One Life Stand 008: A Band for D

[D has gotten better and can use his arm again, to celebrate hes joining Tessa’s band in one of thier practice sessions.] -03:44 Jun 01
[Tessa is at practice with her new band, and supervising isn’t even necessary! Yay!] -03:45 Jun 01
Tessa: Her being present and practices wasn’t even required with her new band, which was pretty sweet if she wanted to get stuff done. But she really did love being there and listening to the music. Plus it gave her a chance to get sizes for concert wardrobe! -03:49 Jun 01
D: D stepped though the door pulling his shoulderstrap on and stepping past Tessa. "Hey boss." he said cassually before waving to the band and jogging up the stairs. It had been a while since he had done anything but practice and it was time to have some fun. "Alright lets do this oldschool, I was a nice twang and light drumming in the background.. oohh." he winked at the band’s lead who was steppign aside to let D take center stage. "You know what song I want.. Hope you don’t mind boss but I need to stretch my fingers." he called out to tessa where she sat. -03:54 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa nearly dropped her iced coffee when D passed by. He never showed up for a practice ever, and this practice wasn’t even his. He DID ask if he could join, but Tessa hadn’t thought he would actually show up. "I don’t… really mind at all?" Tessa at least wiped that surprised look off her face and went back to being serious boss lady. "About time you actually got practice in!" -04:21 Jun 01
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:28 Jun 01
[D enters.] -04:29 Jun 01
D: "I practice all the time, you’ve seen me." he said strumming a few cords and doing a little last minute tuning. "This is for fun. After this forst song I’ll take one request from the audience." and without any more talkiing he started playing the first few cords telling the band which sing it was and they all fell into step. -04:29 Jun 01
Tessa: He really shouldn’t be offering up requests like that, she could easily have him singing all day. Normally she’d be taking notes with her clipboard of little things for the band to fix or moments she wanted to do the lighting effects for the shows. …but this was a little distracting! -04:33 Jun 01
D: It was true that he was doing this for fun, the tedium of healing was finally over. D wanted to play, to sing, to jam to drink to her girls… okay maybe not get girls but it might distract him from having to kill people soon since he was out of sick days. But hey Tessa with her enjoying music face and winking at her was makign him not think about that too. -04:39 Jun 01
Tessa: Thank goodness for professionalism. Any fangirl at heart would be squealing in delight from a wink and Tessa was not an exception. A sip of coffee kept her from giving him any satisfaction, but it was impossible not to be grinning wide and swaying gently in her seat. The new band was fantastic, but they weren’t her favorite. And D really was an entirely different person when he was on a stage and making music! -04:43 Jun 01
D: The first song wen by quickly enough but now he was warmed up and ready to go. "ANyone in the audience have any requests?" he asked looking around the elpy room. "No audience? Well then I guess we’ll play…" he thought for a second.. "What the manager tells us to." -04:47 Jun 01
Tessa: "Hmm…" Tessa tapped her chin, pretending to give it lots of thought. There were so many choices… "I want to hear…. Heal My Wounds! And it better be good because I am writing notes." Tessa was still grinning. She probably wouldn’t remember to keep her notes. -04:52 Jun 01
D: "Better do what the boss says." he said as the band adgusted their equipment and got ready. The intro fade effect could be faked, and then came the keyboard. There wasn’t much for D to except sing until he started incrovising with the guitar acentualting the keyboard with steady picking. -05:00 Jun 01
Tessa: Giggling like a twit was what she was doing. …and taking notes after all, because it was so easy to picture exactly how she wanted the production to go to back up the music. A perfect switch of lighting during powerful moments, or the soft ambiance to follow his voice… The hard part was not singing too. -05:05 Jun 01
D: The song finished and D stepped down from the stage and throew himself down on the chaid next to Tessa and picked up her mug takign a sip. "Scribling? So you wnt me to perform or are you writing down what I’m doign better for them to learn from?" -05:10 Jun 01
Tessa: He took her coffee and yet she still wasn’t scowling. -05:12 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa turned in her seat, showing him her notebook where she had drawn a stage setup, complete with a jumbled mess of notations about where she was setting lights and special effects. Along with a little stick figure D in what was either a superhero cape or a really long coat. "-They- are just fine as they are, but I have to plan a show for you too. Something strong and striking to build up an awesome reputation for live shows." -05:14 Jun 01
