One Life Stand 009: The Right Kind of Wrong Wish

[Tessa is backstage of D’s first concert under HER label. Everything is going great so far..!] -07:06 Jun 02
[D can’t believe he finally has a concert again. Not that hes enthusiastic or anything, but the label didn’t know about it and lookit that? Hes on time!] -07:07 Jun 02
Tessa: Tessa was incredibly excited and not bothering to hide any of it. …except the jealousy part. There was a surprising amount of girls she knew very well were long term followers and fans and… Tessa didn’t want to call it jealously, but it was kinda irking her a bit. They -needed- wild and excited fangirls, why was she so annoyed?! That was their top demographic! -07:11 Jun 02
D: On stage, with a band, winking at a fan or two, playing music, this was great. THis was fun, this was what he loved doing! So why did he feel that somehting was missing? It was the secons last song of the night and his throat was starting to get tired, and he figured out what he was missing, the smartly dressed boss watching from the sidelines. But hey this was meant to be a comeback show, even if he did have a bra hit him in the face. -07:17 Jun 02
D: On stage, with a band, winking at a fan or two, playing music, this was great. THis was fun, this was what he loved doing! So why did he feel that somehting was missing? It was the secons last song of the night and his throat was starting to get tired, and he figured out what he was missing, the smartly dressed boss watching from the sidelines. But hey this was meant to be a comeback show, even if he did have a bra hit him in the face. -07:17 Jun 02
Tessa: She was watching all right… at least until she was so annoyed she could barely contain it. Thankfully it was the last song, and just by the sound of his voice she knew he was going to need a good break afterwards. Before she gave in to the urge to grab a hose and shower fangirls away from the stage, Tessa was stalking back to the dressing rooms. Since it was his first concert in a while, she brought things to make a hot tea. She had a couple cups and that awesome teapot lamp she bought at the market. ….now if she could just stop grumbling as she filled up the pot with water. “Wish I was a crazy hot roadie with no shame so I could sleep with rockstars without guilt…” Ugh! Why did this even bother her…! -07:22 Jun 02
D: So oe second he was winding down the song and the next…. wow these girls acted fast. He was.. somewhere, and underneath hiswas a very nice pair of breasts that he couldn’t help but stare at for a second before he realized what was going on and …. “Tessa?” -07:26 Jun 02
Tessa: One minute she was filling a teapot, the next she felt like she was falling and now…. Now she was comfortable aside from the fact someone was on TOP of her and she was kinda happy it was D while also being slightly freaked out…! “I… yeah…?” …what the hell was she wearing? When she shifted to look down she was dressed like… like some clubbing bimbo! -07:30 Jun 02
D: There were a hundred things he could say at this point, but he put his hand on the side of her neck as he again looked at her and her outfit, then up at her eyes. “You got dressed up for me?” of course she did, tessa didn,e and HOW DID HE END UP ON TOP OF HER? -07:33 Jun 02
Tessa: “Um…!” This had a logical explaination somewhere! Backstage, being grumpy, making tea… Tea! That old guy was selling -real- used genie lamps?! “This is SO a wish corruption…!” she squeaked out, pushing her hands up against his shoulders, but not really putting any force behind it to move him. This was so awkward… but… No! Bad Tessa! Totally bad! “Kind of, but this isn’t exactly what I meant!” -07:37 Jun 02
D: His fingers had a mind of thier own sliding from the side of her neck across her throat as she spoke and then down he chest to hook on the very low cut of her top and pull it even lower. “Wish huh.” he said as if that explained everything. “Was this yours or mine because I could see me wishing for this.. for that outfit.” -07:42 Jun 02
Tessa: “Mine…” Tessa could kick herself for that one breathless word, and she seriously should be explaining that this situation wasn’t what she meant AT ALL. She shifted under him and just with that slight movement she realized, “I’m not wearing any underwear…!” …..Shit she didn’t mean to say THAT out loud either! Damage control! “I’m um, I meant to make you tea after the show…?” -07:47 Jun 02
D: She wasn’t wearing any underwear… and she had been making tea.. how were those related? For get the tea there was no underwear and he was on top of her, he wanted to just.. well he wouldn’t even have to push her legs agaist at this point. But het one of her boobs was free now and the hand that had a mind of its own was now cupping it and sqeezzing lightly. Okay fine it didn’t have a mind of it’s own but she felt good. “So is this wish going to come true?” he asked leaning in closer and kissing the side of her neck. “Or have U just overstepped every bound there is? -07:52 Jun 02
Tessa: “It’s not not coming true…!” and that was gasped out so quickly, she was surprised they were even words. Tessa squeezed her eyes shut and it wasn’t from anything other than an annoyingly contented sigh. She should -not- be enjoying this! She should be explaining the mistake and not moving to run her hand through his hair. ..such nice hair…! -07:55 Jun 02
D: Her works and actions disagreed But he didn’t know what the wish was so how could he tell if ti was coming true or not. What he did know was he was really liking wht she was doing with his hair. “You’re good with your hands.” he said moving to kiss a line up her cheek and then nip the corner of her lip slightly. “Sex with Tessa…” he said softly in the same time as the deep sigh in the shower. “Can’t think of anythign else I’d rather be doing.” -08:01 Jun 02
