Repairing Destiny 011: Kim Moving In

[Kim is wearing a loose backless shirt and a short pair of cutoff shorts. She’s carrying her school books in one hand and looks like a run way model, not like a brutal kickboxer.] -07:47 Feb 17

LATER THAT WEEK -Jane 07:48 Feb 17

Jane: Jane was limping, even now, she had had a broken rib and that meant she was carrying her bag in her hand rather than slung across her shoulder but other than that it was bussiness as usual. Jacket, work open, shirt, and skirt with stockings. Britt seemed to like that look… -07:50 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "That fight didn’t go as plan?" Kim chimed, stepping out from the threshold of a doorway and falling in step with Jane. "I probably should have stuck around to warn you, but Roy sticks in my craw." -07:53 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "He’s always been a creater." she said irritatedly without even realizing who she was speaking to. "But attaackign after a time out is called is a new low even for him." her pride wasn’t hurt from the loss but that didn’t mean she wasn’t pissed about it. I… oh, hello Kim." it took her aa second to realize who it was… -07:57 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Shits like him won’t fight fair. All he cares about is looking good." She rolled her eyes and sighed. Finally she smiled and bumped gently against Jane’s shoulder. They were both almost exactly the same height with Kim being just a bit taller. "I’m glad he didn’t mess up that pretty face, though. I hate it when people think I beat my dates." -08:01 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "My face is fine and I have a girlfriend, remember." she said with slight irritation. "Unless that’s just your way of being friendly then that’s actuaally pretty funny, but I’ve taken a lot worse beatings to the face and hey, I’d beat you back." -08:05 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Your little rich girlfriend has an obvious type." Kim commented with a shrug. "She dated that shit, right? And I herd how she was cheering during your fights. She likes em mean." She tilted her head and looked Jane up an down with a soft examining gaze. "You seem more like the romantic girly type. Does she sweep you off your feet?" -08:09 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane stopped and leaned against her car, rubbing her forehead. "Head she’s rich and likes watching fights, you go that part right but I’ve known her since I was like nine and we only started dating recently… before that I didn’t even think she liked girls since she has a history of dating idiots who I want to punch so it’s…" she lost track of where she was going with her sentence. "It’s not some fling, we know each other better than anyone." -08:14 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "See, life time friendship is even worse." she commented, also leaning on the car, but doing so inappropriately close. "You know all her past people were assholes, and now she’s dating you. Someone safe, that of course she loves. But you know… is safe. But I’m sure I’m wrong and it’s actually sudden true love." Kim shrugged her shoulder and reached out to brush some of Jane’s hair behind her ear. "Women like us, we’re strong, but people kind of take us for granted sometimes." -08:18 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane glared, fire in her eyes. Here was someone who knew nothing about Britt talkign shit about her. "All the guys she dated were assholes, not the girls, or some of them anyway… not that I knew them, obviously since she wasn’t out to me but I was a bit of a prick back then too alwasy teasing her for not dating me and calling her a…" dammit that next word wouldn’t made sense. "Cocklover…" that was worse, waaaaay worse than calling Britt a lesbian. "Look are you going to talk about my girlfriend all day or what?" -08:24 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim put on an innocent expression and laughed! "I’m sure she’s sweet and a great girl! I’m just pointing out that your relationship might not be as strong as you think it is, so I can convince you that a date or two with me isn’t such a bad idea. Once we face down in the ring, you might be too mad to go out with me." -08:26 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane expected to be more annoyed but instead she laughted. "Oh come on, you meet me once and you want to go out with me? YOU!? I mean… you could get anyone, you’re an amazon and yoou go for the new kid who already has a girlfriend and well…" she gestures at herself. "I mean if you want to look good by comparison I get it… and I broke a rib so there’s reason for you to believe you fight better than me too. I don’t see what you’re getting out of this…" -08:34 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim look surprised! Was even stunned enough to be rendered silent for a moment. "Uh, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You’re gorgeous. And what’s so wrong with me hitting on any hot girl I meet? Guys do it all the time." Kim pulled away from the car and opened up one of the notebooks she was holding. With a pen pulled out of the back pocket of her shorts, she scribbled down her phone number, ripped it out and handed it to Jane. "When you’re back to full health, we’ll try a spar again. I fight a little dirty, but not like that shit Roy. Until then… call me? No reason why we can’t hang out sometimes as friends." -08:39 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane stood, number in hand and stared. gorgious? Did an amazon godess of the ring just call her gorgious? Jane shook her head and stuffed the number into her pocket. "Cool, as friends… I don’t have many here yet and we obviiously have a