One Life Stand 006: The Ex of Sex

[Tessa is at home being domestic. …Which basically means she’s trying to catch a spider with a broom so she can throw it out the window.] -06:50 May 18
[D is healing, slowly. ut at this rate it will be back to work in a week.] -06:51 May 18
Tessa: Tessa was on the floor trying to sweep it out from under the sofa. Because there was no way she could work, knowing there was a giant spider lurking around in the apartment. It needed to GO. "C’mon…! Get out of there!" -06:54 May 18
D: On top of the sofa D was doing nothing except tuning his guitar and trying to come up with new songs that were not about a girl wgo may or may not have a name beginign with T. "Its just a spider.. they eat other bugs. Leave it be." -06:56 May 18
Tessa: "And when they get bigger they eat people." Tessa poked at until it was on the bristles of her broom, and very slowly pulled it out from under the couch. Of course, when it jumped -off- and started skittering in her direction, she screamed and jumped up on the couch. But as it passed, she hopped back on the floor again to chase after it. "Damnit! Stay still!" -07:00 May 18
D: "Would make a good pet then. Something to keep people away. If they actually got that big on a diet of bugs. You should have stayed with me on the coutch." -07:02 May 18
Tessa: She did pause, considering the wisdom of staying on the sofa… but hiding wasn’t going to get it -out-. "I’m not keeping pet spiders. It’s like those people with big tigers or panthers! Eventually someone gets pounced and eaten." HA! With a quick swat and a sweep, she had the spider flying across the room towards the window. She chased after it again to shoo it out before it found somewhere else to hide. -07:07 May 18
D: "So you don’t like people who keep panthers?" he asked. "What about cats then? They’re hunters. Or dogs? They can kill a man. OR what about people who keep guns, or wands, they’re weapons." he put down his guitar and watched her. "It wasn’t bothering anyone until you got the broom. ANd besides. I like pnathers, they’re sleek, and black, and fluffy… Have you ever slept next to something warm that didn’t want to have sex with you? Its a nice feeling." -07:10 May 18
Tessa: "I love panthers, I’m just saying if you don’t want to get eaten, you don’t keep a pet that eats you!" SLAM! Tessa had the spider out the window safe and sound for everyone. Battle won! Then she was turning back to him, actually taking his last question in to consideration. "I don’t think I have… I’ve never had money for a pet. Or the time for that matter." -07:15 May 18
D: He raised an eyebrow as he leaned back "So when you were in your bed and I was on top of the covers under the spare blanket you think I was wanting to have sex with you. Interesting." he picked up his guitar again "I’ll have to rememebr that." -07:17 May 18
Tessa: "Tch…" Tessa forgot about that. She was so used to him being here now and invading her space, she hadn’t thought about him sleeping in her bed. "That’s not what I meant at all!" Red-faced, she stomped off with her broom to finish her chores. "…and you’re not a pet! You’re a couch ornament!" Tessa stuck her tongue out at him, even though she was out of sight. -07:23 May 18
D: He laughed when the stomped off and laughed harder when she called him a couch ornament. "I never said I was anything. I just said I was on your bed and according to you plotting to wake you up in the with with a sofy work and a hard prick. But you’re not some cheep fuck Tessa. If I were to have sex with you I’d ask you first in a way other that ‘could you roll over to I could stick my dick in your cunt." he shook his head and reached down for the beer next to the couch. "No boss, there would have to be a moment between us and maybe a spark first. -07:30 May 18
Tessa: "Oh my god, you are such a-!" Tessa was about to go chasing HIM out the window with her broom, for irking her so bad. But there was a knock at her door. She set her broom aside and glared at D on the couch as she passed. When she swung the door open, she was a little surprised. "Oh." She cast a quick glance over her shoulder before stepping out in to the hall and closing the door a fraction behind her. "I’m really busy today…" -07:36 May 18

