One Life Stand 010: Pleasant Morning After

Tessa: Tessa was sleeping so well. Curled up in bed with her blanket and… hrrm. No one was in bed with her, which was unusual, because D never woke up before the alarm. Tessa rolled to look at the clock. "…damnit!" It was near 10! She never set her alarm! ….she was also naked as could be. Tessa pulled her sheet up. There was a wish, and D and… oooh, if that wasn’t a dream that was the best night ever… -11:51 Jun 02
D: D was in the kitchen, he had his favorite breakfast ever, grilled cheese all ready anf on tho plates, he was steeping tea and putting it all om a tray while humming to himself. He didn’t care that he was still stark naked as he picked up the tray and started making his way to the bedroom. "Morning sunshine. Guess I’m too late to wake you up." -11:57 Jun 02
Tessa: Something smelled wonderful… and then she got an eyefull of naked D! Tessa squeezed her eyes shut, despite the fact she had plenty of an eyefull last night. "Hum… I’m late for work! Why didn’t you wake me earlier? I never set my alarm…" -12:02 Jun 03
D: "I was enjoying lying next to you. Now ly back down and eat. Its not breakfast in bed if you’re not in bed." he pushed her back down and put a plate in her lap bafore coverign his with a blanket and placign the tea tray on the bedside table. "The least I can do after such great sex." -12:07 Jun 03
Tessa: "Was it great..?" she asking like she wanted confirmation. No sarcasm… and then she felt like an idiot for asking! Tessa slid lower on the bed, turning a bit with her plate to eat in broody silence. It -was- great sex… best sex she ever had. Even now she was still so pleased and glowing that she wanted to smile. …but she was also -really- late for working. "You know I have a time schedule." -12:13 Jun 03
D: "And I’m sure the boss will get very angry a fire you if you don’t keep it, right boss." he said "And you cave to eat sometime so why not now. You can shower and to your work things afterwards. We had a great concert last ngithm you desurve to relax a little. -12:17 Jun 03
Tessa: "One good show. I have to make sure there are others." However, she still sat still and ate. Adjusting her blanket for propriety’s sake… and… accidentally scooting closer to D in the process. It was a chilly morning, she just wanted the body heat? -12:24 Jun 03
D: Next thing he knew he had and arm around her as he chewed. "See its not so hard, we can continue kiving a working together.; He leaned his head agaist hers. "What do yo have to do today anyway?" -12:29 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa nibbled on her sandwhich, thinking about protesting but finding much too nice to ruin with a complaint. Reality would happen fast enough without her pushing it alone. And he really was very warm… "I have to see what the show reviews are, get quotes and then use those for booking the next venues… Hmm… I will need to make new flyers, update the webpage. New wardrobe for sure. And that is just you, there is the other band too…" -12:33 Jun 03
D: "So you have to wait for the reviews to come out, alright." he said pushing his nose into her hair before leanign aay to hand her a mug of tea. "Well we only get one after morning after after concert sex so I’m all for treasuring it even if it only lasts as long as a mug of tea and a grilled cheese sandwedge." -12:38 Jun 03
Tessa: Her sandwich was gone and devoured, and now she had a mug in her hands. She was almost disappointed that she lost the opportunity to wrap her arms around him and snuggle him. He was so cute like this… so sweet. No one had brought her breakfast in bed before, nor had they talked about treasuring moments and… Tessa took a sip of tea before she blurted out something silly like falling in love with him. One night didn’t equal love. She tilted just a bit closer to him, mumbling in to her mug. "I guess I can start the day later. There is not much I can fit in to today without the reviews first…" -12:42 Jun 03
D: He smiled and gave her a squeeze with the arm around her. "Thank you…" he actually leaned doewn and kissed her cheek, how many kisses was he going to give her? "Its good to know you can be negociated with, that will come in handy when my contract comes up for review. Or when I next tind you underneath me.." he had been about to ask if there would be a next tiem but of course there wouldn’t be… -12:49 Jun 03
Tessa: A flushed face, that was hidden with her mug. There wasn’t going to be a next time, and it wasn’t even because she didn’t want… because if she could get away with it, she really would have loved to set the mug aside and pounce on him right there. But that was so unprofessional and he was… D! "You make reviews sound like a battle with me…" -12:54 Jun 03
D: A battle.. a little bedtime wrestling… dammit he’d just had sex with her and he was thinking about it again. "You knwo what you want and I know what I want, so long as they’re the same thing…" dammit why was her ceshe stil bare and right there for him to look at? "Theres no need to battle, beside you’ll have plenty of time to work tonight.." -12:59 Jun 03
Tessa: -Were- they the same thing? Because what Tessa was imagining wasn’t right or appropriate at all! Tessa leaned to set her empty mug over on the bedside table, then was right back to lounging in bed with him when she reeeaaally should’ve been getting up for a shower. "You never let me work late any more. Are you not going to be pestering me this evening?" -01:04 Jun 03
D: His mug wend down too and both of his arms were around her as he lay down with her. "I hate work tonght too. Not that my shoulder is healed they have a job for me. So I guess there won’t be any messing around tonight and you can work as late as you like without me calling you to bed." -01:06 Jun 03
Tessa: "You could quit the extra jobs now, can’t you? I’m not making a profit yet, but I know we will soon." Tessa took the opportunity to curl against him. Especially since he wasn’t going to be there that evening. "What sort of job is it?" -01:10 Jun 03
D: "JUst the usual." he said "ANd we need food don’t we." now he was sounding like we was earning for both of them. "I’ll probably be back before midnight. SO you might see me when I get in." -01:14 Jun 03
Tessa: "If I stay up late enough…" That wouldn’t be hard if she needed to work later to make up for being lazy this morning. But he still hadn’t told her what sort of job it was. "And the job is…?" She asked again, tapping on his chin. -01:15 Jun 03
D: "Meeting with an execitive on behalf of someone else. A third party to resolve a dispute they’ve been having." he said. "Bependng on how long the meeting takes is when I’ll be home." it was a very simplified vestion of what he did. "So you don’t need to worry." -01:21 Jun 03
Tessa: "No more bar fights and glass stabbed shoulders?" Tessa shifted to run her hand over his back shoulder to check the scar. It was all closed up now and nothing to worry too much over, but it still really stiff for him… Although she hadn’t noticed any wincing from him last night! "That sounds more like a Tessa sort of job than a D job. Maybe I could do it for you and you could work on your new songs instead?" -01:27 Jun 03
D: "You need to work, and this is why I went to colledge, to wear a suit and talk to other men is suits. Make me a rockstay so I don’t need to wear suits anymore." he sihged. He was starting to hate keeping things for her, why, he’d never know. "And you need to work tonight." -01:29 Jun 03
Tessa: "Oh -now- I have to work tonight. No more Tessa taking a break…" she teased. She needed to, because that expression on his face was the usual careless look he always had. He really didn’t like his other jobs… Tessa moved until she brushed a soft kiss on his cheek. Almost at the corner of his mouth. "Don’t worry. I’m working hard and you’ll be the most amazing star in the world. Three months, tops." -01:32 Jun 03
D: "Three months?" he asked thringing and leaning his forehead against hers "i’ll hold you to that." His nose toutching hers he allowed his eyes to close and his hand to move to cup her side. He really was growing too attached to her after onlu one night.. or did the others with no sex count? "Because you’re the best manager there is." -01:40 Jun 03

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