D: "So its just going to be me up there with no backup?" he asked "I’m good but I’m not that good, I’m going to look like a country singer at a campfire." he thought for a moment putting her coffee back down and pushing it towards her. "You have a plan for that?" -05:20 Jun 01
Tessa: "Obviously I am going to get you an amazing band." She took her cup back to drink, swaying a bit in her chair when the others returned to playing again. They would be great as backup, but they deserved their own time and show. For D she would have to find others. "Now that you’re better I can hold auditions for members, and you can pick and choose who you like!" -05:23 Jun 01
D: "Or I could give you a list of names." he said "Guys whove never worked for the old boss, that I’m aftraid I’m going to have to insist on. I choose my own guys I’m I’ll give you thier phone numbers, and if they don’t want to join just let me have a word with them." he gave her a grin "You need snacks on this table." -05:27 Jun 01
Tessa: "I wasn’t planning on stealing the Label’s people…" ….okay she was. But it was the only people she -knew- at the moment, and taking their people would be a nice kick in the ass for the company that fired her. But if D insisted, he insisted. He was the one that had to play with them, after all. Tessa dug out her phone to hand to him, unwittingly responding to his grin with one of her own. "Iiiif you show up for more practices, I will have snacks…" -05:30 Jun 01
D: "Its a deal." he said and punched in the first number. "Played with this guy in colledge, we’d take turns with rythm and lead but he can’t sing anythign but heavy growling since the operation, good guy, wanted to be a vet." -05:36 Jun 01
Tessa: "Girls love men that love animals." Tessa leaned until she was against his arm and watching him punch in numbers. He smelled like her shampoo, which was kinda of amusing and totally contrary to his image. "Hmm… I will have to make a new fanpage. We need new pictures!" -05:39 Jun 01
D: "Like animals hmmm?" he said "I could get a panther for pictures. Whats sexier than a panther?" he looked at her as if daaaaring her to name something. "Now talk." he pushed the phone to her ear. -05:43 Jun 01
Tessa: "Sexier than a panther? How about a- Oh!" He ambushed her with the phone. Tessa hadn’t expected to have to call immediately. She thought he would give her the numbers and she would escape to her desk and make deals all afternoon. Tessa stood, taking the phone with her and flicking her hand at his hair as she passed before she responded to the voice that answered the phone. -05:47 Jun 01
D: D stood and grabbing his unstrument stepped back on stage and had a huddle in with the band. It was decided, if Tessa liked that style the net song would be dianmonds for tears, and she could listen to it while on the phone. -05:49 Jun 01
Tessa: D knew how to direct her to very friendly people. She liked talking to the man on the phone, and asked him several questions about his current work and whether or not he could be available around D’s weird schedule and for plenty of practices. …and then there was the music! She looooved this song and nearly lost track of her conversation. She was seriously going to have to tell D to just give her the other numbers so she could make those calls when he wasn’t around to distract her. -06:01 Jun 01
[D enters.] -06:12 Jun 01
D: He had been watching her, of course he had where else was he going to put his eyes, and he grinned at her reaction. He had wanted to know which she would handle better, suprise work or surprise gong and he had his answer. There was another wink and he went back to the song. -06:14 Jun 01
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:21 Jun 01
Tessa: He really shouldn’t be winking and grinning like that. Tessa gave in to temptation to grin back, maybe even a flirting smile. Why not? He had to be used to it anyway from other girls, and if she was going to be smiling anyway there wasn’t any harm to it! -06:21 Jun 01
D: He almosy list his cord… she had to smile when he was saying "when I’m sleeping right next to you I know that you’re the one." and he hud to looks down at his left hand to find the right fret again. But she shook his head and continued the song, she had never seen him make a istake and he wasn’t going to llet her now. -06:26 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa hung up her call when she had details worked out. She’s call the guy back once there was a definitive date for a first practice. She missed his near mistake, so when she wandered back to the stage to stop in front of him, she was leaning forward and tilting to try and catch his attention. She needed more numbers… but she didn’t want to stop this song… So instead of signalling him to pause she just grinned and swayed. -06:34 Jun 01
