King of Fools

King of Fools 018: The Special Room, No Contract Required (TBC)

[Damion IS asleep on the wall side of the narrow bed.] -07:14 Jan 30
[Leslie fell asleep after a confession of love and looking at the stars. You really don’t get any better than that! Well… except for getting the confession back in return!] -07:15 Jan 30
Leslie: Something had woken her, maybe the morning sun through the window. Being curled up against him was her favorite spot to be on those nights she got to spend over with him, and this morning snuggling up to him was no exception. Over the past few weeks she had at least gotten him used to sleeping with a body in his bed, to the point where he didn’t roll or shirk away from her. …at least half of the time! -07:19 Jan 30
Damion: He woke up slowlu, firsts stretching, then shifting uncomfortable in response to sharing the narrow bed adn not havong space to move. then an eye crached open and he yawned. "Leslie." he said as if reminding himself she was there and then running a hand through her hair. "Morning…" he thought back over to how the nigth had ended, them coming down and getting into bed, no sex… that seemed slightly odd to him, spending the nigth together on a date without sex, but that had both beed exhausted. "We should head back, get food, I need to make sure you have a good breakfast… then maybe I’ll let you into my room, that is if you love me." -07:25 Jan 30
Leslie: She made a soft sound and grinned. Turning in to him and hugging him as she responded with a laugh. "No contracts necessary then? Just a affirmation of love?" The room. Suddenly waking up was a whole lot easier, and her curiosity had been piqued. "We could skip breakfast…" -07:30 Jan 30
Damion: He sat up and placed his hand with on the curve of her hip. "No, breakfast first. And you can’t sign anything without bias if you love me, and if you do that means you trust me, which is the important part. Come on we’ll grab something to eat on the way." He was still dressed so he just had to step over her and pull his shoes towards himself. "Sloppy Joes?" -07:35 Jan 30
Leslie: "I am pretty sure I could sign a contract without bias. I’ve been doing the research." Leslie sat up, stretching her arms over her head to ease her stiffness. "…but it’s trust that I’d rather not. Because I do trust you. No reason for a contract." She leaned to give him a kiss on the cheek, before she was shifting to grab her shoes and slide them on. "Sloppy joes for breakfast… you always have the best ideas!" -07:40 Jan 30
Damion: He grinned at her before tying his laces and standing to retrieve the basket and bag with the telescope. "I hope you’ll still be saying that at the end of the day." he looked at her, gauging her reaction before he jingles the key in his hand and started striding towards the door. "Come along, we’ll soon find out." -07:51 Jan 30
Leslie: Leslie followed, trying to contain that sudden energetic hop in her step. She had been wanting to see more of that room since she found it, and whether he realized it or not this was… kind of like the next step of their relationship! A sign of his trust. Almost as good as saying he loved her too. "I’m sure it’ll be interesting. And you’re sure we can’t just skip breakfast all together?" -07:55 Jan 30
Damion: "You’ll need your energy. You’ll be having sweet tea when we get there on top of the protien and carbs from breakfast. If you trust me you’ll do as I say and not question it, so long as it’s related to what goes on in that room my word is law. You will obey eagerly and to the best of your ability and you will not question it. That is the first rule." he closed the door behind them and locked it before heading for the car and unlocking it to put the bagage in the back and close it up before getting into the driver’s seat. "Ready?" -08:05 Jan 30
Leslie: There was a click of her seat belt, and despite the fact he sounded so serious, Leslie was grinning wide. "Yes sir." Her agreement didn’t mean she wouldn’t question, or argue… but she was pretty eager to give it all a try. Jade would flip if she knew Leslie had spend her evenings researching all the little rules about being an obediant, kinky little fiend for a very bossy man. "I’ll try anyway. I apologize in advance if I bite back?" -08:11 Jan 30
Damion: "Don’t do that, if you bite back I’ll make you apologize then." he started the engine and turned the suv around to head back towards the road. "Are you sure you’re up for this?" -08:25 Jan 30
King of Fools

King of Fools 017: Under the Stars

[Leslie is glad that charity business event thing is over. It was like being tossed in to a ring with hungry tigers with only a whip and chair to protect yourself with!] -06:11 Jan 28
[Damion is about to reveal why he asked Lexlie if she’s afraid og hieghts.] -06:12 Jan 28
Leslie: Though, it was much, much easier to smile when she had a secret encounter right under the noises of stuffy, occasionally rude wealthy people. If Damion’s idea had been to completely derail her from kicking that golden peacock lady in the face, it worked almost too well. -06:18 Jan 28
Damion: He had piced her up and they were in yet another of his vehiles, this time a 4 wheel drive SUV and on thier way out of town. He had given her one instruction "Dress warmly" and he was too, in a blaiser , jeans, and hiking boots, not to mention a mysterious smile. "Have you ever flown?" he asked her his hands on the wheel as they drove through the night. "Ever dreamed of it?" -06:24 Jan 28
Leslie: "Outside of our trip? No, that was my first plane…" At least dressing warm wasn’t a problem for her, Leslie always tended to wear pants and long sleeves even during summer. Today she just added a jacket and a colorful scarf. That smile had her attention, and Leslie decided it might just be one of her favorites. "I’ve thought about it though! I like to try new things." -06:28 Jan 28
Damion: "I meant your hands in the controls… but that answers that." he flicked in the indicator and started slowly, they were a long way out of the city, the glimmering lights barely visible on the skyline. Then he was turning off the road onto a dirt track, the SUV bouncing as it electronically adapted to the rougher terrain. "And maybe this will be new for you too." Another mysterious smile and a glance at the back to make sure the bags and basket were alright with the offroading, then it was back to peering though the windscreen, and easing the vehicle over the bumps and following the clear path, the Damion knew so well. -06:33 Jan 28
Leslie: "Ha, no.. No, I can definitely say I have never flown something nor ever had the urge to." He was deliberately being vague and Leslie was amused. She had done this to him too, after all. Of course -her- surprise date wound up as a barely contained panic attack and the discovery of the Damion Rubrum-Hates-Forests fact. …which really had her curious about them being out at night in the middle of nowhere. "Is flying a hint to what we’re doing or a red herring?" -06:38 Jan 28
Damion: "You always were a smart one." he said concentrating on off roading and easing the car through a stream and powered up the other side. "Look up, that’s where we’re going tonight." he rounded a bend in the track and there in the headlights was a small building, very small it couldn’t contain more than a single room, and its two windows were small, and in top was a balcomy that took up the entire roof, then Damion killed the engine and without a word poped his seatbelt, opened his door, and stapped out to open the back and retrieve the baggage. -06:42 Jan 28
[(Timeout) Damion has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:47 Jan 28
Leslie: She had leaned, looking out the window. "That… is impressive." she mumbled softly. Once the car was stopped she was climbing out too. Shaking her hand through her hair and pulling it over her shoulder. Now she was beyond intruiged. "Your own secret getaway in the woods… I really wasn’t expecting that. Maybe a loft in the middle of the city, or a beach house on the coast somewhere. This is actually really pretty." And it helped she had a personal love of trees and lots of them! -06:47 Jan 28
Damion: "I’m rich enough to gave all three." he said closing the car and locking it, then he was walking over to the building and unlocking the door to pushe it open and turn on the light. Inside where was a bed, a table, a chair, a desk, a satellite phone, and a computer, the rast was bare. But Damion walked in and placed the basket on the table, opened it and checked the contants, then without slowing his pace he picked it up again and with one hand started climbing a ladder to the roof, stopping only to use his thum as a basket hook to free his ahdn to open a hatch. "Turn off the light when you come up." he said. "Poke around a little first though, I’ll get everything set up." -06:53 Jan 28
Leslie: "I don’t suppose your Butlawyer has to keep up with these places too, hmm?" Leslie doubt he brought people here. This had to be a Damion escape from the world cabin. No pictures, no personal things… she took a moment to sit on the best and bounce a bit as she looked around. It wasn’t as if there was a lot to snoop through! She liked it though… maybe a bit more if it wasn’t so empty. Leslie finally rose to flick off the lights, kind of glad there -wasn’t- much in the room as she fumbled to the ladder and climbed up to the roof. "What are you setting up, exactly?" -06:59 Jan 28
Damion: He had his back to her and was hand tighterning a nut on a tripod which held a long, sleek telescope, but when he heard her he turned, and then looked up. "Theres no light polution out here, it makes everything so vivid. I wanted to me an astrophisisist when I was younger… I long time ago. Just because I’m not doesn’t mean I can’t take a look every now and then. Tea?" he gestured to the table where the basket was open and a thurmos was sitting next to it with two mugs. "I’ll see if I can find you the pleiades." -07:05 Jan 28
Leslie: Leslie paused there, looking a little dumbfounded for a moment. A glance from the telescope to the sky, back to him and then the tea… It faded to a slow grin, that got so wide she was on the brink of bursting in to giggles. Somehow she managed to contain it. Waltzing over to the table like a woman with a secret and pouring them both a mug. Even with the glass in both hands and touching her lips she couldn’t seem to take a sip. Leslie was trying to contain her delight! "Star gazing… that’s awfully romantic, you know. The sort of thing someone like me would plan to do with a boyfriend…" -07:11 Jan 28
Damion: "Romantic?" he asked looking as her before taking a mug and gesturing her towards the eyepeice. "I just do it because I enjoy it, and it gave me an excuse to buy this place from the military, budget cuts… recession, you know the drill." he sipped his mug and looked up. Theres a metior shower tonight, whould starts at about one, that’s why the date was important." -07:16 Jan 28
Leslie: "It’s very romantic." She moved and leaned to look, apparently having no problems with knowing how to adjust the telescope. "So much that I was kiiiind of planning to take you to the observatry outside of time when it was my turn to pick the date." Leslie and grinned at him. Rocking on her feet just a bit in an over-pleased gesture. "I’m glad to see I made a good guess. I was hoping to show something else I really loved, I didn’t know you liked stars too." -07:22 Jan 28
Damion: "They’re flowing balls of nuclear fire and the forges in whicj every atom in your body was forged… In the words of some scifi author I can’t rememebr We’re all starstuff." he had his arms folded and his eyes narrowed. "So this is your idea od romantic? I guess that answers that." he sipped his tea again before moving towards the table to pull out a wrappes sandwich. "I didn’t know you liked science." -07:28 Jan 28
[Leslie is alone with Mr. Rubrum in a small cabin and looking stars. Nothing could be sweeter then that!] -06:58 Jan 29
[Damion He waiting for Leslie to reply] -06:59 Jan 29
Leslie: "Carl Sagan, maybe." she grinned, once again looking through the telescope and balancing her mug in her other hand. "Can’t say I know a lot of the sciency stuff, but yeah… it’s romantic! A new frontier of discovery and adventure? And it’s pretty." -07:04 Jan 29
Damion: "People with more powerful telescopes that I can afford have seem this part of the sky already." He said. "We’re not going to make any new discoveries… about the sky anyway." his tone of voice had shifted from a dissmissive one to something else, the kind of tone he usually used when talking about Leslie in some new compromising position. "Besides this is your reward for New Yok." -07:09 Jan 29
Leslie: Leslie pretended she hadn’t noticed, or at least wasn’t going to comment on his tone or that subtle shift of his expression. She just loved the way his mouth would quirk when he was being devious. "Sure, we won’t get to find a new world or star… but oh! I think the shower is starting! We’ll get a glimpse of a falling star no one will ever see again?" Shifting over to the table, she set down her mug to snoop through his basket. "New York was rewarding all by itself, you know. I was glad to go." -07:14 Jan 29
Damion: I didn’t mean the trip." he said looking up. Sometime whale she had been busy with the telescope he had taken out a pair of binoculars. "I leant for what happened during the trip, that is exactly the kind of thing I expect from you.’ he reached out to sacture her chin with his hand and pull her into a kiss before pulling away to put his mug to his lips. "I really do like having you." -07:17 Jan 29
Leslie: All it ever took was a kiss. If she were a puppy, she’d be at his feet in an instant! Leslie smiled, abandoning her snooping to wrap her arms around his waist and hug him. "Expecting things like what? My completely inability to converse politely with rude women, or the fact I get surley when you won’t let me kiss you?" He liked having her! How many steps away was that from love? She had to bite her tongue to keep from asking. -07:23 Jan 29
Damion: He raised an eyebrow but just smiled. If that’s what she wanted to focus on instead of the sex, that was fine by him. Putting an arm around her he shifted on his feet, leaning against her slightly. "There’s one…" -07:25 Jan 29
Leslie: "I don’t have lipstick to keep immaculate this time." Or to keep silent so a hundred very prim and proper people didn’t hear her. Leslie buried her face against his jacket, hiding her wide grin. He had a crazy ability to get her doing things she’d never had even imagined. A though some of it she was still dubious about, some moments were… exquisite! "How many will I get tonight? One for every star that falls? I think that should be a reasonable number." -07:31 Jan 29
Damion: He looked at her again. "I meant theres one flaaing star, you missed it, now the wish is miiiine." he chuckled and leaned in to flick his tongue against the tip of her nose. Then he was pulling away to pick up the basked and turmos and put them on the floor so he could sit and lean against the railing and look up at Leslie and put the floor next to him. "Come and get some blanket before you miss any more." Suse enough, in the basket there was a blanket, and he was pulling it out. -07:35 Jan 29
Leslie: She looked up immediately! Of course she was missing it. She was starstruck and it wasn’t over the stars. Leslie gave a small embarrassed laughed before she moved to railing too. This time making sure to keep her eyes on the sky. "Sorry. Sometimes it’s hard to take attention off my boyfriend. He’s an interesting soul, you know…" -07:41 Jan 29
Damion: "So you belive in souls now?" he glanced at her. "If there are such things, theres only one place I’m heading, and it’s not heaven." he draped the blanket around both of them before giving her another mug of tea. "I don’t thenk there are… but the sky is wondrous out here." -08:23 Jan 29
Leslie: "I believe in souls, yep." Leslie scooted close enough to be touching, and if she could she’d have been on his lap. Holding her mug with both hands to keep her fingers warm, she took a big sip. "I don’t really believe in heaven or hell though… That’s a little too black and white for my taste. Life is a whole lot of shades of grey." Leslie momentarily glanced at him to cast a wide grin, then her eyes were back on the stars. "But if there -was- a hell, I think you’re selling yourself short…" -08:27 Jan 29
Damion: He set his mug down and drew his knees up to his chest. "We shouldn’t talk about this." he said his voice taking on a new tone. "There is no other place for me, and that is all I’ll say. Now… what got you into astronomy?" -08:33 Jan 29
Leslie: There was that sudden shift of mood again. The one Leslie was well used to now… and exactly why she knew she couldn’t tell him everything she really wanted to say. That there’s no way she could fall in love with someone hell-bound. That he was a far more caring person that he wanted to give himself credit for. She set her mug aside too, and willingly let him change the subject. "Books, actually. My mother had an addiction for book clubs, so we had at least a dozen different kinds of encyclopedia sets. One of my favorites was the one with pictures of the solar system, galaxies and shots from the space telescopes." -08:39 Jan 29
Damion: "The pretty pictures then." he said glancing at her. "I don’t believe in god, in heaven, or hell, or souls, or that emotions carry mysticism. But everyone needs something bigger than themselves, and what’s bigger than the sloan great wall?" -08:51 Jan 29
Leslie: "Typical girl bedazzled by pretty things, I guess." Leslie gave a shrug of her shoulder and leaned against him. She was watching him again instead of the sky. "Love is bigger, right? For an intangible emotion, it’s caused wars, united people, lead to new discoveries by people with a passion." -08:56 Jan 29
Damion: "That’s still one planet, and the answer is the Huge large quasar group. Unimaginative name but it’s the biggest structure in the observable universe that we know of." he sighe. "You’re talking about love a lot, is it on your mind Leslie?" he turned and placed his thumb into the exact center of her forehead and pressed in it, as if that might enable him to read her thoughts. "Or is that your passion, the obvious one. Because theres many more things to be pasionate about that just love." -09:00 Jan 29
Leslie: "I’ve got passion for you." She tilted back away from his thumb, shrugging a shoulder. This time her grin was a little softer and a bit sheepish. "I read a lot of trashy romance novels. I guess occasionally they rub off on me. Don’t you ever think about love?" She knew better than to ask, but slipped out anyway. Now she was trying to redirect. "…or at least a love for something besides stars and motorcycles. What is on your love-list…" -09:07 Jan 29
Damion: He waved a hand as if to bat her question aside as his mind fixated on something else she said and he shrugge off the blanket to turn to face her fully his brow knit and his eyes peircing hers. Then his hands found her shoulders and he narrowed his eyes, hands lanled arounf her tight, not letting her escape. The his head tuened and tilted until her was giving her a sideways look. "You feel that you love me, don’t you." he turned his head back at her and stared into her eyes. "That’s what you’ve not been saying…" -09:13 Jan 29
Leslie: Her thoughts were flittering across her face again. Surprise, worry, sheepish embarrassment. Finally she let out a slow sigh. Of course she wasn’t going to lie about it! "Yeah… I do. And before you go off on me, I know it’s not something you’re ready for. It’s just how I feel. I am in love with you." And now she was closing her eyes. Waiting for the inevitable pulling away. The lecture. The cool brush off. The Damion Rubrum treatment. -09:20 Jan 29
Damion: There was a heavy sigh from him and then she was pulled forwards, then face pressed against his chest and his arms closing around her and his chin resting on top of her head. "I thought this might happen." he said, "There was another deep breath, his chest rising up against her then slowly falling. "I’ve never had someone say that to me and I feel like they truly mean it. Until now." -09:29 Jan 29
Leslie: He did it again! The exact opposite of what she was expecting. Leslie was stuck in that weird space between laughing and tearing up. She slide her arms around him again and nuzzled in to his chest. Finally settling on laughing softly as she mumbled. "Wasn’t exactly my plan. Just sort of happened… I didn’t want to say anything so soon, though. I like what we have…" -09:34 Jan 29
Damion: "And what do we have?" he asked not letting go. "As far as I remember it hasn’t been clearly defined, and in light of what you feel you can’t sign anything without emotional bias." he went silent realizing he could not let Lslie sign a contract with him, everything they did now would be… complicated. "Whatever it is, we’ll keep at it, now you’re missing the show." -09:40 Jan 29
Leslie: Leslie laughed, the tone sounding a little relieved. She didn’t want to break away from him, though, and took to turning in his arms so the back of her head was resting against his chest. "What we have is a relationship. And those don’t come with instruction manuals. …but I’m glad you’re not mad at me. I was really worried you would be." -09:47 Jan 29
Damion: "Mad about an involuntary emotion?" he asked. "That would be unreasonable, worried, maybe, concerned you have chosen the wrong person for your affection… I don’t know if I know what love feels like, so if I returned our feelings I wouldn’t be able to tell you.." he deflated slightly feeling isufficient for a moment before taking a breath and looking up at the streaks of light flashing across the sky. "A relationship…" -09:54 Jan 29
Leslie: "Don’t worry about me, Mister Rubrum. I have long since decided you were worth the risk." He was afraid, and she didn’t blame him. But she also had no idea how to fix him beyond just being patient. Leslie rest her hands over his and linked her fingers with him. "Try not to over think it. Or plan it? Or think about it! If you love me, you’ll know." She shrugged her shoulders again, lifting one of his hands to gesture at the sky. "In the meantime, make your wish. Shouldn’t let all these stars go to waste." -10:00 Jan 29
Damion: "i never let anything go to waste." he said. "Not even meaningless sentiments. And no just because I called it that doesn’t mean I’ll tell you my wish." he pulled her further up against him and feld her there. "I don’t think about it." he said. "If that makes me a heartless man then that’s what I am. I have never once had the worry of falling in love, and before you pout I said worry, do I look worried?" -10:13 Jan 29
Leslie: "No why would I pout? You never dated either, or did relationships and now you are here with me." She tilted and leaned so she could grin up at him. "You don’t look worried at all. You look like you could order the meteors to stop falling." -10:18 Jan 29
Damion: "because I implied I wasn’t worried about falling in lose with you, like it wasn’t something that would happen." he said "That’s why you’d pout. I’ll try to be clearer with my accidental implications next time." he looked up at the rain of right and shrugged. "I don’t want it to stop. I don’t want this night to stop." -10:23 Jan 29
Leslie: Maybe he wasn’t ready to think about love, and didn’t believe it could happen. …but when he said things like that it gave her all the hope in the world that he would. Eventually. She was smiling now, squeezing his hands gently. "I don’t want it to stop either. We could stay here forever, what do you think? I might have enough stars counted to make a wish." -10:27 Jan 29
Damion: "Then make one, since the number is arbitrary and you should get a wish too." he reached over to pull the blanket over them and then leaned back against the rail. "I think I know what I’m doing the next time I get to choose." he said slowly. "I hope you like itallian." -10:32 Jan 29
Leslie: "Planning already? I have to rethink my idea too, after you stole it. Falling stars is really hard to top.." It would be tough, but Leslie was pretty confident she could think up something. She resettled, pulling his arms around her under the blanket and making herself comfortable. "Hmm… and my wish. Done and done!" -10:40 Jan 29
Damion: "You should have guessed from the date, the events in the sky, and the romote loation." he said stretching adn getting comfortable beneath her. "Whatever you think up, if it’s what I have in mind then… I’ll just have to punish you." he grinned and squeezed her against him. "I’ll make sure I’m properly prepaired." -10:47 Jan 29
Leslie: "Well Mister Rubrum, I am smart, but sometimes not that observant!" She giggled and just to put up a fuss, she squirmed. …though that might’ve also been because it was so easy to think up exactly what sort of punishment he meant, and it had her stomach doing flips. "So I’m gonna get punished for planning the perfect date before you do? That’s not fair at all!" -10:51 Jan 29
Damion: "It’s ver fair." he said. "You inconveniece me into having to figure out another date and I get to change some parts of your date to suit me better and make you have a few surprises of your own. If anything it would be an improvment for both of us. It’s not like we havn’t had sex before." he took her earlobe between two of his teeth and gave it a tug. "You can’t say you’ll complain." -10:54 Jan 29
King of Fools

King of Fools 016: New York Charity

[Leslie has not worn a dress in a really, really, long time and is not so sure this was a good idea.] -06:44 Dec 28
[Damion is ready for an unromantic night of business, even if he’s dressed to the nines in a talored suit and professionally styled hair.] -06:45 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie had to hand it to his designer. The dress was so exquisite, she really didn’t think she did it justice. Her hair was pulled back and to the side in a clever side bun, with just enough of her bangs swished so no one was going to see what she didn’t want them to see. In fact, the whole dressed was cut just right. One shoulder bare and the other covered with a black laced sleeve. Dark purple fabric that Leslie suspected was silk, and fell just to the knees. Maybe no one would look at her legs. She was second guessing trying to be brave and wear something short. HIM on the other hand… There was something timelessly attractive about a man in a nice suit, and Leslie was dumbstruck staring for a few moments. -06:51 Dec 28
Damion: "If you keep staring we’ll be late." he said deadpan as he offered her a hand. "And I like what he didto the dress, but I think I prefer you without it but we’ll get to that later." he shot her a grin. "Now are you ready to face the worst barbarian hoard you will ever see: New York high society?" the grin lingered but became less lecherous. "Just remind yourself, you’re with one of the most dangerous people in the room." -06:56 Dec 28
Leslie: SHe shook her head to clear her thoughts and took his hand with ease. Leslie had no doubt they would be late. She had spent almost every day with him for nearly a month and almost missed her first day of work for it. Now they were on the other side of the country, and she was wearing a dress that cost more than everything she owned. "Maybe if you didn’t look so handsome in a suit, I wouldn’t be speechless. Luckily, you’ll hold my hand while you wade me through the evil hoard?" Leslie was more nervous about the whole thing than she wanted to let on. But this was his life, and she wanted to be a part of it. -07:01 Dec 28
Damion: "I though modern girls looked after tenselves. I was just going to set you an axe and myself a maritini and assume you’d be fine." He leaned over and took her hand since she didn’t take his and walked her towards the hotel lobby. "The driver will be waiting for us. Did you leave your phone in the room like I asked?" -07:05 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie nodded. She hadn’t questioned why he wanted her to leave the phone. She just assumed it would be rude to have it ringing all during the event. And if Jade realized she left the state with Damion Rubrum, that could be a possibility! She walked with him and grinned. "I don’t want to get blood all over such an expensive dress! So I’ll let you handle all the barbarians and jump in to save you when you need it." -07:08 Dec 28
Damion: He was gently tugging her arm to get the infatuated woman moving. "They’re my people, I don’t need saving from then, except maybe Elisa Dawton… she’s never liked me, but then you have to be a little off to become an enviromental lawyer. Kind of like a guardian demon." -07:17 Dec 28
Leslie: "I can’t imagine why anyone would dislike you, Mr. Rubrum." she responded with humor. He was difficult in every possible way, and everyone that seemed to interact with him was intimidated or terrified. She had been once… and now? Now Leslie was fairly certain she was in love. It was just a little bit too soon to tell him, that though… "Are there topics I should avoid talking about? I don’t want to embarass you in…" -07:25 Dec 28
Damion: Just seem interested in what they are saying, unless it’s WLisa Dawton, then appear disinterested. She’s just anti big bussiness, how she ever became a congress woman…" he sighed. "She assumes all COEs literally rape the earth." he stepped into the elevator adn kept an eye on her, wondering if her phobia would affect her. "She’ll most likely ask how you could make an appearence with me assuming I hired you." -07:35 Dec 28
[(Timeout) Leslie was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:42 Dec 28
Leslie: "Then I’ll enjoy stating I’m your girlfriend and watching her jaw drop to the floor." This was the first time they were going out together in public with people they (or at least he) knew, and she still hadn’t even officially told Jade yet. Once stepped in to the elevator, she squeezed his hand. Leslie was holding her breath, but there was a tinge of pink to her cheeks. It was hard to be worried about confined elevator spaces when the memory of him sexing her in one was now the first thing she thought of. "Interested in all conversations except with the Demon Guardian. Check!" -07:42 Dec 28
Damion: He squeezed her hand back and smiles reasuringly at her mistaking her color for embarresment at her claustaphobia. "And what will you call me when we’re there?" his eyes latched onto hers in the searching gaze. "In front of the people who got rich by being smarter, or more opotunistic but most importantly more ruthless than the next man…" there was a wolfish smile that promised a kiss if she got it right, or a reminder in the bedroom if she got it wrong… -08:22 Dec 28
Leslie: "A girlfriend would call you Damion, but I like the way your mouth quirks up when I say Mister Rubrum." This was supposed to be business for him, and was important, she knew. But if he didn’t stop smiling like that, she was going to end up spending the entire night trying to make him do it again. -08:26 Dec 28
Damion: "You will call me Damion. Or if I’m not around you will refer to be as Damion Rubrum, or Damion. Shows you’re comfortable around me and even a trained escort would use my first name until I tell them otherwise. Just don’t overuse it, otherwise it’s name dropping." the doors opened and he palced a hand on her cheek and kissed her other as to not smear her lipstick before he stepped out. "Now, let’s show those on top the ice king has a queen." -08:34 Dec 28
Leslie: "Yessir, Mister Rubrum." she mumbled soft with a smile. He needed everything to be planned and in control, and he this this entire business made her nervous. Leslie could handle that. Tonight she’d be what he needed and more! "Oh, by the way!" She tugged him down to whisper in his ear. "What if I told you I wasn’t wearing any panties tonight?" Despite the fact he had tied her up, spanked her and more, somehow going without panties at a public event seemed the most devious. It was impossible for her to hide the impish grin. -08:45 Dec 28
Damion: "I would say that mean you can’t sit down and you have to be careful while getting out of the limo since the press will be there." he said shooting her a look. "I would also say you’re a deviously whimsical girl and I like that in you. And in I wasn’t afraid of staining your dress I’d take funn advantage of it in the car before we got to there." he stepped out into the night and down the step to the waiting car as the driver opened the for for them. "After you." -08:54 Dec 28
Leslie: Pleased with his response, Leslie was all smiles now. She took the advice to heart though, knowing exactly how to scoot herself inside the vehicle to keep her legs close and bits unflashed. He could spend the entire night thinking of it, and now she wouldn’t be the only one with her thoughts straying. "The skirt is not quite that short, I can sit down just fine." she reassured him with a grin once she was good and situated. "I promise to behave, though. I know this is important for you." -08:59 Dec 28
Damion: He got in after her and smiled. "You can misbehave as much as you like once the night is over." he said with a smile. "And if Jade kills me because pictures of your cooch ended up on the news I’m going to be a very unhappy ghost." he settled in as the driver got in and the car pulled away. "Thank you for coming tonight." -09:15 Dec 28
Leslie: "You’ll be dead and unhappy, and I’ll be mirtified… I will be careful." she laughed, linking her fingers through his. Leslie would have loved to rest her head on his shoulder, but she wasn’t going to risk messing up her hair. "You know I wanted to come since the second you mentioned it. And I have a feeling you expected me to say yes." Leslie leaned with the intention to kiss his cheek, but stopped herself. Blasted lipstick! How was she supposed to go the evening without kissing him? -09:21 Dec 28
Damion: "I did, I do not like being said no to in general." he said "But then you know that." the look he gave her this time was meaningful. "I have no idea how you get away with it." -09:35 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie looked a little surprised. "I’m sure you’re exagerating a little bit… There’s got to be plenty of people that say no to you. You couldn’t get you way all the time…" Then again, she couldn’t really recall anyone denying him anything. …not that she was paying attention to much outside of the intoxing little bubble they were in. She looked thoughtful. -09:38 Dec 28
Damion: They do, then I make them change thier minds, it’s how business goes. You may see some of that tonight." he checkled and ran a tongue against his canine under his lip. "The other side of Damion Rubrum. I hope you don’t run." -09:42 Dec 28
Leslie: "I haven’t run yet, Damion…" He often said said. Sometimes she wondered if he was trying to make her run. But lately he was saying it less and less, and was growing more and more used to her being… just her! Now she really was itching to confess she loved him. Would it ease his worries or just be too much for him tonight..? Leslie held it back. "Besides, I’m kinda looking forward to seeing this infamous dangerous Rubrum I have heard so much about! Men swooing, ladies slayn. Maybe I’ll learn something new." -09:46 Dec 28
Damion: A sidelone glance this time. "You want to see the kind of behevious that got me my reputation? The same reputation that had you shaking like a leaf when you forst met me? The same reputation that makes some companies not want to deal with me simple because they’re afraid I’ll forse them into a deal that will leave them bankrupt and then buy thier own companies out from under them?" there was a long thin smile. "Then you’re in for a treat, because that is the Damion who will have you in his arm tonight." -09:52 Dec 28
Leslie: "I wasn’t shaking, I was nervous I’d screw up the interview and let my friend down! I’m not exactly the person you call when you want witty banter and gung-ho conversation." Except maybe with him. He seemed to irk her in all the right ways that really made her want to rise to an occasion. Like now. He was trying to sound frightening and intimidating again, and it was almost working. "You make business men quake, but you are still the same man who came to pick up a stupidly drunk woman in the middle of the night. They don’t know that side of you." Leslie cast him a cheeky grin. -09:57 Dec 28
Damion: "Because I don’t want them to. I find my reputation very useful and I like being the big bad wolf. I enjoy watching grown men squirm almost as much as I like to watch grown women squirm for very different reasons. Must be the control and feeling of empowerment…" he planted a kiss on her forehead. "And you are my little bundle of chaos, arn’t you…" -10:02 Dec 28
Leslie: So he called her a little bundle of chaos. He also said my little bundle of chaos, which gave her that oddly warm feeling. Leslie did love the idea of being his. And him being hers… Damnit. He was making it REALLY hard not to kiss him. "You are going to wind up with lipstick all over your face at this rate, and then I’m going to feel terrible…" she mumbled. -10:06 Dec 28
Damion: That DID give him pause. He didn’t want to have to take the time to clean up and end up deing late. "And I don’t want to mess up yor hair pulling you back." he said. "Good thing we’re almost there…" another look, one that burned in his eyes. "Taking you without disturbing your dress, makeup, or hair sounds like an intersesting challenge though…" -10:13 Dec 28
Leslie: That made her face flush red and she was hoping that driver wasn’t listening in to the conversation as she shifted in her seat and tried not to smile. "A very difficult challenge, Mister Rubrum. One I’m not so sure could be completed in time or in such a small space." Oh but, boy could she imagine them trying. Her face flushed a bit redder. -10:17 Dec 28
Damion: He leaned close and cuffed his ahnd to her ear. "Later." As he moved his hand away he storked it downwards against her ear and have her earlobe a light tug bevore running the ridges of his fingerprints against her earing making to vibrate. There was something for HER to think about all night. "Since we’re already here." -10:20 Dec 28
Leslie: There was a hitch of her breath and that familiar twinge that had her shifting her legs again. Her mouth was dry, and thank goodness they had arrived because she could definitely use the fresh air to cool her burning cheeks. "That’s um… That’s good. Battle ready, Mister Rubrum?" Hopefully she’d sound less breathless when they got out of the car. -10:26 Dec 28
Damion: "Always." he replaied as the door opened and he stepped out to the flash of cameras and he held out his hand to help her out. Maybe one day if his phone rang and he didn’t leave the room before answering and she was naked in his bed she would know how quickly he could change. The red carpet was long and looked more like the oscars than a fancy party, the press was there too, tabloids and legitilate groups alike. "Now, smile like you mean it." he squeezed his hand. "And you’re welcome to as much of my arm as you want." -10:32 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie was out of the car with all the grace of a queen. Her smile, though, was a little nervous and painfully shy. She hadn’t expected there to be this much of a fuss. Leslie kept a hold of his hand, and took his arm with her free one, but managed to keep her wits enough not to cling. "I’ll feel a little less like a bug under a microscope once we’re inside." she mumbled with a faint grin. -10:37 Dec 28
Damion: "Your nervousness is cute." the word felt foriegn on his tongue and he blinked before repeating it. "Cute?" did he even use that word? "But you’re right." he started walking. "I recomend you try the shrimp, it’s always excelent. Though if you’re nervous maybe a pastry first." He was trying to distract her now as they got closer to the doors. "Frankly though, I just want to eat you." -10:45 Dec 28
Leslie: She laughed out loud, louder than she meant to, which had her clamping her mouth shut and grinning with sheepish embarrassment. "I am never nervous about trying food." She wisely didn’t make a comment about him eating her. That was a slipperly slope, and a game she was definitely out classed in! "I’m just glad everyone is going to be focused on you. I’m not used to having people staring at me…" -10:49 Dec 28
Damion: "You’ll get your share of attnetion. No one knows you and you’re ariving with me that means everyone will WANT to know who you are. You don’t look like a professional nor do you act like one so you obviously have a purpose coming here with me. Rumors will abound and people will want to know if you’re mine, and in exactly what way. Isn’t the first time I’ve brought a sub with me, but you don’t look or act like one of those either, and you’re really not one." -10:55 Dec 28
Leslie: "Oh great! I feel world’s better!" Easing her nerves in one minute, and then pulling the rug out from under her the next. Yep, that was the Damion Rubrum she knew and was in love with. She was insane. Still, she gave him a curious glance, and once they walked inside she was making sure her voice was low enough for only him to hear. "When you brought your… subs, how did you tell -them- to behave?" -11:00 Dec 28
Damion: "I told then not to speak unless spoken to, to remain withing six feet of me at all times and to never stop smiling. I also had one wear a discreet vidrator under her panties and kept the remote in my pocket. It was part of her training. Since you’re not wearing any you’re exempt." -11:12 Dec 28
Leslie: "…they have things like that?" That sounded… interesting. And dangerous. And why was she imagining herself wearing one, and Mister Damion Rubrum flipping a button on her at random with that wolfish grin. Her face was red again. "Am I the first genuine girlfriend you have taken to one of these?" She had to take her eyes off him, he could say these things with such a deadpan face. Leslie peered at all the people in attendance instead… So many people just as curiously looking their way! -11:18 Dec 28
Damion: "You are the first ‘genuine’ girlfriend I have had, in the sence you mean." he said reaching for a glass of campagne. "I told you I don’t do girlfriends." he took note of the people filling the room and smiled. "Not if you want to show them you’re not a sub… I’ll meet you at the buffet in five minutes." -11:24 Dec 28
Leslie: "I thought that part of your life was a secret, Damion.." she smiled, though. An affectionate smile that was impossible to keep to herself. He trusted her. …or at least he was beginning to! "Five minutes. I’ll scream for you if I run in to any barbarians." Her smile turned cheeky. -11:27 Dec 28
Damion: He coughed. "They will only know as much as we tell them, I want to see how they react." he moved across the floor. "Five minutes, if you et questions tell them Damion is waiting for you and escape." he smiled at her a hint of warmth showing through. "Now, I’ve been waiting all year for this hotel’s buffet. I’m going to sample some and rub elbows there. See you n five." -11:37 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie had the feeling it was just as much of a test of her, than it was a business opportunity for Damion. She watched him walk away with that ridiculously confident gait as she chewed on her inner lip. Five minutes in the middle of a shark pool. She could do this. She lived with Jade! Taking a glass of champagne from a passing waitor with a thank you, she ticked off the moments in her head. Ever so often making sure she could see him across the room. -11:40 Dec 28
Damion: He didn’t look at her. He didn’t need to, and doing so would ruin the excersize. Insead he greeted and shook ahnds with an enderly man who smiled at him, and he smiled back, although the smiles never spread past thier lips. Then there was an animated conversation that from far away looked like and argument. Then they parted, the man heading away and Damion taking a deep drink from his glass, and still not touching the food. -11:48 Dec 28
Leslie: That looked painfully intense. Leslie wasn’t sure what it was that grabbed her attention about it. Maybe it was the way Damion was standing. Once the older gentleman walked away, she almost crossed the room to him. …but it hadn’t been five minutes yet! Blast it, could she not spend five minutes in a room with him without wanting to be with him? …That thought made her smile! Just in time for a woman to approach wearing so much gold that she looked like an award statue. "Why, I don’t believe we’ve met. I am Godiva Ventiglio. We’re you… invited?" The question was feigned, since she had been very aware of who the woman walked through the door with! "No, actually, I am here with my boyfriend Damion." Leslie responded, a bit curious about the woman. He face reminded Leslie of a peacock… "Damion? You couldn’t possibly mean Damion Rubrum… Oh. You do. You poor little thing." She tut-tutted, and now Leslie’s interest was definitely piqued. "Oh, what do you mean…?" If the woman started spouting off the same things Jade did, Leslie was going to laugh! -11:57 Dec 28
Damion: He placed the drained glass down and then picked up another, but didn’t sip from it, then he checked his watch and started putting small cakes and other snacks on a plate. Then he was greeted abck another man. "Damion Rubrum, strange to see you alone, trouble in the home?" "No things are better than ever." he said with a thin smile, "Did you think over the proposal, I see nothing but profit for both sides if you want I could have another copy sent to your legal department." "About that… I was wondering if we can delay the deal until march." "I doubt it, the Shiek isn’t a very pacient man. I ocould set up the infrastucture myself before then. Just think it over and give me a call." -12:09 Dec 29
Leslie: "Honey, really. It is painfully obvious that you don’t belong here. Not a single person in this room seems to know your name and your posture is just…" The golden lady smirked as she moved to stand besides Leslie and gesture towards the man. "Everyone knows he brings his simpering little charity cases to these events to look good for pictures. Let me give you some advice, sweetie, you are supposed to just smile, nod and not say word. We classy individuals will eat you alive." Leslie blinked at the moment for a moment. "Hmm, I see. If I happen to run in to a classy individual, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for the advice, though." Unlike the golden lady, Leslie’s smile was pretty wide. -12:17 Dec 29
Damion: [color=green]"I will have my legal department waiting for you propsal."[/url] and with that he was alone again and he glances at Leslie only catching her smile before he picked up and plate and started heading her way. -12:26 Dec 29
Leslie: "Why you, presumptuous littl- Ah! Damion, darling! It is so good to see you again!" The golden woman changed her tone very quickly, holding ringed her hand out to him immediately. "I was just introducing myself to your… guest… But what ever happened to Grace? She was such a sweet and CHARMING little thing." Leslie didn’t say a word at first. Mostly because she was biting her tongue and resisting the urge to kick the woman in the shin and storm her way out. "She was giving me some very good advice about posture and smiling." she finally responded. -12:35 Dec 29
Damion: "Godiva.: he said with the same thin smile while indicating his hands were full of glass and plate, a tactical move on his part. "Grace had other things to do, she’s in Canada now." He took a sip from his glass before he continued. "Please don’t polish Leslie too much, I like her rough edges, she makes a perfect change from those born with silver spoons in thier mouths. He were just going to take a seat." -12:43 Dec 29
Leslie: "Rough isn’t quite the word I would use, dear." Retrieving her hand, she gave Leslie quite the wicked little smirk again. Which had Leslie raising and eyebrow. "But what a shame, dear Leslie, you aren’t used to these sort of events. I’m sure you feel so out of place having to force conversation with people outside your level." There it went again, this woman was like some sort of goldskinned viper with a birdface. "Actually, I am a little relieved that it’s unlikely I’ll have to lower my standards and speak with unpleasant people again. But thank you for your concern, I’m glad to see you have so much compassion for us, oh… what was the word you used again? Right, simpering charity cases. You have a heart of gold, Madam Godiva." She turned to Damion, giving that wide smile again. "You mentioned seats?" -01:00 Dec 29
Damion: "Who started the conversation?" he asked innocently as they left and headed for the tables with the load of food. "That was your first shark, you’ll be fine -01:41 Dec 29
[Leslie is pretty damned mad, but she’s hiding it well. She thinks.] -08:03 Dec 29
[Damion is amused by Leslie’s conversation.] -08:04 Dec 29
Damion: "Who started the conversation?" he asked innocently as they left and headed for the tables with the load of food. "That was your first shark, you’ll be fine." he placed the plate on the table and looked at her, reading her expression carefully. "How are you doing?" -08:07 Dec 29
Leslie: "I am so sorry…" Leslie really did look apologetic, but damned if she didn’t want kick that woman or something. She was mad enough she had to set her glass down and fidget with her fingers. Maybe to keep from hitting someone. "But ten minutes in and I’m being verbally assaulted by Quetzalcoatl? She doesn’t even know me! No one has the right to talk to me that way, I don’t care how much damn money they donate to charity…" -08:12 Dec 29
Damion: "Of course they don’t have the right, but treat it like a game, a verbal dance, without consequence. Though honestly I think wanted to get a closer look at your dress, it’s very obvious who’s mind designed it to anyone that knows fasion." -08:17 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie took a deep breath. …and a second one. Then let it out in a slow, conceeding exhale. She didn’t do games like this… Leslie avoided assholes and enjoyed the company of people she was actually fond of! But this was his job and- he was talking about her dress. That disarmed her from her thoughts to glance down at the dark purple fabric and black lace. "I think Jade might have been a better person for this dress." -08:23 Dec 29
Damion: "But I didn’t have it made for Jade." he pointed out. "And it’s not Jade I have with me tonight, and so long as you’re with me you’re the only one I’m taking out to functions. I think something bright for your next one?" he pulled out a seat for her and indcated she should use it. "Ever though I like the way this one highlights your curves." -08:28 Dec 29
Leslie: "Something bright? You are trying to get me noticed on purpose..?" This time she gave a teasing smile, and slipped in to the chair he pulled out for her. Now that she was sitting, she felt a little less exposed and relaxed just a bit. "I am sorry. She just.. rattled me a little bit. I’ll try the smile and nod method with the next shark." She grinned. -08:32 Dec 29
Damion: "They say if you kiss a shark it goes docile in your hands." he said flashing her a grin and sitting oposite her. "Though the though of you running around kissing everyone here if only amusing in my head." he was trying to get her to relax, she was being too hard on herself for no reason. "Now, I order you to try one of these pastries." -08:37 Dec 29
Leslie: "Yes sir." she mumbled with a grin. Kissing sharks was probably the last thing any sane person would do. Unless he was the shark. Leslie would have loved to slide in to his lap and kiss him. Instead she reached for one of the pastries and took a bite. She couldn’t hold back that soft pleased sound. The sharks might be worth it if everything tasted that good! "You had an intense conversation yourself before. Was that business?" she asked curiously. -08:41 Dec 29
Damion: "The second one was." he said eying her carefully, taking note of every subtle expression. "The first was my abotive father." his eyes remained on hers and his expression unchanged. "The one man here you have to worry about meeting." -08:46 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie coughed, thankfully having swallowed before choking anything. She did have to lean and take a sip of champange, though, before giving him a surprised expression. "Is it normal to run in to him at places like this? Did you know he would be here tonight?" There were a million and one questions in her head, and Leslie wasn’t even sure if she should ask any of them. Now it was her examining his expression. "You’ve never talked about him before…" -08:50 Dec 29
Damion: "I did know he would be here, he is here every year." he eyed her more closely as he continued. "He doesn’t approve of the way I do business, or the way I treat women, not that he knows half of what I do to women…" he smirked at her and took a sip from his glass. "I’m sure he’d be surprised if he spoke to you." -08:57 Dec 29
Leslie: "You have the reputation of a ruthless man, Damion Rubrum, so I am not surprised… It does make me wonder what a little you was like." Just as brooding? Leslie had a feeling he might have been devious. She remembered the tidbit about his birth parents being murdered, and her expression softened a bit. "Do you want me to meet him, Damion?" -09:01 Dec 29
Damion: "I don’t think that is a good idea, not yet." he said. "He also has issue with the type of woman I usually bring I’d rather he met you under better circonstances." And but that he meant was controlled ones, "But we’re not really here to talk about my family, we’re here for pretending like we’re important and taking up seats." -09:08 Dec 29
Leslie: She grinned and slipped out of her chair, and whether it was appropriate or not, she shifted it so it was next to him instead of across the table. Then it was right back to sitting down, this time with him close enough so she could lean towards and speak softer. "And what to important people talk about during these long charity events when they are not doing business, snapping at dragonfaced aztec gods, or listening to long boring speeches, Mister Rubrum?" -09:14 Dec 29
Damion: "That talk about how important they are, obviously, me, I’m pretty important, so are you. There, we’re done, time to go back ot the hotel and have very important sex." he looked at her wondering if she knew that people would be asuuming was happening under the table. -09:16 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie laughed and straightened in her seat. "That’s it, then? Didn’t we just get here? Here I thought you had much more self restraint than I did…" Leslie didn’t reach under the table and touch him, though she really wanted to. She just doubt she could pull it off with any sort of subtly. She reached to pick up her champagne glass and take another sip. Casting him another small smile. "If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were a little uncomfortable…" -09:21 Dec 29
Damion: "And here -I- thought humor would be welcomed." he said swirling his glass and looking down in it. "Instead you question my resolve and ability to coap with public eventy and inuendo at the same time. I’m flattered." -09:25 Dec 29
Leslie: That took her back a bit, and she was once again examining his face for some hint to what he was thinking. Sometimes it was so hard to tell when he was kidding with her, and when he was actually offended. Leslie was getting better though. Whether it was managing him or managing her own reaction to him, she wasn’t sure yet… "You forget that I’m not very talented with verbal warfare. I’d rather be kissing than dueling. Or anywhere alone with you somewhere quiet… you know, it’s my turn to pick a place for our next date." -09:30 Dec 29
Damion: "I didn’t think tonight counted, it’s after all not something I chose but something that was chosen for me." he eyed her "But if you want to choose… I’m sure we’ll be very happy in my place, good choice." he picked up a pastry and bit into it before giving her a grin and offering her a bite. -09:37 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie narrowed her eyes at him, but took the bite. Still giving him that I see what you did expression as she chewed. "Okay, I can accept this not counting as a date… But the date after, I’ll choose. And it won’t be at your apartment. It will be a surprise." -09:42 Dec 29
Damion: He remembered how the last one went and the grin faded flightly as he butted the parsty against her lips again. "Finish it." He though for a moment, then I guess I’ll have to make the one before it a surprise too. How are you with hieghts?" -09:47 Dec 29
Leslie: Demanding man. Leslie finished the pastry, waiting until she swallowed and picked up a napkin before she responded. "All right, I guess? The flight here wasn’t bad." She dabbed her mouth carefully, trying to make sure she didn’t smear her lipstick. Leslie took a lot of time in trying to make sure she looked perfect tonight, and that wasn’t something she typically did. She gave the statement a second thought."…though I guess I spent most of it deleriously medicated in case I flipped out on an inclosed plane…" Better safe than sorry. She tilted her head and eyed him curiously. -09:56 Dec 29
Damion: He jave her a comoletely innocent expression and then a thin smile. "I’ll pick you up in the first at seven PM." he said "The date is important, no rescheduling and don’t be late. He brushing his fintertip against the tip of her nose and smiled. "And I’ll show you things you’ve only seen in pictures." -10:05 Dec 29
Leslie: That made her smile wide, maybe even with a veru ridiculous lit. "Oh really? I hope you know, the majority of pictures I’ve been looking at have been concept cover art for romance novels. And those get very, very interesting." Leslie decided when he was trying to look innocent was when he was being the most devious. But she made a mental note of the date. She wouldn’t want to miss it. -10:08 Dec 29
Damion: "Well that’s completely the wrong direction." he mused, "Maybe another date." he leaned back mentally closing the book on the thread of conversation. "So do we circle the sharks or spend the entire night sitting down? Or better yet, go for a walk?" -10:18 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie gave a soft laugh and a grin, followed by a shrug of her shoulders. "Not sure if I’m ready for more sharks yet. But doing something other than sitting sounds good to me." In fact, she was already rising out of her seat and smoothing her hands down over her dress once she did. "I’m kind of curious to look around, anyway. It’s not often I get to go somewhere so sparkly glamorous." -10:21 Dec 29
Damion: His wolfish grin was back but melted into an innocent expresion as he stood and took her arm. "I know a place I want to show you." made sure to take a fresh glass with him too and licked his lips to moisen them. "I think you’ll enjoy it." -10:37 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie missed that change of expression, having glanced away to see where all the sharks were flouncing. Particularly so she could avoid the golden harpy, and maybe just a little bit of interest in seeing where his father might have been. She linked her arm with his, entwining her fingers through his. "Is this building just for public events or is it a commercial office? I don’t think I ever asked… but it’s pretty grand, isn’t it?" -10:42 Dec 29
Damion: "It’s rented for various events I think. I don’t really know what it’s used for otherwise." he wanked her along the edge of the loom keeping an eye out for poeple, then he reached the buffet table he stopped and wish a glance around he pulled her behind the devorative lwall covered in plants that was really nothign more than a slatted screen. "Not a sound." he whispered as he uncoiled his arm and grinned at her. "Time to see if you were telling the truth." -10:56 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie surpressed that sound of surprise, but glanced around the hidden little alcove with a suspicious look. If he wanted to sneak a kiss, she wasn’t going to deny him. "I am pretty sure I haven’t told a lie all night, but which truth are we speaking of?" she whispered softly, unable to resist reaching up to brush her fingers over his mouth with a grin. -11:00 Dec 29
Damion: He prabbed the bottom of her dress and slowly pulled it up, his fingers trailing up her hips and he grinned agaist her fingers when they didn’t find fabric. "Shhh…" he cooed leaning in to kiss the tip of her nose. "Consider this your training, no sound during sex or the sharks will hear you." -11:05 Dec 29
Leslie: "Sex?" That came out as an alarmed, almost audible squeak. He wasn’t serious. And she could shake herself for being so desperate just to kiss and touch him, that she was almost considering the idea. "Someone will catch us here." she whispered softly, reaching down to grab his hands with the intent to pull them away. Except she didn’t. …she wasn’t wactually considering it, was she?! -11:08 Dec 29
Damion: He gripped her hips and moved her against the wall before he pulled her dess up purther. "That is what makes it challenging." he saidlifting her to pin her in place and slide a hand down her side toglode over her crotch. "I like it when you tell the truth." -11:14 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie gasped and had to clamp her mouth shut. And bite her tongue. This was crazy and wrong and… maybe if they were really, really fast. She shifted against she wall and curled her hands in to his jacket. "I really, really want to kiss you…" she mumbled with a breath. -11:20 Dec 29
Damion: He openes his zip and drew himself out. "You’ll have to resist that. Lipstick looks better on you than it does me." he whispered before he pushed his tip against her folds and pushed, slowly, gently, allowing her time to get wet before he used force. -11:24 Dec 29
Leslie: The was the slight twitch of a smile at the corner of her mouth, before she was biting down on her bottom lip again to stiffle a sound. There was a tingling rush coursing through her skin so quick it was giving her goosebumps. One of her arms rest over his shoulder as she brushed her fingers in to the hair at the nape of his neck. "One wouldn’t hurt.." another soft whisper, and she was nuzzling his cheek. -11:32 Dec 29
Damion: He thust against her his hand traveling up to press agains her forehead holding her back without messing her hair. "And what would get us caught, you can give me all the kisses you want once we leave." he did kiss the corner of her mought thoughm away from the lipstick before he becan to push harder. -11:35 Dec 29
Leslie: Oh! Christ… this was hard! Having to be quiet, knowing someone could hear made it so much more intense. Like a live wire about to go off. It wasn’t fair that he seemed so in control and here she was yearning for a kiss… Her legs wrapped around his waist, locking her ankles together as she pushed away from the wall to grind in to him. Biting down on her tongue again to keep from moaning. -11:43 Dec 29
Damion: He thrust deeper with her cooperation, easing his grip on her and smiling as he pushed. They would have to be fast, and he couldn’t slowly torture her like he would love to. Getting caught would be bad. But next time… he made a sound, soft and barely there but a sound nontheless. Then he was grinning at her. "There, that was for you, so you know I’m loving this too." -11:50 Dec 29
Leslie: Arrogant man… Leslie was grinning regardless, using his slacked grip to circle both her arms around him. A hand gripping tighter in to his hair, while her other was slipping beneath his jacket to dig her nails in to his back. She tilted her head, brushing her nose against his cheek so tempted to steal a kiss anyway. But she didn’t, she just pressed her cheek against his, her mouth almost close enough to his ear to be touching. "Do you, Damion..? Maybe enough for one- ah..! Kiss?" So hard to keep her voice low, she almost cracked! -12:00 Dec 30
Damion: He pulled his face away from her and pushed his hips agaisnt her. He didn’t answer, he had told her he couldn’t and shouldn’t ask. The moment of iritation passed quickly however to be overwhelmed by the feeling spreading through him. He was dangerously close! -12:05 Dec 30
Leslie: Denied again, and Leslie had to stifle a frustrated wanting sound. She was both irritated, and so, so lost to the feeling of him that she nearly forget just where they were. Leslie gripped his hair tighter, and her other hand rose to rest against his cheek and angle his face back towards hers. "Okay… you win." the soft words came out as a gasp as she rest her forehead against his and rose against. She couldn’t have the kiss, but she had his eyes! -12:14 Dec 30
Damion: He stared into her eyes and pressed her agaist the hall. "Soon." he whispered. "Soon I’ll…" he licked his lips and left the sentence hanging. He wasn’t thinking baout kisses anymore, only about her eyes and the feeling that enraptured him. It wasn’t fait that he couldn’t have her all ti himself yet, that he’d have to wait another few hours, but this, this was good. And she was behaving beatifly. -12:19 Dec 30
Leslie: She made a small mewling sound, running her thumb over his moistened mouth. It’d be so easy to steal a kiss, he couldn’t stop her. Leslie leaned close, her mouth barely a hair’s breadth away from his. Until she gasped, body tightening around him and nails digging in to the back of his neck. She bite her tongue hard enough to taste blood to keep herself silent, even while she shivered and twist against him. Not once looking away from his eyes. -12:28 Dec 30
Damion: When she tightened he let go and his face flushed from the pure bliss of the experience. Only she made him feel like this but as it passed there was as always the curiosity of what it would be like to take her to his other room. "Well done." he whispered. "I think you desurve something special tonight once this is over." -12:32 Dec 30
King of Fools

