Repairing Destiny 002: Shopping for Girl Clothes

[Britt is taking her bestie to the mall for shopping, which normally would not be something they did!] -03:37 Apr 15
[Jane is going shopping… in a skirt. This is wierd and she keeps trying to hold it down.] -03:38 Apr 15
Britt: "Stop fussing with it. You’re just going to make people stare more." Especially since she didn’t look like she could walk properly in her shoes. And because she was so pretty. Crazy pretty. Britt inwardly siiiiigh, swinging her purse back and forth as they walked. "I bet we can find a lot of good things if we check out the sales racks." -03:41 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "Fine!" she let go of the skirt and tried walking normally. "First I need to sit down. Cafe, my treat?" getting somethign sweet before the dreaded shelves sounded like a good idea, but at least she had avoided Britt’s makeup brush before they left. "To thank you for helping me." -03:49 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "You’re going to buy me lots of things today, something sweet wouldn’t hurt!" Of course she didn’t mean to say ‘me’ when she was thinking about all the cute things she could dress James’ new girl body in. Britt pretended like the word slip didn’t happen, chosing instead to grab her hand and tug her towards the food court. "You’re such a baby, though. You haven’t even been in those shoes for an hour!" -03:52 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "New shoes, completely unfamiliar design… I just want something to drink, okay?" She keept looking around at people watching them, she wasn’t going to be able to pull this off was she. Why did she think she could do this? -03:56 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "I think it’s funny. You can get in to a ton of fights, and here you are having to wear a skirt and suddenly everything is hard." she was lightly teasing and trying to make sure she kept her attention on her. Last thing she needed was James to freak out in the middle of the mall. "Lucky for you, it’s the modern day and you can wear pants. Hmm, but I do really like the short skirts…" she was trying not to lean and check out her legs again. She really had no idea what to do about this. -04:01 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "I like them on girls too… at least I know YOU are not sayign that for pervy reasons." she sank into a chair and sighed. "I’d dare you to go around shirtless for a day to know how this feels like for me but that’s not really the same thing… try walkign around with a very obvious bulge in your pants and see how it goes. I want a coke float. I havn’t had one of those since I was tiny." -04:04 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "It’s not like everyone is staring at you because they secretly know. It’s because you’re pretty." Britt could think of all sorts of pervy things at the moment, which was really odd and very uncomfortable for her. She huffed, plopping down in her chair and setting her purse on the table. "Unless that’s what you’re all worked up over. People thinking you’re pretty and wanting to feel you up…" -04:10 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "I’d punch them if they tried. Even in these shoes." she said before looking down. "I’m really pretty? I don’t look like a guy with boobs pasted on wearing a skirt?" why was this even important? Dammit. "Forget I asked that. What do you want to drink?" -04:13 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Iced coffee sounds good to me." Something cooooold. Britt didn’t need anything else making her warm. She tapped her fingers on the table, trying to remind herself this was the same person she had continously shot down for years. Sure, James was an amazing person that she loved very much, but she never wanted to date him. Thinking about her naked was crazy. "You’re super pretty. Did you not actually look at yourself in the mirror, or did you just see the girl bits and spend all week under the covers?" -04:18 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: Another sigh. "It happenes, then I was unconscious for two days, when I woke up from the coma I didn’t even realize what had happened they kept running so many tests on me and then I… hid under the covers. Looking at myself liek this feels strange I havn’t even seen my own…" face reddening she looked away. "Fine I’ll take a good long look tonight. Before you say anything I won’t be doing THAT." -04:23 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Doing wh-Ooh…" the comment faded in to a choked sort of squeak. Britt hadn’t even thought of that yet. Now she was. Now the thought wasn’t going away! She shifted very uncomfortably in her chair and focused her attention on staring at anything her her. "It probably is the best idea to make sure you know how everything works. Cause, you know… um… Jeezus, you probably know enough with how many girlfriends you’ve had." Britt huffed! -04:28 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: There was an irritated glare that lasted a full second. "We are not talking about this unless it’s about how much I’d prefer someone’s help to explore." that should shut britt up. the girl