One Life Stand 007: Lesson in the Kitchen

[Tessa is awake early in the morning as she usualy is. Alone in the kitchen trying to figure out this whole cooking business before D wakes up.] -03:25 May 30
Tessa: The extent of her cooking skill involved following directions on a box. …and D had to fill her kitchen with stuff she had no idea how to deal with. If she poured a bowl of cereal it was likely to catch fire. Maybe she should go out and fetch something? Where was her coat! -03:27 May 30
D: The painkillers lasted six hours. That mena that D could only sleep for that long if he was lucky. There was a groan from him as he sat up and looked for Tessa, who wasn’t there. Getting up he scowled and grabbed the bottle from the bedside table and moved towards the kitchen to get water. "You’re up." he said sounding grumpy like he always did with lack of sleep and pain. "Would you mind getting a glass for me?" -03:32 May 30
Tessa: "Why are you even out of bed? Go back to bed!" He looked like hell and he shouldn’t of even been awake. Tessa glared at him for a moment before getting a glass out of the cabinet and filling it with water from the sink. Tessa held it out for him while eying his shoulder. "I can make some coffee and I’ll go out to fetch food in a minute…" -03:35 May 30
D: He took the glass and placed in on the counter as he sat on the cerner, then he used his teeth to tear the cap off the bottle and spit that onto the counter too before slaming two pills down his throat and gulping down the water. "You try sleeping with this." he said pointing with his thump over his shoulder. "I woke up twice last night and its at the stage where I’m not getting back to sleep. So I’m making breakfast before the bread we have goes stale." he hopped off the counter almost sendign the glass to the floor. "I don’t waste food." -03:40 May 30
Tessa: Tessa caught the glass, and then she was right back to glaring again. "Then don’t sleep! But you’re going back to bed. I’ll deal with what’s in the kitchen." She pushed the glass baaaack on the counter out of the way and turned back to the pantry. "Now what am I grabbing so I don’t tip the balance of your over-planning in MY kitchen?" -03:43 May 30
D: He pushed open the bread box and dropped a loaf onto the beadboard then pulled over the drawer and pulled out a breadknife. Then ran into a dilema. With his arm in a sling, the reason he could onto sleep on his side that he hated, he couldn’t cut the loaf. "Of for f…" -03:47 May 30
Tessa: Tessa snatched the breadknife from his hands, and pushed him out of the way as gently as possible. Even if he WAS asking for her to get rough. "Move! Stop being such a pain in the ass about it. Go. I can do this." Knife in hand, she eyed the bread. …. "…just what exactly am I slicing bread for. A sandwhich?" -03:51 May 30
D: He was already rummaging though the fridge. "Slice it thick, about the same as my thumbnail is wide." he said pulling out a few eggs and the going to her spie rack and selecting a few herbs. Then he was looking at her overhead cupboard at the mixing bowl heald within. It he tried to get it one handed there was a good chance of it being dropped. -03:55 May 30
Tessa: "That’s not telling me what I’m making, D." He was being stubborn, and Tessa was about to turn and start shaking that knife at him. For the time being, she was being excritiatingly slow at cutting the bread, trying to make sure she did it -perfectly- right. She cast a look over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes. "Don’t you dare go grabbing anything else. Stop being an asshole and tell me what I’m doing!" -03:58 May 30
D: "French toast." he said reaching up and making sure he had a frim hold of the bown and trued pulling it from the shelf.. then grunted in pain. "Fuck." he hated not beign able to do anything and maybe put more force into the swearing than just the pain. -04:01 May 30
Tessa: "And you can’t tell me how to do that without cursing up a storm in my kitchen?" Tessa put down her knife, scooted practically under his feet and stole the bowl from him. "If it helps, you can hover around like some critisizing old lady and complain about what I’m doing wrong. Just stop trying to pick stuff up!" -04:04 May 30
D: He flexed the finger in the sling, it somethimes helped. "Is the bread sliced?" he asked. "Then break the eggs into the bowl and I’ll get the spices." he said "And I’m NOT like and old woman. I never asked to be useless." -04:07 May 30
