King of Fools 005: Icecream for a Hangover

[Damion had a disturbed hight, but at least he got what could be called ‘enough’ sleep.. in bits and peices like right now.] -03:36 Aug 07
[Leslie is stirring. ….and groaning. This is not a pleasant way to wake up.] -03:37 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie’s hand fell to her head. The simple motion not being able to stop that pounding in her skull. It felt like her brain was trying to jump right out of her eye sockets. Rolling didn’t give much better results. That had to come with a faint wave of nausea, that made her feel like she was sitting in a tiny boat in the middle of nowhere. This sucked…! What did she do…! Fuzzy memories were returning, and on opening her eyes… she stiffened! This wasn’t her bed or her room. …and she wasn’t alone! Leslie yelped and sat up. Which made everything twice as worse. And she wasn’t wearing any clothes either?! She snatched the blankets, fell back against the pillow and pulled them up over her head. This was a nightmare! -03:41 Aug 07
Damion: He sat up without looking at her, rested his elbow on his knees, stared at the wall and rubbed his scalp with his fingers before yawning. "Can I look?" he askes still looking at the wall. "Unless I spend all morning talking to paint and plaster." he looked anyway half turning to direct his eyes at her. "Your phone was rining non-stop all night by the way." -03:46 Aug 07
Leslie: "NO you can’t look! Where are my clothes?!" Leslie was completely under the blanket, and sounded almost like she was about to burst in to a round of angry tears. She finally sat up again, only with the blanket wrapped around her and still pulled over her head to where only one glaring eye was visible. "What did you do, kidnap me? Where are my clothes…?" From accusing to pleading. The lack of clothes bothered her more than he’d ever know. How much did he see..? Through all those fuzzy memories she couldn’t remember anything about her clothes… -03:50 Aug 07
Damion: He looked abck at the wall. "You can leave whenever you want, so no this is not kidnapping." he stood slowly and noved to the sideboard and picked up a hotel laundry packed and with a light toss sent it sailing onto the bed. "Your clothes, vomit-free and dried. You called me last night and it was obvious you couldn’t drive yourself anywhere so I went to pick you up." he leaned against the side board and folded his arms. "I’ll take you to get your car whenever you want." -03:55 Aug 07
Leslie: Called him. Leslie squinted. …that wasn’t good either. Why did everything hurt? Oh wait… tea that wasn’t really tea. More fuzzy recollection. Dancing, laughing, arguing with Jade… a really awkward phonecall. Leslie groaned and she fell back against the pillows again, disappearing under the blanket. It was apparently a rule that every time she spoke to him, she did something stupid. "I’m an idiot." -03:58 Aug 07
Damion: He grabbed and glass from the sideboard and uncovered a jug to poar a glass of water. "This should help." he said holding it out to her. "You shouldn’t get that drunk in public, but you are not an idiot." -04:05 Aug 07
Leslie: "I was going to drive… I am an idiot." That she felt very, very, very bad about. One hand appeared out from under the covers and fumbled around until she confiscated the water. She sat up under the blankets to take a sip. In the dim light she shifted, eying the very reasons why this worse and last way she ever wanted to end up. "um… How much of, uh… me did you see… when you stole my clothes away?" -04:10 Aug 07
[Damion ] -04:12 Aug 07
Damion: "Enough." he studies the lump in the sheet and then looked away. "I didn’t look at anything, but it was impossible not to see some things. "I willl leave you to get dressed though, bathroom is through there, I’ll be in the lounge." -04:15 Aug 07
Leslie: Pure mortification! It could not get worse from this point. "…okay. I’ll be out in a moment." Leslie waited until she heard the door closed, then she was flinging that blanket off. Her water was gone in two seconds, and then she hopped up to check her phone. 32 Messages Jade Sparrow. …Jade! Leslie very quickly sent the woman a text. I’m alive, quit freaking. TTYL. Leslie took a bit longer than a moment to get dressed… she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shower, especially when her hair smelled sour and there was that awful bitter taste in her mouth. Being clean and dressed she felt more like herself. But that pounding in her head wasn’t going away and facing Mr Damion Rubrum after what happened was… not high on her wish list. She finally wandered out of the room and before he had a chance to speak, she launched in to her speech. "….so I am just going to go! Thank you for saving the world from me. I’ll catch a taxi." -04:25 Aug 07
