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  • One Life Stand 026: Insecurities

    [D is back in the sunlight, in a car, and hates driving.] -10:00 Sep 01 [Tessa had a very bad week, and is sure her husband- er BOYFRIEND is just making nice with her so he can feed her to a panther.] -10:01 Sep 01 Tessa: She was very tired and it was all from […]

  • One Life Stand 025: Bad Stand

    [Tessa has arrived at the Label for this first time in a long time. …and in secret, because D would have stopped her otherwise!] -01:02 Aug 13 [D isn’t here yet.] -01:03 Aug 13 Tessa: Tessa was dressed for success. In her very best of black secretary suits and heels. Because if you’re going to […]

  • One Life Stand 024: The Final Wish

    [D has an arm around Tessa but is slipping awa towards his guitar case.] -08:11 Mar 07 [Tessa is working at home. Not that she wants to! There’s tons of things to do outside of the house, but SOMEone insisted on her staying home, and worse, that SOMEone isn’t even there to keep her company.] […]

  • One Life Stand 023: Old Habits

    [D missed his concert, and for good reason. The coucks it covered with equal parts of drugged assassin and blood.] -09:09 Aug 29 [Tessa is furious. And worried. And furious for being worried! With an equally as edgy panther in tow!] -09:10 Aug 29 Tessa: Tessa ranted the entire way home from the cancelled concert. […]

  • One Life Stand 023: Back to Work

    [Tessa was fiiiiinally home! Weaaaaving around like she was drunk thanks to those silly pain meds. And eek! No poucing, Chaya, nooo!] -01:35 Aug 18 Tessa: Apparently she had been missed by a panther. Thankfully a quick squeak and her hands thrown up protected Tessa from getting knocked to the floor. Then D would have […]

  • One Life Stand 022: The Hit

    [D is staying behind but like hell he’s going to let Tessa to into town alone with assassins threatening her, in fact he’s sending insurence.] -10:02 Aug 02 [D is now known as: Chatya] -10:02 Aug 02 [Chatya is now known as: Chaya] -10:02 Aug 02 [Tessa is a savvy music producer, who can freaking […]

  • One Life Stand 021: Homecoming

    [D is getting home and is in a strange mood. A strange mood tha can only end one way.] -01:45 Oct 26 [Tessa loves to travel, but is kind of glad to be back home in a familiar place. Even if that place is new and doesn’t have all her stuff in it yet. What […]

  • One Life Stand 020: Sing

    [D i]has just been kidnapped from fangirls and escaped, then rescues Tessa from then as she was trying to rescue her. Now he wants his date.] -06:04 Oct 05 [Tessa wishes she didn’t fail karate cause she totally could have used it on those girls. But who has a date with D now, witches? Bwahaha!] […]

  • One Life Stand 019: Ignoring an Offer

    [D is sleeping with next a girl he can call his girlfriend. This hasn’t happened before…] -04:15 Jul 18 [Tessa has a boyfriend! That ISN’T a big dirtbag!] -04:18 Jul 18 Tessa: Tessa was quite happily in a giant fluffy hotel bed curled up with an actual boyfriend and not just a kinda-like boyfriend that […]

  • One Life Stand 018: Honeymoon Suite

    [Tessa has an out of town meeting with another record label, all expenses paid! D didn’t have to come, but was glad he did… up until she saw the reservation name on the honeymoon suite?! Uh oh…] -06:40 Jun 22 [D Wouldn’t not come if his life depended on it. Its a trick by the […]

  • One Life Stand 017: One Wish from Forever

    [Tessa feels a little strange about waking up in a new place, now. But… she could definitely get used to this!] -04:34 Jun 13 [D left kessa dreakfast and a note next to the bed, maybe the rose drawn on the note was too much but he effectivly kidnapped her so… food and flowers, those […]

  • One Life Stand 016: A Deal with the Devil

    Tessa: Tessa awoke that morning on the sofa with D no where to be seen. But there was breakfast for her, which meant he hadn’t disappeared. And he got to wake up with her still there, which was… a strange thing for her to be pleased about! After breakfast, showering, and grabbing her stuff, Tessa […]

  • One Life Stand 015: Come Home

    Tessa: Who knew it would be so hard to find a man when previously it was as simple as looking in your own apartment. It was like a few months all over again, with Tessa waiting backstage at a concert for him to appear. Only this time she wasn’t pissed off, she was just really… […]

