Repairing Destiny 009: Jane’s Birthday

[Jane is in Brit’s bed having snuck in at about 3 AM.] -01:02 Sep 09
[Britt is sleeping late, because that is what one does when staying up late studying to make up for too much time with your girlfriend!] -01:03 Sep 09
Britt: With no morning classes, she had no reason to get up. ….aside from Jane’s birthday! But she would be seeing Jane later in the afternoon, and Britt needed all the sleep she could get. She streeeeetched and rolled over on to something snugglie warm an curled up with it. -01:08 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane’s lips pressed against Brits and her hand moved down to squeeze her but as soon as she started moving. "Morning Princess." said before pulling brit’s face against her chest. "Not disturbing you, am I?" -01:30 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Hmmm, hello boobies…" she mumbled, still half asleep and nuzzling in to Jane’s chest. Wait, Jane wasn’t supposed to be here! Britt hopped up to a sitting position and swatted at the girl. "You!! You’re not supposed to be sneaking in here, do you know how much trouble you’re going to get me in to?" -01:34 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane rolled onto her back and strethced before eying her girlfriend. "I missed you, and it’s my birthday. I always use my borthday to get away with things… like that kiss. The boney I had to hide after that… well that won’t be a problem anymore." -01:43 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Now I’ll never know when you’re hot for me." she mumbled sarcastically, pursing her lips and trying her hardest to give Jane her most serious of angry glares. That wasn’t going over so well. Jane was so damned good looking and Britt’s resistance really sucked. Sitting on her knees, she leaned to pluck coyly at Jane’s hair. "We should get up and out before anyone in the house notices. I know know if my parents are still home. Whacha wanna do for your birthay?" -01:46 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane sat up and grabbed grabbed the front of Britt’s pajamas and pulled her into a long, deep kiss. "That give you a clue?" she asked before springing to her feet and looking out the window. "Seriously though…? Why don’t you to take a shower and I’m sure I’ll think of something." -01:56 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Hmmph. Okay. But we can’t do anything here!" Britt rolled out of bed, tugging her pajamas off on the way to her bathroom. The nice thing about being filthy rich was getting your own bathroom! "We can do anything else you want today, though! The Britt Birthday Promise is always fullfilled!" -02:03 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: As Britt was in the bathroom Jane was wandering around poking at things until she got to Britt’s bedside drawer and opened it. She expected rick people stuff. Jewelry… maybe an old book or somethign but instead saw rubber and plastic. Reaching in she picked it up and stared at it. It took her an embarressingly long time for her to realize what it was… -02:11 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: Britt left the bathroom door open, and got the shower running before she hopped inside. She fussed with washing her hair as quickly as she could. "Jaaa-aaaaane. You could at least be thinking out loud and telling me where you’d like to go. Maybe lunch somewhere super cute! Sushi?" -02:13 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: "Well I’ve apparently just found your boyfriend." Jane called back dropping it on the bed. "Ugh I didn’t even realize you had one of those." she honestly didn’t kno what to say about it though. "Do all girls have one?" -02:16 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "My what? I don’t have b- ooooohhh shit." Oh god oh god, that snooping bitch. Stupid Jane! Britt fumbled to get herself rinsed off, flipped off the water, and stumbled out of the shower. She snatched the nearest towel to wrap herself in and while still sopping wet she dashed in to the bedroom. Her friend was snatched up off the bed and hidden behind her back, despite the fact the damage was done already. "Guys do thiiiings, and so do girls! It’s not that weird!" Didn’t stop her face from being red, though. -02:20 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane’s face was equally bright but she faced Britt with her hands on her hips. "I’ve been able to do things without one since… you know. What is that even like?" there was a passing look of curiocity before it was burried under dubiousness. "You know what? We have sex so there’s no embrresment to knowing how you masterbait." -02:27 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Yeah, but you’re not supposed to know that I… youknow. It’s not ladylike!" Britt huffed, backing up and around Jane in a circle to make it over to her dresser so she could stash the thing without Jane seeing it again. She didn’t care if it didn’t make sense. "Fingers get tired and it has settings and hum. HMPH. I will buy you one!" -02:33 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: "Is it ladylike when you’re screming my name from me being wrist deep inside you?" she asked with the biggest grin on her face. "Or molesting a virgin when she’s just been dumped? Is that ladylike? That ship’s sailed, princess." she reached out to pull Britt’s towel away from her and grab her butt. "See? And you don’t have to get me one… it would feel wierd." -02:41 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Just because YOU are a wild sex goddess doesn’t mean I’M not a lady-eeep!" There went her towel, and she had to spin around to slap Jane’s hand away from her butt. Now it was a very naked Britt standing with a hand on her hip and pointing a jellydong at her girlfriend with a big scowl. "Feel weird, or feel GREAT? Boys are useless things, but their attachments are just fine. Maybe you will like it…" -02:45 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: "I am not and never have been attracted to men or thier… attachments." Jane said, taking a step back raising her hands defencivly. "Fine, maybe once with you but that’s it. Only because it’s you." -03:11 Sep 09 Jane
[Jane doesn’t want a penis in her. >=(] -01:10 Dec 19
[Britt finds Jane’s penis problem very entertaining. ] -01:11 Dec 19
Britt: "You had one FOREVER! Don’t be scared of it!" Britt was trying not to laugh, but it was hard not to when Jane had that look of disgust and near-horror on her face. It was difficult for Britt to take any situation seriously while holding a jellydong. Worse, when she advanced forward, poking the thing at Jane. "How did you think lesbians get it on!" -01:15 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Exactly how we’ve been getting it on, of has that been in my imagination?" Jane retorted grabbing a pillow to parry the sex toy. "And that was different. That was part of me and not made of plastic." She threw the pollow at Britt’s face and folded her arms. "What if it hurts?" -01:18 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Hurt! Why would it? It’s not any different than shoving anything else in there!" This was adorable and ridiculous. Britt swatted the pillow away, then took the opportunity to pounce and shove Jane towards the bed. "You’re scaaaaaaaared. It’s cuuuuute. All those fights you get in to, and you think a little toy is scary. It’s name is Prissy, by the way. Say hello to Prissy." She was being terrible, wiggling the thing towards Jane’s face and barely containing her giggles. -01:22 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She grabbed Britt’s wrist and ith the limited amount of Judo that she had picked up sent the girl sailing onto the bed and with her hair falling over her face she glared. "You would too if you had to step into the ring with someone. That’s how out of my depth I am here and you’re not helping." she should probably be keeping her voice down with Britt’s faamily being around but she was frustrated with the girl. "And don’t first times with somethign that size always hurt?" -01:30 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: There was a bounce and a squeak from Britt as she landed in bed, followed by even louder giggling. She was completely forgetting the need to keep quiet and all too amused with the entire thing. "You didn’t pay attention in High School Health at all, did you? It doesn’t hurt if you do it riiiight, and you’ve already had plenty of experience already. It’s just a big vibrating finger… and less messy too!" Now Britt was waving it like a tempting magic wand. "You said you’d try it once with me." -01:36 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Ugh you’re like… like you’re twelve." Jane huffed. "We’ve just had sex and you want more?" she folded her arms and smirked. "So you can’t get enough of Jame… Jane can you?" she was changing the subject om purpose, of course. "Were you this much of a slut with all your girlfriends?" -01:49 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "You’re just mad because I’m the sex goddess and you’re my innocent virginal princess." Britt stuck out her tongue. "If you don’t waaaant it, I can just get dressed and we’ll start your birthday spectacular. Breakfast and maybe I will buy you your very own Prissy if you’re especially good." -01:53 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: This had Jane rolling her eyes and clicking her tongue. "No, Britty. That’s not how it works. It’s my birthday so I get to say who is who and what is what." she said with a cicky grin. before crawling up next to her on the bet and slapping her butt. She was still looking at the thing in Britt’s hand like it was about to bite her though. "And fuck calling it prissy if you get me one. That’s a terrible name." -02:01 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt made an unpleasant face and rubbed her now stinging skin. Her friend Prissy was momentarily set aside on the mattress so Britt could use both her arms to throw around Jane’s neck. "Fine, Bossy Bitch! What DO you want me to do first for your birthday?" She nuzzled against Jane’s cheek and nipped gently at her ear. There was still plenty of time before