King of Fools 011: Sharing the Bed

[Damion thinks its time for the sports car, and his choice of venue, his home.] -03:26 Aug 15
[Leslie and Jade are at least on talking terms now, even if Jade isn’t happy about this new ‘dating’ development.] -03:29 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie was dressed in a pair of pants and a long sleeved dark blue blouse. SHE thought it was proper date clothes, even if Jade reluctantly grumbled that she should be wearing a dress. Even though Jade apologized for kinda being a bitch lately, she still wasn’t keen on Leslie seeing Mister Damion Rubrum. “I lost my phone again! Have you seen it?” Leslie was fussing about. Jade picked the phone up out of an empty box of popcorn and tossed it at her. “Try not to lose it while you’re out. I’m going to text you like… every two hours and if you don’t respond I’m calling the cops.” Leslie rolled her eyes as she stuffed her phone in to a pocket. “I’m not twelve, and you’re definitely not my mom. Relax, okay? I’ll let you know how things turn out.” -03:36 Aug 15
Damion: The breaks sounded outside as the low-slung sportscar came to a stop. He didn’t sound the horn, he never did, but he did get ut and lean against the car waiting if any face appeared at the window. He had everything planned out and nothing could go wrong. Rob had the day off, the kitches was stocked and Leslie had said she could cook. They would make their own food! -03:40 Aug 15
Leslie: Jade heard the car first and wandered to the window to look. Leslie knew who it was just by the way Jade was scowling. “He doesn’t even come to the door. What kind of jerk just sits out there with his car?” Leslie grabbed her jacket and pulled it on. “The kind that waits outside like I asked him to, because my roommate has been a little homicidal lately? See you later, Jade!” A quick grin, despite Jade looking unamused, Leslie exited out the door. Her hands in her pockets as she greeted Mister Rubrum with a huge grin. “I’m free and without a tracking device strapped to me. Where will we be going?” -03:46 Aug 15
Damion: “I aren’t allowed to give you surprises?” he asked getting back in and closing his door. “We’re going to my place, we have privacy and enough in the fridge for you to make anything you want, with my help. If thats okay with you.” -03:50 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie cast a careful examining look at him after she climbed in to the car and buckled her seatbelt. This was his control thing, maybe? He didn’t like dates, home would be a safe place. She just nodded with a smile. “I can’t say I am an amazing chef, but I like to think I’m creative in a kitchen.” -03:55 Aug 15
Damion: He smiled. “Well if we can’t cook anythign I know the number of an amazinf pizza place that belived 24 hours a day.” he said before pulling out into the street and pointing them out of town and towards the city. “WHy do you always look at me like that? Like you’re thinking…” -03:58 Aug 15
Leslie: “I am thinking. I didn’t realize you could see it on my face, though.” She pressed her hands against her cheeks as if that was going to smooth out whatever expression she was making. Leslie tilted to see if she could catch the reflection in the window. “I was just wondering what you were thinking. Not that believe you have hidden motives or anything, I’d just like to know you better.” -04:02 Aug 15
Damion: “I’m good at reading people.” he said putning his attention back to the road. “And who said I’m thinkign anything, I just picked you up. If you don’t want a quiet evening then we could talk about somewhere else to go?” -04:04 Aug 15
Leslie: “I love the idea of a quiet evening, don’t go second guessing it.” Leslie grinned. She wasn’t so sure if he was good at reading people, or if it was just her that he seemed to have problems with. “You know, not everything I say is trying to be contrary. Sometimes I’m just curious.” -04:08 Aug 15
Damion: “i was offering out of courtesy. Its our first actual date date. So it should be memorable.” he stole a glance at her. “I’m not very practiced in this.” -04:11 Aug 15
Leslie: “You don’t have to worry so much. If it helps, the guy is supposed to choose the first date stuff anyway!” First date. It was really hard for Leslie not to grin wider. Even though she had a twinge of nerves and was more than a little worried that the entire night would go up in flames… she was thrilled. A first date in a really, really long time. -04:15 Aug 15
Damion: “Well then, my place for a home cooked meal, even if its not be doing all the cooking.” that settled that. “I have nice chardonnay and you will have a glass. You want to get to know me so where better than my own home with just the two of us? Perfect for talking.” -04:19 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie wanted to mimic the phrase, ‘You will have a glass.’ but she wasn’t so sure he’d see the humor in it. She just turned her head to grin at him instead. “And to get us started… to you cook often yourself? Or does Mister Butlawyer do the cooking for you too?” -04:23 Aug 15
Damion: “He does all the cooking, I can’t cooked since colledge and even then it was just the pure basics, nothing to write home about. Well we are a pair, I guess we’ll be taking cooking classes together or something. Beofre leaving for colledge i was better at baking than I was at cooking.” -04:26 Aug 15
Leslie: “Baking is my undoing…” Leslie kind of liked the idea of taking cooking classes together. And the fact he was thinking about future things for them to do had her grinning far too wide. “You realize, we’re going to make a huge mess in your kitchen. Are you ready for that, Mr Rubrum?” -04:32 Aug 15
Damion: “You forget.. I have a “Butlawyar” to clean up if needed. And yes I realize. But its going to be fun, isn’t it?” he looked ahead at the road and drummed his fingers on the wheel. “Our first date…” -04:35 Aug 15
Leslie: “Poor Mr Robert, I don’t think he’s going to know what happened.” she teased, leaning back in her seat to glance out the window. “Are you nervous? I am a little bit. It helps not to dwell on it, I think.” Because in her head, she could play out a thousand different scenarios from the best case where there’s lots of flowers and giggling, to the worse case with vampires and an apocalypse. Too much thinking was never a good idea. -04:42 Aug 15
Damion: “A bit, but we’re both reasonable adults, I’m sure we’ll be fine.” he said finding the right gear and settling into his seat. “We’ll be fine so long as no fires are started.” -04:50 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie looked to be debating whether or not a fire would be started. Eventually her expression evened out as she came to a conclusion. “I think I can avoid a fire. And after dinner we could dance, or you could give me a guided tour of your obscenely large condo.” -04:53 Aug 15
