Mediterranean Misadventure 005: The Love of Cars

[Maria woke up in an Armenian hospital and it took hours for staff to convince her she was actually IN Armenia. And now a couple days later, and without a single sighting of that Prince, Maria was checking herself out of the hospital and ready to get back to her normal life.] -12:55 May 07
[Kabriel was in a private ward, with good food and a 24-hour guard.. and a huffy nursemaid telling him to staw away from that “tramp” and just recover like a good prince.] -12:56 May 07
Maria: Of course he was a Prince. He was no doubt whisked away by guards or soliders, or caretakers immediately. Who knew how long they were lost out at sea! Maria just vaguely remembered being so tired and falling asleep in the escape boat. At least the doctors were kind enough to explain that he was -okay- for a bit there, Maria was worried. …kinda disappointed she couldn’t say goodbye. But it was much MUCH better this way. A clean break. Maria was still frowning to herself as she finished signing up her paperwork. -12:58 May 07
Kabriel: The very, very nice and oh so expensive Merchialago pulled up outside the hospital. It was the kind of car you just didn’t see on the streets. Back in a shirt, sunglasses and jeans Kabriel was odviously dressed to impress when he hopped out and walked into the hotel loby… seeign the person he was looking for and sliming. “Just in time it seems, did you think I forgot my promise?” -01:04 May 07
Maria: Maria looked surprised, and quickly hide that expression with a dubious grin. “I do vaguely remember demanding you make it all up to me. But seeing as it was a promise made under weird circumstances, I’m not gonna hold you to it.” And if she had sense, she’d be walking away. Instead she was standing there lingering and grinning back at him. “I’m glad to get to say goodbye, though. Outside of nearly dying, it really was fun. …I need to make arrangements to go back home.” -01:08 May 07
Kabriel: “Well how about you say goodby over a bottle of wine at my place? Its a very big place, maybe you saw it on top of the hill?” he said in a joking tone. “And I still need to give you your present. You can worry about getting home tomorow, or in a week, I’ve already got the visa sorted out and everything.. I’ll let you drive…” -01:13 May 07
Maria: “Hmm…” Maria pretended to think about. He had her with bottle of wine. A present was a bonus… but getting to drive. There was a slow wicked look spreading across her face. “All right. Tonight to say goodbye. Hand over the keys, Prince. I’mma take you for a ride.” Both hands out, Maria was eagerly awaiting those keys! -01:15 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at the look on her face and held the keys up out of her reach. “If you scratch her you stay for a month..?” he grinned then dripped the keys into her hands. “She gets tail happy in the corners, remember that if you want to go fast.”… yes, it was a v12 lamborghini… going fast was an option. -01:20 May 07
Maria: “Scratches are the last thing you need to worry about.” She let him lead the way outside, spinning the key loop around her fingers. The sleek little monster parked out front was a very expensive surprise. A very nice, very fun looking surprise. Maria slipped in to the driver seat with keys in the ignition like a pro. There was barely enough time to put on seatbelts before she was peeling out out of the lot with a surprising amount of control for going so fast. With a look on her face that suggested she might be driving them straight to hell! -01:25 May 07
Kabriel: The fact that she could handle a car was surprising, the fact that she could handle a big lambo was even moreso. They were notoriosly hard to drive fast without finding yourself skidding everywhere. Still Kabriel was no stranger to going fast.. he was more used to being the one doign the driving while doing so though. “Maria..!” he exclaumes in a mix of surprise, abrenaline and liking this side of her personality… “The palace is the other way.” -01:30 May 07
Maria: “Oh, is it…?” she laughed. She knew. But who was going to give up the opportunity to drive a lamborghini through city streets? Not her! So the Prince was going for a little ride before she turned around. maria was deliberately choosing those difficult streets. The ones that threatened to throw pedestrians in your path, or sharp corners. She finally cast him a side glance and a smirk. “My older brother races cars for a living. You can stop looking alarmed.” -01:35 May 07
Kabriel: He looked back at the trails of tire smoke, onlookers, and cars that was swerved to avoid them before flopping back into his seat. “Take a right here.” it was both to see if she was on her toes and to take her to the biggest fassion mall this side of Berlin. she had lost a lot of clothes on his yatch.. time for her to experience the joys of a deep bank balance. -01:39 May 07
