Repairing Destiny 006: Britt’s Confession

[Jane is trying to blend in a girl, so she’s wearing a shapely blue tshirt, back skirt, black stockings and her shoes as well as carrying a new school bag to keep her identity safe as she waits outside Britts class.] -03:24 Apr 25
[Britt is not so sure she likes her major.] -03:26 Apr 25
Britt: Britt is doing well, aside from the fact she is avoiding her best friend because she wants to bone her. At least the class she missed wasn’t and important lesson. And today she had to sit through lessons about advertising strategies. Why did she even pick this career? When she stepped out of class with her notebook in hand and bag slung over her shoulder, she was really surprised to see Jane there. …and a little irked! She made sure to keep walking even as she greeted her. "Hey…! I thought you were transfering schools. Did you change your mind?" -03:27 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "No, I’m not meant to be here." Jane admitted before grabbing onto Britt’s arm and walking with her. "I wouldn’tneed to come here if you weren’t ignoring my calls and I have no idea why… and I don’t really care unless I screwed up somehow then I’m sorry…" she sighed. "Star broke up with me… or we broke up I’m unsure but the bettom line is she’s just not attracted to me anymore and I can’t handle that and my best friend being too upset to tal to me at the same time so whatever I did I’m sory." -03:31 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "Ah, baby…" Dammit, of all the times for a breakup to happen. Now Britt felt terrible about ignoring those calls. She stopped her walking to tug Jane in to a tight hug. "I’m not mad at you, I’ve just been… busy with school. What happened..? Do you need me to go and beat her up? It’ll be really easy…" -03:34 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She hugged Britt abck and shook her head. "No, it’s not her fault. She’s just not into girls and she tried to be for me. She even wanted to try having sex before she… you can’t change who you like." Resting her head on Britt’s shoulder. "She’s as sad about this as I am." -03:37 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "I guess at least you both tried…" Britt still kind of wanted to go beat up the girl, but she didn’t have any real animosity towards her. She smoothed her hands up and down Jane’s back, then stroked her hair softly. Her hair was getting longer, and Britt really liked it that way. "How about we go home and forget about everything today…?" -03:41 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "Don’t you still have classes?" she asked pulling away and moving her hands to Britt’s shoulders. She had just been dumped and blueballed and she wasn’t thinking strait and being too close to Britt was a bad idea. She didn’t need to freak TWO strait girls out in one week. "I can understand if you’re busy. I could head back to the gym and work off my frustrations there." -03:46 Apr 25 Jane

SLAP! There went a hard smack on Britt’s ass, right before an incredibly tall dude draped an arm around Britt’s shoulders and then one around Jane’s. Standing in between them with a smarmy grin. “Whatsuuuup sugar? Got a new girlfriend, Brittaaaaany? We gonna get a nice lesbo show or are ya going to be cool and let me get in on a bit of that?” -Britt 04:16 Apr 25

-Jane 04:22 Apr 25

“Ha, good one Roy.” came an guffaw from behind them as Roy’s two friend high fived. “Man what I wouldn’t give to pork a rug muncher.” -Jane 04:24 Apr 25

Jane: Jane stiffened and a twirl later was out of the boy’s grip and glaring at him. "For you information ROY my girlfriend just broke up with me… And another thing. So what if I’m a lesbian." was it that obvious? "Yes it’s fun to perv or to LOL lesbians just because you can’t stand the idea of girls not being interested in you. How about I walk aorund going LOL strait people. Hmmm? Do you even know what it’s like… many people have to live with secrets and when they let them out for a chance at being happy they risk losing frieinds, family… everything. I’m sure as hell lucky it wasn’t like that for me but I love wearing pants, I kick box, I’ve never ever dreamed of kissing a boy and girl are sexy as hell to me so if you want to creep on or make fun of a lesbian here I am, the biggest one you’l EVER meet." Without realizign it her left hand had come up to horl half of a guard while her right remained at her side, balled into a fist. -04:36 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt was pale as a sheet, she’d just been outed by this sleezy douchebag and now Jane was going to be pissed off at her or -worse-. …but that’s not what happened. Jane assumed the idiot was talking about her and now Britt was staring at her in surprise. After all of that teasing she threw out and all of those dumb comments. Was it really how she felt or was she just looking to take out her bad week on someone who probably deserved it? Britt shifted to take Jane’s arm gently, either way, she didn’t want to see a fight no matter how hot Jane looked at the moment. "It’s fine. I can skip my classes today." -04:45 Apr 25 Britt

The guy just burst out laughing, not taking a word of it seriously. “You fiesty like that in bed too, sugar? I bet you wouldn’t be wasting time with girls if a REAL man shoved a dick in ya. Brittany knows, doncha? You like a little bit of both ways.” He chortled, thrusting his hips at both the girls and rubbing his crotch. “I gota enough for the both of ya.” -Britt 04:45 Apr 25

Jane: Britt was shoved out the way, hard and Jane stepped forwards, her guard coming aff the way up… SHIT! She was committed and if the gym had taught her anythign it was that her new body was not the same… so she stayed low. A kick to the boy’s calf to unbalance HIM then putt all her wieght of the fron foot and use it to concentrate all her wieght into her right first and drive it into his chest sending him down onto her back. Then she took two steps back, breathing steady and guard raised, hair falling over her face but she didn’t care. "Bring your slimey greaseball cock near me and that rib that didn’t broke because I pulled at the last second… I won’t pull my punch when I aim down there and kicks are a lot harder than strait punches." she didn’t come to this school anymore so she couldn’t get in trouble… but britty might… -04:53 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: The guy was on the ground groaning and coughing, slapping his friend’s hand away when he offered help. Britty was standing there staring at Jane, baffled. Girl fights happened all the time, and Britty would roll her eyes. It was childish and stupid with all the slapping and hair pulling. But it was so different to see a women in full control of herself and take someone down in two hits. Britty hated fighting, but strength was so so sexy… …she made a bit of a strangled squeak as she grabbed Jane’s hand and started dragging her away. "Okay, that’s enough of that, he gets the point! We’re going home!" -05:00 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "Good