Damion: “Seeing that last time was interupted I don’t see why not.” he said “We’ll skip the room next to my office though, at least this time.” he turned them into anothe road the they were getting closer to the city. “What can you cook? If you need it its a safe but my kitchen has it.” -04:57 Aug 15
Leslie: “Um… Well, I guess I could cook just about anything if I’ve tasted it before. I just kind of experiment and hope it turns out okay?” She was spying out the window again. Leslie loved the way the city lights started blinking on when it go closer and closer to the evening. The view from his place was probably amazing at night. “Do you want to play food roulette tonight or should we use a cookbook?” -05:01 Aug 15
Damion: He glanced at her as he started slowing down for the city limits. “I don’t think I know what food roulette is.” he said truthfully. “So a cookbook I guess.” he paused. “Unless by cooking roulette you mean try cooking and see how it goes, in which case its a good thing youre not russian.” -05:08 Aug 15
Leslie: “Not keen on the idea of potential death from my could-be horrible meal?” Leslie laughed, casting him another wide grin. “Don’t worry. I -think- I can cook without poisoning someone. I haven’t done it yet, so I have a good track record.” -05:13 Aug 15
Damion: “I’ll take those odds.” he stopped at the light and had his first look at her that was more than a glance shince they set off. “So what do you leef like making? What do you feel like eating? I hope those are the same thing.” he pulled off again and they were getting closer and closer to his home. “SO with your job, where will you be living?” -05:20 Aug 15
Leslie: “Hmm. Maybe chicken. There’s lots of things to do with chicken. Oh!” He reminded her, and she was turning in her seat towards him with a beaming smile. “I forgot to tell you! My interview went great and they told me this morning I’m hired. So I guess I’ll be looking for an apartment in the city soon! I want to at least wait until Jade gets hired somewhere, so I’m not abandoning her.” -05:29 Aug 15
Damion: “I could help you find one, but I don’t think jade you be very happy staying in a place that I found. She still hates me?” it was an honest question. He had overdone it on Jade, that much was obvious. -05:32 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie let out a slow breath, a mix of a sigh and exasperation. “Yeah… I mean, she didn’t at first. But it’s like a light switch was flipped or something. I’m kinda worried about her, but it’s not like I can do anything until she wants to talk.” That bothered Leslie. The not knowing bit. Always feeling like she needed to be careful of what she said. …and yet here she was with a man who was just as mercurial. The irony was funny! “I wouldn’t worry about it. She has weird moods sometimes, she always shakes out of it.” -05:38 Aug 15
Damion: “I hope she does.” he said “I’d hate to cause trouble between you and your friend.” he was pulling into the car garrage now and into his spot. “You okay for the elevator?” -05:42 Aug 15
Leslie: “Jade is a little wacky, but she’s a good friend. I’m sure she’ll get over it!” Leslie climbed out of the car and smoothed her hands out over her shirt. She cast him a brief narrowed glance. “You don’t have to ask me everytime we step in to an elevator. I will enter the doom box with you. I have to get used to it sometime, I guess…” -05:46 Aug 15
Damion: He looked at her then stepped inside and clasped his hand behind his back. “I was going to offer you a kiss to calm your nerves but you’re obviously fine enough. Lets go.” he held the door for her then pushed the button and let them clolse. Her second time in his home, the the first without signing anything, maybe.” -05:49 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie frowned, stepping in to the elevator and crossing her arms. “I wish you would have mentioned a potential kiss before I pretended to be brave. I’m not any less nervous being in here, it’s just easier with you.” -05:55 Aug 15
[Damion enters.] -06:13 Aug 15
Damion: He rocked back on his heels and looked up at the roof of the elevator. “Well I guess you’re about to learn something new about me.” he said with no hint of smile on his lips as he looked back down at her. “I don’t give up easily, and I am a bit of a tease.” he grabbed her shoulders and squeezed them tightly before swooping down to press his lips into hers! -06:17 Aug 15
[(Timeout) Damion has timed out.] -06:31 Aug 15
Leslie: Ambushed! The squeal of surprise she made, was quickly replaced by a soft sigh. That seemed to do the trick, though, because elevators weren’t even an after thought in comparison to that small thrill of his mouth. She returned the kiss with ferver! -06:31 Aug 15
Damion: Smiling against her his arm snaked around and pulled her against him as he pulled back just an inch. “So feeling better?: he asked befre giving her another tiny kiss and turning to look at the floor number and then back at her. Or do you need more?” -06:34 Aug 15
Leslie: “Um…!” Leslie actually had to think about it for a moment. It was good that he had his arm around her because she wasn’t so sure her knees were going to hold her. “I think, that it’s an awfully long ride up all the way to the top floors?” -06:37 Aug 15
Damion: He moved forwards oushing her back against the wall and kissed her again his hand sliding up the back of her neck to grip her hand and pull downwards as he ran his tongue against her lip. “Just warn me if I miss our stop…” -06:40 Aug 15
Leslie: Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen. Leslie was definitely not paying attention to the floors anymore. Her cheeks were flushed red, and she was a bit dizzy from the rush. Leslie nodded, which was really just an acknowledgement that he said something, as she curled her fingers in to his shirt and her mouth parted to take a breath. -06:46 Aug 15
Damion: As her louth parted his tongue slipped inside to run along the inside of her lip and he pushed his body against hers, The ahd nodded so she would tell him, because there was a VERY big chance he’d miss it. In fict it was hard to remember where they were for some reason or what she would tell him. -06:48 Aug 15
Leslie: He was hot, or maybe that was her. Either way, it almost felt seering to touch. An enticing new feeling she never expected. Leslie slid one of her arms around his neck while the other gripped his arm. Her head tilting just a fraction as she met his tongue with hers in curious exploration. -06:56 Aug 15
Damion: Ding. the door slid open and he pulled back to look then moved to give her a small kiss and to nip her lip. “More of that later, I think we have a date to have.” -07:03 Aug 15
