King of Fools 006: Ambush

[Leslie is supposed to meet Jade at the coffee shop. For the time being, she’s sitting a table with some cheesyass smutty romance novel and sipping vanilla latte. Jade was always late anyway.] -02:31 Aug 10
[Damion It enjoying his last day off work, or trying to, walking with his hands in his pockets and trying not to think about work, or Leslie… but ti seems to be one ot the other, or both on his mind.] -02:33 Aug 10

For all intensive purposes, Jade was a GREAT journalist. At least in the fact that she knew how to find people, no matter where they were. The world should thank it’s lucky stars she wasn’t the stalking type. …except for today where she was going to bag Damion Rubrum. Both because she hated the fact he was screwing around with Leslie’s fragile disposition, AND because she wanted that SO BAD. So dressed like a high class socialite in her best short skirt and heels, Jade stepped out on to the street around a corner and ‘accidentally’ ran in to Mr Rubrum and dropped her shopping bag. “Whoops, I’m so sorry. I- Well, if it isn’t Damion Rubrum. What a surprise…” -Leslie

Leslie: Leslie yawned, despite trying to stay caffienated, and flipped to the next page of her book. It was hard to focus on reading. After spending the whole morning getting grilled by Jade, even a book didn’t seem to keep her thoughts occupied. ‘So he just -kidnapped- a drunk woman! Stay away from him, Leslie! He’s waaaay too much for you to handle!’ It Took Leslie forever to explain nothing happened, and by then Jade had already announced her intentions to ‘distract’ the man so Leslie could escape. Normally, that never bothered Leslie. …but this time? Leslie didn’t know why it irked her so much. She checked the time on her phone. Maybe when Jade arrived she’d ask her to leave Damion alone… -02:44 Aug 10
Damion: "Its the other lioness." he said not acting surprised in the least. "You’re out here alone?" he asked because Leslie would still be hung over and leaving her alone at home would be a little… it didn’t matter. He kept walking. He wasn’t interested in an interview from Ms. Sparrow, nor did he really know her, other than she was on the loose side. -02:52 Aug 10

Whoa. Totally unexpected. Doesn’t even pick up her bag for her? After Leslie said he was so old fashioned chivalrous too! Proof that girl didn’t know up from down when it came to men. Jade snatched up her shopping bag and quickly caught up to him. “Lioness! What a cute nick name! Don’t worry Mr Rubrum, I’m not going to rain questions down on you. Off the record, okay? I’m just doing a little shopping to entertain myself until Leslie’s lunch date is all over. How about we go get a drink?” -Leslie

Leslie: "Miss Leslie Cole?" Leslie looked up to see a tall thin man with glasses. Someone that looked like they had just walked out of library, or maybe the filing department of an accounting firm. She glanced around confused for a moment, as if there might’ve been another Leslie Cole there. "Yes…?" He smiled, almost shyly, and slipped in to the chair opposite of her. [color=khaki]"Pardon me if I’m disturbing you. Jade Sparrow told me to meet you here? I’m Simon." Simon held out his hand to shake and Leslie took it. Great! Thanks Jade! Couldn’t pick a better day for the Jade blind date ambush? Leslie’s smile was a little strained. It wasn’t this guy’s fault. She’d be polite! -03:04 Aug 10
Damion: "Lunch date?" first thing the ahd said that piqued his interest. "She didn’t mention that to me." but it would explain why she wanted to take a cap so badly. "did the barman seem interested by the way? I heard you were getting close to him last night." -03:04 Aug 10

Jade laughed, swatting him playfully on the arm. “Oh you. A girl never kisses and tells. Me OR Leslie. Thankfully your little grab and go trick didn’t make my lunch, her lunch plans fall through. So about that drink, Mister Rubrum?” He didn’t answer about that. Guiding him to a more private, more intimate setting was a must for the Jade Sparrow Seduction Technique. -Leslie

Damion: "So you were hitting on him, right after you put on a tight dress when you knew I would be there, and now, by coincedence you’re here, alone, when I an, and wanting to take me for a drink?" he looked at her his mouth set in a strait line. "I think I see a pattern." -03:10 Aug 10
Leslie: "I was supposed to meet Jade, sorry if I’m a little weird. I had a rough night. How did you and Jade meet?" she asked curiously. She could see why Jade picked this one. Last time Jade ambushed her with a date, Leslie told her she refused to speak to any more guys covered in tattoos and fresh out of jail. Clearly Jade went for the opposite look, without understanding what Leslie meant. "Psycology class. I gave her some tutoring. Can’t say she was the greatest student, but she sure knew how to do the research." Unlike Leslie, he didn’t seem to be uncomfortable at all. In fact, he looked to be trying to stare in to her soul. …at least that’s how Leslie felt! Figured with psycology students… -03:17 Aug 10

