Repairing Destiny 007

[Britt is in bed with her best friend turned girl turned girlfriend. Life is weird.] -04:54 Apr 30
[Jane is befinately DEFINATELY not a virgin anymore.] -04:55 Apr 30
Jane: It was warm under the blankets, snuggled up against the naked Britt, thier limbs entwined as the day dawned. Both of them had gone to sleep as sweaty exhausted messes and as the day wore on there was only a little movement under the covers until Jane started to stir. She had slept nect to Britt before but never like this and her hand had to run up and down Britt’s side to make sure she was naked as with a purr Jane remembered the day before. She was Britt, her girlfriend and the one who had showed her how good being a woman could feel… Inching forwards she stole a kiss from her cleeping lover, her hand continuing to cravel her curves. -05:02 Apr 30 Jane

As much as Jane would have moved the door to remain shut so she could escalate to nibbles and bites it studdornly refused to as Garry’s long shaggy hair poked through the door adn he squinted before clearing his throat, loudly. “Britt’s parents called. I told them she was here.” he averted his eyes as Jane turned sharply, revealing what she was wearing if the clothes scattered around the room weren’t enough of a sign. -Jane 05:04 Apr 30

Britt: Britt was out cold and not going to wake up anytime soon. But the sudden jolt in the bed and a voice had her grumbling groggily and rubbing her eyes. As soon as her vision came in to focus and she realized a dad was in the doorway, she shrieked! Snatching up the blanket and making sure she was good and covered. This was the most mortifyingly embarassing thing ever…! -05:07 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "Dad!" Jane exclaimed trying to steal SOME of the blanket from Britt to cover herself too. "Fine we’ll be down soon just for now… privacy… please?" -05:09 Apr 30 Jane

Garry was still looking intently at the Metallica posted on Jane’s wall. “Well I guess I don’t have to worry about you getting pregnant.” he said before leaving with another “DAD” ringing throughout the room. “I’ll make breakfast.” Any excuse to leave and close the door. -Jane 05:10 Apr 30

Britt: "Oh my goooooood." Britt groaned, falling back in to bed and pulling the covers up over her head. It wasn’t even being found in bed with Jane that was the most embarassing. Or that she was worried about Jane’s dad outing her to her parents. It was… well… now a parental unit knew she had SEX. She was a lady, people weren’t supposed to KNOW these things! -05:13 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Jane thumped down onto the pillows and looked at Britt. "Don’t worry, he won’t tattle… at least I don’t think he won’t. Either way my plan to wake you up with light touches is ruined." she sighed and sat up again. "We should head downstairs soon… you have school togat don’t you?" She ran her fingers across Britt’s cheek. "Even if I’d hate to see you go." -05:17 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "I don’t want to go.." she pouted. Finally she was with someone she actually cared about A LOT. Where she didn’t feel like she had to pretend to be something, and it was niiiiice. …If she failed her classes, though, her parents would eat her alive. "Yeeeeah, I should get up." Britt was still pounting even while she sat up. …and winced a bit. Oooooh sore. That made her grin! -05:21 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Jane got up quicly and stretched hanfor her hand went down to her crotch and she looked down. They could still feel the effects of yesterday and that made her shoot a grin Britt’s way. "I’ll head for the shower." she said practically bounding for the door. "It might save time if we do it together." she reached the door and pulled it open to peer out. "Dad, you downstairs?" she called out and got a yes in reply. "Don’t come up we’re going to shower." she she was slipping out to walk down the corridoor looking forwards to seeing Britt in the shower! -05:25 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "Don’t tell him we’re showering togeeetheeeer." Parents weren’t supposed to know these things! But Britt was pleased that Jane was so bouncy. That meant she did gooood. She tossed her blanket aside and shifted to the edge of the bed. When she got up, she barely made it a step away before she collapsed to the floor with a surprised squeal! -05:38 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "I didn’t say wer were going together. Jeez." Jane’s head popped back aorund the frame and she saw Britt on the floor. "What happened?" she asked the towels she brought beign dropped in