didn’t even realize that Jane was a virgin. "And no buying me gag pressent in the forms of… fake dicks…" the drinks arives and Jane sipped hers before she said anything more. -04:32 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: Britt shut her mouth real quick. If she hadn’t she might have volunteered to take her up on that helping offer. James had no idea just how tempting that actually was. A few gulps of iced coffee seemed to do the trick of chilling her brain out and halting the threat of over heated flushing. When Britt finally cleared her throat her tone was back to normal. "As if I’d give you any dirty toys to play with, you’re not going to have any problems at all charming girls in to bed with you, you don’t need my help." -04:37 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "Pfft and just eaarlier you were saying I have no idea what women want from other women. Or is it just being pretty?" Tongue stuck out and then aa thoughtfull look. "Maybe you don’t knwo either since you don’t looke for that out of women! Ha! I guess I’ll have to figure it out on my own." -04:39 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Like you would have any idea what I’d want!" Britt considered splashing coffee in her face. And reconsidered again at the thought of her being wet and sticky. She was flushing again and hid it by standing up quickly and taking her drink with her. "You had your break, lets get you a bra that fits before your shirt buttons pop and you flash the whole mall." -04:42 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: She looked down before ficing her eyes right back on Britt. "Thanks for that image. You’d probably love it if that fappened. Let’s pay and go then." The drinks were paayed fore the Jane was headign in the general direction of the clothes department. "You know what, you’re right. I’d have no idea what you’d want becaise you’re not the kind of girl to make the mistake of giving me a chance." -04:48 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "If I weren’t your best friend, I would swear you were off pining for me whenever I wasn’t looking." Usually she would roll her eyes, because this is about where James would go on about how he was unlovable or something, which was dumb, because she obviously did. This time she was trying not to blurt out I guess you just needed a vagina! as that wouldn’t go over very well. "Maybe I cared about you too much to have that get all screwed up? Huh? My track record for boyfriends isn’t exactly awesome." -04:56 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "Maybe you just need to try a girl." she teased before shakign her head. "Okay no more relationship talk. We’re here for clothes. Where are teh bras and what size am I?" -04:59 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: Britt coughed and choked on her coffee. Having to take a moment to hack it out and breathe. Scrunging up her nose, she cast her the fiercest of glares, then led the way marching towards the lingere department of her favorite store. "We’re going to have to try a few on until we figure out what size you are exactly. I don’t have boob-size vision." Britt resisted fingering through the fancy sexy racks and started with just the basics until she found a few that looked about right. She held them out dangling them on a figure. "You don’t need dressing room supervision, do you?" -05:04 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: Jane lingered around the rexy red and black stuff until Britt spoke. *you saw what happened last time I tried to put a bra on. I know I’m new aat this but please don’t laugh…" she grabbed the selection and held them up one by one. "You knwo I don’t ahve a mom to help me." -05:10 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Better me than your dad, I guess." Jeeeezus. Britt grabbed her shirt and tuuuugged her off towards the dressing room. She could do this! This was James ala Jane. There were no weird feelings. She is NOT that pretty. Britt made sure the door was locked, tucked her purse and drink in the corner and… almost tucked herself there too. She had to avoid looking at the mirror, cause now she was getting a good frontal AND backend view. NOT PRETTY. "Shirt and bra off then, we want to make sure the band isn’t too tight and the cups aren’t too small and the straps are snug…" Now she was just babbling. -05:14 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: Shirt back off and half a minute later the bra was off too. "There, now…" one of the new ones was selected at random and pulled on. "Better… help be with the back… don’t them make bras with the clasps on the front?" -05:18 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Uuuum. Um. They do…" Britt very quickly shifted behind her, so now all she had to look at was her back back as her fingers fumbled trying to get the straps hooked. Once that was done, she stayed safely behind her where she couldn’t take a look in the mirror. "Not too tight…?" Her voice was a few pitches too high. -05:20 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: A finger experimentally snalled a strap right before there was a sparp intake of pain. "It fits fine, better than the other one…" -05:22 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Fine or perfect? We better try a few more so you know the differece. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable bra all day." Hands went up her back brushing against skin when she really, really shouldn’t have. A woman’s back had so many beautiful curves compared to a guy and was just..! Britt unhooked the bra while curling her toes in her shoes. This was torture. -05:27 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: Britt had to be feeling the tention in the straps, why else would she brush her hands aagainst Jane’s back like that? "Okay, help me jut on the next one." If this was anyone but Britt then Jane wouldn’t be able to focus. Pulling the next one on she left the clasps for Britt to do and once they were done she gromed the cup experimentally. "What do you think? Touch too big?" -05:30 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: More fumbling fingers. Her hands were almost shaking. Britt had on the most cross of looks, having to force herself to peer around to take a look in the mirror. It was hard to tell by looking and the way she kept grabbing on her own boobs. Britt swat the hands away and used a finger to tug gently at the cup. Oh jeezus, why did she do that. Skin and ideas and she was SO going to faint. "Yeah, that’s a little big…" How did she even manage to say that with a straight face! -05:33 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: The braa was stripped off quickly and put aside before Jane turned and reached for the next one. "Thought so. We’ll see how this one goes." it was pulled on and the clasps left in front of Britt. "We might have to go and get more… Starting to think the other one was a little small." -05:36 Apr 15 Jane
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[Britt managed to survive bras, the rest of this should be a piece of cake.] -01:16 Apr 18
[Jane has a small selection of underwear, panties britt was NOT around for. In there had been a dick down there it might have been different, or at least less wiers to try and get a look at how things fit without this thing that just didn’t look right to be there.] -01:23 Apr 18
Britt: Britt could breathe again now that she wasn’t dealing with a naked woman. The most irritating part was that it’s not like she hadn’t seen and dealt with naked women before. She had highschool gym after all. So she could only wonder if it was because this was James, which made her feel like a huge asshole. With Jane in there working out how panties fit, Britt was now hunting down clothes. And couldn’t seem to move -away- from the dresses. -01:32 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She had sleek and silky panties chosen because they’re just what she thought of when she thought of panties and was now sitting in on the tiny bench in the changing room looking at herself. actually looking at herself. There were a lot of similaritues but she did NOT look like the same person. A sister or a cousin maybe and she was… pretty. She knew if she saw a girl like this she’s be tempted to ask them out. But Britt was waiting and there was time for narcissism later… opening the door she slipped out and started lookign around. "Hey, Britt. Where did you get to?" -01:37 Apr 18 Jane
Jane: She had sleek and silky panties chosen because they’re just what she thought of when she thought of panties and was now sitting in on the tiny bench in the changing room looking at herself. actually looking at herself. There were a lot of similaritues but she did NOT look like the same person. A sister or a cousin maybe and she was… pretty. She knew if she saw a girl like this she’s be tempted to ask them out. But Britt was waiting and there was time for narcissism later… opening the door she slipped out and started lookign around. "Hey, Britt. Where did you get to?" -01:37 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt was afraid to turn around. She was imagining her stepping out dressed in that silky black lace pair and nothing else. She was relieved to peek over her should to find Jane completely clothed once again, and had to stomp down that stupid feeling of regret. "I’m looking at dresses. I know you’re all uuurg about dresses, but trying a few on wouldn’t hurt…" And now to pretend like it wasn’t because Britt really wanted to see. -01:50 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She peered around a rack of blouses and made a face. "Well I’m already in a skirt…" her hand want up to pull on her hair in a nearvous gusture as she looked at the dresses and slowly stepped up to her friend. "Are you doing this on purpose?" she asked suddenly and sharply. "Or is this a coincidence and I’m just completely crossing my signals?" -01:55 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "I’m not trying to humiliate you, if that’s what you’re thinking." she complained. Britt was just not that kind of person, and he knew better. She gave her a good glare to remind her. "But yes, maybe I DO want to see what you look like in a good dress. You wanted ME to dress up tonight too, didn’t you?" -02:04 Apr 18 Britt
