Repairing Destiny 010: Ass-Kicked

[Britt has visited Jane’s gym to see some kickboxing action. It’s WAY hotter seeing a bunch of sweaty strong girls than boys! ] -01:33 Feb 17
[Jane is just stepping out of the changing rooms in a tant top, shorts, trainers, gloves and headband, bashing her gloves together as she steps into the ring in anticipation.] -01:35 Feb 17
Britt: "YAAAAAY! Wooo! Punch that bitch!" squeaked Britt, who was happy to show support AND be obnoxiously embarassing at the same time. And if she made any of the girls made, Britt was sure her girlfriend could handle it. -01:38 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She stood, shaking her limbs loose, running through her long hours of practice in her head. "New girlfriend…" she explained quietly, a little mebarresed before lifteing a glove to wink at Britt. "I’m a kickboxer… but I understand if you want to restrict this to punches." -01:42 Feb 17 Jane

Her first practice opponant just laughed and shrugged it off. “That’s okay hun! My little sister is like that too. Don’t hold back, let’s see what ya got?” The girl was sweet and polite. But as soon as the signal went off, she was FAST with the punches! -Britt 01:44 Feb 17

Jane: Arms together she blocked the punches and danced away… so this girl went agressive early… rookie? She could use that to ger advantage and hold back. The next punch looked weak and Jane deliberately let it connect even though she could have blocked it. Let the girl get over confident and make that one critical mistake… -01:48 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "HIT HER, HIT HER, HIT HER!" It didn’t really matter who hit who. Britt thought it was amusing either way and knew no one was going to get seriously hurt during these practices. -01:51 Feb 17 Britt

Assuming that it was Jane that was the rookie, the girl was trying to end things quick. She seemed to be trained specifically with boxing and speed. Aiming for ungaurded spots and hoping to wear Jane down. -Britt 01:53 Feb 17

Jane: Jane continnued to let herself me pushed back, carefully taking note of every shot that he recieved and how it would affect her, until her chance came… she had traned for this. Out of nowhere she deflected a punsh, exposing her side, then her knee came up in a perfectly aimed kideney shot followed up with with a kick to the side of her knee to slow her down, then she sprung buck and aimed a roundhouse kick right for the girl’s head. More legwork than she usually did but with her new body she needed to. -01:59 Feb 17 Jane

The girl went down hard and with a long groan and a little bit of rolling. She might have agreed to “anything” but she hadn’t expected it coming. At least she had a good attitude about it, because when she sat up and pulled her mouth guard out, she was laughing. “Damn, hun… I didn’t give you enough credit! Next time won’t be so easy.” -Britt 02:02 Feb 17

Britt: Her loud giggling was thankfully not that noticable with how loud it was in the gym. Britt bounced and clapped. "That’s MY girlfriend. Asskicker." -02:03 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane reached down to help the girl up. "Sorry, I havn’t been in the ring for a while nad I got excited to be back… really shouldn’t have pulled that combo during a fiendly match…" with the girl up she waled over to the ropes to grab a bottle of water from the floor at the edge of the ring and down half of it. "Good match though… you don’t believe in hoding back and assessing the other person’s style before attacking do you." she was teasing, she know it was her school of fighting that did that because it focused on counters and combos where styles like krav maga… she did NOT want to face a krav maga fighter. -02:10 Feb 17 Jane

“I’ll bring my A game next time, hun!” she winked at Britt before she hopped out of the ring and left to meet her next match partner. -Britt 02:13 Feb 17