King of Fools 015: Stay Right There

[Damion Is enjoying an afternoon nap with his girlfriend, the AAC keeping the room just cool enough so that it’s comfortable over of under the sheets. As usual though, he isn’t facing her.] -01:46 Sep 24
[Leslie doesn’t usually nap so much… but apparently Mr Rubrum is an exhausting boyfriend!] -01:47 Sep 24
Leslie: This time Leslie was waking up of her own accord. Lazily rolling over until she was peering at the man’s back. He liked crazy sex and didn’t snuggle. She wasn’t sure if she was going to be upset by that later… but for the time being, she was curiously reaching out to brush her fingers over his back. -01:52 Sep 24
[Leslie enters.] -01:56 Sep 24
Damion: He was still asleep and didn’t act until she touched him, then he was rolling forwards and away from her onto his stomach, but didn’t open his eyes. He brew a deep breath and sighed before nuzzling into his pillow. He was not the snuggling in his sleep kind of guy. -01:56 Sep 24
Leslie: And of course she thought this was cute! Why wouldn’t it be? Seeing mister control freak suit guy sleeping and cuddling a pillow… Leslie bit her bottom lip, scooting closer almost until their bodies were touching. Taking full advantage of him being asleep, she brushed her fingers through his hair softly. -02:00 Sep 24
Damion: A second intake of breath and a snore. Then rolling awa from her again and ending up facing her right on the edge of the bed and brawing up his legs to his stomach and his arms folding across his chest almost protectivly. -02:04 Sep 24
Leslie: Even more curious still! Of course, he was going to fall off the bed at this rate. Clearly this man never did anything normal, even while he was sleeping… Again she was inching close, this time resting her hand gently over his cheek. She leaned, pressing a brief kiss to his forehead before tilting and letting her lips brush over his. -02:09 Sep 24
Damion: He sat up suddenly, catching himself from falling by grabiing hold of the table and putting his feel on the floor. He blinked in confusion then caught sight of Leslie and relaxed. "You shouldn’g wake a man when he’s sleeping." He said climbing over her and taking the bigger half of the bed and letting his head hit the pillow. Good to see you’re still here though. -02:13 Sep 24
Leslie: "I seem to recall you waking me in a similar fashion, though…" Leslie was eyeing him carefully. This time she was a little more hesitant about scooting close, but didn’t refrain from leaning over him. "Why wouldn’t I still be here? You are good company, Mr. Rubrum." -02:17 Sep 24
Damion: "Because I might scare you off Leslie. I don’t want to do that, of course, but it’s a posibility I have to concider." -02:20 Sep 24
[(Timeout) Leslie was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:27 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie moved until she was resting on an elbow, but was resisting the urge to throw an arm around him. Was he really so wound up about that? If she hadn’t ran after earlier, she doubt she was going to do it now! "Hrm. Unless you have a deep dark secret about stabbing people in dark alleys, I think we’ll be okay." She leaned again, nuzzling against his cheek. "Maybe it’ll be me that scares you, anyway?" -02:27 Sep 24
Damion: The hand that moved to her shoulder sugested he was thinking of pushing her away, bet no force was aplied. -02:28 Sep 24
Damion: The hand that moved to her shoulder sugested he was thinking of pushing her away, bet no force was aplied. "What do you have to scare me with Lelie? Other than feelings I feel like I shouldn’t have, and my own reluctance to treat you roughly. "What I fear most from you is you leaving. And you should have something to drink. Your lips are dry." -02:30 Sep 24
Leslie: This made him uncomfortable, the touching… Which gave her that brief, small twinge of sadness for him. But! If she can learn to deal with her own little quirks, she could ease his worries too. Leslie licked her lips quickly. "Fixed." Then she leaned and gave him a soft kiss. "What feelings do you think you shouldn’t have? Do you want to be rough with me?" -02:36 Sep 24
Damion: He gave her a look before moving off of the bed andsliding open the door and wiithout a word descending the staircase. He hadn’t teld her to follow but knowing her she would anyway. He was after a tray, two glasses and a jug of water to take back upstairs. Her situation was not ‘fixed’. -02:39 Sep 24
Leslie: He effectively didn’t answer her question, and for a brief moment Leslie worried that maybe she really had scared him. Committing to a relationship obviously wasn’t going to make him less confusing! Leslie slipped out of bed, snatching up his discarded shirt to pull on. And just like he expected her to, she was trailing after him, her mouth twisted up in a half frown. -02:43 Sep 24
Damion: He was placing the jub on the tray when she arived and picking it up. "Back to my bedroom." he said heading back in it’s direction with the tray in hand. "We need to talk." he mounted the stairs and headed up. "It’s time you learned what you have gotten yourself into." -02:47 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie turned on a heel and follow, but not without a roll of her eyes. He had a flare for the dramatics, and she was sure they had this conversation several times already. It’s almost as if he was trying his hardest to talk her out of it, not educate her! "What more is there? You’ve already given me an interesting introduction…" Of course, thinking about it again had her face turning red. Leslie still wasn’t sure if it was her sort of thing, but there was no denying the enjoyment of it… -02:50 Sep 24
Damion: "You experienced the good side of it, but not the bad. Now Leslie. I don’t want you to speak unless spoken to, and you will either say ‘Yes Mr. Rubrum. Yes Sir. Or give me a very good reason for not saying that." He entered the bedroom and set the tray down. "Now poar a glass of water and then sit on the bed." -02:54 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie rest her hands on her hips. It wasn’t that she wanted to be belligerant, but she couldn’t help it! "Or what? Will you punish me?" She couldn’t help but have that amused tone, either. Still, she crossed the room and poured a glass of water. Then she had a seat on the edge of the bed. -02:57 Sep 24
Damion: A sharp backhand to her cheek, then taking her hair in an iron grip and pulling her hair back and taking her chin in his hands. "You catch on fast. Now." he brushed a thumb over her lips "You lips are dry, but since you don’t want to do anything about it. Clasp your hands behind your back and I’ll do it for you." -03:01 Sep 24
Leslie: That caught her by surprise, enough that she gave a soft yelp! Her first instinct was to hit him right back. But… she caught on quick. She did say she wanted to know, and Leslie had every intention of sticking it out. …This time, with a lot less humor and much more waryness, Leslie clasped her hands behind her back. "Yes sir." she mumbled. -03:05 Sep 24
Damion: He picked up the glass and put it to her lips before slowly tilting it to poar the cold liquid into her mouth he wouldn’t stop until the glass was empty either, if she wanted to breath she could either drink quickly or her her chest wet. Do you know what it’s like to be treated like a sex toy?" he asked before taking the glass away and pushing a finger into her mouth. "Suck it… show me you can so I can fuck your mouth." -03:09 Sep 24
Leslie: Oh hell! Maybe he still had surprises for her after all. Her face was red again, and her cheek stung… but Leslie drank the water to keep from getting wet and when he pushed his finger in to her mouth, she refrained from biting him out of spite. He didn’t think she could handle this. Well, she could rise to any challenge! Leslie ran her tongue against his finger and sucked! -03:12 Sep 24
Damion: Slowly he pushed and pulled his finger in and and out of her mouth before he pulled her off the bed adn pushed her down onto her knees to that his dick was right in front of her face. Then he took himself in his hand and his other hand still gripping the back of her head placed his tip against her lip. "Lick the tip and then take it in, then rememberto keep your hands clasped." he was grinning, "And try not to think what I have for you to do afterwards." -03:17 Sep 24
Leslie: Try not to think of what now? She had never done this before… and for some reason it felt so much more intimidating to be on her knees with his manhood in her face, than it was having sex itself. Or maybe it was the fact he slapped her and was gripping her hair. Leslie gave a small huff, stilling that sudden rush of nerves. Then she was licking the tip, deliberately slow before taking him in to her mouth. -03:24 Sep 24
Damion: He held her head still by her hair and pushed in slowly, as far as he could before she started showing signs of discomfort. "Keep your ahnds clasped." he said before pullin out just as slowly, then pushing in again. -03:26 Sep 24
Leslie: Her grip tightened again on her hands. This was hard…! She wanted to brace her hands against him, or just have something to hold on to. Leslie seemed to have no problem taking him in, and most of her discomfort seemed to just be from staying still. Whether he asked for it or not she ran her tongue against his length, both a test of taste and to peer up and see how he responded. -03:33 Sep 24
Damion: He grinned wider and moved faster, so she could take this, and he had the feeling she was almost ready for his room. One hands staying in her hair he reached over to take the jug with the other and slowly poared some of the water into her hair so that it ran down the back of her hair, not a lot, but just enough. -03:36 Sep 24
Leslie: The sudden coolness had her jumping. Making a muffled squeak as she released her hands and pressed them against his legs. She wasn’t pushing him away, but it definitely confused her! -03:39 Sep 24
Damion: He pulled out and then shook his head slowly at her. "I told you to keep gripping behind your back. What do you have to say for yourself?" a well trained girl would say she was sorry, but Leslie definately wasn’t, her responses were definately more.. interesting. -03:42 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie took a gasp of breath, she hadn’t even realized she was holding it! Then she was licking her lips, that contemplative look across her face. "I’d say be more careful where you spill your water. …Sir." …and then despite being a little miffed with him, she grinned. -03:46 Sep 24
Damion: He pushed her away and turned to the bed and impasive look on his face, thne he was fishing her panties and the pair of cuffs out of the bed clothes. "Stand." he commanded, "Unless you want you other cheek to sting." it was time to get creative with her punishent. -03:49 Sep 24
Leslie: "If you slap me again, Mr. Rubrum, I can’t promise I won’t slap you back." Well. At least she discovered at least one thing she wouldn’t tolorate. Leslie stood slowly, kind of rubbing her cheek as an after thought. She was eyeing him warily again. -03:54 Sep 24
Damion: He knelt to take hold of her ankle and lift her foot to slip her panties on, then repeated the process with the other ankle. The he pulled her panties upto her waist. "You think so?" he asked taking hold of her wrist and placing the cuff over it and then looping the chain under her panties to take her other wrist and secure it in the cuffs too. "Now are we going to try this again, or do I really need to punish you?" -03:58 Sep 24
Leslie: Okay, so slapping him back wouldn’t be so easy like this! Still, Leslie was frowning, but there might of been a hint of that amused look behind it. "That is so, sir. But yes, lets try this again!" -04:02 Sep 24
Damion: He slapped her again then pushed her down to her knees. "You’re too defiant Leslie, if you ever want everything I have to offer you will need to change that." He put his tip against her lips. "Now, start again." -04:05 Sep 24
Leslie: Again! Whether it was lucky for him or for her that her hands were bound, was undecided. And for a moment she debated flat out telling him no! But if he wanted obedient… So it’s exactly what she did. Mouth parting just a bit, her tongue flicked out to lick him. And the look she gave him was almost smolderingly wicked. Leslie was mad, but oh she would be obedient! This time she took him in to her mouth with now hesitation whatsoever. -04:13 Sep 24
Damion: He pushing in and prigged her hair, going just as slowly as before. "Better." he said grinning nad slowly speeding up. "Now show me what you can do when your mouth is being fucked and I might let you into my room." -04:16 Sep 24
Leslie: It didn’t matter than she had no idea what she was doing, and now it wasn’t curiosity over his room that was her ultimate goal. This was to prove a point. Leslie made delicate work with her mouth and tongue. A flicker of moment here and a hard suck there. She didn’t seem to have a gag reflex at all, which made it all the easier to take as much as she could while running her tongue around the length of his shaft. -04:23 Sep 24
Damion: At the lack of a gag reflex he pushed in deeper, giving her every inch he had to give, faster and faster his hands gripping tighter, he wasn’t trying to make this last, and she was doing a good gob. -04:25 Sep 24
Leslie: Ever so often she would give a soft sound, his grip and the speed making it hard for her to keep still. And the cuffs not giving any leeway to keeping her balance! And perhaps his expression melted her temper just a bit… Leslie loved the thought she could do this to him with just her mouth alone. So she kept on, watching his face with that heavy lidded interest, humming softly as she took him. -04:29 Sep 24
Damion: The vibrations of her mouth made it all the sweeter and the look on her face made him wonder what she was thinking, but he couldn’t think of anything, adn all too soon he was painting the back of her throat with his seed, then slowly pulling out and letting go of her hair. "Now you need to cum, show me how you make yourself do so." he didn’t move to uncuff her, her hands were at her front so she could reach. He lifted her by her shoulder and dumped her on her back on the bed, adn then was massaging her breast gently. "I want to see how you do it." -04:33 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie had swallowed and now she was licking her lips against. That was a taste she couldn’t quite describe…! And now she was dumped on the bed again asked to do what? Her anger was temporarily forgotten in the wave of flushing embarassment that washed over her. She shook her head gently, giving him a wide-eyed look. "Um… I don’t really…" -04:37 Sep 24
Damion: "It’s not hard." he sais taking hold of her hand and pushing it under her panties placing it on her lips and then with pressure for his hand grindinf her hand against her lips as his other hand kept massaging her. "I want you to do this when you’re at home and think about me." -04:39 Sep 24
Leslie: Thinking about him wouldn’t be a problem, but this was a little… strange! Leslie squirmed a bit and just barely attempted to pull her hand away. But there wasn’t far to go when she was cuffed and him holding her hand. The weirdest part was how quick it seemed to stoke that tingling feeling of desire. Leslie wiggled her hand just a bit to test the sensations, but she was still shaking her head. "Hum.. not so sure about that." she murmured softly. -04:45 Sep 24
Damion: He took her finger and pushed it between her lips and mosed it along them before pulling it out, then did it again. "Keep doing that." he said letting go of that hand and taking her other to put it on her clit and taking the fingertip slowly mover her finger in a circle. "And that. And make yourself feel good. I want you to enjoy yourself." -04:49 Sep 24
Leslie: It was both baffling and infuriating how he could twist her up like this! Have her flipping thoughts back and forth at a moments notice, and on top of it being completely unable to resist. Leslie did as instructed, her eyes not leaving his as she let one hand dip and the other circle. Her own hands feeling so different compared to his, and that warm strange feeling washing over her making her part her mouth with a surprised sound. -04:55 Sep 24
Damion: HE leaned down to nip her breast and then lick it, his hand moving to the other one. Her sound told him she was enjoying her own attention. "You will do this in your bed for me, when you’re home?" he was grinning and moving up to kiss her softly. Once she few her own pantied he’s move onto the next step. -04:57 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie sucked in a sharp breath, unable to formulate a reply. Just thinking about it, period, was almost too much to take in. And with his mouth and his kiss, it was all too easy to be swept up. How could he hit her one minute, and then be so damned sexy the next… It was so simple to rub herself in just the right way. Press in ways that made her gasp. Maybe she would do this at home and think of him! -05:04 Sep 24
Damion: He pulled away and looked down at her hands before smiling and manuevering himsef to the top of the bed adn then gently pulling her on top os him, his legs either side of her and his hands restin gon ehr stomach. "Don’t stop." he whispered his mouth right next to her ear. "I’m right here." -05:17 Sep 24
Leslie: Ooooh… he didn’t know what his voice did to her. Or maybe he did and it was all a cleverly orchestrated plan to have her mewling at her own fingertips. His skin felt burning hot against her back, despite the fact she was sure her own body was flushed to the sizzling point. Even while her hands moved she was tilting her face towards him, now chewing on her lip and squirming as the pressure built. -05:23 Sep 24
Damion: He turned his head and caught her lips in a quick kiss. "You feel like you’re almost ready to cum." he said against her lips. "I’m going to think about you doing this when you’re gone. I’m going to remember you squirming against me lik eyou are now. Try to hold a bot longer." -05:29 Sep 24
Leslie: "Don’t think I can do that…!" she breathed out in a rush of breath! Not with him talking like that! Leslie tried, though. Slowing her probing in hopes that it would ease the tension coiling so tightly in her gut. But it wasn’t the case at all, and soon her head was dropping against his shoulder as she listlessly groaned. -05:34 Sep 24
Damion: His hand came out to rub the side of her neck as he closed his eyes, his other hand moving down to hers to feel how wet she was, and he smiled. "There. That’s wet enough.. Come Leslie, let go." he brushed hsi thumb across her lips and smiled wider. No doubt in his mind she would do thise again! -05:37 Sep 24
Leslie: The feeling of him wrapped around her and his breath falling against her neck, that really was her undoing! Leslie squeezed her legs together as she shuddered. Her teeth biting in to her tongue as hissed and sighed. Oooo, that flood of sensation was dizzying, and she could feel herself tightening around her own fingertips. It was absolutely crazy! -05:42 Sep 24
Damion: He smiled his hand coming up and and undoing one of the cuffs and then resting on her stomach as he closed his eyes. "How many times have you cum since yesterday?" he asked "I think you’re close to the record." he hugged her from behind and sighed under her. "You still defy me though." -05:45 Sep 24
Leslie: "Uh hum. …going to slap you the minute we’re out of bed too…" she murmured. Leslie meant to do it the second she had those handcuffs off, but… But, she was currently a puddle of limbs curled up on top of him. Shifting her arms to cover his and more than contently basking in the glow of post orgasm and unexpected hugs. -05:48 Sep 24
Damion: "I’ll bite back." he warned and sighed. "First though I’m not done with my nap." he grined teasingly if she could see it or not. "ANd want you to stay right where you are." he turned his head to look at her and then closed his eyes again. "Right there." -05:52 Sep 24
Leslie: "I told you I would if you slapped me again…" And she meant it. Leslie just hoped she remembered. For the time being she was happy to stay right where she was. "I’ll be here." -05:54 Sep 24
King of Fools

King of Fools 014: Now About That Contract

[Damion almost didn’t untie leslie before going to sleep, but its her first time and he wanted snuggles.] -03:45 Sep 11
[Leslie thankfully fell asleep almost immediately! That was a very intense, very… shocking experience!] -03:53 Sep 11
Leslie: Tired, sore and exhausted. Leslie may not have ever slept so deep in her life. At least… not since the unconcious drunk episode! But this was far more restful. Warm and comfortable and snugglie. She had every intention of sleeping the rest of the afternoon away. -03:58 Sep 11
Damion: He was awake and brushing the hair hack from her face and smiling softly. While she had been asleep he had already taken belivery of his package and lay there waitingg for her to wake up. Buy his smile was turning into a grin as he thought about what they had done most of the weekend. Gently he placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her onto her back and slowly leaned over to kiss her. -04:05 Sep 11
Leslie: There was a soft sound of protest when she was moved. Her warm comfy spot…! Tilting her head away had her missing a kiss. And now that she wasn’t curled in to something, she was shifting to stretch. Mumbling something about not being finished with her thesis yet! -04:11 Sep 11
Damion: He grinned and placed his hand on her chin to move her head and get his kiss before he lat his hand slide down and holde her shoulder down his other gliding over her stomach. She had no idea how happy it made him to have her willing to be completely naked next to him. But she was about to find out. -04:14 Sep 11
Leslie: A sigh escape her, and with a sleepy unawareness she responded. “Hmm…?” she mumbled against his mouth, her brows furrowing with eyes still closed. As she seemed to be debating whether or not she was still asleep or waking up. Leslie decided on still asleep, and was now trying to curl back up against him where it was warmest! -04:24 Sep 11
Damion: He held her down and brushed his lips against her again rolling to rest on top of her and kiss the side of her neck as his hand gently rubbed her breast. She wasn’t fully awake yet but she was responding, and he’d soon have her dreaming baout somehting other than a thesis! -04:28 Sep 11
Leslie: This was definitely not a thesis. Leslie was either having one hella sexy dream, or… Oooh… She was covered with a blanket. …a heavy blanket that smelled really, really good. Leslie shifted, sliding an arm around his shoulder and running her hand up in to his hair the same moment she was tilting her face to nuzzle in to his cheek. She liked this blanket. -04:34 Sep 11
Damion: He was grinning and gently massaging her breast when he pushed in his hips meeting hers and he head leaning down to nip her ear. “Good afternoon.” he whispered before pushing again, slowly. -04:37 Sep 11
Leslie: “Oh…!” There was a quick intake of breath as her arm tightened around him. Her other arm came around him to hold tight, her body tense for a moment as awareness seemed to register, but slowly eased off bit by bit… Leaving a red faced Leslie tilting to look up at him with a surprised but very enchanted expression. “Afternoon, Mr Rubrum…?” she muttered softly. -04:43 Sep 11
Damion: “I still like it when you call me that.” he said pushing in and placing his lips on hers and kissing her. “Sleep well?” -04:50 Sep 11
Leslie: “I was…” The kiss she responded to with another soft sigh. Her hand squeezing the back of his neck. Was he going to have a conversation with her while he was…! “Hum…! Did you…?” She squirmed beneath him, chewing on her bottom lip and trying to focus on something other than the building warmth between her legs. Who knew you could just wake up ready to go! -04:54 Sep 11
Damion: He chuckled, amused. “I didn’t sleep.” he said nipping her lip. “I had a sexy body next to me and that very distracting.” expecually when he was inside her and pushing, harder and faster now. “I… did get a quick nap though, and I think I dreamed of you, or maybe I just had my eyes open.” -04:59 Sep 11
Leslie: If only she could give that witty rapport back. Ask him who he was snuggling up against while she was out. But this was just… another soft sound escaped her as her knees drew up. Even through being sore and a little stiff, it was impossible not to revel in that soaring sensation. Her arms tightened again, pulling him closer until she was capturing his mouth in a now, fulley awake, very wanting kiss. “Can’t speak… you’re distracting me now, Mr Rubrum…” -05:08 Sep 11
Damion: “If you want to be distracted. All you have to do is ask.” he sped up his hand moving to hold her shoulder and his lips pressing back into hers. Yes, distracting, she was too more than he’d ever know. And it was around about then that he felt the will to speak ebbing away too. -05:11 Sep 11
Leslie: The heady rush was enough to have her dizzy. And kissing him so hard and long, with her tongue teasing his mouth until she couldn’t breathe wasn’t helping. Leslie pulled away with a gasp, running the fingers of both hands through his hair as she gazed at his face. How did he make it so easy to get lost like this? -05:17 Sep 11
Damion: HE looked at her, namely into her eyes, he had never done that during sex before and it made him smile as he continued to push and grind and the combination was almost enough to make him finish, well at least suck in his breath with the rush and place his hand on her chest. Which was insane, he never did that. -05:19 Sep 11
Leslie: Leslie wasn’t so sure she had ever seen him smile like that! It was a heart stopping gesture, and she was so sure he’d be able to feel it. Leslie grinned in response, curling around him with an almost loving affection. Her needy kiss softening against his lips, drawing down to nip her teeth at his jaw and nuzzle against his cheek. “Distract me more…” she whispered in to his ear, almost with a giggle. -05:34 Sep 11
Damion: He leaned down and pueshed ehr against the bed as he sped up to oblidge. Pushed harder adn fasted and feeling it more intensly he working his lips against hers and roaned against her. He wasn’t going to last much longer.. what had she done? -05:38 Sep 11
Leslie: He hadn’t lied… all she had to do was ask, and it was as easy as that! Her breathing quickened, until she had nothing left but whimpering gasps. She swallowed his groans with kisses like it was life water, until she was nearly writhing beneath him. It seemed like forever and an instant all at once, and when she did come she was embracing him with a shocked gasp of his name. Digging her fingers in to his hair and nails in to the back of his neck as she tightened and shivered. -05:44 Sep 11
Damion: He spilled hsi seed into her. He that didn’t do it justice. I rushed out of him and int ehr before he knew what was happening and he could swear there were dancing lights on the edges of his vision. “MMmmmmmm..” that hum came after his gasp as his shuddering body realaxed against her and he closed his eyes to lie on top of her. “If I didn’t know better I’d call that ‘making love’.” -05:48 Sep 11
Leslie: “Gods, I hope so…” Breathless. Infatuated… and if she wasn’t careful she was going to murmur that she loved him. The thought alarmed her a little, that she could have fallen that fast and that hard… but for now, Leslie just held him tight, savoring that well-used feeling and the feeling of him on top of her. -05:52 Sep 11
Damion: He absently ran his ningers through her hair and rested against her. “You do know this means that you’ll be spending the night in my bed again right?” he teased. “I’m having your clothes laundered, but if you really need to go I could order something for you to wear.” -05:55 Sep 11
Leslie: “Was that an excuse to have me wandering around your home naked…?” she was grinning. Nuzzling against his cheek, and finding no harm in spending oooone more night there. For the time being, there wasn’t anyone else in her world. “One more night. After that, I do have to start a new job and be a responsible adult…” -05:59 Sep 11
Damion: “I have a world to get bakc to too, but I’ll see you soon enough.” he kissed her lightly and opened his eyes. “Maybe not soon enough. You’ve kept me fro my world monger than anyone else, you should be proud.” -06:00 Sep 11
Leslie: “I think you like me Mr Rubrum. I can’t imagine why…” And that wasn’t even a tease. Leslie really couldn’t figure out why he did! He probably had the world in his hands, and she didn’t have anything new to offer. It was with a pensive, thoughtful look that she brushed her fingers against his cheek. He had a lot to offer her, though… she was suddenly so glad she took that risk. -06:04 Sep 11
[Damion enters.] -06:24 Sep 11
Damion: “If I didn’t you would never ahve seen the inside of me car, my helmet, my condo, and definately not my bedroom.” he needed to give her her pill but didn’t want to move. “You are something special Leslie, I knew that the moment you walked into my office, not how about some ice cold apple cider?.” -06:28 Sep 11
[(Timeout) Damion has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:33 Sep 11
Leslie: He made her so nervous that first time meeting him in his office! And now… now he still made her a little nervous, but it was in completely different ways. Her thumb brushed over his mouth and she leaned to kiss the corner of it. “Is that apple cider going to magically appear in here? Otherwise…” -06:33 Sep 11
Damion: “The magic of me getting a tray.” he said sitting up and taking the time to tickle her buttock with his fingers before getting off the bed. “I’ll be right back.” he opened the door and headed down the stars to ther the box, the cider, and tray of imported chocolates. Girls liked those right? -06:40 Sep 11
Leslie: She was left alone in bed and stretched. Wincing, finding she was sore in places she never even knew existed! But she felt so… pleased! More than just after-sex glow. Mr Damion Rubrum was something amazing. Maybe she was in love. And Leslie had no problem being swept away by that thought. -06:44 Sep 11
Damion: He walked in adn set the tray down and placed the box on the bed as he started poaring the cider licking his lips in anticipation. Then he was opening the box and placing a bottle of morning after pills in front of her and holding out a glass of cider. “I need you to take one of those. I’ve been riding bareback since the elevator.” -06:48 Sep 11
Leslie: Leslie sat up, pulling the sheet up around her and inquisitively eyed the bottle. It took a second for it to register what they were actually for and then her face was burning red all over again! She hadn’t exactly been worried about protection and babies while he was…! “Sorry.” she mumbled, popping open the bottle to take one of the pills and with an almost shaking hand took the glass from him. What if she did get pregnent? It was a little soon for that…! -06:55 Sep 11
Damion: “It was my slip.” he said placing the box in front of her and then openign the chocolates and offering her one of those too pleased that Jayden took the pill without a fuss. “We should plan the day of your fitting, I’m going to want you for all of it.” -06:59 Sep 11
Leslie: Her head was swimming with thoughts of a little tiny Damion! Which was way too easy. She always loved kids. Thank goodness he distracted her again! Leslie very carefully picked out a piece of chocolate after she took the pill with a quick swallow. “Another date already? And we haven’t even finished this one yet…” Forget her worries, she was grinning again. How many people had a two-day first date? -07:07 Sep 11
Damion: “Its never too early to plan another date is it?” he asked leaning agains th headboard with his glass of cider adn popping a chocolate into his mouth. Toffee, yum. “Unless we just stay in here and sex for the rest of the day. Which is a plan too.” -07:10 Sep 11
Leslie: Leslie laughed, scooting on the bed until she was situated next to him and resting her head against his shoulder. “I think I have lost track… I almost believe you want to send me home battered and aching…” -07:14 Sep 11
Damion: “Is that such a terrible thing?” he asked. “Though if you really wanted to be battered and aching I could always get some some things from the other room.” he leanind over to kiss her before taking another sip of cider. “Though you still didn’t tell me what you thought of you first experience of light bondage.” -07:16 Sep 11
Leslie: Oh yes, that! A piece of chocolate was popped in her mouth quick, and her glass was being held so perfectly near her mouth like a shield. She hoped she was keeping that tinge of color under control now. …but just remember how she felt and what he did. Leslie squirmed in her seat. “Overwhelming…? But interesting. I would try it again.” Honesty was always her approach, and that was definitely one of those things that required more… research. -07:21 Sep 11
Damion: “Then you’ll look it up, as well as things like ‘Dominant’ and ‘Submisive’ and ‘BDSM’ and work on the list of limits for me? I can’t allow you into that room until you do.” he poked the tip of her nose and then smiled turning his head away and covering by taking a sip of cider. “What anm I going to do with you?” -07:29 Sep 11
Leslie: “You could show me what you do in that room anyway? I’m not afraid to try things, and I am sure I can tell you when I don’t like something…” It wasn’t the challenge so much as it was… just pure and simple curiosity! He made love to her and it was amazing. The tying her up stuff was a little freaky, but it wasn’t any less stunning. …Leslie just wanted to know! -07:33 Sep 11
Damion: “You won’t always be able to talk.” he said. “There are gags, I may have your fave pressed against something or I might just be fucking your mouth. I need to know the limits of the game before I can concider playing it.” it was a simple fact. “So you need to do your homework if you want to play in my room. I could give you a list of my limits and what I’m willing to negotiate on so you have a list of things to look up?” -07:38 Sep 11
Leslie: “Um… yes, that might be a good idea.” And there it was again, that tiny little worry that she may be in over her head. Of course, now she was stuck on the mental image of him fucking her mouth! Which was leaving Leslie setting her glass aside to sink under the sheets where he wasn’t going to see her face turn red. He tied her up and screwed her near unconcious earlier today, she really needed to stop getting flustered by this! “Is this what all of your paperwork agreements are for? The limits and negotiations of sex…?” -07:43 Sep 11
Damion: “Not entirely, tehre is also availability for functions, clothing budgest, expectations of availability for sex and expectation for personal conduct and maintenance of wellbeing. I will have everything printed out for you and ready before you leave tomorow.” -07:47 Sep 11
Leslie: “Wait.” The sheet came away from her head and she was sitting up again. Turning to examine his face. …this was getting too far now! “We are supposed to be doing the relationship thing. Boyfriend and girlfriend. ….You don’t need a contract for all of that. You don’t negotiate and sign contracts for time with your girlfriend.” -07:51 Sep 11
Damion: “You were asking What I ususlly did and what I usually do for paperwork, this is what I usually do. You have no idea what my usual, for lack of a better word, relationship is like. I could show you, but then you would have a very different opinion of me.” -07:54 Sep 11
Leslie: “I was asking out of curiosity, but I really don’t have any intentions of signing stuff like that.” Now how did she explain this to him without insulting him… because it was pretty obvious he was afraid of what she would think. Her expression softened a bit. “…first of all, if you want to know when I am available for something, all you have to do is ask. And second… what on earth do you mean by personal conduct and well being? Like me not being a psycho or a cheater? I wouldn’t do that and I don’t believe you would either. That’s where trust comes in!” -08:00 Sep 11
Damion: He took a deep blreath. “This contract is usually for people I do not want to see except at times of my choosing, for people who I have on call for sexual release and public appearences. For proplr I feel a fondness and attraction for but nothing else. What I’m saying does not nessiserally apply to you so stop taking things personally.” he looked at her his brow furrowed. “You would not like an arangement like that, I can tell. Its more for women like Jade.” -08:04 Sep 11
King of Fools

