Repairing Destiny 004: Temptations

[Jane is drying off her hair and stepping out of the bathroom in nothing but a too large shirt and too large boxer shorts that are being held up by one hand.] -04:46 Apr 21
[Britt is crawling through the window, which is a big production because she is not atheletic at all and she’s carrying a backpack with her stuff for tomorrow.] -04:49 Apr 21
Britt: Britt made it up to the second floor, or was rather pleased with her climbing skills. Up until she reached the window. Jane said it was open and unlocked, but "open" was just a crack, which left Britt fumbling to push it open farther so she could squeee through, and doing it with one hand on top of it. There was a small yelp when her foot slipped but she managed to at least get her arms and head through. Now she was just struggling to pull herself the rest of the way. "Jane." she hiiiiissed trying not to shout and wake the neighborhood. "Help meeeee!" Why didn’t the idiot just let her in the front door! -04:57 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: There was a fwump as the towel was tossed onto the flood and rapid footsteps up to the window that was wrneched open and a strong arm came out to grab Britt’s shoulder and pull her up, then she was clamped against Jane as she stapped backwards pulling the girl in through the window and depositing her on the floor. "There… one of these days you’ll get it." She stepped away from Britt and sat on the corner of the bed to fuss with her wet hair, it seemed to have grown faster than usual. They said that might be a short term side effect. "Thanks for coming…" -05:02 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Her face was red, which thankfully could be atributed to her perilous climb and not because she got a face full of boobs. There was something delicious about a strong woman with soft curves… Britt let her backpack slip to the floor, finding her mouth dry and having a hard time forming words. Her hair was weeet and getting longer, it was alarming to think Jane could get prettier. Britt fell backwards on the mattress. Why did she think this was a good idea! "I am not going to do pushups and stupid exercise just so I can climb through your window." -05:10 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: Jand looked over her shoulder as Britt, damp messy hair almost reaching where the loose shirt showed a little too much shoulder. "What’s wrong with pushups? I do them every day." she moved to prop herself on her side facing Britt. "I want to try for the team at my new school. Should be fun!" -05:20 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "They’re hard and boring? Too much work." Now that the shock of being a girl wore off, she seemed to be handling everything really well. That was James, though. He found ways to make things work. Britt grinned, reaching up to tug and pulled at Jane’s shirt, which normally was just the usually touchy way of showing affection. This time she was being a subtle asshole and trying to see just how much farther that shirt would fall off her shoulder. "I guess you’re not gonna go for the normal non-violent school activities huh?" -05:31 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: She rolled her away, gently taking Britt’s hand away to drawl up next to her and flop down back in the propped position. "Please. I’m still me. I like fighting and I like winning. I like being strong and the ruuuuuuusssssh." with the last word she closed ger eyes and looked up as if recieving a message from heaven before litting out a long steady breath as if relieving pent up energy. "I’m not going to completely change who I am and how I act." -05:39 Apr 21 Jane
Jane: rolled her eyes* -05:44 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "I don’t understand what’s fun about circling around and punching each other in the face… but if it maaakes yooou haaappyyyy." Britt never had been on board with the fighting thing. She just didn’t get it! It was going to be interesting how a girl’s team would go, though. Britt didn’t even know if they -had- one. She sat up long enough to kick off her shoes, then she was crawling up in to bed to make herself comfortable. "I’m glad you haven’t changed." -05:49 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "Think of it like dancing, watchign thier movement, anticipating them, striking back… the dicipline, the felling go of fear, anger… everything… It’s the best feeling in the world… FINE! Second best." she slopped on her back and pulled the blanket over her bottom half. "Not that I know how that would feel now… this is the longest I’ve gone without… Ugh. Even thinking baout it feels wield. With a dick I know what to do. Grab hold and work it. I still canlt LOOK down there without feeling slightly uncomfortable." -05:52 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "You act like it’s some kind of mysterious cavern." she muttered. She stole some of her blanket to tug up over herself too, then she scooted closer on her side and rest her head on Jane’s shoulder. "And great, now I’m thinking about you masterbating. That’s what I want to fall asleep too." Oh goooood. Would she ask for pointers? There was no way Britt could explain anything without passing out! -05:57 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: She put an arm around Britt and looked at her. "I’m sure I’m just overthinking it. Some day somethign will turn me on so much I won’t be able to help myself and then I’ll try it… when I’m not daunted by a new school. Freaking out over my girlfriend. Maybe used to my body… I try to act cool and like I can handle this and I can definately handle it it’s just not easy to right now. It would be nice if I had someone who’d grab me, pin me down and kiss me until my brain exploded and made me feel sexy but… I’m going to have to settle for doing street fighter poses in the mirror in a low cut tank top with my floves on to feel sexy for now." -06:28 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Hhmm. Pinning her down and kissing her