Star: "Britt, right..?" A tiny little voice interupted. A very short girl wearing a very large fuzzy sweater, pushing her glasses higher up on her nose as she peered at Britt curiously. Coming to the conclusion that she had the right person, she beamed a wide smile. "Hi! I’m Star, we met twice, I think? I’m James’ girlfriend…" Now she was peering at Jane with some interest. "Oh, I’m sorry. You’re on a date! I just wanted to know if you had seen James! I’m worried." -02:05 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "No! Skirt, dress… you’re trying to…" Jane froze. Star!? What was she doing here? Crap! She hadn’t spoken to her in a week! Jane didn’t even notice the word Star had used. "Make me feel good about my… condition… Hey Star." damn… now star knew she knew her name. "Umm… I’ll go and try on that dress?" She wasn’t ready for this! -02:09 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt was red in the face and just as flustered as Jane, but for entirely different reasons. Wordlessly, Britt shoved three hangers of dresses in to Jane’s hand. "Heeeey. No this isn’t a date, you’ve got the totally wrong idea. James is, um…" She should have let her go hide somewhere, but Britt had a grip on her wrist. This is what happens when you don’t tell your girlfriend things! -02:24 Apr 18 Britt
Star: "Oh! Oh, I just heard rumors that you broke up and thought maybe- Nevermind then! James is..? He won’t answer any of my phone calls and I tried to stop by his house but his dad said he wasn’t there." She did look incredibly concerned. -02:24 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Damn… there was the puppy face. Jane sighed and swallowed, looking at the floor. How was he going to do this? "Star… you… James is right here. I… am James. Hi." this was getting awkward fast. She was so wrapped up in it that she was missing the conversation between Star and Britt. "There was an accident at work and, well, I’m stuck like this. Sorry… I know you’re not into girls and… I guess I didn’t talk to you because I prettymuch already knew you’d break up with me so… sorry." -02:35 Apr 18 Jane
Star: "What?" Star was very confused. In fact, she didn’t believe a word of it and was looking between the girl and Britt looking for signs of the big joke. Even glanced around to see if James was going to pop out and yell surprise. "You’re pulling my leg, right? You could be his sister or cousin I guess, but I wasn’t born yesterday." she laughed a little, but no one was laughing with her. "…you can’t be James." -02:43 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: Well this was awkward. Britt wanted to run and hide in the dressing room now. "It’s the truth, this is James." she muttered. If James didn’t already feel like a huge heel, she might have slapped her for getting her in to this situation. His girlfriend should have been the first person to know! -02:44 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She moves away from Britt and towards Star. "My dad is a sceintist, I was working as an intern there and there was an accident. I am James, how else would I know you favorite flower is a lilly or that you wanted waffles on our second date but nowhere was open so we snuck into my kitchen and stole a pack of frozen waffles to cook over a bondfire? I’m eally sorry you had to see me like this and anythign they can try to reverce it was a batter chance of killing me than actually working. I wish this wasn’t happening but… I… I don’t know what to say." -02:58 Apr 18 Jane
Star: Star did not seem to know what to say either! She was trying to examine her face, to see where the lying or the trick was, but couldn’t seem to find it. For a moment she seemed to be struggling with it, and even looked like she was going to turn around and leave. Finally she just took a deep breath. "If it’s true, then… Then if I loved you before, I will love you now. You are my boyfriend, erm, girlfriend? I should stick with you through all hard times." -03:06 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: For a girl with a stripper name, Britt was a little impressed with Star. She wasn’t sure if she might have felt the same way if the person she dated got gender swapped. …then again this was her best friend that she suddenly wanted to drag in to the dressing room and do dirty things with. Face still red, Britt just kept her mouth shut! -03:06 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She blinked. She had been expecting to be single in a heartbeat. "You’re sure about this?" she asked taking Star’s hand and trying not to smile in relief too much. "This isn’t going to be too wierd for you?" He abandoned Star’s hand to put her arms around her and kiss her cheek softly. -03:11 Apr 18 Jane
Star: Star squeaked a little bit, but the surprise of a hug from a ‘stranger’ wore off really quickly and she was throwing her arms around the girl named James and smiling. "Of course I mean it! I love you, I’m not going to abandon you! We’ll work it all out somehow?" -03:22 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: Britt was glad that worked out. …even if there was this sudden surge of jealously. And that wasn’t exactly something new. She always got a little irked by James and his girlfriends. Her arms were crossed and she painted on a smile. "I told you things would be okay." -03:23 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "You did, but we still have work to do. We’re trying to get me a new wardrobe since nothing fits anymore. This is actually the first time I’m out of the house since it happened. " -03:26 Apr 18 Jane
