King of Fools 002: Accidental Meeting

Leslie: Leslie couldn’t believe they were still talking about this. A week later, out at the mall looking for Jade’s favorite perfume, and they were still talking about that CEO. "I should have sent you with a camera to take a picture for the paper too. Did his ‘gorgeous eyes’ shine like diamonds or were they all smokey and lingering gazes?" Speaking of eyes, Leslie was rolling hers at Jade. "I’m never writing notes for you again. Does it really matter? Honestly, he freaked me out a little bit. You would have liked him though." Jade herself was giggling. "You bet I would have. I’d be buying a new set of panties and calling him up for a date right now." -04:23 Aug 06
Damion: Inspection week, he needed to sign papers with the dean and have handing them an oversized check on the local news dropped from the deal. But right now he was in the spors section looking at some of the equipment on sale adn asking the staff about them, He was dressed casually in jeans and v collared shirt… two hours to burn before we would expect the call from the dean. -04:27 Aug 06
Leslie: "Now I just have the weirdest thoughts of you jumping over that poor guy’s desk and messing up his perfectly pressed suit." Lesie muttered. Both she and Jade stopped at a window to peer inside, though it was more Leslie admiring the clothes while Jade was giving her the ‘evil eye’. "You exagerate. Jesus, Les you really need to get out more! One hot guy and you’re all fumble fingers and and stiff." Leslie rolled her eyes again. She was pretty sure Jade’s ‘get out more’ meant getting her hands on helpless men like some sort of sexual predator. She finally gave the girl a wicked smile though as she leaned. "Tell you what, Jade. Next time I see Mister Gorgeous Eyes Damion Rubrum, I will offer myself up as a virgin sacrifice. That make you happy?" -04:36 Aug 06
Damion: He cleared his thoat trying to supress a small smile at the timing of his enterence and succeding. "I don’t think that will be needed." he said a hand obscuring his mouth "Leslie Cole, and… Jade Sparrow? Should I call instead and leave you to talking about me?" -04:42 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie was going to die. Her mouth immediately clamped shut, and she was pretty sure with the way her face was burning so hot, she was three different shades of red. Jade had no problem picking up the pieces, offering her hand out to shake like they hadn’t just been discussing the man in the most inappropriate way possible. "Yes! I am Jade Sparrow, it’s a pleasure to get to meet you in person. I apologize for not showing up to the interview myself. But the notes Leslie wrote for me were incredibly enlightening." Jade’s smile bordered on the sinfully evil. Leslie didn’t say a word! -04:46 Aug 06
Damion: He took her hand and gripped his firmly as he shook it. "I hope you got enough information for your article." he said holding onto her hand and meeting her eyes his face back to its usual business-like expression. "Thats why I decided to come over here, to ask if there were any more questions, Ms. Cole didn’t call…" his tone implied he had fully expected her to. He released the hand from his grip and looked at the quieter of the two. "So no followup or anything else?" -04:55 Aug 06
Leslie: She was put on the spot. Sucking it up and crossing her arms, Leslie shook her head. "I told you I wasn’t the journalist." she muttered. Jade was very interested looking between them both. One of her hands rest on her hip as she gestured towards him. "…actually I think follow up questions would be a great idea. I mean, you barely touched the surface on that interview. We’d also LOVE to have a picture of you to go with the article." Leslie tilted her head and looked ready to kick Jade in the shin. "I guess if you’re going to finish up the interview I can head back home." She didn’t want to sit through the Jade Inquisition. Lord only knew what tidbits she’d pluck out of the notes to use. -05:01 Aug 06
Damion: He kept his eyes on Leslie "I told you I prefer any follow ups to be done by the original interviewer." he said "Its a dealbreaker." Then he was turning to Jade. "Do you have a photographer on hand or do we need the scedule something?" he did glance back to Leslie though. Worried she would run off. -05:04 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie was very seriously thinking about running to the parking lot. But that would look insane, and she already embarrassed herself once today with the guy. What was it about him?! "We’ll have to schedule something. I’m sure Leslie has your contact info, and would be -happy- to ask you some more questions!" "No I wouldn’t!" she exclaimed bluntly. Leslie wasn’t going to get weaseled in to one of Jade’s weird schemes. "Oh look, I am getting a call. Here, Les, take notepad. Write me LOTS of notes. I’m sure you have a few minutes, don’t you Mr. Rubrum? It was nice to meet you, I really need to take this." Jade didn’t have a call at all, she was totally bullshitting the whole thing. Leslie stared at the woman’s back as she walked away, pulling out her cellphone and pretending to speak business. …and now she was alone with the man. Looks like she was a virgin sacrifice after all. Thanks Jade. "I really don’t have any more questions." -05:11 Aug 06
Damion: "Then make some up." he said glancing around the and gesturing at a resturant close by. "Anyone who did thier research should be able to pick soehting about my life or business and ask questions about them." he was already walking slowly away from the clothes department. "We’ll have something to drink then you can call Ms. Sparrow to rescue you, Leslie." her name was added almost as an afterthought before eh half turned. "Unless you want to keep standign there…" -05:18 Aug 06
