One Life Stand 004: Lost Job New Life

Tessa: Tessa was back stage pacing. AGAIN. Why did she even think this time would be any different. That letting him sleep on her couch and feed her and actually be really nice, meant that he would show up on time. …and now it was even worse. It was almost two hours in, the other members of the band were getting ready to bail and D was no where to be found. The owner had already told her that he’d never book another act from her, and she was -horrified- to even look at the messages on her phone. -03:56 May 17
D: He was being kept in Taronto.. that asshole. He just wanted and excuse to fire Tessa after she put everythign into the show. He had tried to make it happen… He looked at the phone in his hands. Her number was on the screen when he pressed dial. He waited for her to answer, then he wasited longer, then… "Boss.. Its D. I’m in hospital in Taronro, sprained wrist." it was a lie or course. "They’ll only release me tomorow." -04:00 May 17
Tessa: "That sprained wrist better be life threatening!" Tessa almost didn’t answer the phone, almost afraid it was the Label trying to hide on an unknown number. But no, it was D and with something she knew was an excuse! They didn’t keep people in hospitals over night for sprains, she had plenty of them to know. "We worked so hard to get this show moved so you could -be- here and now you’re not even going to show up late!" Tessa had a lot more unkind things to say, most of them involving curse words, but she was so frustrated and upset it was all getting jumbled in her head and wasn’t coming out. "Maybe I can get the deposits back. …is it really JUST a sprain?" It seemed despite how pissed off she was, she was still worried too… -04:05 May 17
D: There was a sharp hiss as he sighed. He had made sure he called from an actual hospital so there would be the sounds, the voices, the intercom. "No, I’ll be interviewed in the morning by the police, thats why they’re holding me. I would have called sooner but I amly just managed to boddow a phone… Look I’ll call the boss and tell him its my fault." -04:08 May 17
Tessa: "Don’t waste the time. I knew I should have went with you and put you on a leash." People didn’t get a second second chance. Not only did she fail at getting him to show up on time, she couldn’t get him to show up at -all-. "I think I am just going to take a bath with my toaster when I get home. Thank you for calling me, I guess… Don’t make the cops mad." Tessa hung up on him. She didn’t even have the heart to ask him why the cops wanted to speak with him or what he got himself in to. She needed to focus on sending everyone and everything home anyway. …and then the dreaded talk with the Label. -04:15 May 17
D: He tried calling her back but she didn’t answer, he didn’t expect her to, then he called his boss. Not Tessa but the Label, then man who gane him these extra jobs. "Its done. I hope you’re happy, I know I will be when I see that stack of bills. I’ll be back in town Tomorow." -04:18 May 17
Tessa: The owner was pissed, people in the place who paid for tickets were pissed, and the rest of the band took off before she even got to -talk- to them. Which left Tessa alone to pay people to take her equiptment back to storage. …and then when she was pulling on her coat, the phone rang again. This time with the Label’s number. She answered. "I’m sorry, he just didn’t show. But I’m if I-" she was cut off. "You’re done. That was your chance and he made his choice." Tessa couldn’t even argue it. She was left standing there and listening to the dial tone. This sucked. -04:26 May 17
D: It was the next day that he was back in town, but his customery smile was abscent, he put on the show of a job well done when he picked up his money. He let himself into her appanrtment, then hadn’t had her locks changed and he was getting used to them, then he locked the door behind him, twisted the top off of a bottle of amder liquid and took a gulp. He didn’t even know why he felt so shitty. He colapsed onto his sid and took another swip before putting the bottle down on the floor. Why was he even here? Oh right.. because she was in danger and it was his fault. -04:31 May 17
Tessa: Tessa wasn’t great with drinking, but that didn’t stop her from spending the night at a sleazy bar, lurking in a corner with a pot of coffee and being genuinely depressed. She just… didn’t want to go home and face the fact she was now jobless all over again! But by morning she was prodded to leave. So there she was, almost noon when she unlocked her door and stepped inside. Shutting the door silently, dropping her bag in a chair and kicking off her shoes. …and once again finding him on her sofa. "…Get off my couch! You are BANNED from this couch!" -04:35 May 17
D: He rolled from her couch and landed on the floor the empty bottle clattering away from him as he groaned in pain. "Fine I’m off." he said face down on the floor. Fuck he wouldn’t be able to protect her like this. "Keep your hair on." -04:38 May 17
Tessa: Tessa immediately jumped on the couch taking up as much space as she could so he couldn’t get back on it. She leaned to narrow her eyes at the bottle and him down on the floor. "I lost my JOB because of you! No, my LIFE! Do you have any idea how much I really, really loved that job?" Tessa snatched the pillow off the couch to thwap him with while he was defenseless on the floor. "I got to work with you and creating amazing shows and now it’s DONE! Over, gone, kaput! No one is ever going to hire me again because I can’t get one guy to show up…!" -04:42 May 17
