Repairing Destiny 008: Families and Exes

[Jane if at the gym, in the ring with a ginger 1st hear college student who is beating the CRAP out of them.] -09:45 May 22
[Star is not dressed like normal. In fact, she looks like she got a make-over on one of those “Dress me Like a Hooker!” shows.] -09:47 May 22
Star: Wearing a tight, tube dress, six inch heels and some contact lenses, Star looked liked she walked out of a Las Vegas whore house. Her goal was simple. Be irresistable and seduce her ex back. She refused to give up on love, that’s not what a good girlfriend does! She strode in to the gym, scanning around looking for Jane. -09:51 May 22 Star
Jane: DAMN! Even with her guard up punches were still getting through. Jane stepped back and dodged to side to throw a jab only to have a kick get through the opening. She staggered back holding up a hand. "That’s enough for now…" she said as the other girl grinned her short hair bouncing as she did. "You should use your legs more." she said before retreating to her corner to grab a bottle of water. And seriously, sports bras are your friend. Much better than what you’re rearing… unless your plan is to distract me." there was a wong that earned a glare from Jane. "No, just havn’t gotten around to it yet… maybe in the shop across the street once I’m out of here…" -10:07 May 22 Jane
Star: Star flashed a nervous smile as she passed a few girls by, and got more than a few curious stares. She asked a couple girls if they had seen Jane and got pointed in the right direction. She caught a bit of the fight. Outside of appreciating awesome battle tactics she was totally going to try and use in her LARP group, she tried to appreciate Jane’s… body! Jane was a statuesque beautiful woman and anyone would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. "Ahem..!" She cleared her throat and did her best hands-on-hips-tits-out pose. "Jane…" -10:12 May 22 Star
Jane: Jane turned and blinked, taking a second to realize who had called her. Leaning against the ropes with a bottle of wating in one hand and drenched with sweat, a few peices of hair having fallen out of the crude punytail she had created to keep it out of her face. "Star…? Are you wearing contacts." she climbed out of the ring and started unstrapping her gloved with her teeth, the sound of velcro drowning all else out for a split second. "What are you doing?" she started heading for the locker room, this called for some place private… why did Star have tot ry this? -10:19 May 22 Jane
Star: Star was hoping for the jaw-dropping sort of scene, so when Jane started walking away, her confidence faltered a bit. She scurried after her, holding her hands out to help keep her balance on her heels. "Yes, they’re my new contacts. Do you like them? I actually came to see YOU, Jane. You know, we parted on, um… unfinished terms! I’ve missed you." -10:22 May 22 Star
Jane: This was almost heartbreaking and when Jane entered the locker room she grabbed her bag to stuff the gloves into them. "I know what you’re doing." she said turning to Star, then in a moment of reckless impulse she ripped off her tank top and stuffed the sweaty garment into the bag too. "You’ve always been really pretty, Star and you don’t need to dress like a slut to prove it, you look a lot cuter in your jeans with that pink bow in your hair… but that’s not the point. I’ve missed you too…" how the hell was she going to do this? -10:38 May 22 Jane
Star: "You’ve missed me and I’ve missed you and we’re in love. That’s all we need isn’t it? So many couples go through LOADS of things and work out in the end." Star made sure there was no cringing, blushing, or looking away. She chose this outfit for the confidence and the role she was trying to play. A sexy, sexy seductress that no woman would say no to! She scooted over to Jane, to slide her hands up her sides. "There more I thought about it, the more I just knew I couldn’t be without you." -10:43 May 22 Star
Jane: "yes you can, you’re only saying that because I was like your first boyfriend." she sighed. "I’m sorry I got turned into a girl, I know it’s a problemfor you even if you pretend it isn’t and I don’t need to feel like my new body is holding me back, like it’s a problem. I’ve going through enough with it as it is without seeing your eyes when you look at me. I really am going through a lot right now, redefining myself and realizing that I wasn’t as good a person as I could have been, I have a new school coming up and if anything I want to be with someon who makes me feel good about being a woman… I cant deal with it being a shadow hanging over everything we do together." -11:00 May 22 Jane
Star: "I am telling you that I am okay! It isn’t a problem!" Her voice rose a little higher, a mix of anxiety and fear. Jane didn’t believe her, and Star hadn’t expected her too. That was why she was prepared with heels high enough to reach, and going on the offensive. Without warning she grabbed Jane’s head and kissed her! Jane thought she couldn’t handle it, and Star was going to prove she could. -11:04 May 22 Star
Jane: Jane’s strong arms tore Star’s away before she pushed her back and Jane turned her head away before she closed her eyes. "It’s going to take more than a week for you to decide you like girls if you ever can, Star, and even if you did I can’t be with you." she had to do this. "You’re starn, amazing and wonderful and you’re going to make someone very happy but… I already have someone else. I didn’t plan on it but I won’t make excuses. She makes me happy and feel amazing about my change. It might not work out between us in the long run, that’s something you always have to remember in any relationship." -11:19 May 22 Jane
Jane: she took a breath "But I want it to, she knows I used to be a guy and she doesn’t care." -11:20 May 22 Jane
Star: "It’s Britt, isn’t it." Jane might as well have punched her, it hurt so much! She always knew James and Britt were super close, but she thought… "I’m smart and wonderful, but I’m not Britt! I never could have been Britt and I guess that was a pretty easy choice to make." Maybe it wasn’t fair to say so, but it all made sense. Tears were now streaming and Star struggled to wipe them away without smearing all of her makeup or knocking out one of her contacts. "How long did it take? A few days? How much did you actually love me!" -11:29 May 22 Star
Jane: Jane watched it all unfold with a look of growing horror on her face. "It’s not like that…" she said. "This isn’t easy for me either. In a perfect world I wouldn’t need to have become a girl to realize what an asshole I was and I sure as hell wasn’t looking for Brit to to have sex with me. Who knows maybe it’s just rebound from you breaking up with me. You also hurt me you know but I knew you couldn’t change who you are and I never asked you to. I loved you, I still love you and you even trying proves that you’re sweet and wonderful but I can’t trust you to be attracted to me the way I need you to be. Maybe all of this makes me an asshole, a bitch, a cow, if that’s the case you can do a hell of a lot better than me, and you could have even when I was a guy. I’m sorry… that’s all i can really say." -11:40 May 22 Jane
Star: "It’s not fair…" It’s all Star could think to say. She had a perfect boyfriend and they were in love. Everything was perfect. …but then it clearly wasn’t really perfect. "I don’t think you’re and asshole… But I just." Star huffed, all full of tears and not knowing what to do with herself. "I really am going to MISS you!" Oh, her makeup was screwed! She just started sobbing! -11:52 May 22 Star
Jane: Star was pulled into a hug and Jane sighed. "It’s not your fault, okay?" she said softly wishing she could make it all better but she really couldn’t. "Maybe when it’s not all fresh we can hang out?" she knew that wasn’t the best thing to say. "You know you’re the first girl I actually put effort into dating. You really mean a lot to me and I wish things could be different…" why was this so much more difficult that previous relationships? Maybe it was a bad idea to bate Britt until this wasn’t all so… ugh. -12:01 May 23 Jane
Star: She sniffled and sobbed until it was finally nothing more than a few sniffles and hiccupping. "I want to be friends." she mumbled, pulling back to try and wipe at her face, which just made the smearing of things even worse. "…but I need time, I think." She was having a hard time looking directly at her. This just hurt too much! Her heart was broken. -12:08 May 23 Star