things opened and it was Jane’s fault for waking her up early. -02:06 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She grabbed Britt’s hair to pull her away from her ear roughly. "You are horny.. aintcha?" she said, now amused as her other hand went down to cop a feel of Britt’s folds, unashamedly not helping the situation. "Fine… I’ll give your boyfriend a try… that way you don’t have to waste your money if I don’t like it." Hand planted in the center of Britt’s chest she shoved the girl away and sat up to fold her arms and legs and stare at her. "Just make sure you do it right…" -02:11 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: If she wasn’t horny before, she sure was now. Jane had a wonderful way of being fiesty and it made it all the more fun for Britt. She was giggling again, crawling back across the bed towards her. She reached out to grab a knee to tug her legs back open again, and then her hands her sliding up her thighs and tugging at the fabric of her clothes. "It’s just like a girl to make sex sound like a chore. Don’t I always do everything right?" -02:17 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She kicked her foot at Britt with a grin, she wasn’t going to make this easy for her. "Sometimes." she said eyeing the girl and making a skeptical face. "Sex… usually…" She continued to blick Britt with her foot as she pretended to concider her words. "Am I really that much of a girl? I’m not sure I I should feel about that… concidering…" -02:22 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "If you miss being a boy, we can always get you a strap on." Britt fussed at the kicking, swatting Jane’s feet or shoving them out of the way while trying to get the girl’s clothes OFF and on the floor where they belonged. She finally gave up on that battle and opted for pounce-flopping on top of her and biting sharply in to her shoulder. "If you don’t fighting, you’re going to get it rough!" -02:28 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: Jane was a lot stronger thaan Britt and Britt should have remembered this. Lifted boodily off of Jane and held aloft above a grinning gace she was tutted at. "What was that? You want to fight me?" Britt was tossed aside again as Jane laughed and then pulled off her own shirt and then slithered out of her jeans to resule her cross legged cross armed pose. "And since you like plastic penises so much that can be if I don’t. Though I’d still have these." On the word ‘these’ she squeezed her boobs together and stuck her tngue out at Britt. "I guess that’s what would make it okay for you? Hmmm…?" -02:33 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: After an oomph and a huff, Britt was crawling back over to straddle Jane. "Tools attached to hot girls are always nice. You’ll see." Since Jane was so nice as to offer them up, with both hands Britt reached to cup her breasts… and tweak a nipple! "I want to do a little less fighting and a little more seducing. If you keep throwing me you want get nice things liiiiiike.." Britt leaned down and flicked her tongue over the tweaked nipple. -02:41 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "You’re like a cat who just won’t stay off of a lap." Jane complained but at the same time she couldn’t help but mean back and place her hands on the matress to stop herself from falling over and giving Britt all the access she could ever want to her chest as her legs straitened and opened. "I’m just trying to figure it out… if it’s not what goes inside you that’s the issue then why don’t you find guys attractive?" Jane waas showing her ignorence an she knew it. -02:48 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Hmmm. I told you already? Girls are soft and pretty and curvy. I like the way the walk and the way the move and the way they look." Like now, Jane was so incredibly pretty it was easy to forget she was trying to molest the girl. Britt trailed her fingers over Jane’s collarbone and nuzzled against one of her breasts. "Why do YOU like girls?" -02:54 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Just always have… and…" she lifted a hand to stroke the back of Britt’s neck lightly. "The way you smell, the way you smile, the way you always try to hide your burps with a tiny fake cough and think I don’t notice… that look in your eyes when you look at me like I’m the only person in the world…" she leaned forwards and whispered. "That’s how I know when you want sex, Britt." She tried to think of anyone other than Britt for more examples but it was impossible. "Speaking off… arn’t you meant to be seducing me?" -02:59 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: All of that was way too specific… and Britt was a total sucker. A hopeless, infatuated sucker that couldn’t carry out an aggressive seduction because her girlfriend was accidentally enchanting! Britt’s hands moved up Jane’s neck to cup her face and she swooped down to gently brush a kiss over her lips. She nibbled softly before deepening the kiss and letting her fingers get tangled in Jane’s hair. -03:06 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: The sudden change of pace had Jane’s toes curling as she kissed Britt back and ran her hand over her hip, gripping it. Her tongue flicked out and wriggles it’s way between Britt’s lips as she sighed happily and moved hand to squeeze her butt. "Not what I was expecting but… good…" he pulled back needing to breathe, hea heavy lidded eyes fixed on Britt’s. -03:14 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "You say things and I just melt…" she mumbled, petting her fingers through Jane’s hair and brushing her thumb against her chin. There might have been other words to say, but Britt was pressing in to her again. Kissing a bit harder and using her body to lean Jane back in to the pillows and mattress. -03:27 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She colapsed under Britt’s wieght, her body writhing against her as her hands found her hair and burried themselves in it. Tnen she was rolling over and pinning Britt’s arms to the matress as she left a trail of kisses across her cheek and nipped her earlobe her hands sliding up her arms to squeeze her breasts as she straddles her hips, her tongue running up behind her ear before she broke away, a leg coming up to pin her chest down as she sat up, still on Britt’s hips and looked aorund, reaching out to grab ‘prissy’ and hold it in her hands, turning it over, making sure Britt was securely pinned. "So… you’re going to use this on me? Show me how a real girl does it?" She was still unsure of the ideaa but she was turned on and committed to it, and she wasn’t so scared of it that she couldn’t torture Britt a bit. Girls with toys were hot to her after all. "I guess we should lubricate first, hmmm?" she asked leaning forwards and running her tongue up its length. No… this was not something she ever expected to ever do and it tasted wierd. "Come on, open up…" -03:37 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: It was completely unfair that Jane was still so much stronger, but any protests about that died on her lips when Jane licked prissy. Jane had to know where that thing had been. Everything seemed to clench, from toes to biting in to her lip, and Britt squirmed uncomfortably but completely transfixed. "You… um! Open up what..? she muttered, the statement probably being nonsensical. With her hands free, Britt splayed her fingers over Jane’s stomach before gripping in to her hips. -03:47 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She grinned ear to ear at Britt’s reaction, wondering if she could make her do it again. "Let me demonstrate." she said parting her lips and pishing the tip of ‘Prissy’ between them, then after a deep series of breaths pushed it in further, probably putting more effort into making sure she didn’t gag or choke then she needed to. Then with an exagerated pleased moan and making sure there was slurp she pulled it out, saliva trailing down her chin as she slid her foot off of Britt’s chest and pacing a hand hand next to her head leaned forwards to put the tip of the toy against her lips. "Your turn… then you get to use it." -03:53 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt couldn’t decide if it was really gross or really, really hot. But with Jane having that look on her face, Britt was completely helpless to refuse. The girl was just crazy sexy at everything she did. Britt grabbed Jane’s wrist helping guide her hand as she pushed the toy in to her mouth. Ironically she didn’t have a probably at all with gagging, being able to take in a good length of it. Meanwhile her hand slid down Jane’s stomach and underneath her. Fingers gentle probing in to her sensitive flesh. -04:03 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: Jane giggled, probably with more gilishness than she would have liked before she lid herself further up, givng Britt better access before she pulled the toy from Britt’s mouth, took her hand and wrapped it around the base of the shaft, giving her control. Leaning in she whispered into her ear, as soft as she coould with it still being audible. "Now you got to show me what all the fuss is about." she said, releasing her hand and sliding off of her, sitting on the bed with her legs outstretched and hands on the matress. "Mostly because I have no idea how to do this…" -04:09 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "There’s no special trick to it…" So cute! From vixen to shy, Jane was always interesting. Britt shifted on the bed, sliding up between Jane’s legs and bracing a hand at Jane’s shoulder. She adjusted her grip on the toy, closer to the tip, then teased at Jane’s lips by running it up and down the length of them. Not quite pushing it in, but occasionally slipping her thumb between her lips to test for wetness. -04:17 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She hips lifted from the attention as she bit her lip and watched what britt was doing. "If I were using it on myself I’d manage but on someone else…" she WAS blushing, and flushing and a hundred other things. "Doing it right…" Britt seemed to forget that so many things were still kindaa new to Jane. Her