hobby in common." her face was redder then she’s like but she hoped it wasn’t noticable. "We could meet at the gym… I still go there after school to do light excercises, the oned that I can with a broken rib." -08:44 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "How about we stop and have some dinner right now? I’m sure you’re still pretty sore and could use a sit down." Kim grinned like a chesire cat. "You’re adorable when you blush." -08:47 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane’s fade went redder but her expression changed to one of disapproval. "If you stop that. Friends, remmeber." Jane took a deep breath and hit the reset button on her emotions, rieghning them in. "I’m not interested in replacing Britt. If we broke up then maybe but I don’t see that happening soon." still… Kim brought up some good points and Jane would need to talk to Britt… instead of just having sex with her all the time. -08:55 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "A maybe already." Kim leaned closer to whisper in Jane’s ear. "I think you’re warming up to me." she giggled lightly and straightened. Back to normal and nothing flirty about it. "There’s a great place for sushi and sake down the street. The walk is short and it’ll keep those muscles loose." -08:57 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane’s fist banged against her car and she clenched her teeth, she wanted to tell Kim that that was over the line but the girl changed her tune and Jane let out a breath. Good, that was over. Part of her wanted to abck out but that would be rude and Jane really did want a friend at school. "Walking? Okay…" she opened the car door to drop her bag into the footwell where it wouldn’t be too visible before closing and locking the door. -09:11 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim wiggled a finger, beckoning Jane to follow. "This way. What are you studying at school? I’m majoring neurosciences." The question was nice and innocent. It seemed she was going to hold true to the agreement and not spend the entire time hitting on the girl. -09:17 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "Looks, athleticism and brains…" Jane muttered feeling smaller and smaller next to this girl. "I… I want to be a professional fighter." she admitted. "I’ve alrea…" no, JAMES had participated in tournaments and won awards. JANE had to start from scratch again. "So health and Fitness major. Worst case scenario I end up coaching or workign in a gym…" -09:26 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "I wouldn’t call that a worse case. My coach is who inspired me to enter tournaments and encourages me to keep up with studies too." she grinned, bumping Jane’s shoulder again in a friendly way. "Not that I think you’ll have a problem going pro. Any girl that can handle a fight from Roy is a tough broad to beat." -09:30 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "If he didn’t cheat I could beat him." she growled. "I used to be able to…" James had gotten into more than one bare knuckle fight with Roy and every time James has come out on top. "I’ll have to wait until the next tournament and there’s refarees around I guess. Start getting my name back out there…" -09:34 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Have you fought him before in another city?" Kim asked curiously. As far as she knew, she never heard of Jane in any of the circles SHE fought in. They arrived at the resteraunt though and Kim opened up the door for Jane, guiding her inside with a hand placed gently as her back. -09:39 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "Oh… yeah." she said stepping inside, assuming that the hand on the back was a girl thing. She smiled at the greeter and was shown to a seat where sje sat down, carefully and let out a breath. "And now I can’t train…" that DID irritate her. "I bet if he found out my rib is broken he’d be smug… sorry I should stop muttering about him I just really don’t like that guy." -09:44 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "He is the biggest douche on the planet, so I don’t blame you. I’m just wondering what kind of freak your girl is for dating him." she made an icky face, to go along with her disgust, because seriously. Kim couldn’t imagine it. She ordered water with lemon right off the bat before looking at a menu. "You’ll heal fast. I you want, I could give you a few lessons? Not that I reccomend trying to fight him again. He’s not worth the time." -09:47 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane ordered team she wanted soemthign hot for herself. "I always do heal fast." she said with a smile. "And sure… couldn’t get a read on your style from the short time we sparred but mine is based on simple kickboxing… though it’s more kick than boxing these days. I used to just be a boxed but tackling opponents above my wieght class… well… I wanted to be more versatile." this she was enthusiastic about. "It’s tricky unlearning everything and trying to change your style." -09:53 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Oh yeah, you can’t just rely on one thing. Men have it easy, they all come in the same shapes for the most part, but women are varied as hell. And you can never tell when that stocky bitch is going to be fast as hell or extra flexible, or if the scrawy one can hit harder than she looks. You have to adapt right there in the ring." Kim rest her chin in her hand and smile wide. "Your eyes light up when you talk about kickboxing. You really are passionate about it." -09:57 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane smiled wider. "Nothing beats the feeling of thinkign of a combo, executing it and having it work. Nothing. Not even sex… though sex comes pretty