Damion: "The world?" he asked "That was never on my to save list." he said pushing another glass of water over the top of the table towards her along with two tablets. "Take those and I’ll make sure you’re not alone in the elevator." he eyed her with a piercing gaze. "And I made a promise I would makesure you got to your car and were able to drive it safely, and I never break a promise." -04:30 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie visibly winced. Did he have to stare at her? It was bad enough before but now… wait, elevator? Her face was ashen and at that point it wasn’t clear if it were from the hangover or just how much she gotten herself in to last night! Leslie slipped in to a chair, slowly taking the tablets and swallowing them with a few gulps of water. "It’s not really necessary to take me. I can go myself." -04:35 Aug 07
[(Timeout) Damion was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -04:37 Aug 07
Damion: "You’re arguing what has already been decided." he informed her. "You woke up naked in my hotel bed and all you asked me was hot much I saw. Is that because you assume I did the nasty or that you asume I wouldn’t?" he was still looking at her waiting for her response. -04:37 Aug 07
Leslie: "I assumed you wouldn’t." She was still pale and she was holding that glass of water like it was a shield. Of course he wouldn’t. No one would! Leslie felt bad enough without him digging in to her. She scowled at him. "I can take myself back, it’s not a big deal." -04:40 Aug 07
Damion: "You’re too trusting." he said before standing and snagging his car keys from the pocket of the jacket over the side of his chair. "We’re not going strait back." he said before he opened the door and waited for her to exit. -04:44 Aug 07
Leslie: Her scowl deepend. Trust had nothing to do with it! Finishing her water and setting the glass on the counter, she and her purse followed. Once in the hall she was heading for the stairs. "-I- am going to call for a cab at the front desk." -04:48 Aug 07
Damion: He followed with long easy stides. "Think you can handle twenty floors to the bottom?" he asked "I would have held your hand but you seem to on your own agenda." he rolled hsi eyes. "Leslie, let me take you for ice cream first, after that I’ll let you take a cab." -04:52 Aug 07
Leslie: Twenty floors. She inwardly groaned. Leslie could take a lot of stairs, but that many flights deemed daunting when her head was still pounding like a frieght train. She paused in the hall, less scowling and more frowning. "Is ice cream a cure for hangovers?" she mumbled, very warily changing direction for the elevator. -04:55 Aug 07
Damion: He moved with her pushing the button and waiting. "It helps, sometimes." he said still not giving anythign away. "So whya re you aftaid of elevators?" he asked eying her before the door opened and he moved his hand to hold them open. "You said somehting last night about metal boxes." -04:59 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie hesitated before stepping inside. Turning to face the doors. Her expression hadn’t changed much, but her knuckles were turning white from clutching the straps of her purse too tight. "It’s not anything important, I just don’t like them is all." It wasn’t a lie. Leslie just… wasn’t comfortable with talking about it either! She took a deep breath. This was no big deal. She did this all the time. The edgyness was just from him and one very bad night. Twenty floors was a piece of cake. -05:03 Aug 07
Damion: He entered with her and pressed the busson before rocking back on his heels nad looking at her. She was tense, very tense. He reached down and hup his hand around her as a distraction. "I’ll have you back with Jade before you know it." he said even thought he thought of Jade made his want to roll his eyes. Women like that bored him. -05:09 Aug 07
Leslie: Her eyes squeezed shut the minute the doors closed. The headache made it worse. Now there was the pain and the memory mixing together and she was a step away from a full blown panic attack. ….which seemed to have completely dissipated the moment she felt his arm around her. The distraction did the trick and she was blinking up at him with a confused questioning expression. "I’m fine, you know. I can take care of myself." -05:15 Aug 07
