Mediterranean Misadventure 007: Soaps In Bed

[Maria is awake in the morning, and found she could walk in the morning, thought it still hurt like hell. …However….] -01:34 May 10
[Kabriel missed her trying her leg out but bursts into the room with honey-smothered oatmeal for her and last night’s leftovers for him.] -01:36 May 10
Maria: Maria was back in bed again curled up with a pillow and scowling to herself. Now that she found out she was fine enough to walk out and leave…. she was suddenly disappointed? Had she totally lost her mind? …When it was Kabriel making a grand entrance with breakfast, Maria was surprised. She pushed the pillow away and sat up. She HAD to tell him she was fine! “Good morning?” -01:38 May 10
Kabriel: “Morning!” he said plaving the tray table in front of her, takign the cover off of the toast and and butter and trying to find palce for eboth the tea and the coffee next to the orange juice before sitting on the bed and takign hsi leftovers. “I though you should eat well while you’re here. Since you won’t have royal kitchens when you’re better.” -01:42 May 10
Maria: “You really don’t have to wait on me, it was all my moment of stupid.” Royal kitchens wasn’t going to be what she missed. She took the glass of juice for a sip. “I’m surprised to see you awake this early…?” Telling him she could leave could wait until after breakfast. -01:45 May 10
Kabriel: “I’m always up early.” he said takign a bite and chewing “And what kind of person would I be if I made you use you injured leg to get food?” he asked “And where better to spend the morning than here with you…. how is your leg feeling?” -01:50 May 10
Maria: “A little painful for I’ll surive.” It… wasn’t a lie! It really did hurt. Except she was leaving out the part where she was fine. She had the bowl of oatmeal in hand now, gently stirring before taking a bite and sighing… Why did food have to taste so much better here? She was silent for a few moments, ever so often stealing a look at him. “What will we do this morning, Prince? I can’t imagine keeping you locked up in here with me all day.” Well, she could. But what she imagined was all rowdy sex. -01:54 May 10
Kabriel: “Theres a remote on the table next to your bed.. theres somehtign coming on channel thirty seven I usually watch.. or tivo maybe you’ll like it.” he moved over to lean against the headboard next to her and shoved more pasta into his mouth. -01:58 May 10
Maria: This was good for her. A cool, completely dull morning watching television and having breakfast. Maria leaned to take the remote and turned on the tv. Flipping until she had the right channel. After a few commercials, she was greeted with… what she was pretty sure was a soap opera. Maria nearly choked on a bite when she laughed! -02:06 May 10
Kabriel: Kabriel kept eating but looked maria when she laughed… obviously for him this was serious. It was all in Armenian and he listened to every word and didn’t seen to notice that half the characters were wearing what looked liek ren fair reect costumes.. because they were from an alernative fantasy dimention from a time apradox two seasons ago. -02:09 May 10
Maria: When Maria finished her breakfast (when she finally stopped smirking) she set the tray aside. Following the show took a bit… she couldn’t understand the words, but for a soap opera the acting was really good. They knew how to emote through expression and body language. And Maria was finding herself sucked in to an absolutely crazy storyline! Before long she was leaning draped over his legs, staring at the tv with intent and ever so often asking why someone did something, or where another person came from! -02:15 May 10
Kabriel: He was running his fingers though her hair as he watch the empty bown put aside and the and his eyes glued to the screen. He was happy to explain where the character cane from or what thinsg meant.. and then came the last line of the episide, a man standing on the edge of a building ready to throw himself off as a woman watched asking his why.. “vorovhetev yes sirum yem dzez ishkhanuhi…” and then the screen faded to black without a resolution. -02:21 May 10
Maria: “No..! What?! Damnit…!” This was why she hated soaps, the damned things always ended on cliffhangers. Maria was huffing, swatting at the covers on the bed. At least she was picking up common words… kinda. That last line had several she heard Kabriel speak to her before. “What did he say? He wasn’t going to jump, was he? Because that’s going to piss me off.” -02:25 May 10
Kabriel: “Kabriel was still starign at the screen, then slowly shook his head. “No.. he was telling the princess he had to jump because he was in love with her. Vorovhetev yes sirum yem dzez ishkhanuhi means I love you my princess. Hes her bodyguard.” he looked down at her “We’ll find out next week, or I will…” -02:28 May 10