Leslie: “Wow…” she hadn’t meant to let the word slip out loud, but it was a pretty accurate description. Just wow. A tingling, mindless, electrifying moment of pure… Leslie didn’t know what it was! But she was pushing away from the elevator wall to step out in to the hall like she was in a daze. It took her several moments to regain her senses, and by then she was pretty sure she was red-faced again. “Right! The date, that’s what we’re here for after all.” So much for sounding cool and relaxed. -07:07 Aug 15
Damion: “It could be.” he said with a grim following her into the hall and letting the doors slide closed. “But food first, need to keep your energy up and I’m looking forwards to trying to cook.” he slipped past her to get to the keypad to popne the door and wave her through. “Bit we are dating, so you can expect things like that.” -07:12 Aug 15
Leslie: “I think I’d be disappointed otherwise.” she cast him a flirty grin as she passed by him. At least she hoped it was flirty. Leslie couldn’t remember the last time she actually did flirt with someone, and was actually -hoping- for spontaneous intimate moments. She had started this day only thinking about dinner and talking… now Leslie was fidgeting with her hands and wondering beyond that. “So you are ready for a culinary adventure after all, Mr Rubrum? I’m glad you’re brave.” -07:18 Aug 15
Damion: “Serves os steel, like always.” even he knew the words were ironic. “Or maybe I trust you.” he closed the door behind them and moved deeper into the lounge. “So trait onto food or do you have somehting else in mind first?” -07:22 Aug 15
Leslie: Something else in mind? Leslie was not going to bring that up. She wasn’t even ready to think about that yet. So she just pointed directly at the kitchen, making a stiff but graceful beeline for it, and hoping her expression didn’t betray her thoughts. “Good! Trust is an imperative part of culinary exploration. I don’t think we could eat without it.” -07:27 Aug 15
Damion: “Nor could we without cutlery but I have plenty of that too.” he goined her in the kitched and hovered near the counter waiting for her to inspect his stores feeling way to nervous about what she might think about what he had in stock. -07:29 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie laughed softly, opening up his cuppards and his fridge. There was a small surprise to see just how much he had. A lot of stuff she hadn’t even heard of before. This would be fun. Leslie just ended up grabbing what ever looked interesting and sounded like it would work and set it out on the counter. Then she was looking for bowls and pans. “So you always have a well stocked kitchen, or was this all just for me to play with?” -07:32 Aug 15
Damion: “You’re asking the wrong person.” he said flatly. “Rob takes care of all that.” he moved in closer to look at what she had chosen. “I’m sure he’d like to hear what you end up making I know I have no idea what you’re going for here.” -07:34 Aug 15
Leslie: “We’ll call it Chicken Surprise. Guess what the surprise will be?” she grinned at him. Once she had a cutting board laid out with a pepper and some onions, she handed him a knife. “You dice.” Which she fussed with filling a bowl with any kind of shredded cheese she could find and some breadcrumbs. -07:39 Aug 15
Damion: “I can guess.” he said “But my mind is far to dirty right now to be reliable.” He looked the the knife then started slicing. “So i’m the one handling the onions. At least this will get my thoughts out of the gutter.” he worked as fast as he could and still keep things even, still he was out of practice. -07:41 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie nearly fumbled with her bowl. He had to mention dirty thoughts and now her mind was wandering again. He had no idea how hard it was for her to multitask! Leslie moved to the stove to get a pan heated up. Then it was back to the counter, tossing random seasonings and leaning over to smell to see if that was right. Ever so often she dash some in to her hand to lick off, and with either a smile or a frown, she’d decide which went in to the bowl. “The -surprise- will be whether or not it’s edible. …and you don’t have to worry about dicing it up perfect, you can just hack at it!” -07:48 Aug 15
Damion: “Now you tell me.” he did just that, chopping it all up quickly and leavign it in meat little piles on the board. “If tis one of the other its not much of a surprise since we have both bases covered. But chicken gamble doesn’t sound that good at all.” -07:51 Aug 15
Leslie: “Hmm, I kinda like the name Chicken Gamble, though. That’s a very warning title.” Leslie swept the bits in to her bowl and mixed them with a spoon. Her next stuff was stuffing and rolling up the chicken, before whisking it over to the pan. “It smells good already, though. That’s usually a good sign. Now, I think I remember you saying I will drink some chardonay?” Leslie cast him a cheeky grin. -07:59 Aug 15
Damion: “Yes, I did say that, and I did mean it like that. You say you’ll never drink again but I don’t really want to not be able to share a glass or two of something with you if we’re going to be doing the dating thing.” he eyes her and the pan. “I think we’re not going to need to order food after all. Well done.” -08:05 Aug 15
Leslie: “I might have over exagerated about never drinking again. Just a little bit.” her smile was sheepish, but easy. Leslie made sure to keep watching the pan. She wasn’t kidding about having issues multi-tasking, especially when she had so many other thoughts on the mind. “As long as I never have to deal with a hangover the rest of my life, it should be just fine.” Leslie risked stepping away from the pan for a moment to wash her hands and clean up the counters a bit. Better than leaving a mess for Mr Robert. -08:09 Aug 15
Damion: He moved over to pull a bottle form the fridge to pull out a bottle and then got two glasses from the cupboard and poared them each a glass holding hers out to her. “You can never be too careful.” he sipped and nodded slightly. It was a good wine. -08:15 Aug 15
Leslie: Leslie took the glass and had a sip. It wasn’t bad at all and he was rewarded with another smile and her gently bumping against his arm as she moved back to the stove. After another sip, it was an after thought to tip juuust a little bit from her glass in to the pan. That would be good! “Are you always extra careful about things, Mr Rubrum?” -08:21 Aug 15
Damion: “I was about to do that.” he said lookign at the pan. “Most of the time Leslie but in some situation you need to act and.” he stepped closer to smell the pan and then went to grab a couple and plates. “How to you aproach things?” -08:32 Aug 15
