King of Fools 010: Graduation

[Leslie is glad graduation is over! But is apparently still in the doghouse with Jade, who is still being a pain in the ass.] -01:24 Aug 13
[Damion sat on stage during speech after speech and is glad that is over, now at the buffet table hes listening to the econmics professor who is ascing his opinions on a few topics, Damion of course never finished his course.] -01:27 Aug 13
Leslie: "Are you seriously still mad at me." grumbled Leslie once closing ceremonies were over. She had almost aaaaalmost got Jade to quit stomping around mad, up until today where there was a surprising special guest. "Mad at my roommate and best friend who is keeping secrets from me and seeing an asshole? YEP! Sure am!" chimed Jade, who kept her arms crossed up until champange walked by. That she snatched up to drink. Leslie stepped up closer to hiss at her. "I don’t know why you’re being such an ass about this! Are you jealous?" Jade nearly choked on her champange, only to scowl at Leslie. "NO! Maybe… Not likely! I don’t trust him and I think you’re being stupid cause -you- actually have the hots for someone." Jade smirked wide when Leslie turned red. Bingo! Jade wins a point. -01:33 Aug 13
Damion: "No I don’t believe it will be a safe place to make concrete investments for a while yet." he said as he held a place of sausage rolls and a glass of wine. "Now if you excuse me I’d like to mingle, I’m sure you ahve students to congradulate." he moved into the crowd sipping his wine and scanning the faces, there was only one he was hoping to see. -01:38 Aug 13
Leslie: "So what if I do…" mumbled Leslie. "I finally -actually- like someone, something you have been trying to shove me in to forever, and now you don’t like it!" Of all the places for Jade to finally want to discuss it! "I was hoping you’d hook up with some nice librarian or something. Not some guy that makes you sign some NDA agreement. Yeah, I found that. What’s next? Him dragging you to some suicide cult?" Leslie was frowning. She forgot about that paper. "I’m not dumb, Jade. I’m not signing my soul over to the devil." "Speak of the devil… Jade muttered in to her glass. Leaving Leslie where she stood, Jade stalked across the room until she poking Damion Rubrum in the chest with a perfectly manicured nail. "I don’t know what your game is, but I’m going to find out. But I know what you’re doing with Leslie, and you’re not going to get away with it." -01:50 Aug 13
Damion: He was surprised, buthe didn’t show it. "Ms. Sparrow, I didn’t expect to see you here." he said "And I wouldn’t be so quick to assume things, She’d turn me down I’m sure. Sausage roll?" he offered her one from the plate. "Oh and congradulations for graduating." -01:53 Aug 13
Leslie: "Riiight. Totally would turn you down. And then you’ll tie her up and throw her in the back of your car, right? Whatever! Go ahead and see Leslie, I don’t care! But the -second- I find out you’ve done something creeper to her, your ass is so mine." Jade snatched one of the rolls off his plate, took a bite and stomped off. She was in full blown vendetta mode. Leslie, on the other hand was still where she was left, baffled and trying to figure out when Jade joined the ranks of crazy people! -01:59 Aug 13
Damion: Damion took a sip of wine and looked after the girl before moving closer to Lesie. "I don’t think she likes me very much." he said dryly offering leslie one of the rolls not seeming to care about the people looking at him. "I’m going to step outside, care to join me?" -02:03 Aug 13
Leslie: "She doesn’t usually act like this. I kinda wonder if something else is going on." Leslie mumbled. Granted, Jade was always a little weird, but now this was getting unreasonable. Leslie nodded though, as she took one of the rolls. "I could use some fresh air!" -02:09 Aug 13
Damion: He put his place and glass down and snagged the last roll for himself and headed for the door. "I don’t want to make trouble for you with your room mate." he said. "I trust you won’t tell her anything about me. Or anyone, and knowing what you do you have to realize that shes right about me. I am dangerous." -02:15 Aug 13
Leslie: Once they stepped outside, it was nice to have the fresh air. Leslie didn’t mind people, but she definitely prefered less crowded spaces. She blinked at him curiously. "I wouldn’t call you dangerous. Mercurial, maybe. Anyway, it’s not a big deal… I’m not so sure it’s you she’s mad about anymore." -02:18 Aug 13
