King of Fools 009: Damion’s Secret

Leslie: Leslie was not all that chatty for this third on his bike, but at least she was -almost- getting used to it. She was still smarting a bit from her morning’s fight with Jade. Again. Jade hadn’t let it go, and the past couple of days were pretty tense having to dodge snide remarks and angry comments. Leslie was sure most of it was just Jade stressing out about school and looking for her own new job, but Leslie was still glad to just get out of the house. When they stopped, Leslie hopped back to her feet and took a moment to sway as she took off her helmet. "Not as scary as last time. I think. The corners still freak me out a little bit. It feels like we’re tilting over." -05:47 Aug 12
Damion: "We are." he said. "It we didn’t the centrifugal force of the corner would make us fall over, its one of the reason I like bikes so much, the delicate balance of rider and bike.. and passener, its actually easier for me to ride when you’re not as tense." They were in the city on a weekend, outside a tall condominium complex only a short was from where he worked. "I’m afraid its an elevator to my floor. But its a fast one so it won’t be for too long." He looked up able to pick out his condo from memory. -05:53 Aug 12
Leslie: "All the way up there?" Leslie didn’t even want to think of all the ways she could hinder his driving and have them in an accident. She’ll face the elevator. "Do you like living in the middle of the city?" -05:55 Aug 12
Damion: He shrugged. "The view at night is good and its convenient." he walked into the elevator and held it open for her before pushing the top button and rocking back on his heels. "And it comfortable, and thats the main point of a house isn’t it?" he also like the fact the tha building owner himself had wanted the condo but to have such a ctenant he had been willing to settle for a smaller place. "I have the top three floors all to myself, well not all to myself, I have Rob, who acts like an all-purpose butler sometimes. -06:02 Aug 12
Leslie: As she always did, she was anxious in the elevator, but this time she was trying her hardest to hide it. She kept her hands busy by fussing with her hair over her shoulder. "So Mister Rob is like your roommate? I hope he isn’t anything like Jade." -06:06 Aug 12
Damion: "No, not liek a room mate." he said. "He keeps to his room until he is needed, he, like myself, is a private person and is one of the few I trust. His original purpose was as my lawyer, and he still is, only he only has one client, and serves me as a cook, driver, and helps keep order in my home. In exchance I pay him, and when he is not needed he is free to come an go as he chooses. For tonight though I asked him not to be home, once he left the papers I asked for on the table. I imagine he is at a bar right now, my treat. I reward loyalty." -06:11 Aug 12
Leslie: "I see… a personal assistant!" She really didn’t see. …well, she DID. But it was also really hard for Leslie to imagine someone being your personal employee and with you at your beck and call like that. She made the mistake of looking at the floor number and had to close her eyes for a second. "I’m glad there is someone you trust, though. You said you didn’t have many people." -06:15 Aug 12
Damion: "That is a choice, Ms… Leslie. So that I can focus my energy into things I’m actually good at. and as you saw talking to people is not one of those things." the door openened and he exited into a short coridoor to a single door, a keycode later and they were inside a sitting room that streches all the way from the elevator in the center of the building to the glass side. The table was at knee-height and made of dark glass with cussions around it. There was another one to the extreme left of the room next to a small kitched of varnished wood that looked more like a sylical dining table. On the glass table was a folder of papers srealed with a clip. A couple of doors were visible on the inside wall along with a curving glass and metal staircase up to what had to be a bedroom. "Can I get you anything before we begin?" -06:23 Aug 12
Leslie: Whoa, this was neat. Leslie would have gone to explore immediately had she been with someone else. But she had the feeling he wouldn’t appreciate that. Leslie finally shook her head. "No, I don’t need anything. You kinda make this sound like a business meeting…" She lied to herself. She was already wandering to take a look at things, despite better judgement. -06:26 Aug 12
Damion: Then I’ll just need you over here for a second." he walked around the table and sat doen cross-legged on one of the cusions and opened the folder and slipping out the enclosed pen and spreading two sets of identicle papers out on the table. "Its a simple NDA stating you’ll never tell anyone about anything we talk about tonight." -06:33 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie moved over to the table, looking at the papers curious and then at him as if he might be crazy. "Really? You have to have a promise on paper?" Leslie took the pen, and without reading the fine details of the paperwork, she went ahead and scribbled out her name. -06:36 Aug 12
Damion: "Yes, really. Its extrememly personal information that I would prefer to remain private. Its not a matter of public record and could even put me in personal danger if it got out, now please, take a seat." he clasped his ahnd on the table in front of them and stared at them as he collected his thoughts. "Tell me all you know about me before I was addopted." -06:43 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie sat down, and felt very much the same as that first day she met him. She tapped her fingers on the table and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "Seeing as I had no idea you were adopted until you told me, there is nothing. In fact, all I know about you is what you’ve told me so far…" -06:45 Aug 12