I can’t wait to get out of here…" Jane walked quickly next to Britt and headed strait for the exit. "I was bluffing. I hit him full force and I still havn’t worked this body out to the level I’m used to." She let out a breath and pulled her keys from her pocket. She replayed the entire event in her mind and shook her head. "You know I never realized I felt like that." She said with a smile. "Lucky… I get to start over and redifine who I am and maybe let go of a lot of baggage." she opened her door and got in, opening her bag to reveal boxes of cookies, packets of chips, and other low cost high volume snacks that she had bought to make the bag look like it wasn’t empty. "It started as me trying to get a cover story together… thinking of all the things a lesbian would face so I could pass as one and… coming out would SUCK." -05:08 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt slid in to the passenger’s seat, almost smirking at the bag full of snacks. But she was too preoccupied with the fact Janes was so… Britt didn’t even know how to described it. Britt leaned to brush a hand against her cheek, then kissed the corner of her mouth. "I didn’t think I’d ever hear you say something like that." -05:13 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: A kiss? "I didn’t think I would either… but I’ve been…" the engine started. "I’ve been trying to work out what it means to be me since I’m still me even after I lost one of my defininf caracteristics and if I’m still me then it obviously wasn’t that defining and… It hasn’t been easy but I’ve tried. I have to say though it feels damn food to know I can still hit someone. Maybe I should just keep doing that instead." She tried to get though that without reacting to the kiss or read too much into it becuase that would be stupid but there she was, staring at the dashboard because it wasn’t Britt and swearing there was color to her cheeks. -05:18 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "It’s true though. The only thing that’s changed about you is your body and I’m glad adjusting hasn’t been hard. I’m sorry about Star, though…" Poor Jane. She loved Star, and it was the first she had ever tried a REAL relationship with someone. And here was Britt being a total douchebag all the time and trying to molest her. Even now Britt was itching to hug her and hold her and try to make everything better for her. "Lets get back to your place, okay? We can hop in to bed and just watch movies all day." -05:22 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She reversed the car out and started driving the familiar rout home. "That wounds great… and don’t worry about Star, okay? I’ll be fine… I’ll just be dumb and might creep on you because you’re the nearest available girl that I actually like for a while. Fell free to slap me and remind me you’re strait and what happened the last time I made out with a strait girl." it was mostly a joke, mostly. -05:28 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: She was breaking her heart! Trying to pretend like it didn’t hurt her, and Britty just wanted to shake her and kiss her for it. Jane could be so strong one minute and then trying desperately to hold it together the next. That was something she did as James too. Britt’s fingers itched. "So nothing different than usual, hmm?" she teased softly. -05:32 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Jane roleld her eyes. "I havn’t seriously tried to make out with you in years." she said as she waited for the light to turn green so she could enter her suburb. "You fault for being so cute. And kissing me. It’s almost like you WANT me to get handsy with you." -05:43 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: How close to the truth that was! Britt made sure not to look directly at her, because she’d probably betray her thoughts with that stupid longing look on her face. She tried to shift the subject away from herself for a bit. "Yeah well, I woulda punched that asshole myself if I could swing hard enough. The look on his face when he hit the floor was priceless." -05:48 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "I probably shouldn’t have done that." she admitted. "You could get into trouble for it but… The lore I think about it the lore I respect gays and lesbians and… he hit a lot of buttons related to that and if you were gay I’d probably have to apologize to you… I’m sorry anyway even if you’re not. I’ve been a jerk." -05:52 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: An apology too? Britt shifted uncomfortably in her seat. This secret was killing her and Jane was being so unbelievably amazing. Actually learned something amazing, and if it hadn’t been bad enough that Britt was infatuated with her before, and how she cared about James… this was just too much. "Apology accepted. You kind of surprise me… I mean, I knew you could adapt to all this, but I didn’t think you’d have an apiphany…" -05:57 Apr 25 Britt
[(Timeout) Britt has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:29 Apr 25
Jane: "well if that’s what you want to call it I won’t stop you." she said as she pulled up outside her house and killed the engine. "I… I think I’ll make an alright girl. Don’t your? That’s probably why I’m wearing a skirt instead of jeans. Sort of symbolizes the change doesn’t it?" -06:29 Apr 25 Jane
[Britt enters.] -06:30 Apr 25
Britt: "It helps that skirt are super comfortable too. Now lets go inside and get you out of it." Britt didn’t mean to let that sound so dirty. All she had intended was getting comfortable. She pushed her way out of the car and just left her schoolbag in there. She wouldn’t need it. -06:33 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Jane got out, taking her snackbag with her and locked the car before mounting the trairs thre at a time and unlockign the door. "Dads at work so don’t need to worry about him. I was going to spend all day at the gym but if you’re ignoring me I know somethign is seriously wrong.. or just super busy." She headed for the stairs trying not to think on Britts word choice too much. They were going to snuggle under blankets. skirts would be all over the place under there. -06:39 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "It wasn’t about YOU if that’s what you were all paranoid about." At least not in the way she was probably assuming. Britt had been trying to be responsible and a good person. Her best friend in the middle of emotional crisises, and there she was taking every sort of advantage possible. …and really, here she was again doing the exact same thing. But NOW Jane didn’t have a girlfriend and honestly Jane wouldn’t have kissed on her herself if she had really been that in to Star. …which was giving Britt something really interesting to think about as she followed Jane in to the house, and tilted her head watching her ass as they climbed the stairs. "Why leggings, anyway. When you have nice legs you should be showing them off." -06:44 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "I’ve enver worn them before