  • One Life Stand 014: The Ex of Trophies

    [Tessa is dressed to the nines. It cost her everything out of her candy jar stash, but for an invitation straight from the Label, she wanted to make a “screw you guys I’m doing GREAT” appearance. >:[] -10:01 Jun 10 [D Is dressed as he always dresses with only the addition of a new leather […]

  • One Life Stand 013: The Ex of Mooching

    [Tessa did not hear her alarm clock and has no idea that she’s slept in. ] -06:12 Jun 10 [D again had his hands where they shouldn’t be. But au least they’re on top of her clothesthis time.] -06:13 Jun 10 Tessa: At least this time she hadn’t passed out drunk. But Tessa had a […]

  • One Life Stand 012: Photographs and Panthers

    [Tessa doesn’t want to wake up. But she has a monumental headache.] -11:34 Jun 06 [D remembers being pissed off about somehting yesterday but getting a good night’s sleep anyway. In fact hes still dreaming with his chest pressed into Tessa’s back and his hand down her pants as he sighs in his sleep.] -11:39 […]

  • One Life Stand 011: The 18th

    [Tessa is working at home, and there’s no D and no dinner yet. When did she get used to expecting dinner by a certain time?] -10:25 Jun 03 [D Has been out all afternoon getting drunk, and he has a bottle in his hand to proove it.] -10:27 Jun 03 Tessa: Tessa had some great […]

  • One Life Stand 010: Pleasant Morning After

    Tessa: Tessa was sleeping so well. Curled up in bed with her blanket and… hrrm. No one was in bed with her, which was unusual, because D never woke up before the alarm. Tessa rolled to look at the clock. "…damnit!" It was near 10! She never set her alarm! ….she was also naked as […]

  • One Life Stand 009: The Right Kind of Wrong Wish

    [Tessa is backstage of D’s first concert under HER label. Everything is going great so far..!] -07:06 Jun 02 [D can’t believe he finally has a concert again. Not that hes enthusiastic or anything, but the label didn’t know about it and lookit that? Hes on time!] -07:07 Jun 02 Tessa: Tessa was incredibly excited […]

  • One Life Stand 008: A Band for D

    [D has gotten better and can use his arm again, to celebrate hes joining Tessa’s band in one of thier practice sessions.] -03:44 Jun 01 [Tessa is at practice with her new band, and supervising isn’t even necessary! Yay!] -03:45 Jun 01 Tessa: Her being present and practices wasn’t even required with her new band, […]

  • One Life Stand 007: Lesson in the Kitchen

    [Tessa is awake early in the morning as she usualy is. Alone in the kitchen trying to figure out this whole cooking business before D wakes up.] -03:25 May 30 Tessa: The extent of her cooking skill involved following directions on a box. …and D had to fill her kitchen with stuff she had no […]

  • One Life Stand 006: The Ex of Sex

    [Tessa is at home being domestic. …Which basically means she’s trying to catch a spider with a broom so she can throw it out the window.] -06:50 May 18 [D is healing, slowly. ut at this rate it will be back to work in a week.] -06:51 May 18 Tessa: Tessa was on the floor […]

  • One Life Stand 005: D’s Distractions

    Tessa: There was a whole different sort of dynamic going on in Tessa’s apartment after getting fired. She was really, really excited about starting her own business. And it was amazing how much she already knew and how easy it was to step in to the role of BIG boss. …of course bossing D around […]

  • One Life Stand 004: Lost Job New Life

    Tessa: Tessa was back stage pacing. AGAIN. Why did she even think this time would be any different. That letting him sleep on her couch and feed her and actually be really nice, meant that he would show up on time. …and now it was even worse. It was almost two hours in, the other […]

  • One Life Stand 003: Making a Show Work

    [Tessa has once again been running around since 6 in the morning doing what needs to be done for the next venue!] -11:51 May 16 [D has spent a couple of days on Tessa’s couch but hes noticed things. Learned thing about what she does for the band.] -11:52 May 16 Tessa: She was wearing […]

  • One Life Stand 002: Going to Get Fired

    Tessa: BEEEEEEEP. BEEEEEEEP. BEEEEEP. ~SPARKLE~ Stupid alarm. Tessa was fumbling to hit it, swat it off the bedside table… anything. She hadn’t slept very well at all. The show had run so late and then she wasted a couple hours tossing and turning in bed knowing D was out there on her sofa. Half the […]

  • One Life Stand 001: That Is Not Your Couch

    Tessa: A weekend night. Tessa was standing in the back behind the pretty shoddy excuse for a stage, checking her watching and pacing. Her boss had already called -three- times telling her he was going to sacrifice her to elder gods if she didn’t make this gig work and D was late AGAIN. She was […]