Mediterranean Misadventure 004: The Island Part II

Maria: She was waking up again. This time under more pleasant circumstances, though she still had a big headache. Grumbling under her breath, she found her skin touching silken sheets and more surprisingly she was wearing clothes and not covered in sand or seawater. Some nice island dress.. wasn’t hers… Didn’t remember putting that on. In confusion her hand rose up to rub her head as she slowly sat up. “…um… Fuck..” Everything was a bit fuzzy. -04:36 May 05
Kabriel: Kabiel rolled over and pulled the first thing that came to hand into his arms pressign it against him body. It was good to be home with silk sheets and air conisioning and … wait, he wasn’t home. He was on an island with.. “Maria?” he sat up the pillow fallign from his arms and landing on the bed with a ‘poof’ “Maria!?” -04:40 May 05
Maria: Thank god. She hadn’t realized she was holding her breath, and let it out in a relieved sigh. “I’m here… where ever here is.” she muttered, looking around the room. It didn’t really look like a hospital room, but it sure wasn’t a hotel either… Maria slipped out of the bed, a little wavering on her feet, but quickly crossed the room to crawl in to his. “…we shipwrecked, right? I didn’t like… dream that up? What happened to you?” -04:44 May 05
Kabriel: He looked at her then tossed the pillow agaist the headboard and pulled her into it’s place in his arms. “We were.. I guess. There were these.. things. I don’t know what they were. Then rushed me and them.. I was here.” he said his hand going to pull on her dress playfully. He had been dressed in a white linnen buttong up shirt and black pants.. but by who..? “Where are we?” -04:48 May 05
Maria: She hadn’t realized she needed the comfort too. So she didn’t mind the tugging at her dress, as she dropped her head against his shoulder and grumbled. “I think I saw one… I think. I’m pretty that’s probably sunstroke or something.” Obviously there were people on the island that cared enough to take them back and dress them. As… kinda of creepy as that was for Maria to think about someone messing with her unconcious body. “But you’re okay, right? Lets get out of here and find a phone.” -04:52 May 05
Kabriel: “Big… upright animal thing?” he asked, looking at her them leaning in and brushing him lips against hers. Having her in his arms was nice and relaxing and he lelt like he could go back to sleep right then but hshe had a point. “Once I tell whoever found us who I am and promise a rewards for our safe return I’m sure we’ll have a helecopter taking us wherever we want to go.” he said. “And they won’t mind us having a look around.. right?” -04:57 May 05
Maria: “Animalish, something… I’m not all that sure now, I was kinda freaking out.” she admitted, kind of glad he didn’t realize how concerned she had been. A man screaming and a bloody rock didn’t exactly leave the best to an imagination. She pulled herself away, briefly brushing a hand against his cheek before she was giving him the room to get up himself. “Well, I doubt we’re here to be eaten by cannibals, anyway. Someone is probably around here somewhere to talk to.” -05:01 May 05
Kabriel: He pushed himself up and tried out his legs finding them stable. “No, someone likes the goodlife…” he jerked his head at the view where there was nothign but jungle outside the window “And the lonely life. Whoever they are they have to but things from off island. And that means they have a way to get us off island.” -05:05 May 05
Maria: “Good! I think I am totally done with island paradises! You love, are not so great with vacation destinations.” she chimed, finally grinning as she was back on her feet too. It was true that the place was really nice. Whomever lived here, lived well. So their momentary lapse of trouble was soon to be over. Maria was at the door first, pulling it open to peek out in to the hall. “Heeelloooo?” -05:08 May 05
Kabriel: “I’ll make it up to you by giving you a week in my palace, no yatch, no danger just five star service and a hundred servents at your beck and call.” he said coming up behind her. “And the mose delicate doimind necklace you ever set your eyes on and replacements for all the clothes you lost and…” he stopped and sootsteps were heard in the passage. -05:16 May 05
Maria: He was making a really tempting offer. Enough that she was grinning at him over her should. But ah… footsteps! There were people after all! …not that she was doubting it! Maria opened the door wider, resting a hand on her hip as she stepped in to the hall and frowned. “Your house guests are awake and have a reque-eeeest.” she chirped out again, a little confused. Glancing in both directions down the hall. They were close enough to hear, right? “…There’s a lot of rooms in this hall. Maybe it’s a hotel after all?” -05:24 May 05
Kabriel: He followed her out and looking in the direction the footsteps. He had half a mind to frab maria, find a boat and run but that wouldn’t be right to the person who had dressed and bathed them. Still it didn’t prepare him to see one of the creatures rounding the corner. -05:44 May 05

