Repairing Destiny 003: Bad Date

[Star is going on a date with her boy- er… girlfriend!] -01:30 Apr 19
[Jane Is in her dad’s old car, pulling up outside Star’s house.] -01:30 Apr 19
Star: Star had no idea what to wear on a date with a girl, so she went for a nice pair of black slacks and another one of her slightly too large fuzzy sweaters. Recognizing the sound of James’ car outside, she skipped out the front door before he- um, SHE got out of the car and Star had to explain things to her parents. She had finally convinced them she actually HAD a boyfriend, this was over the top. "Hiiiii James!" she waaaved! -01:35 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Hey Star!" he reached over to opn the passenger side door for her before sitting back up. SHE was wearing black legging over which a skirt hung… apparenty she forgot to get any form of pants while shopping with Britt. "Wanna guess where I’m taking you or do you want to discuss where you wanna go too and we’ll see where we end up? I know what I want to eat." as soon as Star was in the car she leaned over to kiss her cheek. -01:48 Apr 19 Jane
Star: There was some serious blushing from her end, and Star tried not to giggle. She had to remind herself this was James and not some really pretty lady. "I want to guess! Is iiiiiiit drive in burgers and a movie? Ooooor the zoo?" Now that she was alone with hi-HER, she didn’t have to be worried about being mortally embarassed or doing anything to embarass him. Which mean curiously reaching out to brush her fingers through a bit of hi-heeeeeer hair. "I have to admit, this is a little strange!" -01:54 Apr 19 Star
Jane: The elevated levels of estrogen had made her hair softer and fuller. "You’re close, there will be a movie." she popped the car into gear and started pulling away, the sitting by the curl makeouts would come after the back row of a dark movie theatre makeouts if she played her cards right… not that thier relationship was all about makeouts! "See if you can guess where we’re heading before we get there." -02:00 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star had to force herself to stop staring and just relax. This was not a stranger or a first date. There were so many questions she wanted to ask, but she didn’t think any of them would be polite or wanted. Star reeeeaaally wanted this date to go well! Clapping her hands softly, she huuuummed thoughtfully. "There’s only a few places in town. …you know, this is not much of a guessing game if I already know it’s a movie!" -02:07 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Before the movie there is food, ninny." she teased turning the corner to start towards the old road that was now largly disused since the costruction of the interstate and turned away from the center of town. "And since you want to guess the choice is all mine. It’s still very much a game." she was smiling ear to ear but kept her eyes on the road. -02:13 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "Ooooh, you know I’m awful at games, Jaaaames." she pouted, but it was hard to hold it for long as she so very much loved surprises. Star was smiling, softly bouncing in her seat and curiously peering out her window trying to get a good idea of there they were going. The old street was a little worrying, if only because she was still afraid that dating her had just been one big joke that hadn’t been revealed yet. Scenes of being murdered out in a barn were playing through her head, but she was having a hard time imagining this female James murdering her. …not that she imagined normal him doing it either! "…Huuum, will we have a picnic?" -02:20 Apr 19 Star
Jane: There was a small laugh. "You saw the basket on the back seat, didn’t you. The river. I thought we’d sit in the shade and have takeout." -02:23 Apr 19 Jane
Jane: She was amused the Star had managed to guess even if she was a little disappointed she had done it so soon and now the game was over. Still the river would be private and they could talk in private and no one would see if Star wanted to see how much things had changed. -02:25 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "This is why I love you, James! You are always so romantic!" A picnic by the river on a nice day, that was absolitely perfect. Star was very lucky she found a boyfriend who was handsome and kind and super romantic. Well, girlfriend who was pretty and kind and romantic. It was a little hard to get used to that. -02:30 Apr 19 Star
