Mediterranean Misadventure 009: Yvaine’s Crazy Plan

[Maria spent most of her week watching armenian soaps, eating ice cream, and occasionally getting tackled by Yvaine’s guards. She has now, very reluctantly, agreed to go OUT. Maybe going out and getting some meaningless ass is what she needs. ] -01:17 May 11
[Kabriel spent most of the week avoiding the castle, In his condo in Moscow watching soaps on sattelite and telling himself hes not thinking about Maria. Then he gets a visitor and gets bragged all the way to rhinemant for stag night… Whats wrong with moscow?] -01:22 May 11
Maria: Dressed in low cut black and playing with the yellow diamond at her collarbone, Maria’s usual amused excitement at loud music and moving bodies was completely gone. She wasn’t interested, and occasionally would cast dark looks towards Yvaine who seemed WAY more excited about clubbing than a married woman should be. “I feel like I’ve gone out man hunting with Mary Poppins.” -01:24 May 11
Maria: Yvaine wasn’t detered. After all, this was a genius plan. All she needed was Maria to stay a little while! “What about dancing, then? Lets dance for a bit and get drinks? Then you can grab someone cute and you’ll forget aaaaalll about the nice sweet prince you’ve been grumbling about all week?” -01:28 May 11
Kabriel: Strobe lights, pounding music, twisting bodies, stiff drinks. And Kabriel was at the bar next to hans tryign to pretend he was ok. “But you know after the rejection adn then the running… having your chest ripped open like that twice in one week…” he didn’t even looks at the women of offer. “So why here, Moscow has a scene too?” -01:31 May 11
Kabriel: “Because I’m married Kabriel, If I’m going to go clubbign without my wife it should at least be in the same city as home…” Hans replied. “Though you felt somehtign for her, if you say it hurt. I never thought I’d see the day..” Hans sipped his soda water and looked out over the dance floor. “Kabriel with the same girl for a month, she must be something.” -01:33 May 11
Maria: “I COULD forget, if you’d stop bringing him up every ten minutes!” Maria was dragged to the floor, and wasn’t cooporative at all when Yvaine started dancing and was trying to bully her in to it too. “I just want it all out of my head so I can go back to normal.” -01:36 May 11
Kabriel: “Shut up! Shes a girl right… there won’t be another like her but neither of us wanted commitment.. you know the deal I know theres still some of the Hans I used to know in there… the one saying he’d never be tied down and it woulf just be the amigos for life…. we really had no clue how royalty worked back then.. though your dad.. I understand why you didn’t want to any more after that.” -01:36 May 11
Maria: Yvaine twiiiirled under Maria’s arms. It didn’t matter if Maria was just going to stand there, she was trying to keep her busy! “Uh huh? I you’re still wearing the necklace he gave you! Kinda hard to forget somebody when you’re carrying them around with yooou.” Yvaine thought it was so sweet. She had never seen Maria act this way before, it made the plan really important. “Why couldn’t you have just stayed and tried it out? You love him, don’t you?” -01:39 May 11
Kabriel: “Hey stop making this about me. Its abour you, you and a club full of women.. but since you’re still sitting here next to me I guess it must be true. You liked her. I’m happy for you, cheek sex gets old after a while.. though get off your ass and follow me, I’l be your wingman and introduce you to someone.” -01:39 May 11
Maria: “Yeah, I do. And I loved somebody before too. A lot like him, and I’m not doing that again…” There was that desire to shake the hell out of Yvaine again. “Not everybody gets a perfect flawless husband, okay? Just drop it!” -01:42 May 11
Kabriel: Kabriel followed but he had different Ideas. “You know just take me to a hotel I don’t fell like dancing. You find that one girl.. then shes gone and you eel like no one else will do for you anymore. For the month she was with me I didn’t even LOOk at another woman you know.. and now I still don’t want to.” -01:44 May 11
Maria: “Fine, fine! One dirty creepy stranger, that you would slap ME for leaving with, coming right up.” Yvaine was grinning wide now. That cat eat-canary grin as she turned Maria in circles enough to have the woman too dizzy to know which way they were going. Then Yvaine pushed Maria at the first guy she spotted. Thankfully it was one of the guards dressed casual and playing a role for her, but Maria didn’t know that! -01:49 May 11
