Reunion 003: Happy Birthday Fred

[Fred Williams has once again been taken to the private visiting room after not hearing from anyone for months. And it’s his birthday.] -08:04 Dec 14
[Blythe is never going to get used to the prison, but then this IS only the second time she’s paid it a visit.] -08:05 Dec 14
Blythe: She muttered a thanks to stoney-faced guard number 39825 as she stepped in to the room. There was that wariness in her expression, but she was immediately glad to see Fred. Blythe was almost afraid he would refuse to see her after she neglected to answer his letters. She looked tired and thinner, but there was a bag in her hands, a smile on her face and she was rocking on her feet when she greeted him. "I’m glad you agreed to see me, I really was afraid you’d say no." -08:10 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He looked at her from his seat and immediatly stood. "You’re joking right?" he asked. "Why would I refuse to see you?" he was stepping up to her and hiving her a hug, then frowning at how thiner and bonier she felt. "I’m just so happy you remembered. I mean I was worried you’d come to your senses about talking to a convict but having you here today is the best present ever." -08:13 Dec 14
Blythe: "Present?" Balancing the bag carefully in her hands she hugged him, and lingered there far longer than she should have. The only reason she moved back at all was because she was trying to figure out if she missed a holiday. And then it occured to her. "Oh… oh! Your birthday! Oh no, Fred I didn’t remember at all. I am a horrible friend!" Blast it! She meant to make ammends for not writing to him, and now she would have to apologize for not remembering his birthday too. Now she was suddenly glad Doctor Winters pushed for her to visit today. "…but! I do have gifts for you, and cake? An even better cake this time, but no candles and I just.. I just lost track of time…" -08:20 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "It’s alright.." he said trying ti keep the disappointment from his voice because he really really was glad to see her. "When you in here time is one of the few things you have to keep track of." he hugged her again and the pulled out a chair for her. "Knowing you’re alright and still willing to come all this way is enough." -08:23 Dec 14
Blythe: "Yes, well, me being stupid is not going to stop me from making sure you have the best birthday ever. Because I really do have things for you! I meant to send some of this in letters, but I hadn’t written in so long I wanted to come and see you." she was rambling so much it was hard to catch her breath, and she was so focused on sitting and opening up her bag she wasn’t quite looking him in the face. "Things have been okay for you here, at least?" -08:28 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Yeah.." he said. "They don’t really change, but the food is nice, and the models, and books… Hoe have you been." he poared then each a glass of water before sitting next to her and sipping his. -08:31 Dec 14
Blythe: "Um… around!" The vaguest answer ever. Blythe adeptly dodged answering further by first pulling out the cake box to set on the table, and then pulling out a bunch of photos. She handed those to him! "Here! I found the perfect place for the space shuttle and took some pictures." Apparently she had taken a lot of time to set it up just right, because behind the shuttle the wall was painted to look like space. Complete with added stars and the moon. She looked pretty pleased about it. "Took two weeks to get the wall painted and maybe the glitter on the stars is a little much, but I own the house so it’s not like anyone will get mad about the walls…" -08:38 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He gave her a look but accepted the picured and looked. Even the inacuracy of the silid boosters and auxilery tank still attatched in space made him smile. "You really like it that much?" he asked looking at her. "All the time you put into this you could have put into your book. " he gave her a half scolding look before he looked at the cake. It did look less haphazard than the last one! -08:44 Dec 14
Blythe: "It’s the one thing in the house that really makes me smile." She looked a little bit chided, but held up a finger for him to pause a minute as she dug in the bag again. "I have been trying to write too, even if it did get delayed a bit. Most of it is just notes, though. I haven’t really started the actual book yet." Out came a couple of notebooks, the things covered in doodles and scribblings. She slid those over to him so he could browse through the mess that was her idea journal. -08:48 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He was bagining to suspect that there was no actual gift and just a bunch of things for him to poke at. "Battling Batty Bartholomew the Third? Is it a children’s book?" he couldn’t help but smile at the working title before he opened it and found the character section. "I’ve been worried about you." -08:53 Dec 14
Blythe: "I’m not the greatest at naming things, but I did have a lot of time off work to think up ideas." Blythe was still digging, as keeping herself busy was the best thing to do. "Ah, here we go!" Out came some modeling paint, a few small boxes and a couple of books. "The books are just for fun since I’m not sure how many books they have in prison, but I brought you extra paint for making things and in the boxes are people! Well, not real people… but tiny people. So you can make astronaunts. And wizards. I found wizards too, and I thought they were amusing. But then I didn’t know if you had anything to make for wizards, so I found a tower and a dragon!" -08:59 Dec 14
