Reunion 002: Dance Lesson

[Blythe has this time been led to a much less imposing looking section of the prison for her morning visit with Fred!] -06:03 Dec 06
[Fred Williams is showered, combed and being lead to a private room!] -06:04 Dec 06
Blythe: Unlike the common room, these private rooms were designed for family sort of visits. They were warm, comfortable – if a little sparse – and definitely way less intimidating. Blythe was fussing with the dark navy blue jacket she wore over a cream blouse and trying to figure out if it was better buttoned or unbutton. The skirt was a little long, and blouse was a bit tight, but it fit well enough! Blythe felt a little bit like she was dressed for a business interview! -06:07 Dec 06
Fred Williams: The door was opened and he steeped in with a guard, the unlockind his cuffs and stepped out and closed them in, then he was smiling at her. "Hey." he said before looking down at the moden in his hands and then at her and going up to a table to put it down. "I could only bring one so I brought my favorite." from the bable ti it’s tip the detailed model of a space shuttle was three feet tall, and the interious was visible though the windows and the cargo bay could open and had a model space telescope inside. -06:11 Dec 06
Blythe: A squeak, a squeal, whatever it was, it was a very excited sound. It seemed Blythe was the sort to be overly amused by very tiny versions of very big things. …Or in this case and amazingly large tiny version of a ginormous thing! She also didn’t hesitate to touch and test, being surprisingly gentle with her fingers for one who fidgeted so much. "This is fantastic! And you built this all by yourself? …Oh, oh it would be so cute if there was a little astronaunt inside… but where would we find one that would fit?" -06:17 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Oh I could find one, but I only just finished this last week. It’s my favorite." her reaction was strong and he has going red and his voice was quiet. "I kind of want you to have it. So you have something from me wherever you’re living. And when I get out I’ll add the crew?" -06:21 Dec 06
Blythe: "What, really?" she sounded pretty excited about that, before she changed her tone and gave him a wide eyed surprised look. "…I couldn’t! Not if this is your favorite, I can’t imagine how long it took to put this together." -06:23 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I can always make another." he said looking at his hands. "ANd I want you to have it because it’s my favorite if that makes any sense. If you want it. As a thank you for being my friend." -06:26 Dec 06
Blythe: "You don’t have to thank me for being your friend!" Oooh, but she loved this… It was probably the neatest thing she had seen in ages, and he made it himself. Blythe didn’t give a warning when she threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "I’ll take it! I love it… I’m just really worried it’ll get damaged or explode and it would be super sad if that happened before it’s crew ever got to use it." -06:30 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He was surprised when he suddenly had her arms around him and wow. A kiss. To his cheek, he didn’t know iif he should be disappointed or grinning like an idiot. Not that he had much choice about the second as he hugged her back. "There’s no fuel in it to explode. I thought we agreed I wasn’t trying to kill you." -06:37 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythte laughed and squeezed him, almost tight enough to pull herself up off the floor. Before she kissed his cheek again and pulled away to examine more of the little details on the model. "I didn’t mean literally explode, Fred… just you know… kablooey!" The word came with a pop of her hands. The universal gesture of kaboom! She grinned as she counted how many crew it might need. "I thought I might take your advice and think about writing a novel, so I am trying to spark my imagination a bit… in a good way!" -06:43 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Well what is more imagination provoking than space?" he asked looking at the model. It wasn’t perfect but he HAD put a lot of work into it and the corner of his cell would look empty without it. aybe he could ask for a christmas tree… "I guess you’ll be pretty busy with the holidays though. Cards to do and everything." -06:46 Dec 06