Star: "Oh I wish you would have talked to me so much sooner, I would have taken care of you and brought you everything you needed!" Star was clinging tight, a little reluctant to let go. She had thought James was trying to break up with her, and this was a relief if… maybe super strange. Her boyfriend was a GIRL. "I could stay and help you find clothes? If you want me to." -03:39 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: "I don’t mind heading home if you wanna spend the day with your girlfriend." she mumbled. She was still going to hold her to that promise of dinner, but Britt SO did not want to be the third wheel to one of James’ romances. She had some serious issues with her best friend’s girlfriends. Whether they were stolen from her, or in this case… just. Ugh! -03:39 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Jane put an arm around Star and squeezed her. "I’m still not comfortable being like this and now that I know you’re not breaking us with me we have a lot to talk about I really don’t want to deal with any of that right now. All I wnat to do is make sure I have more than one outfit so I’ll call you tonight and we’ll talk then, Okay? We’ll go out on a date next week I promise." she smiled and squeezed the girl again. "I’m sure you have a lot of things to think about too." -03:47 Apr 18 Jane
Star: "I guess I have a girlfriend now! I hope my parents won’t care… You won’t mind if I call you for advice, will you Britt?" she pleaded, with a very hopeful look. -03:50 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: Britt nearly choked. "Um, sure..!" Damage control had to be done! Britt fussed at the two of them until they stopped their stupid hugging and Britt was shoving Jane towards the dressing rooms with the dresses she had picked out. "So… see you later Star!" -03:50 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Jane turned around a fussed at Britt once they were away. "Jeez what was that about. I know you don’t liek her but pushing us apart and running at the first chance… fine. What do I try in next?" he pulled on her hair again and sighed. "Sorry I snapped, you’re trying to make me feel better about what happened. Which is why I chose to stay with you… other than what I told Star. Here, since I’m a girl I get to do this." She leaned forward and pecked Britt on the cheek. "That’s to say thank you." -03:56 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt was going to snap right back at her. Chose to stay with her? Pushing her away from her girlfriends? When had- it was all completely forgotten. A stupid kiss on the cheek, and Britt was a limp noodle of compliance. She let out a huff of breath, pointing with both hands at the hangers. "Just… try on the dresses, okay? And tell me what you think?" -04:01 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She grabbed the dresses and headed for the changing room. "Okay, I’ll call you if I need help. This is my first time in a dress… you can think about where you want to have dinner with me while I’m in there. Don’t think I’d forgotten abut that!" the door closed she started stripping again. Britt was a good friend… -04:04 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt wasn’t thinking about where to have dinner, she was having too hard of a time trying not to think about Jane naked and wearing a dress for the first time. Why couldn’t James have turned in to someone way less attractive? Or maybe have a completely different personality to go with his new body. This was completely turning her upside down! "I was just hoping you’d forget about dressing me up." she responded, leaning against a pillar to wait patiently. She was an AWFUL person. -04:10 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Jane emerged in the red and black gress Britt had picked out and looked oever at her, hips angled and hands on them. "That do you think?" she asked slowly turning. "And I had forgottem about dressing you up… thanks for remonding me… Where’s the sexy underwear?" -04:12 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "Errm." How did she know to stand like that? Britt had guessed the size spot on. The fabric clung perfectly against her waist and hips. And those leeeeegs. The skirt fell low enough to be classic, but high enough to give all of that skin… Ermph. Britt was crossing her arms again, biting her own tongue to drag herself back to reality. "Right here and- Are you not wearing any under there…?" That’s it, Britt was going to faint. She already felt woozy! -04:17 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "I meant for me to make you wear… but I did take mine of before putting this on since I was getting sick of them cutting into my skin and I’ll be changing again soon anyway. What’s wrong? You don’t like the dress of did somethgn spil out?" she looked down at her chest.. the cut was REALLY low. "I guess I’ll try somethign else