Jane: "Well you can use everythign here to clena yourself up and by the time I get out of the shower you can be gone." jabe said pulling away from her. "i’ll wait for your call, however long it takes.." -12:15 May 23 Jane
[Jane is not a very happy girl.] -12:52 May 23
Britt: After a long day of extra classes to make up for the few that she missed, Britt was home tugging off some of her clothes so she could plop in to bed in her underwear and just relax. Most of the soreness in her body had long worn off, but spending the entire day studying was a mental pain, and then of course coming home to her family and the millions of questions asking where she had been. Britt NEVER told them where she’d been. They’d probably disown her forever and call her a dirty whore. She snatched a pillow and siiiiighed comfortably. -01:03 May 23 Britt
Jane: Britt’s window slid open and in contrast to how Britt entered her room Jane janded on the floor like a cat and then also like a cat barely a second later she was crawling onto Britt’s bed and falling down next to her, arms capturing her girlfriend and pulling her tightly agaist her, almost queezing the life out of her as Jane’s face burried itself against Britt’s shoulders. "I’m sleeping here tonight." -01:17 May 23 Jane
Britt: Britt almost shrieked! Who -wouldn’t- when someone snuck in your bed and grabbed you? There was a bit of flailing and huffing, but she finally shushed herself quick and clung to Jane. It didn’t erase the frown on her face, though. "You can’t just sneak in to my room! You know how my parents are! And that was when you were a dude!" -01:22 May 23 Britt
Jane: "Well if they don’t know you’re lesbian they shouldn’t mind firls in your room." her muffled voice still conveyed the huffiness she was feeling. "Star tried to seduce me in the gym today and I told her about us… I broke her heart and I wish that I didn’t have to so can you just stop complaining and hold me?" -01:31 May 23 Jane
Britt: "I guess I should feel bad for stealing someone’s girlfriend." She wasn’t complaining, she was being responsible and smart! Jane really didn’t understand what her family was like. Britt curled her arms around Jane anyway, stroking her fingers through her hair and nuzzling her cheek. This was the other thing she really loved having after class. Warm snuggles! -01:34 May 23 Britt
[(Timeout) Jane was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:04 May 23
[Jane isbringing to her girlfriend.] -10:55 May 24
[Britt is happy to have her girlfriend, but concerned about family!] -10:55 May 24
Jane: "I feel bad." Jane said her face remaining thouroughly hidden. "I really wanted that relatonship to work and then in no time I’m in another and so there’s so much sex and feeling and I think I might even love you, hell I’ve always liked you and it’s all overwhelming but I don’t want it to stop for the world." -11:01 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt frowned, running her fingers through Jane’s hair. She really didn’t have any good advice about the whole thing. It was crazy and weird and none of it really made sense. "It is what it is. People breakup all the time, she’ll be fine?" -11:05 May 24 Britt
Jane: It’s like Britt didn’t want to hear what Jane just said and she pulled away to stare at her, then a hand reached out to grip Britt’s shoulder firmly to shake her. "She will but I just said I love you and you just… I’ve never felt this way before so quickly." -11:09 May 24 Jane
Britt: She squeaked, blinking at Jane for a moment in surprise. Not because she admitted to loving her. That really wasn’t a surprise at all. But because she seemed to think she care or something! "Jesus, Jane. I-" KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! "Brittany, dinner is going to be soon. You are not going to skip it again today. Brittany? I hear voices in there!" Cursing under her breath Britt untangled herself from Jane and hopped out of bed. The she snatched up and pulled on a houserobe just in time for her bedroom door to swing open and her mother to step inside. "Oh darling, I didn’t realize you had a friend over. Pardon me. Dear, dress proper for dinner and of course your friend is invited. I am Mrs. Everett, and you are…" -11:15 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane was standing before the door opened and was about to way ‘Britt’s girlfriend’ when she remembered that Britt wasn’t out to her parents but it was tempting to say it anyway. "Ummm… Jane Beckert Mrs. Everet. I’m Britt’s g… friend. We were… My boyfriend. We just broke up and Britt was helping me." Yes boyfriend! They were all trat here, right? -11:24 May 24 Jane
Britt: She probably looked pale as death and was so worried that Jane would spill the beans. "I’m not sure if Jane is up to staying for dinner, because of the breakup, y’know." Her mom dismissed the comment with a wave of her hand. "Nonsense. A woman can handle anything. Get dressed, I expect to see you both downstairs in fifteen minutes." Mrs. Everett didn’t leave much room for argument. She was already gone and closing the door behind her. Britt was in a panic! "Oh god, I can’t do this! …we’ll jump out the window, I think there’s time!" -11:29 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane turned on Britt and eyed her. "No, not dressed like that anyway… your parents are strict, like Englich upper middle class strict but we can handle one meal with them. If you run they’ll just get suspicious but if you want me to leave I can? You can say I went to rip that cheating bastards dick off to shove up hiss butt?" maybe that would get a giggle? -11:35 May 24 Jane
Britt: "That is so gross!" She might have aaaalmost smirked. Maybe. Britt huffed again, fussing with the robe belt around her waist and debating whether or not this was a good idea. "It’s more like, think they’re the royal family strict… You know how much I hate bringing people over. And worse I’ve been out of the house for days, they’re going to start asking questions!" -11:39 May 24 Britt
Jane: "Well you wouldn’t be lying if you blamed me." Jane said before stepping over to untying Britt’s belt to slip haer arms aorund her waist underneath the robe to gently kiss the corner of her mouth. "Do I stay or do I go. I’d like to be here for you if they do decide to get awkward but if that’s just going to make thinsg worse…" -11:43 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt was now imagining a fun moment of Jane stripping her and dragging her to bed. She had to push the thought away and get serious. ..after she slid her arms around Jane’s neck and nuzzled in to her cheek. "Stay. It’ll be even worse if you left. We can’t say anything about us, though. They’re not gonna understand…" -11:46 May 24 Britt
Jane: As much as I’d love to fli[ them the bird as I pushed you down on the dinner table and gave them a demonstration of what we do to each other just so they’d get thier sticks out of thier butts I won’t. I know how you are about your parents and if the plans still of to move away from here and be "best friends" in another city after we graduate then that’s what we’ll do." Of course that plan had been made when they’d still been best friends and had never really been completely serious but now it was if Britt wanted it to be and they’d be moving in together if they did… -11:50 May 24 Jane
Britt: "Fine. Don’t embarass me either." Just because Jane was a girl now didn’t mean she trusted her not to be her usual self and push all the boundaries. You just couldn’t do that sort of thing with snobby rich people, and Britt would like to still be able to see her! She squeezed her neck and hugged her, not really wanting to let go and get her clothes on for the stupid dinner. -11:53 May 24 Britt
Jane: "since when have I ever embarressed you?" there was a cocky grin that was quickly pressed against Britt’s lips before Jane pulled away. If she stayed close… hell… All it took was on looka tbritt in an open robe and she was pressed back agaist her, her hand cupping britt’s breast as he kissed her again, just barely not haard enough to leave evidence before she pulled away for real, a subtle pull on Britt’s nipple as she did so. "You should… really get brothes on before my ladyboner tears through the front of my jeans." -11:57 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt wrinkled up her nose and took a swat at her. "See, this is why you don’t get invited to fancy dinners." She stepped away to shrug off her robe and stalked unhappily over to the large walkin closet. Compared to Jane’s place, Britt’s room was ginormous and her closet was big enough to be another bedroom. She snatched the first ‘appropriate’ dress she saw and pulled it over her head to smooth over her hips. Shoes were just a matter of slipping on a simple pair of heels. "Hmm… maybe you should borrow some of my clothes…" -12:01 May 24 Britt