Maria: A sharp right. Other than startling people on the street, she could at least handle the car. And with all the amusement of a child with a toy. What she wouldn’t give for one of these! Where on earth would she put it… Maria was casting him another grin. “What, no begging for your keys back?” -01:43 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at her. “The whole point of a supercar is to make you feel like you’re nine.. It seems so be working.” he was grinning, clearly enjoying the look on her face and the wak her shoulders moved.. “There, the big mall, find us somewhere to park before you strip the rubber from my tires.. she doesn’t come with a spare.” -01:46 May 07
Maria: “I’m certain you can have somewhere here in ten minutes to fix it, love.” She responded in amusement. Parking. At least at the mall parking lot, she was a little more considerate about speed and poor shoppers. Yet, she deliberately wasted a bit of time finding a ‘perfect’ spot just to play with his car. …she did feel like she was nine. Maria parked and with a sigh, pulled out the keys and dropped them back in to his hands. “Now, why are we here? I’m fairly certain this is no palace, and if they sell wine here… Well. That’d be interesting.” -01:51 May 07
Kabriel: He pocketed the keys and lifted the door swivelign it upwards before getting out. “I owe you clothes, I owe me clothes, where better to get clothes than here. Its got more variety than New York, trust me I’ve been there.” he gave her a grin “And I think you’re the kind of girl who likes to drag a man around a mall to carry your bags..” he bowed to her. “Me and my credit card are at your service.” -01:56 May 07
Maria: “Men buy me presents, sweetie, and promptly exit themselves from my presence.” Maria smirked again. Honestly, she had no intentions of letting him buy her new clothes. A present was one thing, replacing clothes from something that was clearly an unfortunate accident was over the top. But… spending the day with him wasn’t too bad. She was out of the car and taking his arm. “You realize giving a woman your credit card is financial suicide, right?” -02:00 May 07
Kabriel: “I’m not giving you my credit card.” he said defencivly “I’ll be the one using it to get you what you want..” he made it sould like there was a difference “Do you think I’m some weak willed colledge boy who will lef you drain me dry? No I’m here to see that smile and make sure you have somehtign to wear while we drike later. If you’ll be wearing anything.” -02:03 May 07
Maria: “Aaah, and here I thought I had you wrapped around my little finger and ready to worship the ground I walk on.” She remembered why she liked him so much. He wasn’t one of the simpering men that thought they were in love the minute they saw her. Her Prince knew this was an affair. …it was an affair. She needed to stop thinking her Prince! “I guess it’s only fair that you get to pick out what I’ll wear… you’ll be the one having to take it off, after all?” -02:08 May 07
Kabriel: “And you’ll be the one taking it home where I’ll never see it on you again.” he said steppig out of the sun adn into the airconditioned mall with her “But I’m sure theres something in here we can agree on…” he looked at her and then at the window displays “Sundress and lingerie…? Hmm…” he was grinning wickedly clearly picturing Marian in differnt outfits. -02:16 May 07
Maria: “I see the plot now… dressing your mistress in sexy underthings for a last evening in bed.” Maria couldn’t help but grin back. If that’s what he wanted… Maria grabbed his hand, tugging him in to the first store that had clothes appropriate to her sense of style. Elegant, but young and very sexy. She was not Yvaine’s brand of pretty, pretty ballerina, but she had no desire to walk around dressed like some skank either. “Now, Prince… are you looking for mistress of the night, or mysterious foreigner…?” -02:21 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at her as she dragged him away. “I don’t know if you have any secrets left for me to explore.” he said his eyes falling to her rump. This was why he liked her. She understood what no attatchment meant. “Or we could get both and have an ancore in the morning.” she was somehtign else, something special… and he would have to let her go. “And laybe soemthing to wear to a fancy lunch…” -02:26 May 07
Maria: “So dinner tonight, breakfast and lunch… This is going to be a very long date, love.” Not that she minded. There was no rush to immediately go back home, right? Not if she was getting a free place to stay and a little entertainment. It would be nice for a vacation away from her vacation… Maria pulled a few things from a couple racks. She was very selective, knew exactly what she liked and what she didn’t. Only once did she stop holding up two dresses. One in a very bright red, but a conservative cut and the other in black, with a dangerously low neckline and nothing in the back. “Choose. And choose wisely, Prince…” -02:33 May 07
Kabriel: He walked up to her and taking them each in turn and putting them against her tilting his head and grinned. “The black works better with yout hair.” he said “But I like you in red..” he mulled over the choice in his head before holdign up the read. “The black would get you too many looks at your chest and I would have to kill a lot of people…” -02:39 May 07