King of Fools 013: Pride and Punishment

[Damion HAs just had a great breakfast and its getting closer to an appointment with a fassion designer that Damion is sure Jade has heard of, Leslies though, he doubts.] -05:31 Aug 30
[Leslie is glad she had breakfast, because Damion Rubrum is a very exhausting man. …in all the fun ways!] -05:38 Aug 30
Leslie: If anyone had told her a week ago she’d be spending the night with a guy and sexing on kitchen counters and having a boyfriend, she would have called them insane. But here she was dressed again, still feeling overly pleased and even more stiff. She was going to have to start stretching or something! -05:41 Aug 30
Damion: He was putting on a collared shirt and doing up the buttons in the bedroom and unable to keep a smile off his face. Breakfast had been great, the countersex that followed even better but it wsa edging towards ten and they had placed to be. "Theres just one place we have to go before lunch." he said finally done dressign and putting on his very expensive emergency beacon wristwatch. "I hope you don’t mind but I think you may enjoy it." he stepped up to her nad kissed her cheek. Then the afternoon is ours." -05:45 Aug 30
Leslie: It was hard not to curl her arms around him, drag him to something soft and fuzzy and just go back to sleep. Leslie settled for leaning against his arm instead and just grinning. "A random work meeting?" she eyed him for a minute, chewing on the corner of her mouth. "Hmm… no, you have plotting face on… " -05:48 Aug 30
Damion: "Nothing is random." he said kissing her on the lips then time and taking her hand. "I have a suprise for you. Well not really a suprise but something I want to do for you, and for me. For us." he was leading her down the stairs again and towards the front door. "There no work today, I’m considering this entire day a date." -05:51 Aug 30
Leslie: "How long do you think the world’s record is for a date?" she responded with a grin and a squeeze of his hand. Of course… this meant he had expected her to stay with him. At least until lunch, if he this idea in mind all morning. That made her smile. "I suppose you made plans in case I had decided to go home too?" -05:54 Aug 30
Damion: "A quiet day at home with my g… hobbies." he opened the front door and closed it after her then opened the elevator doors and stepped inside. "I’m glad you’re here though. If we can make it last all week I’ll call guinness and ask, then call the office and make sure I still have a job and ask if its burned down." -05:57 Aug 30
Leslie: "That sounds like a challenge, Mr Rubrum…" Elevators… she took a breath before stepping in with him, and made sure to hold his hand. At least it was getting easier! "Hmm… I guess we’ll have to get it out of my system before I start my new job too. I won’t have the excuse of owning the company if I turn up missing!" -06:06 Aug 30
Damion: "Don’t worry. you can always share my bed if you need to. Or if you just want to." he pressed the button for the garrage and rocked back on his heels as the doors closed and then glaned at her suddenly not knowing what to say. He had had sex with this girl and had not given her what he would concider a command, has shared breakfast and shared his bed with her. And now he was at a loss for words, but what he wasn’t at a loss for was pushing her against the back of the elevator and pushing his lips into hers, and barely had he thought that than he was doing it. -06:11 Aug 30
Leslie: Leslie had a great joke about sharing his bed! She really did! That was gone in an instant, though, along with all the rest of her thoughts when he kissed her. The more surprising part was her instant response! The instant desire to touch him and kiss him back, despite still beaming from the morning. -06:34 Aug 30
Damion: He put let his fingers play over the back of her neck as he nibbled her lip and pressed her body against the back of the elevator with his. Then he was pulling away and pulling her hith him to hold her in the middle of the elevator his hands crablng her. "Couldn’t resist." he whispered fixing her hair with his fingers. "I blame you." -06:38 Aug 30
Leslie: There was a small sound of complaint when he pulled away, but then she was placated by curling her arms around his waist. That grin of hers was gone, replaced by that very frustrated but very wanting half frown. "You shouldn’t start what you can’t finish right away… You’re a tease." She was already curling her fingers in to his shirt and debating how much time they had before hitting the bottom floor… not enough! -06:43 Aug 30
Damion: She wasn’t grinnign but he was and he rubbed that back of her neck softly. "Good to know you can take more today." he said before moving his hand to rub her lower hack through her shirt. "I think you’re ready for the next step. Thats where I don’t make love to you. I fuck you, hard, like I would anyone else. Still no bondage, still no room. Well maybe a little bondage." he moved his hand to lift her chin and kiss her lips. "If you do stay all week who knows where we’ll be by the end."" -06:48 Aug 30
Leslie: If anyone else had said something like that to her, she might’ve slapped the hell out of them. But from him, while he was holding her and stealing kisses, it was surprisingly sexy. Even if a little part of her was annoyed that he was treating her like she couldn’t handle it! "You don’t have to be so careful with me. I think I can tell you when I don’t want something." -06:54 Aug 30
Damion: "You say that." he said without missing a beat. "And really mean it, but trust me this is as much for me as it is for you. I never had this. This growing closer and finding things out slowly. Its better this way." he kissed her again softly. "Everything we do, is ultimately for ourselves in some way, or that is how I see things." the doors opened but he didn’t move. "I don’t want you to feel the way I did." -06:58 Aug 30
Leslie: She looked a little surprised, giving him a slight examining look. Leslie wouldn’t have noticed the doors opening at all if they hadn’t dinged. She took his hands to pull him out, but she was still watching his face. "What do you mean? By feel the way you did?" -07:03 Aug 30
Damion: He looked at her turning her head. "I was 14 my first time." he said watching like he always did when revealing something about himself. "She was 23 and in colledge. And waited for me outside school saying she needed help with unloading a truck and that I looked hansom enough for the job." he was still heading for the car as he got inside. "I should have known bit I was a different man then and instead of to a truck she took me to a store room at the school and put me in one of the play costumes and then tied my wrists together and undressed. I don’t hace to go into detail on what happened next but that was how I lost my virginity, and I hated her for it but still went to see hes whenever she demanded I do so." he looked at her and started the engine. "I don’t want you to hate me or resent me in any way." -07:10 Aug 30
Leslie: It felt so surreal for him to be telling her something that at least she felt was a very personal and monumental thing, and just be going through the motions of climbing in the car. There was a click of her seat belt as she chewed on her lip. Leslie doubted he wanted or even needed her sympathy, but now she wanted to hold him and this wasn’t an ample space to do so in! "There is a difference, though, between you an me. I care about you and I’m not naive. I won’t hate or resent you." -07:17 Aug 30
Damion: He put the car in first and pulled out of the parking space. "Maybe this helps me get over baggage." he said. "But if you really want the nine yards then tell me, what are your limits? What are the absolute nos with what I can and cannot do to you, and how many hours can you put into a gym every week?" He was pulling out of the garage and out into the city, waiting for the trafic then pulling out into the street. -07:21 Aug 30
Leslie: Leslie made a face at the thought of exercising, despite the fact only minutes ago she was debating it. The rest though… she turned in her seat to watch him as he drove. Was this why he was such a control freak? Because of that woman and his experience with his parents… it made a great deal of sense! "I don’t know what my limits are. You’re the first person I’ve been with… I know what I like the idea of and what bothers me. I won’t know until I try it?" -07:25 Aug 30
Damion: He frowned. "Without clearly befined limits how will I know what not to do?" he asked "I can to many things some of which other girls said no to. But fine, we will try it without limits until you’ve experienced it. That doesn’t change this afternoon though, unless you give me a no." He stopped at a traffic light and leaned over to pull her into a kiss by her chin. "Not lets get you fitted, that will be two birds down." -07:31 Aug 30
Leslie: "I think we’ve already had the conversation where I explained how I like trying things, and you nearly had a fit about my unplanned future." she smiled, though. Wide and unchecked. Then there was the pursing of her mouth and the narrowing of her eyes. He let the secret slip! "A fitting, you say? A fitting for what exactly, Mr Rubrum?" -07:34 Aug 30
Damion: "You’ll see." he said flashing her a grin before the lights turned green. "I’ll just say Jade will either be outraged or jealous." he drover them along the street to a gallery/assion house and pulled over before getting out and tossing the keys to a vallet and turning to her holding out his hand. "Just speak a little slowly when you talk to him. Hes French and although he speaks very good english he ha s aslight tendancy to mishear with our kind of accent." -07:42 Aug 30
Leslie: Lately, Leslie had no idea what would set Jade off. It’s like the woman was going nuts! But she was taking his hand and still eying him suspiciously as she followed along. Whatever it was, he was very pleased about it. "You’ve brought me to a French designer? …this is for a dress!" she exclaimed suddenly. Leslie wasn’t a journalist type, but it wasn’t hard to put pieces together! "I am fairly certain I mentioned I could borrow a dress!" -07:46 Aug 30
Damion: "And I remember telling you you can’t, not for this party. And this one, you’re going to help design thats why I’m bringing you to the designer. You’re going to have something thats yours in every way and that suits your tastes. I insist. Besides I think there a three thousand dollar per outfit minimum at the door in New York. Where we’re going anyway. I’ll be in a tux, or itallian suit, I’m undecided." -07:50 Aug 30
Leslie: "Are you kidding? I don’t even think everything I own put together is worth that much!" He had to be joking about the outfit cost, that would just be ridiculous. There was no reason for her to flip about price tags. Leslie took a deep breath. "And what if I want to be a rebel and walk in wearing a suit made of wrapping paper? This sounds insanely expensive." -07:56 Aug 30
Damion: "Then you would be blocked at the door and have a short dress brought for you. One that shows a lot of leg." he looked at her before pushing the door open. "And don’t worry about cost, I’m not hurting for money." he was inside and waving to an eccentrif looking man in a purple jacket, messy blonde hair, lime green rimed glasses and black striped pants above red dress shoes. "Bonjour Jacque. Désolé, nous sommes en retard mais nous avons eu un peu de temps personnel à la maison. C’est la fille dont j’ai parlé." he said "Leslie, this is Jacque Dior." -08:02 Aug 30
Leslie: "I think you’re making that up…" she muttered about the short dress. He definitely had this all planned out before this morning! It irked her just a bit, but now that they were here and the fact she really -did- want to go with him… Leslie swallowed it for the time being and smiled at Mister Dior. "Hello. …wait, you speak French too?" she eyed Damion. -08:13 Aug 30
Damion: "I do a lot of business in france." he said dismisively and then allowed Jacque to introduce himself. "Oh, Leslie, good to meet you." he offered and hand and then smiled, there was definitely something ifeminite about his stance and manner. "So you’re the one I’m going to try and please? Well we’ll start with a walk around the gallery and you tell me if you see anything you like." He waved Damion away and tool Leslie’s arm to lead her along to where dresses were displayed on dolls in display cases, probably only worns once or twice on a ranway in thier entire existances. Though at least they weren’t quite as rediculous as some designes. -08:18 Aug 30
Leslie: He was a very friendly man. At least that made Leslie smile, even if she was dubious about this whole dress business! "It has to be long… and maybe long sleeves too? Um, I’m not exactly great with style, though." At least she had a good idea of what she liked and didn’t like. She could point out specifics on the examples. Even so often glancing over her shoulder to make sure Damion was nearby. -08:24 Aug 30
Damion: He was following with his hands clasped behind his back and when he noticed she was looking he smiled at her. It was a big gallery and he was taking her through the evening dress section. [color=yellow]"Wouldn’t long gloves be better?" the frenchman asked stopping and pulling her arm out to liik at it. "To here?" he places a finger on halfway up her upper arm. "Shaped like a point?" he looked at her neck and what was visible of her collarbones. "Yes, a high neckline and gloves, what colors do you like?" -08:31 Aug 30
Damion: He was following with his hands clasped behind his back and when he noticed she was looking he smiled at her. It was a big gallery and he was taking her through the evening dress section. "Wouldn’t long gloves be better?" the frenchman asked stopping and pulling her arm out to look at it. "To here?" he places a finger on halfway up her upper arm. "Shaped like a point?" he looked at her neck and what was visible of her collarbones. "Yes, a high neckline and gloves, what colors do you like?" -08:33 Aug 30
Leslie: Leslie didn’t look so sure about gloves, but he was the designer! "I’m not picky about color. I love color… but I suppose I would like something with darker tones better. Nothing bright or flashy." Another quick look at Mister Rubrum. He enjoyed this, she was pretty sure. …and maybe she was interesting in seeing what a custom design just for her would be like too. She just wish she had a little more of Jade’s bossyness so she could take full advantage and not be so anxious! -08:38 Aug 30
Damion: "Darker colors." Damion repeated then nodded as Jacque tooke her arm again and pulled her towards the purples. "A dark violet maybe?" he asked, with a rose on the right collar bone and black gloves?" he looked around and then let go of her hand "Excuse me I forgot my scetchpad." he slipped between two cabinets though a door hidden there and a second latr was hact with a scetch pad and a pencil a did a quicj scetch of what he pust described from the front and sides depicting Leslie with her hair in a bun. "Like this?" -08:45 Aug 30
Leslie: Leslie grinned wide. "It looks beautiful on paper, at least! I like it." She wasn’t so sure about pulling her hair back out of her face, but it wasn’t as if Mister Jacque would be doing her hair. She turned to eye Damion again, that mischevious look on her features. "Do you like it, Mister Rubrum?" -08:53 Aug 30
Damion: He stepped up to look at it and nodded. "Magnifique, I will have it ready for a fitting in a week. The bottom.." he made three scetches, on with a narrower cut ending just below the knee, one ecactly the same ending just above the knee and a thrid with a wides cut but no slits. -09:05 Aug 30
Leslie: This was tricky! Her first instinct was to go for the last, but shouldn’t she try to be a little bit more daring? …at least daring for her! If she was going to be trying all these new things, might as well keep at it. Leslie pointed to the middle one, the cut above the knee. "That’ll do." -09:08 Aug 30
Damion: Both od the men were smiling, Damion’s far mor inscrutable and he was lookign at Leslie sideways his smile fast turnign into a wicked grin. "A client that goes for the first design? This has never happened before, but I promise you you will not be disappointed." though it was Damion’s turn to lean close to her. "If I didn’t know you better I’d think you went with the first just to get out of here and onto our date faster." then he was reclaiming her arm and shakign Jaque’s hand. "One week." -09:13 Aug 30
Leslie: "If I wanted to get out of here faster, I would have just let you pick out the entire thing." she muttered back at him. His wicked grin was… well. Apparently one night and morning of sex and now any look he made somehow equaled wanting to sex him up. Leslie turned her smile at Jacque instead. "Thank you very much, Mister Dior. I look forward to seeing it." -09:19 Aug 30
Damion: Walked with them back to the door and waved as then left which left Damion to show the vallet his ticket and then they waited. "Another first." he said looking up at the buildings above them. "I like this. Now what do you want to eat? The entire city is ours to choose from." -09:24 Aug 30
Leslie: "If you don’t quit letting me pick, one of these days I am going to take advantage and drag you all over the place." Leslie held his hand, gently swinging it back and forth. If she were really honest, she wasn’t thinking about lunch! More like sleezy hotel rooms or the seats of his car. It was almost impossible to surpress that wicked look. "Greek. I think Greek would be good…" -09:31 Aug 30
Damion: "If it were up to me it woulf be my place, naked and ordering in." he said. "Greek it is." he was watching his car come ut of th eunderground parking and then walking around the the driver’s side. "I know just the place. They’re greek but they also have pizza. Though I think I’ll be going for.. well whatever I’m having I’m getting an order of baklava." -09:33 Aug 30
Leslie: As soon as they were both seated in the car, she was grabbing his head to pull him to her for a kiss. She only meant for it to be a quick one, and then maybe a small linger… but then she wasn’t pulling away or willing to let him go. Moving her mouth over his with a nearly impatient fervor. -09:37 Aug 30
Damion: Well this was a small surprise but he was kissing her back almost instantly and pulling her in purther with a hand to the back of her head his lips ravaging hers before he pulled away by a fraction of an inch holding her in place by her hair. "So, ordering in for Greek??" -09:40 Aug 30
[Damion Enjoyed the food almost as much as he enjoyed rubbing his foot against Leslie’s leg, and higher.] -03:38 Sep 01
[Leslie didn’t know what she was missing skipping out on dating like this. This is nice!] -03:42 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie was happy. Happier than she had been in a long while! Which was surprising, considering when she first met him she had absolutely no intentions of ever seeing him again. Now she was holding his hand and at least -trying- supress that smitten look she wore. -03:48 Sep 01
Damion: He was leadign her back to the car and opening her door for her, then brushiing his lips against her hand before letting it go and closing her door. Then he was walking around to his side and letting himself in and immediatly with his door still open leaning over to kiss her. "Its a pitty these windows are darker, or we’d stay right here and…" he put his hand on her leg before closing his door and grinning. "How do you do this to me?" -03:52 Sep 01
Leslie: "If I knew I don’t think I would tell you anyway. Ruins the mystery?" She clicked her seat belt, but what she really wanted -was- to crawl on to his lap and stay there. Strange how just a few encounters was leaving her feeling insatiable and enchanted by this man! Then again, she didn’t have any problems living in the moment and enjoying the ride. -03:57 Sep 01
Damion: He took hold of her teatbelt at her shoulder and using it he held her agaisnt the back of her chair as he leaned closer and let his hand move to rub her through her clothes and a grin slowly spread across his face. "Maybe I though have gone for bucket seats and racign harneses." he mused rubbing harder lis lips hovering just out of her reach. "They’re much more.. constricting…" he kept his hand hete for a few minutes and then moved away to fasten his seatbelt and start the engine. -04:01 Sep 01
Damion: He took hold of her seatbelt at her shoulder and using it he held her agaisnt the back of her chair as he leaned closer and let his hand move to rub her through her clothes and a grin slowly spread across his face. "Maybe I should have gone for bucket seats and racing harneses." he mused rubbing harder lis lips hovering just out of her reach. "They’re much more.. constricting…" he kept his hand hete for almost a minute and then moved away to fasten his seatbelt and start the engine. -04:03 Sep 01
Leslie: "Constricting..?" she mirrored the word, her voice coming out in a breathless squeak and her face flushed. How did he make the simplest things sound so dirty? Jade would of had a field day! The thought had her grinning as she focused her attention to looking out the window instead of at him. Her libido would be out of control at this rate! "Did you know that you are a very interesting man, Mister Rubrum?" -04:06 Sep 01
Damion: "I could say that same for you but then you’d slap me for calling you a man." he didn’t slime at his own joke, instead he put the car in gear and indicated before pulling off. "But you are very interesting Leslie. And I liek it when you call me Mr. Rubrum, you’re one of few people who said it correctly first time who hadn’t read up in me." -04:16 Sep 01
Leslie: That had her turning again to eye him curiously. "Really? I thought it was kind of obvious… how do most people stumble over it?" She was thinking of a few ways. Not that it mattered. Leslie liked calling him Mr Rubrum, it seemed to suit his very controlled personality. -04:19 Sep 01
Damion: "Most seem to say ‘Rub-rum’ rather than ‘Ru-brum’ and it gets on my nerves so much I automatically correct them -before- shaking thier hands…" he planced at her. "You still havn’t read up on me, have you?" he seemed amused by that fact. "Not even wikipedia? Theres an amusing section in there about speculation of my sexual preferences, and by that I mean that I like men, not that I like my women… well you’ve seen my room." -04:24 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie cast a wide smile, having to surpress a laugh. "No, I haven’t looked you up… I can just ask you about yourself in person." His sexual prefferences… that had her turning red again, remembering how he managed to spy at the notes she was writing for Jade. That was embarrassing. "…and for the record, I never actually thought you were gay, I was just taking thurough notes!" -04:27 Sep 01
Damion: "Oh yes, university papers need to know speculation about my intimate personal details." he kept hie eyes on the traffic and concentrated on driving. "Or did Jade send you to scout me out for her personal reasons?" -04:29 Sep 01
Leslie: "Knowing Jade, it was probably both. …oh blast it! Jade!" Leslie was suddenly fumbling through her pockets looking for her phone. She didn’t have her purse on her either for that matter! Left at his apartment. Leslie huffed to herself and crossed her arms, looking very much like a child who knew she was in trouble. "She’s going to kill me. I never left her a message last night…" -04:32 Sep 01
Damion: "Should of doen that before anythign else." he said. "But I seriously doubt we’re going to give eachother enough time to look for it when we get back." he glanced at her before turning into his street. "Though you could always say ‘no’, or ‘wait’ or some other agreed upon safe word." -04:49 Sep 01
Leslie: "Hmph… no, it’s okay. Jade isn’t my keeper. She just worries too much sometimes." Leslie was a grown woman, she didn’t need to keep tabs with a babysitter. Of course she knew she would get hell from Jade later, but that girl was already weird enough lately! Maybe this would do her some good! …Then Leslie was eying him curiously again, trying to supress another flush. "…safe word? We will need safe words?" -04:52 Sep 01
Damion: "If you ever enter my den od pleasure we will." he said. "I’ll tell you them if you get that far." They were sooo close now bug he was waiting for the car in front of them to move. "To make sure you have some measure of control. Enough so that I don’t break my end of the deal." -05:05 Sep 01
Leslie: His playroom. He had alluded to it often, and every time it piqued her interest, if only because she was so curious. Everything about him was curious! …but it was also a little terrifying sounding when he brought up safe words and made it seem like something so above her level! Or maybe it was because she felt a little insulted and challenged? That was likely why she was tapping her arms and giving him an almost cool look. "IF I get that far? Going to test me, Mr. Rubrum?" -05:08 Sep 01
Damion: "Every step of the way, starting…" he pulles into the garages and before they were even parked slapped her thigh. "" he pulled into the parking space and put on the break then unclipped his seatbelt and then was on her an arm across her chest holdong her in place and his lips against hers, pressing, biting pushing, then his tongue was in her mouth as his knee pushed into her crotch. -05:20 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie didn’t even have a chance to get free of her seatbelt and he almost startled her! Almost. The sound of surprise that escape her was swiftly silenced and like she had all morning, she was swept away, returning the kiss as she squirmed in her seat. Pulling up her hands to grip at the collar of his shirt. -05:23 Sep 01
Damion: He pushed harder with his knee and then puelld away, opening her door and getting out her side. "You may release yourself." he said before turning and glrinning at her. "Come on Leslie, the elevator and all we’ll do in there is waiting." -05:30 Sep 01
Leslie: She may release herself. …well she will as soon as she catches her breath! Leslie pressed her hands to her burning cheeks for a moment, then off went the seat belt and she was sliding out of the car to follow. Her knees felt like jelly! Composure, she needed that back. Leslie smoothed her hands over her pants. "Waiting in an elevator. You know how to make a date exciting." she couldn’t help herself, she was grinning back at him! -05:35 Sep 01
Damion: "Who said anything about waiting?" his face was deadly serious. "I certainly don’t plan on it." he was staying out of her reach, strolling casually to the elevator to open it and hold it open for her flashing her another grin. "I’m not going to give you time to be nervous in this trip upwards." -05:40 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie didn’t know if that was a promise or a threat! But it did successfully make her forget all about the elevator as she stepped inside and beside him, crossing her arms and leaning to the side as she gave him a dubious stare. There was something about that sudden, almost wicked grin. Like being trapped in a box with a predator! "What did you have in mind, Mr Rubrum?" -05:46 Sep 01
Damion: He didn’t answer, hot in words. Instead he stepped forwards and grabbed the bottom hem of her shirt and pull up upwards pully intedndign to pull it all the way off. "I plan to fuck you Leslie. Hard, like I’ve been wanting to since I kissed you on a dance floor.. no, before then." he grabbed her shoulders and pushed hr roughly against the wall of the elevator and then bent to ravage her lips with his, -05:52 Sep 01
Leslie: Since before then? Of course that question died just as quickly as the protest about her stolen shirt. The cool wall of the elevator made her gasp and her hands were once again curling in to his shirt. Leslie always thought she was a sweet romance sort of girl, but this spur of the moment shoving had her senses swimming. Meeting his kiss with needy abandon. -05:59 Sep 01
[Damion enters.] -06:15 Sep 01
Damion: "Take it off. Take my shirt off." the words were growled against her lips and he was unding her pants and pusing then down adn kicking off his shoes. He couldn’t wait to press her agaisnt the the wall and… No, every time Leslie was in an elevator he’d make her think of this and not her past. -06:18 Sep 01
Leslie: They couldn’t do this in an elevator! It was crazy! Impossible. …impossible to refuse anyway. Despite the fact her hands were a little shakey, be it from nerves or the unfamiliar ferocity of feelings, she fumbled at the buttons of his shirt until the last was undone. Then pushing the shirt off his shoulders, with her hands lingering over his skin as she chewed on her lip. It was amazing to see him this way! -06:23 Sep 01
[(Timeout) Damion has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:27 Sep 01
Damion: Once his shirt was gone he was pushing her pants down "Pants, I want them gone." he grabbed her hair to hold her in place as he pushed her up against the wall his pacience at zero as his ahdn already invaded her panties and he thrust a finger inside. -06:27 Sep 01
Leslie: Another surprised gasp as she squirmed between him and the wall. From reflex she was grabbing his arm, trying to at least stay focused enough to respond. "I- I can’t exactly take them off without moving…?" she murmured. Ooooh, this was insane. How could she want something so much. -06:34 Sep 01
Damion: He let her go and looping an arm around her legs to lift her and his other arm grabbing her shoulder put her on her back on the floor, then he was pulling off her socks nad shes followed bu her pants and panties then he did away with his own and looked down af her breathing hard. "You are not to make a sound." he said slowly as he leaned down to nip her right nipple. "If you do I will punish you." -06:37 Sep 01
Leslie: "Punish me?" That was supposed to come out with a lot more inquisitive force to it, but it sounded more like a sighing squeek! He could so easily pick her up and sling her around, Leslie was barely keeping up! Her hands gripped his shoulders, half pushing half squeezing as she squirmed to sit up. -06:45 Sep 01
Damion: "Thats a sound." he said dipping his finger again and rudding the front inner wall of her vagina and pushed her back down. "You’re staying right there until you’ve been punished." -06:47 Sep 01
Leslie: "Oh…!" What was she asking again? Leslie shifted her hips, pulling her legs together if only because staying still was impossible. Her whole body was tingling. "What do you mean punished?" He couldn’t spring stuff on her without her asking the details! -06:52 Sep 01
Damion: "Thats another." he ground his fingers harder against the wall though carefull not to press hard enough to danage it as his other hands pressed down on her chest and she he left her tensed he slowed, when he felt her relax her quickened. "I’f you make a noice I’ll make sure its you begging me to let you cum." -06:55 Sep 01
Leslie: "Hrmm..!" Another dirty promise, and she didn’t know if it scared her or if she would look forward to it! But she was biting her lip again as her eyes squeezed shut, at least -trying- to keep from groaning out loud. This was rough and all of her senses were burning in response. Leslie ran her hands down his arm, her grip tightening every moment he hit just the right nerve. -07:01 Sep 01
Damion: He loved this, the wet feeling of her on his fingers and when she was wet enough he lifted his hand from her chest and he pulled his hand out of her the grab her arms and pull her up with him as he stood. "Good Leslie, Now…" he pushed her back against the wall and his hand dropped to lift her leg and curl around her thigh to guide him as he pushed in. -07:08 Sep 01
Leslie: It was good he had a grip on her, cause Leslie wasn’t so sure she could stand. He had her head in such a rush, that she barely knew up from down. Another gasp slipped out, but this time she clamped her mouth shut. Her eyes were on him again with such a strange mixed expression of question and desire. If this was punishment, it sure didn’t feel like it! -07:13 Sep 01
Damion: He pushed her hard agaist the wall his entire body working immediatly. "You can make a sound now." he said in her ear. "I want to hear how much you love being fucked." he held her to him and bet her back against the wall. "From now on when you’re in an elevator, you’ll get wet for me instead of scared." -07:17 Sep 01
Leslie: Is that…? "Damion…" Oooh, he had no idea what that meant. It didn’t matter if it worked or not, he was doing this to help her and that was more sexy than any words or dirty things he did to her! Almost in an instant Leslie was throwing her arms around his neck, digging a hand in to his hair to drag his face to her. Capturing his mouth for an intense ravishing kiss. -07:22 Sep 01
Damion: He kissed her back pushing her head abck agaisnt the wall and pushing harder. She was so wet it was easy to push in and out and he parted his lips and teased hars with his tongue as he grunted. She was his… and he had been wanting this for what felt like too long. -07:27 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie responded so readily, opening her mouth to great him entrance and meeting his tongue with a flick of hers. Her fingers teased the back of his neck, ever so often clinging tight when a jolt of feeling would rush up her spine. Despite being pressed up agaist the wall, she didn’t feel close enough to him. It only took a hop to brace all her weight at her arms and wrap both her legs around his hips. -07:33 Sep 01
Damion: He responded to her being braced against him with an increase in pace and by grabbing her hair to pull her closer as his tongue slid against her and explored her mouth. He responded so willingly he just wanted to do more to her, make her his in every way. He was going to… "Oohhh yes.." he was. Right after… this… -07:38 Sep 01
Leslie: She was so gone, all that was left was feeling! That vibrating needy churning deep in her stomach that she just couldn’t seem to sate. Leslie drank him in, her touch being surprising gentle despite her rush to touch every part of him. And just when she was hoping it could last forever, she was gasping against his mouth. Dropping her head against his shoulder in an almost plaintive moan as her muscles tensed and her body seized and shuddered. -07:44 Sep 01
Damion: He thrust in harder his ahdns gripping her tight enough to bruise her skin and he groaned into her mouth his hips pushing hers agaisnt the wall hard enough for the metal to warp with a banging sound adn then he was done his lips clamped against hers…. What ws he planning to do next? Nuzzle her cheek? Can do… -07:48 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie winced just a bit, but that small ounce of pain was nothing compared to the euphoria washing through her. It was with nothing but affection that she brushed her hairs through his hair and kissed him again. A brilliant smile was on her face, but she couldn’t seem to find the right words. There was no way she’d step in to an elevator now and not think of this. -07:53 Sep 01
Damion: He let go of her hair and just mussing it up before he pulled away. He had cum inside her without a condom and that made him tilt his head, he’d order up a pill. "Now Leslie, I have something for you to do. Take out clothes, third buttom on the pannel just inside the door I will unlock for you will close all blinds inthe appartment, take our clothes up to ou.. my room and wait for me there, I need to get somethings…" -07:58 Sep 01
Leslie: "Do you want me to do all this naked…?" It was a fair question, but at the moment she was so light and pleased, Leslie was ready to do almost anything he asked her do. She was still smiling. -08:01 Sep 01
Damion: "Yes." he said. "Though I’d understand if you couldn’t, but I added that first step because I imagined you being naked when you did it." he moved away from her. "It saves me having to undress you a second time. Because you just prooved to me you can take a lot more than what I’ve been giving you. So I’ll be getting some things from my other room." -08:04 Sep 01
Leslie: "So business-like, Mr Rubrum." As business-like as it could be with him imagining her naked. She was flushing again and wanting to kick herself for it. They just made love in an elevator, there no sense in blushing now! Leslie quickly picked up all of their clothes. -08:07 Sep 01
Damion: "Then you’re my personal secretary." he teased. "I’ll be testing your oral skill next time you’re under review, and remember I like it when you kell me Mr. Rubrum, now get on your desk and get ready for some dicktation… overused I know but give me some credit. I just had great sex." he moved pasth her and out of the elevator and then waited at the door to punch in the code for her. -08:10 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie stared at him, appalled, for at least five seconds before she started laughing! "…no, nevermind! That was terrible." Terrible but amusing. She was next to him immediately, leaning up on her toes to kiss his cheek and grin at him. She was definitely looking forward to curling up in bed with him. -08:13 Sep 01
Damion: "It was meant to be." he said before kissing her back. and punching in the code. "Now third button, from the left ont he right wall, and to the bedroom. I won’t be five minutes." -08:14 Sep 01
Leslie: "As you wish." she teased, stepping away to do exactly what he asked. Prowling around someone else’s home naked was a little strange but she didn’t mind. At least until she was wondering if his staff had returned already. That’s when Leslie stopped taking her time to float around like a love-sick cloud, and very quickly hit the blinds button before escaping to his room. When she dropped their clothes on to a chair she was facscinated watching the close. Through the whole place with one button? That was kind of amazing! -08:19 Sep 01
Damion: He slipped out after her, watching her as he made his way in the opposite riredtion and disappeared into the other door closing it behind him and slipping into his office and dialing a number. "Yes, Rubrum. Mornign after pill and a course of regulars for a lady friend. This afrernoon. A pleasure, see you then." That was business down, naked, felt odd but suited tha nature of the business and discression was guarenteed. Then he was slipping out of the offive to get a spreader bar, a pair of fabric-strap cuffs, a strip or cloth and a short soft baton similar to a riding crop. Yes Lesie, time to see what you could take. -08:29 Sep 01
Leslie: The room was dim now, save for a bedside lamp. It wasn’t exactly the most homey of places, but when she pounced in to bed and curled up with a pillow it smelled like him. When Jade came to mind again, Leslie was quickly scrambling out of bed to grab for her phone. She wasn’t sure when she left it in there, but misplacing things was something she did often. Ugh…! Leslie groaned at the few messages Jade already left. Moving her fingers quickly she sent Jade a quick text. I’M FINE! Having the best date ever! Tell you about it when I get home! There! Conscience cleared! -08:34 Sep 01
Damion: He slid open the door and walked insid the metal of the spreader bar tapping against his thigh. "Leslie." he said with a smile. "Are you ready for round two?" he was grinning wide as he seperated the spreader from the rest and held it up. "Do you know what this is?" -08:38 Sep 01
Leslie: Round two! So soon? And here Leslie thought a nap was in order. She set down her phone, curling her arms around herself as she eyed the bar dubiously. "No, not really…" Curiosity killed the cat… Leslie was really hoping that phrase wasn’t true! -08:42 Sep 01
Damion: He took it in both hands putting the other thinsg aside and leaning close to her. Its a spreader bar." he lifted one of the straps on the ends. "Thos goes arounf one arm or leg, asn the other on the other side goes on the other. I want you to kneel with your legs apart so I can put it on you." -08:46 Sep 01
Leslie: …this she wasn’t so sure about. Being restrained. Trapped. Her fingers tapped against her arm as she chewed on her lip with indecision. This was one of those control and trust things, wasn’t it? "And if I don’t like it, I can tell you to stop and you will stop?" -09:00 Sep 01
Damion: He placed it down on the bed and leaned in close to kiss her softly. "Yes, you can trust me Leslie." he rubbed the back of her neck. "Just say the word and I’ll stop and release you, no questions asked, no punishment given." -09:03 Sep 01
Leslie: Trust was fine for everything else, but this felt almost too far! ….yet there was that wicked, unexplored part of her that really, really wanted to try that out. Even her imagination was going in to over-drive trying to picture all the interesting ways he could..! Leslie finally nodded slowly. "Okay. I trust you." -09:10 Sep 01
Damion: He moves away from her. "Then get up and kneel and face away from me." he said. "I’ll explain everything as I do it." he cleared a space in front of himself for her. "I won’t be doing anything too drastic for your first time." No promises for getting carried away though. -09:18 Sep 01
Leslie: Suddenly the atmosphere of the room felt so different! Her hands gripped and ran through the hair at her shoulder for a moment, before she finally slipped off the bed. If she bit her lip any harder it was going to bleed, so she wound up biting her tongue instead. She did as he asked though, feeling oddly meek as she knelt in front of him. Casting a quick look over her shoulder at him. "Okay?" -09:22 Sep 01
Damion: He placed his hands on her shoulders to feel the tention in them. "You need to relax." he said rubbing then gently before brushign her hair over her shoulder and away from her back and picking up the bar. "I’m putting it just above the knee." he said. "The keeps it far enough down so that it doesn’t get in the way bet there is no chance of it wrneching your knee." he kissed her shoulder softly, the last sign of gentle affection he’d show her until this was done as he did up the strap then moved her legs into positoin to do up the other on. "What this does Leslie, is keep your legs apart." he circles his hand around to her front to rub her softly. "So I can do what I want without you closing your legs. Are you okay with that?" -09:28 Sep 01
Leslie: Relax! Leslie took in a deep breath and tried to relax. For him to do whatever he wanted, and her to not be able to do anything back. This was an alarming thought, but she wasn’t sure if it was because it sounded scary or alluring. Leslie nodded again, biting her tongue to still her nerves. -09:35 Sep 01
Damion: His hand moved from her stomach down to her crost to grind his palm against it. "I did ask you a question." he said "You havn’t answered. -09:37 Sep 01
Damion: His hand moved from her stomach down to her crost to grind his palm against it. "I did ask you a question." he said "You havn’t answered." he moved his hand away and then moved away himself. "So this is where I would normally punish you." he smacked the batom against his hand. "But I will just carry on since you didn’t say the word. Which for tonight will be rosemary. Do not ask why." -09:40 Sep 01
Leslie: She gasped when he gripped her. Her hand dropping to grab his from reflex, but he was gone just as quick. That mix of desire and sudden need to rise to a challenge was a potent combination! This was a challenge a test of her… well, whatever he was aiming to test. And it was sexy as hell! Leslie quieted that inner doubt she had to finally take another good look at him. "What’s next?" The question was meant to sound defiant, but it mostly just came off as curious! -09:44 Sep 01
Damion: "Next…" He said. "Put your hands behind your back." He was still behind her and let a hand glide up her back. "You have a wonderful skin tone, I wish you wouldn’t hide it." -09:48 Sep 01
Leslie: "People would see." she muttered, her cheeks were burning again, though this time she was pleased with the compliment. She must have trusted him more than she thought, because she hadn’t even thought twice about her scars. Leslie put her hands behind her back. -09:52 Sep 01
Damion: He fastened the cuffs around her wrists then pressed up against her from behind a hand coming around to massage her breast, pulling on the nipple and kneeding it’s shape. "Good point, I don’t like to share." -09:56 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie tested the cuffs. Seeing how much she could move or twist, or if her hands would come free. No budging. And it was harder with her legs pushed apart! But ooh… his hands on her. She leaned back against him, her spine bending just enough to push her breast farther in to his hand. She could still move a little! -09:59 Sep 01
Damion: He smiled and moved hsi ahdn to the other breast his other hand coming around to her iiner thigh to rub there. "I like how you react." he whispered. "Now I’m going to spank you, with my hand." his voice was a whisper. "But first I need to ask you a question. I know how you are in enclosed spaces. But would you mind if I blindfolded you?" he wouldn’t normally ask since it would have been agreed to or veetoed beforehand but Leslie hadn’t doen that with anything so he had to ask." -10:03 Sep 01
Leslie: "I said I trusted you. I can try it." The thought scared the hell out of her, being immobile and in the dark. But it was about trust and she really wouldn’t know until she did it. …it was the other part that bothered her more. "Is it going to hurt? Spanking me?" -10:07 Sep 01
Damion: "Yes." he said "It will. But it maked the feelings that follow more intence and adds a little extra adrenline to your system." he dipped a finger inside her and put his lips next to her ear. "This is another think I’ve been wanting to do with you." his hands lingered for another second before they slid away from her and he reached over to pick up the blindfold and put if over her eyes and pull it into place being carely not to let her hair get caught as he tied it in place. -10:12 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie doubted she needed any more adrenaline in her system. Her heart was pounding so hard she could almost hear it. The anticipation was what killed her, and that seemed to heighten all the worse once she could no longer see. She focused on the sound of his breathing as she bit her lip again and squirmed against the restraints again. "I’m nervous… but it isn’t so bad." she mumbled, if only to comfort herself with the thought! -10:19 Sep 01
Damion: "Good." he said before movign away and takign hodl of her shoulder to bend her over forwards agaians the bed her knees still on the matress and her rear in the air. Then his hadn was on her ass rubbing it, cupping it, caressing it. "It feels good, firm, I want it firmer." he pulled his hand away and then let it slap against her cheek and then rub again. "How was that?" -10:23 Sep 01
Leslie: This position was so embarrassingly awkward! And her yelp was more from being startled from the sound than the sting itself. Leslie mulled over it, debating whether or not she would let this continue! He wanted this… "Not so bad." she repeated the phrase, still not sounding so sure about it herself. -10:27 Sep 01
Damion: He repeated the process, then moved her hand up her side as he moved closer. "You’re doing well." he said cupping her side with his and and then moving up behind her. "Leslie, looking down at you like that it worse than you messing with your hair, yes that turns me on, and I don’t think I can wait much longer." he didn’t soind very desperate or impacient but presign his tip against her spoke louder then his words. "Do you want me to stop?" -10:33 Sep 01
Leslie: The second time was a wince and she still wasn’t so sure about it. …but it wasn’t terrible! Messing with her hair turned him on? She really wanted to ask about that, but he was pressing up against her while she was so exposed. That seemed to send a jolt right through her, and she was squirming uncomfortably again. The sound that slipped past her lips was definitely not a complaint. "No… don’t stop." -10:37 Sep 01
Damion: He smiled and put a hand on her back to hold her down and then push into her his other hadn on her hit to keep it in place. "Then I won’t." the grin could be heard in his voice along with trace amounts of when it felt like to push agaist her, slowly, taking his time and davoring every sensation. -10:39 Sep 01
Leslie: Oh christ, she was going to die. Her teeth sank in to her lip, only barely muffling that slow moan. This was so…! Her thighs flexed and of course she couldn’t move her legs. Did she even want to? Immobile and unable to see, all she had was the sensation. Stroking and agonizing… and erotically amazing! And too slow! It was with a plaintiff sound that she squirmed her backside against him. -10:46 Sep 01
Damion: He grinned wider moving faster and pulling her hips closer to himself. "Make that sound again." he pushed deep into her then slowed down to grind against her, taking his time to build her up again. -10:53 Sep 01
Leslie: "Oh gods, don’t stop!" Which sound! Her complaint was definitely pouting, almost even a growl! Did he know what this did?! Leslie was gasping, opening and closing her hands in to fists, wishing she could just wrap herself around him! This was torture and she hated it, adored it… couldn’t seem to stop herself from moaning. "Damion, please…!" -10:59 Sep 01
Damion: He moved a fraction faster, almosy too small to be noticed, was in on purpose? In responce to her plea? "Please Mr. Rubrum, what?" his voice was charged and expectant, "Tell me what you want Leslie." he stratche her hip lightly with the nail of his index finger the rest of the finger still gripping her. -11:02 Sep 01
Leslie: Was he serious! How was she even supposed to think like this! Leslie growled, just barely twisting in his grip. "Faster." This time it wasn’t a pleading request, but a frustrated demand! It was too much at once, she couldn’t take much more. Every little sensation was all consuming and driving her mad! -11:08 Sep 01
Damion: He stopped, and pulled out, then checkled. "Are you making demands now?" he asked, amused grabbign her by the shoulder and turning her over. "I’m the one who get to do that." the grabbed her legs and lifted them to brace then against his chest then pushe themup furnther curling her back and brining her up to him. "Now I could do anal from this position…" he mused. "But that is outside my limits. I’ll take oral, and vaginal, but not anal." he moved his tip up to her. "Do you want to ask that again?" -11:15 Sep 01
Leslie: He stopped and Leslie could have cried…! Her face was flushed again from teh exertion, the denial… and then that small spot of irritation that seemed to fuel her need to challenge him. She wasn’t even meaning to! "I said faster." she repeated. Although this time it didn’t quite have that same force with it. She was breathless, chest heaving and just wished she could see his expression…! -11:21 Sep 01
Damion: He placed a hand on her chin. "You’re defying me." he pointed out. "So.." he rolled her legs to the side and then bent them almost all the way to her chest and pushed in with her on her side. "I’ll fuck you hard, and the next time I’m in you. You will be in my other room." Still insied her he undid the cuffe behind her back and pulled her arms roughly in fron ot her to loop the chain arougn the spreader bar and recuff her. "Now, faster." -11:26 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie was gasping again, and these positions were really testing the stretchability of her limbs! His words both frightened and aroused her… confused her! But he was in her again and this time it was even more difficult for her to move. She wasn’t sure she could take it again! -11:34 Sep 01
Damion: He pulled her hips back up ioff the bed and pushed hard, his pelvis pounding against hers. If she wanted faster he would give her every ounch he had. Though he had to wonder how she would react to his room. -11:40 Sep 01
Leslie: This was what she asked for… maybe too much of what she asked for! It shouldn’t have felt good, but it hit her so deep and she just couldn’t hold on anymore! When it came, it was a violent rush of feeling. Shaking her and making her tighten, clench, and even cry. She cried out his name in a plea of surrender! -11:47 Sep 01
Damion: He kept going mercilessly, she wanted faster she would take faster, he didn’t climax, not yet but with a grunt of effort carried on his hold back on her hip to grip it firmly. "Again Leslie, cum aagain and scream…" he was so close… -11:50 Sep 01
Leslie: Again..! Before she begged him to keep going, now she was wanting to beg him to stop! Overwhelming and consuming, every little muscle was still throbbing. Leslie turned her face in to the sheets, biting her lip hard enough that she could almost taste blood. She strained against the cuffs as the pressure built again. Her shout coming out as a surprised gasp, when her whole body seemed to spasm. -12:00 Sep 01
Damion: He grabbed her shoulder and squeezed as he climaxed and then fell next to herhis panting breath washing over her face as he lay there. "I like it when you scream." he said his ahdn glidin up the back of her neck and tatchign the tie of the blindfold to pull it off. Then he was undoing the straps of the spreader bar and pulling that away too, and finally the cuffs came off. "Next time, my room, my rules, if this is something you want to explore further. But you’ve tired me out… that nap sounds good." -12:05 Sep 01
King of Fools