Leslie: “With as little second guessing as possible! When I think too much is usually when I have problems.” Leslie almost laughed when he said her name that way. She almost wanted to prod him a bit to get him to do it again, but she wasn’t quite sure how much she could get away with yet. “I think college was the only thing I ever really comitted to and even now I’m not sure if I even picked the right degree. I figure I can always go back and try it again.” -08:39 Aug 15
Damion: “Yes you can, I could to but I can’t really afford the time away. At least the univercity has decided to give he an honorery degree, so that I’m not actuallt qualified for my position, not that that really matters to me but its a nice gesture.” he raised his glass. “To degrees, relationships, and all that come with those, including making out inmy private elevator.” -08:45 Aug 15


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[Leslie is on a date. First date since… a really long time ago!] -01:46 Aug 16
[Damion is having a suprisingly good time for a date.] -01:51 Aug 16
Leslie: A toast with Damion left her grinning in to her glass as she took a sip. She had that nice warm fuzzy feeling, and it wasn’t just good chardonay. Leslie was so sure that as an adult you wouldn’t get so stupidly giddy about this stuff. “I never got why they hand out honorary degrees like that. It’s a little weird. …but I think dinner is ready, anyway!” -01:56 Aug 16
Damion: “Its not just like that.” he said “I’ve been doing more at the univercity than just giving them money Leslie.” he grabbed plates and placed them net to the stove and then moved to take the wine through to the table closer to the kitchen. “So any dressing or acomanyments to go with it?” he asked looking at the chicken. “You did a good job.” -02:02 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie tapped her chin, giving it some thought. “Hmm.. Nope! As is. It’s good and stuffed! You should never eat too much on a date, that gets in the way of the playing.” She slid the chicken on to two plates, fetched some silverware and brought them over to the table. After setting them down she rest her hands on her hips and grinned with satisfaction. “It does look good, doesn’t it? We’ll see, though.” -02:07 Aug 16
Damion: “So you are interested in playing once we eat.” he said with a grin. “I guess I can not be a gentleman if thats the case. Though That was pretty much shot in the elevator. And yes, you do look good. ” he refilled their glasses and sat. “I don’t remember dating ever being this enjoyable.” -02:13 Aug 16
Leslie: “I wasn’t talking about meeee.” she was blushing as she sat down, taking another sip of the chardonay for a little courage. There was a hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth. “You have to try it first. It’s the rule of cooking.” -02:16 Aug 16
Damion: He looked at her and then stuck his fork into it and slice off a chunk and put it in his mouth to chew, then swallow. “Well I’m not dead and it tasted good, so its safe for you to try now.” he popped another chunk in hs mouth and scewed slowly. -02:24 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie watched him for a moment longer, just in case. Just to see if maybe he was lying to spare her feelings. Satisfied, she took a bite herself. Chewing thoughtfully before grinning in accomplishment. “Point for Leslie. It’s too bad I am never going to remember how to do this again. I guess that is bane of making stuff up.” -02:26 Aug 16
Damion: “Then we should enjoy it as the once in a lifetime experience it is and remember it always.” he couldn’t keep a strait face so he turned away for a moment until he could and then went back to eating. “Next tiem I could film you making it, or I have pens and paper..” -02:33 Aug 16
Leslie: “I can’t imagine how completely unexciting it would be to watch me cooking.” Leslie laughed at the idea. She didn’t even want to look at herself! It’d probably be weird. However, she was pretty sure she caught him grinning again. Leslie liked that very much. “I guess if being a magazine editor doesn’t work out, I can always be a chef?” -02:36 Aug 16
Damion: Theres an idea, but then hundred of people would enjoy your cooking and I like to keep things for myself. Especially things I like.” he must like it since he was eating quickly and soon it was gone. -02:40 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie was a little slower about eating, if only because she still really pleased that it turned out well and she liked to savor success. She was beaming at the comment though, even when she was done eating and sipping from her glass. Those warm fuzzy feelings again. “That has an ominous sound to it, Mr. Rubrum! Are you going to tie me up in your play room, then?” -02:44 Aug 16
Damion: “Not tonight Leslie. Your first time shouldn’t be like that.” he said “That room is for girls who know what they’re getting into and have clearly defined limits. I’ll only let you see the inside of it again when you have agreed to it and know what it entails.” -02:49 Aug 16
Leslie: She was turning red again, tapping her fingers on the table out of nervous habit. “I was kidding! But now that you’ve brought it up, what does it entail?” Curiosity killed the cat, but Leslie was no cat. -02:54 Aug 16
Damion: He looked at her. “Exactly what I said before. You giving your absolute trust and control over to me so that I can tie you up, chain your down tell you to do things… all with a set of agreed upon limits. But thats not the entirety of it, you also need to understand what making love is without that so that you know what you’re giving up.” -03:00 Aug 16
Leslie: “So everything in the play room isn’t making love? What is it? Just sex?” She was probably more interested in how that worked than she should be. Maybe she just wanted to know the reasons behind, since she didn’t quite understand how any of it was supposed to be… good? He was right though, she wasn’t going to even begin to compehend until she had actually done it before. -03:07 Aug 16
Damion: “Its about fucking. Yes.” he said “No one I have ever taking into that room I would ever say I’ve loved. I would say I don’t love, but then I’d also say I don’t go on dates but here we are.” -03:09 Aug 16
Leslie: “I guess you won’t know until you try it, too.” Leslie cast him a quick cheeky grin. Here she was talking about sex with someone other than Jade. It was the single most awkward, yet interesting thing she had done in a long while. “Although it’s really hard for me to imagine you having tons of sex without dating people. I guess that makes me old fashioned.” -03:17 Aug 16