Maria: Maria leaned forward bracing a hand on his shoulder to whisper in his ear. “Jealous thoughts already, sweetie? I thought you weren’t going to fall for me.” she teased gently. Maria was almost tempted to take the black anyway, just to see if he’d make good on that thread. But red it was, added to the small selection of things that would adequately take care of her missing clothes and give her something than a towel to wear incase she did end up lingering in the country a few days longer than planned. “This should all do fine for me.” she finally said after pulling away. She hadn’t meant to linger close to him for that long. Especially not in public. -02:44 May 07
Kabriel: He felt almosy disappointed when she moved away and prabbed up her sellection to take to to the checkout. “You’re with me while you’re here right? And I can make sure it stays that way..” that wounded too much like he was possesive so he added “At least until I make up for the trip.” -02:48 May 07
Maria: Maria laughed out loud! “You realize, I just imagined you calling up super secret royal soldiers to kidnap and ‘make disapear’ anyone that dares to talk to me.” -02:53 May 07
Kabriel: “You never know what might heppen when one man has absoute power.” he said giving her a wink. as the clothes were processed and he payed he kept his back to her, the last thing he needed was to feel that possesivness again. -02:56 May 07
Maria: “I’d by lying if I said that wasn’t sexy as hell. …when you find a wife.” The last part she had to tack on. For a second there, she was almost thinking about him being protective and possessive about -her- and that was a situation she just wasn’t looking to get in to. Once he was done, she took the bag. He wasn’t her servant! “So then, what next?” Anything to change the subject! -03:01 May 07
Kabriel: The first part made him smile, and the second made him not. “You;d be pretty useless to you then.” he said before allowing her to take the bag and leading her from the shop. His mood had for some STUPID reason taken a punch to the gut but he wasn’t goign to allow himself to be that silly. “How about a bite to eat.. right now. You can’t have had good food in hospital so.. my treat.” -03:04 May 07
Maria: “I admit, it wasn’t the kind of meal I was looking forward to after being stranded on a boat for three days.” Aw, she must have hit the right button, because he wasn’t as smilie anymore. Now Maria wanted to fix it, but… but this was for the best. The less pleasant the experience, the less likely he would get attached. …still, she hated that slight frown. Maria stepped to lightly bump against his shoulder, offering him a grin. “I am pretty sure you promised me the best dinner I’ve ever had, right in your big and fancy castle.” -03:08 May 07
Kabriel: “I did..” he said looking at her but not smiling. “Even though we said no promises.” he wanted to turn away from her for this to be a good place to leave it, but… “But the climax should be memorable.” -03:14 May 07
Maria: “So one night. A great, comfortable, fantastic evening, safe within the privacy of your home. With one promise.” Maria took his hand leaning close as they walked to mumble softly at him. “That I won’t leave until you are so tired and so satisfied, that you’re begging me to go so you can have a break…” -03:18 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at her and lifted her chin to look up at him “That will never happen so don’t make promises you can’t keep, unless you want to stay longer than you planned.” -03:20 May 07
Maria: There was that moment again, when he slipped something in that was brazen or crass. Was all too sweet, that she wanted to slap herself for even blushing. Maria laughed softly, shrugging her shoulders in a sheepish moment. “I’ve never broken a promise in my life, I’m not about to start now.” -03:25 May 07
Kabriel: “Well then this is going to get.. interesting..” he said with his face full of anticipation and challence. “But I hope you are willing to put in the distance to get what you want.. because I don’t cave easily. Just like I don’t give up what I want easily either.” he pushed her back “Now want to see how I drive?” -03:31 May 07
Maria: The distance helped. She was able to take a breath and get her senses back. The give that sarcastic, humored grin. “I’ve never lost a challenge in my life either, sweetie. So this will be interesting. Lets see if you can drive better than me, hmm…?” Practically dancing on her feet, she was leading the way, casting that grin at him over her shoulder. -03:34 May 07
Kabriel: “Neither have I… because I never give up.” he rattled the keys in his hand. “I was we take the mountain road.. it will add an hour to the trip but what an hour, you’ve enver seen views… ir corners like this.” he opened his door and climbed in turning on the ignition. “You’re about to see what a lifetime of gettin any car you ever wanted can do..” he pulled away going slowly in the parkin lot, but hitting the strait road out of town that wound into the mountains he hit the gas takign the first corner sideways the back bumper anlost scraping along the guard rail… then the vie opened up ot the valley below. -03:39 May 07
Maria: Being in the passenger side when someone else was driving was a hella lot harder to handle, especially when you were used to being the one in control. Maria held on to her seatbelt, but she was still tilting to take a good look at the view. Amazing! It didn’t matter how many place she saw in the world, she loved traveling and seeing the landscape. That gave her a little more ease at trusting someone else to drive. “So impressive. That is, of course, if you don’t drive cars like you drive boats, hmm?” -03:44 May 07