D: He had been pushing himelf up when the pillow hit hi and he rolled onto his side, then back. "You’re not the only one who lost a job today Tessa." he saif covering his face with an arm in case she threw something else at him. "A job that they liked. Performing is one of three things I do well and its the one I enjoy the most so.. Fuck.." he rolled onto the side facing away from her and started pushing himself up again. -04:47 May 17
Tessa: "A musician is always a musician and can always play music! A band manager is shit out of luck without a band to manage!" Tessa finally tossed the pillow at him when he tried to get up again. And the blanket follow. …followed by some of the cushions off the sofa. Wearing herself out from that and a night of sleeplessness she plopped over face first on the couch and threw her arms over her head. "I have to look for a new job today… maybe I can find one fast enough." her voice was a muffled grumbling. -04:51 May 17
D: In the time he had spent with her he had learned her little hiding places for money and before she had arived had restocked them. "You still have that grand I gave you on friday? Keep it, it will last you a little while." he pulled the pullow inder his head in the floor and the blanket over himself. "I’m shit out of luck for a new place though. Find yourself a new band to manage, one unaffiliated with labels. I know a couple." -04:55 May 17
Tessa: "You’re still banned from my couch." she muttered. Tessa shifted enough to dig in to her coat pocket and then she threw her phone at him. There were more than a dozen texts back and forth. Most of which were her begging the Label to take her back, and all the things she’d do and all the very unpleasant responses. And the threat that if she didn’t stop texting, she was a dead woman. "I can’t… he’s all kinds of pissy at me and it’ll be career suicide for anyone that I represent… I can try dry cleaning again. I don’t think I set anything on fire there…" Tessa needed a newspaper, but she didn’t even want to roll off the sofa. "You can take your money back too. It’s not for a show, I can’t take it…" -05:01 May 17
D: "It is for a show." he said rubbing his shoulder where the phone had hit. "You will use a pseudonym, people do it all the time. He picked up her phone and punched in a number. "These guys are good but they can’t book for shit. I used to play with them a while back. Good people." -05:05 May 17
Tessa: "Kinda like a stage name…?" Tessa peeked over her arms and leaned to look down at him. She still looked a bit dubious about the idea. "I don’t have a lot to work with… the Label had resources and could give me funding. Um, hmm… but after that first hurdle, I bet I could start my own company…" Now the wheels were turning. Money was really the only big issue. …and having a band, of course. But otherwise, she knew how to do the job and get exposure! It could totally work! -05:10 May 17
D: "You have the equipment in your storage unti, and a grand. The fard part is the contacts and you have that. If you feel bad about taking my money we’ll call it investment capital and if you need more.. talk to me." he held the phone out to her the number on the screen. "It all starts with one call." -05:13 May 17
Tessa: Tessa debated. …finally she snatched the phone and hopped off the couch, nearly tripping over him in the process of dashing over to her desk. Exhausted or not, by the end of the day she would have a contract with a new band. She was already glancing around the apartment looking for inspiration for her official company label name as she let the phone ring. -05:17 May 17
D: With her finally off the couch he pulled himself onto it and pulled the blanket and pillow up with him. He was sore and bruised and not just from her phone, he really had been in hospital, but not for a sprain. But then his stomach rumbled and he sat up. "How does potroast sound?" -05:22 May 17
Tessa: "You’re still banned from my couch!" she grumbled, covering up the phone so no one heard her shouting at him. "…and I guess that is okay! I didn’t eat…" And why did she even feel guilty about that? He wasn’t the boss of her eating habits! Tessa waved a hand at him to leave her alone while she made appointments! -05:24 May 17
D: He stood and moved into the kitchen and ripped off his shirt throwing it over a shair. It smelled funky and he didn’t want to smell it while cooking. He frabbed a board and a knife and potatoes and dumped the last into the sink, if she was busy he wouldn’t bother her, besides he was hungry too. "You’d never eat if I wasn’t here…." he muttered. -05:28 May 17
Tessa: Tessa heard that. And she made a face at him, whether he caught it or not. ….it was probably true. She’d eaten better in the past week or so than she had in years. But she still wasn’t going to let him sleep on her couch! …and he wasn’t wearing a shirt… Somewhere in her phone conversation, she lost track of what she was doing and Tessa ended up dropping the thing and having to scramble to pick it back up and return to writing stuff down. -05:33 May 17