Maria: “Sirum is princess?” That he said often, and she had gotten the general idea of. But the rest… She did hear him say it before. On the island when he was drugged up and she was trying to get him out of that crazy doctor’s lab. He had told her he loved her, days before his sudden proposal and she had no idea. …Did HE even realize? “…You’re going to have to watch with me, so I know what’s going on…” THAT’s what she settled on saying. Why couldn’t she just -tell- him! -02:39 May 10
Kabriel: “Its on this time next week.” he said “Not even I can make it come on any sooner… you’ll be here then?” maybe there was too much of a hopeful tone in his voice but he was determined to ignore it. “I know I can keep you occupied until then with or without you on your feet.” -02:43 May 10
Maria: “I… might be… I don’t want to rush the healing process…?” Of course, that could have meant anything from her ankle to a broken heart. Maria hid her face at his leg for a moment. Why was she even doing this to herself? …a test! It could be a test! She did need the time to rest, and surely after a few days she’d get completely bored of him or he’d finally show his real, asshole nature that every foreign playboy had. He couldn’t keep it up eternally. Maria finally tilted to look up at him. “I could leave after next week’s…” -02:50 May 10
Kabriel: He looked down at her “You’re welcome to stay that long.. if you want to.” he said “Though on friday I have a fundraiser to go to.. it your be the ngith before the show so would you like to try out yout neg and go with me then?” -02:54 May 10
Maria: “Hmm… I could go with you, yes. Since you’re taking care of me… As a thank you.” It was crazy that she missed those moments before everything suddenly turned strange. She almost wished she could just throw him to the floor and screw him just to take the tension off. Maria rubbed her head. “How will you keep me entertained in the meantime?” ..she meant to make that sound like an offer, but instead she just sounded tired! -02:58 May 10
Kabriel: “Well theres craft markets and beaches, the forest, horses, cars, the castle itself.. and making… sex.. “Have you even been out falconing?” -03:01 May 10
Maria: Maria was instantly going to comment on making sex, because she was sure that wasn’t what he intended to say. But he caught her confusion with the last one. She shifted to sit up, leaving a hand braced on his legs. “I’m not even sure what falconing -is-. And the first thought that comes to mind is some crazy person jumping off the roof of your castle trying to fly.” -03:06 May 10
Kabriel: “Well you take a falcon, and a horse… and you ride around with the falcon letting it fly when you see small game for it to hunt.” he said.. “He have a few birds but I havn’t been since I was a child.” he grinned at her “We’d be alone in the countryside for hours at a time and its easy to make the birds come back..” -03:11 May 10
Maria: “I can say riding a horse is one of the few things I haven’t tried… You’re going to have to help me.” She’d be more concerned about the horse than about him. It would be perfect. -03:14 May 10
Kabriel: “You could ride with me until you get used to the movement of the horse, e can to that in ythe courtyard before going out into the forest. You’ll be galloping on yout own on no time.” -03:17 May 10
Maria: “How about I just stay with you and your horse, and cut out the risk of me having another insane accident before the week is over.” It was an impulse that she leaned forward to kiss his cheek. Almost regretting it when she caught that scent of cologne and lingered close for too long. “If you don’t mind?” -03:20 May 10
Kabriel: Worse still was when his arms closed around her and held her there. “We wouldn’t want that, you’d ahve to spend even longer in my gilded cage forsed to do unspeakable acts by a power mad prince.” he nuzzled into her and brushed his lips against hers “How terrible for you.” -03:24 May 10
Maria: The fact that she responded instantly, melting in to his embrace and returning his kiss with one of her own was proof that she had absolutely no will power. The relief at having that tension broken was astounding. Maria smiled, curling up against him. “You forget that I’m not a damsel or a princess. I bite.” -03:29 May 10
Kabriel: “I know you do Sirum, my neck will never be the same again.” speaking of necks his hand went up to rub the back of hers like it always did. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” -03:32 May 10
Maria: “Then we can go back to the way things were before.” she mumbled softly. Her arms curling around his waist, so she could much more comfortably stay there. “Some biting, some shoving… long talks in my office?” -03:36 May 10
Kabriel: The way his lips slid over hers, lazy and content made it seem like he was happy to just kiss her. “Better be here, on the bed. keep you off your feet.. you need to heal.” he slid his hand down the side of her neck his nails raking her skin. “But lang talks sound nice.” -03:39 May 10
Maria: “Talks about why a playboy prince likes romance soap operas.” She was grinning, gently nipping at the corner of his mouth. Reaching to caress her fingers against his jaw. “That definitely counts as a secret.” -03:42 May 10
