Mediterranean Misadventure 006: Promises

Maria: After a rousing start with totally hot, unexpected carsex, Maria was able to shower in a castle bathroom that was bigger than her apartment living room. Which was -amazing-. She wore the red dress Kabriel picked out for her and was more than ready to spend an evening with him. …More excited to than she should be. -04:58 May 09
Kabriel: He was dressed in a light blue white with button’s collar and cuffs and navy pants, maybe overdressed for a meal for two but you did not scimp on a date wihen you were trying to wow a girl with the fact and evidence that you were a bonafied prince and wanted to keep her for longer than she wanted to be kept. The dining room was enourmout, easity able to fit 20 people and all decked out so that it looked like a hotel or fantasy movie. He however was directing the lating of the table hinself, two seats oposite eachother near the edge of the table, he was also trying to convince his staff to give them privacy and eventually strucj a compromise with them that they would be waited on when the bell was wrung. -05:03 May 09
Maria: Maria hadn’t bothered fixing her hair up, leaving it down and over a shoulder in a twist. No jewelry. Most of her jewelry were gifts and in this case… The only gift she was wearing was the one he bought for her. One stepping in to the dining room, led by a overly curious attendant, Maria was impressed. It was beautiful, and for the evening it was hers. “A little much for a promised meal, don’t you think, dear Prince?” -05:08 May 09
Kabriel: He was holding one of the candlesticks when she walked in adn ti was immediatly whisked away from him and placed between the placed set out for them by an aged butler. She had caught him setting it up himself and he looked at his shoes for a second. “It was no trouble. Its always like this.. um… for starters.” he pulled out her chair for her and took her hand to guide her into the chair. In her plate was a box containign a simple diamond necklace, there was a slight yellow to the gem, a rare kind. “I promsed you a present for the cruite, and now we’re even, so from now on we’re starting again, give and take and for the food tonight I only want the pleasure of your company.” -05:14 May 09
Maria: “You make it sound like a date.” she said slowly. Her attention drawn to the gorgeous stone. He had no idea how much she loved yellow diamonds. Another lucky guess. She lift the necklace carefully, admiring the glint, and then hooked it around her neck. …it was so very hard to cool that cool bemused expression, when she wanted to beam and dance. She couldn’t stop playing with it even while it was on. -05:20 May 09
Kabriel: He sat and looked over the table at her. “So food will be served when we ring the bell, until then its just us.” the room had cleared awefully fast when she had arived. “Though I should ask you something first. How does a girl like you be so into cars and not let anyone know? You know if theres one thing I spend more time in than a clud, its a car and you have no idead how much for attractive you became yesterday, though you were PLENTY that before. Its a wonder I don’t have thay very sexy dress off of you right now. But I find myself wanting the answer more right now.” -05:26 May 09
Maria: Maria leaned her elbows on the table and rest her chin on her hand, casting him a wide enigmatic smile. “There is Public Maria, Lover Maria, and Private Maria. Very few people get the last one. It was an accident… you made the mistake of giving me keys. I’ll try not to divulge anything else.” Though whether or not she meant it as a tease, or was serious, that was debatable. “Are you sure you don’t want this dress off me? A kitchen table with servants lurking at the door might be entertaining.” -05:37 May 09
Kabriel: “The night is young Maria, and I don’t lie to myself that you hadn’t been with many men, and while I may or may not be the forst price I do want to be the first prince that has given you a nice meal without expecting anything in return.” he picked up a bottle of wine and a glass and poaurd it to a centimeter from the rim before handign it to her. “And maybe you will se new sides to Kabriel befor eyou leave. We do what we can to be remembered by those we will think of.” -05:47 May 09
Maria: He caught her a bit off guard. Maria took the glass and sipped, using the motion to mask her expression. He was the same as her. Someone who enjoyed what they did and who they were with, without regrets. …but that was never done without the game aspect. She had already made several mistakes with him already, if she let her guard down now… “I can honestly say, you won’t be a man I ever forget. …but since you insist. Now that you know a secret about me, it’s only fair to share.” -05:52 May 09