favor of rushing to britt and taking her shoulder to help her back up onto the bed. -05:41 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: This had to be even more embarassing. Britt’s face was red and she was trying to shoo the fussy Jane away. "Nothing! My body is just a little sore and I got up too soon. I’m fiiiine!" Maybe she had overdid it just a little bit last night with the endless sexing, but it was so so worth it. -05:46 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Britt was deposited on the endge of the bed and handed a towel before Jane sat next to her and put an arm around her. "Can you walk… can you go to school today?" Jane was feeling guilty… if she had hurt Britt with her inexperience…. -05:48 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: That look on her face. Britt laughed! "I told you, I’m fiiiiiiine. I just have to stretch a bit? This is what happens when a girl spends all her time studying and avoids exercising like the plague. Um, and it’s kinds been a long while…" -05:51 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Jane made a face. "You could always come to the gym with me." she said teasingly. "Then maybe you’ll be able to satisfy me and be able to walk afterwards." there was a kiss the to corner of Britt’s mouth before she pulled away to avoid getting slapped. "Seriously though do you need help or anythign I can get you?" -06:09 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Britt was definitely reaching to swat at her but she moved just in the nick of time. Britt huffed, still flushed and embarassed. "You don’t have to fawn over me. A bath would be awesome though. A long soak in the tub is way better than a shower." -06:11 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: She stood. "Then I’ll go run one for us and I’ll see you there? If you’re not in the bathroon in ten minutes I get to carry you." she was up and moving to the door again, bouncing hew way out of sight. -06:14 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "You can’t carry me!" Britty exclaimed, not taking the threat seriously at all. …But then she was picturing it and the thought was so deliciously amusing, she kind of hoped Jane could. "Not only am I not tiny, but you have girl arms now AND spent all night using up your energy with sex. We’ll just both end up on the floor." -06:19 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: She was already gone and the sound of running water came from the bathdoor down the hall. She wished where were fancy bath salts in the house but with a scientist and an athlete who both like dthe time saves with a shower she wouldn’t even know where to look. "Five minutes before I carrry you." she called "i don’t care how much you sa I can’t" -06:24 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "Your center of balance is all weird, you know. Have you even been training with it?" Britt stretched out her legs, testing the muscles Uuurgh. She was going to be walking strange for a day or two. She really had put a lot of energy in to Jane. How could she not? Her best friend was someone she loved forever, and just by accident he turned in to the girl of her dreams. -06:28 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "Don’t remind me." there was a note of irritation in her voice. "I need someone to spar against, there’s only so much I can to against bags." HSe appeared at the doorway, her face poking round the door frame to get a good look at her still naked girlfriend. "So no wild sexcapades tonight because you need your legs?" -06:31 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "None at all?" the pouting was in the tone of her voice, and that sad saaad look on her face. How was she supposed to not touch and love and do all sorts of things to Jane now that she was perfectly allowed to? "That doesn’t seem fair. What if I just don’t use my legs from now on?" -06:33 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "Then maaaybe you can get laid tonight." she said inching into the room and moving closer with a shit eating grin on her face and a look of pure evil behind her eyes. "But only because I probably woulnd’t be abe to say no to you anyway." -06:37 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Jane was being all stalky predator-like and Britt was biting her tongue trying not to giggle. With the woman stark naked, she looked like a wicked goddess. All legs and curvy limbs, and with her hair getting longer it was even more striking. Britt was entranced and forgetting all about the threats. "You wouldn’t get much of a choice anyway. I don’t take no for an answer." -06:42 