Mediterranean Misadventure 002: Nothing Like the Others

[Kabriel is wrestling with the gps that says they’re in the middle of the sahara desert when they are clearly lost ing the middle of the ocean… and hes sure its not the medeteranian even though they never passes Gibraltar.] -01:17 Apr 30
[Maria is stretched out in a chair on the yacht deck, wearing nothing but a bikini top and a slinky wrap around her waist. ] -01:19 Apr 30
Maria: It was pretty clear to HER that they weren’t in the mediterranean. The ocean looked completely different. With a leg cross over a knee, and her foot bouncing to some tune in her head, she offered the best help she could muster. …teasing sarcasm! “Problems, Captain Prince? Should we pull over and ask for directions?” -01:21 Apr 30
Kabriel: “I promised to show you as much of the world in our two weeks as I could and wock your every step of the way.” he said leaning over the charts. “So once we get there you’ll see why its worth the trip.” he grinned…. they were lost, hoplessly so, ge was down to checking his watch and estilating the angle of the sun… and accoding to the compass it had rissen in the north this morning.. something was wrong. -01:28 Apr 30
Maria: “You promised a Mediterranean adventure, and I am fairly sure we’ve long since left that sea.” Maria was still amused, anyway. What was it with men and not wanting to admit they totally screwed up? Maria turned over in her chair, propping her head up on her hands and kicking her feet up in the air behind her. Gave a perfect view of her boobs, and she knew it. The grin, though, was for a different reason. “It’s been several days, I’m pretty sure we should have hit land by now.” -01:37 Apr 30
Kabriel: “Did you see the straits of Gibraltar? No? then we’re still in the med.” he looked over at her and found the view maybe a little too distracting. It had taken him a suprisingly short time to abandon the thought of wearing a shirt for the cruise and his already bronze skin was now tanned dark and he knew hos to make his muscled flex as he worked the rigging. “If we keep going north we’ll hit Itally, Northwest, Greace, whih is where we’re going.” … or England at this rate. -01:45 Apr 30
Maria: Such a handsome man… it’s no wonder they were lost, really. Maria was pretty sure they’d spent way too much time screwing around and not enough figuring out where they were going. “Oooor, I’m guessing we’re out in the south Atlantic. But what do ~I~ know, I am just a dancer.” -01:51 Apr 30
Kabriel: “Then we will his Africa and sail around from there.” he said. “Either way there should be radio trafic before we sight land.” There hadn’t been for several days. It got lonely out in the blue so many pilots, skippers and Captains spoke to other ships over thier adios to pass the time. To not hear anything for this long was strange. -01:55 Apr 30
Maria: Maria didn’t know anything about -that-. And for the time being, she was done with sunning and looking for something more interesting to do. …or someone! She shifted until she was rolling off her chair in a fluid motion and stood. Stretching her arms above her head to loosen up her body. “Maybe you should let me drive, sweetie. I might get us there faster.” -01:58 Apr 30
Kabriel: “We’re heading strait theres not much driving to be done…” he looked at her “Unless its not the boat you’ll be driving…” he grinned again stepping aside so she could take the wheel, the compas was still spinning slowly and being agrivating but he was going bt the sun. “You’re welcome to.” -02:04 Apr 30
Maria: Maria crossed the deck and was in no time taking the wheel. Giving him a rather wicked look as she did, and making sure to bump him further out of the way with her hip. The compass was definitely going nuts. Weren’t there sciency reasons for that? Bah! At least she knew which way the sun set. “After all this time with me and you’re still asking me to take your stick? Such an insatiable man!” -02:09 Apr 30
Kabriel: “I know what I like and you have plenty of it.” he said slapping her ass and positioning himself behind her his hands running up her back. “Besides I have to make the most of my time on this trip with you since you’re not staying after its over.” -02:18 Apr 30
Maria: “My charm, my beauty, my incredible sex..?” Maria was not conceited, but she did know what she had and how to use it. Of course he would notice and appreciate it. They always did. She jumped when he smacked her ass, turning only long enough to swat at him in revenge. “I’m driving, honey, unless you want me to drive us in to the nearest pyramid?” Maria smirked. His GPS was definitely screwed up. They’d be smashing right in a pyramid were they sailing the Sahara. -02:23 Apr 30
[Kabriel enters.] -02:36 Apr 30
Kabriel: “All of the above?” he asked grabbing her hips and pulling her closer. “Theres nothign to drive into out here, Just you and me and I wouldn’t mine driving me into you.. over, and over, and over again.” He brushed his lips against her. “Unless this is the first time Maria says no to me…” Her name in his accent, it seemed to work on her as well as it did on anyone else. -02:42 Apr 30