and wanted to try them." She shrugged as she entered her room and kicked off her shoes before falling butt first onto her bed and pulling up her skirt to wriggle out of them and push them down and kick them off too. "And I was going to school and trying NOT to attract attention." -06:49 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "Kinda bombed on that one, didn’t you." Britt grinned, plopping down on the bed next to her. She really did have looooong lovely legs. Britt wore skirts all the time, but she didn’t have legs like that. It was probably all the working out she did. Britt wondered if she had on any underwear with those leggings… "Hmm…! So, hmm." Where the hell did her thoughts go. She was going to say something, but now her head was in the gutter. -06:54 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "Hmmmm?" She mimmiced to prompt Britt to continue, moving her face closer to hers as the sound continued. "What is iiiiit?" she rested her arm on Britt’s shoulder, leaning into her as she smiled. Britt always made her feel better just by talking which was why she wanted her company now. "Penny for your thoughts?" -06:58 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Jane was accidentally sexy. All the time. It baffled Britt how some people just naturally she could be. "I was just thinking how amazing it was to watch you kick someone’s ass. It’s kind of hot when girls do it." Her fingers were itching again to grab and cling. And her resistance was very quickly fading fast! -07:03 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "So Britt likes fighter girls?" Jane asked, her grin widening. "Girls that can kick ass and don’t bother with the gum?" she was grinning too much, amused by the thought of Britt fangirling over some video game character… then the image became her… "Then you should come to my fights. I’ll kick all the ass." -07:06 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Hot sweaty women circling and throwing punches and looking sexy as all hell? Britt was SO there. "Maybe I will. But if anyone swings blood or sweat on me, I’m going to be pretty pissed." One grin and Britt was smitten. Smirking ridiculously in response and throwing her arms around Jane. Screw it, screw it to hell! "I happen to like strong women a lot. A lot." she muttered. -07:10 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Jane blinked, her eyes going wide as she shivered slightly. "A lot?" Damn, her voice was higher pitched than she meant it to be. "Words like that are dangerous to a lesbian on the rebound." she said as her arms finally closed aorund Britt. If she cling to the girl she wouldn’t do anything stupid. "I might take it the wrong way." -07:14 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "There’s a lot of things you take the wrong way. And then you miss all the stuff you should have realized by now." Britt was deliberately being vague. Maybe she was still a little nervous about actually out right saying it. And now Britt just couldn’t help herself. She leaned in to Jane’s embrace nuzzling gently against her cheek. "Tell me, are you really upset about Star or relieved?" She had to know. -07:17 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She looked away, breaking Britt’s contact with her cheek. "I knew she wasn’t into me a lot longer than she did and I’m relieved she realized it before we actaully had sex." she said. "It’s better than dragging on through something that isn’t working." -07:21 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt captured her chin and forced her to look her in the eyes. She examined Jane’s face carefully with a frown. "And before you were a girl? How much did you really love Star? Honestly?" -07:26 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She stared into her eyes her brow furrowing. "she was fun, she was a little geeky and cute. How am I meant to answer that? She was the first girl I took seriously and I really thought we had something. I don’t know if it was love anymore but… What is love? What does it matter?" -07:29 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "Because I don’t want to feel guilty for doing this." And by this, she meant leaning forward and brushing her mouth gently against Jane’s. Kissing softly until both of her hands were up to capture her head and press harder. She had been wanting to do that since she knocked that asshole to the floor…! -07:32 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Alarms were going off in Jane’s head but all that happened outside of it were her lips parting nad her hands openeing and blosing several times as her brain tried to decide what to do. Britt was kissing her, not for the first time but she had never done it like THIS before. Was this a joke? Jane kindof hoped it wasn’t since she was already leaning forwards into the kiss and palsing her hands on the curves of Britt’s waist. -07:36 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: There was no girlfriend to worry about now, and though Britt still had some worries that it was all going to blow up in her face later, at this point she didn’t care anymore! A flick of her tongue teased Jane’s lips before she nibbled. Her hand slipped down her neck, brushing a thumb gently over her collarbone before her fingers curled underneath her shirt and started popping buttons open. -07:41 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: This was escalating quickly and half of Jane was screaming at her to stop this before it went further and the the other half wanted to see how far it would go. Pulling back she looked at Britt, trying to figure her out as she let the girl undo her shirt without stopping her. She was even absentmindedly pulling one Brit’s shirt as her eyes ondered downwards. "You’re really doing this arn’t you… she asked bringing her eyes back up to Britt’s face. -07:46 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "You’re the densest person I have ever met." Britt muttered, unbuttoning the shirt the rest of the way and tugging it hard to pull Jane closer. She buried her face at her neck, nuzzling in to soft skin and nipping gently as she shoved Jane’s shirt off her shoulders. Britt had been wanting to touch for tooooo long. Her hands were already grazing up Jane’s sides to reach behind her back and pop off the bra. -07:50 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Why did that sudden freedon and exposure of her bra coming off feel like one of the sexiest things in the world? A gast escaped her as she melted and a small moan as she pulled Britt’s shirt up her back. This was completely unfair. Jane was caught by surprise and had no idea what to do; but what she did know is her hips were squirming and couldn’t sit still. -07:57 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Jane’s bra was tossed somewhere in the floor and Britt was shoving the girl down on her back. With a hand braced next to her head, she hovered over her, dipping for sudden hard kiss. Britt carassed her hand over her stomach. Skin so soft but the muscle underneath was