Blythe: "Um, no.. not really." Blythe didn’t elaborate on her lack of card writing for Christmas. Instead she was checking the telescope.. it really moved! That was so neat! "I’ve always loved space and the stars… astronomy stuff! But trying to study the science behind it kind of put me to sleep. Hmm,you know, one day there’s going to be astronaunts flying these things while wearing your space socks. That’s gotta be pretty cool for you, yeah?" -06:53 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "The shuttle fleet is being retired." he said automatically. "And they’re not using the weave for just the socks, frettymuch the entire inner layer of the suit will be of the weave I developed for socks. The current suits are like valoons in space, loose and inflated because tehre is no air presure from outside… but this be suit will be skin tight and be mach earier to move in and… well science fiction is full of skintight scape suits to you ould saud I helped being science fiction to life." he realized he was in a tangent and stopped talking looking sheepish. "Sorry, it’s hard no to get excited." -06:58 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe looked a little surprised… and amused! He was animated, and involved in it, and… well. Passionate. It brought back a lot of memories about him and Blythe smiled wide. "You should be excited. How many people get to help bring in a whole new era history and make things that people dream about come true? I think it’s amazing." -07:04 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I designed military socks. The rest is just other people finding my inventionuseful." he was red. "It’s like condeming Nobel for inventing dynomite and ushering in an era of carpet bombing and destructive power like never before when he was just trying to give miners somethign safer than nitroglycerin." terrible parallel. "I am excited though. I mean It’s what I wanted to do before I lost class presidency." -07:10 Dec 06
Blythe: "I can’t believe you know who invented dynamite." she laughed again, straightening and clasping her hands behind her back as she reguarded him with a smile. "Do you remember during the debates, when we had to do the lunch room discussion to take questions, but the choir and the chess clubs got in to a huge quarrel and starting throwing food trays? You dragged me under the table and we ended up having lunch there until the riot was over. I don’t even remember what we talked about…" -07:14 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Not hard when he used his dynomite money to found the nobel prize…." he mumbles before Blythe continued. "I remember you not beinf sure if it was your tray you had grabbed but being happy you didn’t have casserole." he though back and fonally sat down on the edge of the table. "Mrs. Sangie’s nose…. and… lunchroom policy?" -07:20 Dec 06
Blythe: "Yes…! Right! I said we had a problem with groups of people hogging tables and not letting people sit and that assigned seating would fix that, and you said you’d rather eat outside in the freezing snow than have to be forced to sit next to somebody, and I laughed and said maybe we should just add tables outside then…" She hadn’t thought about that day in so long. There were a lot of little things she was remembering now that they had been sparked. "I can’t believe I forgot all about that…" -07:25 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "A broken promise form out class president. We never got outside tables." he stuck out his tongue and absently scratched his shoulder. "I wonder is either of us realized how little power a class president really had at the time." he looked at her and smiled slightly. "Wjat did you want to do after school that was worth baring your chest for?" -07:31 Dec 06
Blythe: "Nothing, apparently." she looked a little sheepish, and dropped in to a sofa seat. Then she squeaked when the thing ended up being softer and far less springy than she was expecting and tumbled back a bit with her feet off the floor. …he legs really were short! "Hum…! My parents were really adament about me getting in to the college they picked out, and it really didn’t matter that I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do or what I was interested in as long as I went and was studying there. I didn’t want to disappoint them." -07:36 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Well…" Hmm… that explained a few things. "Well at least now you get to dicide what you want." he looked at her and swung his feet slightly wondering what to say now. "Did you have any idead for a novel now that you’ve decided to write one?" -07:39 Dec 06
Blythe: "Yeah…" She looked sad for a split second, but at his question she was grinning wide and leaning forward in her seat. "I was thinking the very strange adventures of a mad scientist… You’ll be great inspiration, if you don’t mind." -07:42 Dec 06
[Fred Williams enters.] -08:02 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I’m not really a mad scientist. Just one the got drunk and went a little crazy. But if it inspires something good then I’d be more than happy for you to use it." he was flaying with his fingers to keep his hands busy and looking at her. "Can I look forwrds to a signed copy in the mail?" He was glad she was going to try somehting different, even if it didn’t work out it was still a step in her quest to find something she was happy with. Even if he didn’t know why he was so invested in it. Was it because she was his only friend? -08:08 Dec 06
