Repairing Destiny 005: Date Take Two

[Jane is pulling up in the public park’s parking lot for another date with Star!.] -07:30 Apr 24
[Star is totally on board with this date!] -07:30 Apr 24
Star: This was going to be perfect. At this point Star was pretty sure she just needed to get used to them dating again, starting from the beginning so she can get used to this new appearance. James was still James, and she loved James. The park was one of her favorite places to go. She might’ve loved her books and studying, but she was an outside kind of girl. -07:36 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She killed the engine before leaning over to kill her cheek lightly. "Here we are, we’ll get icecream and walk around. Talk if you want to and we’re in public this time… if you’re okay with being seen on a date with a girl…" -07:40 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Of course I’m okay! I’m not embarassed to be seen with you!" Star was a little offended by the comment, but she also knew it was entirely her own fault for her awful behavior on their last date. She would make up for it today by absolutely not freaking out or acknowledging when she was getting antsy. "We should talk about your new school! I’m sorry I couldn’t transfer there too." Star was already climbing out of the car. -07:44 Apr 24 Star
Jane: Jane got out and locked up, she was actually wearing jeans today, ones that fit. "I don’t know a lot about my schoolto be honest, I do know that they have a kickboxing tea so I’ll try out for that at least!" She rounded the car and offere her her hand before headign towards the gates. "And don’t worry about it, we’ll see each other plenty outside of school." -07:49 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Star took Jane’s hand without a problem, squeezing it tightly as they walked down the sidewalk and through the gates. "I’m glad you still do the kickboxing, it’s super cool." She always had a silly fangirl liking for athletic types and having a boyfriend who was hot and a kickboxer was a dream. Now she had a kickboxing girlfriend, and that was still cool too! -07:54 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "I wouldn’t stop even if I lost both my arms." she jokes squeezing her hand back adn intering the park with a smile on her face. "Maybe if I box against your school you can watch the match." it was a silly daydream but she really wanted Star to see her kickbox and maybe prove that she could still kick ass. Streakign them down the path she wanted to go down she pslipped her hand out of Star’s tp put it around her and draw her closer. "If they let a girl on the team…" -08:02 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Don’t they have both girls teams and boys team? Though I think they should just mix them together and categorize by weight class, that makes so much more sense!" Star didn’t pull away, but she didn’t wrap her arms around James’ waist like she usually did. She made herself busy being expressive with her hands. "Hey look, they put new flower gardens along the paths! I loooove flowers." -08:06 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "I know you do and we’re going in there." She sqeezed her with a myschevious grin that could only mean one thing. "And on our way out I’ll buy you some before we go get icecream. How does that sound?" -08:09 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "We are? Oooooh." Star really did love flowers and gardens. Had she not decided astronomy was her absolutely stop love, doing something botanical would have been her second choice. With the promise of icecream and flowers, she was slightly bouncing on her feet and giving the most pleased of smiles. "You’re the best, James. I don’t know how I ever got so lucky." -08:12 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "I guess that’s what you get for sticking with me eventhogh I’m… different." he walked into the greenhouse that housed the warmer climate flowers and frew a deep breath before unwrapping his arm from around her. to take her hand again and start leading her towards the back… maybe a little faster than she would have liked. -08:17 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Being whisked away so quickly was a little exciting and definitely made her curious. Star giggled and tried to keep up, only ever so often having to be tugged along when she got momentarily distrated by a pretty plant. "Love doesn’t care about that kind of stuff, right? I mean, you don’t feel differently about ME do you?" -08:22 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "No." they reached a quiet corner behine a shelp of empty pots and she pulled Star close and leaned in to kiss her as her hands ran up and down her sides. "I really don’t." she pulled back to slime at her and gently brush the hair for Star’s face. "Face it, I’m a lesbian and I still find girls to be drop dead sexy." -08:26 Apr 24 Jane
