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  • Reunion 005: First Dates (TBC)

    Reunion 005: First Dates (TBC)

    [Blythe is picking up Fred in her really crappy, clearly about to fall apart car that she was lucky to afford on a greeting card writer’s salary!] -12:24 Jun 17 [Will is in his hostel where he is mandated by his parol to stay for now so that his parol officer can keep an eye…

  • Reunion 004: Confessions

    Reunion 004: Confessions

    [[[CONTINUED FROM –HIGH SCHOOL REUNION; THE RETURN–]]] [Blythe had to be rescued from another Reunion gone a little wacky. At least time it didn’t go AS bad… but it still did sort of leave her a little perturbed!] -07:15 Dec 16 [Fred has taken blythe away from her shame and taken her out for coffee.]…

  • Reunion 003: Happy Birthday Fred

    Reunion 003: Happy Birthday Fred

    [Fred Williams has once again been taken to the private visiting room after not hearing from anyone for months. And it’s his birthday.] -08:04 Dec 14 [Blythe is never going to get used to the prison, but then this IS only the second time she’s paid it a visit.] -08:05 Dec 14 Blythe: She muttered…

  • Reunion 002: Dance Lesson

    Reunion 002: Dance Lesson

    [Blythe has this time been led to a much less imposing looking section of the prison for her morning visit with Fred!] -06:03 Dec 06 [Fred Williams is showered, combed and being lead to a private room!] -06:04 Dec 06 Blythe: Unlike the common room, these private rooms were designed for family sort of visits.…

  • Reunion 001: We Meet Again

    Reunion 001: We Meet Again

    [Blythe is almost dressed for a date. Which is silly, because she is currently standing in the common room of a military prison and kind of wishing she dressed a little more… inconspicuous!] -06:52 Dec 05 [Fred Williams fas been led in prison orange and handcuffs to the public meetng room, there is another prisoner…

  • Blythe Kennedy

    Blythe Kennedy

    Greeting Card writer who has an unusual relationship with someone that tried to kill her.