Jade only smiled wider. “Hey, it’s a modern world and I am a modern woman. I like to keep my options open until I meet Mister Give-All-I-Got. What about you, huh? Handsome men never stay single unless they’ve got some big scary secrets. Strictly asking from curiosity.” -Leslie

Damion: "Maybe I don’t see myself as hansome." he said flatly. "And everyone has secrets. I’m sure you have your fair share. But hey, I’m a modern man and Its a modern world. Doesn’t mean I have to stoop to the base level of behaviour." -03:23 Aug 10
[Leslie enters.] -03:31 Aug 10

Man, this guy was a viper. No wonder Leslie was so on edge lately. Luckily, Jade was a master with vipers. She took the punch with her careless smile, and hooked her hands around his arm at the crook of his elbow. “Wow, aren’t you in a mood this afternoon? I’ll cut to the chase then. I want you to leave Leslie alone. She’s not got the willpower to handle someone like you. Me, on the other hand. I am totally happy to have a little fling or even a romantic affair if you fall in love with me! Anything you like.” -Leslie

Leslie: Leslie was at least having a nice conversation with Mister Simon Nolastname. Had she not been put on the spot and surprised with this meeting on a day she still had a lingering headache, and was distracted with thoughts about a smile-less CEO, she might have really enjoyed talking to Simon! Ever so often she’d check the time on her phone, wondering when Jade was going to make the rescue. Of course, she could excuse herself but she really didn’t want to be rude. And he WAS kinda nice. Better than the ex convict, at least! -03:36 Aug 10
Damion: He stopped and a small smile came to his lips as he lookes down and closed his eyes shaking his head and even gave a small chuckle. "I don’t do romance, or flings, and even if I did you’re basing the assumption theres something between me and Ms. Cole on what? Nothing. She was saging the word ‘friends’ five times minute this morning, if you had heard her then you wouldn’t be making assumptions. Sorry to tell you this but your effort is wasted." -03:42 Aug 10

“So you ARE gay?” He had to be. No one ever turned down her fling offer, unless they were married or head over heels for somebody. Jade narrowed her eyes at the man, but let go of his arm. She was a LITTLE insulted, but she’d get over it. “She means it, you know. She doesn’t fool around and she doesn’t date. Not even when I offer her up the ideal men. And I’m not gonna let some guy jerk her chains around, either. So stay away from her and I will leave -you- alone, got it?” -Leslie

[(Timeout) Leslie was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -03:59 Aug 10
Damion: He rolled his eyes. "No, I’m not. I’ve fucked my share of girls Jade." he said "I just find your type to be predictable, boring, easy, the only way I can get a challenge from you is if I went beyond your limits. If I tied you up and turned you into my little slave. That would be kidnapping though wouldn’t it. You tied up for days at a time, earning your food by how hard I fuck you." he smiled. "Other than that, I don’t see you being a challenge in any way." -04:01 Aug 10

It was a rare moment when someone had Jade Sparrow flustered to the point of turning red. But it was all anger! So he was THAT kind of creep? Jade should have known. Rich guys were always freaks. And this one was dangerous. “Good fucking luck with that, Mister Rubrum.” She poked at his chest sharply with a perfectly manicured finger. “Stay. Away. From. Leslie.” Not a challenge… he didn’t want a challenge! He wanted some poor yes-woman to lead around on a chain! Jade resisted the urge to deck him, and didn’t even bother saying goodbye as she marched down the street. -Leslie