D: He looned down an her and half couched down to sing directly to her at the foot of the stage until the song was over, then he grinned and sat on the edge of the stage. "You know usually the girls who run up to the stage throw somehtign at me, a bra, panties, had a skirt once. Havn’t had anyone get up on stage though…" -06:40 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was not the take off her clothes and throw them type, but having him sing directly to her made her want to kiss him and… Wait, no! Those were terrible thoughts to be having! "…I need the rest of those numbers!" she almost squeaked out in a quick breath. -06:43 Jun 01
D: He held out his hand for her phone then saved the numbers one by one saving them under ‘d position name’ until he had them all and handed the phone back to her. "I should go and get snacks, want to join me?" -06:46 Jun 01
Tessa: She looked over the numbers and the names before she glanced back at him again. "Okay. These guys don’t need my supervision at all, they’re pretty awesome." Not as awesome as him… Why was that suddenly the prevailing thought in her head today? A couple of songs and she was totally smitten. Maybe it was better he never showed up for practices, she might have gotten herself in trouble ages ago. -06:51 Jun 01
D: "I’m in the mood for something baked, theres a bakery a block away, its a nice little walk there and they hace the best baklava you will ever have, better than my grandma’s I’m sorry to say, better thna mine too." -06:54 Jun 01
Tessa: "That sounds like a taste test challenge to me…" Tessa scribbled the next practice date on her notebook, holding it up for the other guys to see before she was backing away from the stage to leave. She very nearly tripped over one of the chairs behind her, but played it off as swooping to scoop up her bag. "We get something there, then you make me something tonight?" -07:01 Jun 01
D: "We don’t have the ingredients to make baklava… yet." he said openeing the door for then and stepping though letting the automatic closer close it after them. "This way… and.." he looked at her. "You have good taste in music, I should play your choices more octen.. to keep myself on my toes. Playing the same old things all the time gets repetitive." -07:05 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was grinning again. Clasping her hands behind her back as she walked and tilting to bump against his arm to tease. "See, listening to me is always a good idea. Next time I’ll pick something really tricky…" -07:07 Jun 01
D: He looked at her. "But you’d be the one listening to me… play. You usually do that anyway though." he said "Or kick the leg of your chair in time with the music anyway, you have a good sense of tempo. Almost like you used to play somehting.. but they you did sing… you should sing more." -07:10 Jun 01
Tessa: "I told you I played piano before. …and I am not going to sing! It’s just not a good idea." He kept trying to sneak that in to conversations, but Tessa wasn’t going to fall for it. She kept the conversation about him. "What would you like to do for your first show under my company? A small bar? Maybe a bigger venue with a really big stage?" -07:12 Jun 01
D: "The bigger the better." he said. "The sooner you make me into a star the sooner I won’t have to keep other jobs and miss practives. And you shoudl play." he replied "Now stop and take a deep breath though your nose, smells like they’ve just done a fresh basch of something." -07:16 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa took a deep breath and siiiigh. Very few things smelled as good as fresh bakery stuff. She was having to resist the urge to hold on to his arm and skip to the bakery. "Large venue with a really big stage it is! Hmm… I’ll need to dig through storage and do some shopping for more equiptment. I might have to hire a lightning crew…" Tessa deliberately didn’t respond to him trying to charm her in to singing. -07:22 Jun 01
D: "Well that your managery stuff that you do so well." he said continuing down the street and pushing open the door to the bakery. "Go on, I’m buying… though I can never decide what to get.." -07:26 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa very nearly cackled but managed to keep it down to a wicked giggle. At the counter baklava was the first thing she asked for, and a half dozen donuts for the morning… and some of the neat sugary puffs. Taking her to a bakery while she was hungry was probably a terrible idea, but if he was paying. "If you can’t decide, I can share then. …maybe! If you ask really sweetly?" -07:32 Jun 01
D: "Not going to make me sing for my breakfasr are you? -07:33 Jun 01
D: "Not going to make me sing for my breakfasr are you?" he asked tilting hsi head. "I already sung after all, doesn’t that get me anything?" he tapped a finger against the glass at the raisin muffins without looking away from her. "You really are a harsh boss boss. -07:35 Jun 01