“I’ve heard that before.” Smiling wide with perfect teeth, was a very tall individual who probably spent just as much time on his hair as he did working out at a gym. He was also, not shy about grabbing her head and planting a kiss on her. “Did you miss me? Thought I’d pay a visit to your room while in town…” -Tessa

Tessa: Gaaah! Tessa flailed a bit before weaseling her way out of his hands. "I can’t! And no I didn’t." She was scowling. He picked some pretty rotton timing showing up now, when there was already D to deal with. "I’m serious, I don’t have time for you and I told you were kicked out and to not come back again!" -07:42 May 18

“I’ve heard that before too.” he laughed, grinning back at her before laying a hand on her shoulder and pushing her backwards in to the apartment. “I just need fifteen minutes. You can do that for me, can’t you, Tessa?” Inside, that is when he noticed she had company. “Oh-ho company. Ten minutes then.” -Tessa

D: "Hello Spiffy." D called from the couch putting down his guitar again and standing. "You’re all dressed up to be calling on the girl on her appartment. "I’ll get the broom." -07:47 May 18
Tessa: This was getting awkward fast. Tessa could a handle a problem with work without an issue. This was just… a little complicated! "He’s my client and roommate, sooooo as you can see now isn’t a great time for you to be showing up uninvited AGAIN." -07:51 May 18

“Makin’ them pay now? Smart move. You’ll still give your favorite boyfriend a little for free, though, right?” He didn’t bother hiding his smirking at all, nor did he care there was someone else there. He merely turned Tessa around and was now pushing her forward towards the bedroom. “Hate to hijack her, man, but I’m on a schedule. You can get ‘er back in a minute.” -Tessa

D: D grabbed the broom and poked the man in the back of the head with the brissles getting the dust and spiderwebs all over him. "I yeard a no coming from her Lugnut. "And I also heard a get out. So do what the lady says and get out. Or are you too afraid to rely on your charm to get a a moman at the bar down the street. Wait.. I’ve seen what you call charm. You’re right you wouldn’t stand a chance. So Charmer, to buy a porno and spend soem alone time with Rosie Palm." -07:58 May 18

“Huh.” He pushed Tessa to the side, holding up a finger for her to wait there a moment. Then he was brushing his hand through his hair to pull out webbing as he turned around. He didn’t look angry, though. Just really inconveniance. “That’s her game, man. Saying no. But she always gives in and she likes it that way. You know too, doncha. Now how ’bout you just give me a few minutes with my girl and go pluck away at your toy to give us some mood music.” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa felt a lot like a deer caught in between the headlights of two bigass trucks. At least with her ex, she knew she give up a few minutes and then he would -leave-. It’s not what she wanted to do, but it worked. …but D was kind of getting involved in what was going to be a not-so-great way! "Um…!" …and her grand speech of tension breaking died before even getting out of her mouth. -08:08 May 18
D: "Shes never said no to me Touchy. Maybe its my toy.. maybe its that I treat her like a person and not like a backup girl for when all the others see what a useless prick I am. I’ve shared her bed, I’ve stayed here for over anonth and never once has she told me no. Its not her game but if thats what you need to tell yourself to get it up then you must have a very small heart to lack the blood pressure… Shrimp. Now do as Tessa says and get out or your hair that you love more than you will any girl won’t be the only thing I mess up today." -08:09 May 18

“Dude, I’m being real patient here, but you’re pissin’ me off!” He didn’t give two shits about fighting over Tessa, but apparently insulting him was going too far. In an instant he was snatching at that broom and swinging a punch! -Tessa

D: D ducked neatly, grabbed the man’s shirt and threw him to the floor getting him away from Tessa, then while he was down D’s boot bashed into his face breaking his nose. "Careful who you mess with Spiffy. You have no idea who I am or what I can do." -08:14 May 18

