Mediterranean Misadventure 008: Maria’s Meltdown

Maria: The days had fallen in to a simple routine. Breakfast in bed, watching silly shows on tv. A morning drive or visit to the horses or lake. Lunch on the grounds, or curled up by a fireplace, and evenings back in bed again. Not even always with sex. Just curled up together talking about nothing important and it was… not going to last. Today was the last night. She was with Kabriel at his funraiser, dressed in dark purple and far more reserved than was typical of her. At these things she would be flirting, hitting on handsome rich men. But so far, the entire evening all she could do was smile at Kabriel, even when he wasn’t looking her way. He was everything she wanted, and it was going to be gone. -07:18 May 10
Kabriel: Kabriel twood behing the podium as the nem in suits have a respecablr effort at blapping and waves. But his eyes fell on the girl standing behing the seats. He had given a speech about the hospital needing to be built and had pledges a sizable amount of money, more than the next car he had his eye on cost.. the car that has made Maria narrow her eyes and grin when it had come on tv… “Princess.” he said rejoining her and smiling as he put his hands on the waiste. “I hope I wasn’t gone too long.” -07:24 May 10
Maria: “You speak well in these long boring speeches, for someone who can barely growl out a word in english when he’s making love to me…” Maria straightened his jacket, smoothing her hands over the collar. It was really just an excuse to touch him. “I think you set an amazing standard tonight. It will be hard to follow you..” -07:29 May 10
Kabriel: He grinned at her, “Now you’re just flattering me.” he said leaning forwards and kissing her anyway. “Still hoping for that car then?” he grinned nuzzlign the tip of his nose against hers. “And I have more practice with speaches than I do with love.” -07:32 May 10
Maria: Her grin was affectionate, and she had forgotten they were were out in public when she slid her arms around his waist under his jacket. “I am always honest, remember? I like seeing you up and speaking. Being serious and commanding is very attractive.” -07:37 May 10
Kabriel: “Then its a pitty you con’t see me during the military inspection next month. Big parade, the prince in ceremonial uniform giving commands, I get to wave a sword around.” he kissed her again his hands sliding around to rest in the small of her back. -07:41 May 10
Maria: “Oh honey, that sounds like something I don’t want to miss… you swinging your sword around in front of a bunch of soldiers.” Her grin turned a bit wicked as she rest her head against his cheek. “Sounds like something amusing to write a play about.” -07:46 May 10
Kabriel: “The one you seem to be talkign about will stay shiethed during the parade.” he teased as he cradled her against him like a couple in a slowdance. “And I’m going to look for you in the crowd.” -07:49 May 10

Yvaine was attending that fundraiser. After all, she was crowned Queen of Rhineland and now she had a responsibility for public appearances. But imagine her surprise to find Maria at one… with the very same man she left her reception with! For the first half of the event she was watching, just to see if Maria was using her date to meet someone new… but… here they were being so adorable that Yvaine had her hands covering her mouth not to squeal. She finally couldn’t resist, sneaking up behind Maria and chiming in to their obviously intimate conversation. “Are you planning another date? Though… it seems the last one isn’t over…” -Maria

Maria: Maria froze, very slowly pulling away from Kabriel to turn and look at Yvaine, like she was some sort of child caught red handed at doing something bad. Yvaine… Maria retained her composure. “It went a little longer than expected… Anyway, I’m surprised to see you here.” -07:59 May 10
Kabriel: Kabriel stepped up next to Marian and smiled to Yvaine. “You’re catchign us on the last night of our date actually, tomorow after lunch you can have her back, even though I still light chain ehr up..: -08:04 May 10

“This has been a -really- long date.” Yvaine responded with a big grin. Was Maria blushing? It looked like she was…! “I don’t think Maria has even spend longer than two days with someone before… it’s been how long? A month or so?” -Maria

Maria: “Time flies when you get lost at sea, spend a week in a hospital or nearly break you ankle. Yvaine, where is your husband? I miss seeing his handsome face.” Changing the subject! Had it really been over a month with Kabriel? Maria hadn’t even realized…! -08:10 May 10
Kabriel: Kabriel nodded. “And a week in my palace was all she needed to recover.” he smiled but his tone was as if he was telling himself and not Yvaine. “I wouldn’t want to steal your best friend forever.” -08:16 May 10

“Oh, Kingly business, he is somewhere having a meeting with people that I can’t even remember their names. This has been a lot to get used to, but I like it a lot.” Yvaine was watching the expressions Maria made. Maria was very good at hiding what she thought, but tonight… tonight it was totally different. Yvaine was grinning wider. “I don’t think she minds being stolen by you. Maaa-rriiii-aaa, do you like him? I’ve never seen you smile like that before.” -Maria

Maria: Now would be a really bad time to slap her hand over Yvaine’s mouth and drag the tiny little woman out the side door. Maria could see her lurking bodyguards over by the wall. But if Yvaine didn’t quit talking, she was going to die. “He is a man,, and he… is here…” Christ, she didn’t even know what to say. That she loved him? She fell in love with him at some point between hot boat sex and him calling her princess? And tonight would be the last night of no-regrets sweetness before she had to cut the ties, just because she was afraid he’d fuck her bridesmaids? Maria finally shook her head, giving a shakey laugh. She stepped away from Kabriel and Maria, and was walking off quickly without even excusing herself. -08:27 May 10
Kabriel: He watched her go.. then looked at Yvaine.. then looked back.. “Excuse me..” he dashed off after Maria and caught up with her just outside the door. “Maria.. where are you going?” -08:31 May 10

Yvaine looked a little surprised. She broke Maria! But if that wasn’t a tell tale sign of something… Chewing on her lip, Yvaine was quick to signal her very nice escorts… she needed to fix this! And time to do it! -Maria

Maria: “I’m going…. somewhere! But not home with you.” …she said home with him! …What was she thinking! She was crying, she never cried. And if she ran, she’d just end up repeating that week all over again… “I can’t do this with you anymore!” Maria finally blurted out. “I can’t love you! I can’t stay with you and pretend like it’s all real, and beautiful and going to last. When someday you’re going to realize one woman isn’t enough and fuck some Russian slut with great tits but a shitty conscience! I don’t want to go and trust and then be heartbroken when it all falls apart..” -08:37 May 10
Kabriel: He looked at her, it hurt seeign her like this, it hurt that she didn’t seem to trust him and its hust seeing her plain. “Then go with Yvaine… You need a friend.” he said. SO they would get a night adn a morning less “You were leaving tomorow anyway, so go with her and I’ll go back to armenia…” he put his arms around her and brushed his lips against hers weather he wanted him to or not… “I won’t say I love you, because you don’t want to hear it.” -08:41 May 10
Maria: “Just stop. Stop being good to make and making me wish everything was different.” She had to push him away. Every time he kissed her, she only wanted to stay. Beg for forgiveness and stay longer than she should. “Just let it go.” -08:49 May 10
Kabriel: His face was a mask as he stepped away and closed his eyes for a moment, turning to see Yvaine watching them “You will always be welcone to visit my country Maria.. to visit me.” then he was walking away not giving her a chanve to respond, or to see the wetness om his face. -08:52 May 10

Yvaine was there immediately taking her friends arms to whisk her away. “Oh boy, don’t cry…! You can tell me about it on the way to my hotel. You can tell me everything.” -Maria

Maria: “I am so stupid.” About what she meant was a mystery. Maria watched him walk away, before she finally gave in to Yvaine tegging her away. It was done. Over… and she should be relieved… -08:57 May 10

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