silly, getting her hands all through her hair and sliding down her back. Being pinned down with strong slender arms and looking up and two perfect- Britt buried her face at Jane’s neck and laughed. It was a delerious, forced reaction to get herself thinking about something else and so she wouldn’t start squirming around like a cat in heat. "So you’ve been checking yourself out in the mirror now? Going to fall in love with yourself?" -06:35 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "I’m not a narcissist." she said in an irritated voice. "I’ve been trying to train myself that that’s what I look like now." she sighed and ran a strand of Britts hair through her hingers and tugged on it slightly. "Mostly so that I DON’T turn myself on since I’m a hot girl who is turned on by hot girls… at least I can see my oen boobs now without feeling wierded out and showering with them is kinda normal now." -06:41 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "That’s good, I guess. I dunno if I could deal with you always fondling yourself." Britt could do that! Grr, when did she get this sudden lack of self control? It was so completely unlike her. Britt slid an arm around Jane’s waist and settled with a huff. This felt really good. Hanging around with James had always been comfortable, but never like this. And she smelled so nice fresh out of the shower. -06:47 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: She pulled Britt against her as she rolled to face her. "I’l only do that when I’m masterbating, how’s that." she said with her eyes closed and a small smile on her face. "Damn if you weren’t here…" she was teasing of course, teasing Britt was fun and even shirtless and in full inuendo mode Britt had never batted an eye. She could trust Britt not to make things wierd… right? Trsuting a girl… She trusted Star didn’t she? She really didn’t want to thin right now. "I’m happy to have you here." -06:52 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "I think you just like the idea of me thinking about you masterbating." If Britt could quite repeating it herself, maybe she wouldn’t be thinking about it so much. That was fading though, in the light of curling up close and being pressed almost body to body with Jane. Women fit better, limbs melting in to each other like puzzle pieces. Britt tapped a finger against Jane’s chin and shifted to brush some of that damp hair out of her face. So, so pretty. "Always at your service, I suppose." she muttered softly. It would be really nice to kiss her. -07:00 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "You make it sound like a chore." she said pokes her in the ribs. "What do girls do at sleepovers? What did you do last time you were in another girl’s bedroom? If It’s a chore to be here we should do something fun." She looked into Britt’s eyes, something had changed with her too since Jane’s change? did Britt see her differently too? -07:05 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "It’s not a chore to hang out with you when you have a shitty day." she grumbled, shifting to swat at her poking hands. Britt was far too ticklish to deal with that! "Girls gossip, or play video games, or talk about hotties. Pretty much all the same things guys do. Buuuut, if you wanted to do something cliche girly…" Britt reached behind her to snatch a pillow and immediately smacked her in the head with it. Then she was right back to innocently nuzzling against her shoulder and trying not to laugh. -07:14 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "HEY!" Britt was shoved almost clean off the bed before she was being straddled and having her pillow stolen and tossed aside. "Now what are you going to do?" she leaned forwards to place her hadn next to Britt’s head and look down at her. "You’re at my mercy." -07:25 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Normally Britt would called James an asshole and punched him in the chest, despite the futility of it. THIS on the other hand was dirty daydream come true, and what Britt really, really wanted to do was run her hands up her thighs and make with the groping. She squirmed! No. nope! Can’t give in to temptations, she to be coooool. "Strong words for a girl!" Britt grabbed Jane’s arms and attempted a roll, hoping she still hadn’t gotten used to her new balance yet. -07:32 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: JAne wobbled before crashing down and bouncing on the matress. "Dammit…" there was a sigh and Jane stopped struggling. She WAS a girl and is she hadn’t been one Britt would still be pinned. She had noticed it in the gym too. Her punched had less impact, less wieght behind them and felt more awkward. "Yeah, you’re right. I should take up sewing instead, and home ec. Then I’ll be able to cater YOUR FUNERAL!" she grabbed Britt’s upper arms and using all the leverage she could rolled on top of her, resting on top of them with thier chests pressed together and soon so were thier lips! Then Jane pulled away and say up to brush her hair out of her face. "That’s for calling me a girl in that way. A lesbian kiss you can brag about later to get guys into you." -07:39 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Britt was defeated. A lifeless, limp pool of useless limbs and she was never going to get up ever again. How irritating to have a kiss that was so short, she didn’t even get a chance to savor it. She was willfully forgetting that this was all a bad idea and she was taking advantage of the situation. "Huh… I expected you to be a better kisser than that. How am I supposed to brag about a peck on the mouth?" -07:45 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "Pffft. Fine, just don’t turn lesbo because of me." She reached out and grabbed Britt’s hair to pn her head in place as she pisitioned her face abover hers with a wicked grin on her face. "Heres how the story will go. Your awesome, sexy, and completely lesbian best friend invited you over, we would but because she’s a kickboxer, and a good one that that you didn’t stand