One Life Stand

One Life Stand 026: Insecurities

[D is back in the sunlight, in a car, and hates driving.] -10:00 Sep 01
[Tessa had a very bad week, and is sure her husband- er BOYFRIEND is just making nice with her so he can feed her to a panther.] -10:01 Sep 01
Tessa: She was very tired and it was all from anxiety. Which wouldn’t be a problem if she had the guts to actually ask questions and demand answers, like she noooormally would have. But she was feeling guilty and stupid. …and trying to figure out how she was going to stage the biggest concert ever at the same time! "We’re not going to the house?" she finally asked, turning in her seat to glance out the rear window. -10:06 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "We are." he said driving along a very familair road in his unassuming two decde old but perfectly maintained sedan. If there was one thing about the car that clashed violently with the rest of the assassin it’s that is was very understated. "Just not the house you expect." he stopped the car outside Tessa’s old appartment builting and got out before moving to the trunk and openign it to grab his guitar case and a suitcase. "I think you know the way." he said tossing a set of keys at the girl, not the same keys as before. D has upgraded the locks. -10:12 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "The apartment?" Tessa nearly dropped the keys as she fumbled them. This was worse than being fed to a panther. This was her getting kicked out! That was even her suitcase he was dragging out. Of course, she wasn’t thinking of why he had his guitar too, as she entered the building and wandered in to the elevator. Just that she was right back to her apartment, getting dumped by another boyfriend. And this time she really really loved him and it was hooooorrible. "D… I know you are pretty mad at me for what I did. And since there is no fixing it now, I have something to tell you…" -10:18 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "I’m mad?" he asked with a shrug. "Just open the door. I had a little work done to the place. It was hard to convince the owner but I eventually persuaded me to let me remodel a bit, tear down the wall to the next appartment, put in an office and a room for Chaya. You know… things we need. And wait until you wee the breakfast nook. It has a mini bar." -10:25 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "I pissed off the Boss and then spent a week with Jayce, who wouldn’t be mad?" Now she was completely bewildered. But once they were out of the elevator, she used the keys and pushed the door open. …he hadn’t been kidding about remodeling! The place didn’t look anything like her apartment anymore. It actually looked nice. "It’s going to be me and you and Chaya?" -10:28 Sep 01 Tessa
D: He threw the suitcase onto a brand new squishy sofa and set his guitar case down gently before rubbing his hands together. "Yup! Speak any louder and she’ll wake up and pounce you. She’s missed you… tea?" he was heading for the kitchenette shrugging off his jacket as he did so. "Best palce for us with the mansion gone. Speaking of, through that door is your new office. An entire appartment converted… well most of one, I had some of it used to make this one bigger." -10:32 Sep 01 D
Tessa: She followed, like a puppy on his heels. He wasn’t angry? She wasn’t getting kicked out? He made them a new home, and her a new office. And he always did these things so casually, like it was just another day, another thing, and not a big deal at all. When she caught up with him, she grabbed on to his sleeve to tug. "D..! What if I told you I did something pretty terrible? Not on purpose! But that I have a secret and I haven’t told you because I thought you would be upset with me, but you’re not upset with me over THIS so maybe I could tell you…" -10:37 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "I’d remind you I’ve been an assassin and killed people ever since we’ve met. I’m not exactly innocent enugh to be casting stones at glass houses." he crossed his arms and leaned against the counter squinting at her. "This is obviously important enough for you not to react over the manshion being gone so get it off your chest." -10:40 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "Because the house is not as important to me as you are, and I was really way more worried that you were going to leave me and just go. And maybe you might still, because this was a big deal too." She was blabbering and stalling. Tessa let out a small huff before she grabbed his arms to uncross them and held up his left hand. She tugged his ring finger. "I made a wiiiiish. And you wear too much jewelry and never notice these things!" -10:45 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "I also get drunk a lot and fing things on me I don’t remember all the time." he said. "Well I did before you became a thing. Then you’ve woken up in a bra, panties, gown, and tiara then you stop questioning what you find on you after a night out. But now I’m curious… What did you wish for?" -11:08 Sep 01 D
Tessa: Another huff slipped out, followed by her shuffling on her feet. "I wished to know what you really thought about me, and then I supposed the wish went all kinds of wrong and there was the wedding dress and the rings, and then people thinking we were married, because we are married, and if you try to leave me you’re going to have to divorce me too and I am really very sorry I never told you?" -11:12 Sep 01 Tessa
D: He laughed and pulled her against him. "I’m not going to leave you." he noogied her as punishment for her silliness before letting her go. "Now seriously: Tea?" he turned to put the kettle on before opening the fridge and pulling out a large raw slab of meat. "Hey! Chaya!" He called out before dumping the panther food into Tessa’s arms. "Come and see who’s back." -11:24 Sep 01 D
Tessa: Noogies and meat! "Are you not even going to say anything about us being married!" she tried to complain, but it was followed by a sudden yelp when a big hungry, very happy to see her panther came barreling around the corner and she wound up tackled to the floor. Chaya was too busy head butting and nuzzling to take the food and Tessa flailed trying to get free. "This is FAIR! This isn’t who I want to be kissing!" -11:29 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "And that’s your punishment for not tellign me earlier." he said stepping over the pile of panther and Tessa to get an already made egg and herb mix for french toast from the fridge. "And congradulations to us both. The honeymoon was wierd but I’m sure we’ll get over it with a little counseling. Got any wishes left? They could help with the concert." -11:32 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "No, my last one was used in finding out you were an assassin." Finally she broke herself free of Chaya, luring the furry beast away with her meaty lunch. Tessa climbed up off the floor and rushed over to the sink to clean as much as the slobber off her as she could. She was still casting D suspicious and and almost pouty expressions. "That’s it, just jokes and back to business? Are you not going to want to talk about any of it?" -11:38 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "What do you want me to say, Tessa?" He asked breaking out the spiked bread and putting a pan on, letting butter melt in it. "That I’m disappointed I didn’t get to propose? Invite you on stage and pull a ring out of the crotch of my pants? Yeah, I am a little. But I’ve bealt with djins before. You can’t be blamed for what your wish turned out to be unless you’re a lawyer. Hell there’s a guy I know who makes a killing wording people’s wished for them." -12:04 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "…would you have really hidden it there?" she asked curiously. She moved to lean on the counter next to him. "But that’s not what I mean! We’re married, and I was Jayce’s stupid pretend wife for a week, and we don’t have the house, and you did all of this with the apartment. You have gone non stop without any breaks and… and you’re acting like me! Um, before-us me." -12:11 Sep 02 Tessa
[(Timeout) Tessa has timed out.] -01:21 Sep 02
[Tessa enters.] -01:22 Sep 02
D: "It would have given a nice bulge." he said slapping an egged up slide of bread in the pan and shinly slicing a strong chedar. "But hey this saves us a trip to the courthouse, right? I don’t know if you have any family and you’ve met mine so why have a huge ceremony?" -01:22 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "You don’t want to have a wedding?" there was no hiding the pout this time, and Tessa didn’t even try to. "It would have been nice. A ceremony somewhere beautiful and a silky white dress. Chaya would wear a flower collar and you’d wear a nice suit for once. Or maybe with a leather jacket instead. But I guess maybe it’s not for us." -01:30 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He slipped the toast and gave her a glance. "If you pout any louder you’re going to have a very large cat headbutting you in comfort." he warned before slicing up more cheese. "And there’s no way I’m wearing a suit. I’m not a suit person. I’m a denim and leather person. You wouldn’t put a suit person in a silk dress would you? Same thing if you think about it. If you want a wedding with people… or privately then orginize one. But no cutting into the concert budget. I sold my mantion for that. -01:50 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "I can squeeze money out of anything! You know that. I’ll pay for it all myself if I have to." She stole a piece of the cheese to pop in her mouth, but still didn’t feel satisfied. Everything still felt strange, and if it wasn’t him upset with her it was her. Her fingers tapped against the counter. Finally she caved to all of her worry, interupting his cooking to grab his head and plant a kiss on him! -01:57 Sep 02 Tessa
D: There was a clatter and a yelp as the pan spilled hot butter in D’s hand as his head was suddenly siezed and he was kissed. But her didn’t break the kiss, instead he pulled her closer with his other hand and kissed her back. "Breakfast first. I need to make sure you’ve eaten properly. Then we’ll talk bussiness or have sex. Whichever happens first." -02:02 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "I don’t want to eat and I don’t want to talk business! Or stand around pretending like I wasn’t gone and it’s all normal! I missed you. I want to kiss you and touch you and have you hold me and not leave our room for a month." She let go of him just long enough to reach over the stove and turn it off. Then it was right back to the clinging with her arms slung around his neck and nuzzling in to his cheek. -02:08 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He still used his burnt hand to get a plate, slap the peice of french toast onto it and then put the cheese on top to melt. "Well I’m starving." he said hooking his other hand under her butt and lifting her off the floor, trusting that she would old onto him before walking towards the lounge. Plate in one hand and tessa in the other. "I’ve been worried sick. I gave it a day in case you just went out for groceries or a sudden meeting or something but it soon became obvious what you had done and what happened." he sat on the sofa and balanced the plate on his knees, arm around Tessa. "Good thing I already had that tunnel from when I stole Jayce’s vintage flag jacket patch collection or it would have taken me another month just to get to you." -02:15 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "He’s the creepiest bastard on the planet and I almost wish you would have killed him." she admitted. She also refused to detach herself or be anyway helpful in allowing him to eat. She situated herself on his lap and took over keeping his mouth busy with another kiss and a nip of his lips. -02:22 Sep 02 Tessa
D: he pushed her away bodily and stauufed half of his toast on her mouth. "Tessa U have to make sure you’re alright first." he said flatly. "I’d like nothing more than to hump like rabbits but you were kidnapped and if he hurt you…" he narrowed his eyes. "He did… didn’t he." -02:37 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "Mrrph!" she huffed and got to chewing, leaning back so she could at least eat the blasted piece without getting crumbs anywhere. Suddenly she was a lot more interested in staring at toast than him. "I AM alright. Bumps and bruises, nothing all that serious. It’s not like I haven’t had to deal with Jayce before." -02:42 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He stard into her eyes and narrowed them further. "You know what I mean Tessa. I know he’s not above forcing himself on girls. Seen it often enough." he pulled away to look up at the ceiling and cursed. ‘I’m going to kill him. I’m actually going to kill him." -02:49 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "Or I will kill him. You won’t kiss me now because of him. I can’t live without snuggles and kissing and everything else! Chaya is too furry! And I actually want to be married!" Now she was going to cry, and she had been doing a really good job of not getting over emotional! She tugged at his shirt. "You’ll be cold to me." -02:58 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He raised an eyebrow at her. "If this marriage is going to work I’m going to be doing the killing. It’s what I studied for. You’re going to make a killing in the music bussiness and who says I ain’t going to kiss you when I’m done being averwhelming happy you’re alive. In case you haven’t noticed I care by looking after." -03:13 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "You always look after me." she admitted, less teary, but still feeling unbearably stupid. After a sigh she flopped forward and buried her face in to his neck. Her voice coming out muffled. "I’m sorry. I’m used to people leaving me? And used to people like Jayce. It was a really, really, really long week and I didn’t think I would see you again. I don’t want to be weird." -03:19 Sep 02 Tessa
D: "It’sbecause you’re wierd that I like you." he said giving her a look and pulling her head into his lap where he played his fingertips against her ear. "You are you, I am me. That’s what makes us work. Doesn’t hurt that I’m super sexy and you… did you wish to sleep with me?" -03:34 Sep 02 D
Tessa: He was being sweet and she was frustrated. She shifted to curl up with her head still resting on his lap, and fingers plucking at the fabric of his shirt. "If you mean sleeping as is in sex… yes? I want you to be the last one that’s touched me, and you to be the only person I ever think about." -03:41 Sep 02 Tessa
D: "With the djin." he said lookign at her, takign her hadn in his to stop it wondering. "Did you wish to have sex with me? You and me suddenly appearing in bed together… twice… Be honest." he shifted so lean down and whisper into her ear. "Then we can go and break in your new desk with more sex you don’t have to waste a wish on." -03:45 Sep 02 D
Tessa: She giggle softly. "I did the first time… Girls were throwing their things at you, I was jealous. The second time, I was thinking about us and our future and I wanted to know how you really felt about me. I think I got what I wished for both times." -03:53 Sep 02 Tessa
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 025: Bad Stand

[Tessa has arrived at the Label for this first time in a long time. …and in secret, because D would have stopped her otherwise!] -01:02 Aug 13
[D isn’t here yet.] -01:03 Aug 13
Tessa: Tessa was dressed for success. In her very best of black secretary suits and heels. Because if you’re going to march in to the office of your former boss and apparent leader of an assassin guild, you want to look like you mean serious business. One upon a time she would have been fretting and worrying about seeing the man, but today D’s future was on the line. If he wouldn’t quit, she would resolve it all for him. SO there she was slamming her hands on the secretary’s desk in the lobby of the Boss’ office. "I want to see the boss, and if you don’t let me in there, I’m going to flip over your desk and send all of your paperwork across the room. Got it?" -01:06 Aug 13 Tessa

The secretary had a problem. Mixed up paperwork was shitty, but pissing off the Boss was even worse. “I’m sorry Miss. He’s not taking any meetings today. You will have to call and make an appointment.” -Tessa 01:10 Aug 13

Tessa: "That’s not going to work." Tessa huffed. Well, if she had to make a scene… she reached over and shoved the woman’s computer right off the desk. It hit the floor with a crash. "You tell him Tessa Thorn is here! Right now!" -01:12 Aug 13 Tessa

The secretary shrieked, pressing her comlink button quickly. “Sir, there is a Tessa Thorn here damaging the office!” -Tessa 01:12 Aug 13

[D is now known as: The Big Boss] -01:33 Aug 13
Tessa: "That wasn’t so hard was it." Tessa knocked over a cup of pens before marching to the door. There was a tempation to kick them open, but she didn’t want to break one of her heels and that height was necessary for her look more intimidating. She pushed through the doors, slamming them good and loud behind her for a grand entrance. "I’d apologize for interupting, but I’m not sorry!" she shouted first. …and that was where all her bravado left her. Actually SEEING the boss again reminded her how scary he was. "Um… I want to talk about D?" -01:43 Aug 13 Tessa
The Big Boss: "So you’ve discovered his ‘other job’, the reason why I put up with his worthless tallents in the first place and you plan was too… march in here and start makign demands? Ms. Thorn, I knew I hired you for your looks but I expected you to at least have somethign resembling intelegence." He leaned forward in his chair behind his desk and pressed the buttong. "Martha, send for Jayce, I have a present for him." he said, calmly as from within the folds of his creme suit he pulled a silver, engraved, ivory handled semi automatic and checked the load. "So Ms. Thorn, what are your demands about D?" -01:48 Aug 13 The Big Boss
Tessa: A present for Jayce? That had her turning read, and slighty furious. She forget that Jayce was apparently an assassin too. It wouldn’t change the plan, though, and maybe she’d get to punch him in the face again. "You’re not going to intimidate me, I don’t work for you any more! And now, neither does D either. He’s not your band AND he’s not your assassin anymore. You’re going to quit harassing him." -01:51 Aug 13 Tessa
The Big Boss: He sighed and fliched the safety off of the pistol before standing and circling the desk to sit on it and gesture at one of the chairs. "Take a seat, we’ll talk about it over sherry." he reached over and picjed up a decanter and poared a good measure into two glasses before holding one out to her. "So you do truly know… and you plan was to come into my office and try and make demands. Into the office of a killer… and threaten him without having a backup plan." He shook his head slowly before taking a gulp from his glass. "I have one very important question for you Tessa: What’s in it for me if I don’t just shoot you?" -01:55 Aug 13 The Big Boss
Tessa: "Um." That was pretty much the jist of her plan. She hadn’t though he’d pull out a gun, though in hindsight she should have seen that coming. Tessa slooooowly moved to ease in to a chair, but there was no way in heck she was taking a drink. Didn’t that stuff usually end up poisoned? "You underestimate me! You always have. I started a label of my own and your company is suffering. I will do the same with your whole assassin business." she bluffed. It was a good one for being made up on the spot. "If you hurt me, my assassins will take you out." -02:00 Aug 13 Tessa

The office door open and Jayce slipped in silently without saying a word. He gave a nod of acknowledgement to the boss and smiiiiiiirked in the background. -Tessa 02:01 Aug 13

The Big Boss: "Not if you’re not around." He said with a smirk. "Without you your label and any plans you have to corner the market in killing is gone. I see the solution to all the trouble you’ve cause right in front of me and since you now know too much you’re more trouble than you’re worth as a tool for controling D. Jayce…she’s all yours. You don’t have to play nice anymore. I don’t care what you do so long as she never escapes. Concider this a bonus for the Toronto job." -02:06 Aug 13 The Big Boss
Tessa: Tessa glanced over her shoulder and then quickly stood up. "Don’t you ever dare try anything. I swear to all the gods, I’ll make you regret it. If you don’t let D go, I’ll ruin your entire organization." -02:14 Aug 13 Tessa

Jayce shrugged his shoulders. “This is why you were such a terrible manager, Tess. You just don’t know how to make a convincing threat.” In a split second he had out a gun and fired, hitting Tessa with a tranq dart. As she hit the floor he tucked it back away again. “It’s worth keeping her alive just to watch D suffer. That’ll be entertaining. I’ll make sure she’s tucked away where no one will ever find her, Boss.” -Tessa 02:14 Aug 13

[Tessa is being held captive at Jayce’s beach house. AKA The Palace of Porn. He’s got an irritating amount of security being a Pop Star, and house full of weapons. ] -11:36 Aug 20
[D is silent when he needs to be.] -11:37 Aug 20

The man of the house was presently sitting at the breakfast table, charmingly reading a newspaper out loud to his brand new wife. “And Star Magazine says my voice could make the angels fall and the devil sing. A little over the top, I think, but who could complain about good press? You should eat, Tessa. A few pounds lost is fine, but no one wants one of those sickly wives. It’ll look terrible in photographs.” -Tessa 11:44 Aug 20

Tessa: Tessa had her hands cuffed, which meant she couldn’t cross her arms and huff like she really wanted to. So she settled for glaring, and occasionally glancing down at her silverware and wondering how hard she would have to stab to get a spoon through his neck. "Sitting here every day isn’t going to suddenly make me believe I’m your stupid wife!" -11:44 Aug 20 Tessa
D: D appeared in the doorway behind the kidnapper and quickly raised a finger to his lips before picking up a granite pestel from the counter and edging forwards fingers till over his lips. "That’s very interesting, and I’m going to let you finish…" as soon as the singer’s head lifted D swung, with his left hand knowing full well any quick block attempts or dodging would assume he was using his right. He gave a lobsided grin as the body slumped to the floor and then plopped down into his seat and picked up a ptice of toast and bit a buttery bite of it. "G’day Tess. How’ve you been?" -11:49 Aug 20 D
Tessa: Tessa had no idea how he managed to get in there, she hadn’t been able to find a way OUT without running in to a dozen goods. But he was the best vision in the universe. Even if she was painfully aware she was in a whole lot of trouble. Tessa shook her handcuffs. "Thiiiiis! I am stupidly this! Oh, don’t sit in that chair and eat his toast, it’s probably filled with ecstacy! We should get out of here…" Except she wasn’t leaping out of her seat yet. What if he was angry enough to leave her there? -11:55 Aug 20 Tessa
D: "Tessa, if I have one rule in life it’s to never pass up free bacon." he said picking up a strip and takinga bite from it. Then from his picket he pulled a set of lickpicks to slide across to Tessa. "Have you learned your lesson?" he asked before taking another bite. "These people are dangerous and the only person more dangerous is me. If I take you back then they’ll probbaly come after us. So… you’re the plan person… do you have one?" -12:02 Aug 21 D
Tessa: Her hands fumbled on the case of lockpicks, and fumbled more with trying to pick open the cuffs. She wasn’t a skilled lock picker, but she was still a little worried he was going to let her suffer a bit longer just to prove a point. She tried to remind herself that D wasn’t like that, and had never been like that… but that was before she spent a week with an exboyfriend. "I might have maybe underestimated them just a little bit. I didn’t think they’d SHOOT me right there in the office, or that Jayce was going to be all…" she huffed. "I don’t have a plan… bribe his minions to come home with us as our army, I don’t know…" -12:08 Aug 21 Tessa
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -12:34 Aug 21
[D ] -01:02 Aug 21
D: He holded his arms and watched for three seconds more. "Middle pick, insert, iflt towards chain, and twist." he unfolded his arms and demonstrated the correct movement. "We don’t have any money." he said bluntly. "They took it all when ypu went and started making demands. Well all that they could find." he scretched his stubble and picked up another strip of bacon before meaning back in his chair and putting his feet up on the table. "Good thing I do have a plan. I was raised by the boss… well not quite but I still know him. If he’s where he wants to be we can’t hurt him, he’s to well intrenched. We’re going to make him come to us." he bit the bacon in half and chewed smugly. "Vina. We’re going to put on the biggest concert since the PUrity of Sin tour rolled through this town." -01:18 Aug 21 D
Tessa: Ah ha! She got it, pulled those blasted cuffs off and rubbed her wrists. "I am going to need a lot of money that we apparently don’t have to throw the biggest concert ever." Tessa wanted to jump on to his lap and cling. This was pretty much what she deserved, though. He wasn’t going to forgive her for this, be even more furious about her marriage wish, probably let Chaya eat her. Tessa got out of her chair, taking the cuffs along with her to cuff them on Jayce. Then she gave him a good hard kick while he was unconcious and she could get away with it. "Did I screw things up so badly that we can’t go home?" -01:24 Aug 21 Tessa
D: "Maybe." he said almost falling backwards with the chair with her sudden wieght. "Can you do it?" he asked his face suddenly serious. "Can you put on the biggest show since the World of Sin tour? I lost my virginity to that show… right thre in the staduim… but that’s besides the point, I need a yes or no." -01:37 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "Of course I can. It’ll take time, though." She tugged at his jacket, frowning just a bit both at this plan and the extra tidbit of information. "Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about it here in the middle of Jayce’s stupid house? You’re going to take me home, aren’t you?" -01:42 Aug 21 Tessa
D: D pushed Tessa to her feet and stood, taking the last peice of bacon and sticking it between his teeth’ "I wi ekplan oo the waa." he said before reaching into his jacket pocked and pulling out a perminant marker and rollign Jayce onto his back. "Buu fiirsht." he popped the lid and started drawing a moustache on Jayce’s face, followed by a monocle and a penis on his cheek, a dotted line running from it’s tip to Jayce’s eye. Then he stood and started unzipping his pants. "You know somethign, tessa? You have terrible taste in boyfriends." -01:53 Aug 21 D
Tessa: Tessa was too stunned and confused by the marker to do anything, but once he unzipped his pants she grabbed on to his arm and starting pulling. …D!! You’re one of those boyfriends, and I want you to still be alive to be one, so pleeeeease lets go!" She tugged and pulled him away from Jayce. At this point, she was totally fine with murdering the asshole, but she didn’t want to find out what D was going to do with his pants down when someone could come in and catch him any minute. -01:57 Aug 21 Tessa
D: He pulled his arm away from her. "Come on, just a little piss?" D complained before sighing and shrugging. "Fine, even though he desurved it he gets off." he pulled up his zip, then kicked the body in the kiks to a satisfying crunch. "Now we should get out of here… miiiight want to stay close." -02:09 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "How did you even sneak in?" It wasn’t what she wanted to ask him. He was behaving too nonchalant for her tastes. This was D behavior before all the kissing started. And she really really missed the kissing. Tessa latched on to the back of his coat so she could stay close. -02:19 Aug 21 Tessa
D: He shrugged and then stopped int he middle of a hallway. "Do you know where you are?" He asked. "And more importantly… do you trust me?" he turned to look at her and tilted his head. "It’s a very important question. It may save your life." -02:25 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "I don’t know where. On the beach somewhere? He has a dozen houses." She examined his face, chewing on her lip in the process. "I trust you…" she didn’t sound so sure, though. For all she knew, SHE could have eaten and ecstacy waffle and was now having weird hallucitions. "I do trust you." she muttered. -02:32 Aug 21 Tessa
D: The punched the wall and a hidden pannel popped open, then he was climbing half into a chute and pinning her feet against the far wall. "Come joine me in here, and hold onto me tightly. It’s going to get very dark and we’re going to be in freefall. And no distracting me while we are. As sexy adn making out while falling down a pitch black rubbish chute is I don’t want to miss our stop." -02:52 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "Freefall? To where?" She didn’t even know why she was asking, she trusted him, right? Tessa wasn’t keen on climbing in to strange chutes, but she also wasn’t going to stick around waiting for Jayce to wake up and seeing if he was pissed off enough to kill her. So she climbed in and she cluuuuung, probably tighter than she should have. She really, really missed him and he hadn’t even hugged her yet. -03:02 Aug 21 Tessa
D: He put his arms around her and then they were falling, the panel closing behind them. "Three, four, five." he counted the second unver his breath, then he pushed agaust the wall and her fell into a pile of sacks placed there just for this purpose. D rolled and held onto Tessa, his grip lostening. "Don’t move…" he whispered. "I want to stay with you int he dark a little longer." -03:08 Aug 21 D
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 024: The Final Wish

[D has an arm around Tessa but is slipping awa towards his guitar case.] -08:11 Mar 07
[Tessa is working at home. Not that she wants to! There’s tons of things to do outside of the house, but SOMEone insisted on her staying home, and worse, that SOMEone isn’t even there to keep her company.] -08:15 Mar 07
Tessa: She already finished every phone call she needed to make, designed several ad poster ideas, and had a walk with Chaya. A panther was cuddlie and fun to have around, but Chaya wasn’t D. Chaya couldn’t make lunch. And Chaya kisses smelled a lot like catfood. Tessa was presently prowling around the kitchen looking for something to both feed herself with and entertain herself. -08:18 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He came up behind her to put an around her. "Don’t worry I won’t take long." he said before he moved away. "Just a little work." he reached down to pick up his guitar case and started sowards the door. "Save some dinner for me." -08:39 Mar 07 D
Tessa: Tessa was making a scene about the whole thing, and she knew it. After all, she had a big secret herself so who was she to have a hissy fit? …except her secret didn’t involve taking off at random and coming back stabbed, shot, or covered in mud. "If I don’t burn down this whole house trying to make dinner! Why don’t you just staaaaay? Please? You keep saying you want to quit that job." -08:42 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He paused, the handle of the case gripped loosely in his hand as he turned his head and looked at her. "These are not the kind of men you say no to twice." he said is his usual casual manner but his eyes showed a glimmer of worry before they managed to assune their usual expression. He was doing this for her, if it was just him he’d kill them all. "I wont be late this time, I promise." then he was heading for the door. Better to get the elaving over with. -08:59 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "All the more reason to quit?" He was so stubborn. So was she! Tessa followed him all the way to the door, debating whether or not she was going to jump on his back and MAKE him stay. But she didn’t want to cling on to him and admit just how much she hated being left behind in his big creepy ‘cabin’ out in the middle of nowhere. "Fine, go ahead and go. But then you owe me a backrub and… lasagna in the bathtub!" -09:04 Mar 07 Tessa
D: "No food in the bath." he said quickly. "You’ll get cramps." then he gave her the glimmr of a smile and opened his arms in a casual gestue. "You trust me right? Then let me do what I think is best." -09:45 Mar 07 D
Tessa: Trust. If he asked a few months ago, she would have shouted a big NO at him and tied him to a chair. But back then he was always late to shows, and now he always made an effort to come back on time. He made a lot of efforts for her. Tessa huffed, stealing the opportunity to hug him, and for a moment it seemed like she wasn’t going to let go. "Okay. I trust you. Just don’t come back half dead again." -09:50 Mar 07 Tessa
D: There was a checkle and his body moved against ehr with the sound. "I’ll do a proper job of it then this time. Try not to miss me too much when I’m gone." then his hand ran through her hair and he was moving away, a black streak moving to catch up. "No Chaya, you stay with Tessa this time. She needs someone to look after her." -09:53 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "I don’t need anyone to look after me." she pulled, but pulled away anyway. She was visibly sulking and making no pretenses to hide it. "Goodbye, D. ….C’mon Chaya, we’ll have something tasty and send dirty pictures to his phone while he’s gone." -09:57 Mar 07 Tessa
Tessa: Tessa tried to be patient, she really did. She tried all sorts of things to keep herself busy and distracted for several hours. From work, to playing with Chaya, to reading a book. The problem was that she just couldn’t concentrate. He was gone on another one of his mystery jobs, and she couldn’t help but worry if he was getting in to more trouble again. Would it be like that trip he had a bar fight and landed in jail? Or was she going to go downstairs and find him bleeding to death on the couch? "….UGH! I can’t do this!" She tossed her book aside and went stomping back downstairs. There was ONE way to find out. -10:13 Mar 07 Tessa
D: The guitar case lay open next to him as the sun set behind him. The target was there… finally. He hadn’t meant to take this long. The riflr in his hand was painted dark and matte. THe target was talkign on a phone and zoomed in D could see ever blemish of his skin. He held his creath to steady his aim. One more second and… -10:24 Mar 07 D
Tessa: Out of the cuppard it game. Wisely after the marriage-wish, she tucked it away where she wouldn’t accidentally wish for something else and make life a million times more awkward. THIS time she knew exactly what to use that wish for. She shook the damned thing without remorse. "I wish I knew where he was and what he does on his stupid secret jobs!" Tessa squeezed her eyes shut, expecting to wind up back in bed with D while he was in some cheesy uniform. …that isn’t what she got! "What on earth…" -10:30 Mar 07 Tessa
D: The shot rangs out and the target’s head exploded in a pink mist… then there was movement to his right. In an instant he has pulled the knife from his guitar andhad the intruder’s hair in a vice like grip and the blade against thier throat… "Fuck.." he didn’t think. Tessa wa here and there was only one thing to do. The dart was fire at point blank range onto her thigh adn then she was lifted over his shouder. All the evidence collected he fled the scene… he had enough time to get back to the mansion before Tessa woke up. -10:38 Mar 07 D
Tessa: When Tessa finally came around, her head was swimming and she was a bit groggy. She didn’t remember being in bed… She had been reading and getting frustrated. And she made a wish! Right? Tessa sat up quickly rubbing the top of her head, and feeling more than a little alarmed. She did make a wish, and was pretty sure there was a gun and D trying to knife her! -10:46 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He was sitting at the foot of the bed with a tray next to him. Then she started to move he handed her a steaming mug with a cookie on the saicer. "Drink, eat, it will take away the grogyness." his eyes didn’t leave her and this time he couldn’t hide the worry. -10:50 Mar 07 D
Tessa: She took it, only because she was too dumbfounded to leap off the bed screaming in hysterics. Holding the saucer, she opened and shut her mouth three time before she finnaly managed to spit out the words. "You SHOT somebody. …and the you shot me!" Oh yes, she definitely remembered that part because her thigh was sore as hell. "You were going to cut my throat..!" None of this was quite registering in her brain. -10:54 Mar 07 Tessa
D: "Not your throat." he said calmly. "Anyone else sneaking up on me, yes." he picked up his own mug and took a sip. "What were you doing following me? How long had you been watching?" -10:57 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "I wasn’t following you. You don’t get to ask the questions here! You just killed someone!" How could he just sit there calmly sipping chocolate? Murder was a federal offense. People didn’t just go around shooting people. …she took a sip from her own mug. If she didn’t she was going to throw it and start running, and that wasn’t going to answer her questions. "Why? Is that your other job? What kind of job is that..!" -11:02 Mar 07 Tessa
D: "It’s a job that if I don’t do then they will go after you. They proved that when you went to hospital." He didn’t take his eyes off her, his muscles tense and ready to react if she tried anything dumb and as added insurence he whistled makign Chaya jump on thr bad and try to be a lap cat for Tessa, pinning her down. -11:07 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "Chaya…" This wasn’t fair, she was being held captive by a panther. Huffing she shifted as best she could to set her mug and saucer down on the bedside table. Then she was trying to push Chaya off. When you discovered the person you love kills people you don’t want to be pinned to a bed by a giant housecat. "WHO would go after me? That guy was a burgler! Did you think I was never going to find out? You’ve been lying to me this whole time..!" -11:11 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He shook his head. "We used to be in a band together, he’s in the same line of work I am for the same people. They were setting an example." he cut himsef short. "I tried to quit, you know that. If they know you know they’ll try to kill you again so I couldn’t tell you. I don’t expect you to understand…" -11:31 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "Of course I don’t understand! All you had to do was tell me the truth, and we could fix it together. Didn’t you think I could protect you?" What a stupid stubborn idiot. Tessa managed to shove Chaya off her lap, then she crawled across the bed to the foot, where she proceeded to swat the hell out of D. "I’m not AFRAID of your stupid bosses, I don’t care who they are! You want to quit, so you’re going to quit. And if we have to kill them to do it then…. then that is just what we’re going to have to do!" Maybe it sounded a lot crazier when she said it out loud, but Tessa meant it. No one had ever treated her the way he had, or took care of her before. He was hers and no one was going to screw that up and get him killed. -11:45 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He grabbed her wrists and gently pushed her back. "Against assassins, yes, and youare afraid of them you just don’t know it’s them…" he bit his lips and thought. "Could you kill your own father?" he asked giving her a look. "The only parent you’ve ever known… maybe that’s why I don’t see anything wrong with the job… until you showed up." -11:51 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "I don’t care if they are assassins or mercenaries or bounty hunters or dragons. I’m not afraid of them." Father..? That gave her pause, though. Tessa examined his face, slowly relaxing her posture and stopping her struggling. "Your father, really? This is a family business?" She frowned and shook her head. "What did I do to make you stop?" -11:58 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He let g of her arms and shrugged. "If it’s just me I can go out and get knocked around no problem. I can take a bullet and sleep peacfully afterwards… with the right painkillers. Chaya is a big girl and can look after herself if I die, she knows to go to the doc where she’ll have a home but with you. If I die you’ll cry, and I alwasy hate seeing you cry." -12:07 Mar 08 D
Tessa: "Have you even seen me cry?" Tessa was sure she made sure no one had ever seen that! …he was kind of making her want to cry now. She scooted forward until she was crawling in to his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Well, I know now. And we know I can’t let you keep doing it because one day you won’t come back. And we know that if they know that I know then you are going to be afraid I’ll go out one day and never come back. We have to make it stop. …do you trust me?" -12:12 Mar 08 Tessa
D: He slowly closed his arms around her and sighed. The main danger seemed to be over. "Yes." he said finally. "But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you do anything stupid." he resed his chin on her shoulder and sighed again. "Besides i’mnot the only one with a secret." -12:20 Mar 08 D
Tessa: She stiffened for a split second, then forced herself to relax. He hadn’t noticed for this long, he couldn’t possible know. Tessa buried her face at his neck for a moment to get her expression under control, before she finally tilted back to frown at him. "I don’t have any secrets. I tell you everything you want to know all the time." -12:26 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "But not everythign I should know." he pointed out meeting her gaze. "I knew when someone is keeping something from me, it should show you how much I trust you that I havn’t asked what it is…" I big blac hre was shoved between them demanding attention and D sighed. "I think she’s hungry." -12:30 Mar 08 D
Tessa: She chewed on her bottom lip. Chaya provided the perfect distraction, which result in her petting Chaya’s massive head and avoiding eye contact. "Maybe it’s not something that needs to be known yet, because if it’s known you’ll change your mind. …and you shouldn’t change the subject!" -12:36 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "When chaya gets hungry it IS the subject. You should know that by now." he rolled his eyes and petted the creature. "And I’m stubborn, my mind doesnt change easily… now I think there’s a pork rump that is thawed enough for the hunger monsted before she decides we’re soft and tasty… Come on Chaya…" he stood. Tessa and all and started towards the kitchen, carrying her. -12:43 Mar 08 D
Tessa: She didn’t expect to be carried off too, which was good, because she probably would have tried to stomp after him and she didn’t trust herself to walk. Tessa wrapped her arms around his neck, half frowning and half pouting. "I meant changing it away from assassins stuff! We should be talking about how to get you out of it and not about me and my nonexistant secrets." -12:46 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "They’re very existant." he insisted heaving down the main staircase before depositing her in a kitchen chair and then reachign up to pop open the secret compartment behind the time next to the fridge and toss a bottle of antidote pills at her. "Take one of those I’ll make more tea." -12:51 Mar 08 D
Tessa: She blinked at the bottle, then popped off it’s lid to take one out. In to her mouth it went and she swallowed, leaving her making an awful, awful face. Tessa coughed and rest her elbows on the kitchen counter. "If they exist, then what are they? And you are avoiding the important discussion here! If you don’t want me to do something crazy, and trust me I will, you need to talk to me about it." -12:55 Mar 08 Tessa
D: A mug was placed in front of her and he say down before reachign up and pulling open the zipper of his jacket and shedding it to place on the back of a chair before walkign over to the fridge to pull out a hunk of meat to plave in the large steel dish on the floor. "I kill people, I have sor longer than I’ve known you. It’s payed for everything you see here, my dad is the boss. I think that covers all the bases other than if I try to quit they’ll kill you and if I try and kill them they’ll kill me THEN kill you… I made a deal with them that am long as I play nice they won’t kill you. I don’t want to lose you." -01:11 Mar 08 D
Tessa: Tessa huffed, picking up her mug to sip and drink. That got the icky taste out of her mouth. "But you’re not happy. You hate doing it… Tell me who your dad is, I bet I could talk some sense in to him." As his daughter-in-law! Then again, a professional hit man probably would not care so much about his son’s wife. Tessa was just confused by the whole thing. "…and if I can’t talk sense in to him I’ll kidnap him and MAKE him listen?" -01:16 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "Your ex boss." he said looking at her while washing his hands and drying them off before takign a seat. "Why do you think he never let you kick be out of the band? Because I was working for him when I was late. Your douchebag ex singerboy is longing for the chance to kill me by the way… I think they’s send him." -01:29 Mar 08 D
Tessa: Tessa nearly dropped her cup. The Label was his boss? Mister Big, threaten to kill her every time she screwed up or the band didn’t make an event, and slapped her ass every time she wore the short skirts? And to top it off, Jayce too…! Was -everyone- an assassin?! Tessa looked a little bit pale, but played it off. "That’s all? I’ve handled him and Jayce plenty of times. I can talk to him myself and tell him you’re mine now. If I have to, I’ll run assassins too! I restarted a label, I can manage hit men." -01:33 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "And how would that get us out of the game." he asked leaning forwards "No running hit men Tessa. I don’t want to be an assassin. I signed on with you to be a rock star." he too her hand in his and squeezed it. "And because you look great in a short skirt. and tank top." -01:41 Mar 08 D
Tessa: "Okay, I won’t manage hitmen. But I am going to do something about this, so you don’t have to do it anymore. " She tugged gus hand to pull him closer and leaned to kiss the tip of his nose. "I will take care of you. I promise." -01:44 Mar 08 Tessa
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 023: Old Habits

[D missed his concert, and for good reason. The coucks it covered with equal parts of drugged assassin and blood.] -09:09 Aug 29
[Tessa is furious. And worried. And furious for being worried! With an equally as edgy panther in tow!] -09:10 Aug 29
Tessa: Tessa ranted the entire way home from the cancelled concert. The poor man driving the van with both her and Chaya in the back had to listen the whole way. It contained quite a bit of cursing mixed in with "He always does this." and a little "But he was doing so good.." along with a few breaks of her pondering why he let loose Chaya again, when that could have been utter chaos at a concert. Still, even when she let herself and Chaya inside the house, Tessa was still ranting. "I might kill him! I’m sorry Chaya, no, I won’t kill him. I’ll just take his legs off and make him perform in a wheel chair. That should be great for publicity." -09:13 Aug 29 Tessa
D: It was like being drunk, but without the pleasantness, and then there was a bounding panther surging agead of Tessa and gently putting her front paws on the couch and lick D’s neck. A hand fell on Chaya’s shoulder and there was a groan. "Hey Chaya… feel like taking me to the doctor? I think I might actually need it this time." There was what could only be a gunshot wound in D’s shoulder. The jacket Tessa had made for the concert was ruined and the only thing D could think about where the lights dancing in his vision. "Did you bring Tessa?" -09:23 Aug 29 D
Tessa: This was not what she expected to walk in on. Maybe him passed out drunk, but… not bleeding all over the place! The corner of her mouth twitched as she moved silently to the couch, and as she sat down next to him, leaning to take a look at his shoulder, she was probably about as pale as death. Tessa was awful with blood, just awful, and here he was covered in the stuff and-"Bring TESSA? You should have sent her for a doctor or called an ambulance or something, you idiot!" Her oversized pursed was now in her lap and with shakey hands she was digging around in it. There was always something in here for an emergency. In this case she needed a first aid kit, something to beat him with, and her phone to call somebody! -09:27 Aug 29 Tessa
D: A hand came up to leave a bloody handprint on Tessa’s shoulder. "Home phone upstairs… speed dial 9… have I tld you how pretty you are?" the hand left her shoulder to swat at some of the lights, they were blocking Tessa’s face, his head turned as he swatted at the couch and then tried to use his other hand to pull himself up. "Chaya… you’re back…" the panther was headbutting D to push him back down. "Did you bring Tessa?" -09:35 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "Do you have ANY sense at all!" Tessa was straining to keep from shouting, it seemed he’d really not know the difference anyway! "Don’t let him move." She ordered the cat, then she was hopping up and climbing the stairs as quickly as she could. Calling for help first, then she’d find out what he got in to. Tessa snatched up the phone and hit the speed dial. It was no surprise to hear his special doctor’s voice on the other end. The Doctor was surprised to hear HERS though. "He’s SHOT, at least I’m pretty sure! What am I even supposed to do about that, I should be calling a hospital!" The Doctor, at least, was perfectly calm. "I am sure he’s dug the bullet out, but it seems to me that poison is the most likely culprit. You’ll need t-" "Poison! Why the hell would he be poisoned?!" "Likely because I bullet alone never does much good, now you need to-" "Who would even want to shoot him! No never mind, I want to shoot him right now myself but I don’t-" The Doctor finally just had to talk OVER Tessa’s rammbling. "MAKE SURE THE BULLET IS OUT… If it isn’t, take it out. Carefully, mind you. In the fridge there should be a hidden compartment in the back, just give it a press and you’ll find some vials or some such. You’ll want the one with the green label and make him drink that down. Clean and dress the wound, etcetera, etcetera. I should arrive in a few hours." Tessa was STILL raving even when the doctor hung up. Poison! Bullets? She trotted back down the stairs, feeling a bit like she was going to be sick! -09:51 Aug 29 Tessa
D: The bullet was NOT out. It was deep and D had tried but most of his strength was gone. Chaya was pying on top of him with her large paws on his chest and D was swiveling his head left and right truing to follow the dots. "I don’t feel so good." he said softly trying to see though the darkness shrowding his vision. I’m going to be sick…" and with a panther not allowing him to move there was nowhere for it to go but all over the couch, and him. -10:00 Aug 29 D
Tessa: Imagine her surprise to have found a secret stash of medical supplies right there in the fridge in a hidden compartment. Tessa didn’t have much time to ponder more on it. Which she returned to the couch he was bloody, vomitty mess. She was dying! She didn’t know what to do, her kind of handling emergencies was shaking a fist at assholes and throwing stuff! Tessa had to run back to the kitchen to fetch a wet towel, and resumed her bitching at him. It was the only way she could keep herself focused and not running around screaming. "You should have gone straight to a hospital. I am going to give you this stuff, like the doctor said, and if you throw it all up I’m going to hit you." Hrrm… First she dragged him to sit up and made with getting his coat and shirt off. She was going to have to check his shoulder for bullets anyway! Urg… so much blood. She was gonna be sick at this rate too! -10:09 Aug 29 Tessa
D: Suddenly he was sitting and his head flopped back against the couch, the vual had to be put to his lips and he swallowed before his head rose and he looked at her. "Tessa… sorry I can’t have sex now, my shoulder feels funny." he looked at her hands where they were on his shoulder. "Are you bleeding?" he was definately not very aware of what was going on. "You know it you’re hurt I know a doctor… want to have sex?" -10:14 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "Nobody is having any sex! Your stupid doctor is out of town and told me to perform SURGERY!" This is exactly why she didn’t take to nursing, being an EMT, or even volunteering. There was so much blood and she’d probably faint or something equally as dumb, and then he’d die and it’d be all her fault. Tessa was not very gentle at probing his shoulder, her hands were shaking too bad. Uuurg! Groooss! There was definitely something still in there… "How do you go and get yourself shot?! I mean seriously? On a concert day, too!" Tessa released him to snatch her kit out of her pure. She had some tweezers and scissors, and as long as he didn’t go squirming and she didn’t throw up, it could come out easy enough. -10:19 Aug 29 Tessa
D: D was smiling at her and a bloody hand moved up to her cheek. "I started it." he said. "But don’t worry… I’m still… you look nice when you’re worried, IIIIiiiiAAAH." there was a sharp pain in his shoulder as Tessa worked. "Remember when you were at the hospital… and I put the antidote in your sandwich… I want a sandwich." -10:24 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "…You put a what in my sammich?" Why the hell did she think this was cute. Or did think this was cute! She was terrified! Luckily he was too dumb-stupid-poisoned to see she was tearing up and near about to cry. Getting that bullet out was a little trickier than she anticipated. The blood was all slick and she couldn’t keep her hands steady. Tessa ended up having to press against his skin and pull at the same time, muttering "Sorry!Sorry!Sorry!" until she finally popped it out and quickly pressed a towel to the open wound. …she was really, really dizzy. And really pissed off. -10:29 Aug 29 Tessa
D: There was a scream as it came out and D’s head flopped back before he fell sideways back onto the couch. "I think I’m just going to sleep a while." he said closing his eyes. "My shoulder hurts…" his voice was barely a mumble. "I didn’t want to go tonight." -10:35 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "Where did you go? Something for your new job?" Tessa didn’t even know why she was asking, it wasn’t like he could answer her with anything understandable. She had no idea if this wound needed stitches… the doctor didn’t say anything about that, at least. She just used a wet towel to clean away the blood, and got busy laying down enough gauze and tape to keep it there. "Don’t sleep yet, I need to get you upstairs and clean." -10:39 Aug 29 Tessa
D: He took a deep breath and swallowed with his eyes closed. "Work… I don’t want this job." he put a hand on Chaya’s head who was tuggin at his shirt to try adn get him to move, or what was left of it anyway. "Chaya…" he said. "Go get Tessa… I need need… Tessa." he swallowed again before allowing himself to be pulled up, his eyes still closed. -10:50 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "If this is the kind of shit that happens at this job, I don’t think you need it that bad…" Tessa wasn’t sure why he took it back in the first place… Things were actually going very well for them! She was building a business and he was doing concerts, and really… it seemed that dumb job was where all the trouble came from! Tessa pulled his arm around her neck so she could bare his weight and help shuffle him up the stairs. Hopefully Chaya would catch them if they went tumbling backwards. "I’m right here, open your eyes before you trip the both of us!" -10:53 Aug 29 Tessa
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -11:49 Aug 29
[D will be here soon] -01:19 Aug 30
D: One step at a time his hands against the wall, blood moving through his system. "Black vial." he said. "Second tile up directly behind the knife rack…" he breathed before heaving again almost making them fall forwards. "Doctor…? Tessa… where is the doctor?" his eyes were open and at least he seemed to be more aware of himself and his surroundings. -02:09 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "I’ve already made you drink some vial stuff the doctor told me to give you. She will be here soon enough…" How many hidden compartments did he have in this house? For the moment, Tessa couldn’t be concerned with wondering why either. She got him up to the top of the stairs and fussed him down the hall. "I need to get you undressed and cleaned up. Then you can sleep until she gets here." -02:12 Aug 30 Tessa
D: He shook his head. "I can’t sleep. Once you get me sitting go and get that vial. It’s the same stuff I gave you when you got back from the hospital." He was not concerned with keeping her suspicions down, his life was at stake. "If I sleep I could not wake up…" -02:17 Aug 30 D
Tessa: That was plenty enough to say to keep her from asking more questions. He was probably already near dead from bleeding. Once or twice with a little shove from Chaya, Tessa got him to their room and had him sit in a chair. Better to keep him from falling asleep that way. "…WHICH knife rack! Why do you have so many blasted knives?!" -02:20 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "The one next to the toaster oven." he said Gripping the side of the chair. "There will be three vials and I need the one in the middle. Knock on the tile three times to open it and it will aitomatically close when you pull your hand out…" he looked down at his wound. "Chaya, I want you to keep an ear out, go with her." -02:24 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "Let me guess, we’re all going to get shot at! Then I’m going to be picking bullets out of Chaya too!" Tessa left as instructed, right back to the kitchen. She might have stayed and complained a bit longer, but this was better. She could sniffle where he couldn’t see it. Especially now that he seemed to be coming to his senses again. In the kitchen she was opening her second secret panel for the day. Looking baffled at the new set of viles and grabbing just the one. By the time she made her way back up stairs, she had wiped tears away from her eyes, which really only managed to smudged blood everywhere. -02:27 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "And ear out for the doctor." D called out after her. "You did call, didn’t you?" He waited for her return removing his shirt and bundling it up. "I liked this shirt." he muttered to himself before holding out his hand for the vial, popping the top, and downing the entire thing before shuddering. -02:33 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "Yes, I called her! And she told me to give you a vial out of your hidden fridge box and dig a bullet out of your stupid carcass!" He had no idea how much that upset her. It wasn’t like his other injury after he got himself stabbed, he was fine enough then, if not in pain. This was… a bloody mess! Growling under her breath, she disappeared in to the bathroom, returning with a fresh wet towel. She dropped it on to his head instead of hitting him with it, like she wanted to. Then Tessa was dropping to the floor on her knees and very crossly removing his boots. -02:37 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "I think I’m slightly too messed up for you to be stripping me." he said a flicker of a grin passing over his face. "Though really… if I didn’t know any better I’d think you loved me." he wiiped the blood away as best he could and then helped Tessa as best her could. He knew she was worried…he would have to tell her… some day… what had he already said? -02:40 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "I’d think that was obvious enough, you ass!" He couldn’t give her that stupid grin when he was like this! Sure, he was patched up and maybe less rambly sounding, but who knew how bad poison could be or how much blood he lost? Tessa slapped his hands away. "Stop moving and sit still, I have it. I don’t think you should work this other job any more. If this is the kind of stuff you get in to…" His boots out of the way, she went after his pants. He wasn’t getting in to bed a big bloody mess. -02:44 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "This was an accident." he said. "Some… clients got roudy and before you knew it things were point pair shaped. It won’t happen again. Besides with the extra money you can hold the biggest concert ever."" -02:50 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "You mean another great big concert you don’t show up to cause you’re DEAD?" An accident…! Tessa tugged off his pants and nearly strangled him with them. Instead she tossed them aside and snatched up that wet towel to clean up his face and the rest of him with. "If you think you need to make money to help me with the business, you don’t. I can make it work! I’m not gonna be able to make YOU work if you’re all dead somewhere!" -02:54 Aug 30 Tessa
D: He looked away. "Trust me Tessa, it’s better this way." he said quietly before looking back at her. "You do trust me right?" He caught the hand with the towel and looked into her eyes. "I need you to trust me. I know what I’m doing." he didn’t feel like he did. They knew he had been coming and it smelled of a setup. -02:57 Aug 30 D
Tessa: It was easier for her to be pissed off and shouty. At least then she was distracted from being terrified and confused about everything. But then he had to go and put the deep-eyes on her. Tessa silenced and swallowed. Having to take a deep breath before she could even speak. "I trust you. Not so much mystery bullets… What do you think I am gonna do if you end up dead somewhere? It’ll ruin my whole routine." Ruin her whole LIFE! Now she really was going to cry, apparently this could be a possibility and he wasn’t even telling her the whole story! -03:01 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "I’m not going to die." he said hooking his fingers around the back of her head and pulling her into a kiss. "Besides without me you’ll still have a kickass band, a mountain of contacts and a huge house." He kissed her again before using her shoulder to help himself stand, staggered and decided he was better off sitting. -03:06 Aug 30 D
Tessa: Kissing her was not going to fix everything! …maybe she felt slightly better. At least until he staggered and had to sit again. Tessa was back to huffing, swatting him gently with the towel and ressuming making sure there wasn’t any blood left on him. "It was fine when it was just you. Sit still, dammit! You’re not getting in to bed until you’re clean. Then -I- have to go get clean. If I have to tie you to the stupid chair to keep you out of trouble, I will." Tessa was back on her feet again, now furiously tackling his hair with the towel. What he needed was a real bath too, but she was a little worried he’d crack his head open at this rate. -03:11 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "You’re not going to get me clean this way." he complained "I have a rain in the shower I can hold onto and you hace splay me down and it will be over in seconds. Then you can fuss and snuggle as buch as you want." he was trying to stand again. "You can help me, and get more kisses, or… not" -03:15 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "You’re going to fall over and hit your head and DIE and leave me and Chaya here alone like a huge asshole!" As gently as possible she tried to keep him in the chair. …which just resulted in her sitting on him. She was already a mess anyway, she was just trying to get him cleaned up! "Stop being an ass and let me take care of you." -03:19 Aug 30 Tessa
D: An arm went across her shoulders and he closed his eyes. "It’s not that bad." he said. "Okay, fine it is. But I’m not going to die. The doctor will be here soon so we’ll do it your way until them." he sighed and lened his head on her shoulder. It would be ironic if she was out of town patching up one of the men who had done this. -03:24 Aug 30 D
Tessa: One arm around her, and all her resolve nearly broke. …well, it did, entirely broke! But at least she didn’t start sobbing like an idiot! Tessa dropped the towel and put her arms around him, careful of his patched up shoulder. She huffed again, nuzzling her nose against his head and stroking her fingers through his hair. "You’re always so difficult. You owe me so many cuddles. And dinner. A really good dinner." she mumbled. -03:29 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "With candles and music and sex afterwards. he whispered nuzzling just behind her ear. There ws no way to tell how long they had been there but in the early morning Chaya made a sound and D looked at the door, his reflexes slowed and eyes groggy again, the vial having worn off, but it was the doctor, ariving to take over. -03:34 Aug 30 D
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 023: Back to Work

[Tessa was fiiiiinally home! Weaaaaving around like she was drunk thanks to those silly pain meds. And eek! No poucing, Chaya, nooo!] -01:35 Aug 18
Tessa: Apparently she had been missed by a panther. Thankfully a quick squeak and her hands thrown up protected Tessa from getting knocked to the floor. Then D would have to carry her torn and bloody to bed. Tessa diiiiiid take a moment to clumsily kneel and give the kitty all the attention she wanted. "I’m sorry it took so long, Chaya. Your big papa was all paranoid about me bleeding to death…" -01:37 Aug 18 Tessa
[D caught Tessa and saved the day… or saves her fro,m nmore blood loss.] -01:40 Aug 18
D: "Big pappa had ever right to be worried." he said hooking a hand under Tessa’s ard and pulling her up to her feet to walk with her towards the kitched where he sat her down and opened a secret compartment behind a wall tile to pull out a bottle of pills that would clear her head like no tomorrow, then taking a glass and filling it with water he placed both in front of her. "Here ,take, drink, you’ll feel better." -01:43 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "And what is this…? I already took my pain meds, y’know, you go mixing these pills up and all kinds of crazy things happen. I should I know, I was that idiot mixing them up…" She took them anyway, though. He got banged up way more often than she did! Tessa sipped her water, occasionally leaning to give Chaya more pettings. "I’m sooooo glad to be back home, though. Now I can get back to work. Maybe it’s not too late to make some appointments.." The wheels in her head were already turning. She’d have to work twice as hard to make up for the days lost. -01:45 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "Drink the water and follow me, I have something to show you." he moved out of the kitchen and towards the stairs before mounting them and turning left away from the bedrooms and then stopped at a door outside of which a bench say like a waiting aries in a clinic, only make of carved wood and padded leather. "Tessa, for your concideration, you new office." he pushed open the door and waited, fully intenting to grab her butt as she moved past him. -01:50 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "I’M the boss around here." So bossy! It was cuuuuuute, but she kept the comment to herself. Her empty water glass was left on the counter and she trailed after him, too curious to really complain or put up a fuss. "I hope you didn’t scuff up my de-Ooooooohhh…!" Neeeew deeeeeesk. Hands out reaching, she was moving towards the desk like a moth to it’s doom. It actually LOOKED like an office! Not just everything shoved up in a corner with piles of paperwork everywhere! "This is mine…!" -01:54 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "Yes, it is." he said after getting his grope and following her in. That cabinet is actually a filing cabinet, all your information is in the computer and if you lean back the chair recines so you can relax…. and there is a basket for Chaya in the corner." he was happy with it, the room used to be a guest bedroom but this was Tessa’s coming home present. "Welcome home." -02:02 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "This chair isn’t being held together with duct tape…!" Tessa didn’t even notice a groping, she was so infatuated with the room. Hands first on the chair to twist and turn it. Swivels…! And the desk… that was real solid wood! "I have an office…" Ooooh, forget the desk. Tessa was across the floor as quickly as she could shuffle, grabbing his shirt and tugging him down hard for a kiss! -02:06 Aug 18 Tessa
D: The kiss surprised him and he gasped, there was not a girl alive that had gotten that reaction from him until now, but he recovered quickly and with a hand going to grip the hair in the bakc of her head he kissed back with bruising force perhaps trying to regain points lost by being surprised. "I’m glad you like it." he said, his lips still pressed against hers and curling into a smile. -02:20 Aug 18 D
Tessa: Kiiiiss, that was almost as good as her brand new, real and actual office. Tessa couldn’t help but grin, and was now bouncing slightly on her feet. Even if that met pecking kisses inbetween her pleased chirping. "I’ve never had a real office before… This is like… a real pro’s home office! An actual real music producer and manager…" Another kiss, yes, he deserved that! She’d forget all about him making her stay at the hospital a few days. -02:27 Aug 18 Tessa
D: He slid the hand down from her head to her shoulders and kissed her back. "Well you are a real professional and a pretty good one too." he wasn’t going to just sit there and take kisses either, so he nipped her lip and gave it a slight tug. "You should seriously try the seat though." he said, maybe because he wanted her opinion on it, and maybe because she was still medicated and hurt, and the tablet he had given her wouldn’t fight the drowsiness forever. -02:32 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "Best chair I will ever sit in right?" A giddy giggle slipped out, one she would blame on medication later! Tessa pulled herself away and gliiiided over to her new chair. She slooooowly sat down with all the regalness of a queen. It lasted about two seconds before she was leaning back and spinning in the damned thing. "Eeeeee…! And it actually feels good too! I could sit in this all day and not have to complain about my sore ass..!" -02:38 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "I guess I’ll have to make it sting then." he said stepping over and sitting in one of two chairs opposite her with a grin. Maybe he was asking to be chased out but he was happy she was back. -02:55 Aug 18 D
Tessa: Tessa stuck her tongue out at him, spinning once again in her chair. "Not gonna happen! I have a week’s worth of work to catch up on, I might just stay in this chair all weekend until it’s done." She stopped spinning, scooting herself up to the desk to straight things the way she liked and try a few very boss-like poses. "Do I look more intmidating than the old boss?" -02:58 Aug 18 Tessa
D: He leaned back to look at her, "No." D knew what the old boss was capable of, Tessa would have a scar for the rest of her life and D would be out killing people for his profit. "But you’re meant to look welcoming and friendly for clients anyway." he put his feet up on the desk and fonded his hand sover his stomach. "Right?" -03:02 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "If they end up anything like you, I need to be threatening now and then- Hey! No feet on my new desk!" Perfect brand new desk, his dirty feet was not going to scuff anything up. Tessa rose from her chair and scooted around the corner to pluck his feet up and drop them to the floor. "Now that I have an office, though, next time he wants to meet with me I can totally force him to come see me now! It’d be nice to see him squirm for once and threaten to sacrifice HIM to devils…" -03:08 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "If I know him… and I’m fairly certain I do… he won’t come, not to my house." he sounded almost bitter, so many ways a man could disappear here… folding his arms he looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Why do you want to meet with him anyway?" -03:12 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "To shove my success in his stupid asshole face. Why else?" D was glaring even more than usual. Tessa plopped on to his lap and brushed her fingers through his hair. "He was a pretty shitty boss. Probably the worse I ever had, although I guess at least he didn’t try to kill me. …Anyway, I’m glad you aren’t under his label anymore. I’m going to take care of you." -03:18 Aug 18 Tessa
D: He almost said ‘yes he did’ before he stopped himself and closed his eyes. "You have no idea how much of a shitty boss he can be." he said quietly, her fingers were nice but he wasn’t in the mood to admit it. "We take care of each other, that’s the way it works…" he said openeing one eye to smile at her. "Which is why I’m not making vorned beef sandwiches right now." -03:24 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "My first night home and you wanna make sammiches? I expect so much better!" He was sweet. Put together and office for her, took care of things… and her! He had no idea she was going to keep him forever. Tessa leaned to kiss his forehead and then the corner of his mouth. "I’m not that hungry anyway, at least not for food. We haven’t had real snuggles all week and you didn’t exactly fit in the hospital bed…" -03:31 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "Hey, I said I would in the taxi." he pointed out even as he rn a finger through her hair and returned her kiss by capturing her lips with his and flicking his tongue out against her lip. "You taste like moustard." he whispered. "That was a good sandwich." -03:36 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "Are sammiches all you can think about with a cute girl in your lap?" That was okay, she could be direct! Tessa was pretty sure her pain meds were going last for a few hours and she wanted to make good use of it! She leaned forward to press her mouth in to his and nibble it gently. "You could make another sammich, oooor… take off all my clothes, carry me to bed, and hmmm… do more than just grab my ass…" -03:39 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "Hey I make damn good sandwiches." he said his hand sliding down her back and pulling on her shirt. "And it makes you do wonderful things to try and distract me from them when I do so I’m just going to keep talking baout them to see what you do next." he was grinning wide and moving to trail a line of kisses down the side of her neck and then nip her shoulder. "And I prefer your cooch to your ass." -03:43 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "That might me the most romantic thing you’ve eeeeever said." Not romantic, but it made her giggle. A giggle she tried to hide by biting her lip and nuzzling in to his cheek. And now that her distraction was working, she put her hands to good use by trying to get his shirt off without breaking and kiss. -03:46 Aug 18 Tessa
D: He let her take his shirt, but at the same time pulled hers off. "I’m a regular E. A. Poe, aren’t I." he said before nibbling her bottom lip as his hand slipped down to rub her inner thigh through her pants, massaginf his finger tips in. -03:52 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "Suuuuuch a jerk, but I missed you…" And thank goodness for privacy! Tessa was grinning again as she braced her hands at either side of his head, then just buried her fingers in to his hair to tug his head back. Better. She kissed and nibbled, running her tongue over his mouth before nuzzling her nose against his jaw. "I really, really missed you…" -03:58 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "I mi…" he stopped and pulled away to look at his watch. On the face there was a symbol for a new message and he reached into his abck pocked to pull out his phone before carefully angling the screen so she couldn’t see it. "Shit, that’s work. Gotta go." he kissed her sheek and picked her up to place her on the floor then stood to pull her to him and press his lips into hers. "If you’re still awake when I get home we’ll see what happens." then with a slap on her butt her was turning to leave. -04:02 Aug 18 D
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 022: The Hit