Damion: “Or niave. Men like me use thier fame and success to get what they want, I wanted sex without dating so I got it, I wanted them to sign NDAs so that they wouldn’t talk about what we did, they did, I wanted them to surrender to me every ounce of trust they had, they did, and for my part I never betrayed thier trust, I took them to venues they’d never be avle to go to otherwise, I gave them a comfortable place to sleep for the weekends that they came to me and many of them cooked for themselves in the kitchen here with a wide variety of ingredients.” -03:27 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie rest her chin in her hands, frowning just a bit as she examined his face. “That sounds lonely. Haven’t you ever wanted a little bit more than just a casual acceptance? You seem to want people to give you all of their trust, but you’re not really giving any back…” That was the trick, wasn’t it! To surrender to him, allow him to have all the control. Then he would never be expected to have to share himself because he would be the one calling the shots. Leslie was piecing him together bit by bit. -03:33 Aug 16
Damion: “No, I haven’t.” he said “Not for a long time.” he was looking at her, he was feeling off, a feeling n his chest that was unfamilair. Confession? “I give plenty back, no one has even not enjoyed the experience and i invited them onto my home.” -03:40 Aug 16
Leslie: “That’s not the kind of giving I’m talking about!” She almost cracked a smile. Instead, leslie slipped out of chair and stopped next to his holding out her hand. “Come dance with me.” -03:43 Aug 16
Damion: He lookes at her, then drained his wine glass and slipped from his chair walkign past her without taking her hand. “First, music, Jaz?” he stepped up to a cabinet and opened it to reveal rows of CDs, a CD player, and a digital music player as well as a turntable and a shelf of records. Taking out a cd he placed it in one of the trays of the player and pressed play, the music comign from speakers hidden all over the room. “Now, we dance.” -03:49 Aug 16
Leslie: Sometimes Leslie got the feeling they were battling over who was in control, and she wasn’t even trying to be. The music filling the room was enough to distract her from that thought though, and she was nodding as she glanced around to see if she could spot the speakers. -03:55 Aug 16
[Damion enters.] -03:59 Aug 16
Damion: He took her hand and walkind into the center of the room away from both tables and the staircase. “You lead since you’re the one light on your feet, you know I can’t really dance, even on my own, I’d rather read while listening to music.” -04:03 Aug 16
Leslie: Leslie pulled his arm around her waist and held the other in her hand. With a foot she tapped his to show him which one to move first. “Which really surprises me, you know! A fancy rich guy that goes to parties and picks up casual sex ladies should at least know how to lead a dance.” -04:07 Aug 16
Damion: “It never struck me as a useful skill. It doesn’t matter who leads so long as both parties enjoy it, no unlike sex.” he grinned at her and moved closer, he was going to kiss her again but first he wanted to make her realize it and see her reaction. -04:10 Aug 16
Leslie: “If it’s like sex, it’s like your kinky sex too and sometimes someone has to lead cause the other doesn’t know what they’re doing.” Leslie was pretty much rambling bullshit now, trying to pretty she hadn’t noticed the look on his face, and really hoping her expression wasn’t betraying her again. It was easier when she didn’t see it coming, she didn’t have time to get nervous! “So not so useless after all, right?” -04:15 Aug 16
Damion: “/not all of us are afraid of heights.” he retorted. “A king needs his castle and a lord his tower. And if what I believe is the only truth…” he shook his head stopping there. “Me commenting on your old house, you saying you want a fouse with a sky, not setting us up to buy a farmstead are you?” it was a joke, partly. “You know how I get by in the outdoors.” -04:58 Aug 19
Leslie: Leslie grinned wide, tugging gently at his sleeve. “Why think about what we’re going to do in the future, when we haven’t even gotten past tonight yet?” If she let him, he would probably have every moment of every day planned out for them both in excrutiating detail. “Tonight I’m in your tower, Lord Rubrum. Where do we go from here.” -05:01 Aug 19
Damion: She brought him back down to earth and he grinned at her. “Now that the evil corporate jugernaught has lured you into his den of horrors he would undress you. But, as I said, I’d never do anythign to you would wouldn’t allow me to do to you, and since I do not do rape play a simple “Stop.” is all you’ll ever need.” he took her hand and brought her to the bed and manuivered her to stand at it’s bottom andgrided his fingers over her neck. “You know, I’ve never done this before.” -05:07 Aug 19
Leslie: For a moment she was wondering what sort of things he did play at, just having seen his play room. But those questions could always come later. Leslie was focused on the current moment, and trying not to let her nerves or her fear of everything going horribly make her do something stupid. “I haven’t either. You’re in luck, though. I think you have a little more practice…” -05:12 Aug 19
Damion: As if to answer her he placed hsi ahdn either side of her head and kissed her, hard then at the same time moving his body up hers only movign hishands downwards when he felt her return the pressure and he gave her a nip to encourage her. “I think the first step is for me to get my hands on you, you have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to.” -05:16 Aug 19
Leslie: “Sometimes it’s to imagine anyone wanting to.” she admitted. But she was grinning, slowly lifting her arms to circle around his neck. Responding to his kiss with one of her own came natural, as did nuzzling softly against his cheek and letting out a sigh. Maybe she had wanted her hands on him too. It had been so hard to think about anything else since she met him! -05:21 Aug 19
Damion: He tensed seeming ready to pull back his ahdns heeling to want to push her away for a second. “You shouldn’t say things like that. Now…” his hands moved downwards to the hem of her shirt to pull it upwards and rub her bare skin. “We should lose at least some of our clothes.” -05:25 Aug 19
Leslie: “Should have told me what I should and shouldn’t say before we got in to this.” she was teasing again, masking that sudden jolt of nerves that were threatening to make her swat and run. After swallowing a protest, she nodded in agreement and lift her arms up so he could take her shirt. She might as well jump in head first, it was the only way to do things! -05:36 Aug 19
Damion: He pulled her shirt up and pulled it off of her and then pulled her down to sit on his bed and then playfully ruffled her hair up. So do you want the light on or off?” he asked pulling his belt free and letting it join her shirt on the floor. -05:41 Aug 19
