King of Fools 007: Accidental Kiss

Leslie: Leslie was wearing a nice pair of black slacks, some knee high boots, and a pretty but long sleeve shirt. "On a DATE you should wear something sexy. Are you sure you don’t want to borrow one of my dresses?" Leslie groaned for the third time that night. She was abandoning the need for a purse, tucking everything that was important in to her boot. Phone, i.d., money. "It’s not a date. I’m going out with a friend to celebrate my interview because -you- are busy with your last minute paper stuff. You know I hate dresses." she muttered at the end. She couldn’t wear dresses, Jade knew that. Jade didn’t believe a word. -07:07 Aug 10
Damion: The roar of the boke engine echoed down the street as he pilled up and looked, his face, that which wasn’t behind his glasses, visible under his felmet, the biking leathers reachign all the way down to his boot. A quick toot from the horn and he looked at the window holding up a leather jacket and helmet for her. as the engine idles between his legs. Hes almosy hiping shes never been on a bike before… -07:14 Aug 10
Leslie: Jade instantly recognized that sound and was at the window in an instant. After peeking out, she turned to give a glare. "LESLIE. Are you stupid?!" Oh boy…! Leslie didn’t have time for the Jade lecture! "You can complain about it later!" In a quick wave of goodbye, Leslie escaped the house and trotted out to the driveway. …He… Hadn’t been kidding about the bike, then! He pace slowed a bit. "…Hi." -07:27 Aug 10
Damion: "Hey." he held out the jacket hfirs, he wouldn’t allow her on the bike without it, and there was somethign about girls in leather jackets. "You ready to see the kind of place I choose for fun?" he asked a hint of a grin on his lips, barely descernable. "Better hurry before Jade breath thought he window to get to us." -07:31 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie took the jacket. …she hadn’t put it on yet, clutching it to her chest and eying the bike. "I -was-. Now I’m kinda wondering if I am ready to try motorcycles." One look over at the window, though, and Leslie went ahead and put on the jacket. Still, not looking so trusting of the bike. -07:35 Aug 10
Damion: "Just hold onto me." he said. "Arms around me would be best." he held out the helmet next and then made sure the rea footrests were down and tilder the bike off of the side stand and waited. "As soon as you’re ready…" -07:38 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie took a breath. Well… he knew what he was doing, right? On went the helmet. Climbing behind him was a little awkward. Even more so was putting her arms around him. Leslie wasn’t sure what was more nerve-wracking! Being that close, or knowing what was coming next. "Okay… I think." -07:42 Aug 10
Damion: "Alright." the voice wasn’t from in front of her, but from both sides of her, speakers connectied to a short range two way radio in both of thier helmets. The bike slid down the street and he kicked up the stand and then they were off, headign for the road out of town. "Its a bit of the wasy, I’m going to take a road I love at this time of day." he turned right and excelerated to match the speed of the traffic. "Don’t worry though they’re still have room when we get there." -07:45 Aug 10
Leslie: "So it’s a long ride?" she almost squeaked. The minute they were moving, she was holding on so tight that for a split second she worried that maybe she was squeezing too hard. For the moment she had her face hidden at his back. She couldn’t watch! There weren’t selt belts on these things! -07:47 Aug 10
Damion: "Not too long." he said leanign into a gentle curve as they turned onto the freeway. "Hey Leslie, look left." On the skyling the sun sunk behind a row of appartment bulding in the distance the the sky blazed pink and gold and crimson in places. "I was hoping for this view. Its why I chose this rout." in her arms he sighed and then purned his attention back tot he road ahead. "This is why I like bikes." -07:53 Aug 10
Leslie: Look left, he says! Leslie was glad she had the courage to do it, though. "Oh wow…" Such pretty colors! For a moment she forgot about being afraid for her life, and though she still hadn’t relaxed, her thumb moved against his stomach in a soft touch. She hadn’t realized she was doing it. "I wish I had a camera. It’d make an awesome picture!" -07:57 Aug 10
Damion: "Left pocket of my jacket." he said "Reach in and get it." he was relazing, the road befor him and her behind him. He couldn’t remember bringing anyone else on a ride. "I’ll sent the pictures to your phone or if you send me an email address later." he caught a glimpse of her in the mirror. "And you can relax, I’ve riding these things longer than I’ve been driving cars." -08:03 Aug 10