Tessa: "Bah! Fine…!" Tessa leaned on impulse, giving him a quick kiss to the cheek. "That’s for singing even though you should be practicing anyway, and if you sing moooore you can have those." she pointed towards the muffins. -07:39 Jun 01
D: She smiled wiiide before he managed to cover it as a grin. "I’m buying, and I do plarctive every day, you hear me from your desk." he said "But fine I’ll practice today, I do so every day anyway. You don’t have to make it sould like I do nothing then I lounge on your couch all day." -07:44 Jun 01
Tessa: "I don’t think singing for me really counts as practicing…" Not that he was singing FOR her, but, well… he knew what she was talking about! Tessa leaned on the counter to ask for muffins too. …and apple turnovers! Then she was stepping out of the way to let him pay. "Besides, I know you don’t do nothing. You’ve graduated from couch ornament to pet!" -07:50 Jun 01
D: "Well I was going to offer to sing aaaaaaallllll for youbut pets don’t sing, do they, and when they do it ends up on the internet. So its out of my hands then." he said giving her a slight push before handing over the money. "And what if I got a pet.. a cat of a panther.. what then?" -07:54 Jun 01
Tessa: There was that totally heartbroken expression at him not singing, but that was so quickly masked it might not have been there at all. Tessa frowned, swatting at his arm. "Well, it couldn’t stay in my apartment, that’s for sure! There’s barely enough room for the both of us… Then of course you would have to graduate from pet to something else." -08:00 Jun 01
D: "Well… I guess I could sing for you once before that.." he said guiding her from the bakery with his ark on her back. "Since you’re setting me up a big concert with a band, ans a stage, adn smoke, and great speakers, and fans, and girls… Something to gelp you relax and do better than your best." he opend the door and his arms still around her exited the shop before lookeign at her and smiling… then quickly dropping his arm. "So.. home?" -08:04 Jun 01
Tessa: He very nearly had her charmed to the point of grinning, at least until he mentioned girls. Then she could have kicked herself for that sudden weird paign of jealous. Really? What on earth would she be jealous of! They -needed- tons of girls, they were the best demographic! Tessa finally nodded. "Home and a small break, then I have to make phonecalls to get your extraordinarily large show wishlist. …and there can’t be any singing while I’m on the phone!" -08:12 Jun 01
D: "You take the fun away from it." he said. :ANd you don’t need to look like that, you knwo I’ll be back in your bed before midnight, shen havn’t I been? That hasn’t been for work. I wouldn’t want to worry my boss or wake her up by sneakign into her bed waaay too late. I can never ger the blankets right without waking you up." -08:18 Jun 01
Tessa: He made it sound like he was sleeping with her in an entirely different way, which had her face turning red again and Tessa struggling not to think about it. She was thinking way too much about that lately. She really SHOULD kick him back to the couch! "You might as well stop fussing with sleeping over them and getting me all stuck, and just sleep under the covers. You know I have to get up early in the mornings." There. She managed to sound completely unaffected. -08:22 Jun 01
D: "Thats when the warmth leaves me and I’m left to curl up and snuggle down… I really am like a pet. Except I cook you breakfast and make you stop working to eat it." he nudged her. "You really do like to work, even just now you sounded like you were talkign about it instead of blankets." -08:26 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was swatting gently at him again, taking the time to stuck her tongue out at him. "I love my work, and a lot of it is for you too, you know? You aren’t going to get to play music all the time and quit those odd jobs you still won’t tell me about, if I can’t can’t get you more shows… You should be helping to get me to sleep!" -08:29 Jun 01
D: "Theres only one way I can relaly do that and thats… uummm hmmmmm." he was stratching his chin adn grinning the hmmmmm sounding far too contemplative… "Warm milk.." absolutely what he was talkign about! -08:31 Jun 01
[Tessa enters.] -08:38 Jun 01
Tessa: Her eyes narrowed as she watched him, trying to decide if he was sneaking a dirty euphemisn in on her. She finally just swatted his arm again and stole the bag of baked treats to dash ahead towards home. Only turning to walk backwards and smirk at him. "Then you’re making me warm milk, and rubbing my feet and my shoulders too! You gotta graduate from pet somehow!" -08:40 Jun 01
D: The last thing he needed was to think about rubbing her. Fine she could run ahead he’d follow at his own pace. So what if she scoffed down most of the stuff in the half a minute he’d be behind her it was better than pushing her over the counter or something. -08:43 Jun 01