close…" she was red again and looking away. "You have to know that. What I do know it you watch your oponents and that you vary your style, like I do. You never know what might work. The other day I did kickboxing, ground fighting… and if we hadn’t been interupted and if you actually fought instead of… showing off…" what other way was ther to explain Kim putting her body on display like that. "We would have had… maybe the best fight ever. The fight is won in the head for me and that’s what Britt doesn’t see… she just likes to watch people punch each other and boobs bounce." she felt bad for talkign about Britt that way but it was true. -10:03 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Sounds like you need better sex in your life." she teased with a wiggle of her eyebrows. "A fight is more than just the hits for me too. I gotta be in to it. I’ve got to have some fun. A little show and dance is what makes it a real sport. Anyone can wail on each other for five minutes. But it takes talent to do what we do." She reached across the table to take Jane’s hand, her smile still innocently friendly, but the touch not feeling it. "We ARE going to have THE best fight, you better believe it!" -10:08 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane has missed this, when for secrecy’s sake she ahd tut ties with her old fight friends and old coach she had let go of the only ones she could talk to about her passion. "She looked down at Kim’s hand in hers then back up at her face. She was too caught up in the euphoria of het art to notice the nature of the touch for more than a moment. "What do you do?" she asked. "You have th emind of a boxer but what do you base you moves on. Fair is fair you know mine so I should know yours." she ignored the sex comment, fight talk was important. "Also to research if you’re going to show me a few moves." -10:14 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim grinned and shrugged a shoulder. "A little bit of it all? You’ll have to watch me and tell me. I’m always switching it up and trying new things. Of course, I save my tried and true moves for IN the ring. When we practice I can show you." She held Jane’s hand twisting it this way and that to examine the palm and fingers. "Your hands are really strong, but they have a delicate structure. Very graceful." -10:24 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: She looked down and swallowed. "Really? I hadn’t really noticed…" ho her everythign other then her previous hands seemed delicate. "I don’t use them for must that would be concidered graceful, unless that’s what you want to caall my first work but I don’t know if I would. My handwriting sure isn’t." -10:28 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "You really don’t know how pretty you are." she commented with surprise. "Doesn’t anyone ever tell you? Or your girlfriend? Or is she too busy getting all the attention to ever think about you?" -10:31 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: She pulled her hadn back and run it through her hair. "I’m not exactly the girliest girl, in case you haven’t noticed…" she said adamantly, still not sure if she should be taking being called girly things as compliments or not. "Britt knows that, and how I feel about it." -10:35 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim laughed. "You’re not? You walk like a girl, you dress like a girl, you blush like a girl when someone gives you a compliment. You don’t give yourself enough credit. If she knew that, you’d be well used to simple compliments by now." -10:39 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: There was no way to explaain this without it someong out wierd so Britt just looked at her. "It’s not that simple. I’ve never been fully… cofortable with being girly until very recently." as close to the truth as she could get. "I’ve been trying to be more girly lately so I guess that’s working? Just please don’t get the wrong idea about Britt." -10:47 Feb 17 Jane
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[Kim was looking unconvinced about this stuff!] -05:50 Feb 19
[Jane is startign to get a little narked.] -06:48 Feb 19
Kim: Kim shrugged a shoulder. "Do I really have the wrong idea, though? I can tell just by looking at her that’s one of those rich girls. And you said yourself she really doesn’t understand you." She paused when the waitress arrived with their drinks and to take their orders. She ordered her favorite roll of sushi and a bowl of miso. -06:51 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane didn’t really want to order anything so she just got salmon. "She doesn’t get one of my hobbies, big deal. I don’t get some of her stuff either. You don’t need to be into everythign the other person is to make a relationship work." she put her face in her hands. "We made being friends work for ever so…" -06:54 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: She laughed, reaching across the table to tug gently at a strand of Jane’s hair. "Don’t get mad. I’m just saying, friends-turned-lovers are kinda cursed with this thing where they can’t let go, even when it’s pretty obvious they’re just hanging on for dumb reasons." Kim leaned forward on the table to whisper. "The sex is great, right?" -06:59 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane reached up to take her hand and pushe it away from her, holding it on the table, her face going red as she looked down. "Yeah… of course it is. She…" is Jane’s first? Knows a lot more than Jane does? No those would be taken the wrong way. "Makes it fun… " -07:02 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Aaah, snatched up your virginity, huh." she responded, not looking surprise. "I can tell from your face. That’s cute, though! I’m