King of Fools 003: Photographs

Leslie: Leslie isn’t sure how she was talked in to calling herself. Nor why she was standing there holding a camera and in charge of taking the pictures. Jade had grumbled something about Mr. Pain In the Ass Damion Rudrum not doing the photos without her there, and not being able to catch one of the photography students. So here was Leslie, with her hair swished to the right and over her shoulder like it always was, wearing slacks and a long shirt. Trying to figure out how to work the blasted camera, while Jade was wearing her favorite ‘fuck me’ dress and arranging the room like it was a sexy nude shoot instead of just a portrait for an article. -07:55 Aug 06
Damion: He pulled up his feet comign to rest on the ground as he kick the sand down the leaned his bike against it. He had wanted to drive himself and while he wasn’t working he liked to use his favirite thing from his garage. Dismounting he removed his helmet and hooked it under his arm and pulled the knne from the ignition.. then furrowed his brow. He had been expecting a hotel. Still it was thier choice of venur so unzipping his jacket to reveal a slart whire linnen shirt he made his way towards the door. -08:04 Aug 06
Leslie: "Oh my god. Honey, this is your last chance to stake a claim, because I am SO not letting this one get away." Jade was peeking out the window, and Leslie could have sworn she heard the girl’s jaw hit the floor. Curiosity got the better of her and she dashed over to take a peek out too. …okay, maybe she was liking the looks of out-of-the-office Damion Rudrum a little more. "Would you behave? He’s all yours, just wait until I’m gone!" both of them jumped when there was a knock on the door. Jade was the one that rushed over to answer it, smoothing out her dress and opening it up with her best smile. "Right on time. Come in please! We weren’t able to get an official photographer, but we’ve got a great camera. If you like you can approve the photos before we print them." Leslie kept herself out of the way, hooking the strap of the camera around her neck and fussing with the buttons until she had it on and ready to go. How hard could it be? Easier than watching Jade put the moves on somebody, anyway. -08:10 Aug 06
Damion: He looked down at the girl greeting him then handed her his helmet. "Ms. Sparrow." he said in greeting before stepping inside and looking around a slight furrow coming to his brow. "I don’t like looking at pictures of myself, I’m sure whatever you pick will be fine." if was a simple enough statement and the truth. "Where do you want tme?" -08:13 Aug 06
Leslie: In her bed trussed up like a Christmas Turkey! Leslie thought to herself. Apparently Jade must of had the same thought, cause her mouth was practically salivating. Leslie broke out in to a wide grin and hide to turn away before she started laughing. Jade caught herself, hugging the helmet as she stepped in to the room and pointed him towards the fireplace. "Over there, please. We’ll take a few of you standing and some with you sitting. Feel free to relax. Would you like a drink or anything?" -08:16 Aug 06
Damion: "Just water." he said moving to the fireplace and running a finger down the edge of the stonework, this had to be an old house. "Who lives here?" he asked getting a sense of the space and deciding there was too much clutter in it. -08:21 Aug 06
Leslie: "Water, coming right up. You can get started Les." Jade bustled away quickly, not without taking one look back over her shoulder to appreciate the view. Leslie rolled her eyes again. Without asking him if he was ready, she snapped a few shots. Paused. Waited until he moved abit and snapped more. This was kinda fun! "You’ve walked yourself in to the lion’s den, Mr. Rudrum. …We do. Me and Jade that is… We’ve been renting it from Jade’s parents." -08:24 Aug 06
Damion: "I like old houses." he commented idly not caring that she was taking picture as he had a glance yp the stairwell then mover over to the bay windoe looking out over the treet and sitting. There were a lot of them here and he suddenly wanted one, but threw out the idea as a needless expense. "If I had known there would be lions I would have brought a whip." -08:28 Aug 06
Leslie: Why was it so easy to imagine him with a whip? Leslie smirked behind the camera and was very glad he wasn’t looking her way as she took the pictures. "I like old houses too. It’s too bad I’ll probably be living in the city when I get my call backs." Jade bustled in with a tray of ice water and set it down on the coffee table. "Are we talking about the move? I can’t wait to get out of this house and in to a really sexy loft." she picked up one of the glasses to offer to Damion. "Here you go. I was reading Leslie’s newest notes, and I see you even rode a bike here. Maybe you can take me for a ride sometime?" That look on Jade’s face! Talk about blatant come on! Leslie didn’t know if she wanted to groan or laugh. -08:34 Aug 06
Damion: It was a god thing he was drinking his water and to his mouth was busy. "Sometime." he said "You like bikes the?" it was a baited question as he put his glass down and stood. "This house was good propotions. I…" he stopped himself, he had been about to say he’d grown up in a place like it. That would have been telling. "Anywhere else you want me to stand?" -08:42 Aug 06