Fred Williams: That was sweet of her adn down went the notebook to wheel his chair closer and hug her. He was going to make ehr the best dragon mounted wizard climbing another widard’s tower to do battle conversion ever! "You really didn’t have to get me anything." especially not if it was her way of appologizing for now writing. She didn’t need to apoologize. -09:05 Dec 14
[Fred Williams ] -09:08 Dec 14
Blythe: He was going to make her cry, which was stupid because there was absolutely no reason for her too. Maybe she missed this though. Blythe circled her arms around him and rest her head on his shoulder. …it was hard not to smile like this, and it really did feel good to smile. "I know.. but I wanted to! I got all of your letters and I felt bad that I couldn’t write back, and I wanted to bring you something nice anyway since you let me take the shuttle. -09:09 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Thank you." he said nuzzling into her slightly before he realized and let her go to pull back. "But I’m just happy to have you and another cake here." he looked down. "Now I feel like I should gone you something." -09:14 Dec 14
Blythe: "Hugs are nice. I’ll take those and your company." Why would he even feel bad, she was the one that never responded to him! Blythe reached out to pinch his cheeks and force his mouth up in to a smile. "Besides, it’s your birthday. You’re supposed to get tons of presents and attention and everything you want on your birthday. You could even eat the whole cake by yourself if you wanted to." -09:17 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Sharing is better." he said taking her hand away from his mouth and holding it. "Besides you baked it, you should have some." she was being far to sweet and if he wasn’t careful it youls beging to affect him in stupid ways, he was even holding her hand in him lap! -09:22 Dec 14
Blythe: "I’m definitely not known for turning down cake. And I’ve gotten better at them too! This one is swiss chocolate and and I didn’t turn my kitchen in to a disaster zone." Blythe curled her fingers around his hand. It was better than tackling him and forcing hugs on him just because she was apparently insane. She really had missed him, though, and that’s what surprised her the most. -09:29 Dec 14
Fred Williams: Rubbing his thumb over her hand he looked at the cake and then at her. The cake could wait, he wanted her more. Maybe next time I’ll make you a cake. But if it turnd out to he glued together and inedible and made out of peices of plastic don’t be surplrised." he smiled and managed to keep his eyes on her. "Promise me you won’t go silent again and come and visit me soon?" -09:33 Dec 14
[(Timeout) Fred Williams got too distracted for their own good…] -09:37 Dec 14
Blythe: Imagining him presenting a fake cake made her grin, but it was the smile that struck her stupid for a moment. Why oh why was her heart beating so fast. Was it like this last time? She had that sheepish look again, though and it was hard to meet his eyes. "Yeah, I promise I won’t do that again. I’ll write as soon as I get home and make another visit as soon as they’ll let me." -09:37 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "You could always move in." he joked before finally letting go of her ahdn and turning bac to the cake. "He need a knife…" he didn’t know if there was one in the room or not or even if they’d let her bring one in. -09:42 Dec 14
Blythe: "I think Doctor Winters is almost considering it!" Oh good a change of subject! Blythe shifted to pull the cake box forward and flip open the top. Then it was back to digging in her bag. She couldn’t bring anything sharp, but she did have plastic forks. One of which she handed over to him. "No knives… so if You can kill someone with a fork, you must be really talented!" -09:46 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "One of these tines in the jagular…" he stuck his tongue out at her and then experimentally dug into the cake and extracted a forkful. "Good thing I’m over the whole murder thing." he stuck the cake into his mouth and made a happy sound as he chewed. She was getting better. -09:49 Dec 14
Blythe: Blythe eyed him. First wondering if he learned that in prison or already knew beforehand. And second to see if he did actually like the cake. After a moment she took a fork full herself and sighed in relief. Edible! "If I ever have to defend myself with a fork I will keep that in mind. You would poke here with it?" Blythe reached out to poke a spot on his neck with her finger. -09:59 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "He have no idea where it is." he said. "But about there… Maybe stab around a few times and wait for a large from of blood?" that mental image made him shudder and he looked away. He didn’t want to picture himelf hurting people. "Probbaly easier to kick them in the nuts and run away." -10:03 Dec 14
Blythe: She laughed softly, leaning until her head was resting against his shoulder. "That sounds like a good plan to me. Though I kinda hope prison guards would be fast enough to tackle someone here. ‘Course now I am just imagining you kicking other prisoners in the nuts…" -10:08 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "I’m not bumb enough to attack a guard." he said shooting her a grin over his third.. or fourth forkfull. "That would undo everything I’ve tried t do for getting out of here early. I light be out in as little as two years. I’ve already started looking as airospace companies that might be hiring then." -10:12 Dec 14