Leslie: Bah…! Just out of reflex, Leslie fussed with her hair until she was pulling it to the right side, conveniantly covering as much of the dark marks as she could. She even glowered at him for a moment, a defiant shake of her head. “Lights on. You had a chance to see, I think it’s fair if I see too…” She was less confident about reaching out to pluck at the buttons of his shirt. There was a tiny little Jade in the back of her head screaming at her to pick up the pace and just rip it off. Leslie flicked that thought of out mind! -05:47 Aug 19
Damion: His hand came down and covered the next buttonpreventing her from getting to it. He didn’t like having his stomacj or chest abre, even during sleep, or sex. It made him feel naked, but not in a good way. A vulnerable way. THen he closed his eyes and moved it out the way. She was working past her issues adn she had a reason for them, he could do the same and didn’t at lest in his mind. -05:50 Aug 19
Leslie: That was a peculiar reaction. It hadn’t lasted longer than a second, but it was enough for her to catch it. Her eyes narrowed in question, but she didn’t ask. Instead she stopped, drawing her hands up to his cheeks to pull his head down to hers. Leslie brushed a soft, testing kiss over his mouth before pressing harder. Her eyes remaining open to gauge his response. -05:54 Aug 19
Damion: His hand mover to the back of her head and pulled her agaisnt him as he kissed her back then to her shoulder to push her away and down onto her back where he undered the last two buttons and shed the shirt before starting on her pants. “So you’re going in both feel first?” he askes a shadow of a gron cast on his face. “That doesn’t kneange the fact that I’m still going to make sure you enjoy this as much as I do.” -05:58 Aug 19
Leslie: This was better. There was something alarming about him not being in control, and Leslie wasn’t sure she was ready to tackle that hurdle with him yet! Leslie rose up on her elbows, eyeing him with that pensive look again. But a faint grin from him was enough for her to smile wide. “With all your grand words about introducing me proper to the world of sex, I’d be kinda disappointed if you didn’t Mr. Rubrum.” -06:03 Aug 19
Damion: He pulled off her shoes and then her socks, taking the tim to pull on each of her toes to see if any on them clicked. “My world of sex is down the stairs, strait through the lounge, through the dor and the second on the right. In here, its.. something different.” he moved up the grip the hem of her pants and pull them down and the slide a hand up the outside of her leg all the way to her hip. “I wonder…” -06:07 Aug 19
Leslie: It was hard to surpress that urge to squeal and kick at him when he pulled at her toes. That was annoyingly ticklish. So was him running his hand up her leg, but that sensation wasn’t drawing giggling. Just a quick intake of her breath and that fleeting, anxious twinge in her stomach. “Your world might be bigger than you thought… Or are you wondering second thoughts after all.” This was a terrible moment to suddenly feel insecure. Leslie bit it back. “What do you wonder?” -06:13 Aug 19
Damion: He grinned at her, “I wonder how you’re react to this…” he placed both hands on her hips and then slid them across to ehr stomach then up so curce around the base of her breasts before he leaned forwards to kiss her stomach just over he navel and pull back to blow into it. -06:16 Aug 19
Leslie: She gave an intake of breath so quick it sounded like a squeak! Perhaps it wasn’t second thoughts after all. Leslie at least tried to play it cool, despite the fact her breath had quickened and she was now watching him with wide-eyed curiosity. “That’s um… surprisingly distracting?” Distracting wasn’t the right word. Sexy, maybe? Leslie went with sexy! -06:22 Aug 19
Damion: Well it had better not be so distracting that you forget you still have a bra to take off.” he teased before leanign down and dipping his tongue into her navel once berfore pulling back all the way with a chuckle. -06:24 Aug 19
Leslie: What was it, a button to her sex drive or something? Another sigh and she was falling flat on her back to stare at the ceiling. “And yours pants. Don’t forget about your pants, Mr. Rubrum.” There was no way to sound cool when saying that, her voice almost squeaked. -06:28 Aug 19
Damion: Why do you think I’m standing and not pulling your panties off righ now.” he said pulling off his shoes and socks adn then heading for his bedside table to open a drawer and pull something out, something he then chucked at her so that it landed on her stomach, something in a wrapper. “I’m assuming you’re not taking any pills?” -06:31 Aug 19
Leslie: Leslie picked it up and examined it with confusion, before she realized what it was for and her face turned red. Immediately she was rolling over on to her stomach to hide her face with her hair, and reading over the instructions with a moment of irked embarrassment. “No, I’m not as a matter of fact… It’s not every day I end up in a man’s tower.” she mumbled. -06:36 Aug 19
Damion: He sat on the bed and with his nails ran two fingers down her spine. “You wouldn’t be here if you were.” he said “I don’t share.” he leaned own to kiss her right between the shoulder blades., then send slall kisses down her spin and his ahnds trailed down with them. -06:38 Aug 19
Leslie: Oooh… That nearly made her shiver. It definitely had her feet in the air, ticking back and forth and her chewing on her bottom lip. “Hmm, I don’t like to share either… We have something in common after all?” -06:44 Aug 19
Damion: He unhooked her bra and let the straps rest on her sholders and then let his ahnds rub at her lower back “I think I’d like to take you like this.” -06:46 Aug 19
Leslie: For a second she stopped breathing. Why was it so easy to picture that? And so many other things on top of it! Leslie finally let out a slow breath, casting a glance at him over her shoulder. “Is that the best way to go? I think… in a minute… I’m going to take you anyway I can get you.” She should be more bold! With that new goal in mind, she squirmed just a bit until she was pulling the straps down her arms and off. With a flourish she held out the bra and dropped it off the edge of the bed. “Your turn?” -06:51 Aug 19
Damion: “If you insist.” he reached down to take her panties and pull them down her legs purposfully misinterpreting her meaning. Then he was undullongin his pants and pushing them down to step out of them, he was already hard and was stepping forwards to push her onto her back and spide hsi ahdn down her arm to stead what was in her hand. “You’ll have to find what you like best.” he said grnning madly. right now though, like this is good.” -06:57 Aug 19