Leslie: "Relaxing is easier said than done." He had a camera, though. But if she let go, what was keeping her from falling off! Leslie was chewing on her lip by the time she decided a picture was worth the risk. Even if it meant one hand was now clinging so tight around him that her fingers were digging in to his shirt. Moving the other was a trick… slipping her hand in to his pocket and making sure the strap was around her wrist before pulling it out. Her whole body was pressed against him as she held the hand up, as if just touching would be enough to keep her from going somewhere. Leslie quickly snapped her pictures of the sunset. …and then she was holding the camera out over his shoulder trying to get one of him, as she laughed! -08:09 Aug 10
Damion: He stuck out his tongue just to ruin her shot and then turned on the brights as they thundered on into the night. "Not much further. He promised. "Its in a converted factory. Its nice inside, got a bit of a country decore adn they play classic rock and blues. There it is on the right, over the trees, the turnoff is about five minutes away. You have to try the buffalo wings…" -08:14 Aug 10
Leslie: His entire countenance felt different like this. She wondered if he knew that? He wasn’t intimidating CEO guy. Leslie took a couple more pictures, which took a bit of awkward moving to switch hands with the camera. …and she at least tried to get one of the both of them. That’d be a neat picture to have! "Are you gonna try dancing with me, Mister Rubrum?" she was grinning. -08:18 Aug 10
Damion: "I will, but unless you know how to ride I’m the designated driver." he said turning off of the freeway and onto the smaller road that lead strait past the front of the blocky building. Pulling over he waited for her to get off before he did the same, pulling off his helmet and hooking into a lock gust below the seat and then doing the same with hers befre he held out his hand. "Come one, we have a lot to celebrate." -08:22 Aug 10
Leslie: The very first thing she did was fix her hair so it fell just the right way, just barely in her eyes and hiding a good half of her face, and falling over a shoulder. Leslie was then giving HIM the tongue out treat. "I told you, I am never, ever drinking again." She took his hand though. Still a little breathless and humming from the ride, Leslie felt a little light on her feet now. "Besides me finally getting an interview is there more to celebrate?" -08:27 Aug 10
Damion: "Your first time on a bike, my first time with a passenger, a potensially three million deal on thursday, you getting the pictures you wanted, making Jade angry. What isn’t there to celebreate." he headed towards the door getting his ID ready and having the bouncer take a look at him adn nod him in while taking note of it on a register, then he was pulling her inside, just as the live performance was starting. Desire a slow simd to start off the evening. -08:31 Aug 10
Leslie: "I’m never keen on pissing off Jade, but I’m really glad your work is going well! Three million bucks is a lot." She liked the place. There was a soft smokey atmosphere to it. Relaxed. And… it didn’t seem like the sort of place she would have expected him to be. Leslie squeezed his hand. "Hey." Ha! It was a trick. Leslie snuck another picture and laughed at her victory. -08:36 Aug 10
Damion: "Don’t make me ask for that back." he said leading her to follow the waitress taking them to a place on the seconf froo right up against the rail with a clear view of the band and stood by to take thier order. He ordered a bottle of beer and the buffalo wings, the beer would be followed by kiwi juice with nothing added. And the band would be asked to play the song ‘sharply dressed man’ if at all possible. -08:43 Aug 10
Leslie: At his insisting she’d try those wings, but she wanted water. No alcohol. Leslie was going to hold that memory with her the rest of her life. She was still grinning at him though, for the time being setting the camera down on the table and behaving. "Do you always go in to a place and get everything you want, just like that?" -08:46 Aug 10
Damion: "Is there another way of doing things?" he asked. "I like getting way I want, its the core of my business stratergy. Have what you want, what the others want, or both, and then cut a deal." he grinned. "I like business, its the first thing I tried that I was any good at. What about you, are you good at things?" -08:49 Aug 10