Kabriel: His fingers sliding down her side he nipped her lip as his leg curled around hers. “That means I get one of yours.. so tell me Maria what do you like most ut of all the gifts you’ve been given?” -03:46 May 10
[Maria enters.] -03:53 May 10
Maria: “That’s unfair. If I answer honestly, you’ll think I’m playing favorites just because I am comfortable in your lap.” And she was. There was anything heated about it, just soothing and warm. Brushing her fingers over his neck in soft touches, while giving brief kissing inbetween quiet words. “I like this gift right here. There’s been nothing like it..” she hadn’t even realized she let that slip out before nuzzling against his cheek. -03:56 May 10
Kabriel: He smiled wide and pessed his lips into hers for a long moment. “I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want honesty.” he whispered “Its good to know you’re hoest with me, which is more important than the answer. You’ve always been honest with me…” -04:00 May 10
Maria: “I will always be honest with you. Even when stupidly walking out the door in heels not made for stone stair cases.” she grimaced just a bit, but when she shifted it was to be closer to him. To pull his head in to her hands and plant a kiss over his mouth, A tentative movement of her lips that seemed to mirror her thoughts. “You scare me and turn everything upside down. I don’t know what I can do about it.” she murmured, her voice soft. “I can’t stay with you, but you make me want to…” -04:08 May 10
Kabriel: His eyes closed as much from her words as her kiss and he moved his hadn to her cheek to kiss her back. “I would say I’m sorry but the reason you can’t stay is not my fault… is it?” he kissed her back his teeth just catching her lip. “You are leavign anyway so while you are here.. we could try and see what happens. Theres no risk, we noth know when you’re going an how long you have here.” -04:12 May 10
Maria: “I’ve already stayed too long already.” Even while trying to talk about it, to tell him, Maria couldn’t stand the thought of leaving. It was definitely his fault. She slid her arms around his neck, flicking her tongue against his lips in a faint frustrated sigh. “A week or so more.” Whether or not she was reminding herself or him, she didn’t know. -04:20 May 10
Kabriel: “A week or so more… for us to be together then you go. So whats the harm spending that week how we want to?” he asked before catchign her tongue between her lips and sliding his against it. “You’re leaving in one week, so be my princess for the week be have left.” -04:23 May 10
Maria: “Hmm, for a week. I am your princess for a week. No complaints or second guessing…” She could do a week. A she wasn’t caving in just because she had wanted an excuse to stay longer, or because kissing him made her feel like there wasn’t anywhere else in the world she wanted to be. She came up against his mouth hard, as if she had been starving for it. Digging her hands in to his hair to hold him close. -04:30 May 10
Kabriel: He pushed back against her just as hard rolling away from the headboard onto her and resing his body on hers his breathing already more rapid than normal. “What a week its going to be…” -04:35 May 10
Maria: “I remember you saying something about keeping me in bed…” How could he do this to her, she wanted to strangle him… just as much as she wanted her hands all over him. She caressed his hair, the back of his neck… Brushed her hand against his cheek and pulled him down again to ravish his mouth. Every minute he could make her feel something else, and it drove her crazy. -04:39 May 10
Kabriel: He ran his fingers though her hair as he ravaged her back then slipped his hands under the bottom hen of her dress to lift iy up and run his hand over her stomach. “Have to rest your ankle..” he said almost breathlessly “So I’m on top..” hand pushing further up under her dress he cupped her sliding his thumb over her nipple. He always tanted to toutch her, feel her, rub and caress her rather than bend her over and fuck her… and be toutched in return.. -04:44 May 10
Maria: “So very commanding of you, prince.” If they did this all week, she’d never leave. She kissed him, the motions only stopping when she’d smile and laugh at a ticklish spot or sigh when she just couldn’t keep that pleased sound to herself. Gentle fingers were plucking away at his shirt to steal it off him. Taking time to touch bare skin when she found it. -04:50 May 10
Kabriel: He fulled her dress over her head and let the soft fabric flow over his fingers onto the bed before moving down to brush his lips over hers. “And once we’re done I’m going to run you a bath and carry you to it, a princess should be pampered after shes been ravaged..” -04:54 May 10
Maria: Maria laughed softly, pushing him up just a bit so she could take his shirt. Tossing it somewhere above her head and out of her way. “I don’t feel ravaged, prince… I feel something else entirely..” She would have liked to shove him over and roll on top of him, and the thought crossed her face too when she ran her hands over his chest. -05:02 May 10