Maria: The old ‘accidentally run in to a guy’ trick. Yvaine was sly for someone who never dated seriously. Maria apologized to the guy, casting Yvaine a glare over her shoulder. …and then he made with the awkward hitting on her. Which might have been real cute a couple months ago and she’d have love to toy with him a bit… now it just made her wish she was with someone else. At least Maria was polite and kept up a polite smile. She’d kill Yvaine. Kiiiill heeeer. -01:53 May 11
[Maria enters.] -02:04 May 11
[Kabriel enters.] -02:12 May 11
Kabriel: Hans linked his arms with Yvaine’s as he stepped up behind her. “Hey honey I didn’t know you’d be here and… oops.” -02:13 May 11
Kabriel: Kabrien pushed past Hans not even seeing Yvaine his eyes focused on Maria and what looked like her latest aquasition of meat. He pushed the guard over with on shove and then turned to Maria “How,… could you.. How could you wear what I gave you and rub up against this…. avanak like that?” -02:15 May 11
[(Timeout) Kabriel was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:16 May 11
Maria: “Oh! Hans! I had no idea you would be here!” Unlike Maria, Yvaine was a terrible actress. …but it seemed that neither Maria or Kabriel were paying attention to HER now. “Whatever are you doing here at this club at this very moment?” -02:16 May 11
Kabriel: “Saving you from overacting now…. lets dance.” he pulled her away so that they were in the background and not interfering and what was looking liek an angument but close enough to intervene if needed. -02:19 May 11
[(Timeout) Maria doesn’t post enough.] -02:33 May 11
[Maria enters.] -02:33 May 11
Maria: The guard wanted to shove back just on instinct, but one look at his rulers and he was just backing away with his hands up. Maria on the other hand, had no problem shoving Kabriel. “I’m not rubbing up against anyone, not that it’s your business! If you’re going to spy on me, you could at least pay attention.” Maria turned away, every intend to turn her glare at Yvaine… Pointing a finger at the woman and making a strangling motion at her. -02:37 May 11
Kabriel: “I’m not spying on you I’m trying to forget you…” he snapped back “But you don’t make it easy, you don’t make anythign easy and the one time I tried you threw it in my face and then a week laver ran off for no reason. Am I that scary when I’m not after emotionless sex?” -02:42 May 11
Maria: “YES! You are! You’re terrifying and I can’t deal with it!” her shouting was almost loud enough to be heard over the music and drew more than a few curious stares. Hissing under her breath, she shoved past him to leave. Escaping was what she was good at. -02:46 May 11
[(Timeout) Maria was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -02:51 May 11
Kabriel: He followed her determined not to let her go until he had answers. “Maria!” he caught up with her outside. “I havn’t been able to look at another girl since I met you, You’re the first person whose done that to me, made me want her and only her so either you tell me why you keep running or you tell me how to forget you.” he hasn’t drunk, he hadn’t even taken a sip thier whole time here. “And if you can’t do either of those then… I guess I’m going to spend the rest of my life on Moscow unable to go back to a castle, to see the cars.. so see the sea or anything that reminds me of you..” -02:51 May 11
Maria: Maria stopped, halfway down the sidewalk. It hurt knowing she could do that to him… but it would hurt more in the future if she didn’t cauterize it and make sure it was done! Maria turned around slowly, fists and her sides and her eyes squeezed shut. If she didn’t look at him, it was easier. “I made this mistake once. I was… like Yvaine. So blindly and stupidly believing that we were in love and that was going to make a difference. I knew what he was doing, and I ignored it… He was choosing to marry ME, right? He slept with my friend on the day we were getting married. The DAY. And it just… I’m not gonna make that mistake again. I’m not enough and this is what I am now!” -03:01 May 11
Kabriel: “So one man hurt you and you’re broken forever… you’re a soiled dove and not good enough for anyone? Thats bullshit Maria. You said you loved me, theres no love without trust… and I do think you love me so you must trust me, not enough it seems. If you did you’d be willing to take the risk. So you like alone your way and I’ll live anone my way. Is that what you want?” -03:09 May 11