Maria: “You make it sound like a challenge to say No.” Maria loved a good challenge. A cocky Prince believing her had her wrapped around his finger could use a little reality check. …so she let him do his touching, and she did her ignoring. Completely with wide, wide, grin! “I could easily spend the rest of this trip resisting you, I think.” Challenge accepted. -02:45 Apr 30
Kabriel: He flifted hsi hands from her and stepped back. “Fine I’ll be here, handling myself while watching you steer.” he was teasing, of course but true to his word he sat down and pulled out his dick. “Lean over a bit more.” -02:47 Apr 30
[(Timeout) Kabriel got too distracted for their own good…] -02:51 Apr 30
Maria: “Really?” How easy it was to forget how blunt he could be, and Maria loved it. She cast a smirk over her shoulder, and as requested leaned forward on the steering wheel. Resting and elbow on it to prop herself up more comfortably. No longer watching forward, she was much more interested in peering over her shoulder with a arch of her eyebrow. “Now why did you even need me on this cruise if you could handle yourself, sweetie?” -02:51 Apr 30
Kabriel: “Eye candy.” he said winking. “Lots and lots of eye candy.” he made himself comfortable and stroked his fingers up his length. “But if you want to helf out its not too late…” he tilted his head taking in the angles view of her chest. “I do like it when you do.” -02:57 Apr 30
Maria: “Helping would be totally against the idea of saying no to you…” So was tugging at the strings of her top, and tossing the little slip of fabric at him to expose skin and breasts. …but that was more for comfort’s sake than giving in. Right? Right! Maria turned to face him, resting both of her elbows on the wheel behind her, which made a very nice posture for staring. “I think you have everything under control, so far, hmm?” -03:06 Apr 30
Kabriel: He caught the top andshook his head. “Saying no hmm…? Its a long swim back…” he chuckled tossing the fabrix aside as his eyes focused in on one stop.. well two that were really close together. “Squeeze them together…?” he said as his fingers brushed over his tip “And don’t be afraid to give youorse;f soem love.” -03:11 Apr 30
Maria: “Oh dear… threatening to toss me off the boat. I think I’ve been captured by a Pirate Prince.” It was almost impossible to say that with a straight tone. She was already smirking ear to ear. If that was the game, who was she to refuse? Maria leaned back to make sure the wheel was set and wouldn’t go twisting wildly anywhere. Then, obediently, she was wrapping her arms to clutch her elbows and push her breasts together, leaning ever so slightly forward. “It’ll do you well to remember, I’m not afraid of a thing! Else you’ll find yourself in some real trouble, Pirate Prince…” -03:17 Apr 30
Kabriel: “Thats very good because I have a thing, and its throbbing and as hard as a rock. Why don’t you loop the rope over the wheel and come and proove you’re not afraid?” he was grinning too “Otherwise if might get you in the middle of the night wheil you’re asleep.” -03:20 Apr 30
Maria: Resist or not to resist… especially when faced with a new challenge… Maria opted for the new challenge, if only because he so sweetly posed the invitation. The wheel roped, Maria moved forward, tugging off the wrap from around her waist to let the colorful fabric drop down to the deck. She stopped in front of him, not reaching out to touch, but merely leaning down so she was eye level with him. “Molesting sleeping women too? You ARE a wicked man. Now why should I risk my bodily saftey for someone so, so bad…” she murmured softly, with a smirk. -03:26 Apr 30
Kabriel: “You do make me sound like a pirate..” he said “ANd some of the women I’ve done it so were happy with the results, you’re not goign soft on me are you?” he decided to unleash his not-so-secret weapon, on that seemed to work on her more than anyone else, though it would work on him too if he wanted it to or not… a kiss, leaning forwards and pushing his lips into hers sliding them across and then pulling away. “And because you liek it.” -03:30 Apr 30
Maria: Maria just did not understand how a simple kiss could do her in so quickly, when not a kiss in years had ever made her feel anything more than disinterested amusement. There just must’ve been something about his. “Hmm, never said I didn’t like it, baby.” Ah, fuck it. Maria dropped on top of him so fast and with her entire weight that his back was hitting the chair with her on top of him. Her mouth planted firmly on his even while a hand was running down his chest. -03:37 Apr 30
Kabriel: It worked… maybe a little too well! there would be a bruise of his back and there was a small “Umf..” his pain as wood knocked against bone but it didn’t stop hism from pushing back and putting his hand on her neck to pull her in deeper. -03:42 Apr 30
Maria: Kissing a man shouldn’t be so sweet. Maria sighed, melted. Nipped at his lips and teased him with her tongue. Braced on her knees, she had full reign to caress her hand over his chest and stomach. Reaching down to grasp his member, he had been so kind enough to pull out to greet her! -03:47 Apr 30