Britt: "And you were worried that your hot girl body sucked for fighting." Britt giggled, tugging at one of Jane’s legs to pester her a bit. "How many more matches do you have?" -02:14 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She sat down with her legs under the roped and leaned against them to tug at Britt’s hair. "A few… and the only reason I beat her is because I’ve been training my ass off with this new body. With my old one I would have used my wieght to pushe her attack aside and my reach to pummel her like she was trying to pummel me… it feel good to be abck in the ring though… -02:18 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: Britt grinned wiiiiide and leaned close to giggle. "It’s a lot more fun watching you like this. Your boobs bounce every time you make a swing." -02:20 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Her face went red and she pulled back to pull her top down. "Dammit… don’t say that. I was sexy back then too… and… shut up." he bopped Britt on the head with her glove and pouted at her. "I’m a well oiled amching of pain an deadliness… not a sex object. Though if we did go to one of those con things a tekken inspired outfit…" -02:27 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled some more. "You didn’t have boobs before." He giggling ceased though and she frowned just a bit. "You don’t go checking out the boobs around here, do you?" -02:29 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: "I try to respect my fellow fighters since they’re here for the same reasons I am, because it’s fun, it’s healthy and you get to punch people and still be friends with them. YOU may come here to oogle boobage but I come here to participate in my favorite hobby. Nothing feels better than making a plan on the fly and it ending with a win." -02:34 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "Good! Because then -I- would have to punch some girls." she paused, tapping her chin a bit. "Does that mean I MAY stare at other boobs while I’m here?" she teased. -02:35 Feb 17 Britt

Jane’s second opponant was ready. This girl was considerably more muscular and serious than the first, and didn’t say a word besides casually nodding to show she was ready for her match. -Britt 02:37 Feb 17

Jane: She rolled her eyes and with a gloved hand pulled Britt’s head into her chest and holding it there for a moment. "That’s the only pair you need." she said before scooting back and standing to face her opponent and step into the center. "So… any ground rules?" -02:38 Feb 17 Jane

“No.” was the curt reply. This girl was a lot more reserved, and when the signal went off, she didn’t attack first. She kept her guard up and circled, waiting for Jane to make the first move. -Britt 02:43 Feb 17

Jane: Jane circled to, her eyes takign in everything, every twitch, every iregularity in step. Her oponent had an injured knee, peobably an old injury that woud never fully heal but she radiated danger. Jane struck, a quick jab not meant to cause damage but to probe the girl’s reactions, make make her act too. -02:45 Feb 17 Jane

The girl blocked and dodged, but didn’t swing back. Only shimmying away and continuing to watch and wait Jane to act. It was clear she was doing the same as Jane, sizing up her opponant and looking for the best way to attack. -Britt 02:49 Feb 17

Britt: Britt rest her elbows on the floor of the ring. Probably closer than she should of been, but it wasn’t like she couldn’t jump out of the way if she needed to. Both of them were all tense and stalking each other. And taking forever. "Kick her in the head! Punch her in the cooch!" -02:50 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She jabbed again, for the same reason. The third jab however was a distraction for a hook aimed at the hirl’s head. A low risk attack to knock her out of her comfort zone. -02:52 Feb 17 Jane

SPRING! Her assessment complete, the sturdy girl took the hit, but she moved in turn. When she swung a punch it was HARD and distracting enough to swing out a leg to sweep Jane’s. -Britt 02:56 Feb 17

Jane: Jane was stumbled by the sweep but she recovered quickly and charged to tackle the girl. If there were no rules she ceertainly wasn’t going to let her take advantage of gaining the initiatoge. Pulling the gitl to the ground with her she wasted no time in straddling her and sending a series of punches into her face. she was fighting dirty as hell but it should make this girl more cautious… -03:01 Feb 17 Jane

The girl guarded her face as best she could with one arm, but aimed some pretty nasty punches to Jane’s ribcage as she tried to throw her! -Britt 03:03 Feb 17

Jane: Evetually Jane was forced off but not before battering the girl up pretty good and getting a few nasty shot in return. analize that, you bitch she thought to herself knowing full well that they other girl was trying to figure her out all over again, so she started the entire thing over again with a jab. -03:07 Feb 17 Jane

This girl didn’t have the speed. So now that she knew how Jane worked, she went for brute force. She came at the girl hard with some nasty punches and kicks. Aiming for areas where it was going to hurt the most and not be as easy to guard. She had a lot of stamina and even though she wasn’t fast, she could just keep going! -Britt 03:11 Feb 17

