Reunion 005: First Dates (TBC)

[Blythe is picking up Fred in her really crappy, clearly about to fall apart car that she was lucky to afford on a greeting card writer’s salary!] -12:24 Jun 17
[Will is in his hostel where he is mandated by his parol to stay for now so that his parol officer can keep an eye on him!] -12:25 Jun 17
Blythe: This was pretty crazy. Going to pick up a convicted felon that tried to kill her, and then taking him back to her place. In fact when she parked outside the hostel and was climbing out of the car, giving the place a dubious look, she was wondering if maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. This place didn’t look safe! Still, Reunion night with Fred was amazing, and she was pretty sure he didn’t want to murder anyone anymore! Stop up the walk she went, glancing down at a piece of paper looking for the right door number. -12:30 Jun 17
Will: Fred was fussing over everything, the place had once been a run down motel and thing hadn’t really improved. He had done his best to fix the room up and now the only mess was his desk where half finished plans littered the wooden surface but that was normal for the one roomed dwelling. He had his own sheets and his own food in the fridge and had ever racked up enough good behaviour credit for an interent connection without a curfiew! Still right now he was at the desk and trying to finish a special project! -12:36 Jun 17
Blythe: The place didn’t smell too good. The walls looked a bit shabby and rotted out. Blythe was imagining some pretty unpleasant people living around here. Once she found his door she was knocking quickly. More out of fear that maybe not just reformed scientists were living there, but reformed serial killers too. -12:40 Jun 17
Will: He got up with the scraping of the chair on the floor and his footsteps as he walked across the room to the door to pull it open. "Blythe!" he exclaimed poking his head out to look both ways before pulling her in and shutting the door to lock, bolt, lock, lock, and finally bolt it. "Can I get you anything?" -12:43 Jun 17
[Will is now known as: Fred] -12:45 Jun 17
Blythe: Tugged in to the room, she hadn’t the time to catch her breath before the door was deadbolted. …a lot! That wasn’t strange or suspicious at all. Not that she was worried! Blythe fidgeted with the paper in her hands instead of stuffing it in to her pocket. "Um, no! I’m fine. You have a … um.. very interesting place here, Fred. How many locks was that..?" -12:47 Jun 17
Fred: "Three and two bolts, been meaning to get the chain replaced…" he said stepping away from the door to open the fridge. "I have soda, root beer, ginger beer, and sparkling cider." he glanced up and then bit his lip. "Sorry I only have on chair bu the desk or you can sit on the bed if you like." -12:51 Jun 17
Blythe: "It’s not too bad of a place. And you only need the one chair for now." She was hesitant but finally moved away from the door to peer around at things curiously. She was sitting yet, though. Blythe was too busy tapping her chin and looking at his things. "Maybe a ginger beer would be nice after all. I haven’t heard very much from you since the reunion, I kind of miss getting your letters." And maybe she was a little worried that the whole night’s not-so-great turn of events with Barbara, and then her… jumping on him in a borrow car might have been a little crazy! -12:57 Jun 17
[Fred enters.] -01:03 Jun 17
Fred: "Oh yeah, I’ve been busy." he said indicating the desk. "Sorry but life out of prison has been difficult to get used to while trying to avoid the same mistakes as last time." he removed to cold cans of ginger beer from the fridge and handed one to her. "I did try to call though! I don’t have a phone yet but I used the paytphone out the front and a racoon attacked my ankle…" He sat on the bed and opened his can. "It’s good to see you though." -01:06 Jun 17
Blythe: "Do they not have less… uuuhm… dangerous housing for nice normal people?" Not that he was normal by any means. Blythe fussed with trying to get her can open, and succeeded without managing to make a mess. Now that he was sitting, she crossed the room to sit next to him on the bed. …this was not a good bed either! "All though I’m sure once your job oportunities are nice and official, you’ll be getting a place again, though, so I guess it doesn’t matter so much!" -01:10 Jun 17
Fred: "I have to live here until my parole is over." he said before taking a sip of his root beer and sighing. "So what do I owe this visit to?" -01:36 Jun 17
Blythe: "Uuum…!" Wouldn’t that be obvious? Maybe it wasn’t. Blythe was used to being the one that asked someone out on a date. A drink and a swallow, and she was staring up at the ceiling. "Well. I was thinking I could make lunch for you. I’ve been practicing recipes and things and I thought maybe you could use a good meal after all that prison food…" -01:39 Jun 17
Fred: Fred looked at Blythe and swallowed. "Yes, umm sure that sounds great, I have to be back by ten though and say where I’m going. I don’t need and ankle bracelet at least." he almost laughed at his own joke before he smiled at Blythe. "Time away from here sounds great!" -01:49 Jun 17

Reunion 004: Confessions


[Blythe had to be rescued from another Reunion gone a little wacky. At least time it didn’t go AS bad… but it still did sort of leave her a little perturbed!] -07:15 Dec 16
[Fred has taken blythe away from her shame and taken her out for coffee.] -07:17 Dec 16
Blythe: She was letting Fred drive her car. There was no way she was going to be able to do it with her nerves a wreck. But being out, just the two of them had calmed her down quite a bit. So all that was left was her faint embarrassment and the fidgeting of her fingers around her insulated cup. “Have I said I am sorry enough? We left a bit early…” -07:22 Dec 16
Fred: “You don’t need to be sorry.” he said his left hand fidgeting as he wanted to change gears. He was NOT used to an automatic. “We did say if things didn’t work out we’d run away together.” he pointed out placing a hand on her knee as the car powered uphill, thenhe pulled over and put on the handbreak. “I can’t give you the moon but I can give you a view of it.” he said leaning over to kiss her cheek. -07:26 Dec 16
Blythe: They did plan an escape, and comment made her smile even wider. Why had she never remembered all those moments he seemed to ease her worries? “So you’ve brought me to the moon, Fred?” she grinned, tilting away to look out the window. Though her fingers had curled around his hand. -07:32 Dec 16
Fred: “Well…” he gestured out the windscreen at the entire town laid down before them. “As close as I can, yes.” he squeezed her hand and looked at her. “Feeling better?” he took a tip from his mug and sighed. -07:35 Dec 16
Blythe: It was a great view. An amazing view! It really must have been a secret spot, because Blythe had definitely never been there before. And they were far enough out to enjoy the town’s lights and see all the stars in the sky. “A little bit better, yeah. Barb just… I guess I am not so put together. I was supposed to be your bulldog and shield you from people.” She gave him a sheepish grin. -07:39 Dec 16
Fred Williams: “I thought we were meant to be shielding eachother.” he said brushing a hand against her cheek and giving her a smile. “I meant we’ve been helping eachother since day one, that’s how we seem to work best, taking care od eachother. And now that I’m out we can, right? I can be here for you and you can be here for me?” he was rubbing her neck lightly and leaning closer so she could lean on him if she wanted. -09:13 Dec 16
[Blythe enters.] -09:14 Dec 16
Blythe: She gave a soft laugh and tilted until she was resting her head on his shoulder. “That’s what it -should- be like, I guess. …and has! Well, aside from one or two Blythe mishaps here and there.” she grinned. -09:16 Dec 16
Fred Williams: “Everyone makes mistakes right? That’s the lesson from everything we’ve been through together isn’t it? Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you just need someone in your life who is wiling to look past those to the beautiful person inside. The one that really doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and just wants to be happy?” he let go of her hadn to put hi arm aroufn her shoulders tightly and kiss her forehead. “Isn’t that what everyone wants?” -09:22 Dec 16
Blythe: Blythe wasn’t sure if he meant her or himself. But his words almost made her eyes teary, even when she was slipping her arms around him and grinning wider. “That sounds good to me. Seeing past the bad stuff, and just finding a way to be happy. I think somewhere I forgot what that felt like, and it’s hard trying to find it again…” -09:30 Dec 16
Fred Williams: He placed his hand on the back of her neck delicately and brushed his lips against hers. “You make me happy Blythe. I don’t know if I should feel that way about youafter everything we’ve been through and I’m scared to death of losing your friendship but what I’m trying to say is.” he pushed his lips harder against hers and ran his hand through her hair. -09:39 Dec 16
Blythe: A kiss. And this time it didn’t come as an unexpected surpise. This was one she was really, really hoping to get. A soft sigh slipped out as she leaned in to the kiss, her fingers curling in to his shirt. There wasn’t a chance of her breathing, he had stolen her breath away! -09:43 Dec 16
Fred Williams: She was making the kiss last longer than he’d planned it to but he wasn’t complaining. Sliding his other arm around her he pulled her out of her seat and into his lap as he nibbled on her lip and got coffee spilled on his which caused him to suxk in the breath. -09:49 Dec 16
Blythe: Blythe was lost in some smitten dream where she was getting whisked away by something unexpectedly amazing. And the only reason that bubble was broken was his jump and the ever so slightly hot feel of her spilled coffee. “Oh… blast!” Blythe laughed, then quickly clamped her mouth shut with an apologetic grin, but only wound up laughing again. Quickly she set her cup aside though and was awkwardly manuvering on his lap trying to figure out what to do about his wet shirt. “I’m sorry! I wasn’t- I just…! Bother, maybe we should get your shirt off..” -09:55 Dec 16
Fred Williams: It was still running down his sking and he could feel it getting lower. Without a moment to loose to leand forwards and pulled it of, or tried to in the confinds of the car and may have accidently batted himself with his arm in the face while doing it. “… help?” he said stilling his arms and waiting for her to help him! -10:03 Dec 16
Blythe: This was so ridiculous that Blythe was laughing all over again! But she helped. Scooting and shifting, tugging and pulling until he was free of the coffee stained shirt. Holding it crumpled in her hands, she was back to trying not to laugh anymore and it was quite hard to do. “I should be able to get the stain out, I think… would you like your jacket back?” He had given it to her when they stepped out of the hotel and she was stil wearing it. -10:08 Dec 16