Damion: He stopped and turned to her. "I am dangerous to you Ms. Cole. The past few days I’ve come to see that, ever since I saw you in my room I know I want to see you there again. So its best we don’t see eachother before I go too far." -02:23 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie looked surprise! "So you’re breaking up with me and we’re not even dating yet?" That was… a first for Leslie! And now she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Leslie never wanted a relationship to begin with but lately…. She crossed her arms and frowned. "No. I disagree." -02:27 Aug 13
Damion: He looked at her. "You said it yourself. You’re not interested in remationships, or sex, or anything and I would hate to overstep my bounds, if I haven’t already." he looked at her his shoulders slumped. "I would say I’m sorry but I don’t really do relationships either." -02:33 Aug 13
Leslie: "And that means you don’t even want to talk to me at all, then? We can’t even be friends? How is that fair!" Leslie couldn’t believe she was arguing this! How many times did she have this fight, but on the other end? Why did it matter so much? "We were doing fine…" -02:37 Aug 13
Damion: "We were?" he asked. "Then its entirely on my end, I’m sorry. I can’t let you get close to me or myself close to you. Jade is right about me. Ask her why she left when she was trying to get me to go on a lunch date wit her." -02:40 Aug 13
Leslie: "I don’t care what you did to Jade!" When did she get so attached for this to hurt so much? At this rate she was going to cry and that was the last thing Leslie wanted anyone to see her do. She was brushing the back of her hand over her face before she finally bolstered herself up to being mad. "Fine. If you’re afraid to see me, then I won’t talk to you or see you again. If you and Jade think I am so blasted stupid that I can’t make intelligent decisions all by myself, so be it!" Leslie pushed past him to leave. -02:47 Aug 13
Damion: "You’re not stupid Leslie." he shouted after her. "I’m getting too attached." now he didn’t want her to go, his chest hurt and he was frowning. He would leave early then, he had stayed until after the speeches and not he would go home. It was best for everyone. -02:50 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie marched through the crowd until she found Jade brooding with another class of champagne. "Give me my keys." she held out her hand. Jade looked a little surprised. "Hold up, what happened? Y-" "You got what you wanted, Jade! Now give me my damned keys." Jade scowled, digging around for them. "Did that jackass do something already?" She held the keys out and Leslie snatched them. "No! And he’s never going to because both of you seem to think I am some kind of idiot! So THANK YOU oh so much for protecting me from the big bad wolves, I REALLY appreciate it." Sarcasm out of Leslie was a rare thing. It left Jade looking startled and a little horrified when Leslie went fuming off with the keys. -02:59 Aug 13
Damion: Panking lot, keys in the door and suddenly he didn’t feel like driving, which was stupid. Arm across the top of the roof of his car me leaned against hi face against his arm and just stayed there somehow finding ;its for the best not being a good though phrase to repeat to himself. -03:03 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie hadn’t expected to see him immediately, right outside trying to leave the same time she was trying to escape. "Get out of my parking lot, Damion Rubrum!" It was a childish and stupid thing to say. Huffing, she stomped on to her car and climbed in. Doors lock and not even thinking about her seatbelt, she was turning the ignition and running her hand over her eyes. Next thing she knew there was a lurch and a CRASH! She had hit reverse instead of drive, and rear ended the light pole directly behind her. Leslie was a little stunned for a moment…! -03:11 Aug 13
Damion: He looked at her it taking him a moment to realize how much this could affect her and it made him against his better judgment step up to her car. "Are you alright?" -03:15 Aug 13
Leslie: She was gripping the steering wheel too tight, and she wasn’t sure if she was holding her breath or just couldn’t breath at all. Leslie could barely hear his voice through the door, but she shook her head. This was not all right! But she couldn’t seem to let go of the steering wheel to move. -03:19 Aug 13
Damion: He knocked on the window, she had locked her door so ot was that or smash it. "Open up." he said making sure the door wouldn’t hit him when she did. "I’m right here, you ust need to let me get to you." -03:22 Aug 13
Leslie: "I can’t." This was weird. The way old pain was mixing with the current. "You don’t want to see me." That barely even made sense, but she was having a hard time breathing. Leslie leaned forward on the steering wheel, squeezing her eyes shut. This was so bad… and she couldn’t even talk to Jade! -03:30 Aug 13