Jane: Jane dodged away, light on her feet as ever but she couldn’t keep doing that forever… think… think Jane… she baited the girl into a hard left punch and then dodged to the leftstepping past her before she could reover her balance before she switched from punches to kicks. She had been sacing her legs to use as a surprise and it was not to be wasted. Same with the last girl she kicked the side of the knee to slow her down for the rest of the match before she struck hard into the soft part of her back before retreating and waiting to see what her tactic had done, a grin on her lips. -03:18 Feb 17 Jane

She got hit in her knee, which really WAS a weak point for her. She was on the ground, growling out a few pained curses and waving a gloved hand that she conceeded the match! -Britt 03:20 Feb 17

Britt: "Oooww. That hurts." This one made her do a long of cringing. Britt was surprised either one of them was still standing after wailing on each other so hard. -03:21 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane let out a long breath… that could have gone a lot worse and she needed a break. She signalled this by taking off her gloves before moving to help the other girl up. "You almost had me." she panted before floppign against the ropes. -03:26 Feb 17 Jane

“Yeah.” she grumped. She wasn’t very talkative. But she also just had the shit beaten out of her face and was trying to open and flex her jaw a bit to make sure a tooth wasn’t knocked loose. -Britt 03:27 Feb 17

Jane: "Owwww." Jane complained sitting back down aand lifting her top to examine her bruises. "I feel baad about that fight… I played dirty… but… Owwww." she make a pathetic face at Britt, obviously trying to get love from her before she slipped out of the ring and started towards a bench. "Five minutes… then i’ll be ready." -03:30 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "It really is way more exciting and intense than I was thinking it would be." Britt admitted. When Jane sat down, she was throwing her arms around her, neglecting the fact the girl was probably sore and bruised as hell. "When we get home, I’ll rub you all over?" -03:33 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: "When we get tome I’m having a hot bath and chocolate." she said. "Or hot chocolate in the bath… This is my last match anyway…" she stood and stretched, not allowing her muscles to get cold and tense up. Then she hopped in the spot and few times and turned. "Time to go back in…" -03:38 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: Britt hopped too before reaching up to grab Jane’s face and tug her down for a quick kiss. "Kick that bitch’s ass!" -03:40 Feb 17 Britt

Jane’s last opponant was already in the ring and stretching. She was tall, well toned, and with a face that was WAY too pretty to be a boxer’s face. “Is that little thing your girlfriend?” she asked casually. -Britt 03:42 Feb 17

Jane: Jane slid inder the ropes and pulled on her gloves. "Yup, we grew up together." she grinend, looked like she ahd another experienced fighter on her hands and this tme she wouldn’t resort to dirty tricks. It was a friendly match after all. "But i’m new to this gym so Hi, I’m Jane." -03:50 Feb 17 Jane

“You can just call me Kim.” She appraised Jane with an appreciative air as she stretched her arms over her head. “You’re too pretty for her. Hmm, I’m betting she’s rich.” -Britt 03:53 Feb 17

Britt: "Sshhh! She’s trying to distract you with hotness! Don’t fall for it!" she squealed. This was classic tactics and even Britt knew that. This was how girls fought. -03:54 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane didn’t like the tone of her voice but that was the nice think about being in a ring, punching was almost definately goign to happen aand no one woulf get bad about it. Jane warmed up further, hopping on the spot and shaking her arms. "Ooorrr we grew up together and decided we liked seeing each other naked." she said without moving her eyes away. "Naked and sprawled out all over my bed, dripping in sweat and each other…" who cares if she was going to die from embarresment (and be killed by britt) later, two could play the distraction game. Jane’s mind was on the fight! "Now… any ground rules you want to put in place?" -03:59 Feb 17 Jane

Kim grinned real wide. “Your girlfriend thinks I’m hot. Do you?” she posed, giving a nice back view and flexing all the rights muscles. Then she was turning again to make sure he gloves were on good and tight. “No hits to the face. I wouldn’t want to ruin those pretty features of yours. As for everything else… whatever makes you comfortable.” -Britt 04:01 Feb 17