Body… sex… letting go and trusting someone eough for them to put a vibrating plastic dick to her crotch… "Just turn it on…" did she just… beg? -04:25 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Not yet. I thought you wanted me to do this right?" she murmured softly, leaning down to nuzzle against Jane’s cheek. Britt stroked with the tip, agonizingly slow until Jane was good wet. Then she pushed in gently, dipping between her lips and pressing in to her opening, but only just barely inside. She held it there without moving, circled her thumb around her clit. -04:30 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: There was a moan before her hand dashed up to grip Britt’s hair to pull her into a deep, hungry kiss. This was insane. She had a fake penis inside her and becaise Britt was so adorably sweet she was… enjoying it though it probbaly felt deeper than it really was. "I love you." she whispered before she bit her lip and pulled back, letting her haid trail from her hair down the back of her neck. -04:41 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled, burying her face in to Jane’s neck and nibbling the soft, sensitive skin. She finally pushed it in again, then pulled back. Everytime she pushed in, she pushed a little bit deeper, and when she pulled back it was all the way to the tip. The rythm remain slow and steady, and slipped in and out with ease. And every time her thumb would slid up and against her clit with it, teasing the bud with the movements. -04:47 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: A long, low pleased groan escaped her as she relaxed into it. Concentratin gon the attention and not on what was happening. It was intoxicating, frustrating and toe curlingly sensual. She kept runnign Britt’s neck but she was getting distracted, her movements slowing as she turned her head to the side and and letting out a long shaky breath. "You reaally have to keep melting my brain with that clit action don’t you." she teased her legs straining to open further. -04:58 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Um hmmm…" Her tongue flicked out to lick against her skin. Teeth gently nibbling their way down to one of her breasts until he lips circled around a nipple in a sucking kiss. Britt increased the speed of her pushing, her grip shifting to the base of the toy shaft. It was slick and hard, pushing in and out quickly enough to have Jane slightly bouncing on the bed. …and then Britt flicked on the vibrator! -05:06 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Oh… fuck!" she was just getting used to it and not the game changed. It wasn’t just the stimulation of the movement anymore but everywhere ‘prissy’ touched was tingling. "She bit her lips and when that wasn’t enoug pulled Britt to her and bit her shoulder, harder than she meant to. She wasn’t lyign about her brain melting and she wanted to give something back to Britt too. -05:16 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt yelped and it was followed by a muffled laugh as she buried her face in Jane’s neck. There was no greater satisfaction than driving Jane wild. She had to shift to get her grip back, and brace her knees in to the mattress to spread Jane’s legs wider. Then she was pounding harder, making sure every time it slide out that it was grinding and vibrating against Jane’s clit. -05:20 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: There was a cry that came out as a growl against Britt’s skin and then Jane’s leg kicked out, bouncing on the matress three times before curling up and with a shake every muscle in Jane’s body shook as she clamped around the toy, her mouth breakign away from the monstrous hicky forming on Britt’s shoulder as the orgasm tore through her. "Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck…" she panted sweat beading on her face and running down her cleavage. With a groan she collapsed, arms spread and chest heaving. "I know what I want for my birthday." -05:30 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Yes!" Britt chirped, way too pleased with herself. She pulled out and flipped it off, then scooted further up to rest on and elbow. With a terribly wicked grin on her face, she tapped the thing against her mouth before giving it a lick. "And you were scared of Prissy." -05:34 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Shhhhhh." Jane insisted. "Don’t ruin it." she was in an increadaable after sex buzz and all she wanted to do was pull Britt against her and put her arms around her and kiss her. So that’s what she did. "Still a dumb name… unless… it’s a girl." she smirked. "Then it works. I’ve just been fucked by your first girlfriend." it made sense, to Jane anyway. If part of Britt had always been aware of her preferences. -05:40 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Prissy isn’t my first… poor things get worn out after awhile." she muttered with amusement, curling herself around Jane and snuggling in to her. Britt yaaaaawned. "Sleep now, birthday dong later." -05:44 Dec 19 Britt

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