Damion: He looked around, then his elbow hit the glass with a thud, then pain shooting up his arm was nothing. Another thud and the glass deformed but didn’t break. "I do want to, do I have to spell it out for you." he was frustrated. "If you want to sulk in there alone I’ll leave. If you want me to get you out of there then unlock the door before I break the wondow and get you out." -03:34 Aug 13
Leslie: "I can’t get out." She didn’t want to be alone in there. Leslie shifted just a bit, prying her hand off the steering wheel to shakily start pressing the buttons on it. Radio, windshield wipers, finally there was a click of the automatic locks. -03:41 Aug 13
Damion: He pulled open the door and in a second was crouching next to her. "Are you okay." was the first question. He grabbed her hand from the wheel and held it in his. "Do you want me to carry you?" -03:44 Aug 13
Leslie: Air. She could breathe again and it came out as a shuddering exhale. Leslie shook her head the first time, then after a moment nodded. She just couldn’t seem to make herself move out of the seat. "I don’t want to go to the hospital." she muttered. -03:50 Aug 13
Damion: "You’re not hurt, he said pulling her from her seat and carryin gher like he did when she had been drunk. "We’re just going to go somewhere quiet until you’re no longer in shock. I’ll get you to the snack bar, something sweet will help." -03:52 Aug 13
Leslie: "Don’t want to eat anything." Leslie mumbled, her arms going around his neck until her face was buried in it. "You’re just going to tell me you don’t want to see me." -03:56 Aug 13
Damion: He scowled. "No, I want to, but I think its best I don’t there is a diffrence." he said pushing her door closed and carrying her from the parking lot and towards the empty colledge. "You’re not interested in me, you said so yourself. So there will be less pain for all if we called it quits." -03:59 Aug 13
Leslie: "You never asked if I was interested in you or not." Semantics, they were going to argue about semantics while she was trying to focus on breathing and not freaking out. He made that easier… if he wasn’t talking about never seeing her again! "You think I am some sort of idiot. Maybe I am." -04:04 Aug 13
Damion: "You said you were not in my house the other day." he said. "And you’re not an idiot. You’re the biggest not idiot I know, but I don’t see us being compatible." -04:07 Aug 13
Leslie: "When did I say I wasn’t interested? Specifically?" Leslie leaned back to look at him, and still looked ready to cry but was busy examining his face. "Because I don’t remember saying that at all." -04:11 Aug 13
Damion: He narrowed his eyes at her and his expression closely resembled a glare. "Let me quote you when you were leaving my room. ‘It’s fine. It wouldn’t have happened anyway.’ Thats what you said so, you’re not interested. So I can’t have any expectations. You always said you wanted to be friends. Well, I guess I can’t do thiends after all. And I certainly can’t do romantic relationships so what is there? Nothing." -04:16 Aug 13
[Leslie enters.] -04:22 Aug 13
Leslie: "That didn’t mean I’m not interested." she muttered back with a frown. "Maybe I did want more than just friends, but you said yourself too that you don’t do relationships. You can’t glare at me and say it’s all my fault." -04:25 Aug 13
Damion: "Its no one’s fault, there is no blame. There is only fact." he said. "The fact is I would control you to the point of making you unhappy no matter what our relationship. You can’t say you don’t see that happening." -04:28 Aug 13
Leslie: "What makes you think I would let you control me? Oh right… you and Jade seem to think I don’t have a mind of my own!" she was mad again, and if she wasn’t afraid she’d probably collapse at his feet, she would have demanded he put her down. Instead all Leslie could do was glare at him. "You make a lot of assumptions. If I don’t like something or someone, I like to think I have sense enough to walk away." -04:31 Aug 13
Damion: "And you would, eventually." he said "I’m saving us the heartache or getting invested first. I don’t take loss well Leslie, nor do I handle feelings well. If you really want to be tied to someone who can only functions when they have control them be my guest." -04:35 Aug 13
Leslie: "You think you are the only one that’s afraid to risk something. I don’t like heartache either, you know. I don’t want to trust you and have you take one look at me and change your mind. That hurts. But I was thinking about risking it anyway, and I don’t like that you’re trying to take away my choice before I can make it." -04:42 Aug 13