[(Timeout) Fred Williams was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:15 Dec 06
Blythe: "We’ll see if I even manage to finish anything, first! And it definitely won’t be the reunion.. um… I was thinking a steampunk scientist… do you think that might be weird? It’s so easy to picture you in a labcoat tinkering with little machines that be ever so vaguely magical… And it would be twisty, because you’d be a mad scientist, but the hero of the story! An anti-hero, I think that’s called?" Blythe had a lot of ideas but getting them organized would take forever. But it was fun to think about and she was really starting to like the idea… -08:15 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Science is science." he said "So, no it’s not wierd, and steampunk seems to be in right now… or at least when I went in here." he pushed himself away from the edge of the table and sunk down into one of the chairs next to Blythe and lightly touched one of the solid fuel boosters on the model bemoving a stray hair. "Is the anti-hero an edgy, down on her luck, greetings card writer with a hidden past?" -08:19 Dec 06
Blythe: She laughed, shifting to rest her arms on the edge of the sofa and her chin on them. "I’m not so great for caracter inspiration. I couldn’t think of how to make me interesting enough to be in it. But your laboratory is going to be an old light house, and when you smile girls will swoon, but it’ll always turn out you were infatuated with some bit of machinery!" -08:26 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He grinned in amusement and slight embarresment and looked away. "I don’t make girls swoon." he complained "But if it’s a character then that should be good for cobedy I guess." -08:30 Dec 06
Blythe: He was embarrassed..! Oh god, that was so cute…! Blythe was grinning wider. "You do when you smile. And you will in the book! As all-mighty penmaster, it has already been decreed. Maybe if I finish it and it’s good enough to get published I can right the dedicated to the man who created space socks." -08:34 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "He bit his lip to stop himself from smiling and folded his arms over his chest still looking away. "You may control what happens in the book but in real life I don’t make anyone swoon. You dont… do you?" he turned to look at her to examine her face his lips in a carefully controlled not smile. -08:41 Dec 06
Blythe: "Um… " Oh crap. She was really bad at lying! Not that she actually swooned, but… he really did have a nice smile. Blythe managed to keep a straight face, but she was sitting up again and now fussing with the hem of her borrowed skirt. "I don’t swoon, no. That’d be kind of silly in real life." There. Didn’t lie. Only now she was trying not to crack a grin while he was trying not to smile, and that ended up making her laugh again. -08:45 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "See, I don’t have a good smile." that settled that, and not he was standing to get two glasses and a bottle of water because his mouth was suddenly dry. "Want some?" he asked poaring out a glass and hovering the nack of the bottle over the other. -08:51 Dec 06
Blythe: "Well, I didn’t say that. You have a very nice smile. And yes, I would, please." Blythe watched him for a moment, then she was up out of her seat again. Wandering around the room and poking at everything she found. "There’s a radio, a tv, and oh!" She closed the drawer quick. Condoms and a bible. They really made sure the family conjugal visit rooms had everything. "Would you mind music? We could dance, maybe. I don’t think either of us danced at the reunion." -08:56 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He poared her a glass and lifted both off the table to walk over to her. "I can’t dance, in case you missed if I wasn’t at our prom, or any other school dance we ever had except the one in tenth grade and you know how that one went." he sipped his glass and looked down at his shoes. "And I didn’t dance at the reunion either. -09:01 Dec 06
Blythe: "Then don’t dance. Mimic?" Blythe took the glass from him and sipped, then held it with both hands as positioned herself in front of him. She tapped the top of his foot with hers and took one step back. "Follow me but always face me! And there must be equal movement. That’s the rules, okay?" -09:05 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He frowned. "You insistantly compliment my smile and now you want to dance? This is suspiciously like a date. Not that I would even know what those are like." was that what was irritating him? How date-like this was… He downed the water in on swallow and leaned against the table stubbornly. "Fine, what will you give me if I do?" -09:13 Dec 06