Fred Williams: He was trying to hide his chest as best he could with his arms as he looked at her. It wasn’t very cold but he didn’t know how he felt about being shirtless in front of her. “You don’t have to.” he said looking up at her and taking her hand without the shirt. “It’s not like I have anywhere else to go tonight, at leat not until Heath calls or checks up on me.” -10:17 Dec 16
Blythe: “I do make a suit jacket look good.” she grinned. This was crazy. Everything she wanted to do was crazy. And she couldn’t help it! Blythe found herself leaning over him, brushing a quick kiss at the corner of his mouth. And when that wasn’t enough, she gave a real one. Her fingers brushing up under his chin. -10:24 Dec 16
Fred Williams: He kissed her back and placed his ahnd on her cheek. “You could make a plastic bin bag look good Blythe.” he whispered and opened his mouth to kneed into her lips with his and nip ler lower lip ever so slightly. “Does this mean I’m your boyfriend now?” he asked his hand slipping down to masage the side of her neck. -10:28 Dec 16
Blythe: “I don’t know… do you want to be…?” Blythe couldn’t pretend it was sudden. This moment might have been years in the making. All she really knew is that no one had ever made her feel like this. Not a crush, not a boyfriend, not even her almost fiance. An arm slid around his neck as she leaned more comfortably against him. Returning his kiss with soft motions and a nuzzle of her nose against his. -10:33 Dec 16
Fred Williams: “Yes, I do.” he found himself saying before he caught the corner of her mouth in a kiss. “I do, if that won’t mess up out friendship because I want you in my life.” he said kissing her again and smiling. “Do you want me to be?” -10:40 Dec 16
Blythe: “If I am honest…” she ran her fingers in to his hair and nuzzled against his cheek. This really should be weird, everyone would think she was insane. Well. Insaner. “I kinda of wanted you to kiss me when I was teaching you to dance…” she mumbled softly. Another kiss followed, this time lingering over his mouth longer. -10:47 Dec 16
Fred Williams: He went red and placed his hand on her cheek and ran his thumbs over her lips. “I want to too.” Dammit why were his eyes getting wet? He slipped an arm under his jacket and pulled her against him to nuzzle his lips against hers. “I want you Blythe.” -10:52 Dec 16
Blythe: There was just no response to that. Not one she could give with words, anyway. She took his mouth in another sudden, hard kiss. It wasn’t exactly graceful, but it spoke volumes of how she felt! Even with his arms wrapped tight around her and being pressed against him didn’t feel close enough. -10:57 Dec 16
[Fred still has no shirt!] -06:37 Jan 17
[Blythe is kissing the hell out of a shirtless Fred!] -06:40 Jan 17
Fred: He responded, arms pulling her tighted against him and with only a slight hesitation his lips crushing against hers. The floodgates opened. A hand wondered up to burry itself in her hair and he pulled her tighter against him before pausing. "Blythe…" he whispered. "Are you sure you want this, with me. I’m a mad scientist, and maybe too mad to realize this is crazy, and still want you. But I want you to be sure… no regrets Blythe." -06:45 Jan 17
Blythe: She gave a soft laugh, making her breath fall against his skin before she brushed another quick kiss over his mouth. She wasn’t pulling away, she didn’t want to. Blythe just shook her head and nuzzled against his cheek. "You’re not mad.. and maybe I am a little crazy? But this isn’t. We’ve had years, Fred, probably a few years too long. I really, really want this." -06:50 Jan 17
Fred: He smiled and flushed "Years?" had she felt like this that long? He kissed the corner of her mouth before slowly peeling his jacket off of her and rubbing her shoulders with his hands. "Then let’s be crazy." -06:57 Jan 17
Blythe: It was dark, but she could still see that faint tinge of red to his cheeks. Making her raise her hands to slid her thumbs against his jaw as she chewed on her bottom lip. There were so many things she could say about the years since the reunion, and she just couldn’t articulate it in to words! So she was left once again expressing it through nuzzling against his cheek and pressing her mouth to his. -07:01 Jan 17
Fred: He jacket falling to the floor of the car and he slid his hands up against her back and he pressed his nailes into her skin just enough to make it twinge. Why had they come up here? The view was long forgotten in the wake of her lips on his and he massahed his lips against hers berofre parting than and tilting hie head to suck her lip into his mouth. -07:09 Jan 17
[Blythe enters.] -07:16 Jan 17
Blythe: Making out with a guy in a car. She hadn’t done this since… well… Blythe had never actually done this! Just the touch of his hands had her melting, as she pressed further in to his mouth and nibbled. She was light headed, stomach fluttering, completely smitten. And at some point she was sure she forgot to breathe. -07:20 Jan 17
Fred: He tilted his head to pull back as he pushed her hem up to explose more of her thigh and then letting the hem rest in place slid his hand up her sides and back down as he breahed agaist her. He found he needed the breaks to keep from losing himself completely. "Before we go any further… this is going to end in sex, you know that right." -07:31 Jan 17
[(Timeout) Blythe has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:38 Jan 17
Blythe: Blythe giggled, resting her forhead at the crook of his neck as she caught her breath before she straightened to smile softly down at him again. Her fingers found their way in to his hair, gently petting. "I know." she mumbled, her mouth curving in to a half grin. "I know and it’s okay. Anything else you want to warn me about?" she teased. -07:38 Jan 17
[Fred enters.] -07:49 Jan 17
Fred: That was asking for it. He grabbed her hair and pulled her close and bit her shoulder, then trailed a line of nips up her neck to her ear with her head pinned against his shoulder. "I bite." he said before letting her go and pushing his lips into her solftly, the sweetness of it making up for the roughness a second aho. -07:53 Jan 17
Blythe: The sudden nipping made her squeak in surprise, but she was immediately laughing, and just as quickly silenced in to a dumbfounded and infatuated stupor. He made her feel so.. sparky! Intoxicated and sparky, and when she returned his kiss it still had that surprised fascination. "I think.. I am in love with you.." she murmured softly. An in the moment realization! -07:59 Jan 17
[(Timeout) Fred got too distracted for their own good…] -08:03 Jan 17
Fred: He flushed again and ran a hand through her hair and smiled against her lips. "I’d be an idiot if I didn’t love you too." he said his voice a higher pitch than usual beofre he pushed his lips hard against hers and pulled her dress off her shoulders and thickled his fingers across them. -08:03 Jan 17
Blythe: That was it! Blythe was so hopelessly done in, if it all had turned out to be an evil plot, she wouldn’t have cared! She smiled and giggled against his mouth as the warm touch of his fingers tickled her exposed skin. She lift her arms to circle around his neck, and flicked her tongue over his lips as she leaned forward in to an affectionate kiss. -08:09 Jan 17
Fred: He ksised her back and at the same time pushed her dress further down her sides bunching it at her waist and pulling on the straps now hooked arounf her arms. He coudn’t remember a happier moment in his life, her was in move, adn the woman he loves was in his lap returning it in a very physical way. This was it, this is what bliss felt like. -08:15 Jan 17
Blythe: They were steaming up the windows of the car, but she hadn’t noticed. She nibbled gently on his bottom lip, shifting her arms until they were pulled loose from the dress and then her hands were right back to touching. Fingers through his hair, gliding down his neck and chest. Being close to him was so much better than she imagined! -08:21 Jan 17
Fred: He ran his fingers up her bare spine and up the back of her neck as he shifted his wieght under her, then reached down to unbuckle his belt and felt it there, an invitation as the hand moved up and cupped her cheek, his lips moving against hers and he chest thrusting forewards against hers, the beckrest abandoned to get closer to her. -08:25 Jan 17
Blythe: Blythe was moved by warm skin and soft touches. The combination of cool air, and tickling touch of his hands was giving her goosebumps! The faint tink of metal from his belt had her glaning down. Hands following to make delicate work of unbuttoning his pants. She wanted this so much, and yet she still couldn’t shake that shy hesitation or the pesky twinge of blushing embarassed in her face, especially when her fingers fumbled. -08:34 Jan 17
Fred: Her face was heart melting and he coulding help but lean up to kiss her forehead and slide his hands up her sides and across her chest to pullthe cup of her bra up to expose her breasts, thne his hands cupped then to slowly kneed. -08:40 Jan 17
Blythe: He was so cute, and so sexy, and she was in a weird place where she was overthinking and completely lost all at the same time! A sigh slipped out and she was arcing herself in to his hands. Draping an arm around his shoulders when she nuzzled against his cheek. Gnawing on her bottom just from nervous habit, her fumbling fingers finally managed to get his pants open and she slipped her hand inside. -08:48 Jan 17
Fred: His hips rose, inviting her entrance as he strpaed his teeth against her lip. It was far, far too late to turn back now, not with his hands tighening on her breasts as her hand moved and his back arching. He reached down and rubbed a hand against her thigh. "I have never been happier than I am right now." -08:52 Jan 17
Blythe: "Good." she mumbled against his ear with a giggle. Caressing him once or twice through fabric, her hand finally stole underneath to circle around him. He wasn’t lying. He wanted her, and he cared for her, and she had no idea why they hadn’t been together sooner. Blythe pulled him free from his pants as she kissed and nibbled his ear. "I am so glad I have you to wake up to… Can I..?" -08:59 Jan 17
Fred: His hand running up and down her back he leaned his hed into her attention, for a moment confised she was asking if she could wake up to him, then it sunk in and he grinned. "You don’t have to ask." he said, the softness of his voice lavered with want and pure bliss. To him, there was onlu her and the close confinds of the car, thier own little world in an ocean of nothiness, and you could stay there, forever. -09:03 Jan 17