[(Timeout) Leslie got too distracted for their own good…] -04:45 Aug 13
Damion: "That makes it sould like its entirely your choice to make." he said "But its both of ours and if you’re serious about talking baout it then we should set a date to talk it over at my place." -04:45 Aug 13
Leslie: "No. We should talk about it today. No more mistakes and misunderstandings, and no room to make excuses and run away." She was more likely talking about herself more than him. If there was too long to think, she would over think it and talk herself out of it! -04:48 Aug 13
Damion: He put her down on a bench and sat next to her. There was no time to plan or think things over, to… "Then its down to the same question Leslie, what do you want out of our relationship?" -04:51 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie finally pulled her arms back now that she was seated, fiddling with her fingers instead. That WAS the million dollar question. What did she want? "I want to be friends. …I want more than friends? You kissed me that night and suddenly everything I thought I wanted was out the window. I guess I do want more…" -05:01 Aug 13
Damion: He looked at her, studying her. "You want to be more than friends, so the river, was a date. I don’t do dates, or romantic involvment. Do you want that?" he was a serious question, one he would need answered. -05:04 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie rolled her eyes, giving an almost exasperated sigh. "That wasn’t a date! If it was a date, I would have said so." And here he was saying he didn’t do dates or romantic involvements. It was almost like getting slapped in the face. Maybe she -was- stupid after all. "….Yes. If I am going to do it, I want the dates and the romance. A real relationship. But I understand if you can’t do that. I can be happy with just friends." -05:08 Aug 13
Damion: He nodded. "I can do that, on days when it doesn’t interfere with my work and locations are to be decided beforehand." he said "Thats the condion." he was looking at her. "I’m trying to compromise here. -05:11 Aug 13
Leslie: Now she was a little surprised. Tilting to the side a bit as she eyed him with a mix of bafflement and dubiousness. "I didn’t think you actually wanted to date me. I’m not.." she chewed on her bottom lip trying to think of a way to say it without sounding pathetic. "I’m not pretty. And I’m not experienced with sex? And it can’t be a relationship without that stuff…" -05:21 Aug 13
Damion: "You are atteractive." he said "And you don’t have to worry about experience. Or anything you’re not ready for. We’ll work it into the agreement." he returned her gaze. "Once I know what you want, and expect." -05:26 Aug 13
Leslie: "I don’t think you got a good look at me when you stole me clothes." she gave a wry sort of grin. "And you know what I want now. The whole relationship package and everything that comes with it. …Now what do you want. Besides making me sign paperwork…" -05:31 Aug 13
Damion: :I want from you the same thing I’ve gotten from the others, your trust and your obedience. If you want to add on the relationship package then we’ll start with that and easy you in until we find what you’re comfortable with." -05:34 Aug 13
Leslie: Leslie looked a little confused and frowned just a bit. "Do you want the relationship part, Damion? Because I don’t want you to give that to me if you’re just using it as a way to put me in a nice controllable little box. I can trust and I can even be obedient, but not if you’re only with me to control me…" -05:40 Aug 13
Damion: "That doesn’t sound like trust." he said "I had fun going out with you, and its not something I’ve ever really done and I’m willing to try it with you." he said "here is a line bewteeen controling an manipulative and I hope you know on which side of the line I stand." he was slightly insulted by her implication adn was trying not to let it show. -05:46 Aug 13
Leslie: "I’m just trying to be clear. I am taking a risk also, and I know you think I do everything on a whim or without thinking, but I am still afraid of getting hurt too." Leslie reached out with a hand to smooth a crease in his face. He rarely ever seemed to show expressions, but she caught that one! "I trust you." -05:52 Aug 13
Damion: His expression melted adn he sighed. "I trust you too." he said takign her hand in both of his and holding it. "We’ll work though the risk and uncertainty. TOgether." -05:56 Aug 13

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