King of Fools 012: Breakfast

[Leslie is asleep in someone else’s bed. That’s new!] -05:02 Aug 29
[Damion has someon else in his bed in the morning. That’s new.] -05:04 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie slept well and slept deep. Who wouldn’t after an evening of wine and exercise? She was still sleeping, curled up warm and comfortable with a pillow and a person. If she knew there were a dozen messages waiting on her phone, she might’ve been a little quicker to roll out of bed. -05:07 Aug 29
Damion: He was facing away from her and had his head on his pillow. Still completely naked but covered in a blanket he stired and rolled forward onto his stomach then propped himself up to look at her. She still looked to be asleep so he leaned forwards and kissed her forehead and then brushed his fingers across it. She really was pretty. -05:12 Aug 29
Leslie: Something tickling her forehead was met with a lazy and gentle swat of her hand. Then a moment of sleepy grumbling and confusion. Even being half asleep, she was naturally drawn towards warmth. So she tilted and scooted until she was snuggling up against him and burying her face at his chest. -05:18 Aug 29
Damion: He brushed her hair with his hand and lay there with her before he pulled the blanker over his shoulder and boved his hand down to rub her side. "Morning." he whispered softly wondering fow awake she was. -05:21 Aug 29
Leslie: "Hate mornings." she murmured. …usually! Leslie was barely awake and vaguely aware that this morning she wasn’t alone. She had spent the night with Damion Rubrum. This had her softly grinning and making no effort to move. "Maybe not this morning." -05:28 Aug 29
Damion: "Well this morning you’re going to have to help me cook breakfast." he said still making no move to get up. "You do want to eat don’t you? It’s the most important meal of the day you know. And it just to happens I can make waffles, if they’re in the freezer, which they are." -05:30 Aug 29
Leslie: "Is it making waffles if it’s from the freezer?" she teased. Leslie was famished, but the thought of getting up… kinda sucked! And now that her body was waking up too, she was finding herself feeling a little stiff and a little sore. Leslie nuzzled against his shoulder and sighed. "No fancy rich guy super powers to summon breakfast in bed?" -05:37 Aug 29
Damion: "You know its just us here untill noon, if it wasn’t I could do just that and it would be a better breakfast than frozen waffles." and he should stop talkign about waffles sincce doing so make his stomach rumble. "And if you want to make them from sscratch then you’re welcome to." -05:42 Aug 29
Leslie: "Then I will make you breakfast, Mr. Rubrum. As soon as I decide to get out of bed." Leslie finally tilted back, taking her first real look at him since the previous evening. His hair was all tousled and messy and she couldn’t resist reaching up to fix it. -05:46 Aug 29
Damion: As she was fixing his hair he leaned down and kissed her lips softly. "I don’t mind waiting with you here until you do decide." and then he was rubbing her side again and tickling it with his nail and grinning. She was his and he was looking forwards to her in his other room, if she agreed. -05:48 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie giggled, reaching down to grip his hand. She had been so afraid this would be awkward and weird, but it was nice. Amazing nice! Leslie was grinning wide. "What do you think about dates now?" -05:55 Aug 29
Damion: "Dates?" he asked almost incredulously. "I brought you back here, impressed you with my lounge clutter, brought you upstairs and made you stay until morning. That sounds less like a date and more the thing people regret with only a little less wine." he was teasing her of couse and showed it b brushing his lips against her forehead. "What do you think of it?’ -05:59 Aug 29
Leslie: "You didn’t make me stay." she knew he was teasing but… that part was important! It was hard to keep a straight and serious face, though, with soft kisses. Leslie was in danger of becoming smitten if this kept up. "It was more than I expected. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again." There was that cheeky grin. -06:02 Aug 29
Damion: "I was already planning on it." he said, "Right after breakfast if you don’t ahve anything you need to get back to." he smiled down at her and sighed. "ANd I know you stayed because you wanted to, I made sure you did." -06:07 Aug 29
Leslie: "You made sure, huh?" she was grinning wider now. Leslie leaned up on her elbows to plant a kiss on his cheek. "I could spend the day with you. If you don’t throw me out after I make a mess in your kitchen." -06:11 Aug 29
Damion: "I’m not cleaning it up so as long as you don’t start a fire I’m sure we’ll be fine." he slide his hand down to her hip and then all the wa up to pull it out from under the blanket and pul lightly on her chin. "What do you feel like making?" -06:13 Aug 29
Leslie: It was really really hard not to look completely smitten, or lean to steal a kiss. Who knew simple touches would feel so great? "Waffles, pancakes, french toast…? The better question is what do you want for breakfast, Mr. Rubrum?" Hard to resist… Leslie reached a hand up to delicately brush her fingers over his neck. She could steal a little time before rolling out of bed and facing reality again. -06:19 Aug 29
Damion: "All of the above not an option?" he asked almost completely seriously. "I like a big breakfast, with coffee, and the world news. Something nice anf filling to keep me going the whole day or at least until lunch." -06:21 Aug 29
Leslie: "I can do that… extra mess in the kitchen!" Why did she ever think that serious face was intimidating? Or maybe it was just the setting that had her a little biased. Leslie threw out caution and went with impulse when she tossed her arms around his neck and kissed him. She wanted that since the moment she opened her eyes! -06:25 Aug 29
Damion: He kissed ehr back and place his and on the back of her neck to keep her there as he pushed his lips into hers and then nipped her lower lip. "I don’t mind a little more mess so long as I get to watch you cook." -06:27 Aug 29
Leslie: "Careful, I might make you help…" One more kiss. A soft nibble accompanied by the brush of her hands against his cheeks. If it weren’t for her growling stomach, she might have abandoned breakfast all together and begged him to stay in bed all day. Leslie finally broke away, biting her lip as she leaned and looked for where her clothes had been tossed. She finally just opted for snatching his shirt off the floor. -06:33 Aug 29
Damion: He threw the blacnket off of himself and stood moving over to the dest of drawers to pull it open and get a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that he hadn’t worn in ages. Then he was opening the bedroom door and moving down the stairs and into the lounge. Okay maybe this shirt was a mistake, he didn’t even listen to this band anymore. "So you think I’d be willing to herlp?" he was teasing again and catching her on the stairs for another quick kiss. "We -06:38 Aug 29
Damion: He threw the blacnket off of himself and stood moving over to the dest of drawers to pull it open and get a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that he hadn’t worn in ages. Then he was opening the bedroom door and moving down the stairs and into the lounge. Okay maybe this shirt was a mistake, he didn’t even listen to this band anymore. "So you think I’d be willing to herlp?" he was teasing again and catching her on the stairs for another quick kiss. "We’ll see." he was grinning wider. "I’ll get the coffee." -06:39 Aug 29
Leslie: Kissing a man on the stairs wearing nothing but his shirt last night… she was just wracking up points today on why she suddenly liked mornings. Leslie flicked gently at his hair. "You don’t have to be willing!" A teasing grin, and she was bouncing for his kitchen. He wanted a sizable breakfast… thank goodness cooking stuff was one of her million and one experiments. -06:44 Aug 29
Damion: "Oh so thats how it is. You’re going to forse me to do things after I specifically didn’t to so to you?" he followed after her and pilled up the coffe machine with water and putting it on. "Well Leslie, I suppose it is me who should have been warned about you. You make rich men cook for themselves. You despicable feind." -06:48 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie laughed out loud. The image of her being the fiend really didn’t come off quite as well in her imagination! "Maybe I am teaching you valuable life skills, in case you get lost in the wild?" She got stuck watching him for a moment before she remember she was the one who was supposed to be cooking. Leslie snooped around in his pantry and fridge, digging out everything she found interesting. "If you want to sit and reach your paper that is fine… but you have to tell me more about the Mysterious History of Mister Damion Rubrum." -06:55 Aug 29
Damion: "I won’t get lost in the wilderness." he said. "My wristwatch has a built in AM frequency emergency beacon that will lead recuers right to me, and has a two thousand dollar fine if I set it off without being in an eergency. Pilots use them which is why survival movies don’t know what they’re talkign about." he was grinning at her wider now. "So if you’re flying, stick close to me." -06:59 Aug 29
Leslie: She was pausing again, right in the middle of opening a container of flour and looking a little surprise. "you know… I am not even going to ask how much something like that costs! Do you go flying places that often to really need it?" That or… he was really that paranoid about getting lost. She remembered how uncomfortable he was at the river. Leslie resumed what she was doing. "I’ve never been on a plane before. I’m not really afraid of heights, but it’s still kinda way up there." -07:03 Aug 29
Damion: "I fly all over the country." he said. "In fact I”ll be in New York next month from the 14th t the 18th, back here on the 19th, keep your callender clear." he pressed the button and then leaned against the counter and watched her. "I’d like you to go with me." -07:07 Aug 29
Leslie: "Go with you to New York?" Another surprise, and this time she nearly dropped the sugar. She managed to make a good save and get everything back on the counter where it belong. "What sort of trip is it..?" Leslie wasn’t sure what freaked her out more, the thought of a plane… or the fact that she really didn’t care what the trip was for, she wanted to go! -07:14 Aug 29
Damion: "A fundraiser, they want a show of faces for a cause, I’ll be writing a check, quite a fancy dinner, then I though I’d stay a couple of extra days hoping you’d be there too." he was nervous, strangly, "You can think of it as an extended date?" one he could enjoy. -07:16 Aug 29
Leslie: It was impossible to contain her sudden grin, so she just kept focusing on mixing ingredients in a bowl while she smiled like an idiot. "You are asking me out for a second date." Which meant she was not the only one smitten with last night. …or was he smitten? She stole a quick look at him. -07:23 Aug 29
Damion: He was watching her carefully trying to gauge her reaction, though that smile her him cracking one too. "Yes, yes I am." he said. "I’ll have the finest hotel room, take you wherever we choose to go and for the event itself, well, I believe I can get something made for you." he was rubbing his chin and looking at her gauging her size. "So, will you be my date on thise trip? There are people available for hire, profesional escorts but I’d much rather take my girlfriend."" -07:30 Aug 29
Leslie: Girlfriend! Now her cheeks hurt from teh grinning. She was someone’s girlfriend. She was hiding her face again by digging for a pan and making sure it was heating up. "I don’t need anything made for me, I can always borrow some of Jade’s clothes." -07:43 Aug 29
Damion: He shook his head. "You underestimate the occasion." he said "But you’ll only find out why if you agree to go." he folded his arms and flashed her a grin. "I don’t think even Jade has anything.. apropriate. I myself have several to choose from. You, you will choose your own too." he was grinning already plannign of calling in a desighned for Leslie to talk to about a dress to make for her, expence would be no issue. "If you’re going with me I need to make sure you look the part, and you will be.. exquisite, not that you’re not when you’re in nothing but my shirt and with your hair messed up like that."" -07:49 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie look down at his shirt, that grin of hers fading to a more shy and anxious expression. She had been so wrapped up in him that she forgot all about how showing so much skin bothered her. "I wouldn’t have to wear a dress would I? I’m not really good with dresses." She cast him another quick look, finding his expression interesting… but suspicious! -07:54 Aug 29
Damion: "Don’t worry, I think of everything." he said moving slowly up next to her and leaning down to nip her ear. "You’re gorgious and don’t ever things otherwise." itwas a hissed whisper but it still bore the tone of a command. "You’ll be fine." -07:56 Aug 29
Leslie: With a soft smile she turned and leaned just out of reach. "I’m not sure I believe you, but I’ll find out? And we’ll see about a dress too. That’s still up for debate! And if you want your breakfast actually cooked, you should distract me in the kitchen." -08:00 Aug 29
Damion: "You’ll come with me. If you say that look on your face when I first asked you’d know that too." he moved away from her just latting his ahnd trai across her lower back. "I’ll get you a ticket." he grabbed the coffee pot and a traw with mugs and sugar and got the milk from the fridge and headed for the breakfast table. "Will you be staying for lunch too?" -08:03 Aug 29
Leslie: Damn. Leave it to her over expressive face to give everything she thought away. …which left her wondering just how easy it was for him to tell when she was thinking dirty stuff too. Some thoughts were coming to mind right now as she bit her lip and got busy with pouring batter for pancakes. "If I say I wouldn’t mind staying the night again, would that count as continuing the same date or starting a new one?" -08:09 Aug 29
Damion: "So long as you don’t leave in between I think its the same date, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go somwhere nice." he said "There will be plenty of time for sex if you’re staying." he was grinning too as he pored his coffee. "Some place with dancing?" -08:13 Aug 29
Leslie: With such a casual mention of sex, she was turning red again. Maybe he really could read everything on her face. "Dancing would be fun. Or even going to the park for a walk. Or a ride on your bike!" Would give her the perfect excuse to hang on to him all day. Her fingers were itchy for touching! -08:22 Aug 29
Damion: "So now you like my bike?: he askes watching her. "Its not a scary mass of matal just waiting to trhow you off as soon as you least expect it?" he took a sip of coffee and grinned at her. "I’d be more than happy to take you for a ride." -08:24 Aug 29
Leslie: "You kinda make it sound like a horse. ….can you ride horses, Mr. Rubrum?" Drinking his coffee and grinning at her, she could imagine him wearing a cowboy hat and covered in dirt and riding a horse. Leslie flipped finished pancakes on to a plate.. next was… eggs and bacon! -08:29 Aug 29
Damion: "Oooh…" he said sloly "Haven’t done that in a long time." he aterted his eyes in remeberence, "I suppose I could but I’d be rubbish at it. I like my machines." he looked back at her. "I was knocked over by a horse when I was little, took me a long time to trust them again, still don’t really." -08:32 Aug 29
Leslie: "You know what they say about horses!" she chimed, casting him a wickedly wide grin. It didn’t matter whether or not he was good at it. Now she had a very concrete fantasy about him and horse riding! "I haven’t ridden horses yet either. …Actually now that I think about it, there’s a lot of things I haven’t done even for all the stuff I have." Leslie was tapping her chin with her spatula as she thought it over. Maybe she should write a list. -08:34 Aug 29
Damion: "Plannign on spending all my money living every fantasy you’ve ever had?" he asked lookign at her. "And what do they say about horses I don’t pay attention. Something about leading them to water? Looking them on mouths…." he took another sip and looked at her. "If you want a pony from me you’re going to have to build your own stable." -08:37 Aug 29
Leslie: "Mr. Rubrum I have absolutely no interest in your money at all!" she said with a haughty expression! Something to hide the fact she was thinking dirty again. No, it definitely wasn’t the money that had daydreaming all sorts of things to do with him. Oh look, she was still cooking! "And I meant, you get back on the horse after you fall off." A little stir in her pan, then she was stepping close to him and stealing his coffee for a sip. -08:42 Aug 29
Damion: "I wan’t on the horse I was trying to feed it." he said going back to his coffee. "It lifted it’s head and hit me right in the face." he was arguin thechnicalities, sure, but it was true. "And if I retried everythign that threw me I’d have finish colledge and not be here, with you, so I have no regrets about my life choices right now. Smells good by the way." -08:45 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie had completely succeeded in stealing his cup of coffee and was sipping from it with a grin once back on her pan. "Details, details! I think horses are worth extra chances, though. And maybe I’ll ride an elevator when you’re not there to hold my hand?" Leslie fetched a couple of extra plates out of the cabinet. She had turned around opening random cabinets at least twice trying to remember where they were, despite having grabbed one earlier! -08:50 Aug 29
Damion: He pored himself another mug and sipped that one. "Horses, are we really talking about horses? I think I have some…" he strewed up his forehead in thought. "Or I own a company that owns a company that has them. Don’t ask me where they are though." he sipped again. "I do remember Fat Bastard though, that was his name, a retired racing horse…" he stopped talking. "What exactly is going though your mind?" -08:54 Aug 29
Leslie: She was dividing food on to two plates and paused to tilt her head and think about it. What -wasn’t- going through her head at the moment? There was an enigmatic smile thrown at him. "I was thinking about skipping breakfast and giving -you- a ride, but then the little Jade in my head suggesting it started squealing. …and now I am wondering why I even said that outloud to begin with. Hungry?" -08:57 Aug 29
Damion: "Food, then sex." he said. "If you’re staying here all day you’ll need your energy. And yes, very." he moved the coffee aside to allow her to put his plate down. And he was sliming all to much. "I think I like how your mind works." -09:00 Aug 29
Leslie: "I’m glad… because I’m not very good at the flirting stuff." she mumbled a little sheepishly and handed him a fork. "I’m sure your other breakfast guests were good at eye batting, but I doubt they’re as good at cooking as me!" -09:04 Aug 29
Damion: "I didn’t have breakfast with them." he said flatly. "Lunch, rarely, but not breakfast." he was eying her again. "And I am a master of the flirtasious arts my words etching tapestries or desire and secudtion across the air and ether ensnaring hearts and weaving dreams to my evey command." he was being sarcastic but his tone and face were deadpan. "No, I like breakfast alone." -09:07 Aug 29
Leslie: Her fork was still in her mouth as she took a bite. Leslie couldn’t tell if he were serious or sarcastic… but either way, he was really good at pretty words. …which left a very small worried part of her wondering if this was all just him weaving her around his finger. That maybe Jade was right and she was a virgin sacrifice to a dungeon master. "Liked breakfast alone, like sleeping alone.. …until now?" -09:11 Aug 29
Damion: "You learn fast." he said movign a peice of bacon on top of a pancace and cutting of a chunk of both and chewing. "Start my morning alone, stay focused on what I need to do, get it done, come home and relax. I can’t focus when theres a girl who I don’t really want to spend the rest of my life with hinting at just that, whichh is what one kept doing… But I think she loved me buying shing things for her more than she did me, and I didn’t love her. So… " he shrugged and took anothe mouthful realizing he was doing a lot of talking and stopping. -09:17 Aug 29
Leslie: What was she learning though? Aside from him not trusting -anything- but, here he was with her doing something he claimed he never did. …And Leslie was debating whether or not she was really, really happy about it or if she was a little suspicious. She was eating, though, and it was really hard to ignore the fact she was just a tiny bit infatuated and more than willing to repeat last evening all over again. Leslie very suddenly grinned. "Sooo… now you have a girlfriend. Are you regretting that?" -09:22 Aug 29
Damion: "If I did you wouldn’t be here." a simple statement "I don’t keep things that I regret. Keeps life simple, so no, no regrets." he ate more, it was good. "Especially not with a breakfast like this or a smile like yours. Its a good thing you signed that NDA or Jade would a story on her hands." -09:26 Aug 29
Leslie: Pleased with the compliment, Leslie was giving him a big wide smirk. "Oh really! Jade doesn’t go printing stories about the typical date. Were you planning to do something truely wicked and newsworthy to me today?" Maybe she could flirt a little… the look she was casting over her stolen coffee was definitely suggestive! -09:30 Aug 29
Damion: "I keep tellign you you’re not going into that room again until you have a better idea of what sex is, though you should have a pretty good idea now, theres still a few more steps." he was grinning right back at her. "I was suprisingly easy on you last night." -09:32 Aug 29
Leslie: That piqued her interest! The minute her plate was clean, she took it to the sink to rinse. But still giving him a look over her shoulder. "How many steps are there… and that was ‘going easy’? You’re impossibly good at being very vague…" -09:36 Aug 29
Damion: "How many there are depends on how well you do and if you even want to continue." he said scewering th elast peice of bacom on his fork and eating it before he stood to bring his plate over. "Whever you want to go to the next step, you just tell me." -09:40 Aug 29
King of Fools

King of Fools 011: Sharing the Bed

[Damion thinks its time for the sports car, and his choice of venue, his home.] -03:26 Aug 15
[Leslie and Jade are at least on talking terms now, even if Jade isn’t happy about this new ‘dating’ development.] -03:29 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie was dressed in a pair of pants and a long sleeved dark blue blouse. SHE thought it was proper date clothes, even if Jade reluctantly grumbled that she should be wearing a dress. Even though Jade apologized for kinda being a bitch lately, she still wasn’t keen on Leslie seeing Mister Damion Rubrum. “I lost my phone again! Have you seen it?” Leslie was fussing about. Jade picked the phone up out of an empty box of popcorn and tossed it at her. “Try not to lose it while you’re out. I’m going to text you like… every two hours and if you don’t respond I’m calling the cops.” Leslie rolled her eyes as she stuffed her phone in to a pocket. “I’m not twelve, and you’re definitely not my mom. Relax, okay? I’ll let you know how things turn out.” -03:36 Aug 15
Damion: The breaks sounded outside as the low-slung sportscar came to a stop. He didn’t sound the horn, he never did, but he did get ut and lean against the car waiting if any face appeared at the window. He had everything planned out and nothing could go wrong. Rob had the day off, the kitches was stocked and Leslie had said she could cook. They would make their own food! -03:40 Aug 15
Leslie: Jade heard the car first and wandered to the window to look. Leslie knew who it was just by the way Jade was scowling. “He doesn’t even come to the door. What kind of jerk just sits out there with his car?” Leslie grabbed her jacket and pulled it on. “The kind that waits outside like I asked him to, because my roommate has been a little homicidal lately? See you later, Jade!” A quick grin, despite Jade looking unamused, Leslie exited out the door. Her hands in her pockets as she greeted Mister Rubrum with a huge grin. “I’m free and without a tracking device strapped to me. Where will we be going?” -03:46 Aug 15
Damion: “I aren’t allowed to give you surprises?” he asked getting back in and closing his door. “We’re going to my place, we have privacy and enough in the fridge for you to make anything you want, with my help. If thats okay with you.” -03:50 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie cast a careful examining look at him after she climbed in to the car and buckled her seatbelt. This was his control thing, maybe? He didn’t like dates, home would be a safe place. She just nodded with a smile. “I can’t say I am an amazing chef, but I like to think I’m creative in a kitchen.” -03:55 Aug 15
Damion: He smiled. “Well if we can’t cook anythign I know the number of an amazinf pizza place that belived 24 hours a day.” he said before pulling out into the street and pointing them out of town and towards the city. “WHy do you always look at me like that? Like you’re thinking…” -03:58 Aug 15
Leslie: “I am thinking. I didn’t realize you could see it on my face, though.” She pressed her hands against her cheeks as if that was going to smooth out whatever expression she was making. Leslie tilted to see if she could catch the reflection in the window. “I was just wondering what you were thinking. Not that believe you have hidden motives or anything, I’d just like to know you better.” -04:02 Aug 15
Damion: “I’m good at reading people.” he said putning his attention back to the road. “And who said I’m thinkign anything, I just picked you up. If you don’t want a quiet evening then we could talk about somewhere else to go?” -04:04 Aug 15
Leslie: “I love the idea of a quiet evening, don’t go second guessing it.” Leslie grinned. She wasn’t so sure if he was good at reading people, or if it was just her that he seemed to have problems with. “You know, not everything I say is trying to be contrary. Sometimes I’m just curious.” -04:08 Aug 15
Damion: “i was offering out of courtesy. Its our first actual date date. So it should be memorable.” he stole a glance at her. “I’m not very practiced in this.” -04:11 Aug 15
Leslie: “You don’t have to worry so much. If it helps, the guy is supposed to choose the first date stuff anyway!” First date. It was really hard for Leslie not to grin wider. Even though she had a twinge of nerves and was more than a little worried that the entire night would go up in flames… she was thrilled. A first date in a really, really long time. -04:15 Aug 15
Damion: “Well then, my place for a home cooked meal, even if its not be doing all the cooking.” that settled that. “I have nice chardonnay and you will have a glass. You want to get to know me so where better than my own home with just the two of us? Perfect for talking.” -04:19 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie wanted to mimic the phrase, ‘You will have a glass.’ but she wasn’t so sure he’d see the humor in it. She just turned her head to grin at him instead. “And to get us started… to you cook often yourself? Or does Mister Butlawyer do the cooking for you too?” -04:23 Aug 15
Damion: “He does all the cooking, I can’t cooked since colledge and even then it was just the pure basics, nothing to write home about. Well we are a pair, I guess we’ll be taking cooking classes together or something. Beofre leaving for colledge i was better at baking than I was at cooking.” -04:26 Aug 15
Leslie: “Baking is my undoing…” Leslie kind of liked the idea of taking cooking classes together. And the fact he was thinking about future things for them to do had her grinning far too wide. “You realize, we’re going to make a huge mess in your kitchen. Are you ready for that, Mr Rubrum?” -04:32 Aug 15
Damion: “You forget.. I have a “Butlawyar” to clean up if needed. And yes I realize. But its going to be fun, isn’t it?” he looked ahead at the road and drummed his fingers on the wheel. “Our first date…” -04:35 Aug 15
Leslie: “Poor Mr Robert, I don’t think he’s going to know what happened.” she teased, leaning back in her seat to glance out the window. “Are you nervous? I am a little bit. It helps not to dwell on it, I think.” Because in her head, she could play out a thousand different scenarios from the best case where there’s lots of flowers and giggling, to the worse case with vampires and an apocalypse. Too much thinking was never a good idea. -04:42 Aug 15
Damion: “A bit, but we’re both reasonable adults, I’m sure we’ll be fine.” he said finding the right gear and settling into his seat. “We’ll be fine so long as no fires are started.” -04:50 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie looked to be debating whether or not a fire would be started. Eventually her expression evened out as she came to a conclusion. “I think I can avoid a fire. And after dinner we could dance, or you could give me a guided tour of your obscenely large condo.” -04:53 Aug 15
Damion: “Seeing that last time was interupted I don’t see why not.” he said “We’ll skip the room next to my office though, at least this time.” he turned them into anothe road the they were getting closer to the city. “What can you cook? If you need it its a safe but my kitchen has it.” -04:57 Aug 15
Leslie: “Um… Well, I guess I could cook just about anything if I’ve tasted it before. I just kind of experiment and hope it turns out okay?” She was spying out the window again. Leslie loved the way the city lights started blinking on when it go closer and closer to the evening. The view from his place was probably amazing at night. “Do you want to play food roulette tonight or should we use a cookbook?” -05:01 Aug 15
Damion: He glanced at her as he started slowing down for the city limits. “I don’t think I know what food roulette is.” he said truthfully. “So a cookbook I guess.” he paused. “Unless by cooking roulette you mean try cooking and see how it goes, in which case its a good thing youre not russian.” -05:08 Aug 15
Leslie: “Not keen on the idea of potential death from my could-be horrible meal?” Leslie laughed, casting him another wide grin. “Don’t worry. I -think- I can cook without poisoning someone. I haven’t done it yet, so I have a good track record.” -05:13 Aug 15
Damion: “I’ll take those odds.” he stopped at the light and had his first look at her that was more than a glance shince they set off. “So what do you leef like making? What do you feel like eating? I hope those are the same thing.” he pulled off again and they were getting closer and closer to his home. “SO with your job, where will you be living?” -05:20 Aug 15
Leslie: “Hmm. Maybe chicken. There’s lots of things to do with chicken. Oh!” He reminded her, and she was turning in her seat towards him with a beaming smile. “I forgot to tell you! My interview went great and they told me this morning I’m hired. So I guess I’ll be looking for an apartment in the city soon! I want to at least wait until Jade gets hired somewhere, so I’m not abandoning her.” -05:29 Aug 15
Damion: “I could help you find one, but I don’t think jade you be very happy staying in a place that I found. She still hates me?” it was an honest question. He had overdone it on Jade, that much was obvious. -05:32 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie let out a slow breath, a mix of a sigh and exasperation. “Yeah… I mean, she didn’t at first. But it’s like a light switch was flipped or something. I’m kinda worried about her, but it’s not like I can do anything until she wants to talk.” That bothered Leslie. The not knowing bit. Always feeling like she needed to be careful of what she said. …and yet here she was with a man who was just as mercurial. The irony was funny! “I wouldn’t worry about it. She has weird moods sometimes, she always shakes out of it.” -05:38 Aug 15
Damion: “I hope she does.” he said “I’d hate to cause trouble between you and your friend.” he was pulling into the car garrage now and into his spot. “You okay for the elevator?” -05:42 Aug 15
Leslie: “Jade is a little wacky, but she’s a good friend. I’m sure she’ll get over it!” Leslie climbed out of the car and smoothed her hands out over her shirt. She cast him a brief narrowed glance. “You don’t have to ask me everytime we step in to an elevator. I will enter the doom box with you. I have to get used to it sometime, I guess…” -05:46 Aug 15
Damion: He looked at her then stepped inside and clasped his hand behind his back. “I was going to offer you a kiss to calm your nerves but you’re obviously fine enough. Lets go.” he held the door for her then pushed the button and let them clolse. Her second time in his home, the the first without signing anything, maybe.” -05:49 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie frowned, stepping in to the elevator and crossing her arms. “I wish you would have mentioned a potential kiss before I pretended to be brave. I’m not any less nervous being in here, it’s just easier with you.” -05:55 Aug 15
[Damion enters.] -06:13 Aug 15
Damion: He rocked back on his heels and looked up at the roof of the elevator. “Well I guess you’re about to learn something new about me.” he said with no hint of smile on his lips as he looked back down at her. “I don’t give up easily, and I am a bit of a tease.” he grabbed her shoulders and squeezed them tightly before swooping down to press his lips into hers! -06:17 Aug 15
[(Timeout) Damion has timed out.] -06:31 Aug 15
Leslie: Ambushed! The squeal of surprise she made, was quickly replaced by a soft sigh. That seemed to do the trick, though, because elevators weren’t even an after thought in comparison to that small thrill of his mouth. She returned the kiss with ferver! -06:31 Aug 15
Damion: Smiling against her his arm snaked around and pulled her against him as he pulled back just an inch. “So feeling better?: he asked befre giving her another tiny kiss and turning to look at the floor number and then back at her. Or do you need more?” -06:34 Aug 15
Leslie: “Um…!” Leslie actually had to think about it for a moment. It was good that he had his arm around her because she wasn’t so sure her knees were going to hold her. “I think, that it’s an awfully long ride up all the way to the top floors?” -06:37 Aug 15
Damion: He moved forwards oushing her back against the wall and kissed her again his hand sliding up the back of her neck to grip her hand and pull downwards as he ran his tongue against her lip. “Just warn me if I miss our stop…” -06:40 Aug 15
Leslie: Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen. Leslie was definitely not paying attention to the floors anymore. Her cheeks were flushed red, and she was a bit dizzy from the rush. Leslie nodded, which was really just an acknowledgement that he said something, as she curled her fingers in to his shirt and her mouth parted to take a breath. -06:46 Aug 15
Damion: As her louth parted his tongue slipped inside to run along the inside of her lip and he pushed his body against hers, The ahd nodded so she would tell him, because there was a VERY big chance he’d miss it. In fict it was hard to remember where they were for some reason or what she would tell him. -06:48 Aug 15
Leslie: He was hot, or maybe that was her. Either way, it almost felt seering to touch. An enticing new feeling she never expected. Leslie slid one of her arms around his neck while the other gripped his arm. Her head tilting just a fraction as she met his tongue with hers in curious exploration. -06:56 Aug 15
Damion: Ding. the door slid open and he pulled back to look then moved to give her a small kiss and to nip her lip. “More of that later, I think we have a date to have.” -07:03 Aug 15
Leslie: “Wow…” she hadn’t meant to let the word slip out loud, but it was a pretty accurate description. Just wow. A tingling, mindless, electrifying moment of pure… Leslie didn’t know what it was! But she was pushing away from the elevator wall to step out in to the hall like she was in a daze. It took her several moments to regain her senses, and by then she was pretty sure she was red-faced again. “Right! The date, that’s what we’re here for after all.” So much for sounding cool and relaxed. -07:07 Aug 15
Damion: “It could be.” he said with a grim following her into the hall and letting the doors slide closed. “But food first, need to keep your energy up and I’m looking forwards to trying to cook.” he slipped past her to get to the keypad to popne the door and wave her through. “Bit we are dating, so you can expect things like that.” -07:12 Aug 15
Leslie: “I think I’d be disappointed otherwise.” she cast him a flirty grin as she passed by him. At least she hoped it was flirty. Leslie couldn’t remember the last time she actually did flirt with someone, and was actually -hoping- for spontaneous intimate moments. She had started this day only thinking about dinner and talking… now Leslie was fidgeting with her hands and wondering beyond that. “So you are ready for a culinary adventure after all, Mr Rubrum? I’m glad you’re brave.” -07:18 Aug 15
Damion: “Serves os steel, like always.” even he knew the words were ironic. “Or maybe I trust you.” he closed the door behind them and moved deeper into the lounge. “So trait onto food or do you have somehting else in mind first?” -07:22 Aug 15
Leslie: Something else in mind? Leslie was not going to bring that up. She wasn’t even ready to think about that yet. So she just pointed directly at the kitchen, making a stiff but graceful beeline for it, and hoping her expression didn’t betray her thoughts. “Good! Trust is an imperative part of culinary exploration. I don’t think we could eat without it.” -07:27 Aug 15
Damion: “Nor could we without cutlery but I have plenty of that too.” he goined her in the kitched and hovered near the counter waiting for her to inspect his stores feeling way to nervous about what she might think about what he had in stock. -07:29 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie laughed softly, opening up his cuppards and his fridge. There was a small surprise to see just how much he had. A lot of stuff she hadn’t even heard of before. This would be fun. Leslie just ended up grabbing what ever looked interesting and sounded like it would work and set it out on the counter. Then she was looking for bowls and pans. “So you always have a well stocked kitchen, or was this all just for me to play with?” -07:32 Aug 15
Damion: “You’re asking the wrong person.” he said flatly. “Rob takes care of all that.” he moved in closer to look at what she had chosen. “I’m sure he’d like to hear what you end up making I know I have no idea what you’re going for here.” -07:34 Aug 15
Leslie: “We’ll call it Chicken Surprise. Guess what the surprise will be?” she grinned at him. Once she had a cutting board laid out with a pepper and some onions, she handed him a knife. “You dice.” Which she fussed with filling a bowl with any kind of shredded cheese she could find and some breadcrumbs. -07:39 Aug 15
Damion: “I can guess.” he said “But my mind is far to dirty right now to be reliable.” He looked the the knife then started slicing. “So i’m the one handling the onions. At least this will get my thoughts out of the gutter.” he worked as fast as he could and still keep things even, still he was out of practice. -07:41 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie nearly fumbled with her bowl. He had to mention dirty thoughts and now her mind was wandering again. He had no idea how hard it was for her to multitask! Leslie moved to the stove to get a pan heated up. Then it was back to the counter, tossing random seasonings and leaning over to smell to see if that was right. Ever so often she dash some in to her hand to lick off, and with either a smile or a frown, she’d decide which went in to the bowl. “The -surprise- will be whether or not it’s edible. …and you don’t have to worry about dicing it up perfect, you can just hack at it!” -07:48 Aug 15
Damion: “Now you tell me.” he did just that, chopping it all up quickly and leavign it in meat little piles on the board. “If tis one of the other its not much of a surprise since we have both bases covered. But chicken gamble doesn’t sound that good at all.” -07:51 Aug 15
Leslie: “Hmm, I kinda like the name Chicken Gamble, though. That’s a very warning title.” Leslie swept the bits in to her bowl and mixed them with a spoon. Her next stuff was stuffing and rolling up the chicken, before whisking it over to the pan. “It smells good already, though. That’s usually a good sign. Now, I think I remember you saying I will drink some chardonay?” Leslie cast him a cheeky grin. -07:59 Aug 15
Damion: “Yes, I did say that, and I did mean it like that. You say you’ll never drink again but I don’t really want to not be able to share a glass or two of something with you if we’re going to be doing the dating thing.” he eyes her and the pan. “I think we’re not going to need to order food after all. Well done.” -08:05 Aug 15
Leslie: “I might have over exagerated about never drinking again. Just a little bit.” her smile was sheepish, but easy. Leslie made sure to keep watching the pan. She wasn’t kidding about having issues multi-tasking, especially when she had so many other thoughts on the mind. “As long as I never have to deal with a hangover the rest of my life, it should be just fine.” Leslie risked stepping away from the pan for a moment to wash her hands and clean up the counters a bit. Better than leaving a mess for Mr Robert. -08:09 Aug 15
Damion: He moved over to pull a bottle form the fridge to pull out a bottle and then got two glasses from the cupboard and poared them each a glass holding hers out to her. “You can never be too careful.” he sipped and nodded slightly. It was a good wine. -08:15 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie took the glass and had a sip. It wasn’t bad at all and he was rewarded with another smile and her gently bumping against his arm as she moved back to the stove. After another sip, it was an after thought to tip juuust a little bit from her glass in to the pan. That would be good! “Are you always extra careful about things, Mr Rubrum?” -08:21 Aug 15
Damion: “I was about to do that.” he said lookign at the pan. “Most of the time Leslie but in some situation you need to act and.” he stepped closer to smell the pan and then went to grab a couple and plates. “How to you aproach things?” -08:32 Aug 15
Leslie: “With as little second guessing as possible! When I think too much is usually when I have problems.” Leslie almost laughed when he said her name that way. She almost wanted to prod him a bit to get him to do it again, but she wasn’t quite sure how much she could get away with yet. “I think college was the only thing I ever really comitted to and even now I’m not sure if I even picked the right degree. I figure I can always go back and try it again.” -08:39 Aug 15
Damion: “Yes you can, I could to but I can’t really afford the time away. At least the univercity has decided to give he an honorery degree, so that I’m not actuallt qualified for my position, not that that really matters to me but its a nice gesture.” he raised his glass. “To degrees, relationships, and all that come with those, including making out inmy private elevator.” -08:45 Aug 15


