One Life Stand 003: Making a Show Work

[Tessa has once again been running around since 6 in the morning doing what needs to be done for the next venue!] -11:51 May 16
[D has spent a couple of days on Tessa’s couch but hes noticed things. Learned thing about what she does for the band.] -11:52 May 16
Tessa: She was wearing a brand new coat that mysteriously appeared on her bed a few days ago. And had it not been wonderfully soft and probably more expensive than her apartment and not REALLY COLD all week, she might have complained. In the mean time she had to get everything changed over to Saturday, which didn’t make her boss happy. But when she mentioned it was D’s idea, he hung up on her. Tessa wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, but she had to make sure the sure worked. Now she was back home again, trying to unlock her door while carrying a giant box in her hands. "…damnit! Stupid door!" -11:55 May 16
D: The door opened and D was standing there, he looked ready to go out bu seeing her he took and box and carried it to the table. "I didn’t say you should use your own money for new equipment." he said "I meant you should book places that have thier own…" he shook his head not revealing how he found out about the equipment. "Whats in the box?" -11:58 May 16
Tessa: "Places that provide their own stuff rarely have anything in good condition." Tessa nearly dropped the box when he opened the door so suddenly. She still wasn’t used to someone -there- all the time. Following him, she took a look at her watch. "It’s flyers! I am going to take them out to put up tonight. I save a lot of money when I do it myself. I just have to change my shoes in case it snows." -12:03 May 17
D: He shook his head. "I’ll do it, I was going to take a walk anyway. Its the 18th today isn’t it? He put the box under his arm and turned back to the door. "I’ll need somethign to hang them with…" -12:05 May 17
[Tessa enters.] -12:13 May 17
Tessa: "It’s my job. All -you- are supposed to do is practice and show up on time." Tape, tape… she had that box of tape around here somewhere. Tessa fumbled around her desk looking for it. "Besides, it’s going to take hours and you seriously need to sleep." -12:16 May 17
D: He shook his head. "Liek I said I was going out anyway. And I won’t be back tonight. Or tomorow which Is why I said saterday." he left out the door without waiting. "I’ll get a staple gun on my way." -12:20 May 17
Tessa: "Oh! I got one of those too!" A little more digging around, she found both the tape and the staple gun. …and he was gone. "…Dammit!" Tessa stumbled and rushed to catch up. "You don’t even know the best places to put them! So can you give me my box back? …Wait, where are you going for two days?" -12:23 May 17
D: "Of course I do, you want people who like the style of music we produce to see them. I know where they hand out.. I’m one of them. And I see you bought a coat. Nice." he ignored her last question since it would lead to more. "One question though. Do I want to see them as I put them up?" -12:27 May 17
Tessa: "Yes, you can see them. I did the design myself this morning! …." She stopped, eying him again. "I didn’t buy a coat, you left this on my bed… Which is -weird- but thank you anyway." Tessa stopped him when they reached the corner, fussing at him until she got the box and had it opened up. She pulled out several flyers so she could pop them up while they were walking, and showed him a couple. "See, a couple different images that way people don’t auto tune them out when they pass by them." -12:31 May 17
[(Timeout) Tessa got too distracted for their own good…] -12:38 May 17
D: "Good thinking but… did you have to use that picture? I look like I’m wearinf a dead cat.." he shook his head then sighed. "The boss called, he said you told him saterday was my idea." he saidlooking at her. If she had the boss would know he had moved to deprive him of an excuse to fire her and that he probably wouldn’t be back before monday it that was the case. "So I told him I was visiting my Grandma." -12:38 May 17
Tessa: "What is with you and cats." Tessa dashed off to the side to put up a couple pictures on the side of a building. "I HAD to tell him, otherwise Friday night would roll around and he’d start leaving me hate messages and calling me useless and threatening to sell me soul to necromancers." There. Flyers at eye level. … for people at average height. Being short kinda sucked sometimes. "…ARE you visiting your Grandma? Because you said you didn’t have one, but you talk about her all the time." -12:42 May 17