Reunion 003: Happy Birthday Fred

[Fred Williams has once again been taken to the private visiting room after not hearing from anyone for months. And it’s his birthday.] -08:04 Dec 14
[Blythe is never going to get used to the prison, but then this IS only the second time she’s paid it a visit.] -08:05 Dec 14
Blythe: She muttered a thanks to stoney-faced guard number 39825 as she stepped in to the room. There was that wariness in her expression, but she was immediately glad to see Fred. Blythe was almost afraid he would refuse to see her after she neglected to answer his letters. She looked tired and thinner, but there was a bag in her hands, a smile on her face and she was rocking on her feet when she greeted him. "I’m glad you agreed to see me, I really was afraid you’d say no." -08:10 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He looked at her from his seat and immediatly stood. "You’re joking right?" he asked. "Why would I refuse to see you?" he was stepping up to her and hiving her a hug, then frowning at how thiner and bonier she felt. "I’m just so happy you remembered. I mean I was worried you’d come to your senses about talking to a convict but having you here today is the best present ever." -08:13 Dec 14
Blythe: "Present?" Balancing the bag carefully in her hands she hugged him, and lingered there far longer than she should have. The only reason she moved back at all was because she was trying to figure out if she missed a holiday. And then it occured to her. "Oh… oh! Your birthday! Oh no, Fred I didn’t remember at all. I am a horrible friend!" Blast it! She meant to make ammends for not writing to him, and now she would have to apologize for not remembering his birthday too. Now she was suddenly glad Doctor Winters pushed for her to visit today. "…but! I do have gifts for you, and cake? An even better cake this time, but no candles and I just.. I just lost track of time…" -08:20 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "It’s alright.." he said trying ti keep the disappointment from his voice because he really really was glad to see her. "When you in here time is one of the few things you have to keep track of." he hugged her again and the pulled out a chair for her. "Knowing you’re alright and still willing to come all this way is enough." -08:23 Dec 14
Blythe: "Yes, well, me being stupid is not going to stop me from making sure you have the best birthday ever. Because I really do have things for you! I meant to send some of this in letters, but I hadn’t written in so long I wanted to come and see you." she was rambling so much it was hard to catch her breath, and she was so focused on sitting and opening up her bag she wasn’t quite looking him in the face. "Things have been okay for you here, at least?" -08:28 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Yeah.." he said. "They don’t really change, but the food is nice, and the models, and books… Hoe have you been." he poared then each a glass of water before sitting next to her and sipping his. -08:31 Dec 14
Blythe: "Um… around!" The vaguest answer ever. Blythe adeptly dodged answering further by first pulling out the cake box to set on the table, and then pulling out a bunch of photos. She handed those to him! "Here! I found the perfect place for the space shuttle and took some pictures." Apparently she had taken a lot of time to set it up just right, because behind the shuttle the wall was painted to look like space. Complete with added stars and the moon. She looked pretty pleased about it. "Took two weeks to get the wall painted and maybe the glitter on the stars is a little much, but I own the house so it’s not like anyone will get mad about the walls…" -08:38 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He gave her a look but accepted the picured and looked. Even the inacuracy of the silid boosters and auxilery tank still attatched in space made him smile. "You really like it that much?" he asked looking at her. "All the time you put into this you could have put into your book. " he gave her a half scolding look before he looked at the cake. It did look less haphazard than the last one! -08:44 Dec 14
Blythe: "It’s the one thing in the house that really makes me smile." She looked a little bit chided, but held up a finger for him to pause a minute as she dug in the bag again. "I have been trying to write too, even if it did get delayed a bit. Most of it is just notes, though. I haven’t really started the actual book yet." Out came a couple of notebooks, the things covered in doodles and scribblings. She slid those over to him so he could browse through the mess that was her idea journal. -08:48 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He was bagining to suspect that there was no actual gift and just a bunch of things for him to poke at. "Battling Batty Bartholomew the Third? Is it a children’s book?" he couldn’t help but smile at the working title before he opened it and found the character section. "I’ve been worried about you." -08:53 Dec 14
Blythe: "I’m not the greatest at naming things, but I did have a lot of time off work to think up ideas." Blythe was still digging, as keeping herself busy was the best thing to do. "Ah, here we go!" Out came some modeling paint, a few small boxes and a couple of books. "The books are just for fun since I’m not sure how many books they have in prison, but I brought you extra paint for making things and in the boxes are people! Well, not real people… but tiny people. So you can make astronaunts. And wizards. I found wizards too, and I thought they were amusing. But then I didn’t know if you had anything to make for wizards, so I found a tower and a dragon!" -08:59 Dec 14
Fred Williams: That was sweet of her adn down went the notebook to wheel his chair closer and hug her. He was going to make ehr the best dragon mounted wizard climbing another widard’s tower to do battle conversion ever! "You really didn’t have to get me anything." especially not if it was her way of appologizing for now writing. She didn’t need to apoologize. -09:05 Dec 14
[Fred Williams ] -09:08 Dec 14
Blythe: He was going to make her cry, which was stupid because there was absolutely no reason for her too. Maybe she missed this though. Blythe circled her arms around him and rest her head on his shoulder. …it was hard not to smile like this, and it really did feel good to smile. "I know.. but I wanted to! I got all of your letters and I felt bad that I couldn’t write back, and I wanted to bring you something nice anyway since you let me take the shuttle. -09:09 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Thank you." he said nuzzling into her slightly before he realized and let her go to pull back. "But I’m just happy to have you and another cake here." he looked down. "Now I feel like I should gone you something." -09:14 Dec 14
Blythe: "Hugs are nice. I’ll take those and your company." Why would he even feel bad, she was the one that never responded to him! Blythe reached out to pinch his cheeks and force his mouth up in to a smile. "Besides, it’s your birthday. You’re supposed to get tons of presents and attention and everything you want on your birthday. You could even eat the whole cake by yourself if you wanted to." -09:17 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Sharing is better." he said taking her hand away from his mouth and holding it. "Besides you baked it, you should have some." she was being far to sweet and if he wasn’t careful it youls beging to affect him in stupid ways, he was even holding her hand in him lap! -09:22 Dec 14
Blythe: "I’m definitely not known for turning down cake. And I’ve gotten better at them too! This one is swiss chocolate and and I didn’t turn my kitchen in to a disaster zone." Blythe curled her fingers around his hand. It was better than tackling him and forcing hugs on him just because she was apparently insane. She really had missed him, though, and that’s what surprised her the most. -09:29 Dec 14
Fred Williams: Rubbing his thumb over her hand he looked at the cake and then at her. The cake could wait, he wanted her more. Maybe next time I’ll make you a cake. But if it turnd out to he glued together and inedible and made out of peices of plastic don’t be surplrised." he smiled and managed to keep his eyes on her. "Promise me you won’t go silent again and come and visit me soon?" -09:33 Dec 14
[(Timeout) Fred Williams got too distracted for their own good…] -09:37 Dec 14
Blythe: Imagining him presenting a fake cake made her grin, but it was the smile that struck her stupid for a moment. Why oh why was her heart beating so fast. Was it like this last time? She had that sheepish look again, though and it was hard to meet his eyes. "Yeah, I promise I won’t do that again. I’ll write as soon as I get home and make another visit as soon as they’ll let me." -09:37 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "You could always move in." he joked before finally letting go of her ahdn and turning bac to the cake. "He need a knife…" he didn’t know if there was one in the room or not or even if they’d let her bring one in. -09:42 Dec 14
Blythe: "I think Doctor Winters is almost considering it!" Oh good a change of subject! Blythe shifted to pull the cake box forward and flip open the top. Then it was back to digging in her bag. She couldn’t bring anything sharp, but she did have plastic forks. One of which she handed over to him. "No knives… so if You can kill someone with a fork, you must be really talented!" -09:46 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "One of these tines in the jagular…" he stuck his tongue out at her and then experimentally dug into the cake and extracted a forkful. "Good thing I’m over the whole murder thing." he stuck the cake into his mouth and made a happy sound as he chewed. She was getting better. -09:49 Dec 14
Blythe: Blythe eyed him. First wondering if he learned that in prison or already knew beforehand. And second to see if he did actually like the cake. After a moment she took a fork full herself and sighed in relief. Edible! "If I ever have to defend myself with a fork I will keep that in mind. You would poke here with it?" Blythe reached out to poke a spot on his neck with her finger. -09:59 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "He have no idea where it is." he said. "But about there… Maybe stab around a few times and wait for a large from of blood?" that mental image made him shudder and he looked away. He didn’t want to picture himelf hurting people. "Probbaly easier to kick them in the nuts and run away." -10:03 Dec 14
Blythe: She laughed softly, leaning until her head was resting against his shoulder. "That sounds like a good plan to me. Though I kinda hope prison guards would be fast enough to tackle someone here. ‘Course now I am just imagining you kicking other prisoners in the nuts…" -10:08 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "I’m not bumb enough to attack a guard." he said shooting her a grin over his third.. or fourth forkfull. "That would undo everything I’ve tried t do for getting out of here early. I light be out in as little as two years. I’ve already started looking as airospace companies that might be hiring then." -10:12 Dec 14
Blythe: She didn’t take many bites before setting down her fork. But it was mostly because she was comfortable leaning against his shoulder and gave her an excuse to curl her arms around his and hold his hand. Blythe was still sure this was probably crossing lines, but Doctor Winters had assured her that it would be fine. "That -is- soon! I’m sorry I haven’t been around to talk about it with you. I bet I could help research jobs and stuff for you." -10:16 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "You don’t have to be sorry for anything." he said galsping her hand with his and then refilling his fork to feed her a cherried bit. "But now you can, even though I’m still in prison…" he had the next peice himself. "I’l allowed limited internet time and I use that for job hunting." -10:19 Dec 14
Blythe: Being fed a bite surprised her enough that she didn’t complain about it, but she did squeeze his hand and shook her head. "I promised I would write a bunch and then I didn’t, so I really do. Looking up potential jobs for you will be kind of fun, anyway. Even if you can’t apply to them… I can use the idea for my story? -And- you’ll be out before you know it, so a big list will be really useful." -10:23 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He leaned against her and squeezed her hand. "You’ve helped me enough that you can forgive yourself for not writing. And helping me find a job will just be icing and mean I owe you bigtime. Maybeenoughtobeyurdateforthenextreunion." he mumbled the last part then covered it with another fork of cake being pushed against her lips. "If I’m out…" -10:27 Dec 14
Blythe: Another bewildered look as she was left chewing and wondering if she even heard him clearly. Her date to the next reunion? Blythe finally just laughed softly and grinned wide. "You know, I think I would like that… They aren’t letting me do the planning for the next one, and I was thinking about not going at all. But it might be fun to go with you…" -10:32 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Well if you’re not going then we could d something else." saved, time for cake, then leave the rest for later, of for Dr. Winters. "It’s in three years right? I mean I still moght not be out." -10:34 Dec 14
Blythe: "How about, if you are out of prison in time, we meet there? And if it goes absolutely crazy we can escape together and go have a date somewhere else." Blythe wasn’t sure she could handle another reunion, but if she wasn’t alone it might actually work out. And if not… she kind of liked the idea of it being just her and Fred going out for the night. -10:40 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "I’d ask to shake hands on it but you already have mine." he said managing a smile. "But deal… and if everyone tries to kill me for trying to kill you then we head for the moon and never look back… you could use that in your book!" he sighed and looked at her. "Maybe both od us getting away from those crazies forever wouldn’t be a bad thing." -10:45 Dec 14
Blythe: "I like the idea of going to the moon and not looking back, too…" There were a lot of things she didn’t want to look back on. But it was easier said than done. Blythe squeezed his hand again and nodded against his shoulder. "I thought about that, not seeing anybody ever again. But Doctor Winters says I have a habit of not dealing with things, so I guess it makes sense to go and see what happens. I promise I won’t let anyone get mad at you, though!" -10:50 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "You can’t really stop them, all you can do it make them supress it which isn’t exactly healthy either. But I’ll go and have fun anyway. We should have one -normal- night with out ex class mates even if it isn’t a repeat. I mean if they really want to get upity we I can point out that if the us government thinks I’m stable enough to walk around with military secrets in my brain then they should too." -10:55 Dec 14
Blythe: That made her laugh! Enough that all of her was giggling and she wound up resting her chin on his shoulder. "That sounds good to me. And we could have a real dance! All cheesy high school prom style. You’ve been practicing, right?" -10:59 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Even if I sometimes knock things over in my cell, yes. It’s not a very big room." he looked around. "We could practice now, you can see how I’m doing?" he let out a nervous breath. Was asking her to dance that much of a big deal? -11:03 Dec 14
Blythe: "That’s a good idea! I bet it’s a lot easier in here than in a small cell. …plus you’ll have a partner too!" Blythe was comfortable where they were, so she was a little reluctant to let go of his arm. But she did and was up out of her seat, taking him by the hand and pulling him up to stand with her. -11:11 Dec 14
[Fred Williams ] -11:12 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He followed ehr squeezing her hand and taking position in front of her. "Are we going to get music or just dance? I should have thought the pocket radio I have in my cell. I… built it myself. It’s body is a model of a T-34 and it uses the window bars of my cell as an antenna… And yes I did ask permission before building it." -11:15 Dec 14
Blythe: "You can make radios too?" Another surprise. A neat one at that. He could apparently make just about anything! Music would be good, though… after glancing around a moment she spotted the radio and bustled over to it to find a good station. Then she was right back to standing in front of him, rocking on her feet and grinning. "This time you get to lead and show me what you remember." -11:18 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "That would be cheating since I’ve looked it up online too t make sure I had everything down…" he placed his hand on her shoulders to make sure they were in relative position and then began moving. There was no florish or added moved but he moved though the steps in tempo with the music flashing her a nervous smile as he did so. -11:21 Dec 14
Blythe: One little nervous smile and he had her stomach in knots. So when she closed her eyes it wasn’t just because she wanted to make sure he did all the leading, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t staring all goofy. It was bad enough she was grinning. "It’s not really cheating. More like studying! Are you ready for the touching part or are you still afraid to step on toes?" -11:26 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He placed his hand on her waiste gently in reply and looked down to make sure there wouldn’t be any. His other hand took hers and he drew her closer. "If I do I’m sorry, but ti wouldn’t e the end of the world…" and it would be worth it to be this knose to her and know she trusted him this much. -11:28 Dec 14
Blythe: She didn’t know it would make her feel like that. A little light headed and fuzzy. Maybe she should have eaten more than a few bites of cake today. Blythe rest her hand on his shoulder and wiggled her fingers in his hand. Finally opening her eyes to blink at his chest and try to pretend like this wasn’t making her feel a little bit flustered. "Don’t worry, I have very durable shoes and quick reflexes?" -11:33 Dec 14
[(Timeout) Fred Williams doesn’t post enough.] -11:35 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "All the better for kicking in the nuts and running away?" he joked meshing thier fingers and almost missing a step as he became distracted by the twist her lips were taking. "How am I doing?" -11:35 Dec 14
Blythe: "Well… you’re good at improvising and covering mistakes! That’s gotta be like… nintey percent of dancing!" He made her grin again, and she had to bite her lip to keep it from getting ridiculously wide. She was really in it deep today. "By the next reunion you might even be a professional." -11:43 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "That would implu I’d be getting paid for it… I don’t think dancing is my first choice for a career." he said. "Also I think you’re flattering me. Is that true?" he leaned in closer the part of his brain that was telling him to stop being firmly ignored. -11:47 Dec 14
Blythe: She giggled. Blythe was also having a hard time resisting the urge to touch. Her thumb was brushing against the nap of his neck, and him leaning closer just made it easier to do. "I don’t have to flatter your dancing, you do plenty enough amazing things without it being added to your repertoire." -11:53 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He moved his hand up from her waste up her back to her her shoulderblades leaning still further to smile at her their faces inches agart. "Now that is flattery, or flirting… I…" he leaned closer "… not sure which." -11:57 Dec 14
Blythe: They weren’t moving, and she wasn’t quite sure when they stopped. And she wouldn’t of broken away for the world. "I’m not flirting yet… You would know if I was." He really did have a great smile and if she weren’t careful… "Maybe a little bit of flattery though.." she mumbled softly. -12:02 Dec 15
Fred Williams: Thier faces were almost touching and he could feel her breath. His eyes were on hers and nothing else seemed to matter. He ran his tongue against his lips moisening them and fearched her face, then with a sigh pulled away. This wasn’t right. She wasn’t ehre for kisses and he was in jail. It would be wring to make her wait. "Sorry.. where were we?" -12:05 Dec 15
Blythe: A spell was broken and Blythe felt as if she had a rug yanked out from under her. She made a quick recovery, though, clearing her throat and glancing down at their feet to tap his foot with hers and get them moving again. She was pretty sure her cheeks were burning. "R-right. Dancing..! Um, you are doing well. I mean, a lot better than the last time. You’ll do just fine." -12:10 Dec 15
Fred Williams: He felt like he was falling and waiting to his the ground and so he just started moving again hoping it would go away. He wouldn’t mention what had just happened, maybe she WOULD kick him in the nuts and run away. "I wouldn’t want to make a fool of you in front of your friends." he looked away. Maybe it would be a good thing if we wasn’t out yet… -12:17 Dec 15
Blythe: "You are saying that to the girl who spent a good portion of the last reunion hiding under a buffet table!" As if he could make a fool of her anymore than she did to herself. Blythe gave an almost exasperated sigh and wound up resting her head against his shoulder with a soft laugh. "At least all they’ll have to say about you is the jail time. I’ve just been racking up crazy points…" -12:27 Dec 15
Fred Williams: "Crazy maked for the best company then." he said and lifted a hand to rub the back of her neck. "If you need me to I could try and kill you again. Then you’d get all the sympathy points!" he sighed and knew that in spite of himself he’d mis holding her like this. -12:31 Dec 15
Blythe: He made her laugh again, and the funniest part was that she sincerly doubt he could hurt anybody. And if that added to her crazy points, it was the ones she’d wear proudly. "I think I’ve had my fill of everyone’s sympathy. Any more ‘Poor Blythe’s and I might scream. But we could eat everything and ignore everyone and just dance all night." Especially if she had an excuse to stay close to him like this. Going back home to her empty house was going to suck. -12:36 Dec 15
[(Timeout) Fred Williams has timed out.] -12:41 Dec 15
Fred Williams: "You mean until we slip out without anyone seeing and watch the moonrise with no one but us and our thoughts…" he sighed and nuzzled into her hair. Why couldn’t he just hide in her bag and be taken home with her? -12:41 Dec 15

