Reunion 004: Confessions


[Blythe had to be rescued from another Reunion gone a little wacky. At least time it didn’t go AS bad… but it still did sort of leave her a little perturbed!] -07:15 Dec 16
[Fred has taken blythe away from her shame and taken her out for coffee.] -07:17 Dec 16
Blythe: She was letting Fred drive her car. There was no way she was going to be able to do it with her nerves a wreck. But being out, just the two of them had calmed her down quite a bit. So all that was left was her faint embarrassment and the fidgeting of her fingers around her insulated cup. “Have I said I am sorry enough? We left a bit early…” -07:22 Dec 16
Fred: “You don’t need to be sorry.” he said his left hand fidgeting as he wanted to change gears. He was NOT used to an automatic. “We did say if things didn’t work out we’d run away together.” he pointed out placing a hand on her knee as the car powered uphill, thenhe pulled over and put on the handbreak. “I can’t give you the moon but I can give you a view of it.” he said leaning over to kiss her cheek. -07:26 Dec 16
Blythe: They did plan an escape, and comment made her smile even wider. Why had she never remembered all those moments he seemed to ease her worries? “So you’ve brought me to the moon, Fred?” she grinned, tilting away to look out the window. Though her fingers had curled around his hand. -07:32 Dec 16
Fred: “Well…” he gestured out the windscreen at the entire town laid down before them. “As close as I can, yes.” he squeezed her hand and looked at her. “Feeling better?” he took a tip from his mug and sighed. -07:35 Dec 16
Blythe: It was a great view. An amazing view! It really must have been a secret spot, because Blythe had definitely never been there before. And they were far enough out to enjoy the town’s lights and see all the stars in the sky. “A little bit better, yeah. Barb just… I guess I am not so put together. I was supposed to be your bulldog and shield you from people.” She gave him a sheepish grin. -07:39 Dec 16
Fred Williams: “I thought we were meant to be shielding eachother.” he said brushing a hand against her cheek and giving her a smile. “I meant we’ve been helping eachother since day one, that’s how we seem to work best, taking care od eachother. And now that I’m out we can, right? I can be here for you and you can be here for me?” he was rubbing her neck lightly and leaning closer so she could lean on him if she wanted. -09:13 Dec 16
[Blythe enters.] -09:14 Dec 16
Blythe: She gave a soft laugh and tilted until she was resting her head on his shoulder. “That’s what it -should- be like, I guess. …and has! Well, aside from one or two Blythe mishaps here and there.” she grinned. -09:16 Dec 16
Fred Williams: “Everyone makes mistakes right? That’s the lesson from everything we’ve been through together isn’t it? Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you just need someone in your life who is wiling to look past those to the beautiful person inside. The one that really doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and just wants to be happy?” he let go of her hadn to put hi arm aroufn her shoulders tightly and kiss her forehead. “Isn’t that what everyone wants?” -09:22 Dec 16
Blythe: Blythe wasn’t sure if he meant her or himself. But his words almost made her eyes teary, even when she was slipping her arms around him and grinning wider. “That sounds good to me. Seeing past the bad stuff, and just finding a way to be happy. I think somewhere I forgot what that felt like, and it’s hard trying to find it again…” -09:30 Dec 16
Fred Williams: He placed his hand on the back of her neck delicately and brushed his lips against hers. “You make me happy Blythe. I don’t know if I should feel that way about youafter everything we’ve been through and I’m scared to death of losing your friendship but what I’m trying to say is.” he pushed his lips harder against hers and ran his hand through her hair. -09:39 Dec 16
Blythe: A kiss. And this time it didn’t come as an unexpected surpise. This was one she was really, really hoping to get. A soft sigh slipped out as she leaned in to the kiss, her fingers curling in to his shirt. There wasn’t a chance of her breathing, he had stolen her breath away! -09:43 Dec 16
Fred Williams: She was making the kiss last longer than he’d planned it to but he wasn’t complaining. Sliding his other arm around her he pulled her out of her seat and into his lap as he nibbled on her lip and got coffee spilled on his which caused him to suxk in the breath. -09:49 Dec 16
Blythe: Blythe was lost in some smitten dream where she was getting whisked away by something unexpectedly amazing. And the only reason that bubble was broken was his jump and the ever so slightly hot feel of her spilled coffee. “Oh… blast!” Blythe laughed, then quickly clamped her mouth shut with an apologetic grin, but only wound up laughing again. Quickly she set her cup aside though and was awkwardly manuvering on his lap trying to figure out what to do about his wet shirt. “I’m sorry! I wasn’t- I just…! Bother, maybe we should get your shirt off..” -09:55 Dec 16
Fred Williams: It was still running down his sking and he could feel it getting lower. Without a moment to loose to leand forwards and pulled it of, or tried to in the confinds of the car and may have accidently batted himself with his arm in the face while doing it. “… help?” he said stilling his arms and waiting for her to help him! -10:03 Dec 16