Jane: "She says, stripping down anked in front of me, the delicate fabric of her robe sliding over her statuesque curves… Just… put something on before neither of up are going anywhere… besides me in fancyfancy clothes? Really? Can you imagine that in a non-i want to hit thaat so bad way?" -12:04 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt out right laughed, stopping by a mirrow to make sure her dress was tugged on properly and adjusted the skirt. "I CAN imagine you in fancy clothes. I bet I have at least one dress you can fit in to. The skirt part might be a little short, but I as long as you don’t bed over anywhere, I don’t think it will matter too much." -12:13 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane had always been amazed by just how BIG Britt’s house was, and just how shit the security was btu she had never seen any part of it other than Britt’s room. "Maybe I’ll do a little bending over when we’re back here." She stepped over to the closet and paused in the threshhold. It helf strange entiring a shrine to clothing… -12:18 May 24 Jane
Britt: She pushed Jane in to the closet, and since she was staring at all her clothes like they were going to eat her, Britt went ahead and starting shoving hangers around looking for something in a good size. "I don’t want to think about sex all through dinner! Here, try this on." She held out a nice, conservative black dress. The skirt was always long on Britt, so on Jane it would be shorter and fit about right. -12:24 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane pulled off her shirt and let it fall to the floor before wiggling her hips out of her jeans and kicking off her sneakers. "Do you always ahve to dress like this for dinner?" she asked snatching up and dress and pulling it on back to front before realizing the mistake. "I’ve eaten topless in boxers… before you know… Your family is wierd." -12:27 May 24 Jane
Britt: "It’s this whole deal about respecting your family and dinner being an important meal of the day and whole lot of other crap." Britt was now stuck imagining Jane downstairs in the dining room, topless at the table with all the fine china and crystal and her family trying not to stare and still eat dinner like nothing strange was happening. She grinned wide. "Backwards." She fussed with helping Jane get the dress off and turning it the right way. -12:30 May 24 Britt
Jane: Finally dressed properly, except her unbrushed-from-the-gym hair and her feet Jane stared at the full length mirror. "If yo had told me a month ago I’d be wearing this I wouldn’t have believed you." she sighed. "And I repeat, your family is wierd… then again dinner wasn’t that big of a deal with just me and my dad. I think he tried for a while but it reminded him of mom." -12:33 May 24 Jane
Britt: She took Jane’s hand to pull her out of the closet, and over to her vanity to push her down in to a chair. Then she was snatching up a brush to do something about Jane’s hair. "Everything around here is a big deal. I like it better over at your house, even if your Dad is a total whack." -12:35 May 24 Britt
Jane: "Hey don’t call him that." Jane said, fussing as Britt brushed. "You sound like one of those kinds in the sound of music… only instead of a singing nanny you got a lesbian lover who doesn’t sing." Jane hadn’t even triiiieeeed since the chenge and was afraid to. She knew her voice was different and it had taken getting used to and she nondered if she’d be any good. She had been okay at it a a guy, runnir up in last years karaoke tournament winning her and britt a free meal but now… total mystery. -12:39 May 24 Jane
Britt: She almost clonked Jane over the head with her brush, but instead was trying to brush and arrange her hair in to a nice, tidy bun. Not a single hair out of place. "Are you going to come in here and turn my whole world upside down, then? You’re more likely going to get thrown out or something. Have the cops called… I bet women’s prisons really suck." -12:47 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane smirked and held up a fist. "I’d survive." she said before kissing it noisily and finally settling down to let Britt do her thing, those tyrants probably didn’t like being kept waiting. -12:49 May 24 Jane
[Jane is for the first time ever going to liike like she belloned in high society.] -12:42 May 25
[Britt would like to be anywhere else at the moment!] -12:45 May 25
Britt: Once Britt felt like she had Jane presentable enough (which she knew deep down wasn’t going to be enough regardless) she was very reluctantly leading the way out of her room and down the hall. She may as well of been heading towards her own funeral. "We can stick with safe conversations, like the weather or knitting…" -12:48 May 25 Britt
Jane: "Like I’m going to start talking about all that sex we havn’t been having." Jane rolled her eyes. "I know you treat your parents like the bastard children of queen Victoria and Atilla the hun but reelaaaax, okay? We’ll be fine. I’m far to girly for you, remember?" as they got further away from the bedroom she decided it was a goof idea to shut up. "The weather in detroit is horrible. I was watching a thing on the news where a lot of the flights are grounded there…" Like hell Jane knew anythign about knitting. -12:52 May 25 Jane
Britt: "That’s not even remotely true." This was going to be a disaster, Britt clamped her mouth shut and crossed her arms. They had to go down a ridiculously huge staircase to get to the ground floor, then it was turning down another long hall to head towards the dining room. Evidence of an old money family were every where, from the furniture that looked a hundred years old, to the family potrait paintings in traditional and cliche poses. -01:01 May 25 Britt
Jane: "Just how big IS this place?" Jane asked. "Jane… I had no idea just how stinking rich you were until today… unless it’s one of those, old money all gone and in debt to afford to keep up with appearences situations…" Jane was completely distrated but the size and opulance of the place. "I could probably move in not be found out this place is so big." -01:05 May 25 Jane
Britt: "There’s enough money to bribe foreign politicians, and buy a small country. It’s not really a big deal, though." Jane would turn the whole house upside, which sounded like a whole lot of fun, but probably the worst idea in the universe. Bad behavior tended to have… consequences around here! Britt stopped at the dining room door and took in a breath. Finally she pushed her way inside where both her parents were already seated at a very long, expertly set table, and clearly waiting on them before summoning dinner. -01:13 May 25 Britt
Jane: Jane wasn’t a small or ugly girl, she probably looked like an unmakeup supermodel in all but the way she carried herself as she entered, the way she did enter was like a fighter intering a ring, tense but loose, ready for anything. "Hello Mr and Mrs Everet. Thank you very much for inviting me to your table. As I said I am Jane Beckert." her voice was on it’s best behavior and her stance softened too as she waited to follow Britt’s lead as to where to sit. Thanking and introducing was the right thing to do right? -01:18 May 25 Jane
Britt: "Shame on you both for keeping us waiting. Dearest, ring for dinner." Mr. Everett picked up a little bell and jingled it. Nothing happened immediately, but the moment Britt pointed Jane to her seat and took her own, someone bustled in to the room to pour everyone a drink. "Jane is a very classic name, and Beckert you say? Are you related to that boy James? Britany, dear, where has that boy been lurking about. You haven’t amused us with his exploits in ages." Britt very quickly took a drink of water. "James is studying out of state now. Jane is um…" -01:23 May 25 Britt
Jane: "Cousin!" Jane chimed in. "Here to help James’ father out while James is away." she offered. "Also sorry for the delay Britt insisted that I look decent." this was wierd… and Britt actually talked about James to her parents? She shot Britt a questioning look before listing her glass and taking a sip. -01:27 May 25 Jane
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[Britt is living a nightmare. The only way to make it worse is if she was naked and there was a creepy clown in the corner.] -04:44 May 27