Damion: "I was carrying you when we were in here last night." he said "I felt his you tensed." He looked at her "And who says I don’t have motives other than simply making sure you’re alright." he turned his eyes back to the door. "I wouldn’t leave home and search three bars for just anybody." -05:18 Aug 07
Leslie: Speaking of tense! The man had other motives beyond being a pain in the rear? Or maybe that WAS the motive. Leslie’s gaze didn’t leave him. Now she was staring more intently… suspiciously. "Then what do you want, Mr Rubrum? Your interview is done, my night of stupid is over and you’re free of obligation. What do you want?" -05:32 Aug 07
Damion: "A great many things that on lifetime is to short to acrue Ms. Cole." he said. "From you specifically?" he remained silent, the wayning span of time as he ran a tongue over his bottom lip in thought seeming all too long. "That is the challenge isn’t it, knowing what you want, its much easier in business than out of it. I suppose you already suspect one thing that I want." the door chimed open and he stepped out into the underground parking and turned holdign the door open. "Coming?" -05:38 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie was all too happy to step out of the elevator as quickly as possible once she realized the doors were opened. That was a surprisingly quick ride down. At least he proved a good distraction to focus on! But Leslie was frowning all the same. "No, that’s the problem! I don’t know what you want at all beyond enjoying the fact I am completely confused. If your agenda was to be as vague as possible until I went crazy, then you’ve succeeded." -05:41 Aug 07
Damion: "You’re not crazy." he retorted. "Theregore that goal has not been accolplishes even if it was what I was after." he shook his hed leading the way to his car. "Shall we assume my goal is simply a bowl of icecream and not eating it alone?" he shot her a glance. "I happen to like talking to you, you challenge me, unlike girld like Jade who I tent to find boring, no challenge in them at all. And then after today you never have to see me again." -05:46 Aug 07
Leslie: "That is the weirdest thing I have ever heard." Well, not the weirdest. But it was top on the list of confusing things. Leslie didn’t find herself challenging. JADE was challenging. Jade was a real pain in the ass who left her a million messages and was going to flip when she found out what happened. Leslie was still giving him a suspicious look. "You would like to be friends? I’m not against being friends…" Even as she said it, she wasn’t so sure it would be a good idea. She just didn’t know why. -05:52 Aug 07
[(Timeout) Damion doesn’t post enough.] -06:32 Aug 07
[Damion enters.] -06:32 Aug 07
Damion: "If by friends you mean we remain in comunication after I return to the city then yes, I agree." he said Opening his door and getting in "Though Leslie the reason you are about to get into my car is you intriaue me, you don’t dwell on the shallow surface, I’d never let Jade into this car, I love this car." he started the engine, "Strange, isn’t it." -06:36 Aug 07
Leslie: "You don’t make any sense." she mumbled. There was a vague, interested look at the car, as if she could decipher what he meant by examining it… but she finally slipped in to the seat, closed the door and clicked on her seatbelt. Hmm, more fuzzy memories. Leslie was a little uncomfortable about sitting in the car too, but unlike the elevator she was hiding it better. "Strange seems to be an accurate word for you. So, friend, why ice cream in the morning?" Leslie poked at the random buttons in the car. She was rather curious what they all did! -06:42 Aug 07
Damion: He grabbed her habd and pulled it away from the dash. Then put the car out of track mode like then had put it into and turned off the AC. "If I don’t make sense then why question me? Are you hoping my answers will sake more sence as time goes on? As I said I want to talk."he soot a deep breath and sighed before pulling out of the parking space. "Even though I’m horrible at talking." -06:48 Aug 07