Tessa: "I’m not sure useless is the way I would decribe you…" Which was a bit of a surprise to Tessa! In fact the entire time he had been bumming at her apartment, he really was the opposite of useless… She set the bowl on the counter and made with cracking eggs, which more often than not ended up with bits of broken egg shell that she had to fuss with pulling out. -04:10 May 30
D: He opened the puched up and egg and tapped it agaiint the bowl and opened it with one hand. "Like that. You need to crack the egg not shatter it. Then meaking the eggs to her he was opening her spike bottles and smelling them and then adding some into the bowl standing next to her. "Then how would you describe me?" -04:13 May 30
Tessa: One handed egg cracking… Tessa tried that, which resulted in a bigger mess than before! Maybe she’d practice that one later. "Stubborn… I would desribe you as stubborn today. You are always cooking for me, I think I can handle one breakfast." -04:18 May 30
D: With exploded egg all over the counter and Tessa’s shirt D could beg to differ. He took her hand in his and grasped an egg. "Tap.." he tapped the egg on the bowl. "Just enough to crack it then open it like a box with your thumb as the hinge… that enough eggs. Now for a splash of soy.." -04:21 May 30
Tessa: "Do I even have soy?" That was a good thing to focus on. Why the hell her face was turning red again over something as stupid as eggs, she didn’t know! Tessa huffed to herself as she moved to grab a towel and clean up the spot on her, then to dig around in her pantries. She definitely didn’t remember getting any of this stuff! -04:24 May 30
D: He opened one of the overhead supboards revealign a wide array of bottles and grabbed one. The he flipped the cap and added a dash of black liquid to the eggs before grabbing a fork and stirning watching the colour, the adding a little more. The bottle looked like any other dcondiment bottle except it had nothing in english on it. "Right its time to turn on the stove." -04:28 May 30
Tessa: Tessa wasn’t sure how this food experiment was going to turn out… she was pretty sure she didn’t remember french toast being anything like this. Then again, she never exactly cooked, did she? Tessa leaned over the stove, hand hovering over the buttons. "Huum… temperature…?" Biding her time until she remember which dial was the right one. …When WAS the last time she used her stove for anything other than coffee? -04:31 May 30
D: "Top right dial to three." he said "And get a pan. We’re going to have to cook these tegether. You dip and hold the pan I’ll keep hold of the spatu… la." damn he should have expected this, the side effects of the pain meditation. "Ok you help me with that too." -04:34 May 30
Tessa: She turned the dial, then was pulling out a pan and a spatula… She made sure to give him another wary, watchful stare before setting the pan on top the stove. "…you aren’t going to pass out, are you? I don’t think I can drag you to bed without making it worse." -04:38 May 30
D: He shooh his head before sitting on the counter naxt to the stove. "Just a little woosy." he said "But hey you get to cook after all. I’m just here to make sure you don’t burn anything." -04:40 May 30
Tessa: "Your reflexes are awfully slow… if the apartment burns down, you’ll probably die." Tessa was wary, but how hard could it be if he was supervising, right? Tessa tapped the inside of the pan to test and see if it was hot, then jerked her hand back when yes, yes it was! "So dip and pan and flip, right?" She shifted to make sure she had everything in reach. She was still pretty sure something might burst in to flames. -04:44 May 30
D: "Grease the pan first, then dribble a little egg into it to test the tempreture without burning yourself." he said "Then using your hand and the spatula get both sides of the bread covered in egg then slide it into the pan… And get come paper towels onto a plate to drain them on. Paper towels are the cupboard next to the one under me." -04:49 May 30
Tessa: "This is too many instructions at once!" She wasn’t going to panic over making breakfast. She could put together a huge show in one weekend, she could cook something in her own kitchen! She was very awkward about the order, and very nearly did burn herself… but Tessa was full on concentrating like she was performing surgery on a human being. -04:53 May 30
D: AS she was getting paper towels he was tending to the pan and flipping the toast. "Thats the colour you want it when its done, try to get them all like that… here.." he tooke her hand and played it on the handle, then placed his over hers. I’ll help…" -04:56 May 30