Kabriel: he flored it snapping the car out of the corner and sinding it flying down the road. “I was born in a car, I used to do formula 3000 a little while back but they didn’t want the royal family of one of the host nation competing to keep thing impatial. I would rally but state matters means I can’t staw away more than a couple of weeks.” into another corner the back snapping out like clockwork and flying around the corner. “The rallies actuall come down this road when they’re here…” Back out and accelerating down the strait the two massive airscoops folding out feedign the engine for more power. “I wouldn’t be surprised if your brothers been down here a few times….” And back around the view ot the city from above visible though maria’s wondow. “If you fiddle with a satnav a bot you can bring up the track.. I programmed it in there myself… and heres a little secret…” thew were almost completely sideways as they want around a hairpin bend. “This is why this is my favorite car… better than any Ferari.. and I should clow I have all the good ones.” -03:52 May 07
Maria: Maria was delighted. Which was really hard to surprise a high pitched laugh every time he turned a sharp corner and she had to held on. It was like being terrified you were going to flip and die, yet being thrilled with it at the same time. Better than any rollercoaster, and almost better than sex! “I have no idea if he has, but I am sure as hell going to tell him about it.” She was leaning closer to him, casting that wide smirk. “Do I get to drive all those cars? I think that’s worth an extra couple of days…” -03:59 May 07
Kabriel: “It would take you the better part of a week.. I have a lot of cars..” he said with a grin. Cars were his thing.. much more so than boats. “I should take you out to the track with my bugatti veyron… they say its the fastest production car in the world… and I believe them.” he grinned at her between gear changes and then they were rocketing down the strait again. “Here you have to watch out.. when the rally is on we have a warning up, and… there.” there was a dip in the road then a slight curve with a sheer clif. “Go too fast and it a loong way down… now… There she is…” the palace was enormous and perched on top of a hill overlooking the city, they could have driven along the vellen and been there in minutes but where was the fun in that?” -04:06 May 07
Maria: There was no way she trusted anyone else to drive this street if it wasn’t herself. …and now him. Which earned him a lot more of her interest than even the castle. …Which she still had to admit, was a quite bit more than she was expecting. It was hard not to look amazed by it. “A week here then. That shouldn’t be too unreasonable – if you can keep me entertained?” -04:13 May 07
Kabriel: “I could do that even without the cars.” he said grinning as he shifted down as the road started to descend. “I didn’t know you have a thing for cars though… it makes me want to give you one of mine so you have reason to come back… But I’ll settle for showing you my garage when we park this girl here…” she did have a thing for cars and knew how to drive them. He had risked his favorite because it was one of the hardest to handle correctly and she had passed. -04:18 May 07
Maria: “There are a thousand mysteries about me that you have yet to discover, dearest prince.” Maria responded with an enigmatic grin. Ones he wasn’t going to discover. The fact he learned this tid-bit and that she had a brother was just an accidental fluke. He presented something she enjoyed by chance and the information just sort of.. slipped out. Her momentary lovers were supposed to know these things… Wait, focus! “Now I am disappointed, I could have had a nice new car instead of clothes! Totally worth driving around naked…” -04:22 May 07
Kabriel: “Wake my up before sunrise and if you can walk I’ll let you drive aroun naked while I watch more than the sunrise. If you want a car I’m going to need more than a week, every single one of them I picked out for a reason and I trasure them more than I do my women.. and maybe my horses too… so if you want a car… how long are you willing to hand around for?” -04:30 May 07
Maria: Maria laughed. He was joking. …he had to be joking. She rolled with it, because there was no possible way he could be serious about anything more than wanting to see her driving naked. “For a car… I could be patient until you found the right one for me. It would have to stay here, since I don’t have a garage for it… So I’d have to come back when I wanted a drive. And that wouldn’t be a problem for a busy Prince?” …not that intend to come back! It was just all part of the flirting! Right? -04:33 May 07
Kabriel: He glanced at her with a grin. “You like the corners, not a lot of american cars do.. ” he turned sharply and they thundered into a thick forest. “I see you in somehtign Itallian, somethign made for the mountains.. a thouroughbred tarmack eating beast….” he looked over the dials of the car lovingly. “Theres this… or the Ferari enzo… both mid-engined… but theres nothing crazier in the corners than a lambo…” -04:40 May 07