Star: This was super romantic, the sweetest thing. Star’s head turned away riiiiight before the kiss and instead she shifted forward to hug her and rest her head on her shoulder. She was smiling though! "I know it’ll be hard for us at first, but I am going to do everything I can to make you happy. Tell me to do it, and I will do it, just for you!" -08:31 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She deflected the kiss. "Tel me how you feel." she said ouling awa to sit on a bench. "About this . I know you’re shocked and surprised…"She looked at tat Star, waiting for an answer. -08:42 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Oh, Star wasn’t expecting that question. She thought that it was just enough to ensure James that she loved him as a him and as a her. She fidgeted a bit when they sat down, trying to think of the best thing to say that wouldn’t offend her and wouldn’t get Star in trouble again. "I am very surprised, yes… boyfriends don’t usually turn in to girlfriends. And yes, it’s also strange for me. But I want to be with you and I’ll do anything." -08:46 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She ran a hand behind her ear and leaned down to nuzzle her shoulder. "Do you find me sexy?" she askes before lightly kissing the side of her neck. "I want you to be happy too Star… and not forcing yourself to be unhappy just to avoid hurting me." -08:48 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "You’re beautiful." she answered honestly, and a little surprised that James didn’t realize that herself! "The most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I am really proud that I have a girlfriend that can do amazing things and look gorgeous and is really smart too." And right that moment she should’ve been giggling and stuttering and pulling herself on to her lap. Instead she was shirking away juuust a bit, and reaching out to gently fuss with Jane’s hair. "I really want to be happy with you." -08:55 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "That didn’t answer my question." she said with a sigh but squeezed the girl anyway, noticing her shrinking away and miving to sit upright. "So, flowers and icecream?" the date wasn’t over yet and there were still lots of opotunities to be naughty. -08:58 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Star nodded quickly, already leaping to her feet. She just refused to admit things felt different now. All it needed was time, she was positive. Before all they did most of the time was cuddle and make out, and that was going to fade eventually anyway, now they are just being forced to get to know each other even better and on a personal level. Star was sure that was it. -09:02 Apr 24 Star
Jane: He took her hand and walked to the stand where there were bunches of cut flowers and potted ones for sale, taking her time and letting Star stop to coo over the ones they passed. "I want to take you to another movie soon." she said with a grin. "Get dinner afterwards, drive around a little. You havn’t seen my new chest yet and I think we should fix that." -09:07 Apr 24 Jane
Star: She blushed, making sure to keep her line of sight on the flowers and not taking a look at Jane’s chest just because it was mentioned. "Are you sure we should jump to that so fast? I mean, we hadn’t even gotten to the naked part before so there really isn’t a rush to now either…" -09:09 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "You stole my shirt at least once… sure it was because yours was covered in juice but it still counts and I liked havign that milestone with you." she sighed. "Star… Ive had a looot of girlfriends but you’re the first one I’ve taken seriously and actually wanted to keep. That might make me into a bad person, I know but I won’t push you into things you’re uncomfortable with." -09:13 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "No! You are a really good person and I am super blessed to be the one you chose to have as a serious girlfriend!" This was the kind of talk that meant a breakup was around the corner, and that’s not what she wanted! She tugged at her hand. "If you’re ready for full on nakedness, -I- am ready to get naked. You can flash me all you want." -09:15 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She stood there looking at Star and then put a hand on each shoulder to turn the girl to face her and stare into her eyes. Then just as suddenly she pulled her against herself, lep locing on Star’s and tongue invading her mouth roughly, seeking hers out as her hands traveled in oposite directions, one down to squeeze her butt and the other to tickle the back of her neck and nearby there was the sound of a shattering pot as the employee behind the counter dropped it. -09:21 Apr 24 Jane
Star: A sudden passionate embrace! There have been many fanfics written by Star of such moments! She really should have been melting and sighing with wild abandon, her stomach fluttering in delight. But she was stiff, shocked, and squirmy! When she realized she was squirmy she forced herself to relax and return that kiss. She roleplayed all the time, she could be the girl she wanted, right? -09:26 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She pulles away and ran her hand through Star’s hair as she watched her carefully. "I don’t want full on nakedness yet. I just want thing to be how they were before when I did somethign like that you’re shriek and giggle…" she mangaed to not look disappointed and eve gave a smaller after kiss. "Now shoose your flowers." -09:29 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "I am trying…" She was disappointing her, and she knew it. She was trying, but she wasn’t trying