One Life Stand 005: D’s Distractions

Tessa: There was a whole different sort of dynamic going on in Tessa’s apartment after getting fired. She was really, really excited about starting her own business. And it was amazing how much she already knew and how easy it was to step in to the role of BIG boss. …of course bossing D around was impossible. She was supposed to be sleeping on the couch so he could have the bed until his arm healed, but she kept ending up in bed and not knowing how she got there. No amount of fussing seemed to make a difference. Now, though she was with him to get his stitches out and she was hoping the doctor would back her up in telling D to stop being an asshole and using his arm so much. -08:11 May 17
D: He was amazed they hadn’t ended up arguing like a married couple numerous times and he though it was probably because she was still on a high from her new business. Her band had even done their forst gig and while she hadn’t made a protit yet he had been keeping her money stashed well stocked hopefully without her knowing. Now at the doctor’s office he knocked on the door. It wasn’t in a clinic or hospital but a private PG… one who from his office did very well for himself. "If it were up to you my arm would be in a sling wouldn’t it?" he asked as she glared at his for knocking with his injusred arm. "Its basically healed now anyway." he had still been practicing… its not like he could stop but to a little think liek injury. The door opened the he was waved inside. "You’ll see its nothing but a scratch." -08:17 May 17
Tessa: "It’s a big gash that needed stitches! I’m surprised they haven’t all popped out." Doctor’s offices, bleh… the were always so cold and… creepy. Had she not needed to make sure he was well looked after, she wouldn’t have come at all. The only thing scarier than Doctors were Incubus, and she was all kinds of boned if it was an Incubus Doctor. "Anyway, I don’t care if it’s mostly healed now. I might’ve gone faster if you weren’t always using it…" -08:21 May 17

“That will be a tall order. He never stops working.” The doctor was a smiling older woman in her sixties, with her hair tightly coiled. She gestured to the examination table. “What do we have today, a knifing or a gun shot? Or something more interesting? I do like the interesting stories.” -Tessa

D: He sat on the table. "Funny…. I was in bar fight and was gushed into some glass…. this is my MUSIC manager Tessa." he said "My stitches are mean to come out and replaced iff needed today." -08:38 May 17
Tessa: "What sort of interesting stories?" She wouldn’t have thought what the doctor said was too weird, if D hadn’t put such emphasis on a few choice words. Now she was crossing her arms and squinting at him. "He does show up beat to hell all the time. Why are you always starting fights, anyway? You need to stop drinking!" -08:40 May 17

The Doctor motioned for him to take his shirt off, as she pulled on a pair of gloves and looked between the two. After a moment she just started laughing. “Pardon me, a rockstar’s adventures have always entertained me. Where these injuries come from are always a tale to behold.” -Tessa

D: He took off his shirt and waited "I’m no star… yet. Maybe one day thats to my new nanager but I don’t have a band at the moment. So odd jobs.." he didn’t look at the doctor or Tessa, he would prefer they weren’t in the same room. -08:47 May 17
Tessa: The doctor did it too, and now he was eyeing the floor all weird like. Tessa rest her hands on her hips and frowned. She didn’t like that feeling that she was missing something. "…What ARE your odd jobs? You never mentioned them, and you never really explained what you were doing in Canada before your whole barfight fiasco too…" -08:49 May 17

Checking over his stitches with gentle hands, the Doctor had to stiffle a laugh this time. She made herself busy with pulling out a small pair of surgical scissors and pulling loose his old stiches. “Do tell. I am curious to know as well. I don’t suppose you have shown her your other scars, dear?” -Tessa

D: The doctor was enjoying herself too much. "I …" he had no explination "That is something I’d only tell my gandma or my file of people … OW." The doctor really WAS having fun "So unless we start dating I don’t have to tell you anything desides when I can’t play." -08:57 May 17
Tessa: "Actually, you are contractually obligated to tell me where you are at all times if I happen to ask. But I guess that doesn’t count for everything prior." Tessa cast a big wide and wicked grin. She wrote that in to his contract on purpose, and it was his own fault for not reading it before he signed it. "I won’t abuse it, though, unless you’re ever late again. How IS his arm now, Lady Doctor?" -09:03 May 17