Blythe: This was not following her. He was being stubborn… Blythe remembered this too! After another drink she leaned to set her glass down, then she took the step forward again and rest her hands on her hips. "If this was a date Mr. Williams, there would be flowers, a casual dinner, and then looking at the stars too. And you wouldn’t be frowning either because you’d be thinking about kissing when the night was over. Now up and follow and I will have taught you how to dance without any dancing seeming to be involved?" -09:17 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Well thank you for ruining a perfectly good fantasy." he said folding his arms and putting on a mock scowl. "Now I’ll have no good misunderstandings to think back fondly of after you leave. More staring at blank walls and less daydreams." there was an overly exasperated sigh. "What the hell, lead on fancyfeet. I’ll do my best not to kill you with my spasmastis flailing." -09:28 Dec 06
Blythe: "How about we don’t do any flailing at all. You can keep your arms crossed even. You can keep scowling too if you want!" Blythe beckoned at him with a finger and once he was standing and in the right spot, she took the step back again. "Follow." Another step back, and one to the side. -09:36 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "So you’ve danced a lot?" he knew nothing about her dance history and as he followed he watched her still refusing to smile. "Maybe you could be a dancer, a ballerena type not a stripper type. I’d be dissapointed if you went back to deshirting to get anywhere." -09:42 Dec 06
Blythe: "Ah jeeze..!" That again! Blythe covered her face with her hands to hide the inevitable redness. She didn’t stop stepping through. Another to the otherside. A turn. A step forward. All with her face covered, and now her voice was muffled. "Not a stripper! A whole room of creepy people staring at me, that would be a nightmare!" Like creepy inmate guy from yesterday. God only knew what he would have done if she was topless and Blythe didn’t want to think about it! -09:45 Dec 06
Fred Williams: Wrong thing to joke about it seemed, but this was revenge for the smile thing. "Well it’s just me in here…." he blanched. "Not that you should do… anything!" his turn to look away and cover it up with an attempted spin on the spot that ended with him knocking a chair with his elbow. "Ow…" -09:52 Dec 06
Blythe: On hearing the chair move she dropped her hands. Then she was reaching out to grab his arms and right him back where her belonged and giving him a chiding look. "No improv. Only following… you’re obviously not ready for tricky moves yet." She must have missed the innuendo thanks to his blunder, but now she was holding his arms at his side and moving him with her at arms length as she took steps around the room. "Dancing is fun, but I don’t really know how to do a lot. In fact, I am pretty sure I stole this whole lesson from a movie." -10:00 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He just shook his head rather than blame her for stealing other ideas too. "So who al I? Cage? Sandler? Tell me it’s not Sandler…" he smiled in slite of himslf and just followed. The bruie forming on his elbow was worth her not commenting on what he said. "Is this what you pictured visiting in prison would be like?" -10:09 Dec 06
Blythe: She seemed to be debating what movie star role her played until he asked about the prison. There was that surprised and contemplative look to her expression again. "Not really… Well, maybe yesterday when I walked out of the common room, that was a little bit similar to what I thought. But I wasn’t expecting this to be so easy. I was sure it would be a little weird, you know?" Another few steps and she placed a hand on his shoulder to guide him instead of his arm. "What did you think it would be like getting to really talk to me?" -10:13 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "I honestly didn’t know. I had images in my head ranging from you fufilling by stupid highschool fantasies to throwing the cake in my face, kicking my chair over and storming out. I didn’t want to have any real expectations in case I was dissapointed and to leave myself open for a pleasent surprise." he looked down at his feet making sire he wouldn’t trip. Boring, I know but… better than making plans and expectations when you’re a prisoner, in a prison… what can I plan exactly?" -10:18 Dec 06
Blythe: "You realize, now I really want to ask you what your high school fantasies were." she gave him a cheeky grin, which may of very well had a faint blush. "Don’t look at your feet, you’ll bump in to things. Just be aware of where I’m moving, okay? Or hum… you lead and move me? Planning where to step then!" -10:27 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "You really don’t want to know, you’d slap me and never want to be in the same room as me again." he said placing hsi hands on her shoulders in return and focusing on her face. "Then again you were a teenager with an unrequinted crush in highschool. Bet your mind wasn’t clean all the time." -10:34 Dec 06