Blythe: She didn’t take many bites before setting down her fork. But it was mostly because she was comfortable leaning against his shoulder and gave her an excuse to curl her arms around his and hold his hand. Blythe was still sure this was probably crossing lines, but Doctor Winters had assured her that it would be fine. "That -is- soon! I’m sorry I haven’t been around to talk about it with you. I bet I could help research jobs and stuff for you." -10:16 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "You don’t have to be sorry for anything." he said galsping her hand with his and then refilling his fork to feed her a cherried bit. "But now you can, even though I’m still in prison…" he had the next peice himself. "I’l allowed limited internet time and I use that for job hunting." -10:19 Dec 14
Blythe: Being fed a bite surprised her enough that she didn’t complain about it, but she did squeeze his hand and shook her head. "I promised I would write a bunch and then I didn’t, so I really do. Looking up potential jobs for you will be kind of fun, anyway. Even if you can’t apply to them… I can use the idea for my story? -And- you’ll be out before you know it, so a big list will be really useful." -10:23 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He leaned against her and squeezed her hand. "You’ve helped me enough that you can forgive yourself for not writing. And helping me find a job will just be icing and mean I owe you bigtime. Maybeenoughtobeyurdateforthenextreunion." he mumbled the last part then covered it with another fork of cake being pushed against her lips. "If I’m out…" -10:27 Dec 14
Blythe: Another bewildered look as she was left chewing and wondering if she even heard him clearly. Her date to the next reunion? Blythe finally just laughed softly and grinned wide. "You know, I think I would like that… They aren’t letting me do the planning for the next one, and I was thinking about not going at all. But it might be fun to go with you…" -10:32 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Well if you’re not going then we could d something else." saved, time for cake, then leave the rest for later, of for Dr. Winters. "It’s in three years right? I mean I still moght not be out." -10:34 Dec 14
Blythe: "How about, if you are out of prison in time, we meet there? And if it goes absolutely crazy we can escape together and go have a date somewhere else." Blythe wasn’t sure she could handle another reunion, but if she wasn’t alone it might actually work out. And if not… she kind of liked the idea of it being just her and Fred going out for the night. -10:40 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "I’d ask to shake hands on it but you already have mine." he said managing a smile. "But deal… and if everyone tries to kill me for trying to kill you then we head for the moon and never look back… you could use that in your book!" he sighed and looked at her. "Maybe both od us getting away from those crazies forever wouldn’t be a bad thing." -10:45 Dec 14
Blythe: "I like the idea of going to the moon and not looking back, too…" There were a lot of things she didn’t want to look back on. But it was easier said than done. Blythe squeezed his hand again and nodded against his shoulder. "I thought about that, not seeing anybody ever again. But Doctor Winters says I have a habit of not dealing with things, so I guess it makes sense to go and see what happens. I promise I won’t let anyone get mad at you, though!" -10:50 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "You can’t really stop them, all you can do it make them supress it which isn’t exactly healthy either. But I’ll go and have fun anyway. We should have one -normal- night with out ex class mates even if it isn’t a repeat. I mean if they really want to get upity we I can point out that if the us government thinks I’m stable enough to walk around with military secrets in my brain then they should too." -10:55 Dec 14
Blythe: That made her laugh! Enough that all of her was giggling and she wound up resting her chin on his shoulder. "That sounds good to me. And we could have a real dance! All cheesy high school prom style. You’ve been practicing, right?" -10:59 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "Even if I sometimes knock things over in my cell, yes. It’s not a very big room." he looked around. "We could practice now, you can see how I’m doing?" he let out a nervous breath. Was asking her to dance that much of a big deal? -11:03 Dec 14
Blythe: "That’s a good idea! I bet it’s a lot easier in here than in a small cell. …plus you’ll have a partner too!" Blythe was comfortable where they were, so she was a little reluctant to let go of his arm. But she did and was up out of her seat, taking him by the hand and pulling him up to stand with her. -11:11 Dec 14
[Fred Williams ] -11:12 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He followed ehr squeezing her hand and taking position in front of her. "Are we going to get music or just dance? I should have thought the pocket radio I have in my cell. I… built it myself. It’s body is a model of a T-34 and it uses the window bars of my cell as an antenna… And yes I did ask permission before building it." -11:15 Dec 14
Blythe: "You can make radios too?" Another surprise. A neat one at that. He could apparently make just about anything! Music would be good, though… after glancing around a moment she spotted the radio and bustled over to it to find a good station. Then she was right back to standing in front of him, rocking on her feet and grinning. "This time you get to lead and show me what you remember." -11:18 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "That would be cheating since I’ve looked it up online too t make sure I had everything down…" he placed his hand on her shoulders to make sure they were in relative position and then began moving. There was no florish or added moved but he moved though the steps in tempo with the music flashing her a nervous smile as he did so. -11:21 Dec 14