D: "Everyone had one at some time or another. I don’t anymore." he said He reached a lamp post and put his finger agaist it. "Here." he moved on "Have you heard of a place called Moonshine under the bridge in the old warehouse there. They say all the bands who made it bog payed there when they were small. Book us there next week. Don’t wait for this weekend to be over and don’t tell the boss. Trust me." -12:51 May 17
Tessa: Tessa put one up on the lamp post, and trailed after him again. She didn’t look so keen on the idea. -12:54 May 17
Tessa: "I have heard of the place, and it’d be awesome to play there… But NOT telling the Label? It’s hard enough to work with my budget as it is without adding in extra show dates and then not telling him about it." Maybe if she confiscated all these flyers and used the backs of them to make a new printing. Hmm… "I might pull it off. But not telling the boss is a bad idea…" -12:56 May 17
D: "If you need funding talk to me." he said matter of factly. "But you can’t tell the boss until the deal is solid adn the contract is signed." he repeated. "That you’ll have to trust me on. Tell him that called you and wanted to make a deal quick. I know him we wants his people in Moonshine. We’ll need new songs though.." -01:03 May 17
Tessa: "Talk to you?" Tessa laughed out loud, but quickly silenced and coughed when she realized that was uncalled for. She quickly moved away to hang up more flyers. "Booking is a piece of cake. Especially if you’re promising to debute new songs! Every venue wants to be the one that gets new songs. Huum…" The wheels in her head were already turning about how she’d pull it off. Phonecalls would work, but maybe talking to them in person would be better. In fact she could do it all while he was out of town — Wait. Out of town… "WHY are you going out of town again? It’s way too close to the next show! It might be best if I go with you." -01:08 May 17
D: "This is something I need to do alone." he said "And I’d be there now instead if I could because I really love missing shows and thats what I’m going then. I’ll be back in time unless something comes up, you moved it after all." -01:15 May 17
Tessa: "I don’t know… I’m stilling thinking about putting a leash on you just in case. I really wanted to keep this job. I’m finally GOOD at something." Another flyer up and a moment to admire her handywork. Then it was looking at her watch and…trying to keep from yawning! She hadn’t slept much at all during the week, but at least having him around meant she actually ate food. "You need a phone so I can call you every ten minutes!" -01:20 May 17
D: "You work too hard at it," he said "And I don’t have a phone so people can’t call me every five minutes. I’m a busy man I can’t stop just because people is worried I’m not where I’m meant to be. We’re all where we’re meant toe be. If you’re somewhere else then you’re meant to be there and not here. So relax before you kill yourself with stress." -01:24 May 17
Tessa: Tessa groaned. "You’re talking me in circles again…!" HE was more tiring than anything else she did! She grumbled. "I’ll relax later. There’s a lot to do for these shows and I really, really want them to go great." This would be getting done a lot faster without him. He was helping for sure, but he walked and she would run to put them up. Walking around like this and talking about relaxing was just reminding her how sleepy she was! "Here, give me the box and go do what you were doing!" -01:31 May 17
D: "I was carrying the box." he said not letting it go. "We’ll go right here, hang up a few by the waterfront they circle around to the shopping district." he was stubborn and turned every time she got close to the box. "And if you want to know what makes a show great.. and don’t ask me I’ve been asking myself that for years." -01:36 May 17
Tessa: "People that love their music is what makes a show great, and you do… but it’s still a lot of work to make sure people show up!" Tessa almost had it and then he was turning out of her grasp again. Blast it! She gave up for the moment, having every intention of sneak pouncing it when he forgot she wanted it back. "Besides, I like organizing the shows around the music and matching themes to the sound. It makes a powerful song more amazing?" -01:41 May 17
D: "You put your own money into it and stare yourself. That happens if you do get fired and you have nothing to fall back on? You’d lose your appartment and be out on the street in a month. Its not fair on yourself." -01:44 May 17
Tessa: Tessa narrowed her eyes at him. "How did you figure all that out anyway? It’s definitely not the first time I’ve lost a job and had to camp out at the park for a bit. So it’s not THAT big of a deal. I just really like this one and want to keep it. It’s worth spending my paychecks on." They were on the waterfront now, and she really liked this part of town. Tons of boats and docks and bad pun named businesses. -01:49 May 17