[D is staying behind but like hell he’s going to let Tessa to into town alone with assassins threatening her, in fact he’s sending insurence.] -10:02 Aug 02
[D is now known as: Chatya] -10:02 Aug 02
[Chatya is now known as: Chaya] -10:02 Aug 02
[Tessa is a savvy music producer, who can freaking go in to town on her own! What is D so worked up about?] -10:03 Aug 02
Tessa: In fact, D had been a little… straaaange ever since she shot down that company trying to buy him off her. Ha! As if she’d let her star get away. But that wasn’t today’s issue. Today she was back at the apartment, packing up the last of her boxes to send to D’s "cabin" in the woods. She was totally going to claim a room for her official office! -10:05 Aug 02

in the alley outside her window there was activity. Hanging from a rope above her window, and when he heard her ender he swung out and crashed through the glass handing in his feet hard enough to make the floor shake. He was huge, large enough for his head to almost touch the celing and in fact his enterence had taken out fart of the window frame too. But he didn’t even blink, getting in between her and the door he grinned. “Well isn’t this a surprise?” -Chaya

Tessa: "Hey! Goddammit, I have to pay for that!" Crap, did he have any idea how much windows cost? There was already wall damages she was going to have to take out of her depo- And then it registered that it was probably some kind of break in and Tessa nearly laughed. "…if you’re trying to steal stuff, you’re a little bit late. Not that I had any valuable stuff in the first place. …and you are NOT getting my coat." Hold on, she had a can of hair spray in this box, that’d take care of him. -10:13 Aug 02

the man chuckled. “Just my luck, I break in when everything’s already cleaned out AND the owner is home. There is still one thing here I could want…” his eyes wondered down her coat to the V forned by the cut of her pants and a smirk spread across his face. “If you don’t fight… I might let you go afterwards.” he wouldn’t… and he would fight but that would just make it more fun. -Chaya

Tessa: "And I bet that works on all the ladies, huh." Sick! Tessa thought thieves had more class than that. Usually it was the drunk assholes behind the bars. She managed to find that bottle of hair spray and stood, digging her phone out of her coat pocket to call the police. He was blocking the door now, but she could probably jump out on to the fire escape. "Well, if you’re going to get all attacky come and get me. I have a meeting this afternoon an I don’t want to spend all day talking to cops so– Oh, Hi! I need to report a robbery!" She mumbled in to the phone when a voice picked up. -10:25 Aug 02

BAM! As she was distracted with her phone a meaty fist pounded into her face, the phone was grabbed and crushed like an empty can. “Bad move.” he growled and there was a flash of steel and a second later blood sprayed the walls. “Oops, sorry about the coat. Guess I’m going to have to take it off of you.” there was a guffaw and his hand took hold of her coat and tugged, popping a couple of buttons off of the bloodied fabric. -Chaya

Tessa: That wasn’t the first time she took a punch, but it was definitely the first time someone hit her hard enough to be considered struck stupid. Nor realize what was happening until bits of her very expensive phone and shiny buttons were hitting the floor. "..sonofafuck..!!" The phrase came out more like a squeaky gasp as she flailed, finally thinking to aim for the eyes and fire off her hairspray in his face. Then it was an immediate bolt the window- door- window- No, definitely door! -10:35 Aug 02
Chaya: As Tessa passed through the door a black bullet with green eyes thendered past her and leapt with a ssnarl and that was followed by a screa as claws dug into flesh and teech into neck. Then Chaya dropped to the floor and bit and ankle, pulling it out from under the man and making him fall to the floor and when she let go bone was visible. -10:38 Aug 02
Tessa: She hit the wall in the hallway, with every intention of running her way right out the building. But black fuzzball? "Chaya? Aw, nooo! My deposit…" Urg, the hallway was spinning. And earthquake on top of everything else? What bad luck… and where did all this blood come from? Chaya was a messy eater. Tessa tried to smooth her coat as she slid to the floor, looking a bit confused at the blood on her hand. -10:43 Aug 02
Chaya: The large shape of the man limped past Tessa swearing and collapsing several times as the panther padded abck into the hallway and butter her head into Tessa, pushing her to get up. There was a whine and another nudge. The panther had attacked someone and couldn’t wait around for the authorities. -10:49 Aug 02
Tessa: "Hold on, I got it…" It being her phone. Tessa was patting her coat again, this time looking for her phone until she slowly, too slowly realized that was a crushed bunch of wires and screws. "….you should have ripped his head off! All my contacts!" Tessa fussed at the cat, but shifted on to her feet and shuffled back in to the apartment. "Phone, where is that other phone, Chaya." -10:52 Aug 02
Chaya: The panther padded after her placing herself under her hand to steady her as she moved adn then seeing the phone pushed it with a paw before nudginf Tessa into a chair and then sitting nearby, ready to escape down the fire escape. -11:01 Aug 02
Tessa: Chairs were just appearing out of nowhere! When did she sit down? Baaahh… Tessa was cursing to herself as she tried to dial the numbers. She was meaning to call the cops or maybe an ambulance, but clearly her subconcious thought speedialing D was a better idea. She looked confused at his voice, but wait, this was good! "Oh no hum.. meant to call teh ambulance, but you are good. Uuuum… I need to cancel my appoint with whasshissname and my phone is on the floor over there. Over here. This is ridiculous I can’t think likes this, Chaaaayaaaaa I need a bandaid…" Tessa didn’t even remember getting stabbed but this blood was clearly hers cause everything was spinning and that was bloodloss right? The phone fell away from her ear and she might have dropped it on the floor while she fussed with taking her coat off. Where the hell was she bleeding..? -11:08 Aug 02
[D enters.] -11:12 Aug 02
D: It was a couple hours later in the hospital that D was sitting his his hand on Tessa’s he had made the calls he had needed to and now no one was going to try adn kill Tessa. He had given in, submitted and taken back his second job, even if he didn’t need the money of the thrill he needed her. -11:13 Aug 02
Tessa: Where was that bandaid and why did Chaya sound like a beepy thing. It felt like only a split second had passed, but when she opened her eyes she wasn’t in the apartment. Instead it was the pale walls of a hospital room and she was tugged away in bed. And there was D! Plenty enough reason for her to sigh and close her eyes again. "Chaya over did the bandaids I guess. I only needed one…" -11:15 Aug 02
D: He squeeze her hand. "You had a three inch deep stab wound." he said. "You would have bled to deat if I hadn’t have called the hostital." he wouldn’t even tell her it had been poisoned, that wouls only worry her. "I’m glad you’re okay now though. You’ll be able to come home with me." -11:21 Aug 02
Tessa: "What a pervbags… only freaks get off on dying girls." she muttered, not seeming concerned about it at all. Everything felt a bit in slow motion and she didn’t feel hurty, so it must have been some pretty awesome painkillers. …he looked so worried! Tessa smiled at him. "Takes more than that to kill me, no one’s succeeded yet. Missed my appointments though…" -11:26 Aug 02
[(Timeout) Chaya got too distracted for their own good…] -11:33 Aug 02
D: "I rescheduled them from your new office." he said entwining his fingers with hers. "Day after tomorrow, same times, and band rehersal is moved to Saterday." -11:37 Aug 02
Tessa: "-After- tomorrow? I don’t think we need to delay everything an extra day." She squeezed his hand to reassure him and then she was fussing to sit up. "In fact, I feel totally fine. If it’s not too late I can probably get some stuff done today. Ugh… like buy a new phone! That guy had crazy giant hands." OOh! Tessa winced. She couldn’t feel everything before, but she sure as hell felt it now. Her other hand reached up to gently poke at her cheek. That had to be a bruuuiiise. -11:41 Aug 02
D: He placed a hand on her chest and pushed her back into hed. "You need the rest, trust me I’ve been stabbed plenty of times." he gave her a grin and then stood. "Going to grab a sandwich from the machine, do you want anything or….?" he paused at the door glancing back at her. "If you’re not lying back when I get back I’m going to strap you down… and not in the fun way." -11:45 Aug 02
Tessa: "There’s a FUN way to strap someone down?" Intested piqued… but she didn’t look too happy about having to stay in bed. "It’s not one of your sandwiches, it’s not worth it. Can’t we just head home now? I just need my clothes and-" Oh crap…! She wasn’t wearing that ring! Did the nurses take it when they took her clothes? -11:48 Aug 02
[D is in a hospital, he hates hospitals.] -10:36 Aug 06
[Tessa also hates hospitals. If only because she’s been stuck in a bed for TWO WHOLE DAYS and ALL THE WORK SHE COULD BE DOING! ;__; This is tooooooortuuuuuuure!] -10:37 Aug 06
Tessa: "I’m dyyyyyyyiiiiiiiing…." It might have been the five thousandth time she’s said it. Sulking because there was so much she should be doing around town, and none of it was getting done there in a bed. Her only solace was the fact D somehow always found a way back in to the room even when nurses were fussing him away, and she hadn’t quite figured out how he was getting in through the window! -10:39 Aug 06
D: Think of the devil, D rounded the door frame with a half eaten sandwich in his hand and a still wrapped one i his other hand which he tossed one Tessa’s bed. "Fresh from home." he said chewing on the corned beef. "Speaking of, that’s where you’re going. Get up." he swallowed and grinned. "I convinced the doctors that you would be better off away from the stress of being away from work… speaking of…" he reached into his pocked and pulled out a brand new phone, with all Tessa’s old contachs salvaged from the memory of the old one. "Catch." -10:44 Aug 06
Tessa: Tessa didn’t even try to catch the sandwhich. That landed on the bed with a thump, followed by her long over dramatic sigh of aaaaanguish. The phone on the other hand, had her jumping up like a rabbit to catch it, and that game with a hiss of pain and immediate regret! Of course, SHE thought she was plenty fine, but stitches were awful things. "You are my love and my heaven and my everything!" Phoooone, she was already flipping through the contacts to make sure everything was there like it should be. She might have even been talking to the phone. -10:47 Aug 06
D: D sat on the corner of the bed and took another bite of sandwich. "Good thing I’m not the jealous type." he comemnted shooting the phone a glare before grinning slightly to let the girl know he was teasing. "Come on, I know you in a hospital gown gives me easy access but you need decent food, and you need to get back to the panther. She misses you." -11:01 Aug 06
Tessa: "Just Chaya, huh, mister hang around here twenty four hours a day?" Oh no, he wasn’t allowed to sit, he said she could leave! Tessa was already trying to ease her way out of bed without jostling those stupid stitches too much. And since he mentioned it, she was trying to make sure he didn’t get a peep of her backside either. Just out of spite. "I just have to get dressed and make sure nobody lost my… stuff." -11:08 Aug 06
D: He reached into his jacket and pulled out a plastic-wrapped shirt for Tessa since her old one had been ruined by the blood. "You stuff should already be next to your bed in the cabinet." He was grinning wide now, Tessa would have to furn away from him and bend over to retrieve them. -11:23 Aug 06
Tessa: "Thaaaank you." Hrmph… She was so caught up thinking about how she was going to pull out that ring and slip it back on her finger, she forgot about her behind. She was already leaning carefully over to dig her things out, caaaarefully looking through it and keeping her back to him so she could stuff the ring back on her finger without him seeing. "You should wipe that look off your face! I’m surprised you didn’t take me to your special doctor lady." -11:26 Aug 06
D: "I wouldn’t have gotten to you in time." he said shrugging. "I called an ambulance as soon as you called me and told them where to find you. Besides she doesn’t like people staying for extended treatement." there was no way in hell he was wiping the look off his face. In face Tessa was lucky she didn’t get a slap on the ass, in fact she wasn’t lucky. The sound on hand hitting skin filled the room! -11:31 Aug 06
Tessa: There was a very loud squeal, a groan that continued even as she fell on to the bed clutching her side… and then some very angry growling! "You aaassssss! Why would I- even want mar- you big jerk-!" Every few words she smacked him with her pants and he deserved every hit! -11:40 Aug 06
D: He stepped back out of her reach a shit eating grin. "It was there, I went for it. It’s how I say I missed you." he winked at her and then pushed the last of his snadwich into his mouth and started chewing. "I got you a phone, and all your old contacts. Be grateful." -11:49 Aug 06
Tessa: "That’s the worst excuse ever, D." She was still scowling at him, scooting across the bed to the opposite site so she could shimmy in to her pants. The shirt wasn’t so easy to put on, and she stood there wrestling with it for several moments, unable to lift her arms too high before she huffed in defeat. "I can’t get my shirt on…" -11:56 Aug 06
D: "I don’t really need an excuse though." he said with another grin before reaching out and helping her pull her arms through the shirt holes one at a time before leaning over and kissing her cheek. "It’s okay, I’ve been stabbed quite a few times. I know what it’s like." then he reached out and picked up her sandwich. "Want this or can I have round 2?" -12:13 Aug 07
Tessa: She reached out and snatched that sandwhich out of his hand. The only thing almost as precious as a new phone was his home made food. This sandwich was hers! "Mine. And why have you been stabbed so often? Or is it that big dumb mouth of yours getting you in trouble? I have every intention of eating it, I just want to get home and be in our own bed without nosey nurses and beepy things…" -12:16 Aug 07
D: He just grinned at her. "You can’t just jump into the middle of my life and expect to know everything Tessa." he said. "Is it really that unbelievable with all the fights I get into?" he looked at the sandwich and frowned. ‘If you’re going to eat it at home anyway I could make you a fresh one, or two…" -12:23 Aug 07
Tessa: "I’ll eat it on the way home, if you’ll stop teasing me long enough to get me oooout of here." Clothes, check! Tessa had already mourned her shirt and very nice coat. Shoes! With the sandwich in one hand and her new phone in the other, she tried to slip on her shoes just by balancing. That too ended with a huff. "This week is going to be impossible… I might actually have to not go anywhere. How am I supposed to managed your next concert like this?" -12:28 Aug 07
D: He sat her down and put her shoes on her feet before standign again and heading for the door. "By being you. I’m pretty sure loving both your legs and arms and tongue wouldn’t stop you doing what you like doing. Which is why for your safety and the safety of this hospital it’s time to get you home." -12:32 Aug 07
Tessa: "My safety and the health of this hospital…" That made her grin. It was for the best, cause she was definitely going to go insane if they didn’t. It’d be her climbing out of windows instead of him in to them. Tessa was up and following him, latching on to his hand and subtly checking to see if his ring was still there. He had to be the most unobservant guy in the universe… Tessa wondered what they said about her name when they checked her in! "I’m glad you’re taking me home, regardless. I miss our bed and your giant kitchen…" -12:36 Aug 07
D: "You make it sound like you wanted to wreck the hospital in your bordom." he said before he puther the elevator call button and then stepped in as the doors chimed open. "I have a suprise for you when we get there too." -12:43 Aug 07
Tessa: "Miiiight have wrecked the hospital. When I was a volunteer at one, there were a few.. uhm… Nevermind that! What is the surprise?" Tessa hooked her arm with his, now taking the time to unwrap her sandwich and take a bite. Sooooo much better than hospital food. She was so glad to be going home. -12:48 Aug 07
D: "A suprise." he said glancing at her. Of course he wasn’t going to tell her, he was going to let her wonder. "Here, I payed this cab to wait for us, won’t be long until I get my second sandwich." -12:55 Aug 07
Tessa: "And how are you getting the money to pay for all of this anyway? Hrmm… I don’t even have insurance to cover hospital bills." That had her pausing to think on it a minute, how she was going to re-route money to pay those off. She couldn’t take money out of his concert funding, she needed that to book the venus and get new equiptment! Another bite of the sammich. -01:00 Aug 07
D: "The usual way." he said leaning back in the cab and looking out the window. "Don’t worry about it, it’s covered." That was one thing he had managed to get on the agreement. ‘Damages’ caused by the bossman’s men would be covered. Good thing the final part of the antidote that owuld let her wound head without the poison was in her sandwich. -01:06 Aug 07
Tessa: "That sounds like the D has a job way." Tessa was a bit irked by that, but not sure why. ….wait, she knew exactly why. He was going to be gone to mysterious places all the time and not hanging around her all day. Which… kind of sucked. She had gotten used to him, and he was hers… "It’s not going to interfere with things will it? Like, um, concerts, and meetings, and… dammit. With ME time? Who is going to make me dinner and curl up in bed with me? And don’t say Chaya, she’s not the same!" -01:10 Aug 07
D: "Chaya can’t cook," He teased looking at her. "You’re too clever for your own good. No it won’t interfere with concerts, or meetings, of sex with Tessa time. And I’ll always be around to cook, and if I can’t I’ll let you know ahead of time." He took her hand in his and went back to looking out the window. -01:17 Aug 07
Tessa: "And you promise? Because I have every intention of hunting you down and dragging you home by the ears if you don’t. I’m pretty sure Chaya knows how to." She squeezed his hand, nibbling on her sammich and far more intent on watching him than looking out the window. He had been weird like this since she woke up in the hospital. Maybe not completely weird, it just… something seemed weird. Tessa decided it had to be the medication making her head all fuzzy. She rest her head on his shoulder. "Better not interfere with sex with Tessa time…" -01:22 Aug 07
D: "Chaya would follow my commands over yours." he said looking at her reflecting in the window instead of looking at her directly. "And if anything inferferes with se with Tessa time it will go the same way as her exes." he glanced at her and thenran his hand over the stubble on his chin, then he glanced at her hand. -01:28 Aug 07
Tessa: "Which one? The one you beat up, the one Chaya scared away, or the one I punched in the face?" Bleh, Jayce… he was the one that kind of made her mad the most. Tessa sighed. "Maybe she won’t come with me, but I’ll definitely have a huge fit and scour the city for you. I won’t even waste time blowing up your phone." -01:32 Aug 07
D: "I think we make a good enough team to get rib of all obstacles, no matter what they are." he said, grinning. "And if I disappear, you probably shouldn’t come looking for me, and Chaya should." -01:42 Aug 07
Tessa: "See, now you’re just trying to be contrary on purpose. No Chaya hunting you down, and now yes, totally Chaya hunting you down." Tessa leaned closer until she could kiss his cheek. "How about we skip all that all together and you just stay with me. You don’t have to do that other job so long as the concerts keep going well…" -01:51 Aug 07
D: "I simply said that she would listen to me over you, not that she shouldn’t look for me." he said giving her a look. "And yes I do, trust me." he winked at her and squeezed her hand. "Don’t get pouty just because I won’t spend every second with you… you work so much you’ll hardly notice it." -01:56 Aug 07
Tessa: "It’s your own fault, you know. You’ve been with me almost every minute for days. And before that you’ve been with me all the time for months… It’s going to be weird not having you lurking around all the time. And that cabin is huge." Tessa was definitely pouting and knew it was ridiculous. She survived perfectly fine going out every day working, most of the time without him. So why would it be any different now? Aside from him randomly coming back beat up or something. "I guess I’m being over dramatic…" -01:59 Aug 07
D: "You are beign dramatic, adn I’m the one that goes on stage." he was teaasing her again. "You’ll have Chaya and y… oops, almost gave the suprise away." he grinned and then looked out the window. "We’re almost there anyway so you don’t have to wait long." -02:04 Aug 07
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 021: Homecoming

[D is getting home and is in a strange mood. A strange mood tha can only end one way.] -01:45 Oct 26
[Tessa loves to travel, but is kind of glad to be back home in a familiar place. Even if that place is new and doesn’t have all her stuff in it yet. What the hell does D DO to afford this place?] -01:46 Oct 26
Tessa: The moment Tessa was through the door, she was pulling off her shoes and dropping them aside. Off went her jacket on to a chair and her giant purse dropped in to the seat. The same habits she had in her apartment, only this time the house was too big and was likely going to forget where she left those things. And despite being back from a business trip, she was thinking about work… and how her desk and most of ther things were still at the apartment. "Hmm… blast it, I need my shoes back on…" -01:54 Oct 26
D: He entered after her and without saying a word dumped his bag and guitar down and scooped her up in his arms brodal style and started walking. "No you don’t." he corrected and started heading up the stairs. "We just got home and…" he had to put her down quckly before a black blur collided with then and they were greeted my a very happy panther that once they were almost knocked voer wenyt bounding off in the opposite direction all legs and flailing tail. -02:00 Oct 26
Tessa: "Hey! Wait..!" It wasn’t clear if she were talking to him, or the giant ball of fluff that collided with them. She was not going to get used to a toothy affectionate panther! Now derailed with momentary snuggles, Tessa was trying to remember what she was after. "I miss you too, Chaya… oh right, I know we did, but my computer and most of my paperwork and the rest of my clothes are at the apartment. A boss needs her stuff!" -02:06 Oct 26
D: You’re not a boss today." he said. "You’re a girlfriend." he took her hand and started back up the stairs. "We need to talk. And I want a little time with you before the world finds out we’re back." -02:09 Oct 26
Tessa: She couldn’t help the grin that popped out. Girlfriend…! One little trip and now they were an actual item. No more Tessa-wishes of awkward ill-timed moments. "And what’s so important that we need to talk about it straight away? Going to tell me your inner secrets, D?" -02:13 Oct 26
D: "Not just yet." he said with a chuckle leading her into the main bedroom and letting go of her hand and quickly closig the door to panther proof the room. "I jast wanted to get you alone." he pulled off one bohen the other before taking her hand and walking over to sit on the edge of the bed. "I’just want to bask in that you’re my girlfriend." -02:18 Oct 26
Tessa: "Oh…!" Tessa almost asked him if this was a trap. Some sneaky way to distract her from something. Or maybe push her out a window, or hide another woman in his closet. But that wasn’t D. And she had no idea why he made her so flustered when she had gone through the boyfriend motions a dozen times already! Wait, did -any- or her exboyfriends say nice things like that? "If you’re not careful I’m going to get all crazy ego goddess girlfriend or something!" -02:26 Oct 26
D: "Then I’ll ask you to sing and see you clush all over again." he grinned and pulled her down to sit next next to him and put an arm around her. "You shouldn’t keep that hidden. Well, not form me anyway." he leaned in and kissed her cheek. "I’ll kill anyone else who hears it if that makes you feel better." -02:31 Oct 26
Tessa: "It’s really not that great, D. One of a billion things Tessa Thorn is not a genius at." She was trying to imagine him attempting to kill anyone that heard her sing. The whole image of ridiculous and made her loud out loud. Tessa finally just threw her arms around his neck and nuzzled his cheek. "I’ll settle for one dead person, and I pick Jayce oooor one of my old bosses!" -02:35 Oct 26
D: "Careful who you make deals with Tessa. I may be the devil in disguise." He kissd the tip of her nose before simplifying things and pulling her into his lap. "But I would kill Jayce for free if it were that easy." -02:40 Oct 26
Tessa: "So I guess D stands for Devil, then? Maybe I should reconsider moving in to your big fancy house…" This was way too comfortable, and he was nice and warm. He was too good at distracting her from stuff she needed to get done. …and she was doing a terrible job of being firm about it! "I really should get my stuff and turn in my key. No sense in paying for the place when I can put that money in to your shows." -02:44 Oct 26
D: "Tomorow." he said. "We already got back late and I’m very comfortable." he kissed the corner of her mouth softly. "Tomorow and you can bring your worldly posessions into my secluses mannor and I can have you all to myself to do whatever I please." he was grinning and nuzzling into her. "I’ve already set aside and office havn’t I? And you can get the band to help load." -02:48 Oct 26
Tessa: "I won’t need any help, I’ll just rent a truck." So much for being insistant. Tessa was smiling as she closed her eyes and caved. She curled her arms tighter around him and buried her face at his neck. He always smelled so good! "Okay, tomorrow. If you tell me what the master of the house pleases himself to do?" That didn’t come out right, and she giggled. -02:53 Oct 26
D: He slowly brushed the hair away form her ear letting his fingers trail against her skin and whispered. "I love how you made that sound." he leaned in closer. "And I love you." he ran his hand though her hair and then kissed the corner of her mouth again. "I think I’ll just do what boyfriends a girlfriends do then they’re alone in the bedroom together." -03:02 Oct 26
Tessa: "Read books and sleep?" she was teasing, and not doing such a great job at it. He always had her toes curling when he spoke so softly and throwing love in the mix… she was done in! Tessa leaned in to steal a kiss, brushing her mouth over his with a soft sigh. -03:10 Oct 26
D: He snaked an arm around her and stood to dump her onto the bed on her back and kissed her from above running a hand down her side and then back up pushing her shirt up as it went, then he pulled away. "If that’s what you want to do, fine by me." -03:14 Oct 26
Tessa: Tessa laughed, leaning up on her elbows to cast him a wide, almost wicked grin. "I don’t have a book at the moment! Maybe you have something else I can pretend to read?" -03:16 Oct 26
D: "My mind." h answered quickly. "Tell me what I’m thinking." he ran a hand down the side of her face and kissed her cheek settling on his side next to her and tangling his legs with hers. -03:20 Oct 26
Tessa: "Wait, I’m good at this game, kinda." She reached out to pluck at his shirt, glancing up towards the ceiling as she pretending to give it some serious consideration. "You are thinking… about giving me a sneak peak of your song. That’s definitely it." -03:29 Oct 26
D: He chuckled. "If you get me Wedley Stadium sold out for a concert, then maybe…" he nipped her lip and ran his hand though her hair "A song before it’s done is fragile. Sharing inly a part of it before it’s done would affect the final form it takes. You’ll hear it soon though." he pushed her onto her back and brushed his lips against hers. "Even if I’ve been working on it longer than we’ve been living in the sane appartment." -03:46 Oct 26
Tessa: That gave her a look of surprise. Curiously, she plucked at his shirt again. "You’ve been working on a song for me that long…?" She was impatient to hear the song, and he’d been working on it that long? -03:50 Oct 26
D: He grinned and kissed her forehead before placing his hand on her side under her top and sliding it slowly up and down. "Yes, that long. I wanted it to be perfect, and to play it when he was there to get up his nose, but we don’t need to do that part anymore." it was actually ready but he was still waiting for the right moment, when she wasn’t expecting it. "The perfect song, for the girl who I wasn’t expecting." -03:54 Oct 26
Tessa: Warm hands, and even better, a man’s plot to piss off a girl’s boyfriend. Tessa laughed all over again! "You’re weird… you surprise me. Not like anybody I’ve ever met… I do really love you, D." -03:59 Oct 26
D: That decleration hearned her a long slow kiss and his hands sliding around to pull her top up to her armpits and then slide down her chest and over her stomach to pull on her waistline. "Maybe one day you’ll find out just how wierd I am Tessa." -04:02 Oct 26
Tessa: She squirmed a bit and her breath caught when he ran over a ticklish spot. But she had that under control and was tugging at his shirt again. It was only fair if she got a little skin too. "I’m not sure how you’re gonna top keeping a panther like a house cat… that’s pretty weird." -04:07 Oct 26
D: "Chaya is adorable." he said caving and pullin off his shirt, then relieving her of hers completely. "And maybe I will." he leaned over t kiss slowly across her collarbone his hand moving in small circles over her stomach. "I’m more interested in you right now anyway." -04:12 Oct 26
Tessa: Better. Now she was running her hands over his chest, exploring his skin and ever so often brushing her fingers over the scars. He had so many of them… instead of asking about those, though, she brushed her fingers over his tattoo. "What did you get this for? I never did ask…" -04:15 Oct 26
D: "It’s a decition, a promise." he said "And will remain a mystery for now since it’s a long story and will break the mood." he brushed his lips against her agains before pushing then home and sliding his ahnd from her stomach up to kneed her breast. "And I like this mood he wave going." -04:18 Oct 26
Tessa: "I have a mysterious boyfriend…" He had no idea how curious she could get about these things. …but he was lucky that for the moment she was thuroughly distracted from asking any further questions about it. Her back bent, pressing her hips up in to his, and she was digging a hand in to his hair and capture his head to pull him back down for another kiss. A nip of her teeth was his reward. She liked where this mood was headed too! -04:24 Oct 26
D: He poped open her putton and slid the zip down to pull the cloth down and expose her hip to trail his fingers along it. "I have a wonderfly sweet girlfriend." he ran the tip of his tongue over her bottom lip and sighed pushign her pants further down her legs leaving her in her underwear. -04:29 Oct 26
Tessa: She giggled again, almost asking him to say more sweet things. …but then she wouldn’t be able to kiss him! Softly running her fingertips through the hair at the nap of his neck, she was capturing his mouth in deep kiss. Nibbling on his lip before sucking on it gently. She could feel the heat of his skin even where they weren’t touching, and it was divine…! -04:39 Oct 26
[(Timeout) Tessa doesn’t post enough.] -04:56 Oct 26
D: He undid his own pants and slid then down too, tit for tat. Tilting his head he slipped his tongue between her lips and slid it across the inside of her lip As he moved to press their chests and sides together resting his wieght on top of her. His hand slid up her thing and hip glising softly over her thigh and then disappeared into her hair. Then he was pulling away and smiling. "You really do make this special, you know that." -04:56 Oct 26
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 020: Sing

[D i]has just been kidnapped from fangirls and escaped, then rescues Tessa from then as she was trying to rescue her. Now he wants his date.] -06:04 Oct 05
[Tessa wishes she didn’t fail karate cause she totally could have used it on those girls. But who has a date with D now, witches? Bwahaha!] -06:05 Oct 05
Tessa: A date with D. An actual, boyfriend-girlfriend for real and official date. …y’know without that whole accidentally married secret she had hanging over her head! Didn’t matter. Tessa was thrilled, but trying to contain it. Maintain business-like expression. Be cooool. No squealing… When she stepped out of the bathroom perfectly dressed, she managed to get just the right smile! -06:15 Oct 05
D: He was sitting on the bed having just gotten done lacing up his boots and grinned at her all to wide to contain any pretence of innocence. "So does my girlfriend know where we’re going?" he asked using the title on purpose and standing to hold out his hand towards her. Just because he hadn’t been on that many actual non drunket tailchasing dates didn’t mean he didn’t know how to tread a girl. "That outfit is going to make it hard to heave the hotel room, we should do it quicly before we get distracted." -06:20 Oct 05
Tessa: "Let me guess, where would soon to be famous rockstar D take a date… Strip club bar?" Tessa was teasing, and it was obvious by the way she couldn’t hold the expression. In an instant she was grinning wide and taking his hand. She could actually hold his hand and not pretend like she didn’t want to! -06:27 Oct 05
D: He squeezed her hand and opened the door. "If you want to go somewhere like that and get a lapdance I can’t guarentee I wouldn’t rip a stripped from your lap and take that bombo’s place." he teased back before closing the door and heading for the evit keeping an eye out for any more crazy girls. -06:29 Oct 05
Tessa: "I have the worse image of you in a stripper’s bikini with little sparklie stars over your boobs, thanks." It was horrible, but making her grin wider all the same. Tessa had completely forgotten about the rabid girls now. …well, maybe not completely. Once they neared the elevator she suddenly remembered. Yeah, maybe she should get a weapon for future fangirl incidents… "Do -you- have better ideas, then? There is always the hotel lobby. This place is ridiculously posh…" -06:35 Oct 05
D: "I have a table resurved at a place nearby." he said sticking his tongue our at her. "And please don’t ever think of me with boobs again. This is not the 70s." he pressed the elevator call button and stepped in with her pressing the button foer the lobbym then he wrapped his arms around her and placed a kiss in her cheek. "It’s nice being able to do this." -06:38 Oct 05
Tessa: "Yeah…" The word came out like an over-pleased sigh. That same one she had everytime he made dessert. Tessa ended up curling her arms around his waist and burying her face at his shoulder. He smelled so good! "I think I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I heard you singing…" -06:47 Oct 05
D: He grinned. "Then you’re in luck." he said kissing the side of her neck and puliing an arm away to hold the door as it chimed open. "Come on Tessa, we have a date to get to, and afterwards you can get all the snuggling you want." -06:50 Oct 05
Tessa: "It’s so weird to hear you say that…" Eek. The hand holding the elevator door open had the ring. Tessa was quickly untangling herself from him and grabbing that hand to pull him along. He couldn’t spot it if she had his hand! And then maybe they could have one perfect date before it all blew up! "Sowherearewegoing…!" -06:54 Oct 05
D: He squeezed her hand and looked at her with an enigmatic grin. "I don’t know what the place is called by the decor is nice and the food at least smelled good." he twisted the hand out of hers and plsed it on her side oposide him his arm around her back. "I might gove you a preview from my upcoming album since we’re there. World premier so I need my manager there, I’ll ask her if it’s okay." -06:58 Oct 05
Tessa: "A live practice from D himself. That doesn’t happen everyday." Despite the fact she was being sarcastic, if she grinned any wider her face would be sore. Another company was trying to buy his contract from her AND she was getting a song. She must have picked up a lucky charm somewhere! -07:01 Oct 05
D: He kissed her forehead quickly and then grinned back. "You have to give me a little song first though, a duet with me." he kept walking until the place came into view and stopped to admire it. "So that’s what it’s called. Miley’s…" -07:07 Oct 05
Tessa: He could have said there was a two headed dragon headed straight for them and she still wouldn’t have looked as shocked as she did right then! Tessa was almost rooted to the spot, eying HIM like he might be a dragon and suddenly shaking her head. "No way…! I don’t sing! How many times do I have to tell you that?" -07:10 Oct 05
D: He pulled her along unpreturbed. "I’m going to let you in on a secret." he said heading straif for the doorless stairs that lead to the outdoor bar that was the entirety of the resturant. "I have heard a recording of you, adn you’re amazing Tessa. So forget what greasy hair said ane sing, for me, and I’ll let you make me do anything, in or out of the bedroom." It was a lie, peiced togetehr from havingjust enough information to make it believable. -07:13 Oct 05
Tessa: "Where the hell did you get something like that?!" she squeaked! There might of been something she had stashed at the apartment but… Tessa couldn’t quite remember if any of that still even existed. "I can’t… you just don’t understand." Even if having him to anything she wanted -was- kind of tempting. "…but this place is nice! I’ve never seen an outdoor place like this before." Tessa changed the subject. Divert and conquer! -07:18 Oct 05
D: "There was an old recoring in the studio, I had a crush so I listened. You’ve got tallent Tessa. If I had my way you’d be lead singer and I’d just play guitar." He did enjoy playing more than he did singing but he would never outright say it. "From another of your career attempts." -07:23 Oct 05
Tessa: "No I don’t. Or somebody would have gotten back to me and even the Label didn’t want to hire me for singing!" He didn’t take her subject change bait. Fine, they’ll talk about this! "Besides, I really like being a manager. I’m awesome at it and I get to do all that cool stuff behind the scenes." -07:29 Oct 05
D: He stopped and pulled her close to him, envoloping her in his arms and kissing her nose. "I’m not telling you to change careers again, I like you where you are. Watching you take charge and get things done is sexy as hell. But I want you to sing for me, even if it’s just one song." he ran his fingers though her hair and pressed a smile against her lips. "I have since he first met." -07:37 Oct 05
Tessa: "Really?" Tessa was pretty sure he just handled her. Like, straight up just pulled the rug out from under her and pounced like… like Chaya! How was she supposed to say no when he was asking so sweetly? "I don’t know… maybe one… but did it have to be here? With a bunch of people staring?" -07:40 Oct 05
D: "This kind of place only get bust in the evening." he said. "And karaoke is fun. It’s liek dancing. If you’re good or bad it doesn’t matter, just let go and have fun." he walked her into the bar arm still around her and looked aorund, it was exactly the way he remembered it. "They have a ton of places like this in asia. The hotter parts. A ton! I’ll have to take you there for our honeymoon. Or you could take me on tour." -07:46 Oct 05
Tessa: Honeymoon? Tessa nearly tripped over her own feet. Of course he didn’t know they were married. Which meant… Hell and damnit, if he wanted her to strip naked and dance on the bar, at that moment she probably would have! "A honeymoon tour maybe. Two birds with one stone." How did she say that without bursting in to a fit of giggling? "Fine, I’ll sing for you. But if everybody starts crying I’m spending the night on the hotel couch…" -07:51 Oct 05
D: "Mmmmmmm couch sex." he said in a deep voice. "Something we should do." He unwound his arm from around her and gave her a slap on the ass and a wink. "What do you want to drink?" he was grinning so hide if he did any wider his head would split in two. "Also, pick a song." -07:55 Oct 05
Tessa: She jumped and huffed, swatting at his arm a few times for the slap. "I think I need wine if I’m gonna do this." she muttered. A song… she already committed to it. So what on earth would she sing? "I could mangle one of your songs if you’re brave, or something I’ve sang before… which one did you hear me do?" she was curious. Hells, she hoped it wasn’t one she wrote that would be the worst! -07:58 Oct 05
D: "Never caught the name, it was filled with passion though, part of the reason I fell for you." he was still grinning like a manic and signalling for a bottle of wine and then taking a seat. "Maybe you pick a song, then I’ll sing the same song. Seem fair?" -08:01 Oct 05
Tessa: "On the bright side, you’ll sound so awesome in comparison everyone in the place would buy your music." Tessa dropped in to the seat. Despite the fact the back of her mind was now bustling about in a frantic blizzard of nerves, she really did like this place. There was fresh air and the sounds of the city and sweet twinkle lights! -08:07 Oct 05
D: He rolled his eyes. "You’re a good singer Tessa. Greasy McSleeze was just threatened by you. Trust me I’ve known him for years." he winked and then thanked the waitress. "You might put me out of a job, won’t be easy though…" his voice dropped to a low whisper. "…I think my boss has a crush on me." -08:10 Oct 05
Tessa: "That ‘greasy mcsleeze’ is the current top rated artist… And he’s a huge jackass, but he knows his music." Irresistable low whispering. Tessa couldn’t help but lean closer to him, her smile soft despite the fact her thoughts were probably much more wicked. "I don’t blame your boss. You’re kinda foxy in your own, couch ornament sorta way.." -08:14 Oct 05
D: "We’re not talkign about Scuzzball McHairgell on out hirst date." he said poking the tip of her nose. "And I though I was upgraded to bed ornament. Since it’s my bed and all. Or Chaya’s bed according to her." he followed up the poke with a kiss to the same spot. "You still haven’t chosen a song." -08:18 Oct 05
Tessa: "If it’s your bed, I guess that makes me the bed ornament." Tessa wanted to crawl on to his lap and forget this whole singing business. She just leaned closer instead. "I’m still thinking. If I’m going to make a fool of myself, I wanna do it with style." -08:21 Oct 05
D: He leaned over to nip the side of her neck. "You’re no ornament Tessa." he teased before standing up. "I get a lot of use out of you." he chuckled at his own extremely terrible joke. "I’ll be right back, bathroom." -08:23 Oct 05
Tessa: "Hey…!" Being a boyfriend definitely didn’t change D at all! Tessa crumpled up a napkin to throw at him. …she was glad though. She loved him even when she wanted to shake him to death. Now if she could think of the right song! -08:26 Oct 05
D: He headed into the one room he was safe from paper projectiles in and shook his head. When she had become his girlfriend it had been like handing him a licence to misbehane, not that D ever needed a licence. When he emerged he looked at the stage half expecting to herr her there. -08:32 Oct 05
Tessa: Tessa was still at the table, if only because she needed that wine something fierce! The minute the waitress set it down on the table, the glass was up and she was gulping it down as quickly as she could. She couldn’t sing if she was shaking with nerves. When he made his way back to the table, Tessa fumbled to her feet, gripped his arms and took a deep breath. "Now before I chicken out and there better be more wine waiting for me. I’m going to need it. I haven’t sang in a really long time, so don’t cringe where I can see you, okay?" -08:44 Oct 05
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -09:11 Oct 05
[D enters.] -09:12 Oct 05
D: He took her hand and in an uncharateristic moment raised it to his lips and kissed it softly before holding it in both hands and smiling down at her. "I won’t not if you do what I know you can do. You manage bands, oranise venues, budgets, location, catering, a lavy guitarist who never shows up for practice. You can do a tiny thing like sing, I know you can Tessa." -09:24 Oct 05
Tessa: Tessa rolled her eyes, despite the fact she was melting inside! "You make it all sound so easy." How did he talk her in to this? Probably with those kisses and that blasted devil smile. Charming evil devil smile. Tessa pulled away and she may as well have been walking towards a firing squad as she approached the humble little stage and had a brief, nerve-wracking chat. There was no turning back now! -09:30 Oct 05
D: "It’s what I do for a living babe." he said smoothly. "And what you used to do for fun, so relax and have fun. I’ll still love you even if you sound like a crow being strangled, though I’m sure you sound lore like a chorus of angels standing in honey." that last line was designed to make her smile. "Now come on. Wow your boyfriend." -09:39 Oct 05
Tessa: That was so stupid… too stupid for her to crack a grin at, but she did. And had to immediately swallow it. Tessa was stiff when she stepped up on stage and pulled a chair. Adjusted the microphone and sat… the last time she sung in front of anybody, it was Jayce and it was a disaster. She had to squeeze her eyes shut and pretend like no one was there, and when the music started and it was her cue, she sang. A little soft and shakey at first, and if everybody there died, it was his fault! -09:45 Oct 05
D: He stepped onto stage with her and stood behind her chair to put his arms around ehr and lean down close to her. "Just you and me here." he whispered looking over her shoulder at the words. "Show me what the great Tessa can do." he then whispered the words nect to her, so that she wasn’t singing alone. But only she could hear. -09:50 Oct 05
Tessa: She hadn’t expected him to be up on stage with her. Tessa wasn’t sure if that was good or bad…! She almost silenced, almost…! Tessa pulled his arms tighter around her and sang. Better! Because damned if he wasn’t so amazingly sweet that she really wanted to, just for him. -09:56 Oct 05
D: He smiled and kissed her ear letting her sing and hugged her tightly. He knew hshe had it in her and if it was something she enjoyed she should do it no questions asked. And he would help her do it, what elve were boyfriends for? -09:59 Oct 05
Tessa: Tessa missed this…! Sure she sang along at his concerts or at home when nobody was around, but this was different. There was something special about a stage and feeling the vibration of the music and getting lost with the song. And even better getting to sing for someone and really mean it. Especially when he was holding her and she could feel his breath at her ear. -10:07 Oct 05
D: He nuzzled into her and kissed just behind her ear before stopping the distraction for the sent of the song, then he whispered "I knew you were good, but you blew me away." and he meant it. Maybe he was biased, heavily so, but his Tessa was a good singer, "You’ve easner your ‘able to do anything to D’ that I promised. I feel like I’m underpayig you." -10:13 Oct 05
Tessa: "Sssshush." Tessa felt like she was floating. That was very nearly almost better than sex. …close! Tessa turned away from the mic right in to his arms, though, and off the stage so she could cling to him without an audience staring from their tables. "Would you stop exagerating? You’re smitten and impossibly sweet. I did miss it, though…" -10:22 Oct 05
D: He grabbed her chin and turned her head to kiss her and then nipped the tip of her nose. "You sung for me, and I enjoyed it. I call that a success. Stop confoundign the issue." he said. "I’m glad you enjoyed it tooo though. Now what are you going to do with me? Other than have a meal, what do you want to order?" -10:35 Oct 05
Tessa: He was confounding. But Tessa was smiling wide. All of the boyfriends she had, none of them treated her the way D did. Even before he was her boyfriend. SHE was smitten. "You surpise me with something you think I will like. Something new. …and I mean the food! My super awesome request for you requires lots and lots of thought. It’s gotta be good…" -10:42 Oct 05
D: He smiled wolfishly. "I wouldn’t have it anyother way." he said before standign again. "I’ll have the Tom Yum Gung." he said before stepping away from his seat, "Now with my manager’s permition I have a world premier to perform, I way some guitars backstage when I was here earlier." -10:47 Oct 05
Tessa: "So singing in my hear wasn’t your big performance of the night?" That smile… it would have dropped her to the floor had she been standing. Thank goodness for chairs. "By all means, your manager has been breathing down your neck for weeks about a new song." -10:52 Oct 05
D: He stepped onto the stage and paled to the back adn foinf a beat up old accoustic six string that ooked much loved and much abused, like it had a story behind in. Slinging the stap over his shoulder he checked the tun then sat down. "Good afternoon." he said leaning close into the microphone. "I have been working on a very special song, for a very special girl in my life." he said. "This is not that song, that song will be played in concert, if you want to fear it talk to my manager." he gave a smirt ofter the misdirection. "This is however a teaser for my upcoming album, world premier right here, I am D, formally of Knights of discord and this is Desire." -11:05 Oct 05
Tessa: Oh boo! Not her special song? She should have known. If they had been alone, she would have booed at him. …but she could never resist an acoustic guitar and that soft tenor of his voice. He never needed a band, all he needed was a guitar! Before long she was resting her elbows on the table and her chin in her hands, grinning like a maniac. -11:09 Oct 05
D: He sung foftly, slowly and using every ounce of practice he had been getting when Tessa wasn’t around. He did glance at her from time to time though to grin. This wasn’t her song, because that was waiting to be perfect. It was his baby, and we wanted Tessa to love it as much as he felt for her. -11:16 Oct 05
Tessa: Tessa was swaying slightly in her seat, eventually just closing her eyes to listen. It was a good song… good enough to make him sing it to her again when they were alone. Part of her special request, maybe? She was starting to get some ideas! Bed, a guitar and…. no clothes! -11:21 Oct 05
D: He finished the song and stood taking a small bow and placed the guitar down back behind the drum set and left the stage without another word sliding into his seat. "There, now word of mouth will spread. All you have to do is get me a concert." -11:27 Oct 05
Tessa: "A piece of cake!" And he was the dish. …and for the only time ever, she was going to give in to her inner fangirl. Tessa threw her arms around his neck, nearly toppling herself out of her seat and him out of his. Then planted a kiss on his mouth. Quick but sweet, and every bit of it he deserved. "You make me happy. Really, honestly, happy…" -11:33 Oct 05
D: He smiled, placed a hand ont the back of her head and pulled her into adnother, slower kiss. "That’s exactly what you do to me." he said releasign her but keeping his arm around her and rubbing the tip of his nose against hers. "You know some people might look down on me for dating my boss." -11:40 Oct 05
Tessa: "They can go jump in a river." Blasted being out in public. She would have loved to be in his lap and getting those snuggles. Instead she just rested her head against his shoulder for a moment, until she had the will to pull away. They had to eat, after all. "You boss me just as much anyway. It’s mutual bossing." -11:44 Oct 05
D: "Did you order?" a pertinant question. The sooner they ate the sooner they could get back to privacy. "And tonight you’re doing the bossing, remember. Anything you want. Once we’ve eaten." -11:48 Oct 05
Tessa: "I think I might have mumbled something at the waitress when she tried to interupt my happy music time." She was completely unconcerned about that, though. Tessa was casting him an almost wicked playful grin. The sort of look Chaya might have if she were going to pounce on someone. "And I’m trying to decided what to make you do… Playing guitar in bed sounds nice. But a hot bath with lots of bubbles and champange is good too. Or rolling around on that plush sofa. Or sneaking around the hotel and getting in to trouble…" -11:53 Oct 05
D: "Sounds like a fun evening." he said. "Decide what order and we’ll get started, rocks stars have a reputation for trashing rooms and hotels, I’d hate to dissapoint." he grinned right back at her his eyes narrowing. "And after all that there is always sex." -11:59 Oct 05
Tessa: "There you go again, the casual sex…" Nothing was casual about D and sex… and she liked that narrow-eyed look… As soon as she caught the attention of the waitress, she made sure she hadn’t muttered something evil to the woman and that she indeed actually ordered something! Tessa had every intention of ending their date with a bang, and she’d need the energy! -12:03 Oct 06
D: "And here I thought we had a serious relationship." he teased. "If all you want is casual sex then we don’t need to do the boyfriend girlfriend thing." he swooped in and pushed his lips against hers. "I’m glad we are though." -12:16 Oct 06
Tessa: "If I wanted casual sex, Mister Rockstar, we would have been having lots of sex since the second I saw you… boyfriend or not." Having these quick sudden kisses was kind of like torture, when she really wanted to be all over him. And not even just for sex, it was for the snuggles, or just the joy of getting to touch him! Normally she was not so eager to be touchy feely out in public where people would stare. Tessa was scooting closer to him anyway. -12:26 Oct 06
D: He put his arms back around her and pulled her to lean against him and picked up his glass of wine and held it up. "To Tessa and D, a couple at last." -12:31 Oct 06
Tessa: Settling against him like she had being so all her life, Tessa was grinning like crazy. Taking her glass to clink against his and then a sip of warm. She already felt a little warm and fuzzy, and it wasn’t the drink. "At last and forever? I could do forever." -12:37 Oct 06
D: "So could I." he said before sighing happily. "We’ll see how it goes, but I really like the sounds of forever." he drained his glass in one go and put it down resting his head against her and placing the glass down. "How are you do… great?" -12:43 Oct 06
Tessa: If she drank as fast as he did, she’d be drunk in two seconds! And now that the singing part was over and she was settled with him, she wasn’t so worried about needing to be relaxed. Tessa set her glass aside so she could wrap her arms around him. Public spaces be damned, she wanted to touch and cuddle! "Great. When we get back, I can move the rest of my stuff out of the apartment and over to your place?" -12:49 Oct 06
D: "Moving in with me?" he asked with a grin. "I think I’m the happiest man in the world." he was feeling warm and happy inside and if he wasn’t careful would be vomiting words all over her ears. Not a good thing for a man with secrets. "I’ve half a mind to skip food and god abck for bedtime cuddling. But, we need food." -12:53 Oct 06
Tessa: "Then use your man charm to make it come out faster so we can rush through the eaty part of this date and get to the good stuff." And by good stuff, she gave the perfect example of leaning to nuzzle his cheek, kiss his jaw and give a small nibble to his ear. He’d be okay for dinner too! -12:56 Oct 06
D: He turned hsi head to lick up from her neck to hear ear and then glanse towards the kitchen. "I don’t think that’s needed, though they’re looking very amused. I think we’ve overdone it. Not that I mind." he nipped her before moving away to get ready to eat. -01:02 Oct 06
Tessa: Eeee..! She squeaked loud enough that several people had turned to see what that sudden shriek was. He gave her the shivers and now she was leaning backwards to swat him a couple of times. That was bad…! Very very good… But bad! "You are so lucky you’re not on tabloid radar yet, that was positively wicked! Even Chaya knows I am not a Tessa snack." -01:05 Oct 06
D: "You are my snack." he whispered just before the food was put on the table and he started pretending to be good but with that same predatory grin smeared across his face. -01:10 Oct 06
Tessa: That look on his face was pure deviousness. Tessa didn’t know if she wanted to laugh, flee, or pounce on him. At least her sense of being in public was stronger than his. She suspected he’d be rolling with her under the table if she let him get away with. A fork in hand and taking a few bites, she was still casting him an amused but suspicious expression. Ever so often rubbing her foot up against his leg. -01:13 Oct 06
D: He ate quickly possibly because it was good and possibly because he wanted to get out of there. He still took the time to put his hand on her leg and squeeze it every time her foot touched his leg and grinning at his food. -01:17 Oct 06
Tessa: He could say so much just with expressions. Eating silence, and only speaking with subtle movements and touches. That was nearly as fun as watching him sing. But she could play too, and was more than happy to give him flirting smiles or better… suggestive and promising smirks with every bite. -01:21 Oct 06
D: He shook his head slightly at thier game and then he raised his hand, index and middle fingers pressed together, then he parted them slightly, pit them to his lips and stuch his tongue in between them, then quickly went back to eating. What the fingers reprisented he left to her imagination. -01:24 Oct 06
Tessa: Oh hell! Tessa choked on that one, both with embarrassment and laughing. She had to still her coughing with a big gulp of wine, and rewarded him with a kick from under the table! "D! Really!" -01:27 Oct 06
D: "Really, if you want it." he said smirking. "It your night after all." he raised an eyebrow at her and grinned. "I’m just here for your entertainment." he couldn’t suppress a cackle before he filled his mouth with more food. His plate was getting empty, and he wanted another glass of wine. -01:30 Oct 06
Tessa: "That is so not what I meant! I take wicked back, you might just be evil." So she was being a little overdramatic. But he -was- cackling! And he was making her squirm in her seat and she wasn’t even a blushing virgin. Would she want it? Dangit! How was she supposed to get through dinner thinking about that. Tessa attempted to focus on eating instead of him. -01:35 Oct 06
D: "If only you knew." he said before placing the last forkful in his mouth and chewed slowly before fixing himself another glass of wine and leaned back to sip it. "I blame you." -01:41 Oct 06
Tessa: "Me! And what do I do to bring out the evil in you?" she asked with suspicion again. With only a couple bites left, she took her time. Just in case he threw out something else that was going to shock her. She really should have been used to this by now. Tessa decided there was something about when he was sweet that always disarmed her! -01:47 Oct 06
D: "You… get through to me." he said pretending to examine his empty fork to avoid looking into her eyes. It was a songle truth that left him feeling lulnerable. "And let my evil spill out though the hole you leave in my defences." he was back to grinning at her. "And when you ise the flirtly smile it maes me want to bite that lip." -01:52 Oct 06
Tessa: There he went again. The sweet thing that had her melting… followed up with that sneaky thing, which in this case had her blushing. Her plate was clean and now she was emptying out her glass with a few quick swallows. "So I’m in danger every time I try to flirt with you? I dunno if that sounds scary or fun…" …Probably both! -02:00 Oct 06
D: "We’ll find out." he said with another grin and he brained his glass iin one go again and then pulled out his wallet to place a little too much on the table amd then look at Tessa. "Anything else keeping us here?" -02:02 Oct 06
Tessa: "Nope!" Empty glass back on the table, she at least -tried- not to look like she was in a rush as she got up. Maybe she did have a little too much wine, the rush was enough to have her swaying on her feet a bit. But it was still all him that had her feeling warm and fuzzy. This time by accident she was giving him the smile, and very quickly was slapping her hands over her mouth when she realized it! -02:09 Oct 06
D: He grinned back and rose to his feet, put fis arm aorund her and headed for the stairs. "So where to firt on our afternoon of What Tessa Says goes?" he had all sorst of ideas but he did promise and they would be leaving in the morning, and maybe he was a little buzzed… -02:14 Oct 06
[Tessa and D were making a zig-zag and kind of sloppy trek back to the hotel!] -08:18 Oct 06
[C is officially tipsy and probably chuckling too much for mo reason and wanting to eat Tesaa up.] -08:29 Oct 06
[D is officially tipsy and probably chuckling too much for mo reason and wanting to eat Tesaa up.] -08:31 Oct 06
Tessa: Tessa wasn’t sure if it was her or him that was doing the leading, either way they were walking back to the hotel and she had her arms wrapped around her waist. She loved to hear him laughing, especially when he sounded like he was up to something. "We’ll go back to the room, that’s for sure… from there, um…. I don’t know yet!" -08:35 Oct 06
D: He looked down at her his hair prettumuch everywhere as he tried to walk withough leaning against her too much and without dragging her into the nearest alley. "Back to he room." he said "To the bedroom for ‘Tessa says so’ things." he checkled knowing his mind was in one place nad one place only and it was a place her was stealing a glance at and grinning. "I think I’m a little too drunk." -08:40 Oct 06
D: He looked down at her his hair prettumuch everywhere as he tried to walk withough leaning against her too much and without dragging her into the nearest alley. "Back to he room." he said "To the bedroom for ‘Tessa says so’ things." he checkled knowing his mind was in one place nad one place only and it was a place her was stealing a glance at and grinning. "I think I’m a little too drunk." -08:40 Oct 06
Tessa: She grinned back at him. He was more drunk than her, that was for sure. At least she was only a little tipsy. Thank goodness for being more infatuated and distracted by him than with nervous drinking. "Too drunk for Tessa things? That’s too bad. I was thinking I could take off all my clothes and you could show me how to play guitar." -08:45 Oct 06
D: "It’s all in the figer work." he said "You need a good but soft grip on the neck, find that sound hole and work the strings down there until…" he gave a chuckle "Climax." he squeezed her shoulders with his arm. "No, not too dunk, will you be in my mak or will a guitar, either way my fingers will be busy.: -08:48 Oct 06
Tessa: He had to make playing a guitar sound like the most dirty thing she had ever heard. Tessa almost wished she was as clever with crazy innuendos, but all she could think to say was crazy mushy things. "What about me and a guitar in your lap? Do you suppose a drunken rockstar can pull that off?" Crossing the threshold in to the hotel was tricky, she didn’t want to let go of him long enough to fight with the door! -08:57 Oct 06
[(Timeout) C has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -09:01 Oct 06
D: He placed a hand on the door and pushed swinging it inwards, either he had had a loot of practice with hotel doors while drunk or he was less drunk that Tessa was obviously thinging. "You in my lap, gutar in your lap, my arms around you. I can pull that off, and your top off. And other things…" he couldn’t stop grinning, it looking at her in a far from evil way. -09:01 Oct 06
D: far from innocent* -09:01 Oct 06
Tessa: "…I am really starting to like this idea." In fact, if she wasn’t concerned about getting his guitar wet, if they did it in the bath it would be even better. But Tessa was settling for curling up in a massively fluffy bed with him and that guitar. -09:13 Oct 06
D: He presed the call button for the elevator, then was picking her up and ponlign her with his hadns on her sides under her shoulder kissed her hard. "So am I." he said putting her back down and slipping into the elevator. "Come on, your wishes awate." -09:18 Oct 06
Tessa: "My wishes! Haven’t we already seen how dangerous those can be?" she was giggling, almost laughing too loudly. And when her feet were on the ground again she was tossing her arms around his neck. "All of my wishes end up with you on top of me… I think that lamp has a theme." -09:27 Oct 06
D: "I have no problem with that." he said "Though I like to think is was you more than the lamp." he said placing his hand with the ring against the wall of the elevator to steady himself but all fo his attention was on her. "All my sishes end with me on top of you too." he put his arm arounf her and sighed. "I think you’ve gotten me smitten over you Tessa, well done." -09:31 Oct 06
Tessa: Tessa had temporarily forgetten about the ring, and even about being married. For the moment, she was more concerned about keeping her arms around him and nuzzling in to his chest. "My charm is irresistable and my bed is comfy. …or was comfy. Now it’s your bed!" -09:44 Oct 06
D: "Still comfy though." he pointed out. "Even though it’s sometimes invaded by a panther, I told you somthign was sexier than a man with a panther. Except maybe…" he placed both ahnds on her rump and squeezed. "A woman who can sing…" he pushed his lips ard into hers whil rubbing her ass. "Or maybe that’s just you." -09:47 Oct 06
Tessa: "I am… trying to remember you saying something like that…" Trying, but it was hard to do while being pressed up against him and his hand squeezing her butt. That kiss, though… way more interesting to focus on! Tessa was kissing him back. Throwing conversation and elevator ettiquette out the window in favor of dragging her tongue against his mouth and nibbling on his lip. -09:52 Oct 06
D: He niped her lip then shot a hand out to hold the door open as it dinged and hgave her ass another squeeze. "You make it very tempting to just stay in here." he said. "But we should really get to our room and where no one will se us." -09:55 Oct 06
Tessa: "Yeeeaah, getting caught isn’t as fun as people think it is…" There was something she didn’t want to think about! Adventures with ex boyfriends. Tessa grabbed his shirt and was walking backwards and she dragged him along with her down the hallway. "I like having you to myself anyway! Living together was the best idea ever." -09:58 Oct 06
D: "Sex wasn’t what I was after when I moved in." he objected. "But it was really really nice and I’m glad we’re not pretetending we don’t want it anymore." he was tertainly grinnign and getting his hands on her shoulders to massage them as they walked. "I know I do." -10:01 Oct 06
Tessa: "What -were- you after when you kept crashing on my couch… You had that nice big house the entire time and it’s not that far out of town!" He never did explain it. …although she hadn’t exactly been trying to ask him either. Tessa’s back hit their door, and she was too busy plucking at his shirt and jacket to bother opening it. -10:04 Oct 06
D: "You had just lost a job you love, someone had to make sure you were okay." he said honestly, thouh it wasn’t depression he has been guarding her against. "All thise assholes, and moochers too, and your appartment needed music so you could tap your feet agaisnt your desk." -10:09 Oct 06
Tessa: Tessa grinned. It was that ridiculous smitten look she couldn’t seem to keep under control. "No one has ever taken care of me before, D. You don’t know how much that means to me…" It meant the world and… that smile faltered just a bit. And she was keeping a pretty messy secret from him. How mad was he going to be when he found out they were married? "We should go inside." -10:12 Oct 06
D: He pus and arm around her so that she wouldn’t fall bacwards when he opened the door and walked inside with her to close it behind them. "We’re inside." he said taking a deep dreath. "And you desurve someone taking care of you, everyone needs someone to take care of them. Even me, even you." he has a smile on his face but a softer on as he turned to look at her. "I’ll find my guitar." -10:19 Oct 06
Tessa: "And take off your shirt too! And your shoes. Tessa says!" It was such a weird feeling wanted to jump on him and sex him up, while at the same time just wanting to snuggle him and sigh. He always talked about her like she was someone special and great. But here she was with him chained to her forever and he had no idea. Tessa pulled away to plop on the bed, leaning to take off her boots. And making it worse, even for all her feeling guilty, she still had every intention of taking advantage. She was soo a bad woman! -10:24 Oct 06
D: He pulled off his boots and then did awa with his shirt and puled up his guitar. HIS guitar. The one he chose above all others because it was his and then had been though a lot together. He ran a hand up it’s neck and then sat down and plucked a single string. "You said somethign about being naked?" -10:29 Oct 06
Tessa: Tessa cast him a sudden smirk. "Not too drunk to remember?" Once her shoes were off, she stood and despite the fact they had already slept together and she had done this plenty of times before, she felt a little awkward. Shy even. Why did he do this to her? "So I was thinking for my Tessa says prize, naked guitar lesson… definitely." Gripping the hem of her shirt, she was very slowly pulling it up and over her head. -10:33 Oct 06
D: He watched her smirking. "Your wish…" he sait dating his hadns off the guitar and undoing his pants to push them down and kick then off so that only the guitar covered him, then he run his thumb across the strings. "Didn’t bring one did you?" he asked with a grin. "I’m very protective of my baby." -10:37 Oct 06
Tessa: "Tessa says you have to share. Because being in your lap is part of the request!" She tossed her shirt out of the way, then she was slipping her hands under her skirt to pull down her panties. One leg, then other. And off they were tossed too, leaving her standing there in a black lacy bra and her skirt. "I promise I’ll be gentle?" -10:41 Oct 06
D: He leaned over to kiss the head of the guitar bofre lifting it for her to to slip under. "YOu look too good for me to complain about you not being naked, and it leaves something for me to do." he patted his lap. "Your seat awaits." -10:46 Oct 06
Tessa: "You have weird tastes!" Still, she was casting him that flirty grin before she crossed the floor. Ducking under, she situated herself on his lap. This was the best idea she ever had! Warm fuzzy feelings, tipsy from wine, and inappropriate lessons. -10:53 Oct 06
D: "Tell me what you know." he said resting his chin on her shoulder and pressing his chest into her back and took her hand to place it omn the neck fo the guitar and grinned. -10:58 Oct 06
Tessa: "Um…. Lets see. I know pulling strings makes sounds…" Tessa could stare at him playing the guitar all day, but that didn’t mean she a clue about what he did with his fingers. She did, however, really love the warmth of his skin against hers. "I can play twinkle twinkle little star. I think." -11:12 Oct 06
D: "Ten do it." he said takign her othe hadn and placing it above the contacts. "Tessa tessa, little dove. How I always feel this love. When you’re with me when you’re not. I’m so glad I got this shot." He kissed the side of her neck. "See, you should improv lyrics too." -11:17 Oct 06
Tessa: How could something as ridiculous as making up words to a silly song, have her insides doing flips and her heart stop beating? Tessa surpressed another giggle, very carefully trying to press her fingers over the frets and pluck out the notes. As her mouth twist up in a frown, she remembered why she didn’t take to guitars! Without callouses, it was hard to press the wires for too long. "I’m not sure if lyrics is my special skill!" -11:26 Oct 06
D: He frowned. "Any wandom collection of sylables os ‘La’s would do." he teased. "As you love to point out I do this kind of thing all the time. Ley’s try another…" he placed his fengers on the frets and hummed the opening bars mreminding himself of the chords, then ran through the progression a couple of times to warm up. "I’ll play, you say anythin you want to the tune." -11:40 Oct 06
Tessa: "This sounds like a sneaky attempt to get me to sing again…" Tessa was amused, turning her slightly just to nuzzle against his cheek. "Okay-aaay. But that means more Tessa says." -11:44 Oct 06
D: "I’m sure trying o have a little fun with my girlfried." he said kissing the side of her neck. "Playing my guitar with her in my lap. If I thought I could manage sex and keep playing I’d have your mouth doing other things while I played, but this isn’t D says day now if it." -11:47 Oct 06
Tessa: She laughed, tilting her head back to rest on his shoulder. "If it was that’d be one hell of a day. Next time! For now, plaaaay. I will sing you something silly." -11:50 Oct 06
D: He played thoguht he cords at about three quaters speed so that she could find words, he smiled like he always did when he played and even thougth the tune was worribly smiplistec it mean that he had spare attention to run his cheek against her neck and sigh contentedly. -12:07 Oct 07
Tessa: He had no idea how hard it was to even formulate words at all when she was surrounded by him like this. That sweet daydream on being on this side of the guitar was a reality, and she could have just stayed silently listening there all night and be perfectly content. But she listened for a few moments before she softly murmured out the words. "Hum… You are mine, and even though I’ve lost my mind, you’ve picked up the pieces and just in time? Maybe I’m not great enough, but I do know where to start… I will sing and then you will be, smitten with my heart..?" That was kind of silly, but she sang it anyway and it was the best he was going to get! -12:25 Oct 07
D: He smiled and kissed her soulder. "Far apart though we once were, though work our heart did stir. Feeling birthed before thier time. I am yours and you are mine." he finished with a florigh od his srtumming hand hand and then moved hsi hadn behind the guitar to rub her stomach. "Any other tunes you can play?" -12:30 Oct 07
Tessa: Tessa shook her head. He was better at making up lyrics on the spot… he was also very good at making her grin. "Nope. If I did I wouldn’t need these naked guitar lessons… I can play piano, though?" She reached a hand up behind her to caress his cheek, and turned her head again to kiss the other. -12:35 Oct 07
D: "I have one of those." he warned. "when we get home I’ll show it to you. It was my gran’s." he Took over the frets and started running slowly through a few chords. "So tell me what chords you know, maybe I can build a song out of it." -12:39 Oct 07
Tessa: "I don’t really know any… you’ll have to teach me from scratch. That’ll probably be hours of lesson time." Tessa grinned almost smugly! Maybe it had been her subconcious plan all along. A crazy fangirl daydream for excuses to touch like this. -12:45 Oct 07
D: He took her hadn in his and raised it up to look at her fingers. "You can’t play for more than a few minutes at a time though." he said kissing her bruised fingertip. "So all this is going to me is you in my lao as I play and talk. You didn’t need to sa Tessa says day for that." he flicked his tongue against her hear and then hummed as he thought of a song to play. "I do like you pantiesless in my lap though." -12:50 Oct 07
Tessa: "I can’t just order you to strip naked and play guitar so I can sit in your lap…" she mumbled. Even if it sounded like an excellent thing to do. Tessa resettled in his lap again, maybe deliberately squirming more than she should have. -12:56 Oct 07
D: "You could ask, I am your botfriend and like doing nice stuff for you." he nuzzles into his shoulder with his chin. "You remember the first song I played after signing up, in my audition adn you were there in your suit? I don’t think you liked the look of me since you were scowling your face off. But then I did learn you had no actual say being there, was that why?" odd memry to com up now, but he reembered the song and his fingers were sliding into position." -01:00 Oct 07
Tessa: "Uuum… it was the opposite problem, actually. I liked you a lot and I was trying to make sure I could be the manager, since I couldn’t do music there. But Jayce and I were fighting about it…" That entire first few months was a mess. The job, and Jayce… and then D! He ended up being a hex on both her job and her relationship… and it wound up being the best thing ever. Tessa suddenly started laughing! -01:14 Oct 07
D: He swopped a bar into the intro and then smiled. "What’s so funny?" he asked before conntinuing to play the last bar in a loop so he could speak before he would begin singing. -01:18 Oct 07
Tessa: "I loved your music so much… but you were the hugest pain in the ass, I could have killed you half the time. And then I was spending so much time chasing you down and doing stuff for the band to make up for when you were absent. Jayce was getting really pissy about it and told me to quit, but I actually really kinda loved yelling at you and chasing you down cause the music was so good when you did show. I broke up with my boyfriend for you." -01:22 Oct 07
D: "Hes a jerk anyway, you desurve better." he said playign though the rest of the song without singing along, it seemed the thing to do. "I’m not sure if I’m better but I try to be." he took his strumming hand away and took hers to place it there. "You strum I’ll fret… I felt bad for the times I was late, I really did, but not nearly as bad as when I lost you your job, that was a stupid fight I got into. I didn’t want to take away something you cherished and was happy with." -01:39 Oct 07
Tessa: "He was an asshole." Tessa tried to remember the sound, so after a few tries she was able to run her fingers over the strings at just the right moments. "It was your fault, but it wasn’t really your fault that I broke up with Jayce. I just realized I liked my job more than I did him… That nothing he did really made me happy, and worse I hated how I felt around him." Tessa was grinning again, kissing his cheek quickly. "But you… always late and being a pain and lost me my job, but you always tried to fix it. You were driving me crazy, but you have taken care of me. I didn’t have the job, but I had you." -01:49 Oct 07
D: He shook his head. "You make me sound like Saint Jerko." he said amused. "Just don’t put me on a pedestal, because I’m not a saint. I am a jerk though, just not to everyone." He kissed below her ear. "And I’m biased towards you." -01:57 Oct 07
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 019: Ignoring an Offer

