Mediterranean Misadventure 010: Plans for the Future

[Maria Martin has eloped with a Prince!] -01:38 May 15
[Kabriel Had to get dressed in a cor!] -01:42 May 15
Maria: Maria had little trouble dressing…or undressing… in a car. Her problem came from being so crazy nervous that it was… well… crazy! But that’s why this was the perfect idea. If they had a real wedding, she’d never had made it through it. Now she was pulling in to the city, fingers tapping on the wheel and hoping this idea wasn’t born in insanity. -01:47 May 15
Kabriel: He pulled his shirt on and started buttoning it up when she was already driving into the city. "So wheres the nearest…" he pushed a few buttings in the gps and the display changed to english then he started scrolling through for what the needed. "To think you’ll be a princess… here we go!" he was nearvous too but happy, happier than he had been in a long time. "Hvae I told you I love you today? Thats wasn’t part of an orgasm…?" -01:51 May 15
Maria: There -were- english settings on that blasted thing! He could have done that for her earlier! Maria cast him a wry grin. "Possibly… You might regret making me a princess, though. I am already a diva, now I will be one with power." -01:53 May 15
Kabriel: "Kept in check by your ever loving and just as powerful Husband." he pointed out. "I never thought I’d get married… but you surprised me. Only fair I surprise you back." -01:57 May 15
Maria: "I want to be surprised." she admitted. "…with a good kind of surprise." Maria was casting him another side glance again, in between following the directions on the city streets. "Monogamy will be interesting, won’t it? The same person everyday. I haven’t thought of anyone else since I met you…" -02:00 May 15
Kabriel: He did up the last button and smiled at her. "I havn’t either. Its a strange feeling but I think… I think you stole my affections and made off with them in the night.. and now you’ve done the same to me. Kidanpping princes and forcign them to marry you. Oh Maria it suits you." They were close and he straitened his collar and did what he could for his hair. "You know when they hear my name they’re going to flip right?" -02:03 May 15
Maria: "I lack scruples and I am totally unafraid to admit it!" she chimed back. There was finally that big green arrow pointing to the destination and before long Maria was parking the car and turning off the ignition. She took in a deep breath. "It’s not every day a Prince shows up at random to get married. It’ll give them something to talk about that’s for damn sure." Maria leaned to look at her reflection in the rearview mirror. She looked tired and over-loved. …she was having difficulty seeing any problem with that. -02:08 May 15
Kabriel: He leaned over and kissed her cheek before getting out of the car and tucking in his shirt. He looked crumpled and tired but happy. "Shall we tie the knot? We’ll but rings when the shops open tomorow. I’m thinking we get married and then find a hotel to hide until morning." he took her hand and started walking to the offices. "I’m thinking we keep my surname but our first child gets your maiden name as a middle name…" -02:16 May 15
Maria: "Thinking about children already, prince?" she walked with him, and to Maria’s surprise the thought of kids didn’t seem to bother her. Obviously she wouldn’t want them -now- but… that did sound like a good future! "How about we worry about being married first, and let the argument of our first born’s name come later. Because if we have a daughter, I’m not making her middle name Martin. That’s ridiculous." -02:20 May 15
Kabriel: He smilled at her and they entered. "I’m a member of a royal family, children are expected. I just never thought I’d find someone I’d want them with." he put his arm arounf her and her aproached the counter. "Maria Marten. Do you take this crazy prince to have and to hold, to kiss and to lame love to and race and help him choose his next car as long as you both shall live?" he shook his head after he whispered. "Well here we are…" he sat down and leaned over the counter. "Marriage.. a happy one." -02:28 May 15
[Kabriel has just asked for a daculent that if he and Maria sign will mean they’re married, legally and binding. And hes not looking back… only wonderign if hes crazy.] -01:20 May 16
[Maria is actually not freaking out. That’s a good sign!] -01:21 May 16
Maria: Maria was watching Kabriel again. Maybe to see if he had any indication of second thought. She didn’t. But that didn’t mean he may not… How often did a woman say lets do it now, especially to a man who hadn’t thought twice about marriage. This trusting business was hard! -01:26 May 16
Kabriel: He looked down at the paper and the pen lying across it, then picked it up and wrote in thier name in a flanboiant looping hand, one he always used on official donuments. It was in German, French and English and he read it though. Then he looked a ther with a smile on his face. "We’re doing this arn’t we?" he grinned then looked back down at the paper.. then signed it and slid it towards her. -01:31 May 16
Maria: Maria took a deep breath and picked up the pen. One signature and they were married. If it all went south, she probably would try to stab him and the woman he cheated with… but if it went perfect? There would be nothing in the world she wanted more. Without hesitation she scribbled down her name and the date. Then set down the pen. "…done!" -01:36 May 16
Kabriel: Not quite done, the official behind the dest got a couple of people to sign and witnesses and then with his glasses pushed up his nose began checking it over. "Well Maria Urza.." he said putting his arms around her and kissing her forehead lightly. "How does it feel to be married?" -01:40 May 16
Maria: "…kind of a relief!" Even her stance had relaxed. That was done. All over and there was nothing more to be afraid of. Whatever happened from there on, she would deal with. Maria laughed softly, sliding her own arms around him. "There are going to be a lot of disappointed people in the world now that we are unavailable.." -01:45 May 16
Kabriel: "Let them be disappointed. We’ll be happy together and there will be ne scandal if we’re seen in public together. Trush me the press in Armenia is a lot better behaved than in Rhineland." the official was looking at the names on the form and at them… then back at the names. "And the penny drops." -01:53 May 16
[Maria enters.] -01:56 May 16
Maria: "Armenian Prince runs away with Ballerina. That whole production will be rumored as royal charmers." Maria grinned wide. Tabloid gossip was the least of her worries. "But now that we’re married we can go home." -01:58 May 16
Kabriel: "Home.. to the castle." he sighed "Does it really feel like home, you were there for… a month?" he teased her as the Official hand the document, put the details into the computer then shook Kabriel’s hand. And just like that they were free to go. "We should get rings on the way. Then email a picture to Yvaine.." the last sentence was followed by a chuckle. "Unless you want to save thaat surprise for when we return the car in… a month?" -02:02 May 16
Maria: "It was oddly comfortable there, yes…" she responded in amusement. "Not to say we won’t have to spend some time in America…. but, ah Yvaine. She’s going to flip her shit about us running off without a wedding for her to go to…" Maria tilted her head as she considered. "….do you think we can get away with vanishing for a month?" -02:07 May 16
Kabriel: He grinned as he took her arm and began walking out of the office. "Just who do you think you’re married to? The castle is the perfect place to disappear to for a month, or more. That or pick a part of the world…" -02:17 May 16
Maria: "Hmm… Russia sounds nice. I’ve always liked Russia." Maria linked her hand with his. Who knew that signing a simple piece of paper would leave her with that fuzzy-warm contented feeling. "We haven’t even met each other’s family. That’s going to be a fun surprise." -02:21 May 16
Kabriel: He stopped at the car and looked at her "So.. Moscow for a few days and then to surprise my parents in London. I could have yours flown there too?" -02:28 May 16
Maria: "Somehow, I love the idea of having my parents kidnapped by royal guard without any sort of explination whatsoever." Maria cast a wide grin. Stopping next to him to lean up on her toes and kiss the corner of his mouth. "I love you, Kabriel." -02:38 May 16
Kabriel: "And I love you.. as crazy as that might sound from a man like me. But you gave me a change and we ran away to get married and screw the consequences. Not the usual way for things to be done but… its our way. And so long as we keep doig things our way. Nothings going to stop us." -02:43 May 16

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