Reunion 002: Dance Lesson

[Blythe has this time been led to a much less imposing looking section of the prison for her morning visit with Fred!] -06:03 Dec 06
[Fred Williams is showered, combed and being lead to a private room!] -06:04 Dec 06
Blythe: Unlike the common room, these private rooms were designed for family sort of visits. They were warm, comfortable – if a little sparse – and definitely way less intimidating. Blythe was fussing with the dark navy blue jacket she wore over a cream blouse and trying to figure out if it was better buttoned or unbutton. The skirt was a little long, and blouse was a bit tight, but it fit well enough! Blythe felt a little bit like she was dressed for a business interview! -06:07 Dec 06
Fred Williams: The door was opened and he steeped in with a guard, the unlockind his cuffs and stepped out and closed them in, then he was smiling at her. "Hey." he said before looking down at the moden in his hands and then at her and going up to a table to put it down. "I could only bring one so I brought my favorite." from the bable ti it’s tip the detailed model of a space shuttle was three feet tall, and the interious was visible though the windows and the cargo bay could open and had a model space telescope inside. -06:11 Dec 06
Blythe: A squeak, a squeal, whatever it was, it was a very excited sound. It seemed Blythe was the sort to be overly amused by very tiny versions of very big things. …Or in this case and amazingly large tiny version of a ginormous thing! She also didn’t hesitate to touch and test, being surprisingly gentle with her fingers for one who fidgeted so much. "This is fantastic! And you built this all by yourself? …Oh, oh it would be so cute if there was a little astronaunt inside… but where would we find one that would fit?" -06:17 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Oh I could find one, but I only just finished this last week. It’s my favorite." her reaction was strong and he has going red and his voice was quiet. "I kind of want you to have it. So you have something from me wherever you’re living. And when I get out I’ll add the crew?" -06:21 Dec 06
Blythe: "What, really?" she sounded pretty excited about that, before she changed her tone and gave him a wide eyed surprised look. "…I couldn’t! Not if this is your favorite, I can’t imagine how long it took to put this together." -06:23 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I can always make another." he said looking at his hands. "ANd I want you to have it because it’s my favorite if that makes any sense. If you want it. As a thank you for being my friend." -06:26 Dec 06
Blythe: "You don’t have to thank me for being your friend!" Oooh, but she loved this… It was probably the neatest thing she had seen in ages, and he made it himself. Blythe didn’t give a warning when she threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "I’ll take it! I love it… I’m just really worried it’ll get damaged or explode and it would be super sad if that happened before it’s crew ever got to use it." -06:30 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He was surprised when he suddenly had her arms around him and wow. A kiss. To his cheek, he didn’t know iif he should be disappointed or grinning like an idiot. Not that he had much choice about the second as he hugged her back. "There’s no fuel in it to explode. I thought we agreed I wasn’t trying to kill you." -06:37 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythte laughed and squeezed him, almost tight enough to pull herself up off the floor. Before she kissed his cheek again and pulled away to examine more of the little details on the model. "I didn’t mean literally explode, Fred… just you know… kablooey!" The word came with a pop of her hands. The universal gesture of kaboom! She grinned as she counted how many crew it might need. "I thought I might take your advice and think about writing a novel, so I am trying to spark my imagination a bit… in a good way!" -06:43 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Well what is more imagination provoking than space?" he asked looking at the model. It wasn’t perfect but he HAD put a lot of work into it and the corner of his cell would look empty without it. aybe he could ask for a christmas tree… "I guess you’ll be pretty busy with the holidays though. Cards to do and everything." -06:46 Dec 06
Blythe: "Um, no.. not really." Blythe didn’t elaborate on her lack of card writing for Christmas. Instead she was checking the telescope.. it really moved! That was so neat! "I’ve always loved space and the stars… astronomy stuff! But trying to study the science behind it kind of put me to sleep. Hmm,you know, one day there’s going to be astronaunts flying these things while wearing your space socks. That’s gotta be pretty cool for you, yeah?" -06:53 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "The shuttle fleet is being retired." he said automatically. "And they’re not using the weave for just the socks, frettymuch the entire inner layer of the suit will be of the weave I developed for socks. The current suits are like valoons in space, loose and inflated because tehre is no air presure from outside… but this be suit will be skin tight and be mach earier to move in and… well science fiction is full of skintight scape suits to you ould saud I helped being science fiction to life." he realized he was in a tangent and stopped talking looking sheepish. "Sorry, it’s hard no to get excited." -06:58 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe looked a little surprised… and amused! He was animated, and involved in it, and… well. Passionate. It brought back a lot of memories about him and Blythe smiled wide. "You should be excited. How many people get to help bring in a whole new era history and make things that people dream about come true? I think it’s amazing." -07:04 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I designed military socks. The rest is just other people finding my inventionuseful." he was red. "It’s like condeming Nobel for inventing dynomite and ushering in an era of carpet bombing and destructive power like never before when he was just trying to give miners somethign safer than nitroglycerin." terrible parallel. "I am excited though. I mean It’s what I wanted to do before I lost class presidency." -07:10 Dec 06
Blythe: "I can’t believe you know who invented dynamite." she laughed again, straightening and clasping her hands behind her back as she reguarded him with a smile. "Do you remember during the debates, when we had to do the lunch room discussion to take questions, but the choir and the chess clubs got in to a huge quarrel and starting throwing food trays? You dragged me under the table and we ended up having lunch there until the riot was over. I don’t even remember what we talked about…" -07:14 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Not hard when he used his dynomite money to found the nobel prize…." he mumbles before Blythe continued. "I remember you not beinf sure if it was your tray you had grabbed but being happy you didn’t have casserole." he though back and fonally sat down on the edge of the table. "Mrs. Sangie’s nose…. and… lunchroom policy?" -07:20 Dec 06
Blythe: "Yes…! Right! I said we had a problem with groups of people hogging tables and not letting people sit and that assigned seating would fix that, and you said you’d rather eat outside in the freezing snow than have to be forced to sit next to somebody, and I laughed and said maybe we should just add tables outside then…" She hadn’t thought about that day in so long. There were a lot of little things she was remembering now that they had been sparked. "I can’t believe I forgot all about that…" -07:25 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "A broken promise form out class president. We never got outside tables." he stuck out his tongue and absently scratched his shoulder. "I wonder is either of us realized how little power a class president really had at the time." he looked at her and smiled slightly. "Wjat did you want to do after school that was worth baring your chest for?" -07:31 Dec 06
Blythe: "Nothing, apparently." she looked a little sheepish, and dropped in to a sofa seat. Then she squeaked when the thing ended up being softer and far less springy than she was expecting and tumbled back a bit with her feet off the floor. …he legs really were short! "Hum…! My parents were really adament about me getting in to the college they picked out, and it really didn’t matter that I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do or what I was interested in as long as I went and was studying there. I didn’t want to disappoint them." -07:36 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Well…" Hmm… that explained a few things. "Well at least now you get to dicide what you want." he looked at her and swung his feet slightly wondering what to say now. "Did you have any idead for a novel now that you’ve decided to write one?" -07:39 Dec 06
Blythe: "Yeah…" She looked sad for a split second, but at his question she was grinning wide and leaning forward in her seat. "I was thinking the very strange adventures of a mad scientist… You’ll be great inspiration, if you don’t mind." -07:42 Dec 06
[Fred Williams enters.] -08:02 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I’m not really a mad scientist. Just one the got drunk and went a little crazy. But if it inspires something good then I’d be more than happy for you to use it." he was flaying with his fingers to keep his hands busy and looking at her. "Can I look forwrds to a signed copy in the mail?" He was glad she was going to try somehting different, even if it didn’t work out it was still a step in her quest to find something she was happy with. Even if he didn’t know why he was so invested in it. Was it because she was his only friend? -08:08 Dec 06
[(Timeout) Fred Williams was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:15 Dec 06
Blythe: "We’ll see if I even manage to finish anything, first! And it definitely won’t be the reunion.. um… I was thinking a steampunk scientist… do you think that might be weird? It’s so easy to picture you in a labcoat tinkering with little machines that be ever so vaguely magical… And it would be twisty, because you’d be a mad scientist, but the hero of the story! An anti-hero, I think that’s called?" Blythe had a lot of ideas but getting them organized would take forever. But it was fun to think about and she was really starting to like the idea… -08:15 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Science is science." he said "So, no it’s not wierd, and steampunk seems to be in right now… or at least when I went in here." he pushed himself away from the edge of the table and sunk down into one of the chairs next to Blythe and lightly touched one of the solid fuel boosters on the model bemoving a stray hair. "Is the anti-hero an edgy, down on her luck, greetings card writer with a hidden past?" -08:19 Dec 06
Blythe: She laughed, shifting to rest her arms on the edge of the sofa and her chin on them. "I’m not so great for caracter inspiration. I couldn’t think of how to make me interesting enough to be in it. But your laboratory is going to be an old light house, and when you smile girls will swoon, but it’ll always turn out you were infatuated with some bit of machinery!" -08:26 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He grinned in amusement and slight embarresment and looked away. "I don’t make girls swoon." he complained "But if it’s a character then that should be good for cobedy I guess." -08:30 Dec 06
Blythe: He was embarrassed..! Oh god, that was so cute…! Blythe was grinning wider. "You do when you smile. And you will in the book! As all-mighty penmaster, it has already been decreed. Maybe if I finish it and it’s good enough to get published I can right the dedicated to the man who created space socks." -08:34 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "He bit his lip to stop himself from smiling and folded his arms over his chest still looking away. "You may control what happens in the book but in real life I don’t make anyone swoon. You dont… do you?" he turned to look at her to examine her face his lips in a carefully controlled not smile. -08:41 Dec 06