Kabriel: He poared himself some wine and sipped it, putting his glass and the bottle down. “You want a secret.” he said looking at her over the table. “A secret passion or passtime… maybe..” he looked down and shoot his head. “Or a secret like the fact that I’ve never said ‘I love you to a woman, now wanter to’ but then thats not a secret.” now wanted to until he said that he had never done it. “Alrigt I took piano lessing when I was a child and have kept in practice. Not much of a secret but not somethign I advertise and never something I do for a woman.. just like I don’t bring them into my parents’ home until today.” -06:21 May 09
Maria: “Hmm, two was two secrets, now I have to share another, for fairness sake.” The prince played piano for fun and not to impress women. Much like she drove cars because she loved them, and not because it was hot to guys… Maria took another long drink of wine. Not watching him now, but the color of the liquid in the glass as she swirled it. “You can ask me a question, any question you like and I will answer. No rules, no take backs.” -06:28 May 09
Kabriel: He looked at her and then at his wine. “Thatd not fair, I got to choose what I said, and now you’re letting me ask.” he drained his glass then looked a ther, filling his glass and offering her the bottle. “You play the game so well but I have to wonder, has fearless Marian ever loved a man?” -06:32 May 09
Maria: She sucked in a breath through her teeth and grimaced, though she did so with good humor. She took the bottle to refresh her glass. “Ooo. I should have thought that one through…” Maria cast a half smile, shrugging one of her shoulders as she traced the rim of her glass. She said she would answer now she had to. “I did once. It was… a mistake on my part. One that I haven’t made again.” -06:35 May 09
Kabriel: He raised his glass to his lips just wetting then and licking the liquid away. “I’ve sometimes wondered what its like but.. never found the girl who could take me off the market. Not like Hans, he and I used to do everything together, amsterdam, berlin, paris, new york.. I’m happy for him though, he was taken off the market as much by his father’s death as Yvaine… it was then that he stopped fooling around. Its kind of weird how that happens sometimes.” -06:40 May 09
Maria: Maria was glad that the focus had shifted to someone else’s life. It was almost a relieved laugh that slipped out of her. “I met Yvaine at the Arnuad School of Dance… we were nothing alike. Absolutely nothing in common, never partnered at school, never hung out after practice… But she was… genuine? Nice. So many of the dancers were catty and she was the only one that ever actually meant it when she asked how you were or gave you a compliment. I was pretty surprised to find out her Prince turned King was real… With every intention to steal him.” she added with a grin. It was the truth after all. “I stole a lot of men from Yvaine. Proof that none of them were worth her time…” -06:48 May 09
Kabriel: He leaned forwards. “That makes him the one that got away and me the conselation prize.” he picked up and rang the bell and immediatly the door opened with serbants drining in moussaka and stifado and various other delicasies. “Saved by the bell?” he teased “Hope i’m not too much of a compromise.” -06:55 May 09
Maria: She laughed again, taking an interest in what he had magically rang up for dinner. Service in a royal palace was definitely a huge step up from her usual outings. “That’s if he was a prize to begin with. No, I’m really glad he blew me off. Yvaine loved him so much and I am thrilled he loved her just as much. Very few people get to enjoy that, and I couldn’t think of someone more deserving.” Maria pulled her arms off the table, leaning back in her seat to allow for the flurried quick movements of still very curious servants. He wasn’t kidding about not bringing women here… she could spot the looks, and it made her smirk. “You, Prince, are in an entirely different league of your own.” -06:59 May 09
Kabriel: “That Maria is a two-sided remark.” He pointed out “But I will treat it as a compliment.” He gave her a look before he helped himself a what looked liek a pasta-based dish. “While you Maria are unlike anyone I’ve ever met.” he gave her a wink “And I’m glad I found that gem, it sets of fyou skin tone beautifly and with that bress you’re all fire and hold the ice.” -07:05 May 09
Maria: Her hand was at the stone again, this time not remembering to hide her smile. “You stumbled over another secret love of mine by accident. I’ve adored yellow diamonds ever since I saw one in a Marilyn Monroe movie. So I really, really do appreciate this gift.” -07:11 May 09
Kabriel: “And here I was just hoping to see that…” he said not hiding that his gave was falling on her lips and then he turned away. “I won’t tell you how hard it was to find it and get it set in time. Because it is what it is.” -07:20 May 09
Maria: “This is a custom?” She paused in the middle of dishing something fantastic smelling on to her plate. Yellow diamonds were rare to get, and getting a custom design even more so on short notice. …she needed to change the subject! “This is, ah…. Tell me how many women you manage to charm with these very thoughtful presents?” Better. Maria herself was focusing on her food again. -07:27 May 09