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[Leslie is on a date. First date since… a really long time ago!] -01:46 Aug 16
[Damion is having a suprisingly good time for a date.] -01:51 Aug 16
Leslie: A toast with Damion left her grinning in to her glass as she took a sip. She had that nice warm fuzzy feeling, and it wasn’t just good chardonay. Leslie was so sure that as an adult you wouldn’t get so stupidly giddy about this stuff. “I never got why they hand out honorary degrees like that. It’s a little weird. …but I think dinner is ready, anyway!” -01:56 Aug 16
Damion: “Its not just like that.” he said “I’ve been doing more at the univercity than just giving them money Leslie.” he grabbed plates and placed them net to the stove and then moved to take the wine through to the table closer to the kitchen. “So any dressing or acomanyments to go with it?” he asked looking at the chicken. “You did a good job.” -02:02 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie tapped her chin, giving it some thought. “Hmm.. Nope! As is. It’s good and stuffed! You should never eat too much on a date, that gets in the way of the playing.” She slid the chicken on to two plates, fetched some silverware and brought them over to the table. After setting them down she rest her hands on her hips and grinned with satisfaction. “It does look good, doesn’t it? We’ll see, though.” -02:07 Aug 16
Damion: “So you are interested in playing once we eat.” he said with a grin. “I guess I can not be a gentleman if thats the case. Though That was pretty much shot in the elevator. And yes, you do look good. ” he refilled their glasses and sat. “I don’t remember dating ever being this enjoyable.” -02:13 Aug 16
Leslie: “I wasn’t talking about meeee.” she was blushing as she sat down, taking another sip of the chardonay for a little courage. There was a hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth. “You have to try it first. It’s the rule of cooking.” -02:16 Aug 16
Damion: He looked at her and then stuck his fork into it and slice off a chunk and put it in his mouth to chew, then swallow. “Well I’m not dead and it tasted good, so its safe for you to try now.” he popped another chunk in hs mouth and scewed slowly. -02:24 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie watched him for a moment longer, just in case. Just to see if maybe he was lying to spare her feelings. Satisfied, she took a bite herself. Chewing thoughtfully before grinning in accomplishment. “Point for Leslie. It’s too bad I am never going to remember how to do this again. I guess that is bane of making stuff up.” -02:26 Aug 16
Damion: “Then we should enjoy it as the once in a lifetime experience it is and remember it always.” he couldn’t keep a strait face so he turned away for a moment until he could and then went back to eating. “Next tiem I could film you making it, or I have pens and paper..” -02:33 Aug 16
Leslie: “I can’t imagine how completely unexciting it would be to watch me cooking.” Leslie laughed at the idea. She didn’t even want to look at herself! It’d probably be weird. However, she was pretty sure she caught him grinning again. Leslie liked that very much. “I guess if being a magazine editor doesn’t work out, I can always be a chef?” -02:36 Aug 16
Damion: Theres an idea, but then hundred of people would enjoy your cooking and I like to keep things for myself. Especially things I like.” he must like it since he was eating quickly and soon it was gone. -02:40 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie was a little slower about eating, if only because she still really pleased that it turned out well and she liked to savor success. She was beaming at the comment though, even when she was done eating and sipping from her glass. Those warm fuzzy feelings again. “That has an ominous sound to it, Mr. Rubrum! Are you going to tie me up in your play room, then?” -02:44 Aug 16
Damion: “Not tonight Leslie. Your first time shouldn’t be like that.” he said “That room is for girls who know what they’re getting into and have clearly defined limits. I’ll only let you see the inside of it again when you have agreed to it and know what it entails.” -02:49 Aug 16
Leslie: She was turning red again, tapping her fingers on the table out of nervous habit. “I was kidding! But now that you’ve brought it up, what does it entail?” Curiosity killed the cat, but Leslie was no cat. -02:54 Aug 16
Damion: He looked at her. “Exactly what I said before. You giving your absolute trust and control over to me so that I can tie you up, chain your down tell you to do things… all with a set of agreed upon limits. But thats not the entirety of it, you also need to understand what making love is without that so that you know what you’re giving up.” -03:00 Aug 16
Leslie: “So everything in the play room isn’t making love? What is it? Just sex?” She was probably more interested in how that worked than she should be. Maybe she just wanted to know the reasons behind, since she didn’t quite understand how any of it was supposed to be… good? He was right though, she wasn’t going to even begin to compehend until she had actually done it before. -03:07 Aug 16
Damion: “Its about fucking. Yes.” he said “No one I have ever taking into that room I would ever say I’ve loved. I would say I don’t love, but then I’d also say I don’t go on dates but here we are.” -03:09 Aug 16
Leslie: “I guess you won’t know until you try it, too.” Leslie cast him a quick cheeky grin. Here she was talking about sex with someone other than Jade. It was the single most awkward, yet interesting thing she had done in a long while. “Although it’s really hard for me to imagine you having tons of sex without dating people. I guess that makes me old fashioned.” -03:17 Aug 16
Damion: “Or niave. Men like me use thier fame and success to get what they want, I wanted sex without dating so I got it, I wanted them to sign NDAs so that they wouldn’t talk about what we did, they did, I wanted them to surrender to me every ounce of trust they had, they did, and for my part I never betrayed thier trust, I took them to venues they’d never be avle to go to otherwise, I gave them a comfortable place to sleep for the weekends that they came to me and many of them cooked for themselves in the kitchen here with a wide variety of ingredients.” -03:27 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie rest her chin in her hands, frowning just a bit as she examined his face. “That sounds lonely. Haven’t you ever wanted a little bit more than just a casual acceptance? You seem to want people to give you all of their trust, but you’re not really giving any back…” That was the trick, wasn’t it! To surrender to him, allow him to have all the control. Then he would never be expected to have to share himself because he would be the one calling the shots. Leslie was piecing him together bit by bit. -03:33 Aug 16
Damion: “No, I haven’t.” he said “Not for a long time.” he was looking at her, he was feeling off, a feeling n his chest that was unfamilair. Confession? “I give plenty back, no one has even not enjoyed the experience and i invited them onto my home.” -03:40 Aug 16
Leslie: “That’s not the kind of giving I’m talking about!” She almost cracked a smile. Instead, leslie slipped out of chair and stopped next to his holding out her hand. “Come dance with me.” -03:43 Aug 16
Damion: He lookes at her, then drained his wine glass and slipped from his chair walkign past her without taking her hand. “First, music, Jaz?” he stepped up to a cabinet and opened it to reveal rows of CDs, a CD player, and a digital music player as well as a turntable and a shelf of records. Taking out a cd he placed it in one of the trays of the player and pressed play, the music comign from speakers hidden all over the room. “Now, we dance.” -03:49 Aug 16
Leslie: Sometimes Leslie got the feeling they were battling over who was in control, and she wasn’t even trying to be. The music filling the room was enough to distract her from that thought though, and she was nodding as she glanced around to see if she could spot the speakers. -03:55 Aug 16
[Damion enters.] -03:59 Aug 16
Damion: He took her hand and walkind into the center of the room away from both tables and the staircase. “You lead since you’re the one light on your feet, you know I can’t really dance, even on my own, I’d rather read while listening to music.” -04:03 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie pulled his arm around her waist and held the other in her hand. With a foot she tapped his to show him which one to move first. “Which really surprises me, you know! A fancy rich guy that goes to parties and picks up casual sex ladies should at least know how to lead a dance.” -04:07 Aug 16
Damion: “It never struck me as a useful skill. It doesn’t matter who leads so long as both parties enjoy it, no unlike sex.” he grinned at her and moved closer, he was going to kiss her again but first he wanted to make her realize it and see her reaction. -04:10 Aug 16
Leslie: “If it’s like sex, it’s like your kinky sex too and sometimes someone has to lead cause the other doesn’t know what they’re doing.” Leslie was pretty much rambling bullshit now, trying to pretty she hadn’t noticed the look on his face, and really hoping her expression wasn’t betraying her again. It was easier when she didn’t see it coming, she didn’t have time to get nervous! “So not so useless after all, right?” -04:15 Aug 16
Damion: “/not all of us are afraid of heights.” he retorted. “A king needs his castle and a lord his tower. And if what I believe is the only truth…” he shook his head stopping there. “Me commenting on your old house, you saying you want a fouse with a sky, not setting us up to buy a farmstead are you?” it was a joke, partly. “You know how I get by in the outdoors.” -04:58 Aug 19
Leslie: Leslie grinned wide, tugging gently at his sleeve. “Why think about what we’re going to do in the future, when we haven’t even gotten past tonight yet?” If she let him, he would probably have every moment of every day planned out for them both in excrutiating detail. “Tonight I’m in your tower, Lord Rubrum. Where do we go from here.” -05:01 Aug 19
Damion: She brought him back down to earth and he grinned at her. “Now that the evil corporate jugernaught has lured you into his den of horrors he would undress you. But, as I said, I’d never do anythign to you would wouldn’t allow me to do to you, and since I do not do rape play a simple “Stop.” is all you’ll ever need.” he took her hand and brought her to the bed and manuivered her to stand at it’s bottom andgrided his fingers over her neck. “You know, I’ve never done this before.” -05:07 Aug 19
Leslie: For a moment she was wondering what sort of things he did play at, just having seen his play room. But those questions could always come later. Leslie was focused on the current moment, and trying not to let her nerves or her fear of everything going horribly make her do something stupid. “I haven’t either. You’re in luck, though. I think you have a little more practice…” -05:12 Aug 19
Damion: As if to answer her he placed hsi ahdn either side of her head and kissed her, hard then at the same time moving his body up hers only movign hishands downwards when he felt her return the pressure and he gave her a nip to encourage her. “I think the first step is for me to get my hands on you, you have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to.” -05:16 Aug 19
Leslie: “Sometimes it’s to imagine anyone wanting to.” she admitted. But she was grinning, slowly lifting her arms to circle around his neck. Responding to his kiss with one of her own came natural, as did nuzzling softly against his cheek and letting out a sigh. Maybe she had wanted her hands on him too. It had been so hard to think about anything else since she met him! -05:21 Aug 19
Damion: He tensed seeming ready to pull back his ahdns heeling to want to push her away for a second. “You shouldn’t say things like that. Now…” his hands moved downwards to the hem of her shirt to pull it upwards and rub her bare skin. “We should lose at least some of our clothes.” -05:25 Aug 19
Leslie: “Should have told me what I should and shouldn’t say before we got in to this.” she was teasing again, masking that sudden jolt of nerves that were threatening to make her swat and run. After swallowing a protest, she nodded in agreement and lift her arms up so he could take her shirt. She might as well jump in head first, it was the only way to do things! -05:36 Aug 19
Damion: He pulled her shirt up and pulled it off of her and then pulled her down to sit on his bed and then playfully ruffled her hair up. So do you want the light on or off?” he asked pulling his belt free and letting it join her shirt on the floor. -05:41 Aug 19
Leslie: Bah…! Just out of reflex, Leslie fussed with her hair until she was pulling it to the right side, conveniantly covering as much of the dark marks as she could. She even glowered at him for a moment, a defiant shake of her head. “Lights on. You had a chance to see, I think it’s fair if I see too…” She was less confident about reaching out to pluck at the buttons of his shirt. There was a tiny little Jade in the back of her head screaming at her to pick up the pace and just rip it off. Leslie flicked that thought of out mind! -05:47 Aug 19
Damion: His hand came down and covered the next buttonpreventing her from getting to it. He didn’t like having his stomacj or chest abre, even during sleep, or sex. It made him feel naked, but not in a good way. A vulnerable way. THen he closed his eyes and moved it out the way. She was working past her issues adn she had a reason for them, he could do the same and didn’t at lest in his mind. -05:50 Aug 19
Leslie: That was a peculiar reaction. It hadn’t lasted longer than a second, but it was enough for her to catch it. Her eyes narrowed in question, but she didn’t ask. Instead she stopped, drawing her hands up to his cheeks to pull his head down to hers. Leslie brushed a soft, testing kiss over his mouth before pressing harder. Her eyes remaining open to gauge his response. -05:54 Aug 19
Damion: His hand mover to the back of her head and pulled her agaisnt him as he kissed her back then to her shoulder to push her away and down onto her back where he undered the last two buttons and shed the shirt before starting on her pants. “So you’re going in both feel first?” he askes a shadow of a gron cast on his face. “That doesn’t kneange the fact that I’m still going to make sure you enjoy this as much as I do.” -05:58 Aug 19
Leslie: This was better. There was something alarming about him not being in control, and Leslie wasn’t sure she was ready to tackle that hurdle with him yet! Leslie rose up on her elbows, eyeing him with that pensive look again. But a faint grin from him was enough for her to smile wide. “With all your grand words about introducing me proper to the world of sex, I’d be kinda disappointed if you didn’t Mr. Rubrum.” -06:03 Aug 19
Damion: He pulled off her shoes and then her socks, taking the tim to pull on each of her toes to see if any on them clicked. “My world of sex is down the stairs, strait through the lounge, through the dor and the second on the right. In here, its.. something different.” he moved up the grip the hem of her pants and pull them down and the slide a hand up the outside of her leg all the way to her hip. “I wonder…” -06:07 Aug 19
Leslie: It was hard to surpress that urge to squeal and kick at him when he pulled at her toes. That was annoyingly ticklish. So was him running his hand up her leg, but that sensation wasn’t drawing giggling. Just a quick intake of her breath and that fleeting, anxious twinge in her stomach. “Your world might be bigger than you thought… Or are you wondering second thoughts after all.” This was a terrible moment to suddenly feel insecure. Leslie bit it back. “What do you wonder?” -06:13 Aug 19
Damion: He grinned at her, “I wonder how you’re react to this…” he placed both hands on her hips and then slid them across to ehr stomach then up so curce around the base of her breasts before he leaned forwards to kiss her stomach just over he navel and pull back to blow into it. -06:16 Aug 19
Leslie: She gave an intake of breath so quick it sounded like a squeak! Perhaps it wasn’t second thoughts after all. Leslie at least tried to play it cool, despite the fact her breath had quickened and she was now watching him with wide-eyed curiosity. “That’s um… surprisingly distracting?” Distracting wasn’t the right word. Sexy, maybe? Leslie went with sexy! -06:22 Aug 19
Damion: Well it had better not be so distracting that you forget you still have a bra to take off.” he teased before leanign down and dipping his tongue into her navel once berfore pulling back all the way with a chuckle. -06:24 Aug 19
Leslie: What was it, a button to her sex drive or something? Another sigh and she was falling flat on her back to stare at the ceiling. “And yours pants. Don’t forget about your pants, Mr. Rubrum.” There was no way to sound cool when saying that, her voice almost squeaked. -06:28 Aug 19
Damion: Why do you think I’m standing and not pulling your panties off righ now.” he said pulling off his shoes and socks adn then heading for his bedside table to open a drawer and pull something out, something he then chucked at her so that it landed on her stomach, something in a wrapper. “I’m assuming you’re not taking any pills?” -06:31 Aug 19
Leslie: Leslie picked it up and examined it with confusion, before she realized what it was for and her face turned red. Immediately she was rolling over on to her stomach to hide her face with her hair, and reading over the instructions with a moment of irked embarrassment. “No, I’m not as a matter of fact… It’s not every day I end up in a man’s tower.” she mumbled. -06:36 Aug 19
Damion: He sat on the bed and with his nails ran two fingers down her spine. “You wouldn’t be here if you were.” he said “I don’t share.” he leaned own to kiss her right between the shoulder blades., then send slall kisses down her spin and his ahnds trailed down with them. -06:38 Aug 19
Leslie: Oooh… That nearly made her shiver. It definitely had her feet in the air, ticking back and forth and her chewing on her bottom lip. “Hmm, I don’t like to share either… We have something in common after all?” -06:44 Aug 19
Damion: He unhooked her bra and let the straps rest on her sholders and then let his ahnds rub at her lower back “I think I’d like to take you like this.” -06:46 Aug 19
Leslie: For a second she stopped breathing. Why was it so easy to picture that? And so many other things on top of it! Leslie finally let out a slow breath, casting a glance at him over her shoulder. “Is that the best way to go? I think… in a minute… I’m going to take you anyway I can get you.” She should be more bold! With that new goal in mind, she squirmed just a bit until she was pulling the straps down her arms and off. With a flourish she held out the bra and dropped it off the edge of the bed. “Your turn?” -06:51 Aug 19
Damion: “If you insist.” he reached down to take her panties and pull them down her legs purposfully misinterpreting her meaning. Then he was undullongin his pants and pushing them down to step out of them, he was already hard and was stepping forwards to push her onto her back and spide hsi ahdn down her arm to stead what was in her hand. “You’ll have to find what you like best.” he said grnning madly. right now though, like this is good.” -06:57 Aug 19
Leslie: “Hey!” Those panties were gone before she could get a protest out, and before she knew it she was getting an eyefull of her own. It’s not like she hadn’t seen plenty of naked men before, she had the internet after all, but… in person when you were both naked? A completely different experience! “I’m glad you’re amused, Mr. Rubrum, I fully intend to take you up on that challenge.” Brave words for a woman who wasn’t feeling so brave anymore. …maybe a little brave. Leslie was gingerly reaching out to brush a knuckle over his chest. -07:02 Aug 19
Damion: He leaned forwards to put his hand in her shoulder and kiss her lipslitting his member rest on her just babove her vortch before he moved down to kiss her chestm and then pull back to watch her face and slowly lean forwards hos lips parting right above her nipple. “I love it when your face gets red.” he said before kissing it and runign the tip of his tongue over it before giving her a wicked grin and holdign up two fingers. “I think I want to make you cum with these. Yes, definitely.” -07:08 Aug 19
Leslie: Damnit. Leslie had mentally vowed she wouldn’t blush again just to spite him, and then he had to go and say just the thing to ruin it. Worse, it was probably her whole body flushing. Because one little touch of his mouth had her squirming. “I’m starting to believe you might be a really wicked man.” she mumbled, her tone just above a whisper. -07:14 Aug 19
Damion: He kaight the back of her neck to pull her closer. “I am a very wicked man.” he said lettign his hand slide down her side and over to her crotchto run his fingers over her. “And this is what really wicked men do.” -07:16 Aug 19
Leslie: Leslie gasped, quickly gripping his arm just out of reflex, before her grip relaxed and she was brushing her thumb against his skin. “Taking advantage of perfectly willing women?” she teased, tilting closer to nuzzle against his cheek. Her actions were a lot more bold than she was feeling. The little voice in her head was having a fit like an infatuated sixteen year old. If this was wicked Damion, Leslie couldn’t wait to see the rest. -07:21 Aug 19
Damion: He dipped his finger and ran it along the inside lip as his outher hand mover to run over her breast and caress the nipple. “Get girls with little experience and then give them experience, alcohol, a few nice words and then into the bedroom.” he said “Wicked girls do it too so I’d call us even.” he was grinning as he felt her. “Anyone ever done this to you before?” -07:26 Aug 19
Leslie: He asked a question. That took a second to register, as Leslie was far too focused on what he was doing with his hands. Her mouth parted to respond, but when a witty response didn’t come quick enough she was left with just shaking her head instead. No one had done this with her before, and she was wondering why the hell not! -07:32 Aug 19
Damion: He dircled his thumd around her clitoris and then ran it over as he pinched and pulled her nipple softly. “Good.” he said before leanign down to run his tongue over her other nipple. He loved the fact that she was beyond words. “Cum for me Leslie. Make my fingers wet.” -07:36 Aug 19
[Leslie enters.] -07:38 Aug 19
Leslie: Leslie laughed out loud, the absurdity of the comment mixing so well with that wonderfully sinful building pressure that had shifting her legs against the movement. “So demanding, Mr. Rubrum.” There was more to say about that, but Leslie’s breath was catching and suddenly it was feeling less funny and more like a promise! -07:46 Aug 19
Damion: He latched onto her nipple with his lips and his fingers moved faster adn his thumb pressed into her clit to massage it. Leslie had no idea how demanding her could be. No idea at all. And she wouldn’t even see half of it tonight. “Careful Leslie, you make that sound like a challenge.” -07:48 Aug 19
Leslie: Another gasp and her hand was tightening on his arm. “I thought we liked challenges..? Oh..!” Thinking was impossible, forget thinking! Leslie was all feeling and reveling in it. She was moving with him, just that subtle twist of her hips. Soft murmured sighs taking the place of her banter. -07:55 Aug 19
Damion: “I love challenges.” he said. “And I walways meet them with everythign I have.” he trancefered his lips to her and kissed her hard his body beck to hers as he pushed his fingers in deeper and let the other fingers brush against the outside the thumb continuing the pressure massage of her clit. “Now are you ready to show ne how flushed you get when you have an orgasm?’ -07:58 Aug 19
[(Timeout) Leslie was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:05 Aug 19
Leslie: That kiss alone nearly done her in. His body hot against hers that sent every little nerve and sense in to over drive. Leslie was sure she was flushed head to toe already, but her response came in the form of gripping his head and pulling his lips back down to hers. Ravishing his mouth with need until her body’s sudden clenching had her yelping out loud and releasing. Holy hell, that rush…! -08:05 Aug 19
Damion: He smiled against her lips, his own feeling thourooughly bruised and pulled away pulling his hand away from her looking at his covered fingers then down at her. “Have you ever tasted yourself?” he asked moving his fingers closer to her mouth then ppullign her up by the back of her neck and pushing hsi fingers against her lips. “I want you to now. I can’t exactly carry on with you all over my fingers.” -08:08 Aug 19
[Damion is grinning evily and looking forwards to stage two.] -12:30 Aug 20
[Leslie also loves challenges.] -12:32 Aug 20
Leslie: Leslie felt like every limb was fuzzy, but she still cast him a wide-eyed surprised expression when he pressed his fingers to her lips. Maybe it was just that post-bliss feeling that had her willing to do just about anything he asked. Or it could have been that want to show him she wasn’t just some blushing basket case. Either way, she took his hand, her tongue darting out to lick his fingers before drawing them in to her mouth to suck. After a moment she nipped the pads of his fingertips and cast him a cheekily wide grin of her own. -12:39 Aug 20
Damion: He smiled wide and then moved his fingers to kiss her hard. “That was just my fingers. Now it time for me.” he pulled back to tear the wrapper off the condom and put it over heis tip and roll it down as he watched her to see her reaction. “This is what you would call making love.” -12:50 Aug 20
Leslie: Breathless and watching with a strange sort of fascination, Leslie couldn’t help but give him that slight quirk of a grin. “I thought you didn’t know anything about making love, Mr. Rubrum? Just sexy sex?” -12:58 Aug 20
Damion: He poked her nipple then caught it between his fingers to give it a twist for talking. “Fucking is the word I used.” he said. “And if you’d rather be fucking then you’d better say so now.” He was already over her his arms supporting his wieght either side of her as he leaned down to nip her lip. -01:04 Aug 20
Leslie: Leslie swat at his hand gently before she laughed again. She shook her head midst biting her lip and grinning. “No, I like the way this making love business is going. We can always save the mindless fucking for another day.” she teased, returning his nip with a brief kiss. “You aren’t going to change your mind on me?” -01:09 Aug 20
Damion: “Changing my mind about laving love to you and throwing you over my should and carring you down the stairs to my play room for a good fucking?” he was teasing her back while her lowered himself and one hand moving downwards to guide himself to push against her. “Nows you last chance to change yours.” -01:21 Aug 20
Leslie: It wasn’t what she meant, but Leslie was glad that was the only other option he was considering. She shifted a bit. Leslie didn’t have any second thoughts, but that wasn’t sparing her from being nervous regardless. She finally just shook her head again. “No take backs. I want to make love with you.” -01:25 Aug 20
Damion: He smiled and then bendign her leg pushed in and licked his upper lip his eyes on hers. He wanted to see every reaction she had. He pushed until he was most of the way inside and then stopped. “How does that feel?” -01:33 Aug 20
Leslie: There was such a subtle difference between this and the way his fingers felt. Far more solid.. more intimate? It may have just been looking in to his eyes that got her, and the cause for her blood rushing. Her body seemed to welcome him, so it was no effort to slid an around around his neck and draw him closer. Her kiss was her answer! -01:40 Aug 20
Damion: Kissing her back he pulled back to push again and bite her lip, not nip, bite and then grin agaist her mouth and thrust again. It was very different from what he had had before, but the feeling was just as compelling. -01:49 Aug 20
Leslie: She was so very ready for this. His wicked grin had her smiling too. Retaliating to his bite by sucking on his bottom lip. She ran her fingers through his hair, and every time he moved her hands seemed to tighten and relax. -01:56 Aug 20
Damion: He ficked his tongue against her lip and loved his hand up to her shoulder whild his other glided over her side and up to her chest. Feeling her move and react made him move slower than he usually would, taking hsi time to feel everything she did. -02:02 Aug 20
[Damion enters.] -02:03 Aug 20
Leslie: Leslie abandoned all thoughts. The only thing left on her mind was him, and that delicious way every nerve under her skin seemed to come alive. Her toes were curling in to the sheets as she wrapped her arms tighter around him. A kiss at the corner of his mouth, a nuzzle against his cheek. …then there was that sigh! A soft, almost moaning sound of appreciative pleasure. This was great..! -02:10 Aug 20
Damion: He lapped up her sigh, almost literally as he pushed his lips harder into hers. If he wasn’t the one doing the work he would he wrything agaist her, instead there was the steadily increasing pace of his thrusts as he let the tingling buildup pick him up and take him with it. This was making love, and now he was wodering why he had never tried it before. It was just so differnt… -02:18 Aug 20
Leslie: She murmured his name softly against his ear, before she grazed it with a nip of her teeth. Her breath had quickened when she seemed to climb higher, some strange part of her collecting every little sensation. Letting her fingers explore the skin at the back of his neck and shoulders, she was responding in other ways too. The gentle rise and twist of her hips, and the shift of her legs against his. -02:29 Aug 20
[(Timeout) Damion has timed out.] -02:39 Aug 20
Damion: He pulled her coser to him and nuzzled into her cheek. this was as infuriating as it was decedantly exquisite. unable t do all the things he usually did but still feelung so… there was no word for it that he could think of. He pulled back to put both of his hands on her shoulders and pin them to the bed and to look down at her as he suddenly quickened while biting his lip and grinning down at her a small sound of his own catching in his throat. -02:39 Aug 20
Leslie: She was pinned! Which meant she couldn’t get her hands on him the way she really wanted to. Leslie was left clutching the sheets at her sides, her head tilting from side to side as the new pace had her gasping and groaning. At least she could curl her legs around him as she squirmed beneath him. The pressure building was starting to become maddening! -02:47 Aug 20
Damion: He loved watching her, feeling her, hearing her. He watced her letting his eyes slide down her as he felt it coming. moving one of his hadn to her hair his leaned down and nipped ehr ear. “Soon… you first.” -02:52 Aug 20
Leslie: How could he make her laugh like this! It went against everything she thought it was supposed to be like. She stole the opportunity to get her arms around his waist and press her hands in to his back when he leaned down. Smiling wide as she tilted her face towards him and nuzzled against his cheek. She loved this, this was amazing! And she knew she was done in when her hips jolted hard enough to raise her off the mattress and have her gasping his name out in surprise! -03:01 Aug 20
Damion: He let go and pushed hard agaist her is he moved his lips to find hers. Then he was pulling out and away and pulling the used condom off of himself to tie it off and depisit it in a bn next to the bed. Then he was moving back to her and nipping her cheek. “Its a good thing I have you all night.” he teased brusing his knuckles over her stomach. “But before we do that again, tea?” -03:16 Aug 20
Leslie: If Leslie could purr, that’s what she’d be doing. Grinning all too wide, every little muscle limp and humming from the after glow. Before he could escape she was curling and arm around him and nuzzling her whole body against his. “Forget tea, I just want to stay here for awhile.” -03:20 Aug 20
Damion: He was okay with that, he did have one adendum though and that was to pull her up to the pillows at the top of the bed and to run his fingers through her hair. “Keep moving like that and I’ll be doing more that just mying here with you.” he said kissing her softly. “I’m not letting you sleep yet. -03:26 Aug 20
Leslie: She laughed softly again, finding herself perfectly comfortable with laying there naked and giggling with a man. That was surprising! Leslie buried her face at the crook of his neck, unable to control that smile. “Then you shouldn’t have such a comfortable bed.” -03:31 Aug 20
King of Fools

King of Fools 010: Graduation

[Leslie is glad graduation is over! But is apparently still in the doghouse with Jade, who is still being a pain in the ass.] -01:24 Aug 13
[Damion sat on stage during speech after speech and is glad that is over, now at the buffet table hes listening to the econmics professor who is ascing his opinions on a few topics, Damion of course never finished his course.] -01:27 Aug 13
Leslie: "Are you seriously still mad at me." grumbled Leslie once closing ceremonies were over. She had almost aaaaalmost got Jade to quit stomping around mad, up until today where there was a surprising special guest. "Mad at my roommate and best friend who is keeping secrets from me and seeing an asshole? YEP! Sure am!" chimed Jade, who kept her arms crossed up until champange walked by. That she snatched up to drink. Leslie stepped up closer to hiss at her. "I don’t know why you’re being such an ass about this! Are you jealous?" Jade nearly choked on her champange, only to scowl at Leslie. "NO! Maybe… Not likely! I don’t trust him and I think you’re being stupid cause -you- actually have the hots for someone." Jade smirked wide when Leslie turned red. Bingo! Jade wins a point. -01:33 Aug 13
Damion: "No I don’t believe it will be a safe place to make concrete investments for a while yet." he said as he held a place of sausage rolls and a glass of wine. "Now if you excuse me I’d like to mingle, I’m sure you ahve students to congradulate." he moved into the crowd sipping his wine and scanning the faces, there was only one he was hoping to see. -01:38 Aug 13
Leslie: "So what if I do…" mumbled Leslie. "I finally -actually- like someone, something you have been trying to shove me in to forever, and now you don’t like it!" Of all the places for Jade to finally want to discuss it! "I was hoping you’d hook up with some nice librarian or something. Not some guy that makes you sign some NDA agreement. Yeah, I found that. What’s next? Him dragging you to some suicide cult?" Leslie was frowning. She forgot about that paper. "I’m not dumb, Jade. I’m not signing my soul over to the devil." "Speak of the devil… Jade muttered in to her glass. Leaving Leslie where she stood, Jade stalked across the room until she poking Damion Rubrum in the chest with a perfectly manicured nail. "I don’t know what your game is, but I’m going to find out. But I know what you’re doing with Leslie, and you’re not going to get away with it." -01:50 Aug 13
Damion: He was surprised, buthe didn’t show it. "Ms. Sparrow, I didn’t expect to see you here." he said "And I wouldn’t be so quick to assume things, She’d turn me down I’m sure. Sausage roll?" he offered her one from the plate. "Oh and congradulations for graduating." -01:53 Aug 13
Leslie: "Riiight. Totally would turn you down. And then you’ll tie her up and throw her in the back of your car, right? Whatever! Go ahead and see Leslie, I don’t care! But the -second- I find out you’ve done something creeper to her, your ass is so mine." Jade snatched one of the rolls off his plate, took a bite and stomped off. She was in full blown vendetta mode. Leslie, on the other hand was still where she was left, baffled and trying to figure out when Jade joined the ranks of crazy people! -01:59 Aug 13
Damion: Damion took a sip of wine and looked after the girl before moving closer to Lesie. "I don’t think she likes me very much." he said dryly offering leslie one of the rolls not seeming to care about the people looking at him. "I’m going to step outside, care to join me?" -02:03 Aug 13
Leslie: "She doesn’t usually act like this. I kinda wonder if something else is going on." Leslie mumbled. Granted, Jade was always a little weird, but now this was getting unreasonable. Leslie nodded though, as she took one of the rolls. "I could use some fresh air!" -02:09 Aug 13
Damion: He put his place and glass down and snagged the last roll for himself and headed for the door. "I don’t want to make trouble for you with your room mate." he said. "I trust you won’t tell her anything about me. Or anyone, and knowing what you do you have to realize that shes right about me. I am dangerous." -02:15 Aug 13
Leslie: Once they stepped outside, it was nice to have the fresh air. Leslie didn’t mind people, but she definitely prefered less crowded spaces. She blinked at him curiously. "I wouldn’t call you dangerous. Mercurial, maybe. Anyway, it’s not a big deal… I’m not so sure it’s you she’s mad about anymore." -02:18 Aug 13
Damion: He stopped and turned to her. "I am dangerous to you Ms. Cole. The past few days I’ve come to see that, ever since I saw you in my room I know I want to see you there again. So its best we don’t see eachother before I go too far." -02:23 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie looked surprise! "So you’re breaking up with me and we’re not even dating yet?" That was… a first for Leslie! And now she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Leslie never wanted a relationship to begin with but lately…. She crossed her arms and frowned. "No. I disagree." -02:27 Aug 13
Damion: He looked at her. "You said it yourself. You’re not interested in remationships, or sex, or anything and I would hate to overstep my bounds, if I haven’t already." he looked at her his shoulders slumped. "I would say I’m sorry but I don’t really do relationships either." -02:33 Aug 13
Leslie: "And that means you don’t even want to talk to me at all, then? We can’t even be friends? How is that fair!" Leslie couldn’t believe she was arguing this! How many times did she have this fight, but on the other end? Why did it matter so much? "We were doing fine…" -02:37 Aug 13
Damion: "We were?" he asked. "Then its entirely on my end, I’m sorry. I can’t let you get close to me or myself close to you. Jade is right about me. Ask her why she left when she was trying to get me to go on a lunch date wit her." -02:40 Aug 13
Leslie: "I don’t care what you did to Jade!" When did she get so attached for this to hurt so much? At this rate she was going to cry and that was the last thing Leslie wanted anyone to see her do. She was brushing the back of her hand over her face before she finally bolstered herself up to being mad. "Fine. If you’re afraid to see me, then I won’t talk to you or see you again. If you and Jade think I am so blasted stupid that I can’t make intelligent decisions all by myself, so be it!" Leslie pushed past him to leave. -02:47 Aug 13
Damion: "You’re not stupid Leslie." he shouted after her. "I’m getting too attached." now he didn’t want her to go, his chest hurt and he was frowning. He would leave early then, he had stayed until after the speeches and not he would go home. It was best for everyone. -02:50 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie marched through the crowd until she found Jade brooding with another class of champagne. "Give me my keys." she held out her hand. Jade looked a little surprised. "Hold up, what happened? Y-" "You got what you wanted, Jade! Now give me my damned keys." Jade scowled, digging around for them. "Did that jackass do something already?" She held the keys out and Leslie snatched them. "No! And he’s never going to because both of you seem to think I am some kind of idiot! So THANK YOU oh so much for protecting me from the big bad wolves, I REALLY appreciate it." Sarcasm out of Leslie was a rare thing. It left Jade looking startled and a little horrified when Leslie went fuming off with the keys. -02:59 Aug 13
Damion: Panking lot, keys in the door and suddenly he didn’t feel like driving, which was stupid. Arm across the top of the roof of his car me leaned against hi face against his arm and just stayed there somehow finding ;its for the best not being a good though phrase to repeat to himself. -03:03 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie hadn’t expected to see him immediately, right outside trying to leave the same time she was trying to escape. "Get out of my parking lot, Damion Rubrum!" It was a childish and stupid thing to say. Huffing, she stomped on to her car and climbed in. Doors lock and not even thinking about her seatbelt, she was turning the ignition and running her hand over her eyes. Next thing she knew there was a lurch and a CRASH! She had hit reverse instead of drive, and rear ended the light pole directly behind her. Leslie was a little stunned for a moment…! -03:11 Aug 13
Damion: He looked at her it taking him a moment to realize how much this could affect her and it made him against his better judgment step up to her car. "Are you alright?" -03:15 Aug 13
Leslie: She was gripping the steering wheel too tight, and she wasn’t sure if she was holding her breath or just couldn’t breath at all. Leslie could barely hear his voice through the door, but she shook her head. This was not all right! But she couldn’t seem to let go of the steering wheel to move. -03:19 Aug 13
Damion: He knocked on the window, she had locked her door so ot was that or smash it. "Open up." he said making sure the door wouldn’t hit him when she did. "I’m right here, you ust need to let me get to you." -03:22 Aug 13
Leslie: "I can’t." This was weird. The way old pain was mixing with the current. "You don’t want to see me." That barely even made sense, but she was having a hard time breathing. Leslie leaned forward on the steering wheel, squeezing her eyes shut. This was so bad… and she couldn’t even talk to Jade! -03:30 Aug 13
Damion: He looked around, then his elbow hit the glass with a thud, then pain shooting up his arm was nothing. Another thud and the glass deformed but didn’t break. "I do want to, do I have to spell it out for you." he was frustrated. "If you want to sulk in there alone I’ll leave. If you want me to get you out of there then unlock the door before I break the wondow and get you out." -03:34 Aug 13
Leslie: "I can’t get out." She didn’t want to be alone in there. Leslie shifted just a bit, prying her hand off the steering wheel to shakily start pressing the buttons on it. Radio, windshield wipers, finally there was a click of the automatic locks. -03:41 Aug 13
Damion: He pulled open the door and in a second was crouching next to her. "Are you okay." was the first question. He grabbed her hand from the wheel and held it in his. "Do you want me to carry you?" -03:44 Aug 13
Leslie: Air. She could breathe again and it came out as a shuddering exhale. Leslie shook her head the first time, then after a moment nodded. She just couldn’t seem to make herself move out of the seat. "I don’t want to go to the hospital." she muttered. -03:50 Aug 13
Damion: "You’re not hurt, he said pulling her from her seat and carryin gher like he did when she had been drunk. "We’re just going to go somewhere quiet until you’re no longer in shock. I’ll get you to the snack bar, something sweet will help." -03:52 Aug 13
Leslie: "Don’t want to eat anything." Leslie mumbled, her arms going around his neck until her face was buried in it. "You’re just going to tell me you don’t want to see me." -03:56 Aug 13
Damion: He scowled. "No, I want to, but I think its best I don’t there is a diffrence." he said pushing her door closed and carrying her from the parking lot and towards the empty colledge. "You’re not interested in me, you said so yourself. So there will be less pain for all if we called it quits." -03:59 Aug 13
Leslie: "You never asked if I was interested in you or not." Semantics, they were going to argue about semantics while she was trying to focus on breathing and not freaking out. He made that easier… if he wasn’t talking about never seeing her again! "You think I am some sort of idiot. Maybe I am." -04:04 Aug 13
Damion: "You said you were not in my house the other day." he said. "And you’re not an idiot. You’re the biggest not idiot I know, but I don’t see us being compatible." -04:07 Aug 13
Leslie: "When did I say I wasn’t interested? Specifically?" Leslie leaned back to look at him, and still looked ready to cry but was busy examining his face. "Because I don’t remember saying that at all." -04:11 Aug 13
Damion: He narrowed his eyes at her and his expression closely resembled a glare. "Let me quote you when you were leaving my room. ‘It’s fine. It wouldn’t have happened anyway.’ Thats what you said so, you’re not interested. So I can’t have any expectations. You always said you wanted to be friends. Well, I guess I can’t do thiends after all. And I certainly can’t do romantic relationships so what is there? Nothing." -04:16 Aug 13
[Leslie enters.] -04:22 Aug 13
Leslie: "That didn’t mean I’m not interested." she muttered back with a frown. "Maybe I did want more than just friends, but you said yourself too that you don’t do relationships. You can’t glare at me and say it’s all my fault." -04:25 Aug 13
Damion: "Its no one’s fault, there is no blame. There is only fact." he said. "The fact is I would control you to the point of making you unhappy no matter what our relationship. You can’t say you don’t see that happening." -04:28 Aug 13
Leslie: "What makes you think I would let you control me? Oh right… you and Jade seem to think I don’t have a mind of my own!" she was mad again, and if she wasn’t afraid she’d probably collapse at his feet, she would have demanded he put her down. Instead all Leslie could do was glare at him. "You make a lot of assumptions. If I don’t like something or someone, I like to think I have sense enough to walk away." -04:31 Aug 13
Damion: "And you would, eventually." he said "I’m saving us the heartache or getting invested first. I don’t take loss well Leslie, nor do I handle feelings well. If you really want to be tied to someone who can only functions when they have control them be my guest." -04:35 Aug 13
Leslie: "You think you are the only one that’s afraid to risk something. I don’t like heartache either, you know. I don’t want to trust you and have you take one look at me and change your mind. That hurts. But I was thinking about risking it anyway, and I don’t like that you’re trying to take away my choice before I can make it." -04:42 Aug 13
[(Timeout) Leslie got too distracted for their own good…] -04:45 Aug 13
Damion: "That makes it sould like its entirely your choice to make." he said "But its both of ours and if you’re serious about talking baout it then we should set a date to talk it over at my place." -04:45 Aug 13
Leslie: "No. We should talk about it today. No more mistakes and misunderstandings, and no room to make excuses and run away." She was more likely talking about herself more than him. If there was too long to think, she would over think it and talk herself out of it! -04:48 Aug 13
Damion: He put her down on a bench and sat next to her. There was no time to plan or think things over, to… "Then its down to the same question Leslie, what do you want out of our relationship?" -04:51 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie finally pulled her arms back now that she was seated, fiddling with her fingers instead. That WAS the million dollar question. What did she want? "I want to be friends. …I want more than friends? You kissed me that night and suddenly everything I thought I wanted was out the window. I guess I do want more…" -05:01 Aug 13
Damion: He looked at her, studying her. "You want to be more than friends, so the river, was a date. I don’t do dates, or romantic involvment. Do you want that?" he was a serious question, one he would need answered. -05:04 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie rolled her eyes, giving an almost exasperated sigh. "That wasn’t a date! If it was a date, I would have said so." And here he was saying he didn’t do dates or romantic involvements. It was almost like getting slapped in the face. Maybe she -was- stupid after all. "….Yes. If I am going to do it, I want the dates and the romance. A real relationship. But I understand if you can’t do that. I can be happy with just friends." -05:08 Aug 13
Damion: He nodded. "I can do that, on days when it doesn’t interfere with my work and locations are to be decided beforehand." he said "Thats the condion." he was looking at her. "I’m trying to compromise here. -05:11 Aug 13
Leslie: Now she was a little surprised. Tilting to the side a bit as she eyed him with a mix of bafflement and dubiousness. "I didn’t think you actually wanted to date me. I’m not.." she chewed on her bottom lip trying to think of a way to say it without sounding pathetic. "I’m not pretty. And I’m not experienced with sex? And it can’t be a relationship without that stuff…" -05:21 Aug 13
Damion: "You are atteractive." he said "And you don’t have to worry about experience. Or anything you’re not ready for. We’ll work it into the agreement." he returned her gaze. "Once I know what you want, and expect." -05:26 Aug 13
Leslie: "I don’t think you got a good look at me when you stole me clothes." she gave a wry sort of grin. "And you know what I want now. The whole relationship package and everything that comes with it. …Now what do you want. Besides making me sign paperwork…" -05:31 Aug 13
Damion: :I want from you the same thing I’ve gotten from the others, your trust and your obedience. If you want to add on the relationship package then we’ll start with that and easy you in until we find what you’re comfortable with." -05:34 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie looked a little confused and frowned just a bit. "Do you want the relationship part, Damion? Because I don’t want you to give that to me if you’re just using it as a way to put me in a nice controllable little box. I can trust and I can even be obedient, but not if you’re only with me to control me…" -05:40 Aug 13
Damion: "That doesn’t sound like trust." he said "I had fun going out with you, and its not something I’ve ever really done and I’m willing to try it with you." he said "here is a line bewteeen controling an manipulative and I hope you know on which side of the line I stand." he was slightly insulted by her implication adn was trying not to let it show. -05:46 Aug 13
Leslie: "I’m just trying to be clear. I am taking a risk also, and I know you think I do everything on a whim or without thinking, but I am still afraid of getting hurt too." Leslie reached out with a hand to smooth a crease in his face. He rarely ever seemed to show expressions, but she caught that one! "I trust you." -05:52 Aug 13
Damion: His expression melted adn he sighed. "I trust you too." he said takign her hand in both of his and holding it. "We’ll work though the risk and uncertainty. TOgether." -05:56 Aug 13
King of Fools

King of Fools 009: Damion’s Secret

Leslie: Leslie was not all that chatty for this third on his bike, but at least she was -almost- getting used to it. She was still smarting a bit from her morning’s fight with Jade. Again. Jade hadn’t let it go, and the past couple of days were pretty tense having to dodge snide remarks and angry comments. Leslie was sure most of it was just Jade stressing out about school and looking for her own new job, but Leslie was still glad to just get out of the house. When they stopped, Leslie hopped back to her feet and took a moment to sway as she took off her helmet. "Not as scary as last time. I think. The corners still freak me out a little bit. It feels like we’re tilting over." -05:47 Aug 12
Damion: "We are." he said. "It we didn’t the centrifugal force of the corner would make us fall over, its one of the reason I like bikes so much, the delicate balance of rider and bike.. and passener, its actually easier for me to ride when you’re not as tense." They were in the city on a weekend, outside a tall condominium complex only a short was from where he worked. "I’m afraid its an elevator to my floor. But its a fast one so it won’t be for too long." He looked up able to pick out his condo from memory. -05:53 Aug 12
Leslie: "All the way up there?" Leslie didn’t even want to think of all the ways she could hinder his driving and have them in an accident. She’ll face the elevator. "Do you like living in the middle of the city?" -05:55 Aug 12
Damion: He shrugged. "The view at night is good and its convenient." he walked into the elevator and held it open for her before pushing the top button and rocking back on his heels. "And it comfortable, and thats the main point of a house isn’t it?" he also like the fact the tha building owner himself had wanted the condo but to have such a ctenant he had been willing to settle for a smaller place. "I have the top three floors all to myself, well not all to myself, I have Rob, who acts like an all-purpose butler sometimes. -06:02 Aug 12
Leslie: As she always did, she was anxious in the elevator, but this time she was trying her hardest to hide it. She kept her hands busy by fussing with her hair over her shoulder. "So Mister Rob is like your roommate? I hope he isn’t anything like Jade." -06:06 Aug 12
Damion: "No, not liek a room mate." he said. "He keeps to his room until he is needed, he, like myself, is a private person and is one of the few I trust. His original purpose was as my lawyer, and he still is, only he only has one client, and serves me as a cook, driver, and helps keep order in my home. In exchance I pay him, and when he is not needed he is free to come an go as he chooses. For tonight though I asked him not to be home, once he left the papers I asked for on the table. I imagine he is at a bar right now, my treat. I reward loyalty." -06:11 Aug 12
Leslie: "I see… a personal assistant!" She really didn’t see. …well, she DID. But it was also really hard for Leslie to imagine someone being your personal employee and with you at your beck and call like that. She made the mistake of looking at the floor number and had to close her eyes for a second. "I’m glad there is someone you trust, though. You said you didn’t have many people." -06:15 Aug 12
Damion: "That is a choice, Ms… Leslie. So that I can focus my energy into things I’m actually good at. and as you saw talking to people is not one of those things." the door openened and he exited into a short coridoor to a single door, a keycode later and they were inside a sitting room that streches all the way from the elevator in the center of the building to the glass side. The table was at knee-height and made of dark glass with cussions around it. There was another one to the extreme left of the room next to a small kitched of varnished wood that looked more like a sylical dining table. On the glass table was a folder of papers srealed with a clip. A couple of doors were visible on the inside wall along with a curving glass and metal staircase up to what had to be a bedroom. "Can I get you anything before we begin?" -06:23 Aug 12
Leslie: Whoa, this was neat. Leslie would have gone to explore immediately had she been with someone else. But she had the feeling he wouldn’t appreciate that. Leslie finally shook her head. "No, I don’t need anything. You kinda make this sound like a business meeting…" She lied to herself. She was already wandering to take a look at things, despite better judgement. -06:26 Aug 12
Damion: Then I’ll just need you over here for a second." he walked around the table and sat doen cross-legged on one of the cusions and opened the folder and slipping out the enclosed pen and spreading two sets of identicle papers out on the table. "Its a simple NDA stating you’ll never tell anyone about anything we talk about tonight." -06:33 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie moved over to the table, looking at the papers curious and then at him as if he might be crazy. "Really? You have to have a promise on paper?" Leslie took the pen, and without reading the fine details of the paperwork, she went ahead and scribbled out her name. -06:36 Aug 12
Damion: "Yes, really. Its extrememly personal information that I would prefer to remain private. Its not a matter of public record and could even put me in personal danger if it got out, now please, take a seat." he clasped his ahnd on the table in front of them and stared at them as he collected his thoughts. "Tell me all you know about me before I was addopted." -06:43 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie sat down, and felt very much the same as that first day she met him. She tapped her fingers on the table and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "Seeing as I had no idea you were adopted until you told me, there is nothing. In fact, all I know about you is what you’ve told me so far…" -06:45 Aug 12
Damion: He raised his eyes to look at her. "I was adopted because I am an orphan." he said slowly finding his pace, this wasn’t easy to talk about. "My parents were murdered when I was six in our home and I was the only witness who was the killer’s face. Thats why I had my name changed. They never caught him." he paused to look back down at the table and take a deep breath and blink a few times. "That is my secret." -06:59 Aug 12
Leslie: "…Oh…" Not the most clever of things for her to say. Leslie stared at him for awhile. Suddenly a lot of things about him made much more sense. She visibly relaxed in her seat. "That’s one hell of a secret. I won’t tell anyone." -07:01 Aug 12
Damion: He looked at her and pushed one of the papers towards her. "Thats your copy." he let out a breath. "You can ask me anything you want I well answer honestly." -07:08 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie took the paper, folded it up and stuffed it in to one of her pockets. Then her hands were back on the table, tapping again. It explained a lot. It explained so much, that suddenly she was really glad that she was there and she could be part of his life. He needed trust worthy friends. She couldn’t imagine how lonely he probably was. "Okay… Why have you decided to trust me and tell me your secret? I know that was hard… " -07:12 Aug 12
Damion: "You spend time with me for no gain with no expectaction." he said. "You’ve been honest with me and I doubt you’ll turn over anything about me to the news. And for some reason, I wanted you to know. Since no one else does." -07:17 Aug 12
Leslie: She grinned. "And now someone does. Show me your home now! I’d like to see it. Would be a shame to waste a trip up here just for paperwork." Leslie was already slipping out of her chair. -07:21 Aug 12
Damion: He had expected questions, not acceptance. "I’d be happy to show you around some of the rooms." he stood and standign and walking around the table. You see the main area. Through that door is Rob’s wing, I prefer not to intrude. Thist way…" he was heading towards the kitchen and the door near it. "This way is the recreation rooms I…" he stopped talkign as a ringing was heard. "That my office phone.. hold on." he opened the "recreation side" door and then slipped into the first door on the right "Wait right here." Inside was a darkwood desk and an oldschoos pushbuttong phone on it. He grabbed the reciever and put it to his ear. "Rubrum." sitting on the desk he glanced at Leslie then his brow furrowed. "They.. what? Thats breach of concract… No no no no I’m sure we didn’t tell his to get Rus and confirm that that is not what happened and then get him in contact with the lawyers and… the ink isn’t even dry on the contract and they do this… hold on the line I have another call. RUS! Yes I know. Are you sure?…" -07:33 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie waited for at least a few moments. It was curious to watch him working, but well… it was work. One business phonecall was the same as another as far as she was concerned. After a bit, she started to wander. Curiosity being stronger than the need to stay put. She took a brief look at the kitchen, imagining what kind of neat things she could cook in there. And then she was slipping in to the hall of his ‘recreation’ rooms. That had piqued her interest the most, because she couldn’t imagine having more than one! Leslie passed by a few slightly opened doors until she stopped at a closed on. A twist of the nob and she was stepping inside to a…. A… Leslie had no idea what she was looking at! She was a little stupified by it! -07:38 Aug 12
Damion: He slippd of of the desk so that he could pound his fist into it. "NO! I’m not letting them get away with this. They’ve breached the contract and gone to a competitor. Get the lawyers on it and send me a list of options before lunch Monday. Now is not a good time I have a.. meeting… Yes I’ll talk to you monday." He twitched lines and listened. "Yes hes taking care of it, send him a report and make sure I get a copy. Goodnight." he hung up and then looked at the door. "Leslie?" -07:44 Aug 12
Leslie: Maybe an insane torture chamber. He didn’t strike her as crazy, though. Leslie wandered further in to the room, fingers running over random stuff as she tried to figure out what it was actually used -for-. She stopped and picked up what she guessed was a blind fold. "Hmm…" -07:48 Aug 12
Damion: He was in the doorway, watching, his face set and one hand on the doorframe. "I’m surprised you havn’t run." he said his eyes studying her. "Though I did ask you to wait since this was the one room I wasn’t planning on showing you." he stepped further into the room. "Now that you’ve seen it though. I have to wonder what you think." -07:52 Aug 12
Leslie: "What’s it for, exactly?" She had been caught snooping, and she looked a little apologetic for it. But mostly just curious. Leslie set down the blindfold, wandering a bit further. Only to stop, rise up on her toes and poke at was a shackle or handcuff hanging from the ceiling. "Punishing bad business partners?" -07:55 Aug 12
Damion: He studied her wondering if she was joking or playing coy or if she really didn’t know. "No, they’re not for work, they’re for play." he said "Or more specifically, they’re for sex." he watched her reaction and then stepped further into the room with her. "This is my other secret." -07:58 Aug 12
Leslie: "Oh." She was saying that word a lot lately, and now her face was red again. Leslie played it off. …or at least tried to, until she realized she couldn’t quite figured out how this related to ‘play’. "Wait, what? How is all this for sex?" She gestured towards the bed, and maybe the sofa. "Those I get but… " She twist her mouth and glanced at the rest. She had no idea. -08:00 Aug 12
Damion: "You have called me a control freak." he said calmly. "That is true. When I have sex, I like to be in control, absolute control. These." he touched the restraints. "Allow my partner to surrender control and trust to me entirely, absolutly. I will take her and restrain her or not as I see fit, she will do everythign I say when I say it without fear or hesitation no matter what it is. In return I reward her, if she fails to do so she gets punished." -08:04 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie opened her mouth and almost said it again. She clamped her mouth shut instead, putting it all to thought. She was trying to wrap her head around the concept. "What kind of punishment..?" she asked slowly. That would be a deciding factor in how she felt about it. -08:07 Aug 12
Damion: "It could be anything from a pinch, a slap, being restrained…" he locked to a rack with various objects and canes on it. "Nothing she doesn’t consent to, that is where the trust comes in. Which is why such a girl is tricky to find." -08:10 Aug 12
Leslie: She was imagining a lot more than just a pinch of a slap, and she wasn’t sure if that was just a wild assumption or if maybe she had the right ideas. It made her a bit uncomfortable, enough that she was crossing her arms and eying the room with a different sort of examining look. "How many girls have you had sex with like this…?" To have his own special room… that had to be a lot, but… he also said he rarely found people he trusted! It was a contradiction. -08:13 Aug 12
Damion: He eyed her. "This is all covered under the NDA." he said, a quick clarification. "And six, none of them lasted very long and none of them knew half of what you do. I think thats the main reason why they didn’t last, the trust wasn’t absolute." -08:17 Aug 12
Leslie: "Trust is important." she confirmed. Her mouth was in a twisted half frown as she chewed on her lip. This was… Well, it didn’t change her opinion on him by much. It was something foreign to her. She couldn’t judge what she had never done before. Something about it unsettled her, though. She just wasn’t sure if it was the punishment part or the restraining part. "And they all have done everything you said and let you do whatever? Have you ever been chain up before?" -08:22 Aug 12
Damion: "Everyhting I’ve done has been with thier consent. Its not about power and making people do what they don’t want to do. Its about control and them allowing me to make them do wha I want them to do, but yes, all of them have, and yes, I have but I decided I prefered being on the dominant side." he was still eyeing her. "So does this change you’r opinion on me? What do you think about this secret?" -08:27 Aug 12
Leslie: "It really just affirms my belief that you’re a control freak." she eased the tension with a joke, and a small almost shy grin. "I don’t really understand all this stuff. I’m curious mostly? I’d like to know how it works, but I’m not so sure if it’s a good idea to ask." Leslie dropped her arms and her posture was relaxed again. She was back to being curious and snooping. -08:32 Aug 12
Damion: "Jade would kill me if I showed you" he said "And it would need more discussion, I would need to know your limits, what you do not want done." and here he was talking to her about it. "But you can ask any question you like and I’ll answer honestly." he was eyeing her, seeing her walk around his room, curiously touching his things, it made him want her to accept. -08:36 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie hadn’t meant having him show her… but now that it was out there, her face was turning red again and she was turning to hide it as she looked around. "Jade doesn’t have a say in what I do." she responded first. Leslie stopped at the wall where all sorts of things were hanging. "I wouldn’t want you to hit me. And I don’t think I would like being restrained. That scares me. Does it hurt? What you do?" -08:40 Aug 12
Damion: "No hitting, no restrainging.. that is not a lot to work with." he said "But I’d never make you agree to anything you wouldn’t want to." he thought over her question for a moment. "It does, but not beyond what would fade in a few minutes. Its about pleasure just like any other sex." -08:46 Aug 12
Leslie: "I haven’t had any sex before, so I wouldn’t really know the difference." she sounded almost like that bothered her, but she was just as quickly changing her tone and casting him a grin over her shoulder. "Are you considering taking me on as your lady friend in your play room, Damion? I’m not very good at being obedient." she teased. -08:50 Aug 12
Damion: His turn to be surprised and yet see how it fit. "I am." it was an honest answer. "But if you havn’t had sex before I can’t have you commit to this kind of thing. Not unless you understood what you would be getting yourself in for." he was thinking. "Leslie… if you’ve never had sex before then I can’t ask you to agree to this. So we’d need to have sex first, without the room." -08:56 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie gave a shrug of her shoulders and cast a wry expression. "It’s fine. It wouldn’t have happened anyway. I would have to take off my clothes and-" she stopped and immediately changed the subject. She was even heading for the door and fussing with the hair pulled over her shoulder. "I think I would like a glass of water after all. Maybe some juice or tea? I really didn’t take a good look at your kitchen." -09:00 Aug 12
King of Fools