Blythe: "Um… " Oh crap. She was really bad at lying! Not that she actually swooned, but… he really did have a nice smile. Blythe managed to keep a straight face, but she was sitting up again and now fussing with the hem of her borrowed skirt. "I don’t swoon, no. That’d be kind of silly in real life." There. Didn’t lie. Only now she was trying not to crack a grin while he was trying not to smile, and that ended up making her laugh again. -08:45 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "See, I don’t have a good smile." that settled that, and not he was standing to get two glasses and a bottle of water because his mouth was suddenly dry. "Want some?" he asked poaring out a glass and hovering the nack of the bottle over the other. -08:51 Dec 06
Blythe: "Well, I didn’t say that. You have a very nice smile. And yes, I would, please." Blythe watched him for a moment, then she was up out of her seat again. Wandering around the room and poking at everything she found. "There’s a radio, a tv, and oh!" She closed the drawer quick. Condoms and a bible. They really made sure the family conjugal visit rooms had everything. "Would you mind music? We could dance, maybe. I don’t think either of us danced at the reunion." -08:56 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He poared her a glass and lifted both off the table to walk over to her. "I can’t dance, in case you missed if I wasn’t at our prom, or any other school dance we ever had except the one in tenth grade and you know how that one went." he sipped his glass and looked down at his shoes. "And I didn’t dance at the reunion either. -09:01 Dec 06
Blythe: "Then don’t dance. Mimic?" Blythe took the glass from him and sipped, then held it with both hands as positioned herself in front of him. She tapped the top of his foot with hers and took one step back. "Follow me but always face me! And there must be equal movement. That’s the rules, okay?" -09:05 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He frowned. "You insistantly compliment my smile and now you want to dance? This is suspiciously like a date. Not that I would even know what those are like." was that what was irritating him? How date-like this was… He downed the water in on swallow and leaned against the table stubbornly. "Fine, what will you give me if I do?" -09:13 Dec 06
Blythe: This was not following her. He was being stubborn… Blythe remembered this too! After another drink she leaned to set her glass down, then she took the step forward again and rest her hands on her hips. "If this was a date Mr. Williams, there would be flowers, a casual dinner, and then looking at the stars too. And you wouldn’t be frowning either because you’d be thinking about kissing when the night was over. Now up and follow and I will have taught you how to dance without any dancing seeming to be involved?" -09:17 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Well thank you for ruining a perfectly good fantasy." he said folding his arms and putting on a mock scowl. "Now I’ll have no good misunderstandings to think back fondly of after you leave. More staring at blank walls and less daydreams." there was an overly exasperated sigh. "What the hell, lead on fancyfeet. I’ll do my best not to kill you with my spasmastis flailing." -09:28 Dec 06
Blythe: "How about we don’t do any flailing at all. You can keep your arms crossed even. You can keep scowling too if you want!" Blythe beckoned at him with a finger and once he was standing and in the right spot, she took the step back again. "Follow." Another step back, and one to the side. -09:36 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "So you’ve danced a lot?" he knew nothing about her dance history and as he followed he watched her still refusing to smile. "Maybe you could be a dancer, a ballerena type not a stripper type. I’d be dissapointed if you went back to deshirting to get anywhere." -09:42 Dec 06
Blythe: "Ah jeeze..!" That again! Blythe covered her face with her hands to hide the inevitable redness. She didn’t stop stepping through. Another to the otherside. A turn. A step forward. All with her face covered, and now her voice was muffled. "Not a stripper! A whole room of creepy people staring at me, that would be a nightmare!" Like creepy inmate guy from yesterday. God only knew what he would have done if she was topless and Blythe didn’t want to think about it! -09:45 Dec 06
Fred Williams: Wrong thing to joke about it seemed, but this was revenge for the smile thing. "Well it’s just me in here…." he blanched. "Not that you should do… anything!" his turn to look away and cover it up with an attempted spin on the spot that ended with him knocking a chair with his elbow. "Ow…" -09:52 Dec 06
Blythe: On hearing the chair move she dropped her hands. Then she was reaching out to grab his arms and right him back where her belonged and giving him a chiding look. "No improv. Only following… you’re obviously not ready for tricky moves yet." She must have missed the innuendo thanks to his blunder, but now she was holding his arms at his side and moving him with her at arms length as she took steps around the room. "Dancing is fun, but I don’t really know how to do a lot. In fact, I am pretty sure I stole this whole lesson from a movie." -10:00 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He just shook his head rather than blame her for stealing other ideas too. "So who al I? Cage? Sandler? Tell me it’s not Sandler…" he smiled in slite of himslf and just followed. The bruie forming on his elbow was worth her not commenting on what he said. "Is this what you pictured visiting in prison would be like?" -10:09 Dec 06
Blythe: She seemed to be debating what movie star role her played until he asked about the prison. There was that surprised and contemplative look to her expression again. "Not really… Well, maybe yesterday when I walked out of the common room, that was a little bit similar to what I thought. But I wasn’t expecting this to be so easy. I was sure it would be a little weird, you know?" Another few steps and she placed a hand on his shoulder to guide him instead of his arm. "What did you think it would be like getting to really talk to me?" -10:13 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I honestly didn’t know. I had images in my head ranging from you fufilling by stupid highschool fantasies to throwing the cake in my face, kicking my chair over and storming out. I didn’t want to have any real expectations in case I was dissapointed and to leave myself open for a pleasent surprise." he looked down at his feet making sire he wouldn’t trip. Boring, I know but… better than making plans and expectations when you’re a prisoner, in a prison… what can I plan exactly?" -10:18 Dec 06
Blythe: "You realize, now I really want to ask you what your high school fantasies were." she gave him a cheeky grin, which may of very well had a faint blush. "Don’t look at your feet, you’ll bump in to things. Just be aware of where I’m moving, okay? Or hum… you lead and move me? Planning where to step then!" -10:27 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "You really don’t want to know, you’d slap me and never want to be in the same room as me again." he said placing hsi hands on her shoulders in return and focusing on her face. "Then again you were a teenager with an unrequinted crush in highschool. Bet your mind wasn’t clean all the time." -10:34 Dec 06
Blythe: "Oh man… You really have no idea how dirty and perverted teenage girls are! We’re all about the romancing, but -after- the romancing, all bets are off." Blythe grinned. There was no sense in denying it, she probably had a host of crazy things in her diary about Jonathan. When she got home, she would have to read it for a giggle. "You’ve made me even more curious, though. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to say ‘You don’t want to know.’ because that immediatly makes whatever you want to say THE most interesting the in the world to a curious person." -10:37 Dec 06
Fred Williams: She stopped dancing. "And yet I do not want to know what you had planned for John…" he said before glancing around and leaning forwards to cup his hand next to her ear. "One of the tamer ones was waking up with you in red lacy underwear stradling me and dangling a pair of cuffs in front of my face. If goes downhill from there. Another was sneaking into the drama department’s store room and getting into the costumes and maybe tearing the up a little and reinacting that scene from out 8th grade play inly without skirting around the fact that the heroin did not have a good night." -10:44 Dec 06
Blythe: "Oh!" Well then. She DID ask. And now her face was probably three shades redder. "That’s um… I’m not sure I even have any red underwear…" Oh hell! Why was -that- the response that came out of her mouth! She could have went with ‘That’s hot!’ or any variation thereof and not been as ridiculous. Blythe cleared her throat. This was putting an interesting new perspective on Fred… "Does adult Fred have the same… taste?" Stupid, stupid curiosity. -10:52 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He moved backwards and looked at her not really knowing what to think fo her line of responses and questions and there was a tightning downstairs that had him glancing down to make sure no blage was visible. "Adult Fred doesn’t have anyone willing to help him find out." he said. "Just as well, not like it could happen any time soon. Who wants to have a boyfriend in prison, and I’ll have a life to put togetehr when I get out…" -10:58 Dec 06
Blythe: "That’s true. I mean, the having a life to put together part." Blythe escaped over to the table to fetch her glass of water and take a big swallow. Suddenly it was awfully warm in the room, and she wasn’t quite sure what happened there. That was weird! "It’s almost like a sabbatical being here, though…? If it’s not days of being beaten up by inmates, or guards, and isn’t scary. And there is me. I’ll visit as much as I can." -11:02 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Getting your street cred?" he jokes. "I’m Blythe Kennedy and I’ve been to prison five times. I’ve got a friend on the inside who stole soem top secret shit from the military and shot it at some people. I’m a total badass." not a good impersonation but it broke the mood that was threatening. "Maybe your path lies in gangster rap." -11:07 Dec 06
Blythe: "Worst idea ever." she cracked a grin as she drank the rest of her water. That was better. Something to cool her down a bit and not be so… hrmm. Blythe smoothed her hands over her borrowed blazer and cleared her throat a second time. "Are you ready to try actual dancing now?" -11:10 Dec 06
Fred Williams: Actual dancing? "Uhhh sure." he downed a second glass of water and placed the glass down to step forwards and took a breath. Everything seemed to be back to normal. "I’m not going to lead though. Unless you want frozen indecision to be the name of the dnace." -11:32 Dec 06
Blythe: "You’re thinking way too hard about it." Blythe took his hands, placing one around her waist and the other she kept in hers. "It’s just like before, but closer together. Just look at me and follow, okay?" -11:35 Dec 06
Fred Williams: Closer together was nice bit it was hard not to let thoughts from their previous subgect creep in, but he swallowed and pushed them back. "Okay, lead on." he took a breath. "I feel like I’m back in school." -11:45 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe grinned up at him, and with a very gentle amount of pressure had him stepping with her. "I probably would have done this then too. I loved going to the dances and getting to help plan the parties. I managed to get a lot of "I never dance!’ people to dance!" -11:51 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Thanks. That’s really not what I meant." he said looking away and couldn’t help but feel she had just called him a recluse. -11:57 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Thanks. That’s really not what I meant." he said looking away and couldn’t help but feel she had just called him a recluse. -11:57 Dec 06