Maria: “It’s NOT what I want but it HURTS!” Maria almost wished they were somewhere she could throw stuff at him. As it were, she just had to stand out there on the sidewalk feeling like a cornered animal despite having all the space in the world to just walk away. “I love you, but the last time I loved somebody I was wrong! I was so fucking wrong and I let him get away with shit. That was MY fault. And you… you have been amazing… but what if I’m wrong. What if I stay with you and months from now, a year from now, I’m not enough anymore. If I lose you now I can survive… but if I lose you then… I can’t take it…” -03:17 May 11
Kabriel: “There will always be what ifs maria.” he snapped back not letting on how much it hurt to hear her say what she did. “I’ve never let myself fall in love because Ive seen far too many women only after expensive toys and a title. But I never break a promise, and I promise you that if the day ever comes that my eye strays from you it will be a cold day in hell. You are all I want and I don’t know how that happened or why… but you can’t show me what I’ve been missing and then take it away.” -03:24 May 11
Maria: “What am I supposed to do…! Just off a ledge and hope that you catch me?!” He never broke a promise, but trusting was the most difficult thing in the world. “Tell me what to do, because I don’t know. I don’t know how to go from this person to someone who isn’t going to freak out and stab some bimbo for looking at you, or smothering you while you’re sleeping, or… hell I don’t know! I don’t know how to be with you and not be insane!” -03:34 May 11
Kabriel: He stepped closer to her “Be you, be Maria Martin, let go of the fear, because you know what. I’m out here with you and not in there. And after that you can pick a city, any city in the world.” -03:38 May 11
Maria: She didn’t run, which was a good sign. Maria rest her hands on her hips, eying him with a debious expression despite the sparkle of tears in her eyes. “Do you still want to marry me, Kabriel? Seriously. Want to marry me. Knowing that the minute to get upset or pissed off, I’m going to either walk away or stab you?” -03:43 May 11
Kabriel: He met her gaze his arms folding “If you’re crazy enough to stab a prince in his own castle then I’m crazy enough to send all the king’s horses and all the king’s men out looking for you.” he replied. “And you are the one I want the only one who can make me forget theres even others to concider. So come with me or break my heart, again, theres no third option.” -03:49 May 11
Maria: That shouldn’t have made her crack a half smile. The thought of him sending an army after her. …could she do this? Take the risk? Maria took a deep breath. “Okay. …..Okay! But you have to marry me now. Right now. No waiting, no ceremony. Lets go and get married right now before I freak out and change my mind.” -03:53 May 11
Kabriel: He raised an eyebrow and closed the rest of the distance between them his hands pulling hers from her hips and holdign them. “Now… right now… An interesting challenge.” he pulled her hand up to checked is watch… “Then we’d better run.. now.. find a car and we’ll think of soemthign on the way.” -03:58 May 11
Maria: “Can a prince get away with stealing a car?” she smirked. Maria joked, but she was also terrified. Her heart beating way too hard and making her feel more like she was about to jump out an airplane than simply going to sign some papers and marry someone she really did love. She held tight to his hands, because she wasn’t kidding about freaking out and running again. -04:01 May 11
Kabriel: “Diplomatic immunity.” he said. “But its not stealing if I tell Hans’ guard he said I could use it.. they can ride home together.” he waved to the guard and got the key from him in with a smooth line about Hand lending it to him. “Is this what hes driving? I’m going to have to talk to him about this… You drive.” -04:07 May 11
Maria: “I suppose you’re afraid I am going to jump right out of the car if you drive…” she mused. Taking the keys, she was in the car in a second. Her hands were shaking, making her drive was a dumb idea. ..but maybe the smart! “Now am I driving to the nearest Rhineland courthouse or do you have something else in mind?” -04:10 May 11
Kabriel: “As I said, pick a city, we’ll go where no one knows who we are and I’ll get you a ring and you’ll get me one and we’ll sign up together without anyone seeing or knowing. Then comes the fun part.” -04:16 May 11