[D is sleeping with next a girl he can call his girlfriend. This hasn’t happened before…] -04:15 Jul 18
[Tessa has a boyfriend! That ISN’T a big dirtbag!] -04:18 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa was quite happily in a giant fluffy hotel bed curled up with an actual boyfriend and not just a kinda-like boyfriend that steals her sheets. Which made snuggling much less guilty, and lent to a girl forgetting she had a business meeting. -04:21 Jul 18
D: Half waking up to kiss the girl next to you and londing yourself to her form (with your hand on her ass) and then drifting off again was nice, nicer still was knowing she was your girlfriend and so would be there the next night. Still trying to wake her up with kisses for morning sex might not be the best thing to do when she had a meeting coming up. -04:28 Jul 18
Tessa: Puuuurrring and stretching. And curling an arm around him. Because she was totally allowed to! No more pretending she was still asleep and didn’t know she did it. …But she did need to get up. A few more minutes wouldn’t hurt. She could skip the shower! -04:33 Jul 18
D: With her arm around him as slid in closer and purred agaisnt her lips as he tangled his legs with hers. Then he nipped her lip playfully and rubbed his hand against her hip. “You know I don’t think I’ve been happier just after waking up.” -04:40 Jul 18
Tessa: “You’re exagerating. Why are we even awake?” Resisting the urge to kiss him back, Tessa just nuzzled against his cheek. He was already distracting enough as it was, and she was going to have to pull away to get dressed. …in a few more minutes. -04:44 Jul 18
D: “Because we are…” he said giving up on pulling her closer and instead lifted himself off of the matress and rolled on top of her nuzzling into her neck with a chuckle. “The question is what are we going to do now that we are awake?” he teased her again with a nip to the side of ehr neck then sit up and facing away from her looked around the room. “And what are we going to eat?” -04:49 Jul 18
Tessa: Hands reaching unseen as if to pull him back… Tessa gave in to that stupid need to be a professional to sit up and sleepily rub her head. “I don’t think I have time for snuggles and breakfast. I forgot to set the alarm again.” she eyed the clock with a huff. Tessa seriously needed to stop doing that! -04:53 Jul 18
D: “I think you do that on purpose.” he said standing and looking at her. “If you had though we could have had shower sex… might still be able to..” he shook his head out of the gutter and sat back down on the bed. “Remember that for next time.” -04:56 Jul 18
Tessa: I do not do it on purpose! You’re distracting!” Sex in the shower that would be really aw-… No! Work first, fun after! Huffing and shoving his shoulder as she rolled out of bed, Tessa skitted over to the closet where she had hung up her nice businessy suit. The one that -didn’t- have the ‘please the boss’ short skirt. -05:02 Jul 18
D: He lay back and looked at the cieling. “And what am I meant to do while I wait for you to get back and gent into the shower? You didn’t save time for breakfast did you? He pulled a shirt out of his bag on the floor. “Guess I’m eating alone.. or going with you>’ -05:06 Jul 18
Tessa: “You already threatened to go with me yesterday, of which I argued wasn’t necessary!” Tessa didn’t have time to be shy about getting undressed, and felt kinda silly that she was still self concious about it. She had the closet door blocking his view as she tugged off her gown and tossed it aside. Then pulling her clothes out of the closet to rush in to. For a few moments she got distracted with the idea of him waiting there in the hotel room for her, undressed and playing his guitar in bed. Which nearly sent her in to a fit of giggling before she curbed it under control. -05:09 Jul 18
D: He make a non-ceomental noise and grabbed a pair of jeanes as well. “You’re the boss, boss.” he sighed and pulled on his pants before looking at the time. “Call me if you want to meet for lunch though. I think one of us owes the other a date. We’ll deicde who owes who later.” -05:13 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa was buttoning her shirt when she kicked the closet door closed. “I do want to go to lunch with my boyfriend. I don’t think this meeting will take very long, anyway. Unless I agree to some sort of deal and have to sign a lot of contracts.” There were a lot of reason a rival company wanted to meet and set you up with a suite and lots of bribes. Top of the list was trying to steal your talent! Second would be stealing you, and Tessa had no intentions of working for someone else ever again! -05:20 Jul 18
D: “Its a date then. Stand me up and I’ll go back to sleeping on the couch.” he was teasing, of course and moving to pick up his jacket. “In the meantime I’ll take a walk and see what I can find. Mayeb a nice out fo thr way bistro, or a bar with an open mic.” he was looking at her, one way or another she would sing. -05:25 Jul 18
Tessa: “Not gonna haaap-peeeeen!” She knew exactly what he was getting at. Tessa stuck her tongue out at him as she slipped on her shoes. Then it was just a matter of snatching up her bag and making sure her paperwork was in it. Just in case! “Later, just you and me and boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. Okay?” -05:33 Jul 18
D: He almost shot ‘Well if you don’t want to hear me sing…’ at her but resuisted. “Sounds sexy, see you then.” he caught her arm before she left and pulled her into a quick kiss before she left. “Kick as in your meeting. Don’t sell me for les than a million.” -05:36 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa laughed and playfully shoved him. “I’m NEVER selling you now! You’re stuck with me forever! Even when music goes out of style and demons take over the planet!” …one more kiss! Tessa pounced him with her arms thrown around his neck. Kissed him hard and quick… then she was letting go and skipping off to the elevators. She was definitely going to kick ass at this meeting. In fact, Tessa felt like she was going to kick ass for the rest of the week at this rate. -05:40 Jul 18
D: HE watched her leave a grin on his face then closed the door with himself on the outside and went to catch the next elevator to the ground floor. So hewas stuck on his own for a couple of hours instead of having how sex in a warm shower… worse things had happened. -05:44 Jul 18
Tessa: Normally before a meeting she would be running all the things she needed to say and accomplish through her head at least a dozen times. Even taking notes on her notepad so she could look at it and keep herself on point. But now here she was practically skipped out of the hotel and down the street over to the rival company’s main building, smiling like some sort of crazy fiend and thinking about D. It was something she did a lot of lately, but now she had the freedom of him as a boyfriend. ….just wait until he found out they were accidentally married. THAT made her smitten smile disappear in to a more thoughtful one. Just in time for her to arrive at her destination. Blast it, business first, D later! -05:48 Jul 18
D: D went in the oposite direction, looking for romantic spots for thier date. There didn’t seem to be many but still there usually was near big hotels. He even picked up a map for the area and went exploring. He did find a nice little place with an open mic, and a guitar for him to use. Now all he had to do was wait. -05:52 Jul 18
Tessa: The record label was expecting her, so after speaking with a very perky secretary and spending a few minutes being waited on and offered all kinds of drinks and snacks, Tessa was sent in to a board meeting room. Lots of high backed chairs and several older gentleman, who… at least to Tessa’s opinion, really didn’t look like they worked in the Music business. “Have a seat please! Lets get straight to the point. You’ve recently stolen a very valuable piece of Label, props to you. WE would like to have him. Allow us to purchase his contract, and you will see more money in a day than you have ever seen in your life.” Tessa tried not to look smug. She would never have sold D, even -before- he wanted to be her boyfriend. This was a nice ego boost, though. “That does sound like an amazing offer, but I am going to have to decline. My client is quite happy under my label and I aim to take him places. Better places, no offense. And I have no issues with slaying our competition.” The men at the table all gave each other pointed looks. That seemed to make an impact on them. Tessa decided she was doing pretty well on improve. “Let us rephrase the offer. Sell us his contract and we will -allow- you to continue working. Refuse and the cost will be your life.” Tessa wasn’t sure how she felt about the dramatics, but she heard threats like that from her old boss all the time. This was nothing new. With her hands on her hips she just shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not going to sell. You can pry him out of my cold dead hands. …but thank you for the offer! I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me.” A sunny smile! -06:09 Jul 18
[D enters.] -06:21 Jul 18
[(Timeout) D has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:26 Jul 18
D: D was strolling back towards the hotel checking his watch then he decided he was bored enough to think of other date-like things he could do that didn’t involve a huitar and a blowjob at the same time because he’d break a string doing that… still he wondered what Tessa was up to. Probably refusing outright instead of getting a quote first. I mean tehre was no need for her to workif she was working with him adn she dould do with her own money, a nice tidy sum… but another label would get in the way of his -other- job. While he wasn’t dating Tessa because she was his boss it did work out rather ncely.. if only he could quit that other job then it would be perfect… -06:28 Jul 18
Tessa: As far as Tessa was concerned, the meeting went really well. ….D was going to complain about her not listening to quotes or offers, but she really didn’t have any intention on trading him. MAYBE if they wanted to do a partnership she might have listened to a few suggestions. As it stood, a couple threats from another record label just meant they thought she was a really big threat. Great competition! She was as pleased as could be when she left the building, pulling out her phone to text D. “This is the first time someone has threatened to kill me cause I’m doing a GOOD job! That’s pretty cool! But you are safely staying with MY company. Where will you take your awesome boss?” -06:40 Jul 18
[D enters.] -06:54 Jul 18
D: HE was walking down the street humming to himself when suddenly he was surrounded and pressed in on from all directions. He looked up and saw estatic faces and almos groaned.. he knew these girls, he knew thier shrieks and he knew thier faces.. and he knew that one’s bedroom… great.. the fangirl brigade! “Alright I’ll sign..” he said exasperated and holding out his hand, but they were whispering among themselves and not wolding out any panties to be autographed.. which was out of character for them. “Oh don’t worry they’re not here for autographs.. they’re here for you..” the voice was behind him, and so was the bat that hit his skull and sent hiim tot he pavement. -06:59 Jul 18
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:07 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa fully expected to get a response right away. ….which was probably stupid, because D rarely responded to her texts right away even -before- he was her boyfriend, so why would she expect any different now? Still, this was a special case. After a few minutes and when the hotel was in sight, she sent him another text. Her usual frownie face, he was more than used to getting. And when that didn’t get a response, Tessa tried not to have a sulky fit about it. -07:07 Jul 18
D: He didn’t know how long he was out, but he did know when he woke up he was tied up with no idea hwere he was.. no wait he did know, it was exactly the same dacore as his and Tessa’s room so it had to be in the hotel. Still using underwear as a gag was a bit much.. why was he being kidnapped by fangirls again?” -07:11 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa was staring at her phone, waiting for a message like a lost puppy even as she walked in to the hotel. This was ridiculous. Suddenly he is her boyfriend and she needs instant affirmation of her existance? Bah! She was being insane. …maybe if she were lucky he would be in the room, naked in bed with his guitar. At least that thought made her grin. Enough that she quickly had to put on a more neutral expression when she stepped in to the elevator. She could think about him naked -after- they have lunch. -07:15 Jul 18

There was lots and LOTS of giggling as a door opened and several girls poured in to the room. Most of which wear wearing band tshirts, sleazy dresses and far too much makeup. One girl bounced on to the bed, boobs nearly jumping out of her top as she leaned over D. “Hiiii!” A giggle. “Sorry about hitting you. Cause you know… you always run and stuff, and we totally didn’t want you to get away this time!” -Tessa

D: He tested the ropes binding his hands as he spat out the gag and frowned. This had to happen when he had someone he really cared about. “I’m usually coming from a concert and have places to go.” he pointed out. “What is so important you could ask me not to run?” he wanted to know what was going on, these girls were dumb enough to kidnap but not smart enough to work together. -07:25 Jul 18

A second girl hopped on the bed, teasing his hair with her fingers and also giggling. “What do you think we want sweetie? I’m SOOOO going to have your babies! I don’t even need child support!” The other girl on the bed slapped her hand away. “Cool it, Debs! If anyone is gonna have his first kid it’s ME! Besides, we voted on it and we all agreed we’re gonna draw straws!” -Tessa

D: He looked at them and rested his head against the headboard. “Drawing straws? I guess thats alright..” he said “though it doesn’t really proove whose best does it? Who should have my babies…” he didn’t know what he was doing but he was winging it. All he knew eh could actually sleep with any of them.. not while he was with Tessa. -07:35 Jul 18

That seemed to perk the interest of all the girls in the room. One leaned on the footboard with a wide grin. “Oh that’s easy baby! I’m the hottest chick in here AND I can make you jizz your pants just with my tongue!” Another shoved her out of the way. “Slut! Maybe he dun want no skanky bitch, he’ll prefer a class lady!” The room was very quickly decending to a bunch of bickering as they discussed who was the biggest slut and who he’d like best! -Tessa

D: He shook his head and got ready to see if he had a silver tongue ot just a good singing voice. “Hey I have an idea. Untie me and I’ll see whose best. And maybe second best. You all look good to me.” he could strangle himself. “Maybe you’ll all get a little of me but we’ll never knwo unless I get untied.” -07:45 Jul 18

A girl moved to untie him before her hair was pulled. “Don’t untie him, it’s a trick!” “Uh -hello- how is he gonna decide if he can’t cop a feel! You’re just afraid he’s gonna skip your tinyass boobs!” “Whore!” “Bitch!” Those two ended up in the floor, hair pulling and slapping with others trying to break it up. While another got busy untying D. “Looks like it’s me first, sweetie!” -Tessa

D: He left like if he wasn’t careful he would get torn to peices. But he was free to move and gently put his ahdn over the admitedly large swelling of this girl’s shirt and felt the distinct testure of folded napkins. Moving his hand he pulled one out of her shirt and used it to wipe some of the sleep from the corner of his eye. “Thanks.” -07:56 Jul 18

Mouth agape, she was just so thrilled her touched her boob and stuck his hand in her shirt, she totally didn’t notice or care that he discovered her stuffing job! She squeeled herself in to a fit on the floor. Most of the other girls still too distracted with the fight to be paying attention! -Tessa

D: He slipped off the bed and checked to make sure all the girls were distracted before he inched tot he door and slippled out as noiselessly as possible, then he was able to pull oug his phone and check his messages. “Sorry Tessa, busyy getting kidnapped, be home soon.” was the reply he sent her before he headed for the elevator in the final leg of his daring escape. -08:06 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa had just stepped in to the hotel room when she got his messaged. Kidnapped, really? For a second she thought he might be joking but… after her meeting, she wouldn’t put it past a record label to literally try to steal him. Or gobs of females to molest him on the street. Who knows what! It figured she would have to go rescue him. Tessa was quickly out the door, leaving her things in the room as she ran back for the elevators. -08:09 Jul 18
D: He entered and started going up, yawning and leanign against the wall. Well this would make a story to tell her on thier date, so long as she didn’t go jealousezilla and decalitate anyone. -08:11 Jul 18

In the middle of their fight, one of the girls realized their toy had escaped! Shouting to the others, there was a mad dash out of the room to give chase. A few took the stairs while a couple jumped in to the elevator going down, conveniantly the one Tessa was in. “God, you’re such a bimbo! I can’t believe you let him get away!” “Shuddup Deb! You weren’t watching him either!” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa didn’t look up at the chattering girls, she was busy sending D an angry text. “What do you mean kidnapped? Where are you now! I am coming to get you!” -08:16 Jul 18
D: He didn’t het the message until he was out of the elevator due to all the metal inside but when he did he rolled hie eyes. “Outside out room, I got jumped by a bunch of fangirls but got away while they were fighting over who was first.” maybe not the best thig to say but it amused him. -08:18 Jul 18
Tessa: Squinting at her phone and waiting for his response to actually download, Tessa was antsy. And almost missed the conversation next to her. “I wonder if they found him, do you think so? Man we might have to find out which hotel room is his!” “This is totally your fault! We had D all tied up and you had to let him loose!” Tessa was then scowling at those girls. “You had WHO tied up?” Both girls took a look at her. “Only the hottest hottie ever, D~!” they sighed in unison. “He was gonna make a baby with me first…” …and that’s when Tessa flipped! If she ever wanted to kill a fangirl, this was the moment. …and for once she wasn’t working so she could totally do it. “He’s MY boyfriend, you sparkles covered harpy! So where he is?!” And that is when the elevator got tricky. -08:26 Jul 18
D: He leaned against the wall and decided to speed things up. She was obviously done with her meeting so he could call. He did so pressign dian and putting the phone to his ear. “Come on pick up.” -08:29 Jul 18

No fangirl wants to hear another woman say their favorite muscian had a girlfriend. And neither of them believed it. [color=salmon]”OH YEAH? D never had a girlfriend, he’s been saving himself for ME.”[/color] [color=pink]”Uh no, he grabbed MY boob, okay? I’M his baby mama.”[/color] That’s when Tessa nearly pounced on the girl and popped her in the teeth. But the phone rang. D! “Yeah, and he is calling ME. His girlfriend, see!” Tessa brandished the phone like it was some sort of trophy, showing the caller name before she pressed the button to answer. …then the phone was snatched right out of her hand and Tessa was suddenly finding herself being smothered by a psycho’s fake boobs and flailing like crazy while the other girl answered the call. [color=pink]”HIIIIIIIIIII sweetie! You’re so cute when you play hard to get! Did you pick who you wanted first yet?”[/color] When Tessa broke free to try grabbing her phone back, she was shoved back out of the way. She was going to murder these bimbos! -Tessa

Tessa: No fangirl wants to hear another woman say their favorite muscian had a girlfriend. And neither of them believed it. “OH YEAH? D never had a girlfriend, he’s been saving himself for ME.” “Uh no, he grabbed MY boob, okay? I’M his baby mama.” That’s when Tessa nearly pounced on the girl and popped her in the teeth. But the phone rang. D! “Yeah, and he is calling ME. His girlfriend, see!” Tessa brandished the phone like it was some sort of trophy, showing the caller name before she pressed the button to answer. …then the phone was snatched right out of her hand and Tessa was suddenly finding herself being smothered by a psycho’s fake boobs and flailing like crazy while the other girl answered the call. “HIIIIIIIIIII sweetie! You’re so cute when you play hard to get! Did you pick who you wanted first yet?” When Tessa broke free to try grabbing her phone back, she was shoved back out of the way. She was going to murder these bimbos! -08:37 Jul 18
D: She was in trouble… great. He would have to take a risk in that they were too distracted fighting to notice they reached the ground floor so with a push of a buttomg from him and they would come right up to him. “Wait in the elevator and when the doors open you’ll see who I pick.” he said “I guarentee you won’t know what hit you. You are after all the one who got the phone, you must be good with your hands. Now talk and show me how goot you are with your tongue.” he wouldn’t normally hit on, or hit girls but today seemed to be a day of exceptions. -08:43 Jul 18
Tessa: On the phone the girl giggled. “Oooh, so much for him being your boyfriend! Sooooooo, D I -am- really good with my hands and my tongue. And I’ll totally show you!” “No fair, I’m doing all the wo-OW! SHE BIT ME!” Tessa bit hard enough to draw blood too, and it wasn’t the only blood she was gonna get! “Give me that!” Launching herself at the other girl, there was shoving, swatting, kicking scuffle for the phone! Complete with Tessa cursing, the girl squealing, and her friend finally getting over being bitten to help flip Tessa to the floor and sit on her. “GODS woman take a chill pill!” -08:51 Jul 18
D: D could hear the fighting as he watched the floor number grow. “I think your friend will try to take the phone from you.” he said “Don’t let her, You should keep an eye n her. I wouldn’t want to be stuck choosing her lobsided boobs.” he was stalling. “I don’t think she wants to let you have my babies, and we want lots of babies right?” it was getting so close just a couple more floors… -08:55 Jul 18
Tessa: “How much do you weigh?!” gasped Tessa, who was pretty sure that woman had her boobs filled with rocks to be able to sit on her and keep her from crawling away. At she was was trying to grab at the phone-stealer’s legs. “I take kickboxing! I could break all your arms and legs. Less see you take my D away then!” The first girl then kicked at her friend. “-I- am his top choice! You’re not going to steal him from me!” “OH? Then you can defend him from this one all by yourself and I’LL take the phone!” More shrill bickering, with brief interjections from Tessa asking if she could at least BREATHE! -09:01 Jul 18
D: Ding! the door opened and D shoved the girl over and then grabbed Tessa’s arm adn pulled with everything he had , pushed a random floor button and then the door close and hoped his second shover was enough to dislodge the second girl and pull Tessa out of there. -09:05 Jul 18

“WAIT WAIT WAIT!” came the squeals of both girls when the doors closed on them before they could jump through. That’s okay, they’d be back up in a minute! -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was still trying to catch her breath, and definitely looked like she had been in a fight with her hair all mussed and a pissy scowl. “Blech…! All I can taste is sparkles and lotion! I told you fangirls were dangerous!” ….and blast it, that harpy still had her phone. “My phone! I gotta go get it back before she copies all my numbers!” -09:09 Jul 18
D: “Not without me you’re not.” he said “And I’ve always known they’re dangerous, why do you think I’ve never dated any of them?” he shook his head and then pulled ehr away from the elevator. “And you’re not fighting them again. You’re my girlfriend and I’m not letting you get more hurt then you already are.” he pulled her into the room adn closed and locked ther door becore turning off the light and waiting. “We’re not here.. I lift the stairwell door open to lead them that way.. if they’re smart enought to see it. -09:14 Jul 18
Tessa: “I’m not hurt.” she muttered in defense. “I could have taken them, if we weren’t in an elevator!” Huffing in the dark, she leaned against the door next to him to listen and see if any of them were going to return. “Besides, you are the one that got kidnapped by them.” -09:16 Jul 18
D: He gripped her shoulders and looked at her. “You didn’t need to fight them, I was out but its nice to know you’d fight for me.” he put his arms around her and held her against him. “But they are not worth it.” -09:23 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa was still grumbling, but at least now she was burying her face against his chest. “Always throwing their underwear at you and sending you dirty pictures. I can deal with that, but no stupid girl is going to try and kidnap MY boyfriend and me not do anything about it.” -09:25 Jul 18
D: He rubbed the side of her neck and rusted his cheek against the other side of her neck. “I can hangle them. You are the one I chose, to have, to hold, to make love to. And if it happens to have babies with.” -09:29 Jul 18
Tessa: Babies! That had her turning red again, and forgetting all about being mad about fangirls. One thing at a time! “…okay… but I see either of those two again, I’m going to ruin their nose jobs.” she muttered. Tessa tugged at his jacket. “Now what I was -trying- to tell you, before you got yourself grabbed by floozies… They wanted to buy your contract from me.” -09:36 Jul 18
D: “I’m not surprized.” he said. “And you didn’t hear thier offer did you?” he scolded. “I guess thats what makes you the best boss ever. And I’m not saying that because I’m biased, even though I am.” he poked her stomach and kissed her neck. “Though if you got kidnapped by a bunch of guys wanting to jusp your bones I want to you know I’d kille every last one of them.” -09:40 Jul 18
Tessa: She swatted his poking hand, then laughed! “Me getting kidnapped is probably the last thing that’ll ever happen! Especially by a bunch of randy guys.” Didn’t stop her from being pleased, though. Not that she thought he was actually going to kill them either. “There’s nothing I’d trade for you. They were pretty mad about it too. I think they’re pretty threatened by my company!” -09:48 Jul 18
D: “I know a guy with a gun if they try anything.” he said still seasing her and poking her with his other hand. “Not that that will be out first resort. Our first resort should be a big concert, with all your hands in a stadium.” -09:50 Jul 18
Tessa: More swatting and giggling, and she was backing away to escape and bumping in to a chair in the dark. “A very, very big concert! A really awesome concert where you are going to sing a song for me. I hope you’ve been working on it, I might have to fire you if you get all distracted…” she was smirking. -09:52 Jul 18
D: “Whats here to distract me?” he asked reaching out and hitting something sift with his hand which he quickly withdrew. “Other than my sexy sexy girlfriend who hasn’t showered yet today and who smelt a lot like sex last night. -09:56 Jul 18
Tessa: “I do not!” Although she did turn around to adjust her clothes and sniff herself to see if she really did. That would not have been a good impression. Even if she -was- turning down the offers anyway. “Wicked… I am taking a shower then! And I’m not letting you in it unless you have some lyrics to a new song.” -10:00 Jul 18
D: “If I did I wouldn’t tell them to you since its a surprise.” he teased “Even if it costs me hot steamy shower sex.. but how about this, you make a concert happen, a bid one in a stadium and make it sell out. I’ll sing it as the last song of the show. Right before you get to come on stage and drag me off in front of every fangirl there.” -10:03 Jul 18
Tessa: “I had every intention of doing that anyway, how is that a fair deal?” She stopped in the bathroom doorway and turned on the light. All that could really be seen was her sillouette slowly pulling off some of her clothes. “You’re gonna have to think of something else.” -10:08 Jul 18
D: He folded his arms and leaned against the doorframe. “Singing you song in front of a stadium not enough? With dedications and the whole shebang? You’re a tough one to please you know that? I guess its back to never showing up for me…” -10:13 Jul 18
Tessa: “Singing on stage is your job, and you have to show up!” Tessa tugged off her pants and threw them at him. “You have to do something that is just for Tessa the girlfriend who saved you from fangirls, not Tessa the boss who will yell at you for days if you don’t show up.” -10:19 Jul 18
D: “I saved you.” he pointed out. “And if writing a song for you isn’t just for you then I don’t know what is.” he put her pants over his shoulders so that it’s legs hung down his front like an open wastcoat. “I guess I’m having an afternoon nap.” -10:25 Jul 18
Tessa: “Bah…!” she huffed, her shirt coming off next to throw at him. “You’re making it really hard for me to girlfriend boss you… So… just get in the shower!” -10:30 Jul 18
D: He bropped her pants to the floor , followed by his shirt and his pants, before stepping into the shower with her. “If I made it too easy for you I wouldn’t be me.” he teased. “I will however do somethign for you, but it will be a surprise.” he leaned forwards to bump his nose gainst her forehead. “Is that good enough?” -10:34 Jul 18
Tessa: D definitely wouldn’t be D if he wasn’t a huge pain in the ass. Tessa kept her grumpy face on, though, even when she was reaching to turn the water on. …very deliberately making sure he was the one getting hit with icy cold spray. “…That’s good enough, I suppose! I can be patient for a promise.” -10:36 Jul 18
D: He shivered and cupped his hand filling it with water to drip down her back. “You won’t have to wait long. I’ll have your surprise for you tomorow.” -10:39 Jul 18
[Tessa is bad at being both a boss AND a girlfriend! Her natural instinct is to boss, but girlfriends don’t do that!] -03:21 Jul 19
[D is both a boyfriend and an employee… employees follow order, but D doesn’t do that as either employee or boyfriend.] -03:23 Jul 19
Tessa: "I want to know what this surprise is!" she also squeaked at the cold water, inching away from it herself and shoving him in to it! -03:25 Jul 19
D: He grabbed the hot tap and twisted it and then pulled her into the stream at it heated up. "You will when you see it." he said his arms around as water ran over them both. "So ling as you don’t mind waiting for it, That the kind of things botfriend do right? Get surprises?" -03:31 Jul 19
D: He grabbed the hot tap and twisted it and then pulled her into the stream at it heated up. "You will when you see it." he said his arms around as water ran over them both. "So ling as you don’t mind waiting for it, That the kind of things botfriend do right? Get surprises?" -03:33 Jul 19
[Tessa enters.] -03:35 Jul 19
Tessa: "I’ve never gotten a surprise before, so I don’t have any practice in waiting." Which, was kind of sad when she thought about how many exboyfriends she had. "No, I take that back, I got plenty of surprises! They just weren’t very good ones." Hot water was better, even if that meant she couldn’t tease him anymore. Tessa rose on her toes to nuzzle against his neck. -03:39 Jul 19
[(Timeout) Tessa got too distracted for their own good…] -04:02 Jul 19
D: He slid his hand ovr her wet back and kissed her forehead. "Well I plomise it won’t be too long." he smiled and ran his nail up her spine as a mischevious look crossed over his face. "So do I pass well enough to finish the thoughts I was having this morning?" -04:02 Jul 19
Tessa: Tessa tilted her head and looked up at the ceiling, putting on that coy, obviously pretend thoughtful look. It was incredibly hard not to smile. "Hmm… I don’t think I remember what you were thinking this morning? Was it something about lunch?" -04:04 Jul 19
D: He wasn’t going to let her off that easily. Both hands went to her thighs and gripped them lifting her from the floor and stepping forwards her pressed her against the shower wall to push his lips into hers, hard. "I think it was more along the lines of that." -04:06 Jul 19
Tessa: Cold wall…! Tessa squeeked, laughing against his mouth even while she wrapped her legs around his waist and rest her arms over his shoulder. "Are you sure, because I am pretty sure there was something about food!" Tessa was smiling, with an oddly tender expression for such a naughty moment. She brushed her hands against his cheeks before leaning to kiss him softly. "I’m glad you’re my boyfriend." -04:12 Jul 19
D: "There will be food after this." he said beofre kissing her again and nuzzling against her. "And I’m glad you’re my girlfriend, and not just because I don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to have sex with you all the time, but that is nice." -04:15 Jul 19
Tessa: "Did you want to have sex with me all the time?" she asked curiously, grinning against his skin as she nipped along his jaw. Stroking over his neck with a gentle touch of her fingertips. -04:23 Jul 19
D: He nipped her ear his cheek moving agaist hersas his arms tightened around her. "More often than you want to know." he said. "You don’t know what its like having the hots for your boss whose mad at you every other day." he kissed down her neck and moved his hips against hers teasingly. "I’m curious how I ended up on your wishlist too." -04:28 Jul 19
Tessa: "If I tell you, you’re going to get a big dumb ego about it." This was definitely a much better way to spend an afternoon than yelling at him about stuff. Tessa slipped her fingers through his hair, tugging his head back just a bit to cast him a half grin. "Did I tell you it was your fault I broke up with my last boyfriend? He was pissy because I talked about you all the time, and I said I wasn’t going to quit…" -04:35 Jul 19
D: He tilted his head. "You mean singer guy?" he said before kissing her lightly. "I guess that means I can call you my favorite fan." he moved his hips agaist hers again as he kissed her slowly. "Did I tell you you were the reason I decided to stay in the city and keep trying to play professionally and not your couch.. though it was a nice couch.."? -04:41 Jul 19
Tessa: Tessa was almost purring, tightening her arms around his neck until she could feel as much of his skin against her as she could get. Her mouth gliding over his between mumbling. "I loved watching you on stage and singing, when it was just you and music… I didn’t know what to do with you on my couch." -04:47 Jul 19
D: "Letting me sleep was kind of you." he said nuzzling onto the side of her neck. "And I’m glad you did even if I’m all to used to snuggling before sleep now and don’t think I can go back to not…" he pressed his lips into hers again. "Though sleeping next to my sexy boss and not ebign able to…" he moved his hand down to move his tip to push into her soft skin. "… Was very hard." -04:51 Jul 19
Tessa: Tessa decided not to mention all the times she had thought about just the same thing. Really, it was hard to think about anything at all with him pushing in to her. She let out a sigh against his ear, fingers curling in to his hair tight when she tensed only to relax again. "And what is like now…?" she whispered softly. -04:57 Jul 19
D: He moves his tip against her with his hand and kissed her again. "This feels perfect." he said grinning agaist her lips before he pushed in and sucked in a deep breath. "It going to be very hard to let you work." -05:00 Jul 19
Tessa: "We could… just do this all time!" Totally not practical in any way, shape, or form. But Tessa was a little wrapped up at the moment. Taking his head in to her hands and kissing him hard. Teasing his mouth with teeth and and a flick of her tongue until he opened and let her invade. Perfect was an understatement for the way he made her feel! -05:05 Jul 19
D: He ran his tongue across hers and settled his hips agaist hers hie hands still gripping her thighs as he mover his shaft agaist her. Would all the time be enough, he wanted more and now there was so little stopping his from doing it all the time, she was his girlfriend, an official couple and in a choice between her and practice … she’d win every time. -05:08 Jul 19
Tessa: Tessa locked her legs around him, her back pressing solid against the shower wall. Resting her hands on his shoulders, they’d squeeze everytime she made a soft sound. Or slide up his neck in to his hair when he made her gasp! -05:18 Jul 19
D: Every movement she made would make him shiver if there wasn’t so much chance of him slipping. If fact his hand reached up to grip a fuxture and he pushed harder a sigh excapign her as he pushed hsi mouth harder against hers. Why hadn’t he asked her out sooner? -05:22 Jul 19
Tessa: She met his force with a twist of her hips. Pushing her hands up against the low ceiling and using the wall as leverage. Even when a hand slipped and for a moment she thought they might take a tumble, she held on tight to him, errupting in to a fit of laughter between deep frenzied kisses. -05:27 Jul 19
D: Nipping her lip he continued to thrust and pushthier almost fall making him stread his legs to get a most stable footing and pushe her agaist the wall. Its was a dangerous game but he wouldn’t stop for the world, then shen her laugh make him feel floaty even as her toutch made him feel like he was on fire, in a good way. -05:30 Jul 19
Tessa: "gods, I love you.." she mumbled soft against his mouth. And it wasn’t because he could so easily make her forget her ver long to-do list or the fact every time he moved wound her tighter than a guitar string on the brink of snapping. He could make her smile and laugh and drive her crazy in a second. Her nails were starting to dig in to his skin has she pulled tighter against him. Nuzzling his ear with her nose and whisper just how much she really loved him. -05:35 Jul 19
D: She did she have to whisper it like it was the best thing in the world, he almost filled her right then and whimpered before whispering his response. "How do you make me feel like this?" it was a plaintif voice he used bridled in supressed passiona nd sheer enjoyment. -05:38 Jul 19
Tessa: …and if that didn’t affirm every reason why she loved him, nothing would! Such an honest unexpected declaration, a soft giggling was all she could seem to respond with. At least until it was interupted by her sudden gasp and quiet groan. Tessa buried her face against his neck to quiet the high pitched gasps that came with her body’s sudden siezing. Oh but it was good…! That release of pent of energy washing over her like the hot water. Making everything delightfully dizzy. -05:44 Jul 19
D: A few more thusts his body pressed agaisnt hers and nuddling her neck and he was done, his hips trembling agaist hers and a long audiable breath against her. "You really are the best girlfriend ever." he whispered kissing her just below the ear and loving his hands to let her down. -05:47 Jul 19
Tessa: Her knees felt week, which gave her an ample excuse to just keep holding on to him. For a split second, she almost asked if she were the best wife ever too, but managed to catch herself in time. Why ruin something that was so sweet and so perfect…? Tessa sighed and purred against his skin. "Now I want to sleep forever, maybe this better for the evenings when I don’t have to work…" she muttered with another soft giggle. -05:51 Jul 19
D: He kissed her asoftly and smiled against her. Does that mean out lunch plan because a dinner plan?" he asked. Because lying in bed right now sounds like heaven. -05:52 Jul 19
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 018: Honeymoon Suite