At the end of the hall appeared one, then two of the creatures. Much taller than a human, yet still having the body shape and structure of one. It was the face and the hands that looked so completely different. More like an animals, but what sort was hard to tell. The first beckoned with it’s massive hand for them to follow. The second was poised to jump, if necessary. -Maria

Maria: …so that wasn’t heat stroke! Of course he first response was to jump backwards, bumping in to Kabriel. The second was an attempt to scream, but all that came out was a startled gasp and the clamping of her mouth shut when she realized they weren’t trying to attack them. …there was a slight battle between her instinct to run, and her want to scream what the fuck is wrong with your face. “I…uhm… Hi.” -05:55 May 05
[(Timeout) Kabriel was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:17 May 05
[Kabriel enters.] -06:21 May 05
Kabriel: The Kadriel saw the creatures his first reaction was to Grab Maria’s hand. His second was to step half in front of her protectively. HE was wiery but they were not attacking… yet. They could run but those things were damn fast. “I’m right here..” he said to maria and roved to follow. What choice did they have? -06:26 May 05

They pointedly waited until sure they were being followed. The first leading the way down the hall, while the second waited for them both to pass before bringing up the rear. It had leaned forward to take a curious sniff of them, but neither creature made any attempt at conversation. -Maria

Maria: “This is… really freaking me out.” she whispered to Kabriel. Maria had his hand tight. She wasn’t one of those girls that scared easy. But this was kinda… unnatural? And if it was makeup or special effects, it was -really good-. -06:30 May 05
Kabriel: It didn’t occur to Kabriel for a second that theye things were anything but what they appeared to be. But they were alive and clothed and maybe there would be foor that wasn’t them. “I don’t think these things own this house.” he said “Theres a human somewhere around here and what better chance to find them than to be taken to him… it I’m wrong and we die you can have my titile, I abdicate to you Princess Maria.” -06:33 May 05
Maria: “That’s not funny, Kabriel.” she hissed out. Dying on her vacation was not on her agenda, as a Princess of not. Their hosts led them down a staircase to a second floor, another hallway opening up in to a rather large room. It wasn’t well lit as a whole, but there were areas with examination tables and extra lights. -06:39 May 05

Leaning over a table where a form was unconcious, there was a much older man in a long white labcoat doing the final touches of a bandage on the… strange humnish looking creature’s arm. When done, he looked up at his guests. No smile, just an acknowledgement and an adjustment of his glasses. “So you are awake. That’s good. Occasionally my staff forget to be gentle.” -Maria

Kabriel: Kabriel spoke up squaring his shoulders his voice takign on an authorative tone Marian hade never heard in it before. “I am Kabriel Usra, crown prince of Armenia. We were wrecked on your island and need transport tot he nearest settlement, I can compensate you well.” -06:43 May 05

The Doctor, didn’t seem impressed nor interested in the Prince’s title. In fact, he display very little interest or care at all as he picked up a towel to wipe his hands and stared at the pair of them. “That is unfortunate. There will not be a boat here for another three weeks.” For several moments that seemed like it might be the last thing he would say, but he finally spoke up again before the prince or Maria could. “I have food. Would you care for something to eat? Yes, you should eat something first.” He gestured towards to two lingering creatures. “Bring food. Now.” -Maria

Maria: An authorative Prince was definitely a huge difference from the flirt she had spend the past few days with. Were they not in the weirdest place, Maria would be completely amused. “Three weeks is a hell of a long time to wait.” Maria muttered. She was eying the person… creature… on the table. “This is your… clinic?” -06:51 May 05
Kabriel: Three weeks was a long time. Too long for Kabriel’s liking. “Is there some way to talk to my government then so they don’t have a crisis from my disappearence?” really he was going to tell them to send soldiers and helecopters right away! -06:58 May 05

“Yes, this my clinic. No, there is no way to make contact.” And that was the only reply on the subject that he gave. He didn’t even offer his name. Instead, choosing to beckon with his hand for them to follow him over to a table set. He gestured for the Prince to sit, then pulled out a chair for Maria on the opposite end of the table. “Sit. There will be food in a moment. Your name? …Do you have any illnesses?” The odd question also came with the very brazen, uninvited touch to her forehead and her hair. Though the Doctor’s expression hadn’t changed. -Maria

Maria: Maria had sat down in the chair, but she was immediately leaning to the side when he started getting all weird and… in her space. “Maria Martin… and I don’t really think that is any of your business, but thanks for the concern?” -07:01 May 05
Kabriel: Kabriel was visibly agitated. But he sat, food was good right? “One question… two questions.. What are things and why are you in the middle of nowhere three weeks from anywhere?” the hair in the back of his neck was tingling and he didn’t like it… and he CERTAINLy didn’t like that creep puttign a hand on Maria. -07:04 May 05