Jane: Love… she still loved her. "My dad changed my name to Jane…" she said rolling her eyes. "And I was thinking you could ask questions there with no one hearing. I know this has to be confusing for you… maybe more for you than it is for me." -02:40 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "Jane is a pretty name, it’s just like my Jane Austen books. Or Tarzan and Jane!" H-Sheeeee was giving her free reign to ask all the questions she wanted, but Star still felt a little weird about asking them. She shifted in her seat, trying to think of something that wouldn’t be straight up offensive. "It is a little bit confusing… I mean, I still don’t even understand how it all happened. But I guess biological science never really was my interest…" -02:50 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She sighed and tured onto a narrow dirst road that lead to the river. "I’m not too sure how it happened either. I was just an intern with no security clearence to when the power went down I was told to pack containers into cooler boxes to keep them cold this it was fixed and one of them had a broken seal to I put it aside to warn my supervisor and I guess it exploded because the next thing I knew I was on a hospital bed with a tube strapped in my mouth and machines attached to me. It hurt like hell too. It took a day before I could walk again." -03:05 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "That must of been awful. I can’t imagine how much pain you must’ve been in! And the shock when you woke up…" Star was pretty sure if she woke up a man she just wouldn’t be able to deal. He was taking it surprisingly well. She twist the edge of her braided hair around her finger. "Um… how do you feel being a girl…?" -03:10 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "I didn’t know when I woke up, I only found out a couple of days after it happened… but over all it doen’t feel that different. At first I though my life was over and I wouldn’t be able to see anyone I knew again. My dad moved me into a different school and I thought everyone would be too freaked to talk to me again. That only really changed yesterday so I’m not all the way yet but maybe soon I’ll feel comfortable with how I look again. It’s still a shock every time i see a mirror or get reminded that I’m wearing a bra. I still FEEL like a boy." -03:18 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "So you really are just the same as before, just with… um… boobies!" She could barely say the word without giggling, but then Star couldn’t say a lot of things without giggling. "Are you going to try and change back to normal you, or will this be you forever? Oh, not that I mind, I will love you no matter what you decide to do!" That was very important to stress. Star didn’t want to lose him- Her! -03:22 Apr 19 Star
Jane: The car bounced its way over a section of grass and he parked under a tree. "If they try to change me back it could kill me. I don’t have a choice." she said keeping her eyes averted before opening her door and getting out and retrieving the basket from the back. "I’m pretty sure they did try while I was still out so there is no going back. I’m stuck like this if I wasnt to be or not… now help me spred the blanket under the tree next to the bank." He tossed the blanket over to her and set the basket down. Another reason for choosing this place was no one would see Star out with a girl and spread rumors of her being a lesbian. -03:26 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "Well I will do everything I can to help you!" As instructed she shook out the blanket and fussed around with getting it laid out over the grass. She was very particular about getting it nice and straight. Then she was plopping down on it and patting the spot next to her for James to sit down too. "It’ll be you and me against the whole world!" -03:30 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She sat down and put the basket in front of them before opening it and pulling out a plastic bowl of take away salad and two wrapped burgers along with a couple of sealed cups of cola… but with a comment like that she had to put an arm around Star and push her lip against hers, holding them there with a smile. "Not every girl would be okay with thes." she said before kissing her again and stroking her shoulder. -03:40 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Hrph! The first kiss caught her by surprise. She was a little stiff and unsure. The second time, it really wasn’t so bad. She sighed, blushing a bit and shoving some of her own bangs out of her face. "I said I loved you and I meant it. You don’t just abandon someone you love because things get a little weird.." -03:50 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She moved away to take out paper places and shove a salad and a burger oto one with plastic cutlery and plap the whole lot onto Star’s lap before placing the cola and a bottle of water in front of her. "You’re not bi… are you?" she seemed to be accepting it well and Jane was relieved. -04:02 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "I’ve never really thought about girls that way before… but I will for you!" After all, kissing her didn’t gross Star out, that was a really good sign. All of her nervousness had to just be the weird feeling like they were strangers. She picked up the bottle of water to open and take a sip. "And you still care about me too? You haven’t changed to boys?" -04:11 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Gods no." She sounded insulted. "That would never happen. I’m still the same person and I like girls. They’re soft and curvy and… boobs are nice. Not sure I feel about HAVING them but on other people they’re nice. Hope mine don’t wierd you out…" she unwrapped her burger and took a bite out