D: He washed the potatoes and chopped then up, puled out a pot and put it on the stove, put in oit and threw the popatoes in. They took the longest to cook so they wen in first, and he liked them crisp. He then went to rummage through her fridge and pull out more vegetables and a bit of beef that looked liek it should be eaten soon. So he could cook, mainly because of hsi grandma and because he was perticular about what he ate and he wasn’t shy about ripping his shirt off. He’d take off his pant if he had a reason to. "The band Tessa, make them an offer." He liked saying her name instead of calling her boss. -05:38 May 17
Tessa: "I know, I know!" Tessa twisted her chair so she couldn’t see him. …and so he couldn’t see her or catch her staring too. Why was SHE always the one with her face turning red? Tessa made an offer, a very good offer. …A fair one too! She’d be the best manager they ever had. And when she got a very happy yes, negtiation for a contract and a time to meet… It was a very happy Tessa hanging up the phone, bouncing and clapping in her chair while she turned on her computer to make up some really official looking contracts. "Calico! I’ll name the company Calico… Tessa Thorn of Calico Productions. …Oh wait, I need a fake name. Dammit!" That wasn’t going to sour her mood, though. She had a band! -05:46 May 17
D: "Foods up." he said putting a bolw nad fork on the table. "Theres more in the pot too so EAT." he sat on the counter and and started eating too. IT took practive not to let pot roast get too oily bit he had had a good teacher. "By your face the call went well?" he raised and eyebrow but keps eating. "Now you just need to get them booked." -05:52 May 17
Tessa: Food! …but contracts… But food! ….yet these contracts… Tessa was twisting her chair back and forth with the indescision. The faster she had the contracts drawn up, the sooner she could start looking for venues to book. …but dinner smelled so good! Tessa finally gave in to the smell, dropping in to a chair at the table and diving in like she hadn’t had a bite in days. ..chances were she really didn’t. "They were really excited about the idea! I could have the contracts signed by tomorrow night, but the hard part will be finding a place that isn’t going to kick me out on sight. Rebuilding my reputation is going to be a pain…. and this is soooo goood…" Even better with dipping buttered bread in it. Tessa decided choosing dinner over work wasn’t a mistake. -05:58 May 17
[D enters.] -06:18 May 17
D: He smiled as he watched her eat. He had a secret pride in his cooking that not one but he knew about and it was good to see someone else liked it as much as he did. "Pace yourself theres plenty, will pribably lake a pie with the leftovers if theres enough tomorow. Looks like its a morning shop but.." fatigue hit him and he put his empty plate down on the counter and slipped off. "I haven’t showered in three days, I’m showering." -06:22 May 17
[(Timeout) D was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -06:24 May 17
Tessa: "That’s my- …hmm." Well, if he really needed a shower, he could use it… But if he grabbed her favorite towel, she’d yell at him. Tessa was too busy eating to give him any hell about it, and when she was finished she took care of the dishes. The only reason she didn’t eat everything was the possibly of something else tasty later. And when he was out, she would find out what he went to the hospital for! -06:27 May 17
[Tessa enters.] -06:31 May 17
D: He turned on the water and sighed. There were buises all over his arms and a large one on his right shoulder… where the rifle’s kick has hit him. There was also a fresh line od stitched on his back which he was glad she hadn’t seen, yet. Taronto had gone south.. he almost sespected a setup. Pulling a fresh towel from the cupboard he walked out with only it and around his waist and his pants draped over his shoulder coveniently covering up the stitches. "So if I’m not allowed on the couch where an I going to sleep?" -06:32 May 17
Tessa: "I know you have a home. Gah! One with clothes in it!" Blast it, he was naked! There was a towel – but still! Tessa covered her eyes with her arms. "You’re covered in bruises, you know. What exactly did you do there?" -06:35 May 17
D: "Didn’t think the cops wanted to talk to me about shoplifting did you?" he grinned "There was a bar fight." the perfect cover, it even explained the stitches. "But I wasn’t charged with anything and here I am." he shook his head and sighed. "Look its simple… I can’t go back, not while I have reason to be here in the city. I never said how far out of town it was." -06:39 May 17
Tessa: "You get in a barfight on the day you’re supposed to come back…" Tessa wasn’t so sure she believed it. …or even -why- she didn’t believe. Maybe it was the way he paused and looked guilty when he said it. "Now that you’re jobless, there’s not a lot of reason to stay in town. Uuuunless you wanna sign under MY label?" Ha! She could snatch him up… and then have to deal with him always being late… "Wait, maybe that is not a good idea…" -06:45 May 17
D: "Its not.." he said. "Its not like I have a band anyway. I think I’m done with music, It wasn’t a realistic dream anyway. You’re right I’ll look for jobs out of town." He didn’t know which was worse him saying it or him realisticly thinking he’d walk away. "You’ll go far just… rememebr to eat." -06:49 May 17
Tessa: That startled her and without thinking about his bruises she swatted at him. "You can’t QUIT music! The only time you’re ever real is when you’re playing or singing!" Tessa swatted him again before stalking over to her desk. "I’ll make a contract and you’ll work. …I’m kinda going to be paying you with your own money at first, but if you -show up- to gigs we’ll actually get paid!" -06:53 May 17