The Doctor seemed to get the hint and retreated, sitting in to the seat next to Maria and leaving the Prince on his own on the other side of the table. “They are my staff. I am cannot do my research with too much human traffic.” He was turning to Maria again. Far more interested in eying her than speaking with the Prince. “You are… atheletic? Naturally active? Have you had any children?” -Maria

Maria: “I’m a dancer and no I haven’t. — Can we not ask me awkwardly personal question, please?” she responded with some annoyance. “What’s YOUR name, and what exactly do you do here?” Three weeks in this place. There was no goddamned way. -07:16 May 05
Kabriel: Kabriel was gripping the table so hard his knuckles were white and clenching his teeth so hard together they were bared in a frozen snarl as he stared daggers at the “doctor” no fuck three weeks here… he’d kill him first. -07:19 May 05

“Doctor Moreau. You are right, these questions are unnecessary.” With that, his ‘staff’ returned to the room pushing in a small cart. Still with a bit of interested and completely odd sniffing at the people sitting at the table, they presented the trays and sat out plates. As well as setting down full glasses. “We do not eat meat on this island, it’s strictly forbidden. However, the gardens provide an ample variety of fruit and vegetation. Help yourselves.” said the Doctor, and as if to alleviate any distrust of the meal, was the first to begin eating. -Maria

Maria: “Not unnecessary, simply rude.” Maria had no problem correcting their gracious host. When had she EVER had a problem speaking what was on her mind. However, she was -really- greatful for food. Having a mix of fruit salad on her plate, there was a fork in her hand and she was sighing in relief just to get something to eat. “Uum… So… I am curious about your work, Doctor. What sort of research are you doing here?” -07:33 May 05

“Research on genetics and social conditioning of a small tribe.” He reached out a hand to place over Maria’s, but this time he paused looking to her for permission. “…which is the reasoning behind my questions. May I see you hand? My interest comes specifically from genology. Humans descended from apes, then how might other creatures also envolve in to humans and perhaps interbreed…” -Maria

Maria: “That’s, um… Honestly I’m not sure how you can get that research done here in the middle of nowhere.” Maria reluctantly gave him her hand, using the other to take a sip of her drink. It was a mix of juice, and surely some sort of alcohol by the taste of it. -07:40 May 05
Kabriel: Kabriel was still staring daggers but damn if he wasn’t hungry. He ate his fork making all too much noise against his plate. But his hand on hers and his crazy talk were too much and to stood, swayed, blinked, gripped the table, pointed and slured out a series of words. “Shtand and fite I’m not go going to let you touch my… MY Maria..” he hadn’t drunk anything… WHAT THE Fuuuck.. his gaze dropped to his food and he swore… then he hit the floor. -07:44 May 05

The Doctor didn’t even bother looking up as the Prince hit the floor, he was taking Maria’s hand, and before she jumped up from her chair, he was plopping her back down again to continue turning it over and looking at her palm. “Don’t be concerned. It was simply a strong sedative. My staff will be taking care of him. Tell me, do you have any Russian descent? I have not had a female to work with in quite some time.” As he suggestion, his two creatures were already lifting up the Prince by the arms and carrying him across the room where the examination tables were set up. -Maria

Maria: “Are you fucking crazy?!” The questions were weird enough by themselves, but the man just -drugged- a total stranger! Maria snatched her arm away and was rising from her chair. Pushing away from the table to stalk after the beasts carrying away her prince. THE Prince. Damn him for saying ‘my’ Maria. -07:53 May 05

He was on her heels, however, he didn’t grab for her. He just brushed past her when his two creatures lift up the prince on to one of the examination tables and strapped his arms down. “Fetch me… My vials, please. And a few clean utensils. Ah, and one of the jaguars from the kennel. That will do for this one.” He didn’t seem be concerned about the woman, now pulling over a tray of instruments to the table. -Maria

Maria: “Hey! Hey, goddamit!” So he was going to what now?! As far as she could tell, cut up Kabriel right on the spot for god knows what kind of crazy. Maria didn’t even want to -know- what the jaguar was for. The minute his ‘staff’ was out of the room to fetch what he ask for, Maria grabbed the doctor by the coat and shoved him out of the way. She snatched up one of the scalpels and pointed it at him. Threatening him every time he got closer. “…you know what, I really don’t give two shits about what you’re doing here, but you’re NOT doing it to him. So here is how this is going to go. You’re going to tell me how to wake him up, and I won’t stab you. And I WILL stab you.” She made that threat clear when he got too close and she swiped a good hole in his sleeve. -08:05 May 05