Britt: "Jaaaane." Britt hissed! She was red as hell and wishing she could reach out and swat her girlfriend silent. -04:02 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane wasn’t facing a woman, she was facing an amazon. Her muscles didn’t make her look less femining but accentuated every feature until she appeared like a goddess… Jane didn’t realize the same could be said for her and it was intimdating! "I’m here to fight, not to oogle pretty girls." she said flatly. "I didn’t reaalize we were on a catwalk instead of a ring." -04:04 Feb 17 Jane

“You DO think I’m pretty!” she exclaimed, sounding pleased about it. Kim took her position, gloves up and smile sweetly smug. “When I win and your girlfriend dumps you in shame, would you like to go out for some coffee?” -Britt 04:07 Feb 17

Jane: Jane laughed. "Sure, but that’s not going to happen. Britt wouldn’t break up wit me if I lost." this girl was seriously getting on her nerves so she moved forwards and put her guard up before jabbing, opening the match the same as the previous one. -04:11 Feb 17 Jane

Kim expected as such, blocked, and then perfectly mirrored the move. “Are you sure about that? She seems to get riled by the strong woman. And you, well, you’re more like a swimsuit model. Pretty, but not strong.” To accentuate the point, she threw some hard punches towards her ribs. And she was quick too! -Britt 04:17 Feb 17

“Aw man, so the girls aren’t done yet. I’m not surprised to find YOU here drooling over all this vag, though.” An arm wrapped itself around Britt’s shoulders and gave her a hugging squeeze. “You know, you’re a chick after my heart! What do you say we take on the champion of this match and have ourselves a threesome in my jeep?” -Britt 04:20 Feb 17

Jane: Jane sidestepped and aimed her knee at the girl’s side. "She gets riled up be me…" she threw a punch even knowing it was better to move back and wat for the next trade, right for her throat. -04:20 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "Ugh, Roy, getoffame!" she swatted her ex away. Britt didn’t know this was HIS practice gym. She might have told Jane to try somewhere else! -04:21 Feb 17 Britt

She took the knee kick and it didn’t slow her down. Kim leaned out of the way of the throat punch and swung a punch right for Jane’s face. Apparently she didn’t care about following her own rules. “Looks like your girlfriend has a boyfriend. You might want to leave with me after all.” -Britt 04:23 Feb 17

“Why you gotta be so coy, Brittany? You loved this dick.” he got her by the chin just so he could squeeze her cheeks together and make her do his favorite fishy face. “Aw hell, is that lesbian cunt the one up there? Don’t tell me you’re after those butchass bitches when you can have a real dick. Jeeze!” -Britt 04:25 Feb 17

Jane: Jane took the panch in the face and staggered back, shaking her head and glancing over at Britt. "She’s already chose me over him once… Hey fuckface, I’m the one who cocksocked you." she took waved at Roy before squaring her shoulders and circling. There were too many distractions, Jane needed for focus and flay to her strengths and that meant… she stepped forwards and Aimed a kick right at the bitch’s face, it she wasn’t following the rules then neither was Jane, the kick was followed by another and another. Face, stomach, face, throat knee. Keep her guessing where they were aimed. -04:27 Feb 17 Jane

Dodge. Dodge. Dodge. Kim finally just caught Jane’s arm and flung her back bodily. But it seems she was getting irritated with this interuption too, because she was signalling to Jane that she was done and then moving over to the ropes to lean and scowl at said interuption. “Hey, you shit. Maybe you should stop picking on little girls and screwing up my fights.” -Britt 04:30 Feb 17

“Don’t be sore ’cause I rammed your twatgobbling face in the ring, Kimkong.” He was still pestering Britt, who was now trying to furiously swat at him and shove him to leave, and finding this the most hilarious thing on the planet. “You bitches done pretending you can fight, or can I get the ring now?” -Britt 04:36 Feb 17

Jane: And now the other girl was rushign to Britt’s rescue and Jane moved up to dive out of the ring and pull Britt away from both of them. "You masoginistic…" even if she waas still a guy Jane would have seen red. They trained every day probably harder than this grinning douche did. "You can wait your turn like everyone else…" Still… Jane needed to kept away from him. "Don’t worry Kim I’m sure he’s just jealous that he can’t look half as good as you do…" wait.. did she just say that? -04:40 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "Why do you have to be such an asshole!" complained Britt. She put herself nice and safely behind Jane. She had already tried slapping the shit out of him before, and that entertained him way too much. -04:48 Feb 17 Britt