D: "I have ears and your couch is comfortable, but you shoudl learn to treat yourself, respect yourself, otherwise people are going to use you. Now do you want something to eat?" he nodded at a small distro on the waterfront "You left before I could make breakfast." -01:52 May 17
Tessa: Her face was turning red again. She didn’t think people used her, but she supposed sometimes they definitely didn’t listen. …and it wasn’t his business! So that part she let go just to avoid discussing it. Tessa slipped her hands in to her pockets to see how much money she was carrying. "I guess I do, but it might be better to wait until we get home later." -01:58 May 17
D: "No, you havn’t eaten all day and I’m offering." e grabbed her arm and pulled her to one of the outside tables. "And if you really want to know how to get people interested in a show I’ll show you once we’re done eating." -02:01 May 17
Tessa: "I had some peppermints in my bag!" She was being kidnapped for dinner. Tessa wasn’t sure if she was amused or not, but she dropped in to a chair. "It’s going to take longer to get these flyers up now… But I AM curious to see what your big advertising idea is." -02:04 May 17
D: "Well do you have a pen?" he asked her as the waiter came and he ordered a stuffed omlette and a beer. "A hundred people can walk past a flyer and no one seeing it. But give one to someone and a reason to read it and they’ll be interested at the very least." -02:08 May 17
Tessa: She asked for a sandwich and lots and lots of coffee. Then she was digging around in her bag to pull out a pen. …and her notepad too. If it was something useful and not silly, she’d make a note of it. Tessa passed him the pen. "So what… write a note on them…?" -02:11 May 17
D: He took the pen and a stack of pamphlets and stared twiting on the backs of them that they could be exchanged for a free drink at the bar it they came during the show and the drinks would be charged to him. "We… you.. hand these out while I play .. its simple. Now eat… and that is the last time you get just a sandwich without also getting somehtign else." -02:15 May 17
Tessa: "What’s wrong with just a sandwich?!" Tessa pulled over one of the fliers, making a dubious expression. …he better figure out how to pay for that, because there was no way she could pull of free drinks. Even if it WAS a great idea. She would have to do this for her future shows… Tessa scribled that down in her notebook. -02:21 May 17
D: "You can’t live on sandwedges and coffee. You’ll get tired and cranky and run into organ trouble later in life." he said "The first step to a happy life is a good diet. Or at least that what my grandma said." he kept signing until he had around fifty then pushed them at Tessa. "Lets hope that gets them in the door." -02:25 May 17
Tessa: "I’m already tired and cranky. Why are you so weird." Tessa neatly tapped and stacked the papers before having another sip of coffee. She had to get rid her yawning somewhere, there was still a lot to do. "And why are you so bossy? I’M the boss here." -02:28 May 17
D: "To lead you must first learn to follow." he said drinking a gulp then attacking the omlette with his knife and fork. "And you’re tired and kranky because you don’t eat or sleep properly. I know I’ve slept on your couch." -02:32 May 17
Tessa: "And after Saturday, there will be no more sleeping on my couch! Speaking of which." Tessa held her sammich in her mouth as she dug through her bag again. She pulled out some pamplets to spread on the table. "I found a few single bedroom apartments that are in a reasonable price range and safe neighborhoods! On Sunday we can take a look, or I can go and look for you." -02:36 May 17
D: "We’ll go together. Anywhere it better than your place, you might want to concider moving yourself." he said without lookign at the panphlet and stuffing a peice of omlette into his mouth. "You could afford to be somewhere without drips if you didn’t spend all your money on your job." -02:41 May 17
Tessa: "We already went over this. My job is worth it, when I’m not begging for second chances and getting threatened with shish-kabobbing." Tessa finished off her sandwich and was working on her coffee. Sitting down like this was only reminding her how tired she was and Tessa was struggling to keep her eyes open. "And we’re looking for you a place to live, not me. Then I’ll do something about your furniture… hum, why don’t you have a place in town? It would make so much more sense!" -02:45 May 17