firm. One of her legs slipped between Jane’s. Pushing upwards to grind up between her thighs about the moment her hand cupped one of her breasts and a thumb brushed over a nipple. -08:02 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: There was a deep moan into the kiss before jane turned away to catch her breath and try to follow everythign that was going on. She was trapped and helpless and that was frustrating but dammit she didn’t want to mooove if not movinggot her more of this. So Britt was at least bisexual and this was really happening. Her chest rose as the squirmed under Britt; a hand burring itself in her hair as the other pulled on her shirt. irritated that it was still in place but with her li between her teeth there was no way for her to say so. -08:06 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt grinned against Jane’s mouth. What a wooooonderful sound! She nipped her mouth and then a trail of kisses and teeth along her jaw. Britt bit harder in to her neck followed by sucking and running her tongue over the spot. She nuzzled her nose against her collarbone, all the while her knee was grinding in to Jane’s crotch. Jane had no idea what it was like to be screwed as a woman, and all the ways to be tormented. Britt giggled, squeezing one of her breasts right before he mouth descended and a very wet tongue circled a nipple. -08:13 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She wanted to close her legs, anythign to lessen thesensation down there so she could THINK but al they did was twitch as she lifted her head to watched the tongue against her nipple. Attention to the chest had always been nice but this was somethign else entirely. It dawned on her that this was the firat time her new body had been touched there, REALLY touched on the chest on the crotch which brought naother moan from her as her head fell back and her body rose against Britt. This was madening. -08:26 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: It was really hard not to giggle and Britt didn’t even bother trying to hide her smiling. There wasn’t a guy on the planet she actually enjoyed doing this with. I was all mechanic and lackluster. With her girlfriends it had been great and she was actually happy, but this was intoxixatingly fun. Britt curled an arm under Jane’s back, resting herself more comfortably under her. Now she had the leverage to move her other arm freely. She ran her hand up those long wonderful legs and under Jane’s skirt. Brushing her fingers between her legs, Britt was really pleased to find this wasn’t all just pretend. She strooooked. -08:33 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: The moment that hand went under she knew what to expect, but not how it would feel. "Britt…" she said in a low, moan laden voice at it got closer, her eyes searching for Britt’s beofre she gasped and pushed her crotch against the hand. Shit shit shit shit. It wsa not officially sex and not just making out bigtime. What was if like to cum as a girl? Would Nritt want Jan eot make her cum too? She didn’t know if she could when she didn’t seem to be in control anymore. -08:37 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: She laughed, burying her face in Jane’s chest as she did. She looooved to hear her name like that. She also loved knowing she had someone so strong at the mercy of her hands. Shifting upwards, Britt nuzzled against Jane’s ear. "I like girls… I haven’t always known, but I like them very much." She nibbled gently on her ear, her middle finger dipping between her lips and stroking deeper. -08:45 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: [i]THen Im happy I’m ma girl.[i/] ahw yould ace siad the words if she wasn’t moaning and [ressing i, or trying to. Britt was alazing at this and Jane was completely wrapped un in it. "Not complaining…" she finally managed. "You’re amazing." -08:52 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled again. If Jane could still speak, that meant she wasn’t being amazing enough. A second finger pushed in and Britt sank them in up to her knuckle. Her thumb made a lazy circle around her clit. "Tell me how amazing. I want to know." Her mouth was on Jane’s after that, kissing hard and needy. Her tongue thrusting in to her mouth the same moment she began thrusting her hand. Slow and steady pumping in and out. Britt fully expected her to try and reply! -08:58 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: It was too much! The hand being trust into her and the tongue. There was a stifled cry that she would edit out in her head later as she pressed up against Britt. "Su… fuck." she gave up trying to talk, she couldn’t try to use her mouth without a fresh moan escaping and she was using it all the time now, her tongue geeting Brit’s as a new feeling continue to build inside her. -09:01 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "Cooooomme for meeee." she muttered in a soft sing-song whisper. With her grinning and her giggling, it was a wonder how she even found a moment to kiss her again. To suck on her tongue hard enough to draw it in to her mouth and bite. She pumped faster, finding herself squirming and grinding against the leg she straddled. Oooh, having Jane like this was so sexy..! -09:07 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: It wasn’t going to take long for her too, she could feel it building inside her. Her eyes screwed shut and she drew in a sharp breath,, once, twice… each one louder and fillowed by a louder cry before she let go, the room filling with her scrouming voice as how fluid flooded around Britt’s fingers and Jane collapsed, breathign hard, her brain melting. She wasn’t a virgin anymore and had just had sex with Britt… -09:10 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt was so pleased. Biting her bottom lip as she retracted her hand to wrap her arms around Jane and nuzzle and nip at her neck. She was still squirmy and not done by a longshot, but having Jane scream for her… Britt was very content with that, and maybe the fallout later would be worth it. -09:13 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "Fucking hell Britt…" she mumbled; finally catching her breath. "That was intense." she wanting to curl up with her but her limbs felt weak and shakey and moving Britt’s wieght would be impossible. "Hell of a first time…" -09:16 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "I suppose your first time as a girl would feel super intense." Hmmm. Britt licked up her neck. Now that her hand was free, she was groping a breast again. Her fingers still a little slick. -09:19 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She olooked down at her breast and then at Britt. "First time ever…" she didn’t knwo why she corrected Britt but she did rigth before moving in nuzzle and kiss her cheek. -09:21 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt paused, pulling back a bit and looking completely dubious. "Ever? Like, never ever had sex, ever? You’re lying to me…" ALL of those girls she dated all of the time. It was