[Tessa has an out of town meeting with another record label, all expenses paid! D didn’t have to come, but was glad he did… up until she saw the reservation name on the honeymoon suite?! Uh oh…] -06:40 Jun 22
[D Wouldn’t not come if his life depended on it. Its a trick by the label to get information from Tessa, hes sure of it. Now if the reception vlerk would just cave under D’s death glare he’d get to the bottom if this.] -07:06 Jun 22
Tessa: “You know, it’s just a little mistake. Not even a big deal, you’d be staying in my room anyway, right?” Poor clerk. Tessa quickly snatched the clipboard to sign her name, married name…! And pushed that back before D glared any harder. What she was really surprised about was him not noticing the ring. And she was too afraid to try and sneak it off him in case he caught her doing it! -07:13 Jun 22
D: “Mis..” he looked at her, what mi.. oh thier names.. “I’m sure they wanted up in the same room and it was better than putting Mr. and Mrs. Smith or something. Two surnames is a hassle. Right?” he shot the clerk a look and picked up his bag. “Why are you jumpy. You’ve never been afraid to travel before.” -07:18 Jun 22
Tessa: “I’m not jumpy, I’m just… a little nervous I guess! It’s the first meeting as a company with another label? Outside of that party. This is an actual -meeting- meeting…” Tessa snatched the room key and made sure her bag was snuggly over her shoulder as she led the way to the elevator. “You’ll get to hang out in a fancy hotel suite while I’m talking business. That should be fun!” -07:22 Jun 22
D: “Wrong.” he said with a grim as he followed. “Either I’m going with you or I’m looking around seeing what I can find. I have more experience with corporate types than you and have a better plan than “wear a shirt skirt and low cut shirt” for dealing with them. You forget what my job is.” -07:25 Jun 22
Tessa: “I’m not really sure what that job involves. ‘Consulting’ is kinda vague… and I am not so sure you are good with negotiations!” Tessa was pretty sure it was ‘D gets his way, or screw you guys.’ Stepping in to the elevator and pressing the floor button, she cast him a cool look. “…and I only wear the short skirts when I am in trouble with the boss. He was nicer to me when I wore the short ones…” -07:29 Jun 22
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:32 Jun 22
D: “Not a consultant, a conflict resolution specialist, or consultant whatever. I meet with people my client have differences with and negociate compromises…” he glared at her. “And I’m sur everyone is nice to you when you wear those skirts. I’d go to work shirtless if my boss were a girl.. oh right I do…” he ‘tap -07:34 Jun 22
D: “Not a consultant, a conflict resolution specialist, or consultant whatever. I meet with people my client have differences with and negociate compromises…” he glared at her. “And I’m sur everyone is nice to you when you wear those skirts. I’d go to work shirtless if my boss were a girl.. oh right I do…” he ‘tap’ he gave her on her ass was an accident.. he hadn’t meant to do that but at least they were alone in the elevator. -07:35 Jun 22
Tessa: “Then you can see why short skirts are a really good idea when making nice with label people.” Why was her face turning red? She slept with him twice now! And was accidentally married! It should be like… totally not an issue anymore! Now him running around shirtless was on her mind. Shirtless but wearing that jacket of his. That’d be nice… Tessa coughed when the doors opened up, and quickly escaped in to the hall. “Anyway, I am the record label and -you- are the talent. I know how to handle disagreements, so you don’t have to worry about anything! I will take care of you!” -07:40 Jun 22
D: “I but you will, in that skirt…” he hoped that was too soft fot her to hear but the ‘rrrawr’ that followed definitely wasn’t. Okay why was he thinking abot sexing the boss? Was it the hotel? Had to be the hotel.. still DISTRACTION TIME!! he pulled off his jacket and shirt and then picked up his guitar.. all while still in the hallway. “See coming to work shirtless, not an issue with the boss I have. nd if you don’t want me in the leeting then I’ll arange a few of my own. Either way I’m seeing you in that swirt.. maybe with those boots you genied up.. and.. ” stop it D …. “Well you get the idea….” -07:45 Jun 22
Tessa: She heard him growling, but hadn’t realized he was near stripping in the hall until she had the door unlocked and turned around. Tessa nearly dropped her keys and had to fumble to the catch them as she took a few steps backwards in to the room. “YOU aren’t here to work…! Now you’re just shirtless for no reason!” Shirtless and with a guitar! Any fangirl’s dream! “I am wearing a very nice pair of pants and totally professional shoes for my meeting. Short skirts and high boots are for special occasions.” …and that came out almost sleazy. Tessa dropped her bag in the room and glanced around. The room was a honeymoon romance dream come true. The company really was trying to butter her up! -07:51 Jun 22
D: “I guess sharing a bed with a rockstar just isn’t special for you anym…. wow.” he had just walked in and seem the room. “The decore is a little… romantic and..” he stepped up to a table set out for two and picked up something from the surface. “Prepaid roomservice for two… ‘by candlelight’…” he looked at the candle on the table “Did you plan this?” -07:55 Jun 22
Tessa: “Of course not…!” It was the truth! …not that she didn’t really like the idea… Wouldn’t it be grand to snuggle with that soft glow of candles and him play his guitar and she’d play with his hair and. …Dammit. “Obviously, they got a lot of things mixed up. It’s, um…. really easy to get the wrong impression about us, I guess…” For a split second she thought about telling him. …but she liked the way things were! What if everything was screwed. -08:01 Jun 22
D: “We’ve had sex, we live together, we sometimes act like we’re maried… I guess.” he put the card down. “I guess thats dinner tonight then, if they overcook the… I’m not even going to worry about that…” he sighed and looked at her. “But you know if you wanted to wear less around the place I wouldn’t mind. You’re really not bad to look at and I’ve seen you naked. You don’t have to worry about what I think.” -08:05 Jun 22
Tessa: “Maybe I will. Then you’d see what it’s like to have someone running around naked all the time!” Okay, that wasn’t much of a threat at all, really. Still, Tessa was kicking off her shoes and pulling off her coat. Her meeting wasn’t until the morning, she could spend the night in an amazing hotel room as comfortable and as naked as she pleased. …and totally not because he had to sound so casual about sex that she was a little insulted. -08:09 Jun 22
D: “Naked?” there was a rattle and his belt hit the floor and he eyes her with a cheeky grin. “Not quite.” he sat on the bed and put his guitar in his knee. “You know I’m surprised we don’t just have sex all the time.” he said picking a few notes and adjusting the strings. “It would seem easier that way.” he wasn’t even looking at her and seemed very intent on his work. “There we goo.. I might need to change these strings soon. I need a heavier gauge if I don’t want them to break as much…” -08:13 Jun 22
Tessa: “Easier!” It would! But she wasn’t going to admit that to him, especially when it sounded like such an everyday thing. Tessa didn’t think sex with him had been so everyday. Half the time all she could think about was doing it again and it was driving her nuts! Huffing, she snatched up her bag to drag over to the closet and hang some things up. In the process she pulled off her dress to hang up too. She’d put on pajamas in a few minutes, then she would sleep and not snuggle him. It would serve him right. “It’s probably better not to, anyway! You get distracted enough as it is!” -08:20 Jun 22
D: There was a sour note and he stopped playing. “Alright if thats what you want. I just think you’re pretty amazing thats all.” he said putting down his guitar. “But you’re right, we work together and guys like me don’t get girls like you. You’re the boss.” he stood and looked at the table “We’ll just have a cable lit dinner and call it that.” he stritched and took a few steps towards the bathroom. “Stupid idea anyway.” -08:25 Jun 22
Tessa: He missed a note, which was enough to make her pause and tilt to peer around the door at him. He never missed notes. “Who said you couldn’t get me? I didn’t say it was stupid! I said you would get distracted!” Tessa scowled, closing the closet door and dragging her bag to the bed to dig around for pajamas. ” A guy isn’t so casual about amazing girls…” she muttered under her breath when she thought he was out of ear shot. If she had more charisma she’d stomp after him and seduce him. He wouldn’t be so calm then! Tessa held out her hand to look at her wedding band. He -had- been thinking about marriage, though… but then maybe he thought of them like a boring old married couple… -08:34 Jun 22
D: “I didn’t get as in sex.” he called from the bathroom. Just forget it I’d make a crappy… anything.” he closed the bathroom door maybe a little too hardgrowled at himself. “It was a stupid idea.” he sat on the thone of his fortress of solitude and scowled. ‘D ruins everything by mentioning things.’ Such an idiot. Maybe he should just go out. -08:39 Jun 22
Tessa: This was exactly why she couldn’t tell him…! He was going to be so mad! Everything had been perfectly fine before she had to start making wishes and getting everything all messed up. Huffing, she pulled on a nightgown something silly and covered in fluffy sheep print. It was the least sexy thing she had, which meant she wouldn’t try to go all vixen on him and do things to him. Tessa stopped and leaned on the bathroom door, tapping gently with a nail. “Then what do you mean..? Because right now sex is pretty high on the list of things Tessa is thinking about and shouldn’t….” -08:51 Jun 22
D: “Relationship crap.” he yelled back “Boyfriend, girlfriend with the feelings nad the words. I’m terrible with that.” he was sitting on the shitter with his pants pulled up and yelling at her in the other room adn it dawned on his how ridiculous that was and he pulled open the bathroom door “So I should go back to the couch… in the meantime I need a drink.” -08:57 Jun 22
Tessa: Tessa blocked the door with both her arms, her eyes wide. There was no way she was moving and letting him flee to the couch! “A real relationship…? And everything that comes with it? ….do you want that?” Tessa was so afraid he would say no, she almost didn’t ask. -09:02 Jun 22
D: He looked at her and folded his arm. It was unfair for her to ask peircing questins while he was half naked and he did try to cover himself up without appearing to. “Everyone wants that. But you’re a professional, smart, beatiful woman whose going to be really really siccessful and I’m a guy who was bumming on your couch with a guitar. You’ve had enough crappy boyfriends.” -09:07 Jun 22
Tessa: “That’s not what I asked you, D…!” she moved to step forward and swat at him. But she wasn’t getting out of the way. He was acting like a total girl about it! “Do you want to be my boyfriend…? You have to tell me. …and if you don’t tell me, I’ll fire you!” -09:09 Jun 22
D: He uncrossed his arms and put his hands on her shoulders. “If I give the answer I want to then you’ll have to fore me so I’m screwed either way.” his eyes met hers “Yes I do, and not I don’t have a job… Isn’t sharing esciting?” -09:12 Jun 22
Tessa: Tessa grinned, and had she known how stupid smitten it was, she might have wiped that silly look off her face. “Who said I can’t represent my own boyfriend? It’s MY company. You don’t have to be so dramatic about it…” Boyfriend..! Not just a wish and ending up married, but the words right out of his mouth. He wanted to be her boyfriend. She’d have descending in to a fit of giggles had she not still been grinning so wide! -09:15 Jun 22
D: He pulled her agaist his bare chest so she wouldn’t see his face. “You’re the boss, you can d what you want.” he said trying to sound casual. “Unless you sell, then things get difficult.” he was pulling her towards the bed to sot down. “So now that I’ve said it can we forget it?” -09:18 Jun 22
Tessa: “You’re my boyfriend.” she repeated, so elated that now it was impossible to stop smiling or not to giggle. “I’d never sell my boyfriend! Watch you walk away with another label during the day? My boyfriend belongs with me..!” She was never going to stop chirping it! Tessa decided it was the word of the night. -09:24 Jun 22
D: “So you’re alright with having me as you boyfriend -09:25 Jun 22
D: “So you’re alright with having me as you boyfriend?” he asked looking down at her, but her deathgrip on him it certainly seemed she didn’t. “And that mans no other dowfriends, no other girlfriends, no runnimg off to marry tallentless pop idols, no going hom with fangirls and waking up next to eachother as much as possible.” -09:28 Jun 22
Tessa: “My boyfriend is pretty demanding, but I think these rules are very acceptable.” Tessa tried to abolish that smile, if only because it made her face hurt…! Her arms curled tight around his waist, she wasn’t ever going to let go. Boyfriend…! of course, later the marriage thing might be a problem… but… if he fell in love with her, they might get married. Then it would solve itself? She tilted back to examine his face. “…you’re not just my boyfriend because you think I’ll fire you, do you? Because I wouldn’t really do that…” -09:34 Jun 22
D: “You said you’d fire me if you didn’t get an answer.” he said “Not if you didn’t get that answer, besides would I lie about this, think about it I…” they really were in a relationship now. “If people think we’re together anyway why can’t we be happy too?” -09:36 Jun 22
Tessa: “And now I don’t have to pretend like I am not looking when you wander around naked…” There was her grin again. Tessa let go of him long enough to throw her arms around his neck instead. She nuzzled his cheek. “But I will still beat the hell out of you if you turn off my alarm clock. Boyfriend or not…” -09:42 Jun 22
D: “I said you could look.” he reminded her “And its you not turning it on… though… I don’t have to hide that I want to do this…” he loved her hair out of the way to kiss behind her ear. “Or this…” he rubed his hand up and down her back. “Sex.. or even just holding you is always a special occasion.: -09:48 Jun 22
Tessa: “Sex with my boyfriend D.” Guilt free sex! Aside from…. one little secret. Still, all the touching and cuddling and snuggling she wants, without wondering if it was the smart or right thing to do. “And how often did you want to do that..?” She didn’t have to feel bad about that teasing tone of voice now either. Or giving him those sly grins, that really were a lot less wicked looking than she was hoping. Tessa brushed her fingers over the nap of his neck. She could do that too! In public! And no one could stop her! With that thought, she accidentally laughed out loud. -09:54 Jun 22
D: She was laughing now… like it was all a joke… was it all a joke on her part? He would find out. Grabbing her shoulders he pushed her down onto the bed and falling on top of her pressed his lips into hers his hand coming up to grip either side of her head as he nipped her lower lip. Did that seem like a joke? How about his hand sliding up under her shirt to softly run her stomach, was that a joke? -09:58 Jun 22
Tessa: A soft exclamation of surprise escaped her and just in reflex she gripped his arms. He had her reeling in an instant, a sigh following the tilt of her head as she rose just a bit off the bed to return the kiss. That laughter was long! -10:05 Jun 22
D: He pulled back and brushed his fingers agaist her cheek. “Does that answer your question?” it didn’t but he had forgotten the question in the rush he had felt from kissing her, and now he was tracing the nickline of her nightie with his finger. “And does this?” he leaned down again to kiss her neck, softer, slower, gentler.” Or do I have to repeat myself? -10:09 Jun 22
Tessa: “I… hum…. yes?” Tessa really didn’t care which response she was answering yes to. Her breath quickened, and everywhere his mouth touched was left tingling. Her fingers curled in to his hair to pet, and she really couldn’t help but purr in to his ear. “Can we just answer every question with this..?” -10:21 Jun 22
[D is having strangly nice getting naked times after being bullied into making Tessa his girlfriend.] -12:46 Jun 23
[Tessa bullied her husband in to being her boyfriend. She’s working backwards!] -12:47 Jun 23
D: "Every question? Whats your middle name?" kiss nip in her neck "how do you get your skin so soft?" kiss nip, slide his lip against her skin in a half nuzzle. "Is this really a good idea?" Plant a kiss on her lips and run his fengers though her hair letting out a soft, slow sigh.. "Mmmhh…" he laughed softly. "You know I think it i…" there was a knock on the door and D turned to look.. another knock and he stood up rebuttonging his pants that had somehow gotten unbuttoned and grabbing his jacket from the floor and headign tot he door. "Keep your hair on… Better cover up Luv.. I’ll deal with this and we’ll answer some more questions." -12:53 Jun 23
Tessa: Giggling bliss! If she ever wanted to open a door and throw something, that was definitely one of those moments. Tessa sat up with a disappointed huff, leaning over the bed to snatch up a robe from her bag. Not that she cared if anyone saw her in a nightgown, but she didn’t want to accidentally flash those record people either if they showed up! -12:57 Jun 23
D: "Room service." tame a voice from the otehr side of the door and D groaned. He had been about to stick his hand on Tessa’s ….. "Coming!" he said before opening the door and accepting the trolley and pulling it into the room. "The set menu for newlyweds as payed for by your benefactors, enjoy." D just closed the door and looked down at the food. "Perfect timeing.. Tessa! Foods here!" -01:04 Jun 23
Tessa: Tessa was still thinking about throwing something at the room service guy. Did he have to say newly weds? She just got D to say he was her boyfriend, she didn’t want that ruined now! "…food is good! Hmm… does this mean we get to enjoy candles now?" She might not have planned it, but Tessa definitely wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. It would be a real romancy evening with D and that would be a first! -01:07 Jun 23
D: He looked at her, the table, the food and then pushed the trolley towards the table. "Candlelit dinner in the honeymoon suite and this is a business trip?" it wasn’t making sense, the label wouldn’t be this nice to them even if he was pretending to be. "Well lets eat, I’m sure…" He stopped talking and grabbed the bottle that was on the trolley… "Do you know what this is?" he asked Tessa. "This is ten thousand dollars a bottle… Whoa re these people?" -01:16 Jun 23
Tessa: "Is it really?" she looked pretty surprised. Stopping at the table to open up one of the platters and sneak a quick bite. She sighed! "Hmm… A rival company of the Label, I know for sure. But they didn’t mention what they wanted to discuss other than the business and future of my bands. If anything it’s proof I am being taken seriously!" Tessa was very pleased about that. Enough to be rocking on her heels and grinning about it. -01:19 Jun 23
D: D was fishing in his packets for a lighter to light the cadles and then lighting then. "Well at least someones happy. Its good to see you like this." he bent down to grab the plates from the bottom and put them on the table. "ANything you want to try second?" yes he had seen her sneak a taste. -01:24 Jun 23
Tessa: "I have been like this a lot lately." Tessa never would have thought the more time she spent with him the happier she’d be. Definetely not when she found him on her couch. She leaned to steal something else, eying him as he lit the candles. She really did like that jacket and no shirt look… -03:54 Jun 23
D: He sat down and looked at her over the table. "Going to dish up for that or are we going to eat strait out of the dished with our fingers?" he leaned back in his chair hooking his arm on the back eying her. "While you to that.. I’ll get the wine." -03:59 Jun 23
D: He sat down and looked at her over the table. "Going to dish up for that or are we going to eat strait out of the dished with our fingers?" he leaned back in his chair hooking his arm on the back eying her. "While you to that.. I’ll get the wine." -03:59 Jun 23
Tessa: Deliberately she leaned a hand on the table, plucked out a bite, popped it in her mouth and licked her fingers. "When did you become mister manners? And I dunno about that ten thousand dollar wine… last time you got me liquered up I had the worst headache…" -04:04 Jun 23
D: "And it was the best birthday I’d had in years." he said not taking his eyes off of her as he leaned forwards and piccke up the bottle and removed the foil a picked up a corkscrew. "This is out first meal as a couple isn’t it? " he said watching her carfully. "So we should do it right, or very very wrong. All this food ends up on the floor and you get on the table wrong." -04:08 Jun 23
Tessa: Tessa was finding it very hard to be a big tease, when she was grinning so wide. First meal as a couple, and first time flirting with every intention of it going somewhere serious. "It’s not like you to let good food go to waste. What about all that huffing over me getting enough to eat?" She could have easily sat in a chair, but instead she sat on the edge of the table. Picking up a fork to eat just like that. -04:14 Jun 23
D: "How am I meant to know if its good or not if you won’t give me any one a plate?" he teased back popping the cork and ploarign out two full glasses and handing one to her. "Or feelingme some with your fingers is also an option if you don’t mind a little licking." he looked up at her on the table as he sipped the wine to hide his smile. -04:18 Jun 23
Tessa: There was an idea. AND she didn’t have to hide the expression on her face from where her thoughts were going either. Glass in one hand and fork in the other, she shifted on the table until she was bracing a foot on his knee. Then leaned forward to offer him a bite of food on the fork. "It figures a rising rockstar would want to be fed too. Kinda shameless, I think." -04:23 Jun 23
D: He chewed and swallowed, it was good, though might be better with a little less sauce. "Hey I have one girl, who I do things with exclusivly. When I have multiple girls draped over my lap and another feeding me while another is sucking then you can call me a nacisistical rock star, but thats never going to happen so long as I have someone I want to hold onto and maybe one day marry." he took another sip of wine to stop himself grining. Or saying he loved her… that would be worse than grining. -04:36 Jun 23
Tessa: One day marry! If only he knew… Tessa drank her wine, the entire glass! She hadn’t meant to drink it so fast, but she was two seconds from blurting out her secret, and she really, really wanted at least one night of boyfriend-girlfriend happiness before everything blew up. Tessa set her empty glass aside, the fork aside… leaned to take HIS glass, then she was straddling his lap to sit down. A faint frown on her face. "It is exclusive isn’t it? I can tell everyone?" -04:41 Jun 23
D: He put his arms about her waiste and looked up at her. "You don’t see me sneaking off at night do you?" he tilted his head up at her "And the only person who might be angry is my other boss, but screw him, shout it from the rooftops, or better yet, sing it." he leaned forwards to kiss her chest. "Who else am I going to date when we sleep together every night?" -04:45 Jun 23
Tessa: "I kind of worry that being my boyfriend turns guys in to jerks, but I really like the idea of you singing that you’re my boyfriend!" Tessa ran both her hands through his hair and kissed the top of his head. She was so glad they could do this now! -04:53 Jun 23
D: He nuzzled into her chest before looking up at her. "I meant you sing it, but I could. But we both should. And it I turn into the jerk then fire me. You do have that power you know. Or tell me to sleep on the couch, or demand somethign extra special to be cooked… Or that I go down on you.." -04:59 Jun 23
Tessa: Tessa slapped her hand over his mouth! Apparently being officially a couple didn’t spare her from turning three shades of red at some comments. Grinning, she just shook her head. "I’m never going to sing. Besides you shouldn’t go saying I can make unbosslike demands on you. I can barely boss you around as it is." -05:06 Jun 23
D: "You are going to sing." he said defiantly. "At least once for me before this trip is over. I’ll even play while you do. No one will hear but me. And I’ll kiss you afterwards and then you can make one unbosslike demand of me that I have to follow." -05:09 Jun 23
Tessa: "I can’t sing, D…" Why did she think that sudden defiance was cute? It must have been the promise of a kiss and a demand. Tessa almost considered it as she brushed her hands over his cheeks. "I think all my demands are work related, anyway. I couldn’t think of something unbosslike." -05:13 Jun 23
D: He kissed her hand softly not moving his arms from around her "Nothing? You can’t think of anything you want me to do thats not work related?" He looked up as her and smiled before tilting his head. "I have one.. Kiss me, any way you want to." -05:20 Jun 23
Tessa: "Any way -I- want to?" That was an odd request and she looked a bit dubious. Still, she leaned forward and brushed her lips over his. A soft and gentle test of pressure to see if there was some trick to it, before applying more confident pressure with a sigh. -05:25 Jun 23
D: He tilted his head back returning her kiss tatching her lip betwen his gently before letting go. "Theres a lot you can tell from a kiss." he said "And a lot you can say with one." he grinned wide and put his hadn on her cheek. "And I like the way you speak." -05:31 Jun 23
Tessa: She was blushing again, and trying to refrain from giggling when she hid her face at his neck. "I’m already your girlfriend now, you don’t have to keep sneaking in charming things on me." she mumbled against his skin, taking the opportunity to nuzzle against it. "So what do I say with a kiss, anyway?" Now that she was curious, she had to ask! -05:34 Jun 23
D: "Because you’re my girlfriend theres going to be more charming things." he said placing a hand on her back between her shoulders to bud solftly and hold her agaist him. "You don’t say words you say feelings, tender warm feelings I’m happy you’re willing to give me." he rested his cheek agaist her neck and sighed. "If this is what steady relationships are like I’ve really been wasting my time not looking for them." -05:41 Jun 23
Tessa: It was difficult to hide a grin when it could so easily be felt against his neck. For an evening that started with her imagining all sorts of sexy things, she really was content and sit just like this. Intimacy without urgency and without resistance. Tessa snuck her arms inside his jacket to curl around him, taking the opportunity to pet bare skin. "Next time I fall in love with you, I’ll tell you right away? That better?" -05:48 Jun 23
D: "Please do… though if you did that mean that… love?…." he stopped talking and leaned into her noticably. "You’re the first person whose staid that to me in anything but a fangirl squeal." he kissed her shoulder and sighed again. "Why are you so amazing?" -06:25 Jun 23
Tessa: Did she say that out loud? …not that she regretted it! Tessa tightened her arms around him and nuzzled against his ear. "I could squeal it too if you really me to. Might be a good idea to deafen you before you have to hear me sing." she muttered soft. -06:31 Jun 23
D: He pulled back to look at her and brush her hair out of her face. "Tessa…" looked at her eyes and hesitated. Her eyes how often had me looked into them from stage and winked? Niw he was looking at them and smiling. "Since we’re dating, and you’ve confessed I think its safe to say this…" he slid his hand down her hairline and down her neck. "I love you. When I’ve been on stage playing its been for you." -06:59 Jun 23
Tessa: "Really?" Tessa didn’t know what made her more gooey. The fact he loved her or the fact that he sang for her. Just one or the other was enough to leave her loopy, but both in combination was heaven! Tessa shifted to grasp his face in her hands, brushing her thumbs over his cheeks before giving him a quick kiss. A second kiss… one more kiss, before grinning back at him. "I love you… I don’t know when that happened. One minute I was getting in trouble because I had a crush and the next.. I didn’t want you to leave." -07:05 Jun 23
D: So many kisses for just one thing "Do you know how it is falling for your boss whose always angry at you for being late? Or that you’ve bess specifically told not to touch. And then crash on her couch and still not be meant to be touching? I think I’ve done pretty well until now." -07:56 Jun 23
Tessa: Tessa laughed out loud before swooping to kiss him again. "You were sleeping in my bed after like… five days! I don’t think that was trying very hard at all! I thought you hated me and just liked pissing me off. But then you kept making me food and hiding money in my cubbies…" Making her food, hiding money for her… and beating up exboyfriends. That one was confusing, but a pleasure. She was brushing kisses over his cheek to stop and nibble at his ear. -08:01 Jun 23
D: HE turned his head giving her better access. "I didn’t have sex with you though until later, when you wished for it and caught me off guard and we weren’t working for the label anymore. He pointed out. "And anyway whats a girl like you going to do with a guy like me? I’l only good with three.. maybe four things.. and the maybe is sex." -08:05 Jun 23
Tessa: "I am going to love you, live with you, snuggle you and probably sex you when we are not working." She whispered the last part with a small giggle before tilting back. "You’ve said that before, the things you’re good at. I’ve guessed music and cooking, and maybe sex, what is the last one?" -08:08 Jun 23
D: He put his hand on her cheek. "Sex sounds good… and the third one is my day job. Conflict resolution and compromise reaching. I don’t.. ok maybe I do enjoy it but not as much as the other three." he leaned forwards and pulled her down into a kiss. "So when you see me on stage, remember who I’m singing for is the same person I’m cooking and sexing for." -08:12 Jun 23
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 017: One Wish from Forever

[Tessa feels a little strange about waking up in a new place, now. But… she could definitely get used to this!] -04:34 Jun 13
[D left kessa dreakfast and a note next to the bed, maybe the rose drawn on the note was too much but he effectivly kidnapped her so… food and flowers, those always forked on girls.. right?] -04:37 Jun 13
Tessa: Her one day off work. …not even because she -wanted- a day off, but because D had insisted she didn’t go anywhere today and since he seemed so urget about it, she kinda caved… Ooh, food! After rolling a bit in the giant bed just for the amusement of it, she finally reached to snatch up the note to read. And where was he, exactly when he asked her not to go anywhere? This was clearly a bribe! -04:40 Jun 13
D: D was in fact getting her office things, and coordingating the men and van that would bring it all to where they were now staying. At least there there wouldn’t be stupid exes coming to visit, and if there were Chaya would be eating well. He did feel bad though for leaving her and so.. finally caved. He dialed her number and sighed. “Hey Tess.. Yeah I’m at the appartment, just wondering if theres anythign you want me to bring over. I have three big men with me who have been told they’ll be fed to tigers if they damage your desk as they load it into thier van. Figured since you’re moving into my place I’d set you up with your own office and papers. And before I forget you can use thiis number to reach me anytime, except when I’m working..” -04:46 Jun 13
D: D was in fact getting her office things, and coordingating the men and van that would bring it all to where they were now staying. At least there there wouldn’t be stupid exes coming to visit, and if there were Chaya would be eating well. He did feel bad though for leaving her and so.. finally caved. He dialed her number and sighed. “Hey Tess.. Yeah I’m at the appartment, just wondering if theres anythign you want me to bring over. I have three big men with me who have been told they’ll be fed to tigers if they damage your desk as they load it into thier van. Figured since you’re moving into my place I’d set you up with your own office and papers. And before I forget you can use thiis number to reach me anytime, except when I’m working..” -04:46 Jun 13
Tessa: “Now how am I going to know when you’re working and when you’re just being weird?” she teasingly asked, taking a sip of coffee. In bed even! This was nice… but knowing he was moving her stuff, when it really should have been her task to do, she was itching to do something. “I could have moved my stuff myself, you know. In fact, I’ll get dressed and meet you there?” -04:50 Jun 13
D: “No you won’t. Today is Tessa day. You need to relax and eat. I have things to do that don’t involve moving so I won’t be here anyway.” he did have things to do, contacts to call and tell he was working again. “You make yourself at home, and try not to get too attached and fall in love with the place, or we’ll be living together forever.” -04:55 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa very nearly said she’d love to and caught herself in time. “Fine… but you should be here for dinner! You shouldn’t get lazy about cooking for me just because there’s someone else here that cooks.” He staff in that house. Staff, a house, and a secret job he kept from her… and now he was moving her in there within just a few days of her finding out! Tessa was still debating if it was a good thing or kidnapping… -05:00 Jun 13
D: “I’ll cook, don’t worry.” he said “And I’ll be home before noon.” he was meanign against the car procrastonating on hanging up. “ANd if you get married I’m not sharing my bed with whoever it is, or driving them around… or cooking for them. Unless its someone I like. Now I need to go, so, I’ll talk to you soon.” -05:05 Jun 13
Tessa: “Goodbye D…” Tessa hung up, frowning at the phone. Grumbling to herself, she finally crawled out of bed and moved to get dressed. “…I don’t have any clean clothes here! Baah!” How did he always consider these things before she did? She was the manger! Another huff and she was going to snatch up her bag. Somewhere in there she’d have some emergency clothes. She pulled out a work folder, a bunch of flyers, some notebooks, her teapot lamp, random fabric. Marriage again… he was bringing that up a lot lately! Not that she minded, but… It put thoughts in to her head, and how he mentioned it was always confusing. He’d do one thing and say another. “Why do you have to go and act like a boyfriend.” she muttered to herself. “I really wish I knew what you really thought, so I wouldn’t have to ask and look like an idiot.” Now she was just complaining, and there was no emergency clothes in here! -05:22 Jun 13
D: Suddenly he wasn’t on the street anymore, he was back home and in bed… with someone. Someone he had been in bed with a lot lately. “Tessa?” again? did she make a wish again? She wasn’t in stripper clothes.. in hact she was in a very elegant and simple short white dress… “Wha… I..” he settled for just looking at her… “Are you wearing underwear this time?” -05:27 Jun 13
Tessa: “…what?” Suddenly being ploofed somewhere else was always disorienting, but being asked about her underwear was a little more confusing than having D on top of her again. Again…! Blast it, she forgot all about that lamp teapot! But nothing about her wish involved this so… “Did you make a wish?” -05:38 Jun 13
D: He shook his head slowly as he thought back making sure. “Thats a nice dress thoughI…” he brought his hand up to scratch his chin nervoust a ring glinting on his finger. “Its just a nice dress….” he looked down at her, tellinf himself it wasn’t his fault his ahdn was in her hair, it needed to fo somewhere as he rested on his elbow. -05:44 Jun 13
Tessa: It was hard not to notice the ring, not that he didn’t occasionally wear them, but…! Trying to be subtle about it, she braced her left hand on his shoulder. Another ring… wedding ring! Exact same style and…! She wished to know what he thought about her, and this is what she got…! “What on earth were you thinking about!” Tessa was a little bewildered, and just a tiny, tiny bit guilty. -05:51 Jun 13
D: “Me?” he looked at her… “IWas thinkign about getting a bagel, and maybe coming home with enough cheese to make macaroni…” he said looking at her… “What were YOU thinking? What… are.. I really like that dress.” -05:54 Jun 13
Tessa: “I was thinking about you…” she confessed. It was the truth… and she was kinda thinking about this too. Well, not this specifically, but being married and. She wanted to know what HE thought though! Tessa shifted up on to her elbows, which really didn’t do anything more than bring her closer to him. Close enough to lean and kiss him if she wanted to. …and she really did want to. “You were only thinking about food? Not anything else?” -05:59 Jun 13
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:35 Jun 13
[D enters.] -06:36 Jun 13
D: He looked at her his lips parting uncertainly then frowning. “I was thinking about you too, about having you here and that that means. I don’t bring just anyone to my secret house in the hills you know. My stuff is here, my memories are here, in fact you’re the first.” -06:39 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa didn’t think he thought about it all, he was so instantaneously ready to move her in the moment she knew the house existed. …which made her very worried that now he was having seconds thoughts. Worse if she had wished them married by accident and he was keen on the idea. “I don’t have to live here. I can stay at my apartment and not be in your space.” -06:44 Jun 13
D: He looked at her. “I like you in my space.” he said “I like you in my memories.” he scewed his mough in an awkward thinking face. “I guess I should ask you what you want to do. But either way I’m sleeping in the same bed as you. But I know Chaya would be lonely if we didn’t stay.” -06:51 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa doubted he ever realized when he said something sweet. Just like a boyfriend. …but a good boyfriend. Not like those assholes that claimed they wanted to share her bed, and took off the first moment they found something better. Tessa leaned again, brushing s kiss against his cheek. “I want to live here. Though it’s nice being asked too.” Now she couldn’t stop grinning. It was stupid, and he was sweet.. and she was going to get in so much trouble later. But for the moment all she could do was smile. -07:00 Jun 13
D: She was being affectionate and he was weak to it. “Is that what you wished for? To know if I wanted you here.. or for..” he leaned down and pushes his lips into hers, he wanted to do ti softly but it bame out as what could only be called hard and a little bit needy as he nipped her lower lip and let out an involintary sigh before he managed to pull back. -07:04 Jun 13
Tessa: “Almost…?” There was a ridiculously wistful look on her face, and she was trying to wipe that grin away. It just wasn’t working at all when he was so close, and it was so easy to brush her fingers over his neck and flick them through his hair. “I wanted to know what you thought about me, and now we’re bed.” …she shouldn’t have left out the rings part. But if she mentioned it, he might not be so willing to stay there like this… and she really, really liked this. -07:11 Jun 13
D: “If you had asked I would not have said I wanted you in my bed. Though I do, I put you there.. here..” he trailed off and kissed her again, softly but the need was still there. “I should stop doing that.” he said softly life he really didn’t want to say it. “It might lead to something…” -07:15 Jun 13
Tessa: “And if it does…?” she shouldn’t have asked. Definitely not all breathy and hopeful. And surely not following it with a kiss of her own, brushed softly at the corner of his mouth. With a nuzzle against his cheek, or another kiss less soft and much more coaxing for him to respond. -07:19 Jun 13
D: He put his hand on the back of her head and held it up as he niddled in her lips with his. “We’re two adults, we’ll figure something out.” he whispered. He shouldn’t want this so much, he was projecting and it sounded like she did too. “If you want to…” it was almost a plea as he rensted his forehead agaist hers and holding a handful of her hair. -07:26 Jun 13
Tessa: If…! How much more obvious could she be! Tessa would have laughed if she weren’t so needily frustrated. She’d show him if. Tessa circled her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. It was kinda like deja vu, being like this again. She teased his mouth with a slip of her tongue, and later she might feel a little bad, but for now just to kiss him was exquisite! -07:32 Jun 13
D: He kissed her back pressing her agaist the bed and pulling her dress up to run a hand up her hip. She WAS wearing underwear. It would be harder to go back but he didn’t care, we wanted her, needed her. “Fuck…” he grabbed her hai arnd pulled her harder agaist himscrewing his eyes shut and just KISSSING HER. He’d deal with consequences later. -07:36 Jun 13
Tessa: Her muffled sigh was definitely not a complaint. And for something she was worried about not having earlier, clothes were now a vexation when she wanted to feel skin. Her hands were already digging at the fabric at his back, tugging it upwards so she could weasel it off him. She had her eyes on him, half opened to watch his expression and ever so often making her grin against his mouth. -07:45 Jun 13
D: He pulled away long enough to get rid of the shirt he was wearing and lay his hand on her cheek in what might have been sweet pesture it not for a blatant hunger in his eyes. He put his hand on her shoulder and puleld her away from the bed to pull the zip on her back down along her spine and pull her dress down. How had he knows the sip was there? -07:50 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa didn’t even know how that dress worked, but it was the last thing on her mind. Even that awkward shyness hadn’t occured to her. They did it once before, what was there to be shy about? Tessa was chewing on her bottom lip as she traced over his tattoo with a fingertip and grazed her hands down his stomach. -07:59 Jun 13
D: He pulled the dress from her and tossed it to the floor and was then reaching around to undo the black lacey bra underneath and letting that join the dress. then he was leaning down and giving her neck a teasing nip before finding her lips in a kiss. How long would it be before she wished for this again? How long before her last wish and then no more? He didn’t want this to be the second last time. He’d offer to be her genie but that would lead to awful lines about ‘rubbing the lamp’ and he couldn’t think to talk right now. -08:04 Jun 13
Tessa: Less clothes, and it still wasn’t enough. Tessa braced her hands at the side of his head, returning his kiss with an eager infatuation. They could do this forever if they were married…! if she told him and he didn’t hate her for it! She didn’t want to think about how it could go wrong. Tessa pushed at his shoulder until he was up enough and she shifted to her knees. Never breaking away from kissing him, but slipping her hands down his sides until she was tugging at his pants to pull them off. -08:18 Jun 13
D: He took over the tasy or holding her head to keep their licks locked his tongue dancing over her lip as he swayed his hips leping her push his pants down before he moved his hand down to do the sane to her panties. He wanted every inch of him to be touching every inch of her, he ached for it like he never had before… “I think I kindof love you..” he whispered breatlessly before pulling her agaist him and kissing her again. -08:26 Jun 13
Tessa: There was a widening of her eyes, and it was spoken so softly and so quickly, Tessa wasn’t so sure she heard it at all! …and it didn’t matter even if she made it up, she was melting against him. She loved the feel of his skin, the way he kissed her, and him. She could show him even… Once his pants were good and gone, there was a little bit of hesitation before she reached down. Her fingers gently circling his shaft while her eyes watched his expression. -08:41 Jun 13
D: His eyes dafted open and he looked at her his hand wondering down to rub her ass, slowly and his a look of anticipation and lust shining in his eyes. He could have proposed to her in they moment, but instead he sent a hand sliding up her breast, chest, neck and to her cheek before he nipped her lip once more, then twice, then caught it in a kiss. -08:45 Jun 13
Tessa: She could get lost in that kiss and his touch, then never have the senses to show him how she felt. Tessa ran her tongue over his mouth, dipping her head to nuzzle against his neck. Her breath falling over his collar bone when she grazed her teeth over his skin. All the while letting her hand stroke him with a tempting grip. -08:55 Jun 13
D: He pushed closed to her waiting softness. He wanted her and the fact that he did resonated though every fibre of his being, every tendon aching for her. He pushed his hips closer to hers until they toutched a needy whimper coming to his throat. -09:01 Jun 13
Tessa: That one simple sound meant so much, and he had no idea! Tessa released him, only to slide her arms around his neck again and crush her mouth to his in a rushed kiss. She bounced, just for enough momentum to sling her legs around his hips too. When she broke the kiss she was breathless, digging her hands in to his hair and nipping at his mouth between words. “Would you… make love… to me? Please?” -09:08 Jun 13
D: “Make love…?” the distinction was important back to didn’t give her a chance to answer before he dumped her onto her back and fell ontop in her, his hand grabbing her hip as he slidid his agaist hers, locating her soft openeing and pushing… -09:16 Jun 13
Tessa: Her sudden intake of breath was followed by a quiet so very pleased mewl of approval. To kiss him and touch him had nothing on being fill by him too, and even if it did all sound like crazy romance novel babbling in her head, he made her feel like a live wire. Her legs remained gripped tight around him, drawing him to her much the same way her arms did. -09:22 Jun 13
D: HE pushed depther into her savoring the sensation as he broke the kiss and let out a needy half growl. Thrust… kiss her neck and press his body into hers… Thrust.. grig her tighter and let her name espape his lips along with the woths ‘love’… Thrust… no it wasn’t good to be this lost in her, but there was no escape, and no will to do so. -09:27 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa buried her face at his neck, every movement drawing some sound of pleasure from her. Be it a faint squeak or long breathy moan. Even when her legs losened just so she could shift with him, her arms were wrapped tight. Hands gripping and uncurling every moment she realized her nails were digging in his skin. -09:35 Jun 13
[Tessa enters.] -09:39 Jun 13
D: It was beyonds words how much he loved this, loved being with her, he heavy breathign was catchign in his throat as he tightened hsi arms around her and thrust faster a passion-laden cry eminatinf from deep within his core. it wouldn’t be long now… “Fuck.. Tessa… ” he burried his face in her hair his higs grinding into hers… “I don’t to wait for your next wish before doing this again…” -09:39 Jun 13
Tessa: Why did that make her want to laugh and hold him and not let go? Tessa smiled wide, tilting her head until she was nibbling on his ear. “We don’t have to wait. I would do this every day…” To make love to him like this everyday would be amazing…! Better than any wish could granted if he wanted it too. “Will you do this again..?” she asked against his ear in a whisper. -09:45 Jun 13
D: HE pushes harder. “Every day…” his voice was breathless and his lips found hers again before he sped abck up building himself up to the finish his chest heaving agaist hers. It was going to come quickly and the sounds in his throat made that obvious. “Hold me and don’t let go…” -09:56 Jun 13
Tessa: Every day. She could be with him every day, forever. When did that become the one thing in the world she wanted more than anything! Tessa didn’t say another word as she held him tight. Circling an arm around his shoulders and bracing a hand against his cheek and in to his hair. She kissed him hard, deep, feeding it every word she wanted to say and couldn’t. Not breaking away until she was gasping his name with an arc of his back and reveling in the delicious shivers that ran down her spine! -10:02 Jun 13
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -10:09 Jun 13
D: His name on her lips are what did it for him and he pressed into her his eyes closing as he filled her. “We should just get married…” he breathed nuzzling into her as he continued to move slowly inside her his mind numb with bliss and spent passion. Thes with a contented sigh he rested on her. “You’re the best….” -10:09 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa was humming out loud, shifting just enough to brush a kiss over his mouth and nearly purring in lascivious pleasure. She wanted to say they were married. … but… it could. For now Tessa just wanted her moment, gently nuzzling against his cheek in exhausted contenment. “I think I will love being married to you…” she murmured. -10:16 Jun 13
D: He rolled off of her and pulled her against him… “Why do you have to be so perfect?” he asked without expecting an answer his half-closed eyes on her as he ran his fingers through her hair. “You make it very hard to work for you without spending extra time backstage.” -10:20 Jun 13
Tessa: “i don’t think anyone has ever described me as perfect.” he was the first. Everything she had ever done was wrong. …until she met him. Tessa was grinning wide again. “Still perfect even after getting lost in the woods?” -10:24 Jun 13
D: “It got you here didn’t it?” he said with a grin. “To the hidden castle in the woods guarded by a fearson black monster and ruled by a panther.” -10:26 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa giggled softly, settling against his shoulder with an arm draped over him. “Now who is the fearsome black monster and who is the panther, I wonder…?” -10:29 Jun 13
D: “Well which of us is more fearsom?” he asked with a grin letting his hand wonder down to rub her back. “And which one of us gets to kiss the lost princess in the woods?” -10:31 Jun 13
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 016: A Deal with the Devil

Tessa: Tessa awoke that morning on the sofa with D no where to be seen. But there was breakfast for her, which meant he hadn’t disappeared. And he got to wake up with her still there, which was… a strange thing for her to be pleased about! After breakfast, showering, and grabbing her stuff, Tessa was off for a fun filled day of work. AND EXTRA WORK. If D was fired from his secret job, that meant she was really going to have to bust ass on getting them shows. And her budget. And maybe a loan… One night of sleep, awkwardly on the sofa hadn’t been enough rest. She forgot to eat lunch, and by the evening it was getting LATE. Like, going to miss dinner late and she was across town. Tessa caught the nearest bus. …but she hadn’t expected to fall asleep on the damn thing and miss her stops… -06:53 Jun 11
[D enters.] -07:07 Jun 11
D: D had spent the day in hell. If someone had said literally he would have believed them. The label was angry, very angry and had been trying to contact him. Which was why he had left early so they wouldn’t go there. And then he had met with him… and waited and waited and waited and waited, then get told they it was five minuted past the scedued time for tessa to be snatched… and tha he was free to go. -07:21 Jun 11
D: D had spent the day in hell. If someone had said literally he would have believed them. The label was angry, very angry and had been trying to contact him. Which was why he had left early so they wouldn’t go there. And then he had met with him… and waited and waited and waited and waited, then get told they it was five minuted past the scedued time for tessa to be snatched… and tha he was free to go. -07:21 Jun 11
Tessa: Tessa found herself waking up when an weird old lady nudged her complaining about the smell of cheese. “Cheese waah?” The lady kept on babbling even when the bus stopped, and Tessa hastiliy got off at her stop. Only… it wasn’t her stop. And by the time she realized she wasn’t walking down a -city- street, the bus was already gone. Tessa fumbled for her phone. Holy crap…! She should have gotten off that bus two hours ago! Which meant she was… Tessa had no idea. Grumbling, the first thing she did was call home to leave a message on her machine. This was exactly why D should’ve had a phone… “Heeelllooo. Don’t freak!” she muttered at the machine. “I am in.. um.. a town… with a light. And… a gas station. Weird wizard hat shop… Uuum. I gotta find out when the next bus is.” She was rambling at the machine now, wandering back to the stop looking for some sort of time schedule. -07:27 Jun 11
D: Home was the first place he headed, then to her work, then to where the band practiced, then home again. There was a message on the machine…. okay.. she was alive, but… no mention of kidnappers or what had happened. Town bus… screw it! He picked up Tessa’s landline only to reemebr it had been cut and then was pounding on next door’s door and then shoved the lady with all the cats out of the way to get to her phone and dialed tessa’s number. -07:32 Jun 11
Tessa: “What kind of dumb town doesn’t have twenty four hour station service! ….or a station…!” There was just a bench and there wasn’t even any schedule times. How was she supposed to know when the next bus was going to drive by? It was DARK outside and small one stop light towns were kinda creepy. Her phone rang and she jumped, almost screaming loud enough for it to echo down the street. Grumbling she dug out her phone again and answered. “Tessa Thorn, Dumbest Manager in the Universe, what can I do for you?” she huffed. -07:36 Jun 11
D: “How about telling me where you are?” he said, Or at least what you can see to I can come and get you.” he sounded worried, and irritated with being being constantly beaten with a handbag as he was trying to talk. “Any road signs, station name? Town name? Business? Anything.” -07:38 Jun 11
Tessa: “What is that sound…? Is that old lady in the apartment..?” And cats too. She heard cats. Tessa rolled her eyes, walking around the bench and glancing up and down the street. “Hum… I don’t know. The street sign is all spray painted over. And I am not sure if this is a wizard hat shop or a really weird sex shop. Don’t worry about it, though. I can wait for the next bus.” -07:42 Jun 11
D: “No you’re not getting on any busses. CUT THAT OUT! I’l coing to get you and we’re not comign back here, so just staw there you are and tell me how you got there.” The old woman was going to the kitchen probably to get a knife. “Sooner would be better than later.: -07:45 Jun 11
Tessa: “What are you doing to that old woman? You know she has a bad heart!” Tessa almost got distracted listening to his end. She finally shook her head. “I got on my usual bus near the Cinema and I fell asleep on the bus. It’s not a big deal, I can just wait for the next one. It dropped me here, there’s gotta be another one sooner or later.” -07:50 Jun 11
D: Out iin the country they don’t run at night, there usually just two or three a day.” he said as if he were an expert on the subject. “Alright I’ll follow it’s rout and find you. Then take you to my house out in the country. Shit shed got a gun, gotta go.” he hung up and backed out of the room slowly and then left down the hall and down the stairs. First thign was to find out the bus routs and get his car. -07:53 Jun 11
Tessa: “D, that’s gonna take you ho-” Hours. He didn’t have a car! She didn’t think so anyway? A bus would likely get there long before he did walking all the way out from the city. And she’d beat him senseless if he spent money on a cab. Urgh…! Tessa picked a direction and started walking. Eventually she’d run in to him, right? -07:56 Jun 11
D: HE did have a phone, but he hadn’t wanted tessa calling him when he was late and he was at a job. So he used that to call for his car and waited, it only too arounf 20 minutes but it felt like hours.. then he was talking to a contact about the bus rout and driving off into the night… “Fucket.” he was dialing on Yessa again on hi phone and he drove. “C’mon… pick up!” -08:02 Jun 11
Tessa: Twenty minutes of walking wasn’t normally a big deal. Unless you were really tired. Then it just gotta sucked. She almost hadn’t realized her phone was ringing she was plotting how she would rearrange her schedule to make up for being so late today. Tessa pulled it out again, frowning at another unknown number. “…is that you, D…? I think I am losing bars out here…!” -08:07 Jun 11
D: “The voice was unclear but there were definitly car noices in the background. “Are you still on the bus rout. I’ve pust passed Springfield and about half an hour away from a a hat shop called “the big topper” and… ” the engine was LOUD he was obviously not obeying trafic laws. “… urn… ou… Tess….” beep beep beep. “Damn!” oh well nothing to do now but wait and see if she called back and head in the direction he knew she had once been -08:14 Jun 11
Tessa: “Dangit… works every where my ass.” Tessa shook her phone, as if that was going to help it any. She did pause to see where she was. Trees, trees, more trees. The street wasn’t even asphault anymore, it was all gravel and rocks and dirt. Was this even a road? No street lights… and suddenly Tessa decided that walking trying to meet him was probably a bad idea. It was dark and she just had the light of her phone to keep her company, as she tried to redial or text him. …were those eyes in the trees?! She was going to die! -08:19 Jun 11
D: He answered. “Tessa!” he skidded to a halt outside the shop…. oh damn.. it was a fatasy sex shop! “I’m at the bus stop but I don’t see you… where are you?” -08:23 Jun 11
Tessa: “Lost worst than I was befo-ACK!” One wrong step in the dark and her heel broke which nearly sent her tumbling down in to ditch. Tessa caught her balance but… dropped her phone somewhere. “….damnit! Keep talking I’m here! Where are you phone…” Her yelp had jostled some sort of animal out in the trees and now she was really scrambling to find the phone before some critter up and stole it. -08:29 Jun 11
D: Dammit!.. right… where the hell was she? “Which direction did you go?” he yelled into his phone. “Where do I find you before somehtign does eat you?” he was worried, frustrated and ever though he didn’t want to admit it he needed a tessa snuggle. BUT HE HAD TO FIND HER FIRST. -08:32 Jun 11
Tessa: “Gotcha…!” On her hands and knees in a pile of leaves, she snatched up the phone and held it to her ear. “I walked towards the light and turned left. No wait, right. Definitely right. ….Wait are there really things out here that can eat me?!” That put a whole new level of danger on to this dark road. -08:34 Jun 11
D: He turned right and DROVE “If I run out of fuel out here we’ll both find out.” he said driving slower as the road got worse. Really tessa shoulfn’t have wandered off. Really really shouldn’t have. “I just passed a fallen tree with a… gate made of what looked like chaines…. sound familiar? -08:37 Jun 11
Tessa: “Oh my god, that sounds like some sort of serial killer’s back yard…! …D..?” …and her phone was dead. There was no light. There was not his voice. She was on a dark dusty road in the middle of the woods at night. With a broken heel no less…! This was horror movie written all over it! After shuffling down the street a little farther, Tessa found an old tree stump and sat down. She took off her shoes, dropped them in her bag and just stayed there. Serial killers only come chasing after the ones that run, right…? -08:40 Jun 11
D: He tried redailing, and redailing, and redailing… nothing, dammit looked liek he was driving around in the country looking for her. It was going to be past midnight before he found her at this rate, and he was scared, and hungry, but so was tessa and he needed to find her before the label did. -08:46 Jun 11
Tessa: This was wretched. Her feet hurt and she was starving and so tired… She might’ve even twisted her ankle, which was pretty dumb. But she could move it, so that might have just been her paranoia. There were all kinds of skitterings out in the woods and she almost -swore- she saw something huge with beady eyes out there…! Tessa snatched up her bag and dug around again. “Ha…! Flashlight!” It was just a little keychain but it was something. She flicked it on, giving a dull yellow glow on her stump. After awhile she was just so tired she ended up falling asleep with her back up against the stump. -08:50 Jun 11
D: HE found her, eventually, at 3 AM and got her into the car without waking her up. Then drove home to put her in bed. His snuggles could wait, for now he needed to call the label and set up a meeting. She’d be fine here until he got back… he hoped. The onto other one up was Chaya. -08:54 Jun 11
Tessa: It was almost noon by the time Tessa woke up. …and immediately she sat up in the bed looking around warily and ready for a fight. She very distinctly remembered sitting down in the woods and D mentioning chain fences and… if this was a crazy serial killer’s cabin, she aimed to survive! Except, it looked way too nice to be some rickety old cabin… Quietly, Tessa slipped out of the bed. -08:58 Jun 11
D: He got to the meeting point at 5 AM, then had been lectured for two hours and told to wait. He slept a little then but not much and not by choice. Then there was a heavy thud on the table in front of him and he lifted his head. It was his guitar, his instrament and tool for his.. other job. “You work for us. Imagine what would have hapned if he had gotten her. Refuse a job and we will, now go.” And then, driving back he was at his out of town place as a little past 1 PM -09:03 Jun 11
Tessa: There was curiosity about a really neat looking place… and then there was the fear of what sort of backwoods creeper had a really nice house and picked up women out in the woods. Tessa was imagining all kinds of crazyass scenarios. And then she sasw a big black furry monster….! Her first response was to scream bloody murder! And immediately locked herself in to the first room she found. Furry demons were going to eat her! It was a demon house! -09:06 Jun 11
D: He parked the car and got out, walkign into the door and up the stairs. It was a large place, a very large place but it was his, and used to be his grandma’s. “Chaya!” he called seeing that Panther staring at a door. “Schaya come here.” she didn’t move… “Is Tessa in there?” Dammit she had locked herself in! -09:10 Jun 11
Tessa: Breathe! Haha, demons.. that was silly. They didn’t live in well kept homes in the middle of woods. They liked populated areas. What was she panicking for? Other than the fact there was a giant animal going to -eat- her, of course. Wait, a voice! Tessa turned to lean her ear again the door. “Hey…?” -09:12 Jun 11
D: D knocked on the door hard. “Tessa you in there? I’m guessing yes since Chaya won’t leave the door alone.” he tried the bandle and found it locked. “Boss, open up.” -09:13 Jun 11
Tessa: “Wait. Before I open this door, you have to prove you are you. And not a demon or a wizard or a ghost or murderer or something!” If she was over reacting, fine! But it was better safe than sorry. She had a really bad night last night, and wasn’t about to have a bad morning too. -09:15 Jun 11
D: “Fine.. you always hum diamonds for tears when you work, and tap your foot against the leg of the desk at the end of each bar. When you’re nervous you like up pull on the hair behind your right ear and your favorite food is and I’m quoting ‘whatever D kooks for dinner’ or so you told your friend on the phone two months ago.” he sighed.. still having not slept properly.. “And how do you like my out of town house?” -09:19 Jun 11
Tessa: “How did you even know all of-” Tessa went ahead and opened the door to give him that skeptical stare. “Chaya! …and now I feel stupid.” Furry beast was the panther! So she had a screaming fit for nothing. “…your house?” Tessa was dubious. -09:21 Jun 11
D: He leaned against the wall. “This is my house…” he gestured at the walls around them “This is my pet.” he petted Chaya who was looking like she wanted to pounce on Tessa still. “I told you I had a place out of town. So feel mike staying on my couch for a while?” -09:23 Jun 11
Tessa: “This isn’t a -cabin- in the woods!” He grossly underestimated his home. And Chaya was his. Oh Chaya…! Poor thing. Tessa leaned to give Chaya a good pet and a scratch. “I didn’t mean to scream at you, you startled me… D was dumb and didn’t think to leave a note for me when I woke up…” Once Chaya was suffiently petted… then it was giving D a hug and heaving a relieved sigh! Tessa was eternally greatful not to be lost in the woods and in some crazy person’s house. D was a much, much better out come. -09:26 Jun 11
D: He put his arms around her and sighed. “I haven’t slept yet.” he said. “Apparently 3 am is a good time to be called to get your job back after a dicaplinaru hearing…” he was leaning on her more than he meant to and opening up to her more than he should. be he was just glad t have her back. “And I was worried, and searched for you all night.. ” he was nuzzleg into ehr now and clinging more than he should. “If anything had happened.. well.. I’m not letting that happen.” -09:33 Jun 11
Tessa: “You should go to bed. You really didn’t have to come and get me, I could have waited for the next bus.” He was worried, and upset… Tessa hadn’t meant to make him worry like that. “I’m sorry. I was just so tired I wasn’t paying attention. Are you sure you want to take that job back, though? You said you wanted to quit it, and I don’t mind doing the extra work.” Tessa held on to him, hugging him again, not just because he seemed to need but… she was glad he went out of his way to get her! -09:37 Jun 11
D: “We need the money.” he said “And they… made me an offer that was difficult to refuse.” he finally let go and pulled her out of the room and went down the coridoor and up another staircase to the master berroom that had a view all the way back to the city and over some of it. “We’ll sleep here, together, if you want to stay.. and theres a place downstairs where bands can plactice, and I can set up an occive for you.. with it’s own room.” he was sounding kind of excited. “And you won’t have to rent out other places…” He opened the door to the bedroom and there was the bed, huge comepared to hers… “I’d understnad if you wanted your own room though.. or prefered to stay in the city..” his tone was back to just pain tired.. -09:43 Jun 11
Tessa: “We did want to get a bigger place… no sense in buying one if we already have it?” Tessa didn’t need any convincing. …at least not at the moment. She was eyeing him. And then nudging him to the bed until she could shove him on it. Then Tessa was kneeling on the floor to take his shoes. “I’ll have to find out what time the buses leave from here. A cab would be way too expensive.” -09:49 Jun 11
D: “I have a car..” he said. “I just don’t like driving..” he was looking down at her and smiling, she was doing that being sweet things again. “You really are too sweet..” he said softly almost hoping she wouldn’t hear., then louder. “Snuggles?” D had no idea when he had become so sappy but… he felt like be neeed them. -09:54 Jun 11
Tessa: Off went his shoes, followed by her laughing. Calling her sweet and then asking for snuggles. He DID deserve them. “Until you fall asleep. Then I have to forrage for food. I skipped lunch and missed dinner and breakfast too.” Tessa finally rose to fuss at him until he was all the way in bed and under the covers. Then she wasted no time in crawling under them herself, scooting up next to him and resting her head on his shoulder. …it was probably the most comfortable bed she had ever been in! -09:57 Jun 11
D: “Just ask Genevieve in the kitchen to make you something.” he said softly. “Shes a good cook… I havn’t eaten either..” he kissed her forehead softly and pulled her in tight. “You’re the best boss ever, you know that?” here he was thinking baout marraige again… “If this is what marriage is like, I like it…” and then he was driftign off. -10:01 Jun 11
Tessa: Tessa was starving, but she didn’t want to leave. Resting on him and brushing her knuckles against his cheek while he fell asleep. He brought it up again, the marriage bit…! Tessa agreed though. If it was like this, she could be very very happy… -10:04 Jun 11
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 015: Come Home

Tessa: Who knew it would be so hard to find a man when previously it was as simple as looking in your own apartment. It was like a few months all over again, with Tessa waiting backstage at a concert for him to appear. Only this time she wasn’t pissed off, she was just really… upset! Bad enough that he stormed out of the party, but he didn’t come back home. Not a word from him and it was driving her -insane-. -02:11 Jun 11
D: Well here he was. Opening the door to backstage and looking like a truck had hit him. She was there, of course she would be. "Boss." he said once the door was closed. "I quit my job." the words hung in the air between them for a few seconds. "Not this one, the otehr one. Well I was fired, kinda. Maybe. They’re pissed with me." he wasn’t making much sense but there were a few day-old bruises around from when they other job had expressed it’s disapproval. "Just wanted to get that out there.." -02:16 Jun 11
Tessa: "WHERE have you been? Out quitting a job the whole time?! You could have called me, or told me, or just come home. You idiot!" She socked him pretty hard in the shoulder more than once before she realized he looked beat to hell and back. "…what happened!" -02:19 Jun 11
D: So he was here and she was here so that meant he could do what he wanted to and she would poke him when it was time to do something else. Colapsing onto the coutch sounded like a good idea. "Three guys… I think I pissed someone off.. and you kicked me out.. remember." he folded his arms over his chest. -02:24 Jun 11
Tessa: The show would start late, but for the moment there was something more important for her to deal with. "I didn’t kick you out, you stupid ass! You left and didn’t come home, and I was so worried that something happened to you, and obviously it DID which makes me a shitty bodyguard, and you a big ass for leaving me sleepless for three days hoping you were drunk and stabbed in a ditch somewhere…!" Tessa might have exagerated his doom a little bit, but him showing up with bruises and scratches pretty much just confirmed her right to be worried. -02:28 Jun 11
D: He looked at her, why did she have to be to sweet and… UGH "You’re not my bodyguard." he said closing his eyes and sighing. "But no other job means I can’t sneak money into your stashes, or buy food, or that noce soap, or get fixed up.. I might have to sell my other place.." -02:38 Jun 11
Tessa: "I don’t care! I can change the budget around. We’ll rice and ramen and I’ll stop buying extra paper for flyers. We’ll work extra hard on concerts and do more shows. " Why was this man so stupid…! As if any of it was ever about money! "I just want you to come home.." -02:42 Jun 11
D: "Home?" he repeated looking at her. "Thats a term people use then they’re living together and dating, or married. Are you sure you still want me there?" she really was being stupidly surrotive and it was making D uncomfortable, guilty. "But you’re right, I need to shower and get my stage clothes on." -02:46 Jun 11
Tessa: "Yes! I want you to come home. ….after this concert! If you’ve lost your other job, we’re going to need every concert we can get…" Time! She had spent too much time yelling at him, but at least he wasn’t painfully late yet. …wait, married…? Tessa knew he hadn’t meant it like that, but there was the thought in her head… She shook that out and focused on the present. "Yes, shower fast and get on stage and afterwards we can go home!" -02:49 Jun 11
D: He forget ot get clothes and a towel as he bucked into the backstage shower and stripped quickly turning on the water. The warm wated felt good agaist his bruised but the idn’t ringer and was soon scrubbing pain or no. -02:51 Jun 11
Tessa: He hadn’t grabbed anything he needed, which left Tessa groaning. She at least made sure the stagehands knew he was there though. A little procrastinating and they’d be good to go. Tessa gathered up his fresh clothes and a towel, then linger by the shower. "Faster, faster! You can take another bath tonight! Girls love scruffy dirty men!" -02:54 Jun 11
D: He came out of the shower and grabbed the yowel and bried his hair first the rest of him dripping onto the floor. "Girls may move tham but I like to feel clean when I play.." he tried further down, then grabbed clothes and pulled them on. "How many by the way?" -02:58 Jun 11
Tessa: Tessa shouldn’t have been watching. …she blamed it on the fact she hadn’t seen him for days. "At least five hundred. Way better than playing in nightclubs!" That was almost their average now, which meant she could start booking larger venues and getting a good turn out. ….which was going to be a plus if this was the only income they had! -03:03 Jun 11
D: Clothes on and… "My guitar.." he said looking around. :It was on the couch when we left.." he groaned slightly. The large silk bed had felt strange with just Chaya to share it with. -03:10 Jun 11
Tessa: "You could sing up there naked and with a kazoo and still be amazing, you can use one of the band’s guitars!" Blast it. Had his guitar been there? Tessa couldn’t remember, she had been so wrapped up in worrying about where he was, she didn’t even think to grab his guitar for the concert. "It will be fine, I promise!" -03:19 Jun 11
D: He looked unsure. It ws his guitar, his trademark, it had all his… oh if they’ve taken it… "Alright get me a spare, I’ll take it up and we’ll make this thing happen then get home…" he put on the last peive of his costume for tonight.. a bow tie worn on the bare neck with an unbuttoened shirt? Well Tessa really did like her classic rockstar look. -03:25 Jun 11
Tessa: He looked unamused with her costume choices, but that just made Tessa grin wide. It only took her a moment to find another guitar for him and push it in to his hands. "Full set, and encore if you want but don’t get mad if I fall asleep. I haven’t slept for days." -03:29 Jun 11
D: "That makes two of us." he said mounting the stairs up on stage and walking into the blinding spotnights. It was time to play and play hard and for as long as he was needed to. After that, he could die. -03:37 Jun 11
Tessa: Tessa was wrong. There was no way she could ever fall asleep in the middle of one of his concerts, no matter how tired she was or how long it ran. Even if she -was- nearly a walking zombie. After wrapping up everything at the concert, she got to take him HOME. And home felt so much less empty with him in it. …she was clearly exhausted and over sentimental! -03:45 Jun 11
D: Home, no guitar… but home. And even though he was almost dead on his feet he handed Tessa a sandwedge fat with almost everything in the fridge and sat on the couch with her. "I wasn’t happy not being here." he said before sighing and taking a bite of his sandwedge, he was too tired to make anything more complicated. "I’m sorry…" -03:52 Jun 11
Tessa: Food…! Real food and not just the poor excuses for meals she was making herself while he was gone. She was eating faster than she should have and had to pause to breath more than once. Tessa even shifted to drape her legs over his, whether he liked it or not. This is what he got for being away too long. "You should be! I have a very delicate routine, and not wrestling you for covers throws off the whole balance…" -03:56 Jun 11
D: "Work oriented as usual." he said takign another bite and chewing. "But still better company than a pining panther." he swallowed that last of his food and then lay down along the back of the couch expecting for her to join him. "ANd its good to be home, married or not… Don’t marry a douche and kick me out.. ok?" -04:03 Jun 11
Tessa: Somewhere along the way she had promised snuggles, but that might have just been to herself in her head. Tessa shifted to half lay on him, grabbing the blanket off the backside of the couch to pull up. She did end up groaning at the mention of that jerk again. "Why did you even think I was even going to agree to that stupid asshole’s proposal…! Did you know he is the only guy -I- broke up first? Because of you even…" Funny how that happened. The timing of it all… Tessa frowned while she thought about it, and marriage and… She was just glad he was home. -04:09 Jun 11
D: "Now you’re just trying to make me feel better." he said sighing and pulling her closer. "If you marry anyone else I’m out of here and I really really like living here. The only way to do that and be fair on you is to marry you I guess…" he burried his face into the cussion next to him. "Not that I’m sure that would be fair on you," -04:23 Jun 11
Tessa: They were definitely exhausted. As far as she was concerned, that was an I love you away from a really sweet offer. At the very least something more than just– Bother all, she really shouldn’t let herself start thinking shit like that. She got him to come home, last thing she needed to do was complicate things. "I’m not gonna marry anyone else." Of course she didn’t have to say it like that. Tessa rest her head against him and closed her eyes. It was exhaustion. That was it. -04:29 Jun 11
D: There was a grin pressed against the cussion and he sighed again happily. Shy did that make him giddy? But still he turned his head enough to press his lips into hers and … linger a little too long … before pullign her up against him and closing his eyes. "Sleep time for me boss. we can talk more in ther morning." -04:35 Jun 11
Tessa: A kiss…! She was so done for. Tessa was not going to come back from that one. Curling up against him just to hide her smile, her voice was muffled against his neck. "What about sleeping in the bed…?" -04:43 Jun 11
D: "I’m comfortable right here." he said quietly holding her tighter and sighing deeply. "Bed is too far, and its warm here." he chewed on his lip to stop himself from trying to kiss her again. "We can move there whenever but for now I’m heppy here." -04:47 Jun 11
Tessa: That meant staying curled up in his arms, just to stay on the sofa. …Tessa didn’t have a complaint about that! Her breath was warm against his skin as she nuzzled his neck. …to get comfortable to sleep, of course! "Moving later, then. Maybe in the morning." -04:53 Jun 11
D: His hand on her back pushign her shirt up to get to the skin.. so that she didn’t fall off the couch. "Smart girl.." legs tangling with ehrs under the blanket… if he wasn’t so tides he’d probably be poking her with… better not think about that. -05:01 Jun 11
Tessa: There was that want to kiss him again. It was getting to be a popular thought, that apparently just got worse with him being missing for days. Tessa had to slide her arms around him just to keep from pawing at his clothes, and all but grumbled again his neck. "Goodnight, D." Sleep! They absolutely had to sleep! -05:08 Jun 11
D: "G’night boss." he said softly pullinf her all the way agaist him and settling down. "See you in the morning, be right where you are when I wake up and I’ll be the happiest man in the world." -05:16 Jun 11
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 014: The Ex of Trophies