Blythe: This was so ridiculous that Blythe was laughing all over again! But she helped. Scooting and shifting, tugging and pulling until he was free of the coffee stained shirt. Holding it crumpled in her hands, she was back to trying not to laugh anymore and it was quite hard to do. “I should be able to get the stain out, I think… would you like your jacket back?” He had given it to her when they stepped out of the hotel and she was stil wearing it. -10:08 Dec 16
Fred Williams: He was trying to hide his chest as best he could with his arms as he looked at her. It wasn’t very cold but he didn’t know how he felt about being shirtless in front of her. “You don’t have to.” he said looking up at her and taking her hand without the shirt. “It’s not like I have anywhere else to go tonight, at leat not until Heath calls or checks up on me.” -10:17 Dec 16
Blythe: “I do make a suit jacket look good.” she grinned. This was crazy. Everything she wanted to do was crazy. And she couldn’t help it! Blythe found herself leaning over him, brushing a quick kiss at the corner of his mouth. And when that wasn’t enough, she gave a real one. Her fingers brushing up under his chin. -10:24 Dec 16
Fred Williams: He kissed her back and placed his ahnd on her cheek. “You could make a plastic bin bag look good Blythe.” he whispered and opened his mouth to kneed into her lips with his and nip ler lower lip ever so slightly. “Does this mean I’m your boyfriend now?” he asked his hand slipping down to masage the side of her neck. -10:28 Dec 16
Blythe: “I don’t know… do you want to be…?” Blythe couldn’t pretend it was sudden. This moment might have been years in the making. All she really knew is that no one had ever made her feel like this. Not a crush, not a boyfriend, not even her almost fiance. An arm slid around his neck as she leaned more comfortably against him. Returning his kiss with soft motions and a nuzzle of her nose against his. -10:33 Dec 16
Fred Williams: “Yes, I do.” he found himself saying before he caught the corner of her mouth in a kiss. “I do, if that won’t mess up out friendship because I want you in my life.” he said kissing her again and smiling. “Do you want me to be?” -10:40 Dec 16
Blythe: “If I am honest…” she ran her fingers in to his hair and nuzzled against his cheek. This really should be weird, everyone would think she was insane. Well. Insaner. “I kinda of wanted you to kiss me when I was teaching you to dance…” she mumbled softly. Another kiss followed, this time lingering over his mouth longer. -10:47 Dec 16
Fred Williams: He went red and placed his hand on her cheek and ran his thumbs over her lips. “I want to too.” Dammit why were his eyes getting wet? He slipped an arm under his jacket and pulled her against him to nuzzle his lips against hers. “I want you Blythe.” -10:52 Dec 16
Blythe: There was just no response to that. Not one she could give with words, anyway. She took his mouth in another sudden, hard kiss. It wasn’t exactly graceful, but it spoke volumes of how she felt! Even with his arms wrapped tight around her and being pressed against him didn’t feel close enough. -10:57 Dec 16
[Fred still has no shirt!] -06:37 Jan 17
[Blythe is kissing the hell out of a shirtless Fred!] -06:40 Jan 17
Fred: He responded, arms pulling her tighted against him and with only a slight hesitation his lips crushing against hers. The floodgates opened. A hand wondered up to burry itself in her hair and he pulled her tighter against him before pausing. "Blythe…" he whispered. "Are you sure you want this, with me. I’m a mad scientist, and maybe too mad to realize this is crazy, and still want you. But I want you to be sure… no regrets Blythe." -06:45 Jan 17
Blythe: She gave a soft laugh, making her breath fall against his skin before she brushed another quick kiss over his mouth. She wasn’t pulling away, she didn’t want to. Blythe just shook her head and nuzzled against his cheek. "You’re not mad.. and maybe I am a little crazy? But this isn’t. We’ve had years, Fred, probably a few years too long. I really, really want this." -06:50 Jan 17
Fred: He smiled and flushed "Years?" had she felt like this that long? He kissed the corner of her mouth before slowly peeling his jacket off of her and rubbing her shoulders with his hands. "Then let’s be crazy." -06:57 Jan 17
Blythe: It was dark, but she could still see that faint tinge of red to his cheeks. Making her raise her hands to slid her thumbs against his jaw as she chewed on her bottom lip. There were so many things she could say about the years since the reunion, and she just couldn’t articulate it in to words! So she was left once again expressing it through nuzzling against his cheek and pressing her mouth to his. -07:01 Jan 17
Fred: He jacket falling to the floor of the car and he slid his hands up against her back and he pressed his nailes into her skin just enough to make it twinge. Why had they come up here? The view was long forgotten in the wake of her lips on his and he massahed his lips against hers berofre parting than and tilting hie head to suck her lip into his mouth. -07:09 Jan 17
[Blythe enters.] -07:16 Jan 17
Blythe: Making out with a guy in a car. She hadn’t done this since… well… Blythe had never actually done this! Just the touch of his hands had her melting, as she pressed further in to his mouth and nibbled. She was light headed, stomach fluttering, completely smitten. And at some point she was sure she forgot to breathe. -07:20 Jan 17