King of Fools 008: The Woods

[Leslie has her insanely large purse stuffed with very unusual things, directions on her phone. …and Jade no where to be seen. Apparently she really was that pissed off.] -11:51 Aug 11
[Damion aviced in a black sedan, driving himself to her place. He has no idea where they’re going but he hes a picknic basket in the back.] -11:53 Aug 11
Leslie: Leslie hated having fights with Jade. The woman tended to stomp around slamming doors, and it seemed Damion was a big issue for her. It just… wasn’t something Leslie was going to sway on. She could hang out with someone if she wanted to! Especially when that someone had… A very shiny car pulled up, and she almost slapped herself for that stupid instantanous grin. She snatched up her purse and left the house before he was ever to the door, locking up behind her. -11:56 Aug 11
Damion: No face at the window, he didn’t even know what that worried him. "So are you going to give me directions or drive?" he asked "Since I have no idea where we’re going." it was true, he didn’t, and that irked him. He knew it was meant to be fun but it just… grated. -11:59 Aug 11
Leslie: Leslie looked surprised, pausing with a clank of the contents in her purse. "You’re going to let me drive that?" She couldn’t decide if she liked the idea or not. It would be easier to get there without giving him directions… -12:02 Aug 12
Damion: HE looked at the car, then looked at her, then dangled the keys. It hadn’t been a serious sugestion but it would let them talk about things other than directions. "I usually wouldn’t, but I know where you live if you crash her. Just look after her and don’t touch the buttons." -12:06 Aug 12
Leslie: She was already reaching for the keys, and paused with an almost pained expression when he said crash. She finally took the keys and handed him the purse. It was unusually heavy. "Don’t peek inside. I won’t touch your silly buttons." -12:09 Aug 12
Damion: He moved over the the passenger side and got in. "One thing you should know. Fiirst decond and thrird are all on the top row from left tot right, than strait down into fourth and left into sixth. You might find it easier to witch it into automatic because of that." -12:11 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie slipped in to her seat, pulling on the seatbelt before looking at the steering wheel and all the controls in confusion. …His explination wasn’t helping at all either. "…so it has gears then? That’ll be interesting!" Leslie flashed him a quick grin. She clearly didn’t have a clue what she was doing, because getting the car started took three tries. -12:16 Aug 12
Damion: And now he was mooding worried. "You can drive a car like this right? Hold on. He pressed two buttons and chaned the car into autoratic and then activated the colision detection system. "I should warn you. I’m a nervous passenger." -12:20 Aug 12
Leslie: "I don’t know, I haven’t tried it." HE was a nervous passenger! Leslie was still surprised he gave her the keys at all. Driving in automatic, though, was much much more something she was accostomed to. Leslie was actually able to pull out of the drive and get them going without having the car lurch or die on her. At least she took driving seriously, because she was hyper focused on the road, what was around them with a quick look at the mirrors, and both of her hands clinging to the wheel. "Don’t worry, I can drive just fine." -12:24 Aug 12
Damion: If he was a nervous passenger she looked like a nervous driver. "So where are we going anyway? Some place quiet I hope. I have a basket in the back that should have everything we need. Unless we get stranded in the woods for days and I have to make a fire with our shoes to cook the squirrel we snared with the lases. -12:28 Aug 12
Leslie: There was that enigmatic smile. Something he said must have hit the nail on the head, because it was very difficult for her to surpress her amusement and excitement with it. Still, she didn’t confirm or deny. "Why do you have to keep guessing? I told you, it will ruin the surprise." Leslie was deliberately seeming to avoid the highway or the busy roads. She took the back ones through small neighborhoods, and soon they were on a stretch of road that was heading right out of town. -12:30 Aug 12
Damion: "Because I don’t like being in the dark, figuratively." and literally. "A surprise if just an uncertanty, Its only because I trust you that I’m not applying leverage to get the information." he meaned back in his chair. "I do have a question though. When was the last tiem you had a relationship?" -12:39 Aug 12
Leslie: Her hands tightened on the wheel and she cast him a quick sideglance. "That depends on what sort you are asking about…" This time it was her being vague, which was unusual for her. Her eyes were back on the street again and she was chewing on her lip. "I have a lot of friends…" -12:43 Aug 12
Damion: "Romnatic involvment, sexual or otherwise." he said leaving no room for doubt. He didn’t like beign played coy with. "You know I didn’t mean friends so this is a tender subject for you. You don’t have to answer." -12:47 Aug 12
Leslie: "It’s just not something I talk about very often." Leslie forced herself to relax. They were out of city limits now, and buildings were becoming fewer and farther between. "My last boyfriend was just after the accident. That’s all." -12:49 Aug 12
Damion: He didn’t say a word, he merely eyed her before he looked out the window. "So a while ago, that answers that." that was all he wanted to know. "We’re even now. Ms. Cole." -12:56 Aug 12
Leslie: "…what does that answer, exactly? And what are we even about?" As always, any question answered always inevitably brought on more questions. Leslie decided her doing the driving might have been a bad idea, because now she couldn’t stare him down to decipher his expression. -12:59 Aug 12
Damion: "You thought I was gay, and now I have found out somethign baout you Leslie. Somethign Ms. Sparrow could never understand. Somethign I could possibly relate to." -01:06 Aug 12
Leslie: "For the record _I_ did not actually believe you were gay!" she responded with some exasperation, and maybe a little bit of guilt. "…and that sounds really ominous. What have you found out?" She finally turned down another side street. They were in the forest now, and the sign for the local state park passed them. It seemed the woods had been an accurate guess after all, because she was pulling in to a small parking lot near one of the ranger stations. -01:09 Aug 12
Damion: "That I was right about the woods." he lied before undoing his seatbelt and getting out to open the back door and retrieve the basket, pulling a cap out of it and putting it on his head and offering one to her. "So do we have far to walk?" -01:14 Aug 12
Leslie: "That isn’t what you meant…" Leslie had retrieved her very heavy purse, and was now casting him a suspicious look. She did take the hat and set it on her head. …a little too big, but it worked! "Only a little bit down the trail to the river. You’re not afraid to get a little wet and dirty are you?" There was her mysterious grin again as she rocked on her feet. -01:17 Aug 12
Damion: "Sounds like I’ll have to take off my shoes." he said gripping the basket and holding his hand out for the keys. "Other thn that I’m not afraid of anything. -01:22 Aug 12
Leslie: Keys! Right… now where did she put them. Leslie had to fumble at her pockets before she found them and returned them. Apparently losing her keys was a normal thing. "Oh you’ll definitely have to take off your shoes." Leslie turned to lead the way down the path. It seemingly perfectly natural for her to be out in the forest and walking along the trails. it was easy to hear the rush of the river not too far away. -01:25 Aug 12
Damion: "I don’t know it I like the sounds of this…." it was a low mutter, last time she gets to choose the place, got it. "You come here a lot then?" she looked like she knew the way and he hadn’t seen her look at a map once on their way here. -01:28 Aug 12
Leslie: "I used to. It’s been awhile." Before long the trail opened up to a large clearing right next to the river. It was one of the more calm spots. A short three foot waterfalls, the shallows. Leslie dropped her purse down at what she thought was a good spot. Then she was delicately balancing to take off her shoes. "You said you wanted a friend and confidant, so I thought I would show you that I can trust you, so you can trust me." -01:34 Aug 12
Damion: What came to mind were those inane trust excercises that many torporations made thier workers go through, he hated those. But he set the basket down next to her bag and started pulling his shoes off without complaint. "What if I don’t need to be shown. Or if I can’t show…" -01:41 Aug 12
Leslie: "Then there is nothing to worry about! I am not asking you to trust me!" she grinned again. Sitting down on the ground so she could roll up the legs of her pants, all the way to her knees. There were a few visible marks and her smile faded a bit, but she was back up on her feet again in an instant and walking towards the water. "Have you ever hunted for river muscles before?" -01:44 Aug 12
Damion: "I don’t even know what those are." he said stepping into the water after her and watching her. "But I can guess. Why are we hunting for them? I brought food." this was sounding a lot like a date and he was unsire of the whole thing. But she’d obviously had it planned since before the kiss… that he didn’t want to think back to. -01:47 Aug 12
Leslie: "Are you kidding? They’re kind of like… um… little clams! They’ll be black. I’ll show you." Leslie waded around, kicking up dirt until she came across a couple of the little shelled things. She held it up. "This. We’ll only need a few. They’ll go with lunch." -01:51 Aug 12
Damion: "Is this legal?" a pertinany question. "We;re not going to have a nature consercation officer coming down on us are we?" he wastched her and still wasn’t joining in, he didn’t even know what to do. -01:53 Aug 12
Leslie: "YES it’s legal! It’s just like fishing!" Although… they probably needed a fishing lisence… but she would keep that to herself. Leslie waded back to him, grabbed his hand to tug him out farther in to the river. "Don’t worry about all the little details. All you do is sift around and grab them. It doesn’t need a plan of action." -01:55 Aug 12
Damion: "Hmmm…" he was unconvince but if dragging his feet over the bottom of a river would get them closer to doing something else he would do it. "So you’re really going to eat something out of a river without any kind of disinfecteting or cooking?" if seemed risky. "I don’t think this is what I had in mind when I thought about celebrating a new deal going through." -01:59 Aug 12
Leslie: "Oh, there will be cooking!" she chimed. After all, she had a purse stuffed with what she needed. When he didn’t look too enthusiastic about the idea, she kicked a foot at him to splash him a bit. "What did you have in mind, then, mister Rubrum?" -02:04 Aug 12
Damion: He looked at his wet shirt and then at her. "Id doesn’t matter, it wasn’t anything specific." this was why he didn’t do anything. Why di didn’t do friendships. "But then what do I know, I don’t go out. Ever." -02:07 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie paused and visibly wilted. Her arms falling to her sides as she tilted her head at him and frowned. She was really trying here. "You don’t like this then. Being out here." -02:11 Aug 12
Damion: And now he had said the wrong thing. "I do. I just don’t know how any of this words, or why you chose here, or what I’m meant to be doing or anything. The outdoors and I do not get along." Agoraphobia it was called. Agitation in open spaces. -02:17 Aug 12
Leslie: That seemed to draw some confusion from her, before it seemed to click in her head. Leslie was back at his side again, taking his hand and this time not letting go. "I chose here because I like this place. It’s safe and quiet. And I haven’t been here since I was small because I hate having to drive and I don’t like showing skin for wading. SO… we’re going to dig for muscles and I will make you something special while you show me what you brought in the basket?" -02:22 Aug 12
Damion: He wanted to leave, to go back to where he felt safe. He would never be able to here. "It doesn’t feel safe to me." he said. "But what do I need to do to get these things?" -02:28 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie kept his hand, balancing on one foot to show him how to kick around at the silt. "See? They hide in the dirt or under rocks. They don’t exactly run, either. So you just move the dirt around until you find the bigger ones. It’s simple. No danger involved." -02:31 Aug 12
Damion: He growned at her. "I’m not scared of a few clams." he said feeling like he was boing treated like a child. But at least it have him the tention the frustration needed to kick rocks on the bottom of a river. "There rocks are kicked. Freshwater chelfish seems… wierd." -02:35 Aug 12
Leslie: "Then what are you worried about?" she grinned. Leslie leaned over to brush through the silt. Picking up ones that looked edible and then holding them out for him to see. "Don’t fancy rich people usually eat fancy exotic rich foods? These are pretty normal to eat." -02:38 Aug 12
Damion: "Yes the day I became rich I stopped eating sandwedges and pasta just because I was rich." she didn’t desurve his irritation but. He hated the openess and the way this seemed like a date. "I’m making this difficult arn’t I… I should go and sit on the bank." -02:41 Aug 12
Leslie: "Do you ever relax and just enjoy something for what it is? You did a few days ago." Leslie didn’t mean to bring it up, but he looked ready to run. …about the same way she had felt the first time she met him. Strange how that had changed. Her face was twinging red, and she busied herself with sticking the muscles in her pockets which was just defeating the purpose of her rolling up her pants to stay dry. -02:45 Aug 12
Damion: "The situation was entirely different then." he said. "Here I don’t know what to think, I don’t know what to do… I’m terrible at this." -02:48 Aug 12
Leslie: Her head tilted up to regard him curiously. Was he such a control freak that one unplanned day was completely debilitating? "Don’t think! Just do. I think we have enough, anyway." Leslie took his hand again to pull him along out of the river and back to the bank. -02:51 Aug 12
Damion: "In the past its always seemed somethink not worth thinking through hasn’t been worth doing." he said. "I’m sorry. I’ve ruined your plan." -03:00 Aug 12
Leslie: "Unless you’re about to pass out and I have to somehow drag you back to the car, I don’t think any plans are ruined yet." Leslie was resiliant. Once they were back to their chosen picnic spot, she dropped to her knees to dig in her purse. She had a pot in there and a small single kerosene camping stove. No wonder it was so heavy. "What did you bring in your basket?" -03:04 Aug 12
Damion: He wasn’t convinced. "I could do that, hit my head on a rock, you’d have to call in an airlift. Your friend would get teh scoop and probably congradulate you for thwarting my lecherous advances with a well placed lump of natural mineral applie directly to my forehead. You could spin the story however you wanted, blackmail me out of thousands. Are you sure you don’t want to do that instead?" -03:09 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie endured the comment with little more than sitting back on her heels and giving him an incredulous expression. "Why would I? I would rather see what you have in your basket. …Or should I be asking crazy questions too. Like if there’s poison in there, or ropes and chains or something." -03:13 Aug 12
Damion: He paused giving her a long look that ended with a slight grin. "No not that, yet, just a bottle of water, a tuggerware of finely sliced watermellon, cheese, bread, butter, salt, perpper, ham slices, pickles, tomato, lettus, mayo, mustard, capers, crackers, cold juice, and olives. Might be foregetting something." As he said that he placed down a bottle of white wine. "You did say you’d have a drink." -03:19 Aug 12
Leslie: "I did." she eyed the bottle with a bit of doubt. But now that he had shaken his mood, Leslie decided it would be worth giving it a try. In fact, she stole the bottle. Once her stove was set up and all the muscles from her pocket were dropped in to the pan, she popped open the bottle and poured a little bit of the wine in, then closed the lid tight. "Perfect! See, it was a meal made to be." -03:23 Aug 12
Damion: "Made to be by you." he pointed out. "And I’ve just decided I’m not telling you how much that bottle cost, wouldn’t want you trying to put it back into the bottle." he pushed a balnket aside in the basket, it was useless as they were now. Two cups followed and he poared the wine into it before bringing out a board and ingredients. "Anything else you want to throw in?" -03:36 Aug 12
Leslie: "Hmm…" She looked at the pot and then at the basket. "No! Not yet." She scooted until she faced him, tapping her hands on her knees before she reached out to take one of the cups and gave the wine an experimental sip. "They’re just going to be the best muscles in the universe then. Do you ever cook?" -03:39 Aug 12
Damion: "No." a simple answer to a simple question. "Wouldn’t know where to start, I usually don’t have time to anyway, bringing paperwork home, staying up until ten doublechecking. I shouldn’t even be here. So they had better be good." he looked at her and pondered. "Why am I here?" -03:47 Aug 12
Leslie: "Because we’re doing something to celebrate your big deal?" she tilted her head, and by smell she knew they were ready. Leslie turned off the little stove and pulled the pot off the heat. Off came the lid, and she was reaching in to try and snatch up one of the now opened up muscles. Mumbling ‘ow’ and dropping it again everytime she did, from the heat of it. -03:51 Aug 12
Damion: "Tip them ont a plate" he said handing one to her "I should be prepairing for the next stage once teh budget projections come through and drafting future deals. These guys really don’t like dealling with me and will exploit any loophole they can to get out of it. -03:54 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie took the plate and poured them on to it. Waving her hand over them a moment to cool them, and then looking at her fingers with a frown. "I’m not all that surprised, you’re pretty scary in your office." -03:59 Aug 12
Damion: He shot her a glare. "Its because they’re worried I’ll take over thier company. And they should be worried because I very easily could." he took a sip of his wine and looked at the fried up muscles. "Do they have shells?" -04:06 Aug 12
Leslie: She reached over him to get the salt to get a fork, then picked up one of them to show him, now that they were cool enough. It looked like a little oyster and for a moment she open and closed the shell like it was talking as she spoke. "Yes, put you just scoop it out and eat it." She used the fork to do so and ate the first. "….see, not dead yet." -04:10 Aug 12
Damion: "Even after all that cooking they’re still alive? Well that is something." he said dryly. "You should put another out of it’s missery." he took another sip of wine and then leaned back to lean against his hand on the ground. He was still feeling unsettled, not at home… frightened? :I’m not really hungry at the moment." -04:15 Aug 12
Leslie: "No! I mean I am still alive!" All of a sudden she was laughing. That was just one absurb thing too many, and she just couldn’t help herself. "They’re better when they’re hot." Leslie picked up another, grinning wide now. Scooped it out of the shell and scooted over to him on her knees. She held the fork near his mouth. "Try it." -04:20 Aug 12
Damion: He looked at the thing dubiously then at her coldly. "I’m really not hungry." he insisted. How could he be. There was an unwelcome feeling in his gut and he wanted desperaty to be somewhere else, anywhere else. -04:28 Aug 12
[Leslie enters.] -04:53 Aug 12
[(Timeout) Leslie was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -04:57 Aug 12
Leslie: He had switched moods on her again, which always seemed to leave her floundering and unbalanced. She ate it herself, sitting back again with her legs curled under her. "Not hungry or just afraid to try something new?" -04:57 Aug 12
Damion: That made him look at her again. "Not hungry. Why do you keep saying I’m afraid?" he placed his cup down and glasped his hands on his knee and eyed her. -05:04 Aug 12
Leslie: "Because you have to be in control of everything. And I don’t believe you’re like that because you’re an asshole?" She said it like she wasn’t -entirely- sure and was testing the words to see how he responded. -05:10 Aug 12
Damion: He narrowed his gaze. "So I need to be in control because I’m afraid?" he asked his tone neutral. "Afraid of what exactly? That the moment things slip between my fingers a yetti is going to come through that bush." he pointed. "And tear me apart…" he paused his eyes avoiding her for a millionth of a second. "I’m on top of the world, what do I have to be afraid of?" -05:13 Aug 12
Leslie: "Well, for one… yeti are mythical creatures. If you were going to be afraid of something out here, he should be bears, snakes and wildcats." She finally just gave a shrug of her shoulder. "…I guess I have no room to talk about being afraid though. I have elevator issues." -05:21 Aug 12
Damion: "I wasn’t being serious." he said. "And your fears are justified." he stopped talking then looked away. "And I shouldn’t know the reason for them… its only fair if you know mine. But I won’t tell you here, you’ll have to meet me in my office, or home. That is the condition I have to set if you want to know. Any time after tomorow." -05:28 Aug 12
Leslie: "It’s not like it’s a secret of mine. It’s just something that happened." But he was offering to tell her more! That was… Leslie wasn’t sure how she felt, other than really curious. She considered it carefully, though… "I’d like to see your home. So if you want to share with me, that would be a good place." she leaned, plucking up another of the muscles from the plate. "…now can I tempt you to trying one?" -05:35 Aug 12
Damion: He frowned at her. "You skin me on a deal then try and set conditions?" he toot he thing in his fingers and popped it into his mouth. "Its not a classic house like yours. Call be with a date." -05:38 Aug 12
King of Fools

King of Fools 007: Accidental Kiss

Leslie: Leslie was wearing a nice pair of black slacks, some knee high boots, and a pretty but long sleeve shirt. "On a DATE you should wear something sexy. Are you sure you don’t want to borrow one of my dresses?" Leslie groaned for the third time that night. She was abandoning the need for a purse, tucking everything that was important in to her boot. Phone, i.d., money. "It’s not a date. I’m going out with a friend to celebrate my interview because -you- are busy with your last minute paper stuff. You know I hate dresses." she muttered at the end. She couldn’t wear dresses, Jade knew that. Jade didn’t believe a word. -07:07 Aug 10
Damion: The roar of the boke engine echoed down the street as he pilled up and looked, his face, that which wasn’t behind his glasses, visible under his felmet, the biking leathers reachign all the way down to his boot. A quick toot from the horn and he looked at the window holding up a leather jacket and helmet for her. as the engine idles between his legs. Hes almosy hiping shes never been on a bike before… -07:14 Aug 10
Leslie: Jade instantly recognized that sound and was at the window in an instant. After peeking out, she turned to give a glare. "LESLIE. Are you stupid?!" Oh boy…! Leslie didn’t have time for the Jade lecture! "You can complain about it later!" In a quick wave of goodbye, Leslie escaped the house and trotted out to the driveway. …He… Hadn’t been kidding about the bike, then! He pace slowed a bit. "…Hi." -07:27 Aug 10
Damion: "Hey." he held out the jacket hfirs, he wouldn’t allow her on the bike without it, and there was somethign about girls in leather jackets. "You ready to see the kind of place I choose for fun?" he asked a hint of a grin on his lips, barely descernable. "Better hurry before Jade breath thought he window to get to us." -07:31 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie took the jacket. …she hadn’t put it on yet, clutching it to her chest and eying the bike. "I -was-. Now I’m kinda wondering if I am ready to try motorcycles." One look over at the window, though, and Leslie went ahead and put on the jacket. Still, not looking so trusting of the bike. -07:35 Aug 10
Damion: "Just hold onto me." he said. "Arms around me would be best." he held out the helmet next and then made sure the rea footrests were down and tilder the bike off of the side stand and waited. "As soon as you’re ready…" -07:38 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie took a breath. Well… he knew what he was doing, right? On went the helmet. Climbing behind him was a little awkward. Even more so was putting her arms around him. Leslie wasn’t sure what was more nerve-wracking! Being that close, or knowing what was coming next. "Okay… I think." -07:42 Aug 10
Damion: "Alright." the voice wasn’t from in front of her, but from both sides of her, speakers connectied to a short range two way radio in both of thier helmets. The bike slid down the street and he kicked up the stand and then they were off, headign for the road out of town. "Its a bit of the wasy, I’m going to take a road I love at this time of day." he turned right and excelerated to match the speed of the traffic. "Don’t worry though they’re still have room when we get there." -07:45 Aug 10
Leslie: "So it’s a long ride?" she almost squeaked. The minute they were moving, she was holding on so tight that for a split second she worried that maybe she was squeezing too hard. For the moment she had her face hidden at his back. She couldn’t watch! There weren’t selt belts on these things! -07:47 Aug 10
Damion: "Not too long." he said leanign into a gentle curve as they turned onto the freeway. "Hey Leslie, look left." On the skyling the sun sunk behind a row of appartment bulding in the distance the the sky blazed pink and gold and crimson in places. "I was hoping for this view. Its why I chose this rout." in her arms he sighed and then purned his attention back tot he road ahead. "This is why I like bikes." -07:53 Aug 10
Leslie: Look left, he says! Leslie was glad she had the courage to do it, though. "Oh wow…" Such pretty colors! For a moment she forgot about being afraid for her life, and though she still hadn’t relaxed, her thumb moved against his stomach in a soft touch. She hadn’t realized she was doing it. "I wish I had a camera. It’d make an awesome picture!" -07:57 Aug 10
Damion: "Left pocket of my jacket." he said "Reach in and get it." he was relazing, the road befor him and her behind him. He couldn’t remember bringing anyone else on a ride. "I’ll sent the pictures to your phone or if you send me an email address later." he caught a glimpse of her in the mirror. "And you can relax, I’ve riding these things longer than I’ve been driving cars." -08:03 Aug 10
Leslie: "Relaxing is easier said than done." He had a camera, though. But if she let go, what was keeping her from falling off! Leslie was chewing on her lip by the time she decided a picture was worth the risk. Even if it meant one hand was now clinging so tight around him that her fingers were digging in to his shirt. Moving the other was a trick… slipping her hand in to his pocket and making sure the strap was around her wrist before pulling it out. Her whole body was pressed against him as she held the hand up, as if just touching would be enough to keep her from going somewhere. Leslie quickly snapped her pictures of the sunset. …and then she was holding the camera out over his shoulder trying to get one of him, as she laughed! -08:09 Aug 10
Damion: He stuck out his tongue just to ruin her shot and then turned on the brights as they thundered on into the night. "Not much further. He promised. "Its in a converted factory. Its nice inside, got a bit of a country decore adn they play classic rock and blues. There it is on the right, over the trees, the turnoff is about five minutes away. You have to try the buffalo wings…" -08:14 Aug 10
Leslie: His entire countenance felt different like this. She wondered if he knew that? He wasn’t intimidating CEO guy. Leslie took a couple more pictures, which took a bit of awkward moving to switch hands with the camera. …and she at least tried to get one of the both of them. That’d be a neat picture to have! "Are you gonna try dancing with me, Mister Rubrum?" she was grinning. -08:18 Aug 10
Damion: "I will, but unless you know how to ride I’m the designated driver." he said turning off of the freeway and onto the smaller road that lead strait past the front of the blocky building. Pulling over he waited for her to get off before he did the same, pulling off his helmet and hooking into a lock gust below the seat and then doing the same with hers befre he held out his hand. "Come one, we have a lot to celebrate." -08:22 Aug 10
Leslie: The very first thing she did was fix her hair so it fell just the right way, just barely in her eyes and hiding a good half of her face, and falling over a shoulder. Leslie was then giving HIM the tongue out treat. "I told you, I am never, ever drinking again." She took his hand though. Still a little breathless and humming from the ride, Leslie felt a little light on her feet now. "Besides me finally getting an interview is there more to celebrate?" -08:27 Aug 10
Damion: "Your first time on a bike, my first time with a passenger, a potensially three million deal on thursday, you getting the pictures you wanted, making Jade angry. What isn’t there to celebreate." he headed towards the door getting his ID ready and having the bouncer take a look at him adn nod him in while taking note of it on a register, then he was pulling her inside, just as the live performance was starting. Desire a slow simd to start off the evening. -08:31 Aug 10
Leslie: "I’m never keen on pissing off Jade, but I’m really glad your work is going well! Three million bucks is a lot." She liked the place. There was a soft smokey atmosphere to it. Relaxed. And… it didn’t seem like the sort of place she would have expected him to be. Leslie squeezed his hand. "Hey." Ha! It was a trick. Leslie snuck another picture and laughed at her victory. -08:36 Aug 10
Damion: "Don’t make me ask for that back." he said leading her to follow the waitress taking them to a place on the seconf froo right up against the rail with a clear view of the band and stood by to take thier order. He ordered a bottle of beer and the buffalo wings, the beer would be followed by kiwi juice with nothing added. And the band would be asked to play the song ‘sharply dressed man’ if at all possible. -08:43 Aug 10
Leslie: At his insisting she’d try those wings, but she wanted water. No alcohol. Leslie was going to hold that memory with her the rest of her life. She was still grinning at him though, for the time being setting the camera down on the table and behaving. "Do you always go in to a place and get everything you want, just like that?" -08:46 Aug 10
Damion: "Is there another way of doing things?" he asked. "I like getting way I want, its the core of my business stratergy. Have what you want, what the others want, or both, and then cut a deal." he grinned. "I like business, its the first thing I tried that I was any good at. What about you, are you good at things?" -08:49 Aug 10
Leslie: "Nope! I am a jack-of-a-trades. Do a little bit of everything, good at none of it!" That didn’t seem to bother her a bit, though. Life worked for her, she didn’t have anything to complain about outside of a nosy roommate. Her hands were sneaking for the camera again. She liked when he grinned and he wasn’t self concious about it. That needed a picture! -08:54 Aug 10
Damion: He placed a hand on top of the camera then pulled it towards him, and snapped a picture of the band below and handed it back to her leaning back against his chair and grinning at her. "You seem to be in a good mood at least. What job is it for?" -08:59 Aug 10
Leslie: Foiled. Leslie rest her elbows on the table and smiled at him. "For a magazine! It’s not really the position I applied for, but they said if the interview is good and my work is decent I could get a promotion. I think it’s kinda like a personal assistant thing?" -09:07 Aug 10
Damion: "So you didn’t apply where I sugested." he said giving her a hard look. "Good thing I applied for you." he was watching her like a hawk. "The position has been filled but they’ll keep you on file." he pushed the camera towards her then rested his arm on the table. "I can respect that you do things your way but I have an odd compultion to help you that I can’t explain." -09:10 Aug 10
Leslie: "You applied for me?" That… actually kind of pissed her off! Leslie took the camera, tapping her fingers over it as she scowled at him. "You can’t just do stuff like that. It’s not any of your business and I told you I wasn’t going to apply there. It’s not helping at all, it’s controlling." -09:13 Aug 10
Damion: "If I wanted to control you you wouldn’t be living so far away from me." he said the problem was he did, and she was right. "Fine I’ll have you taken out of thier records if that will make you happy." he was put out by her reaction and there was no grin now. -09:17 Aug 10
Leslie: "… do you want me to live closer to you?" That was the part that surprised her. People didn’t say things like that unless there was some kind of truth behind it. And what it could mean was kind of a scary thought. Her scowling was gone, and she was now staring down where her fingers were now tapping nervously on the table. There was that feeling again. That one she always ended up with around him, and she didn’t know what to do with. -09:20 Aug 10
Damion: "It would be nice." he said truthfully. "But you don’t work for me, and its best you don’t. I’ll say that now. Conflict of interest. In business I like to keep things simple. I’m not sure I can do that around you." he thanked the waitress as their orders were put down and he lifted his bottle. "Congradulation on taking your first step on the road if you career." -09:23 Aug 10
Leslie: "Is everything for you some sort of business relationship?" she asked curiously. Food was an excellent distraction. Leslie slipped off the jacket, and pushed her sleeves just far enough up her arms that they wouldn’t get in the way. She had no problem getting messy, but she didn’t wanna be -that- messy. "So what kind of complication am I, anyway? You should be forthcoming with me, or I’m going to start being vague too." -09:29 Aug 10
Damion: "I meant I don’t control you like I do my employees." he said being left in the lurch with his toast and taking a sip anyway before placing down his bottle. "I don’t now what to do with you, thast the complication. You bring me uncertainty, something i’m not used to and something I don’t usually enjoy. But here I am treating you to a night out. Complicated isn’t the right word." -09:32 Aug 10
Leslie: "You can’t control me like you do with your employees. That is the problem." Leslie was finally grinning again, as if she solved one of the mysteries. She licked a bit of sauce from her fingers. That was definitely good! "Thank you for taking me out, though. You didn’t have to, and I do appreciate it. Maybe you could stop trying to make everything complicated?" -09:36 Aug 10
Damion: He slumped and took another sip. "I don’t want to controll you." he said, almost snapping then took a larger gulp of beer and picking up a wing in one hand and a serviette in the other and taking a large bote witht he setviette held underneath. "And how would you uncomplicate things? Seems every person I’ve asked that has responded with a severence of some kind." -09:46 Aug 10
Leslie: "I’d start with not eating wings with a napkin." she responded with an amused grin. And worse, she reached out with a sauce covered hand to run one finger down his cheek. "Look! Things have gotten messy. You also owe me a dance and a million dollars! I will take one or the other." -09:50 Aug 10
Damion: "I’ll send you a check." he said taking another bite the seriette staying in place. Then he was setting down the bone and picking up his bottle to take another small sip and sigh and wiping his cheek. "Mess doesn’t simplify things. Its just more things to clean up later." -09:53 Aug 10
Leslie: "Sometimes getting messy is the -fun- part." Leslie doubt he was going to send her a check. She rest her chin in her hand eying him. Did matter there was now sauce on HER cheek. "So on this great date of job interviews and three million dollar deals and awesome bands, you’re not gonna dance once?" -10:00 Aug 10
Damion: "You do know what sarcasm is? Right?" he eyed her before poring a glass of juice and pushing it towards her and going back to his beet. "Its good, have one sip and I’ll think about a dance when something with bounce comes on." -10:06 Aug 10
Leslie: A dubious look at the juice. Kiwi wasn’t exactly a flavor she had often! Leslie took the time to wipe her hands and her face, then picked up the glass. A quick smell and a twitch of her nose. Then a testing sip. …not terrible. "Then you can wait here, and I’ll be dancing until you’re ready." After a few quick swallows of the juice, Leslie was already scooting out of her seat. -10:10 Aug 10
Damion: He looked like he was going to stop her, a knit to his forehead and a heand half reached out. Then he sat back. "Leaving me all alone? Fine, we’re here to have fun I’ll just join you now." he stood and straitened his jacket. "Just be warned, I’m not very good. All the times I did in colledge I was too drunk to know what I was doing." -10:15 Aug 10
Leslie: "Dancing isn’t about being good." Leslie took his hand and led him through the place. She was already dancing before they even hit the dance floor and all grins. Extra especially because she snuck the camera along with her. There was the click of the shutter when she finally turned to him and a great big smirk! -10:21 Aug 10
Damion: He looked unconvinced. "I used to say I only did one kind of dance, the chest to chest, cheek to cheek slow swaying slow dance, and that I would only do it with someone who I trusted enough to tell them my birth name." but here he was. "That was to get out of dancing -with- anyone of course. A million is looking pretty cheep right now, I’m getting three after all." -10:29 Aug 10
Leslie: "Damion Rubrum isn’t your birth name?" That made her curious! She hooked the camera around her wrist and took his hands. No cheek to cheek yet, but she was trying to get him to move with her. "Well, if this is going to be a million dollar dance, we better make it good." -10:32 Aug 10
Damion: "No, thats my adopted name." he said eying her. Then he gave in and watched her for a moment before matching her speed. "But lets not talk about that. Tonight is about the buture, not the past." -10:36 Aug 10
Leslie: Adopted name! There really was a lot about him she didn’t know! Leslie moved with the rhythm of the music, for all of her lack of being able to do just about everything, she took to dancing naturally. She even inched him closer. Would she get the name if he got the dance? Leslie almost gave a wicked grin. "Future then! Of your big fancy company, and whatever I’ll be doing next week!" -10:41 Aug 10
Damion: "I don’t think I could smile not knowing what I would be doing next week…. the he grinned. "But then I abandoned colledge on a million to one shot at a deal that I thought for sure would end in nothing. Frankly I couldn’t be… I’m on the past again, future! When will I see you again?" -10:45 Aug 10
Leslie: "Hmm. Do I need to see a lawyer to see you again?" she teased. There was the grin she wanted. Leslie turned quickly so her back was against his chest and she was giving a ridiculously cheesy grin. A click of the shutter. She hopefully got the picture she wanted! "When do you want to? I have a few days before my interview!" -10:48 Aug 10
Damion: "You only need to see the lawyer if you want sex." he said deadpan. "All you have to do to see me again is to call. Theres a lull in bisiness at the moment after our taking over of Neocore. So… he didn’t want to take out his planner on a dancefloor. "We’ll call it thursday after I sign the deal and get three mill. I’ll reat you out to celebrate?" -10:54 Aug 10
Leslie: Sex! That had her turning red. Leslie just wasn’t going to comment on that one. Sex definitely wasn’t what she was after. …Leslie didn’t know what she was after! "Okay, Thursday then! You have to call me this time." -10:58 Aug 10
Damion: "I’ll call you and arive in something that has doors thise time." he said putting an arom arounf her stomach and moving with her. "I have a place in mind… but it your turn to pic, And if you want to dance there you’ll have to have at least one drink. I’ll make sure you don’t get too drunk and get sick and hung over. That is if you trust me." -11:00 Aug 10
Leslie: "And what if I choose a place that doesn’t have drinks?" she grinned. In fact, she already had a place to go in mind. And had no idea if they would or not. "I think you better bring something to eat and drink." -11:04 Aug 10
Damion: "Not a perk is it? Or a lake? The sea?" he was teasing but with ehr back to him and his arm around her his other hand found the camera and switched it to self-portait mode, the screen facign them as they were visible on it and he head behind and agaist hers he allowed himself a grin and snapped it. "I’ll pack something." -11:12 Aug 10
Leslie: "Don’t guess it, you’re going to ruin the surprise." Still, there was a wide smile. She hadn’t ever quite felt like this before. Leslie really, really liked it… and was almost afraid she was going to over think it. Complications as he’d call it. "You’ll have to trust -me- though." -11:16 Aug 10
Damion: "I have no reason not to." he said just enjoying the moment. "And I have to guess otherwise it will bug me from now until then, you don’t want me dstracted when I’m working do you?" his break unintentionally blew agaist her skin and he moved the hand that left the camera through his hair keeping the other around her stomach. "Is this how dancing usually goes?" -11:26 Aug 10
Leslie: "Not typically no. I’ve never danced like this." Leslie closed her eyes and rest both her arms over his. Camera and all. It was actually really nice to be held close to someone and just sway with the music. She tilted her head just a bit towards him. "You really don’t dance a lot?" -11:31 Aug 10
Damion: He put the other arm around her too and nuzzled his chin into her. "I don’t get out much, last time I was here was with three chinese exporters, the best thing about that aborted deal was the bufalo wings, but they were using shady labor practices so I couldn’t deal." he could launch into a tyrade about how it could out him adn his company in legal trouble to do so but he left it as is, he wouldn’t have dealed withouth the legal risk. -11:34 Aug 10
Leslie: He smelled really good, and even the smokeyness of the place didn’t hide it. Leslie didn’t realize she was brushing her nose against his cheek. "So you are an intimidating force of the business world, with a code of honor?" she teased softly. -11:40 Aug 10
Damion: "Everyone has a secret." he said "Why can’t mine be that?" he said tunring his head towards her and tightning his hand across her stomach. "I still hope to find out yours, other than.." he did almost feel bad about seeing what she hoped to keep hidden but it was hard to focus on that with her so close So close he could… his lips brushed hers and thenr pushed home, gently his eyes closing. "mmm" good thing the camera wa at her side… because he wasn’t pulling away. -11:45 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie almost frowned. He didn’t have to mention her secrets. Next thing she knew, she was being kissed and all thoughts were just thrown out the window. Instinct took over, with her response being soft and tentative. The rush that came with it was a very surprising delight she could feel all the way down to her knees. -11:50 Aug 10
Damion: His hand left her stomach to move to her cheek as he nuzzled his lips softly against hers and sighed agaist her. He wasn’t thinking, and that felt like the right thing to do. His nail ticked her cheek lightly as he moved hs nose against hers.. then slowly, regretfully pulled back half and inch to open his eyes. -11:54 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie was floored. She sure as hell didn’t remember kissing being anything like that. She was even still holding her breath when her eyes opened and fell to his. Gorgeous eyes. ….and then sense seemed to hit her like a truck. Which was a terrible analogy for her to suddenly be thinking of when she gently pulled his hand from her cheek and stepped away. Her face was red and burning. What was she thinking! "…um…! You aren’t so bad at dancing after all." A change of subject. If she didn’t acknowledge it, it didn’t happen… right? -11:59 Aug 10
Damion: "Umm thanks." he said looking where she had been a second ago then at her now. She was retreating… "So enough dancing, want anything more to drink or do we pay up and head?" -12:02 Aug 10
Leslie: "I should go home before Jade has herself a heart attack." Leslie didn’t want to go. …and she didn’t want to stay! It was officially the most frustrating thing in her universe. She needed the space to think. "…but there will be Thursday?" -12:05 Aug 10
Damion: "There will be thursday." he caught up with thier waitress and payed, the offeref her his hand to walk with ehr back to the bike. "I had a nice night out, thank you for the dance." -12:06 Aug 10
King of Fools