of it. "I guess I just have to deal with coming across as a massice lesbo and actually being one." -04:19 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star thought about boobs a bit. She didn’t find her own very interesting, but she didn’t find herself very interesting in general. While opening up the salad and stiring it up with a dressing, she took a good hard look at his… HER boobs. Were they nice boobs? They were big, for sure! The kind of boobs she didn’t have herself. Once Star realized she was staring, she was blushing again. "I guess I am a little too shy to think about stuff like that all the time?" -04:30 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She reached out to take her hand and move it to her chest, looking away and blushung as she did so. hse couldn’t BELIEVE she was doing this but she was afraid Star wouldn’t be attracted to her anymore. "So think about it, please." She held Star’s hand to her chest and finally managed to look at the girl. "You’re my girlfriend, it’s okay." -04:33 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star froze and wasn’t quite sure what to do! She probably looked like a deer in a car’s headlights, and quickly tried to swallow that weeeiiird bewildered feeling. She had touched James’ chest plenty of times, now there was just… extra padding! Star gave an experimental squeeze, but it was just way too silly and way too strange. She tugged her hang back quickly, and gave a soft laugh. "I think that was the first time I ever groped a girl! It’s diiiifferent.." -04:40 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She grabbed her soda and took a ling pull through the straw before taking another bite. "That was the first time I’ve been gropes as a girl so…" Star hadn’t like it… maybe it was just because it was new and unexpected but Jane’s eyes were on the river as she ate. "Would you want to do it again? We have a dark movie thetre coming up…" act like you usually do… this was going to be fine. -04:45 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Oooh, she was just nervous, she hadn’t meant to hurt her feelings. Star set all her things aside so she could wiggled up next to her and slid her arms around her neck. A quick peck on the cheek followed, along with her puppy-eyes and soft pout. "I do. I’m just nervous. You know how shy I was when you first asked me out, this is like that… like a first date all over again? But better because I KNOW I love you." -04:54 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "I know…" She put an arms around Star and rested her head on her shoulder. "This is going to take some getting used to for both of us." She mover to kiss the side of her neck before moving down to the shoulder. Not something you did on the first date. -05:01 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star pet through her hair and nuzzled in to her head. She was so worried she was going to cringe and do something weird, and just ruin everything for the both of them. "I’m going to try very hard and it will be like nothing ever happened. I will do anything for you?" -05:06 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She loved away to look into Star’s eyes before scooting forward to pull her lip into her mouth and suck on it, brushing her tongue against it. That was enough for not though and she puleld back with a smile. "Thank you. Now we should eat. Movies should be starting soon." -05:09 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Kissing James was supposed to make her feel giddy and thrilled and tinglie. She was tinglie, but more in an overly self concious and very awkward sort of way. Not that he wasn’t incredibly pretty, but… it didn’t feel the same. Star smiled reassuringly, though. She was over thinking this whole thing. Star nodded. After food and once they relaxed in the theatre, everything would be fine. -05:20 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She ate her salad and then pounde down herwter like an athlete before pulling a black plastic bag from the basket to put all the trash in and knotted it. "So what kind of movie do you want to see?" she asked as the folded blanket was put inanother bag to stop grass getting in the car and everythign was loaded into the back. "There’s a new super hero one that could be fun." always giving her the option of actually watching rather than being distracted… then distractig her anyway. -05:27 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "I am afraid to choose! I missed the last one and you knooow why." James was always so exciting and distracting in movie theatres. There was always lots of giggling, and he always made her feel like a real sexy girl. The darkness of the room and the emptiness of the place helped her feel less self-concious. She was actually looking forward to this, it would definitely fix everything! Star slid in to the passenger, gleefully bouncing again. -05:32 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Then superheros it is and we can pick it up on netflix later with blankets if we miss to much." she started the car and reversed back onto the road and pointed them back towards town. Star sounded excited and that brought the smile back! -05:34 Apr 19 Jane