Kabriel: “Usually there is no thought to it, an off the shelf necklace, a common as mud.” he wasn’t meetign her eyes on purpose distracting himself with eating “but for you.. I wanted somethign that draped over your collar bones just right and was simple but elegant with a toutch of rarity, because thats how I’ve come to see you.” -07:33 May 09
Maria: He was making it really hard not to smile. Maria picked up her wine glass to sip and hide the smile. “Kabriel, if you’re not careful I’m going to start thinking you’re serious.” -07:38 May 09
Kabriel: “A great crime I would have to punish with the full authority of a prince of the realm.” he said “But..” and he said with with a grin and a glass raised half to his lips. “The gift fits the receiver adn I am happy with my work.” -07:41 May 09
Maria: “Ah, I see now… a Prince’s pride in his accomplishments!” It was easier to call it that, and safer too. Maria took a bite of dinner, that soft happy sigh of a woman who definitely enjoyed the moment. “So then, beside pleasing ladies and helping to run a country, what does a Prince do?” she asked curiously. -07:52 May 09
Kabriel: “We attends classes to learn how to rule and does his best to behave well for the camera.” he said in a sarcastic tone. “Other than that if you stay long enough you’ll find out.” he leaned back in his chair smiling at her. “Starting with a track day let you try out a few of the cars.. horses another day, they need to be run. Theres so much to do here you’d be surprised.” -08:19 May 09
Maria: “Horses too? I am intrigued…” Maria liked the idea of staying far too much. Maybe she should leave straight in the morning, instead of lingering… However… She lift a foot up to rub gently against his leg. She was leaning an elbow on the table again and grinning. “Driving and horses and dinners… what else, then? Do I get a full tour of the castle and the grounds too?” -08:25 May 09
[Kabriel enters.] -08:38 May 09
Kabriel: “Only if you are willing to suffer me as your guide.. we might find an interesting place thats not on top of a car.” he said his grin hidening, “Though I think you have a particular room in mind?” -08:42 May 09
Maria: “I am very fond of the showers… but actually I was wondering how many fireplaces you have in such a big palace. I’d hate to knock over all the candles you took so much time to prepare in here.” Sex in every room in his palace was definitely a nice option. Now how could she accomplish that -and- take a proper tour? ….she’d find a way! -08:46 May 09
Kabriel: ‘Fifty seven not counting the ones in the kitchens. Nost of them are never used but except in the winter besides the ones in the bedrooms. I hope you’re happy sharing mine, you may learn more about me by it’s contents than you could with a thousand questions. Like I said I don’t bring women here so its filled with … whatever I’ve found to fill it with over my life.” -08:50 May 09
[(Timeout) Kabriel was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:57 May 09
Maria: There was that wide smirk again. Why not. She had this under control, didn’t she? Letting him learn a little bit about her wouldn’t be a big deal, and learning about him would be fine. They were both friends to Hans and Yvaine and they bother understand how these things worked out. This wouldn’t get strange later… “Hmm, how about, for every secret I discover, I will tell you one of mine?” -08:57 May 09
[Kabriel enters.] -09:15 May 09
Kabriel: “You are generous…” he teased “I’ll have to trust that you are honest about the score.” he pushes his plate aside having eaten his fill. “You know you’ll be the talk of the castle for months. No way to stop my parents learning of you now.” -09:18 May 09
Maria: Maria was drinking the last of her wine, casting him the sideways smile. “I’m the topic of conversation everywhere I go. …But I can say this is the first time someone has ever mentioned their parents.” She tapped his knee with her foot. “Should I be a big diva and give them some interesting stories?” -09:22 May 09
[(Timeout) Kabriel was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -09:25 May 09
Kabriel: “You be who you want to be, its how I like you best.” he replied his hand slipping under the table to rub her foot. “Its not what they thing that matters, its what I think, and what you think.” he slid his nail across her skin. “And I never break a promise so I hope you’ve kept track of the ones I’ve made you.” -09:25 May 09
Maria: She jumped, enough that she hit her own knee on the table and started laughing. It seemed he hit a ticklish spot. “Oh honey, that’s a lot of promises. I don’t think you want me to write all those down. A vaguely recall a drunken moment of revelry where you promised to make me your princess.” A wicked smirk, and she was snatching her foot back before he went tickling her again. -09:28 May 09