Reunion 001: We Meet Again

[Blythe is almost dressed for a date. Which is silly, because she is currently standing in the common room of a military prison and kind of wishing she dressed a little more… inconspicuous!] -06:52 Dec 05
[Fred Williams fas been led in prison orange and handcuffs to the public meetng room, there is another prisoner on the other side of the room and a familiar figure standing there as the big guard locks his cuffs to the surface of the table adn he waves as best he can.] -06:53 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe was very quick to slide in to her seat, as if sitting down would somehow make her stand out a little less. She was second guessing this common room thing. Maybe the glass walls or a private room would have been better than a place with other prisoners too… she was a little uncomfortable! Still, she gave Fred a smile even while she was eyeing the orange and the handcuffs. "Um…. So hello again..?" Not the best way to start things off. She should have brought notecards. -06:58 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "Hey Blythe." he said with a nervous smile. "You should give the cake to the guard to keep since we’re not appowed to touch eachother in here." he tried to point at a sign but had to nod his head at it instead. "How was the trip? Did they throw a bag over your head and throw you into a van?" -07:01 Dec 05
Blythe: "Oh, right." Blythe almost forgot all about the cake! Sitting nice and neat in a little green bag. She slid that to the corner of the table where one very serious, very large guard took it. Blythe supposed that man could crush someone with his bare hands and enjoy doing it. And Fred had to live here? The van comment made her grin, though. "No bags over my head. There -was- a van, though! One of those all black windowless things and I had to sit in the back with two gentlemen wearing sunglasses. I didn’t think real government people actually did that. The sunglasses thing…" -07:07 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "It;s ebcause they don’t want you to notice they never bling." he said quietly and gabed a themb in the direvtion of the guard who shot him a look before he signaled for another guard to take his place and moved off with the bag. "Did you meet the doctor?" he asked "I’m not sure if she wanted to talk to yo or not." -07:10 Dec 05
Blythe: "I haven’t. I suppose she’ll want to after this, though." Blythe was definitely curious about the Doctor that seemed to be so much of a help. Hers had been such a pain she quit seeing him all together. …Of course, Fred didn’t have that sort of choice! Blythe leaned forward, giving him a speculative look. "Now that you -see- me, though, and I’m not just words on a paper, any more of those killy-feelings?" Maybe wasn’t the most subtle way to go about it, but… she had a right to ask! -07:14 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He gave her a look and then shook his head. "I told you I’m on medication, and no no urged to lure you here with letters and then kill you. Look, I know this is hard to understand but you’re the only friend I have who isn’t paid to talk to me. Unless you are and this is all a governlent plot." he stuck out his tongue to let her know he was joking. "But seriously. No I havn’t wanted to kill you since the reunion." -07:18 Dec 05
Blythe: She looked like she was giving it some debate. Tapping her fingers on the table nervously and examining his face for some sort of sign of lying, or evil, or…. Well, Blythe didn’t really know what she was looking for. She did, however accept his word and relaxed. …just a little bit. She shrugged her shoulders and grinned again. "I had to ask, right? It’s not every day you get your own mad scientist. Is it um… worrying or scary to be here in prison with crazy criminals? I know you said you have a private cell and everything but…" she cast a wary look around again. It was pretty obvious she didn’t find it comfortable. -07:23 Dec 05
Fred Williams: There was a very light and bery brief tough of the tip of his finger against her hand while the guard was distracted. "No one here is particularly insane, that I have men. Usully people who forgot a security protical too serious to just be fired, or soldierd who went against some regulation or another. I think I’m the only person in here for attempted murder." he looked sheepish after saying that. "And stealing military equipment… but tha’ts relativly minor. So relax, okay? I’m sure they told you that either of us can end the meeting at any time if we’re uncomfortable." -07:28 Dec 05
Blythe: At least getting poked by him didn’t give her evil shivers or a sense of impending doom. That thought had her giving a much more natural smile. "You make it sound like detention for adults! I guess I must have some yet-undiscovered fear of locked up places." She glanced at his hands, chewing on the corner of her mouth a moment. It was too bad he had to be handcuffed, she felt a little bad about it now… "On the bright side, we’ve figured out that letting you drink too much gets you all villanous, so we’ll be avoiding the booze when you’re released?" A pretty weak joke but it came with a smile too. -07:34 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He smiles back and nodded. "We’ll see. But if you’re suffering from ansiety I know a great doctor. I’m sure you could get an appointment, just try to steal some military secrets and you’ll be right here." his turn for a weak joke. "You know I’m surprised how easy this is. I was expecting to not be able to find the words to say anything." -07:38 Dec 05
Blythe: She was tapping her fingers on the table too much, so Blythe opted for resting her chin in her hands to keep them still. There was another shrug of her shoulders and a grin. "Maybe because you’re not actually a murderous psycho and just had one drunk night of stupid? I mean, it wasn’t even me that pressed the charges and I would have dropped them after getting to talk to you, I bet. But the government isn’t really all that understanding about circumstances when it comes to secret equiptment…" Nope chin in hands wasn’t working either. She shifted to lean forward on the table and grip her elbows instead. "Did you help design the hooky thing? I don’t think I ever really asked what you did as a scientist!" -07:45 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "You know about secret projects and now they’ll never let you leave." he joked. "And yes, I designed and built the H.M.E. unit myself. It’s part fot eh futuresoldier project, some of which is public knowledge, other parts isn’t. You can understad I’m not allowed to talk about the last group, as for what I did, I designed and tested equipment to help our soldiers on the battlefirls. The ‘hooky thing’ was my fourth project. My first was socks that can be worn for weeks and prevernt blistering and infection. Not the most exciting thing in the worls of military technology but I was proud of it. They’re thinking of adapting the weave for the next generation of space suits. I got the lettr from the lead design of that project last week. I helped space exploration!" -07:54 Dec 05
Blythe: "So you’ve made Space Socks…" That made her laugh suddenly. A little too loud and when she realized it she shut her mouth quick and tried to put on a straight face. "…well that is an accomplishment! And really cool, actually. I can’t even begin to try to invent something like that. I suppose you have to be really imaginative." Blythe was shifting again, right back to tapping her fingers on the table. Though this time she ease her reach forward to tap his hand. Some vague crazy part of her wondering if a guard would come tackle her and throw her in a cell for breaking the rules. "I guess that means you aren’t totally unhirable for jobs, after all, though? I told you they wouldn’t let a good scientist go to waste." -08:02 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "All you need to do is know how materials behave, it’s a lot of time sitting with a pen doing physics and design, but maybe. I know i’ll never work for the government again but maybe Spaceex or Boeng… I could take a course in automotive engineering…" she stopped talking and meshed his fingers, kind of hoping she would touch him again even if the guard had cleared his throat when she did, then he glanced at the clock, wondering how long she would be allowed to stay." -08:07 Dec 05
Blythe: "I know as much about physics as do about biology, and believe me that is not very much." She was grunted at! At least that’s what she thought the guard was doing. Blythe retracted her hands to a more ‘approved’ distance. …at least until her resolve broke and she was giving the guard a pleading, hopefully irresistible look! "Can we take the handcuffs off? If it’s not going to get someone in trouble? I don’t think they’re necessary and I just, I really don’t feel comfortable like this." -08:13 Dec 05

The guard looked down a her and sighed. “Rules are rules. This man tried to kill and woman with stolen military property, and if they were removed I’d be the one getting into trouble.” he said. “The only people who can authorise contact between prisoners and visitors are the commander and the doctor.” -Fred Williams