Leslie: "Nope! I am a jack-of-a-trades. Do a little bit of everything, good at none of it!" That didn’t seem to bother her a bit, though. Life worked for her, she didn’t have anything to complain about outside of a nosy roommate. Her hands were sneaking for the camera again. She liked when he grinned and he wasn’t self concious about it. That needed a picture! -08:54 Aug 10
Damion: He placed a hand on top of the camera then pulled it towards him, and snapped a picture of the band below and handed it back to her leaning back against his chair and grinning at her. "You seem to be in a good mood at least. What job is it for?" -08:59 Aug 10
Leslie: Foiled. Leslie rest her elbows on the table and smiled at him. "For a magazine! It’s not really the position I applied for, but they said if the interview is good and my work is decent I could get a promotion. I think it’s kinda like a personal assistant thing?" -09:07 Aug 10
Damion: "So you didn’t apply where I sugested." he said giving her a hard look. "Good thing I applied for you." he was watching her like a hawk. "The position has been filled but they’ll keep you on file." he pushed the camera towards her then rested his arm on the table. "I can respect that you do things your way but I have an odd compultion to help you that I can’t explain." -09:10 Aug 10
Leslie: "You applied for me?" That… actually kind of pissed her off! Leslie took the camera, tapping her fingers over it as she scowled at him. "You can’t just do stuff like that. It’s not any of your business and I told you I wasn’t going to apply there. It’s not helping at all, it’s controlling." -09:13 Aug 10
Damion: "If I wanted to control you you wouldn’t be living so far away from me." he said the problem was he did, and she was right. "Fine I’ll have you taken out of thier records if that will make you happy." he was put out by her reaction and there was no grin now. -09:17 Aug 10
Leslie: "… do you want me to live closer to you?" That was the part that surprised her. People didn’t say things like that unless there was some kind of truth behind it. And what it could mean was kind of a scary thought. Her scowling was gone, and she was now staring down where her fingers were now tapping nervously on the table. There was that feeling again. That one she always ended up with around him, and she didn’t know what to do with. -09:20 Aug 10
Damion: "It would be nice." he said truthfully. "But you don’t work for me, and its best you don’t. I’ll say that now. Conflict of interest. In business I like to keep things simple. I’m not sure I can do that around you." he thanked the waitress as their orders were put down and he lifted his bottle. "Congradulation on taking your first step on the road if you career." -09:23 Aug 10
Leslie: "Is everything for you some sort of business relationship?" she asked curiously. Food was an excellent distraction. Leslie slipped off the jacket, and pushed her sleeves just far enough up her arms that they wouldn’t get in the way. She had no problem getting messy, but she didn’t wanna be -that- messy. "So what kind of complication am I, anyway? You should be forthcoming with me, or I’m going to start being vague too." -09:29 Aug 10
Damion: "I meant I don’t control you like I do my employees." he said being left in the lurch with his toast and taking a sip anyway before placing down his bottle. "I don’t now what to do with you, thast the complication. You bring me uncertainty, something i’m not used to and something I don’t usually enjoy. But here I am treating you to a night out. Complicated isn’t the right word." -09:32 Aug 10
Leslie: "You can’t control me like you do with your employees. That is the problem." Leslie was finally grinning again, as if she solved one of the mysteries. She licked a bit of sauce from her fingers. That was definitely good! "Thank you for taking me out, though. You didn’t have to, and I do appreciate it. Maybe you could stop trying to make everything complicated?" -09:36 Aug 10
Damion: He slumped and took another sip. "I don’t want to controll you." he said, almost snapping then took a larger gulp of beer and picking up a wing in one hand and a serviette in the other and taking a large bote witht he setviette held underneath. "And how would you uncomplicate things? Seems every person I’ve asked that has responded with a severence of some kind." -09:46 Aug 10
Leslie: "I’d start with not eating wings with a napkin." she responded with an amused grin. And worse, she reached out with a sauce covered hand to run one finger down his cheek. "Look! Things have gotten messy. You also owe me a dance and a million dollars! I will take one or the other." -09:50 Aug 10
Damion: "I’ll send you a check." he said taking another bite the seriette staying in place. Then he was setting down the bone and picking up his bottle to take another small sip and sigh and wiping his cheek. "Mess doesn’t simplify things. Its just more things to clean up later." -09:53 Aug 10