Maria: “The fun part. I can’t wait for the fun part.” Because this was the nerve-wracking part. Maria drove, and she was greatful that Hans’ car had a GPS on it, cause she knew fuckall where she was driving to. She behaved with Hans car, griping the stirring wheel almost too tightly. How could she want something so much, and still be so nervous! Fearless Maria, jittery as hell. They were well out of town before she spoke again, casting him a sideglance out of the corner of her eye. “…would really send all the King’s men after me, because I am tempted to make a run for it later just to see that happen.” -04:27 May 11
Kabriel: He looked at her the landscape speeding by “You? I think you would need the personal toutch of me going myself..” he grined “Because if anyones going to kidnap you and drag you kicking and screming into my dungeon its going to be me… and where are we going?” -04:31 May 11
Maria: “Belgium, if this thing doesn’t stop speaking in german at me at give me some decent directions. Otherwise, on wrong turn we might just end up in the carribean again.” Maria was smirking, casting him another quick look. She could say everything start from one insane vacation, but she was pretty sure she was hooked with morning after shower-sex. “Still going to chain me up in your castle? That’s a promise I’m still waiting on.” -04:37 May 11
Kabriel: He grinned at her while shaking his head. “It would be strangly apropriate though explainin gto Hans how we got his car there would be tricky.” then he put his hand on her leg and smiled “If I’m going to chain you anywhere it will be in the bedroom….” he was nearvous, of course he was but it was an adventure they were on wasn’t it.. and he was on it with HER. He pulled out his phone and turned it off before puttign it back on his pocket. “I never break a promise.” -04:46 May 11
Maria: “And I hope you never do. I’ll hold you to every promise you make, and in exchange I will give you more love than you could handle in a lifetime.” And she most definitely meant it with the naughty tone and wicked grin she cast. Tapping her fingers on the steering wheel and starting to wish it was him driving just so she could have her hands on him. -04:51 May 11
Kabriel: “You might be surprised how much I can take. I’ve been gentle with you so far, doesn’t mean I can’t be rough if I’m in the mood… but you… with you everything is different, even since that first time in your office. What is it about you…?” -04:59 May 11
Maria: “Honey I know you can be rough.” So rough and so hot. They had tumbled around on his boat enough to give her bruises and… God damnit. Maria almost slammed on the breaks, pulling over to the side of the road. It was dark and it was some back country street. No one was going to care. She had the car off and her seat belt unbuckled, shifting awkwardly in the closed confines of the car to straddled his lap and kiss him hard. -05:05 May 11
Kabriel: The stopping caught him by surprise but not as much as the straddlign and the kiss but his arms flew around her and he pulled her aganst him kisssing her back. He didn’t even unfasten his seatbelt as he moved his hand to grip the back of her head and pull her in deeper. He hadn’t even known how badly he missed her toutch until she was all over him. -05:19 May 11
[Maria enters.] -05:26 May 11
Maria: She missed him. She didn’t even miss the sex, it was all him. Maria just wanted to feel him, know he would be there. Commitment was an oddly titilating thing…! There was precious little room to manuver and it was an awkward position there on his lap. But Maria didn’t care. She had her mouth against his, invading it with her tongue as she pawed at his clothes. Making no ceremony about trying to get them off. -05:29 May 11
Kabriel: His tongue greeted hers as he tilted his head back pressign his mouth against hers pulling her dress down her body to toutch more of her back.. “mmm I missed you Maria..” he whispered against her before sighing into her, he had and now his entire body reveled in her return. -05:34 May 11
[(Timeout) Maria was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -05:43 May 11
Maria: “I don’t know what I was thinking… Everytime I’m with you, I’m home.” she murmured. It was like dropping a match on gasoline. All he had to do was run his hands over her skin and she was lit. Maria had his shirt and jacket gone, then reaching between them to tug hard on his belt and pants. Her mouth didn’t leave his, nipping, nibbling, biting. Reminding herself how much she missed the taste of him. It had only been a week…! -05:43 May 11
Kabriel: He had her dress off in a flash pullign it up and over her head and crawing at her back with his nails, “I need you Maria..” he half whispered and half whimpered as he pilled off her bra and let it fall where it pleased. If there were more room he’d be on top of her in an instant bu as it was his ahnds kept hitting things. -05:50 May 11