Leslie: Okay, no pressing his buttons. Leslie had the feeling that meant figurative buttons too. She sat back in her seat, fidgetting with her hands instead. Clicking her thumbnail or fussing with the hair pulled over her shoulder. "When someone doesn’t make sense you’re supposed to question them. I think you just have a problem with people questioning you." Anxiousness. It was easier driving than it was being a passenger. How she got through it last night was a miracle! She turned her seat to eye him again. "Do you want ME to do all the talking?’ -06:53 Aug 07
Damion: "It would help with the no questioning." he said flatly, something about that remark irked him. "Do you know what I do when somone makes no sense Leslie?" he asked "I correct them." he glanced at her. "If I have a problem with people questioning me its because I have a problem with people knowing too much about me. Do you want to know about me?" -06:59 Aug 07
Leslie: "I will keep the correcting thing in mind then." she responded, almost with a hint of a grin. -Now- he was finally making sense. Giving her perfectly understandable reasons. "You should have just said so in the first place, instead of being such a pain about it. Yes, I would like to know about you. That’s what friends do." She was much more relaxed now, though her itchy fingers were now poking at the buttons on the side door. -07:02 Aug 07
Damion: With a flick of a switch he locked the controls on her side and kept driving. "You keep saying that word, like you’re trying to make sure I hear it, so that I don’t have any expectations beyond that? Seems likely." he pulled over and put on the hand break. "We’re here." unding his seatbelt he got out and closed his door then looked at the outdoor cafe. "What would you want to know other than what you got in the interview?" -07:06 Aug 07
Leslie: Her mouth twist up in a frown. He wouldn’t let her fuss with buttons, and he all too easily hit the nail on the head. When she let herself out of the car, she was a little sheepish, but she didn’t have any reason to apologize for it. "Maybe I am making sure there aren’t any expections of me. That’s not such a bad thing, is it?" Her expression soften to grin once she took a look at the cafe. Her head still hurt and the light made her eyes sensitive, but she was sure the morning sun would do wonders. "I want to know why you think I am so challenging. I’m honestly not trying to be." -07:12 Aug 07
Damion: "No, its noble of you." he said "Letting your own intention beign know so that the other does not have to expess thier for there to be an understanding, then all you have to do is read their reaction and you know what they had in mind." he looked at her and then at the cafe. "So then. Ms. Cole. You have mysteries you do not reveal, you have a tenasity you don’t even notice, and, well, the other point doesn’t matter anymore." he headed off to choose a table. -07:18 Aug 07
Leslie: She regarded him curiously, that brief moment of confusion on her face. Leslie could take a compliment just fine, but she wasn’t exactly sure if that was compliments to her or some sort of research study… he was getting vague again. "I wouldn’t call myself mystery. I’m not trying to hide anything. And if you don’t want me to question you, you shouldn’t make veiled refferences to ‘other points’ you don’t want to mention, because all it does is make me curious." Leslie follow a few paces, until she tugged gently at his arm sleeve towards a table she liked. She was already moving a chair and taking a seat. -07:23 Aug 07
Damion: "Then I’ll never mention it again, that was my plan anyway." he picked up an menu and looked down into it. Its was time for him to change tac anyway. "There do all thise scars come from?" he asked. "Assuming I can still ask you anything…" -07:29 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie froze, her hands hovering over her menu for a moment. The emotions flittered across her face very quickly. Pain, shock, annoyance, and finally to a resigned frown as she relaxed her body and flipped open the menu. He never would have thought to ask, if he hadn’t of seen. That irked her a bit. "You can still ask anything. …just wasn’t really expecting that to be a topic." Leslie chewed on her lip for a moment while she debated, coming to the conclusion that she might as well. It wasn’t a secret. "I was in a car accident with my mom and step dad. I wish you wouldn’t have seen those.." -07:33 Aug 07