Fred Williams: He tilted her head at her. "Blythe… it’s alright. I don’t need my hands to talk." she was being sweet and kind of adorable… especially dressed to out of place. "Maybe you can talk to Dr. Winters and next time…" was there going to be a next time? -08:20 Dec 05
Blythe: "Sorry, okay." Damn. She didn’t want the guard getting in trouble, and was almost amused enough to say she -was- that woman almost murdered. Blythe doubted he’d see the humor in it though. She was casting Fred an apologetic smile and shrugged her shoulders again. "I’ll do that. And next time maybe a conferance room where I don’t feel like I am getting stared by jealous inmates. There are conjugal rooms, right? For families and stuff like that?" -08:27 Dec 05
Fred Williams: "There are." he said slowly as he looked around. "Sorry you’re uncomfortable, but it is a prison…" his forehead was knit and he looked concerned. "If it helps I think you look very pretty like that. Did you really dress up to come and see me?" -08:35 Dec 05
Blythe: Yep, she totally chose the wrong thing to wear to a prison. Completely conspicuous. Her face turned red a bit and she rubbed her temple. "I don’t know what I was thinking. There’s that crazy girl thought of ‘Oh, I’m going somewhere special, I need to dress nice!’ and then I thought maybe it would be a bad idea to look fancy in jail. But then I figured I should show I care enough to look nice? …it’s pretty stupid!" -08:42 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He shot his head. "You’re not crazy. Shows you care and have really forgiven me?" he he could touch her he would. "And you’re perfectly safe here. Probablt safer than a lot of other places. Theres guards and bars and everyone dangerous isn’t allowed anywhere hear here." Just as he was saying that another prisoner was bing shown to a table, one who liked the fact that there was a pirl looking pretty. -08:49 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe was breaking the rules again, and if the gaurd didn’t like it, well he’d have to explain to people it was HER fault. Fred sounded like he needed it. She reached across the table to grip his hands and grin. "I forgive you! I forgave you ages ago. Pretty much when I realized you were drunk as hell and not bananas. So consider it forgetten and something we can laugh about at the next class reunion." She almost forgot to pay attention to the room itself but at the sound of the door and someone new entertaining, there was that anxious feeling again. Only this time she was squeezing Fred’s hands instead of tapping her fingers on the table. -08:53 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He glanced at the guard who did not look happy and was taping his fingers on his nightstick but so far wasn’t going to do anything. He couldn’t turn far enough to see the smug grin on the other prisoner’s face as he stared at blythe intently. "It will always be a stupid mistake I made." he said looking down at her hands and feeling like he didn’t desurse to touche her. "But I’m happy you’ve forgiven me, I have too. I can never tell you how good it is to hear you say it though." he tried to smile but was cup off by the guard stepping up to the table. -09:03 Dec 05
Blythe: She quickly pulled her hands away again. Did they put you in time out for breaking jail rules? Blythe didn’t want to find out! She was trying to keep her vision focused on Fred and not on the prisoner who was definitely staring. Last thing she wanted to do was have a panic attack in a prison and have everyone think that was Fred’s fault and end up witnessing prison violence or something. "At least you didn’t show your bits to two hundred people, right? Um.." Why did she even say that. She clearly had an issue with saying stupid things while under duress. -09:12 Dec 05
Fred Williams: He frowned thinking it was the guard making her uncomfortable and gave him and gleading look while behind him the prisoner mimed jerking off then pointed to Blythe. "Everyone does dumb things in highschool. He tried to reach out for her hand but was forstalled by the guard taking his shoulder and pushing him back in his seat. "Are you okay? -09:19 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe tried to tell herself that if she were in a bar, she’d just flip that guy off or something and it shouldn’t matter that she was in a prison. …but it kind of did! She nodded quickly, though, giving Fred an almost strained smile. "Yeah, um, I should probably get going though. I’m sure my driver probably doesn’t wait to wait on me all day and I doubt they have overnight rooms in prison. At least not ones I want to stay in. I’ll talk to Doctor Winters on my way out, okay? I’d like to see you again." she was already scooting back her chair. -09:23 Dec 05
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[Blythe couldn’t have left that common room fast enough, which surprisingly enough, had nothing to do with Fred.] -06:40 Dec 05
[Dr. Winters is in her office waiting for the guarst to arive.] -06:41 Dec 05
Blythe: Once being directed to the Doctor’s office by a very nice, if equally as stoic looking prison guard, Blythe gently knocked on the office door before stepping inside. "Um…. Doctor Winters…? I am Blythe Kennedy." -06:41 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: In front of her sitting in a chair in the lounge area of a warmly lit and well furnished room was a a tall woman of roughly middle age. Her hair was in a hight bun but there was a well practives friendly smile as Blythe evtered. "Blythe, yes. Good to finally meet you." as she spoke she stood and offered Blythe a handshake before moving to a table that housed a kettle, mugs and varius jars and was soon setting down a pot of tea. "How is the visit?" there were cues, Bkythe had a ervous look about her even if she had dressed up for the occasion, had something unexpected happened? -06:46 Dec 05
Blythe: This wasn’t the sort of office she was expecting inside a military prison. …or the sort of woman she thought she’d meet! So it was a little hard to hide her surprise. After shaking the doctor’s hand, Blythe slid in to a chair, tapping her fingers on one arm of it as she turned her body to face the other woman. "Well, actually! I feel a lot better getting to really talk to him about things. Not that we had long to discuss much, but I really don’t feel like I have to…" -06:51 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: It was very hard not to go into analitical mode but Blythe was not her pacient, that was why they were in the lounge and not in the chair and lounger on the other side of the room. "To talking to him went well? That is good." she placed a cube of sugar into on eof the much and poared tea into it and then into the other. "And do not worry I am not here to do the god of Dr. Livinston that you stopped seeing." yes she knew, a thourough background check had been done on Blythe concerning her history and current living conditions. "I just want to know wat you can tell me about your relationship with Fred in highschool, and to talk to you in general. Have some tea it’s a special indian blend that calms the nearvs. I give it to my pacients all the time." -06:59 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe looked a little sheepish about the comment on her ex-therapist. But she welcomed having the cup of tea in her hands, both for something to keep her occupied and because she could really use the warmth. "We never really spoke to each other in school. At least not until senior year when I ran for class president against him. And all of that was perfectly friendly." Blythe took a sip of the tea. …it really was good! -07:07 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "It was friendly until you won, is what I understand." she sipped her own tea and smiled. "But I can safely say that Fred has put that behind him, but may I ans, what made your meeting with him end to abruptly?" this was the million dollar question, and when she acked it some of her central european accent slipped through. -07:12 Dec 05
Blythe: "Yeah, and I don’t blame him for being mad about it. I kind of pulled a stunt to win favor." she muttered softly, her facing tinging with red for a moment. Did he tell her all the details about that? Well, he probably had to. "Oh- that! It wasn’t Fred’s fault at all! I’m just… a little uncomfortable here I guess. One of the prisoners irked me a bit and I really didn’t want to freak out there and having confused prison guards running in. That’s actually why I wanted to talk to you before leaving…" -07:15 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She rested her mug on her knee and nodded. She did know about the snunt and why it affecter Fred the way it had. "What did you want to talk to me about?" had something happened? aybe it would explain something about Blythe that could explain her behaviour towards Fred. -07:21 Dec 05
[Dr. Winters enters.] -07:24 Dec 05
Blythe: "So I didn’t want to do the glass-wall meeting because that was so impersonal, you know? But I don’t think I can do another common room meeting. I mean, absolutely not because of Fred, because I really wish I could stay longer, and I’m sure most of the prisoners really aren’t dangerous but it was so uncomfortable." Even with a cup in one hand, Blythe was very expressive with her hands. …or else was so nervous she couldn’t keep still. She had to pause for a moment making sure she didn’t spill her tea. "Fred had to wear the handcuffs and I know that wasn’t comfortable for him either, and I just… Well, someone was staring me down and I guess I got freaked out a little. I was wondering if next time it would be okay to have a more private room?" -07:28 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "I could arange that if you’re sure that is what you want, would you like to stay the night and have that meeting in the morning. I could arange for you for have ano od the empty staff quarters for the night and for a room meeting at ten o’ clock?" she sipped her tea wordlessly reningding herself where the cloths were in case of an accident. "Drink, it’s good for nerves." -07:32 Dec 05
Blythe: "There are live in rooms here?" That surprised her! Another pausing, shocked expression as she raised the cup and took a sip as urged. Staying a night in the prison. She may very well go berserk and get herself locked up. …but she really had hoped to talk to Fred longer than she had, and there was no telling how long it would be before another meeting could be made. She didn’t know how these things worked! "…that does sound really tempting… is it safe to stay here at the prison? I mean, I know there’s guards everywhere but… And locks? Would I get locked in there?" -07:37 Dec 05
[Dr. Winters enters.] -07:39 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "She smiled and shook her head. "Not in the prison, but in the agoining compound. There will be security, it’s a military facility but you’ll have a little cottage to yourself and a direct line to me if you need anything. You can see the cottages if you go to the window." they were outsid the outer prison walls and in thier own fenced off area, cotage was a kind word they were more like two bedroom suburbian houses with a few largr ones for families. -07:41 Dec 05
Blythe: Another surprise! Blythe got up and moved to the window, holding her cup in both hands as she took a peek. A whole military prison compound? They really took this stuff seriously! She was really doubting the harmlessness of Fred’s fellow inmates. "That doesn’t look too bad. I don’t really have any extra clothes with me though. …and I guess we should probably ask Fred if he actually wants to see me so soon." -07:45 Dec 05
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[Dr. Winters enters.] -08:01 Dec 05
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Dr. Winters: "Clothes won’t be so dificult to find." she said "You just need to tell me your size and if you want to look like you’re on a date or I could give you one of m suits. You have shorter legs than me but that won’t matter with a skirt, would you be comfortable in a skirt in a private room?" she was looking at Blythe’s figure and wondering if she had anything that would fit. I have an allointment with him this afternoon, do you want to sit in?" -08:13 Dec 05
[(Timeout) Dr. Winters was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:18 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe looked down at her legs and blinked. "A skirt is okay. And I’d like to look nice, and I don’t think Fred has a very good impression of me." Turning away from the window, she had that thoughtful look again as she thought about a sit-in session. "It wouldn’t be weird for me to be there too? You therapists ask crazy personal questions.." -08:18 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "You are the only person I think he would allow it. Of course I would ask him first." she said before knitting her brow in thought, she was begerously close to revealing personal information about a client but she wouldn’t. "And if he doesn’t want to answer something in front of you I’m sure he would say so. Or you could leave after he arives so you can ask if he wants to meet tomorow." -08:26 Dec 05
Blythe: Blythe had to admit she was a little curious about Fred’s therapy sessions, and how Doctor Winters worked. She didn’t much like therapists… Her fingers tapped against the cup with that nervous tick again. "I’ll sit in if he says that’s okay. And ask about the morning!" -08:35 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She nodded. "He should be brought up here in a few minutes, if you want to make yourself at like and help yourself to anything on the table." she smiled and stood to straiten her pants and set her empty mug down. And as always, if you need anything just ask." -08:43 Dec 05
Blythe: Looking down at her half drank cup of tea, Blythe quickly swallowed the rest in a big gulp. The she was politely taking it back over to the table. She didn’t make herself another though, she had the sudden need to primp…! Straightening her shirt and smoothing out her pants where she really didn’t need to. At least now she felt much less anxious. "Right, if I have a Blythe Kennedy brand panic attack I’ll give you a signal." she cast a quick cheeky grin. -08:49 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "Or you could drink more tea, or ask be for something to calm you down. I am after all a therapist." she smiled warmly before speaking again. "Kep talking I just need to get ready for the session." she moved to a cabinet and retrieces a clip board and pen. "If you do feel like you need to leave you can wait out in the corridor." -09:05 Dec 05
Blythe: "I don’t want to take anything…" she paled briefly, but that was gone in an instant when she changed the gears in her head and tried to think about what she could talk about to entertain a doctor. She ended up wandering around the office looking at things as she spoke. "I’m not sure what I should be saying now… Other than talking about Fred, but I’m still kind of adjusting to the differences between high school Fred and now Fred. He doesn’t really seem to have a lot of people in his life…" Blythe paused by a shelf and peered at the items on it. -09:11 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "That is often the case with obcession." she said placing the clip board bext to the chair he sat on while giving therapy. "Anything not to do with the focus of the obsession is ignored, in this case that included possible friend." she got out another mug and set it on the table. "Anythign to eat?" -09:23 Dec 05
Blythe: "I’ve never had that kind of passion or feeling for anything before. Well. No, I take that back. I DID really, really need to win class president. But after that, nope! I did carry a torch for someone from high school though, until I found out he was gay at the reunion! But it was unsurprisingly, the least upsetting thing that happened all night and I was kind of relieved to close the door on that, you know?" There weren’t any personal pictures in this office. Blythe supposed that made sense if you didn’t want crazy inmates hunting your family later… -09:28 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She nodded and was poing into work mode, on Blythe! "Don’t be so sure he was focused on anything in particular. But it seems you know how he felt, carrying feelings for someone even though you hadn’t spoken to than on a while and not being able to let them go?" she tapped her fingernails on the surface of the table. "You two are probably more alive in your situations than you think." -09:35 Dec 05
Blythe: "I gues you could call hating someone for years a little similar to crushing on someone. Only, I never really thought about Jonathan at all until I saw him at the reunion. I did think about Fred, though! He was so mad after the final debate, and I was so embarrassed I never really had the guts to go and talk to him about it." Blythe had wandered back over to the table again, this time picking up a cookie to nibble on. Blythe hadn’t thought to ask him if it was the reunion that dug that all up for him, or if he had be pissed off the entire time… -09:41 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She leaned forwards and nodded. "I don’t think he spent all that time hating you, but he things he did because that is what his obcession focused on the night of the reunion and the weeks before. But the reason for that I cannot tell you without breaching doctor pacient trust. "I think I will cancell my appointlent with him today and let you use my office to talk to him, It might be better than having a session, for oth of you if I sit while you talk, for the forst part and nudge the contersation along. If that is alright with you." -09:48 Dec 05
Blythe: "I guess so? You’re a lot less creepy than prison inmates!" Blythe supposed the doctor just wanted to see how Fred was handling his childhood nemesis. ..which almost made her feel like a science expirement, but the lady was oddly relaxing to be around. Maybe she drugged the tea! Blythe leaned over the snack table to pour another cup. Drugged tea or not, it -was- really good tea. -09:52 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: She checked the time on the wall and sat down. "Then if Fred agrees that is what we’ll do. And I will leave after a few minutes to allow you two to talk privately. I just want to see how you two interact in person." and as if on cue the door opened and Fred walked in and Winters stood. "Fred, Please come and sit down. We’re doing something a litttle different today." -10:00 Dec 05

Fred looked between the two and walked over to sit down and without hesitation poared himself a mug of tea as it it was habbit and sat with it steaming in his hands. “Hey Blythe… Winters.” he was unsure what was going on but smiled at Blythe. “I see you two have met. Oh…” one of the guards put Blythe’s green packed on the table between them before leaving. “Telling eachother how crazy I am?” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: Blythe nearly fumbled with her cup, only because the door opened so suddenly. And there was mister serious faced guard again. Blythe gave that guy a cheeky grin before before she sat down next to Fred and smiled. "Yep. I told her everything. All fifteen minutes of pure insanity. And then she drugged me with the tea!" -10:06 Dec 05

“It’s camomile.” he said. “I used to drink it all the time after work.” he smiled and sipped his mug before the doctor spoke. [color=lightblue]”We were talking about before the reunion.”[/color] She gave a reasuring smile as Fred looded up suddenly. [color=lightblue]”You two can talk to eachother, I’m just here to watch.”[/color] -Dr. Winters

Blythe: Blythe leaned over the arm of her chair towards Fred. The guard couldn’t growl at her now! She whispered loud enough for the doctor to hear, though. "It’s kind of like being at the zoo, only we’re on the other side of the glass." Another smile before she straightened, tapping her fingers against her cup. "Actually, I talked about school a little bit. About the presidency debate and all." -10:20 Dec 05

“Ahh…” he looked between them then turned in his seat and looked at Blythe. “You know you don’t have to keep mentioning that, it’s in the past.” [color=lightblue]”Actually I’d like you two to talk about that if you don’t mind. Blythe, you suffered feelings of guilt, Fred, you suffered from feelings of betrayal and outrage. Maybe Blythe would understand your position after the debate of she knew where those feelings came from. And Blythe, I think Blythe may have appologized a lot earlier if you had appeared more receptive to disclosure.”[/color] -Dr. Winters

He looked at Dr. Winters and then put his head in his hands. [color=lightblue]”It’s alright Fred, I’m right here.”[/color] She looked at Blythe indicating she should do something. [color=light blue]”It would help you both understand eachother’s feelings and positions. It is in the past, the past only has as much influence as you allow it. She should know.”[/color] She looked at Blythe hoping she had read her correctly. “It’s stupid.” he said. “Blythe, you remember how we scored closely on every test? That drove me to be competitive against you but it also made you the only person in class I could respect. And though most of the seniour year I had the silliest crush on you, but you only had eyes for whatshisname… you know the guy I mean.” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: "You had a crush on me?" The doctor was forgotten for a moment as she leaned towards him in her seat and reached a hand out to grip his arm. "I am the worst person to crush on! I think I am bout as oblivious as anybody can get… Jonathan was the guy I crushed on, and you know what I found out during the reunion? Totally gay! Not that I’M gay. But, um.. I mean, I’m not that smart, Fred… You have no idea how hard it was for me to get such good scores." -10:47 Dec 05

He sighed. “I never said it was a smart crush.” he said. “It wasn’t. Especially with what you did in front of everyone when I was waiting for the debates to be over to tell you about it, get dumped, and move on with my life. I never got that sense of closure I was looking for. That is why I did stupid things. I’m sorry. It just couldn’t be helped and I should have acted sooner.” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: "No, don’t be sorry.." Oh, she felt so bad. She really did just completely steamroll his whole life..! Blythe moved to set her cup aside and then she was grabbing his hand and giving him a pleading look. "Don’t, okay? Who knew what I would have said? It’s not like I was thinking at all, at least not about anything other than myself, and I knew the second after I did it that it was a stupid thing to do and I knew I hurt you and cheated you, and I really did want to tell you I was sorry!" Holy crap, where did all of that come from? Blythe was pretty sure it had all been agreed on and resolved, but she couldn’t stand to hear him talk like that! -10:59 Dec 05

he looked at her. “I know, you said so before and it doesn’t matter what I felt about you then. You couldn’t have known and you obviously didn’t. It just made me feel like you bad betrayed a trust that never existed and that [i]is[/i] stupid, or was. I don’t want you to get worked up about what I felt back then and make it awkward for us now. But maybe it explains a few things?” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: "It does, a lot yet…" Basically, it meant everrything Calvin and that Annabell girl said about her. Blythe lived in her own little bubble, oblivious to all the ways she was hurting people and now a girl was dead and Fred in jail, and Calvin drinking, and who knew what else and…! She was suddenly having a very hard time breathing, and there wasn’t a table high enough for her to crawl under! -11:18 Dec 05

