Mediterranean Misadventure 003: The Island Part I

[Maria didn’t know what hit her. more ways than one!] -01:28 May 05
[Kabriel remembers great sex, being lost, more great slow oddly sweet sex then talkign in his sleep as he lay next to Maria] -01:30 May 05
Maria: Maria was -pretty- sure she nearly drowned. So why she was hanging butt-ass naked in a tree was a pretty big surprise. …ah! Her wrap. Reeeaaaching precariously, she snatched the piece of fabric off a branch. Thankfully it was big enough to wrap around herself as a skimpy little dress. Last thing she needed was to roam around….wherever she was, totally naked. Oh Christ, was she here -alone-?! “Kabrieeeel!” Maria nearly toppled out of the tree twisting around to see if there was any signs of life. -01:33 May 05
Kabriel: Kabriel was lying in the sand rubbing his head having woken up by fallign out of one of the trees. “K’ristosi… Yes spanel whoover patkanum ayd kghzin.” he cursed loudly nefore he heard Maria.. “Hey!” he called out “Baby!” -01:40 May 05
Maria: How the fuck.. was she going to get down. “That was some great sailing, Prince. Really great!” Maria didn’t bite back her sarcasm, despite the fact she was relieved to know he was still alive. She slung her leg over the branch and took a deep breath… then jumped! She landed in the sand below with an oomph and a roll and a groan. “Uuugh… what the hell happened!” -01:44 May 05
Kabriel: He was stark naked and covered in sand, his head was trobbing and his temper was short. “Miguts’ye yes t’voghnum yem k’yez aystegh el mahanum.” he muttered getting up and stepping torards her but his mood changed to relief to see ehr alive. “So Gravich, what happened to the boat?” -01:48 May 05
Maria: “Oh? You’re asking me, sailor?” Unngh, she hurt! Maria coughed a bit. There was clearly some water still in her lungs. Or sand. She glanced up at the trees. How they even… Maria finally stood, a little shakey on her feet, but nothing seemed to be broken and there were only a few bumps and bruises. “We’ll have to go find it. Or pray to go this island is inhabited.” -01:51 May 05
Kabriel: He held out his arms indicatin he, unlike her had nothing on before sighing. “Beatch is the best place to start.. it he were washed this high then it could be in the sand. We could at least find something to wear and eat…” -02:00 May 05
Maria: Maria cast a wide smirk at his naked form. Were they -not- potentially shipwrecked on some godforsaken island, she might have given him hell for it. “I’d give you mine, but well… try some palm leaves.” She laughed, the sound coming out a little weak and not all too enthusiastic. She felt like hell, and this…. kinda put a damper on the whole sexcation thing! She dust off her arms as she head for the tree line towards the beach… but didn’t get far before she was hopping on one foot and yelping! “Arrgh…! I can’t walk through this without shoes! Honey, c’mere and carry me!” -02:05 May 05
Kabriel: He oblidged, talkign up to her ignoring the sticks and twigs beneath his own feet and hooking an arm around her shoulders and the other around her legs and liftinf her bridar style. Though weather it was for her of because his head hurt enough without arguing was a mystery. “Its just a little beach.” he said carryign her through the trees. “You can’t tell me you’ve enver walked through a palm grove before..” it hit him and he turned around examining the layout of the trees and he smiled. “We may be in luck… these were planted.” -02:12 May 05
Maria: Wow. He actually did it. Maria hooked her arms around his neck for balance. “My career is spent on my feet and dancing. I don’t go anywhere without shoes.” She followed his gaze at the trees, but as far as she was concerned, it just looked like a jungle to her. “Good then! We’ll find some human beings and get out of this mess.” -02:16 May 05
Kabriel: My career is spent naked on top of woman, I don’t go anywhere without one.” he teased back. “Even here in the middle of nowhere I have one in my arms.” he turned abck to and beach and carried her out over the sands where his “And I have to say shes a good one..” He stopped talking as he saw the sea.. avound half a kilometer out there was a whilte line… a reef that ran paralel eo the shore as far as he could see in any direction. They were lucky to be alive. “If we walk along the beach, in the shade of the trees we should find someone.” -02:23 May 05
Maria: Maria was amused, as was clear by that raise of an eyebrow and the half smirk on her lips. Some career. “Better get walking then. I’m starving and I could use a bath. ….Besides, walking around naked like this, you’re gonna end up with those sensitive areas all burned… And then how will you work?” She cast a cheeky grin. -02:27 May 05