D: "If you saw my place you’d understand but shen you’re not the type to go home with a lead singer are you? Its a nice place and I’m attached to it… how much is it for fifty drinks anyway.. how about we just call it a grand?" he put his foot up on the chair between then and pulled a note out of his sock and handed it to her. "Ready to get rid of some fliers when you are." -02:50 May 17
Tessa: Tessa snatched it, rolled it up and quickly stuffed it down her bra. "Are you crazy! You can’t go flashing money like that. Where did you ge- oh nevermind. I will ask you -later-." Tessa was up and out of her chair, snatching the flyers up too. Tessa was pretty sure he wasn’t yet making that good of money with the Label, unless she was severely getting undercut in pay… "You should be at your place instead of mine if you have one… And I don’t buy that it’s convenient excuse." -02:55 May 17
D: "Maybe I just like your couch?" he said "Maybe I like your company." he added "Or maybe its convenient." he unslund his guitar and flipped a switch that turned on a built in speaker and stried out a few strings. "Name a song." -02:58 May 17
Tessa: She deliberately ignored his statement of enjoying her company, because she wasn’t sure if he was being shameless or serious. And she was leaning towards shameless. Tessa made sure her back was to him so he couldn’t see her red face and her scowl. A song of her choice though…! "I want to hear Smoke and Mirrors. …you need the practice anyway!" -03:03 May 17
D: "No I don’t I could play it in my sleep." he said before he started to play the intro and they walked. "Don’t forget to hand thos out." and with that he was too busy singing to talk. -03:07 May 17
Tessa: She had a mission, as if she’d forget that! Tessa was good about pinpointing who would really be interested in taking them, and who she was better chatting up. When no one was nearby she would dance, most often when she was behind him so he wouldn’t see, but eventually she’d forget and dance anywhere. Almost all of her flyers were gone when she finally dropped on to a bench to rest her feet. …that was a lot more fun than just posting them everywhere! But she wouldn’t tell him that. -03:14 May 17
D: "I never knew you could do that." he said sitting next to her, still playing though not to any particular song. "We’re almost done here and I have to be gone on an hour. What will we be doing until then?" -03:17 May 17
Tessa: "Knew I could do what..?" she asked slowly. Dammit. She was sure he hadn’t seen… and she was too tired to fuss about it at the moment! Tessa tilted until she was plopped against his arm, not caring if that made it difficult for him to play. It was more comfortable than leaning on the bench arm. "I will sit here until I can feel my feet and you can go when you’re ready. I can put out the rest of the flyers and then…. huuummm. I need to check my agenda." That was in her bag. …she’d dig around there in a minute. So sleepy! She should have grabbed espresso! -03:22 May 17
D: He stopped playing and shook his head. "Nope, come on you’re not going anythign more until you’ve had some sleep. You have things to do tomorow and … He shook his head and put the strap ove hei shoulder and oulled her into his lap before standing with her in his arms. "I’m taking you home. I’lll make a call and peopel will come around tomotow to hand out the rest of the fliers. I’m not going to be around to cook for you so look after yourself. There should be enough in your fridge." -03:27 May 17
Tessa: How the hell did she end up in the air? She just closed her eyes for a second! "Would you put me down? I’ve been doing my job just fine before you started crashing on my couch and getting bossy." -03:33 May 17
D: He shook his head. "Not unless you want to sleep on a park bench." he said "A lot of skirts would like to be carried off home don’t be difficult." he he wouldn’t listen to her, he was getting her home and tuching her in bed, then he was going to Canada. -03:37 May 17
Tessa: "Uggghn, this isn’t fair…!" Tessa made a very weary attempt at getting him to put her down, before she gave up and clonked her head against his shoulder with a huff. "Too tired to argue. Don’t forget to set my clock…? I can’t be late…" -03:42 May 17
D: "Six, right?" he asked already knowing he’d set it for seven. "They’ll be around at eight so be sure to be home then. And Tessa.. its okay to relax once in a while." he stopped at the door and waited for her to unlock it before moving into the bedroom and placing her on the bed, helped her take her coat off and pulled the blanket over her. "Well my flight leaves in fifty minutes.. I’ll bring you back something from Canada!" and with that he was walkign out the bedroom door guitar flung over his shoulder and soon his jacket was slung over his arm. Without another word he was gone. -03:48 May 17

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