Kabriel: He was sliding his hads slowly across her stomach and over her chest. “Either way you’re getting pampered afterwards..” he grabbed a pollow from the head of the bed and lifting her hips slid it under her before leaning bown to kiss her stomach, then higher between her breasts, then her throat, then her lips. “For no other reason than I want to.” -05:06 May 10
Maria: She was nearly purring and if she smiled any wider her face was going to end up sore. She gripped his shoulders, squeezing a bit before running her fingers against the nape of his neck. “You are being too good to me… what can I do for you?” Maria doubt she had ever asked someone that question. He made her want to give him anything, and all he had to do was pet her..! -05:14 May 10
Kabriel: He reached down to undo his belt and button pressign his hips against her panties. “Just treat me how I treat you and everything will balance out.” he said “Be honest and if you want to do somethign nice just do it.. without worrying about keeping score or being even.” he moved down to kiss her neck he his hand pushed her panties down. “I like you plenty without you changing or doing anything special..” -05:19 May 10
Maria: “I’m not worried about keeping score…” she mumbled, curling her arms around his shoulder and nuzzling against his ear. “I wish you’d stop making me fall in love with you…” She didn’t realize she said it out loud. It had simply been what she was thinking. Shifting slightly under him trying to stay close to his body without having to move her foot too much. -05:24 May 10
Kabriel: The smile pressing into her shoulder was so wide it felt liek his face would fall off. Then he nipped her neck and moved to nuzzle her ear. “Tit for tat Maria…” he pulled himself free and pressed into her sliding in gently my quickly. “Its going to drive me crazy.” -05:31 May 10
Maria: There was a short gasp from her, mostly because she wanted to wrap her legs around him and the movement was a bad idea! She was left pulling only one leg up to rub a foot against the back of his calf. Hands petting through his hair as she grumbled. “You’re already crazy. So am I…” She tilted her head until her mouth found his again. The less he could talk, the less she would fall. -05:39 May 10
Kabriel: He kissed her hard as he rocked his hips agains her finding thier position and pushing. He was crazy, wanting to and trying to turn the perfect stringless sex experience into a comitment. But he couldn’t help himself, not what Maria was involved. -05:43 May 10
Maria: When in this vacation did they go from tantric, rough sex to this sweet, wordless love… This was love, she didn’t want this. With her arms around him, a hand running up and down his back in a soft caress. And her kiss meeting his in a deep and passionate sigh. She did want this… she wanted this every day! -05:50 May 10
Kabriel: One week, one week of this and then she would be gone. That though made him pull her against him harder. One week of making love, not simply fucking, one week of Maria then… he couldn’t think of it and push into her at the same time so with a praintif whimper he let the thought go and melted into the moment, the now.. her. -06:19 May 10
Maria: She forgot the pain in her ankle, curling her legs around him anyway when he pulled her tight. He really did make the world vanish, just with the touch of his skin. She nibbled his lips, mumbling his name, mumbling that she loved this, worse muttering that she loved him and how much she didn’t want him to let go. -06:32 May 10
Kabriel: He flicked his tongue against her and pressed his body in harder. He wanted to hear more and his own voice was whispering sweet nothign in both english and armenian, his english tainted with a thicker accent he usually managed to hide but now with his defences completely vanished it surfaced. -06:36 May 10
Maria: She was almost gone, tilting her head back in the reverie every moment her hips twist to meet him. Every whisper against her ear leaving her in shivers. That mounting pressure coiling tight when she locked her arms around his shoulder. “Gods, Kabriel, i love you, why do I love you..” she murmured out in a sudden gasp, when it hit her. Making her squeeze her eyes shut as she groaned and tensed. -06:49 May 10
Kabriel: He barely heard her as he gasped into her he wasn’t done yet but would be in moments. Heer workds, the wonderful dooming joyous words were what jushed him over the edge and made him opene his mouth in a shuddering gasp. He filled her with an orgasm enlike any he could remember… “Dammit Maria.. say things like that and I will have to chain you up and never let you go.” -06:53 May 10
Maria: She didn’t mean to say it. She would pretend she didn’t. Arms still around him as she nuzzled against his face and brushed soft kisses against his cheek. “Then when I am chained up, just remind me why I am still here…” -06:56 May 10

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