Damion: He called after her. "We’re not interested in each other, you’re worried over nothing." he shook his head, even getting rid of Jade was easy. That line could have backfired and then he would have had to have added more to it. Still he wasn’t going to chase after Jade. He was soon to leave this town and then he would be gone from both Jade and Leslie. -04:12 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie lost track of the conversation somewhere, and it wasn’t that she was bored, she was just so tired. She had enough energy to have coffee with Jade, not keep up stimulating conversation with someone who, at least to Leslie’s amusement, really liked to talk. Her head was propped up with a hand and she may have accidentally dozed off when she felt a gentle prodding. "Leslie. You’re falling asleep on me. Am I that boring?" Leslie look effectively chided. "I’m sorry. I did say my had a rough night." There was clearly not going to be Jade today! Using her headache as a perfectly justifiable excuse, Leslie bid Mister Simon goodbye and even effectively escaped without giving him her number. Now she if she could get home in one piece. -04:16 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie was on the sidewalk, debating whether or not she should call a cab when her phone and and she had to dig around in her purse to find it. She leaned against a store window as she answered, rubbing her forehead as she did. "I don’t want you to ever talk to him again." hissed Jade’s voice. She was pissed off. "Who..?" Leslie mumbled in confusion. "Damion Rubrum. He’s dangerous and you need to stay away from him." That seemed to come out of left field. So no more man chasing for her? It did remind Leslie about Simon. "Speaking of men, did you really have to do it AGAIN, Jade? You know how much I hate blind dates, especially when I don’t even know I’m ON one." Jade didn’t even sound apologetic. "He’s nice! Really nice! Way nicer than Rubrum. I’ll see you at home later, ciao." Leslie stared at her phone for a minute. Yet another hurricaine Jade moment. -04:37 Aug 10
Damion: Okay so there were better ways to get rid of Jade, granted, but not at least she’d be out of his hair for good. He rounded a corner and sighted a resturant slash bistro. Take away coffee, perfect for when you’re on a walk. -04:45 Aug 10
Leslie: She was too tired to even think twice about Jade the moment, no matter how confused she was. To make it worse, her hands were shaking and she felt awful. Too much coffee and nothing but frozen yogurt all day. All Leslie wanted to do was getting in to bed. Without watching where she was going, she had her phone out and was looking up numbers for a cab, and stepping in to the street to cross it. -04:53 Aug 10
Damion: It was his time to walk into someone, heading towards the cafe she had just left, walking around a car one send and catching her in his arm then next. "Sorry I… Leslie erm.. Ms. Cole." he looked down at her and blinked. A horn blew him out og his thoughts and he pulled har off the street allowing the car to pass and putting leslie back on her feet. "I thought you were on a date, at least thats that Ms. Sparrow said." he looked at her hsi eyes narrowing slightly, her reaction would be key. -04:58 Aug 10
Leslie: Egads, horn blowing was enough to give her a heart attack! Leslie didn’t even register whose shirt she had a death grip on until she managed managed to finally take a breath. Mr ‘He’s Dangerous’ Rubrum was not the person she expected to see twice in one day. And mentioning Jade was all the more confusing. "It wasn’t a date. It was a Jade Sparrow man ambush. Did you talk to her today?" Leslie was pretty curious to know what had Jade all hissy-fitted. …Leslie finally remember to pry her hands out of his shirt. Still shakey and not it was worse. Damnit! -05:03 Aug 10
Damion: "She ambushed me today to proposition me for a fling." he said casually but his eyes were still of her face. "So I told her exectly the kind of fling i’d be willing to have with her, and she left." there was a grin playing at the corners of his mouth. "I don’t think she apresiated my directness." -05:05 Aug 10
Leslie: "I don’t suppose you told her you were going to throw her off the roof of a building or tie her to the train tracks or something like that?" If that was all… Jade never liked getting shot down. The woman was a force of nature, but she wasn’t near as confident about everything as she always pretended to be. And now that Leslie’s curiosity had been sated and there was nothing to be concerned about, she visibly relaxed. Or wilted depending on how pale she looked. Leslie brushed a hand at her forehead again, unable to keep from returning that -almost- grin he had. "She’s good at ambushing. I wish she had better timing for it, though." Speaking of, Leslie needed to get home. …now what happened to her phone? It was not in her hands and now she was glancing around at the ground with a frown. -05:10 Aug 10
Damion: He held it out to her having caught it as he had caught her. "Good thing I’m not easily surprized. Are you?" he said dryly his expression returning to normal. "I was on my way to get a coffee while I walk do you want some… or…" he saw her state. "Ices tea, fruit juice, orange would ge good to get you rehydrated and settle your stomach." there was a smile pulling on he cheeks again and he must have noticed because he cleared his thoat and pus his hand up to hide his mough for a moment before pulling it away to reveal it had vanished. -05:16 Aug 10