Tessa: Tessa was frazzled, and she was pretty sure it was his fault somehow. She really needed to stop acting stupid over something as simple as making breakfast! "So I am just supposed to watch it so it doesn’t catch on fire…" she muttered softly. "Normally I would be at the desk and forget I was cooking…" -05:00 May 30
D: "Staying is good, yes." he said "So is making sure theres no fire. when you’re cooking, cook, when you’re working work, don’t do both at once. I don’t ly on your coutch and cook at the same time do I?" -05:04 May 30
Tessa: "I don’t have time to do one thing at a time… and you think everything should be all calm and easy!" Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but she was attempting to focus on the current task instead of on him. One thing at a time, etc, etc… "You do end up shoved in to windows at bars when you should be at shows, though… You never told me what you were doing there." -05:08 May 30
D: He slid from the counter to stand behind her, leaning on her slightly for support as he guided her hand through the process of getting the cooked toast from the pan and putting hte next one on. "Smell that?" he asked. "That is what I’m after. Breakfast is going to be good. French toast, orange juice, coffee.. if only he had some of those crerry tomatoes for a little salad.. and cheese.. thinly slied cheese on french toats draped over it just as its coming out the pan…" -05:21 May 30
Tessa: He was distracting her with food. And doing a really good job of it. Both because it smelled amazing and because he was muttering it at her ear like some sort of delicious pillow talk! "We still have cheese at the very least. I didn’t confiscate all of it." …wait a minute, she had asked him a question an he didn’t answer at all. Tessa frowned at him over her shoulder. -05:28 May 30
D: "Eyes on the pan." he said leanign his head agaunst hers, his cheek against her ear. "I was picking somehting up for a coworker." he said. "I though a drink while I was there since the show was on saterday wouldn’t do any harm. I didn’t start the fight. I didn’t even want to be in it." -05:32 May 30
Tessa: Eyes on the pan. Where else was she gonna look? And why was this comfortable! "You could have told me that before. Instead of letting me think you were the biggest asshole in the universe." If it was even the truth. She might just be susceptible to excuses because she liked his music and now he was being all adorable and she had a low resistance to moments that made her all gooey. -05:36 May 30
D: "Late is late, what difference would it make. I’m still an asshole." he said before flipping the toast in the pan and sighing as the smell hit him. "You honestly don’t think I’m not an asshole do you? I must not be trying hard enough…" -05:39 May 30
Tessa: "I’m finding it harder to believe you’re a big jerk… at least when you’re not being a pain in the ass." she admitted. Aside from moments of driving her crazy, when he started crashing on her sofa he wasn’t anything like she thought he would be… That had her twisting her mouth up in a thoughtful frown. "I don’t see you sleeping around with girls or going to crazy parties or drinking tons… and you have a second job… so where do you go all the time? Just random jobs?" -05:43 May 30
D: "I’m no rockstar, yet. I need food, and clothes, and money as much as the next person." he said "I can’t afford to party and I can’t exactly bring girls here can I?" he pointed out. "Not while I’m sleeping in your bed, Never really seen the appeal in threesoms and if its in your bed I should at least give you the option of joining in. So really its just easier to to to the bathroom then you’re out. Execpt not since the arm…" he put the laft peice on top of the pile but stayed behind her. "Yes its been that long." he stepped awa and went to get himself a fork. "Now lets eat." -05:49 May 30
Tessa: "Threesomes really aren’t as fun as they sound." Tessa muttered. He made it sound like they were together, which shouldn’t have made her want to grin. Obviously she had been spending way too much time with him! Tessa made sure the stove was off before she was getting plates for them both and cups for coffee. "Will you sit down NOW?" -05:53 May 30
[D enters.] -06:10 May 30
D: "Can’t eat standing up with one arm." he said "Thoug I’m going ot have to stretch it soon and clean and make sure it still works." he sat down and with the fork in his left hand speared himself on of the slices and tried to cut it with the side of the fork with parcial success. -06:12 May 30