Kabriel: He smirked shaking his head as her skee hitting the table. “And now you’v reminded me of it does that mean you want me to keep it?” he smile faded and he looked out the window. He did want to keep it.. maybe. “But then I’d lose a friend, and lide it or not my best friend is married to yours and …” and what Kabriel… “I’d like you to wear that necklace if you know I’ll be there when you meet up with her.” -09:33 May 09
Maria: Alarming where his train of thought was leading… and how hard that made her heart beat. A miracle that he mentioned the gift and seemed to return her thoughts back to reality. Maria slipped out of her chair, slowly walking around the table until she was next to him and holding out her hand. “A request that will be a pleasure for me to grant. I’m not so sure I’ll ever take it off. …C’mon, show me your castle and your fifty seven fireplaces.” -09:38 May 09
Kabriel: He took her hand with a wide grin and rose from his seat pulling her closer and and putting his arm around her. “Well the one on the wall there is one.. for the others.. walk with me and I’ll give you the tour…” -09:41 May 09
Maria: Maria leaned up on her toes to brush a kiss at the corner of his mouth. “One of fifty seven.” She pulled back, keeping his hand to tug with her, over her head as she turned, finally resting it on her waist around her. Maria held a finger ticking it back and forth until she picked a direction. “Hrrrm. That way. And they better be the most amazing fireplaces I have ever seen, or I will be very disappointed.” she grinned. -09:46 May 09
Kabriel: He had a large grin on his face as he walked with her in her chosen direction. “We have one three meters wide in the old hall, set in the senter of the room in a circle, there were feasts held there before the castle we stand in was even built…” he stopped and pulled his hand away from her his smile fading as he slowly put his ands on her waist. “Maria.. I need to say something…” the enthusiasm from talking about the castle was replaced by somehting he had never experiences when talkign to a woman.. fear, hesitation. But when his eyes rose up to hers they were filled with determination. “Zuygvel ayn!” he cursed.. “Maria.. I have a crazy idea, and you’re probably going to hate it but.. stay.. be here with me without ever havig to leave, be my princess, be my fiancee.” -09:54 May 09
Maria: That was the last thing Maria was expecting to come out of his mouth. That almost elated surprise quickly switched to a panicked shock. “Have you…. Have you lost your mind!” She wanted to shake him. To kiss him. ….to turn around and walk out the door! Which is what she ended up doing in her panic. Stepping back, turning around and heading for the door. With that bewildered look on her face! “…I can’t be someone’s fiance again! I just can’t do it!” -10:00 May 09
Kabriel: He was confused and hurt, but he wouldn’t just let her walk away like that. Not without going after her. “Maria!” he called out breaking into a jog. “Then don’t be.” he said. “Be my wife, you’ll be with me all the time and have pull permosion to slap me if things go wrong. You’ll be royalty. You’ll be … DAMMIT MARIA! Yes sirum yem k’yez…” he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her into his arms not giving her a choice in matter. “I never break a promise.” -10:07 May 09
Maria: “Don’t marry me just for a promise, Kabriel. I am not that woman.” She was confused and hurt. She shouldn’t have even brought that comment up. Now what could have been a clean break was a total mess and it was feeling so much harder than it should. Maria pushed him back, trying to look cold and impartial despite that rush in her chest. “Thank you for everything, and I really do mean it… But I don’t belong here and I really need to go.” She was swatting him away again when he got close, and continuing her escape. -10:13 May 09
Kabriel: “Its not for a stupid promise.” he said still following her. “You are unlike any other woman I have ever met and I would rather start a war than see you manhandled by some of the so called nobility I have had the displeasure to meet in my life.” he spat “You are something special.. soemthign I can’t buy or define of fup myfinger on about you just works for me… where are you going to go…?” -10:17 May 09
Maria: “And we will magically stop being who we are, then away on a fairy tale we go where everything is just love and glitter and happy endings! I thought you knew better than this?!” Maria growled in frustration, throwing her hands up over her ears so she didn’t have to hear him. She wasn’t thinking with sense. Sensible Maria would at least go to fetch her things first. But panicking, angry Maria was marching down the halls intending to walk right out of the castle and back to town. -10:23 May 09
Kabriel: “Then call Yvaine, I’ll have you on a plane to Rhineland within the hour.” he yelled following her outside into the courtyard. “I’ve been using cheep fucks as a way to keep women away so the wouldn’t just want what I can give them, at least I can face my fears.. If you’re not willing to try it then you’re afraid… and you’re not running from me, you’re running from your own fear.” -10:28 May 09