The guy was surprised to hit the floor, and more surprised to have his nose cracked! He was eyeballing the blood as he got up, frowning as he did. It seem all that muscle wasn’t just for show too, because he leapt to tackle him and dropped them both to the floor, trying to get an arm around his neck! -Tessa

[Tessa enters.] -08:18 May 18
Tessa: "Wait, wait…! Oh hell…" Tessa almost moved to jump in the middle of that, but then there was blood! Cringing, she covered her eyes with her hands. It was definitely the first time she had ever stumbled in to this sort of situation, and she had no idea if she should grab something to throw at them or just wait it out. "Can you please stop..! I can make time if I have to!" -08:21 May 18
D: "UUUrk…" the boy had some fight. D had to give him that but all that nuscle made him slow and in D’s line of work men who fought fair died fast. A hand gradding Spiffy’s arm just enough he legt him breathe the elbow of his other arm smashed into the man’s crotch, then did so again. Then D was twisting out of his grip, getting up onto his knees and grabbign the fuck’s perfect hair and lifting his head from the floor to smash it back down, once, twice.. five times in all. Thats whan he felt it his shoulder tearing, not open but FUCK did it hurt. Winding in pain he pressed his knee into the man’s throat. "Now.. say you’re sorry." -08:23 May 18

The guy had his bloody senses knocked out of him and was gasping for breath with a knee to his throat, but he was still cocky as hell. “F-fuck no…” He even look offended that an apology was even suggested at all. “It’s fuckin… Tessa… not worth it..” Sure as hell wasn’t worth all THIS. He liked Tessa cause she was easy! -Tessa

Tessa: "Hey…" That kind of hurt her feelings… not that she was surprised at all. He was an exboyfriend for a reason. Still, it stung. And now she wasn’t feeling so bad about D roughing him up… "I don’t want him here anymore." she mumbled. -08:28 May 18
D: "Shes worth more than you you oiled up sack of piss." D growled pressing his knee down "You will go down the street.." he reached over to his guitar, slowly. "You will buy a magazine." from the bodywork he slid an ivory-handled knife and gripping it moved to press the blade against he man’s crotch. "And you will thank your lucky start you can still sing soprano." He grabbed the man’s leg and arms and heave him up and chucked him bodily out the door. JESES FUCK THAT HURT. "My minds changing Spiffy. Make it fast." -08:32 May 18