Leslie: “Hey!” Those panties were gone before she could get a protest out, and before she knew it she was getting an eyefull of her own. It’s not like she hadn’t seen plenty of naked men before, she had the internet after all, but… in person when you were both naked? A completely different experience! “I’m glad you’re amused, Mr. Rubrum, I fully intend to take you up on that challenge.” Brave words for a woman who wasn’t feeling so brave anymore. …maybe a little brave. Leslie was gingerly reaching out to brush a knuckle over his chest. -07:02 Aug 19
Damion: He leaned forwards to put his hand in her shoulder and kiss her lipslitting his member rest on her just babove her vortch before he moved down to kiss her chestm and then pull back to watch her face and slowly lean forwards hos lips parting right above her nipple. “I love it when your face gets red.” he said before kissing it and runign the tip of his tongue over it before giving her a wicked grin and holdign up two fingers. “I think I want to make you cum with these. Yes, definitely.” -07:08 Aug 19
Leslie: Damnit. Leslie had mentally vowed she wouldn’t blush again just to spite him, and then he had to go and say just the thing to ruin it. Worse, it was probably her whole body flushing. Because one little touch of his mouth had her squirming. “I’m starting to believe you might be a really wicked man.” she mumbled, her tone just above a whisper. -07:14 Aug 19
Damion: He kaight the back of her neck to pull her closer. “I am a very wicked man.” he said lettign his hand slide down her side and over to her crotchto run his fingers over her. “And this is what really wicked men do.” -07:16 Aug 19
Leslie: Leslie gasped, quickly gripping his arm just out of reflex, before her grip relaxed and she was brushing her thumb against his skin. “Taking advantage of perfectly willing women?” she teased, tilting closer to nuzzle against his cheek. Her actions were a lot more bold than she was feeling. The little voice in her head was having a fit like an infatuated sixteen year old. If this was wicked Damion, Leslie couldn’t wait to see the rest. -07:21 Aug 19
Damion: He dipped his finger and ran it along the inside lip as his outher hand mover to run over her breast and caress the nipple. “Get girls with little experience and then give them experience, alcohol, a few nice words and then into the bedroom.” he said “Wicked girls do it too so I’d call us even.” he was grinning as he felt her. “Anyone ever done this to you before?” -07:26 Aug 19
Leslie: He asked a question. That took a second to register, as Leslie was far too focused on what he was doing with his hands. Her mouth parted to respond, but when a witty response didn’t come quick enough she was left with just shaking her head instead. No one had done this with her before, and she was wondering why the hell not! -07:32 Aug 19
Damion: He dircled his thumd around her clitoris and then ran it over as he pinched and pulled her nipple softly. “Good.” he said before leanign down to run his tongue over her other nipple. He loved the fact that she was beyond words. “Cum for me Leslie. Make my fingers wet.” -07:36 Aug 19
[Leslie enters.] -07:38 Aug 19
Leslie: Leslie laughed out loud, the absurdity of the comment mixing so well with that wonderfully sinful building pressure that had shifting her legs against the movement. “So demanding, Mr. Rubrum.” There was more to say about that, but Leslie’s breath was catching and suddenly it was feeling less funny and more like a promise! -07:46 Aug 19
Damion: He latched onto her nipple with his lips and his fingers moved faster adn his thumb pressed into her clit to massage it. Leslie had no idea how demanding her could be. No idea at all. And she wouldn’t even see half of it tonight. “Careful Leslie, you make that sound like a challenge.” -07:48 Aug 19
Leslie: Another gasp and her hand was tightening on his arm. “I thought we liked challenges..? Oh..!” Thinking was impossible, forget thinking! Leslie was all feeling and reveling in it. She was moving with him, just that subtle twist of her hips. Soft murmured sighs taking the place of her banter. -07:55 Aug 19
Damion: “I love challenges.” he said. “And I walways meet them with everythign I have.” he trancefered his lips to her and kissed her hard his body beck to hers as he pushed his fingers in deeper and let the other fingers brush against the outside the thumb continuing the pressure massage of her clit. “Now are you ready to show ne how flushed you get when you have an orgasm?’ -07:58 Aug 19
[(Timeout) Leslie was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:05 Aug 19
Leslie: That kiss alone nearly done her in. His body hot against hers that sent every little nerve and sense in to over drive. Leslie was sure she was flushed head to toe already, but her response came in the form of gripping his head and pulling his lips back down to hers. Ravishing his mouth with need until her body’s sudden clenching had her yelping out loud and releasing. Holy hell, that rush…! -08:05 Aug 19
Damion: He smiled against her lips, his own feeling thourooughly bruised and pulled away pulling his hand away from her looking at his covered fingers then down at her. “Have you ever tasted yourself?” he asked moving his fingers closer to her mouth then ppullign her up by the back of her neck and pushing hsi fingers against her lips. “I want you to now. I can’t exactly carry on with you all over my fingers.” -08:08 Aug 19
[Damion is grinning evily and looking forwards to stage two.] -12:30 Aug 20
[Leslie also loves challenges.] -12:32 Aug 20
Leslie: Leslie felt like every limb was fuzzy, but she still cast him a wide-eyed surprised expression when he pressed his fingers to her lips. Maybe it was just that post-bliss feeling that had her willing to do just about anything he asked. Or it could have been that want to show him she wasn’t just some blushing basket case. Either way, she took his hand, her tongue darting out to lick his fingers before drawing them in to her mouth to suck. After a moment she nipped the pads of his fingertips and cast him a cheekily wide grin of her own. -12:39 Aug 20
Damion: He smiled wide and then moved his fingers to kiss her hard. “That was just my fingers. Now it time for me.” he pulled back to tear the wrapper off the condom and put it over heis tip and roll it down as he watched her to see her reaction. “This is what you would call making love.” -12:50 Aug 20
Leslie: Breathless and watching with a strange sort of fascination, Leslie couldn’t help but give him that slight quirk of a grin. “I thought you didn’t know anything about making love, Mr. Rubrum? Just sexy sex?” -12:58 Aug 20