Maria: Maria just tried to keep reminding herself he wasn’t serious. He liked to talk about the cars, and she loved hearing him talk about the cars. Way, way too much. So it was probably not the wisest thing for her to be tilting closer to his seat and resting her hand on his leg to squeeze his thigh. Or casting him that wicked smirk of hers. But oooh, did he deserve it! “I might even let you drive it too, if you’re a good Prince.” -04:46 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at her for maybe a little too long when they were going way over any sane speed limit. “Would be difficult if we were racing..” he said with an equally wicked grin. “Winner gets to set the terms of the post-race sex…” -04:48 May 07
Maria: “Racing?” Oh no, he hit another another interest which drew that all too wicked look on her face! She was a dancer by career, but to race a car… that was for pure fun! “Honey, you have no idea how much I want to drag off your clothes right now and make a very big mess in your favorite little car…” -04:52 May 07
Kabriel: “Hold that though..” he said putting his eyes back on the road and turning up towards the castle “Because it would be a lot better to wait until you see the others.. then pick us out a bonnet to have sex on” he slowed as they neared the gate.. “Then we’ll see about dinner.” -04:55 May 07
Maria: Squeezed his thigh again, letting her fingers dance on the inner side of his leg. There was that bluntness. Sex was a perfect, perfect distraction… “Oooh, going to tempt me with all of the shiny things… but it’s going to be you on the floor begging me to stop and regretting letting me loose in that garage…” she almost purred the words. Leaning to mumble them in his ear. They were off the dangerous parts of the road, she could get away with it now. -05:02 May 07
Kabriel: He responded by putting his arm around her, the hand ending up on her far leg. “You’re not winning that easily.. not with how worked up I am right now. You don’t stand a chance.” the gat opened and he drove into the castle turning into the garrage enterence that spiraled down before opening up into what looked like a car museum. “And I’ve never brought a girl back to my palace before.. I have a lot of things I’ve been waiting to try…” -05:06 May 07
Maria: “Sounds to me, I am winning regardless!” Maria was ready to challenge why she was the first to be brought back to his home. After all, she knew damn well he had lots of woman, and it had to be easier having those affairs outside of the world’s view. …but she was momentarily stunned by the garage. So many nice cars… such shiny, fast, fantastic cars… She was so going to stick around long enough to drive them…! “One, two, three… four… Hrrm… If I drove one car a day, so I could get a real feel for it… Completely skip having sex in order to drive… A couple weeks here…” The fact she was mapping it out in her head was totally insane. -05:13 May 07
Kabriel: “Hey.” he said lookign at her. “I’m over here…” she definatly had a thing for cars and there was no way she could hide it now. “See that? That is lancer tommie makkinen drove in 1999.” he pulled the car into it’s place and them pulled her into a kiss with his hand on the back of her head. “You don’t know how long I’ve eben folding this back…” he said against her lips before pulling away a teasing smile on his lips and getting out. “So what do you think of my cars?” -05:21 May 07
Maria: Maria was serious about having a good fuck IN one of his cars. So she was looking a bit like a predator when she climbed out herself. …Resistance! He must have figured her out. Maria crossed her arms and played coy. Tapping her chin as she looked around, using those skills at acting to look a lot -less- impressed than she actually was. “I don’t know… seems something is missing here. And you are sure you have -ever- amazing fast car…?” -05:32 May 07
Kabriel: “Everything short of a formula one car.” he said with a confident grin. “I even have the Barhurt.. tuned for rally in australia its an amazing car and my choice is we were going to race on dirt.” he leaned against the lotus begind him and tilted hes head at her. “So you seen one you want to claim yet?” -05:41 May 07
Maria: Maria walked a few paces, turning slowly as she glanced around the room. How was she supposed to pick just one? That was like taking a child to a candy story and only giving them a dollar. “Hrrm. How many days do I get to decide? It’s the most important decision in a girl’s life, you know.” She turned back to smirk at him, striding up to pause before him just out of arms reach. “Unless you mean for the sex… and that’s just a matter of where we land first…” -05:48 May 07
Kabriel: “I was talking about the one that I go and get the keys for and you never have to give them back.” he said turning towards her. “Though if you need to take your time deciding then you have as long and you’re here to choose.” he looked around the garage then back at her “Though for sex.. not a lot of these have back seats…” -05:51 May 07