[(Timeout) Jane doesn’t post enough.] -08:35 Apr 19
[Jane enters.] -08:37 Apr 19
Star: The movie theater was dark and nearly empty – just the way she liked it! Even if she didn’t have ideas of making out in the back row, Star hated when the theater was crowded and there were lots of strange people sitting too near her. The lights were already dimmed while the movie trailers were playing, and Star was holding Jame’s hand. His very slender hand! That was weeeiiird. It didn’t feel all strong and manly, though she suspected he could still punch someone pretty hard. -08:42 Apr 19 Star
Jane: They were holding hands which was a good start but he knew Star would be okay with more and he wanted more. It was just boring exposition right now anyway so she leaned in and ran his tongue along the rim of her earlobe beofre turning back to the screen and putting on an innocent face. This was always fun… and when they had first started going out Star had been so shy! -08:47 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star let out a giggle, which she quickly tried to hush and contain. The importance of doing naughty things in the back was making sure no one heard and thought to turn around! She pressed a finger to her mouth and shushed at her, but really couldn’t help another giggle. Or wrapping both of her arms around James’ arm and hugging it. How did she get so lucky! -08:53 Apr 19 Star
Jane: There was a grin as Jane turned a brushed the tip of her nose against Star’s, sliding it forwards until thier lips connectedm then her hand came up to slide down the side of her neck and she kissed her again, a tiny bit harder. -08:57 Apr 19 Jane
Star: This was a little bit better, he didn’t kiss the same, but in the dark it was easier to forget the change and not think about it so hard. Her returned kiss now came with the soft relieved sigh. She missed him! The arm rail of the chair between them was pushed up and out of the way so she could scoot closer. -09:02 Apr 19 Star
Jane: As she listed the rail Jane’s arm went around her as she nipped Star’s lower lip and tipped on it ever so slightly. She let out a sighing breath of contentment with Star’s returned kiss. Thing were going to be fine. Star was wonderful. -09:05 Apr 19 Jane
Star: James had to be a kissing god. She never could have found a more perfect boyfriend. …girlfriend! This was a girl, as she was reminded when she slid her arounds around her neck to hug and draw herself close. Star found herself pressing up against the soft squishyness of her chest. For a split second she almost hesitated, it wasn’t the way it was supposed to feel… but that was just the unfamiliarity nagging at her. And to prove she was fine, she clung tighter and kissed her harder, to slip her tongue between her lips! -09:13 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She felt the shudder, the hesitation and her hear almost broke, then Star was pulling harder than she usually did and the weltness of her tongue entered Jane’s mouth! Thier chests were thorughy squished together as she leaned into Star, her tongue welcoming the girl’s with the siftest of moans of appreciation. -09:17 Apr 19 Jane
Star: She could do this! She was a fiery woman of action with a good looking girlfriend. Hearing a girl’s moaning wasn’t weird at all, and all of the soft squishiness just made James easier to squeeze. Star had herself convinced that she was completely okay enough to let one of her arms slip down. When her hand wouldn’t cooporate or even try to squeeze at a breast, she grazzed over her stomach instead and tried lower. Running her hand up James’ thigh went swimmingly. Groping for something that wasn’t there was when it all fell apart. She had jumped, maybe even flinched and she tried very quickly to cover it with another sudden kiss. -09:30 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "…" She pulled away leaving Star nothing to kiss. Star’s hand had been right THERE when she had reacted and Jane had felt it. She had been squeezing Star’s batt cheek when it had happened but now she had untangled herself and was trying to make sense of it… there was of course only one answer… Her arms slipped around Star’s shoulders as she faced the screen without seeing it. She wanted to say something bu what was there to say other than the very loaded, if unintentionally so "Having fun?" -09:37 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star was mortified. James had to of noticed, why else pull away so quickly? How could she be so careless? Now there was this aching churning in her stomach and she kneeeew she screwed up. Star rationalized it. Of course they couldn’t get it right the first time, it was only one night. All she had to do was keep trying. "I’m sorry." she mumbled softly, reaching out to pluck gently at her shirt. "I just- I freaked out a little." -09:43 Apr 19 Star
Jane: SHe looked at her, a hand going to brush down her cheek. "It’s okay." she whisperd before leaning in to kiss the corner of her mouth and pull away again. "You’re used to finding me hard down there… you like finding me hand down there… it’s your first time with a girl." she was trying to convince herself that’s all it was. "We can try again in a few minutes." -09:48 Apr 19 Jane