Leslie: "I thought it was pretty obvious I didn’t do any research?" Leslie was thinking about standing there out of spite. Her fingers tapped at her arms. She even turned and looked like she was going to walk away… But that would be rude wouldn’t it? She gave a soft sigh as she forced herself forward to follow. "I don’t need her to come and rescue me. But I warn you, it’s not going to be a very interesting conversation." -05:35 Aug 06
Damion: "It was obvious." he said walking forwards and heading strait for the resturant. "ANd if you say that too much I’ll take it as a challenge." he chose a table and indiceted for her to sit. "So is there nothing you want to know about me? Nothing at all? Nothing you can think to ask, or do I need to start off?" -05:38 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie wasn’t sure if she liked the way he said challenge. …then again, maybe she did! That was a good way to think about this. A challenge. Leslie slid in to her seat, her new objective in mind. Her hands clasped together on the table as she tilted her head to eye him. "Okay. Why don’y you want to have an interview with someone who actually knows what they’re doing? Are you afriad of journalists, or are you afraid of new people in general?" -05:41 Aug 06
Damion: "There you see." he said dryly. "You do have good questions." he ordered himself fuit juice and pushed the menu towards her. "Journalists ask questions and I don’t like answering them." he said truthfully. "So I do not like them, and as you pointed out you are not one." -05:44 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie pushed the menu back at him, and simply asked for hot tea. She’d need it! "I am best friends with a journalist, though. Why don’t you like answering questions? Are you afriad of what might be asked, or what the answers are going to be?" Ha! She had this. Clearly her anxiety was all in her head. …not that she had any idea where she was going with it, but as long as she was on the offensive, she wouldn’t feel quite so unnerved by him. Especially when he looked so different in casual clothes… -05:48 Aug 06
Damion: "Are you implying I have something to hide?" asked leaning forwards to hand the menu back to the waitress and put a arm on the table. "I’m a private person." he said dismisively. "If someone needs to know something I tell them, if they don’t I don’t, I don’t see why the public needs to know what kind of car I drive or why I bouhgt out thise company or what I plan to do about this ship sinking. I take care of business, its what I do best and they should trust me on that." -05:52 Aug 06
Leslie: "Except, people don’t blindly trust other people. You have to give them a reason to trust you. How else can you do that then by letting them get to know you?" Her mouth twist up in a small frown, her fingers now tapping on the table. "I hadn’t implied anything, so I have to wonder if you do have something to hide since you were so quite to bring it up. Do you have secrets Mr. Rubrum?" -05:55 Aug 06
[Damion enters.] -06:16 Aug 06
Damion: His lie twitched into a one-sided smirk. "Everyone does Ms. Cole." he saud in a deliberatly mysterious voice. "If people don’t trust me would they work for me? Wouls they accept donations from he? Would they sign a contract with me? People trust me because they have to, thats how it is in the world of business. The government watched over everythig I do, and you can write down that I have been subject to a federal audit but they found nothing. I have nothing to hide inthe way I do business. And thats where they need to trust me." -06:21 Aug 06
[(Timeout) Damion has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:25 Aug 06
Leslie: "Nothing to hide in the way you do business, but elsewhere?" It was a personal question and none of her business. But he irked her again. Maybe it was the way he talked about his work. He was pretty presumptious about the whole thing. It did, however, remind her that she was supposed to be taking note. Leslie awkwardly shifted to dig around in her purse until she pulled out that yellow notepad again. And the pen she never returned. She tilted the pad so he couldn’t see what she was writing this time. Has issues with trust! Alludes to secrets? He kind of looks like the devil when he smirks. Thanks for this, Jade. -06:25 Aug 06
Damion: "He leaned back to allow his juice to be put in stont of him and poked at the pulp and ice wit his streaw to a second unto the waitress has left. "Yes I do, I have parts of me and my life that I would prefer kept private." he said "But who doesn’t?" he was eyeing her and he hadn’t taken and sip of his juice yet. "I alo have parts of my life I don’t care if people know or not, you should ask me about those." -06:32 Aug 06
Leslie: That took her a little off guard. Leslie wasn’t sure what she was supposed to ask. Especially about his private life! ….and extra especially after the debacle of last week and the whole ‘gay’ thing. Her face was turning red again. "Okay. …um… What do you do for fun when you’re not working?" -06:35 Aug 06
Damion: He looked up at the ceiling and sipped hes juice in thought. "I though I said to ask about what I don’t mind people knowing about." he was a tease though you wouldn’t know it from his tone. "I like lots of things Leslie, theres the usual passtimes that everyone does and then there is the city at night, me and 1700ccs of power. Or outside the city… I like bikes, and boats, I mostly get time for bikes though." -06:42 Aug 06