Damion: He tilted his head an espression twitching across his features. "Sorry." he said then fell silent looking down at his menu. "If you had done your research before my interview you’d have seen I lost mine too." it was a matter of public recond, but not one he wanted to talk about so he concentrated on the menu. "Just a sundue." he said pointing and handing the menu back to the waitor. "And a glass of water, no ice." -07:39 Aug 07
Leslie: "Frozen yogurt, please." she mumbled and fell silent until the waitor was out of sight. "The worst part is that it wasn’t even the accident that took them. They ended up divorced because of me, and later mom got sick and passed a few years ago and I don’t even know what happened to my step-dad." Leslie tried to remember the last time she had even mentioned her step-dad. Long enough that thinking about it left her feeling a little awkward and making her stomach churn. She took the opportunity to change the subject. "I keep telling you I am not a journalist. Last minute Jade needed me to go for her. Had she not been sick, you wouldn’t of had to meet me at all." -07:47 Aug 07
[Leslie enters.] -07:54 Aug 07
Damion: "But here we are." he said "Haybe it was a good thing she got sigh, or you wouldn’t be getting a frozen yogurt righ…" his phone rang and he answered it. "Yes?" "No, make it quick." "Rerout, and store it until I have time to make calls, explain to Russ where are delays but I’ll take care of it myself, this find out who botched the paperwork." "Five, no later." "Hes lucks hes not waiting until tomorow, now call him and tell him its being taken care of and if he has any problems I’ll address them as soon as I’m back at the office, anythign else." "Good." he hung up and bit his lip as his brow furrowed. "This is why I don’t take time off." -07:57 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie wasn’t so sure that frozen yogurt was a good trade off for him seeing her naked. Or uncomfortable conversations. But as he spoke on the phone, she was watching him with a tilt of her head. He spoke to everyone with that no-nonsense authority. She wondered if everyone always did what he told them to, no questions asked? "Lucky you did, or you wouldn’t be having ice cream for breakfast?" she grinned wide, throwing the comment back at him. -08:02 Aug 07
Damion: He looked at her moving his hands away from his temples. "Not the healthiest breakfast there is but…" he shrugged his shoulders his mind still lingering on the latest crisis. "What do you usually have for breakfast when you’re hung over?" -08:12 Aug 07
Leslie: There was that sheepish look again and she was hanging her head in shame. "…I’ve never been hung over before. I’ve never been drunk before! I had no idea that’s what it was like, and I never ever want to do it again." Even now that headache was still lingering, and Leslie was sure it was going to follow her the rest of the day. Had she not woken up in some -else’s- bed, she would have just stayed in hers all day. -08:15 Aug 07
[(Timeout) Leslie doesn’t post enough.] -08:21 Aug 07
Damion: That was a surprise. "That is surprising." a colledge seniour whose never been drunk before. Thier orders arived and he poked his sundae with his spoon. "And I thought I was bad. You’ll be fine, just her rehydrated and as soon as you feel up to it have something to eat and for the headache.." he help up his left hand nad pinched the shin spanning the gab between the base of his thumb and his hand. "Squeezing here helps." -08:21 Aug 07
Leslie: First she stuffed a very full spoonful of yogurt in to her mouth and held the spoon there, then she was pinching her hand with a dubious frown. Leslie didn’t see how that was possibly going to help. She finally gave up and pulled the spoon from her mouth. "Car crash. I haven’t really been all that tempted to try drinking, and I wouldn’t have done it last night either had Jade actually told me what I ordered instead of giggling about it." Another spoonful. This did help her feel better! "And you, Mr. Rubrum? Do you go to crazy parties and get drunk by accident and call random people in the middle of the night?" -08:27 Aug 07
Damion: "Not since colledge." he said "Though I never called anyone except Paul Rudey." he looked at her to see if she recognized the name before taking a spoonful of icecream and letting it melt across his tongue. "I havn’t been drunk since then, and not because I woke up maked in his bed and he took me out for icecream, but because I’ve been working six days a week since then. It was him that got me the meeting I dropped out to attend. I aranged the meetign that changed my life on my back in a bar parking lot wondering why the air behind me felt so hard." -08:33 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie didn’t recognize the name, and for a second she thought he meant he actutally -did- mean he woke up naked in the guy’s bed. Luckily common sense kicked in. Leslie suddenly started laughing! "Probably not the most elegant way to start a life, but it’s pretty amazing." -08:44 Aug 07
