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  • King of Fools 018: The Special Room, No Contract Required (TBC)

    [Damion IS asleep on the wall side of the narrow bed.] -07:14 Jan 30 [Leslie fell asleep after a confession of love and looking at the stars. You really don’t get any better than that! Well… except for getting the confession back in return!] -07:15 Jan 30 Leslie: Something had woken her, maybe the morning […]

  • King of Fools 017: Under the Stars

    [Leslie is glad that charity business event thing is over. It was like being tossed in to a ring with hungry tigers with only a whip and chair to protect yourself with!] -06:11 Jan 28 [Damion is about to reveal why he asked Lexlie if she’s afraid og hieghts.] -06:12 Jan 28 Leslie: Though, it […]

  • King of Fools 016: New York Charity

    [Leslie has not worn a dress in a really, really, long time and is not so sure this was a good idea.] -06:44 Dec 28 [Damion is ready for an unromantic night of business, even if he’s dressed to the nines in a talored suit and professionally styled hair.] -06:45 Dec 28 Leslie: Leslie had […]

  • King of Fools 015: Stay Right There

    [Damion Is enjoying an afternoon nap with his girlfriend, the AAC keeping the room just cool enough so that it’s comfortable over of under the sheets. As usual though, he isn’t facing her.] -01:46 Sep 24 [Leslie doesn’t usually nap so much… but apparently Mr Rubrum is an exhausting boyfriend!] -01:47 Sep 24 Leslie: This […]

  • King of Fools 014: Now About That Contract

    [Damion almost didn’t untie leslie before going to sleep, but its her first time and he wanted snuggles.] -03:45 Sep 11 [Leslie thankfully fell asleep almost immediately! That was a very intense, very… shocking experience!] -03:53 Sep 11 Leslie: Tired, sore and exhausted. Leslie may not have ever slept so deep in her life. At […]

  • King of Fools 013: Pride and Punishment

    [Damion HAs just had a great breakfast and its getting closer to an appointment with a fassion designer that Damion is sure Jade has heard of, Leslies though, he doubts.] -05:31 Aug 30 [Leslie is glad she had breakfast, because Damion Rubrum is a very exhausting man. …in all the fun ways!] -05:38 Aug 30 […]

  • King of Fools 012: Breakfast

    [Leslie is asleep in someone else’s bed. That’s new!] -05:02 Aug 29 [Damion has someon else in his bed in the morning. That’s new.] -05:04 Aug 29 Leslie: Leslie slept well and slept deep. Who wouldn’t after an evening of wine and exercise? She was still sleeping, curled up warm and comfortable with a pillow […]

  • King of Fools 011: Sharing the Bed

    [Damion thinks its time for the sports car, and his choice of venue, his home.] -03:26 Aug 15 [Leslie and Jade are at least on talking terms now, even if Jade isn’t happy about this new ‘dating’ development.] -03:29 Aug 15 Leslie: Leslie was dressed in a pair of pants and a long sleeved dark […]

  • King of Fools 010: Graduation

    [Leslie is glad graduation is over! But is apparently still in the doghouse with Jade, who is still being a pain in the ass.] -01:24 Aug 13 [Damion sat on stage during speech after speech and is glad that is over, now at the buffet table hes listening to the econmics professor who is ascing […]

  • King of Fools 009: Damion’s Secret

    Leslie: Leslie was not all that chatty for this third on his bike, but at least she was -almost- getting used to it. She was still smarting a bit from her morning’s fight with Jade. Again. Jade hadn’t let it go, and the past couple of days were pretty tense having to dodge snide remarks […]

  • King of Fools 008: The Woods

    [Leslie has her insanely large purse stuffed with very unusual things, directions on her phone. …and Jade no where to be seen. Apparently she really was that pissed off.] -11:51 Aug 11 [Damion aviced in a black sedan, driving himself to her place. He has no idea where they’re going but he hes a picknic […]

  • King of Fools 007: Accidental Kiss

    Leslie: Leslie was wearing a nice pair of black slacks, some knee high boots, and a pretty but long sleeve shirt. "On a DATE you should wear something sexy. Are you sure you don’t want to borrow one of my dresses?" Leslie groaned for the third time that night. She was abandoning the need for […]

  • King of Fools 006: Ambush

    [Leslie is supposed to meet Jade at the coffee shop. For the time being, she’s sitting a table with some cheesyass smutty romance novel and sipping vanilla latte. Jade was always late anyway.] -02:31 Aug 10 [Damion It enjoying his last day off work, or trying to, walking with his hands in his pockets and […]

  • King of Fools 005: Icecream for a Hangover

    [Damion had a disturbed hight, but at least he got what could be called ‘enough’ sleep.. in bits and peices like right now.] -03:36 Aug 07 [Leslie is stirring. ….and groaning. This is not a pleasant way to wake up.] -03:37 Aug 07 Leslie: Leslie’s hand fell to her head. The simple motion not being […]

  • King of Fools 004: I’ve Got You Under My Skin

    Leslie: Leslie, the Designated D. That’s what she showed up as to a friend’s very wild, very chaotic birthday party. Of course, then the news broke that another friend was pregnant, and suddenly that meant Leslie no longer had an excuse for avoiding drinking. What harm could it be anyway? She ordered the most innocent […]

  • King of Fools 003: Photographs

    Leslie: Leslie isn’t sure how she was talked in to calling herself. Nor why she was standing there holding a camera and in charge of taking the pictures. Jade had grumbled something about Mr. Pain In the Ass Damion Rudrum not doing the photos without her there, and not being able to catch one of […]

  • King of Fools 002: Accidental Meeting

    Leslie: Leslie couldn’t believe they were still talking about this. A week later, out at the mall looking for Jade’s favorite perfume, and they were still talking about that CEO. "I should have sent you with a camera to take a picture for the paper too. Did his ‘gorgeous eyes’ shine like diamonds or were […]

  • King of Fools 001: The Interview

    [Leslie Cole is an editor. An introvert editor who doesn’t know anything about big business or journalism. So why is she here to interview some ancient CEO? Because she is the bestest friend ever!] -01:21 Aug 06 Leslie: Why do I always fall for the pouting? There she was, too nervous to sit in the […]