impossible. -09:22 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Her hand moved to the abck of Britt’s head to pull her back down with what strength she had. "I never really trusted any of them enough…" She nipped her lip and sucked o it with a tug. She didn’t want this to stop. -09:24 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "But…" she protested and squirmed, but she really had no intentions of going anywhere. "A first time is supposed to be special. I just… molested you!" Britt pouted. If she kneeeew Jane was an all out virgin, she could have had a lot more self restraint. She didn’t get a good first time, but she could have given one. -09:28 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Jane was getting iritated and grabbed both of Britt’s shoulder to roll them both over and stradle and FINALLY pull Britt’s shirt off. "Didn’t you hear me?" she asked "I wouldn’t have screamed like that if I hadn’t enjoyed it." She was grinning down at Britt as she rubbed her shoulders. "It was with you… that makes it special." -09:31 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt huffed. Didn’t she understand how much of a big deal that was? "I didn’t even give you the full workover. I should’ve had you in bed moaning for hours." Her shirt had been stolen. Now that she was the one being sat on, Britt was finding herself flushing and squirming again. Jane had been mindless with pleasure before, now she was staring! "Is it really? Special with me?" -09:36 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She leaned down and pushed thier lips together. "Yes Britt, and it’s not over yet… you need to shot me how to lesbian and we still have naked movietime to look forwards to… god my arms feel like jelly." -09:39 Apr 25 Jane
[Britt molested a virgin and now she feels bad!] -02:42 Apr 28
[Jane is weak and wobbly but that’s not gonna stop her!] -02:44 Apr 28
Britt: Britt was very pleased she had Jane all wobbly, but she was also still pouting because a first time was supposed to be a million times more special. It was too easy to forget that Jane didn’t grow up as a girl over romantisizing the entire thing, and then sleeping around with a bunch of lackluster dudes. She was still pouting even while running her hands up and down Jane’s upper thighs. "And what is involved in showing you how to lesbian? That’s the weirdest thing I have ever heard!" -02:47 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She was looking down at her best friend’s chest and with her still throbbing crotch seeing her like this and knowing she was allowed to think sext thoughts was almost too much! She half pounced and half colapsed on top of her, thier lips connecting full force as bother her ands grabbed a boob each and squeezed. "It doesn’t matter what it means." she said before slidiing to the side and lying next to Britt to nuzzled her shoulder, an impacient hand sliding down her stomach to undo her pants and zipper to slider underneath and rub on top of her panties. -02:53 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Jane had noooo idea how hot she was. Britt let out a strangled sort of squeak, squirming all over again as she dug her fingers in to Jane’s hair to hold her head captive and ravish her mouth. It still almost felt like she was doing a bad thing and taking advantage, but Britt didn’t care anymore. She raked her teeth along Jane’s jaw. -02:58 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: There was a happy sqeak that ebbed into a moan as she pressed harder with her rubbing before slipping her fingers under the silky fabric. There it was beneath her fingers… the first female sex orgen she had ever felt, her own included other thna with a sponge in the shower and it sent a shiver through her. All the had to go one other than porn was what Britt had just done to her so she slipped two fingers inside and started rubbing the inside wall as her other hand gripped Britt’s hair to bit her shoulder, tugging on the skin. -03:05 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Why was this a million times better with Jane? She shuddered and wriggled, and almost instantly she could feel all those little muscles clenching tight around Jane’s fingers. Britt let out a slow hiss of breath, nuzzling against her ear and flicking her tongue against the lobe. Running her hands down her neck and squeezing her shoulders. -03:12 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: There was so much more going on that Jane though there would be, feeling Britt tighten and feel her responces… had this been goingon with her too? Her hand yanked the cup of Britt’s bra up roughly to expose her nipple as her fingers explored deeper, thrusing faster. She could feel her own crotch tightening too, tingling and wanking attention. Her mouth closed over the nipple and the tip of her tongue flicked against it as she sucked it into her mouth… if Britt was worried Jane’s first time wasn’t special… she was insane. -03:17 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Uhhumm!" She bit her bottom lip trying not to let all the little gasps and groans escape, but was doing a poor job of it. It was also impossible to stay still. Her hips would rise and twist as she opened her legs wide, only to squeeze closed moments later capturing Jane’s hand between them. Britt was trying not to dig her nails in to Jane’s shoulders, flexing them until a hand found it’s way back in to her hair against and gripped tight. -03:25 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She continued to pump her fingers in and out a grin on her lips and circled her tongue around Britt’s nipple. "All the little sounds you’re making are making me hot between my legs." she whispered as she reached behind Britt to release the clasps of her bra. "Once you’ve come if you’re still worried about giving me a special first time you can gcan make up for it with the second…" she almost couldn’t believe she was saying this… it was like if her shyness and self consciousness about her new body had been stripped from her. -03:32 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt already knew exactly how she was going to have Jane screaming and writhing, which had her groaning out loud and squeezing her thighs around her hand again. "You are so… so hot…" Endearing or clever words just weren’t coming to her, she was so wrapped up in the moment. Her hand slid from her shoulder to graze her fingers softly over her collar bone, before she reached to grab and massage one of her breasts. "So, so pretty…" -03:37 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: That has a very unmanly low pitched squeal rising in her throat right before her hand gripped Britt’s hair in a vice-like grip and her lips forced Britt’s apart to her tongue could slide between them and she moaned, her fingers punping as hard as they could. She wanted to capture Britt’s breath as she came, she wanted to feel it, experience it with her. This was the hottest thing Jane had ever experienced, beying her wildest imagination and the fact that it was with