Kabriel: He chose a direction and falked along the tree line still carrying her and he grinned. “Well I’d have to step back into your office but I’ll manage.” he had taken to callign the shower her office ever since thier first morning together. “What I’m worried about id my poor delicate flower and sande makign grinding a little too literal.” -02:36 May 05
Maria: Her arms tightened around his neck until she was nuzzling his cheek and muttering in to his ear. No reason why she couldn’t take full advantage of being carried around. “If we don’t find my office, there’s always ocean tides, hidden island pools, someone else’s office… Not that I would call your… heh… a delicate flower.” Maria very easily turned that endearment around on him. She wasn’t a delicate anything! -02:43 May 05
Kabriel: “You’re proven you can take it rough.” he said catchign her lips in a kiss for a brief moment. “I just meant that in I’m going to take ccare of you until you spread your wings and fly away and enjoy your bloom as long as I can.” -02:47 May 05
Maria: It was an unexpectly sweet comment, leaving her a little stunned with that fluttering in her stomach. Maria was mentally kicking herself, and having to hide her face at the crook of his neck. Christ, she shouldn’t be getting fuzzy over a short term sex-friend! “…what we should be discussing is whether or not there’s any sign of your boat, Captain Prince.” she mumbled against his skin. -02:55 May 05
Kabriel: “I don’t see any.” he said “No hull, no wreckage… it could have been carried further inland for all we know…” but the trees were still standing, the undergrowth was undesturbed and the leaves lay where they had fallen and some had obviously been lying there for a while. There had been no wave. “Lets see if I can get milk from these coconuts and we’ll look in the other direction. -03:04 May 05
Maria: Maria suddenly started laughing, her thoughts obviously being less than appropriate when it came to coconut milk. Thank god! Being a freak was so much easier to deal with than infatuation. Once she paused, Maria slipped out of his and back on to her feet. The sand was soft, so as long as there werent’ any sharp shells or crabs lurking around, she wasn’t concerned. “We’re gonna need more than coconuts if we don’t find somebody soon, though. Gods, I’m seriously wishing I paid more attention in Girl Scouts.” -03:07 May 05
Kabriel: As soon as she stared laughing he laughed too catching where her mind had taken her. He his eyes did go to her ‘coconuts’. “Its not that hard.” he said putting his hands around the trunk of the nearest tree and pulling himself up and them locking his legs around the trunk and movign his hands further up. “Haven’t you ever done rope climbing?” Once at the top he crabbed on of the green nuts and twisted it from the tree and dropped it down, then dropped another, and another. Now.. getting down… -03:17 May 05
Maria: This was entertaining. Maria had her hands resting on her hips, watching a naked man climb a tree. Very few things came close to being as hilarious as that. “Not for survival, no. Just a lot of stage work and performing. I think you should have taken my suggestion for some leaves. There’s no way you’re getting down from there without busting your balls. And I am -so- not being figurative.” -03:20 May 05
Kabriel: He looked down at her and spuck out his tongue. “So long as you’re enjoying the view one of us it happy..” he loved around the trunk and so that the tree was leanign towards him and he could get a little distance from it and hen degan to lower hilself the same way he had climbed. -03:27 May 05
Maria: “So childish for a Prince.” she smirked. Maria didn’t stop eying him until he was on the ground, half hoping to see him topple, though not really wanting to see him get hurt. Safe and sound, she was stretching her arms above her head and turning to take another look at the beachline again. There really -wasn’t- anything there. Surely there would be signs of a storm somewhere… “Maybe I should walk around a bit. If there’s houses here, they’d be pretty close to the beach, wouldn’t they? Or there’ll be a boat dock or something…” -03:30 May 05
Kabriel: He looked at her. “I’m still sure this grove was planted, that means a path leading from it somewhere. At the other end of the path there will be houses. Depending where we are thing might be hodden to keep outsiders from nosing. A lot od natives just want to be left alone.” -03:34 May 05