[Tessa is dressed to the nines. It cost her everything out of her candy jar stash, but for an invitation straight from the Label, she wanted to make a “screw you guys I’m doing GREAT” appearance. >:[] -10:01 Jun 10
[D Is dressed as he always dresses with only the addition of a new leather jacket and a scowl. He kept saying he didn’t want to go but would it Tessa did.] -10:06 Jun 10
Tessa: Tessa was pretty sure record labels didn’t curse you and leave your body in ditches…. at least, if they haven’t done it already, Tessa doubt they’d do it now. But it didn’t mean she wasn’t a little suspicious about the invitation. Obviously they had heard about her new company and bands by now, and it was most likely a plot to intimidate her by inviting her to a big fancy party and trying to make her look like she had no idea what she was doing. D thought it was a bad idea to go, but Tessa was ready for the challenge. A classy dress in yellow was her attire, no jewelry… and she really needed to do something about D’s scowling. She scowled back at him. "You don’t have to worry, I’ve got this." -10:11 Jun 10
D: "I don’t think this is about what you think its about." he said "But in the stirit of having a good time I’ll leave the knuckbusters behind." the shirt under the jacket had the large, snarling face of a panther on it, not the thing people wore to formal parties. -10:14 Jun 10
D: "I don’t think this is about what you think its about." he said "But in the stirit of having a good time I’ll leave the knuckbusters behind." the shirt under the jacket had the large, snarling face of a panther on it, not the thing people wore to formal parties. -10:15 Jun 10
Tessa: Tessa didn’t have a word of complaint about what he was wearing. A rockstar would wear what he wore, and really… she kinda liked that look. He looked all fiesty and ready to hit somebody, which was pretty understandable seeing they were fired before. Plus it was too late! They were already THERE at the Label’s main building. Tessa hesitating just a bit before pulling a door open to go inside. "All you have to do is be the typical pain in the ass D we all know and love, and I will do all the potential cut-throat business stuff, okay?" -10:20 Jun 10
D: "You forget who the dispute resolution consultant is" he said entering after her… his hand NOT copping a feel of her thigh as he pushed past her into the room. "And if you want a pain in the ass I can give you one. Its what I do best." He grinned not even noticing the double meaning. -10:27 Jun 10
Tessa: "I don’t even know what that means, D." …either of the comments, though by his grin she decided she probably didn’t want to know! The main lobby was mostly empty, save for a few straggling guests and former co-workers. Ones that didn’t seem all that surprised to see them. The party must be held on one of the upper floors. "Sometimes you’re just weird." she muttered, finally pointing over to the elevators. -10:31 Jun 10
D: "It means I know hor CEOs REALLY settle thier differences." he said grinning wider. "They hire people like me to do it for them." he walked towards the elevators and stuck his hands in his jacket pockets. "Though your way would be better… this time." Yesm right now there were a few people he wouldn’t ming killing. The label was one of them. Tessa was seeing d in a murderous mood. -10:37 Jun 10
Tessa: "I don’t know why you’ve even come if you’re going to be toothy and bitey tonight." Tessa eyed him when they stepped inside, leaning for a second to hit the floor button. "This is the perfect opportunity to show how well we’re doing. I haven’t even started major advertising yet, and we’re close to selling out even the larger shows. And this is only a few months! I’m sure they’re scared as hell!" -10:43 Jun 10
D: "And let my boss come alone? That wouldn’t be fair. Besides you stole me from under his nose, maybe hes trying to steal me back. Or re-hire you. I’m here to resolve any conflics that arise." -10:46 Jun 10
Tessa: Tessa laughed and flashed him a wide grin. A rare, completely confident, not bullshitted grin. "It’s you and me now, D. There’s no going back. …and you totally sound like you’re some sort of bodyguard or bouncer! -I’m- supposed to be worrying about that stuff." -10:49 Jun 10
D: "I’m the one with the scars, the muscles, the leather. I should be the bouncer. I’m not sure if you’re tall enough." he slouched agaist the wall of the elevator. "You don’t believe I’m a consultant, do you?" -10:55 Jun 10
Tessa: "I haven’t quite figured out what people would consult you for aside from music and making dinner…" Of course she didn’t believe him. Tessa figured he was more likely doing something really embarassing or really illegal for him to keep it so secretive. But as long as it didn’t wind up with him dead or in prison, she really didn’t feel too pressed to ask him beyond sneaky questions. She reached over to fix the collar on his jacket. "…I’m plenty tall enough. You don’t have to be tall for that stuff." -11:01 Jun 10
D: He stuck hos tongue out at her. "I went to univercity you know. Can’t jump into the middle of my life and expect to know everything. and the skew collar is part of the look…" he kissed her cheek for no reason other then he could then turned towards the doors. "I’m here to look out for you. Thats all." -11:04 Jun 10
Tessa: Tessa pressed a hand against her cheek and tried to supress that sudden giddy feeling. Stupid..! So not the time and place for that. She had to be serious manager tonight. "I’m the manager, you’re the talent. I look out for -you-. Now…" Once the doors were open she was gently pushing him out. There was the whole floor full of people and a party in full swing. Not the rowdy parties like for the clients, but the fancy kinda boring business people parties. She had been to a few of these before working for the Label… and now it was the first time she was there as her own boss. Suddenly, Tessa was no so sure she had this at all. But she sucked it up, put on the smile and was ready to do it anyway. …after she grabbed D’s hand to keep herself from chickening out like a dumbass. -11:09 Jun 10
D: "Why couldn’t there be drinking, or danding… or at least chair throwing. That I CAN do." he looked down at his hand and squeezes hers. "But we’ll get though this. I’m the man, I look after you." -11:19 Jun 10
Tessa: "We’re not going in to a battle, D…" Still, she was grinning anyway. It was that thing he did, slipping something really nice in. When she finally let go of his hand, she took the lead to entering the crowd. Now when she introduced herself she got to say Tessa Thorn of Calico Production! Why yes, I -do- have two bands signed. and she was almost looking forward to running in to the ex-boss. And whenever she was worried she’d just talk to D for a few minutes and fuss at his jacket. -11:27 Jun 10
D: She was fussing with his jacket a lot. Always when he had just gotten his collar just wrong enough to be right. But hey.. ther was a buffet and D pulled Tessa over to it only to look disappointed and poke at what was trying to be lasanga with a fork. "I’ll say one thing about the old boss, he has terrible taste in caterers…" he sighed and began filling a plate anyway before handing it to tessa and getting another one. "And terrible taste in wine.. or maybe this is what he gives his guests.. I should break into his stores adn see if he doesn’t just keep the good stuff to himself." -11:32 Jun 10
Tessa: "We’re not here for the food anyway." It was weird feeling more confident and less confident at the same time. The head of the Label was nowhere to be seen, which really made her wonder whether or not he was all that concerned about it! And then mid-drink from her glass of wine, she choked and turned her back quickly to the crowd. Of all the times for him to get back in town. How many exboyfriends was she going to run in to in a month?! -11:36 Jun 10
D: D just the splutter and turned. "I said I’d swipe up some decent wine to have when he get home its… Oh its that douche." he grinned some more. "Hold on I’m going to have some fun. Its better than risking food poisoning with this crap." he put his plate down and started pushing through the crowd. Time to party.. D STYLE! -11:43 Jun 10
Tessa: "Wait, where are y-" Oh no. Even worse. He was apparently going to go harass the one person she didn’t want to talk to. …had she accidentally mentioned the guy was her most recent ex? Tessa couldn’t remember. And there was -no- way she was going over there to stop him and risk having to see the guy! Tessa quickly swallowed the rest of the wine in her glass. -11:46 Jun 10

‘That douche’ was Jayce C. Wells. THE most top rated star of the Label. In more ways than one. He was wearing sunglasses despite the fact it was evening and they were in doors. Some slick, way too tight leather pants and a silk shirt in a woman’s cut. He didn’t seem surprised at all to see D coming, and didn’t even bother to acknowledge him as he laughed with his entourage! -Tessa

D: "Hey chump." D said cheerly pushing a glass of that awefull wine into the guy’s hand. So what if D had spat in it it didn’t look like it. "Didn’t think you’d be back from Spain for another week. The sinoritas not like the blonde hair?" -11:50 Jun 10

Without even taking a drink, he passed the glass to someone else. He had such a wide, pretty white smile that one of his lady companions started giggling. “I finished my job early. Funny how much gets accomplished when you’re good at what you do.” -Tessa

D: "But so many after parties missed out on. How could you bare to be away from off those spanish broads and thier purrrrring accents." he threw and arm around Jayce’s shoulders. "Still never go anywhere alone though I see. Gods it must be good to be you eh?" -11:56 Jun 10

“Some of us enjoy the company of beautiful women and have no problem getting them.” Another toothy smile. However, he shooed his entourage away so it was just Jayce and D. That toothy smile turned to a smirk. “Imagine my surprise to return and find out you’re on the down and outs with the Label…” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was spying from the buffet table. She was not going over there. D had no idea who he was talking to though… and it -kind of- looked like they were getting along? Damnit, that would be even worse! Tessa snatched up another glass of wine. -12:02 Jun 11
D: "Down and out is one way to look at it. I still to the, other, jobs which is all he cares about. Not all of us can be golden boys like you. Or pyrite, whatever the case may be." he put his hands back into his pockets. "So why are you slumming it down here anyway? Private rooms all taken?" -12:06 Jun 11

“Haa haa. Clever barbs coming from the man who is now clinging to a career by a thread.” Still retaining that smirk, he gestured across the room where Tessa was trying not to look over. “Tessa Thorn. I was a little dispointed she lost that job I worked so hard to get her… but hey, she was stuck with you to manage. I hope you’re not attached to her little company project, she’ll be quitting that soon.” -Tessa

D: "You only cling to what you want to keep." D said flatly. "And what do you want with her? If its for one of your stupid games then forget it. You’ll play with me instead and I set the rules. She likes her job and Im not letting you take it from her, again." -12:15 Jun 11

It was Jayce’s turn to lean, bracing an arm on D’s shoulder as he smirked all too friendly like. “I don’t have to take anything. She’ll be happy to give it up. As much as I enjoy our little spats, Tessa is something personal to me… Or did you think you first star in her life? Well… wannabe star. She seems to have a sympathy for worthless twats…” -Tessa

D: "I know, until I came along she seemed to date them exclusivly." he pointed out countrary to his point. "And shes not a possesion you can wear in your finger like that cheep jewelry you keep flashing around and relling at you reflection in. And now that I’ve seen what this party is about I’m taking her and I’m leaving." -12:29 Jun 11

“Oho, scared there? Afraid she’s going to talk to me and drop you like a bad habit? Because that’s what’s about to happen. Tessa was with me before you came in to the picture, and now that she’s had time to see what happens when I’m not around to take care of her… Lets just say she’s not going to have any more time for out of work assassins.” -Tessa

D: "Or shes seen how much better it is when some greasy haired chump isn’t trying to control every aspect of her life." D said with a grin his claws here coming out so to speak but he was enjoying himself, maybe too much. "You never could get over yourself long enough to see what other people wanted." -12:37 Jun 11

“A couple months and you think you know all about her. She needs someone pointing her where to go and what do to. Before she met me, she couldn’t even keep a job.” He might have been irked a little bit, but he was good at smirking back. This wasn’t the first time they dueled over words, and this time he had a trump card. “The Label has suggested I have a nice public marriage to reboot my image. And Tessa is going to be a perfect wife. She’ll have everything she’s ever wanted in one wrapped package.” -Tessa

D: "Oh you are going to disappoint so many fangirls." D said "The great Jayce getting hitched." he brushed imaginary dust off of Jayce’s shoulder. "If only she’d ever marry a twit like you. I’d be almost interested to hear her answer. But then you’d get grabby… and I’d put you into the dirt… again.. how many times has that happened?" -12:47 Jun 11

“Heh. Jealous, much? The Label said you were getting a little attached… here I thought they were making a joke.” That smirk he wore was dropped in an instant as he leaned forward to mutter. “Consider this a warning from the Man himself. It’s time you start reordering your priorities or you’re gonna be losing a lot more than your job.” He stood straight, that smirk back. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to get reacquainted with my fiance…” -Tessa

D: D was giving the man one of his ‘I’m imagining all the ways I could kill you right now, and theres soooo maaaany.’ looks as he cut him off. "Once she says no, you leave, try to force her ot touch her and we’ll see whose losing what." he moved back to the buffet table and leaned agaist it taking a knife and turnin git over in his hands beofre helping himself to a chicken wing. -01:00 Jun 11

He was real smug now. Waiting a moment before he crossed the room, deliberately putting a hand at Tessa’s lower back and leaning to whisper in her ear. “I am surprised to see you Tessa.” He straightened. “You look well. Not your color, but you do stand out don’t you?” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was on her third glass of wine and opening her mouth to ask D what he talked about… and then she was ambushed! It felt like ambush. Tessa didn’t smile, but at least she didn’t scowl either. "Thanks, I guess. I was invited by the Label. Started my own company even, have you heard..?" She had been making her new company speech all night, and now she suddenly couldn’t remember half of it! -01:05 Jun 11
[Tessa enters.] -01:08 Jun 11
D: D scowled looking at the meat, too much spice, not enough of the natural flavor… LAZY COOKING… also LeDouche was making his move and he was ignoring him. He’d fuck it up anyway. Tessa was not the kind if gilt he thought she was. -01:08 Jun 11

“I did hear all about you getting fired and trying to start your own label. It’s cute…” He was being ignore which gave him all the more reason to be as touchie-feely as he liked. He took Tessa’s hand to kiss it and over one of those pearly white smiles. “Not what I wanted to talk to you about though. …I know after our fight, you were a little mad… Granted, I got that job FOR your, it wasn’t kind to bite the hand that feeds, but I digress… I’ve missed you Tessa. I want you to come back with me. I’ve got a nice ring, a dress… we could have a little wedding…” -Tessa

Tessa: "You said the band I picked to manage was stupid and you hoped we crashed and burned. Wait, are you asking me to marry you?" Really? Tessa didn’t even know how to respond to that! There were too many things she wanted to say, most of them weren’t very nice, and here he was asking THAT of all things…! -01:18 Jun 11
D: He put the bone on his plate and took a glass of wine, and imagines smashing it into Jayce’s face. "You know this isn’t actually that bad, I could cook with this. Not somehting I’d drink though…." -01:21 Jun 11

“Tessaaaa…” he almost cooed. “Can you blame me? You were working all the time and all you ever talked about was him and that band. Gave your boyfriend the cold shoulder. Whatsa guy to think huh?” He made sure to turn Tessa away from D. What she couldn’t see, she wouldn’t favor. “Lets just say I was wrong for getting mad, and you were wrong for breaking us up. We’ll get married and forget all about it. You can quit your job, I’ll you a house and some nicer clothes. You’ll be happy.” -Tessa

Tessa: "I love my job. …speaking of, when is THAT going to be mentioned? No ‘Tessa, I love you.’ with that proposal? Cause getting married sounds all great and dandy, you know.. if you loved me." She was waiting for it. Expecting and challenging him to say it! Cause as far as she could remember, he never had. He hadn’t even showed it! -01:32 Jun 11
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -01:38 Jun 11
D: THUD the kife was stabbed into the table. "I can’t believe what I’m hearing." D said stepping forwards and shoving Jayce away from Tessa so he could glare at her.. and him.. and EVERYONE "So he says those three little words and you go running into his arms for your happily ever after. Well I know when I’m out-charmed. If Tessa decides to go with smiley McPerfect I’ll go and like with a panther. Because I respect her choices." -01:38 Jun 11

Just by the look of surprise on Tessa’s face, he was sure he won. “I DO love you Tessa. Come home with me right now and I will show you. I’m showing you right now.. I’m not the one making a big scene.” A smirk in D’s direction. -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa didn’t believe him. He was just saying what he thought she wanted to hear. She wished she would have realized that ages ago before they dated. But then she might not have gotten that job and met D…. who was catching her by surprise! What was HE pissed off about?! She never said she was running anywhere! "What exactly am I supposed to be choosing here? Because right now I’m just seeing a liar and jerk and I’m not too keen on going home with anybody!" -01:46 Jun 11
D: "And which am I? The liar or the jerk?" D asked "Fine if you don’t want me in your appartment anymore I’ll go." he turned to leave but not before he gave Jayce a punch full in the face. He shouldn’t have done that but damn did it feel good. ANd then he was heading for the elevators. "Gambit played people. Party is over." -01:53 Jun 11
Tessa: "That’s not even what I me-" The jackass! He was socking her ex in the face, and that wasn’t even what made her mad. He was stalking off in a pissy huff over something that wasn’t even about him! Tessa moved to follow. -02:02 Jun 11

Briefly holding what was probably a broken nose, he was quick to grab Tessa’s arm before she followed D. Mission was as good as accomplished. “Tessa wait. It’s pretty obvious he’s pissed off because he’s been using you and that’s all gonna stop if you come home with me. Let’s just go.” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa shook him off. And very nearly swung a fist to break his nose a little more. "Say all the shit about me you want, but you don’t know him or what he means to me." She was stalking away, but stopped to turn. "…and you know what…! I did pick him and his band over you! I loved him over you! Sit on that for awhile, you jerk!" And she officially made a scene at the Label. Thank god she didn’t work there anymore. -02:03 Jun 11
D: The doors slid shut before D heard any of it and he was heading downwards. So he was in the same category as the other jackasses. FINE HE DESURVED IT. Hiding things from her and living in her place without permision. HE FELT LIKE SHIT AND THEY WEREN’T EVEN GOING OUT. THEY HAD HAD SEX ONCE. Bar, drink problems away. D’s answer to everything. Everything except Tessa, when she was mad at him drinking only made it worse. But hey they weren’t going out and he wasn’t living there anymore. -02:07 Jun 11
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 013: The Ex of Mooching

[Tessa did not hear her alarm clock and has no idea that she’s slept in. ] -06:12 Jun 10
[D again had his hands where they shouldn’t be. But au least they’re on top of her clothesthis time.] -06:13 Jun 10
Tessa: At least this time she hadn’t passed out drunk. But Tessa had a really late night of working after spending a little too much time playing with a camera, a rock star and a panther. She moved to throw an arm over her eyes to block out the sun. Really, shouldn’t her alarm have gone off by now? Tessa really didn’t feel like rolling over to check the time! -06:16 Jun 10
D: He went with his furst instincts which was to pull the warm, moving away from him thing, puch to his and nuzzle into is, sigh softly and his open his eyes as the panther on the other side of him strethced and raised it’s head. Right, when they had finished which the shoot it had been too late to take her back.. Not that Chaya was complaining. -06:21 Jun 10
Tessa: So comfortable. Why did work even have to exist? Oh right. To pay the bills. Still, Tessa was grinning and snuggling comfortably until… Wait. The sun really wasn’t supposed to be up before her alarm went off. Tessa sat up quickly, fumbling for the clock on her nightstand. 10am. "….damn it! Dammitdammitdammit!" Tessa nearly fell out of the bed trying to get out of it. -06:25 Jun 10
D: D stretched and petted Chaya before sitting up and hopping out of bed. "I’ll get the coffee, and the breakfast.. You get the working things… he said heading to the kitchen still shirtless as he has slept after Chaya had drooled on his shirt. -06:29 Jun 10
Tessa: "Why didn’t someone think to set my alarm..!" As if the panther could do with those giant paws. Tessa shuffled around her room looking for her clean clothes and a towel. She needed a shower for sure, then she would need to download all those pictures, make some phonecalls, and maybe reschedule a meeting for the afternoon. -06:33 Jun 10
D: Pot… filled, machine, on, pan, on stove, bacon, eggs, sausage, tamato, onion, all about to be fried, bread out and ready to be buttered, breakfast was going to be great -06:35 Jun 10

Well Tessa was in the shower, the front door gave a little rattle and then swung open! In walked some shoddily dressed dude in ripped jeans and dirty shirt. The first placed he wandered to was one of Tessa’s cash hidey spots, without even looking around to see if someone was there. “Tessssaiiiee! Are you hoooome?” He didn’t call out very loud, he obviously didn’t expect her to be there. -Tessa

D: "I’m here, sorry to disapoint." D said movin gout of the kitchen and crossing his arms. "Because unless I’de grown a dick recently I’m pretty sure I’m not ‘Tesaie’ " -06:42 Jun 10

“Whoa, new dude?” He looked mildly surprised, but unconcerned. He counted a bit of money out of the stash, only leaving a couple dollars before hiding it back in it’s spot. Then he was sniffing the air. “Hey! Something smells good. Tessaie here? Yeah. no? I’mma need her bed for awhile…” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa just finished running the blow dryer through her hair and paused while flicking a brush through it. Voices? D could be talking to Chaya, but there was another that sounded familiar. Annoyingly familiar. Tessa held back a groan, shifting to the door to go out and rescue…. one of them. But hesitated. She really didn’t want to deal with an exboyfriend friend today and last time D pulled his stitches out! Tessa leaned an ear to the door. -06:48 Jun 10
D: "No you’re not." D said slowly "Its taken, by me. The couch is also taken, by me." he didn’t comment on the taken money but that was a black mark against the man and there would be no holding back abd no compromise. "Because I’m not sharing." -06:49 Jun 10

“C’mon man, you can’t sleep on both at the same time.” he laughed, looking around again either for another money spot or something else useful. He finally stopped over at a table near a window, shifted a vase and …yep! Another bit of hidden cash. He syphoned some of that off too. “Seriously, though? She home? I’m tired as fuck and need a place to hide out for a couple days. Tessaie understands.” -Tessa

D: Hand to the wrist and twist the hand behind the man’s back almosy straining the wrist and take the money back. "I said I don’t share." he said letting go and stuffing the money into his pocket. "Its not polite to just walk in, take what you want and expect to be put up. I sometimes wonder what happened to manners." -06:57 Jun 10

“Whoa, whoa dude…! Don’t have to get all handsy. Your cash, no big.” He looked pretty disppointed about having his funds taken, but he was pretty quick to shake it off. To the kitchen he wandered, followed what smelled so great. Up went a fork in his hands, and food in his mouth. “Hey! This is pretty good. Make this yerself? Tessaie couldn’t cook for shit but, boy she always had breakfast from someplace before noon. Man I miss Tessaie… isn’t she here?” He had himself a plate now and was contentedly eating in the kitchen. -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was still listening, now frowning. Misses her! Ha… Wait, was he snatching money out of her stashes? Damnit! No wonder her savings never went anywhere! -07:03 Jun 10
D: D was getting irritated but didn’t show it, instad he got out more food and started cooking it to make up for the missapropriated prtion. "Why don’t you tell me who you are, walking in here and taking my food without even knowing if ‘tessie’ even still lives here. Or if she did why theres a man shirtless and cooking in her appartment who has said twice now he doesn’t share, espesially not someone like Tessa." -07:07 Jun 10

Still unapologetic, he sat on a table thumbing a finger over his shoulder. “Tessaie’s stuff is everywhere.” He grinned pretty wide. “I’m her boyfriend! Sorta not anymore, but Tessaie’s pretty cool about the whole ex thing. Best girlfriend I ever had! Minus that whole boring lay thing, but eh, that’s what new girls are for.” -Tessa

D: "So walk into your ex’s place and find a half-naked man and don’t bat an eye. What if I’m her boyfriend?" D was covering a plate for Tessa and standing in front of it and leaning against a counter. "And then you talk of her like shes there to be convenient. I don’t know what it is with her exes and talking like that but the last two to do that did not leave here happy. Shes also not crappy in bed." -07:16 Jun 10

“What can I say? A guy needs a lil help, Tessaie is there! Never leaves a guy hanging. Kinda like a hooker, only she’s paying you!” He laughed at his own joke, leaving the plate on the table and wiping his mouth with his sleeve. “You wanna be the big bad boyfriend, whatever, that’s cool. I’ve already been there and done that. Buuuuuut it IS Tessaie’s place and Tessaie ain’t gonna turn me out. You know what I’m saying? She in the bedroom, dude?” -Tessa

D: Well this would be entertaining, all he had to do was sound angry not and Chaya would be alerted. "Lousy hooker is she?" he snapped hearing the bedsprings move slightly. "ou may call tessa that but in there you’ll only find one sexy cat." -07:26 Jun 10

“Haha, c’mon guy… Don’t gotta get all pissy about it. I’m sure she’s giving you something worth it!” He hopped off the table and cross the room to the bedroom door. He knew the place real well. Fully expecting to find Tessa in there, what he found was pretty much the last thing he ever expected to see in her bed. “….WHAT TH-!” -Tessa

D: "Surprizing, in’t it?" D asked from RIGHT behind him in a low whisper. "I’ve alwasy though them to be the most aluring creatures. Look at the way her yellow eyes watch you. She hears the tone of my voice, she understands what I want and crouched lot like that she’d be on you before you could blink. Go on, say hi before she gets angry." -07:32 Jun 10
Tessa: She was almost going to save him. Almost. Then he went and compared her to a hooker, and any sympathy she might’ve had for the guy was totally gone. Tessa almost hoped that Chaya bit his face off… but seeing as there would be a bloody carcass in her apartment, it was probably a good idea for her to stop hiding in the bathroom. She finally stepped out, justing having a towel wrapped around her, and really didn’t look all that pleased. Or happy. At all. "You guys are blocking my doorway." she grumbled at them. -07:33 Jun 10

“Tessaie!” He was about to piss his pants! Thank god Tessa appeared. It gave him the courage to finally move. Easing his way around D, taking Tessa by the arms and putting her in between him, D and the panther like a shield. “I uh… was gonna ask for a bed to sleep in and a little cash…!” He didn’t seem so sure about asking now. -Tessa

Tessa: Using her as a shield from a crazy guy as his giant cat too! That really placed her on the priority list! "Sure! I hope you like panthers, though. She’s claimed the apartment so you would have to sleep with her…" -07:38 Jun 10
D: The panther moved up next to D who put his hand on her neck as if to hold her back. "Can’t really stop them once they’ve decided to do somehting. They’re dangerous like that." -07:40 Jun 10

“Sleep with th-” Heeeeell no. He let go of Tessa and was already backing away. Carefully. Not too quick as to make himself look like fleeing prey. “You know what…! It’s a little crowded here. I can, uh… seethatwouldbeaproblemseeyoulatertessaie!” He almost tripped over the rug when he spun around to leave, but it was out the door faster than lighter and with a slam hard enough to jangle stuff on the walls. -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa winced when the door slammed, but let out a breath. She looked like she couldn’t decide whether or not she was really pissed off or just going to cry. But she waved a hand to gesture D to step out of the way so she could enter her room. -07:44 Jun 10
D: HE didn’t, not right away, instead he hugged her and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Breakfast is on the counter and…" he reached into his pocket and took out the money that had alost been stolen and put it in her hand. "I wish we could keep Chaya here." -07:46 Jun 10
Tessa: "That’d be nice…" Why’d he have to go and hug her! She couldn’t avoid the teary stuff if there wasn’t anything to be pissy at! Tessa looked down at the money for a moment, before she was stepping to him and clonking her head against his shoulder. Another big sigh. "…so I’m not even a GOOD hooker? What kinda stupid insult is that anyway! He never can keep a job either, so I was being supportive, and so i am like a dumb whore for helping people? What the hell!" It was probably the first time she had ever ranted about it! -07:52 Jun 10
D: "If you were a dumb whore you wouldn’t be managing your own bands and putting togetehr a music label." he said holding onto her. "So ignore what he was and just keep being Tessa, I like Tessa and wouldn;t want her to change." -07:54 Jun 10
Tessa: "I shoulda stayed in the bathroom and let Chaya eat him." she muttered. Having a panther around really WOULD be useful. Stupid small apartment. "Maybe in a few months I can buy us a house and a big yard." Tessa finally stood straight again, realizing she was still standing there in that towel, and this so wasn’t helping her don’t molest the client resolution she had tried to burden herself with days ago. "Thank you. …and I need to get dressed." -07:59 Jun 10
D: He was looking down at her… well.. towel and the region of her chest when he let her go and beaded back towards the kitchen. "Maybe I’ll show you my place." he said with a laugh. "Its not your bed but we’ll adjust." -08:01 Jun 10
Tessa: "I’m seriously doubting you even have a place!" Tessa made sure he wasn’t lurking nearby, but left the door cracked open so she could talk to him and Chaya could move in and out freely. Tessa tossed off her towel and fussed about getting dressed. "I’m going to need a new bed at this rate though… this one is barely big enough for the two of us. And worse when there is an extra lady in it." She found his shirt on the floor covering up her shoes. Tessa picked it up to shake it out, and sniffed it. Blech… as great as HE smelled, it wasn’t so good mixed with panther slobber. "When is the last time you’ve washed your clothes!" -08:08 Jun 10
D: "Hey I’m not bringing anyone back here." he said sounding offended… "Oh.. Chayas going back today. She has to." he was titting on the counter with his food and looking at the door. "And Wednesday." -08:10 Jun 10
Tessa: "Not sure if I believe that either." Could she account for his wereabouts on Wednesday? Sometimes he -did- sneak away for a couple hours. Tessa stepped out of the room dressed sharply in one of secretary suits. Today she was going to have to be serious about work. No more photos for fun, walking around town, or playing with panthers. "And are you going to vanish for another one of those ‘Never tell Tessa’ jobs today too?" -08:14 Jun 10
D: "he looked at her… her secretary outfits always turned him on but… "No.. I.." sip of coffee "No jobs, just taking Chaya back, then coming back." -08:21 Jun 10
Tessa: "Suddenly speechless, that sounds like guilt to me!" Tessa was teasing. Nudging him slightly out of the way so she could get her own coffee. Ooh! And breakfast! That jerkass never did thank her for bringing him breakfast. Now D was making it for her every morning. Tessa shifted on her toes to lean and kiss his cheek. "Thank you for breakfast. -08:25 Jun 10
D: She was being sweet and and… oooh to leand over and grab her as right now.. "Thank you for being you." he said putting his plate down and sliding the car keps from the counter into his hand. He needed to get away, get out before he bent her over the counter and made her not work all day. "I’ll be back in a couple hours." -08:28 Jun 10
Tessa: Taking a quick bite of her food she bounced to give the furry panther a hug, a pet and a good scratch behind the ear. "Goodbye Chaya! I would have loved to keep you! You’re a good girl. Enjoy your nice big home for me." -08:32 Jun 10
D: He put the panther’s lead on and opened the door. "No need to looks so sad, you’ll see her again." who he was talking to was up to debate but e was already out the door and heading for the car. Sleeping with tessa might have been a mistake, she was too sexy for her own good… but it was good. -08:44 Jun 10
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 012: Photographs and Panthers

[Tessa doesn’t want to wake up. But she has a monumental headache.] -11:34 Jun 06
[D remembers being pissed off about somehting yesterday but getting a good night’s sleep anyway. In fact hes still dreaming with his chest pressed into Tessa’s back and his hand down her pants as he sighs in his sleep.] -11:39 Jun 06
Tessa: To say she slept well wouldn’t have been totally correct, but it wasn’t totally wrong either. Comfortable, yes… well probably not. Her head was spinning, she was a little bit nauseous, and she was cursing the day alcohol was ever invited. Tessa barely remembered crashing in to bed, but did remember a lot of giggling… and… When she shifted she wasn’t going anywhere. …there was a hand in her pants! Very delicately she reached to tug his hand out. -11:43 Jun 06
D: The hand once out tightened round her stomach and pulled her agaist the body behinf her as D murmered something before the arm relaxed again and he nuzzles into the back of her hair. He wasn’t quite awake but getting there with Tessa’s movements and what he muttered make have been her tane followed by something else. Telling her to go back to sleep? -11:49 Jun 06
D: The hand once out tightened round her stomach and pulled her agaist the body behinf her as D murmered something before the arm relaxed again and he nuzzles into the back of her hair. He wasn’t quite awake but getting there with Tessa’s movements and what he muttered make have been her name followed by something else. Telling her to go back to sleep? -11:49 Jun 06
Tessa: How could something be so inconveniant be so cute? Tessa grumbled, but relaxed for a moment. She really needed some asprin, and was so tempted to just stay there in bed all day. If he head didn’t hurt so much, she really would have just stay there! After a few lingering moments she shifted again, trying to sneak her way out. -11:54 Jun 06
D: His arm moved sliding his hand up her stomach as he nuddles his nose into her hair and smelled it before stifling a yawn, then his arm moved from round her to scratch his side and he settled down again giving Tessa to opotunity to escape. -11:59 Jun 06
Tessa: …and now she regretted trying to move at all! He was really warm and without his arm around her it was instantly chilly. Grumbling more still she finally sat up. …and regretted that too. Sitting up made her headache even worse. Tessa rest her hands on the top of her head to dig in to her hair and cringed. Awful, awful feeling… why did she let him goad her in to drinking? If he weren’t being all adorable she’d beat him! …Tessa finally just gave up and flopped back down again, turning to face him and burying her face against his chest away from the sun. He was still asleep, so he wouldn’t notice. -12:07 Jun 07
[Tessa enters.] -12:14 Jun 07
D: An arm slid under her to curl around her back and holde her to him. "Morning beautiful." he muttered as he shifted against the matress and her before he pressed his lips into the fisrt part of her they leached, in this case her forehead and.. left them there as he drifted forther away from consciousness again. Wait Tessa wasn’t beau.. well she was but he didn’t call her that.. he groaned slightly and opened his eyes. -12:17 Jun 07
[Tessa enters.] -12:23 Jun 07
Tessa: Well. So he wasn’t still asleep. …but her head hurt so much, Tessa didn’t have the energy to be embarrassed. She was there and she was never ever moving again. "I hate morning, I hate everything…" A huge exaggeration, but she didn’t care about that either. -12:25 Jun 07
D: "If I’m not alowed to hate everything, neither are you." he said before turning hsi head away from her. "Besides everythign includes me, and I take personal offence fto being hated." he pulled the blanket up over her and cracled her against his side. "Cold pizza for breakfast? I’ll get the coffee going and get you some oxygen tablets." -12:29 Jun 07
Tessa: "Breakfast requires movement." Movement was definitely bad. Even with curling up against him, she was cringing and that sucked because there was so much work she needed to do. "If I can’t hate everything, I want you to smother me with a pillow and put ‘Drank to Death’ on my grave.." -12:33 Jun 07
[(Timeout) Tessa has timed out.] -12:41 Jun 07
D: He was running out of options.. so he pushed her gently onto her her back and leaned over her his long hair hanging down to tickle her face. "You won’t have to move, I’ll just be gone for a moment." he put the pillo over her face to keep the light from her eyes and slipped out of bed, yes he was feeling liek crap too but he was used to it and soon he was dringing back the leftover pizza, coffee machine, and mugs back to the bedroom, then slipping some white tablest out of his pocket and placing them in her hand. "Those will help you feel better." Right coffee maching set up on her bedside table and him back under the covers. If this is what marriage would be like it would be pretty cool. -12:41 Jun 07
[(Timeout) Tessa has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -12:47 Jun 07
Tessa: Blast it, he didn’t smother her! Tessa was so counting on that. The hand with the tablets disappeared under her pillow to be popped in to her mouth. And another grumble followed. He was back in bed again though… and using her headache as an excuse, she shifted to curl her arms around one of his legs and rest her head on his lap. Later she’d claim she was in pain and didn’t know what she was doing! -12:47 Jun 07
D: He stroked her hair idley as he flipped open the box and grabbed a slice with his other hand and took a bite. Tessa had called a good pizza place and the food was good. Even if he dropped a peice of cheese onto the side of Tessa’s neck and lifted it off with a finger so suck it off, he didn’t stop stoking her hair though. He really, really, liked her hair. -12:50 Jun 07
Tessa: Her hand raising up to swat at him was a delayed response, and just as delayed her arm plopped back down over his legs. She probably smelled like pizza and booze! A shower would be a good idea… But laying there and him petting her was so unbelievably nice… Tessa was seriously thinking about delaying work for a day and just staying in to sleep. "Why did you let me drink all that?" she finally muttered. -12:55 Jun 07
D: "Because I was drunk and feeling bad about feeling bad about my birthday. Well its not really my birthday, I don’t know when that is. But its the day I was adopted and so the closest I have to one." he had paused halfway to taking another slice and blinked. He never spoke about that. "Coffees done, want?" -12:58 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa debated whether or not coffee was worth moving for. With a soft groan, she finally shifted and scooted to sit up and rest against the headboard. She didn’t bother opening her eyes. "Coffee is good… Next time you feel bad, can we dance without all of the booze?" -01:02 Jun 07
D: He handed her a mag and cradled one on his own hands. He wanted to keep stroking her hair but that was impossible with coffee invilved and her sitting up. Damn coffee. He though back trying to remember if this was the first Tessa had heard he was adopted and have up on the task and sntead sipped his coffee. "We can try. Though we don’t have to feel bad to dance." -01:06 Jun 07
Tessa: A few sips of hot coffee and she was kind of feeling better. At least it was counter acting that woozy feeling in her head. Tessa reached for a piece of pizza, casting him a quick side glance. He so rarely mentioned things about his life, she wondered if he even realized he let it slip out. "Why didn’t you tell me about your birthday before?" -01:10 Jun 07
D: He looked at her. "As I said its not really my birthday. Its the anevercery for two important events that happened in my life that happen to be on the same day." he was looking less relaxed now, less happy. Then he sighed. If he was going to tell anyone Tessa was the best person to and he hadn’t told anyone, not really. "The day my grandma entered my life, and the day she left it." -01:15 Jun 07
D: He looked at her. "As I said its not really my birthday. Its the anevercery for two important events that happened in my life that happen to be on the same day." he was looking less relaxed now, less happy. Then he sighed. If he was going to tell anyone Tessa was the best person to and he hadn’t told anyone, not really. "The day my grandma entered my life, and the day she left it." -01:19 Jun 07
Tessa: "Oh…" That did explain why he was so upset last night. Anybody would be. Tessa leaned until she was against his arm. There was that temptation to hug him or give him a kiss to comfort him, which couldn’t have been a good idea. She settled for kneeling against him. "You should have told me before. We could have done something more entertaining for her to watch than us dancing around on the roof being goofy." -01:19 Jun 07
D: "I don’t talk to people." he pointed out, "And that was entertaining enough, you really didn’t have to do anything." he didn’t but it was nice that she did. -01:28 Jun 07
Tessa: "Always a pleasure to act like a total dumbass. I am never going to drink ever again." She chewed on her pizza between sips of coffee. Not that she minded spending the time with D… That part she liked. Now if she could quit blowing little things out of proportion before she started thinking he was her boyfriend and they were love. Last thing she needed was to have unrequited infatuation with a client! "I don’t want to deal with work today. …do you wanna take pictures for the webpage..?" -01:33 Jun 07
D: He looked at her a peice of pizza hanging from his mouth. The tore a chunk from it and chewed. "We could do, all you need to do is to tell me where we’re doing it. I still think a panther is a good idea." -01:36 Jun 07
Tessa: "You and cats…" Always with the cats and panthers! "If you show up with a panther, it’ll go in the pictures too." Why did THAT make her want to lean over and kiss him? Tessa needed to escape! "There’s an old building downtown that’s abandoned and has lots of cool stuff in it. I can do cool urban rocker pictures." -01:38 Jun 07
D: He one-arm huged her an dgrinned. "Getting a panther at a coupe of hours notice. You don’t think I could do it do you? We’ll see." Another sip of coffee and a happy contented sigh. "Sounds like fun." -01:44 Jun 07
Tessa: She got a grin out of him. Better! …and just like that common sense was out the window and she was giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. Before it got any worse, Tessa slipped out of bed with her mug. "I will shower and get my equiptment and meet you there!" -01:46 Jun 07
D: He had to shower too, but he could do that elsewhere. "Make sure to get the costumes you want me to wear too. I’ll go and get a Panther." he grabbed the last slice bacause he could and watched her leave his eyes on her butt, because it was actually a nice butt. "See you there!" -01:50 Jun 07
Tessa: After a shower, clean clothes, some more aspirin and coffee, Tessa was feeling a lot better. Not one hundred percent… but that’s why she was going to spend all day taking pictures instead of working. At least the were pitures -for- work! In one hand she had a couple hangers and stuff wrapped up in a wardrobe bag. In the other was her case with a camera and some other goodies. Thank goodness for failed jobs. At least the camera was a good investment! The old building was a little creepy, and Tessa was wary stepping inside and setting her stuff on a dusty table. But it gave a great pre-done atmosphere and would save her tons of cash not having to build a set somewhere. -01:55 Jun 07
D: Walking down the less than neighborly street with a panther on a lead. He loked the looks people gave him, and the panther was more than happy to be up and about with it’s owner and practically bouncing with excetement. Which made it look liek she would tear peopel’s faces off, which made people avoid him, which made D grin. Still Chaya into the building was easy, getting her not to want to explore it was hard, but at least he managed to get her to the room where Tessa way and grin at her. "Boss, meet Chaya. Shes a panther." -02:03 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa dropped the notebook that was in her hands as she froze in one of those annoying comical what the fuck expressions. He actually found a panther. And there were no handlers or zoo keepers or something to keep it from mauling them and eating them alive? …Tessa very slowly knelt down to retrieve her notebook. "…I didn’t think you’d actually -find- one! Are you crazy?" -02:05 Jun 07
D: "You don’t need to find what you know where it is." he said. "And you don’t need toact like a frightened rabbit. Shes tame." he pushed the panther he sensing a game pouned on him and kocked him to the floor where she licked his face. "She… " he make a sound and pushed the panter’s head away from his face. "She just doesn’t know her ows strength. A tedybear really." -02:09 Jun 07
Tessa: She almost squeaked, her hands up to her mouth, so sure that he was about to have his face chewed off and her having to run for it and call for an ambulance or something. He was still alive though… Almost like a giant kitty, but Tessa was still a little wary about a wild animal being ‘tame’. "Fine… but if she starts eating you, you’re fired!" Tessa didn’t take her eyes off that panther for a moment when she moved to retrieve her camera. "You’ll have to change your clothes…" -02:13 Jun 07
D: He pushed Chaya off of him and unhooked her lead letting her stalk around the room and creep closer to Tessa whis shampoo smelled like D’s. "Don’t worry. Shes.. Chaya!." When he said he name she froze and looked at him. "Give me what you need to change into and.. watch her she likes new places, and new people." -02:17 Jun 07
Tessa: "And what am I supposed to do if she gets hungry…?" He was going to leave her alone with a panther! He was crazy! Slowly, Tessa shifted, pulling out what he needed and handing it over to him. Last thing Tessa wanted to do was incite the kitty’s predator instincts… -02:20 Jun 07
D: "Shes eaten." he said before disappearing around the corner and finding a place to change. The outfit was one of his stage costumes, but it had been modified to… show off the scar the ran down his forearm? Maybe there should be a rule against living with you costume designer. -02:24 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa remained with the panther. Staring at the panther. Trying not to make sudden movements. …she did pick up her camera though… slowly lift. And click. Tessa grinned wide at the preview screen. A panther, though asking to get eaten, was a really really cool idea for pictures. It was very reminiscent of glam rock without all the crazy hair and makeup… -02:26 Jun 07
D: The panther was staring at Tessa, then moved forwards to half ram her with her head and half nuzzle her in the stomach as D walked back around the corner with his shirt still hanging open. "Are you sure this is ri.." he looked "Well looks like she likes you." -02:31 Jun 07
Tessa: She had taken a stumbling step back and almost screamed, but thank god for self control. Tessa kept her cool! …And oh god what a fuzzy thing…! Resistance caved and Tessa was very tentatively scratching Chaya’s head. She took a look at D and was grinning all over again. "That looks about right! I have a bunch of different things for you to wear and we’ll see what comes out best in the pictures. I’ll need your angry man face, the sexy face, the thoughtful face, and the stoic intense face for fun…" -02:34 Jun 07
D: "Told you a panther was a good idea." he said grinning at her. "And you’re the boss, tell me where to stand and what to do. I’ll to x-rated things only if you promise those are just for you." the last sentence was a tease. -02:38 Jun 07
Tessa: Argh…! Blushing quickly hidden by turning her back to him and pretending like she was looking for a place to put him and his fuzzy friend. Now she was thinking about dirty pictures, which would be SO easy to do and…! Damnit. "Over by the window, then, so I have lots of natural light. Take Chaya and be normal… as you can." She finally stuck her tongue out at him. -02:39 Jun 07
D: "Normal with a panter.." got it. "He waled over and tool off Chaya’s collar and brought her over to the window and.."hmm.." he posed like he was walking past the window with the panther is his heels. "Like this?" he grinned at her, then winked, then sesumed a neutral expression and looked forwards at the 3/4 angle to the camera. -02:42 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa got that grinning picture whether he meant for her to or not. Then it was a matter of snapping several others. Ever so often telling him to move this way or that. To change his expression. Pet the kitty, look the other way. It was far too much fun ordering him around like he was a life-sized toy! -02:44 Jun 07
D: It was afre the one with him tittin on the broken staircase with his hand on Chaya like the armreas of a throne that he stood and stretched. "Thats sixty seven pictures by my count. How many do you need, and whens lunch I think Chaya is getting thirsty." and he was hungry… but Chaya would probably steal his food. -02:47 Jun 07
Tessa: "This isn’t nearly enough. Do you know how many photos it takes to get one really, really awesome one? And we need a -lot- of awesome ones." Tessa hopped on to the stairs to sit next to him, leaning so she could take a picture of them both. There had to be a least one of them in there! "But a break is good. I’d rather not have Chaya losing patience and eating us…" -02:49 Jun 07
D: "She won’t eat us.. well me anyway. I’ve known her since she was… about as big as a chiwawa." he said "Shes actually small for a Panther." he was scratchign her under her chin while she eyes Tessa from his lap. "So one of us is safe." -02:52 Jun 07
Tessa: That… did not make Tessa feel safe at all! And she promptly showed her disapproval by scowling at D. "Well thanks! All the more reason to get food. Tessa is not a kitty-snack." …she lift her camera again, getting that closeup shot of Chaya’s head on his lap and him petting her. That was so cute..! If only she could snuggle both of them and not get mauled by teeth and claws! -02:55 Jun 07
D: D picked up one of Chaya’s paws and played it on his knee to take some of the weigh from his lap. "She doesn’t eat people. She just eats what shes fed. Shes too lazy to hunt and she has no claws. Shes teally like a big kitten." -03:01 Jun 07
Tessa: "So far she is a big kitten." A very adorable giant kitten. Tessa took another picture. "You don’t have to convince me, I really like her. I wish I had room in our apartment, but that’s so not fair for a big kitty…" Tessa hadn’t realized she said our apartment. She was too busy zooming the lense in on his face. "If you want lunch we should stop sitting here. I can get candid pictures too!" -03:05 Jun 07
D: "Don’t worry." he said "She has a good home." he stood which thought and iritated sound from Chaya whos wondered over to a sunny patch on the floor to lounge. "So what are we eating?" -03:11 Jun 07
Tessa: "Not the kind of neighborhood I’d have something delivered to, but… is it really a good idea to take a big panther out in public…" On the one hand, it would be really cool to talk down the street with a giant cat. On the other hand… who knows how many ways that could go wrong! "I suppose we could detour to the apartment and you make us lunch?" -03:15 Jun 07
D: "Sounds good, somewhere Chaya can explore." he already knew the panther would go for the places that smelled like him, the couch and the bed. "And I owe you a cooked meal for last night. Also a new poctures around there would be good." -03:17 Jun 07
Tessa: Pictures with D in the apartment. Tessa really did like the idea of that. …and it wasn’t even for the webpage. Worse, she was thinking about those x rated picks again, and was lucky she had to run over to a table to pick up all her stuff before he caught that look on her face. "Pizza, as great as it is, is definitely not a substitute for a cooked meal." -03:20 Jun 07
D: Well the…" he stepped over to the table and grabbed Chaya’s collar and slipped it on. "Cars around the corner. Chaya will go in the back. There should be enough space in the boot for your things." -03:24 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa paused after poking her camera in to it’s case and draping the garment bags over her arm. "…where did you get a car from?" -03:25 Jun 07
D: "It came with the Panther, a got one, ger one free deal. Did you think I rode her here?" he asked leading her to the car and openign the doot for her before getting Chaya into the back where she settled down on the seat like this was an every day thing. "As o get very far."as that would be I’d need a bigger panther -03:33 Jun 07
D: "It came with the Panther, a got one, ger one free deal. Did you think I rode her here?" he asked leading her to the car and openign the doot for her before getting Chaya into the back where she settled down on the seat like this was an every day thing. "As as that would be I’d need a bigger panther to get very far." -03:34 Jun 07
Tessa: "I am afraid to ask where you get a panther and a car in a two for one deal!" Chaya didn’t seemed concerned though. …With a huff, Tessa gave in too, climbing in to the passenger seat with some curiosity. She left her stuff at her feet, pulling out her camera again, just because she wanted pictures of him driving. Tessa was going to have a lot of really great pictures by the end of the day… -03:36 Jun 07
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 011: The 18th

[Tessa is working at home, and there’s no D and no dinner yet. When did she get used to expecting dinner by a certain time?] -10:25 Jun 03
[D Has been out all afternoon getting drunk, and he has a bottle in his hand to proove it.] -10:27 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa had some great things posted up on the website now, but she still needed pictures… tomorrow she was going to have to pin D down for an impromptu photo shoot around town. In the mean time she was hungry and if he wasn’t going to be at home she was gonna have to go to bed without food. Rummaging through the kitchen and making something herself was scarier than going tomb raiding… -10:30 Jun 03
D: He knocked ont he door before meaning against it, he had never knocked before but hey, he couldn’t really stand without leanign against it either. "Hey open up boss." he called throught the door. Ok maybe drinking hadn’t been a good idea but fuck today. -10:36 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa stopped mid typing, waiting for him to actually -open- the door himself. When he didn’t she was muttering under her breath as she got up and crossed the room. "Since when do you knock on my door…!" she retorted, swinging the door open. -10:37 Jun 03
D: He fell inwards and stumbles agaist her. "Oh.. hey.." he this was a surpprise, his arms were around her to keep himself upright and his face was in her hair just above her ear. "You smell good…" he used her to push himself up right and then walked over to the couch to fell facedown onto it. Then sir up. Then take a gulp from his bottle. "About the only thing that does." -10:44 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa stood there blinking a moment before she closed the door. Then with a scowl, she stalked over to the sofa. "What is that a bottle of? ….are you drunk?" A little surprising! Tessa was pretty sure she hadn’t seen him drunk since… when she got fired! She snatched the bottle. "What’s the matter with you." -10:48 Jun 03
D: He looked at his now empty hand. "Yes I am. This shouldn’t shurpize you… surprise. Its the 18th, what can I say." -10:50 Jun 03
Tessa: "I don’t even know what that means!" Tessa held up the bottle and eyed how much was left. There was a lot, so if he was this drunk he must have been drinking for awhile… "I’ll make you some coffee and you can go and take a cold shower. You’ve had enough of this." -10:51 Jun 03
D: He looked at her, then at the kitchen. "Hey.. Boss. Did I ever tell you that today is the day I hate everything?" he asked and that I mark another year on meaningless sex and not getting out of the job I hate and never getting anywhere or finding a girl who actually loves me? Yup. Topday is my birf.. birthday." -10:56 Jun 03
Tessa: "Hating everything is a stupid thing to do on your birthday! You should have told me this morning!" Tessa set the bottle down on the coffee table before stalking off to the kitchen to make him some coffee. "You shouldn’t be drinking when you hate everything, it’s supposed to be for fun." At least it kinda explained why he was so drunk… sorta. She was going to have to think of something to cheer him up once he was sober! -11:00 Jun 03
D: "So not Tessa is telling me how to drink? I’ve never seen you drink what do you know about it?" he stood and stalked back to his bottle and sat on the table next to it. "I know when and how to drink." -11:05 Jun 03
Tessa: "I know plenty about drinking, it’s not that complicated to figure out!" Tessa fussed around in the kitchen until she had the coffee maker running. Then she was right back in the living room and eying him and the bottle. "And you don’t go drinking like this, cause you’re obviously miserable! So you can’t have anymore. You’ll get some coffee and a shower. Hrrm.. give me your coat." Tessa tugged at his arm trying to get it off. -11:07 Jun 03
D: He pulled his arm away, picked up the bottle and had a large gulp from it. "You think you know about fun but I’ve only seen you have fun once, and that was underneath me, and if you know so much about drinking they here. Drink." he pushed the bottle into her hands. "Show me whose only been drinking since.. forever, how its done." -11:11 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa thought about clonking him over the head with the bottle, but it was his birthday and he was thankfully too drunk to realize she was blushing. So she took the bottle turned it up and drunk a couple deep swallows… and then was coughing! That kinda burned going down and it tasted awful. She made a face as she looked at the lable. "Blech… see… easy. And I have fun plenty of times…! And drinking this stuff while cranky isn’t fun." -11:15 Jun 03
D: He grinned at her and took back the bottle. "See, Tessa can’t handle her drink. And she doesn’t know how to have fun. Thats kinda sad. I get cranky one day a year, you don’t have fun on any of them." he tried to hop off od the table and staggered. "You need to have fun." -11:19 Jun 03
Tessa: "I can drink it fine..!" If at least so he wouldn’t drink the rest of it, he really didn’t need to be drinking any more. Tessa followed after him and snatched the bottle out of his hands again. Took another long drink and -this- time she swallowed the coughing. "I have lots of fun… YOU need to have fun..! If it’s your birthday you should be doing something special tonight and not brooding!" -11:21 Jun 03
D: He looked at her. "And what am I going to do? I’m here, I’m drunk, and you were working when I got in weren’t you. I can’t even go out since that would just lead to more meaningless sex and hey… do that again." she was drinking, a first. "Maybe you’ll have fun too." no bad D.. good thing is wasn’t too odvious an inuendo.. -11:29 Jun 03
Tessa: Gaw, there was too much in that stupid bottle and it burned too much to chug it! But Tessa took another drink, then it was back to pointing at him. "I -was- working so we can have a place to live and you can quit your other jobs! I can totally have fun…" Tessa didn’t even know why she was insulted by that. She had plenty of fun. …granted she couldn’t think of a moment outside of things that involved D, and she really didn’t want to use those as examples… "We’ll do something fun right now! I can grab my radio and we can go up to the roof?" -11:33 Jun 03
D: "Only if you finish that." he said pointin to the bottle. "And if theres good music on, none of that teenage pop stuff. And.. We dance." -11:35 Jun 03
Tessa: "I like dancing." Tessa eyed the bottle and huffed at it… More drinking it was! She really should have gotten herself a glass so she could see exactly how much she was drinking. Another round of coughing, then she was swatting at his arm. "…and what about dinner! You yell at me for not eating, and now there’s not dinner!" -11:39 Jun 03
D: He looked down at his arm, then hid it behind her back holding her. "Ow.. that.." ther was the smell of her hair again. "We’ll orber pizza uh.. here.." he let go of her and reached into his bakc pocket and took out a roll of bills… "Uhh.." he just handed her a hundred, easier that way. "I want mushroom. Mushroom, a room where you… mush.. hehe…" Wait he was meant to be grumpy. "You get whatever." -11:44 Jun 03
Tessa: "Where does all of this money keep coming from…?" She took it, but that didn’t stop her from wondering! He was also moving around too much, which she supposed was from drinking that booze too fast. Tessa had to hold on to his shirt to keep herself steady. "-Now- an we go to the roof so I can prove I can have fun and you can stop scowling?" -11:49 Jun 03
D: "I told you I have a job that I do when I’m not here." he said "Booze isn’t cheep that why you musn’t waste it and.." he pu his arms arounf her to keep her steady. of course it was to keep her steady and the nuzzling into the to of her head was accidental. "Yes, to the roof for dancing and pizza." He let go and moved for the door, at least she was near the top floor and the stairs wern’t moving. -11:53 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa took a small detour to grab her radio and her phone, then it was following him out the door and to the stairs. She nearly missed her step on one of the stairs, which sent her in to a fit of giggling for no real reason at all! "Wait, you’re going to fast…!" Tessa had to stop midway up the stairs to drink from the bottle again. That was part of the agreement, after all. Drink the whole bottle, she gets to dance. -11:56 Jun 03
D: He stopped and waited for her taking the radio from her so that he could take her and and walk up with her. "You’re going to slow, and drinking, you should be ashamed and.. I think I’m drunk.. I" he checkled looking a ther.. "You shoulf get… a D." -12:00 Jun 04
Tessa: "I know you’re drunk…! That is why we’re here!" Tessa wasn’t so sure what she should be ashamed of, so at his chuckling she swatted at his hand and skipped off to the middle of the roof top. There was a nice view of the setting sun, but she was taking a moment to spin while taking another swig. "Turn on the music D, I should get music too!" -12:03 Jun 04
D: He turned on the radio and found a nice station with jazz playing. Then set the radio down and looked at her. "Order the pizza and finish your bottle. I want food and dancing. In any order." he grinned at her. "ANd you don’t get either until you proove you can have fun. -12:07 Jun 04
Tessa: "You can’t stop me from dancing!" Tessa stuck her tongue out at him in the process of pulling out her phone. Pizza was a number she had on speed dial, and it only took a moment to order mushroom pizzas and then specially instruct them to draw wizards on the box, because that amused her and had her giggling again. -12:11 Jun 04
D: "But I can stop myself fron dancign with you." he said. "No dancign until that bottle is empty." he was smiling and he stepped closer, takign the bottle from her and taking a gulp then handing it back to her. "Finish that in one go and you’ll get a kiss… dance.. I mean dance.." -12:17 Jun 04
Tessa: "You said kiss first! No take backs!" Tessa was pointing at him the entire time she tilted her head back to drink what was left in the bottle. It was tricky not to start coughing, and she had to pause to breath every other minute. But when it was done she was thrusting the bottle at him along with a thumbs up! "HA! Haaaaa! Gone! Eat that, rockstar! Tessa wins the kiss and dance!" -12:23 Jun 04
D: I should make you choose betreen them." he said "Kiss or dance but since i’m feeling generous and you’re meant to be showing me how good you are at having fun…" he grabbed her arm and pulls her into a kiss with the hand holding the bottle moving arounf her to hold her. He moved his lips slowly agaist hers and closed his eyes before pulling back, nipping her lip, and then letting her go. "Now we dnace." -12:33 Jun 04
Tessa: Tessa was grinning wide, all too smitten and at this point she didn’t care. That was one hell of a kiss and she was back to spinning, along with the radio’s music and humming to the tune. "I do love dancing…! I never dance anymore…" -12:37 Jun 04
D: "You never dance, you never sing, you never play." he said "So what do you do?" he was watching her as he put the bottle down and followed her out. "Also what dance do you want to do? We owe eachother one." -12:39 Jun 04
Tessa: "I work and I work some more and then I go to sleeeep." Tessa took his hand, twirling herself under it until she did it one too many times and almost went tilting. She had to grab on to his arm to steady herself, which had her in a fit of giggles again. "We’ll dance every dance? I tried to be a stripper once and I got fired cause I couldn’t even dance..! Did you know they have auditions for that stuff..?" -12:43 Jun 04
D: He put his arms aorund her to stop her falling over. "Yes, I did." he said "But.." he was imagining her pole dance now and that was making an entirely different type of pole want to dance. "You have the body for it… dancing that is.. stripping too, you’re hot enough." where was he going with this.. distract her with slowdancing, holdign her close and swaying, thats where. -12:49 Jun 04
Tessa: "I’m not upset! I’ve been fired like… a hundred times! I can’t really do anything very well." Slooow dancing. Tessa rest her head against his shoulder and slipped her arms around his waist, still not shaking that grin. "How many jobs have you done?" -12:55 Jun 04
D: "Including colledge, five. I set one of the places I used to work at on fire too, that was fun. They had no imagination with thier food." he sighed, this was nice, too nice. "Then there was.. ugh I don’t even want to talk about it. Then I was scouted for music and ass.. consultancy." he sighed… "You’re good at managing and getting artists to toe the line. You’re good at a lot of things.." -01:00 Jun 04
Tessa: "I’m good at getting fired." She tilted her head back to look up at him, probably a little too far back with the way she was leaning. He was frowing again and she didn’t like it. So up her hands went to his cheeks with her thumbs trying to turn his mouth up in to a smile. "Better. I love it when you smile at me… I set a place on fire once too!" -01:04 Jun 04
D: He looked at her. "Did you scorch ‘Fuck you cocksuckers’ into the floor with lighter fluid too?" he asked "ANd you’rew working fo ryourself now. If you get fired from that I’d be impressed…" he was leaning forwards to get closer to her. "I…" the door opened and a pizza boy stepped out onto the roof. "Thats your cue." -01:09 Jun 04
Tessa: "Assisstant chef in a kitchen and burned a building down with dragonfire!" she chirped, skipping away from him over to the pizza guy. She had the hundred pulled out and waving it in the guy’s face until he took and she confiscated the pizza. Tessa almost forgot the change, but the guy was nice enough to catch her and hand it do her before she danced away. Once he was gone she was eyeing the boxes. "…They forgot my wizards on the box." -01:12 Jun 04
D: He had been about to say that he loves her.. why? But hey. Pizza! He took one of the boxes and opened it. "Pizza is pizza, I’ll draw you a wizard later." he grabbed a slice and then folded it and…. pused it against Tessa’s lips. "Take the first bite and tell me is its any good." -01:17 Jun 04
Tessa: Tessa took the bite and chewed thoughtfully… and only after did she frown. "Am I taste testing for poison or something..? I did that as a job once too! That was a weird job… It’s good though! Mushroom is my favorite and theeeen, the one with bacon and tomatos…" Tessa was swaying on her feet with another grin, then stealing that pizza out of his hands. Hers now, poisoned or not! -01:21 Jun 04
D: He took andother slice and grinned. "I just wanted to feed you." he said pouting, then taking a large bite of pizza and sitting, then pulling her down to sit with him ‘accidently’ ending up with her head in his lap. "I could eat for a job, I’d prefer to cook but eating is good, I like eating." he looked down at her and smiled. "Did you enjoy your jobs?" -01:26 Jun 04
Tessa: This was better! At least laying down, the world wasn’t spinning so bad. With her head on his lap she ate, ever so often reaching up to steal a piece of mushroom off his pizza. "I liked some of them… most of them were kinda bad. This one is my favorite though, I had to do a looooot of crap to get it. I was gonna drown myself in the bathroom when the Label fired me, so I stayed out all night to be safe." She really did like the way he smiled, and from this angle it was even better. -01:32 Jun 04
D: "You stayed out and I stayed in.. our place.. you place." he sighed and just fed her the balled up cheese and fopping from his slice and ate just the crust with a fakes grumpy look on his face before sticking his tongue out at her and grabbing another slice and abscently running his hand through her hair. "I’m going to keep you in this job no matter what." -01:37 Jun 04
Tessa: She was nibbling on crust when she rest her eyes closed. If this was having fun, it was hella better than working late in to the night. "We need a bigger apartment soon… my desk is too small to run a business and I need a real office. And you need a home studio cause the acoustics on the couch kinda suck. When I can get your songs played on the radio, I can get us a new place…" -01:42 Jun 04
D: "Worry about making a profit first." he said still running his fingers though her hair. "You’re the best manager there is and soon you’ll be pulling enough to have a sky scraper… and a stadium all for us…" he lenaed down and kissed her forehead. "And we should go inside before the bigs come out. Move this to the bedroom for snuggling? It is my birthday…" -01:45 Jun 04
Tessa: Move now? When she was so comfortable? Tessa grumbled and rolled back to her feet… which ended up with her taking a few very wobbly steps in a weird direction before she managed to get herself standing up straight. Now it was hitting her pretty bad, and she was giggling all over again! "Do I get snuggling on my birthday too? Fair is fair…!" -01:48 Jun 04
D: "Fair is fair." he agreed and stood grabbing the boxes and radio. "When is your birthday anyway?" he was suprised he didn’t know. "I want to get you somethign for it.. somehting niiice, like a cat." -01:51 Jun 04
Tessa: "I thought you were going to get me a panther?" He mentioned panthers aaaaall the time. "But I can’t have one until we have a bigger place to live. My birthday iiiiis… you have to guess!" She was giggling again, skipping off towards the door. ….fighting to push it open until she realized she was supposed to ‘pull’. Then it was the very precarious trip down the stairs without falling head first. ….that was taking very careful stepping and hanging on to the railing. -01:54 Jun 04
D: He followed taking the steps one at a time. "Then I won’t tell you when I guess it to be, I’ll just suprise you with something…" he said "And panthers are great, you just have to de claw them of they’re tear everything to shreads and they’re soft an cuddly and loving and… just like you." -01:57 Jun 04
Tessa: "Do I have to be declawed though? Because I’m not sure how that works…" Ha! She made it down the stairs! Now it was struggling with her apartment door… A little fussing and kicking, then she was near tumbling inside. "You surprise me all the time… I don’t know why anything you do surprises me now." Letting go of the door, Tessa kicked off one shoe, zig zagged her way across the room then kicked off the other. -02:01 Jun 04
D: He followed her inside and kicked the door closed almost drippign the pizza as he stumbled beofre putting them on the table. "I like your claws." he said swaying on his feel and putting the radio down. "I liek your hair, I like your smile.. I love your.." he flopped down on the couch and oulled of his shoe, then the other, then his socks and pouted. His pants here uncomfortable.. they had to go too! So they did leaving in in his underwear. "I like your snuggles." He said as he moved to the wall to lean against it on his way into the bedroom. He also like the way she made this into the best birthday he’d had in a long time. -02:07 Jun 04
Tessa: "You’re not wearing any pants..!" Tessa was now laughing, backing up away from him until her legs hit the bed and she went tumbling backwards on it. That took the wind out of her for a second, and she was still half giggling. "I have a birthday present for you, but you have to sit down and close your eyes!" He deserved a special present for his birthday, then he wouldn’t have to hate everything every year. -02:11 Jun 04
D: Special present… so many naughty thoughts went though his mind especally after seeing her fall to the bed. But there was a gap between the bed and the wall they he would have to walk… One step, two, three, four and.. flop onto the bed next to her, rolling over and sitting up leaning on his hand as he used his other to cover his eyes.. "Okay I’m ready.." he said obviously peeking before cpvering his eye. -02:14 Jun 04
Tessa: Still giggling softly, she crawled up to sit on her knees next to him. She moved his hand and made sure his eyes were closed. Then she took his face in her hands, brushing her thumbs against his cheeks. She leaned and gave him a soft lingering kiss. Then a second deeper one that lingered even longer than the first. When she broke away it was only by a fraction, and her breath could still be felt over his lips. "Happy birthday, D. Now you have something to make you smile for next year’s." -02:18 Jun 04
D: He put his arm around her and pushign off of ther floor, then ther matress with is legs pulled himslef and her up to the top of the bed and put both arms around her holdign her agaist him. "Thank you.. best present ever." Okay maybe the hand on her ass wasn’t the best of ideas.. then again maybe it was. -02:22 Jun 04
Tessa: Tessa circled her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek before nuzzling it. He was the best present ever too. She didn’t even have to make a wish for him, he was just there! "You have your hand on my ass." and that made her giggle too! Tightening her arms around him and burying her face at his neck as she snickered. -02:26 Jun 04
D: Now his legs were tangling with hers and he was sliding his cheek agaist her and giving her ass a squeeze. "Because I put it there" he said with a chuckle "In my defence I’m drunk and your gorgeous." his other hand was moving to rub up and down her spine. "We’ll definatlu have to do this on your birthday." -02:29 Jun 04
Tessa: "Hmm, lets do this in a mountain cabin for my birthday…" she mumbled. A nice cozy cabin with lots of snow outside and snuggling like this in front of a fire. She liked that idea. Because this was awfully comfortable! "You’re making me sleepy, I had work to finish…" But Tessa was making no effort to leave. In fact she was making herself more comfortable by shifting where her arms circled him and nipping gently at his neck. -02:33 Jun 04
D: He pulled her on top of him as he rolled onto his back but other than that nothing changed. He was still gripping her ass and still rubbing her spine. "Work, with the amount you’ve had to drink? You prooved me wrong, you’re fun, but you need to sleep this off. It will still be there when you wake up. I will too." -02:38 Jun 04
Tessa: "Hm not drunk." Totally wasn’t. …but sleepy was definitely a problem. He was soooo comfortable and she really didn’t want to get up. "Promise you’ll still be here?" -02:41 Jun 04
D: "You’re on top of me, I wouldn’t be able to leave if I wanted to… And I don’t." it was true, he didn’t and now he was yawning. "I’ll be here, promise." -02:47 Jun 04
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 010: Pleasant Morning After