[Jane feels like she’s havign dinner with The Penguin. Britt’s family are the intimidating kind of rich people.] -04:44 May 27
Britt: "Well. At least she tried with such short notice." the insult was super subtle, but there. Mrs. Everett immediately launched in to her usual dinner topic! "Speaking of that boy, or any boy, isn’t it about time to find a nice boyfriend, Britany? College is almost over and those eggs won’t stay fresh forever!" MR. Everett didn’t say a word on the subject of boys and eggs, he was busy filling his plate with tasty looking hors d’oeuvres. "My studies are going fine, Mother, thank you for asking." Britt just refused the acknowledge the rest. "What about you, Jane? There must be a nice man in your life!" -04:51 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane proze mid poar with the soup and looked at Britt. "Like I said I just broke up with one but there is someone I really like and they feel the same way so we’ll see what happens. Someone I’ve liked for a long time finally made their move on me… maybe they have what it takes to be the one to keep a hold of me." WOW… Jane did not mean to say all that and now regretted it, but not as much as she regretted spilling the soup. ‘And now you sound like a slut, Jane… nice…’ she mumbled… before wondering if that’s what she was with all her girlfriends. -04:57 May 27 Jane
Britt: While Britt was rolling her eyes, her mother seemed to think that was the perfect thing to say! "That’s the way to think girl! You have to make a man work for it. These day so many young ladies are behaving like filthy harlots, giving it up at the drop of the hat and not properly making sure a man is marriage material. I am so glad our little Brittany is a well behaved young woman. Of course, if she would drop her standards just a -little- bit perhaps we would have grandchildren by now…" Though her face was red now, Britt still had perfect posture and was sipping soup from a spoon like this whole dumb conversation wasn’t happening! -05:03 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane almost choked. Britt and good little schoolgirl? She had to be good if that’s what her parents thought. She sipped her soup and gave Britt a sidelong glance. She had to keep her parents in so much dark not even cats could see. "Have children while in college isn’t smart." Jane was in way too deep to stop now. "Besides I’m sure Britt will find the right person… froooom what I’ve seen of her." She took a bite of bread and was thankful makeup hadn’t been a part of the emergency dressup. Though she was beginning to understand why Britt wasn’t out… rich family wanted babies and her hand came to squeeze her thigh as a sign of confort. -05:11 May 27 Jane
Britt: Britt wanted to hug her. Or better yet, grab Jane and just run out! But that would just mean a bigger mess to clean up later. "Hasn’t the weather been great lately? Nice and war-" "Oh, don’t be silly Jane-dear. She is only in College to meet good men. Once she’s married she won’t have to go anymore or bother with a job, she’ll be busy with the babies." Britt very nearly groaned out loud. Giving her father a pleading look didn’t meet with much help. He just shrugged in a sad defeat to this fate! -05:18 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane face visubly twitched. A year ago she might have laughed out loud and agreed but not now, worse is it was coming from a woman. "Or she could take after you and just have one." Britt didn’t have any siblings, right? "I suppose that’s the only lady-like thing to do isn’t it? Marry a rich man and then live the good life with an ever-growing family not worrying baut silly things like dreams or aspirations." she suunded sincere. "That’s the dream, isn’t it. A life od leasure and pleasure while the men take care of business." the hand under the table on Britt was now a fist, the only outward sign of what was really going on on her head. -05:23 May 27 Jane
Britt: The elder woman sipped her wine and didn’t miss a beat. "Of -course- a woman is to have her dreams and aspirations. But it’s needless to waste time with men’s business when a woman’s heart belongs to her family. Your family and it’s bloodline is the most important thing in the world. After all, our family goes back hundreds of years and this is all contributed to very powerful women." Britt knew where there was going, the long boring lecture about the family tree. "Oh look, the next course is coming. Dinner looks fantastic tonight, Mother." -05:28 May 27 Britt
Jane: "Oh…" Jane said. "I didn’t know you were -those- Everets." she had no idea if there was such a thing as -those- Everect but every ols money family liked to have thier name recognized. "The mother is the glue that holds the family tother. So if say… she disappeared…" Jane KNEW she was being bad and working herself up. "Not that I mean that will happen to Britt or has happened to anyone in your family I’m just curious as to what you think would happen. Sorry if it’s an imposition but I’ve never been able to talk to someone as refined as you and from sucj good… stock…" -05:32 May 27 Jane
Britt: "Jane." Britt growled her name in warning, not that it did any good. It was already too late and her mother had that glint in her eye. [color=skyblue]"My dear sweet child. As a mother, I could find my daughter anywhere and any who dared to threaten or take her would, well… as you say, disappear never to be seen or heard from again. There is not a place on this world that one could hide from me."[/color] -05:37 May 27 Britt
Britt: "Jane." Britt growled her name in warning, not that it did any good. It was already too late and her mother had that glint in her eye. "My dear -sweet- child. As a mother, I could find my daughter anywhere and any who dared to threaten or take her would, well… as you say, -disappear- never to be seen or heard from again. There is not a place on this world that one could hide from me." -05:37 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane blinked and realized the misunderstanding. "No… Sorry… my mother was the one that disappeared." she said waving her hand disisively. That misunderstanding has unintentionally defused the situation and Jane put on her most dazling smile. "You just put such a huge emphasis on family I curious about what you thought a family would be like after that but I won’t bore you." she continued eating with a shrug. All anger edding away. She was a crazy obcessed woman who had no idea what made family important… but Britt wasn’t and that’s all that mattered and the urge to kiss Britt must have shown in her eyes as she glanced her way. -05:42 May 27 Jane
Britt: "That is a sad thing, losing your mother." Mrs. Everett seemed to be placated now, though she was eyeballing Jane a lot more critically. Britt sighed in relief, a subtle sigh as she reached under the table to squeeze Jane’s leg. Big idiot had no idea how to deal with these kind of people. "Mother, I was just speaking to Jane earlier about helping her shop for some new clothes, I bet you have the best places to recommend." That seemed to perk the woman up immediately as she launched in to a review of all her favorite local shops! -05:49 May 27 Britt
Jane: By the time they were done Jane was convinced Mrs. Everet say her as a country girl taken in by Britt as a charity teach her how to be sofisticated role but she didn’t really care what that woman thought. Thankfully after desert they were excused and as soon as they were out the door Britt was pulled into a tight hug. "Now I understand why you don’t want to tell them." she said gently kissing the side of Britt’s neck before letting go in case someone came through the door. "Kind of wanted to get nasty in front of them just to make the tension stooooop and for then to know." Her voice was hushed, also just in case. -06:23 May 27 Jane
Britt: "And then I would never get to see you again and it’d be your own fault." Britt didn’t want Jane to let go, but snuggling out in the hallway was a terrible idea. Instead she took her by the hand and was leading the way back to her room. "It’s fine, though. I’m already resigned to the fact that this is my life. I’m already studying what she wants me to study, and doing everything else. But I’m going to love who I want to love. It’s the one thing she doesn’t have her fingers in to." -06:27 May 27 Britt
Jane: "Like they’d be able to stop me." Jane’s trademark cocky grin was back. "I’m Jane Beckert. It things get in my way I punch them… last time it even got me laid." She followed Britt back to her room and then sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down at the dress she was wearing. "I know I wear skirts and they’re comfortable but does this richy fancy stuff really look good on me?" She was a fighter, not a model. -06:32 May 27 Jane