The guy went crashing in to the hall and when he got up, the only hesitation there was, was him flipping his middle finger at them both. He didn’t even have some witty comeback to throw at them before he was spitting on the floor and stomping off. -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa moved to close the door and locked it. Now the room was silent, aside from D’s heavy breathing and it was… so awkward! The entire thing left her feeling a little sour. She turned to glance over her shoulder at D. "Are you okay…? You really didn’t have to do all that. It’s always so much easier to deal with him so he leaves." she paused for a moment. "But I’m glad you did…" -08:38 May 18
D: He leaned down to slide the knife back into it’s hiding place. "You’re better than that." he said "Desurve batter than that." he put his hand in his pocket to hide the fact he couldn’t close it. "And thats why you should have a pet panther.. or guitarist. Its not like I pay rent or anything, have to do something useful."" -08:41 May 18
Tessa: She really should have noticed the knife, but she was more taken back by the fact he just kicked some guy’s ass for her. No one had ever fought FOR her, let alone ever said she deserved better. "You didn’t tell me if you were okay or not. I know he hits pretty hard." Tessa pushed away from the door to poke at him herself. She had spotted blood before, but she wasn’t sure if that was the ex’s or D’s. -08:46 May 18
D: "I can take a punch." he said "How many times have you seen me bruised and bleeding. Its nothing new. But I could use a clearer head. Want to take a walk? I always like to take a walk after a fight." -08:48 May 18
[(Timeout) Tessa has timed out.] -08:51 May 18
Tessa: "You shouldn’t fight so much!" Tessa eyed him a moment. Did he cringe when she poked at him..? Probably not. She really had seen him plenty banged up before. Tessa moved away to go grab her coat. "Okay! A walk would be kinda awesome. I feel all … weird a creepy crawlie now after spiders and exboyfriends. And you could use a nice break. I’ll even talk about something other than work!" -08:51 May 18
D: "You talk about things other than work?" he asked taking care not to lean agaist anything. "Though seriously I don’t want you hanging around guys who only want you for one thing. And get a panther." -08:54 May 18
Tessa: "I don’t have time to hang around -anybody- anymore… And what is with you and felines?! First cats and now panthers!" And that spell of awkwardness was broken, just by D being weird as usual. Tessa was much, much more comfortable with that. She was the one opening the door, cautiously peering out in to the hall to make sure her ex wasn’t lurking out there before leading the way. "I can talk about -plenty- of things besides work. Like…. uhm. …" Crap, she had other interests, didn’t she? Tessa was trying to remember what they were. -08:57 May 18
D: "Like… music?" he sugested "Or previous jobs… You must like music to get into this job. So whose your favorite artist?" he has kind of hoping for a specific answer bit it was a long shot. And he had just beaten up her ex he didn’t really need more of an ego boost than that. -09:00 May 18
Tessa: "My favorite…." Oh nooo. If he found out she was a secret fan, he might pester her about it forever. But she was hard-pressed to think of someone else! Tessa stuffed her hands in her pockets, and decided to just say it. She WAS his manager, why couldn’t she be a fan too? "I like your music. Which is why I fought for my job so hard. I’ve had a loooot of jobs, and it’s really the only one I’ve ever cared about. Like when I worked as a temp at a law firm! That was kind of scary." There, totally moved on the conversation without sounding weird! -09:04 May 18
D: "ANd why you were so insistant to sign me up." he said bringing the subject back to him, then letting it move on. "The park, take a right." he said as they hit the street. "I’ve never liked lawyers and I’ve net a few. They always act like they give a toss when they’re just looking for the technicality to get you off." His lawyer was very good at that which was why D hired him. "It becoems more about the letter of the law that the intent. Thats why I dropped out of law and started playing. A tune is about feeling, not about how its written." -09:08 May 18
Tessa: "I used to sing." she confessed, turning when instructed. There was a slight shrug of her shoulders. "I did that first before my bazillion of jobs, but that didn’t work out…" Tessa turned to spy at him again. "So I guess I’m lucky I didn’t let you read the contract before you signed it, huh!" She cast him a cheeky grin. -09:11 May 18
D: "You’re my favorite boss." he said fatter of factly. "You wouldn’t screw me over or put me where I didn’t want to be. Not if you wanted me to keep living on your couch. You’re also my favorite room mate, and now my favorite ex law intern. Sometimes you just have to sign on trust." -09:16 May 18
[Tessa enters.] -09:19 May 18
[Tessa enters.] -09:24 May 18
Tessa: Tessa smiled wide long before she realized she was doing it. When she did, she quickly masked her expression back to something more professional and less infatuated. She was obviously riding that just-been-rescued-from-ex high and was way too easily swayed by unexpectedly sweet comments. "I definitely won’t screw you over. I’ll make sure to take care of you!" -09:27 May 18