King of Fools 006: Ambush

[Leslie is supposed to meet Jade at the coffee shop. For the time being, she’s sitting a table with some cheesyass smutty romance novel and sipping vanilla latte. Jade was always late anyway.] -02:31 Aug 10
[Damion It enjoying his last day off work, or trying to, walking with his hands in his pockets and trying not to think about work, or Leslie… but ti seems to be one ot the other, or both on his mind.] -02:33 Aug 10

For all intensive purposes, Jade was a GREAT journalist. At least in the fact that she knew how to find people, no matter where they were. The world should thank it’s lucky stars she wasn’t the stalking type. …except for today where she was going to bag Damion Rubrum. Both because she hated the fact he was screwing around with Leslie’s fragile disposition, AND because she wanted that SO BAD. So dressed like a high class socialite in her best short skirt and heels, Jade stepped out on to the street around a corner and ‘accidentally’ ran in to Mr Rubrum and dropped her shopping bag. “Whoops, I’m so sorry. I- Well, if it isn’t Damion Rubrum. What a surprise…” -Leslie

Leslie: Leslie yawned, despite trying to stay caffienated, and flipped to the next page of her book. It was hard to focus on reading. After spending the whole morning getting grilled by Jade, even a book didn’t seem to keep her thoughts occupied. ‘So he just -kidnapped- a drunk woman! Stay away from him, Leslie! He’s waaaay too much for you to handle!’ It Took Leslie forever to explain nothing happened, and by then Jade had already announced her intentions to ‘distract’ the man so Leslie could escape. Normally, that never bothered Leslie. …but this time? Leslie didn’t know why it irked her so much. She checked the time on her phone. Maybe when Jade arrived she’d ask her to leave Damion alone… -02:44 Aug 10
Damion: "Its the other lioness." he said not acting surprised in the least. "You’re out here alone?" he asked because Leslie would still be hung over and leaving her alone at home would be a little… it didn’t matter. He kept walking. He wasn’t interested in an interview from Ms. Sparrow, nor did he really know her, other than she was on the loose side. -02:52 Aug 10

Whoa. Totally unexpected. Doesn’t even pick up her bag for her? After Leslie said he was so old fashioned chivalrous too! Proof that girl didn’t know up from down when it came to men. Jade snatched up her shopping bag and quickly caught up to him. “Lioness! What a cute nick name! Don’t worry Mr Rubrum, I’m not going to rain questions down on you. Off the record, okay? I’m just doing a little shopping to entertain myself until Leslie’s lunch date is all over. How about we go get a drink?” -Leslie

Leslie: "Miss Leslie Cole?" Leslie looked up to see a tall thin man with glasses. Someone that looked like they had just walked out of library, or maybe the filing department of an accounting firm. She glanced around confused for a moment, as if there might’ve been another Leslie Cole there. "Yes…?" He smiled, almost shyly, and slipped in to the chair opposite of her. [color=khaki]"Pardon me if I’m disturbing you. Jade Sparrow told me to meet you here? I’m Simon." Simon held out his hand to shake and Leslie took it. Great! Thanks Jade! Couldn’t pick a better day for the Jade blind date ambush? Leslie’s smile was a little strained. It wasn’t this guy’s fault. She’d be polite! -03:04 Aug 10
Damion: "Lunch date?" first thing the ahd said that piqued his interest. "She didn’t mention that to me." but it would explain why she wanted to take a cap so badly. "did the barman seem interested by the way? I heard you were getting close to him last night." -03:04 Aug 10

Jade laughed, swatting him playfully on the arm. “Oh you. A girl never kisses and tells. Me OR Leslie. Thankfully your little grab and go trick didn’t make my lunch, her lunch plans fall through. So about that drink, Mister Rubrum?” He didn’t answer about that. Guiding him to a more private, more intimate setting was a must for the Jade Sparrow Seduction Technique. -Leslie

Damion: "So you were hitting on him, right after you put on a tight dress when you knew I would be there, and now, by coincedence you’re here, alone, when I an, and wanting to take me for a drink?" he looked at her his mouth set in a strait line. "I think I see a pattern." -03:10 Aug 10
Leslie: "I was supposed to meet Jade, sorry if I’m a little weird. I had a rough night. How did you and Jade meet?" she asked curiously. She could see why Jade picked this one. Last time Jade ambushed her with a date, Leslie told her she refused to speak to any more guys covered in tattoos and fresh out of jail. Clearly Jade went for the opposite look, without understanding what Leslie meant. "Psycology class. I gave her some tutoring. Can’t say she was the greatest student, but she sure knew how to do the research." Unlike Leslie, he didn’t seem to be uncomfortable at all. In fact, he looked to be trying to stare in to her soul. …at least that’s how Leslie felt! Figured with psycology students… -03:17 Aug 10

Jade only smiled wider. “Hey, it’s a modern world and I am a modern woman. I like to keep my options open until I meet Mister Give-All-I-Got. What about you, huh? Handsome men never stay single unless they’ve got some big scary secrets. Strictly asking from curiosity.” -Leslie

Damion: "Maybe I don’t see myself as hansome." he said flatly. "And everyone has secrets. I’m sure you have your fair share. But hey, I’m a modern man and Its a modern world. Doesn’t mean I have to stoop to the base level of behaviour." -03:23 Aug 10
[Leslie enters.] -03:31 Aug 10

Man, this guy was a viper. No wonder Leslie was so on edge lately. Luckily, Jade was a master with vipers. She took the punch with her careless smile, and hooked her hands around his arm at the crook of his elbow. “Wow, aren’t you in a mood this afternoon? I’ll cut to the chase then. I want you to leave Leslie alone. She’s not got the willpower to handle someone like you. Me, on the other hand. I am totally happy to have a little fling or even a romantic affair if you fall in love with me! Anything you like.” -Leslie

Leslie: Leslie was at least having a nice conversation with Mister Simon Nolastname. Had she not been put on the spot and surprised with this meeting on a day she still had a lingering headache, and was distracted with thoughts about a smile-less CEO, she might have really enjoyed talking to Simon! Ever so often she’d check the time on her phone, wondering when Jade was going to make the rescue. Of course, she could excuse herself but she really didn’t want to be rude. And he WAS kinda nice. Better than the ex convict, at least! -03:36 Aug 10
Damion: He stopped and a small smile came to his lips as he lookes down and closed his eyes shaking his head and even gave a small chuckle. "I don’t do romance, or flings, and even if I did you’re basing the assumption theres something between me and Ms. Cole on what? Nothing. She was saging the word ‘friends’ five times minute this morning, if you had heard her then you wouldn’t be making assumptions. Sorry to tell you this but your effort is wasted." -03:42 Aug 10

“So you ARE gay?” He had to be. No one ever turned down her fling offer, unless they were married or head over heels for somebody. Jade narrowed her eyes at the man, but let go of his arm. She was a LITTLE insulted, but she’d get over it. “She means it, you know. She doesn’t fool around and she doesn’t date. Not even when I offer her up the ideal men. And I’m not gonna let some guy jerk her chains around, either. So stay away from her and I will leave -you- alone, got it?” -Leslie

[(Timeout) Leslie was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -03:59 Aug 10
Damion: He rolled his eyes. "No, I’m not. I’ve fucked my share of girls Jade." he said "I just find your type to be predictable, boring, easy, the only way I can get a challenge from you is if I went beyond your limits. If I tied you up and turned you into my little slave. That would be kidnapping though wouldn’t it. You tied up for days at a time, earning your food by how hard I fuck you." he smiled. "Other than that, I don’t see you being a challenge in any way." -04:01 Aug 10

It was a rare moment when someone had Jade Sparrow flustered to the point of turning red. But it was all anger! So he was THAT kind of creep? Jade should have known. Rich guys were always freaks. And this one was dangerous. “Good fucking luck with that, Mister Rubrum.” She poked at his chest sharply with a perfectly manicured finger. “Stay. Away. From. Leslie.” Not a challenge… he didn’t want a challenge! He wanted some poor yes-woman to lead around on a chain! Jade resisted the urge to deck him, and didn’t even bother saying goodbye as she marched down the street. -Leslie

Damion: He called after her. "We’re not interested in each other, you’re worried over nothing." he shook his head, even getting rid of Jade was easy. That line could have backfired and then he would have had to have added more to it. Still he wasn’t going to chase after Jade. He was soon to leave this town and then he would be gone from both Jade and Leslie. -04:12 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie lost track of the conversation somewhere, and it wasn’t that she was bored, she was just so tired. She had enough energy to have coffee with Jade, not keep up stimulating conversation with someone who, at least to Leslie’s amusement, really liked to talk. Her head was propped up with a hand and she may have accidentally dozed off when she felt a gentle prodding. "Leslie. You’re falling asleep on me. Am I that boring?" Leslie look effectively chided. "I’m sorry. I did say my had a rough night." There was clearly not going to be Jade today! Using her headache as a perfectly justifiable excuse, Leslie bid Mister Simon goodbye and even effectively escaped without giving him her number. Now she if she could get home in one piece. -04:16 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie was on the sidewalk, debating whether or not she should call a cab when her phone and and she had to dig around in her purse to find it. She leaned against a store window as she answered, rubbing her forehead as she did. "I don’t want you to ever talk to him again." hissed Jade’s voice. She was pissed off. "Who..?" Leslie mumbled in confusion. "Damion Rubrum. He’s dangerous and you need to stay away from him." That seemed to come out of left field. So no more man chasing for her? It did remind Leslie about Simon. "Speaking of men, did you really have to do it AGAIN, Jade? You know how much I hate blind dates, especially when I don’t even know I’m ON one." Jade didn’t even sound apologetic. "He’s nice! Really nice! Way nicer than Rubrum. I’ll see you at home later, ciao." Leslie stared at her phone for a minute. Yet another hurricaine Jade moment. -04:37 Aug 10
Damion: Okay so there were better ways to get rid of Jade, granted, but not at least she’d be out of his hair for good. He rounded a corner and sighted a resturant slash bistro. Take away coffee, perfect for when you’re on a walk. -04:45 Aug 10
Leslie: She was too tired to even think twice about Jade the moment, no matter how confused she was. To make it worse, her hands were shaking and she felt awful. Too much coffee and nothing but frozen yogurt all day. All Leslie wanted to do was getting in to bed. Without watching where she was going, she had her phone out and was looking up numbers for a cab, and stepping in to the street to cross it. -04:53 Aug 10
Damion: It was his time to walk into someone, heading towards the cafe she had just left, walking around a car one send and catching her in his arm then next. "Sorry I… Leslie erm.. Ms. Cole." he looked down at her and blinked. A horn blew him out og his thoughts and he pulled har off the street allowing the car to pass and putting leslie back on her feet. "I thought you were on a date, at least thats that Ms. Sparrow said." he looked at her hsi eyes narrowing slightly, her reaction would be key. -04:58 Aug 10
Leslie: Egads, horn blowing was enough to give her a heart attack! Leslie didn’t even register whose shirt she had a death grip on until she managed managed to finally take a breath. Mr ‘He’s Dangerous’ Rubrum was not the person she expected to see twice in one day. And mentioning Jade was all the more confusing. "It wasn’t a date. It was a Jade Sparrow man ambush. Did you talk to her today?" Leslie was pretty curious to know what had Jade all hissy-fitted. …Leslie finally remember to pry her hands out of his shirt. Still shakey and not it was worse. Damnit! -05:03 Aug 10
Damion: "She ambushed me today to proposition me for a fling." he said casually but his eyes were still of her face. "So I told her exectly the kind of fling i’d be willing to have with her, and she left." there was a grin playing at the corners of his mouth. "I don’t think she apresiated my directness." -05:05 Aug 10
Leslie: "I don’t suppose you told her you were going to throw her off the roof of a building or tie her to the train tracks or something like that?" If that was all… Jade never liked getting shot down. The woman was a force of nature, but she wasn’t near as confident about everything as she always pretended to be. And now that Leslie’s curiosity had been sated and there was nothing to be concerned about, she visibly relaxed. Or wilted depending on how pale she looked. Leslie brushed a hand at her forehead again, unable to keep from returning that -almost- grin he had. "She’s good at ambushing. I wish she had better timing for it, though." Speaking of, Leslie needed to get home. …now what happened to her phone? It was not in her hands and now she was glancing around at the ground with a frown. -05:10 Aug 10
Damion: He held it out to her having caught it as he had caught her. "Good thing I’m not easily surprized. Are you?" he said dryly his expression returning to normal. "I was on my way to get a coffee while I walk do you want some… or…" he saw her state. "Ices tea, fruit juice, orange would ge good to get you rehydrated and settle your stomach." there was a smile pulling on he cheeks again and he must have noticed because he cleared his thoat and pus his hand up to hide his mough for a moment before pulling it away to reveal it had vanished. -05:16 Aug 10
Leslie: "Not really great with surprised. And I’m afraid if I walk another step, I may as well pass out on the sidewalk. Are hangovers always this bad?" she mumbled, this time staying stationary aside from a little swaying as she drew up the numbers on her phone. "I think they should put more benches on sidewalks for people who just want to lay down a minute." He almost looked afraid to smile, which had Leslie grinning all the wider. -05:20 Aug 10
Damion: "So I’ll get coffee later." he held out his arm hooked at the lebow for her to grab hold of. "I’ll walk you to where you need to go, or no wait. This way." he streered her towards an outside table and pulled out his phone hitting one of the speed dial numbers. "Rob, get the car, bring it to my location, You’ll be picking up Ms. Cole and taking her home. Five minutes? Fine." he hung up. "There, thats sorfted. You can trust Robert, hes been working for me for five years." -05:28 Aug 10
Leslie: "You don’t have to keep doing this." she complained, though there wasn’t a lot of force behind it. If she was going to deal with Jade when she got back, she didn’t want to use up all her energy bickering with him. Leslie slid in to her seat and set her purse on the table. Then she was laying her head down on her arms. Ugh! Wasn’t it supposed to get better over the day, not worse? "Jade told me to stay away from you, cause you’re dangerous." came her muffled voice. She ever so slightly peeked over her arms at him. "Are you?" -05:32 Aug 10
Damion: "In my own way." he said "Thats why you should stay away from me." his tone was soft, but still somehow managed to be business-like. "I wouldn’t be where I am today if I couldn’t be dangerous when I needed to and I haven’t been able to get you out of my head so, maybe you should listen to Jade." -05:42 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie just barely sat up again, chewing on the corner of her lip as she examined his face. Not trying to hide that she was, nor hiding that she was seriously giving it some thought. "Jade isn’t the boss of me, and I am perfectly capable of who I should and shouldn’t talk to." she finally stated firmly. …it was the next part she wasn’t so sure about and her tone was filled with questioning. "You’ve only met me a couple of times. I’ve only met you a couple times. You kind of intimidate me, but it’s not because I believe you’re dangerous…" -05:48 Aug 10
Damion: "And no one is the boss of me, but they still can give good advice." he responded. "I…" he paused. "My concern is what would happen if we kept meeting, with you insisting.. what you do." he sighed. "You don’t know me. What you need to ask yourself is, do you want to." -05:53 Aug 10
Leslie: That was an unusual response. Leslie was regarding him with that curious expression again. Resting her chin in the palm of her hand and tapping her fingers against her cheek. Maybe it was because she was so tired that she was missing what might’ve been warning signs. "And what is it, exactly, that I do? What do you think is going to happen to me?" -05:58 Aug 10
[(Timeout) Damion got too distracted for their own good…] -06:27 Aug 10
[Damion enters.] -06:27 Aug 10
Damion: He stared her down, or at least thats what it looked like he was doing. "Weather its friendship or somethign else, people get closer to others to gain something out of the relationship. By knowing you I hope to gain among other things a confident, something I have very few of. What do you want?" -06:30 Aug 10
Leslie: So much for asking questions to understand him better. That just made more questions. Leslie frowned a bit, thinking it over. "I don’t really want anything from you." -06:36 Aug 10
Damion: "hmmm…" that was not the answer he was expecting. "Then why give your time for nothing return?" she was confusing him and he slowly rubbed his chin with his finger. It was then that a dark sedan pulled up and he nedded towards it. "Your ride is here." he said. "You puzzle me, I hope I can fugure out your mysteries some day." -06:39 Aug 10
Leslie: "I like talking to you when you don’t puzzle me." she responded, using his own word. Leslie cast a weary glance at the car. Despite her headache, she really didn’t want to go. -That- was the real mystery! "Hmm. So, I have decided.You will tell me the real reasons why you think I should stay away from you, and then I will decide if I should or not." -06:43 Aug 10
Damion: "Before I tell you that you’d need to speak to my lawyer." he said. An uncharacteristic tease, or not. It was impossible to tell. "Until then, you have my humber, if you even need a lift into the the city I could send Rob, or come myself." it was a genuine offer. "Just give me warning so I can get an extra helmet." -06:46 Aug 10
Leslie: "Your laywer, huh. I can do that." She really couldn’t tell if it were a joke… but could easily understand if it wasn’t. He was so serious about everything! Leslie reached for her purse and pulled it to her, slowly standing from her seat and wincing in the process. "Starting to think I should have just stayed in your bed all day." she mumbled. "If I call you, it’s not going to be for a favor." -06:51 Aug 10
Damion: "You should have." he said "And I would have been more than happy to let you, for future reference." he called a waitress over to orver his coffee to go and then looked after her. "I’ll be waiting ofr your call." -06:53 Aug 10
King of Fools

King of Fools 005: Icecream for a Hangover

[Damion had a disturbed hight, but at least he got what could be called ‘enough’ sleep.. in bits and peices like right now.] -03:36 Aug 07
[Leslie is stirring. ….and groaning. This is not a pleasant way to wake up.] -03:37 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie’s hand fell to her head. The simple motion not being able to stop that pounding in her skull. It felt like her brain was trying to jump right out of her eye sockets. Rolling didn’t give much better results. That had to come with a faint wave of nausea, that made her feel like she was sitting in a tiny boat in the middle of nowhere. This sucked…! What did she do…! Fuzzy memories were returning, and on opening her eyes… she stiffened! This wasn’t her bed or her room. …and she wasn’t alone! Leslie yelped and sat up. Which made everything twice as worse. And she wasn’t wearing any clothes either?! She snatched the blankets, fell back against the pillow and pulled them up over her head. This was a nightmare! -03:41 Aug 07
Damion: He sat up without looking at her, rested his elbow on his knees, stared at the wall and rubbed his scalp with his fingers before yawning. "Can I look?" he askes still looking at the wall. "Unless I spend all morning talking to paint and plaster." he looked anyway half turning to direct his eyes at her. "Your phone was rining non-stop all night by the way." -03:46 Aug 07
Leslie: "NO you can’t look! Where are my clothes?!" Leslie was completely under the blanket, and sounded almost like she was about to burst in to a round of angry tears. She finally sat up again, only with the blanket wrapped around her and still pulled over her head to where only one glaring eye was visible. "What did you do, kidnap me? Where are my clothes…?" From accusing to pleading. The lack of clothes bothered her more than he’d ever know. How much did he see..? Through all those fuzzy memories she couldn’t remember anything about her clothes… -03:50 Aug 07
Damion: He looked abck at the wall. "You can leave whenever you want, so no this is not kidnapping." he stood slowly and noved to the sideboard and picked up a hotel laundry packed and with a light toss sent it sailing onto the bed. "Your clothes, vomit-free and dried. You called me last night and it was obvious you couldn’t drive yourself anywhere so I went to pick you up." he leaned against the side board and folded his arms. "I’ll take you to get your car whenever you want." -03:55 Aug 07
Leslie: Called him. Leslie squinted. …that wasn’t good either. Why did everything hurt? Oh wait… tea that wasn’t really tea. More fuzzy recollection. Dancing, laughing, arguing with Jade… a really awkward phonecall. Leslie groaned and she fell back against the pillows again, disappearing under the blanket. It was apparently a rule that every time she spoke to him, she did something stupid. "I’m an idiot." -03:58 Aug 07
Damion: He grabbed and glass from the sideboard and uncovered a jug to poar a glass of water. "This should help." he said holding it out to her. "You shouldn’t get that drunk in public, but you are not an idiot." -04:05 Aug 07
Leslie: "I was going to drive… I am an idiot." That she felt very, very, very bad about. One hand appeared out from under the covers and fumbled around until she confiscated the water. She sat up under the blankets to take a sip. In the dim light she shifted, eying the very reasons why this worse and last way she ever wanted to end up. "um… How much of, uh… me did you see… when you stole my clothes away?" -04:10 Aug 07
[Damion ] -04:12 Aug 07
Damion: "Enough." he studies the lump in the sheet and then looked away. "I didn’t look at anything, but it was impossible not to see some things. "I willl leave you to get dressed though, bathroom is through there, I’ll be in the lounge." -04:15 Aug 07
Leslie: Pure mortification! It could not get worse from this point. "…okay. I’ll be out in a moment." Leslie waited until she heard the door closed, then she was flinging that blanket off. Her water was gone in two seconds, and then she hopped up to check her phone. 32 Messages Jade Sparrow. …Jade! Leslie very quickly sent the woman a text. I’m alive, quit freaking. TTYL. Leslie took a bit longer than a moment to get dressed… she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shower, especially when her hair smelled sour and there was that awful bitter taste in her mouth. Being clean and dressed she felt more like herself. But that pounding in her head wasn’t going away and facing Mr Damion Rubrum after what happened was… not high on her wish list. She finally wandered out of the room and before he had a chance to speak, she launched in to her speech. "….so I am just going to go! Thank you for saving the world from me. I’ll catch a taxi." -04:25 Aug 07
Damion: "The world?" he asked "That was never on my to save list." he said pushing another glass of water over the top of the table towards her along with two tablets. "Take those and I’ll make sure you’re not alone in the elevator." he eyed her with a piercing gaze. "And I made a promise I would makesure you got to your car and were able to drive it safely, and I never break a promise." -04:30 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie visibly winced. Did he have to stare at her? It was bad enough before but now… wait, elevator? Her face was ashen and at that point it wasn’t clear if it were from the hangover or just how much she gotten herself in to last night! Leslie slipped in to a chair, slowly taking the tablets and swallowing them with a few gulps of water. "It’s not really necessary to take me. I can go myself." -04:35 Aug 07
[(Timeout) Damion was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -04:37 Aug 07
Damion: "You’re arguing what has already been decided." he informed her. "You woke up naked in my hotel bed and all you asked me was hot much I saw. Is that because you assume I did the nasty or that you asume I wouldn’t?" he was still looking at her waiting for her response. -04:37 Aug 07
Leslie: "I assumed you wouldn’t." She was still pale and she was holding that glass of water like it was a shield. Of course he wouldn’t. No one would! Leslie felt bad enough without him digging in to her. She scowled at him. "I can take myself back, it’s not a big deal." -04:40 Aug 07
Damion: "You’re too trusting." he said before standing and snagging his car keys from the pocket of the jacket over the side of his chair. "We’re not going strait back." he said before he opened the door and waited for her to exit. -04:44 Aug 07
Leslie: Her scowl deepend. Trust had nothing to do with it! Finishing her water and setting the glass on the counter, she and her purse followed. Once in the hall she was heading for the stairs. "-I- am going to call for a cab at the front desk." -04:48 Aug 07
Damion: He followed with long easy stides. "Think you can handle twenty floors to the bottom?" he asked "I would have held your hand but you seem to on your own agenda." he rolled hsi eyes. "Leslie, let me take you for ice cream first, after that I’ll let you take a cab." -04:52 Aug 07
Leslie: Twenty floors. She inwardly groaned. Leslie could take a lot of stairs, but that many flights deemed daunting when her head was still pounding like a frieght train. She paused in the hall, less scowling and more frowning. "Is ice cream a cure for hangovers?" she mumbled, very warily changing direction for the elevator. -04:55 Aug 07
Damion: He moved with her pushing the button and waiting. "It helps, sometimes." he said still not giving anythign away. "So whya re you aftaid of elevators?" he asked eying her before the door opened and he moved his hand to hold them open. "You said somehting last night about metal boxes." -04:59 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie hesitated before stepping inside. Turning to face the doors. Her expression hadn’t changed much, but her knuckles were turning white from clutching the straps of her purse too tight. "It’s not anything important, I just don’t like them is all." It wasn’t a lie. Leslie just… wasn’t comfortable with talking about it either! She took a deep breath. This was no big deal. She did this all the time. The edgyness was just from him and one very bad night. Twenty floors was a piece of cake. -05:03 Aug 07
Damion: He entered with her and pressed the busson before rocking back on his heels nad looking at her. She was tense, very tense. He reached down and hup his hand around her as a distraction. "I’ll have you back with Jade before you know it." he said even thought he thought of Jade made his want to roll his eyes. Women like that bored him. -05:09 Aug 07
Leslie: Her eyes squeezed shut the minute the doors closed. The headache made it worse. Now there was the pain and the memory mixing together and she was a step away from a full blown panic attack. ….which seemed to have completely dissipated the moment she felt his arm around her. The distraction did the trick and she was blinking up at him with a confused questioning expression. "I’m fine, you know. I can take care of myself." -05:15 Aug 07
Damion: "I was carrying you when we were in here last night." he said "I felt his you tensed." He looked at her "And who says I don’t have motives other than simply making sure you’re alright." he turned his eyes back to the door. "I wouldn’t leave home and search three bars for just anybody." -05:18 Aug 07
Leslie: Speaking of tense! The man had other motives beyond being a pain in the rear? Or maybe that WAS the motive. Leslie’s gaze didn’t leave him. Now she was staring more intently… suspiciously. "Then what do you want, Mr Rubrum? Your interview is done, my night of stupid is over and you’re free of obligation. What do you want?" -05:32 Aug 07
Damion: "A great many things that on lifetime is to short to acrue Ms. Cole." he said. "From you specifically?" he remained silent, the wayning span of time as he ran a tongue over his bottom lip in thought seeming all too long. "That is the challenge isn’t it, knowing what you want, its much easier in business than out of it. I suppose you already suspect one thing that I want." the door chimed open and he stepped out into the underground parking and turned holdign the door open. "Coming?" -05:38 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie was all too happy to step out of the elevator as quickly as possible once she realized the doors were opened. That was a surprisingly quick ride down. At least he proved a good distraction to focus on! But Leslie was frowning all the same. "No, that’s the problem! I don’t know what you want at all beyond enjoying the fact I am completely confused. If your agenda was to be as vague as possible until I went crazy, then you’ve succeeded." -05:41 Aug 07
Damion: "You’re not crazy." he retorted. "Theregore that goal has not been accolplishes even if it was what I was after." he shook his hed leading the way to his car. "Shall we assume my goal is simply a bowl of icecream and not eating it alone?" he shot her a glance. "I happen to like talking to you, you challenge me, unlike girld like Jade who I tent to find boring, no challenge in them at all. And then after today you never have to see me again." -05:46 Aug 07
Leslie: "That is the weirdest thing I have ever heard." Well, not the weirdest. But it was top on the list of confusing things. Leslie didn’t find herself challenging. JADE was challenging. Jade was a real pain in the ass who left her a million messages and was going to flip when she found out what happened. Leslie was still giving him a suspicious look. "You would like to be friends? I’m not against being friends…" Even as she said it, she wasn’t so sure it would be a good idea. She just didn’t know why. -05:52 Aug 07
[(Timeout) Damion doesn’t post enough.] -06:32 Aug 07
[Damion enters.] -06:32 Aug 07
Damion: "If by friends you mean we remain in comunication after I return to the city then yes, I agree." he said Opening his door and getting in "Though Leslie the reason you are about to get into my car is you intriaue me, you don’t dwell on the shallow surface, I’d never let Jade into this car, I love this car." he started the engine, "Strange, isn’t it." -06:36 Aug 07
Leslie: "You don’t make any sense." she mumbled. There was a vague, interested look at the car, as if she could decipher what he meant by examining it… but she finally slipped in to the seat, closed the door and clicked on her seatbelt. Hmm, more fuzzy memories. Leslie was a little uncomfortable about sitting in the car too, but unlike the elevator she was hiding it better. "Strange seems to be an accurate word for you. So, friend, why ice cream in the morning?" Leslie poked at the random buttons in the car. She was rather curious what they all did! -06:42 Aug 07
Damion: He grabbed her habd and pulled it away from the dash. Then put the car out of track mode like then had put it into and turned off the AC. "If I don’t make sense then why question me? Are you hoping my answers will sake more sence as time goes on? As I said I want to talk."he soot a deep breath and sighed before pulling out of the parking space. "Even though I’m horrible at talking." -06:48 Aug 07
Leslie: Okay, no pressing his buttons. Leslie had the feeling that meant figurative buttons too. She sat back in her seat, fidgetting with her hands instead. Clicking her thumbnail or fussing with the hair pulled over her shoulder. "When someone doesn’t make sense you’re supposed to question them. I think you just have a problem with people questioning you." Anxiousness. It was easier driving than it was being a passenger. How she got through it last night was a miracle! She turned her seat to eye him again. "Do you want ME to do all the talking?’ -06:53 Aug 07
Damion: "It would help with the no questioning." he said flatly, something about that remark irked him. "Do you know what I do when somone makes no sense Leslie?" he asked "I correct them." he glanced at her. "If I have a problem with people questioning me its because I have a problem with people knowing too much about me. Do you want to know about me?" -06:59 Aug 07
Leslie: "I will keep the correcting thing in mind then." she responded, almost with a hint of a grin. -Now- he was finally making sense. Giving her perfectly understandable reasons. "You should have just said so in the first place, instead of being such a pain about it. Yes, I would like to know about you. That’s what friends do." She was much more relaxed now, though her itchy fingers were now poking at the buttons on the side door. -07:02 Aug 07
Damion: With a flick of a switch he locked the controls on her side and kept driving. "You keep saying that word, like you’re trying to make sure I hear it, so that I don’t have any expectations beyond that? Seems likely." he pulled over and put on the hand break. "We’re here." unding his seatbelt he got out and closed his door then looked at the outdoor cafe. "What would you want to know other than what you got in the interview?" -07:06 Aug 07
Leslie: Her mouth twist up in a frown. He wouldn’t let her fuss with buttons, and he all too easily hit the nail on the head. When she let herself out of the car, she was a little sheepish, but she didn’t have any reason to apologize for it. "Maybe I am making sure there aren’t any expections of me. That’s not such a bad thing, is it?" Her expression soften to grin once she took a look at the cafe. Her head still hurt and the light made her eyes sensitive, but she was sure the morning sun would do wonders. "I want to know why you think I am so challenging. I’m honestly not trying to be." -07:12 Aug 07
Damion: "No, its noble of you." he said "Letting your own intention beign know so that the other does not have to expess thier for there to be an understanding, then all you have to do is read their reaction and you know what they had in mind." he looked at her and then at the cafe. "So then. Ms. Cole. You have mysteries you do not reveal, you have a tenasity you don’t even notice, and, well, the other point doesn’t matter anymore." he headed off to choose a table. -07:18 Aug 07
Leslie: She regarded him curiously, that brief moment of confusion on her face. Leslie could take a compliment just fine, but she wasn’t exactly sure if that was compliments to her or some sort of research study… he was getting vague again. "I wouldn’t call myself mystery. I’m not trying to hide anything. And if you don’t want me to question you, you shouldn’t make veiled refferences to ‘other points’ you don’t want to mention, because all it does is make me curious." Leslie follow a few paces, until she tugged gently at his arm sleeve towards a table she liked. She was already moving a chair and taking a seat. -07:23 Aug 07
Damion: "Then I’ll never mention it again, that was my plan anyway." he picked up an menu and looked down into it. Its was time for him to change tac anyway. "There do all thise scars come from?" he asked. "Assuming I can still ask you anything…" -07:29 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie froze, her hands hovering over her menu for a moment. The emotions flittered across her face very quickly. Pain, shock, annoyance, and finally to a resigned frown as she relaxed her body and flipped open the menu. He never would have thought to ask, if he hadn’t of seen. That irked her a bit. "You can still ask anything. …just wasn’t really expecting that to be a topic." Leslie chewed on her lip for a moment while she debated, coming to the conclusion that she might as well. It wasn’t a secret. "I was in a car accident with my mom and step dad. I wish you wouldn’t have seen those.." -07:33 Aug 07
Damion: He tilted his head an espression twitching across his features. "Sorry." he said then fell silent looking down at his menu. "If you had done your research before my interview you’d have seen I lost mine too." it was a matter of public recond, but not one he wanted to talk about so he concentrated on the menu. "Just a sundue." he said pointing and handing the menu back to the waitor. "And a glass of water, no ice." -07:39 Aug 07
Leslie: "Frozen yogurt, please." she mumbled and fell silent until the waitor was out of sight. "The worst part is that it wasn’t even the accident that took them. They ended up divorced because of me, and later mom got sick and passed a few years ago and I don’t even know what happened to my step-dad." Leslie tried to remember the last time she had even mentioned her step-dad. Long enough that thinking about it left her feeling a little awkward and making her stomach churn. She took the opportunity to change the subject. "I keep telling you I am not a journalist. Last minute Jade needed me to go for her. Had she not been sick, you wouldn’t of had to meet me at all." -07:47 Aug 07
[Leslie enters.] -07:54 Aug 07
Damion: "But here we are." he said "Haybe it was a good thing she got sigh, or you wouldn’t be getting a frozen yogurt righ…" his phone rang and he answered it. "Yes?" "No, make it quick." "Rerout, and store it until I have time to make calls, explain to Russ where are delays but I’ll take care of it myself, this find out who botched the paperwork." "Five, no later." "Hes lucks hes not waiting until tomorow, now call him and tell him its being taken care of and if he has any problems I’ll address them as soon as I’m back at the office, anythign else." "Good." he hung up and bit his lip as his brow furrowed. "This is why I don’t take time off." -07:57 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie wasn’t so sure that frozen yogurt was a good trade off for him seeing her naked. Or uncomfortable conversations. But as he spoke on the phone, she was watching him with a tilt of her head. He spoke to everyone with that no-nonsense authority. She wondered if everyone always did what he told them to, no questions asked? "Lucky you did, or you wouldn’t be having ice cream for breakfast?" she grinned wide, throwing the comment back at him. -08:02 Aug 07
Damion: He looked at her moving his hands away from his temples. "Not the healthiest breakfast there is but…" he shrugged his shoulders his mind still lingering on the latest crisis. "What do you usually have for breakfast when you’re hung over?" -08:12 Aug 07
Leslie: There was that sheepish look again and she was hanging her head in shame. "…I’ve never been hung over before. I’ve never been drunk before! I had no idea that’s what it was like, and I never ever want to do it again." Even now that headache was still lingering, and Leslie was sure it was going to follow her the rest of the day. Had she not woken up in some -else’s- bed, she would have just stayed in hers all day. -08:15 Aug 07
[(Timeout) Leslie doesn’t post enough.] -08:21 Aug 07
Damion: That was a surprise. "That is surprising." a colledge seniour whose never been drunk before. Thier orders arived and he poked his sundae with his spoon. "And I thought I was bad. You’ll be fine, just her rehydrated and as soon as you feel up to it have something to eat and for the headache.." he help up his left hand nad pinched the shin spanning the gab between the base of his thumb and his hand. "Squeezing here helps." -08:21 Aug 07
Leslie: First she stuffed a very full spoonful of yogurt in to her mouth and held the spoon there, then she was pinching her hand with a dubious frown. Leslie didn’t see how that was possibly going to help. She finally gave up and pulled the spoon from her mouth. "Car crash. I haven’t really been all that tempted to try drinking, and I wouldn’t have done it last night either had Jade actually told me what I ordered instead of giggling about it." Another spoonful. This did help her feel better! "And you, Mr. Rubrum? Do you go to crazy parties and get drunk by accident and call random people in the middle of the night?" -08:27 Aug 07
Damion: "Not since colledge." he said "Though I never called anyone except Paul Rudey." he looked at her to see if she recognized the name before taking a spoonful of icecream and letting it melt across his tongue. "I havn’t been drunk since then, and not because I woke up maked in his bed and he took me out for icecream, but because I’ve been working six days a week since then. It was him that got me the meeting I dropped out to attend. I aranged the meetign that changed my life on my back in a bar parking lot wondering why the air behind me felt so hard." -08:33 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie didn’t recognize the name, and for a second she thought he meant he actutally -did- mean he woke up naked in the guy’s bed. Luckily common sense kicked in. Leslie suddenly started laughing! "Probably not the most elegant way to start a life, but it’s pretty amazing." -08:44 Aug 07
Damion: "He liked the idea, he didn’t think it would work, but he liked it. Lucky for me it did and now… well that was him on the phone, he works for me." he gave a wry smile. "Whis is what you should have heard for the article." he said. "But I don’t want economics majors thinkign its a good idea to drunk dial busy executives." he took another bite and sucked on his spoon. "It doesn’t concern you that you’re at the end of your colledge life and you have no definite prospects?" -08:48 Aug 07
Leslie: She shrugged her shoulders, not looking concerned at all. In fact she had relaxed considerably now and was just enjoying the morning sun and licking a spoon. "I’ve already put in some applications, and if they fall through I’ll just put in a few more. There’s never any guarantees, right? No reason to worry about it." -08:54 Aug 07
Damion: "Yes there are." he said "There always are, and if there arn’t make your own." he was looking af her. "If they saw no, show them why they’re wrong…" he speared his icecream with more force than he intended and sent splatter across the table. "I don’t take no for and answer. Sometimes you just can’t. I…" he narrowed his gaze, was he taking no as an answer from her? -08:58 Aug 07
Leslie: "Maybe they have good reasons to say no? Like someone else is better qualified applied for the job. Or maybe I wasn’t what they were looking for? Although, I guess if I really wanted it I would make an effort to fight for it. Um hmm. I guess I haven’t spotted a job that really inspired me yet." Leslie watched him for a moment, before giving him another curious stare. "I think that ice cream is already dead." -09:01 Aug 07
Damion: He looked down at it and then put a large dollup in his mouth and swallowed. "I could give you one." he said "Until you find something better." he looked down at the mostly melted remnents and then drunk then strait from the glass. "The Mercury needs a new editor." The Mercury was a non-profit website that highlighted envoromental and sometime supressed political plights and ahd had a large impact on international awareness during several recent civil wars. "Would technically be working for me since its and independent entity, but I do provide them with a lot of thier funding." -09:10 Aug 07
Leslie: There! Ice cream saved from mindless murder. Leslie scrapped the last bit of yogurt out of her bowl and was busy chewing on her spoon. "No thanks. I can get myself a job just fine, you don’t have to go pulling strings for me." It both amused her and irked her that he offered. Especially since she still wasn’t sure why he was doing it. -09:18 Aug 07
Damion: "At leasr submit a resume, I’ll say nothing to them, you’ll be hired, or not, under your own merit." he said signalling for the check. "If you don’t trust me then we’re not bery good friends now are we." -09:21 Aug 07
Leslie: "I’m not sure how trust is supposed to come in to play with that! I’d just like to do things myself. I don’t need someone to take care of me." He was irking her again, something about his tone. Leslie took a deep breath and tried to brush it off. He was being nice, she didn’t have anything to get mad about. -09:31 Aug 07
Damion: "I’m not taking care of you." he said sounding lamost defecive. "Just telling you where there is an opening in a respected paper that yould get your name out there." he payed and leaned back in his chair. "You will submit one right? Then endless persue me for all my corporate misdeeds as the big bad self-made rich guy?" -09:35 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie shook her head. "I don’t intend to. I’ll think about it if I run out of other places to apply." She was tapping her fingers on the table again, watching him warily. "Besides, editors don’t pursue stories. They just check for grammar mistakes. Jade is the one you’ll have to worry about." -09:43 Aug 07
Damion: "You don’t intend to because I sugested it?" he had to ask "And I can handle Jade’s type." he sounded confident, like he always did. The check was gone and they had no further reason to stay but he didn’t move. "What places have you applied at?" -09:48 Aug 07
Leslie: An enigmatic smile was her response. Leslie didn’t deny it! "Yep. It would be a conflict of interests! And I like to do things for myself?" She leaned forward over the table, with a grin. "I can’t tell you! You might be tempted to help. But I have applied at a couple of book publishing companies and some magazine companies. And a shopping catalogue!" -09:54 Aug 07
Damion: "I have no control over how they spend the money I domnate to them." he said. "And if you submit without me saying anything they will not know better. I wouldn’t throw money away by making them hire someone athat didn’t desurve it anyway. Personally I see no conflict, unless you read into the fact that you were naked in my bet this morning, and then you would be wrong." -09:58 Aug 07
Leslie: That had her face turning red, and she was frowning again. "If it’s not going to matter either way, why are you so upset about it? I said I’d think about it, that should be enough." -10:01 Aug 07
Damion: "Its a sound move that you lose nothing my making." he said "Only someone purposfully trying to sabotage thier own chances wouldn’t make it. I don’t think you’d do that." he said "There is no risk and its would be better on a resume than a catolog. There are peopel who would kill for this job." he was eying her again. "But then it is your choice." -10:05 Aug 07
Leslie: "And how do you know it would be a sound move for me? Or what sort of chances I would like to take? I might be perfectly happy with a simple job. I don’t -have- to have ambition." Leslie crossed her arms, staring him down. He -was- getting upset about it! Why was it even any of his business at all? -10:14 Aug 07
Damion: "Ambition or not having this under you belt will give you more choice of jobs later, you’d be able to command respect in the industry and be happier for it. Not be forsed to take what jobs come." he placed his hands on thier fingertips on the table. This was a debate and she held most of the cards, a challenge, nothing she said outright refuted what he was saying but… "Do you want a lift to the bar?" -10:18 Aug 07
Leslie: "You’re making it all sound like it’s some sort of battle." And maybe it would be tricky or hard. But Leslie didn’t have any problem working for it. She finally just shook her head. "No, that’s all right. I can call a cab from here. You are probably wanting to get back to work." Leslie picked up her purse and started digging around in it looking for her phone. -10:26 Aug 07
Damion: "I have the entire day off." he said "And whose to say it isn’t a battle, you choose your battles and you take your wins and losses both." he shot her a small smile sitting back down. "And if you’re going I’ll be having pancakes." -10:30 Aug 07
Leslie: She dug, and shifted. Pulling random things out of her purse to lay on the table. The notepad and pen. A couple of books. Some magazines. A small mirror. Lip gloss. Candy wrappers and napkins, and empty can of soda. Leslie finally huffed, and wilted in exasperation. "I can’t find my phone!" -10:35 Aug 07
Damion: He looked at her then pulled out his phone and pressed a button. "It should be ringing…" he said placing the phone to his ear. "You hear it." he couldn’t so he furrowed his brow and plessed a few more buttons." -10:37 Aug 07
Leslie: Despite her exasperation, this didn’t seem to bother her any more than the inconveniance of it. She scooped everything off the table and back in to her purse. Trash and all. "I know I checked the messages this morning. Jade left me a million of them." she mumbled. "Don’t worry about it, I lose my stuff all the time. I usually find it eventually." -10:39 Aug 07
Damion: "Its at the hotel he said eying a map on his screen with two colored cots on it, one for where he was the other on the hotel, but he closed that quickly and picked up his car keys. "Lets go and get it." he started walking towards his car and then half turned to look at her. "You can wait in the lobby so you don’t have to get in the elevator." -10:43 Aug 07
Leslie: "I can take the elevator!" she said defensively. Leslie was up to follow him, giving him that challenging stare again. "I’ve already done it once today, twice won’t make much of a difference." -10:47 Aug 07
Damion: "See you do have ambition." he said petting in and doing up his seatbelt and starting the engine. "And it will be three times, we have to get back down again." -10:50 Aug 07
King of Fools