glad you got to do it with someone special to you. My first time was total shit." she gave a wry grin, and patted Jane’s hand. "You shouldn’t be so embarassed to talk about this stuff." -07:06 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane looked away, was it really that obvious? "I just don’t get why you’re so intersted in my relationship We barely know each other but…" Jane sighed. "You make Britt sould like some sort of wutch taking advantage of me or something." Jane was lass and lass into this outing and she wanted to call Britt, talk to her… -07:14 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’m sorry, I don’t mean to do that." Kim said, sounding genuinely sincere. She retracted her hand to grab her glass and take a sip of water. She gave snother shrug of her shoulders, and looked embarassed. "Sometimes I’m too aggressive. I like you and I don’t like to take no for an answer. How about we stop talking about her and you tell me about you? I’d love to know why you’ve got a sudden interest in being ‘girly’. You make it sound like you were forced in to it!" -07:18 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "No, it’s okay I know you don’t mean to." she said lookign up at Kim. she sighed trying to think of a good lie. "I… am trying to get my life together, be a better person. You alreaady guess I was a virgin not so long ago and truth is I wasn’t out until recently either and didn’t really care how I looked since I never put much effort into my relationships and acted out, I was a bit of an asshole but you know… my life changed when I… came out so if I’m going to be a girl who likes girls I should look attractive? Or take care of myself at least… it’s a lot to get used to but it’s better than throwing on whatevers on top of the clothes pile and intimidating everyone who complained… right?" -07:26 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Trying to discover who you really, are right? That I completely understand." Kim smiled, settled in her seat. She rolled her eyes and that embarassed look fell across her features again. "I was way younger, but instead of going girly I went total tomboy. Jeans and flannel and guy stuff. It’s even why I got in to kickboxing. It took awhile I figured out I don’t have to BE anything, I just have to do what I love. It kinda fell in to place after that, you know?" -07:33 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane shrugged. "It’s kinda fun, no makeup though… I never reaally thought skirts would be comfortable." she brushed her hair out of her eyes and smiled. "I’m glad you ended up liking kickboxing, would suck to do something you hate just to try and be someone you’re not. I don’t remember why I got into Boxing, maybe too many times watchign Rocky… I just remember begging my dad to take me to lessons. He wanted me to focus on learning but I begged and begged and eventually he gave… mayne he though I’d give it up after being hit in the face a few times…" -07:38 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "It’s great, right? Makes you feel powerful and in control. That’s why I like it anyway. Along with the showmanship that you seemed to be so put out by." Kim griiiiiinned and winked. "Getting in the ring with you is going to be great. I love partners with personality." -07:44 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Showing off your muscles? That’s not sport it’s modeling." Jane said and as she did she couldn’t help but stare. "I live the fight and I love to win, but not if I have to be a dick to do it. MY dad gets that from his stuff, I get it from mine." -07:46 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "You try to show me a sport that doesn’t have a little flash and I’ll rethink giving my opponants a good look at the bitch that’s about to beat them." she giggled, not taking any offense. "If doing what I have to do to win and be entertained at the same time makes me an asshole, then I’m glad to be one." she shrugged a shoulder and took another sip of water. "I won’t cheat though. Maybe I’ll get a little dirty, but I’ll never cheat a fight. When you’re good, you don’t have to." -07:51 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane rolled her eyes. "Yeah, fine. You have your little ego boost and I’ll stick to keeping the sport dignified." she said, teasing the other girl. "But just so you know even if I don’t have the looks I’ve got just as much meat as you do, maybe more and when you get in the ring with me flash and dazzle won’t matter." -07:54 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: Kim laughed. "You’re so cute when you get fiesty. But I don’t think you can handle me." The phrase sounded flirted, but she wasn’t putting the moves on her this time. It was just a matter of fact statement. -07:58 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane went red, then folded her arms. "I’d take you in a fight rigth now but I have a broken rib and my doctor would probably punish me with needles if I got into another fight right now… you know how they are." -08:01 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’m patient. When we fight, I want it to be good." she was smirking again. "We’ll make sure you’re healed and even have some proper training practice first. And then maaaaybe you’ll last long enough to get a few hits in." -08:09 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "You should save your big mouth for the ring, so I can punch you in it." she said, flicking warm tea at Kim with a smirk. So you might want to wear aa mouth guard." -08:11 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: Kim flinched and laughed, making sure no tea ended up on her blouse and dabbing at one with a napkin. "Cheeky bitch! I’ll remember that later. You