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: She leaned down in front of Britt util thier faces were inches from each other. "Is that so?" she asked poking Britt’s chest. "And which one of us us the one still standing?" she leaned forther forwards until thier lips just brushed. "And who is going to take hold of my shoulde so she can get to the bathroom?" -06:45 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Britt swatted at the poking, and thought about the rest. Still thinking that carrying her was going to end up with both of them on the floor, she took the challenge! She wrapped her arms around Jane’s neck and nuzzled against her cheek. "Are you going to be one of those Amazon women?" -06:49 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: She turnrd to capture Britt’s lips in a kiss. "I don’t think my boobs are big enough." she said as she curled her arm arounf her and moved to stand, pulling her up with her. "But if you mean a woman who is strong and can kick butt then yes!" -06:51 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Britt squealed and buried her face at Jane’s neck, fully expecting to hit the floor with her in seconds. But she hadn’t been dropped and no one had fallen. She looked completely astonished. "The only women I’ve seen that can lift so much are the scary ones with the creepy man muscles. …don’t ever get scary man muscles?" -06:55 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Jane rolled her eyes. "For that I’d need steriods and no… never." she started walking, slowly towards the door. "I hope the bath isn’t overfull with hot water now… and I’ll have to come back for the towels… dammit." still this wasn’t going so bad! -06:57 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled and tried not to kick her feet around. So instead she very wickedly enjoying groping at Jane’s boobs while her arms were too busy to defend herself, and nuuuuzzled in to her ear. "I think I like this a lot. I’ll let you carry me to the bath every day!" -06:59 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "So you plan on staying here every night and not being bale to walk every morning?" she asked KNOWING Britt’s hand on her breast was no coincidence. "It feels lik eyou don’t want to get clean in the bath." she added casting Britt’s hand a very obvious look. -07:01 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "I don’t know what you’re talking about, I have every intention of getting clean." All the while she was squeazing at her breast and rubbing her thumb over the nibble. Trying very hard not to keep her giggling under control. -07:10 Apr 30 Britt
[Britt has her dreeeeaaam girlfriend!] -06:21 May 02
Jane: She bit her lip for a moment and looked at Britt. "WEll if you keep doing what you’re doing you’re going to be doing very dirty things while you’re getting clean." They reached the bathroom doon and Jane pushe it open before reaching back to slap Britt;s butt cheek as revenge for the breast fondling.. "Now where do I put you while I finish running the water?" -06:26 May 02 Jane
Jane: She bit her lip for a moment and looked at Britt. "WEll if you keep doing what you’re doing you’re going to be doing very dirty things while you’re getting clean." They reached the bathroom doon and Jane pushe it open before reaching back to slap Britt;s butt cheek as revenge for the breast fondling.. "Now where do I put you while I finish running the water?" -06:26 May 02 Jane
Britt: There was a yelp, followed by Britt sinking her teeth in to Jane’s neck as vengeance. The bite was a bit rough, but it was soothed quickly with a lick of her tongue. "Just dump me in the bath. You didn’t HAVE to carry me all the way in here!" -06:28 May 02 Britt
Jane: "AAAAH." Jane grabbe Britt’s hair to push her back against the glass wall of the shower before her hand hand slapped Britt’s hip and rubbed her fingertips over the spot. "Fine, get in." she stepped away but not before, either accidentally or on purpose her hand brushed over Britt’s sex as she retreated. "I’ll be behind you." -06:32 May 02 Jane
Britt: "Sooo bossyyy…" Ooooh, but Britt did love. It was impossible to hide that worshipping look. Hmm and now her skin was all tinglie. Britt very carefully climbed in to the tub, wincing a bit at her sore limbs but at least now not toppling anywhere in a useless heap. It took a little bit of grunting and huffing but she settled down in the tub and siiiiiiighed in relief. Hot water felt so good! -06:36 May 02 Britt