Tessa: Tessa was sleeping so well. Curled up in bed with her blanket and… hrrm. No one was in bed with her, which was unusual, because D never woke up before the alarm. Tessa rolled to look at the clock. "…damnit!" It was near 10! She never set her alarm! ….she was also naked as could be. Tessa pulled her sheet up. There was a wish, and D and… oooh, if that wasn’t a dream that was the best night ever… -11:51 Jun 02
D: D was in the kitchen, he had his favorite breakfast ever, grilled cheese all ready anf on tho plates, he was steeping tea and putting it all om a tray while humming to himself. He didn’t care that he was still stark naked as he picked up the tray and started making his way to the bedroom. "Morning sunshine. Guess I’m too late to wake you up." -11:57 Jun 02
Tessa: Something smelled wonderful… and then she got an eyefull of naked D! Tessa squeezed her eyes shut, despite the fact she had plenty of an eyefull last night. "Hum… I’m late for work! Why didn’t you wake me earlier? I never set my alarm…" -12:02 Jun 03
D: "I was enjoying lying next to you. Now ly back down and eat. Its not breakfast in bed if you’re not in bed." he pushed her back down and put a plate in her lap bafore coverign his with a blanket and placign the tea tray on the bedside table. "The least I can do after such great sex." -12:07 Jun 03
Tessa: "Was it great..?" she asking like she wanted confirmation. No sarcasm… and then she felt like an idiot for asking! Tessa slid lower on the bed, turning a bit with her plate to eat in broody silence. It -was- great sex… best sex she ever had. Even now she was still so pleased and glowing that she wanted to smile. …but she was also -really- late for working. "You know I have a time schedule." -12:13 Jun 03
D: "And I’m sure the boss will get very angry a fire you if you don’t keep it, right boss." he said "And you cave to eat sometime so why not now. You can shower and to your work things afterwards. We had a great concert last ngithm you desurve to relax a little. -12:17 Jun 03
Tessa: "One good show. I have to make sure there are others." However, she still sat still and ate. Adjusting her blanket for propriety’s sake… and… accidentally scooting closer to D in the process. It was a chilly morning, she just wanted the body heat? -12:24 Jun 03
D: Next thing he knew he had and arm around her as he chewed. "See its not so hard, we can continue kiving a working together.; He leaned his head agaist hers. "What do yo have to do today anyway?" -12:29 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa nibbled on her sandwhich, thinking about protesting but finding much too nice to ruin with a complaint. Reality would happen fast enough without her pushing it alone. And he really was very warm… "I have to see what the show reviews are, get quotes and then use those for booking the next venues… Hmm… I will need to make new flyers, update the webpage. New wardrobe for sure. And that is just you, there is the other band too…" -12:33 Jun 03
D: "So you have to wait for the reviews to come out, alright." he said pushing his nose into her hair before leanign aay to hand her a mug of tea. "Well we only get one after morning after after concert sex so I’m all for treasuring it even if it only lasts as long as a mug of tea and a grilled cheese sandwedge." -12:38 Jun 03
Tessa: Her sandwich was gone and devoured, and now she had a mug in her hands. She was almost disappointed that she lost the opportunity to wrap her arms around him and snuggle him. He was so cute like this… so sweet. No one had brought her breakfast in bed before, nor had they talked about treasuring moments and… Tessa took a sip of tea before she blurted out something silly like falling in love with him. One night didn’t equal love. She tilted just a bit closer to him, mumbling in to her mug. "I guess I can start the day later. There is not much I can fit in to today without the reviews first…" -12:42 Jun 03
D: He smiled and gave her a squeeze with the arm around her. "Thank you…" he actually leaned doewn and kissed her cheek, how many kisses was he going to give her? "Its good to know you can be negociated with, that will come in handy when my contract comes up for review. Or when I next tind you underneath me.." he had been about to ask if there would be a next tiem but of course there wouldn’t be… -12:49 Jun 03
Tessa: A flushed face, that was hidden with her mug. There wasn’t going to be a next time, and it wasn’t even because she didn’t want… because if she could get away with it, she really would have loved to set the mug aside and pounce on him right there. But that was so unprofessional and he was… D! "You make reviews sound like a battle with me…" -12:54 Jun 03
D: A battle.. a little bedtime wrestling… dammit he’d just had sex with her and he was thinking about it again. "You knwo what you want and I know what I want, so long as they’re the same thing…" dammit why was her ceshe stil bare and right there for him to look at? "Theres no need to battle, beside you’ll have plenty of time to work tonight.." -12:59 Jun 03
Tessa: -Were- they the same thing? Because what Tessa was imagining wasn’t right or appropriate at all! Tessa leaned to set her empty mug over on the bedside table, then was right back to lounging in bed with him when she reeeaaally should’ve been getting up for a shower. "You never let me work late any more. Are you not going to be pestering me this evening?" -01:04 Jun 03
D: His mug wend down too and both of his arms were around her as he lay down with her. "I hate work tonght too. Not that my shoulder is healed they have a job for me. So I guess there won’t be any messing around tonight and you can work as late as you like without me calling you to bed." -01:06 Jun 03
Tessa: "You could quit the extra jobs now, can’t you? I’m not making a profit yet, but I know we will soon." Tessa took the opportunity to curl against him. Especially since he wasn’t going to be there that evening. "What sort of job is it?" -01:10 Jun 03
D: "JUst the usual." he said "ANd we need food don’t we." now he was sounding like we was earning for both of them. "I’ll probably be back before midnight. SO you might see me when I get in." -01:14 Jun 03
Tessa: "If I stay up late enough…" That wouldn’t be hard if she needed to work later to make up for being lazy this morning. But he still hadn’t told her what sort of job it was. "And the job is…?" She asked again, tapping on his chin. -01:15 Jun 03
D: "Meeting with an execitive on behalf of someone else. A third party to resolve a dispute they’ve been having." he said. "Bependng on how long the meeting takes is when I’ll be home." it was a very simplified vestion of what he did. "So you don’t need to worry." -01:21 Jun 03
Tessa: "No more bar fights and glass stabbed shoulders?" Tessa shifted to run her hand over his back shoulder to check the scar. It was all closed up now and nothing to worry too much over, but it still really stiff for him… Although she hadn’t noticed any wincing from him last night! "That sounds more like a Tessa sort of job than a D job. Maybe I could do it for you and you could work on your new songs instead?" -01:27 Jun 03
D: "You need to work, and this is why I went to colledge, to wear a suit and talk to other men is suits. Make me a rockstay so I don’t need to wear suits anymore." he sihged. He was starting to hate keeping things for her, why, he’d never know. "And you need to work tonight." -01:29 Jun 03
Tessa: "Oh -now- I have to work tonight. No more Tessa taking a break…" she teased. She needed to, because that expression on his face was the usual careless look he always had. He really didn’t like his other jobs… Tessa moved until she brushed a soft kiss on his cheek. Almost at the corner of his mouth. "Don’t worry. I’m working hard and you’ll be the most amazing star in the world. Three months, tops." -01:32 Jun 03
D: "Three months?" he asked thringing and leaning his forehead against hers "i’ll hold you to that." His nose toutching hers he allowed his eyes to close and his hand to move to cup her side. He really was growing too attached to her after onlu one night.. or did the others with no sex count? "Because you’re the best manager there is." -01:40 Jun 03
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 009: The Right Kind of Wrong Wish

[Tessa is backstage of D’s first concert under HER label. Everything is going great so far..!] -07:06 Jun 02
[D can’t believe he finally has a concert again. Not that hes enthusiastic or anything, but the label didn’t know about it and lookit that? Hes on time!] -07:07 Jun 02
Tessa: Tessa was incredibly excited and not bothering to hide any of it. …except the jealousy part. There was a surprising amount of girls she knew very well were long term followers and fans and… Tessa didn’t want to call it jealously, but it was kinda irking her a bit. They -needed- wild and excited fangirls, why was she so annoyed?! That was their top demographic! -07:11 Jun 02
D: On stage, with a band, winking at a fan or two, playing music, this was great. THis was fun, this was what he loved doing! So why did he feel that somehting was missing? It was the secons last song of the night and his throat was starting to get tired, and he figured out what he was missing, the smartly dressed boss watching from the sidelines. But hey this was meant to be a comeback show, even if he did have a bra hit him in the face. -07:17 Jun 02
D: On stage, with a band, winking at a fan or two, playing music, this was great. THis was fun, this was what he loved doing! So why did he feel that somehting was missing? It was the secons last song of the night and his throat was starting to get tired, and he figured out what he was missing, the smartly dressed boss watching from the sidelines. But hey this was meant to be a comeback show, even if he did have a bra hit him in the face. -07:17 Jun 02
Tessa: She was watching all right… at least until she was so annoyed she could barely contain it. Thankfully it was the last song, and just by the sound of his voice she knew he was going to need a good break afterwards. Before she gave in to the urge to grab a hose and shower fangirls away from the stage, Tessa was stalking back to the dressing rooms. Since it was his first concert in a while, she brought things to make a hot tea. She had a couple cups and that awesome teapot lamp she bought at the market. ….now if she could just stop grumbling as she filled up the pot with water. “Wish I was a crazy hot roadie with no shame so I could sleep with rockstars without guilt…” Ugh! Why did this even bother her…! -07:22 Jun 02
D: So oe second he was winding down the song and the next…. wow these girls acted fast. He was.. somewhere, and underneath hiswas a very nice pair of breasts that he couldn’t help but stare at for a second before he realized what was going on and …. “Tessa?” -07:26 Jun 02
Tessa: One minute she was filling a teapot, the next she felt like she was falling and now…. Now she was comfortable aside from the fact someone was on TOP of her and she was kinda happy it was D while also being slightly freaked out…! “I… yeah…?” …what the hell was she wearing? When she shifted to look down she was dressed like… like some clubbing bimbo! -07:30 Jun 02
D: There were a hundred things he could say at this point, but he put his hand on the side of her neck as he again looked at her and her outfit, then up at her eyes. “You got dressed up for me?” of course she did, tessa didn,e and HOW DID HE END UP ON TOP OF HER? -07:33 Jun 02
Tessa: “Um…!” This had a logical explaination somewhere! Backstage, being grumpy, making tea… Tea! That old guy was selling -real- used genie lamps?! “This is SO a wish corruption…!” she squeaked out, pushing her hands up against his shoulders, but not really putting any force behind it to move him. This was so awkward… but… No! Bad Tessa! Totally bad! “Kind of, but this isn’t exactly what I meant!” -07:37 Jun 02
D: His fingers had a mind of thier own sliding from the side of her neck across her throat as she spoke and then down he chest to hook on the very low cut of her top and pull it even lower. “Wish huh.” he said as if that explained everything. “Was this yours or mine because I could see me wishing for this.. for that outfit.” -07:42 Jun 02
Tessa: “Mine…” Tessa could kick herself for that one breathless word, and she seriously should be explaining that this situation wasn’t what she meant AT ALL. She shifted under him and just with that slight movement she realized, “I’m not wearing any underwear…!” …..Shit she didn’t mean to say THAT out loud either! Damage control! “I’m um, I meant to make you tea after the show…?” -07:47 Jun 02
D: She wasn’t wearing any underwear… and she had been making tea.. how were those related? For get the tea there was no underwear and he was on top of her, he wanted to just.. well he wouldn’t even have to push her legs agaist at this point. But het one of her boobs was free now and the hand that had a mind of its own was now cupping it and sqeezzing lightly. Okay fine it didn’t have a mind of it’s own but she felt good. “So is this wish going to come true?” he asked leaning in closer and kissing the side of her neck. “Or have U just overstepped every bound there is? -07:52 Jun 02
Tessa: “It’s not not coming true…!” and that was gasped out so quickly, she was surprised they were even words. Tessa squeezed her eyes shut and it wasn’t from anything other than an annoyingly contented sigh. She should -not- be enjoying this! She should be explaining the mistake and not moving to run her hand through his hair. ..such nice hair…! -07:55 Jun 02
D: Her works and actions disagreed But he didn’t know what the wish was so how could he tell if ti was coming true or not. What he did know was he was really liking wht she was doing with his hair. “You’re good with your hands.” he said moving to kiss a line up her cheek and then nip the corner of her lip slightly. “Sex with Tessa…” he said softly in the same time as the deep sigh in the shower. “Can’t think of anythign else I’d rather be doing.” -08:01 Jun 02
Tessa: “Really..?” He shouldn’t have said that. It just gave her all sorts of ideas and thoughts, and they were already in bed with her barely dressed and his hands on her and… Screw it! Wish granted! Both hands were in his hair then as she turned her head to capture his mouth with a sudden, probably over-eager kiss. She had wanted to do that all week…! -08:06 Jun 02
D: Well that was surprising, and great, and surprising… He pushed back his lips parting against hers as ge gripped her boob and his body moved against hers. There were no words, he was too busy kissing her back. -08:10 Jun 02
Tessa: So good… a real kiss. He smelled like sweat and smoke from the effects on the stage, with just that little hint of some sort of cologne and her shampoo he kept stealing. Tessa stroked her fingers through his hair, biting gently at his lips until she broke away just a fraction to twist her mouth up in a thoughtful frown and stare up at his face. She was taking advantage of this and of him. It might not be a good idea… -08:18 Jun 02
D: He pulled away too, before he ran a thumb over her lips, then his fingers up through her hair. And then leanign down to sofly kiss her forehead as he flipped her miniskirt up and yes.. definitly no underwear. “You know I’d rather be doing this with you than any of them out there tonight.” he said softly. “This is definatly worth stopping skirt chasing for.” -08:24 Jun 02
Tessa: Her over everyone else. If he didn’t quit saying stuff like that she was going to end up falling in love with him and then they would be in a whole lot of trouble! “Since when did you stop chasing skirts?” …not that she cared or anything. This was embarrassing and her cheeks were flushed from a combination of that and a very very pesky want to have him keep touching. Her hand found it’s way to rubbing up and down his arm as she chewed on her bottom lip. -08:28 Jun 02
D: “Have you seen me get back late and drunk at all since I started sleeping on your couch?” he asked her leaning in close and nipping her throat and moving his body against hers before he was pulling her top down further and kissing down her chest. Her skirt pushed up and her top pulled down, there was nothing in his way now. “You look good like this, I might just end up doing naughty things after all. -08:38 Jun 02
Tessa: Tessa almost reached down to push her skirt back in place, but instead her hand lingered at his side. Fingers flicking against the fabric and gently tugging… It really wasn’t fair that she was bare and he wasn’t… She was trying to be responsible here! Kind of… “…What kind of naughty things..?” Why did she ask that! Bad Tessa! -08:41 Jun 02
D: He laned back again and unbuttotned his shirt while watching her. “Like this.” there were a lot of things sewn onto the shirt, Tessa after all made the costumes herself. Pulling the shirt off he let it fall to the bed as he looked down at her, all the way from between her legs up to her face. SHe did look good, her ‘cute secretary’ look had shown some of it but still. “Its nothing you haven’t seen before.” -08:47 Jun 02
Tessa: All of his looking made her self conscious, but it wasn’t as if she weren’t staring herself. Watching way too intently on every button that went until his shirt was gone and she was leaning up on her elbows. She had seen before, but she had always been trying -not- to look. “You have a lot of scars…” Tessa leaned on one elbow as she reached out with her other hand to brush her fingers over one of them. -08:52 Jun 02
D: He wanted sex, not talk about scars… but her touch felt good, adn when did he start wanting sex this much? “I comes with the teritory you…” he was looking again, reachign around to unzip her top and pull it from her. Yes he liked the look of it pulled down on her but to have his hand brushing against her stomach made it worth it. “You know you’re nt very good as getting fucked like a floozy..” he said. “I guess thats what makes this special.” Make it sound like they were already decided they were having sex. -09:01 Jun 02
Tessa: Simple touches that made her flinch and nearly giggle, which was taking away from that sexy ‘floozy’ image, that she had no idea WHY she was even trying to keep up. “It doesn’t usually happen like this…” Just because HE wasn’t rolling her over and fucking her brains out didn’t mean it wasn’t the way it typically happened! But -that- was the furthest thing from her mind at the moment… Tessa was very delicately tugging at the waistband of his pants, almost looking like she was asking permission. -09:08 Jun 02
D: He looked down and then back up at her, she was getting into the swing of things but it was clear that even with her jerk ass boyfriends she hadn’t really had sex, just been used.. well that was it no more otehr guys for Tessa.. wait.. “I did say you could look whenever you wanted.” he said resting hsi ahdn on it side on her shoulder and tracing small circles in the back of her neck with his nail. -09:13 Jun 02
Tessa: “Probably not the smartest offer you ever made me…” Tessa tugged again, seeming to debate about it… but it wasn’t longer than a moment before she was using the one hand to unbuckle his belt and pull it out. Then unbuttoning his pants and using a single finger to curl over the fabric to slowly pull the zipper down. It was kinda like opening a present, and the thought made her cast a quick silly grin. -09:20 Jun 02
D: He was having naughty thoughts again. “Maybe not the smartest, but one of the funnest.” he said wathing her and even moving his hips to make it easier to do what she was doing even as his hand slid from her shoulder to slowly run her nipple. “And I’m not taking it back.” -09:26 Jun 02
Tessa: Every time he ran his hands over her, she was almost gasping. In this case her mouth had parted to let out a breath. But she was so focused on opening up his pants and tugging them down over his hips. “Too late to take it back now, wish has been granted…” she mumbled softly. -09:33 Jun 02
D: He was exposed and hard, the second time with her and the first without her running off so far. HE leaned down and pushed his lips into hers and niddled then against hers as both of his hands went to the back of her head nad he pushed her back down. His body pressing int hers. -09:42 Jun 02
Tessa: So different from every other time… he made her feel so different! Tessa returned his kiss with a soft movement of her mouth. Tentative, almost appreciative sigh slipping through when she stole the chance to run her hands down his now bare sides. It wasn’t smothering or rushed, as if he actually wanted to spend the time with her and that was so much hotter than he realized…! -09:47 Jun 02
D: His hand slipping from her hair and down to her hip to slid down and then curl around her leg to pull it up and around him before he pulled back from the kiss slightly his hand back to runnign though her hair as he rested on his other elbow and smiled down at her as he moved his hips, his lips parting as he found her and pushed his tip in.. then leaning down to kiss her solwly, pushed. -09:54 Jun 02
Tessa: “Hum…!” There was something absolutely intoxicating about the way he smiled, espeially like this. With him pushing inside her, she squirmed just a bit. The leg curled around him tightening as her other knee drew up to press a foot against the bed and raise her hips to greet him. The kiss she gave him was deep. A hard press followed by a lick of her tongue against his lips. She couldn’t breath and it was in all the best ways..! -10:02 Jun 02
D: Her kiss, her sounds, the tightning of her muscles. All told him she hes enjoying this, which was good, it was her wish and she desurved something nice. He started slow, but quickly settled into an easy pace his hips sliding agaist hers as he curled an arms around her and flicked his tongue against her lip. -10:13 Jun 02
Tessa: She wanted to touch him everywhere. A single chance to take advantage and do something she never would do otherwise. Her head lifting upwards just to kiss him deeper and nip at his tongue. And sliding one of her hands down between them just to feel his chest and stomach and muscles every time he moved. Her other arm she curled around his back, soft petting turning to a flex and cling of her fingers when that swelling sensation between her legs shifted from pleasant to almost maddening. -10:20 Jun 02
D: He hooked an arm around her shoulder to pull her closer. He has said she desurved to be more than a cheep fuck and here he was inside her and movign faster as he could feel the desperation beginging to mount. Thought like what this would mean and what she mean to him driven away by the feelign of her. It was almost enough to make a man like him feel what might be called love. -10:26 Jun 02
Tessa: Everywhere their skin touched was burning hot, and having him cradle her close made her smile so wide that she broke their kiss. But she couldn’t keep her mouth off him. Tessa kissed the corner of his lips, moving a trail of nipping teeth and flicking tongue across his jaw until she was burying her face at his neck and breathing deep. Almost whimpering now, that feeling was so much more of… everything! It was heaven and she was so softly murmuring against his skin not to ever stop! -10:34 Jun 02
D: He pushed harder his arms coming aroudn her to hold her in place before nuddled into her hair wherever he could kissing as he did so. No, difinatly not a cheep fuck, and definatly worth not chasing after skirts. He panted her name softly, once, twice, he lost count how many times. -10:48 Jun 02
Tessa: His voice so hushed in her ear was so sweet, she couldn’t stop smiling and it was so odd to smile like this in the middle of sex…! Tessa tensed suddenly, a squeak of surprise slipping out when her body tightened. Followed by a low, lavish moan at that rush of feeling. Her head tilted against the bed as she arced her back just to pull him deeper and even her toes were curling in her boots. Definitely never felt that before…! -10:57 Jun 02
D: He pushes and rocked agaist her the low moan electrifying his nerves and making him nip her just before he he filled her. He moved down to kiss her lips softly his hand returning to her hair as he checkled softly. “I take it back, you’re not bad at this. You’re gretty good at it in fact. Going to be hard cuddling with you and not thinking about this.” -11:02 Jun 02
Tessa: Holy hell…! She couldn’t think. How could he even speak after that. Tessa felt like her whole body was humming, and all she could do was draw up just enough energy to curl her arms around him and bury her face at his neck again. “Uh hum…!” She might regret it tomorrow, but for tonight… Tessa decided that was a wish well spent. -11:05 Jun 02
D: He pulled out of her and with his arms around her he roleld onto his back, a hand on her head ceeping her against his neck as he rolled her slightly on tol of him and pulled a blanket over. Finally with that all done he ran his hingers through her hair again. There was nothing to say really, except of the kiss he pressed into her forehead was a thank you. But really that was sweeter and felt better than it should have. -11:12 Jun 02
Tessa: So sweet, and so very comfortable. It was bliss and warm, and after a long day and surprisingly amazing sex, she was also very tired. That smile was still wide across her features as she nuzzled against his neck, and much sooner than she would have liked, she fell asleep there. Arm curled tight around him. -11:15 Jun 02
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 008: A Band for D

[D has gotten better and can use his arm again, to celebrate hes joining Tessa’s band in one of thier practice sessions.] -03:44 Jun 01
[Tessa is at practice with her new band, and supervising isn’t even necessary! Yay!] -03:45 Jun 01
Tessa: Her being present and practices wasn’t even required with her new band, which was pretty sweet if she wanted to get stuff done. But she really did love being there and listening to the music. Plus it gave her a chance to get sizes for concert wardrobe! -03:49 Jun 01
D: D stepped though the door pulling his shoulderstrap on and stepping past Tessa. "Hey boss." he said cassually before waving to the band and jogging up the stairs. It had been a while since he had done anything but practice and it was time to have some fun. "Alright lets do this oldschool, I was a nice twang and light drumming in the background.. oohh." he winked at the band’s lead who was steppign aside to let D take center stage. "You know what song I want.. Hope you don’t mind boss but I need to stretch my fingers." he called out to tessa where she sat. -03:54 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa nearly dropped her iced coffee when D passed by. He never showed up for a practice ever, and this practice wasn’t even his. He DID ask if he could join, but Tessa hadn’t thought he would actually show up. "I don’t… really mind at all?" Tessa at least wiped that surprised look off her face and went back to being serious boss lady. "About time you actually got practice in!" -04:21 Jun 01
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:28 Jun 01
[D enters.] -04:29 Jun 01
D: "I practice all the time, you’ve seen me." he said strumming a few cords and doing a little last minute tuning. "This is for fun. After this forst song I’ll take one request from the audience." and without any more talkiing he started playing the first few cords telling the band which sing it was and they all fell into step. -04:29 Jun 01
Tessa: He really shouldn’t be offering up requests like that, she could easily have him singing all day. Normally she’d be taking notes with her clipboard of little things for the band to fix or moments she wanted to do the lighting effects for the shows. …but this was a little distracting! -04:33 Jun 01
D: It was true that he was doing this for fun, the tedium of healing was finally over. D wanted to play, to sing, to jam to drink to her girls… okay maybe not get girls but it might distract him from having to kill people soon since he was out of sick days. But hey Tessa with her enjoying music face and winking at her was makign him not think about that too. -04:39 Jun 01
Tessa: Thank goodness for professionalism. Any fangirl at heart would be squealing in delight from a wink and Tessa was not an exception. A sip of coffee kept her from giving him any satisfaction, but it was impossible not to be grinning wide and swaying gently in her seat. The new band was fantastic, but they weren’t her favorite. And D really was an entirely different person when he was on a stage and making music! -04:43 Jun 01
D: The first song wen by quickly enough but now he was warmed up and ready to go. "ANyone in the audience have any requests?" he asked looking around the elpy room. "No audience? Well then I guess we’ll play…" he thought for a second.. "What the manager tells us to." -04:47 Jun 01
Tessa: "Hmm…" Tessa tapped her chin, pretending to give it lots of thought. There were so many choices… "I want to hear…. Heal My Wounds! And it better be good because I am writing notes." Tessa was still grinning. She probably wouldn’t remember to keep her notes. -04:52 Jun 01
D: "Better do what the boss says." he said as the band adgusted their equipment and got ready. The intro fade effect could be faked, and then came the keyboard. There wasn’t much for D to except sing until he started incrovising with the guitar acentualting the keyboard with steady picking. -05:00 Jun 01
Tessa: Giggling like a twit was what she was doing. …and taking notes after all, because it was so easy to picture exactly how she wanted the production to go to back up the music. A perfect switch of lighting during powerful moments, or the soft ambiance to follow his voice… The hard part was not singing too. -05:05 Jun 01
D: The song finished and D stepped down from the stage and throew himself down on the chaid next to Tessa and picked up her mug takign a sip. "Scribling? So you wnt me to perform or are you writing down what I’m doign better for them to learn from?" -05:10 Jun 01
Tessa: He took her coffee and yet she still wasn’t scowling. -05:12 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa turned in her seat, showing him her notebook where she had drawn a stage setup, complete with a jumbled mess of notations about where she was setting lights and special effects. Along with a little stick figure D in what was either a superhero cape or a really long coat. "-They- are just fine as they are, but I have to plan a show for you too. Something strong and striking to build up an awesome reputation for live shows." -05:14 Jun 01
D: "So its just going to be me up there with no backup?" he asked "I’m good but I’m not that good, I’m going to look like a country singer at a campfire." he thought for a moment putting her coffee back down and pushing it towards her. "You have a plan for that?" -05:20 Jun 01
Tessa: "Obviously I am going to get you an amazing band." She took her cup back to drink, swaying a bit in her chair when the others returned to playing again. They would be great as backup, but they deserved their own time and show. For D she would have to find others. "Now that you’re better I can hold auditions for members, and you can pick and choose who you like!" -05:23 Jun 01
D: "Or I could give you a list of names." he said "Guys whove never worked for the old boss, that I’m aftraid I’m going to have to insist on. I choose my own guys I’m I’ll give you thier phone numbers, and if they don’t want to join just let me have a word with them." he gave her a grin "You need snacks on this table." -05:27 Jun 01
Tessa: "I wasn’t planning on stealing the Label’s people…" ….okay she was. But it was the only people she -knew- at the moment, and taking their people would be a nice kick in the ass for the company that fired her. But if D insisted, he insisted. He was the one that had to play with them, after all. Tessa dug out her phone to hand to him, unwittingly responding to his grin with one of her own. "Iiiif you show up for more practices, I will have snacks…" -05:30 Jun 01
D: "Its a deal." he said and punched in the first number. "Played with this guy in colledge, we’d take turns with rythm and lead but he can’t sing anythign but heavy growling since the operation, good guy, wanted to be a vet." -05:36 Jun 01
Tessa: "Girls love men that love animals." Tessa leaned until she was against his arm and watching him punch in numbers. He smelled like her shampoo, which was kinda of amusing and totally contrary to his image. "Hmm… I will have to make a new fanpage. We need new pictures!" -05:39 Jun 01
D: "Like animals hmmm?" he said "I could get a panther for pictures. Whats sexier than a panther?" he looked at her as if daaaaring her to name something. "Now talk." he pushed the phone to her ear. -05:43 Jun 01
Tessa: "Sexier than a panther? How about a- Oh!" He ambushed her with the phone. Tessa hadn’t expected to have to call immediately. She thought he would give her the numbers and she would escape to her desk and make deals all afternoon. Tessa stood, taking the phone with her and flicking her hand at his hair as she passed before she responded to the voice that answered the phone. -05:47 Jun 01
D: D stood and grabbing his unstrument stepped back on stage and had a huddle in with the band. It was decided, if Tessa liked that style the net song would be dianmonds for tears, and she could listen to it while on the phone. -05:49 Jun 01
Tessa: D knew how to direct her to very friendly people. She liked talking to the man on the phone, and asked him several questions about his current work and whether or not he could be available around D’s weird schedule and for plenty of practices. …and then there was the music! She looooved this song and nearly lost track of her conversation. She was seriously going to have to tell D to just give her the other numbers so she could make those calls when he wasn’t around to distract her. -06:01 Jun 01
[D enters.] -06:12 Jun 01
D: He had been watching her, of course he had where else was he going to put his eyes, and he grinned at her reaction. He had wanted to know which she would handle better, suprise work or surprise gong and he had his answer. There was another wink and he went back to the song. -06:14 Jun 01
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:21 Jun 01
Tessa: He really shouldn’t be winking and grinning like that. Tessa gave in to temptation to grin back, maybe even a flirting smile. Why not? He had to be used to it anyway from other girls, and if she was going to be smiling anyway there wasn’t any harm to it! -06:21 Jun 01
D: He almosy list his cord… she had to smile when he was saying "when I’m sleeping right next to you I know that you’re the one." and he hud to looks down at his left hand to find the right fret again. But she shook his head and continued the song, she had never seen him make a istake and he wasn’t going to llet her now. -06:26 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa hung up her call when she had details worked out. She’s call the guy back once there was a definitive date for a first practice. She missed his near mistake, so when she wandered back to the stage to stop in front of him, she was leaning forward and tilting to try and catch his attention. She needed more numbers… but she didn’t want to stop this song… So instead of signalling him to pause she just grinned and swayed. -06:34 Jun 01
D: He looned down an her and half couched down to sing directly to her at the foot of the stage until the song was over, then he grinned and sat on the edge of the stage. "You know usually the girls who run up to the stage throw somehtign at me, a bra, panties, had a skirt once. Havn’t had anyone get up on stage though…" -06:40 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was not the take off her clothes and throw them type, but having him sing directly to her made her want to kiss him and… Wait, no! Those were terrible thoughts to be having! "…I need the rest of those numbers!" she almost squeaked out in a quick breath. -06:43 Jun 01
D: He held out his hand for her phone then saved the numbers one by one saving them under ‘d position name’ until he had them all and handed the phone back to her. "I should go and get snacks, want to join me?" -06:46 Jun 01
Tessa: She looked over the numbers and the names before she glanced back at him again. "Okay. These guys don’t need my supervision at all, they’re pretty awesome." Not as awesome as him… Why was that suddenly the prevailing thought in her head today? A couple of songs and she was totally smitten. Maybe it was better he never showed up for practices, she might have gotten herself in trouble ages ago. -06:51 Jun 01
D: "I’m in the mood for something baked, theres a bakery a block away, its a nice little walk there and they hace the best baklava you will ever have, better than my grandma’s I’m sorry to say, better thna mine too." -06:54 Jun 01
Tessa: "That sounds like a taste test challenge to me…" Tessa scribbled the next practice date on her notebook, holding it up for the other guys to see before she was backing away from the stage to leave. She very nearly tripped over one of the chairs behind her, but played it off as swooping to scoop up her bag. "We get something there, then you make me something tonight?" -07:01 Jun 01
D: "We don’t have the ingredients to make baklava… yet." he said openeing the door for then and stepping though letting the automatic closer close it after them. "This way… and.." he looked at her. "You have good taste in music, I should play your choices more octen.. to keep myself on my toes. Playing the same old things all the time gets repetitive." -07:05 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was grinning again. Clasping her hands behind her back as she walked and tilting to bump against his arm to tease. "See, listening to me is always a good idea. Next time I’ll pick something really tricky…" -07:07 Jun 01
D: He looked at her. "But you’d be the one listening to me… play. You usually do that anyway though." he said "Or kick the leg of your chair in time with the music anyway, you have a good sense of tempo. Almost like you used to play somehting.. but they you did sing… you should sing more." -07:10 Jun 01
Tessa: "I told you I played piano before. …and I am not going to sing! It’s just not a good idea." He kept trying to sneak that in to conversations, but Tessa wasn’t going to fall for it. She kept the conversation about him. "What would you like to do for your first show under my company? A small bar? Maybe a bigger venue with a really big stage?" -07:12 Jun 01
D: "The bigger the better." he said. "The sooner you make me into a star the sooner I won’t have to keep other jobs and miss practives. And you shoudl play." he replied "Now stop and take a deep breath though your nose, smells like they’ve just done a fresh basch of something." -07:16 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa took a deep breath and siiiigh. Very few things smelled as good as fresh bakery stuff. She was having to resist the urge to hold on to his arm and skip to the bakery. "Large venue with a really big stage it is! Hmm… I’ll need to dig through storage and do some shopping for more equiptment. I might have to hire a lightning crew…" Tessa deliberately didn’t respond to him trying to charm her in to singing. -07:22 Jun 01
D: "Well that your managery stuff that you do so well." he said continuing down the street and pushing open the door to the bakery. "Go on, I’m buying… though I can never decide what to get.." -07:26 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa very nearly cackled but managed to keep it down to a wicked giggle. At the counter baklava was the first thing she asked for, and a half dozen donuts for the morning… and some of the neat sugary puffs. Taking her to a bakery while she was hungry was probably a terrible idea, but if he was paying. "If you can’t decide, I can share then. …maybe! If you ask really sweetly?" -07:32 Jun 01
D: "Not going to make me sing for my breakfasr are you? -07:33 Jun 01
D: "Not going to make me sing for my breakfasr are you?" he asked tilting hsi head. "I already sung after all, doesn’t that get me anything?" he tapped a finger against the glass at the raisin muffins without looking away from her. "You really are a harsh boss boss. -07:35 Jun 01
Tessa: "Bah! Fine…!" Tessa leaned on impulse, giving him a quick kiss to the cheek. "That’s for singing even though you should be practicing anyway, and if you sing moooore you can have those." she pointed towards the muffins. -07:39 Jun 01
D: She smiled wiiide before he managed to cover it as a grin. "I’m buying, and I do plarctive every day, you hear me from your desk." he said "But fine I’ll practice today, I do so every day anyway. You don’t have to make it sould like I do nothing then I lounge on your couch all day." -07:44 Jun 01
Tessa: "I don’t think singing for me really counts as practicing…" Not that he was singing FOR her, but, well… he knew what she was talking about! Tessa leaned on the counter to ask for muffins too. …and apple turnovers! Then she was stepping out of the way to let him pay. "Besides, I know you don’t do nothing. You’ve graduated from couch ornament to pet!" -07:50 Jun 01
D: "Well I was going to offer to sing aaaaaaallllll for youbut pets don’t sing, do they, and when they do it ends up on the internet. So its out of my hands then." he said giving her a slight push before handing over the money. "And what if I got a pet.. a cat of a panther.. what then?" -07:54 Jun 01
Tessa: There was that totally heartbroken expression at him not singing, but that was so quickly masked it might not have been there at all. Tessa frowned, swatting at his arm. "Well, it couldn’t stay in my apartment, that’s for sure! There’s barely enough room for the both of us… Then of course you would have to graduate from pet to something else." -08:00 Jun 01
D: "Well… I guess I could sing for you once before that.." he said guiding her from the bakery with his ark on her back. "Since you’re setting me up a big concert with a band, ans a stage, adn smoke, and great speakers, and fans, and girls… Something to gelp you relax and do better than your best." he opend the door and his arms still around her exited the shop before lookeign at her and smiling… then quickly dropping his arm. "So.. home?" -08:04 Jun 01
Tessa: He very nearly had her charmed to the point of grinning, at least until he mentioned girls. Then she could have kicked herself for that sudden weird paign of jealous. Really? What on earth would she be jealous of! They -needed- tons of girls, they were the best demographic! Tessa finally nodded. "Home and a small break, then I have to make phonecalls to get your extraordinarily large show wishlist. …and there can’t be any singing while I’m on the phone!" -08:12 Jun 01
D: "You take the fun away from it." he said. :ANd you don’t need to look like that, you knwo I’ll be back in your bed before midnight, shen havn’t I been? That hasn’t been for work. I wouldn’t want to worry my boss or wake her up by sneakign into her bed waaay too late. I can never ger the blankets right without waking you up." -08:18 Jun 01
Tessa: He made it sound like he was sleeping with her in an entirely different way, which had her face turning red again and Tessa struggling not to think about it. She was thinking way too much about that lately. She really SHOULD kick him back to the couch! "You might as well stop fussing with sleeping over them and getting me all stuck, and just sleep under the covers. You know I have to get up early in the mornings." There. She managed to sound completely unaffected. -08:22 Jun 01
D: "Thats when the warmth leaves me and I’m left to curl up and snuggle down… I really am like a pet. Except I cook you breakfast and make you stop working to eat it." he nudged her. "You really do like to work, even just now you sounded like you were talkign about it instead of blankets." -08:26 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was swatting gently at him again, taking the time to stuck her tongue out at him. "I love my work, and a lot of it is for you too, you know? You aren’t going to get to play music all the time and quit those odd jobs you still won’t tell me about, if I can’t can’t get you more shows… You should be helping to get me to sleep!" -08:29 Jun 01
D: "Theres only one way I can relaly do that and thats… uummm hmmmmm." he was stratching his chin adn grinning the hmmmmm sounding far too contemplative… "Warm milk.." absolutely what he was talkign about! -08:31 Jun 01
[Tessa enters.] -08:38 Jun 01
Tessa: Her eyes narrowed as she watched him, trying to decide if he was sneaking a dirty euphemisn in on her. She finally just swatted his arm again and stole the bag of baked treats to dash ahead towards home. Only turning to walk backwards and smirk at him. "Then you’re making me warm milk, and rubbing my feet and my shoulders too! You gotta graduate from pet somehow!" -08:40 Jun 01
D: The last thing he needed was to think about rubbing her. Fine she could run ahead he’d follow at his own pace. So what if she scoffed down most of the stuff in the half a minute he’d be behind her it was better than pushing her over the counter or something. -08:43 Jun 01
Tessa: Once they were home, which was odd that she thought of it as their home now instead of just hers, she dropped her bag on a chair, kicked off her shoes and took her goodies off to the kitchen. She was already stealing a piece of the baklava out and ever so often licking honey and sugar off her fingers and humming in delight. As distracting as he was all the time, he always did bring good food in to her apartment! -08:48 Jun 01
D: He walked in and shut the door. The tunred to her and… she was licking her fingers.. FOOD! DISTRACTION! NOW! He grabbed the other peice and grabbed two plates from the kitchen placing one on the table next to her and using the other himself as he took a bite. -08:52 Jun 01
Tessa: Napkins probably would have been a really good idea, but who wanted to waste perfectly tasty sugar on those! Tessa leaned forward towards him, that overly please tessa-look she always had when something was amazing, and smiled wide at him. "I think you’re right, you might not be able to make anything this good! This was an awesome idea…" She popped another piece in to her mouth and instead of having a seat in a chair, sat on the table near him. -08:56 Jun 01
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -09:02 Jun 01
D: He looked at her not knowing if he should be insulted or not. "I will, you’ll just have to wait for it.. the listen to it." he grinned at her then took another bite. "Theres all kinds of wonderful, and all kinds of good. Cooking just happens to be my third best skill.. maybe fourth…" -09:02 Jun 01
Tessa: "Oh?" Tessa tilted to poke at him with her foot since her hands were busy. "What are the many skills of D? Music, cooking… hmm… being fashionably late? Maybe something to do with your mysterious jobs?" Tessa narrowed her eyes at him again. "…are you a stripper?" -09:05 Jun 01
D: "Not since colledge." he said sticking to tongue out at her and stuffing the last of his peice onto his mouth. "Cooking and music are the ones you need to worry about, and the possible other is one I can’t mention in the presence of a lady, or at work." he moved away so she couldn’t swat under the pretence of putting the bag on the table between them. "You can’t stay with me and expect to know everythign about me." -09:09 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was licking her fingers again, giving him a quick smug smirk before snatching up the bag to take a peek inside it. "Not expect to know everything about you yet. I’ll figure out everything eventually, and it’s your own fault for living here instead of somewhere. Sleeping in my bed means you’re fair game!" -09:13 Jun 01
D: "You’re making that sound like a proposition." he said looking away from her towards the kitchen. "Whats that they say about getting to know stars? They never shine as bright as you think they do?" he looked back. "Be careful, I might have some strange secrets." -09:17 Jun 01
Tessa: Once again with flushed cheeks, she turned on the table and crossed her logs, trying to look completely unphased. For a split second she thought about saying she’d be way more obvious if she were making a proposition.. but that would be inviting trouble. "Is that so? I like you more now than I did before. And maybe -I- have crazy secrets, have you ever thought about that?" This sounded an awful lot like a conversation a dating couple would have, but it never came up with her exboyfriends, so it was probably just the fact she was over thinking. Tessa stole another glance at him. "So what are your secrets?" -09:21 Jun 01
D: "You’d never believe me if I told you." he said flashign ehr a grin "And Idon’t knwo If I’d want you do. Last thing I need is to be kicked back to the couch. So whats yours? I don’t think strippers been one of your jibs so.. lets see…. you’re a princess from a far away land here to find worthy champions to defeat the demon that sits on your throne and music is his only weakness." -09:25 Jun 01
Tessa: It was so ridiculous it made her smile. Tessa hopped off the table to shift over to the sink and wash her hands. "Sorry, I’m not a princess and I don’t have any demons to defeat, um.. unless you count exboyfriends! I did work for an evil wizard once? That was an awkward three months until I spilled a potion in to his coffee." It was amazing how many simple jobs she managed to screw up. It was a miracle she could manage a band… at least in this case, she really did love her job. "You don’t have any weird secrets that will come out in the tabloids, right? Damage control is a pain in the ass!" -09:30 Jun 01
D: "Tabloids? Maybe. Tabloids that wouldn’t be expected of a rock star and would just spread my notariety….. I don’t think so." he said moving to wash his hands in the bathrooma dn walkign out with his guitar in hand. "So… name a song." -09:35 Jun 01
Tessa: "I’m going to pick something different! Be warned…" Tessa was smirking again as she moved off to the sofa and hopped on it to get comfortable. She tucked her legs under her and tapped her fingers together as she debated the song… "I want to hear…. Wander!" -09:41 Jun 01
D: "Wander… " he repeated then slowly started picking, holding a cord adn just pulling in differnet strings. "This is one of those ones that its hard to do without six extra arms and more instraments I hope you know." he said beofre he started playing properly. He’d get his revenge later but right now he was sitting on the back of the couch facing her and watching her as he played. -09:45 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa had her hands clasped together and was trying not to giggle by keeping them close to her mouth. It would have been better if he didn’t watch her, just so she wouldn’t be so concerned about controlling her expressions. But it really was so nice having him singing just for her. Kinda almost special, in that crazy blowing things out of proportion sort of way. -09:51 Jun 01
D: It was about halfway though the song that his finger slipped and there was a sour note, luckely the string also snapped and well that was that explained and not by the fact he was leanign too far forwards and looking at Tessa instead of what he was doing. "Ow…" he said lookign at his finger. then at the string and grumpled… "I’ll have to change this.. I though have a spare.." -09:55 Jun 01
[Tessa enters.] -09:58 Jun 01
Tessa: That sudden snap had her jumping and near squeaking… followed by that disappointed frown. Fixing strings was so time consuming… especially when she was really really liking her song, and spending way too much time getting lost in it instead of working like she was supposed to be. "I guess it’s fate… I should be working right now. But it was great!" Tessa scooted up to her knees, shifting to plant another kiss on his cheek. "A freebie. You can owe me another song later." She was lingering for too long and too close. Good thing there was that guitar in the way. -10:02 Jun 01
D: He tilted his head coming so close to kissing her back before he brought hsi hand up the broken string being pulled out with it and held it up between them. "Two minutes and I’m playing again, on your couch, and all will be as it should be, and you’ll be able to tell me when the big day is." -10:05 Jun 01
Tessa: She really really wanted to kiss him. This was crazy. Tessa took the broken string and hopped off the couch instead. Giving a wry smile that very nearly gave away her thoughts. "Two minutes isn’t enough time to make that many phonecalls! But I’ll have your show date booked by the end of the night, or you can banish me to sleep on the couch!" -10:10 Jun 01
D: "Then I’d be cold." he said rectrievign a spare srting fron yet another hiddem compartment in his guitar and treadting it into place and then trying it into the nut and starting to adjust it. "I wouldn’t want to be clod and miss out on the ‘accidental’ snuggles you give me in your sleep." -10:14 Jun 01
Tessa: And she went from wanting to kiss him to wanting to throw the nearest pillow at him. She might have too if he didn’t have his guitar in his hands. Huffing in embarrassment, she staled off to her desk before he could see he face. "It’s warmer with someone in the bed D, I can’t help it…!" …not that she really tried to avoid it either! She’d never admit it! -10:17 Jun 01
D: "Did that sound like complaining?" he asked plucking the straing as he sat on the coutch until he had it tuned, them makign sure the otehr were in tune as well before he mooved over to her desk and sat on it. "Because it didn’t to me and I was the one saying it, now you get your song." -10:20 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa had dropped in to her chair to get to work, but now he was sitting on her desk blocking any chance of it. It was really cute, and -exactly- what she meant by being distracting. "Somehow I get the feeling if it were up to you, there would be nothing but food and music and cuddling all day long and I would never get any work done…" …and she said it -before- she realized just how badly that could sound. It was too late now. "And my phonecalls for your show?" -10:25 Jun 01
D: "Wow, that wouldn’t be like it would be, yes, you are getting to know me, and all of that with you." he said "I owe you a song so…" re restarted the verse and wens strait into the song before she would have time to protest and didn’t stop until the song was done. -10:28 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was reaching to push him off her desk when resumed playing again, then she really didn’t have the heart to do it and was left tapping her fingers on his leg in time… To anyone else she might’ve looked impatient, but she was just find it incredibly hard not to be charmed. It would be such a bad idea to have a crush on a roomate and client…! -10:33 Jun 01
D: When he was down he put his hand on her chin and pressed his lips into her forehead before hopping off her desk and walkign away. "You doo your bossmagic, I’ll go and see about that couch/ someone need to be on it ot it will get lonely." -10:39 Jun 01
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 007: Lesson in the Kitchen

