King of Fools 004: I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Leslie: Leslie, the Designated D. That’s what she showed up as to a friend’s very wild, very chaotic birthday party. Of course, then the news broke that another friend was pregnant, and suddenly that meant Leslie no longer had an excuse for avoiding drinking. What harm could it be anyway? She ordered the most innocent sounding thing she could find. Several drinks later, she was arguing with an equally drunk Jade. About the one thing she was so tired of thinking about…! When Jade finally got distracted by chasing tail, Leslie was still brooding. Like…. obssessive brooding. She stumbled off to a hall and dug around in her purse until she found that business card. It took her three times to get the number dialed in right, and the minute she heard his voice she nearly shouted at him. "Why are you under my skin?! I don’t get it! You’re like… an epidemic!" -09:45 Aug 06
Damion: "Thats a song isn’t it." it wasn’t a question. "Leslie. You sound drunk. Tell me where you are." it wasn’t a request. "I will come nad pick you up." -09:49 Aug 06
Leslie: "Who said I’m Leslie? I didn’t tell you my name." she muttered, her tone of voice changed very quickly from accusatory to mischevious. "I could be a stalker. A creeper. You shouldn’t pick those up, you know, they’re dangerous." she giggled at her own joke! -09:50 Aug 06
Damion: "I’m more dangerous." he said flatly. "And I know a voice when I hear it, especially when so few people have this humber. Tell me where you are and I’ll drive you home. And if you’re a stalker, tell me where you are and I’ll drive you home." he waited already there were the sound of keys being taken off of a table and a door opening. He wouldn’t hive ehr a choice in the matter. -09:55 Aug 06
Leslie: "I’m not telling you a thing! I’ve only talked to you three times, you don’t know me at all. Did you know that long island iced tea isn’t even tea? I didn’t know that, and you didn’t know that I didn’t know that. You also don’t know where I am~!" the last part she mumbled in a sing-song voice, but at some point she must have dropped the phone because she was yelping rather loud and telling someone not to step on it. She snatched it back up again. "Hello? Why did you call me?" -09:59 Aug 06
Damion: She really was drunk and no wonder… "You called me to come and pick you up." a deadpan lie, it was another thing he was good at. "Or to join you where you are, I didnt hear which, but you’re going to have to tell me where you are." -10:02 Aug 06
Leslie: "Oh ho… you think you’re smart. Nope! Not telling! I have to take myself home, I think Jade is sexing up the bartender." Leslie was holding the phone with her shoulder and digging around in her purse again. "As soon as I figure out where my keys are. I don’t even know why I offered to drive, I hate driving." she muttering a few other things, and had a momentary argument with someone that wanted her number. "I don’t have a phone number. Yes, I know I am using a phone right now, but I am talking to someone already. Oh, Damion~! Did you know I like dancing?" -10:08 Aug 06
Damion: "You shouldn’t be driving like you are." he said "And yes, I did." he was still on his way. "Leslie you’re either going to tell me where you are or I will search every bar in this town until I find you." he sounded serious. "And when I do I won’t be in the mood for having a drink with you." ther was the cound of a car alarm and then a door opening "If you twll me where you are I’ll dance -with- you." a bribe, or course. -10:12 Aug 06
Leslie: "Who said I want to dance with you Mr. Rubrum?" she laughed, he sounded mad. Good! He drove her crazy! "I’ll make you a bet… I bet I find my keys before you find me. And if you win you can have a dance, and if I win, I get a million dollars! I’ll be a gracious winner, I promise." -10:15 Aug 06
Damion: "I don’t make or take bets Leslie." he said flatly. "I just want to make sure you get home safely, if you want to make that difficult for me, that your business." he sounded irritated then the sound changed in pitch as he put her on hands free. "I’ll see you when I find you." -10:18 Aug 06
Leslie: "Challenge accepted, Damion!" Hahaha! He was really mad now. Leslie hung up the phone and dropped it in to her purse as she stumbled through the door and outside. Finding her car wasn’t nearly as easy as she thought it would be. It was dark and all of the cars kept moving around. At one point she had to stop and throw up at least twice before she could even take another step. Leslie finally made it to her car in one piece and…. glee! There were her keys! She fought with the door. Kicked it. Rattled the handle. …keys were locked in. Crestfallen, Leslie slid to the ground, her back against the door. Now it wasn’t so funny. -10:22 Aug 06
Damion: The roar of the engine, the tention of the wheel, he was one to go fast but when he wanted to, not because he had to, she wasn’t at the first ywo places he visited but as he pulled into the third he noticed a person leanign agauinst thier car and pulled into the spot the other side of them. Without a word he got out and circled the car to look at her, the mouth set in a frown, but that quickly melted as his eyes softened. "Maybe you are a stalker. Now… I will cate you home." -10:27 Aug 06