Britt just made it that much hotter. Her crotch was practically burning as she squirmes against her but that would have to wait. "Come for me Britt…" everything she was feeling was reflected in the needy tone that leaked out of her. -03:46 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: So rough, and so soft..! The contradiction was pure bliss and left Britt whimpering against Jane’s mouth. She was erotic and sexy and demanding, more than Britt ever thought it could be. She didn’t want it to be over so quickly, but she could hold it back. Not with Jane’s husky voice pleading her for it. Her arms came around Jane, dragging her down on top of her. She shivvered and shouted when it hit, muffling her own groans of pleasure by thrusting her tongue in to Jane’s mouth. -03:57 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Her eyes closed tightly as any further words from here were lost as she slid her tongue against Britt’s with a needy fervor untill she needed to break away to catch her breath with a few quick gasps before she pressed her lips against Britt’s again. Her fingers brushed against something inside Britt, an area that was sponguer than the rest adn she pressed hard to grind her fingers against it before she even realized what it was, her brain playing catch up with the rest of her body. -04:07 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Oh! Oooooooh…" Her body made a sudden jerk as she squeaked, her arms falling away to flopped against the bed. She was shaking, grinding her hips against Jane’s hand and wriiiiithing. "Pleeeaaase Jane..!" It was unclear if she were begging for her to keep going or to stop! Her fingers were digging in to the sheets above her head and she was gasping futile for air. -04:15 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Jane was beyond words. Her hand pulled out and she moved down to pull Britt’s pants and underware down past her knees before she pushed her fingers back inside her, only this time hr head moved down there too her tongue flicking greedily at the flap of skin just above her pounding hand. Britt’s desperate pleas would go unanswered as Jane explored her, the tip of her wet tongue sliding against her clit and her fingertips contingue thier grinding inside her. -04:20 Apr 28 Jane
Jane: Jane was beyond words. Her hand pulled out and she moved down to pull Britt’s pants and underware down past her knees before she pushed her fingers back inside her, only this time hr head moved down there too her tongue flicking greedily at the flap of skin just above her pounding hand. Britt’s desperate pleas would go unanswered as Jane explored her, the tip of her wet tongue sliding against her clit and her fingertips contingue thier grinding inside her. -04:20 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: That cool wet tongue sent a rush of heat coursing through her. "Oh no, no… hrrrm!" Her legs almost clenched around Jane’s head, forcing Britt to pull them wider apart. Her back arced as she whimpered again. Hands releasing the sheets to wander down her own body and over her stomach until both of them were curling in to Jane’s hair. -04:27 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She pulled out her fingers to rub them either side of the opening before her as he tongue ran the full length of the slit before bipping in. She was getting impatient and her growl showed it before her pressed her lips against the folds and thrust her tognue it, letting it wriggel as she sucked a moment before her back arched and she moaned. "You taste amazing…"she whispered before thrusting her fingers back in and punping them, her tongle continuing to slide along the outer folds. -04:35 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "You- I can’t.. oh god..!" That was it, the sucking and the wriggling, it was so hot! He hips bucked upwards as the climax hit, Britt almost sobbing as she cried out. Clenching her hands tight in Jane’s hair and near grinding up against her mouth. Her blood and body felt like it was on fire, and even with release Britt couldn’t stop writhing. -04:41 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: That was it… Britt was thouroughly done and Jane was chuckling to herself, proud of herself as she pulled out her fingers and noisily sucked at them as she crawled up to lie down against Britt, collecting some of her juices on the tip of her tongue and moving in to thrust the tongue into Britt’s mouth before pulling back and grinning. "You are unimaginably hot." she said sofly kissing the corner of her mouth and grinding her hips against Britt’s. "I’m not going to be able to look at you without thinking about this…" Her hand moved up to cup Britt’s breast and squeeze it. It was true… Jane was going to want more of this. A LOT more. -04:57 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Mmhmm." Holy crap. Britt had never felt so lasciviously good in her entire life. She was practically purring, still squirmy… Britt rolled in to Jane, sliding a leg between hers and burying her face at her neck. She liiiiiicked and nipped the supple skin, letting her hands wander where they pleased. "I’ve been wanting this since that stupid dressing room. I would have fucked you right there…" -05:02 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Her hands slid down Britt’s back to squeeze her butt before sliding back up and repeating thier journey down. Even now there were small gasps when she was bitten. "So since I was… girled?" that was somethign to think about if Jane could think, instead she was tounging Britt’s earlobe and drawing it into her mouth to hild it between her teeth as they squirmed against each other. "You should have told me you were a lesbian." -05:07 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "It’s not like I always knew." she muttered, nipping harder on Jane’s neck then sucking hard enough to leave a faint red mark. She pushed her knee up higher, deliberately pressing her leg against Jane’s crotch and grinding in to it. "I didn’t know until someone showed me." -05:11 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "Sh=showed you." she was back to biting her lip and pushing her crotch against Britt’s leg as it rejoyced at the attention. "So are we going out now?" Jane wanted to believe they were… friends with benefits would be okay but she really really wanted this to be a regular things without worrying baout Britt finding someone else. -05:16 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "If you want me to be your girlfriend, you have to ask me right!" Jeeze, Britt wasn’t just going to fall in to bed with her and do anything she asked. …okay, yes she totally was. Britt was wrapped around her finger. Jane didn’t need to know that, though. Britt pulled Jane’s leg over her hip and let her hand slid up her thought until she was gripping her ass. Again she shifted and rubbed her leg against her crotch, completely intoxicated by the way she’d bite her lip. -05:20 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "This isn’t fair." Jane moaned. "One touch and