King of Fools 004: I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Leslie: Leslie, the Designated D. That’s what she showed up as to a friend’s very wild, very chaotic birthday party. Of course, then the news broke that another friend was pregnant, and suddenly that meant Leslie no longer had an excuse for avoiding drinking. What harm could it be anyway? She ordered the most innocent sounding thing she could find. Several drinks later, she was arguing with an equally drunk Jade. About the one thing she was so tired of thinking about…! When Jade finally got distracted by chasing tail, Leslie was still brooding. Like…. obssessive brooding. She stumbled off to a hall and dug around in her purse until she found that business card. It took her three times to get the number dialed in right, and the minute she heard his voice she nearly shouted at him. "Why are you under my skin?! I don’t get it! You’re like… an epidemic!" -09:45 Aug 06
Damion: "Thats a song isn’t it." it wasn’t a question. "Leslie. You sound drunk. Tell me where you are." it wasn’t a request. "I will come nad pick you up." -09:49 Aug 06
Leslie: "Who said I’m Leslie? I didn’t tell you my name." she muttered, her tone of voice changed very quickly from accusatory to mischevious. "I could be a stalker. A creeper. You shouldn’t pick those up, you know, they’re dangerous." she giggled at her own joke! -09:50 Aug 06
Damion: "I’m more dangerous." he said flatly. "And I know a voice when I hear it, especially when so few people have this humber. Tell me where you are and I’ll drive you home. And if you’re a stalker, tell me where you are and I’ll drive you home." he waited already there were the sound of keys being taken off of a table and a door opening. He wouldn’t hive ehr a choice in the matter. -09:55 Aug 06
Leslie: "I’m not telling you a thing! I’ve only talked to you three times, you don’t know me at all. Did you know that long island iced tea isn’t even tea? I didn’t know that, and you didn’t know that I didn’t know that. You also don’t know where I am~!" the last part she mumbled in a sing-song voice, but at some point she must have dropped the phone because she was yelping rather loud and telling someone not to step on it. She snatched it back up again. "Hello? Why did you call me?" -09:59 Aug 06
Damion: She really was drunk and no wonder… "You called me to come and pick you up." a deadpan lie, it was another thing he was good at. "Or to join you where you are, I didnt hear which, but you’re going to have to tell me where you are." -10:02 Aug 06
Leslie: "Oh ho… you think you’re smart. Nope! Not telling! I have to take myself home, I think Jade is sexing up the bartender." Leslie was holding the phone with her shoulder and digging around in her purse again. "As soon as I figure out where my keys are. I don’t even know why I offered to drive, I hate driving." she muttering a few other things, and had a momentary argument with someone that wanted her number. "I don’t have a phone number. Yes, I know I am using a phone right now, but I am talking to someone already. Oh, Damion~! Did you know I like dancing?" -10:08 Aug 06
Damion: "You shouldn’t be driving like you are." he said "And yes, I did." he was still on his way. "Leslie you’re either going to tell me where you are or I will search every bar in this town until I find you." he sounded serious. "And when I do I won’t be in the mood for having a drink with you." ther was the cound of a car alarm and then a door opening "If you twll me where you are I’ll dance -with- you." a bribe, or course. -10:12 Aug 06
Leslie: "Who said I want to dance with you Mr. Rubrum?" she laughed, he sounded mad. Good! He drove her crazy! "I’ll make you a bet… I bet I find my keys before you find me. And if you win you can have a dance, and if I win, I get a million dollars! I’ll be a gracious winner, I promise." -10:15 Aug 06
Damion: "I don’t make or take bets Leslie." he said flatly. "I just want to make sure you get home safely, if you want to make that difficult for me, that your business." he sounded irritated then the sound changed in pitch as he put her on hands free. "I’ll see you when I find you." -10:18 Aug 06
Leslie: "Challenge accepted, Damion!" Hahaha! He was really mad now. Leslie hung up the phone and dropped it in to her purse as she stumbled through the door and outside. Finding her car wasn’t nearly as easy as she thought it would be. It was dark and all of the cars kept moving around. At one point she had to stop and throw up at least twice before she could even take another step. Leslie finally made it to her car in one piece and…. glee! There were her keys! She fought with the door. Kicked it. Rattled the handle. …keys were locked in. Crestfallen, Leslie slid to the ground, her back against the door. Now it wasn’t so funny. -10:22 Aug 06
Damion: The roar of the engine, the tention of the wheel, he was one to go fast but when he wanted to, not because he had to, she wasn’t at the first ywo places he visited but as he pulled into the third he noticed a person leanign agauinst thier car and pulled into the spot the other side of them. Without a word he got out and circled the car to look at her, the mouth set in a frown, but that quickly melted as his eyes softened. "Maybe you are a stalker. Now… I will cate you home." -10:27 Aug 06
Leslie: She must have fallen asleep for a moment, because she was a little startled to hear someone’s voice. She squinted up at him. He was a little blurry. "I found my keys." Leslie held her arm straight up to point at the window. "Locked in. ….I think I’m drunk." she seemed a little confused by that! -10:29 Aug 06
Damion: He stepped up to her and bnet down to pull her into his arm and lift her off the tar. "We’ll come and get your car tomorow then." he was carrying her around to his sporty lotus, dark green, looking almost black in the night. "So why did you call he?" he asked placing her in the seat and doing up her seatbelt before openign the window, closing the door and leanign her against it. "If you’re going to be sick, please do it outside." -10:34 Aug 06
Leslie: "Hrrm…" she held up two fingers proudly. "Sick twice." The seat was comfortable and she rest her forehead against the doorframe. Nice and cool! "Did I call you? ….um… hmm. You’re a vexation and you drive me crazy." she muttered, frowning as her eyes closed and she tried to remember what she called him about. "You didn’t call me?" -10:38 Aug 06
Damion: He got in the driver’s side and started the engine. "You called me and said I get under your skin. I’ll just assume you were drunktalking and forget it." he said reversing out of the parking place and turning the car towards the exit then heading back. as least the said rose had moved on from her infatiation. -10:41 Aug 06
Leslie: "…that’s right!" The question again, her eyes were open and she washing pushing herself away from the door. She didn’t feel like she was going to throw up anymore, but damned if the world wasn’t still moving! Leslie tilted until her she was staring at the side of his face, scowling at him. "Why do you get under my skin? I don’t know how you do it… no one ever gave me so much trouble… You smell really good." Her scowling shifted to a confused look again. Leslie finally tilted enough where she was resting her cheek against his arm. -10:46 Aug 06
Damion: He needed that arm to drive, especially now as he was changing gears. "I think you just answered your own question." he said. "You must enjoy a challenge." he glanced at her then back at the road, they were nearing his hotel and in fact he was already pulling into the parking garage. "Why are you…" he stopped and frowned before parking and undoing his seatbelt. "Its not my business." -10:51 Aug 06
Leslie: "I don’t want to be challenged. I like being unchallenged." They weren’t moving anymore. That was so much better. He really did smell very good, and she nuzzled against his arm before she sighed. "How did you know I liked to dance?" -10:54 Aug 06
Damion: He shrugged. "Lucky guess while talking to someone." he undid his bealt and got out closing the door behind him and then moving around to open hers and undo her bent and lifting her to hold her against him. "Come on, the sooner we get you lying down the better." he closed the door and headed for the elevator. "Doesn’t evenrone like to dance?" -10:58 Aug 06
Leslie: She was limp and without an ounce of energy to put up a fuss, even though she had that frown suggesting she wanted to. Leslie just rest her forehead against his shoulder, and was having a hard time fighting off sleepiness. "No. I don’t want to lie down. You said you’d dance with me." Leslie tilted her head back in an atempt to waken herself. "This isn’t where I live!" -11:02 Aug 06
Damion: The metal doors slid closed and he placed his ahdn flat agaist his back. "I said I’d dance with you if you told me where you were." he said "And tonight you’re sleeping here. You’ll be safe and its a short drive to get your car tomorow." he sighed. "You can argue in the morning." -11:06 Aug 06
Leslie: Elevator. She stiffened, eying the little box warily and curling against him with that scowl again. "Should’ve taken the stairs… why did you come to get me?" she was hiding her face against his shirt now with her eyes squeezed shut and her whole body stiff. -11:09 Aug 06
Damion: "You don’t like elevators." he observed. "When I have someone calling me in the middle of the night drunk saying thier going to drive I do what I cam to not let them." he said "I do not like letting people get hurt."There was a ding and he stepped out into the hall and took a left. "Why don’t you like elevators?" -11:12 Aug 06
Leslie: "Irrational fear of closed metal boxes…" At the sound of the door opening she let out the breath and the tension was gone. "Thank you for not letting me drive, Damion." she mumbled softly. Leslie almost sounded tearful. -11:16 Aug 06
Damion: She had fears, strong ones. ""Just keeping you safe." he said opening the door and carrying her inside taking her strait to the bedroom and placing her on the bed. "You know we’re on the top floor." he said "Taking the stairs would be tedious. I like the view." he sat on the bed and threw a sheet over her. "You are a challenge, you know that?" -11:20 Aug 06
Leslie: Bed…! So soft and so comfortable. Leslie had no problem curling up with a pillow. She could barely keep her eyes open, in fact she wasn’t even trying to fight it anymore. Leslie was drifting. "Challenge accepted..? Goodnight Mr. Rubrum…" -11:24 Aug 06
King of Fools

King of Fools 003: Photographs

Leslie: Leslie isn’t sure how she was talked in to calling herself. Nor why she was standing there holding a camera and in charge of taking the pictures. Jade had grumbled something about Mr. Pain In the Ass Damion Rudrum not doing the photos without her there, and not being able to catch one of the photography students. So here was Leslie, with her hair swished to the right and over her shoulder like it always was, wearing slacks and a long shirt. Trying to figure out how to work the blasted camera, while Jade was wearing her favorite ‘fuck me’ dress and arranging the room like it was a sexy nude shoot instead of just a portrait for an article. -07:55 Aug 06
Damion: He pulled up his feet comign to rest on the ground as he kick the sand down the leaned his bike against it. He had wanted to drive himself and while he wasn’t working he liked to use his favirite thing from his garage. Dismounting he removed his helmet and hooked it under his arm and pulled the knne from the ignition.. then furrowed his brow. He had been expecting a hotel. Still it was thier choice of venur so unzipping his jacket to reveal a slart whire linnen shirt he made his way towards the door. -08:04 Aug 06
Leslie: "Oh my god. Honey, this is your last chance to stake a claim, because I am SO not letting this one get away." Jade was peeking out the window, and Leslie could have sworn she heard the girl’s jaw hit the floor. Curiosity got the better of her and she dashed over to take a peek out too. …okay, maybe she was liking the looks of out-of-the-office Damion Rudrum a little more. "Would you behave? He’s all yours, just wait until I’m gone!" both of them jumped when there was a knock on the door. Jade was the one that rushed over to answer it, smoothing out her dress and opening it up with her best smile. "Right on time. Come in please! We weren’t able to get an official photographer, but we’ve got a great camera. If you like you can approve the photos before we print them." Leslie kept herself out of the way, hooking the strap of the camera around her neck and fussing with the buttons until she had it on and ready to go. How hard could it be? Easier than watching Jade put the moves on somebody, anyway. -08:10 Aug 06
Damion: He looked down at the girl greeting him then handed her his helmet. "Ms. Sparrow." he said in greeting before stepping inside and looking around a slight furrow coming to his brow. "I don’t like looking at pictures of myself, I’m sure whatever you pick will be fine." if was a simple enough statement and the truth. "Where do you want tme?" -08:13 Aug 06
Leslie: In her bed trussed up like a Christmas Turkey! Leslie thought to herself. Apparently Jade must of had the same thought, cause her mouth was practically salivating. Leslie broke out in to a wide grin and hide to turn away before she started laughing. Jade caught herself, hugging the helmet as she stepped in to the room and pointed him towards the fireplace. "Over there, please. We’ll take a few of you standing and some with you sitting. Feel free to relax. Would you like a drink or anything?" -08:16 Aug 06
Damion: "Just water." he said moving to the fireplace and running a finger down the edge of the stonework, this had to be an old house. "Who lives here?" he asked getting a sense of the space and deciding there was too much clutter in it. -08:21 Aug 06
Leslie: "Water, coming right up. You can get started Les." Jade bustled away quickly, not without taking one look back over her shoulder to appreciate the view. Leslie rolled her eyes again. Without asking him if he was ready, she snapped a few shots. Paused. Waited until he moved abit and snapped more. This was kinda fun! "You’ve walked yourself in to the lion’s den, Mr. Rudrum. …We do. Me and Jade that is… We’ve been renting it from Jade’s parents." -08:24 Aug 06
Damion: "I like old houses." he commented idly not caring that she was taking picture as he had a glance yp the stairwell then mover over to the bay windoe looking out over the treet and sitting. There were a lot of them here and he suddenly wanted one, but threw out the idea as a needless expense. "If I had known there would be lions I would have brought a whip." -08:28 Aug 06
Leslie: Why was it so easy to imagine him with a whip? Leslie smirked behind the camera and was very glad he wasn’t looking her way as she took the pictures. "I like old houses too. It’s too bad I’ll probably be living in the city when I get my call backs." Jade bustled in with a tray of ice water and set it down on the coffee table. "Are we talking about the move? I can’t wait to get out of this house and in to a really sexy loft." she picked up one of the glasses to offer to Damion. "Here you go. I was reading Leslie’s newest notes, and I see you even rode a bike here. Maybe you can take me for a ride sometime?" That look on Jade’s face! Talk about blatant come on! Leslie didn’t know if she wanted to groan or laugh. -08:34 Aug 06
Damion: It was a god thing he was drinking his water and to his mouth was busy. "Sometime." he said "You like bikes the?" it was a baited question as he put his glass down and stood. "This house was good propotions. I…" he stopped himself, he had been about to say he’d grown up in a place like it. That would have been telling. "Anywhere else you want me to stand?" -08:42 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie interjected before Jade gave any weird suggestions. She could read it on her face. "Stand by the window and take off your jacket." Leslie moved herself to a better spot for the light. She was a little bit curious to know what he was going to say, but Jade was already swooping in. "I -love- bikes. Don’t know a damned thing about them, but how can you not like all that power rumbling between your legs?" And there it went. Leslie nearly lost it with the snickering, and had to turn her head and fake a cough. She really did feel sorry for him. …a little bit! It made up for her twice-accuring embarrassments. -08:46 Aug 06
Damion: He could have groaned but instead he was shrugging off his jacket and leaving it on the seat of the windown and stratening his collar. "So you like those with power? Those that go fast and hard in a strait like but wet themselves and bleak down crying at the thought or a kink, a corner?" he asked stealing a glance out the window at his bike flashing it an almost apologetic look. Then he was looking at the camera "How many do you need?" -08:50 Aug 06
Leslie: "You really know how to make a simple topic sound sexy, Mr. Rudrum." Leslie cringed. Jade had amazing instincts and knew how to ask the right questions. …when she wasn’t thinking with her vagina. He was getting annoyed, and Jade was either ignoring it or hadn’t noticed. Leslie, though, was ready for it to be over! "I think this is plenty." Jade, had other ideas and pulled the camera out of her hands. "Absolutely not. That’s barely enough pictures to go through for the perfect shot. Go pose him, I’ll snap the pictures." ….Pose him! Leslie gave him a dubious look, as if she thought he might bite her if she even dared to try. -08:57 Aug 06
Damion: He ran a hand though his hair and sighed inwanrly while trying not to show it, of course he’d be trapped here and he had no appointments. So… at leas it wasn’t Jade about to touch him. This was going to be fun. -09:03 Aug 06
Leslie: He mussed up his hair, which gave a very nice look that Leslie could appreciate. Now if she didn’t feel like she was about to stick her hand in to a basket of snakes. Casting Jade a glare, Leslie pushed her sleeves up to her elbows and very gingerly took his arm to move him to a better spot in the window seat. Leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. There, it was kind of like that predator look he had the other day, and so perfectly suited him. -09:06 Aug 06
Damion: He didn’t like her hands on him and wanted to pull away, he tensed but let her move him an anwasted scowl coming to his face as his resistance resembled soemone getting a haircut who didn’t want to. He loked at Leslie wondering what she was going for but with her movements ended up staring intently at the clock like it owed him money. -09:09 Aug 06
Leslie: "Relax. I’m not going to hurt you." she muttered softly enough where Jade wasn’t going to hear. …and with some surprise too! He had been annoyed before, but now he was down right tense. The atmosphere was different, but she didn’t want to call him out in front of Jade. She quickly finished and got out of the way, backing up several paces until she was standing next to Jade. Jade must have appreciated this look herself, as she was giving a long ‘Ooooo…’ and taking pictures like a fiend. "This is perfect! Yes! Wow… All right you don’t have to hold your breath any longer. That will do us." Jade lowered the camera and gave him her best flirty smile. "Thank you so much. Maybe we can do this again under less professional circumstances?" Leslie didn’t say a word, she was just giving him an inquisitive stare! Why was he so weird? -09:17 Aug 06
Damion: He turned his head at them and straitened hooking his jacket with his finger and draping it over his shoulder. "That might be nice." he said before standing and eying them again. Such different expresions. "My helmet?" he asked, Jade seemed to had hidden it somewhere. -09:21 Aug 06
Leslie: Jade’s expression might’ve gotten suspicious as she glanced between the two of them again. "I’ll get it." Leslie was still staring at him, but didn’t speak until Jade was out of the room. "Why did you agree to this if it makes you uncomfortable?" -09:24 Aug 06
Damion: His expression didn’t change. "Because Ms. Cole, I didn’t knwo I was promised to the other lion." his tone was clipped and he picked up the glass of water to drain the rest of it and put the empty glass on the tray his movements too fast to be casual. -09:27 Aug 06
Leslie: That didn’t even make sense! Leslie visibly bristled, opening her mouth and pointing a figure at him to demand what that meant. But Jade was back with his helmet and offering it up. She looked a little surprised by Leslie’s expression. Flirty Jade was turned off, professional Jade back on. "Here you go, Mr. Rebrum. Thank you again for your time. Should I need anything more I will let you know. Leslie?" Leslie just clamped her mouth shut and shook her head. -09:30 Aug 06
Damion: "I will be returning to the city on monday." he said "If you need anything please call before ten sunday morning." he said his tone equally business-like and he stepped outside the hand the helmet on the mirror and he pulled his jacket in. He was foinf to enjoy joing fast today. -09:34 Aug 06
King of Fools

King of Fools 002: Accidental Meeting

Leslie: Leslie couldn’t believe they were still talking about this. A week later, out at the mall looking for Jade’s favorite perfume, and they were still talking about that CEO. "I should have sent you with a camera to take a picture for the paper too. Did his ‘gorgeous eyes’ shine like diamonds or were they all smokey and lingering gazes?" Speaking of eyes, Leslie was rolling hers at Jade. "I’m never writing notes for you again. Does it really matter? Honestly, he freaked me out a little bit. You would have liked him though." Jade herself was giggling. "You bet I would have. I’d be buying a new set of panties and calling him up for a date right now." -04:23 Aug 06
Damion: Inspection week, he needed to sign papers with the dean and have handing them an oversized check on the local news dropped from the deal. But right now he was in the spors section looking at some of the equipment on sale adn asking the staff about them, He was dressed casually in jeans and v collared shirt… two hours to burn before we would expect the call from the dean. -04:27 Aug 06
Leslie: "Now I just have the weirdest thoughts of you jumping over that poor guy’s desk and messing up his perfectly pressed suit." Lesie muttered. Both she and Jade stopped at a window to peer inside, though it was more Leslie admiring the clothes while Jade was giving her the ‘evil eye’. "You exagerate. Jesus, Les you really need to get out more! One hot guy and you’re all fumble fingers and and stiff." Leslie rolled her eyes again. She was pretty sure Jade’s ‘get out more’ meant getting her hands on helpless men like some sort of sexual predator. She finally gave the girl a wicked smile though as she leaned. "Tell you what, Jade. Next time I see Mister Gorgeous Eyes Damion Rubrum, I will offer myself up as a virgin sacrifice. That make you happy?" -04:36 Aug 06
Damion: He cleared his thoat trying to supress a small smile at the timing of his enterence and succeding. "I don’t think that will be needed." he said a hand obscuring his mouth "Leslie Cole, and… Jade Sparrow? Should I call instead and leave you to talking about me?" -04:42 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie was going to die. Her mouth immediately clamped shut, and she was pretty sure with the way her face was burning so hot, she was three different shades of red. Jade had no problem picking up the pieces, offering her hand out to shake like they hadn’t just been discussing the man in the most inappropriate way possible. "Yes! I am Jade Sparrow, it’s a pleasure to get to meet you in person. I apologize for not showing up to the interview myself. But the notes Leslie wrote for me were incredibly enlightening." Jade’s smile bordered on the sinfully evil. Leslie didn’t say a word! -04:46 Aug 06
Damion: He took her hand and gripped his firmly as he shook it. "I hope you got enough information for your article." he said holding onto her hand and meeting her eyes his face back to its usual business-like expression. "Thats why I decided to come over here, to ask if there were any more questions, Ms. Cole didn’t call…" his tone implied he had fully expected her to. He released the hand from his grip and looked at the quieter of the two. "So no followup or anything else?" -04:55 Aug 06
Leslie: She was put on the spot. Sucking it up and crossing her arms, Leslie shook her head. "I told you I wasn’t the journalist." she muttered. Jade was very interested looking between them both. One of her hands rest on her hip as she gestured towards him. "…actually I think follow up questions would be a great idea. I mean, you barely touched the surface on that interview. We’d also LOVE to have a picture of you to go with the article." Leslie tilted her head and looked ready to kick Jade in the shin. "I guess if you’re going to finish up the interview I can head back home." She didn’t want to sit through the Jade Inquisition. Lord only knew what tidbits she’d pluck out of the notes to use. -05:01 Aug 06
Damion: He kept his eyes on Leslie "I told you I prefer any follow ups to be done by the original interviewer." he said "Its a dealbreaker." Then he was turning to Jade. "Do you have a photographer on hand or do we need the scedule something?" he did glance back to Leslie though. Worried she would run off. -05:04 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie was very seriously thinking about running to the parking lot. But that would look insane, and she already embarrassed herself once today with the guy. What was it about him?! "We’ll have to schedule something. I’m sure Leslie has your contact info, and would be -happy- to ask you some more questions!" "No I wouldn’t!" she exclaimed bluntly. Leslie wasn’t going to get weaseled in to one of Jade’s weird schemes. "Oh look, I am getting a call. Here, Les, take notepad. Write me LOTS of notes. I’m sure you have a few minutes, don’t you Mr. Rubrum? It was nice to meet you, I really need to take this." Jade didn’t have a call at all, she was totally bullshitting the whole thing. Leslie stared at the woman’s back as she walked away, pulling out her cellphone and pretending to speak business. …and now she was alone with the man. Looks like she was a virgin sacrifice after all. Thanks Jade. "I really don’t have any more questions." -05:11 Aug 06
Damion: "Then make some up." he said glancing around the and gesturing at a resturant close by. "Anyone who did thier research should be able to pick soehting about my life or business and ask questions about them." he was already walking slowly away from the clothes department. "We’ll have something to drink then you can call Ms. Sparrow to rescue you, Leslie." her name was added almost as an afterthought before eh half turned. "Unless you want to keep standign there…" -05:18 Aug 06
Leslie: "I thought it was pretty obvious I didn’t do any research?" Leslie was thinking about standing there out of spite. Her fingers tapped at her arms. She even turned and looked like she was going to walk away… But that would be rude wouldn’t it? She gave a soft sigh as she forced herself forward to follow. "I don’t need her to come and rescue me. But I warn you, it’s not going to be a very interesting conversation." -05:35 Aug 06
Damion: "It was obvious." he said walking forwards and heading strait for the resturant. "ANd if you say that too much I’ll take it as a challenge." he chose a table and indiceted for her to sit. "So is there nothing you want to know about me? Nothing at all? Nothing you can think to ask, or do I need to start off?" -05:38 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie wasn’t sure if she liked the way he said challenge. …then again, maybe she did! That was a good way to think about this. A challenge. Leslie slid in to her seat, her new objective in mind. Her hands clasped together on the table as she tilted her head to eye him. "Okay. Why don’y you want to have an interview with someone who actually knows what they’re doing? Are you afriad of journalists, or are you afraid of new people in general?" -05:41 Aug 06
Damion: "There you see." he said dryly. "You do have good questions." he ordered himself fuit juice and pushed the menu towards her. "Journalists ask questions and I don’t like answering them." he said truthfully. "So I do not like them, and as you pointed out you are not one." -05:44 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie pushed the menu back at him, and simply asked for hot tea. She’d need it! "I am best friends with a journalist, though. Why don’t you like answering questions? Are you afriad of what might be asked, or what the answers are going to be?" Ha! She had this. Clearly her anxiety was all in her head. …not that she had any idea where she was going with it, but as long as she was on the offensive, she wouldn’t feel quite so unnerved by him. Especially when he looked so different in casual clothes… -05:48 Aug 06
Damion: "Are you implying I have something to hide?" asked leaning forwards to hand the menu back to the waitress and put a arm on the table. "I’m a private person." he said dismisively. "If someone needs to know something I tell them, if they don’t I don’t, I don’t see why the public needs to know what kind of car I drive or why I bouhgt out thise company or what I plan to do about this ship sinking. I take care of business, its what I do best and they should trust me on that." -05:52 Aug 06
Leslie: "Except, people don’t blindly trust other people. You have to give them a reason to trust you. How else can you do that then by letting them get to know you?" Her mouth twist up in a small frown, her fingers now tapping on the table. "I hadn’t implied anything, so I have to wonder if you do have something to hide since you were so quite to bring it up. Do you have secrets Mr. Rubrum?" -05:55 Aug 06
[Damion enters.] -06:16 Aug 06
Damion: His lie twitched into a one-sided smirk. "Everyone does Ms. Cole." he saud in a deliberatly mysterious voice. "If people don’t trust me would they work for me? Wouls they accept donations from he? Would they sign a contract with me? People trust me because they have to, thats how it is in the world of business. The government watched over everythig I do, and you can write down that I have been subject to a federal audit but they found nothing. I have nothing to hide inthe way I do business. And thats where they need to trust me." -06:21 Aug 06
[(Timeout) Damion has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:25 Aug 06
Leslie: "Nothing to hide in the way you do business, but elsewhere?" It was a personal question and none of her business. But he irked her again. Maybe it was the way he talked about his work. He was pretty presumptious about the whole thing. It did, however, remind her that she was supposed to be taking note. Leslie awkwardly shifted to dig around in her purse until she pulled out that yellow notepad again. And the pen she never returned. She tilted the pad so he couldn’t see what she was writing this time. Has issues with trust! Alludes to secrets? He kind of looks like the devil when he smirks. Thanks for this, Jade. -06:25 Aug 06
Damion: "He leaned back to allow his juice to be put in stont of him and poked at the pulp and ice wit his streaw to a second unto the waitress has left. "Yes I do, I have parts of me and my life that I would prefer kept private." he said "But who doesn’t?" he was eyeing her and he hadn’t taken and sip of his juice yet. "I alo have parts of my life I don’t care if people know or not, you should ask me about those." -06:32 Aug 06
Leslie: That took her a little off guard. Leslie wasn’t sure what she was supposed to ask. Especially about his private life! ….and extra especially after the debacle of last week and the whole ‘gay’ thing. Her face was turning red again. "Okay. …um… What do you do for fun when you’re not working?" -06:35 Aug 06
Damion: He looked up at the ceiling and sipped hes juice in thought. "I though I said to ask about what I don’t mind people knowing about." he was a tease though you wouldn’t know it from his tone. "I like lots of things Leslie, theres the usual passtimes that everyone does and then there is the city at night, me and 1700ccs of power. Or outside the city… I like bikes, and boats, I mostly get time for bikes though." -06:42 Aug 06
Leslie: He wasn’t looking at her, which somehow left her free to move and take a sip of her tea. She’d kick herself for being stupid later. "Why are you even hassling me to ask these questions if you’re going to be so elusive about the answers? I’m starting to think you like making me uncomfortable on purpose." Teacup in one hand, it was a delicate balance to write on her tilted notepad. Likes bikes and boats! That’s kind of cool, I thought he’d say something boring like golfing and country clubs. "Are you satisfied?" she asked, looking up again and eying him carefully. -06:47 Aug 06
Damion: His eyes were back on her and he shrugged his shoulders. "I didn’t know it would be so easy. He leaned back and glass in his hand took another long sip. "Interesting question though… I do get satisfaction from quite a few things I do, and this is good juice." one eyesbrow raised ever so slightly and he smirked again. "If you were asking if you could end the interview though you are not my prisoner, if you were you would know it, trust me. So any more questions?" -06:51 Aug 06
Leslie: Oh, she didn’t like the way he said that. That sounded like a promise, and Leslie got the feeling he always kept his promises. "I don’t have any more questions. Do you have any questions?" Leslie was trying to stare right back at him. Let’s see how he liked it! -06:55 Aug 06
Damion: He leaned forwards his eyes locked with hers, looking like a predator slinking forwards. "Yes Ms. Cole I do, In hact I return your question, what do you do for fun?" simple, to the point and if great interest. Perhaps. -06:58 Aug 06
Leslie: Damnit. He was calling her bluff. Steeling her nerves, she didn’t lean back like she wanted to. She met his gaze with a squint and leaned on her elbows on the table. "I like feeding ducks are the park, singing karaoke, and talking to old people." She very nearly hissed it out like it was some sort of threat. This is what he was doing to her! Making her act like a weirdo, when she was otherwise completely amiable! -07:02 Aug 06
Damion: "No special hobbies, or are those in the part of -your- life you don’t want others knowing about?" he asked pushing his glass aside and resting one elbow on the table. "And to you always rise to a challenge?" -07:04 Aug 06
Leslie: "Challenges make life interesting." she watched the glass get pushed aside, and her bravado faultered a bit. He was better at this than she was. Leslie felt like she was in some sort of battle. "I don’t really have any hobbies… I read books? And I don’t have any secrets. If you want to know something, I’ll tell you." -07:09 Aug 06
Damion: "Challenges make life interesting. Never truer words,, and then you take all the challenge out of this conversation. I could ask about your sexual history, if you’re involved with anyone, what you’ve done with tem adn you just said you’d answer. So many things I could ask. So many." he ran his tongue across his lowler lip as he regarded her. "I think I’ll start with, what is your favorite book, and remember you did say you would tell the truth." -07:12 Aug 06
Leslie: And there it went. Her ready-to-fight expression was now classic Leslie flushing. She leaned back in her chair again, fingers tapping nervously on the table. Should she slap him? Jade would fire right back with her own questions! Leslie settled on answering the one he officially asked. "…Knight of a Trillion Stars. It’s a romance novel about an alien knight, the lady who finds his artifact, and his shapeshifting brother who pretends to be a cat." How she managed to get that out with a straight face… -07:22 Aug 06
Damion: "Thank you." he said leaning back and checking to watch. "I think you have enough for you article, you will call me for the photo shoot, right?" he was grinning as he looked at her. Then it changed to a softer smile "Its been fun but I have to go and sign papers with your dean." -07:26 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie wasn’t smiling. She WAS scowling, but his sudden grin and soft expression caught her a bit by surprise. She didn’t think he could smile. "…Jade will call you." she muttered, already getting out of her seat and stuffing her notepad back in to her purse. "How much do I owe you for the tea?" -07:29 Aug 06
Damion: "The conversation was enough." he said the smile melting back into nothing. "You still have my card?" he was holding out another one just in case.. then though better of it. and helf out fis hand instead. "My pen, if you will, I’ll give you my direct line." -07:31 Aug 06
Leslie: His pen? Oh! This was his pen! Leslie didn’t even remember taking it. Looking a little guilty she handed him the pen back. "It’s in my purse somewhere, I can give it to Jade later. It’s probably not a good idea to give her your personal number…" -07:33 Aug 06
Damion: He wrote down the number and held out the card with the pen. "That is why I’m giving it to you." he said matter-of-factly. "I’ll only be checking my messages in my office when I get back." -07:36 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie took them, eying the number with that faint frown again. Maybe if she didn’t tell Jade she had it, the woman wouldn’t go snooping through her purse looking for it. "Are you going somewhere, then?" Again, none of her business. Leslie had no intentions of talking to him again ever. Why was she even curious?" -07:38 Aug 06
Damion: "Back to work." he said placing a few notes in the table and rising. "I’ve taken a few days off to do this deal with the dean and then enjoy a day or two or relaxation. "I’ll be back to work on monday." -07:41 Aug 06
Leslie: "Oh." He actually relaxed sometimes? Leslie was grinning at her own inner amusement. "Enjoy your vacation then, Mr. Rudrum. Jade will get back to you soon!" she chimed, waving a hand at him and already making her escape. That is, if Jade lived after Leslie got her hands around her throat. -07:44 Aug 06
King of Fools

King of Fools 001: The Interview

[Leslie Cole is an editor. An introvert editor who doesn’t know anything about big business or journalism. So why is she here to interview some ancient CEO? Because she is the bestest friend ever!] -01:21 Aug 06
Leslie: Why do I always fall for the pouting? There she was, too nervous to sit in the waiting room and pacing uncomfortably in front of a secretary who looked ready to tie her to a seat. Her friend Jade was supposed to be here. But Jade had to go and get laryngitis and was bed ridden until graduation. So of course Leslie, like a dummy, happily volunteered to help… and was now regretting it as she stopped by a window to peer down several stories. Long way down. -01:25 Aug 06
[Damion is the owner of SEPcon, one of the biggest and newest firls in the business world. Magazines have wanted him on thier covers for months but he is proving to be surprisingly reclusive and hard to get hold of. But here he is coling down the evevator from the conference room ready to take an interview from a student newspaper of all things. But it was part of the deal he signed with the univercity…] -01:29 Aug 06
Damion: With a ding the doors opened and the man himself, dressed in his talored suit, the tie held losely in his hand and top tunnon undone stepped up to the secretary desk. "Any calls?" he asked as the woman looked up tat him then quickly down again, "N-No Sir…" he turned towards his office. "You do have someone waiting for you though.." A slender finger was pointed at the waiting room. "Send her in in five minutes, then fetch two glasses of cold water." he gave the girl a long look through the glass wall of the waiting room before pushing his way into his office. Right he’d get this interview over then… business awaited. -01:39 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie was fretting with her hair, twisting the ends of it around a finger while she very impatiently waited. Maybe she shouldn’t have rushed to be on time after all. First time punctual and the guy was late. After a few moments the secretary finally poked her head in, clearing her throat and beckoned Leslie to enter. Finally…! Leslie took a deep breath. Picking up her oversized purse and headed to the office. She knocked once and walked in, with perfect confidence! ….but after a few steps that quickly faded to confusion. "….You’re not old at all!" she exclaimed, far too late to stop the impulse. At least she had the sense to look apologetic about it. "Sorry, I’m Leslie Cole here for Jade Sparrow. It’s um… Wow, I really was expecting someone a lot older." -01:48 Aug 06
Damion: He regards her inpasively aster her outburst leanign abck on his chair behind his best, then he stands and leans over the desk. "Sorry ro make you wait Ms. Cole. Damion Rubrum, but then you already knew that. May I ask why Ms. Sparrow didn’t come herself?" -01:53 Aug 06
Leslie: He was tall. Her friend would be all over this guy in a second! Realizing she was probably staring, Leslie quickly shook her head and shifted to sit down in the chair in front of the desk. She set her purse on the floor and started digging through it. "A really bad case of laryngitis, she sounds a bit like a frog right now. BUT! I have all of her interview questions in here some… where." Ha! There. Leslie pulled out the folder. What she -wasn’t- finding was the recorder she was supposed to use to keep a record of everything. Not good! Leslie pulled out a yellow notepad. "If you’d like to get started, you could take a seat. That’ll be more comfortable." -01:59 Aug 06
Damion: He looked at her. "I was going to shake your hand but if you’re going to skip the formalities then I guess thats less time waisted for both of us." he sat and pushed the discarded tie out of the way as the door opened and to glasses of cold water were brought in. "Thanks Lyn." -02:03 Aug 06
Leslie: "Oh. Well.. it is less wasted time." Leslie flashed him a grin. On the inside she was kicking herself. She was so damned nervous, she was forgetting manners. And she couldn’t find her pen! Leslie reached out to take one out of the cup on his desk, nearly knocked it over and had to make a fumbling catch to right it once again. She let out a quick breath. Jade was going to find this hilarious. "…I forgot my recorder so I’m going to be taking notes, okay?" In fact, now that she had a pen, she was already scribbling things down, occasionally glancing up. Squinting at him, then writing again. "Are you ready?" -02:08 Aug 06
Damion: He was leaning back and watching her hands move. "Take a break the a sip of water." he said. "They we’ll both be ready." he wondered if she would retirn he pen she had just taken. "I think the one with the blue ball on the end writes better." he added "I’ve never liked that one." -02:13 Aug 06
Leslie: "This one works just fine, thanks." It did give a moment to finish up the first part of her notes. Mr. Damion is not an old man! Very tall, definitely has the air of a boss. Not a big fan of his tie. He has gorgeous eyes, but he keeps staring and it’s kinda freaking me out! The pen nearly slipped out of her hand, but she leaned forward to take one of the glasses and took a sip. "The first question." she announced quickly. "How long have you been in business now?" -02:20 Aug 06
Damion: He steepled his fingers, now they were getting to the meat of the interview, the bisuness of it. "In business? Seven years, four months… twelve days." heis eyes were on the callender on his desk, then moved to her, if she had read up on him she would know that date as the day he left colledge early to take over the company, and how he did it. The singular del that sent him from almost nothing to on top of the world. -02:25 Aug 06
Leslie: She wrote down the answer. Man, he was specific. "What made you decided to drop out of college to pursue your-" she squinted at the question. Jade had terrible handwriting. "to pursue your idea? ….and if you don’t mind me asking, what do you do here exactly?" If she was going to ask these questions, it’d help her to know. …she probably should have done some research before showing up. Leslie put the glass back on his desk. -02:30 Aug 06
Damion: He tilted his head. "Interesting choice of word there… idea… It was an opotunity I saw that a could not miss. Once in a lifetime, Bill Gates did the same… and I own the place, I make all of the big decisions I cannot leave to anyone else. I meet with clients and partners and assess thier needs personally. Nothing goes on in thie building without me knowig about it and approving it. And I mean nothing." he placed his forearm in the desk and leaned forwards. "I like to do thing myself. Lets me make sure they’re done right." -02:37 Aug 06
Leslie: "Hold on a second, you’re going to have to talk a little bit slower." Leslie was literally writing down every single word he said. And once she got them down, she added in little notations about his expression in the form of a very scowly stick figure. "That really doesn’t answer my question though. Do you make things here? Sell something? Or is it like a jack of all trades service industry? You work for people?" Leslie wasn’t asking from the question sheet anymore, she was curious for her own sake. -02:44 Aug 06
Damion: "I OWN things." he said. "SEPcon does very little by itself but we do own a lot of other companies, you name an industry and we own one of the leading companies in it, we run them, we synergize them, make them run smoothly together. SEPcon west also does a lot in the way of unvesting in small buninesses, donating to charities and univercity projects, providing aid.. that kind of thing." -02:49 Aug 06
Leslie: Writing notes by hand was a pain! Leslie was silent for several moments as she wrote down his response, occasionally glancing up at him. I think he really likes his job. He doesn’t look quite as scowly when he talks about it. He has passion for it? A question mark. Passion was still debatable. "Um, so you are unmarried and don’t seem to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Do you date at all?" Leslie frowned down at the question. She suspected that was a personal question for Jade’s benefit and not something for the article. -02:54 Aug 06
Damion: He raised an eyerow but did not comment, though he did lift his glass to his lips and swirl a sip of water around in his mouth before swallowing. "No, I don’t suppose I do." he said. "Huh." he didn’t comment further, not did he give anything away from his expression and he leaned back. "Not for a while anyway." -03:01 Aug 06
Leslie: Single, Jade. But he might still be gay! Leslie grinned rather mysterious at her own notes. "So the last few questions are mostly about the university. You never grant interviews but the University is getting your special attention. A little weird for someone who never graduated college. Any special reasons?" -03:04 Aug 06
Damion: "It was in the contract I signed with the bean, a student gets to interview me and I.. well I’m sure you’ve heard and I don’t want to answer you other questions before you ask the, except that I am definately not gay Ms. Cole." -03:07 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie froze, the pen slipping out of her hand and falling to the floor with a clink. Regaining her senses, she scrambled to snatch it and when she was seated upright again, her face was red. "I um… never implied that you were?" Slowly she tilted her notepad up and wrapped her arms around it. Was he spying at her notes from over there? Good eyesight! -03:11 Aug 06
Damion: Her sudden unsease mad the corners of his eyes crinckle even if the shape of his mouth didn’t change. He took another sip of water slowly and swallowed before placing the half empty glass on his desk. "You next question? Or is it my turn? You’re graduating with Ms. Sparrow arn’t you?" -03:14 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie was definitely done with writing notes. "I am, yes. And I am done with the questions. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer them." Leslie was already moving to stand, picking up her giant purse with one hand and holding her notepad tight. She half wondered if he could see right through it. There were still plenty of Jade’s questions to ask, but Leslie doubted she could get through her mortification to ask them! -03:19 Aug 06
Damion: "We’re not done." he said gesturing at the seat again. "I have questions." he eyes her unblinkingly. "Ms. Sparrow said she didn’t mind if I returned the questioning and you are following the spirit of her agreement, correct?" -03:25 Aug 06
Leslie: "I am not exactly a journalist, and I honestly have no idea how to conduct follow up questions." she responded, hesitating a bit about leaving, but not making any move to sit back down. "Ask your question quickly?" -03:28 Aug 06
Damion: He stood and unbuttoned the jacket of his suit and pulled it off draping it over the back of his chair leaving only his shirt. "Theres more than one, but if you are in a hurry we could schedule another meeting. I know how univercity can be, and I have no interest in keeping you here if you don’t want to be here." -03:34 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie wanted to add more to her notes. She thought maybe the suit made him look all intimidating CEO guy, but even without his tie and jacket he still was. Especially while he was standing. "I don’t really make a habit of doing interviews and meetings. Any follow ups you have can be done with Jade when she’s feeling better." …Jade needed to save her voice though, and Leslie hated to waste everyone’s time just because she was having some stupid panic attack. She slowly sat back down in her chair, but kept holding her notepad like a shield. "What are your questions?" -03:38 Aug 06
Damion: He took his seat and agains steepled his fingers. "Do you feel that your chosen major is still the one you want?" he asked resting his chin on his thumbs and his elbows on his besk. "And that your studies have brought you what you hoped for." -03:41 Aug 06
Leslie: She gave him a dubious expression. A suspicious tilt of her head as she shifted in her seat. "I’m not exactly sure what that has to do with your interview? I don’t have any reason to doubt my major at the moment and I have already put in some applications to places I would like to work. I’ll see what happens." -03:44 Aug 06
Damion: "Its an unrelated matter." he said. "And you didn’t answer my second question." he looked at her intently as if studying her. "If I’m investing so much in theunivercity I have to make sure they’re doing thier job, you study there so who better to get answers from." -03:47 Aug 06
Leslie: That sounded reasonable, if a little bit on the busy-body side. Leslie wasn’t to keen on the way he was staring, though and she was shifting uncomfortably in her seat. That pen was still in her hand and she was clicking it to an eratic rhythm. "Same answer applies, really. I’m not really going to know whether or not it was worth it until I’m working and see if I like it. I’ll figure it out when I get there." -03:50 Aug 06
Damion: "Seems… lax." he commented idly "Did they provide counseling and let you know what fields involved?" his hands came down to rest on the desk, "Seems what you want to do isn’t something to be chosen blindly." -03:53 Aug 06
Leslie: There was a hint of a smile, and some amusement to her tone. "I studied English and Literature with the intentions of going in to editing or publishing. Unless publishers now require you to tame lions or sky dive from planes, I’m pretty sure where ever I end up will be okay." Her amusement with the comment seemed to quell some of her jitters. Leslie shifted to stuff her folder and notepad back in to her purse. "I should get going. If you have any more questions, I know Jade will be happy to answer them." -03:57 Aug 06
Damion: He stood again and rounded the desk to the doorto open it. "No more questions.. if I have anymore I will call, and if you have anymore.." he reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a bussiness card to hold out to her. "I prefer the original interviewer do any followups, saves having to learn two people." -04:04 Aug 06
Leslie: Out of her seat and to the door, she took the card, eying it carefully before dropping it in to the black hole that was her purse. "Thank you for your time, but I don’t think I’ll be doing any more interviews any time soon!" she grinned sheepishly before stepping through the door. She almost visibly let out a breath and relaxed. Leslie didn’t realize how tense she had been in there! That was awkward… Jade owed her dinner. -04:08 Aug 06