Tessa: “Really..?” He shouldn’t have said that. It just gave her all sorts of ideas and thoughts, and they were already in bed with her barely dressed and his hands on her and… Screw it! Wish granted! Both hands were in his hair then as she turned her head to capture his mouth with a sudden, probably over-eager kiss. She had wanted to do that all week…! -08:06 Jun 02
D: Well that was surprising, and great, and surprising… He pushed back his lips parting against hers as ge gripped her boob and his body moved against hers. There were no words, he was too busy kissing her back. -08:10 Jun 02
Tessa: So good… a real kiss. He smelled like sweat and smoke from the effects on the stage, with just that little hint of some sort of cologne and her shampoo he kept stealing. Tessa stroked her fingers through his hair, biting gently at his lips until she broke away just a fraction to twist her mouth up in a thoughtful frown and stare up at his face. She was taking advantage of this and of him. It might not be a good idea… -08:18 Jun 02
D: He pulled away too, before he ran a thumb over her lips, then his fingers up through her hair. And then leanign down to sofly kiss her forehead as he flipped her miniskirt up and yes.. definitly no underwear. “You know I’d rather be doing this with you than any of them out there tonight.” he said softly. “This is definatly worth stopping skirt chasing for.” -08:24 Jun 02
Tessa: Her over everyone else. If he didn’t quit saying stuff like that she was going to end up falling in love with him and then they would be in a whole lot of trouble! “Since when did you stop chasing skirts?” …not that she cared or anything. This was embarrassing and her cheeks were flushed from a combination of that and a very very pesky want to have him keep touching. Her hand found it’s way to rubbing up and down his arm as she chewed on her bottom lip. -08:28 Jun 02
D: “Have you seen me get back late and drunk at all since I started sleeping on your couch?” he asked her leaning in close and nipping her throat and moving his body against hers before he was pulling her top down further and kissing down her chest. Her skirt pushed up and her top pulled down, there was nothing in his way now. “You look good like this, I might just end up doing naughty things after all. -08:38 Jun 02
Tessa: Tessa almost reached down to push her skirt back in place, but instead her hand lingered at his side. Fingers flicking against the fabric and gently tugging… It really wasn’t fair that she was bare and he wasn’t… She was trying to be responsible here! Kind of… “…What kind of naughty things..?” Why did she ask that! Bad Tessa! -08:41 Jun 02
D: He laned back again and unbuttotned his shirt while watching her. “Like this.” there were a lot of things sewn onto the shirt, Tessa after all made the costumes herself. Pulling the shirt off he let it fall to the bed as he looked down at her, all the way from between her legs up to her face. SHe did look good, her ‘cute secretary’ look had shown some of it but still. “Its nothing you haven’t seen before.” -08:47 Jun 02
Tessa: All of his looking made her self conscious, but it wasn’t as if she weren’t staring herself. Watching way too intently on every button that went until his shirt was gone and she was leaning up on her elbows. She had seen before, but she had always been trying -not- to look. “You have a lot of scars…” Tessa leaned on one elbow as she reached out with her other hand to brush her fingers over one of them. -08:52 Jun 02
D: He wanted sex, not talk about scars… but her touch felt good, adn when did he start wanting sex this much? “I comes with the teritory you…” he was looking again, reachign around to unzip her top and pull it from her. Yes he liked the look of it pulled down on her but to have his hand brushing against her stomach made it worth it. “You know you’re nt very good as getting fucked like a floozy..” he said. “I guess thats what makes this special.” Make it sound like they were already decided they were having sex. -09:01 Jun 02
Tessa: Simple touches that made her flinch and nearly giggle, which was taking away from that sexy ‘floozy’ image, that she had no idea WHY she was even trying to keep up. “It doesn’t usually happen like this…” Just because HE wasn’t rolling her over and fucking her brains out didn’t mean it wasn’t the way it typically happened! But -that- was the furthest thing from her mind at the moment… Tessa was very delicately tugging at the waistband of his pants, almost looking like she was asking permission. -09:08 Jun 02
D: He looked down and then back up at her, she was getting into the swing of things but it was clear that even with her jerk ass boyfriends she hadn’t really had sex, just been used.. well that was it no more otehr guys for Tessa.. wait.. “I did say you could look whenever you wanted.” he said resting hsi ahdn on it side on her shoulder and tracing small circles in the back of her neck with his nail. -09:13 Jun 02
Tessa: “Probably not the smartest offer you ever made me…” Tessa tugged again, seeming to debate about it… but it wasn’t longer than a moment before she was using the one hand to unbuckle his belt and pull it out. Then unbuttoning his pants and using a single finger to curl over the fabric to slowly pull the zipper down. It was kinda like opening a present, and the thought made her cast a quick silly grin. -09:20 Jun 02
D: He was having naughty thoughts again. “Maybe not the smartest, but one of the funnest.” he said wathing her and even moving his hips to make it easier to do what she was doing even as his hand slid from her shoulder to slowly run her nipple. “And I’m not taking it back.” -09:26 Jun 02