“Hrrm. Got yourself a handful, dear.” The Doctor chuckled, pulling out the last bit of stitches. After a bit of prodding, she put on a quick dab of liquid stitches. “I’d say avoid any more fights for another week, but it’s healed up well. There shouldn’t be any more problems and you can come see me should you get it reopened, hmm?” -Tessa

D: "Like I’d trust another doctor…." not came another awkwards part. She didn’t come cheepbecause she didn’t talk and she was damn good but Tessa was in the room.. but there was no way arounf that. "Now much do I owe my guardian angel this time?" -09:09 May 17

“Dear, you know I never announce the bill in front of non-patients.” The Doctor was very good at putting on an innocent air. She moved away over to a cabinent, writing down some information on a pad. When she returned, she handed him the slip of paper. “You know where to send your payment. Take care of your nice new boss, dear. I’m sure this one will treat you better than the other.” -Tessa

Tessa: "You guys are weird." That was pretty much her answer to anything she knew wasn’t quite right, but she couldn’t figure out yet. She sure didn’t have these sorts of conversations with HER doctor. -09:15 May 17
D: "You always were a star. I’ll send you the money before I get home don’t worry." he said hopping off the table and putting the note, unread, into his pocket. "Alright Boss Tessa, where too next?" -09:17 May 17
Tessa: They left the doctor’s office none too soon. On the brightside, it was really hard to find such a nice old lady creepy. She was just weird. Tessa was eying him out of the corner of her eye as they walked down the sidewalk. "Errands mostly. I need more paper and stationary, and something new to hide my money in. I keep finding it in weird places that I dun remember putting it…" -09:22 May 17
D: He looked at her. ""Your appartment could also use something nice.. Theres a free market across the street.." he reached into his back pocket and slipped out a hundred bucks. "Go and get yourself somethign as an late.. or early birthday presant. But somehtign that looks liek I bought it, I’ll go and pay my medical bills." -09:25 May 17
Tessa: "This looks like a shuddup and go buy something bribe." she frowned at him. …but it was working. She needed to run her errands anyway, and it wasn’t as if she couldn’t just ask him later. "Okaaaaay." She hopped off the sidewalk to cross the street, and nearly tripped when she turned around to point at him. "But I’ll be back to ask plenty of questions later! I know where you’re living!" -09:29 May 17
D: "I would hope so otherwise you might need glasses." he called back… then he was thinking about her cute business outfit and mentally adding glasses "Get glasses!" he turned and headed for the drop pulling out nad note and reading the number. "That old cougar still knows how to charge…" -09:32 May 17
Tessa: Glasses? She didn’t need glasses… well. Some sunglasses might be nice. The sun was always so bright this time of year. Tessa bought her necessities first. Paper, pens, ink, things she needed for work. Then she was browsing the market… What sort of things WOULD he get for her? Besides a nice coat? Tessa found a pair of sunglass, and a colorful scarf. She liked scarves! Then just from amusement, she wandered in to a baubles stall. A hookah would be fun if she smoked… Oh! There were some old lamps turned in to teapots. Those were really cute! -09:40 May 17
D: The money was put in an envelop and dropped into a P.O. box like all the payments she didn’t want appearing in her tax form and more to the point her patients didn’t want the police to trace. Then he was done and buying a couple of bot bagels and takeaway iced coffees for them to have while they walked. Then it was back to meet Tessa and see what she got with her shut up money. -09:43 May 17
Tessa: Tessa was pleased with her new toy. Especially since the man at the stall had this big whole exotic story for the teapot lamps. She loved vintage things, but she loved them even more when they had stories. So when she found him, wearing her new sunglasses and a scarf, and skipping up swinging a bag in her hand, she had been successfully distracted from questions. "I found some reeaaaally neat things! I don’t ever get to go shopping for stuff for the hell out it, that was kinda fun." -09:47 May 17