[(Timeout) D has timed out.] -06:26 May 30
Tessa: Tessa was watching him again. Of course she wasn’t going to baby him, but he was making it really hard to resist the temptation… especially when he would have heeled fine had she not jumped on him. She set a cup of coffee next to his plate and sat down next to him to eat. One bite and it was heaven…! And she actually -helped- make edible food! "I can help with that and make sure you don’t bleed everywhere." -06:26 May 30
D: "After food you’re also going to have to help me change the bandages once I’ve cleaned myself." he pushed his plate towards her "Cut it up…. please?" it was the first tim ehe had used the word with her that he could think of. -06:31 May 30
Tessa: Tessa had definitely never heard that word from him. …she wasn’t so sure she heard the world from -anyone- if she thought hard enough about it. But she did as requested, a thoughtful look on her face again. "Are you even going to be able to shower proper, since you can’t even defile my shower?" -06:33 May 30
D: "Are you offering to wash me?" he asked staring at her "I’m not helpless Tessa." he said before shaking his head. "But my back and around the stitches I can’t do myself… if you can be careful." -06:41 May 30
Tessa: Her cheeks were burning red again, but she totally kept her cool. She managed to NOT choke on her coffee. "I wasn’t thinking about washing you. ..but I can help a little for the hard stuff if you need it. Helpless is probably the last thing you are." She cast him a quick suspicious glance. Helpless was definitely not him at all. Hurt shoulder or not! -06:46 May 30
D: "Oh.. well okay once we’re doen eating and I shower I will need help with bandages. Somethign I can’t help you with since I’m not a doctor." he didn’t look at her as he shoved another peice into his mouth. Having her actually look at him while he was shirtless would have been nice. He didn’t think she had even noticed his tatoo. -06:50 May 30
Tessa: He almost sounded dissappointed she wasn’t going to help him shower. Which left her thinking about him in the shower which… wasn’t really the first time she had spent too much time pondering it, but usually he wasn’t -around- when she did. Tessa found great interest in her food. "I know how to switch out bandages. I worked as a nurse’s assistant once." Until she was fired from getting woozy every time someone was bleeding. "I can wait by the door in case you need my help with the shower too…" -06:57 May 30
[D enters.] -07:06 May 30
D: He nodded "…. thanks." he lapsed into silence after that for a few moments while he ate then drank his coffee and looked at anything other than Tessa. Then he was standing and unhooking the sling and straiening his arm with a pained but happy sound. "I’ll be in the shower. If you hear a thud and a yell come find me." -07:14 May 30
Tessa: Thank goodness for the end of an awkward silence. Especially when Tessa wasn’t sure where it was stemming from. It was probably her own fault for behaving like a lunatic. Once he was out of site, Tessa cleaned up the dishes as quickly as possible and then…. then she was lurking by the bathroom door with her ear pressed up against it. …he hadn’t been serious about doing stuff in her shower, was he? That was HER shower…! -07:18 May 30
D: HE stripped adn uturned on the water, openeing the door a crack momenteraly to toss his clothes onto the floor outside the bathroom. Then he was turnign on the water and stepping into it with a sigh. the water felt good and he was beginign to feel tike a person again. -07:22 May 30
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:26 May 30
Tessa: Tessa froze outside of the door, but thank goodness she had been just off to the side with her shoulder braced on the frame. Or else she’d have tumbled in to the bathroom face first when he opened the door. And thankfully he hadn’t realized she was there! …of course now the door was cracked. Take a peek or not? She’d kick his ass if he ever peeped at her… but this was to make sure he didn’t slip and die in the shower, right? Maybe… Tessa curled her fingers around the door and leeeeaaned to peek around the corner. One look, then she’d behave. How often did someone have a rockstar in their shower, anyway. -07:26 May 30