He reacted on instinct puttig his arms around her as the doctor moved from her seat and openes a jar of smelling salts to wave under her nose. “Blythe…” [color=Lightblue]”Blythe, breathe.”[/color] the doctor’s voice was calm. [color=lightblue]”You couldn’t have known, many people go though highschool not noticing those around them, especially those working hard for marks or sports. It’s part of growing up.”[/color] -Dr. Winters

Blythe: She cough, but it was just as much of a soft sob as she shook her head. There were people here and she didn’t want people seeing her cry! But she couldn’t help it. "I’m sorry..! I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t mean to hurt anybody, but she’s dead and you’re in jail, and maybe that was lucky cause you might have swallowed a bottle of pills too, and what kind of person hurts people and doesn’t know…!" -11:31 Dec 05
Dr. Winters: "You can’t blame yourself." she said slowly "How could you know how things would turn out." she wiped her tears away with her themb and then turned her with a hand on her shoulder so that she was leaning against Fred who still had his hands around her. "Blythe, it’s not your fault. It’s mine. I should have said something, or just let it go. You’re not responsable for me being here, and you even came all the way out to see me when I tried to kill you. You’re a good person and shouldn’t blame yourself for where I am. Maybe I needed to be here to meet a doctor who could actually help me and be forsed to try and be a better person. Please, don’t blame yourself." -11:45 Dec 05
Blythe: "It is my fault, I yelled at her and I said she was being stupid and needed to grow up and I was wrong. I can’t even remember what I said to you that night either and I just…" She just couldn’t quite breathe. She was leaning against him, though and he was trying so hard to make her feel better when she didn’t deserve it. Blythe managed to find a breath, shakey as it was and rubbed her own hands against her eyes. "…I’m sorry! I’m being stupid, I keep doing this and it’s just so dumb…" -11:52 Dec 05

“It’s not your fault. You didn’t even say anything to me that night. I didn’t give you the chance. People are responsable for their own actions. He didn’t know weather to shake her or to squeeze her to death. “Just take a deep breath and…” a paper bag was pushed into Blythe’s hands by the doctor and then a glass of cold water was poared and placed on the table. [color=lightblue]”He is right. You shouldn’t blame yourself. If everyone took responsability for what others did then I would be here, but I wouldn’t be working. Breathe Blythe.” -Dr. Winters

Blythe: Argh, paper bags… she used it though. Painfully aware that she had once again had a breakdown somewhere public, and now worse in front of a therapist inside a military prison. She kept breathing deep in she finally got her chest to quit hurting and all of those up and down emotions finally faded, to the much more familiar paign of regret and embarrassment. Her hands with the bag fell to her lap, and there was a crazy urge to just turn and hug Fred for the next hour and a half. "I’m okay now… Sorry. Really. Told you I had a problem.." she muttered and shrugged a shoulder at Fred. -12:05 Dec 06
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[Blythe had a panic attack in the military prison, and not even about what would be expected!] -06:11 Dec 06
[Fred Williams watched the Doctor stand and say goodbye to them telling them to call her if she’s needed.] -06:14 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "You might, but not one you can’t work out with time. Call me if you need to talk I’ll give you my nuber when I come back. You two should talk now. I’ll be just outside if you need me." and with that she was gone leaving Blythe in Freds arms and he looked down at her. "Are you okay?" he asked slowly. "You really don’t been to blame yourself for things you can’t control." -06:23 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe nodded with a sheepish expression, and pulled back just a bit. At least he could say he was drunk when he showed up trying to kill somebody, she really didn’t have any excuses. "Yeah. I’m sorry. Pretty much just highjack your therepy session, though. I’m apparently pretty good at stealing things from you." -06:31 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He frouned. "I know Dr. Winters. If this wasn’t something she wanted to happen she wouldn’t have left us alone." he rubbed at her hack over her shirt to maybe help her feel better. "Just don’t worry about it, okay? Tea?" he looked at the table. "At least you know I’m not going to kill you the moment we’re alone." -06:35 Dec 06
Blythe: She blinked at him a moment before she suddenly laughed. "Well, I wasn’t afraid of that…" She glanced over at the table and nodded again. "A fresh cup of tea would be nice. I kinda feel really, really stupid…" How many times was she gonna say that? -06:41 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "At least you didn’t steal anythign or try to kill anyone, once you do that talk to me about stupid." he moved away and poared her a fresh mug and handed it to her before setling back down in his seat. "Adn you trust me, you have no idea how much that means to me." he put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. -06:44 Dec 06
Blythe: Sipping from the mug, she regarded him with a soft look. When he smiled was nice. Granted, he was probably thinking she was nuts that wasting his time on her was a huge mistake, but she was kind of glad he was being nice about it. "Why weren’t we ever in friends in school? We probably would have been good friends…" -06:52 Dec 06
Fred Williams: Because we were rivals, then I had a crush on you and couldn’t have spoken to you if I wanted to becausse there wasa girl who actualy did the work and put in the effort and was going to go places. We should have, we could have been highschool sweethearts, but you know things happen and they have an odd way of working out. You know I’ve never been happier than I am in jail. Because I’m not overworking myself for the first time in my life, and I have someone to talk to." -06:56 Dec 06
Blythe: "I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say they were happy to be in jail." she tilted her head, examining his face to see if he really meant it or if he was just trying to keep her calm. "Well… I’m glad it’s all coming together for you. Sure beats doing the same thing everyday without any sort of idea about the future or what you’re going to do." -07:02 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Then do something different." he said "Write a novel, bubmit an article to a newspaper, write about spies and military secrets and the quest to save a friend from long ago. And now I’m just waying random things. You have a good brain. Put it to use with something that will make you happy. You desurve to be happy." -07:05 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe looked a little dubious. "Write? Never really thought about doing that before…" She wrote greeting cards, but writing stories was a little more difficult than that. …Though she could easily think up amusing mad scientist stories with Fred as inspiration. Blythe almost cracked a smile. "I’m not really sure what’s going to make me happy right now and I kinda gave up thinkingabout it. I think I’m just lucky to exist at the moment." -07:13 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He gave her a look. "You need to be happy, if you’re not happy then you need to chnage that because otherwise why are you living?" he placed a hand on her arm. "Ask yourself what you need to be to be happy and go for that. I don’t care if you never talk to me again but you can’t keep living for ‘someday’ or for ‘other people’ go back to school if you need to. I know when I get out of here I’m not wating around to wallow in self pity. I’m going to make something out of my life and maybe finally be happy. Because that is what life is about… isn’t it?" -07:17 Dec 06
Blythe: This was a strange turn of roles! Blythe was supposed to be the one cheering him up and making him feel better about his situation so he didn’t feel so alone. It struck a strange cord with her and before she ended up sniffling and crawling under the desk, she changed her tone and her focus real quick. "I’m not going to stop talking to you, Fred. Getting letters from you gave me something to look forward to every day. There haven’t been a lot of people in my life lately, so I am lucky to have a new friend?" -07:22 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He sat in the arm of her chair and put an arm around her. "Thank you. Now I can stop my stomach from squirming up m throat to throttle me for sugesting it. But I mean it, do something you enjoy even if it’s as a hobby on the side. I’ll read all yout letters waiting for you to tell me what it is. Now, should we try this cake?" he moved forwards to open the packet and take out her cake and look for a knife. "How big of a slice do you want?" -07:26 Dec 06
Blythe: When his back was turned, she almost pouted because he moved away. A hug would have been really nice, but she was aware that she was all weepy, needy, and generally emotional. The last thing she needed to do was put all of that on Fred. She rose from her chair too to lean against the desk and peer at the cake. "A small one? Um… Maybe bigger than that. As it turns out, when you actually follow the directions to the letter, baking doesn’t turn out so bad. My first few test cakes weren’t so lucky." -07:33 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He must have head her mind because once that peice was on the plate he placed it on the desk next to her and hugged her. "I’m happy I her to do this at least once." he said sounding at if he was unsude she would push him away. "I’ll do it again when I get out of here." -07:37 Dec 06
Blythe: She stiffened a little bit in surprise, but in an instant she curled her arms around his waist to hug him too and rest her head against him to hide her face. If she started crying from just a hug, she deserved to be in a loony bin. But it felt good to have one, and she really, really needed it! "You’re going to have a really sad time in jail if this is the only hug you get until release, Fred!" -07:42 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Then come and see me again." he said settling into the embrace and putting his cheek against her ear. "As good as Dr. Winters is she’s not a huggy person." he sighed and held her close. You’ll be fine right? Out there on your own? I know you have been for the last ten years but I’ve been worried about you." -07:47 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe was definitely a huggy person, and she couldn’t even remember the last time she hugged somebody! So she wasn’t thinking twice about taking advantage of the moment and just being glad to have contact with someone. She laughed softly, if a little muffled. "Worried about me? I do want to come see you agin, though. Doctor Winters said it was okay for me to stay here over night and have a longer visit in the morning since I had to leave so suddenly. I didn’t know they actually had staff cabins here and everything." -07:54 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He almost laughed. "Ther is an entire national guard base." he said. "It was a convenient place to build a secure prison, besides you need somewhere for the staff to sleep right?" he resting his chin on her shoulder and closed his eyes. "You’re stayin gthe night then? You know you don’t have to, I mean I’ll still be here the next time you visit." -07:57 Dec 06
Blythe: "I’m not sure how long it will be before I can come again, and I really did want to spend longer than fifteen minutes talking to you without handcuffs. And without me freaking out. That’d be good too." This was surprisingly comfortable. Almost natural to be held by him like this, and had she not been trying to linger with it as long as possible, she might’ve thought it a little weird. "So if you don’t mind an early morning visit we could talk about the good things about school and you could show me your models?" -08:01 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I could!" he said "I’ll have to picks out a few and take them with me wherever we’re meeting." he instantly had a good idea of what to bring. "Oh…" he realized holding onto her was preventing her from having her cake, but he didn’t want to let go." -08:05 Dec 06
Blythe: "Hmm?" …oh, right! Awkwardly and inappropriately long hugs, totally not a good idea. Regretfully, and with a tinge of red to her face she pulled away. "Sorry. I guess I needed that more than I thought…. But cake.. cake is good! And there is plenty enough to leave for Doctor Winters too. And um.." Blythe just shut her mouth. It was safer that way! -08:10 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He looked disappointed to have the hug broken and stood there for a moments wordering what to do with himself before he patter her and on the shoulder and offered her a smile. "It’s fine, I’ll give you another one tomorow." then he was cuttin g himself a slice and moving to his chair to sit down and nibbble on it. Something nuetral to focus on after the physical contact. "It’s good." he said chewing. "What’s in it?" -08:14 Dec 06
Blythe: Something to do with her hands to keep her from fidgeting, and to keep her from blabbering too much, a bite of cake. With her plate in hand, she sat on the edge of the doctor’s desk, kicking her feet back and forth. "Um… fresh lemon! Someone told me you should always use the fresh flavoring when you can. So lemon, and sugar, and all the normal stuff and almond. And cream cheese for the frosting. I ran out of the normal frosting with my test cakes." -08:18 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Frankencake…." he said looking down at it. "It works though and that is the make thing." he was having a hard time figuring out where to loon and then decided he’l look at Blythe and try to smile. Was he this awkward after one hug? What was wrong with him? Hadn’t he made any progress. -08:21 Dec 06
Blythe: "This one is tame compared to the others! I got a little over enthusiastic about trying recipes. And apparently you don’t want to experiment with new ideas when you don’t know the science behind baking. Apparently it -has- a science." She was chewing on her fork when she glanced back up at him. He really did look nice when he smiled, and it was really impossible not to immediately smile in response. She very vaguely remembered thinking the same thing about him in school. That science guy with the pretty smile! "Maybe I can try baking as a hobby and send them all to you. You can give the really bad ones to inmates that give you trouble! -08:27 Dec 06
[Fred Williams enters.] -08:29 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "That could get expensive with the shipping and freshness wouldn’t be guarenteed." He said eating more a looking at her noticing she was looking back at him and smiled. "But I was hinting you bneeded a hooby you could turn into a career if you got sick of writing cards." he put down his empty plate and put his hands in his lap. "I meant all that I said , no matter his dumb it sounds." -08:46 Dec 06