D: "I’ll go with you next time." he said tiltinf his head to see her glasses and scalf. "Your band is practicing tomorow right? I’d like to sit in on it." Why did he say he’d to with? "ANyway my chores are done and I got you…" he opened his packet and pulled out a steamign bagel and iced coffee. "Eat while we walk?" a better use of her mouth than questions! -09:49 May 17
Tessa: "Coffee…!" Iced coffee, even better! Tessa was definitely fine with eating and walking, pushing her sunglasses on top of her head so she could eye him better. "Do you really want to? Going to test drive them and see if you want to play with them again? Since you arm is better, I’d allow it." -09:52 May 17
D: "I told you I used to play with them, they’re friends. Would be nice to meet u and jam with them but I wouldn’t want to force bill out of his lead. Mans like a brother to me… A brother I havn’t seen in a long time but a brother." -09:55 May 17
Tessa: "Coming to see old friends, that’s good too. But still, we should start looking for a band for you, unless you want to go solo. Which, isn’t too hard! I’d just need hmm… temp band or some good speakers.." Tessa popped a piece of the bagel in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. "If I practiced again I could play piano, but that wouldn’t be too useful for a concert, or very good… Do you know anyone that can play from your other jobs?" She snuck that one in there. He could be sneaky, so could she! -09:59 May 17
D: "How do you think I met the last band? Nope mever playign with people I meet that way again." he said pressing the stray between his lips thoughfully. "I’ll look around see who I can dig upin the meantime how much do you have left?" -10:01 May 17
Tessa: That wasn’t as informative as she hoped it would’ve been. Oh well! "Um, lemme see…" Tessa handed him her drink and her bags to go digging around in her pockets and coat to all the random places she stashed her money. Crumbled bills and loose change, all of it, but it was also quite a bit! She might’ve been disorganized, she knew how to hold on to it. "Lots! Did you need it back?" -10:04 May 17
D: "No, just wondering if you need more." he said as they neared her appartment. "But at least you can stop threatening to sleep on the couch and having to help with the cooking.. yup things can go back to normal." if normal was living but not sleeping together, a nusition adn his manager who didn’t know he was also an assassing sleeping at her place in case his coworkers burst through the door to murder her. NORMAL! -10:08 May 17
Tessa: "Cooking is a pain, you can definitely keep doing that yourself." Tessa wasn’t so sure how her ‘normal’ became sharing her apartment with her now client/employee, but she supposed it wasn’t too bad. She had worse roomates for sure, and none were ever as… helpful! "In fact, if you make me something awesome for dessert, I miiight even unban you from the couch!" Tessa cackled and skipped forward after snatching her things back from him. For dessert he could sleep anywhere he wanted! -10:12 May 17
D: Of course she had to splring this on his when they were back and he didn’t have time to but ingredients. He ran though a list of what they had and arived on cheesecake. Or a coffee cake.. Both! He shut the door behind him and went strait to the kitchen to begin baking. "And what if I prefer your bed?" -10:19 May 17
Tessa: "Then it better be a reeaaaaaally good dessert!" she stuck her tongue out at him as she teased. Tessa doubted he’d make something that grand, and if he did, she really didn’t think he’d steal her bed from her. "You’ll get your pick of the whole apartment, though, iiiif it’s bedazzling." Tessa dropped in to her chair at her desk, kicked off her shoes and was back to working on some new things now that she had paper. -10:24 May 17
D: First was the cheesecake all mixed up and put it he fridge the crust made of pressed buiscuit, then he was heating the oven for the coffee cake. "The whole appartment? Well you do love that desk…." he grinned wickedly. Though wherever you are will do.." he was mixing bu hand and tasting the batter as before he greased up a baking pan. "Seriously though the coutch is fine, if a bit cold sometimes." -10:29 May 17