Damion: "He liked the idea, he didn’t think it would work, but he liked it. Lucky for me it did and now… well that was him on the phone, he works for me." he gave a wry smile. "Whis is what you should have heard for the article." he said. "But I don’t want economics majors thinkign its a good idea to drunk dial busy executives." he took another bite and sucked on his spoon. "It doesn’t concern you that you’re at the end of your colledge life and you have no definite prospects?" -08:48 Aug 07
Leslie: She shrugged her shoulders, not looking concerned at all. In fact she had relaxed considerably now and was just enjoying the morning sun and licking a spoon. "I’ve already put in some applications, and if they fall through I’ll just put in a few more. There’s never any guarantees, right? No reason to worry about it." -08:54 Aug 07
Damion: "Yes there are." he said "There always are, and if there arn’t make your own." he was looking af her. "If they saw no, show them why they’re wrong…" he speared his icecream with more force than he intended and sent splatter across the table. "I don’t take no for and answer. Sometimes you just can’t. I…" he narrowed his gaze, was he taking no as an answer from her? -08:58 Aug 07
Leslie: "Maybe they have good reasons to say no? Like someone else is better qualified applied for the job. Or maybe I wasn’t what they were looking for? Although, I guess if I really wanted it I would make an effort to fight for it. Um hmm. I guess I haven’t spotted a job that really inspired me yet." Leslie watched him for a moment, before giving him another curious stare. "I think that ice cream is already dead." -09:01 Aug 07
Damion: He looked down at it and then put a large dollup in his mouth and swallowed. "I could give you one." he said "Until you find something better." he looked down at the mostly melted remnents and then drunk then strait from the glass. "The Mercury needs a new editor." The Mercury was a non-profit website that highlighted envoromental and sometime supressed political plights and ahd had a large impact on international awareness during several recent civil wars. "Would technically be working for me since its and independent entity, but I do provide them with a lot of thier funding." -09:10 Aug 07
Leslie: There! Ice cream saved from mindless murder. Leslie scrapped the last bit of yogurt out of her bowl and was busy chewing on her spoon. "No thanks. I can get myself a job just fine, you don’t have to go pulling strings for me." It both amused her and irked her that he offered. Especially since she still wasn’t sure why he was doing it. -09:18 Aug 07
Damion: "At leasr submit a resume, I’ll say nothing to them, you’ll be hired, or not, under your own merit." he said signalling for the check. "If you don’t trust me then we’re not bery good friends now are we." -09:21 Aug 07
Leslie: "I’m not sure how trust is supposed to come in to play with that! I’d just like to do things myself. I don’t need someone to take care of me." He was irking her again, something about his tone. Leslie took a deep breath and tried to brush it off. He was being nice, she didn’t have anything to get mad about. -09:31 Aug 07
Damion: "I’m not taking care of you." he said sounding lamost defecive. "Just telling you where there is an opening in a respected paper that yould get your name out there." he payed and leaned back in his chair. "You will submit one right? Then endless persue me for all my corporate misdeeds as the big bad self-made rich guy?" -09:35 Aug 07
Leslie: Leslie shook her head. "I don’t intend to. I’ll think about it if I run out of other places to apply." She was tapping her fingers on the table again, watching him warily. "Besides, editors don’t pursue stories. They just check for grammar mistakes. Jade is the one you’ll have to worry about." -09:43 Aug 07
Damion: "You don’t intend to because I sugested it?" he had to ask "And I can handle Jade’s type." he sounded confident, like he always did. The check was gone and they had no further reason to stay but he didn’t move. "What places have you applied at?" -09:48 Aug 07