Maria: “Finding the perfect car takes a lot of thought and a lot of test driving… Imagine taking one home and finding out it wasn’t right for you at all.” It was just as true for men as it was for cars. There might’ve been the briefest of strange looks on her face before she shook it away. Stepping closer to him to grasp the fabric of his shirt and tug it gently. “And who said we needed to be in the car…?” -05:56 May 07
[Kabriel enters.] -06:17 May 07
[(Timeout) Kabriel was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:24 May 07
Kabriel: “Me? I put it to the south side of the garage and but myself another one…” He ran his fingers though her hair and then cupped the back of her head in both handspulling her over to the murcielago they had just driven and pushing her against it. “And then you find that one car.. with the drive, the power, the exquisite looks, and just that right toutch or crazy that shivers beaneath your hands and makes you wonder if you could ever drive anythign else again..” he leaned ofrwards to push his lips roughly into hers. “The one thats to surprising it just has to be the one… the one you know you’re going to keep and maintain adn never, ever, let out of your sight and you just want to hold onto her..” his grip slid down her nack to her shoulders where they tightened. “The one that screams ‘I’m the one you’ll treasure forever…” -06:24 May 07
Maria: Thank god they were talking about gods. If they were talking about people… No, no. This was cars. Really sexy, really amazing cars that made her feel like she was falling off her feet and humming all over. Her fingers were far too gently plucking at his shirt. Especially considering she wanted to rip it right off him. “This…. is exactly why some thought has to be put in to it.” she mumbled against his mouth. Pausing in her response to nibble at his lips. “Avoiding that dissappointment at the wrong car, stuck with something that is completely inadequate… In favor of one that makes you just want to drive right off the end of the world…” -06:32 May 07
Kabriel: “Mmmmmm.” the sound was followed by a chuckle. “I know I’ve already found her…” he nipped her lip before lifting her shirt up and tossing it aside “And the way I feel when I do its like nothing else…” his hand slid up his stomach and over her breasts then over her shoulders and up the back of her neck “Makes me forget there are others out there I could be trying…” -06:36 May 07
Maria: “Kabriel, I think you’re getting off the subject…” she whispered soft, though damn herself to hell for wanting to hear more of it. His shirt came off next, twisted in her hands a moment before she let it drop to the ground. Maria leaned forward, sliding her arms around his waist, pulling herself against him to nuzzle her nose against his chest and give a quick harmless bite with her teeth. “You and me doing very terrible things with your poor cars…” Back to the original topic, where she wasn’t in danger of becoming infatuated. -06:42 May 07
Kabriel: He was grinning too wide as he lightly tickled the abck of her neck with his fingers. “I wasn’t joking when I said I’d neve brought a woman here, I have other places for that.. but I made a promise.” he nuddled into the top of her head and then moved down to her ear “So lets do terrible things.” -06:45 May 07
Maria: Maria grinned up at him. A wicked teasing smile. “You’ve made me a lot of promises. I’m not so sure you can keep all of them…” Yes. Terrible things. Like her unbuckling his belt and pulling it loose. Undoing his pants with adept fingers, and letting her hand steel away inside to touch and tease. “What sort of terrible things would you like to do, Prince? Or do I have to go vroomvroom and ask you to ride me around your palace…” -06:50 May 07
Kabriel: He put his hand on her breasts and moved to nuzzle his lips against hers. “So this is the accelerator…” he squeezed one “.. ANd this is the break?” he asked squeezing then other… well I want you full throttle so..” he teaser her breas at his other hand moved down to unbutton her pants and push her zip down… “Give me all you have..” -06:53 May 07
Maria: “All it takes is the right touch.” she laughed softly, giving and example of her meaning with a caress of her hand against his sack. Her hand rose at his back, running her fingers up his spine, a soft dragging of her nails against his skin. -07:04 May 07
Kabriel: He nipped ner neck before nezzlign into her “I really really like it when you toutch….” he said his hand going to push her pants down and bub her ass as his other envouraged her “maybe someday I’ll figure out how you do this to me..” -07:07 May 07
Maria: “”Enchantments, love, enchantments…” she murmured in a breathless whisper. Odd that moments ago all she wanted to do was have him pull over so she could bang his brains out. Amped up, turbo drive, fuck the hell out of him… and now… Now she should make good on that threat to have him pleading! It only took a little bit of pushing to switch positions. Him getting shoved up against the car and she swatting his hands away. Her kissing and teasing his chest and stomach with her mouth as very all too slowly dropped to the garage floor on her knees. She had him gripped in her hand as she cast a wicked look up at him. “Vroom, vroom, baby..” And then he was in her mouth, that soft humming included. -07:14 May 07