Maria: “You have NO IDEA what I fear, so don’t even -try- to assume that y-…!” Maria was at the bottom three steps to go cross the courtyard, but in her shouting had spun around to make sure she got her point across. Mid-turn and mid-sentance there was a snap of a shoe heel and her surprised yelp. Next thing she knew she was staring up at the sky with all the wind and the sense knocked out of her! -10:37 May 09
Kabriel: He was at her side in an instant kneeling down and brushing the hair from her face… then even though hi lip quivered he said nothing and he offered her his hand. “I won’t stop you doing what you want to do.” -10:39 May 09
Maria: That was stupid…” she mumbled in embarrassment. Taking his hand to sit up. Maria couldn’t remember the last time she had been so angry at a man that she didn’t think before she went storming off. Her hand brushed over her head and that was fine, but when she tried to stand, the pain in her ankle was so sharp she gasped! “Shit..!” That was not good, not good at all… then there was a panick for a whole new reason! -10:43 May 09
Kabriel: “Shhhhh..” he said kissing her forehead before moving to her feet and slowly, gently, lifting it and then feelign the joint. “Its not broken..” he said “Thats more than could be said for your heel.” he held up the peice of her shoe for her to see. “I will carry you inside.. get ice.. a bottle of something for the pain and I’ll have the best doctor out here in the morning.” Without waiting for her to refuse he lifted her into her arms and was carrying her back inside. “You’ll be dancing again in no time.” -10:47 May 09
Maria: “Are you sure it’s not broken…?” Because she tried to move it again after he lift her up, which once again had her stiffening and gasping in pain. “I really love my job, I can’t have this happen now!” The pain wasn’t too bad, but the thought of breaking something and not getting to dance… Maria was tearing up in frustration. All because she couldn’t keep her temper under control…! -10:51 May 09
Kabriel: “A pulled ligament and a sprain..” he said “I’ve seen a few, though if what you were just saying was true you will never know why or how..” he turned to move her through the door. “Na petk’ e sarruyts’y nra koch.” he said to the servants who had gethered before walking up a flight of stairs and down a corridor to stop in front of a door. “Can you get and handle? My hands are full.” -10:55 May 09
Maria: Maria leaned, turning the handle of the door and pushing it open… She didn’t even want to think about him proposing and her very uncoordinated flight at the moment. Maria was more concerned about keeping her job, than how afraid she was to tackle the subject. “Can we forget what I said for a few hours until I know my whole life isn’t over?” she mumbled darkly. -11:02 May 09
Kabriel: “You’ll be fine.” he repeated carryign her inside and putting her on the bed then a servent came in with an icepack and he took it putting it onto her ancle. “If you don’t believe me I could get a grumpy doctor who doesn’t speak english up here.” -11:03 May 09
Maria: “I believe you. ….but I also want a grumpy armenian doctor to make sure.” There were still tears in her eyes and she was quickly trying to brush those away. He couldn’t know how much her career meant to her. “…I’m sorry.” -11:07 May 09
Kabriel: “Bzhishky , na mi paruhi yev nra votk’y…” he said to the survent to disappeared. “You have nothing to be sorry about.” he said grabbing a cuttion from the chair in the room and putting it under her ancle. He was quiet until a middle aged man in a gown appeared in the door and moved tot he corner of the bed pushign Kabriel away who moved up to sit next to her. “I should be the one saying sorry, for putting you in a situation we agreed wouldn’t happen. I should leave you alone so you can make arangements.” -11:12 May 09
Maria: Maria was anxious, but more than that she was just feeling stupid. Stupid for letting it get this far, stupid for hurting him, and stupid for wishing she could take the past twenty minutes back! “Don’t go. I… even if it isn’t bad, I don’t want to take the risk. Would it be an asshole thing for me to ask if I could stay a few days…? Until I can walk on my own feet?” It wasn’t an excuse not to leave and make up for her scene. Right? -11:17 May 09
Kabriel: “Na petk’ e k’aylel minch’yev arravot , bayts’ yerek’ or ankoghnum klini lavaguyny. the doctor’s words were all he seemed to offer before standing head heading back to bed. “A few days would do you good, the doctor agrees, so, I’ll let you stay until you’re healed and you can dance from sunrise to sunset.. I know you enjoy it.” -11:23 May 09
Maria: Maria nodded and cast a weak smile. “Thank you. …and I promise the next time I walk out the door it’s not going to be in a fury.” -11:26 May 09
Kabriel: “At least you’ll remember me.” he said “The prince of saying the wrong thing.” he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Though I’m not leaving your side until you’re walking.” -11:28 May 09

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