Leslie: She must have fallen asleep for a moment, because she was a little startled to hear someone’s voice. She squinted up at him. He was a little blurry. "I found my keys." Leslie held her arm straight up to point at the window. "Locked in. ….I think I’m drunk." she seemed a little confused by that! -10:29 Aug 06
Damion: He stepped up to her and bnet down to pull her into his arm and lift her off the tar. "We’ll come and get your car tomorow then." he was carrying her around to his sporty lotus, dark green, looking almost black in the night. "So why did you call he?" he asked placing her in the seat and doing up her seatbelt before openign the window, closing the door and leanign her against it. "If you’re going to be sick, please do it outside." -10:34 Aug 06
Leslie: "Hrrm…" she held up two fingers proudly. "Sick twice." The seat was comfortable and she rest her forehead against the doorframe. Nice and cool! "Did I call you? ….um… hmm. You’re a vexation and you drive me crazy." she muttered, frowning as her eyes closed and she tried to remember what she called him about. "You didn’t call me?" -10:38 Aug 06
Damion: He got in the driver’s side and started the engine. "You called me and said I get under your skin. I’ll just assume you were drunktalking and forget it." he said reversing out of the parking place and turning the car towards the exit then heading back. as least the said rose had moved on from her infatiation. -10:41 Aug 06
Leslie: "…that’s right!" The question again, her eyes were open and she washing pushing herself away from the door. She didn’t feel like she was going to throw up anymore, but damned if the world wasn’t still moving! Leslie tilted until her she was staring at the side of his face, scowling at him. "Why do you get under my skin? I don’t know how you do it… no one ever gave me so much trouble… You smell really good." Her scowling shifted to a confused look again. Leslie finally tilted enough where she was resting her cheek against his arm. -10:46 Aug 06
Damion: He needed that arm to drive, especially now as he was changing gears. "I think you just answered your own question." he said. "You must enjoy a challenge." he glanced at her then back at the road, they were nearing his hotel and in fact he was already pulling into the parking garage. "Why are you…" he stopped and frowned before parking and undoing his seatbelt. "Its not my business." -10:51 Aug 06
Leslie: "I don’t want to be challenged. I like being unchallenged." They weren’t moving anymore. That was so much better. He really did smell very good, and she nuzzled against his arm before she sighed. "How did you know I liked to dance?" -10:54 Aug 06
Damion: He shrugged. "Lucky guess while talking to someone." he undid his bealt and got out closing the door behind him and then moving around to open hers and undo her bent and lifting her to hold her against him. "Come on, the sooner we get you lying down the better." he closed the door and headed for the elevator. "Doesn’t evenrone like to dance?" -10:58 Aug 06
Leslie: She was limp and without an ounce of energy to put up a fuss, even though she had that frown suggesting she wanted to. Leslie just rest her forehead against his shoulder, and was having a hard time fighting off sleepiness. "No. I don’t want to lie down. You said you’d dance with me." Leslie tilted her head back in an atempt to waken herself. "This isn’t where I live!" -11:02 Aug 06
Damion: The metal doors slid closed and he placed his ahdn flat agaist his back. "I said I’d dance with you if you told me where you were." he said "And tonight you’re sleeping here. You’ll be safe and its a short drive to get your car tomorow." he sighed. "You can argue in the morning." -11:06 Aug 06
Leslie: Elevator. She stiffened, eying the little box warily and curling against him with that scowl again. "Should’ve taken the stairs… why did you come to get me?" she was hiding her face against his shirt now with her eyes squeezed shut and her whole body stiff. -11:09 Aug 06
Damion: "You don’t like elevators." he observed. "When I have someone calling me in the middle of the night drunk saying thier going to drive I do what I cam to not let them." he said "I do not like letting people get hurt."There was a ding and he stepped out into the hall and took a left. "Why don’t you like elevators?" -11:12 Aug 06
Leslie: "Irrational fear of closed metal boxes…" At the sound of the door opening she let out the breath and the tension was gone. "Thank you for not letting me drive, Damion." she mumbled softly. Leslie almost sounded tearful. -11:16 Aug 06
Damion: She had fears, strong ones. ""Just keeping you safe." he said opening the door and carrying her inside taking her strait to the bedroom and placing her on the bed. "You know we’re on the top floor." he said "Taking the stairs would be tedious. I like the view." he sat on the bed and threw a sheet over her. "You are a challenge, you know that?" -11:20 Aug 06
Leslie: Bed…! So soft and so comfortable. Leslie had no problem curling up with a pillow. She could barely keep her eyes open, in fact she wasn’t even trying to fight it anymore. Leslie was drifting. "Challenge accepted..? Goodnight Mr. Rubrum…" -11:24 Aug 06

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