Kabriel: “Love……” he repeated her word as his wolrd was rocked by the lips and tongue and jesus christ that hum. He pressed himself against the car and he mouth opened in a gasp before he looked down at her. No.. nothign had ever felt that good before.. ever… he was battlign to hold onto the strands of his blown mind already. “Fucking hell Maria….” -07:18 May 07
Maria: She could have any man on HIS knees, and yet it was her on the floor, thrilled with the way he churned at her touch. Taking every inch of him in to her mouth and sucking hard before pulling back, leaving it wet and slick. She kissed the tip, flicked her tongue over it, and repeated the process. One hand braced against his hips and the other, every so gently rubbing a thumb at the underside of his shaft. -07:23 May 07
Kabriel: The word love was driven righ out of his mind as he gripped the car to stop his knees going weak. His back was pressed agaist the car as his hip moved with her, begging for more. He had to bite his lip to stop himself from exploding and crying out right then and there. “Don’t stop…” he said breathlessly “Don’t…. ooohhh you ARE the best fuck ever… best woman ever…” -07:29 May 07
Maria: Oh, if she could beam her thoughts to his head without having to open her mouth… He’d be on the floor so fast. Maria continued, lavish movements with her tongue. Such a slow and relaxed contrast to his frenzied movements. Her hand slipping to cup him and knead gently. Leaving only her mouth circling him and pulling him in deep. -07:34 May 07
Kabriel: He could feel it building, fast. ‘I fucking love you.’ was on the tip of his tongue but he held it back instead biting his lip again and looking down at her… why did she have to be so good? “Shit.. its coming…” Why did she have to go? -07:38 May 07
Maria: She hummed again, most of it being a soft laugh. She loved this, really sincerly loved knowing she was giving him something he’d not ever forget. She coaxed him with her mouth, circling her tongue over the tip in slow subtle movements. Her hands teased the inside of his thighs, softly brushing up and down before rising up his legs to run her fingertips over his stomach. -07:44 May 07
Kabriel: He screwed up his face and cursed her, his hips movign forwards and he finally let go with a long drawn out sigh that mented into a contented cooing sound. “You are amazing Sirum… best ever…. I should chain you up and never let you go.” -07:49 May 07
Maria: Maria drank him in, and even after she was still on her knees, nuzzling against his stomach with a soft laugh. Brushing her fingers over his skin. “Is that another promise, dear prince?” She was unconcerned about being chained in a place like this… she was still so amused with the way his body responded to her. She was still tracings circles over his skin and nipping gently at his stomach with her teeth. -07:53 May 07
Kabriel: He looked down at her and smiled “It might be… Its not kidnapping if the prince does it.” his hands went to the back of her headn and plwed with her hair as he breathed heavily. “One things for sure… I never want to forget you or what you just did..” he looked down at her again and grinned wickedly “Ever been eaten out on top of a v16 engine while its on?” -07:57 May 07
Maria: There was no hiding that sudden look of wicked, predatory desire. It might have been the best suggestion in the world, and surely made up for the fact that for a split second she was entertaining the thought of being his kidnapped princess. Maria rose to her feet, deliberately making sure to slide her body against his as she did so. “Now let me see… which one can you turn on faster, I wonder…” -08:02 May 07
Kabriel: He sircled his arms around her grabing her ass with both hands “You already seem to be turned on..” he said brushing his lips against hers “Wait right here…” he pressed his lips against hers then disappeared to the table next to the elevator and picked up the keys to one the the feraris.. the one with the wngine under a clear glass pannel in the middle of the car behind the cabin. He was also carrying a tool box when he patted the glass. “Its strong enough for you don’t worry.” he had the most wicjed grin on his face when he put the toolbox down and opened the door and purned on the engine the entire car vibrating as he gave it some gas making it shake under her then setting it to just above idle.. enough to feel it before getting out. “Vroom vroom..” -08:09 May 07
Maria: “Uh hummm…” Maria was watching him like some crazy jungle cat. The way he walked, the way he turned on that car… turned on her. She was ready to jump him on the spot… but ooo. The car was almost better than him. Sitting on it and glancing down through the clear panel to see the engine at work… Such a nice car, she might take it for a drive next. Her toes were already curling and Maria was biting her lip as she leaned back and braced her hands on the door. Her head tilted to the side as she grinned wide at him. “And the tools, honey? We gonna work on your engine?” -08:18 May 07