then." -04:21 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "NO! Nono, that one is perfect. I- I’m just feeling a little sick is all." Normally Britt’d be jumping on her ass for suggesting to put her in sexy underwear. But that dress… Britt would be at her knees doing anything Jane asked if she just stayed in that dress. Hmm with a pair of black heels. There was another sort of strangled sound out of Britt and she promptly found the nearest chair to melt in to before she hit the floor. "Do YOU like it…?" -04:27 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She looked down at it and ran her hands along the fabric before walking over to Britt to put a hand on her forehead. "I do, it’s smart and comfortable and… sexy. Date time levers of sexy… but I don’t think I’d wear it for one, not yet anyway but I really do like it." she cocked her hips again with her legs apart and posed. "Sit on the floor and if you’re goood…" she reached down to the hem and without grabbing it mimed pulling it up before she burst out laughing. "Sorry… couldn’t resist." -04:34 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: There was a whole string of cursing in Britt’s head. Did she somehow inherit mind reading powers too? At this point the color had probably washed out of her face, and Britt didn’t trust herself to stand. Otherwise she would have ran out of the store like a squealing dummy. She had never EVER been so hot and bothered by anything in her life, and this was the most alarming thing ever! "Okay, so you’re gonna be a total dominatrix…!" she squeaked. She was trying not to, but it happened anyway. "Your nerdy stripper is going to have one hell of a night when you’re ready for a date…" -04:41 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She looked away her face going red as her arms folded. "You’re just assuming she’ll want to with me like this. She says she’s okay with it but I’m not so sure…" okay maybe that was a bit too defencive. "But being a domiatrix sounds like fun, but only if the table get turned sometimes… now I need to stop thinking about sex. Shall we find you an outfit?" -04:46 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt opened her mouth to say Who -wouldn’t- want you, but that would have invited a world of trouble. She was lucky that she hadn’t started asking weird questions due to Star’s big mouth. Britt stood, more than a little shakey on her feet, and smoothed out the fabric of her skirt. Not thinking about sex was an excellent idea. "Okay, okay. What will you have me wear tonight, dear Master? Don’t you even dare try to put me in spandex." -04:55 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: LAnd leather is ot in the budget, damn ruining my dreams before I even have them… actually there is something. Not anything bad or that you probably wouldn’t wear yourself but go eas on me. This is my first time." -05:04 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt so wasn’t a leather person. …unless maybe Jane was wearing it. Hrrm, must think of something else! "I might be a liiiittle curious to see what you’d dress up your bestie in. The bestie that loves you and trusts you and doesn’t want to look stupid in public…" she made sure that was said. Britt wanted to look pretty, especially if she was going to be standing next to a super model. -05:08 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "Don’t be afraid. It’s right over here." she reached into a rack and pulled out a dark blue dress and held it out. "Try it on… you’re a size… well this looks about right they have other… you know what this is the rght size. I remember from your birthday so here." it was tossed over and Jane was grinning. No put it on then we can take pictures." -05:11 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt eyed the dress critically and checked the tags to make sure it was her size. The cut was very upscale, and Britt wasn’t so sure she had the oomph to pull it off. She knew she could be super cute, but she wasn’t exactly the personality that wore en vogue fashion. Rolling her eyes she trotted to the dressing room. "I’m surprise you remember. -I- remember your going through all my stuff and me being really ticked off about it." Once she changed, she stepped out smoothing her hands over the dress and turnning this way and that. "…okay, so maybe it’s not that bad! Ya think?" -05:20 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "I think you look great" she said with a grin. "I’m no expert on fashion but it suits you and I like it on you. we should dress up more often… now find us a mirror so I can see what we look like next to each other. Then we should probably change back and pay for all this stuff." -05:24 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Compliments from James always bounced off her. So it was really irritating to be blushing just because he wanted to see what they looked like together. She snatched his hand, dragging him in to the dressing room and closing the door so there was room for them both to stand and see in the mirror. Britt was trying not to look at her OR the mirror. "Well? We look like a couple of New York business women, off to eat the souls of our enemies or