D: He rubbed one of the bruises that she had struck and shot her a look. "I’m too recognisable to the label and I don’t have a band. All I’ll do is draw his attention to you, and besides I’m the kind who gets into barfights when he should be on stage. Or didn’t you notice. You don’t owe me anything, I got you fired after all." -06:58 May 17
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:03 May 17
Tessa: "And you also gave me a new opportunity to make up for it." Tessa plopped in her chair and typed on her computer real quick. "You know what, screw the Label and using a fake name! They want to fire us, that’s -their- loss and I bet I could do hella lot better without having to worry about getting killed every time I went in to work." -07:03 May 17
D: Getting killed every time she went to work, under her real name that could happen. "And if he blocks you… what then. You enjoy th…." he stoppen himself it almost sounded like he cared. "Well then, but you havn’t solved the first issue, or the fact that I still won’t turn up for gigs." -07:06 May 17
Tessa: Tessa had the contract printing out. "I’ll figure what to do. What’s the worst that can happen? I mean, even if he’s actually serious about sacrificing me to eldar gods, I can use that as publicity! Company wars?" With a paper printed out, she snatched it up and a pen. Holding it up and in his face. "Sign it. If you stay here I can make sure you’re on time, and if you’re NOT on time I’m going to do horrible, horrible things to you. I will hire someone to beat you up if I have to." -07:11 May 17
D: He looked dubious but as she had just pointed out he could stay here if he signed. "Fine but I’m not performing until I have a band I’m happy with. He took the contract and signed it with D Bodan "I’ll tell you if a date is bad…" -07:16 May 17
Tessa: "A band your happy with and whatever dates you want!" Tessa threw her arms around him, bruises and all. "You won’t regret it! …and don’t make me regret it. I’m trusting you, okay? Don’t leave me dying somewhere waiting for you?" -07:22 May 17
D: "Ow…." his pants fell from hsi shoulder and he felt her arm drush against the stiches and he winced. "Careful…" he hugged her back with one arm and. "You’re and one about to leave me dying…" -07:25 May 17
Tessa: "What? Oh! …What the hell, D! That’s way worse than a sprain!" Tessa looked like she was about to swat him again, but thought better of it. "…We’ll work on your show dates after that’s heeled… and you’re sure that’s from a barfight…" Tessa fussed at him to back him in to the bedroom. "Go to bed! Lay down! Stop dying!" -07:29 May 17
D: ANd thats how he ended up naked on her bed trying to hold his towel around himself and ‘not die’ But it did hurt and the sooner he was lying down the sooner she would stop pushign him. "Its not life threatening, and there was broken glass that I was pushed into, then pulled it all out and zipped me up. I’ll need to get them removed sometime though.." -07:33 May 17
Tessa: "Just tell me when and I’ll take you, okay? You probably shouldn’t even be using your arm." Tessa grabbed a blanket and tossed it over him. Half because he needed it and half because he almost lost his towel and her cheeks were red again. "Don’t leave out important details like that, I’m not a psychic and I need to know these things." -07:39 May 17
D: "Its a scratch." he said knowing it was far from. That guy had really known how to use a knife. "ANd if I don’t use my arm whose going to cook?" he accepted the blanekt though and a pillow from the head on the bed… and the bed was more comfortable than the couch. Especially after he let the towl drop from hsi hand to the floor after her was covered by the blanket. -07:42 May 17
Tessa: Tessa grimaced, taking a look at the door as if out there in the kitchen was filled with lions. "I could manage. I think. At least I’ve already learned my lesson about food poisoning, so I can cook something." -07:46 May 17
D: Looked like he was going to have to do this the hard way… working with someone "I’ll be there, you can be my extra arm if you’re willing to let a man tell you how to cook." he said leanign against the pillow. You are after all the boss Tessa." -07:48 May 17
Tessa: Tessa grinned. "…Probably the best thing to do if we don’t want to die before I get my business off the ground." …well this was weird! Looking down at him in her bed, knowing he’s butt naked and planning future meals for survival… And then her thoughts got weird! Tessa was very slowly, and very strangely starting to back out of the room. "So I.. have that work to do! For venues. And stuff. And maybe errands… Coffee. Um… Ack!" Tessa hit the doorframe with her back. Took a deep breath, and tried that again. "I mean, I need to get my paperwork in order and get a lisence and make sure I’m legal. You can nap." -07:52 May 17
D: A nap did sound good but there was a note of disappointment to his voice when he he spoke "Goodnight Boss… Tessa. "I’ll have your bed free for you soon enought." he put his head on the pillow and closed his eyes with a sigh. He had signed with her, and couldn’t tell ehr about his other job while living in her house. When did things get so.. wierd. -07:55 May 17

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