Britt: "It looks better on my floor." Britt immediately giggle, shoving Jane backwards on the bed and straddling her lap. She sighed, plucking at the fabric of the dress. "You’re beautiful in everything and you wear these clothes like it was made for you. Like you were born to be in them. I dunno. I thought I would always see you as James, but this seems more like you, like it was supposed to be this way. Does that make any sense?" -06:36 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane would have been tempted to strip if Britt hadn’t gotten there first but at her words she looked away, her face screwing up in thought. "I guess… maybe you’re just saying that because you find me more attractive mike this." a light tease as she glaned back at Britt. It was impossible not to think about Britt taking full advantage of her position. "I am handling this better than I expected…" she pluched at the stomach of Britt’s dress and looked up at her. "Maybe that’s because of you… maybe I should ask you something." she took a deep breath with her eyes closed. "How long have you liked me? Just since the change or…?" -06:40 May 27 Jane
Britt: Her mouth twisted up in thought. That was a really good question. "Asking stuff like that is dangerous. Is there even going to be a good answer? I’ve cared about you and loved you for years. …I wasn’t in love with you, though. I just… couldn’t think of you like that? Not that I DIDN’T, I did sometimes, wonder what’d be like if I had said yes to all your dumb come ons. But I didn’t want to ruin us. Things never worked out with me and guys, I didn’t want that to happen with us…" -06:44 May 27 Britt
Jane: "And they do with you and girls?" she asked propping herself up on her elbow to hook a hand behind Britt’s head and pull her down into a kiss. "It’s nothing serious I’m just curious. I’ve made no secret that I think you’re pretty but…" she pulled away and lat back down, her hands befind her back. "I was an asshole back then, and a chauvinist. You were the only girl I trustedand I don’t know if that was because you turned me down or not." -06:48 May 27 Jane
Britt: "No other girls ever turned you down, huh? What an ego!" Britt leaned down to nuzzle against Jane’s cheek, and finally just settled to lay on top of her and gently play with her hair. "With girls I was happy. I actually like sex. It was fun and exciting instead of a chore just to make everything work. And with you it’s been even better." -06:52 May 27 Britt
Jane: She gently stroked the back on Britt’s nack and closed her eyes. "Sounds horrible… I guess you was a lesbian after all." not that Jane could complain right now with the ateention being lavished upon her. "I’d hate it if yu didn’t enjoy this." she said as she settled against the matress with a content sigh. "I guess it’s a good thing I can’t go back… I’d hate for this to ever stop." -06:56 May 27 Jane
Britt: Britt settled until her face was buried in to Jane’s neck and her fingers were lost in her hair. This was comfortable. The one thing that was missing out of her life. It was a shame she had to keep it a secret. Britt knew it’d get snatched away from her the moment it all came out. "You don’t regret what happened then? You don’t miss being a guy and having a dick to sling around?" -07:00 May 27 Britt
Jane: "I miss being able to throw punches." Jane complained. "I just can’t hit as hard anymore and I’ve been training harder." that was honestly what she missed most. "Other than that I’ve learned a lot that I would neverhave otherwise and… did you really mean what you said when you felt like it’s meant to be this way?" -07:03 May 27 Jane
Britt: "Um… it’s stupid." she muttered, nuzzling against Jane’s neck. "Just a feeling is all. Nothing I ever would have thought of myself, but feels right now that it exists? Like balance has been restored to the universe or something sentimentally dumb like that. I’m just happy I have you." -07:09 May 27 Britt
Jane: "And maybe mom wouldn’t ahve left." Jane muttered quietly before both arms slid around Britt and pulled her against her. "I’m hapy to have you too." she said before kissing just below Britt’s ear. "I’ll just take that as an I love you, that it feels so right." -07:14 May 27 Jane
Britt: "Your mom is a total twat for leaving you and your dad. That wasn’t your fault." Jane never mentioned her mom. And now it was twice in one day? Britt tugged gently at the sleeve of Jane’s dress until it fell off the shoulder, and then she was nibbling at the exposed skin. "What happened with her..?" -07:20 May 27 Britt
Jane: That felt nice but the question didn’t. "I don’t know." Jane said in all honesty. "All I know is that she left for europe and never came back." she rubbed a hand up and down Britt’s back. "I don’t even remember what she looks like. It doesn’t matter. She’s never coming back and I’d much rather think about what you’re doing to my shoulder right now." -07:23 May 27 Jane
Britt: "You still think about it all the time, though, for something that doesn’t matter." Britt kept up with the nibbling, occasionally pausing to plant a soft kiss where her teeth nipped. She squirmed a bit, slipping her hands under Jane to try and reach for her zipper. This dress needed to come off. -07:30 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane was biting her lip again. "Just coming to terms with it, that’s all." She squirmed fr a moment against Britt before turning her head to capture her lips in a kiss, her hand running through her hair. "So we can be loud then?" she asked as Britt worked on her dress and her hooked her headagain to crush thier lips together. It wasn’t fair how quickly Brtt got her woked up. -07:35 May 27 Jane
Britt: Britt kissed her and grooooaaned. Why did Jane have to be so deliciously awesome! She pulled away suddenly. "NO. No loud. No screaming, no squealing, not a peep from you!" She had to make sure that was firmly established as she tugged that zipper all the way down and was now pulling and dragging the fabric of the dress down to expose even more skin. She leaned again, nuzzling against Jane’s neck before she bit down hard. -07:40 May 27 Britt
Jane: She had to remind herseld not to make too much sounds so instead there was a sharp intake of breath and a muttered curse as the shoulder tensed. "Well that isn’t fair." she muttered though fair or not the damage was done. Jane felt it down below. -07:48 May 27 Jane
Britt: She giggled, licking the spot she bit… and then along her collar bone. "Of course it’s not fair. You’re a helpless girl." Britt wondered just how well Jane could keep quiet. To give it a test, she tok ahold of a bra strap with her teeth and puuuullled it down over a shoulder. -07:57 May 27 Britt
Jane: "Helpless?" that word got to her and she glared at Britt even though she knew who was in control this time… this time… now all sirts of wonderful images were flodding her head and she let Britt have this one with a giggle. "We’ll see." she promised mysteriously. "Hmmm I might need to do some research…" -08:08 May 27 Jane
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[Britt shouldn’t be doing this in her parent’s house.] -10:36 May 28
[Jane is getting wonderful delicious attention from her favorite person ever.] -10:36 May 28
Britt: "Heeeelpleeeess~!" she chimed. Of course it wasn’t true. Britt was the one wrapped around Jane’s finger. But that didn’t stop her from enjoying these moments of having her pinned to the mattress and making her wriggle squirm and sigh. She kissed along the bare exposed skin, nuzzling gentle against the rise of an almost uncovered breast. "You know… now that I have you here.." she let the sentence trail off. -10:40 May 28 Britt
Jane: She had to bite her lip against as her chest rose. "Dammit you make to feel good to be a woman." she cooed before pulling on the shoulder of Britt’s dress sharply. "I want this to disappear." -10:42 May 28 Jane
Britt: "I think I am going to keep it on a little longer, I’m busy right now." Busy kissing her way across Jane’s collar bone to snap her other bra strap with her teeth and tuuuug it down the other shoulder. Her hands rest at Jane’s waist, gently pushing and shimmying the fabric upwards so more and more of her legs were revealed. -10:48 May 28 Britt