D: Gods the water felt good, he ran his fingers though his hair facing away from the door as he soaped up his arm, up to his shouder and neck. then he tuned , eyes closed and let the water hit his face and run down his back. The tatoo he had was on his chest abovehis nipple, five feathers pointing inwards in a wheel. Everyone who was it he told he was too drunk to remember getting, which was a lie. Slowly ehe began to soap up hhis hand to fash his face, still unaware that someone was taking opotunities. -07:35 May 30
Tessa: She had probably seen him half naked at least a dozen times, but most of the time she was trying -not- to look. Tessa wasn’t bashful but… this was D. A manager wasn’t supposed to fangirl over her client. And damned tattoos were sexy when a man was covered in soap and water. Clear shower doors were the best idea ever! …and before she realized she was leaning too far in the middle of her completely inappropriate daydreaming, Tessa found the door slipping out of her hand and herself tumbling on the bathroom floor with a surprised yelp! -07:40 May 30
D: He turned and saw her hit the ground and opened the shower door to grab a towel and and step over to her, not that a towel would do anythign to hide anything from her low angle. "I though it was me meant to be slipping and yelling." he offtere her his left hand. "Since you’re here can you get my back?" -07:44 May 30
Tessa: Looking up was a bad idea. Tessa was going to die. She clonked her head on her arm where he couldn’t see her face, raising a finger for him to wait juuuust a second. "I uh.. was looking for my eye liner…" Worst bullshit excuse ever, but better than admitting she was spying. After a deep breath, she finally grabbed his hand and picked herself off the floor. Red face aside, she was totally going to play it cool. "Sure..? I may as well take that towe- BANDAGE off too." God damnit. This is what happens when she doesn’t have a boyfriend! She assults the first naked man she sees! -07:50 May 30
D: "Towels goign to have to come off too." he said handing it back to her as he turnedaway. "We don’t want it getting wet." he looked abck at her and winked. "I won’t bite." he wtepped abck into the water and passed the soap over his shoulder to her. "You don’t mind to you?" -07:53 May 30
Tessa: Tessa refused to look down. And when he winked her, she was tempted to throw the towel at him. That was a -much- better response than just hopping in the shower with him. Huffing, she hung the towel on a hook then took the soap. She had to step in to the shower so they wouldn’t get water all over her bathroom, but thankfully it was large enough that she could stay out of the spray to keep herself dry-ish. ANd like she promise, she went ahead at gently plucking that bandage off to see how it looked. "I just want you out of my shower where I don’t have to worry about you cracking your head on something, is all. I’m supposed to do paperwork today.." -08:00 May 30
D: "Is tht all?" he asked *accidently* bunging the tap makign the water spray further for a moment. "I thought you were being beign noce to me since I can’t use my arm and do things for myself." the emphasis on ‘things’ was extremely subtle, sudtle enough for her to think she had imagined it. "But thank you." -08:04 May 30
Tessa: A soft yelp and hiss, while she side stepped the spray of water and glared at his back. He was enjoying this way too much! Good! It gave her something to be mad about instead of getting wrapped up in the fact he looked really, really foxy all wet and naked. Tessa swatted his non-hurt arm before lathering up her hands to rub his back. ….Why didn’t she just think to give him a back scrubber? Stupid…! "You -should- be thanking me… I could be leaving you wallowing in bed while I get my work done. I’d have peace for once!" -08:09 May 30
D: "There are to times when I wallow in bed. When I want to, and then I have company." he said "Nope, I’d still be in here just renching the stitches, you knwo if I can’t work I can’t get food. but…" her hands felt good. He had images of her hands elsewhere heling him with things.. or her mouth. He mouth would be.. "Mmmhmmm.." he didn’t want to make that sound or for his member just secide to rise up, but at least he was facign away from her, enjoying his thoughts a little too much. -08:13 May 30
Tessa: She liked that sound. Which was probably the only reason she wasn’t smacking his head. Maybe she was spending a little too much time rubbing his shoulders and lower back, but as long as she didn’t get wet, it was fine? "I don’t need to know about anything you do in bed, D. But to make sure you can play music I’ll do just about anything." ….wait. That sounded really really wrong. Tessa grumbled out loud. -08:18 May 30