Tessa: Once they were home, which was odd that she thought of it as their home now instead of just hers, she dropped her bag on a chair, kicked off her shoes and took her goodies off to the kitchen. She was already stealing a piece of the baklava out and ever so often licking honey and sugar off her fingers and humming in delight. As distracting as he was all the time, he always did bring good food in to her apartment! -08:48 Jun 01
D: He walked in and shut the door. The tunred to her and… she was licking her fingers.. FOOD! DISTRACTION! NOW! He grabbed the other peice and grabbed two plates from the kitchen placing one on the table next to her and using the other himself as he took a bite. -08:52 Jun 01
Tessa: Napkins probably would have been a really good idea, but who wanted to waste perfectly tasty sugar on those! Tessa leaned forward towards him, that overly please tessa-look she always had when something was amazing, and smiled wide at him. "I think you’re right, you might not be able to make anything this good! This was an awesome idea…" She popped another piece in to her mouth and instead of having a seat in a chair, sat on the table near him. -08:56 Jun 01
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -09:02 Jun 01
D: He looked at her not knowing if he should be insulted or not. "I will, you’ll just have to wait for it.. the listen to it." he grinned at her then took another bite. "Theres all kinds of wonderful, and all kinds of good. Cooking just happens to be my third best skill.. maybe fourth…" -09:02 Jun 01
Tessa: "Oh?" Tessa tilted to poke at him with her foot since her hands were busy. "What are the many skills of D? Music, cooking… hmm… being fashionably late? Maybe something to do with your mysterious jobs?" Tessa narrowed her eyes at him again. "…are you a stripper?" -09:05 Jun 01
D: "Not since colledge." he said sticking to tongue out at her and stuffing the last of his peice onto his mouth. "Cooking and music are the ones you need to worry about, and the possible other is one I can’t mention in the presence of a lady, or at work." he moved away so she couldn’t swat under the pretence of putting the bag on the table between them. "You can’t stay with me and expect to know everythign about me." -09:09 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was licking her fingers again, giving him a quick smug smirk before snatching up the bag to take a peek inside it. "Not expect to know everything about you yet. I’ll figure out everything eventually, and it’s your own fault for living here instead of somewhere. Sleeping in my bed means you’re fair game!" -09:13 Jun 01
D: "You’re making that sound like a proposition." he said looking away from her towards the kitchen. "Whats that they say about getting to know stars? They never shine as bright as you think they do?" he looked back. "Be careful, I might have some strange secrets." -09:17 Jun 01
Tessa: Once again with flushed cheeks, she turned on the table and crossed her logs, trying to look completely unphased. For a split second she thought about saying she’d be way more obvious if she were making a proposition.. but that would be inviting trouble. "Is that so? I like you more now than I did before. And maybe -I- have crazy secrets, have you ever thought about that?" This sounded an awful lot like a conversation a dating couple would have, but it never came up with her exboyfriends, so it was probably just the fact she was over thinking. Tessa stole another glance at him. "So what are your secrets?" -09:21 Jun 01
D: "You’d never believe me if I told you." he said flashign ehr a grin "And Idon’t knwo If I’d want you do. Last thing I need is to be kicked back to the couch. So whats yours? I don’t think strippers been one of your jibs so.. lets see…. you’re a princess from a far away land here to find worthy champions to defeat the demon that sits on your throne and music is his only weakness." -09:25 Jun 01
Tessa: It was so ridiculous it made her smile. Tessa hopped off the table to shift over to the sink and wash her hands. "Sorry, I’m not a princess and I don’t have any demons to defeat, um.. unless you count exboyfriends! I did work for an evil wizard once? That was an awkward three months until I spilled a potion in to his coffee." It was amazing how many simple jobs she managed to screw up. It was a miracle she could manage a band… at least in this case, she really did love her job. "You don’t have any weird secrets that will come out in the tabloids, right? Damage control is a pain in the ass!" -09:30 Jun 01
D: "Tabloids? Maybe. Tabloids that wouldn’t be expected of a rock star and would just spread my notariety….. I don’t think so." he said moving to wash his hands in the bathrooma dn walkign out with his guitar in hand. "So… name a song." -09:35 Jun 01
Tessa: "I’m going to pick something different! Be warned…" Tessa was smirking again as she moved off to the sofa and hopped on it to get comfortable. She tucked her legs under her and tapped her fingers together as she debated the song… "I want to hear…. Wander!" -09:41 Jun 01