Maria: Maria made a face. Walking through that path again didn’t appeal to her at all. But she wasn’t going to be able to have him carry her all over the island, that wouldn’t be practical if they really were stranged. She’d just have to be careful… “I am officially ready to be back at civiliation again, with a sangria and some air conditioning.” Maria finally approached to lean over him and watch his progress. “…because you clearly have no idea what you’re doing.” -03:39 May 05
Kabriel: He was bashing a coconut with the inti thing he had, another coconut and was only namaging to buige the green hairs encasing them. “I didn’t do to boy scouts alight.” he said “I can rise a host in a military parade but.. ” he pushed his fingers into the split in the hairs and pulled the away finally exposing shell. “Boiling seawater would be easier.” -03:43 May 05
Maria: “Looking for freshwater on the island would be easiest. In a house or not.” Watching him amused her. He had a very nice body for movement. Maria definitely appreciated a nice body and sunkissed skin… “Do you want me to go looking, while you bash that poor coconut’s brains in, sweetie?” She mused with a smirk. -03:47 May 05
Kabriel: Tell me if you find a path.” he sais tearing more of the hair from the coconut. Then stopping to put his ahdn on her cheek. “Just be careful alright, I’d hate to see my flower with a broken stem.” -03:53 May 05
Maria: “Don’t worry about me, honey. I’m not a princess.” Maria cast him a grin, leaning to give him a brief kiss. She was just going to have to pretend like she didn’t appreciate the concern. Breaking, she started down the beach back the way the came to see if there was anything else in the other direction. If there were people on the island -surely- there would be a boat dock somewhere. -03:55 May 05
Kabriel: With the shell exposed he searched under the sands for a stone and exentually found one. Five strokes and there was a hole in the shell and he was glad Maria wasn’t close enough to hear his yell of triumph.. or was she? -03:59 May 05
Maria: At least the beach was beautiful, there was that. Maria was over heated, hungry, and starting to get pissy in general with the situation. But it -was- beautiful. She was too far away to hear anything now, even when she turned to look over her shoulder, he was out of her sight line. The island was fairly large. She still wasn’t finding any signs of people, though… no washed up trash. Left over beach towels… but there was still more beach to cover, so she tried to pick up the pace a bit so she could get back without being gone too long. -04:02 May 05
Kabriel: He lifted the coconut to his lips and tipped it back to drink some of the milk. He’d open another for Maria. With a rock he could do anything. He sighed and shook out his hair. It felt good to actually drink somethign even if it wasn’t the best tasting coconut he’d ever tasted. He heard soemthign behind him and turned. “Baby.. you found somehting?” he stared whatever was looking at him wasn’t Maria.” -04:09 May 05
Maria: Maria had to stop walking when she hit rocks and a cliff side. Looked like, there was no way to circle around the entire island by the beach. If the other direction didn’t continue all the way, they’d definitely have to search around in the jungle to get to the otherside. She grimanced. That was going to suck so bad! Grumbling to herself about not-the-greatest vacation, Maria turned to return back to her very un-survival-savvy prince. -04:13 May 05
Kabriel: There was more than one.. they looked huge in the half light of the grove. He looked at the rock in his hand. They were spreading out cornering him. He threw the rock at the closest of the creatures. It struck it above the eye but it didn’t even flinch, and when they rushed, he screamed. -04:16 May 05
Maria: That she heard! And probably never felt more startled in her life as she froze in the spot. Regaining her senses, Maria took off running down the beach. She almost missed the spot, simply because she couldn’t see Kabriel anywhere. But the sudden breakage of trees where she hadn’t recalled seeing any… Maria stopped, gasping for breath as she leaned on her knees. Looking around to find him. “Kabriel? Hey…! What the hell is going on!” -04:20 May 05
Kabriel: The coconuts were there, the rock was there a red smeer of blood on it, a few trees lay broken on the ground but of the prince, there was no sign. He was being carried though the jungle to the other side of the island, for the home of Dr. Moreau. -04:24 May 05
Maria: Frowning in confusion she stooped to pick up the rock between her fingertips… that couldn’t be blood could it? Worry set in as she rose back up to her feet, shifting to look around again but… her eyes met someone that wasn’t the Prince of Armenia. Expression frozen in shock, Maria couldn’t even let out a scream before everything went black! -04:29 May 05

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