D: Anything…? In bed… that had to go there didn’t she. If his shoulder wasnin’t hurt hed have her pinned against the shower wall seeing how far ‘anything’ goes. There there it was, another low sigh and moan and a light chuckle. "Well seeing that I have to take it easy…" damn he rally had been about to say she should be on top. "We’ll have to see about that later. Nor now just keep doing what you’re boing just maybe a little lower…" -08:23 May 30
Tessa: Tessa narrowed her eyes, but she slid her hands down to rub… wash… his lower back. Why the hell was this so entertaining? She should get -out- of the shower! "You don’t have to sound like you’re having so much fun… You shouldn’t even be up right now." And she shouldn’t be looking down and thinking about grabbing his ass and running away giggling. -08:34 May 30
D: He turned his head to look abck at her, then tuend sidways. "You happen to have good hands." he said "Its not my fault where you put them." He was looking right at her and giving her a full frontal. Trying his harderst not to smirk. -08:36 May 30
Tessa: "Oh christ, D!" Tessa snatched her hands back and squeezed her eyes shut. He really was having too much fun. She was scowling now and reaching out to swat at him. "I’m assuming you’re done being washed then? You can let me out of the shower!" Now she was fumbling for the door with her eyes closed. -08:41 May 30
D: He opened the door and gave her a gentle push out before closign it again. "Next time you go peeping around the door make sure you’re willing to let me know you’re looking. I’m not a shy guy I’ll let you look." he called before shutting off the water and grabbing thw toweal, wrapping it around himself anf stepping out. "Now do you have clean bandages?" -08:46 May 30
Tessa: …damnit he DID know. Now her eyes were closed because her hands were over her face to hide that mortified and embarrassed expression. She stepped carefully out of the bathroom, answering with her voice muffled. "I do in the bedroom, where you were supposed to stay." Tessa didn’t drop her hands until she was in the bedroom looking for them. -08:52 May 30
D: He entered after her the smile faded from his mouth, he had taken the joke maybe a little too far and now she was upset. His left hand foudn adn gripped her shoulder. "I really don’t mind." he said solomly. "I’m flettered you’d want to look. Its not every day a stand up responsable girl takes an interest in a deadbeat wanabe rockstar like me. So, lets get these bandages on and I promise to be good for the rest of the day." he moved to sit on the bed and wait for her. "I’m lucky you went though so many jobs and picked up so many skills." -08:57 May 30
Tessa: Tessa wasn’t sure if she was more flustered by his teasing, or by his sudden apology and compliment… Once she had the bandages, she crawled up on bed behind him. Now that he couldn’t see her face, it was much easier to speak with a more natural and less goofy tone. "When it’s so much more amusing to flirt with danger and sneak a look? Don’t go getting any ideas though, I really have picked up a lot of skills. I might know ninjitsu or something…" -09:02 May 30
D: He chucked "And I might be an undercover assassin." he would be swatted for that but its was worth it for the checkle. he sat still as she bandaged him up ticket as ever then lay down and pulled a blanket over himself before throwign her the towel. "I’ll be here beign good all day. Maybe a will sleep after all." -09:05 May 30
Tessa: "If you need me I’ll be at my desk." Naked in her bed again. This was getting to be a common thing! Tessa started backing out when she realized she was lingering too long. "Have a nice nap… and maybe you can help me with lunch..?" -09:11 May 30
D: Usually he would be on his side facign awya from her as she left, a grunt and nothing more, but he was facign her this time, for hsi shoulder, had to be it. "Remember to bring pants when you come get me. Otherwise I’ll be kind and stay under the covers." -09:14 May 30
Tessa: "And here you said I could look whenever I wanted!" With that terrible, terrible joke, Tessa was laughing almost hysterically and escaping the room before she said anything else as stupid. This would be a long couple of weeks! -09:17 May 30
D: "Good to know you’ll want to." he said once she was gone rlling onto his back and pulling the covers over himself. Though is she stated tearing his pants off just to stare they were going to have to talk. -09:19 May 30

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