hard enough. They wouldn’t stay together if they couldn’t be together, this was important for Jane. Star pointed at the orange tiger lilies. "I think maybe we should! We’ve been together for a few months, I was just a little nervous. Maybe we should go all the way now and even have sex?" -09:35 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She swallowed and looked at Star. "If you’re sure then okay." she pulled out her wallet and payed for the flowers before looking at srat, running a hand through her hair. "When do you want to do it? Next date? Today…?" She was nearvous, she had never had sex before… and didn’t know if she wated to as a girl just yet but for Star… she would. -09:40 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Today. Tonight?" Star figured the best way would be to dive in head first. She was aware that James had a lot of experience with girls, and she probably wasn’t going to be any good or very interesting. But this was important for the future of their relationship and she really would do anything for her. "Maybe right now…?" -09:43 Apr 24 Star
Jane: Her eyes searched Star’s face and she handed her her flowers. "At least have icecream first…." she said even if it was tempting to just rag her off right now. No, icecream could soothe things over if they didn’t go well. "Public toilets would be terrible… car?" she took her hand and started walking, leaving a very red faced teen behind the counted staring after them. -09:46 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Car." Star nodded, smelling the flowers with a happy sigh. A car wasn’t exactly a romantic place for a first time, but it was kind of classic! And once it was done, Star would have nothing else to be nervous about or fear. This was a great idea. "Icecream first, and then you’ll taste sweet?" She giggled. -09:48 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She changed directions and headed towards the icecream stand. "You’re sure about his?" she asked. "You’re still not used to me and just now you were asking if we were going too fast." she had to ask, she had to, even if she didn’t want to. -09:50 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Yes! I guess I was just a little nervous and worried and I don’t know? But I want to do this! For you and for me! For us both. And then we will be a real lesbian couple and there won’t be anything for us to be afraid of." All of it made sense. She convinced herself it did, anyway. Star was desperate. -09:55 Apr 24 Star
Jane: That didn’t sound all that well thought out to Jane but if it was important to Star… "Two scoops of chocolate in a cone." she said taking out her wallet again. "Then we’ll have sex." there was a crash as a mug was knocked over and Jane meaned over to kiss Star’s cheek. "And you can tell me what you think of me having a ponytail. My hairs going to keep growing like this for about another week." -10:00 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "I like long hair on everyone.[/i]" She took another look at Jane’s though, deciding more officially what she thought. Jane really was beautiful, that she didn’t have to pretend about at all. Even a kiss on the cheek did not seem to draw it’s usual response from her, just a smile. Star always asked for the strawberry and that was no different now. But she was a bit preoccupied trying to think of how sex worked with a woman! -10:04 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She picked her cone and started walkign back towards the car. "I love you Star." she said with a smile and a look that wondered down Star’s frame. "Anywhere you want to park the car sowe’re not just doing it in the parking lot?" she asked slipping her arm back around and sclloping icecream into ner mouth with her tongue. -10:10 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "I love you, too." She licked her icecream thoughtfully, trying to think of the best out of the way place to park the car. Though, at this point she was almost willing to try the parking lot just to get it over with. And then she felt bad because she was thinking ‘get it over with’ when she SHOULD be thinking about how exciting it was going to be. "There must be places down the road on some of the more woodsy trails?" -10:14 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "We’ll take a short drive and see." she said before leanignagainst the car door to finishe her icecream and pop the last bit of cone into her mouth and unlock the car to get in. She was nearvous but appeared relaxed, it was a skill aquired over a hundred almosts. Startign the engine and after waiting for Start og et in he reversed out and started off into the trees. -10:23 Apr 24 Jane
Star: How WAS it supposed to work with a girl? It’s not like they had accessories to work with. Would it be all hands or mouth? Star was turning a bit red thinking about it, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. In fact every position she was thinking up, all seemed a little bit awkward to her. "Well.. um… at least we don’t need condoms!" -10:25 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She laughed as she pulled into a picknick spot that was pidden by a row of trees and then looked over at Star. "You’re right…" she said raunnign her hand through her own hair and shifting closer, sitting right up against the gap between the seats. "We shuld get started." she reached out to cut Star’s breast and moved forwards to kiss her lips, nipping the bottom one slightly, teasing her as her hand squeazed. -10:29 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Star was trying to figure out where to put her hands… should she try the groping too? She shifted a bit, not really away, but not quite towards Jane either. She finally settled for slipping one of her arms around Jane’s neck and very timidly trying the subtle grope. This was… a little awkward! -10:33 Apr 24 Star
