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  • Caleigh


    A scifi jeweler who refuses to be a descendants bearer. Descendants – His Own Bearer plot.

  • Descendants Universe

    Descendants Universe

    TIME PERIODS PRE-FERIUS? The very first incident of the amulet? Aztec age? AGE OF FERIUS pirates everywhere MODERN AGE raul and kate time SKY PIRATES zeren TECHNO AGE dakota POST APOC AGE corona SPACE AGE PALADIN AGE PEOPLE OF NOTE POWERFUL BLOODLINES

  • ASTRA 002: Taming Astra

    ASTRA 002: Taming Astra

    [Astra Teegan has been a model passenger on this boat. Except for oooooone tiny little thing. But no harm so long as the Captain don’t find out!] -10:21 Jul 23 [Gerdon has a stow away, and not just any stow away, a descendent, the most airheaded suicidally fascinated with feral aliens little disaster magnet in…

  • True Blood 003: The Citadel (TBC)

    True Blood 003: The Citadel (TBC)

    [Gadrin is no longer a wolf, though he doesn’t know this yet. He’s fast asleep and very naked on the forest floor.] -03:47 Jul 16 [Eleri only stopped to sleep in the woods cause the wolf-descendant refused to move any farther. That was the most uncomfortable, restless, nightmare filled sleep she had in a long…

  • True Blood 002: Godslayers

    True Blood 002: Godslayers

    [Gadrin is asleep next to a strange woman he only met the previous day… good thing he has his pants on!] -02:44 Jul 12 [Eleri actually slept very very well considering she was curled up with a stranger that believes she is a blasphemer and heretic.] -02:45 Jul 12 Eleri: In fact she was still…

  • True Blood 001: The Bearer Seeks the Descendant

    True Blood 001: The Bearer Seeks the Descendant

    [Gadrin is a paladin, sworn to serve the descendents, the blood, and the eight kingdoms. Today that means delivering an unrgent message fromt he order’s matron.] -11:27 Jul 08 [Eleri has reversed the tradition roles of history, and is a bearer seeking a descendant instead of the other way around!] -11:27 Jul 08 Eleri: She…

  • Kalaleilani


    Descendant Kalaleilani

  • Denerys


    Part of the Descendants universe.

  • Descended


    Soot, ash and blood covered tattered clothes over her battered frame. But she was still standing. Still marching down the hall, expression grim as she slowly pushed open a door and peered at the occupied bed inside. The room was empty save for one soul, lying on linen sheets as still as stone. “I am…

  • Eleri Xerxes

    Eleri Xerxes

    Eleri must convince the last descendant demigod that he is INDEED a descendant, she is his fated bearer, and that they must make babies.

  • Dakota


    Made for the Descendants universe.

  • Zeren Ásvaldr

    Zeren Ásvaldr

    A descendant.

  • Astra Teegan

    Astra Teegan

    Quirky and slightly nutty zoologist for an explorer Space Ship. Adaptable for most space saga sci fi settings.

  • Delilah Red

    Delilah Red

    Lady turned Pirate. Part of the Descendants universe.

  • Corona Flare

    Corona Flare

    Sorceress in a post-magic-apocalypse world.