Jane: She winces as the enastic snapped against her skin with a hiss. It was so tempting to grab Britt and turn this all around but Jane wasn’t confident enough with the whole sex thing to do that yet. She could feeeeeel the dress riding up and she kneeeeeeew her sex was ready. She should feel every tiny movement of her panties against it as the dress slid against them. "Busy?" she teased sureendering to the temptation of hooking her hand around and cupping the mound of Britt’s chest and kneed it. "It seems like I have your full attention. -10:53 May 28 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled and to teach Jane a lesson, she gave a sharp nip to the supple flesh above her breast. With a good hard tug she had Jane’s dress pulled down, and now she could bury her face between them, grabbing the lacy scrap of fabric there and undo the fasting with her teeth and tongue. …it was an acquired skill! "Busy with you. Do you wanna argue with me, or do you want me to screw you silly?" -11:00 May 28 Britt
Jane: There was a small yell befire Jame clapped her hand to her mouth. "You might need to gag me if we go with option two. She said in a slightly shaky voice as she slowly unclenched herself. "I really like the sounds of it though." She god did she want Britt to touch her down there so badly but she was also really enjpying everything Britt was doing and implessed with ehr tonguework… tongue… She reached down and squeezed her own breast, presingtimg the nipple to Britt. "Well done, not take them. Tonguework like that needs to be rewarded." -11:06 May 28 Jane
Britt: There was another muffled giggle as she rest her head against her chest, then finally lift it again to give the nipple just the breifest touch of her tongue. "As you wish?" She took it in to her mouth and slid her tongue around the areola, deliberately circling the nipple before capturing it with her teeth and tugging it gently. -11:12 May 28 Britt
Jane: "Careful what you say…" she said… no moaned she the hard nipple was taken. and she grinned. So many naughty ideas were flooding her head and she would have to try them out… Britt woud do everything she said. "I wasn’t joking baout gagging me if your parents are close…" she said as the thought of those two’s ownership of Britt’s life managed to crawl into her brain but who knew, they might be in florida with the size of this house! "I’d really hate to get you in trouble." -11:18 May 28 Jane
Britt: "You wouldn’t dare." Britt narrowed her eyes. Oh, she really wanted to make Jane scream and wanted to hear it more than anything. But that was definitely a bad idea in this house! It might’ve been huge, but her Mother had a way of finding out everything. She nuzzled against the second breast, nipping even harder with her teeth before she licked and sucked the pain away. "You have to be quiet." she muttered. -11:23 May 28 Britt
Jane: IT was Britt’s choice evn if some day it might not be. Alter stiflinf more sounds, her face getting a slightly desperate look to stay quiet she swallowed. "I’ll try but you Britt…" she reached out to stroke the back of her neck. "Are just so damn good at this." She eased herself back down onto her back and covered her mouth with her hand, ther other continuing to touch and fondle Brit’s neck, her breath noticably quicker and squirms every time Britt hit a nerve noticable bigger. -11:28 May 28 Jane
Britt: It was impossible not to giggle at this point. Jane was adorable and sexy and nothing was more fun that trying to make her squeal when she really shouldn’t be. Her mouth enveloped a breast again, sucking hard. A distraction for where her hand was sneaking. Down over her stomach where her dress was all bunched up around Jane’s waist, and gliding over her outer thigh. -11:33 May 28 Britt
Jane: Her back arced pushing the breast against Britt as her hand forgot to move against the back of her nack, she bit bobitth on her hand to muffle her load moan, but that was nothing compared to every nerve lighting up to Britt’stouch down below and her body twisted as for a moent she tried to see where she was beign touched. She couldn’t keep quiet during THIS. -11:38 May 28 Jane
Britt: "Sshhhh." A simple soft warning as she rubbed her hand up and down Jane’s leg. She shifted her body weight to one knee while her hand slipped between Jane’s legs, pulling teasingly at the fabric of her panties. She caressed her fingers along the lines, biting her own lip to keep from letting out even more giggles and delighting in the expressions that flittered across Jane’s face. -11:45 May 28 Britt
Jane: Jane looked around, there had to be something shecould use to keep herself quiet, the hand was woking for now as she easied down, she entire side tirching in time with Britt’s rubbing. She didn’t daaaare say anything, she just looked at Britt with a slightly desperate glint to her eyes hoping she knew what she was doing. In spite of herslef her hand left Britt’s naxk o cup and grind into her own breast. Even when she was desperate to keep quiet she wanted more when britt was like this. -11:49 May 28 Jane
Britt: Fingers stealing beneath the fabric, Britt gently stroked up and down the length of her sex. There was no doubt how much Jane liked this, she was wet and it made it easy for Britt to slide her fingers between the folds and puuuuush her way inside. She nipped again at delicate flesh, dragging her tongue along Jane’s skin. -11:55 May 28 Britt
[Britt is breaking her own house rules! Jane was asking for it.] -02:23 Jun 12
[Jane is wodering if Britt has a ] -02:24 Jun 12
[Jane death wish.] -02:24 Jun 12
Jane: ‘DEAR GOD’ Jane was shouting in her head as her entire face was screwed up with the effort it was taking her to stay quiet, why was having to be quiet so hot? Her legs whipped around, wrapping arounf Britt’s head and squeezing but at least no sound excaped. Her breathing was already ragged an heavy and her mind was racing, there was no way she was going to last long… -02:29 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt was trapped! Which had her laughing out loud and her breath falling against the sensitive exposed skin that Britt was so fondly… well. Fondling. She turned her body and head, nipping her teeth in to Jane’s thigh. Being wickedly inconsistant with the thrust of her fingers. With a hard thrust, or a gentle caress. Never with a predictable rhythem. -02:35 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: It wasn’t enough to buits her up which was frustrating but it had her twinsting and turning and moaning until the pillow was tossed aside and jane was pushingherself up to sit and look down at Britt, the hand not supporting her wieght stroking the top of Britt’s head before gripping her hair tightly. "God, I love you." she said her voice resting on a moan as it flooded out. "I never imagined… being this good. How do you get me going so easily?" -02:40 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "I think it’s because you’re a huge slut?" Jane had her by the hair and Britt nearly purred out some strange little sound. She didn’t know why she was so infatuated herself. Why everything Jane did and was could turn her on so quick that her whole body was on fire without even being touched. Her hand pulled out so she could pounce over Jane. Shoving her back down and pinning her against the mattress with the weight of her own body. She planted a hard kiss over her mouth followed by invading it with her tongue. -02:46 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: There was a small shiek that quickly melted into a pleased sigh as Jane’s tongue met Britts and she squirmed under her. The her hand whipped aorund to slap against Britt’s butt and griped it, nales digging into her skin. "I’ve only ever had sex with you and you had to just about rape me." she muttered, not that it mattered when she was sliding past to grab Britt’s earlobe between her teeth and run her tongue against the skin. -03:01 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Ooo.." she coooed. Britt had a more witty retort, but she was getting used to those dying on her lips and never being said when it came to Jane. She melted on top of her, burying her face in to Jane’s neck and nuzzling against the skin. "You act like you weren’t begging for it." she complained, biting hard in to her shoulder. "Now ssshhh!" Britt untangled herself from Jane suddenly, straddled over her just long enough to grab Jane’s arm and flip her over on to her stomach. Her hand ran up the back of Jane’s neck to entangled in to her hair and grip tight. Britt leaned down to whisper in her ear. "No screaming, or I will stop." she giggled softly, drawing her index finger slowly down Jane’s spine. -03:10 Jun 12 Britt