a chance." her other hand slid down Britt’s cheek. "You got pinned down and…" Britt was strait so this was alright. Harmless fun. She moving down rapidly her lips pressing hard against Britt’s farcing them open before her tongue slipped insiside to hook her upper lip and draw it out to be gripped tightly between Jane’s teeth and pulled before being let go Jane’s lips pressed in again, her tongue dipping in and feeling around as she sucked, her hand runninf down behind Britt’s hair as the other continue to hold her in place before with a sew smack Jane pulled back and sat up, bother her hand going to run though her hair as she hel out a breath with a "Wooo." She was looking at the ceiling as she continued with ehr hair. "Yep, I’m still way into girls." -07:54 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: That story was absolutely stupid, but Britt didn’t care because this had to be the sexiest damned thing she had ever seen. Had she not been kissed thuroughly stupid, she could have captured her and kissed her back. But Britt was trapped in a silly mindless stupor, with her face flushed and her breath short. Staring up at Jane like she was some sort of sex goddess. Her hands reached up to tug at her shirt with the intent to pull her back down for another kiss, but her arms were too wobbly to do any real pulling. "Um…" crap, what was she about to say? Thiiiiiink! "You taste like mint toothpaste…" …dumbest thing to say ever. -08:04 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: She laughed before flopping down next to Britt and pulling her closer an dpulling the blanket back over them. "Yeah… no worried about you ever going lesbo. I guess that makes you my strait best friend who I have to keep reminding people is not my girlfriend. Thanks Britt, you cheered me up tonight." -08:08 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Idiot, her best friend was an idiot. They were both idiots. Britt was completely infatuated with her newly-girled best friend, and Jane was so dumb she couldn’t tell that Britt was head over heels for girls and about two seconds away from molesting her. She refrained from groaning, and simply muttered a few unhearable words as she curled up with Jane and settled under the blanket. This was the worst. -08:15 Apr 21 Britt
[Britt is having the beeeeeeest dreams.] -03:53 Apr 23
[Jane doesn’t have school today!] -03:53 Apr 23
Britt: Britt had always been a quick and heavy sleeper. Which was good, considering she had been all randy as hell and entertaining thoughts of molesting her best friend, that already has a girlfriend she is having problems with. Guilt was the only thing that kept her under control. …of course when you’re asleep, curled up with a warm body you can’t exactly control where your limbs go. Britt was entangled with Jane. Her face buried at her neck, with an arm curled around her waist and hand under her shirt, stroking her thumb against bare shoulder blades. One of her legs had slipped up between Jane’s and Britt was still wrapped up in her dreaming to realize she was waking up and practically groping her bestie. -04:00 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: Jane woke up slowly at first. Her brain slowly putting together that Britt was still there and that she was moving. Then her brain became aware of where they hands and leg were and she make a sound like a child not wanting to wake up as she stretched and opened her eyes. All the times they had slept next to eachoehter Jane had never woken up to THIS. "Look, Britt I know I kissed you but you have to buy me dinner first." she said grabbing Britt’s arms and moving them away. "Almost enough to make me thi…" Her eyes opened folly and she stared, not wanting to believe where her thoughts had gone. No… it wasn’t true. Not Britt. -04:06 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "Hmm..?" Oh jeezus! Britt was awake in an instant, forcing herself not to leap away or freak out. …or WORSE saying to hell with it and just pouncing. Her face was tinged pink as she grumbled and untangled herself. Sitting up to run her fingers through her hair. She played it off as nothing. "Don’t be so dramatic. We left the window open last night and it was cold. Obviously your hotness is irresistable." -04:17 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "Pfft." Brit was given a playful shove before Jane distanced herself by standing up and scretching. "Fine. If bodyheat is all you want I’ll buy you a kitten." She reminded herself not to make anymore lesbian jokes.. that ould feel wierd. Not that Britt was… Gods no that would ruin everything. -04:20 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "I can barely handle taking care of you, I dun wanna deal with a kitten." Her stupid infatuation was sad. Maybe she needed to find someone else to date so she’d stop thinking about Jane all the time. Britt huff as she glanced at the clock. "…dammit! I missed most of my class!" Britt rolled and scrambled out of bed. Stumbling around half asleep looking for where she left her bag. "Argh, never going to make it. Why did bed have to be so goooooood." Now it was her time to be dramatic! Britt fell face first back in to the bed and groaned in to the covers. -04:27 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "That good hmm?" she asked, sitting on the bed to watch Britt madly dash around the room. "Getting to feel me up in my sleep made you late for school?" She shouldn’t smirk at that and she shouldn’t think about making Britt stay to see if she’s want to be handsy again. She had a girlfriend! -04:32 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "You’re completely irresistable and I am a slave to your enchantment." she muttered. Though her tone was sarcastic, the statement was completely honest. Somehow Britt was completely enarmored with Jane. Britt rolled over to stare at the ceiling and scowl. By the time she got to class, it would be over so there was no sense in rushing now. She’d just have to borrow someone’s notes and hope nothing important was