Damion: He poked her nipple then caught it between his fingers to give it a twist for talking. “Fucking is the word I used.” he said. “And if you’d rather be fucking then you’d better say so now.” He was already over her his arms supporting his wieght either side of her as he leaned down to nip her lip. -01:04 Aug 20
Leslie: Leslie swat at his hand gently before she laughed again. She shook her head midst biting her lip and grinning. “No, I like the way this making love business is going. We can always save the mindless fucking for another day.” she teased, returning his nip with a brief kiss. “You aren’t going to change your mind on me?” -01:09 Aug 20
Damion: “Changing my mind about laving love to you and throwing you over my should and carring you down the stairs to my play room for a good fucking?” he was teasing her back while her lowered himself and one hand moving downwards to guide himself to push against her. “Nows you last chance to change yours.” -01:21 Aug 20
Leslie: It wasn’t what she meant, but Leslie was glad that was the only other option he was considering. She shifted a bit. Leslie didn’t have any second thoughts, but that wasn’t sparing her from being nervous regardless. She finally just shook her head again. “No take backs. I want to make love with you.” -01:25 Aug 20
Damion: He smiled and then bendign her leg pushed in and licked his upper lip his eyes on hers. He wanted to see every reaction she had. He pushed until he was most of the way inside and then stopped. “How does that feel?” -01:33 Aug 20
Leslie: There was such a subtle difference between this and the way his fingers felt. Far more solid.. more intimate? It may have just been looking in to his eyes that got her, and the cause for her blood rushing. Her body seemed to welcome him, so it was no effort to slid an around around his neck and draw him closer. Her kiss was her answer! -01:40 Aug 20
Damion: Kissing her back he pulled back to push again and bite her lip, not nip, bite and then grin agaist her mouth and thrust again. It was very different from what he had had before, but the feeling was just as compelling. -01:49 Aug 20
Leslie: She was so very ready for this. His wicked grin had her smiling too. Retaliating to his bite by sucking on his bottom lip. She ran her fingers through his hair, and every time he moved her hands seemed to tighten and relax. -01:56 Aug 20
Damion: He ficked his tongue against her lip and loved his hand up to her shoulder whild his other glided over her side and up to her chest. Feeling her move and react made him move slower than he usually would, taking hsi time to feel everything she did. -02:02 Aug 20
[Damion enters.] -02:03 Aug 20
Leslie: Leslie abandoned all thoughts. The only thing left on her mind was him, and that delicious way every nerve under her skin seemed to come alive. Her toes were curling in to the sheets as she wrapped her arms tighter around him. A kiss at the corner of his mouth, a nuzzle against his cheek. …then there was that sigh! A soft, almost moaning sound of appreciative pleasure. This was great..! -02:10 Aug 20
Damion: He lapped up her sigh, almost literally as he pushed his lips harder into hers. If he wasn’t the one doing the work he would he wrything agaist her, instead there was the steadily increasing pace of his thrusts as he let the tingling buildup pick him up and take him with it. This was making love, and now he was wodering why he had never tried it before. It was just so differnt… -02:18 Aug 20
Leslie: She murmured his name softly against his ear, before she grazed it with a nip of her teeth. Her breath had quickened when she seemed to climb higher, some strange part of her collecting every little sensation. Letting her fingers explore the skin at the back of his neck and shoulders, she was responding in other ways too. The gentle rise and twist of her hips, and the shift of her legs against his. -02:29 Aug 20
[(Timeout) Damion has timed out.] -02:39 Aug 20
Damion: He pulled her coser to him and nuzzled into her cheek. this was as infuriating as it was decedantly exquisite. unable t do all the things he usually did but still feelung so… there was no word for it that he could think of. He pulled back to put both of his hands on her shoulders and pin them to the bed and to look down at her as he suddenly quickened while biting his lip and grinning down at her a small sound of his own catching in his throat. -02:39 Aug 20
Leslie: She was pinned! Which meant she couldn’t get her hands on him the way she really wanted to. Leslie was left clutching the sheets at her sides, her head tilting from side to side as the new pace had her gasping and groaning. At least she could curl her legs around him as she squirmed beneath him. The pressure building was starting to become maddening! -02:47 Aug 20
Damion: He loved watching her, feeling her, hearing her. He watced her letting his eyes slide down her as he felt it coming. moving one of his hadn to her hair his leaned down and nipped ehr ear. “Soon… you first.” -02:52 Aug 20
Leslie: How could he make her laugh like this! It went against everything she thought it was supposed to be like. She stole the opportunity to get her arms around his waist and press her hands in to his back when he leaned down. Smiling wide as she tilted her face towards him and nuzzled against his cheek. She loved this, this was amazing! And she knew she was done in when her hips jolted hard enough to raise her off the mattress and have her gasping his name out in surprise! -03:01 Aug 20
Damion: He let go and pushed hard agaist her is he moved his lips to find hers. Then he was pulling out and away and pulling the used condom off of himself to tie it off and depisit it in a bn next to the bed. Then he was moving back to her and nipping her cheek. “Its a good thing I have you all night.” he teased brusing his knuckles over her stomach. “But before we do that again, tea?” -03:16 Aug 20
Leslie: If Leslie could purr, that’s what she’d be doing. Grinning all too wide, every little muscle limp and humming from the after glow. Before he could escape she was curling and arm around him and nuzzling her whole body against his. “Forget tea, I just want to stay here for awhile.” -03:20 Aug 20
Damion: He was okay with that, he did have one adendum though and that was to pull her up to the pillows at the top of the bed and to run his fingers through her hair. “Keep moving like that and I’ll be doing more that just mying here with you.” he said kissing her softly. “I’m not letting you sleep yet. -03:26 Aug 20
Leslie: She laughed softly again, finding herself perfectly comfortable with laying there naked and giggling with a man. That was surprising! Leslie buried her face at the crook of his neck, unable to control that smile. “Then you shouldn’t have such a comfortable bed.” -03:31 Aug 20

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