[(Timeout) Jane has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -03:33 Jun 12
[Jane ] -03:47 Jun 12
Jane: Jans suddenly found herself one her stomach and grabbing for the pillow again to bite it visciously complete with growling as Britts finger made her back arch and skin tingle. "and just how are you going to make me scream when i’m like this?" she asked, actually curious. How many lesbian pisitions did britt know? -03:57 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Lesbian positions? You are really were a virgin, weren’t you!" Britt giggled. There was a lot of fun in being the more experienced one of the relationship, and Britt had plenty of practice. Britt shifted, slipping one of her knees between Jane’s legs to spread them wide and make room. Then her other knee joined her. As she widened her kneeling stance she was pushing Jane’s wider apart too. Wickedly, she pinched one of Jane’s butt cheeks. "Remember, not a sooooouuund." she murmured with a chirp. Without warning, her hand caressed down Jane’s backside and then dipped between her legs. Fingers wiggling and gently teasing. -04:06 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: How had britt even know Jane had been thinking that? "Sooo not anymore." she whispered before burrying her face in the pillow and letting her upper body melt as her undercarriage rose sightly and she groaned. "You’re not playing fair. I’m starting to think you just like me for booty calls." -04:12 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Yooooou started this!" And Britt was happy to finish it! Or more specifically finish Jane. She stroked between Jane’s legs, sliding her fingers between wet lips. Using two fingers to suddenly thrust inside. Britt gripped her hair tighter, holding her head in place while she pushed in deeper. -04:26 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: if her head had been free she would have looked back as what Britt was doing, as it was she moaned a little too loud and had to quickly stifle it with the pillow. "I was… teasing. I didn’t think you’d… here… fuck… but don’t stop." Why did Britt get to her like this? Turning her into a moaning molted lump of woman who could only think about the building climax between her legs and how much she loved the girl. She didn’t want this to end! -04:30 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt widened her legs, which in turn opened up Jane even more. Giving Britt a wonderful angle and range of motion as she pulled out to her finger tips and then thrust hard all the way up to her knuckles. "How much do you want it, baby?" she was trying to sound sulty about it, but it was hard when she was full girlish giggling. Jane was the seducing type, Britt just loved fucking her silly. -04:35 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: That was almost too much, Jane wuld have laughted if opening her mouth wasn’t an invitation for a moud moan to escape as she tightened atound Britt’s fingers. "Bad…" she cooed. "I want to come and…" and what? She wanted to ravage Britt but she’s want to do it away from thos crazy parents… Damn parents.. she had to keep quiet…. "Keeping quiet is hard when I want to shove you down and sit on your face…" -04:44 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "You’re so crass and dirty!" Which was a funny thing for her to say when she was holding the woman down by the hair and fucking her. Biting her lip, she started pushing in faster. Squirming a bit from her kneeling position, wishing she’d have something to ease the clenching between her own legs, even if it was to squeeze her own knees together. …But keeping Jane open was far more important. Britt leaned down running her tongue on the length of Jane’s back. Way, way more important. -04:52 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: There was a small muffled sound with every breath, each one carrying a deceptive about of raw passion. There was not helpign it and no more talking with significant risk if screaming britt’s name for the entire WORLD to hear. Every thrust make her clench and half twist her hips. She could feel herself slipping and the more she tried to hold on the faster she slipped out of control. "feeeck." she couldn’t even swear properly as she shook. Not climaxing but almost, so excrusiatingly close. -05:01 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt let go of Jane’s hair so she could brace the weight of her body on her elbow. She buried her face in to the crook of Jane’s neck, nipping and nibbling at the skin until she reached her ear and licked along the lobe. She pushed and thrust, quicker and harder until even she was breathing faster from the exertion and groaning softly in Jane’s ear. "Please come for me, Jane.." she murmured soft before sinking her teeth in to her earlobe. -05:08 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: That voice did her in and there was a cry against the pillow as Jane clenched and she let go. Stars dnaced before her eyes and she lay panting as she lost awareness of everything except Britt. Her mind was gone and it felt like her climax lafter for a full five minutes before she was done, clowing full leww there was a wet spot on Britt’s bed that would smeel like sex nefore too long. "I don’t think I can move…" she complained weakly turning half on her side to look at Britt. "You’re amazing." -05:12 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt pulled out and immediately collapsed on top of Jane, curling her arms around her with a wide grin and nuzzling in to her neck. "I bet you’d think anything was amazing right about now." She was nibbling skin again, taking advantage of her clinging to get in another grope or two while Jane was too busy reveling in well fucked bliss. -05:15 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: "Shut up, you’re amazing and… mmm" Suddenly her arms were ulling Britt up agaist her and Jane’s face was burried in the crook of her shoulders. "You hair smells amazing." she commented as she curled up gainst Britt already knowing she was losing consciousness and knowing she shouldn’t. "Thank you for fucking me silly, even if I was asking for it." -05:21 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Are you going to selfishly fall asleep on me now?" she teased, running her hands down one of Jane’s sides. "If you are, we should at least get in to pajamas in case my mother comes barging in here." -05:24 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: She let go and rolled onto her back. "I can’t move…" she repeatedrolling her head to look at Britt. "It’s your fault… for being so good at sex. I have the best girlfriend ever…. when it comes to sex anyway. I think you’re makign me infatuated with you." -05:32 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Oh so I am only the best girlfriend ever for sex!" Britt chided, scooting her way over so she could curl up at Jane’s side. Not being in physical contact was torture. "Hmm, go to sleep then. I can take care of myself without you, and then I can make you feel all guilty about it tomorrow." -05:34 Jun 12 Britt
[Jane owes her girlfriend a good fuck. >=(] -04:07 Aug 13
Britt: Britt was sleeping and sleeping deep, because her girlfriend was some sort of Amazon Fuckgoddess and Britty didn’t have nearly as much stamina! And really, it was nice to be snuggled up in bed with someone for once! -04:08 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: Jane couldn’t believe they’d had sex in Britt’s room with her stuck up scary parents on the proyl and she couldn’t help but want to make it happen again. Slowly she moved her arm out, careful not to wake Britt and was soon pushing the girl’s hair away from her neck and gently kissing her on a line from her neck to her shoulder before pushing the girl onto her back and sliding down… lookign her her prize. She didn’t want her awak yet but it would be interesting to see what did wake ehr up. Licking her finder she moved it to run Britt’s nipple. No… That wouldn’t be what she used to wake her up… -04:13 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: Britt grumbled and growled under her breath, as she was apt to do when someone dared to bother her while she was sleepng. Another mutter was followed by her swatting whatever was tickling her skin and she streeeetched to roll back over on her side. -04:30 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "No you don’t." Jane said with a smirk on her lips before grabbing Britt’s hips and turnign