[Tessa is awake early in the morning as she usualy is. Alone in the kitchen trying to figure out this whole cooking business before D wakes up.] -03:25 May 30
Tessa: The extent of her cooking skill involved following directions on a box. …and D had to fill her kitchen with stuff she had no idea how to deal with. If she poured a bowl of cereal it was likely to catch fire. Maybe she should go out and fetch something? Where was her coat! -03:27 May 30
D: The painkillers lasted six hours. That mena that D could only sleep for that long if he was lucky. There was a groan from him as he sat up and looked for Tessa, who wasn’t there. Getting up he scowled and grabbed the bottle from the bedside table and moved towards the kitchen to get water. "You’re up." he said sounding grumpy like he always did with lack of sleep and pain. "Would you mind getting a glass for me?" -03:32 May 30
Tessa: "Why are you even out of bed? Go back to bed!" He looked like hell and he shouldn’t of even been awake. Tessa glared at him for a moment before getting a glass out of the cabinet and filling it with water from the sink. Tessa held it out for him while eying his shoulder. "I can make some coffee and I’ll go out to fetch food in a minute…" -03:35 May 30
D: He took the glass and placed in on the counter as he sat on the cerner, then he used his teeth to tear the cap off the bottle and spit that onto the counter too before slaming two pills down his throat and gulping down the water. "You try sleeping with this." he said pointing with his thump over his shoulder. "I woke up twice last night and its at the stage where I’m not getting back to sleep. So I’m making breakfast before the bread we have goes stale." he hopped off the counter almost sendign the glass to the floor. "I don’t waste food." -03:40 May 30
Tessa: Tessa caught the glass, and then she was right back to glaring again. "Then don’t sleep! But you’re going back to bed. I’ll deal with what’s in the kitchen." She pushed the glass baaaack on the counter out of the way and turned back to the pantry. "Now what am I grabbing so I don’t tip the balance of your over-planning in MY kitchen?" -03:43 May 30
D: He pushed open the bread box and dropped a loaf onto the beadboard then pulled over the drawer and pulled out a breadknife. Then ran into a dilema. With his arm in a sling, the reason he could onto sleep on his side that he hated, he couldn’t cut the loaf. "Of for f…" -03:47 May 30
Tessa: Tessa snatched the breadknife from his hands, and pushed him out of the way as gently as possible. Even if he WAS asking for her to get rough. "Move! Stop being such a pain in the ass about it. Go. I can do this." Knife in hand, she eyed the bread. …. "…just what exactly am I slicing bread for. A sandwhich?" -03:51 May 30
D: He was already rummaging though the fridge. "Slice it thick, about the same as my thumbnail is wide." he said pulling out a few eggs and the going to her spie rack and selecting a few herbs. Then he was looking at her overhead cupboard at the mixing bowl heald within. It he tried to get it one handed there was a good chance of it being dropped. -03:55 May 30
Tessa: "That’s not telling me what I’m making, D." He was being stubborn, and Tessa was about to turn and start shaking that knife at him. For the time being, she was being excritiatingly slow at cutting the bread, trying to make sure she did it -perfectly- right. She cast a look over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes. "Don’t you dare go grabbing anything else. Stop being an asshole and tell me what I’m doing!" -03:58 May 30
D: "French toast." he said reaching up and making sure he had a frim hold of the bown and trued pulling it from the shelf.. then grunted in pain. "Fuck." he hated not beign able to do anything and maybe put more force into the swearing than just the pain. -04:01 May 30
Tessa: "And you can’t tell me how to do that without cursing up a storm in my kitchen?" Tessa put down her knife, scooted practically under his feet and stole the bowl from him. "If it helps, you can hover around like some critisizing old lady and complain about what I’m doing wrong. Just stop trying to pick stuff up!" -04:04 May 30
D: He flexed the finger in the sling, it somethimes helped. "Is the bread sliced?" he asked. "Then break the eggs into the bowl and I’ll get the spices." he said "And I’m NOT like and old woman. I never asked to be useless." -04:07 May 30
Tessa: "I’m not sure useless is the way I would decribe you…" Which was a bit of a surprise to Tessa! In fact the entire time he had been bumming at her apartment, he really was the opposite of useless… She set the bowl on the counter and made with cracking eggs, which more often than not ended up with bits of broken egg shell that she had to fuss with pulling out. -04:10 May 30
D: He opened the puched up and egg and tapped it agaiint the bowl and opened it with one hand. "Like that. You need to crack the egg not shatter it. Then meaking the eggs to her he was opening her spike bottles and smelling them and then adding some into the bowl standing next to her. "Then how would you describe me?" -04:13 May 30
Tessa: One handed egg cracking… Tessa tried that, which resulted in a bigger mess than before! Maybe she’d practice that one later. "Stubborn… I would desribe you as stubborn today. You are always cooking for me, I think I can handle one breakfast." -04:18 May 30
D: With exploded egg all over the counter and Tessa’s shirt D could beg to differ. He took her hand in his and grasped an egg. "Tap.." he tapped the egg on the bowl. "Just enough to crack it then open it like a box with your thumb as the hinge… that enough eggs. Now for a splash of soy.." -04:21 May 30
Tessa: "Do I even have soy?" That was a good thing to focus on. Why the hell her face was turning red again over something as stupid as eggs, she didn’t know! Tessa huffed to herself as she moved to grab a towel and clean up the spot on her, then to dig around in her pantries. She definitely didn’t remember getting any of this stuff! -04:24 May 30
D: He opened one of the overhead supboards revealign a wide array of bottles and grabbed one. The he flipped the cap and added a dash of black liquid to the eggs before grabbing a fork and stirning watching the colour, the adding a little more. The bottle looked like any other dcondiment bottle except it had nothing in english on it. "Right its time to turn on the stove." -04:28 May 30
Tessa: Tessa wasn’t sure how this food experiment was going to turn out… she was pretty sure she didn’t remember french toast being anything like this. Then again, she never exactly cooked, did she? Tessa leaned over the stove, hand hovering over the buttons. "Huum… temperature…?" Biding her time until she remember which dial was the right one. …When WAS the last time she used her stove for anything other than coffee? -04:31 May 30
D: "Top right dial to three." he said "And get a pan. We’re going to have to cook these tegether. You dip and hold the pan I’ll keep hold of the spatu… la." damn he should have expected this, the side effects of the pain meditation. "Ok you help me with that too." -04:34 May 30
Tessa: She turned the dial, then was pulling out a pan and a spatula… She made sure to give him another wary, watchful stare before setting the pan on top the stove. "…you aren’t going to pass out, are you? I don’t think I can drag you to bed without making it worse." -04:38 May 30
D: He shooh his head before sitting on the counter naxt to the stove. "Just a little woosy." he said "But hey you get to cook after all. I’m just here to make sure you don’t burn anything." -04:40 May 30
Tessa: "Your reflexes are awfully slow… if the apartment burns down, you’ll probably die." Tessa was wary, but how hard could it be if he was supervising, right? Tessa tapped the inside of the pan to test and see if it was hot, then jerked her hand back when yes, yes it was! "So dip and pan and flip, right?" She shifted to make sure she had everything in reach. She was still pretty sure something might burst in to flames. -04:44 May 30
D: "Grease the pan first, then dribble a little egg into it to test the tempreture without burning yourself." he said "Then using your hand and the spatula get both sides of the bread covered in egg then slide it into the pan… And get come paper towels onto a plate to drain them on. Paper towels are the cupboard next to the one under me." -04:49 May 30
Tessa: "This is too many instructions at once!" She wasn’t going to panic over making breakfast. She could put together a huge show in one weekend, she could cook something in her own kitchen! She was very awkward about the order, and very nearly did burn herself… but Tessa was full on concentrating like she was performing surgery on a human being. -04:53 May 30
D: AS she was getting paper towels he was tending to the pan and flipping the toast. "Thats the colour you want it when its done, try to get them all like that… here.." he tooke her hand and played it on the handle, then placed his over hers. I’ll help…" -04:56 May 30
Tessa: Tessa was frazzled, and she was pretty sure it was his fault somehow. She really needed to stop acting stupid over something as simple as making breakfast! "So I am just supposed to watch it so it doesn’t catch on fire…" she muttered softly. "Normally I would be at the desk and forget I was cooking…" -05:00 May 30
D: "Staying is good, yes." he said "So is making sure theres no fire. when you’re cooking, cook, when you’re working work, don’t do both at once. I don’t ly on your coutch and cook at the same time do I?" -05:04 May 30
Tessa: "I don’t have time to do one thing at a time… and you think everything should be all calm and easy!" Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but she was attempting to focus on the current task instead of on him. One thing at a time, etc, etc… "You do end up shoved in to windows at bars when you should be at shows, though… You never told me what you were doing there." -05:08 May 30
D: He slid from the counter to stand behind her, leaning on her slightly for support as he guided her hand through the process of getting the cooked toast from the pan and putting hte next one on. "Smell that?" he asked. "That is what I’m after. Breakfast is going to be good. French toast, orange juice, coffee.. if only he had some of those crerry tomatoes for a little salad.. and cheese.. thinly slied cheese on french toats draped over it just as its coming out the pan…" -05:21 May 30
Tessa: He was distracting her with food. And doing a really good job of it. Both because it smelled amazing and because he was muttering it at her ear like some sort of delicious pillow talk! "We still have cheese at the very least. I didn’t confiscate all of it." …wait a minute, she had asked him a question an he didn’t answer at all. Tessa frowned at him over her shoulder. -05:28 May 30
D: "Eyes on the pan." he said leanign his head agaunst hers, his cheek against her ear. "I was picking somehting up for a coworker." he said. "I though a drink while I was there since the show was on saterday wouldn’t do any harm. I didn’t start the fight. I didn’t even want to be in it." -05:32 May 30
Tessa: Eyes on the pan. Where else was she gonna look? And why was this comfortable! "You could have told me that before. Instead of letting me think you were the biggest asshole in the universe." If it was even the truth. She might just be susceptible to excuses because she liked his music and now he was being all adorable and she had a low resistance to moments that made her all gooey. -05:36 May 30
D: "Late is late, what difference would it make. I’m still an asshole." he said before flipping the toast in the pan and sighing as the smell hit him. "You honestly don’t think I’m not an asshole do you? I must not be trying hard enough…" -05:39 May 30
Tessa: "I’m finding it harder to believe you’re a big jerk… at least when you’re not being a pain in the ass." she admitted. Aside from moments of driving her crazy, when he started crashing on her sofa he wasn’t anything like she thought he would be… That had her twisting her mouth up in a thoughtful frown. "I don’t see you sleeping around with girls or going to crazy parties or drinking tons… and you have a second job… so where do you go all the time? Just random jobs?" -05:43 May 30
D: "I’m no rockstar, yet. I need food, and clothes, and money as much as the next person." he said "I can’t afford to party and I can’t exactly bring girls here can I?" he pointed out. "Not while I’m sleeping in your bed, Never really seen the appeal in threesoms and if its in your bed I should at least give you the option of joining in. So really its just easier to to to the bathroom then you’re out. Execpt not since the arm…" he put the laft peice on top of the pile but stayed behind her. "Yes its been that long." he stepped awa and went to get himself a fork. "Now lets eat." -05:49 May 30
Tessa: "Threesomes really aren’t as fun as they sound." Tessa muttered. He made it sound like they were together, which shouldn’t have made her want to grin. Obviously she had been spending way too much time with him! Tessa made sure the stove was off before she was getting plates for them both and cups for coffee. "Will you sit down NOW?" -05:53 May 30
[D enters.] -06:10 May 30
D: "Can’t eat standing up with one arm." he said "Thoug I’m going ot have to stretch it soon and clean and make sure it still works." he sat down and with the fork in his left hand speared himself on of the slices and tried to cut it with the side of the fork with parcial success. -06:12 May 30
[(Timeout) D has timed out.] -06:26 May 30
Tessa: Tessa was watching him again. Of course she wasn’t going to baby him, but he was making it really hard to resist the temptation… especially when he would have heeled fine had she not jumped on him. She set a cup of coffee next to his plate and sat down next to him to eat. One bite and it was heaven…! And she actually -helped- make edible food! "I can help with that and make sure you don’t bleed everywhere." -06:26 May 30
D: "After food you’re also going to have to help me change the bandages once I’ve cleaned myself." he pushed his plate towards her "Cut it up…. please?" it was the first tim ehe had used the word with her that he could think of. -06:31 May 30
Tessa: Tessa had definitely never heard that word from him. …she wasn’t so sure she heard the world from -anyone- if she thought hard enough about it. But she did as requested, a thoughtful look on her face again. "Are you even going to be able to shower proper, since you can’t even defile my shower?" -06:33 May 30
D: "Are you offering to wash me?" he asked staring at her "I’m not helpless Tessa." he said before shaking his head. "But my back and around the stitches I can’t do myself… if you can be careful." -06:41 May 30
Tessa: Her cheeks were burning red again, but she totally kept her cool. She managed to NOT choke on her coffee. "I wasn’t thinking about washing you. ..but I can help a little for the hard stuff if you need it. Helpless is probably the last thing you are." She cast him a quick suspicious glance. Helpless was definitely not him at all. Hurt shoulder or not! -06:46 May 30
D: "Oh.. well okay once we’re doen eating and I shower I will need help with bandages. Somethign I can’t help you with since I’m not a doctor." he didn’t look at her as he shoved another peice into his mouth. Having her actually look at him while he was shirtless would have been nice. He didn’t think she had even noticed his tatoo. -06:50 May 30
Tessa: He almost sounded dissappointed she wasn’t going to help him shower. Which left her thinking about him in the shower which… wasn’t really the first time she had spent too much time pondering it, but usually he wasn’t -around- when she did. Tessa found great interest in her food. "I know how to switch out bandages. I worked as a nurse’s assistant once." Until she was fired from getting woozy every time someone was bleeding. "I can wait by the door in case you need my help with the shower too…" -06:57 May 30
[D enters.] -07:06 May 30
D: He nodded "…. thanks." he lapsed into silence after that for a few moments while he ate then drank his coffee and looked at anything other than Tessa. Then he was standing and unhooking the sling and straiening his arm with a pained but happy sound. "I’ll be in the shower. If you hear a thud and a yell come find me." -07:14 May 30
Tessa: Thank goodness for the end of an awkward silence. Especially when Tessa wasn’t sure where it was stemming from. It was probably her own fault for behaving like a lunatic. Once he was out of site, Tessa cleaned up the dishes as quickly as possible and then…. then she was lurking by the bathroom door with her ear pressed up against it. …he hadn’t been serious about doing stuff in her shower, was he? That was HER shower…! -07:18 May 30
D: HE stripped adn uturned on the water, openeing the door a crack momenteraly to toss his clothes onto the floor outside the bathroom. Then he was turnign on the water and stepping into it with a sigh. the water felt good and he was beginign to feel tike a person again. -07:22 May 30
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:26 May 30
Tessa: Tessa froze outside of the door, but thank goodness she had been just off to the side with her shoulder braced on the frame. Or else she’d have tumbled in to the bathroom face first when he opened the door. And thankfully he hadn’t realized she was there! …of course now the door was cracked. Take a peek or not? She’d kick his ass if he ever peeped at her… but this was to make sure he didn’t slip and die in the shower, right? Maybe… Tessa curled her fingers around the door and leeeeaaned to peek around the corner. One look, then she’d behave. How often did someone have a rockstar in their shower, anyway. -07:26 May 30
D: Gods the water felt good, he ran his fingers though his hair facing away from the door as he soaped up his arm, up to his shouder and neck. then he tuned , eyes closed and let the water hit his face and run down his back. The tatoo he had was on his chest abovehis nipple, five feathers pointing inwards in a wheel. Everyone who was it he told he was too drunk to remember getting, which was a lie. Slowly ehe began to soap up hhis hand to fash his face, still unaware that someone was taking opotunities. -07:35 May 30
Tessa: She had probably seen him half naked at least a dozen times, but most of the time she was trying -not- to look. Tessa wasn’t bashful but… this was D. A manager wasn’t supposed to fangirl over her client. And damned tattoos were sexy when a man was covered in soap and water. Clear shower doors were the best idea ever! …and before she realized she was leaning too far in the middle of her completely inappropriate daydreaming, Tessa found the door slipping out of her hand and herself tumbling on the bathroom floor with a surprised yelp! -07:40 May 30
D: He turned and saw her hit the ground and opened the shower door to grab a towel and and step over to her, not that a towel would do anythign to hide anything from her low angle. "I though it was me meant to be slipping and yelling." he offtere her his left hand. "Since you’re here can you get my back?" -07:44 May 30
Tessa: Looking up was a bad idea. Tessa was going to die. She clonked her head on her arm where he couldn’t see her face, raising a finger for him to wait juuuust a second. "I uh.. was looking for my eye liner…" Worst bullshit excuse ever, but better than admitting she was spying. After a deep breath, she finally grabbed his hand and picked herself off the floor. Red face aside, she was totally going to play it cool. "Sure..? I may as well take that towe- BANDAGE off too." God damnit. This is what happens when she doesn’t have a boyfriend! She assults the first naked man she sees! -07:50 May 30
D: "Towels goign to have to come off too." he said handing it back to her as he turnedaway. "We don’t want it getting wet." he looked abck at her and winked. "I won’t bite." he wtepped abck into the water and passed the soap over his shoulder to her. "You don’t mind to you?" -07:53 May 30
Tessa: Tessa refused to look down. And when he winked her, she was tempted to throw the towel at him. That was a -much- better response than just hopping in the shower with him. Huffing, she hung the towel on a hook then took the soap. She had to step in to the shower so they wouldn’t get water all over her bathroom, but thankfully it was large enough that she could stay out of the spray to keep herself dry-ish. ANd like she promise, she went ahead at gently plucking that bandage off to see how it looked. "I just want you out of my shower where I don’t have to worry about you cracking your head on something, is all. I’m supposed to do paperwork today.." -08:00 May 30
D: "Is tht all?" he asked *accidently* bunging the tap makign the water spray further for a moment. "I thought you were being beign noce to me since I can’t use my arm and do things for myself." the emphasis on ‘things’ was extremely subtle, sudtle enough for her to think she had imagined it. "But thank you." -08:04 May 30
Tessa: A soft yelp and hiss, while she side stepped the spray of water and glared at his back. He was enjoying this way too much! Good! It gave her something to be mad about instead of getting wrapped up in the fact he looked really, really foxy all wet and naked. Tessa swatted his non-hurt arm before lathering up her hands to rub his back. ….Why didn’t she just think to give him a back scrubber? Stupid…! "You -should- be thanking me… I could be leaving you wallowing in bed while I get my work done. I’d have peace for once!" -08:09 May 30
D: "There are to times when I wallow in bed. When I want to, and then I have company." he said "Nope, I’d still be in here just renching the stitches, you knwo if I can’t work I can’t get food. but…" her hands felt good. He had images of her hands elsewhere heling him with things.. or her mouth. He mouth would be.. "Mmmhmmm.." he didn’t want to make that sound or for his member just secide to rise up, but at least he was facign away from her, enjoying his thoughts a little too much. -08:13 May 30
Tessa: She liked that sound. Which was probably the only reason she wasn’t smacking his head. Maybe she was spending a little too much time rubbing his shoulders and lower back, but as long as she didn’t get wet, it was fine? "I don’t need to know about anything you do in bed, D. But to make sure you can play music I’ll do just about anything." ….wait. That sounded really really wrong. Tessa grumbled out loud. -08:18 May 30
D: Anything…? In bed… that had to go there didn’t she. If his shoulder wasnin’t hurt hed have her pinned against the shower wall seeing how far ‘anything’ goes. There there it was, another low sigh and moan and a light chuckle. "Well seeing that I have to take it easy…" damn he rally had been about to say she should be on top. "We’ll have to see about that later. Nor now just keep doing what you’re boing just maybe a little lower…" -08:23 May 30
Tessa: Tessa narrowed her eyes, but she slid her hands down to rub… wash… his lower back. Why the hell was this so entertaining? She should get -out- of the shower! "You don’t have to sound like you’re having so much fun… You shouldn’t even be up right now." And she shouldn’t be looking down and thinking about grabbing his ass and running away giggling. -08:34 May 30
D: He turned his head to look abck at her, then tuend sidways. "You happen to have good hands." he said "Its not my fault where you put them." He was looking right at her and giving her a full frontal. Trying his harderst not to smirk. -08:36 May 30
Tessa: "Oh christ, D!" Tessa snatched her hands back and squeezed her eyes shut. He really was having too much fun. She was scowling now and reaching out to swat at him. "I’m assuming you’re done being washed then? You can let me out of the shower!" Now she was fumbling for the door with her eyes closed. -08:41 May 30
D: He opened the door and gave her a gentle push out before closign it again. "Next time you go peeping around the door make sure you’re willing to let me know you’re looking. I’m not a shy guy I’ll let you look." he called before shutting off the water and grabbing thw toweal, wrapping it around himself anf stepping out. "Now do you have clean bandages?" -08:46 May 30
Tessa: …damnit he DID know. Now her eyes were closed because her hands were over her face to hide that mortified and embarrassed expression. She stepped carefully out of the bathroom, answering with her voice muffled. "I do in the bedroom, where you were supposed to stay." Tessa didn’t drop her hands until she was in the bedroom looking for them. -08:52 May 30
D: He entered after her the smile faded from his mouth, he had taken the joke maybe a little too far and now she was upset. His left hand foudn adn gripped her shoulder. "I really don’t mind." he said solomly. "I’m flettered you’d want to look. Its not every day a stand up responsable girl takes an interest in a deadbeat wanabe rockstar like me. So, lets get these bandages on and I promise to be good for the rest of the day." he moved to sit on the bed and wait for her. "I’m lucky you went though so many jobs and picked up so many skills." -08:57 May 30
Tessa: Tessa wasn’t sure if she was more flustered by his teasing, or by his sudden apology and compliment… Once she had the bandages, she crawled up on bed behind him. Now that he couldn’t see her face, it was much easier to speak with a more natural and less goofy tone. "When it’s so much more amusing to flirt with danger and sneak a look? Don’t go getting any ideas though, I really have picked up a lot of skills. I might know ninjitsu or something…" -09:02 May 30
D: He chucked "And I might be an undercover assassin." he would be swatted for that but its was worth it for the checkle. he sat still as she bandaged him up ticket as ever then lay down and pulled a blanket over himself before throwign her the towel. "I’ll be here beign good all day. Maybe a will sleep after all." -09:05 May 30
Tessa: "If you need me I’ll be at my desk." Naked in her bed again. This was getting to be a common thing! Tessa started backing out when she realized she was lingering too long. "Have a nice nap… and maybe you can help me with lunch..?" -09:11 May 30
D: Usually he would be on his side facign awya from her as she left, a grunt and nothing more, but he was facign her this time, for hsi shoulder, had to be it. "Remember to bring pants when you come get me. Otherwise I’ll be kind and stay under the covers." -09:14 May 30
Tessa: "And here you said I could look whenever I wanted!" With that terrible, terrible joke, Tessa was laughing almost hysterically and escaping the room before she said anything else as stupid. This would be a long couple of weeks! -09:17 May 30
D: "Good to know you’ll want to." he said once she was gone rlling onto his back and pulling the covers over himself. Though is she stated tearing his pants off just to stare they were going to have to talk. -09:19 May 30
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 006: The Ex of Sex

[Tessa is at home being domestic. …Which basically means she’s trying to catch a spider with a broom so she can throw it out the window.] -06:50 May 18
[D is healing, slowly. ut at this rate it will be back to work in a week.] -06:51 May 18
Tessa: Tessa was on the floor trying to sweep it out from under the sofa. Because there was no way she could work, knowing there was a giant spider lurking around in the apartment. It needed to GO. "C’mon…! Get out of there!" -06:54 May 18
D: On top of the sofa D was doing nothing except tuning his guitar and trying to come up with new songs that were not about a girl wgo may or may not have a name beginign with T. "Its just a spider.. they eat other bugs. Leave it be." -06:56 May 18
Tessa: "And when they get bigger they eat people." Tessa poked at until it was on the bristles of her broom, and very slowly pulled it out from under the couch. Of course, when it jumped -off- and started skittering in her direction, she screamed and jumped up on the couch. But as it passed, she hopped back on the floor again to chase after it. "Damnit! Stay still!" -07:00 May 18
D: "Would make a good pet then. Something to keep people away. If they actually got that big on a diet of bugs. You should have stayed with me on the coutch." -07:02 May 18
Tessa: She did pause, considering the wisdom of staying on the sofa… but hiding wasn’t going to get it -out-. "I’m not keeping pet spiders. It’s like those people with big tigers or panthers! Eventually someone gets pounced and eaten." HA! With a quick swat and a sweep, she had the spider flying across the room towards the window. She chased after it again to shoo it out before it found somewhere else to hide. -07:07 May 18
D: "So you don’t like people who keep panthers?" he asked. "What about cats then? They’re hunters. Or dogs? They can kill a man. OR what about people who keep guns, or wands, they’re weapons." he put down his guitar and watched her. "It wasn’t bothering anyone until you got the broom. ANd besides. I like pnathers, they’re sleek, and black, and fluffy… Have you ever slept next to something warm that didn’t want to have sex with you? Its a nice feeling." -07:10 May 18
Tessa: "I love panthers, I’m just saying if you don’t want to get eaten, you don’t keep a pet that eats you!" SLAM! Tessa had the spider out the window safe and sound for everyone. Battle won! Then she was turning back to him, actually taking his last question in to consideration. "I don’t think I have… I’ve never had money for a pet. Or the time for that matter." -07:15 May 18
D: He raised an eyebrow as he leaned back "So when you were in your bed and I was on top of the covers under the spare blanket you think I was wanting to have sex with you. Interesting." he picked up his guitar again "I’ll have to rememebr that." -07:17 May 18
Tessa: "Tch…" Tessa forgot about that. She was so used to him being here now and invading her space, she hadn’t thought about him sleeping in her bed. "That’s not what I meant at all!" Red-faced, she stomped off with her broom to finish her chores. "…and you’re not a pet! You’re a couch ornament!" Tessa stuck her tongue out at him, even though she was out of sight. -07:23 May 18
D: He laughed when the stomped off and laughed harder when she called him a couch ornament. "I never said I was anything. I just said I was on your bed and according to you plotting to wake you up in the with with a sofy work and a hard prick. But you’re not some cheep fuck Tessa. If I were to have sex with you I’d ask you first in a way other that ‘could you roll over to I could stick my dick in your cunt." he shook his head and reached down for the beer next to the couch. "No boss, there would have to be a moment between us and maybe a spark first. -07:30 May 18
Tessa: "Oh my god, you are such a-!" Tessa was about to go chasing HIM out the window with her broom, for irking her so bad. But there was a knock at her door. She set her broom aside and glared at D on the couch as she passed. When she swung the door open, she was a little surprised. "Oh." She cast a quick glance over her shoulder before stepping out in to the hall and closing the door a fraction behind her. "I’m really busy today…" -07:36 May 18

“I’ve heard that before.” Smiling wide with perfect teeth, was a very tall individual who probably spent just as much time on his hair as he did working out at a gym. He was also, not shy about grabbing her head and planting a kiss on her. “Did you miss me? Thought I’d pay a visit to your room while in town…” -Tessa

Tessa: Gaaah! Tessa flailed a bit before weaseling her way out of his hands. "I can’t! And no I didn’t." She was scowling. He picked some pretty rotton timing showing up now, when there was already D to deal with. "I’m serious, I don’t have time for you and I told you were kicked out and to not come back again!" -07:42 May 18

“I’ve heard that before too.” he laughed, grinning back at her before laying a hand on her shoulder and pushing her backwards in to the apartment. “I just need fifteen minutes. You can do that for me, can’t you, Tessa?” Inside, that is when he noticed she had company. “Oh-ho company. Ten minutes then.” -Tessa

D: "Hello Spiffy." D called from the couch putting down his guitar again and standing. "You’re all dressed up to be calling on the girl on her appartment. "I’ll get the broom." -07:47 May 18
Tessa: This was getting awkward fast. Tessa could a handle a problem with work without an issue. This was just… a little complicated! "He’s my client and roommate, sooooo as you can see now isn’t a great time for you to be showing up uninvited AGAIN." -07:51 May 18

“Makin’ them pay now? Smart move. You’ll still give your favorite boyfriend a little for free, though, right?” He didn’t bother hiding his smirking at all, nor did he care there was someone else there. He merely turned Tessa around and was now pushing her forward towards the bedroom. “Hate to hijack her, man, but I’m on a schedule. You can get ‘er back in a minute.” -Tessa

D: D grabbed the broom and poked the man in the back of the head with the brissles getting the dust and spiderwebs all over him. "I yeard a no coming from her Lugnut. "And I also heard a get out. So do what the lady says and get out. Or are you too afraid to rely on your charm to get a a moman at the bar down the street. Wait.. I’ve seen what you call charm. You’re right you wouldn’t stand a chance. So Charmer, to buy a porno and spend soem alone time with Rosie Palm." -07:58 May 18

“Huh.” He pushed Tessa to the side, holding up a finger for her to wait there a moment. Then he was brushing his hand through his hair to pull out webbing as he turned around. He didn’t look angry, though. Just really inconveniance. “That’s her game, man. Saying no. But she always gives in and she likes it that way. You know too, doncha. Now how ’bout you just give me a few minutes with my girl and go pluck away at your toy to give us some mood music.” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa felt a lot like a deer caught in between the headlights of two bigass trucks. At least with her ex, she knew she give up a few minutes and then he would -leave-. It’s not what she wanted to do, but it worked. …but D was kind of getting involved in what was going to be a not-so-great way! "Um…!" …and her grand speech of tension breaking died before even getting out of her mouth. -08:08 May 18
D: "Shes never said no to me Touchy. Maybe its my toy.. maybe its that I treat her like a person and not like a backup girl for when all the others see what a useless prick I am. I’ve shared her bed, I’ve stayed here for over anonth and never once has she told me no. Its not her game but if thats what you need to tell yourself to get it up then you must have a very small heart to lack the blood pressure… Shrimp. Now do as Tessa says and get out or your hair that you love more than you will any girl won’t be the only thing I mess up today." -08:09 May 18

“Dude, I’m being real patient here, but you’re pissin’ me off!” He didn’t give two shits about fighting over Tessa, but apparently insulting him was going too far. In an instant he was snatching at that broom and swinging a punch! -Tessa

D: D ducked neatly, grabbed the man’s shirt and threw him to the floor getting him away from Tessa, then while he was down D’s boot bashed into his face breaking his nose. "Careful who you mess with Spiffy. You have no idea who I am or what I can do." -08:14 May 18

The guy was surprised to hit the floor, and more surprised to have his nose cracked! He was eyeballing the blood as he got up, frowning as he did. It seem all that muscle wasn’t just for show too, because he leapt to tackle him and dropped them both to the floor, trying to get an arm around his neck! -Tessa

[Tessa enters.] -08:18 May 18
Tessa: "Wait, wait…! Oh hell…" Tessa almost moved to jump in the middle of that, but then there was blood! Cringing, she covered her eyes with her hands. It was definitely the first time she had ever stumbled in to this sort of situation, and she had no idea if she should grab something to throw at them or just wait it out. "Can you please stop..! I can make time if I have to!" -08:21 May 18
D: "UUUrk…" the boy had some fight. D had to give him that but all that nuscle made him slow and in D’s line of work men who fought fair died fast. A hand gradding Spiffy’s arm just enough he legt him breathe the elbow of his other arm smashed into the man’s crotch, then did so again. Then D was twisting out of his grip, getting up onto his knees and grabbign the fuck’s perfect hair and lifting his head from the floor to smash it back down, once, twice.. five times in all. Thats whan he felt it his shoulder tearing, not open but FUCK did it hurt. Winding in pain he pressed his knee into the man’s throat. "Now.. say you’re sorry." -08:23 May 18

The guy had his bloody senses knocked out of him and was gasping for breath with a knee to his throat, but he was still cocky as hell. “F-fuck no…” He even look offended that an apology was even suggested at all. “It’s fuckin… Tessa… not worth it..” Sure as hell wasn’t worth all THIS. He liked Tessa cause she was easy! -Tessa

Tessa: "Hey…" That kind of hurt her feelings… not that she was surprised at all. He was an exboyfriend for a reason. Still, it stung. And now she wasn’t feeling so bad about D roughing him up… "I don’t want him here anymore." she mumbled. -08:28 May 18
D: "Shes worth more than you you oiled up sack of piss." D growled pressing his knee down "You will go down the street.." he reached over to his guitar, slowly. "You will buy a magazine." from the bodywork he slid an ivory-handled knife and gripping it moved to press the blade against he man’s crotch. "And you will thank your lucky start you can still sing soprano." He grabbed the man’s leg and arms and heave him up and chucked him bodily out the door. JESES FUCK THAT HURT. "My minds changing Spiffy. Make it fast." -08:32 May 18

The guy went crashing in to the hall and when he got up, the only hesitation there was, was him flipping his middle finger at them both. He didn’t even have some witty comeback to throw at them before he was spitting on the floor and stomping off. -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa moved to close the door and locked it. Now the room was silent, aside from D’s heavy breathing and it was… so awkward! The entire thing left her feeling a little sour. She turned to glance over her shoulder at D. "Are you okay…? You really didn’t have to do all that. It’s always so much easier to deal with him so he leaves." she paused for a moment. "But I’m glad you did…" -08:38 May 18
D: He leaned down to slide the knife back into it’s hiding place. "You’re better than that." he said "Desurve batter than that." he put his hand in his pocket to hide the fact he couldn’t close it. "And thats why you should have a pet panther.. or guitarist. Its not like I pay rent or anything, have to do something useful."" -08:41 May 18
Tessa: She really should have noticed the knife, but she was more taken back by the fact he just kicked some guy’s ass for her. No one had ever fought FOR her, let alone ever said she deserved better. "You didn’t tell me if you were okay or not. I know he hits pretty hard." Tessa pushed away from the door to poke at him herself. She had spotted blood before, but she wasn’t sure if that was the ex’s or D’s. -08:46 May 18
D: "I can take a punch." he said "How many times have you seen me bruised and bleeding. Its nothing new. But I could use a clearer head. Want to take a walk? I always like to take a walk after a fight." -08:48 May 18
[(Timeout) Tessa has timed out.] -08:51 May 18
Tessa: "You shouldn’t fight so much!" Tessa eyed him a moment. Did he cringe when she poked at him..? Probably not. She really had seen him plenty banged up before. Tessa moved away to go grab her coat. "Okay! A walk would be kinda awesome. I feel all … weird a creepy crawlie now after spiders and exboyfriends. And you could use a nice break. I’ll even talk about something other than work!" -08:51 May 18
D: "You talk about things other than work?" he asked taking care not to lean agaist anything. "Though seriously I don’t want you hanging around guys who only want you for one thing. And get a panther." -08:54 May 18
Tessa: "I don’t have time to hang around -anybody- anymore… And what is with you and felines?! First cats and now panthers!" And that spell of awkwardness was broken, just by D being weird as usual. Tessa was much, much more comfortable with that. She was the one opening the door, cautiously peering out in to the hall to make sure her ex wasn’t lurking out there before leading the way. "I can talk about -plenty- of things besides work. Like…. uhm. …" Crap, she had other interests, didn’t she? Tessa was trying to remember what they were. -08:57 May 18
D: "Like… music?" he sugested "Or previous jobs… You must like music to get into this job. So whose your favorite artist?" he has kind of hoping for a specific answer bit it was a long shot. And he had just beaten up her ex he didn’t really need more of an ego boost than that. -09:00 May 18
Tessa: "My favorite…." Oh nooo. If he found out she was a secret fan, he might pester her about it forever. But she was hard-pressed to think of someone else! Tessa stuffed her hands in her pockets, and decided to just say it. She WAS his manager, why couldn’t she be a fan too? "I like your music. Which is why I fought for my job so hard. I’ve had a loooot of jobs, and it’s really the only one I’ve ever cared about. Like when I worked as a temp at a law firm! That was kind of scary." There, totally moved on the conversation without sounding weird! -09:04 May 18
D: "ANd why you were so insistant to sign me up." he said bringing the subject back to him, then letting it move on. "The park, take a right." he said as they hit the street. "I’ve never liked lawyers and I’ve net a few. They always act like they give a toss when they’re just looking for the technicality to get you off." His lawyer was very good at that which was why D hired him. "It becoems more about the letter of the law that the intent. Thats why I dropped out of law and started playing. A tune is about feeling, not about how its written." -09:08 May 18
Tessa: "I used to sing." she confessed, turning when instructed. There was a slight shrug of her shoulders. "I did that first before my bazillion of jobs, but that didn’t work out…" Tessa turned to spy at him again. "So I guess I’m lucky I didn’t let you read the contract before you signed it, huh!" She cast him a cheeky grin. -09:11 May 18
D: "You’re my favorite boss." he said fatter of factly. "You wouldn’t screw me over or put me where I didn’t want to be. Not if you wanted me to keep living on your couch. You’re also my favorite room mate, and now my favorite ex law intern. Sometimes you just have to sign on trust." -09:16 May 18
[Tessa enters.] -09:19 May 18
[Tessa enters.] -09:24 May 18
Tessa: Tessa smiled wide long before she realized she was doing it. When she did, she quickly masked her expression back to something more professional and less infatuated. She was obviously riding that just-been-rescued-from-ex high and was way too easily swayed by unexpectedly sweet comments. "I definitely won’t screw you over. I’ll make sure to take care of you!" -09:27 May 18
D: He ducked into the park with her and continued down the path. "You a;ready to, and I return the favor. I guess thats why we work. Until I end up getting blood on yout floor. I’ll clean that up by the way I’m used to cleaning up bl… used to cleanign up. But I meant what I said, you desurve to be respected, and not be some cheep fuck." -09:31 May 18
Tessa: He was making it really hard for her to stay proffesional. And worse, he hit a button, so instead of the simple thank you that would have been perfectly acceptable, Tessa was stopping, jumping, and throwing her arms around his neck to hig him. "Thank you…! You have no idea how nice it is to have someone say THAT instead of the limitless amount of crap I always get!" -09:35 May 18
D: It hurt so much he was seeing spots but still her put and arm around her "You don’t.. desurve crap.. and.. Fuck." he could feel the wetness od blood on his shoulder, the wound had opened itself up again. "I need Dr. Hearth…" -09:37 May 18
Tessa: "What?" Tessa pulled back, catching that feeling of something wet through his clothes. For a moment she looked mortified, then she was just mad. "You ass..! You could have told me you were hurt!" Without thinking she swatted that same shoulder, and then it was a million apologizes and a lot of cringing! "I’m sorry, I’m sorry…! To the doctor, come on!" -09:41 May 18
[(Timeout) Tessa has timed out.] -09:43 May 18
D: He winced and then put his hand on HER shoulder "Its not my leg, I can walk." but he was still leaning on her as they moved where they could get a cab to the office. There were closer Doctors but not ones he trusted. This was not just a scratch. -09:43 May 18
Tessa: Tessa flagged down a cab and ushered him inside. The sight of blood kinda made HER a little woozy, but this was one of those cases she’d get over it. "You could have just -told- me you were hurting! How hard is that?! "Hey Tessa, I hurt my shoulder kicking someone’s ass for you, please don’t jump on me.’ That’s not hard!" -09:48 May 18
D: He looked at her "Because I really really like pain?" he asked "I didn’t know you’d jump on me, you usually just poke me and tell me to get off your couch. Why did you jump on me?" -09:50 May 18
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -09:54 May 18
Tessa: "Why do you sound like you’re rambling and going to die any minute?!" Okay, she might have been over reacting a bit, he tended to talk like that all the time. Tessa turned in her seat and rest her hand on her arm while trying to check his back. -09:54 May 18
D: "Alright don’t an… OW. HERE." he grabbed his shirt and pulled it off "Make sure no blood gets ont he seat and I’ll owe you one." he said. Last thing he needed was an angry cabbie. -09:56 May 18
Tessa: No blood on the seat. Right. Tessa was cringing again, snatching his shirt from him to press against the wound. At the moment, she didn’t care what the cabbie was thinking! Tessa squeezed her eyes shut. "I hugged you because I wanted to, but obviously that was a really bad idea!" -10:00 May 18
D: "Never a bad idea to do what you feel is right." he saidthough half clenched teeth as he applies pressure and he started seeing spets again. "Back pochet of my jeans… pay the man to go faster." -10:02 May 18
Tessa: Tessa HAD to open her eyes, because the first time she went reaching it wasn’t down his backside pocket. She had the weird combination of flushing from embarrassment while being palely sick from seeing blood, and a scowl to match it. Tessa fussed with trying to reach in to his back pocket, and the wad of cash she pulled out was a hell of a lot more than just the few bucks she was expecting. "How much IS this?" -10:06 May 18
D: "Enough…" so what if she might had just almost put her hands down his pants. "Pay the man fifty bucks and… This hurts you know." In truth is was about two grand and he had more in his boot. Its was a god thing they would be there soon. -10:08 May 18
Tessa: Fifty bucks was given to the cabbie, and the rest was stashed in her bra just so she could have her hands free again to make sure he wasn’t bleeding to death. "I’m sorry, I really am, really, really sorry… You shouldn’t have scuffled with that asshole, now you’re going to die and it’s all my fault!" -10:11 May 18
D: "I’m not going to die.. I’l just going to have a cast or something for a couple or weeks." he said "You’ll get your wish this time and… I won’t be able to practice." he would also have to call the label and tell him. No more jobs for a while. -10:15 May 18
Tessa: "You should have not moved any in the first place! I’m really sorry…" Tessa couldn’t quit apologizing, but luckily the cab stopped at the doctor’s office, and Tessa was helping to usher him out of of the cab. She wasn’t sure who was more wobbly on their feet. Her or him, and she was using a lot of focus not to think about blood and just make sure he was supported on their way in to the door. "If you die, it’s a total breach of contract… just remember!" -10:19 May 18
D: He looked at her, then grabbed the back of her neck and and pulled her into a kiss. A short, sharp shut up. "You have my money so I’ll give you that. Now I’m not going to die." he stepped into the office. "Dortor… it opened up again.. think you can give me a quick patch?" he said trying to sound calm while feeling woozy. "And somethign for the pain." -10:23 May 18

Doctor Hearth had a quirked eyebrow, staring at D who looked like he had just rolled out of another interesting adventure and his new lady friend, who looked pale as a ghost and like she had seen one too. “You, sit.” she pointed Tessa over to a chair. Then directed D up on to her examination table. “I am very interested to hear what happened this time. It was healing so well.” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was effectively shut up. And obediently dropped in to the chair. She was still too stunned to offer up an explanation, touching her mouth and looking incredibly confused. -10:27 May 18
D: "Hugging is more dangerous that it appears. LEarn from my example. Do not hug people." he said putting his butt on the table. "And I should tell you peonding your boss’s ex’s head into the floor doesn’t help either.. the spots are back.." -10:30 May 18

The first thing the Doctor did was clean him up. He needed to be assessed before she started dishing out medication. “Tut tut… Doesn’t sound like your usual job, dear. Hold still a moment.” Breaking away over to her cabinets, she pulled out a bottle then handed it to him along with a small paper cup of water. Afterwards, she was pulling out some needle and thread. “You’re going to need new stiches, and I reccomend a sling. No movement, no working. It isn’t as bad as it looks, but if you rip it open again it isn’t going to heal.” Doctor Hearth tilted her head towards Tessa. “Does SHE need medical attention or have you told her about your day job?” -Tessa

Tessa: That caught her attention at least enough to draw her out of her momentary confusement. "…his day job?" -10:36 May 18
D: "None of my jobs happen during the day." he said brinking deep "Easy with the needle…. besides I’ve bone nothing but ly on her couch for the past couple of weeks and won’r be ABLE to do anythign else with a sling. Not the kind of thing a person with a job can afford." -10:41 May 18

That needling was quick and precise. After all, he had his painkillers now and he’d suffered worse. “I am sure your [i]manager[/i] can take care of things while you are unfit to work. Do not use this arm, period, for at least two weeks. You can come to get the stitches removed then. Afterwards, sparingly. No fights, no [i]working[/i]. I would relax for the rest of this month if you want to heal properly.” -Tessa

Tessa: There was a wad of money stuffed in her bra, Tessa was sure she could make that last way longer than a month. "Hmm… I can make a budget work… And if I have to, I’ll duct tape you to the couch. I don’t even know what you were thinking, beating a guy up when you’re not even supposed to be using your arm. Why did I even let you?! I’m not making that mistake again!" -10:47 May 18
D: "You will if he comes again." D insisted. "Or maybe I’ll just stab him." he looked at her. "Or do I have to say it a thiird time. Because I’l not saying it the thirt time. And thanks Doctor. I’ll make payment as soon as the world isn’t… those are some good painkillers you don’t sell them over the counter do you?" -10:50 May 18

The Doctor gave an enigmatic smile. “Take the bottle. But it does cost extra.” The stitches were tied up, a bandage placed over it. Then she was provided a sling. “Put a fresh bandage on after every shower, or once a day. You’re free to go.” -Tessa

Tessa: "You’re not getting arrested for stabbing my ex…" Tessa muttered. Cause that would be what happened to him. He was lucky the cops weren’t called before. Tessa stood, now much more solid on her feet without blood everywhere. "…and I meant I’m not letting you mess your shoulder up again." -10:58 May 18
D: He smiled and stood. "LEt me know how much when I’m not high in these." he said looking at the bottle. "You know how to reach me.. Now.." he looked as Tessa. I’ve never been arrested before.. but lets go home before I am." -11:00 May 18

One Life Stand

One Life Stand 005: D’s Distractions

Tessa: There was a whole different sort of dynamic going on in Tessa’s apartment after getting fired. She was really, really excited about starting her own business. And it was amazing how much she already knew and how easy it was to step in to the role of BIG boss. …of course bossing D around was impossible. She was supposed to be sleeping on the couch so he could have the bed until his arm healed, but she kept ending up in bed and not knowing how she got there. No amount of fussing seemed to make a difference. Now, though she was with him to get his stitches out and she was hoping the doctor would back her up in telling D to stop being an asshole and using his arm so much. -08:11 May 17
D: He was amazed they hadn’t ended up arguing like a married couple numerous times and he though it was probably because she was still on a high from her new business. Her band had even done their forst gig and while she hadn’t made a protit yet he had been keeping her money stashed well stocked hopefully without her knowing. Now at the doctor’s office he knocked on the door. It wasn’t in a clinic or hospital but a private PG… one who from his office did very well for himself. "If it were up to you my arm would be in a sling wouldn’t it?" he asked as she glared at his for knocking with his injusred arm. "Its basically healed now anyway." he had still been practicing… its not like he could stop but to a little think liek injury. The door opened the he was waved inside. "You’ll see its nothing but a scratch." -08:17 May 17
Tessa: "It’s a big gash that needed stitches! I’m surprised they haven’t all popped out." Doctor’s offices, bleh… the were always so cold and… creepy. Had she not needed to make sure he was well looked after, she wouldn’t have come at all. The only thing scarier than Doctors were Incubus, and she was all kinds of boned if it was an Incubus Doctor. "Anyway, I don’t care if it’s mostly healed now. I might’ve gone faster if you weren’t always using it…" -08:21 May 17

“That will be a tall order. He never stops working.” The doctor was a smiling older woman in her sixties, with her hair tightly coiled. She gestured to the examination table. “What do we have today, a knifing or a gun shot? Or something more interesting? I do like the interesting stories.” -Tessa

D: He sat on the table. "Funny…. I was in bar fight and was gushed into some glass…. this is my MUSIC manager Tessa." he said "My stitches are mean to come out and replaced iff needed today." -08:38 May 17
Tessa: "What sort of interesting stories?" She wouldn’t have thought what the doctor said was too weird, if D hadn’t put such emphasis on a few choice words. Now she was crossing her arms and squinting at him. "He does show up beat to hell all the time. Why are you always starting fights, anyway? You need to stop drinking!" -08:40 May 17

The Doctor motioned for him to take his shirt off, as she pulled on a pair of gloves and looked between the two. After a moment she just started laughing. “Pardon me, a rockstar’s adventures have always entertained me. Where these injuries come from are always a tale to behold.” -Tessa

D: He took off his shirt and waited "I’m no star… yet. Maybe one day thats to my new nanager but I don’t have a band at the moment. So odd jobs.." he didn’t look at the doctor or Tessa, he would prefer they weren’t in the same room. -08:47 May 17
Tessa: The doctor did it too, and now he was eyeing the floor all weird like. Tessa rest her hands on her hips and frowned. She didn’t like that feeling that she was missing something. "…What ARE your odd jobs? You never mentioned them, and you never really explained what you were doing in Canada before your whole barfight fiasco too…" -08:49 May 17

Checking over his stitches with gentle hands, the Doctor had to stiffle a laugh this time. She made herself busy with pulling out a small pair of surgical scissors and pulling loose his old stiches. “Do tell. I am curious to know as well. I don’t suppose you have shown her your other scars, dear?” -Tessa

D: The doctor was enjoying herself too much. "I …" he had no explination "That is something I’d only tell my gandma or my file of people … OW." The doctor really WAS having fun "So unless we start dating I don’t have to tell you anything desides when I can’t play." -08:57 May 17
Tessa: "Actually, you are contractually obligated to tell me where you are at all times if I happen to ask. But I guess that doesn’t count for everything prior." Tessa cast a big wide and wicked grin. She wrote that in to his contract on purpose, and it was his own fault for not reading it before he signed it. "I won’t abuse it, though, unless you’re ever late again. How IS his arm now, Lady Doctor?" -09:03 May 17

“Hrrm. Got yourself a handful, dear.” The Doctor chuckled, pulling out the last bit of stitches. After a bit of prodding, she put on a quick dab of liquid stitches. “I’d say avoid any more fights for another week, but it’s healed up well. There shouldn’t be any more problems and you can come see me should you get it reopened, hmm?” -Tessa

D: "Like I’d trust another doctor…." not came another awkwards part. She didn’t come cheepbecause she didn’t talk and she was damn good but Tessa was in the room.. but there was no way arounf that. "Now much do I owe my guardian angel this time?" -09:09 May 17

“Dear, you know I never announce the bill in front of non-patients.” The Doctor was very good at putting on an innocent air. She moved away over to a cabinent, writing down some information on a pad. When she returned, she handed him the slip of paper. “You know where to send your payment. Take care of your nice new boss, dear. I’m sure this one will treat you better than the other.” -Tessa

Tessa: "You guys are weird." That was pretty much her answer to anything she knew wasn’t quite right, but she couldn’t figure out yet. She sure didn’t have these sorts of conversations with HER doctor. -09:15 May 17
D: "You always were a star. I’ll send you the money before I get home don’t worry." he said hopping off the table and putting the note, unread, into his pocket. "Alright Boss Tessa, where too next?" -09:17 May 17
Tessa: They left the doctor’s office none too soon. On the brightside, it was really hard to find such a nice old lady creepy. She was just weird. Tessa was eying him out of the corner of her eye as they walked down the sidewalk. "Errands mostly. I need more paper and stationary, and something new to hide my money in. I keep finding it in weird places that I dun remember putting it…" -09:22 May 17
D: He looked at her. ""Your appartment could also use something nice.. Theres a free market across the street.." he reached into his back pocket and slipped out a hundred bucks. "Go and get yourself somethign as an late.. or early birthday presant. But somehtign that looks liek I bought it, I’ll go and pay my medical bills." -09:25 May 17
Tessa: "This looks like a shuddup and go buy something bribe." she frowned at him. …but it was working. She needed to run her errands anyway, and it wasn’t as if she couldn’t just ask him later. "Okaaaaay." She hopped off the sidewalk to cross the street, and nearly tripped when she turned around to point at him. "But I’ll be back to ask plenty of questions later! I know where you’re living!" -09:29 May 17
D: "I would hope so otherwise you might need glasses." he called back… then he was thinking about her cute business outfit and mentally adding glasses "Get glasses!" he turned and headed for the drop pulling out nad note and reading the number. "That old cougar still knows how to charge…" -09:32 May 17
Tessa: Glasses? She didn’t need glasses… well. Some sunglasses might be nice. The sun was always so bright this time of year. Tessa bought her necessities first. Paper, pens, ink, things she needed for work. Then she was browsing the market… What sort of things WOULD he get for her? Besides a nice coat? Tessa found a pair of sunglass, and a colorful scarf. She liked scarves! Then just from amusement, she wandered in to a baubles stall. A hookah would be fun if she smoked… Oh! There were some old lamps turned in to teapots. Those were really cute! -09:40 May 17
D: The money was put in an envelop and dropped into a P.O. box like all the payments she didn’t want appearing in her tax form and more to the point her patients didn’t want the police to trace. Then he was done and buying a couple of bot bagels and takeaway iced coffees for them to have while they walked. Then it was back to meet Tessa and see what she got with her shut up money. -09:43 May 17
Tessa: Tessa was pleased with her new toy. Especially since the man at the stall had this big whole exotic story for the teapot lamps. She loved vintage things, but she loved them even more when they had stories. So when she found him, wearing her new sunglasses and a scarf, and skipping up swinging a bag in her hand, she had been successfully distracted from questions. "I found some reeaaaally neat things! I don’t ever get to go shopping for stuff for the hell out it, that was kinda fun." -09:47 May 17
D: "I’ll go with you next time." he said tiltinf his head to see her glasses and scalf. "Your band is practicing tomorow right? I’d like to sit in on it." Why did he say he’d to with? "ANyway my chores are done and I got you…" he opened his packet and pulled out a steamign bagel and iced coffee. "Eat while we walk?" a better use of her mouth than questions! -09:49 May 17
Tessa: "Coffee…!" Iced coffee, even better! Tessa was definitely fine with eating and walking, pushing her sunglasses on top of her head so she could eye him better. "Do you really want to? Going to test drive them and see if you want to play with them again? Since you arm is better, I’d allow it." -09:52 May 17
D: "I told you I used to play with them, they’re friends. Would be nice to meet u and jam with them but I wouldn’t want to force bill out of his lead. Mans like a brother to me… A brother I havn’t seen in a long time but a brother." -09:55 May 17
Tessa: "Coming to see old friends, that’s good too. But still, we should start looking for a band for you, unless you want to go solo. Which, isn’t too hard! I’d just need hmm… temp band or some good speakers.." Tessa popped a piece of the bagel in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. "If I practiced again I could play piano, but that wouldn’t be too useful for a concert, or very good… Do you know anyone that can play from your other jobs?" She snuck that one in there. He could be sneaky, so could she! -09:59 May 17
D: "How do you think I met the last band? Nope mever playign with people I meet that way again." he said pressing the stray between his lips thoughfully. "I’ll look around see who I can dig upin the meantime how much do you have left?" -10:01 May 17
Tessa: That wasn’t as informative as she hoped it would’ve been. Oh well! "Um, lemme see…" Tessa handed him her drink and her bags to go digging around in her pockets and coat to all the random places she stashed her money. Crumbled bills and loose change, all of it, but it was also quite a bit! She might’ve been disorganized, she knew how to hold on to it. "Lots! Did you need it back?" -10:04 May 17
D: "No, just wondering if you need more." he said as they neared her appartment. "But at least you can stop threatening to sleep on the couch and having to help with the cooking.. yup things can go back to normal." if normal was living but not sleeping together, a nusition adn his manager who didn’t know he was also an assassing sleeping at her place in case his coworkers burst through the door to murder her. NORMAL! -10:08 May 17
Tessa: "Cooking is a pain, you can definitely keep doing that yourself." Tessa wasn’t so sure how her ‘normal’ became sharing her apartment with her now client/employee, but she supposed it wasn’t too bad. She had worse roomates for sure, and none were ever as… helpful! "In fact, if you make me something awesome for dessert, I miiight even unban you from the couch!" Tessa cackled and skipped forward after snatching her things back from him. For dessert he could sleep anywhere he wanted! -10:12 May 17
D: Of course she had to splring this on his when they were back and he didn’t have time to but ingredients. He ran though a list of what they had and arived on cheesecake. Or a coffee cake.. Both! He shut the door behind him and went strait to the kitchen to begin baking. "And what if I prefer your bed?" -10:19 May 17
Tessa: "Then it better be a reeaaaaaally good dessert!" she stuck her tongue out at him as she teased. Tessa doubted he’d make something that grand, and if he did, she really didn’t think he’d steal her bed from her. "You’ll get your pick of the whole apartment, though, iiiif it’s bedazzling." Tessa dropped in to her chair at her desk, kicked off her shoes and was back to working on some new things now that she had paper. -10:24 May 17
D: First was the cheesecake all mixed up and put it he fridge the crust made of pressed buiscuit, then he was heating the oven for the coffee cake. "The whole appartment? Well you do love that desk…." he grinned wickedly. Though wherever you are will do.." he was mixing bu hand and tasting the batter as before he greased up a baking pan. "Seriously though the coutch is fine, if a bit cold sometimes." -10:29 May 17
Tessa: Tessa wished she had something to pull over her head, or else had some sort of protective shield against the way he slipped those little comments and compliments in. Instead, she had to turn her chair to face the wall instead of the kitchen. Thankfully he never seemed to notice when he had her flushing. "At least -try- to think about my work before you go messing up my desk! I can sleep on the couch if you pick the bed, it’s not a big deal. A reward for a dessert challenge, is well worth it."" -10:34 May 17
D: He shook his head "You knowsometimes I think you miss my inuendo on purpose." he walled to her before closing the over door and setting a timer then sitting on the counter. "Fifteen minutes." -10:37 May 17
Tessa: He had noooo idea. No idea. Tessa was so glad. It took her a minute before she had that whole tornado thought bubble under control and could actually turn her chair around to look at him. She finally remembered she hadn’t taken off her coat too, and went ahead pulling it off. "I don’t know what you’re talking about. Besides you being shameless and weird." -10:40 May 17
D: "I meant you bent over the de… never mind. It doesn’t matter. We’re staying together and whings shouldn’t get weird." his turn to turn around and look at the over, then check the timer. Maybe he was just.. no not even going there. It was a good thing he had stopped riding the rodies since he moved in here. -10:44 May 17
Tessa: …now she got the picture! That was way worse than what she was imagining! Or better. No! Worse! Wooorse. Tessa suddenly found interest in work again, pulling up a big wad of paperwork to scan over as she slid down in her chair. It was a miracle she could even talk normal. "You’re already weird!" …well, a little high pitched, but normal enough. "And what are you making for dessert…?" Better. -10:51 May 17
D: He had his arms crossed facing away from her "Take a beep breath though your nose and tell me." he said not turnign around. "It will be done soon." he kept his eyes on the timer. "And you’d be suprised how many people are like this away from work and home and out there on the social scene where I spent most of my time before signing up with the label… for music." -10:56 May 17
Tessa: "Oh, I know plenty of people like that… I have a few exboyfriends." Okay, -that- was a good thing to think about to keep from blushing like a dummy. Exboyfriends were a pain. Tessa was able to sit proper again, and took a deep breath. Tilting her head trying to decipher the scent. "Smells like cake… Ooo, do I get to do the secret blind folded taste testing guess?" -11:01 May 17
D: He turned "Well you have the sarf, take a seat and brindfold yourself." he said as the timer went off and he turned it off opening the over and taking out the cake and coverign it then waitign for her to comply before opening the fridge and taking out the cheese , a plate and a fork, then cutting her a slice of the cheesecake. "Smell that.." he said wafting the coffee cake under her nose then he took a forful od cheesecake and openeing her mouth pushed it inside. "What is it?" -11:05 May 17
Tessa: Tessa made sure she had her scarf tied and waited patiently, kicking her feet until he was waving a plate under her nose and feeding her a bite. ….Tessa quickly decided that being blindfolded was a terrible idea when you wanted to stop thinking dirty things. ….but that dessert was so definitely worth it! "That’s not when you made me smell! Hmm… I know cheesecake when I taste it… gimmie!" -11:09 May 17
D: He put the plate down and stuck the fork onto the cheesecake before retreating with the rest of it and the coffee cake. He put the cheesecake into the fridge and the coffee cake down under a cloth to cool before walking calmly over to the coutch and lying down pulling his guitar into his lap and getting reaquainted. "And I know a that dessert is good enough when I hear it." -11:12 May 17
Tessa: "Hey…" Tessa pulled off the scarf, and almost pounced the plate. Casting a cool, far too interested look over in his direction. Rather glad he was over there and she wasn’t in his sightline. Tessa was taking another bite, and trying not to contentedly sigh where he could hear it. "Hmmoookay, you win. Tessa is bedazzled by dessert." Sooo goooood. If a person could make love to food and it not be super gross..! -11:17 May 17
D: "Glad a could do something to bedazzel you." he said missing the cord and sighing. "Just be glad that somorow I get to see what I can to with an amp and a band again." -11:19 May 17
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 004: Lost Job New Life