need a few good lessons on respecting your superiors!" -08:17 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Superiour? Prove it." she was much happier with britt not being a subject and was actually starting to relax. "Not that you can until I’m back in fighting shape…" she pouted, sighed and then thumped her head on the table. "Not being able to fight sucks." -08:22 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’d go around or two with you now, but I’d rather not make you cry." she teased, resting her elbows on the table. "A few days and you’ll be fine for practices. It won’t be too long. You and I can do some exercises in the meantime. Weight training?" -08:29 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Sounds fun." she said lifting her head. "I usually just train aline but maybe I can make an exception… it’s not often I find someone who fights the way I do." she sat up to train her mug and smiled. Maybe she had made a friend. -08:36 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "You get a lot more out of training with partners than by yourself. More of a challenge, you know? Not to mention the pleasant company." Kim smiled, especially when the food finally arrived. "We’ll probably intimidate everyone at the gym. The Champion and the Beauty. It has a nice ring to it." -08:42 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane raised an eyebrow. "So you admit that I, as champion fight better than you." she said with a self satisfied smirk. "Good to know. Gooood tooo knooow." the raw salmon was dipped and eaten, not Janes favorite but she wasn’t much of a sushi person. -08:46 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "That means you think I’m the beauty." Kim matched that smirk with a wiggle of her brows. She favored lots of wasabi, and the sharp heat didn’t seem to bother her a bit. "I love that you rise to challenges. You’re going to be so much fun to play with." -08:51 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "i’ve already said so more than once." Jane pointed out. "And that’s another thing that’s not really girly about me. I am a sucker for challenges… probably why I agreed to fight that asshole…" -08:55 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "That was less like a challenge and more like a royal mistake." she mused aloud. "I mean, seriously. Fighting people like that so isn’t worth the time and effort. You could have gotten yourself hurt a lot worse." -09:06 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "People like that have this supernatural ability of making me want to punch them, and have you heard the way he talks to Britt… even you went to have words with him." she looked away. "I can’t control myself sometimes… it’s a problem. I shouldn’t have fought him and… never mind." -09:09 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’m not saying you shouldn’t have. Cause, hell I did it myself. Next time you should be prepared though." Kim tapped her fingernails on the table to get Jane’s attention back. "Hey, don’t feel bad about being passionate over things." -09:11 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "I’m not just passionate, I feed on the passions of others and that can get me in trouble too." she said rubbing her temple. "And I though I was prepaired… I probably could have won if I wasn’t already tired." -09:15 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I do love a girl that gets in to trouble." she laughed and shook her head. "Don’t fret over it, okay? Next time you’re going to be better prepared. You’re going to be trained by the best, you know." -09:23 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "I thought it was bad for me to train myself." she said with a smug look. "And it’s not that I’m worried about so don’t worry about it, I’m fine… or I will be after orange juice." -09:26 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: Kim popped her last piece of sushi in her mouth, chewed and grinned. "We’ll meet up later this week for our first practice. All the bruising and soreness will be gone by then, we’ll just need to be careful of your ribs." -09:32 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "you’re acting like this is my first beating." she said before sticking out her tongue. "I’ve been hurt before. I’m just irritated by who did it so you can stop telling me I’ll be fine, I know I will me. Going to take more than a peice of trash like that to keep me down. Just because I date a princess doesn’t mean I am one." -09:37 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Oh, but I bet you’d love being treated like a princess!" she laughed again. "Hasn’t anyone swooped in and saved YOU from anything?" -09:43 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Noooope, never." she said. "Never needed it, too rough, too reaady, never being pretty enough for people to want to. Never really being interested in being rescued and punching my way out of things before anyone can try. Have you? You don’t exactly look lik you’d ever need it." -09:45 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Who me?" Kim gave a mysterious grin. "I’ve never been the princess type. I’m a Queen. If someone wants to fight for me, or try to rescue me, I allow them to do it. Allow being the key word. I’ve always been capable of handling my own business." -09:48 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "There’s where we’re different, I don’t know if I’d allow anyone to come to my rescue. I mean it would be flattering but I like taking care of my own stuff… Maybe if they were a friend and let me keep point then it would be okay, then again it’s never really ahppened so who can tell?" -09:51 Feb 19 Jane

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