I’m…" She reached up to grip and squeeze Britt’s chest, pressing and running her thinbs into the niggles before pinching one between thumb and forefinger to pull on it. She was going to leave a mark on her lip in her struggle to stay under control if she wasn’t careful. "Because I’m the guy?" she asked. "I’m not the one who kissed the other silly, stripped her almost naked and made her scream… first." -05:27 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "I am a lady with needs!" Oooh, being touched and fondled was so nice. Especially with no worries and fears. Britt pressed her mouth to Jane’s taking over the nibbling of that bottom lip and running her tongue along it. She really wanted to hear her scream again. "…guys are so over rated anyway. I like strong bossy women…" -05:31 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "Then you are my girlfriend." she said. "No ifs, ands, or buts." She moved to massaging Britt’s chest, kneeding and squeezing them. The grinding on her crotch was painfully slow but is still drew out a low moan before she let out a slow breath, her hips shifting this way and that. -05:40 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt could make her come like this, and the thought was delicious. She shifted closer to where their hips were touching, and with deliberate slow movements rocked against her. Britt wouldn’t have been able to go faster anyway, Jane’s hands were distracting. She buried her face in the girl’s neck again, nuzzling and almost purring. "Tell me what else you want?" -05:45 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "I want…" Jane didn’t know if she could think of anything that wasn’t to do with sex. "… this… you’re doing… good." she pulled on the other nipple wanting to keep them even as her legs tightened slitly around britt, the one curled around them pressing them harder together. "Later when I’m not so distracted I’ll think of something…. this is still my first time." she turned her head to the side trying to think of what she would have though if someone had said this would happen yesterday. That she would be on her back being fucked by Britt and barely be able to do anything in return. -05:53 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled, nuzzling in to her cheek. She wasn’t strong herself, she wasn’t athletic or naturally bossy. But there was an amazing sense of powering knowing she could have someone that was so completely mindless that they were helpless to her attention. "I coooouuullld…run my tongue up and down you everywhere?" -06:09 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She shivered in spite of herself… "Yes… I want your tongue." she said looking back at Britt. "I want you to go down on my and if I don’t black out I might learn something. I want you to use your tongue and fingers to show me all the best places down there…. and everywhere." -06:12 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Aaaanything you say." she mumured soft in Jane’s ear. Everywhere it was. Britt started with flicking her tongue against her earlobe and gently sucking for a moment. She moved to nip gently at her jaw before she liiiicked along it all the way to her mouth. Her tongue darted over Jane’s lips before pushing between them in a quick rough kiss. Then Britt shifted over her, nuzzling her way down Jane’s neck. "Tell me every feeling? Tell me what I’m doing to you." -06:16 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "Haaa." she let out a breath letting herself fall to the feeling of being pampered. "I’m feeling.. tingly." she said shifting against her. "My lips, my tongue., my ear… behing my ear where your breath caught. everywhere you touch. I can feel my muscles tighten like yours did when I had my fingers inside you. It’s very different to the feelingor an erection. I want to let myself fall into everything you do and lose myself." -06:23 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "You make me want to do everything for you." she mumbled soft, her breath falling against her chest as she nuzzled the skin between her breasts. Britt braced a hand at Jane’s side, so her free one could dance feather-soft touches over her stomach. Her tongue flicked over a nipple and she blew at it, giggling when it rose and hardend at her attention. -06:26 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Her hand came up to rub the back of Britt’s neck as she looked down at her. "This feels different too. My nipples are a lot more sensitive now. That whole area is…" to demonstrate she let a moan escape as her hips shifted. "The more you’re there the more I tingle between my legs. I’m so turned on right now its insane I don’t know how I’m still talking you’re wonderful." -06:34 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "I want you to tell me eveeeerything." Britt wanted to know and she wanted to hear. She licked through the valley between her breasts to the other, grazing the nipple with her teeth and biting gently. She nipped the underside of Jane’s breast, nuzzling against the soft flesh before she began planting soft kisses along each of her ribs. Britt puuuushed her knee up against Jane’s crotch again, where she could feel the heat and the dampness. All of this was making her dizzy but she wanted it so much. -06:39 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: A long soft moan as Jane writhed against the pressure at her crotch. She knew she was sweaty and had been for a while but she didn’t care. "I can’t control my breath, every touch to my boobs brings a twinge to the crotch and your leg there is just…. NNNnnnnnngggaaaa." she beat on the covers with her fists. "I really really really like it when you make my boobs feel tingly and hypersentitive." with every touch on her ribs her rimes her somache rose more and that only seemed to increse the pressure against britt’s leg. -06:54 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Just hmmmm? Good?" she was giggling again. Britt nuzzled her nose against Jane’s stomach, her tongue darting out to lick a circle around her belly button. She kissed an inch under it, then another.. until she was shifting enough to tug Jane’s skirt down and off her legs. Tossed somewhere else forgotten and unneeded. Now she had her completely naked, and she was beautiful. Flushed and sweaty and really beautiful. Her hand went down first to stroke her, but it was quickly followed by a long agonizingly slow lick of her tongue. -06:59 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She was ready for thin in the sence that her entire body ached for it but she wasn’t ready for it in the sence that she could handle it. There saw a long loud moan th eloment her cold and deliciously wet tongue make contact and Jane’s legs closed around her head, one of them hooking aorund her to pull her closer. "On god." she explained trying to think of a way to describe it. "I know I asked for this but damn… so fucking good." -07:08 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: More giggling! "You taste like sex." Britt was effectively