Leslie: "Sometimes getting messy is the -fun- part." Leslie doubt he was going to send her a check. She rest her chin in her hand eying him. Did matter there was now sauce on HER cheek. "So on this great date of job interviews and three million dollar deals and awesome bands, you’re not gonna dance once?" -10:00 Aug 10
Damion: "You do know what sarcasm is? Right?" he eyed her before poring a glass of juice and pushing it towards her and going back to his beet. "Its good, have one sip and I’ll think about a dance when something with bounce comes on." -10:06 Aug 10
Leslie: A dubious look at the juice. Kiwi wasn’t exactly a flavor she had often! Leslie took the time to wipe her hands and her face, then picked up the glass. A quick smell and a twitch of her nose. Then a testing sip. …not terrible. "Then you can wait here, and I’ll be dancing until you’re ready." After a few quick swallows of the juice, Leslie was already scooting out of her seat. -10:10 Aug 10
Damion: He looked like he was going to stop her, a knit to his forehead and a heand half reached out. Then he sat back. "Leaving me all alone? Fine, we’re here to have fun I’ll just join you now." he stood and straitened his jacket. "Just be warned, I’m not very good. All the times I did in colledge I was too drunk to know what I was doing." -10:15 Aug 10
Leslie: "Dancing isn’t about being good." Leslie took his hand and led him through the place. She was already dancing before they even hit the dance floor and all grins. Extra especially because she snuck the camera along with her. There was the click of the shutter when she finally turned to him and a great big smirk! -10:21 Aug 10
Damion: He looked unconvinced. "I used to say I only did one kind of dance, the chest to chest, cheek to cheek slow swaying slow dance, and that I would only do it with someone who I trusted enough to tell them my birth name." but here he was. "That was to get out of dancing -with- anyone of course. A million is looking pretty cheep right now, I’m getting three after all." -10:29 Aug 10
Leslie: "Damion Rubrum isn’t your birth name?" That made her curious! She hooked the camera around her wrist and took his hands. No cheek to cheek yet, but she was trying to get him to move with her. "Well, if this is going to be a million dollar dance, we better make it good." -10:32 Aug 10
Damion: "No, thats my adopted name." he said eying her. Then he gave in and watched her for a moment before matching her speed. "But lets not talk about that. Tonight is about the buture, not the past." -10:36 Aug 10
Leslie: Adopted name! There really was a lot about him she didn’t know! Leslie moved with the rhythm of the music, for all of her lack of being able to do just about everything, she took to dancing naturally. She even inched him closer. Would she get the name if he got the dance? Leslie almost gave a wicked grin. "Future then! Of your big fancy company, and whatever I’ll be doing next week!" -10:41 Aug 10
Damion: "I don’t think I could smile not knowing what I would be doing next week…. the he grinned. "But then I abandoned colledge on a million to one shot at a deal that I thought for sure would end in nothing. Frankly I couldn’t be… I’m on the past again, future! When will I see you again?" -10:45 Aug 10
Leslie: "Hmm. Do I need to see a lawyer to see you again?" she teased. There was the grin she wanted. Leslie turned quickly so her back was against his chest and she was giving a ridiculously cheesy grin. A click of the shutter. She hopefully got the picture she wanted! "When do you want to? I have a few days before my interview!" -10:48 Aug 10
Damion: "You only need to see the lawyer if you want sex." he said deadpan. "All you have to do to see me again is to call. Theres a lull in bisiness at the moment after our taking over of Neocore. So… he didn’t want to take out his planner on a dancefloor. "We’ll call it thursday after I sign the deal and get three mill. I’ll reat you out to celebrate?" -10:54 Aug 10
Leslie: Sex! That had her turning red. Leslie just wasn’t going to comment on that one. Sex definitely wasn’t what she was after. …Leslie didn’t know what she was after! "Okay, Thursday then! You have to call me this time." -10:58 Aug 10
Damion: "I’ll call you and arive in something that has doors thise time." he said putting an arom arounf her stomach and moving with her. "I have a place in mind… but it your turn to pic, And if you want to dance there you’ll have to have at least one drink. I’ll make sure you don’t get too drunk and get sick and hung over. That is if you trust me." -11:00 Aug 10