Kim rolled her eyes at Roy, but for Jane she smiled real wide. That compliment wasn’t missed. “You know what they say. Big mouth, little dick.” She swung herself out of the ring, taking off her gloves and snatching up her towel and bag that were waiting nearby. “I’m done for today. Give me a call, Jane. I’d love a private spar without all of the distractions.” -Britt 04:48 Feb 17

Roy made a pfffting sound and a snort. “How about I give you a turn, JANE? You’re a real bad bitch when you cheap shot a guy, but you’re not shit in the ring.” -Britt 04:48 Feb 17

Jane: Jane wasn’t about to pass up a chance to take a punch at that face. "Really? I’ve just gone three rounds, if I’m so bad and have that kind of handicap wouldn’t any fighter worth thier salt want to fight someone who’d be more fun? You know a challenge, unless you’re a coward who picks on easy targets to win." Jane was still confident she could beat him so she hopped right up into the ring and grabbed the rest of her water to pound it down. "Bring it." -04:57 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "I don’t think this is a good idea!" warned Britt. Not that she didn’t think Jane could handle herself. But she DID just have a few fights, and in the ring it was a LOT different. -05:03 Feb 17 Britt

“Don’t worry Brittany, I won’t mess up her good parts. We need ’em for later, right?” he chortled, climbing up on the ring and rolling his shoulders. “Tell you what, how about I let you go without gloves? Make shit a little more fair for the weaker sex, huh?” -Britt 05:03 Feb 17

Jane: Jane shook her head. "You either respect me as a fighter or you’re not really one yourself. No handicaps and a clean fight." she dropped the empty bottle out of the ring. She was going to use her feet anyway, and trainers were a lot less padded than gloves. -05:10 Feb 17 Jane

“Just trying to give you a chance.” he laughed and shrugged. Roy pulled on his gloves, since he didn’t want to KILL a girl. He punched them together when he was ready. “Let’s see you put that pretty mouth to the money, bitch!” -Britt 05:15 Feb 17

Jane: She got loose and stepped into the center of the ring and waited for him to get ready before circling and then jabbed. She wasn’t going to give him a chance to talk, ever time his lip so much as twitched she attacked or fiented but this was going to be tricky. He had wieght and reach on her… -05:29 Feb 17 Jane

Roy took the hit like it was nothing. And like SHE was nothing, instead of punching, he pushed forward and his elbow flung out with all his weight behind it to crack her in the face. -Britt 05:33 Feb 17

Jane: She danced out the way before sending a kick at his face on the same side that his arm was out of position on, the same comdo that had worked on the second opponent only without getting behind her first. He was heaavier adn that meant slower… usually. -05:35 Feb 17 Jane

Roy took that kick too. It even split his lip a little bit, but all he did was grin smugly. He opened up his arms, leaving his chest and stomach exposed to any hits she wanted to make. “Can’t you hit harder than that, bitch? Just like a fucking girl! All blah blah blah but still hits like a kitten!” He kept pushing and stepping forward, herding her towards a corner. -Britt 05:40 Feb 17

Britt: "Jane!" As always he was fucking around, Britt knew it cause she could recognize it. Now she was covering her eyes. No wait, she HAD to watch, Jane was a badass and would kick his ass! -05:41 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She scanned his body, he was tenced and read to absorb punishment but there were several weak points that were impossible to protect that way. Knees, genitals, and throat. Only one of those were a legal target… she moved to the side ducked under his arms and sint the ball of her foot sailing into the side of his knee before dancing away. If she could do that a few time he’d be hobbling rather than walkign and she’d be able to finish him off. -05:50 Feb 17 Jane

Roy groaned out loud through his teeth, but it didn’t wipe the smile off his face. Probably because he DIDN’T play by the legal rules, so when she tried to bounce out of the way, he blocked it. By throwing his arm out to clothesline her right across the throat and shove her back towards the ring corner. That got followed up with a nasty punch to the stomach. -Britt 06:01 Feb 17