captured, which amused her all the more. Her tongue gave lavish attention, unrushed and lazy. Darting and circling over her sensitive clit with teasing motions as she softly stroked between the lips with a finger, deliberately not pushing farther in. -07:16 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Her hips rose, lifted but the leg not currently hilding Britt in place."i’m not surprised." Jane said, her voice wavering on rop of a moan before she bit her lip and covered her face. Her muscles were tighening and untightening with evert stroke and her hips tride to follow the circling of Britt’s tongue. Then suddenly Jane was sitting up, propping herself up with one hand and gripping Britt’s hair with the other. "I want you tokeep doing that." there was another soft moan as she watched from above, her head tilder to the hide and hair falling over her face. "I’ve seriously been missing out…" -07:32 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Ooooh, she clenched. Gasping just a bit against her sex as she renewed her efforts. Guys didn’t have that same authority women held, and Britt was infatuated. Burying her face at her crotch, her lips wrapped around the sensitive nub of her clit and sucked haaaard. Her fingers pressed further, sliding in deep and stilling there. -07:38 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: There was a louder moan, slifles by the teeth biting into her lip as her hand tightened in Britt’s hair and she tightened around her fingers, her leg also tighteneing aorund britt’s head. -07:48 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt nipped and nibbled, beginning to thrust her fingers slowly at first but then increasingly quickly, spured on by Jane’s moans. She groaned herself, a soft humming sound muffled by her position. Her toes curled as she sucked and licked, matching her tongues pace with the rhythm of her fingers. -07:52 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: There was a long hissing breath sucked in before another moan escaped. She was trying to keep it down. Bossy women didn’t faal apart and moan themselves hoarse and she wanted this to last. She let go on Britt’s hair to rub adn stroke it, working off some of the energy through movement but she couldn’t stop helself leaning back slightly to give helself the levered to rock her hips with the rythm of Britt’s trusts. "I feel it building… slowly." she said when she could catch her breath. "Churning… spreading like heat." -08:00 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Pettings made her sigh, giving her a pleased rush of warmth. Her hand pulled out, both her arms curling up under Jane’s legs so she could grab a hold of her hips. Now it was just her tongue, lashing and penetrating deeping. Licking up the length of her slit and circling around her clit before she would suck hard and repeat the process all over again. -08:07 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She closed her eyes again and gasped as a violent shiver started as the base of her skull and traveled slowly downwards making her back archin a wave, then made her hips shake before traveling back up when she sucked, his sex presedd upwards against Britt’s face, her abbs flexing and chest beck stuck out as she threw her head back for a full opene mputher "OOoooh." Closing her mouth she bit her lip, her hand sslipping down to rub the back of her neck as her leg tighened with every lick and there was a stifled moan with every suck. She flushed hot, her hipe respinding to everything Britt did. Shaking with the sucking, moving up and down with her lickes and cirling when she got to the clit. -08:13 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Jane was mesmerizing and Britt had no intention of stopping until the girl was screaming and ordering her to stop. Her fingernails dug in to Jane’s hips as she swallowed some of the dripping wetness, and drove her tongue deep again. Thrusting wet and relentless with enthusiastic fervor. -08:19 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: It was all she could to to squeaze and brace agaunst the mounting feeling, her arm wobbling and giving out causing her to fall back and squirm. It was too much, without air she’s pass out so once again her mouth opened and she moaned. "Britt… don’t stop…" She gropped herself, squeezing her breast as she writhed, chills makign the hair on the back of her neck rise. She couldn’t think strait past the churning and the welcome invasion of Britt’s tongue. -08:29 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt hummed in response, her hands releasing Jane’s hips so one could glid on to her stomach and hold her down. The other slipped under her leg, fingers probing once again, this time with a hard thrust. Britt pumped rough and fast, pushing her farther and groaning against her clit. Jane’s begging was making her squeeze her own legs together. She sucked hard on her clit, and with ever pump of her hand she withdrew her fingers almost all the way out before thrusting in again. -08:37 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Under Britt’s hands her abbs were tight as she movedd her leg away from Britt’s head to help grind her crotch against her. She was slipping further and further, her hand gripping the sheet as her other continued to run her breat for a moemnt before moving doen to clamp around Britt’s wrist. "I can’t… I can’t hold it." her hips started to buck and shake. She knew it was going to end soon and her words were followed by three short gasps before she tightened aorunf her thrusts, then three moans each one louder then the last followed by three more. She couldn’t hold them back. -08:45 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Her pumping slowed and finally stopped, her hand pulling free and Britt resting her head against Jane’s leg. The grin on her face was wiiiiiide and all too pleased with herself. She nuzzled against her leg, nipping gently at the skin of her thigh. "Really pretty." -08:54 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Nothing wanted to move on the wake of the climax that left ht white fuid running from her slit. She lay on her back panting and saring down the length of her body at Britt. She was done, exhausted. She could stand in a ring for three rounds no problem but now she was as weak as a lamb, bathed in sweat and not able to wipe the smile off of her face. "That was amazing." she breathed. "Really amazing… I’ve never come so much." -08:58 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt crawled back into bed, plopping next to Jane and resting her head on her shoulder. She was mentally preening and didn’t even try to hide it. "Girls get to have so much more fun!" She nuzzled in to her neck as she curled up with her. -09:02 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She rolled onto her side and draped her arm over her. "With you, anyway… and I’m happy I do." She shipted forwards to kiss Britt gently, thir legs intertwining. "So happy." -09:06 Apr 28 Jane

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