Kabriel: “No.. just yours.” he said opening the toolbox and pullign out two bungies.. then walkign up to the cat he picked up her foot and kissed her ankle. Then he tied the cord around it so that teh knot wouldn’t slip and hooked the cord under the wheel arch then crossed to the other side picking up her other foot and repeating the process. “Wouldn’t want you falling off…” -08:22 May 07
Maria: This had her curious, and this shouldn’t have been so damned hot. “I see…” she was already breathless. Tapping her fingers on the glass of the hood, still watching him with that heavy-lidded look. “Looks to me like a kidnapping…” Still breathless, damnit…! But she was smirking, ever faintly licking her lips and find the entire thing so weirdly erotic… She hadn’t sexed someone up on a car before. -08:28 May 07
Kabriel: He walked back around to back of the car and climbed over the spoiler kneeling on the bodywork with his hand of the glass next to her, then his eye on her he flicked his tongue against her stomach lightly nipping the skin putting against her in the same pitch as the idling engine. “Kidnappign means I never have to let you go.” he kissed further down “I think I like the sounds of that.” -08:33 May 07
Maria: She flinched, sucking in a breath. Really, really sexy… even if what he said was setting off alarm bells in her head. “And you think you can keep me from fleeing, dear heart..?” Those eyes. She might just stay for those eyes… Maria was chewing on her lip again. -08:38 May 07
Kabriel: He grinned at her hen kissed her navel stroking his tongue against it. “I can give it a try but if you’re going to go then there noting I can really do excep give you somethign to remember me by..” he nipped further down then kissed still further, his hands going to rub her inner thighs. -08:44 May 07
Maria: “That’s um… that’s a tall order…” So slow, the purr of the car and the touch of his mouth. He was making it really hard to think, and if her ankles were bound she’d be poucing on him. “Not a man yet has made me look back…” Except him…but… she would have had to of left him first, right? -08:47 May 07
Kabriel: He kissed further down and ran his tongue along her hairline. “Theres a first time for everything.. I’ve never had any regrets either..” he moved to slide one finger over her clit and down her lips, just dipping it between them as it reached the other side. “But it takes someone really special for me to do this…” he kissed her clit and flicked his tongue against it. teasing her further. -08:52 May 07
Maria: Maria groaned, tilting her head back enough that her hair slipped from her shoulders. Her legs shifted, but there was really nowhere for her to move. “Tell me… is your mouth as good as your hands…?” she taunted, her tone just a bit higher than normal. -08:56 May 07
Kabriel: He didn’t answer with words he simply dipped his tongue and ran it upwards to wriggle it’s tip against her clit while his fingers ran up and dows either side of her. “You do taste as good as I thought you would…” but her groan was far, far sweeter. -08:59 May 07
Maria: The sigh that followed was almost a pained whimper! Her hands slipped (or rather it was so good her elbows went weak) and her back was against the car. She swore his breath against her delicate skin had her vibrating more than the engine at her back, though. Maria couldn’t even formulate a response, she was having to bite her own tongue. -09:04 May 07
Kabriel: He put his lips to her and sucked spreadign her lips be flattening his tongue before dipping it deeper his other hand circling around and rubbing small circles on her clit. The sounds she was making made it all worth it as he let his breath roll over her. Damn if he didn’t have to fight the temptation to ask her to stay. -09:07 May 07
Maria: Maria wanted to beg him to stop, but never wanted him to stop…! Murmuring his name under her breath, there was nothing for her hands to grasp on to. leaving her arms to rise and her hands to dig in to her own hair as her hips shifted and those normally ignored muscles twitched at the attentions of his tongue. -09:14 May 07
Kabriel: He moved his lips against her even as his tongue explored her depths as his fingertip rubbed her hood lightly agaist his thumb. He almist regretted tying her legs down wanting to feel them move against him. ‘Come on Maria..’ his urged her in his head glanging at her his eyes peircing hers. -09:18 May 07
Maria: Those eyes, she loved him and those eyes…! Her has had slid down from her hair, over her own body to curl in to tight fists over her stomach. Her body flexing and back arching when she let out a sudden gasp. Her whole body was humming in tune with the engine, and she let go so much sooner than she wanted…! Biting her lip to keep from crying out loud as her hips jerked. -09:24 May 07
Kabriel: He gave her a few more dips and a wriggle then pulled back a grin plastered all over his face as he moved up his hands either side ofthe glass as he pusind his lips into hers. “If this glass was stronger I’d have you right here.” he whispered “But for now I should let my captive princess go.” -09:27 May 07
Maria: She could taste herself on him, which didn’t stop her in the least from kissing him deep and sliding her arms around his neck. “You did promise me dinner… and this wasn’t what I had in mind.” she mumbled with a smirk. -09:30 May 07

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