out where to loon and then decided he’l look at Blythe and try to smile. Was he this awkward after one hug? What was wrong with him? Hadn’t he made any progress. -08:21 Dec 06
Blythe: "This one is tame compared to the others! I got a little over enthusiastic about trying recipes. And apparently you don’t want to experiment with new ideas when you don’t know the science behind baking. Apparently it -has- a science." She was chewing on her fork when she glanced back up at him. He really did look nice when he smiled, and it was really impossible not to immediately smile in response. She very vaguely remembered thinking the same thing about him in school. That science guy with the pretty smile! "Maybe I can try baking as a hobby and send them all to you. You can give the really bad ones to inmates that give you trouble! -08:27 Dec 06
[Fred Williams enters.] -08:29 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "That could get expensive with the shipping and freshness wouldn’t be guarenteed." He said eating more a looking at her noticing she was looking back at him and smiled. "But I was hinting you bneeded a hooby you could turn into a career if you got sick of writing cards." he put down his empty plate and put his hands in his lap. "I meant all that I said , no matter his dumb it sounds." -08:46 Dec 06

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