Leslie: "Not really great with surprised. And I’m afraid if I walk another step, I may as well pass out on the sidewalk. Are hangovers always this bad?" she mumbled, this time staying stationary aside from a little swaying as she drew up the numbers on her phone. "I think they should put more benches on sidewalks for people who just want to lay down a minute." He almost looked afraid to smile, which had Leslie grinning all the wider. -05:20 Aug 10
Damion: "So I’ll get coffee later." he held out his arm hooked at the lebow for her to grab hold of. "I’ll walk you to where you need to go, or no wait. This way." he streered her towards an outside table and pulled out his phone hitting one of the speed dial numbers. "Rob, get the car, bring it to my location, You’ll be picking up Ms. Cole and taking her home. Five minutes? Fine." he hung up. "There, thats sorfted. You can trust Robert, hes been working for me for five years." -05:28 Aug 10
Leslie: "You don’t have to keep doing this." she complained, though there wasn’t a lot of force behind it. If she was going to deal with Jade when she got back, she didn’t want to use up all her energy bickering with him. Leslie slid in to her seat and set her purse on the table. Then she was laying her head down on her arms. Ugh! Wasn’t it supposed to get better over the day, not worse? "Jade told me to stay away from you, cause you’re dangerous." came her muffled voice. She ever so slightly peeked over her arms at him. "Are you?" -05:32 Aug 10
Damion: "In my own way." he said "Thats why you should stay away from me." his tone was soft, but still somehow managed to be business-like. "I wouldn’t be where I am today if I couldn’t be dangerous when I needed to and I haven’t been able to get you out of my head so, maybe you should listen to Jade." -05:42 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie just barely sat up again, chewing on the corner of her lip as she examined his face. Not trying to hide that she was, nor hiding that she was seriously giving it some thought. "Jade isn’t the boss of me, and I am perfectly capable of who I should and shouldn’t talk to." she finally stated firmly. …it was the next part she wasn’t so sure about and her tone was filled with questioning. "You’ve only met me a couple of times. I’ve only met you a couple times. You kind of intimidate me, but it’s not because I believe you’re dangerous…" -05:48 Aug 10
Damion: "And no one is the boss of me, but they still can give good advice." he responded. "I…" he paused. "My concern is what would happen if we kept meeting, with you insisting.. what you do." he sighed. "You don’t know me. What you need to ask yourself is, do you want to." -05:53 Aug 10
Leslie: That was an unusual response. Leslie was regarding him with that curious expression again. Resting her chin in the palm of her hand and tapping her fingers against her cheek. Maybe it was because she was so tired that she was missing what might’ve been warning signs. "And what is it, exactly, that I do? What do you think is going to happen to me?" -05:58 Aug 10
[(Timeout) Damion got too distracted for their own good…] -06:27 Aug 10
[Damion enters.] -06:27 Aug 10
Damion: He stared her down, or at least thats what it looked like he was doing. "Weather its friendship or somethign else, people get closer to others to gain something out of the relationship. By knowing you I hope to gain among other things a confident, something I have very few of. What do you want?" -06:30 Aug 10
Leslie: So much for asking questions to understand him better. That just made more questions. Leslie frowned a bit, thinking it over. "I don’t really want anything from you." -06:36 Aug 10
Damion: "hmmm…" that was not the answer he was expecting. "Then why give your time for nothing return?" she was confusing him and he slowly rubbed his chin with his finger. It was then that a dark sedan pulled up and he nedded towards it. "Your ride is here." he said. "You puzzle me, I hope I can fugure out your mysteries some day." -06:39 Aug 10
Leslie: "I like talking to you when you don’t puzzle me." she responded, using his own word. Leslie cast a weary glance at the car. Despite her headache, she really didn’t want to go. -That- was the real mystery! "Hmm. So, I have decided.You will tell me the real reasons why you think I should stay away from you, and then I will decide if I should or not." -06:43 Aug 10
Damion: "Before I tell you that you’d need to speak to my lawyer." he said. An uncharacteristic tease, or not. It was impossible to tell. "Until then, you have my humber, if you even need a lift into the the city I could send Rob, or come myself." it was a genuine offer. "Just give me warning so I can get an extra helmet." -06:46 Aug 10
Leslie: "Your laywer, huh. I can do that." She really couldn’t tell if it were a joke… but could easily understand if it wasn’t. He was so serious about everything! Leslie reached for her purse and pulled it to her, slowly standing from her seat and wincing in the process. "Starting to think I should have just stayed in your bed all day." she mumbled. "If I call you, it’s not going to be for a favor." -06:51 Aug 10
Damion: "You should have." he said "And I would have been more than happy to let you, for future reference." he called a waitress over to orver his coffee to go and then looked after her. "I’ll be waiting ofr your call." -06:53 Aug 10

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