something. I really, really like your dress…" -05:27 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "Good because I’m getting it." she said as she snapped a picture of them. "Youre getting yours too. I know I’m a pain to put up with sometimes but you’ve always been here for me and you desurve something nice." There was another kiss on Britt’s cheek before Jane was pulling on the dress to get ready to be changed back. "When I’m ready for it you’re going to help me with makeup… far, far in the future." -05:30 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Another kiss on the cheek and Britt was trapped in a whimsical daydream of dirty dressingroom things. Why was she even taking pictures, she was handling this becoming a girl thing way better than Britt was! "You don’t really need any make up…" she muttered, and against her better judgement was helping Jane with the zipper on that dress. Dresses were so hard to get out of sometimes. -05:34 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: The dress came off and true to her word Jane wasnt wearing anything underneath but her panties were grabbed quickly and pulled on. "Well that was your last chance to get out.. now you have to halp me with my Bra and then… well I guess you don’t need any help." -05:36 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "We’re already in here, you can help me get out of it…" that sounded waaaaay more flirty than she had meant it to. Maybe because she got an eyefull of her completely nude. A woman’s body was an artform and stupid James had the most perfect shape and- Helping her get that bra on was less like helping, with Britt taking way too much time ‘fumbling’ just for the excuse of touching. She was the WORST friend in the world! -05:41 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: With her bra on Jane wished that this situation wasn’t so… hot… Who girls damn near naked in a changing booth with touching, fumbling… they couldn’t be further awya from eachothe rthan a few inches and Britt KNEW she liked girls. "Fine turn around." She undid the zipper and tugged the dress down, keeping her eyes on the wall as she moved lower with the fabric until it dropped to the floor. "You know I dont thnk I’ve ever seen you just in underwear…" -05:45 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "You know I’m weird with guys." This was that moment for leaning and gropey reach arounds and getting deliciously molested in a small confined space. Britt had even tried it once with a past boyfriend. Only then she hated it and was too worried about getting caught. NOW… someone wandering by was the last thing on her mind. Britt stepped out of the dressed and stooped to pick it up. Rising again was way, way too slow as Britt couldn’t help eyeing every inch fo skin she could set her eyes on as she stood back up. She cleared her throat. "Clothes and dinner. I’ll die if I don’t get something to eat." -05:53 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Her top being pulled on was the last step other than her shoes and then she was dressed with a minimum of glancing at her best friend and wishing that she was into girls. James had never beein ginto the whole lesbian fetish thing but hot girls were hot no matter what gender she was. "Then we should go before I have to explain wha you’re doing dead… I… I’m trapped with you in the way though." Trapped, why did that sound vagely sexy? -07:02 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Since when did Britt have a villain streak? She sort of liked the idea of being a vixen and locking the door to keep her trapped. It wouldn’t hurt to play for just a moment, right? "What’s the matter? Are you scared of tiny little me doing unspeakable things to you?" Britt leeeeeaned forward to poke her gently in the stomach. "Are you going to scream for help?" -07:07 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "Well if you did do unspeakable things to me I would be screaming but it wouldn’t be for help." she said her elbown knocking against the walls as she tried to put her hands on her hips… then with a grin she raised her hand to brush the fingertips down Britt’s cheek, almost as good. "But if you were then you wouldn’t have just helped me put clothes ON so, there we are." -07:14 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: There went that knee weakening urge to faint again. Why was James so good at being a sexy woman, this was insane. She fought the impulse to grab her head and tug her down for a kiss. Grinning like that was too kissable. Britt was so wound up about the whole thing, she was near to tears. Huffing loudly, she pounced forward to throw her arms around Jane’s waist and hug her tight. It was that or doing something really stupid! She buried her face in her shirt and muttered several incomprehensible things about clothing, stupidity. -07:21 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She hugged her back. "Oh no! Terrible! A hug! Help meeeee." She chuckles and squeezed the girl before letting go. "Come on, I’m hungry too. Hand to go to the itallian place around the corner that inexplicably has nachos?" -07:25 Apr 18 Jane

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