D: He ducked into the park with her and continued down the path. "You a;ready to, and I return the favor. I guess thats why we work. Until I end up getting blood on yout floor. I’ll clean that up by the way I’m used to cleaning up bl… used to cleanign up. But I meant what I said, you desurve to be respected, and not be some cheep fuck." -09:31 May 18
Tessa: He was making it really hard for her to stay proffesional. And worse, he hit a button, so instead of the simple thank you that would have been perfectly acceptable, Tessa was stopping, jumping, and throwing her arms around his neck to hig him. "Thank you…! You have no idea how nice it is to have someone say THAT instead of the limitless amount of crap I always get!" -09:35 May 18
D: It hurt so much he was seeing spots but still her put and arm around her "You don’t.. desurve crap.. and.. Fuck." he could feel the wetness od blood on his shoulder, the wound had opened itself up again. "I need Dr. Hearth…" -09:37 May 18
Tessa: "What?" Tessa pulled back, catching that feeling of something wet through his clothes. For a moment she looked mortified, then she was just mad. "You ass..! You could have told me you were hurt!" Without thinking she swatted that same shoulder, and then it was a million apologizes and a lot of cringing! "I’m sorry, I’m sorry…! To the doctor, come on!" -09:41 May 18
[(Timeout) Tessa has timed out.] -09:43 May 18
D: He winced and then put his hand on HER shoulder "Its not my leg, I can walk." but he was still leaning on her as they moved where they could get a cab to the office. There were closer Doctors but not ones he trusted. This was not just a scratch. -09:43 May 18
Tessa: Tessa flagged down a cab and ushered him inside. The sight of blood kinda made HER a little woozy, but this was one of those cases she’d get over it. "You could have just -told- me you were hurting! How hard is that?! "Hey Tessa, I hurt my shoulder kicking someone’s ass for you, please don’t jump on me.’ That’s not hard!" -09:48 May 18
D: He looked at her "Because I really really like pain?" he asked "I didn’t know you’d jump on me, you usually just poke me and tell me to get off your couch. Why did you jump on me?" -09:50 May 18
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -09:54 May 18
Tessa: "Why do you sound like you’re rambling and going to die any minute?!" Okay, she might have been over reacting a bit, he tended to talk like that all the time. Tessa turned in her seat and rest her hand on her arm while trying to check his back. -09:54 May 18
D: "Alright don’t an… OW. HERE." he grabbed his shirt and pulled it off "Make sure no blood gets ont he seat and I’ll owe you one." he said. Last thing he needed was an angry cabbie. -09:56 May 18
Tessa: No blood on the seat. Right. Tessa was cringing again, snatching his shirt from him to press against the wound. At the moment, she didn’t care what the cabbie was thinking! Tessa squeezed her eyes shut. "I hugged you because I wanted to, but obviously that was a really bad idea!" -10:00 May 18
D: "Never a bad idea to do what you feel is right." he saidthough half clenched teeth as he applies pressure and he started seeing spets again. "Back pochet of my jeans… pay the man to go faster." -10:02 May 18
Tessa: Tessa HAD to open her eyes, because the first time she went reaching it wasn’t down his backside pocket. She had the weird combination of flushing from embarrassment while being palely sick from seeing blood, and a scowl to match it. Tessa fussed with trying to reach in to his back pocket, and the wad of cash she pulled out was a hell of a lot more than just the few bucks she was expecting. "How much IS this?" -10:06 May 18
D: "Enough…" so what if she might had just almost put her hands down his pants. "Pay the man fifty bucks and… This hurts you know." In truth is was about two grand and he had more in his boot. Its was a god thing they would be there soon. -10:08 May 18
Tessa: Fifty bucks was given to the cabbie, and the rest was stashed in her bra just so she could have her hands free again to make sure he wasn’t bleeding to death. "I’m sorry, I really am, really, really sorry… You shouldn’t have scuffled with that asshole, now you’re going to die and it’s all my fault!" -10:11 May 18
D: "I’m not going to die.. I’l just going to have a cast or something for a couple or weeks." he said "You’ll get your wish this time and… I won’t be able to practice." he would also have to call the label and tell him. No more jobs for a while. -10:15 May 18
Tessa: "You should have not moved any in the first place! I’m really sorry…" Tessa couldn’t quit apologizing, but luckily the cab stopped at the doctor’s office, and Tessa was helping to usher him out of of the cab. She wasn’t sure who was more wobbly on their feet. Her or him, and she was using a lot of focus not to think about blood and just make sure he was supported on their way in to the door. "If you die, it’s a total breach of contract… just remember!" -10:19 May 18
D: He looked at her, then grabbed the back of her neck and and pulled her into a kiss. A short, sharp shut up. "You have my money so I’ll give you that. Now I’m not going to die." he stepped into the office. "Dortor… it opened up again.. think you can give me a quick patch?" he said trying to sound calm while feeling woozy. "And somethign for the pain." -10:23 May 18