Maria: Thank god she was flexible. There was no way to move in these european cars. Her hand slipped in to his open pants, pulling him out and gripping with none too delicate fingers. He was still strapped down by the seatbelt and that amused her. The slight curve of her grin forming at the corner of her mouth when he moved and couldn’t get far. Fingers stroking him with a maddening slowness. She wanted him revved up hotter than one of his fancy ferrari. -05:58 May 11
Kabriel: Its was maddening, so maddemning that he clenched his teeth when the mechanism of the seatbelt caught and he was seddenly restrained beneath her. Weather she planned it or not he cursed her and pulled her tighter against him harder. “You’re going to make me finick before getting me inside you at this rate.” he growled and bit her lip. -06:37 May 11
Maria: Maria laughed softly. “Poor Prince at my mercy. I can’t have that…” She was still slow about it, not in that sweet way, but definitely out to drive him insane. Guiding his tip beneath her, waiting an excrutiating moment before taking him in and sinking on to his lap. Maria sighed in to his ear. “Only way you’re finishing is with me.” -06:47 May 11
Kabriel: HE bit her shoulder as she sunk down, harder than he intended to his clawing becomign holding as he sighed. “I think we have this backwards..” he breathed but by his voice he didn’t mind at all as he nipped up her neck “Ride me hard Maria.” -06:50 May 11
Maria: Maria more than happily obliged, letting that week of confused anger and frustrated tension release with the grinding movements of her hips. Maria griped his hair tight, not pulling him away from her neck but keeping him closed. She had to curl over him just to keep from hitting her head on the car roof. -06:58 May 11
Kabriel: He breathed hard, his hot breath running over her shoulder and down her back as he pulled her agaist his harder their chests crushed together. “I love you..” he breathed again and again begroe there was a twisting jerk in his hip “No… too soon.” -07:02 May 11
Maria: “Oh gods, baby, I love you so much..!” Why’d he have to -say- it! And why’d it have to amp her up so fast? Maria could feel the whole car shifting, but the was so focused on him that it didn’t even come as a passing thought. She braced her hands on the roof just to give herself that better leverage, groaning out his name against his lips when she kissed him. -07:10 May 11
Kabriel: He grabbed her fair and pulled her deeper into the kiss he lips bruising hers with the forse he used his tingue searching to wrestle with hers. His abbs tensed as his hips battled to rise to hers and then he released, white hot fire burnign under his skin as his eyes screwed shut, his chest heaving against hers. -07:18 May 11
Maria: He was hers. Even thought she was crushed in his embrace, he was all hers. To love and to keep… her sudden orgasm left her crying out against his mouth. Her arms dropping to dig her hands in to his shoulder as she tilted her head back. The release was a torrent of relief. Just washing away all those worries and fears. Reveling in her prince. -07:27 May 11
Kabriel: He lavished attention onto her throat and shoulder in the form of a thousand little nips and kisses before nuzzling his face and cheek onto her neck. “Don’t ever leave me Maria.. I don’t know if I could take it.” -07:30 May 11
Maria: “Never again. The minute that ring is on my finger, never again.” She smiled, a lazy wicked smile as she teased. “So you better marry me quick, Prince. And I’ll be yours until the day I die.” -07:34 May 11
Kabriel: he ran his fingers though her hair and moved to kiss her lips. “As soon as we’re in Belgium… You’ll be my princess… and get diplomatic immunity from stealing the king’s car and making love in it on the side of the road. -07:38 May 11
Maria: She laughed! “Hans will forgive me for that. I’m more worried about what he’s gonna do when he finds out I tried to beat up his wife…” Kabriel’s princess. Maria couldn’t care less about the title. The only title she cared for was being his wife. She kissed him again, softly. That teasing expression having shifted to something soft. “I love you, Kabriel. I really do… and I’m glad you chased me down and gave me another chance.” -07:41 May 11
Kabriel: He kissed her back just as softly. “I love you too Maria. Thats why I did it. When you cond someone worth holding onto and thay’re as right for you as you are for them. You don’t let them go. Not without a fight.” -07:44 May 11

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