Damion: He raised his eyes to look at her. "I was adopted because I am an orphan." he said slowly finding his pace, this wasn’t easy to talk about. "My parents were murdered when I was six in our home and I was the only witness who was the killer’s face. Thats why I had my name changed. They never caught him." he paused to look back down at the table and take a deep breath and blink a few times. "That is my secret." -06:59 Aug 12
Leslie: "…Oh…" Not the most clever of things for her to say. Leslie stared at him for awhile. Suddenly a lot of things about him made much more sense. She visibly relaxed in her seat. "That’s one hell of a secret. I won’t tell anyone." -07:01 Aug 12
Damion: He looked at her and pushed one of the papers towards her. "Thats your copy." he let out a breath. "You can ask me anything you want I well answer honestly." -07:08 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie took the paper, folded it up and stuffed it in to one of her pockets. Then her hands were back on the table, tapping again. It explained a lot. It explained so much, that suddenly she was really glad that she was there and she could be part of his life. He needed trust worthy friends. She couldn’t imagine how lonely he probably was. "Okay… Why have you decided to trust me and tell me your secret? I know that was hard… " -07:12 Aug 12
Damion: "You spend time with me for no gain with no expectaction." he said. "You’ve been honest with me and I doubt you’ll turn over anything about me to the news. And for some reason, I wanted you to know. Since no one else does." -07:17 Aug 12
Leslie: She grinned. "And now someone does. Show me your home now! I’d like to see it. Would be a shame to waste a trip up here just for paperwork." Leslie was already slipping out of her chair. -07:21 Aug 12
Damion: He had expected questions, not acceptance. "I’d be happy to show you around some of the rooms." he stood and standign and walking around the table. You see the main area. Through that door is Rob’s wing, I prefer not to intrude. Thist way…" he was heading towards the kitchen and the door near it. "This way is the recreation rooms I…" he stopped talkign as a ringing was heard. "That my office phone.. hold on." he opened the "recreation side" door and then slipped into the first door on the right "Wait right here." Inside was a darkwood desk and an oldschoos pushbuttong phone on it. He grabbed the reciever and put it to his ear. "Rubrum." sitting on the desk he glanced at Leslie then his brow furrowed. "They.. what? Thats breach of concract… No no no no I’m sure we didn’t tell his to get Rus and confirm that that is not what happened and then get him in contact with the lawyers and… the ink isn’t even dry on the contract and they do this… hold on the line I have another call. RUS! Yes I know. Are you sure?…" -07:33 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie waited for at least a few moments. It was curious to watch him working, but well… it was work. One business phonecall was the same as another as far as she was concerned. After a bit, she started to wander. Curiosity being stronger than the need to stay put. She took a brief look at the kitchen, imagining what kind of neat things she could cook in there. And then she was slipping in to the hall of his ‘recreation’ rooms. That had piqued her interest the most, because she couldn’t imagine having more than one! Leslie passed by a few slightly opened doors until she stopped at a closed on. A twist of the nob and she was stepping inside to a…. A… Leslie had no idea what she was looking at! She was a little stupified by it! -07:38 Aug 12
Damion: He slippd of of the desk so that he could pound his fist into it. "NO! I’m not letting them get away with this. They’ve breached the contract and gone to a competitor. Get the lawyers on it and send me a list of options before lunch Monday. Now is not a good time I have a.. meeting… Yes I’ll talk to you monday." He twitched lines and listened. "Yes hes taking care of it, send him a report and make sure I get a copy. Goodnight." he hung up and then looked at the door. "Leslie?" -07:44 Aug 12
Leslie: Maybe an insane torture chamber. He didn’t strike her as crazy, though. Leslie wandered further in to the room, fingers running over random stuff as she tried to figure out what it was actually used -for-. She stopped and picked up what she guessed was a blind fold. "Hmm…" -07:48 Aug 12
Damion: He was in the doorway, watching, his face set and one hand on the doorframe. "I’m surprised you havn’t run." he said his eyes studying her. "Though I did ask you to wait since this was the one room I wasn’t planning on showing you." he stepped further into the room. "Now that you’ve seen it though. I have to wonder what you think." -07:52 Aug 12
Leslie: "What’s it for, exactly?" She had been caught snooping, and she looked a little apologetic for it. But mostly just curious. Leslie set down the blindfold, wandering a bit further. Only to stop, rise up on her toes and poke at was a shackle or handcuff hanging from the ceiling. "Punishing bad business partners?" -07:55 Aug 12
Damion: He studied her wondering if she was joking or playing coy or if she really didn’t know. "No, they’re not for work, they’re for play." he said "Or more specifically, they’re for sex." he watched her reaction and then stepped further into the room with her. "This is my other secret." -07:58 Aug 12