D: "Wander… " he repeated then slowly started picking, holding a cord adn just pulling in differnet strings. "This is one of those ones that its hard to do without six extra arms and more instraments I hope you know." he said beofre he started playing properly. He’d get his revenge later but right now he was sitting on the back of the couch facing her and watching her as he played. -09:45 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa had her hands clasped together and was trying not to giggle by keeping them close to her mouth. It would have been better if he didn’t watch her, just so she wouldn’t be so concerned about controlling her expressions. But it really was so nice having him singing just for her. Kinda almost special, in that crazy blowing things out of proportion sort of way. -09:51 Jun 01
D: It was about halfway though the song that his finger slipped and there was a sour note, luckely the string also snapped and well that was that explained and not by the fact he was leanign too far forwards and looking at Tessa instead of what he was doing. "Ow…" he said lookign at his finger. then at the string and grumpled… "I’ll have to change this.. I though have a spare.." -09:55 Jun 01
[Tessa enters.] -09:58 Jun 01
Tessa: That sudden snap had her jumping and near squeaking… followed by that disappointed frown. Fixing strings was so time consuming… especially when she was really really liking her song, and spending way too much time getting lost in it instead of working like she was supposed to be. "I guess it’s fate… I should be working right now. But it was great!" Tessa scooted up to her knees, shifting to plant another kiss on his cheek. "A freebie. You can owe me another song later." She was lingering for too long and too close. Good thing there was that guitar in the way. -10:02 Jun 01
D: He tilted his head coming so close to kissing her back before he brought hsi hand up the broken string being pulled out with it and held it up between them. "Two minutes and I’m playing again, on your couch, and all will be as it should be, and you’ll be able to tell me when the big day is." -10:05 Jun 01
Tessa: She really really wanted to kiss him. This was crazy. Tessa took the broken string and hopped off the couch instead. Giving a wry smile that very nearly gave away her thoughts. "Two minutes isn’t enough time to make that many phonecalls! But I’ll have your show date booked by the end of the night, or you can banish me to sleep on the couch!" -10:10 Jun 01
D: "Then I’d be cold." he said rectrievign a spare srting fron yet another hiddem compartment in his guitar and treadting it into place and then trying it into the nut and starting to adjust it. "I wouldn’t want to be clod and miss out on the ‘accidental’ snuggles you give me in your sleep." -10:14 Jun 01
Tessa: And she went from wanting to kiss him to wanting to throw the nearest pillow at him. She might have too if he didn’t have his guitar in his hands. Huffing in embarrassment, she staled off to her desk before he could see he face. "It’s warmer with someone in the bed D, I can’t help it…!" …not that she really tried to avoid it either! She’d never admit it! -10:17 Jun 01
D: "Did that sound like complaining?" he asked plucking the straing as he sat on the coutch until he had it tuned, them makign sure the otehr were in tune as well before he mooved over to her desk and sat on it. "Because it didn’t to me and I was the one saying it, now you get your song." -10:20 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa had dropped in to her chair to get to work, but now he was sitting on her desk blocking any chance of it. It was really cute, and -exactly- what she meant by being distracting. "Somehow I get the feeling if it were up to you, there would be nothing but food and music and cuddling all day long and I would never get any work done…" …and she said it -before- she realized just how badly that could sound. It was too late now. "And my phonecalls for your show?" -10:25 Jun 01
D: "Wow, that wouldn’t be like it would be, yes, you are getting to know me, and all of that with you." he said "I owe you a song so…" re restarted the verse and wens strait into the song before she would have time to protest and didn’t stop until the song was done. -10:28 Jun 01
Tessa: Tessa was reaching to push him off her desk when resumed playing again, then she really didn’t have the heart to do it and was left tapping her fingers on his leg in time… To anyone else she might’ve looked impatient, but she was just find it incredibly hard not to be charmed. It would be such a bad idea to have a crush on a roomate and client…! -10:33 Jun 01
D: When he was down he put his hand on her chin and pressed his lips into her forehead before hopping off her desk and walkign away. "You doo your bossmagic, I’ll go and see about that couch/ someone need to be on it ot it will get lonely." -10:39 Jun 01

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