Tessa: Tessa wished she had something to pull over her head, or else had some sort of protective shield against the way he slipped those little comments and compliments in. Instead, she had to turn her chair to face the wall instead of the kitchen. Thankfully he never seemed to notice when he had her flushing. "At least -try- to think about my work before you go messing up my desk! I can sleep on the couch if you pick the bed, it’s not a big deal. A reward for a dessert challenge, is well worth it."" -10:34 May 17
D: He shook his head "You knowsometimes I think you miss my inuendo on purpose." he walled to her before closing the over door and setting a timer then sitting on the counter. "Fifteen minutes." -10:37 May 17
Tessa: He had noooo idea. No idea. Tessa was so glad. It took her a minute before she had that whole tornado thought bubble under control and could actually turn her chair around to look at him. She finally remembered she hadn’t taken off her coat too, and went ahead pulling it off. "I don’t know what you’re talking about. Besides you being shameless and weird." -10:40 May 17
D: "I meant you bent over the de… never mind. It doesn’t matter. We’re staying together and whings shouldn’t get weird." his turn to turn around and look at the over, then check the timer. Maybe he was just.. no not even going there. It was a good thing he had stopped riding the rodies since he moved in here. -10:44 May 17
Tessa: …now she got the picture! That was way worse than what she was imagining! Or better. No! Worse! Wooorse. Tessa suddenly found interest in work again, pulling up a big wad of paperwork to scan over as she slid down in her chair. It was a miracle she could even talk normal. "You’re already weird!" …well, a little high pitched, but normal enough. "And what are you making for dessert…?" Better. -10:51 May 17
D: He had his arms crossed facing away from her "Take a beep breath though your nose and tell me." he said not turnign around. "It will be done soon." he kept his eyes on the timer. "And you’d be suprised how many people are like this away from work and home and out there on the social scene where I spent most of my time before signing up with the label… for music." -10:56 May 17
Tessa: "Oh, I know plenty of people like that… I have a few exboyfriends." Okay, -that- was a good thing to think about to keep from blushing like a dummy. Exboyfriends were a pain. Tessa was able to sit proper again, and took a deep breath. Tilting her head trying to decipher the scent. "Smells like cake… Ooo, do I get to do the secret blind folded taste testing guess?" -11:01 May 17
D: He turned "Well you have the sarf, take a seat and brindfold yourself." he said as the timer went off and he turned it off opening the over and taking out the cake and coverign it then waitign for her to comply before opening the fridge and taking out the cheese , a plate and a fork, then cutting her a slice of the cheesecake. "Smell that.." he said wafting the coffee cake under her nose then he took a forful od cheesecake and openeing her mouth pushed it inside. "What is it?" -11:05 May 17
Tessa: Tessa made sure she had her scarf tied and waited patiently, kicking her feet until he was waving a plate under her nose and feeding her a bite. ….Tessa quickly decided that being blindfolded was a terrible idea when you wanted to stop thinking dirty things. ….but that dessert was so definitely worth it! "That’s not when you made me smell! Hmm… I know cheesecake when I taste it… gimmie!" -11:09 May 17
D: He put the plate down and stuck the fork onto the cheesecake before retreating with the rest of it and the coffee cake. He put the cheesecake into the fridge and the coffee cake down under a cloth to cool before walking calmly over to the coutch and lying down pulling his guitar into his lap and getting reaquainted. "And I know a that dessert is good enough when I hear it." -11:12 May 17
Tessa: "Hey…" Tessa pulled off the scarf, and almost pounced the plate. Casting a cool, far too interested look over in his direction. Rather glad he was over there and she wasn’t in his sightline. Tessa was taking another bite, and trying not to contentedly sigh where he could hear it. "Hmmoookay, you win. Tessa is bedazzled by dessert." Sooo goooood. If a person could make love to food and it not be super gross..! -11:17 May 17
D: "Glad a could do something to bedazzel you." he said missing the cord and sighing. "Just be glad that somorow I get to see what I can to with an amp and a band again." -11:19 May 17

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