Leslie: "Oh." She was saying that word a lot lately, and now her face was red again. Leslie played it off. …or at least tried to, until she realized she couldn’t quite figured out how this related to ‘play’. "Wait, what? How is all this for sex?" She gestured towards the bed, and maybe the sofa. "Those I get but… " She twist her mouth and glanced at the rest. She had no idea. -08:00 Aug 12
Damion: "You have called me a control freak." he said calmly. "That is true. When I have sex, I like to be in control, absolute control. These." he touched the restraints. "Allow my partner to surrender control and trust to me entirely, absolutly. I will take her and restrain her or not as I see fit, she will do everythign I say when I say it without fear or hesitation no matter what it is. In return I reward her, if she fails to do so she gets punished." -08:04 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie opened her mouth and almost said it again. She clamped her mouth shut instead, putting it all to thought. She was trying to wrap her head around the concept. "What kind of punishment..?" she asked slowly. That would be a deciding factor in how she felt about it. -08:07 Aug 12
Damion: "It could be anything from a pinch, a slap, being restrained…" he locked to a rack with various objects and canes on it. "Nothing she doesn’t consent to, that is where the trust comes in. Which is why such a girl is tricky to find." -08:10 Aug 12
Leslie: She was imagining a lot more than just a pinch of a slap, and she wasn’t sure if that was just a wild assumption or if maybe she had the right ideas. It made her a bit uncomfortable, enough that she was crossing her arms and eying the room with a different sort of examining look. "How many girls have you had sex with like this…?" To have his own special room… that had to be a lot, but… he also said he rarely found people he trusted! It was a contradiction. -08:13 Aug 12
Damion: He eyed her. "This is all covered under the NDA." he said, a quick clarification. "And six, none of them lasted very long and none of them knew half of what you do. I think thats the main reason why they didn’t last, the trust wasn’t absolute." -08:17 Aug 12
Leslie: "Trust is important." she confirmed. Her mouth was in a twisted half frown as she chewed on her lip. This was… Well, it didn’t change her opinion on him by much. It was something foreign to her. She couldn’t judge what she had never done before. Something about it unsettled her, though. She just wasn’t sure if it was the punishment part or the restraining part. "And they all have done everything you said and let you do whatever? Have you ever been chain up before?" -08:22 Aug 12
Damion: "Everyhting I’ve done has been with thier consent. Its not about power and making people do what they don’t want to do. Its about control and them allowing me to make them do wha I want them to do, but yes, all of them have, and yes, I have but I decided I prefered being on the dominant side." he was still eyeing her. "So does this change you’r opinion on me? What do you think about this secret?" -08:27 Aug 12
Leslie: "It really just affirms my belief that you’re a control freak." she eased the tension with a joke, and a small almost shy grin. "I don’t really understand all this stuff. I’m curious mostly? I’d like to know how it works, but I’m not so sure if it’s a good idea to ask." Leslie dropped her arms and her posture was relaxed again. She was back to being curious and snooping. -08:32 Aug 12
Damion: "Jade would kill me if I showed you" he said "And it would need more discussion, I would need to know your limits, what you do not want done." and here he was talking to her about it. "But you can ask any question you like and I’ll answer honestly." he was eyeing her, seeing her walk around his room, curiously touching his things, it made him want her to accept. -08:36 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie hadn’t meant having him show her… but now that it was out there, her face was turning red again and she was turning to hide it as she looked around. "Jade doesn’t have a say in what I do." she responded first. Leslie stopped at the wall where all sorts of things were hanging. "I wouldn’t want you to hit me. And I don’t think I would like being restrained. That scares me. Does it hurt? What you do?" -08:40 Aug 12
Damion: "No hitting, no restrainging.. that is not a lot to work with." he said "But I’d never make you agree to anything you wouldn’t want to." he thought over her question for a moment. "It does, but not beyond what would fade in a few minutes. Its about pleasure just like any other sex." -08:46 Aug 12
Leslie: "I haven’t had any sex before, so I wouldn’t really know the difference." she sounded almost like that bothered her, but she was just as quickly changing her tone and casting him a grin over her shoulder. "Are you considering taking me on as your lady friend in your play room, Damion? I’m not very good at being obedient." she teased. -08:50 Aug 12
Damion: His turn to be surprised and yet see how it fit. "I am." it was an honest answer. "But if you havn’t had sex before I can’t have you commit to this kind of thing. Not unless you understood what you would be getting yourself in for." he was thinking. "Leslie… if you’ve never had sex before then I can’t ask you to agree to this. So we’d need to have sex first, without the room." -08:56 Aug 12
Leslie: Leslie gave a shrug of her shoulders and cast a wry expression. "It’s fine. It wouldn’t have happened anyway. I would have to take off my clothes and-" she stopped and immediately changed the subject. She was even heading for the door and fussing with the hair pulled over her shoulder. "I think I would like a glass of water after all. Maybe some juice or tea? I really didn’t take a good look at your kitchen." -09:00 Aug 12

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