Tessa: Tessa was back stage pacing. AGAIN. Why did she even think this time would be any different. That letting him sleep on her couch and feed her and actually be really nice, meant that he would show up on time. …and now it was even worse. It was almost two hours in, the other members of the band were getting ready to bail and D was no where to be found. The owner had already told her that he’d never book another act from her, and she was -horrified- to even look at the messages on her phone. -03:56 May 17
D: He was being kept in Taronto.. that asshole. He just wanted and excuse to fire Tessa after she put everythign into the show. He had tried to make it happen… He looked at the phone in his hands. Her number was on the screen when he pressed dial. He waited for her to answer, then he wasited longer, then… "Boss.. Its D. I’m in hospital in Taronro, sprained wrist." it was a lie or course. "They’ll only release me tomorow." -04:00 May 17
Tessa: "That sprained wrist better be life threatening!" Tessa almost didn’t answer the phone, almost afraid it was the Label trying to hide on an unknown number. But no, it was D and with something she knew was an excuse! They didn’t keep people in hospitals over night for sprains, she had plenty of them to know. "We worked so hard to get this show moved so you could -be- here and now you’re not even going to show up late!" Tessa had a lot more unkind things to say, most of them involving curse words, but she was so frustrated and upset it was all getting jumbled in her head and wasn’t coming out. "Maybe I can get the deposits back. …is it really JUST a sprain?" It seemed despite how pissed off she was, she was still worried too… -04:05 May 17
D: There was a sharp hiss as he sighed. He had made sure he called from an actual hospital so there would be the sounds, the voices, the intercom. "No, I’ll be interviewed in the morning by the police, thats why they’re holding me. I would have called sooner but I amly just managed to boddow a phone… Look I’ll call the boss and tell him its my fault." -04:08 May 17
Tessa: "Don’t waste the time. I knew I should have went with you and put you on a leash." People didn’t get a second second chance. Not only did she fail at getting him to show up on time, she couldn’t get him to show up at -all-. "I think I am just going to take a bath with my toaster when I get home. Thank you for calling me, I guess… Don’t make the cops mad." Tessa hung up on him. She didn’t even have the heart to ask him why the cops wanted to speak with him or what he got himself in to. She needed to focus on sending everyone and everything home anyway. …and then the dreaded talk with the Label. -04:15 May 17
D: He tried calling her back but she didn’t answer, he didn’t expect her to, then he called his boss. Not Tessa but the Label, then man who gane him these extra jobs. "Its done. I hope you’re happy, I know I will be when I see that stack of bills. I’ll be back in town Tomorow." -04:18 May 17
Tessa: The owner was pissed, people in the place who paid for tickets were pissed, and the rest of the band took off before she even got to -talk- to them. Which left Tessa alone to pay people to take her equiptment back to storage. …and then when she was pulling on her coat, the phone rang again. This time with the Label’s number. She answered. "I’m sorry, he just didn’t show. But I’m if I-" she was cut off. "You’re done. That was your chance and he made his choice." Tessa couldn’t even argue it. She was left standing there and listening to the dial tone. This sucked. -04:26 May 17
D: It was the next day that he was back in town, but his customery smile was abscent, he put on the show of a job well done when he picked up his money. He let himself into her appanrtment, then hadn’t had her locks changed and he was getting used to them, then he locked the door behind him, twisted the top off of a bottle of amder liquid and took a gulp. He didn’t even know why he felt so shitty. He colapsed onto his sid and took another swip before putting the bottle down on the floor. Why was he even here? Oh right.. because she was in danger and it was his fault. -04:31 May 17
Tessa: Tessa wasn’t great with drinking, but that didn’t stop her from spending the night at a sleazy bar, lurking in a corner with a pot of coffee and being genuinely depressed. She just… didn’t want to go home and face the fact she was now jobless all over again! But by morning she was prodded to leave. So there she was, almost noon when she unlocked her door and stepped inside. Shutting the door silently, dropping her bag in a chair and kicking off her shoes. …and once again finding him on her sofa. "…Get off my couch! You are BANNED from this couch!" -04:35 May 17
D: He rolled from her couch and landed on the floor the empty bottle clattering away from him as he groaned in pain. "Fine I’m off." he said face down on the floor. Fuck he wouldn’t be able to protect her like this. "Keep your hair on." -04:38 May 17
Tessa: Tessa immediately jumped on the couch taking up as much space as she could so he couldn’t get back on it. She leaned to narrow her eyes at the bottle and him down on the floor. "I lost my JOB because of you! No, my LIFE! Do you have any idea how much I really, really loved that job?" Tessa snatched the pillow off the couch to thwap him with while he was defenseless on the floor. "I got to work with you and creating amazing shows and now it’s DONE! Over, gone, kaput! No one is ever going to hire me again because I can’t get one guy to show up…!" -04:42 May 17
D: He had been pushing himelf up when the pillow hit hi and he rolled onto his side, then back. "You’re not the only one who lost a job today Tessa." he saif covering his face with an arm in case she threw something else at him. "A job that they liked. Performing is one of three things I do well and its the one I enjoy the most so.. Fuck.." he rolled onto the side facing away from her and started pushing himself up again. -04:47 May 17
Tessa: "A musician is always a musician and can always play music! A band manager is shit out of luck without a band to manage!" Tessa finally tossed the pillow at him when he tried to get up again. And the blanket follow. …followed by some of the cushions off the sofa. Wearing herself out from that and a night of sleeplessness she plopped over face first on the couch and threw her arms over her head. "I have to look for a new job today… maybe I can find one fast enough." her voice was a muffled grumbling. -04:51 May 17
D: In the time he had spent with her he had learned her little hiding places for money and before she had arived had restocked them. "You still have that grand I gave you on friday? Keep it, it will last you a little while." he pulled the pullow inder his head in the floor and the blanket over himself. "I’m shit out of luck for a new place though. Find yourself a new band to manage, one unaffiliated with labels. I know a couple." -04:55 May 17
Tessa: "You’re still banned from my couch." she muttered. Tessa shifted enough to dig in to her coat pocket and then she threw her phone at him. There were more than a dozen texts back and forth. Most of which were her begging the Label to take her back, and all the things she’d do and all the very unpleasant responses. And the threat that if she didn’t stop texting, she was a dead woman. "I can’t… he’s all kinds of pissy at me and it’ll be career suicide for anyone that I represent… I can try dry cleaning again. I don’t think I set anything on fire there…" Tessa needed a newspaper, but she didn’t even want to roll off the sofa. "You can take your money back too. It’s not for a show, I can’t take it…" -05:01 May 17
D: "It is for a show." he said rubbing his shoulder where the phone had hit. "You will use a pseudonym, people do it all the time. He picked up her phone and punched in a number. "These guys are good but they can’t book for shit. I used to play with them a while back. Good people." -05:05 May 17
Tessa: "Kinda like a stage name…?" Tessa peeked over her arms and leaned to look down at him. She still looked a bit dubious about the idea. "I don’t have a lot to work with… the Label had resources and could give me funding. Um, hmm… but after that first hurdle, I bet I could start my own company…" Now the wheels were turning. Money was really the only big issue. …and having a band, of course. But otherwise, she knew how to do the job and get exposure! It could totally work! -05:10 May 17
D: "You have the equipment in your storage unti, and a grand. The fard part is the contacts and you have that. If you feel bad about taking my money we’ll call it investment capital and if you need more.. talk to me." he held the phone out to her the number on the screen. "It all starts with one call." -05:13 May 17
Tessa: Tessa debated. …finally she snatched the phone and hopped off the couch, nearly tripping over him in the process of dashing over to her desk. Exhausted or not, by the end of the day she would have a contract with a new band. She was already glancing around the apartment looking for inspiration for her official company label name as she let the phone ring. -05:17 May 17
D: With her finally off the couch he pulled himself onto it and pulled the blanket and pillow up with him. He was sore and bruised and not just from her phone, he really had been in hospital, but not for a sprain. But then his stomach rumbled and he sat up. "How does potroast sound?" -05:22 May 17
Tessa: "You’re still banned from my couch!" she grumbled, covering up the phone so no one heard her shouting at him. "…and I guess that is okay! I didn’t eat…" And why did she even feel guilty about that? He wasn’t the boss of her eating habits! Tessa waved a hand at him to leave her alone while she made appointments! -05:24 May 17
D: He stood and moved into the kitchen and ripped off his shirt throwing it over a shair. It smelled funky and he didn’t want to smell it while cooking. He frabbed a board and a knife and potatoes and dumped the last into the sink, if she was busy he wouldn’t bother her, besides he was hungry too. "You’d never eat if I wasn’t here…." he muttered. -05:28 May 17
Tessa: Tessa heard that. And she made a face at him, whether he caught it or not. ….it was probably true. She’d eaten better in the past week or so than she had in years. But she still wasn’t going to let him sleep on her couch! …and he wasn’t wearing a shirt… Somewhere in her phone conversation, she lost track of what she was doing and Tessa ended up dropping the thing and having to scramble to pick it back up and return to writing stuff down. -05:33 May 17
D: He washed the potatoes and chopped then up, puled out a pot and put it on the stove, put in oit and threw the popatoes in. They took the longest to cook so they wen in first, and he liked them crisp. He then went to rummage through her fridge and pull out more vegetables and a bit of beef that looked liek it should be eaten soon. So he could cook, mainly because of hsi grandma and because he was perticular about what he ate and he wasn’t shy about ripping his shirt off. He’d take off his pant if he had a reason to. "The band Tessa, make them an offer." He liked saying her name instead of calling her boss. -05:38 May 17
Tessa: "I know, I know!" Tessa twisted her chair so she couldn’t see him. …and so he couldn’t see her or catch her staring too. Why was SHE always the one with her face turning red? Tessa made an offer, a very good offer. …A fair one too! She’d be the best manager they ever had. And when she got a very happy yes, negtiation for a contract and a time to meet… It was a very happy Tessa hanging up the phone, bouncing and clapping in her chair while she turned on her computer to make up some really official looking contracts. "Calico! I’ll name the company Calico… Tessa Thorn of Calico Productions. …Oh wait, I need a fake name. Dammit!" That wasn’t going to sour her mood, though. She had a band! -05:46 May 17
D: "Foods up." he said putting a bolw nad fork on the table. "Theres more in the pot too so EAT." he sat on the counter and and started eating too. IT took practive not to let pot roast get too oily bit he had had a good teacher. "By your face the call went well?" he raised and eyebrow but keps eating. "Now you just need to get them booked." -05:52 May 17
Tessa: Food! …but contracts… But food! ….yet these contracts… Tessa was twisting her chair back and forth with the indescision. The faster she had the contracts drawn up, the sooner she could start looking for venues to book. …but dinner smelled so good! Tessa finally gave in to the smell, dropping in to a chair at the table and diving in like she hadn’t had a bite in days. ..chances were she really didn’t. "They were really excited about the idea! I could have the contracts signed by tomorrow night, but the hard part will be finding a place that isn’t going to kick me out on sight. Rebuilding my reputation is going to be a pain…. and this is soooo goood…" Even better with dipping buttered bread in it. Tessa decided choosing dinner over work wasn’t a mistake. -05:58 May 17
[D enters.] -06:18 May 17
D: He smiled as he watched her eat. He had a secret pride in his cooking that not one but he knew about and it was good to see someone else liked it as much as he did. "Pace yourself theres plenty, will pribably lake a pie with the leftovers if theres enough tomorow. Looks like its a morning shop but.." fatigue hit him and he put his empty plate down on the counter and slipped off. "I haven’t showered in three days, I’m showering." -06:22 May 17
[(Timeout) D was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -06:24 May 17
Tessa: "That’s my- …hmm." Well, if he really needed a shower, he could use it… But if he grabbed her favorite towel, she’d yell at him. Tessa was too busy eating to give him any hell about it, and when she was finished she took care of the dishes. The only reason she didn’t eat everything was the possibly of something else tasty later. And when he was out, she would find out what he went to the hospital for! -06:27 May 17
[Tessa enters.] -06:31 May 17
D: He turned on the water and sighed. There were buises all over his arms and a large one on his right shoulder… where the rifle’s kick has hit him. There was also a fresh line od stitched on his back which he was glad she hadn’t seen, yet. Taronto had gone south.. he almost sespected a setup. Pulling a fresh towel from the cupboard he walked out with only it and around his waist and his pants draped over his shoulder coveniently covering up the stitches. "So if I’m not allowed on the couch where an I going to sleep?" -06:32 May 17
Tessa: "I know you have a home. Gah! One with clothes in it!" Blast it, he was naked! There was a towel – but still! Tessa covered her eyes with her arms. "You’re covered in bruises, you know. What exactly did you do there?" -06:35 May 17
D: "Didn’t think the cops wanted to talk to me about shoplifting did you?" he grinned "There was a bar fight." the perfect cover, it even explained the stitches. "But I wasn’t charged with anything and here I am." he shook his head and sighed. "Look its simple… I can’t go back, not while I have reason to be here in the city. I never said how far out of town it was." -06:39 May 17
Tessa: "You get in a barfight on the day you’re supposed to come back…" Tessa wasn’t so sure she believed it. …or even -why- she didn’t believe. Maybe it was the way he paused and looked guilty when he said it. "Now that you’re jobless, there’s not a lot of reason to stay in town. Uuuunless you wanna sign under MY label?" Ha! She could snatch him up… and then have to deal with him always being late… "Wait, maybe that is not a good idea…" -06:45 May 17
D: "Its not.." he said. "Its not like I have a band anyway. I think I’m done with music, It wasn’t a realistic dream anyway. You’re right I’ll look for jobs out of town." He didn’t know which was worse him saying it or him realisticly thinking he’d walk away. "You’ll go far just… rememebr to eat." -06:49 May 17
Tessa: That startled her and without thinking about his bruises she swatted at him. "You can’t QUIT music! The only time you’re ever real is when you’re playing or singing!" Tessa swatted him again before stalking over to her desk. "I’ll make a contract and you’ll work. …I’m kinda going to be paying you with your own money at first, but if you -show up- to gigs we’ll actually get paid!" -06:53 May 17
D: He rubbed one of the bruises that she had struck and shot her a look. "I’m too recognisable to the label and I don’t have a band. All I’ll do is draw his attention to you, and besides I’m the kind who gets into barfights when he should be on stage. Or didn’t you notice. You don’t owe me anything, I got you fired after all." -06:58 May 17
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:03 May 17
Tessa: "And you also gave me a new opportunity to make up for it." Tessa plopped in her chair and typed on her computer real quick. "You know what, screw the Label and using a fake name! They want to fire us, that’s -their- loss and I bet I could do hella lot better without having to worry about getting killed every time I went in to work." -07:03 May 17
D: Getting killed every time she went to work, under her real name that could happen. "And if he blocks you… what then. You enjoy th…." he stoppen himself it almost sounded like he cared. "Well then, but you havn’t solved the first issue, or the fact that I still won’t turn up for gigs." -07:06 May 17
Tessa: Tessa had the contract printing out. "I’ll figure what to do. What’s the worst that can happen? I mean, even if he’s actually serious about sacrificing me to eldar gods, I can use that as publicity! Company wars?" With a paper printed out, she snatched it up and a pen. Holding it up and in his face. "Sign it. If you stay here I can make sure you’re on time, and if you’re NOT on time I’m going to do horrible, horrible things to you. I will hire someone to beat you up if I have to." -07:11 May 17
D: He looked dubious but as she had just pointed out he could stay here if he signed. "Fine but I’m not performing until I have a band I’m happy with. He took the contract and signed it with D Bodan "I’ll tell you if a date is bad…" -07:16 May 17
Tessa: "A band your happy with and whatever dates you want!" Tessa threw her arms around him, bruises and all. "You won’t regret it! …and don’t make me regret it. I’m trusting you, okay? Don’t leave me dying somewhere waiting for you?" -07:22 May 17
D: "Ow…." his pants fell from hsi shoulder and he felt her arm drush against the stiches and he winced. "Careful…" he hugged her back with one arm and. "You’re and one about to leave me dying…" -07:25 May 17
Tessa: "What? Oh! …What the hell, D! That’s way worse than a sprain!" Tessa looked like she was about to swat him again, but thought better of it. "…We’ll work on your show dates after that’s heeled… and you’re sure that’s from a barfight…" Tessa fussed at him to back him in to the bedroom. "Go to bed! Lay down! Stop dying!" -07:29 May 17
D: ANd thats how he ended up naked on her bed trying to hold his towel around himself and ‘not die’ But it did hurt and the sooner he was lying down the sooner she would stop pushign him. "Its not life threatening, and there was broken glass that I was pushed into, then pulled it all out and zipped me up. I’ll need to get them removed sometime though.." -07:33 May 17
Tessa: "Just tell me when and I’ll take you, okay? You probably shouldn’t even be using your arm." Tessa grabbed a blanket and tossed it over him. Half because he needed it and half because he almost lost his towel and her cheeks were red again. "Don’t leave out important details like that, I’m not a psychic and I need to know these things." -07:39 May 17
D: "Its a scratch." he said knowing it was far from. That guy had really known how to use a knife. "ANd if I don’t use my arm whose going to cook?" he accepted the blanekt though and a pillow from the head on the bed… and the bed was more comfortable than the couch. Especially after he let the towl drop from hsi hand to the floor after her was covered by the blanket. -07:42 May 17
Tessa: Tessa grimaced, taking a look at the door as if out there in the kitchen was filled with lions. "I could manage. I think. At least I’ve already learned my lesson about food poisoning, so I can cook something." -07:46 May 17
D: Looked like he was going to have to do this the hard way… working with someone "I’ll be there, you can be my extra arm if you’re willing to let a man tell you how to cook." he said leanign against the pillow. You are after all the boss Tessa." -07:48 May 17
Tessa: Tessa grinned. "…Probably the best thing to do if we don’t want to die before I get my business off the ground." …well this was weird! Looking down at him in her bed, knowing he’s butt naked and planning future meals for survival… And then her thoughts got weird! Tessa was very slowly, and very strangely starting to back out of the room. "So I.. have that work to do! For venues. And stuff. And maybe errands… Coffee. Um… Ack!" Tessa hit the doorframe with her back. Took a deep breath, and tried that again. "I mean, I need to get my paperwork in order and get a lisence and make sure I’m legal. You can nap." -07:52 May 17
D: A nap did sound good but there was a note of disappointment to his voice when he he spoke "Goodnight Boss… Tessa. "I’ll have your bed free for you soon enought." he put his head on the pillow and closed his eyes with a sigh. He had signed with her, and couldn’t tell ehr about his other job while living in her house. When did things get so.. wierd. -07:55 May 17
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 003: Making a Show Work

[Tessa has once again been running around since 6 in the morning doing what needs to be done for the next venue!] -11:51 May 16
[D has spent a couple of days on Tessa’s couch but hes noticed things. Learned thing about what she does for the band.] -11:52 May 16
Tessa: She was wearing a brand new coat that mysteriously appeared on her bed a few days ago. And had it not been wonderfully soft and probably more expensive than her apartment and not REALLY COLD all week, she might have complained. In the mean time she had to get everything changed over to Saturday, which didn’t make her boss happy. But when she mentioned it was D’s idea, he hung up on her. Tessa wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, but she had to make sure the sure worked. Now she was back home again, trying to unlock her door while carrying a giant box in her hands. "…damnit! Stupid door!" -11:55 May 16
D: The door opened and D was standing there, he looked ready to go out bu seeing her he took and box and carried it to the table. "I didn’t say you should use your own money for new equipment." he said "I meant you should book places that have thier own…" he shook his head not revealing how he found out about the equipment. "Whats in the box?" -11:58 May 16
Tessa: "Places that provide their own stuff rarely have anything in good condition." Tessa nearly dropped the box when he opened the door so suddenly. She still wasn’t used to someone -there- all the time. Following him, she took a look at her watch. "It’s flyers! I am going to take them out to put up tonight. I save a lot of money when I do it myself. I just have to change my shoes in case it snows." -12:03 May 17
D: He shook his head. "I’ll do it, I was going to take a walk anyway. Its the 18th today isn’t it? He put the box under his arm and turned back to the door. "I’ll need somethign to hang them with…" -12:05 May 17
[Tessa enters.] -12:13 May 17
Tessa: "It’s my job. All -you- are supposed to do is practice and show up on time." Tape, tape… she had that box of tape around here somewhere. Tessa fumbled around her desk looking for it. "Besides, it’s going to take hours and you seriously need to sleep." -12:16 May 17
D: He shook his head. "Liek I said I was going out anyway. And I won’t be back tonight. Or tomorow which Is why I said saterday." he left out the door without waiting. "I’ll get a staple gun on my way." -12:20 May 17
Tessa: "Oh! I got one of those too!" A little more digging around, she found both the tape and the staple gun. …and he was gone. "…Dammit!" Tessa stumbled and rushed to catch up. "You don’t even know the best places to put them! So can you give me my box back? …Wait, where are you going for two days?" -12:23 May 17
D: "Of course I do, you want people who like the style of music we produce to see them. I know where they hand out.. I’m one of them. And I see you bought a coat. Nice." he ignored her last question since it would lead to more. "One question though. Do I want to see them as I put them up?" -12:27 May 17
Tessa: "Yes, you can see them. I did the design myself this morning! …." She stopped, eying him again. "I didn’t buy a coat, you left this on my bed… Which is -weird- but thank you anyway." Tessa stopped him when they reached the corner, fussing at him until she got the box and had it opened up. She pulled out several flyers so she could pop them up while they were walking, and showed him a couple. "See, a couple different images that way people don’t auto tune them out when they pass by them." -12:31 May 17
[(Timeout) Tessa got too distracted for their own good…] -12:38 May 17
D: "Good thinking but… did you have to use that picture? I look like I’m wearinf a dead cat.." he shook his head then sighed. "The boss called, he said you told him saterday was my idea." he saidlooking at her. If she had the boss would know he had moved to deprive him of an excuse to fire her and that he probably wouldn’t be back before monday it that was the case. "So I told him I was visiting my Grandma." -12:38 May 17
Tessa: "What is with you and cats." Tessa dashed off to the side to put up a couple pictures on the side of a building. "I HAD to tell him, otherwise Friday night would roll around and he’d start leaving me hate messages and calling me useless and threatening to sell me soul to necromancers." There. Flyers at eye level. … for people at average height. Being short kinda sucked sometimes. "…ARE you visiting your Grandma? Because you said you didn’t have one, but you talk about her all the time." -12:42 May 17
D: "Everyone had one at some time or another. I don’t anymore." he said He reached a lamp post and put his finger agaist it. "Here." he moved on "Have you heard of a place called Moonshine under the bridge in the old warehouse there. They say all the bands who made it bog payed there when they were small. Book us there next week. Don’t wait for this weekend to be over and don’t tell the boss. Trust me." -12:51 May 17
Tessa: Tessa put one up on the lamp post, and trailed after him again. She didn’t look so keen on the idea. -12:54 May 17
Tessa: "I have heard of the place, and it’d be awesome to play there… But NOT telling the Label? It’s hard enough to work with my budget as it is without adding in extra show dates and then not telling him about it." Maybe if she confiscated all these flyers and used the backs of them to make a new printing. Hmm… "I might pull it off. But not telling the boss is a bad idea…" -12:56 May 17
D: "If you need funding talk to me." he said matter of factly. "But you can’t tell the boss until the deal is solid adn the contract is signed." he repeated. "That you’ll have to trust me on. Tell him that called you and wanted to make a deal quick. I know him we wants his people in Moonshine. We’ll need new songs though.." -01:03 May 17
Tessa: "Talk to you?" Tessa laughed out loud, but quickly silenced and coughed when she realized that was uncalled for. She quickly moved away to hang up more flyers. "Booking is a piece of cake. Especially if you’re promising to debute new songs! Every venue wants to be the one that gets new songs. Huum…" The wheels in her head were already turning about how she’d pull it off. Phonecalls would work, but maybe talking to them in person would be better. In fact she could do it all while he was out of town — Wait. Out of town… "WHY are you going out of town again? It’s way too close to the next show! It might be best if I go with you." -01:08 May 17
D: "This is something I need to do alone." he said "And I’d be there now instead if I could because I really love missing shows and thats what I’m going then. I’ll be back in time unless something comes up, you moved it after all." -01:15 May 17
Tessa: "I don’t know… I’m stilling thinking about putting a leash on you just in case. I really wanted to keep this job. I’m finally GOOD at something." Another flyer up and a moment to admire her handywork. Then it was looking at her watch and…trying to keep from yawning! She hadn’t slept much at all during the week, but at least having him around meant she actually ate food. "You need a phone so I can call you every ten minutes!" -01:20 May 17
D: "You work too hard at it," he said "And I don’t have a phone so people can’t call me every five minutes. I’m a busy man I can’t stop just because people is worried I’m not where I’m meant to be. We’re all where we’re meant toe be. If you’re somewhere else then you’re meant to be there and not here. So relax before you kill yourself with stress." -01:24 May 17
Tessa: Tessa groaned. "You’re talking me in circles again…!" HE was more tiring than anything else she did! She grumbled. "I’ll relax later. There’s a lot to do for these shows and I really, really want them to go great." This would be getting done a lot faster without him. He was helping for sure, but he walked and she would run to put them up. Walking around like this and talking about relaxing was just reminding her how sleepy she was! "Here, give me the box and go do what you were doing!" -01:31 May 17
D: "I was carrying the box." he said not letting it go. "We’ll go right here, hang up a few by the waterfront they circle around to the shopping district." he was stubborn and turned every time she got close to the box. "And if you want to know what makes a show great.. and don’t ask me I’ve been asking myself that for years." -01:36 May 17
Tessa: "People that love their music is what makes a show great, and you do… but it’s still a lot of work to make sure people show up!" Tessa almost had it and then he was turning out of her grasp again. Blast it! She gave up for the moment, having every intention of sneak pouncing it when he forgot she wanted it back. "Besides, I like organizing the shows around the music and matching themes to the sound. It makes a powerful song more amazing?" -01:41 May 17
D: "You put your own money into it and stare yourself. That happens if you do get fired and you have nothing to fall back on? You’d lose your appartment and be out on the street in a month. Its not fair on yourself." -01:44 May 17
Tessa: Tessa narrowed her eyes at him. "How did you figure all that out anyway? It’s definitely not the first time I’ve lost a job and had to camp out at the park for a bit. So it’s not THAT big of a deal. I just really like this one and want to keep it. It’s worth spending my paychecks on." They were on the waterfront now, and she really liked this part of town. Tons of boats and docks and bad pun named businesses. -01:49 May 17
D: "I have ears and your couch is comfortable, but you shoudl learn to treat yourself, respect yourself, otherwise people are going to use you. Now do you want something to eat?" he nodded at a small distro on the waterfront "You left before I could make breakfast." -01:52 May 17
Tessa: Her face was turning red again. She didn’t think people used her, but she supposed sometimes they definitely didn’t listen. …and it wasn’t his business! So that part she let go just to avoid discussing it. Tessa slipped her hands in to her pockets to see how much money she was carrying. "I guess I do, but it might be better to wait until we get home later." -01:58 May 17
D: "No, you havn’t eaten all day and I’m offering." e grabbed her arm and pulled her to one of the outside tables. "And if you really want to know how to get people interested in a show I’ll show you once we’re done eating." -02:01 May 17
Tessa: "I had some peppermints in my bag!" She was being kidnapped for dinner. Tessa wasn’t sure if she was amused or not, but she dropped in to a chair. "It’s going to take longer to get these flyers up now… But I AM curious to see what your big advertising idea is." -02:04 May 17
D: "Well do you have a pen?" he asked her as the waiter came and he ordered a stuffed omlette and a beer. "A hundred people can walk past a flyer and no one seeing it. But give one to someone and a reason to read it and they’ll be interested at the very least." -02:08 May 17
Tessa: She asked for a sandwich and lots and lots of coffee. Then she was digging around in her bag to pull out a pen. …and her notepad too. If it was something useful and not silly, she’d make a note of it. Tessa passed him the pen. "So what… write a note on them…?" -02:11 May 17
D: He took the pen and a stack of pamphlets and stared twiting on the backs of them that they could be exchanged for a free drink at the bar it they came during the show and the drinks would be charged to him. "We… you.. hand these out while I play .. its simple. Now eat… and that is the last time you get just a sandwich without also getting somehtign else." -02:15 May 17
Tessa: "What’s wrong with just a sandwich?!" Tessa pulled over one of the fliers, making a dubious expression. …he better figure out how to pay for that, because there was no way she could pull of free drinks. Even if it WAS a great idea. She would have to do this for her future shows… Tessa scribled that down in her notebook. -02:21 May 17
D: "You can’t live on sandwedges and coffee. You’ll get tired and cranky and run into organ trouble later in life." he said "The first step to a happy life is a good diet. Or at least that what my grandma said." he kept signing until he had around fifty then pushed them at Tessa. "Lets hope that gets them in the door." -02:25 May 17
Tessa: "I’m already tired and cranky. Why are you so weird." Tessa neatly tapped and stacked the papers before having another sip of coffee. She had to get rid her yawning somewhere, there was still a lot to do. "And why are you so bossy? I’M the boss here." -02:28 May 17
D: "To lead you must first learn to follow." he said drinking a gulp then attacking the omlette with his knife and fork. "And you’re tired and kranky because you don’t eat or sleep properly. I know I’ve slept on your couch." -02:32 May 17
Tessa: "And after Saturday, there will be no more sleeping on my couch! Speaking of which." Tessa held her sammich in her mouth as she dug through her bag again. She pulled out some pamplets to spread on the table. "I found a few single bedroom apartments that are in a reasonable price range and safe neighborhoods! On Sunday we can take a look, or I can go and look for you." -02:36 May 17
D: "We’ll go together. Anywhere it better than your place, you might want to concider moving yourself." he said without lookign at the panphlet and stuffing a peice of omlette into his mouth. "You could afford to be somewhere without drips if you didn’t spend all your money on your job." -02:41 May 17
Tessa: "We already went over this. My job is worth it, when I’m not begging for second chances and getting threatened with shish-kabobbing." Tessa finished off her sandwich and was working on her coffee. Sitting down like this was only reminding her how tired she was and Tessa was struggling to keep her eyes open. "And we’re looking for you a place to live, not me. Then I’ll do something about your furniture… hum, why don’t you have a place in town? It would make so much more sense!" -02:45 May 17
D: "If you saw my place you’d understand but shen you’re not the type to go home with a lead singer are you? Its a nice place and I’m attached to it… how much is it for fifty drinks anyway.. how about we just call it a grand?" he put his foot up on the chair between then and pulled a note out of his sock and handed it to her. "Ready to get rid of some fliers when you are." -02:50 May 17
Tessa: Tessa snatched it, rolled it up and quickly stuffed it down her bra. "Are you crazy! You can’t go flashing money like that. Where did you ge- oh nevermind. I will ask you -later-." Tessa was up and out of her chair, snatching the flyers up too. Tessa was pretty sure he wasn’t yet making that good of money with the Label, unless she was severely getting undercut in pay… "You should be at your place instead of mine if you have one… And I don’t buy that it’s convenient excuse." -02:55 May 17
D: "Maybe I just like your couch?" he said "Maybe I like your company." he added "Or maybe its convenient." he unslund his guitar and flipped a switch that turned on a built in speaker and stried out a few strings. "Name a song." -02:58 May 17
Tessa: She deliberately ignored his statement of enjoying her company, because she wasn’t sure if he was being shameless or serious. And she was leaning towards shameless. Tessa made sure her back was to him so he couldn’t see her red face and her scowl. A song of her choice though…! "I want to hear Smoke and Mirrors. …you need the practice anyway!" -03:03 May 17
D: "No I don’t I could play it in my sleep." he said before he started to play the intro and they walked. "Don’t forget to hand thos out." and with that he was too busy singing to talk. -03:07 May 17
Tessa: She had a mission, as if she’d forget that! Tessa was good about pinpointing who would really be interested in taking them, and who she was better chatting up. When no one was nearby she would dance, most often when she was behind him so he wouldn’t see, but eventually she’d forget and dance anywhere. Almost all of her flyers were gone when she finally dropped on to a bench to rest her feet. …that was a lot more fun than just posting them everywhere! But she wouldn’t tell him that. -03:14 May 17
D: "I never knew you could do that." he said sitting next to her, still playing though not to any particular song. "We’re almost done here and I have to be gone on an hour. What will we be doing until then?" -03:17 May 17
Tessa: "Knew I could do what..?" she asked slowly. Dammit. She was sure he hadn’t seen… and she was too tired to fuss about it at the moment! Tessa tilted until she was plopped against his arm, not caring if that made it difficult for him to play. It was more comfortable than leaning on the bench arm. "I will sit here until I can feel my feet and you can go when you’re ready. I can put out the rest of the flyers and then…. huuummm. I need to check my agenda." That was in her bag. …she’d dig around there in a minute. So sleepy! She should have grabbed espresso! -03:22 May 17
D: He stopped playing and shook his head. "Nope, come on you’re not going anythign more until you’ve had some sleep. You have things to do tomorow and … He shook his head and put the strap ove hei shoulder and oulled her into his lap before standing with her in his arms. "I’m taking you home. I’lll make a call and peopel will come around tomotow to hand out the rest of the fliers. I’m not going to be around to cook for you so look after yourself. There should be enough in your fridge." -03:27 May 17
Tessa: How the hell did she end up in the air? She just closed her eyes for a second! "Would you put me down? I’ve been doing my job just fine before you started crashing on my couch and getting bossy." -03:33 May 17
D: He shook his head. "Not unless you want to sleep on a park bench." he said "A lot of skirts would like to be carried off home don’t be difficult." he he wouldn’t listen to her, he was getting her home and tuching her in bed, then he was going to Canada. -03:37 May 17
Tessa: "Uggghn, this isn’t fair…!" Tessa made a very weary attempt at getting him to put her down, before she gave up and clonked her head against his shoulder with a huff. "Too tired to argue. Don’t forget to set my clock…? I can’t be late…" -03:42 May 17
D: "Six, right?" he asked already knowing he’d set it for seven. "They’ll be around at eight so be sure to be home then. And Tessa.. its okay to relax once in a while." he stopped at the door and waited for her to unlock it before moving into the bedroom and placing her on the bed, helped her take her coat off and pulled the blanket over her. "Well my flight leaves in fifty minutes.. I’ll bring you back something from Canada!" and with that he was walkign out the bedroom door guitar flung over his shoulder and soon his jacket was slung over his arm. Without another word he was gone. -03:48 May 17
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 002: Going to Get Fired

Tessa: BEEEEEEEP. BEEEEEEEP. BEEEEEP. ~SPARKLE~ Stupid alarm. Tessa was fumbling to hit it, swat it off the bedside table… anything. She hadn’t slept very well at all. The show had run so late and then she wasted a couple hours tossing and turning in bed knowing D was out there on her sofa. Half the time she thought about smothering him with a pillow, and the other half was wondering if he looked less like a jerk while he was sleeping. She never dared to go look. For now… she rolled out of bed, six in the morning, to make some coffee. She meant it when she said she was never late, and took great pains to make sure. -04:31 May 16
D: D was on his back the blanket half fallen off of him in the night and he was deep in sleep. The meeting wasn’t until nine and despite his appearenced he had a finely tuned internal clock. Unless woken up beforehand he would wake up at 7… wait there was a beeping… His eyes stayed closed as he listened. Alarm clock and someone getting up.. -04:37 May 16
Tessa: Tessa ignored him. Coffee first. Then she’d kick him out. Unfortunately for him, grumpy morning Tessa was also clumsy and noisy. She dropped her spoon twice and the coffee canister, and spent a bit of time grumbling about not having any cream and being out of sugar. But at least after a few sips of coffee she was ready to start thinking about breakfast. And a shower! Best to fight for a job when looking too awesome to be fired. -04:40 May 16
D: “Don’t you ever sleep?” he asked sitting up and placing his bare feet on the carpet. He looked out the window and shook his head, the sky was barely coloured by the sun and she was making enough noise to wake the dead. “Go and sit down. I’ve got breakfast.” first though.. the coffee pot was hot and he could see where the muges were hanging on hooks under the shelf. -04:44 May 16
Tessa: “Sometimes.” Tessa was eying him over her mug, obviously baffled that he was even -awake- before noon. But him taking care of breakfast made her wonder if he was just going to poor beer in to cereal and call it a morning. “You leave my kitchen alone. Coffee is okay, but then you need to leeeaaaaave, so I can prepare.” Her tone made it sound like she was preparing for something ominous, and knowing the Label it probably was. -04:48 May 16
D: He poared coffee for himself and then pulled a pan out of the drting rack and tossed it upwards letting it turn over in the air before catching the handle and putting it on the stove. “You make too much noise, take a seat.” he pulled open her fridge and frowned. There wasn’t much in the way of food in here. “You know I think you’re right.. Theres not enough here for a cat. We’re going out for breakfast.” -04:54 May 16
Tessa: Tessa rolled her eyes and groaned. Abandoning him AND the kitchen. “I don’t have time for this or for going out to breakfast. I’m taking a shower! You better not be here when I get out, or I’m going to get mad.” Probably the least threatening threat ever. She’d have to work on that. -04:55 May 16
D: He shook his head and moved to his jacket on the chair pulling out a fold of money taking a couple hundred dollar notes and put them under the cloth of her table. She would never know but the girl needed food one was or the other. For now he’d improvise. Vegetable onlettes and prilled cheese. He was missing a few ingredients and would really have like paprika but soon the kitchen was smelling good at least. -05:07 May 16
Tessa: Tessa spent a good hour getting showered and dressed. She wasn’t kidding about needing to look great for that meeting. No one was going to fire a manager who looked adorable. At least, she was HOPING she could appeal to the Label’s love of eye-candy to keep her job. It kinda sucked, but she was willing to do almost anything to keep it. For once, she really did LIKE this job. When she stepped out of her room, grumbling about where she left her shoes everything smelled like… real food! So she wasn’t sure what was more surprising. Him still being in her kitchen, or there actually -being- food in her kitchen. “….did you rob one of my neighbors?” -05:13 May 16
D: “You were in the shower long enough for me to do that but no, I just founf some stuff in your fridge and used it.” he pushed a plate into her hands “Eat.” he didn’t sit with her, instead he moved into the bathroom, to give himself a rinse off and get abck into the same clothes, he didn’t have anything to change into after all. -05:17 May 16
Tessa: She was a little dubious about trying it… but once he was out of site and wouldn’t see her cringe, she took a bite. ….Surprise! So he could cook? Better than she did… she could barely make scrambled eggs without something catching on fire. Tessa sat down to eat and drink her coffee, using those few moments to jot down a good list of all the reasons she -shouldn’t- get fired. Being prepared was important! …wait, what was he doing in HER shower?! Tessa glared over at the hall. -05:20 May 16
D: Befreshed, and little cleaned and ready to meet with his boss he put a couple of bills under her spare razor blades in her bathroom babinet where there were already a few dollars… of well. Then he was slipping out of the bathroom and stretching. “So boss.” he said “I need to see the boss so I’m going with you.” -05:25 May 16
Tessa: “What? Forget it! You’re not making ME late. You can show up on your own time.” What did he do in her private. That was her space… Tessa was finished eating, ate least. She could worry about dishes later. Checking her watch, she bumbled about looking for her shoes and her bag. “I’m walking the line of doom here because of you, the last thing I need is you showing up with me.” -05:35 May 16
D: “Trust me, showing up with me is the best thing you can do. And I won’t make you late since I’m going strait there. If you don’t want to go with me because you don’t liek me then fine but say that instead of somehtign else. ” he picked up his jacked and pulled it on followed by his guitar. “Though something tells me you’d be more cooperative if I said I was paying for the cab over.” -05:38 May 16
Tessa: “How I feel about you has nothing to do with me trying to keep my job.” she was scowling, slipping on her shoes in the process. A cab would definitely get her there faster, and if he was paying. “…Okay, if you’re getting a cab it makes sense to go together…” -05:43 May 16
D: “I said nothign about any feelings for me but I’m flettered.” he said walking out the door “And get better locks if I can pick then so can someone who does it for a living.” he was heading down the stairs without waiting for her. He would be recognised by few, he was no star just a nobidy who played for pittence. Bu then the music side of things was just a cover. -05:46 May 16
Tessa: “That’s not what I meant, you jerkwad!” Uuurrg, why did that even make her face red! Tessa stomped after him, glaring at his back and thinking about hitting him with her bag. It was a nice fantasy. Clonking him and shoving him in to the street to get ran over! She’d feel bad afterwards, but it would be satisfying. Once they were out on the street, she was trying to flag down a cab. “Quit breaking in to my apartment! There’s not even anything in there worth stealing.” she muttered. -05:51 May 16
D: There was a banket, a pillow, and the possibility of a cat.” he said “Cats a warm and furry and so long as you don’t mind you hand bleeding fun to play with.” he flagged a cab and Opened the door. “Get in.. and get a cat.” -06:18 May 16
Tessa: “I am not some crazy old hag that needs the company of cats.” she grumbled back at him, slipping in to the cab. Tessa crossed her arms and scowled out the side window. “Who the hell would steal a cat, anyway?” She turned to glare back at him again. “Do YOU have a cat?” -06:21 May 16
D: “Am I home enough to look after a cat?” he asked “Someone needs to feel them and play with them and would I have the time?” he got in with her and gave the address. “You just seem like a cat person.” -06:25 May 16
Tessa: Tessa just… didn’t know how he always came out of left field with these stupid things. Nor did she know why it always baffled her. “I don’t have the time or the money for a cat. …and you know, this entire conversation is distracting me!” Blast it, she was supposed to be preparing her ‘please don’t fire me!’ speech. Tessa dug around in her bag looking for her notes. Cuteness was not going to be enough. She needed firepower! -06:31 May 16
D: “You’ll be fine. Who can resist that sexy secretary look?” he said “Not going to open your legs to him are you?” he looked her outfit up and down “And if you wore somehtign like that backstage maybe I would dawdle to get there.” -06:34 May 16
Tessa: “What?! No.” Tessa face was red again and she was tugging her skirt down a bit. It wasn’t that short, but having him suggest she looked like a sexy secretary didn’t help. Like she would -ever- sleep with her boss to keep her job. Looking cute was one thing, but sleeping with another! “Quit looking at me! I wear plenty of cute clothes, and you’d notice if you showed up to practice! Not that I’m doing it for you and… Damnit.” Tessa was flustered, and debating whether or not she could get away with shoving him out of the cab in to traffic. -06:38 May 16
D: “So you wear them when you know I WON’T be there.” he said clossing his arms and leaning back. “Look instead of going to watch practive next time dress like that and come with me and you’ll see why I prefer not to go.” -06:42 May 16
Tessa: “No way. My job is serious business. I’m not running off to chase girls or sleep or bother dragons or whatever it is you do when you’re not making appointments.” Tessa could imagine all kinds of crazy things. None of them were the typical interests of rockstars either. She couldn’t see him boozing it up and picking up hookers. But she could definitely see him streaking through a park and chasing hobos just to be a weirdo. Tessa huffed. Maybe if she ignored him, she could finish her notes. She scribbled. -06:46 May 16
D: “Dear Mr. Bassman. Please don’t fire me. I shout at your lead singer when he in a cab comign to talk to you. I dress cute but don’t put out and I don’t have a cat. In conclusion.. we’re here.” he payed and opened the door getting out walkign around the cab towards the huge building. “Trust me you won’t need your notes. I’m here to vouch for you.” -06:49 May 16
Tessa: Tessa ended up writing down half of his stupid speech before she realized she was going it. “That is not reassuring in the least.” Yes, let the guy that always appeared late come and vouch for her… the continue to show up late. Tessa almost groaned as she followed. She hated meetings with the boss. They were always miserable, uncomfortable, and she was pretty sure he’d just as soon as eat her alive than pay her. She was really going to have to amp up her confidence to weasel her way out of this one. -06:53 May 16
D: They entered and were directed into the waiting room where D rested his guitar in his knee and began to strum a few cords the gutar mot makign buch noise without an amp. “You should learn to play something, it really helps with stress.” -06:57 May 16
Tessa: “I did up until someone told me how bad I was.” Tessa didn’t want to think about -that- failed career at the moment. In the waiting room she paced, checked her watch. They were a few minutes early. Lucky…! Maybe having D here on time is proof enough that it’s -possible- and one more chance wouldn’t hurt. Tessa flipped through her notes. “Cuteness, on time, speech. Backup plan: Groveling and fruit basket…” she scribbled that down. She wasn’t above bribes. Bribes were doable. -07:01 May 16
D: “Being good doesn’t matter but doing at and relaxing does. Look at me.. and look at you. Whose stressing out and whose calm?” the boss’ secretary appreared in the doorway and indicated for D to follow. “I guess thats me. Don’t worry I won’t take long.” -07:05 May 16
Tessa: “You aren’t the one he’s going to fire.” Tessa scowled. And he totally deserved to get fired. Tessa plopped in to a chair, scowling more at the floor. And of course he’d get to go first for HER appointment too! -07:09 May 16
D: He entered the office and the door closed, the boss was there and so was a stack of bills. “There were no problems?” the boss asked looking out of his office window over the city. “None, onr shot as always.” D plopped down on the chair and put his feet up on the besk grabbing the money and running a finger through the bills. “Though I have noticed you’ve set the girl up to fail. Telling her if I’m late again shes gone and then having me in taronto ont he date of our next show.” “What do you care?” “Shes easy to control. Talks a big game but does nothing. Do you really want to let her go?” “The decision has been made, your band will break up. She will be blamed adn fire. Its clean. We’re done here.” “Alright, you’re the boss, boss.” He stuffed his payment into his pocket and got up. I’ll send her in on my way out.” -07:18 May 16
Tessa: Tessa was near sliding out of her chair by the time D came out. Then she was straightening and standing up quickly, smoothing out her clothes. “And…? Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t want to freak out. Don’t say a word. Can I go in… Oh man, wait, where is my notebook.” -07:30 May 16
D: He looked at her and grinned “Hes in a better mood already. How I have a few erands to run, day job, groceries, takign my grandmother to the clinic. That kind og thing. I’ll see you tonight.” he put up his hand and started walking off. “By the way.. I don’t have a grandma.” but what he would to was by food and stuff her fridge, and get her a coat. No cat though. Cat would have to wait.” -07:34 May 16
Tessa: Tessa huffed at his back. Better mood was good. Tessa picked up her bag, took a deep breath and headed for the Boss’ door. Her knock was way more confident than she actually felt. So was the way she walked in to the room like she owned it. It just… sorta slowly faded the closer she got to the big desk. “Uhm…! About last night. It was only twenty minutes and popular stars these day are totally known for their lateness and…” There went her entire great speech. Tessa didn’t even remember to open up her notebook. -07:37 May 16

the boss turned and sat down behind his desk. “You star spoke to me telling me his lateness is his own fault and got to do with his day job. But hes your responsability. You need to ask his which job he values more because if you can’t keep your band in line they’re of no use to us. You’re not fined but you have one more chance. Or all of you are.” -D

Tessa: “R-right. Right! Of -course-, yes! Absolutely, not a problem. I will be on him and beat him to an inch of his life if he’s ever late again. I swear.” Tessa was already backing up, nearly tripping over a chair in her haste. “It’s not going to happen again. I swear on my life! Thank you, thank you!” Before he could change his mind, Tessa was rushing out of his office. Next time she ran in to D, she might have to put a leash on him. -07:59 May 16
D: D was already long gone, gone shopping and was picking her lock again with the groseries next to him as the door sweng back and he entered, throwing the warm boat onto Tessa’s bed and closing the door before heading over to pack the fridge. So what if she was angry when she found him on his back on her coutch again. If she kicked him out then.. well… she wouldn’t. -08:03 May 16
Tessa: Elated! The entire rest of her day would be flawless. She still had a job, and she would do the best damned job anyone ever saw. Before she went home though… Tessa had out her list of requests. The band needed better equiptment and there was no room in the budget for it. Again, she was pulling out her own cash. Made an order to have it shipped to her storage. Next step was… people at the venues. That she would do at home with her handy dandy phonebook. Tessa arrived at her apartment, unlocked the door, kicked off her shoes, tossed her bag to the side and…. screamed again out of reflex. “Whatareyoudoingonmycouch..!” she shouted. -08:08 May 16
D: “This again?” he asked “You’re a slow learned if you’re surprised the second time.” he said scratchign the underside fo his foot with his toe. “My eraands are done aren’t I allowed to relax?” he closed his eyes and sighed. “I sometimes wonder how you get through the day always tense.” -08:11 May 16
Tessa: “I have a right to be tense when some uninvited weirdo is on my couch!” Tessa moved to grab his legs. She had every intention of dragging him out. “-Luckily- I get to keep my job on the promise that I keep YOU in line and showing up to show dates.” -08:23 May 16
D: He bent his legs under himself. “Thats wha he said is it. Well you must be happy. In the meantime keep yur hands to yourself.” he crossed hsi legs on the coutch. “I’m going to make lunch in a minute.” -08:26 May 16
Tessa: “You don’t live here, D! This is my apartment and you have your own place!” Tessa huffed, shoving at him so he’d tilt over and then just giving in and grabbing his arm to start pulling. “I don’t have food to feed you and I have to hunt down advertisers for the next venue.” -08:32 May 16
D: He pulled his arm away from her twisting it and walked away from her backwards into the kitchen as he spoke. “Are you sure I have my own place, are you sure…. YOu must be sure your fridge is empty too. Hows this. You go do your thing and if I can’t cook somehting with whats in your kitches I’ll leave.” -08:35 May 16
Tessa: Tessa was advancing after him like some sort of jungle predator. But at the offer… she paused, clearly confident that there was no way he was going to be able to repeat something like breakfast. “Okay… fine! Better be more than just crackers and squeezie cheese. A real lunch. And I’m watching the door.” Tessa stepped away to snatch up her bag from the floor, then she was moving off to the messy looking desk set up in the corner. -08:38 May 16
D: He nodded and pulled a knife from her knife block. “More tha crackers and cheese. You got it boss.” he shook hsi head and opened the fridhge. Ke knew what he wanted to make even before she had arived. Salad with feta, olives, cherry tommato, onion, everyting he liked, in them basically, small fan-fried burger, and a slice of dragonfruit with a dash of lemonjuice. He hadn’r eaten like that in ages.. since he had last made lunch for himself really. It really seemed to fill a plate. Sinight would ne cheese break and pasta! -08:48 May 16
Tessa: Tessa had to dig through her paperwork to find her phonebook, but she had her phone out and was pretty organized when it came to making calls. She was also very good at charming advertisers for decent deals. All she needed was a few posters and a radio commercial! Prices had her wincing… but if she pulled this one off, she’d still have a job and would be able to make the shower after even better. It was quite a bit before she realized something in the kitchen actually smelled -good-. Tessa leaned, narrowing her eyes when she peered towards the kitchen. “You’re still in there, right?” She didn’t hear the door open for take-out. Hmm… -08:53 May 16
D: “Of couse I am.” he called back as the fan sizzled. “And we’re done in five minutes.” he shook his head, she he was cooking he wasn’t sure, too keep a place on her couch? Well someone had to make sure no one decided to off her. “Friday is not a good day by the way, book saterday.” -08:57 May 16
Tessa: “Saturday.” she made a note of it. All she’d have to do is make some more phonecalls to have the date changed. Nothing else was booked on saturday for the venue, so they wouldn’t have a problem with the switch. Tessa wrote down the new schedule and all the details. Tomorrow she’d be heading to places in person to make sure all of that was done. Tonight she would handle costuming, which meant cracking out her sewing machine and fixing stuff. …for now… Tessa got up, more than a little wary when she wandered over to the counter. “…this stuff wasn’t in my kitchen.” -09:00 May 16
D: “I told you I had erands to run.” he said pulling a place on the counter and pushing to towards her. “Or did you think I’d be happy with cracked and squeeze cheese?” he slid a work onto her plate and leaning against the counter and starting on his salad. “Never liked squeeze cheese.” -09:04 May 16
Tessa: “This is real food…” she responded, surprised. Tessa picked up a tomato and popped it in to her mouth. She tilted side to side in her seat. Real food! Still, she was eyeing him suspiciously. “What -kind- of errands? I’m serious, you don’t live here. This is nice and all but there is no more Mz Nice Tess.” Fork! She snatched up a fork. Real food was so nice…! She hadn’t realized he could actually make things… -09:16 May 16
D: “What people usually do. Buy food, look for appartments, take thier grandmothers for walks in the park.” he picked up his burger and took a large bite. “You look surprised, did you think I ate takeout for every meal?” -09:19 May 16
Tessa: “You said you didn’t have a grandmother.” she grumbled. Food was too good to argue it, though. “I did. Or maybe thought you lived on sandwiches or chips or something like most guys do.” Foooood, Tessa would roll on the floor from the happies if she wasn’t so busy -eating- it. “If you are looking for apartments I can find one for you at a good price.” -09:26 May 16
D: “And miss out on my cooking?” he said “I like your couch and Its not like I’ll forse you to sleep with me, I don’t do forsing. Also I can’t help but notice you don’t have any food.” he narrowed his eyes at her. “So unless you’re a vampire you were starving yourself. But I don’t judge.” -09:29 May 16
Tessa: “Jeeze, I’m not starving myself on purpose, I just don’t have a lot of cash.” He had her face red again. Tessa picked up her plate and turned around in her seat so her back was to him. No more narrowed eyed staring. “Still, this is my space here. Every time I get a roomate it goes horribly wrong, and you’re in the band so it would just be weird. So I will find you a place this afternoon.” -09:33 May 16
D: “There you go complicating things twhen they sould be so simple. With me where you could keep an eye on me you could make sure I went to things and did thinsg on time but if you really want to I guess the boss will understand. People need privacy after all.” -09:37 May 16
Tessa: …. That was true. She told the boss she’d leash D if she had to. If he stayed with her for awhile, she’d have him up and out on time cause he’d be in her way. …but then he would be in here way! “…Okay, maybe for a few days. Until after the next venue.” She turned back around setting her now empty plate on the counter, and was reaching for more food. It was definitely -not- by choice that she wasn’t eating at home. “Don’t mess with my desk, though, and I will beat the daylights out of you if you’re late to -anything-.” -09:41 May 16
D: “With you to remind me how can I be late.” he pushed his plate towards he and walked aorund the counter towards the couch. “And now its time for me to practice… Don’t eat too much cheese I need it for tonight.”” -09:44 May 16
Tessa: Tessa confiscated his plate, no problem eating what was left on there too. She still gave him suspicious glares, considering now he was actually going to practice… but for the moment, she just slipped out of her seat and got busy with washing up the dishes. “There’s cheese in there too, huh…” While cleaning up the dishes, Tessa eyed the fridge… and while drying and putting away dishes, she snooped through the cabinets. There was -stuff- in there! “…if this is your bribe to have a place to stay, it’s worked! But I better not regret it!” Juuuiiice! Tessa stole that immediately and ran off to her desk with it. -09:49 May 16
D: Back on his back on the couch he grinned to himself as he propped the guitar against his knee. “A home isn’t a home unless it’s cabinets are near bursting. Thats what my grandmother used to say.” he said before thinking of one of the singe that band would perform and staring to play, again the guitar makign hardly any sound but his voice was clear, even if he wasn’t singing at full volume. -09:53 May 16
Tessa: There was that grandmother thing again. But he was already singing, and despite him always being a pain in the ass, she really was a secret fan. Tessa sipped her juice and pulled out her notepad. Tomorrow, no more Mz Nice Tessa. She was going to manage the hell out of D! -09:58 May 16
One Life Stand

One Life Stand 001: That Is Not Your Couch

Tessa: A weekend night. Tessa was standing in the back behind the pretty shoddy excuse for a stage, checking her watching and pacing. Her boss had already called -three- times telling her he was going to sacrifice her to elder gods if she didn’t make this gig work and D was late AGAIN. She was totally dead. …and he was too if he ever showed up. -03:04 May 16
D: He showed up his stage costume over his shoulder and guitar strap over the other as he walked slowly towards the backstage area. 25 minutes late and counting. There was a cut on his cheek and he smelled odd but it was how he usually turned up when he was late. Not that he ever hurried when he was. The boss might shout but he knew why he was late… but there was still his manager to deal with. "I’m here to can stop having kittens." he called as he took shelter behind the stage and leaned hsi guitar against his then stripped off his shirt to drop that to the ground. Next off were his pants and then he was pulling on his costume, so what if it made her uncomfortable, it made her talk less. -03:09 May 16
Tessa: "You can’t just co,- guh..~!" Tessa quickly squeezed her eyes shut when he started stripping, and pointed a finger at where she last saw him. "Can’t just keep showing up late like this! The lead singer -has- to be here! Everybody else manages to show up on time. Do you realize how pissed off the Label is right now?" -03:12 May 16
D: "They’ll deal.." he said in a carefree tone. "Besides if you was the party I just came from you’d be late too. We might ahve even been late together.." he pulled on the jacked and shoot his head. "You can look now.. and trust em I’ll talk to the label. They love me!" of course they did, he killed for them. Literally. Which was why he was late. "Now you have a band to introduce?" -03:16 May 16
Tessa: "No. I -wouldn’t- have been late. I am NEVER late and I was hired to make sure -you- weren’t late and now I’m going to get fired again!" She was going to ask him where he was to be so late, but… Oh, crap! She did need to introduce the band! Tessa scrambled past him and the curtain on to the stage. The other bandmates were already waiting, having wasted some time with ‘setup’ and screwing around with the instruments. Tessa did what she did best. Hyping up a slightly annoyed crowd in a seedy dive, introducing her band and it’s lead singer… without calling him an asshole like she wanted to do. Then Tessa was getting the hell out of sight! Back to the cover of backstage where she was quickly texting the Label to let him know the show was on. -03:23 May 16
D: He came out on stage and could feel the eyes of the band on him. He raised two fingers together in a gesture often used by musicians and a man at the back hopped off his seat and left out the door to make a phone call. Job done. He looked out at he bar and bade his own introduction, and then.. then it was time to play. Just the thing to relax after a job well done. -03:27 May 16
Tessa: Half an hour wasn’t that bad, right? Totally excuseable. Tons of people were late like that. It would only dock a -little- bit of the payment from the joint, and it was only going to come out of -her- paycheck after all. And she was already spending a lot of it on stuff for the band. Sure, she could just eat -next- week. Tessa slipped her phone back in her pocket, and leaned against a pillar in the back to watch. ….if it wasn’t so -awesome- she’d have thrown something at him while he was up on stage. Jackass was lucky she was a secret fan. -03:33 May 16
D: For five hours they played, taking the time to just past one in the morning. During the break D would drink nothing but water but still his troat was tired and his fingers hurt. Time to call it a night, the place was empty anyway except for a couple of drunks and Tessa. "Thank you ladies and gentlemen and good night." he left and stage and leaned agaist the wall shaking his head. "We need a place with better equipment next time. And an audience.." he muttered where no one would hear then he was takign off his stage jacket and pulling on his regular one. -03:38 May 16
Tessa: Tessa was tired, but Tessa was pleased. A good show was always enough to make her forget just how pissed off she was. And the boss hadn’t called or texted her! That was a good sign. …she hoped. "We’d have a better audience if you actually showed up on time to be -seen- by them. But I will see what I can do about equiptment…" Tessa was running really low on funds. He had no idea how hard it was for her to work with the shitty budget the Label gave her, and how often she had to dip in to her own account to pull this stuff off. At least she was writing down the suggestions on her notepad. "I am going to bully payment out of the Manager, you can go and sleep. …and actually show up to practice for once?" -03:42 May 16
D: She was beign nice, she always was after a show. She had also heard him muttering. "Yeah though don’t worry too much its not like we get people who pay enough for the good amps." his guitar was slung across his back again, it was very rarely out of his sight. "I show for the shows right and I never miss a cord. If I ever do then I’ll practice in the meantime seriously don’t sweat the boss, boss." SHe worried too much but D was already heading out towards the back door when his phone rang. -03:48 May 16
D: "Toronto, friday…" the line wend dead "And Tessa.. get yourself a coat!" -03:49 May 16
Tessa: "YOU can say that, you’re his star." she muttered, sticking her tongue out at his back when he walked away. Then she was off to find the joint’s owner, pausing only when he shouted at her. "I DON’T NEED A COAT." She nearly tripped over a chair trying to yell at him. A totally ungraceful way to approach the owner. But at least THAT conversation went well. A little bit of grinning and dealing with it when her ass got pinched meant she got full payment, no deductions. Tessa counted the money and did math in her head. Now SHE could go get some sleep. Maybe. -03:52 May 16
D: He didn’t ho home, or two a hotel. The first was too far away and the second he hadn’t had enough time to find. So Tessa’s appartment it was. It was in the same crappy part of town as the seedy bar and he could let himselt in. Hang his jacket on the chair, lean his guitar on the wall, kick off his boots and settle down on her coutch. Its not like he asked her or let her know beforehand but her licked weren’t exactly good and he was doing ehr a favor guarding her apartment. -03:59 May 16
Tessa: Okay, maybe she did need a coat. It was really freaking cold outside, and she had to walk all the way back to her apartment. By the time she got there her teeth were chattering and it was a pain in the ass to get the key in to unlock her door. She didn’t noticed at first that someone was -in- there, so she already had her shoes kicked off and her bag tossed in to a chair before she spotted him. Tessa immediately screamed, it being the instict reaction. ….then she was standing there surprised… and glaring. "….what are you doing on my couch?" -04:03 May 16
D: His eyes opened and he looked at her "Trying to sleep." he said "It was close and I don’t have a hotel." he rolled onto his side and propped himself onto his elbow ignoring the fact he wasn’t meant to have a key or know where she lived. "I would have asked but you were busy." -04:07 May 16
Tessa: "You don’t need a hotel, I am pretty sure you have a place here in town!" Tessa made a motion with her hands, which was her ‘subtle’ way of telling him to get up, and get out. She repeated. Get up, Get out, with her hands, pointedly waiting for him to obey. -04:12 May 16
D: "Surprise, I don’t." he said "And its too late to go out of town. I’ll just be here until I’ve had some sleep. Besides the closer you keep me and less chance I have of being late." he flopped back down and put his arms over his eyes. "Wouldn’t want me to be late next friday would you?" -04:15 May 16
Tessa: "You’re not staying here until next Friday!" That would just be… such a pain in the ass. "I have to meet the Label in the morning, and I -have- to sleep and… how did you even get IN here? Stop getting comfortable! This is not your couch." Tessa crossed the floor to prod at him. She could barely manage him in the band, she couldn’t deal with him in her apartment! -04:19 May 16
D: "Then get some sleep." he said ignoring her prodding "I’m not stopping you." he rolled onto his side facing away from her. "You know I always pictured you having a cat. Why don’t you have a cat?" -04:21 May 16
Tessa: "I can barely avoid feeding myself, let alone a cat… and I can’t feed you either, so you’re NOT staying here!" Poke. Pokepoke? Pooooke? ….and her wasn’t moving. Tessa straighted, scowled. ….sighed and caved in. "Fine… Only for tonight, since it’s late. But don’t you dare bother me. I have to beg for my job in the morning." she muttered, leaving him be on the sofa. Tessa did return long enough to throw a blanket and a pillow at him before stomping back to her room. -04:24 May 16
D: "You should get a coat… and a cat." he called after her and aranged the blanket and pillow settling down for the night. "Until morning then…." he would go with ehr to meet the label too. She was a good manager and he didn’t want her to get fired over something she couldn’t control. -04:27 May 16