Fred: He tilted his head to pull back as he pushed her hem up to explose more of her thigh and then letting the hem rest in place slid his hand up her sides and back down as he breahed agaist her. He found he needed the breaks to keep from losing himself completely. "Before we go any further… this is going to end in sex, you know that right." -07:31 Jan 17
[(Timeout) Blythe has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:38 Jan 17
Blythe: Blythe giggled, resting her forhead at the crook of his neck as she caught her breath before she straightened to smile softly down at him again. Her fingers found their way in to his hair, gently petting. "I know." she mumbled, her mouth curving in to a half grin. "I know and it’s okay. Anything else you want to warn me about?" she teased. -07:38 Jan 17
[Fred enters.] -07:49 Jan 17
Fred: That was asking for it. He grabbed her hair and pulled her close and bit her shoulder, then trailed a line of nips up her neck to her ear with her head pinned against his shoulder. "I bite." he said before letting her go and pushing his lips into her solftly, the sweetness of it making up for the roughness a second aho. -07:53 Jan 17
Blythe: The sudden nipping made her squeak in surprise, but she was immediately laughing, and just as quickly silenced in to a dumbfounded and infatuated stupor. He made her feel so.. sparky! Intoxicated and sparky, and when she returned his kiss it still had that surprised fascination. "I think.. I am in love with you.." she murmured softly. An in the moment realization! -07:59 Jan 17
[(Timeout) Fred got too distracted for their own good…] -08:03 Jan 17
Fred: He flushed again and ran a hand through her hair and smiled against her lips. "I’d be an idiot if I didn’t love you too." he said his voice a higher pitch than usual beofre he pushed his lips hard against hers and pulled her dress off her shoulders and thickled his fingers across them. -08:03 Jan 17
Blythe: That was it! Blythe was so hopelessly done in, if it all had turned out to be an evil plot, she wouldn’t have cared! She smiled and giggled against his mouth as the warm touch of his fingers tickled her exposed skin. She lift her arms to circle around his neck, and flicked her tongue over his lips as she leaned forward in to an affectionate kiss. -08:09 Jan 17
Fred: He ksised her back and at the same time pushed her dress further down her sides bunching it at her waist and pulling on the straps now hooked arounf her arms. He coudn’t remember a happier moment in his life, her was in move, adn the woman he loves was in his lap returning it in a very physical way. This was it, this is what bliss felt like. -08:15 Jan 17
Blythe: They were steaming up the windows of the car, but she hadn’t noticed. She nibbled gently on his bottom lip, shifting her arms until they were pulled loose from the dress and then her hands were right back to touching. Fingers through his hair, gliding down his neck and chest. Being close to him was so much better than she imagined! -08:21 Jan 17
Fred: He ran his fingers up her bare spine and up the back of her neck as he shifted his wieght under her, then reached down to unbuckle his belt and felt it there, an invitation as the hand moved up and cupped her cheek, his lips moving against hers and he chest thrusting forewards against hers, the beckrest abandoned to get closer to her. -08:25 Jan 17
Blythe: Blythe was moved by warm skin and soft touches. The combination of cool air, and tickling touch of his hands was giving her goosebumps! The faint tink of metal from his belt had her glaning down. Hands following to make delicate work of unbuttoning his pants. She wanted this so much, and yet she still couldn’t shake that shy hesitation or the pesky twinge of blushing embarassed in her face, especially when her fingers fumbled. -08:34 Jan 17
Fred: Her face was heart melting and he coulding help but lean up to kiss her forehead and slide his hands up her sides and across her chest to pullthe cup of her bra up to expose her breasts, thne his hands cupped then to slowly kneed. -08:40 Jan 17
Blythe: He was so cute, and so sexy, and she was in a weird place where she was overthinking and completely lost all at the same time! A sigh slipped out and she was arcing herself in to his hands. Draping an arm around his shoulders when she nuzzled against his cheek. Gnawing on her bottom just from nervous habit, her fumbling fingers finally managed to get his pants open and she slipped her hand inside. -08:48 Jan 17
Fred: His hips rose, inviting her entrance as he strpaed his teeth against her lip. It was far, far too late to turn back now, not with his hands tighening on her breasts as her hand moved and his back arching. He reached down and rubbed a hand against her thigh. "I have never been happier than I am right now." -08:52 Jan 17
Blythe: "Good." she mumbled against his ear with a giggle. Caressing him once or twice through fabric, her hand finally stole underneath to circle around him. He wasn’t lying. He wanted her, and he cared for her, and she had no idea why they hadn’t been together sooner. Blythe pulled him free from his pants as she kissed and nibbled his ear. "I am so glad I have you to wake up to… Can I..?" -08:59 Jan 17
Fred: His hand running up and down her back he leaned his hed into her attention, for a moment confised she was asking if she could wake up to him, then it sunk in and he grinned. "You don’t have to ask." he said, the softness of his voice lavered with want and pure bliss. To him, there was onlu her and the close confinds of the car, thier own little world in an ocean of nothiness, and you could stay there, forever. -09:03 Jan 17

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