Doctor Hearth had a quirked eyebrow, staring at D who looked like he had just rolled out of another interesting adventure and his new lady friend, who looked pale as a ghost and like she had seen one too. “You, sit.” she pointed Tessa over to a chair. Then directed D up on to her examination table. “I am very interested to hear what happened this time. It was healing so well.” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was effectively shut up. And obediently dropped in to the chair. She was still too stunned to offer up an explanation, touching her mouth and looking incredibly confused. -10:27 May 18
D: "Hugging is more dangerous that it appears. LEarn from my example. Do not hug people." he said putting his butt on the table. "And I should tell you peonding your boss’s ex’s head into the floor doesn’t help either.. the spots are back.." -10:30 May 18

The first thing the Doctor did was clean him up. He needed to be assessed before she started dishing out medication. “Tut tut… Doesn’t sound like your usual job, dear. Hold still a moment.” Breaking away over to her cabinets, she pulled out a bottle then handed it to him along with a small paper cup of water. Afterwards, she was pulling out some needle and thread. “You’re going to need new stiches, and I reccomend a sling. No movement, no working. It isn’t as bad as it looks, but if you rip it open again it isn’t going to heal.” Doctor Hearth tilted her head towards Tessa. “Does SHE need medical attention or have you told her about your day job?” -Tessa

Tessa: That caught her attention at least enough to draw her out of her momentary confusement. "…his day job?" -10:36 May 18
D: "None of my jobs happen during the day." he said brinking deep "Easy with the needle…. besides I’ve bone nothing but ly on her couch for the past couple of weeks and won’r be ABLE to do anythign else with a sling. Not the kind of thing a person with a job can afford." -10:41 May 18

That needling was quick and precise. After all, he had his painkillers now and he’d suffered worse. “I am sure your [i]manager[/i] can take care of things while you are unfit to work. Do not use this arm, period, for at least two weeks. You can come to get the stitches removed then. Afterwards, sparingly. No fights, no [i]working[/i]. I would relax for the rest of this month if you want to heal properly.” -Tessa

Tessa: There was a wad of money stuffed in her bra, Tessa was sure she could make that last way longer than a month. "Hmm… I can make a budget work… And if I have to, I’ll duct tape you to the couch. I don’t even know what you were thinking, beating a guy up when you’re not even supposed to be using your arm. Why did I even let you?! I’m not making that mistake again!" -10:47 May 18
D: "You will if he comes again." D insisted. "Or maybe I’ll just stab him." he looked at her. "Or do I have to say it a thiird time. Because I’l not saying it the thirt time. And thanks Doctor. I’ll make payment as soon as the world isn’t… those are some good painkillers you don’t sell them over the counter do you?" -10:50 May 18

The Doctor gave an enigmatic smile. “Take the bottle. But it does cost extra.” The stitches were tied up, a bandage placed over it. Then she was provided a sling. “Put a fresh bandage on after every shower, or once a day. You’re free to go.” -Tessa

Tessa: "You’re not getting arrested for stabbing my ex…" Tessa muttered. Cause that would be what happened to him. He was lucky the cops weren’t called before. Tessa stood, now much more solid on her feet without blood everywhere. "…and I meant I’m not letting you mess your shoulder up again." -10:58 May 18
D: He smiled and stood. "LEt me know how much when I’m not high in these." he said looking at the bottle. "You know how to reach me.. Now.." he looked as Tessa. I’ve never been arrested before.. but lets go home before I am." -11:00 May 18

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