Kabriel: He helt her hand on him and his hand tightened on the bakc of her neck. Usually kissing was done in public in front of cameras, showing the whotld which actress, model, or princess he was banging at the time and making them blush for the press. But there was no press here and it felt better than… almost as good as sex. He reached back to grab her ass and met her tongue with his… this was almost too good! -03:52 Apr 30
Maria: Her response was a soft purr. Maria pressing her body against his, and reveling in that warmth he seemed to put off. Who cared that they were near the tropics, the heat was as intoxicating as the way he kissed her! She was running her hand up and down his shaft, with a relaxed grip. Nothing more than a teasing touch to drive him mad while she captured his tongue with her teeth. -03:58 Apr 30
Kabriel: If was enough to make his leg twitch and his hand slide around to her crotch to rub it lightly to his tongue pulled lightly against her grip. She shouldn’t feel this good to where the lightest toutch set fire to his skin and his mind melted and aever part of his ached to toutch her… it was dangerous. -04:03 Apr 30
Maria: Maria pulled his tongue deeper in to her mouth and sucked hard on it… Only to release it with a hiss through her teeth when his hand slipped between her legs. Bikini panties or not, any little touch of his fingers had her swimming. The man wasn’t lying when he said he was good with his hands. She tightened her grip on his dick, leaning her body harder against his when her mouth broke away to nuzzle against his cheek. “All this ocean water and it’s your hands getting me all wet.” she murmured against his cheek. -04:10 Apr 30
Kabriel: He nuzzled into her too once the kiss was broken and his hand slipped from her neck down her back. “All this air and you’re threatening to take my breath away.” he responded before sliding his hand up to her stomach and pusing it under her panties to rub her there. “Lets see how wet I make you.” -04:14 Apr 30
Maria: Ever so often, between all the crass bullshit they’d throw at each other, he’d say something that actually did take her breath away. Of course, as quickly as it came, it was gone again – and thank goodness it did. Maria wanted to stick with reality, not crazy notions of romance. She laughed, the sound stumbling over the sound of her gasping. Gods, if she could take his hands with her…! Maria kissed his cheek, ever so often flicking her tongue against his skin, before her mouth made it’s way to his ear. Gently nipping and sucking at the lobe. Her hand never left him, gently stroking and petting with lazy attention. -04:22 Apr 30
Kabriel: The sloppy attentions was fine… it was better than fine it was good! But somtimes a man needs to knoch it up a notch. He tightened his hand aroung her and pushed with his hips rolling them both onto the deck and then went to kissing and biting her neck rolling onto her. Some would call this ‘caving’ he would call it taking control. -04:28 Apr 30
Maria: There was a yelp as they hit the deck, followed by her loud amused laughter! Could it be called having a tiger by the tail? Oh, but his mouth had her by the next and it was so luxuriously good, Maria couldn’t retrain her pleased mumbling. In fact, mumbles of affection was all she seemed to give, instead of that biting sassy commentary she had been taunting with him before. Her hand had released him, if only because she wanted to touch the rest of him. Circling around his hips to grab his ass, and softly dancing her fingers up his back. -04:35 Apr 30
Kabriel: His body slid against hers as he rubbing hsi chest against hers and flichked his tongue against her neck, his hand wondering down between them to push panties down her thighs. Her pleasentries made him move softer instead of attack her full on in agressive passion like he might otherwise. Could it be that she had tamed him… or that he was simply enjoying her and not the sex. -04:40 Apr 30
Maria: She could fuck his brains out in two minutes and it would be done. …but then it would be done, and for once… Maria was rather glad for all the time to fill lost out at sea. She loved his touch, and just as much touching him… She was already running a hand over his shoulder, admiring how the sun had colored his skin over the past few days. It was the backs of her fingers that brushed over his arms. The motion could so easily be mistaken as loving, were the situation different. -04:53 Apr 30
Kabriel: He pulled his lips away from her neck and lookes down at her his hand brushign though hair hair adly as his stomach rested against hers. The look in his eyes and soft smile had to be from getting to be on top this time. Had to be. And as he leaned back down to push his lips againt her as he symaltaaniously pushed into her his hips sliding up agaist hers to moove excrusiatingly slowly in her drawing out thier time together the gasp that passed though his lips certainly wasn’t somehting he had never given anyone else… right? -04:57 Apr 30