Jane: That… hurt and was against the rules. She swallowed and glared at him. "What happened to a clean fight?" she asked through clenched teeth. She was cornered but just because he played dirty doesn’t mena she would. Her pride was on the line. Tackling him would be useless anyway he was heavier, and a ground fight could only go one way. Attacking his privates would only give him ammunition later. She lashed out, shoulder, knee, chest, face, temple, ear, neck, knee, hip… aiming to cause buising, slow down him down and make it painful for him to move, but she was tiring… -06:07 Feb 17 Jane

He probably laughed, but it was hard to tell with him taking hits and keeping his body tense. He rarely swung out to hit her, but when he did, it was a solid breath-taking punch right in the side stomach. Right in the same damn spot every time. Finally when she tried to swing another kick, he grabbed her leg and flung her behind him. Using the lack of balance to get her on the floor. He pinned her stomach-down on the floor with all his weight holding her head down and the position… a little crude! Roy socked her in the side. “Awww yeah, I think I like you like this. I bet you like a good hard THRUST-” he grunted and punched her side again. -Britt 06:15 Feb 17

Britt: "STOP IT! GET OFF HER, YOU SLIMEY SHIT!" Britt thought Jane had him, but like always he was stronger than he looked and a huge douchebag bully about it. She grabbed one of the ropes and tried to climb herself up in to the ring, and was doing to kick him right in the jewels. -06:16 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She should have seen it coming… really she shoulder have and now his pull wieght was on her and now it was a ground fight. She growled in frustration trying to thing of a way out of this… He was too far back to elbow or punch and… wait… "Time to see if this female flaxibility is worth anything." she hissed before flattneing herself agaist the ground complete and with all her strength… her legs came up behind him and both feet hooken on his throat and she have a grunt of triumph pulled with off her might to throw him backwards before pulling away and kicking him square in the side a few times before pushing hiself up and turning before… she staggered and fell against the ropes. The move that freed her also pulled a muscle and her side, the muscles were dead. She rased a hand, rolling until her back was against them and brough the other one up to form a T for time out. -06:25 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "YES! FUCK YOU ROY!" she shrieked. As far as she was concerned this fight was good and over! -06:32 Feb 17 Britt

“SonofaBITCH!” he cursed. For him it was WASN’T over and the dumb bitch wasn’t going to get to pussy out. She WANTED this fight, she was going to get the full deal. He was to his feet and on her like lighting. Relentless slamming punches with full force, to the head, to the sides, anywhere unguarded and open to assault. He was bigger and stronger, and he made sure to prove it. -Britt 06:32 Feb 17

Jane: All she had wanted was a break before continuing. She couldn’t stand, she could barely move and his attacks landed easier. "Time… ow…" she was pinned agaist the ropes and couldn’t escape and evantually her body slipped though two of them, her head cracking on the floor below while her foot remained tangled leaving her hanging upside down, limp and unmoving. -06:36 Feb 17 Jane

Roy spit to the side when he stepped back. He wiped his mouth and that smug grin returned. “Maybe you oughta come back to guys, Brittany. A pussy will always be a pussy.” He hopped out of the ring and strutted away. -Britt 06:43 Feb 17

Britt: "Nunununu, Jane." And here was EXACTLY why Britt didn’t approve of fighting EVER. No matter how hot it was to watch, when it got nasty, people got HURT! She rushed over to untangle Jane’s leg, then she was very carefully tapping at her cheek to make sure she was concious. "Baby, hey baby… please, pleeeease don’t need a hospital. Tell me you’re okay?" -06:43 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane blinked and put a hand on Britt’s shoulder. "It’s assholes like that that give the sport a bad name." she muttered before closing her eyes. I’m fine… just… shower. That bath sounds great about now." she did not feel bad about losing, she had stuck to the rules. She re-opened her eyes and petted Britt’s cheek. "Unless I look like I have concussion… either way can you help me up?" -06:49 Feb 17 Jane

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