Leslie: An enigmatic smile was her response. Leslie didn’t deny it! "Yep. It would be a conflict of interests! And I like to do things for myself?" She leaned forward over the table, with a grin. "I can’t tell you! You might be tempted to help. But I have applied at a couple of book publishing companies and some magazine companies. And a shopping catalogue!" -09:54 Aug 07
Damion: "I have no control over how they spend the money I domnate to them." he said. "And if you submit without me saying anything they will not know better. I wouldn’t throw money away by making them hire someone athat didn’t desurve it anyway. Personally I see no conflict, unless you read into the fact that you were naked in my bet this morning, and then you would be wrong." -09:58 Aug 07
Leslie: That had her face turning red, and she was frowning again. "If it’s not going to matter either way, why are you so upset about it? I said I’d think about it, that should be enough." -10:01 Aug 07
Damion: "Its a sound move that you lose nothing my making." he said "Only someone purposfully trying to sabotage thier own chances wouldn’t make it. I don’t think you’d do that." he said "There is no risk and its would be better on a resume than a catolog. There are peopel who would kill for this job." he was eying her again. "But then it is your choice." -10:05 Aug 07
Leslie: "And how do you know it would be a sound move for me? Or what sort of chances I would like to take? I might be perfectly happy with a simple job. I don’t -have- to have ambition." Leslie crossed her arms, staring him down. He -was- getting upset about it! Why was it even any of his business at all? -10:14 Aug 07
Damion: "Ambition or not having this under you belt will give you more choice of jobs later, you’d be able to command respect in the industry and be happier for it. Not be forsed to take what jobs come." he placed his hands on thier fingertips on the table. This was a debate and she held most of the cards, a challenge, nothing she said outright refuted what he was saying but… "Do you want a lift to the bar?" -10:18 Aug 07
Leslie: "You’re making it all sound like it’s some sort of battle." And maybe it would be tricky or hard. But Leslie didn’t have any problem working for it. She finally just shook her head. "No, that’s all right. I can call a cab from here. You are probably wanting to get back to work." Leslie picked up her purse and started digging around in it looking for her phone. -10:26 Aug 07
Damion: "I have the entire day off." he said "And whose to say it isn’t a battle, you choose your battles and you take your wins and losses both." he shot her a small smile sitting back down. "And if you’re going I’ll be having pancakes." -10:30 Aug 07
Leslie: She dug, and shifted. Pulling random things out of her purse to lay on the table. The notepad and pen. A couple of books. Some magazines. A small mirror. Lip gloss. Candy wrappers and napkins, and empty can of soda. Leslie finally huffed, and wilted in exasperation. "I can’t find my phone!" -10:35 Aug 07
Damion: He looked at her then pulled out his phone and pressed a button. "It should be ringing…" he said placing the phone to his ear. "You hear it." he couldn’t so he furrowed his brow and plessed a few more buttons." -10:37 Aug 07
Leslie: Despite her exasperation, this didn’t seem to bother her any more than the inconveniance of it. She scooped everything off the table and back in to her purse. Trash and all. "I know I checked the messages this morning. Jade left me a million of them." she mumbled. "Don’t worry about it, I lose my stuff all the time. I usually find it eventually." -10:39 Aug 07
Damion: "Its at the hotel he said eying a map on his screen with two colored cots on it, one for where he was the other on the hotel, but he closed that quickly and picked up his car keys. "Lets go and get it." he started walking towards his car and then half turned to look at her. "You can wait in the lobby so you don’t have to get in the elevator." -10:43 Aug 07
Leslie: "I can take the elevator!" she said defensively. Leslie was up to follow him, giving him that challenging stare again. "I’ve already done it once today, twice won’t make much of a difference." -10:47 Aug 07
Damion: "See you do have ambition." he said petting in and doing up his seatbelt and starting the engine. "And it will be three times, we have to get back down again." -10:50 Aug 07

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