Tessa: Every time he ran his hands over her, she was almost gasping. In this case her mouth had parted to let out a breath. But she was so focused on opening up his pants and tugging them down over his hips. “Too late to take it back now, wish has been granted…” she mumbled softly. -09:33 Jun 02
D: He was exposed and hard, the second time with her and the first without her running off so far. HE leaned down and pushed his lips into hers and niddled then against hers as both of his hands went to the back of her head nad he pushed her back down. His body pressing int hers. -09:42 Jun 02
Tessa: So different from every other time… he made her feel so different! Tessa returned his kiss with a soft movement of her mouth. Tentative, almost appreciative sigh slipping through when she stole the chance to run her hands down his now bare sides. It wasn’t smothering or rushed, as if he actually wanted to spend the time with her and that was so much hotter than he realized…! -09:47 Jun 02
D: His hand slipping from her hair and down to her hip to slid down and then curl around her leg to pull it up and around him before he pulled back from the kiss slightly his hand back to runnign though her hair as he rested on his other elbow and smiled down at her as he moved his hips, his lips parting as he found her and pushed his tip in.. then leaning down to kiss her solwly, pushed. -09:54 Jun 02
Tessa: “Hum…!” There was something absolutely intoxicating about the way he smiled, espeially like this. With him pushing inside her, she squirmed just a bit. The leg curled around him tightening as her other knee drew up to press a foot against the bed and raise her hips to greet him. The kiss she gave him was deep. A hard press followed by a lick of her tongue against his lips. She couldn’t breath and it was in all the best ways..! -10:02 Jun 02
D: Her kiss, her sounds, the tightning of her muscles. All told him she hes enjoying this, which was good, it was her wish and she desurved something nice. He started slow, but quickly settled into an easy pace his hips sliding agaist hers as he curled an arms around her and flicked his tongue against her lip. -10:13 Jun 02
Tessa: She wanted to touch him everywhere. A single chance to take advantage and do something she never would do otherwise. Her head lifting upwards just to kiss him deeper and nip at his tongue. And sliding one of her hands down between them just to feel his chest and stomach and muscles every time he moved. Her other arm she curled around his back, soft petting turning to a flex and cling of her fingers when that swelling sensation between her legs shifted from pleasant to almost maddening. -10:20 Jun 02
D: He hooked an arm around her shoulder to pull her closer. He has said she desurved to be more than a cheep fuck and here he was inside her and movign faster as he could feel the desperation beginging to mount. Thought like what this would mean and what she mean to him driven away by the feelign of her. It was almost enough to make a man like him feel what might be called love. -10:26 Jun 02
Tessa: Everywhere their skin touched was burning hot, and having him cradle her close made her smile so wide that she broke their kiss. But she couldn’t keep her mouth off him. Tessa kissed the corner of his lips, moving a trail of nipping teeth and flicking tongue across his jaw until she was burying her face at his neck and breathing deep. Almost whimpering now, that feeling was so much more of… everything! It was heaven and she was so softly murmuring against his skin not to ever stop! -10:34 Jun 02
D: He pushed harder his arms coming aroudn her to hold her in place before nuddled into her hair wherever he could kissing as he did so. No, difinatly not a cheep fuck, and definatly worth not chasing after skirts. He panted her name softly, once, twice, he lost count how many times. -10:48 Jun 02
Tessa: His voice so hushed in her ear was so sweet, she couldn’t stop smiling and it was so odd to smile like this in the middle of sex…! Tessa tensed suddenly, a squeak of surprise slipping out when her body tightened. Followed by a low, lavish moan at that rush of feeling. Her head tilted against the bed as she arced her back just to pull him deeper and even her toes were curling in her boots. Definitely never felt that before…! -10:57 Jun 02
D: He pushes and rocked agaist her the low moan electrifying his nerves and making him nip her just before he he filled her. He moved down to kiss her lips softly his hand returning to her hair as he checkled softly. “I take it back, you’re not bad at this. You’re gretty good at it in fact. Going to be hard cuddling with you and not thinking about this.” -11:02 Jun 02
Tessa: Holy hell…! She couldn’t think. How could he even speak after that. Tessa felt like her whole body was humming, and all she could do was draw up just enough energy to curl her arms around him and bury her face at his neck again. “Uh hum…!” She might regret it tomorrow, but for tonight… Tessa decided that was a wish well spent. -11:05 Jun 02
D: He pulled out of her and with his arms around her he roleld onto his back, a hand on her head ceeping her against his neck as he rolled her slightly on tol of him and pulled a blanket over. Finally with that all done he ran his hingers through her hair again. There was nothing to say really, except of the kiss he pressed into her forehead was a thank you. But really that was sweeter and felt better than it should have. -11:12 Jun 02
Tessa: So sweet, and so very comfortable. It was bliss and warm, and after a long day and surprisingly amazing sex, she was also very tired. That smile was still wide across her features as she nuzzled against his neck, and much sooner than she would have liked, she fell asleep there. Arm curled tight around him. -11:15 Jun 02

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