Jane: Jane clinbed in, her back to the taps and facinf Britt. She hesitated for a moment before she let her crotchsubmerge, a thoughtful look crossing her face as she settled down and sighed. "So Britt, you want to get clean?" she asked with only one eye open as she rested with ehr elbow on the side of the tub. "And since you’re as weak as a lamb…" she scooched forwards her foot coing up between Britt’s legt and gressing against her grotch. "I’ll have to clean you muself…" she pushed agaist her with her foot, grinding it side to side in a twisting motion. "Everwhere that I got dirty." -06:41 May 02 Jane
Britt: She jumped, causing water to splash everywhere, and with her best coy smile, splashed some of it at Jane. "You have the worst lines! How did you ever get a girlfriend?" It was working on her though. Or maybe it was because she was teasing her in the best way possible. Britt reached under water to tickle her foot. -06:46 May 02 Britt
Jane: "You should ask yourself that. Girlfriend." she said grinning right back at her and taking Britt’s hoof in her hand, her own foot keeping up the motion against Britt’s sex as Jane’s fingers massages up and down Britt’s tandons and slipped between her toes. "Hmmm… shouldn’t I be making you do this to me? For taking my virginity like you did…. hmmm…?" -06:49 May 02 Jane
Britt: "What? Shuddup." What was the conversation again? Britt decided it wasn’t important, curling her toes and sliiiiiding in to the water as she leaned back against the tub and relaxed. Jane had her purring and tugging gently at the toes attached the foot that was doing the opposite of helping her get clean. "Huuum, I want to take you home with me." -06:55 May 02 Britt
Jane: "What’s stopping you?" she asked rubbing the botting of the foot and lifting it out of the water to rub it gently with a soapy spongue, mating sure to get in between each toe and all that way halfway up the calf. "Other than the fact that you’re naked and…" the pushed harder with her foot for a second. "That." -06:57 May 02 Jane
Britt: "Hrm." She clenched and her thighs squeezed together with Jane’s foot in between them. It was crazy being so relaxed, and yet so, sooo frisky too. "They don’t know I like girls and won’t be very happy about it." Britt still didn’t know how that conversation would go, and she was suspected it’d end with her getting kicked right out the front door. -07:05 May 02 Britt
Jane: "Oh…" That was dissapointing and a little sad. Jane took Britt’s other foot and started on it before looking at her best friend turned girlfriend. "So you havn’t told them… you didn’t tell me… who have you told outside of exes?" -07:07 May 02 Jane
Britt: "I guess the people that have seen me with my girlfriends? I haven’t really told anyone directly. It’s not their business." With her first foot free, she rest it neatly between Jane’s breasts, being far too amused with tapping them back and forth. "I’ll tell them when I have to, and then they’ll just have to deal with it. It’s not like I am afraid to tell them, it’s just… it’s going to be a mess." -07:10 May 02 Britt
Jane: Her foot stopped moving and the gently llifted Britt’sfoot off her of to slide up and lie on her side next to Broot to plant a kiss on her lips, slow and lingering as her hand took the place where her foot was to gently run Britt’s folds. "Whever that happens I’m here for you." she said. "Even if we’re not together by that point." She sat back up to reach for ther soap with her free hand and lather it against Britt’s breasts as the attnetion to Britt’s crotch kept going at the same lazy pace. -07:14 May 02 Jane
Britt: Jane was sweet and charming and crazy sexy. Britt reached out to throw her arms around her neck, ignoring the great deal of sloshing that did and planted a rough kiss on her mouth. Who cared if she was going to be sore for a month! She pushed her tongue in to her mouth and ravished her lips. And any amount of sanity she had left was clearly gone in the way she growled. -07:19 May 02 Britt
Jane: "!!!" She hadn’t expected that reaction but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t pleased with it. Her gasp and purr were olmost comepletely lost int the kiss a second before her fingers entered Britt and slid deeper to stay there as she deepened the kiss, morre of her wieght dearing down on Britt’s lips. -07:30 May 02 Jane
Britt: A hiss of breath escaped followed by a looooong sigh. There was no getting enough of Jane. If it could be like this forever, Britt really had stumbled in to something perfect by sheer accident. She kissed her, squirming in the water and tightening her grip around Jane’s neck until one of her hands were digging in to her hair and the other had her fingernails digging in to her shoulder. -07:33 May 02 Britt

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