Blythe: One little nervous smile and he had her stomach in knots. So when she closed her eyes it wasn’t just because she wanted to make sure he did all the leading, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t staring all goofy. It was bad enough she was grinning. "It’s not really cheating. More like studying! Are you ready for the touching part or are you still afraid to step on toes?" -11:26 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He placed his hand on her waiste gently in reply and looked down to make sure there wouldn’t be any. His other hand took hers and he drew her closer. "If I do I’m sorry, but ti wouldn’t e the end of the world…" and it would be worth it to be this knose to her and know she trusted him this much. -11:28 Dec 14
Blythe: She didn’t know it would make her feel like that. A little light headed and fuzzy. Maybe she should have eaten more than a few bites of cake today. Blythe rest her hand on his shoulder and wiggled her fingers in his hand. Finally opening her eyes to blink at his chest and try to pretend like this wasn’t making her feel a little bit flustered. "Don’t worry, I have very durable shoes and quick reflexes?" -11:33 Dec 14
[(Timeout) Fred Williams doesn’t post enough.] -11:35 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "All the better for kicking in the nuts and running away?" he joked meshing thier fingers and almost missing a step as he became distracted by the twist her lips were taking. "How am I doing?" -11:35 Dec 14
Blythe: "Well… you’re good at improvising and covering mistakes! That’s gotta be like… nintey percent of dancing!" He made her grin again, and she had to bite her lip to keep it from getting ridiculously wide. She was really in it deep today. "By the next reunion you might even be a professional." -11:43 Dec 14
Fred Williams: "That would implu I’d be getting paid for it… I don’t think dancing is my first choice for a career." he said. "Also I think you’re flattering me. Is that true?" he leaned in closer the part of his brain that was telling him to stop being firmly ignored. -11:47 Dec 14
Blythe: She giggled. Blythe was also having a hard time resisting the urge to touch. Her thumb was brushing against the nap of his neck, and him leaning closer just made it easier to do. "I don’t have to flatter your dancing, you do plenty enough amazing things without it being added to your repertoire." -11:53 Dec 14
Fred Williams: He moved his hand up from her waste up her back to her her shoulderblades leaning still further to smile at her their faces inches agart. "Now that is flattery, or flirting… I…" he leaned closer "… not sure which." -11:57 Dec 14
Blythe: They weren’t moving, and she wasn’t quite sure when they stopped. And she wouldn’t of broken away for the world. "I’m not flirting yet… You would know if I was." He really did have a great smile and if she weren’t careful… "Maybe a little bit of flattery though.." she mumbled softly. -12:02 Dec 15
Fred Williams: Thier faces were almost touching and he could feel her breath. His eyes were on hers and nothing else seemed to matter. He ran his tongue against his lips moisening them and fearched her face, then with a sigh pulled away. This wasn’t right. She wasn’t ehre for kisses and he was in jail. It would be wring to make her wait. "Sorry.. where were we?" -12:05 Dec 15
Blythe: A spell was broken and Blythe felt as if she had a rug yanked out from under her. She made a quick recovery, though, clearing her throat and glancing down at their feet to tap his foot with hers and get them moving again. She was pretty sure her cheeks were burning. "R-right. Dancing..! Um, you are doing well. I mean, a lot better than the last time. You’ll do just fine." -12:10 Dec 15
Fred Williams: He felt like he was falling and waiting to his the ground and so he just started moving again hoping it would go away. He wouldn’t mention what had just happened, maybe she WOULD kick him in the nuts and run away. "I wouldn’t want to make a fool of you in front of your friends." he looked away. Maybe it would be a good thing if we wasn’t out yet… -12:17 Dec 15
Blythe: "You are saying that to the girl who spent a good portion of the last reunion hiding under a buffet table!" As if he could make a fool of her anymore than she did to herself. Blythe gave an almost exasperated sigh and wound up resting her head against his shoulder with a soft laugh. "At least all they’ll have to say about you is the jail time. I’ve just been racking up crazy points…" -12:27 Dec 15
Fred Williams: "Crazy maked for the best company then." he said and lifted a hand to rub the back of her neck. "If you need me to I could try and kill you again. Then you’d get all the sympathy points!" he sighed and knew that in spite of himself he’d mis holding her like this. -12:31 Dec 15
Blythe: He made her laugh again, and the funniest part was that she sincerly doubt he could hurt anybody. And if that added to her crazy points, it was the ones she’d wear proudly. "I think I’ve had my fill of everyone’s sympathy. Any more ‘Poor Blythe’s and I might scream. But we could eat everything and ignore everyone and just dance all night." Especially if she had an excuse to stay close to him like this. Going back home to her empty house was going to suck. -12:36 Dec 15
[(Timeout) Fred Williams has timed out.] -12:41 Dec 15
Fred Williams: "You mean until we slip out without anyone seeing and watch the moonrise with no one but us and our thoughts…" he sighed and nuzzled into her hair. Why couldn’t he just hide in her bag and be taken home with her? -12:41 Dec 15

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