Jane: Her hands went down to the hen of Star’s top to pull it up and slip one of them underneath, recupping the breast as she movec over the handbreak and gearbox to sit awkwardly on the same seat, crossing fully over to sid with her back to the door. The he was moving her mouth down to nibble on Star’s neck, trying to see what reaction she got. -10:35 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Oh, her hands were a little bit cold and Star squirmed a bit. She tried squeezing her eyes shut, which did help a little bit. Star nuzzled against her ear and thought about nibbling or kissing, but that didn’t seem to feel right. And she just could not figure out what to do with a pair of boobs, so her hand slid up to gripe Jane’s shoulder. There wasn’t a sound out of her as she was trying very hard to concentrate on making sure it felt natural… -10:41 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She pulled back to reach down and pull her own shirt off and toss it into the driver’s seat before doing the same to Star’s. MAybe that would make it better. She could feel that somethign wasn’t righ tbut was convinced that it was on her end. Leaning forwards she pressed their chests together and gently brushed her lips against Star’s a hand goinf down as playing along her inner thigh. -10:44 Apr 24 Jane
Star: That dumb sense of panic was starting to kick in and Star just flat out refused to open her eyes. She wasn’t afraid to see another woman naked, but she was trying really hard to get in to the sexy moment and stay in it. Again she was at a loss of what to do with her hands! She tried to touch softly, but everywhere she put her hands just seemed to be strange, and she tried to get bold and tug at bra straps, but then she couldn’t get the courage to do it. And finally at the worst possible moment, when she felt the touch along her thigh she jumped. And she just… just couldn’t do this! Star pulled away quicly. "I- I’m sorry! I don’t know what’s wrong with me…!" -10:51 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She pulled away and a second later flopped into the Drivers’ seat. "There’s nothign wrong with you." she said looking at her, biting her lip and then tossing Star’s shirt at her, needing her to cover that nakedness and she did her own. "Doughnuts and home?" -10:54 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "There IS! I LOVE you, this shouldn’t be so hard!" Star pulled on her shirt quickly, and staring hopelessly out the window as if she were going to find the answer out there in the trees. "You’re perfect in everyway and nothing I do makes it any better.." -11:00 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "There are two possibilities." she said drumming her fingers on the wheel. "The first is that in your brain I’m a different person… or you’re just not into girls and you can’t get it out of your ghead that it’s a girl getting her hands all over you…" she sighed. "Or you could just be in shock… I roully don’t want to believe you’re not attracted to me anymore but if you’re not it’s not your fault and you don’t have to blame yourself." -11:02 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Star visibly wilted. "You don’t act like a different person. …but ou feel like one. But I think girls are really pretty and amazing! It shouldn’t be any different!" She flopped back against her seat, feeling defeated, and worse, like the most terrible girlfriend anyone could have. "I want to do it anyway so I can be with you. …but I don’t want to pretend either…" -11:06 Apr 24 Star
Jane: Her heart sank and she reached out to put a hand on Star’s shoulder. "THen what do you want to do. I still love you and think you’re sexy so it’s up to you. Do you want to take a break while you figure it out, do you want…." she swallowed. "What do you want to do? I want you to be happy." -11:08 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "I don’t want to break up." she couldn’t even say the words without her voice cracking, but she swallowed hard and tried to keep herself from bursting in to tears. "But how long will you love me if I can’t be touchy with you? It’s not fair. I should be able to give you everything, you deserve everything.. and I can’t. I just can’t…" -11:12 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She was out of her seat in a heartbeat, her arms wrapping aorund Star in a hug. "Then if you ever feel like you can be with me again… tell me. I’ll still love you." then she was loving back into her own seat to start the engine. She wouldn’t cry, not now even if her face showed she wanted to. She’d concentrate on driving Star home adn after that she’d let it all out. -11:15 Apr 24 Jane

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