Leslie: He wasn’t looking at her, which somehow left her free to move and take a sip of her tea. She’d kick herself for being stupid later. "Why are you even hassling me to ask these questions if you’re going to be so elusive about the answers? I’m starting to think you like making me uncomfortable on purpose." Teacup in one hand, it was a delicate balance to write on her tilted notepad. Likes bikes and boats! That’s kind of cool, I thought he’d say something boring like golfing and country clubs. "Are you satisfied?" she asked, looking up again and eying him carefully. -06:47 Aug 06
Damion: His eyes were back on her and he shrugged his shoulders. "I didn’t know it would be so easy. He leaned back and glass in his hand took another long sip. "Interesting question though… I do get satisfaction from quite a few things I do, and this is good juice." one eyesbrow raised ever so slightly and he smirked again. "If you were asking if you could end the interview though you are not my prisoner, if you were you would know it, trust me. So any more questions?" -06:51 Aug 06
Leslie: Oh, she didn’t like the way he said that. That sounded like a promise, and Leslie got the feeling he always kept his promises. "I don’t have any more questions. Do you have any questions?" Leslie was trying to stare right back at him. Let’s see how he liked it! -06:55 Aug 06
Damion: He leaned forwards his eyes locked with hers, looking like a predator slinking forwards. "Yes Ms. Cole I do, In hact I return your question, what do you do for fun?" simple, to the point and if great interest. Perhaps. -06:58 Aug 06
Leslie: Damnit. He was calling her bluff. Steeling her nerves, she didn’t lean back like she wanted to. She met his gaze with a squint and leaned on her elbows on the table. "I like feeding ducks are the park, singing karaoke, and talking to old people." She very nearly hissed it out like it was some sort of threat. This is what he was doing to her! Making her act like a weirdo, when she was otherwise completely amiable! -07:02 Aug 06
Damion: "No special hobbies, or are those in the part of -your- life you don’t want others knowing about?" he asked pushing his glass aside and resting one elbow on the table. "And to you always rise to a challenge?" -07:04 Aug 06
Leslie: "Challenges make life interesting." she watched the glass get pushed aside, and her bravado faultered a bit. He was better at this than she was. Leslie felt like she was in some sort of battle. "I don’t really have any hobbies… I read books? And I don’t have any secrets. If you want to know something, I’ll tell you." -07:09 Aug 06
Damion: "Challenges make life interesting. Never truer words,, and then you take all the challenge out of this conversation. I could ask about your sexual history, if you’re involved with anyone, what you’ve done with tem adn you just said you’d answer. So many things I could ask. So many." he ran his tongue across his lowler lip as he regarded her. "I think I’ll start with, what is your favorite book, and remember you did say you would tell the truth." -07:12 Aug 06
Leslie: And there it went. Her ready-to-fight expression was now classic Leslie flushing. She leaned back in her chair again, fingers tapping nervously on the table. Should she slap him? Jade would fire right back with her own questions! Leslie settled on answering the one he officially asked. "…Knight of a Trillion Stars. It’s a romance novel about an alien knight, the lady who finds his artifact, and his shapeshifting brother who pretends to be a cat." How she managed to get that out with a straight face… -07:22 Aug 06
Damion: "Thank you." he said leaning back and checking to watch. "I think you have enough for you article, you will call me for the photo shoot, right?" he was grinning as he looked at her. Then it changed to a softer smile "Its been fun but I have to go and sign papers with your dean." -07:26 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie wasn’t smiling. She WAS scowling, but his sudden grin and soft expression caught her a bit by surprise. She didn’t think he could smile. "…Jade will call you." she muttered, already getting out of her seat and stuffing her notepad back in to her purse. "How much do I owe you for the tea?" -07:29 Aug 06
Damion: "The conversation was enough." he said the smile melting back into nothing. "You still have my card?" he was holding out another one just in case.. then though better of it. and helf out fis hand instead. "My pen, if you will, I’ll give you my direct line." -07:31 Aug 06
Leslie: His pen? Oh! This was his pen! Leslie didn’t even remember taking it. Looking a little guilty she handed him the pen back. "It’s in my purse somewhere, I can give it to Jade later. It’s probably not a good idea to give her your personal number…" -07:33 Aug 06
Damion: He wrote down the number and held out the card with the pen. "That is why I’m giving it to you." he said matter-of-factly. "I’ll only be checking my messages in my office when I get back." -07:36 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie took them, eying the number with that faint frown again. Maybe if she didn’t tell Jade she had it, the woman wouldn’t go snooping through her purse looking for it. "Are you going somewhere, then?" Again, none of her business. Leslie had no intentions of talking to him again ever. Why was she even curious?" -07:38 Aug 06
Damion: "Back to work." he said placing a few notes in the table and rising. "I’ve taken a few days off to do this deal with the dean and then enjoy a day or two or relaxation. "I’ll be back to work on monday." -07:41 Aug 06
Leslie: "Oh." He actually relaxed sometimes? Leslie was grinning at her own inner amusement. "Enjoy your vacation then, Mr. Rudrum. Jade will get back to you soon!" she chimed, waving a hand at him and already making her escape. That is, if Jade lived after Leslie got her hands around her throat. -07:44 Aug 06

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