missed. She cast a look at Jane, who had her hair all sleep-messy and that dang tshirt hanging off her shoulders again. Whyyyy was she so pretty when she smirked? -04:37 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "Then kiss me before you leave." Jane had thouroughly convinced herself that Britt would never doanything like that that her tone was dismissive and even if Britt would Jane was already making moves to make herself inaccessible by pulling the blankets aorund herself and flopping down. Stupid stupid. the scolded herself. She’s go to the gym today and work this dumb out of her system. Did being a girl automatically make you needy? -04:43 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: Don’t do it. Dooooon’t do it. It didn’t matter that Jane was being super cute. Or that Britt was thinking about how great that kiss was last night. Or how nice it would be to wipe those asshole thoughts about Britt not doing things right out of Jane’s head. Just when she thought common sense won out, Britt found herself crawling cross the bed over Jane and snatching that blanket away. "You think I won’t? When have I ever not taken a challenge you gave me?" -04:49 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: She looked up at Britt and met her gave. "The last time I challenged you to kiss me. What I was a man." She pueshed herself further away from Britt until her head was on the pillows and folded her arms over her chest. "And this time you’re not even drunk." -04:53 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "So? Why does that make a difference?" Aside from the fact now Britt actually really, really wanted to. She crawled forward and leaned until they were nearly touching nose to nose. She was going to regret this later. "You just hate being wrong." Ignoring her screaming conscience, Britt closed the distance to brush her lips against Jane’s. A soft and sweet kiss, that she hope the jerk was tortured with all day. -04:59 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "Britt!" She wanted to scream and pummel the woman but instead she was sliding a hand up to burry itself in her hair and push back ahainst her lips before she pulled Britt away by her hair. "You just proved it made a difference, that me being a guy was the reason yo didn’t…" Britt was shoved awa hard enouhg to send her tumbling off of the bed. So now the only reason why Britt killed her becuse they were sexually incompatible and it was zero risk for Britt. "Next time you do that I’ll see if you can cash the checks you write." -05:04 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: A very scowly Britt sat on the floor, not bothering to get up yet. Jane had the complete wrong idea about why Britt hadn’t wanted to kiss her before, but was fine with it now. …but there was no way Britt could tell her. Not after all the trash talk she did about lesbians. "Then don’t ask for things you don’t actually want me to do! …bitch!" Throw that out was completely unnecessary, but it felt satisfying. Britt finally got up off the floor. -05:13 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: Jane didn’t know why she was angry but she was. "I do want you to kiss me. You’re beautiful, you’re fun and you’re the only woman I’ve ever been able to trust since my mom walked out on us but you’ve always been out of my league of better as a friend than me fucking it up like I do with everyone. I go through a LOT of girlfriends and maybe I alwasy entertained the hope that one day we’d end up together when I wasn’t such an idiot and the only reason I’m saying this now is because it doesn’t fucking matter anymore. You see me as a girl and…" there was a loud bang as her fist hit the small punchung bag next to her bed sending it smamming into the wall. "Just go… you’re late." -05:21 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "You’re such an idiot!" This would be the moment to confess everything. Britt thought she would be the one to screw everything up. All she had to do was spill the truth. …but she was scared. It wasn’t smart. She wasn’t being fair to Jane at all, and she was being selfish making things more complicated for her. Britt snatched up her bag and marched for the door, but hesitated in the doorway. "…for the record I didn’t keep turning you down because I didn’t like you or because I thought we should just be friends. But you’re right. It doesn’t matter now." -05:30 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "Yes, I am. I’m a huge biggoted bitchy idiot who fucks everything up with every girl she dates and this time it’s not even my fault and I do not want to lose you too…" she was breathing heavily and her hands were balled into fists but her voice was soft and honest. The raw truth. "Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything." she visibly deflated… now things would be wierd between them and she culdn’t look Britt in the face. -05:39 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: Damnit. She didn’t want to leave like this. Britt dropped her bag to cross the room, her arms going around Jane’s waist and her face being buried at her chest. For once there was no intent to molest with it, she just needed to hug her best friend. "You’re not going to lose me." The comment was muffled, but audible. "I’m always going to be here with you." -05:45 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: She hugged her back and held tightly. "I know you won’t leave Britt." she said before letting go. "But you’re late… I’ll be okay. We’ll meet up somewhere later…Okay?" -06:12 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "Fine…" she muttered, pulling away. "Maybe I can catch the afternoon class." Meeting up later was probably not a good idea. Britt was confused and letting herself get out of control. Jane barely was getting used to her new life. "Later then." Britt left, reluctantly and with every intention of avoiding her best friend until she felt she was no longer a risk to her. -06:17 Apr 23 Britt

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