Maria: “Hmm…” how many different ways could she purr and sigh? The sound was soft and low. One of her hands gripping his arm, while the other rested against his shoulder. Her fingers teasing gently at his neck while she returned his kiss with something totally unlike her usual frenzied passion. This was different and she loved this…! Slow and lazy, and so deliciously sweet… Maria shifted beneath him, drawing another sigh from her. Her knee rising allowing him entrance that much deeper. -05:08 Apr 30
Kabriel: He welcomed the etra depth he could reach and pushed into her with his tongue flicking against her lips. How could somehtign this slow feel this good is was impossible. Resting on one arm his other hand slid slowlu up her bent leg from knee over the thigh and hip and up her side to her shoulder where he slowly rubbed it. -05:12 Apr 30
Maria: Her eyes fell closed, relishing the feel of his hand against her skin. She could feel him pulsing in her, the smooth, relaxed motions having that same massaging feeling as his hand on her shoulder. As if it could put her to sleep, just as much as it was electrifying and sending her senses in to a rush of feeling. Maria brushed her hand against his cheek in a soft caress. Her thumb sliding across his jawline before she hooked her fingers in to his hair at the nape of his neck. Maria met his lips with hers, murmuring in a whisper against his mouth. “I remember something about taking breath away, Prince…” -05:21 Apr 30
Kabriel: Her attention to his jaw made him move his lips against hers more but not harder. His hips shifted to give him the angle he liked but he didn’t hurry “Seems its both of us…” he said in barely a whisper and so very much a purr.” -05:27 Apr 30
Maria: “Is that so…?” she smiled, something that might usually look alluring wicked, now just coming across as overly pleased. And she was…! Maria was near cooing in contentment. Brushing her mouth against his in a deep, but soft kiss. Breaking away only to nip at the corner of his mouth and nuzzle against his cheek. Her hand was stroking his hair with affection, despite that subtle rising and falling of her hips to meet his movements. That swelling feeling had it surging all the way down to her toes and it was so nice…! -05:34 Apr 30
Kabriel: He pushed faster but not harder his movements never becoming frenzied as he caught her lip between his teeth and pulled then pusshed his lips back against hers his tongue seekeing her outs as a lip purr sounded in his thoat and his toes curled. -05:38 Apr 30
Maria: Too much, too much… she could bite him, scratch him. Shove him over and ride him like a wild pony… Anything that’d make that feeling of sweet affection go away…! But no. Maria was sighing. Curling her arms around his neck and shoulders. Pulling him in to her embrace and a deep kiss. Even a leg curled around him, that mounting passion taking precedence to common sense. She just want to feel him everywhere…! -05:45 Apr 30
Kabriel: He kissed her harder and closed hsi eyes finally feeling it building within him… “Soon.” he whispered agaist her lips before his hand burried itelf into her hairand caressed it softly… then it happened “hhm” such a low purr as his intire body pushed and relaxed at the same time.. “Maria…” -05:49 Apr 30
Maria: “Hooo christ…!” Crazy, quick insanly passionate sex would always come with such a violent response… but this…! Maria was biting her own bottom lip as her body tensed, but released almost instantly in such a sweet flood of bliss that once the shivers subsided, she was left more limp and exquisitly content than any hard fuck had ever given her. “You are… pure love…!” she breathed out in a long breathless sigh, not even realizing the words she chose. -05:56 Apr 30
Kabriel: “So are you..” he whispered rollign off ot her and molding his body to hers, “Never another sex kitten like you…” his hands were still caressign her hair in an all too loving way.” -05:59 Apr 30
Maria: Maria curled in to him, slipping one of her legs between his. After sex snuggling was not generally her style, but that was so…! Just so nice, all she really wanted to do for the rest of the day was lay there with his arms around her. Even her fingers were tingling with the feeling, and she was more than happy to revel in it as she drew circles with them against his chest. She had her face tucked comfortably at the crook of his neck, breathing the smell of him every time she took a breath. …this was far too comfortable. -06:04 Apr 30
Kabriel: His attention to her neck continued as softly adn an unhurredly as before and acompanied by a slow all too tender kiss and a sigh. When he wasnn’t getting dressed and leaving what Kabriel usually did after sex was to roll over but this, this… “… Can we sleep out here tonight…?” -06:35 Apr 30
Maria: Maria laughed, the sound a bit muffled as her breath fell against his skin. “Out in the sun for the rest of the afternoon… I’d not mind.” Why did this feel so good! Buggar this man. It was going to suck going back, but she’d forget him soon enough. She always did! -06:40 Apr 30

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