Leslie: "And what if I choose a place that doesn’t have drinks?" she grinned. In fact, she already had a place to go in mind. And had no idea if they would or not. "I think you better bring something to eat and drink." -11:04 Aug 10
Damion: "Not a perk is it? Or a lake? The sea?" he was teasing but with ehr back to him and his arm around her his other hand found the camera and switched it to self-portait mode, the screen facign them as they were visible on it and he head behind and agaist hers he allowed himself a grin and snapped it. "I’ll pack something." -11:12 Aug 10
Leslie: "Don’t guess it, you’re going to ruin the surprise." Still, there was a wide smile. She hadn’t ever quite felt like this before. Leslie really, really liked it… and was almost afraid she was going to over think it. Complications as he’d call it. "You’ll have to trust -me- though." -11:16 Aug 10
Damion: "I have no reason not to." he said just enjoying the moment. "And I have to guess otherwise it will bug me from now until then, you don’t want me dstracted when I’m working do you?" his break unintentionally blew agaist her skin and he moved the hand that left the camera through his hair keeping the other around her stomach. "Is this how dancing usually goes?" -11:26 Aug 10
Leslie: "Not typically no. I’ve never danced like this." Leslie closed her eyes and rest both her arms over his. Camera and all. It was actually really nice to be held close to someone and just sway with the music. She tilted her head just a bit towards him. "You really don’t dance a lot?" -11:31 Aug 10
Damion: He put the other arm around her too and nuzzled his chin into her. "I don’t get out much, last time I was here was with three chinese exporters, the best thing about that aborted deal was the bufalo wings, but they were using shady labor practices so I couldn’t deal." he could launch into a tyrade about how it could out him adn his company in legal trouble to do so but he left it as is, he wouldn’t have dealed withouth the legal risk. -11:34 Aug 10
Leslie: He smelled really good, and even the smokeyness of the place didn’t hide it. Leslie didn’t realize she was brushing her nose against his cheek. "So you are an intimidating force of the business world, with a code of honor?" she teased softly. -11:40 Aug 10
Damion: "Everyone has a secret." he said "Why can’t mine be that?" he said tunring his head towards her and tightning his hand across her stomach. "I still hope to find out yours, other than.." he did almost feel bad about seeing what she hoped to keep hidden but it was hard to focus on that with her so close So close he could… his lips brushed hers and thenr pushed home, gently his eyes closing. "mmm" good thing the camera wa at her side… because he wasn’t pulling away. -11:45 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie almost frowned. He didn’t have to mention her secrets. Next thing she knew, she was being kissed and all thoughts were just thrown out the window. Instinct took over, with her response being soft and tentative. The rush that came with it was a very surprising delight she could feel all the way down to her knees. -11:50 Aug 10
Damion: His hand left her stomach to move to her cheek as he nuzzled his lips softly against hers and sighed agaist her. He wasn’t thinking, and that felt like the right thing to do. His nail ticked her cheek lightly as he moved hs nose against hers.. then slowly, regretfully pulled back half and inch to open his eyes. -11:54 Aug 10
Leslie: Leslie was floored. She sure as hell didn’t remember kissing being anything like that. She was even still holding her breath when her eyes opened and fell to his. Gorgeous eyes. ….and then sense seemed to hit her like a truck. Which was a terrible analogy for her to suddenly be thinking of when she gently pulled his hand from her cheek and stepped away. Her face was red and burning. What was she thinking! "…um…! You aren’t so bad at dancing after all." A change of subject. If she didn’t acknowledge it, it didn’t happen… right? -11:59 Aug 10
Damion: "Umm thanks." he said looking where she had been a second ago then at her now. She was retreating… "So enough dancing, want anything more to drink or do we pay up and head?" -12:02 Aug 10
Leslie: "I should go home before Jade has herself a heart attack." Leslie didn’t want to go. …and she didn’t want to stay! It was officially the most frustrating thing in her universe. She needed the space to think. "…but there will be Thursday?" -12:05 Aug 10
Damion: "There will be thursday." he caught up with thier waitress and payed, the offeref her his hand to walk with ehr back to the bike. "I had a nice night out, thank you for the dance." -12:06 Aug 10

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