her back onto her back, sliding down to lean over her and kiss her sotomage, then colmb neatly over her to pull her legs apart and kiss just above the relevant spot, her hand rubbing Britt’s hip. "I want you to wake up with my face right here…" she said before greedily licking up the length of Britt’s slit. "I’ve been through a lot to be able to do this and you being asleep isn’t going to stop me." she kissed Britt’s hood ad slipped her tongue under it before pressign her lips against Britt’s skin and sucking. This was fun! -04:42 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: "Muuh, sleeping." she complained first at being turned and shuffled around again. Something cool and wet had her letting out a shrill yelp! "Yiiieep!!" Britt slapped her hands over her mouth. If someone heard… she squirmed and tried to scoot backwards. "Whatareyoudoingbeingdamnedsneaky…!" -04:47 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "I’m fuckign my girlfriend." Jane said with a grin before sliding two fingers up then down Britt’s slit. "Now shhhh or you’re going to get us caught." she turned her head to nip the inside of Britt’s thigh as her fingers circled the hole. "I’d like to get to taste your cum before I have to head out of here. So you’re going to put your hands on your chest and show me got you like to be touched there." -04:51 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: She just woke up, she didn’t have resistance to this! Britt groaned, squirming in protest but not finding the will to move when her skin was tingling soooo nice. "We caaaaan’t." A quick glance at the clock was a confirmation that it was morning. People would be awake any minute. "If people wake up I am in soooo much trouble…" she whined. Now to move! ….in a minute! Jane had to go and look so damned sexy with that wicked grin. -04:56 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "You don’t get a way in this Britt, if you don’t want to get caight then you’d better be a good girl and do what I say. Hands on chest." She whats still toying with her fingers aorund the hole before she suddenly pushed then in with anothed wicked grin. The sooner you do the sooned I’ll make you come and she less chance you have of someone comign through that door." -05:09 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: "Mnu!" the jolt of sensation was sharp, forcing her to clamp her hands over her mouth again to surpress the yelp. She wiggled and fussed, tried not to giggle and let Jane have that satisfaction, but was so hopelessly enamored with bossy bossy Jane. Britt bit in to her lip to keep from making anymore sounds and slid her hands down from her mouth to her breasts. "Beeeetter?" -05:13 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "Show me how you like being touched there." jane said slideing her finger slowlun inside Britt. "I’m not going to ask again." She watched making sure she was obeyed. "Don’t forget to lick your thumb and use that." She loved it when Britt listened to instructions… she might have to do somethign about that later. -05:20 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: This was ridiculous letting this woman have so much power over her, when it could lead to so much trouble. But Britt looooved this and was so wrapped around Jane’s fingers. …literally this time! She murmured another protest, but as requested licked a thumb before gripping her own chest and running the thumb over a nipple. Oooh, she would so much rather have Jane’s tongue doing it! "Jaa-aaaane." -05:23 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "Yes Britt? Are you going to beg for me?" Jane couldn’t wipe the grin fromher face as she leand forwards to kiss and then suck on Britt’s hood. "Do you want me to gie you more?" -05:27 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: Yes! "Dooon’t torture me, Jane!" she pleaded, refusing to beg… yet. She squirmed, digging her toes in to the sheets and mattress and taking a deep breath to regulate her pounding heart. "You… you learn quick for a virgin! Was it all that porn you watched?" she teased and couldn’t help but giggle. This was pretty much a porn scene now! -05:31 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "For that I’m going to make you scream." she flickign her tongue against Britt’s sex rapidly as she sped up her fingers. She had the feelign that next tiem Britt wouldn’t be able to get away with that this easily but for now she was enjoying making Britt cry out in her own home and so long as Britt was talkign it meant her mouth was open enough to do so. -05:37 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: She shivvered, just barely managing to suppress a squeak by biting in to her lip again. There was no stopping the plaintiff moaning, though. Britt grabbed one of the pillows from the bed and planted it firmly over her face to muffle her squeaking! She would have rolled if Jane wasn’t pinning her in place, which left her writhing and rooted to the spot. -05:44 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "She moved faster, pullign her fingers out to dip her tongue in and scoop rapibly. "You taste good." she checkled before resuming and pureesign har against the apenx if Britts slit with a wet thumb and pushing against it hard and grinding it in. "Goood enough to eat…" -05:48 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: Every bit of her clenched, making her let out a long muffled groan underneath her pillow. Something was muttered, akin to You would know! but it was nearly uncomprehensible. Her legs twist and pulled closer together, and she was struggling not to clamp them around Jane’s head. -05:52 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: She grabbed Britt’s legs and wrenched them apart before talking. "Come for me Britt." THen she was clamping her lips around the hole and sucking before thrusing her tongue in deep, her hand pushing up to rub her clit. BRitts struggles made it al the sweeter. Britt was… perfect. -06:12 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: She sounded so sulty, Britt was meeeelting. Flushed hot and tingling from head to toe. If she moved that pillow she’d be screaming and waking up the hole house, so it stayed firmly planted over her face, just barely stiffling her gasps and yelping. She was so painfully closed that it ached, and no amount of shifting her hips against Jane’s movement seemed to ease it. -06:17 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "You’re beautiful." SHe said before sucking again her fingers pinching Britt’s clit and running it between them. She was taking notes too, things to try on herself after she got home. "I want to taste you…" Jane had never thought about sex liek this, touching, pleasuring nad not being touched in return… she’d been an idiot. This was love. -06:26 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: Her limbs seized and she bucked upwards. Her hands curled in to fists against her pillow, nails digging in to the fabric, effectively keeping a very loud squeal from alerting the whole household that she was being really bad. Britt shuddered and shook. Squirmed as the bolt of feeling ran up her spine and finally let out a hiiiiiss of breath when her arms and legs turned to mush. She was never eeeeever moving again. -06:33 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: Jane had the biggest grin on her face as she moved away and up to lie down Next to her girlfriend adn pull the pillow away from her face and plant a kiss on her lips. "I love you." she whispered gently brushing her knuckles against Britt’s cheek. "Abou thow long do I ahve to get outta here and then what time are we meeting at the ice cream shop later?" She couldn’t keep it out of her voice that she was up to something but she didn’t care. "I need your expertise." -06:39 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: She was flooooating on a sea of bliss, trouble be damned. Britt curled her arms around Jane and snuggled up close before planting a kiss on her. Long and deep and much more satisfactory. "I don’t want you to go. I don’t want to go anywhere. Just wanna stay in here in bed." -06:42 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: She kissed her back, just as deep and sighed. That was all she needed to know that Britt had loved it as much as she seemed to. "And by the way, smartass, Lesbian porn is hot." she sai dbefore pinching Britt’s hip. "Besides I wanted to make sure I could please my girlfriend." -06:48 Aug 13 Jane

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