Now the Doctor was scowling. The first actual expression he’s made. Standing at a fair distance he gestured towards a vial and syringe on the tray. “Not that it makes a difference. There is no way off this island, and in time you will be right back here. It would be beneficial if you cooporated. This research is quite important.” -Maria

Maria: “Yeah? Then I guess you better go over there and have a bite to eat! Off HIS plate. Right Now.” Threatening her with that crap, she wasn’t some horror thriller damsel idiot! To make sure he started moving, she was prodding at him again. Watched him, pointedly, unless the Doctor was very reluctantly crossing the room. Taking a bite to eat. There was several awkward moments of silence, before the man was bobbing and weaving… then hitting the floor with a thump. Maria turned back to Kabriel, slapping at his face. She wasn’t so sure if she trusted that vial. “Kabriel! HEY! Wake up, now, baby! I’m not carrying you across this island!” -08:13 May 05
Kabriel: He moaned and his eyes flickered. Then his hand swisted in the restaint as he thought to put it on her cheek. “Are you asking me out?” he said he a small smile. “Becauese ..” he slured the word “You are the prin..cess.. to me..” -08:21 May 05
Maria: “That’s cute, but we gotta get the fuck out of here.” Maria undid the straps, half pulling, half dragging him to sit up. “You can stand right? Hell, come on..” Whether he could stand by himself, she was helping him slid off the table and giving a soft hmmph when trying to brace his weight. “You owe me a really good date for this one.” -08:25 May 05
Kabriel: He smiled and tried to put his arm around her but just ended up resting hiw wieght on her. “ANywhere you want to go.. anywhere in th-e world.. just not this here..” he said “Because.. Because… Yes thike dzez ishkhanuhi.. yev ayd teghy sarsap’yeli… terrible.. the service is terrible.” -08:31 May 05
Maria: “Honey, I don’t understand a damned word you’re saying, but you go ahead and keep talking.” Bah! Thank god she worked hard…! Maria had to hold both her arms around him, just to keep him steady enough and moving quick enough for them to actually get -out-. She guided him to the door, pretty wary to listen for foot-steps in case those creatures came back. She wasn’t so sure how they’d respond to finding their ‘boss’ knocked out, and Maria was fiesty, but she wasn’t a monster slayer. It took her way too long to find the door out. And that she could see was a path through the jungle. “…right now that palace of yours is sounding really, really good.” -08:37 May 05
Kabriel: His head had cleared slightly and he had become aware of a splitting headache. “I smell the sea.” he said then looked bows at Maria feintly aware of what was going on. “You.. You’re saving me.” he said “Not fair I’m meant to be your knight..” he was still talkign nonsense but at least he was suppoting more of his own weight. -08:41 May 05
Maria: “People are always saving princesses, I figure princes need a rescue now and then too.” They were in the cover of the jungle now, but that didn’t make the loud piercing howl back from the building sound any less terrifying. Maria nearly tripped and dropped them both when she cringed. “I think the beach is down this path. Then you’ll have to sit tight while I…. figure something out.” They needed a boat, and Maria was really, really, hoping that the Doctor was lying about there not being one! -08:46 May 05
Kabriel: The howl sent a chill down his spine and he wanted to pick her up and run.. “Shitt…” he could see the sea between breaks in the trees and hurried more taking his weight off of her and only using her to keep his balance.. Fuck his head hurt and he wasn’t rememebring anything but the fact that they were running. “We’ll figure something out..” -08:50 May 05
Maria: “Already said that!” The reached the beach and she was trying to breathe. This wasn’t the same stretch of beach they had been on before. It was somewhere on the otherside of the cliff she ran in to. …which was good -08:55 May 05
Maria: …which was good, because not far down the beachline there was a dock. And a boat! The boat wasn’t much bigger than a small two or three people fishing boat with a motor. But ANYTHING would be better than staying on the damned island of monsters. -08:56 May 05
Kabriel: They were saved! Or so it semed. Without food or water it was a dangerous attempt but anywhere was better than here. He was stable enought to push the boat from the sand into the water, struble around the dock to find fuel, flare gun, and what might be a canteen of water.. then he was done, falling into the boat and groaning. -09:00 May 05
Maria: …she could have done that! If she thought of it… At least he had his senses coming back him, or they’d have been pretty screwed. When she spotted those creatures stalking out of the jungle, she was quickly in the boat and jerking the chain on the motor. The minute it roared to life she was jerking off the tie line and they were headed out to sea. The Island shrinking behind them. Once she had her breath, she turned back to him, leaning peering down. “…I’m driving the boats from now on.” -09:05 May 05
Kabriel: He pushed himself off of the deck and and rolled over looking up at her. Just remember what I tolled you about the sun, the moon, and the stars princess and we’ll be in wonderland in no time.” -09:07 May 05

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