Leslie: Leslie interjected before Jade gave any weird suggestions. She could read it on her face. "Stand by the window and take off your jacket." Leslie moved herself to a better spot for the light. She was a little bit curious to know what he was going to say, but Jade was already swooping in. "I -love- bikes. Don’t know a damned thing about them, but how can you not like all that power rumbling between your legs?" And there it went. Leslie nearly lost it with the snickering, and had to turn her head and fake a cough. She really did feel sorry for him. …a little bit! It made up for her twice-accuring embarrassments. -08:46 Aug 06
Damion: He could have groaned but instead he was shrugging off his jacket and leaving it on the seat of the windown and stratening his collar. "So you like those with power? Those that go fast and hard in a strait like but wet themselves and bleak down crying at the thought or a kink, a corner?" he asked stealing a glance out the window at his bike flashing it an almost apologetic look. Then he was looking at the camera "How many do you need?" -08:50 Aug 06
Leslie: "You really know how to make a simple topic sound sexy, Mr. Rudrum." Leslie cringed. Jade had amazing instincts and knew how to ask the right questions. …when she wasn’t thinking with her vagina. He was getting annoyed, and Jade was either ignoring it or hadn’t noticed. Leslie, though, was ready for it to be over! "I think this is plenty." Jade, had other ideas and pulled the camera out of her hands. "Absolutely not. That’s barely enough pictures to go through for the perfect shot. Go pose him, I’ll snap the pictures." ….Pose him! Leslie gave him a dubious look, as if she thought he might bite her if she even dared to try. -08:57 Aug 06
Damion: He ran a hand though his hair and sighed inwanrly while trying not to show it, of course he’d be trapped here and he had no appointments. So… at leas it wasn’t Jade about to touch him. This was going to be fun. -09:03 Aug 06
Leslie: He mussed up his hair, which gave a very nice look that Leslie could appreciate. Now if she didn’t feel like she was about to stick her hand in to a basket of snakes. Casting Jade a glare, Leslie pushed her sleeves up to her elbows and very gingerly took his arm to move him to a better spot in the window seat. Leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. There, it was kind of like that predator look he had the other day, and so perfectly suited him. -09:06 Aug 06
Damion: He didn’t like her hands on him and wanted to pull away, he tensed but let her move him an anwasted scowl coming to his face as his resistance resembled soemone getting a haircut who didn’t want to. He loked at Leslie wondering what she was going for but with her movements ended up staring intently at the clock like it owed him money. -09:09 Aug 06
Leslie: "Relax. I’m not going to hurt you." she muttered softly enough where Jade wasn’t going to hear. …and with some surprise too! He had been annoyed before, but now he was down right tense. The atmosphere was different, but she didn’t want to call him out in front of Jade. She quickly finished and got out of the way, backing up several paces until she was standing next to Jade. Jade must have appreciated this look herself, as she was giving a long ‘Ooooo…’ and taking pictures like a fiend. "This is perfect! Yes! Wow… All right you don’t have to hold your breath any longer. That will do us." Jade lowered the camera and gave him her best flirty smile. "Thank you so much. Maybe we can do this again under less professional circumstances?" Leslie didn’t say a word, she was just giving him an inquisitive stare! Why was he so weird? -09:17 Aug 06
Damion: He turned his head at them and straitened hooking his jacket with his finger and draping it over his shoulder. "That might be nice." he said before standing and eying them again. Such different expresions. "My helmet?" he asked, Jade seemed to had hidden it somewhere. -09:21 Aug 06
Leslie: Jade’s expression might’ve gotten suspicious as she glanced between the two of them again. "I’ll get it." Leslie was still staring at him, but didn’t speak until Jade was out of the room. "Why did you agree to this if it makes you uncomfortable?" -09:24 Aug 06
Damion: His expression didn’t change. "Because Ms. Cole, I didn’t knwo I was promised to the other lion." his tone was clipped and he picked up the glass of water to drain the rest of it and put the empty glass on the tray his movements too fast to be casual. -09:27 Aug 06
Leslie: That didn’t even make sense! Leslie visibly bristled, opening her mouth and pointing a figure at him to demand what that meant. But Jade was back with his helmet and offering it up. She looked a little surprised by Leslie’s expression. Flirty Jade was turned off, professional Jade back on. "Here you go, Mr. Rebrum. Thank you again for your time. Should I need anything more I will let you know. Leslie?" Leslie just clamped her mouth shut and shook her head. -09:30 Aug 06
Damion: "I will be returning to the city on monday." he said "If you need anything please call before ten sunday morning." he said his tone equally business-like and he stepped outside the hand the helmet on the mirror and he pulled his jacket in. He was foinf to enjoy joing fast today. -09:34 Aug 06

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