Blythe: "Oh man… You really have no idea how dirty and perverted teenage girls are! We’re all about the romancing, but -after- the romancing, all bets are off." Blythe grinned. There was no sense in denying it, she probably had a host of crazy things in her diary about Jonathan. When she got home, she would have to read it for a giggle. "You’ve made me even more curious, though. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to say ‘You don’t want to know.’ because that immediatly makes whatever you want to say THE most interesting the in the world to a curious person." -10:37 Dec 06
Fred Williams: She stopped dancing. "And yet I do not want to know what you had planned for John…" he said before glancing around and leaning forwards to cup his hand next to her ear. "One of the tamer ones was waking up with you in red lacy underwear stradling me and dangling a pair of cuffs in front of my face. If goes downhill from there. Another was sneaking into the drama department’s store room and getting into the costumes and maybe tearing the up a little and reinacting that scene from out 8th grade play inly without skirting around the fact that the heroin did not have a good night." -10:44 Dec 06
Blythe: "Oh!" Well then. She DID ask. And now her face was probably three shades redder. "That’s um… I’m not sure I even have any red underwear…" Oh hell! Why was -that- the response that came out of her mouth! She could have went with ‘That’s hot!’ or any variation thereof and not been as ridiculous. Blythe cleared her throat. This was putting an interesting new perspective on Fred… "Does adult Fred have the same… taste?" Stupid, stupid curiosity. -10:52 Dec 06
Fred Williams: He moved backwards and looked at her not really knowing what to think fo her line of responses and questions and there was a tightning downstairs that had him glancing down to make sure no blage was visible. "Adult Fred doesn’t have anyone willing to help him find out." he said. "Just as well, not like it could happen any time soon. Who wants to have a boyfriend in prison, and I’ll have a life to put togetehr when I get out…" -10:58 Dec 06
Blythe: "That’s true. I mean, the having a life to put together part." Blythe escaped over to the table to fetch her glass of water and take a big swallow. Suddenly it was awfully warm in the room, and she wasn’t quite sure what happened there. That was weird! "It’s almost like a sabbatical being here, though…? If it’s not days of being beaten up by inmates, or guards, and isn’t scary. And there is me. I’ll visit as much as I can." -11:02 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Getting your street cred?" he jokes. "I’m Blythe Kennedy and I’ve been to prison five times. I’ve got a friend on the inside who stole soem top secret shit from the military and shot it at some people. I’m a total badass." not a good impersonation but it broke the mood that was threatening. "Maybe your path lies in gangster rap." -11:07 Dec 06
Blythe: "Worst idea ever." she cracked a grin as she drank the rest of her water. That was better. Something to cool her down a bit and not be so… hrmm. Blythe smoothed her hands over her borrowed blazer and cleared her throat a second time. "Are you ready to try actual dancing now?" -11:10 Dec 06
Fred Williams: Actual dancing? "Uhhh sure." he downed a second glass of water and placed the glass down to step forwards and took a breath. Everything seemed to be back to normal. "I’m not going to lead though. Unless you want frozen indecision to be the name of the dnace." -11:32 Dec 06
Blythe: "You’re thinking way too hard about it." Blythe took his hands, placing one around her waist and the other she kept in hers. "It’s just like before, but closer together. Just look at me and follow, okay?" -11:35 Dec 06
Fred Williams: Closer together was nice bit it was hard not to let thoughts from their previous subgect creep in, but he swallowed and pushed them back. "Okay, lead on." he took a breath. "I feel like I’m back in school." -11:45 Dec 06
Blythe: Blythe grinned up at him, and with a very gentle amount of pressure had him stepping with her. "I probably would have done this then too. I loved going to the dances and getting to help plan the parties. I managed to get a lot of "I never dance!’ people to dance!" -11:51 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Thanks. That’s really not what I meant." he said looking away and couldn’t help but feel she had just called him a recluse. -11:57 Dec 06
Fred Williams: "Thanks. That’s really not what I meant." he said looking away and couldn’t help but feel she had just called him a recluse. -11:57 Dec 06

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