Star: She nodded, but she didn’t seemed so convinced that James was fine. …she didn’t feel fine! Star definitely didn’t feel sexy or frisky. More like she wanted to crawl in to her bed and hide under a blanket. Maybe cry a little bit. Instead she wrapped her arms around James’ arm again, burying her face against it. She really did love him. They would work it out. -09:54 Apr 19 Star
Jane: It was late afternoon and the movie was over when Jane pulled up outsode Star’s house and killed the engine. "Here we go." she said looking at Star and hesitating for a long moment before leaning over and kissing the corner of her mouth. "Hope you had fun today." she said before kissing her again. "I’ll call you tomorrow nad we can talk about out next date." -10:03 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Still feeling incredibly awkward about the entire thing, she was probably not doing a good job of hiding it on her face. Star was determined though. She reached up to cup her cheek and leaned to give a kiss herself. "I love spending time with you. I really do want to make everything work." she mumbled. -10:06 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Then be yourself Star, I love you." there was another kiss and her hand running down and her chest to squeeze her boob. "We’ll make it work, don’t worry." -10:10 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "I should go." she said a little too quickly. "I love you." To help ease it, she leaned for a long lingering kiss but even that was a bit abrupt. In fact she almost scrambled out of the car, but she did slow on her way to the door and turned around to give James a wave and a big reassuring smile. -10:16 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She waved before starting the engine and sighing, it was going to a long night with a lot to think about… Pullign away she hinked twice and headed home, taking a slow drive and pulling the car into the garage before shuting a hello to her dad and heading upstairs and grabbing her phone to dial Britt’s number. She let it ring twice before hanging up… then changed her mind again and called her for real. As dates went this one was… bad. There was no other way to put it. -10:21 Apr 19 Jane
[Star is now known as: Britt] -10:22 Apr 19
Britt: "I swear to gooooood." she hissed in to the phone. Unlike some people, Britt actually liked to get sleep before having classes in the morning. She had climbed in to bed an hour ago, and was irritated at phone ringing over and over. "Are you dying?" -10:24 Apr 19 Britt
Jane: "No, but my relationship is…" she said before the wet crunch from an apple tossed in by Garry echoed over the phone. "Star does not like the new me… she tried to hide it but my chest and when she put her hand to mu crotch… I could feel her shudder. She’s not physically attracted to me anymore and… I don’t know what to do." Apparentlu TMI mean Tell Me Immediatly to Jane. -10:28 Apr 19 Jane
Britt: Jeezus, this already? Britt was surprised they actually went out on a date so soon. She rubbed her forehead. "Don’t you think you’re rushing in to it really quick? I mean, did she actually say she’s not interested? As far as I can tell she’s head over heels for you." It was sickening really how infatuated Star was. But then, Britty herself was having a strange couple of days when it came to James’ new body. -10:33 Apr 19 Britt
Jane: "Yes, she loves, me and I love her but I thin she had less fun today than I had… She couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. What are we meant to do. She’s not a lesbian or a bisexual… and she’s trying so hard it’s frnkly adorable but I can tell… sorry if you don’t want to talk about this I’ll… have a shower or something." -10:44 Apr 19 Jane
Britt: "If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work." she grumbled crossly. Britt needed to sleep, not lay here for hours thinking about Jane in the shower. A hot and bothered Jane in the shower. "…do you want me to come over and spend the night?" As a friend. Cause that was what friends did when you bff was having girlfriend issues. -10:46 Apr 19 Britt
Jane: "That would help…" she said reluctantly. "If you’re okay with it… god my first girly sleepover. I’m not wearigg sexy lengerie and having pillow fights… I think i will have that shower while you’re on your way though." -10:51 Apr 19 Jane
Britt: "That’s not what girls do at sleepovers!" It was for the best that Jane go ahead and shower, that way Britt wouldn’t be tempted to do anything naughty. She went ahead and rolled out of bed. "I’ll be there in a few minutes, tell your dad to put on some clothes or stay in his room." -10:57 Apr 19 Britt
Jane: "He’s gone to bed, my window is unlocked so you can get in that way, and Britt… thanks… " she hung up andplaced the phone down before getting up and walking fowards the bathroom. MAybe Britt was right… maybe this would all blow over. -11:07 Apr 19 Jane

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