One Life Stand 011: The 18th

[Tessa is working at home, and there’s no D and no dinner yet. When did she get used to expecting dinner by a certain time?] -10:25 Jun 03
[D Has been out all afternoon getting drunk, and he has a bottle in his hand to proove it.] -10:27 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa had some great things posted up on the website now, but she still needed pictures… tomorrow she was going to have to pin D down for an impromptu photo shoot around town. In the mean time she was hungry and if he wasn’t going to be at home she was gonna have to go to bed without food. Rummaging through the kitchen and making something herself was scarier than going tomb raiding… -10:30 Jun 03
D: He knocked ont he door before meaning against it, he had never knocked before but hey, he couldn’t really stand without leanign against it either. "Hey open up boss." he called throught the door. Ok maybe drinking hadn’t been a good idea but fuck today. -10:36 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa stopped mid typing, waiting for him to actually -open- the door himself. When he didn’t she was muttering under her breath as she got up and crossed the room. "Since when do you knock on my door…!" she retorted, swinging the door open. -10:37 Jun 03
D: He fell inwards and stumbles agaist her. "Oh.. hey.." he this was a surpprise, his arms were around her to keep himself upright and his face was in her hair just above her ear. "You smell good…" he used her to push himself up right and then walked over to the couch to fell facedown onto it. Then sir up. Then take a gulp from his bottle. "About the only thing that does." -10:44 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa stood there blinking a moment before she closed the door. Then with a scowl, she stalked over to the sofa. "What is that a bottle of? ….are you drunk?" A little surprising! Tessa was pretty sure she hadn’t seen him drunk since… when she got fired! She snatched the bottle. "What’s the matter with you." -10:48 Jun 03
D: He looked at his now empty hand. "Yes I am. This shouldn’t shurpize you… surprise. Its the 18th, what can I say." -10:50 Jun 03
Tessa: "I don’t even know what that means!" Tessa held up the bottle and eyed how much was left. There was a lot, so if he was this drunk he must have been drinking for awhile… "I’ll make you some coffee and you can go and take a cold shower. You’ve had enough of this." -10:51 Jun 03
D: He looked at her, then at the kitchen. "Hey.. Boss. Did I ever tell you that today is the day I hate everything?" he asked and that I mark another year on meaningless sex and not getting out of the job I hate and never getting anywhere or finding a girl who actually loves me? Yup. Topday is my birf.. birthday." -10:56 Jun 03
Tessa: "Hating everything is a stupid thing to do on your birthday! You should have told me this morning!" Tessa set the bottle down on the coffee table before stalking off to the kitchen to make him some coffee. "You shouldn’t be drinking when you hate everything, it’s supposed to be for fun." At least it kinda explained why he was so drunk… sorta. She was going to have to think of something to cheer him up once he was sober! -11:00 Jun 03
D: "So not Tessa is telling me how to drink? I’ve never seen you drink what do you know about it?" he stood and stalked back to his bottle and sat on the table next to it. "I know when and how to drink." -11:05 Jun 03
Tessa: "I know plenty about drinking, it’s not that complicated to figure out!" Tessa fussed around in the kitchen until she had the coffee maker running. Then she was right back in the living room and eying him and the bottle. "And you don’t go drinking like this, cause you’re obviously miserable! So you can’t have anymore. You’ll get some coffee and a shower. Hrrm.. give me your coat." Tessa tugged at his arm trying to get it off. -11:07 Jun 03
D: He pulled his arm away, picked up the bottle and had a large gulp from it. "You think you know about fun but I’ve only seen you have fun once, and that was underneath me, and if you know so much about drinking they here. Drink." he pushed the bottle into her hands. "Show me whose only been drinking since.. forever, how its done." -11:11 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa thought about clonking him over the head with the bottle, but it was his birthday and he was thankfully too drunk to realize she was blushing. So she took the bottle turned it up and drunk a couple deep swallows… and then was coughing! That kinda burned going down and it tasted awful. She made a face as she looked at the lable. "Blech… see… easy. And I have fun plenty of times…! And drinking this stuff while cranky isn’t fun." -11:15 Jun 03
D: He grinned at her and took back the bottle. "See, Tessa can’t handle her drink. And she doesn’t know how to have fun. Thats kinda sad. I get cranky one day a year, you don’t have fun on any of them." he tried to hop off od the table and staggered. "You need to have fun." -11:19 Jun 03
Tessa: "I can drink it fine..!" If at least so he wouldn’t drink the rest of it, he really didn’t need to be drinking any more. Tessa followed after him and snatched the bottle out of his hands again. Took another long drink and -this- time she swallowed the coughing. "I have lots of fun… YOU need to have fun..! If it’s your birthday you should be doing something special tonight and not brooding!" -11:21 Jun 03
D: He looked at her. "And what am I going to do? I’m here, I’m drunk, and you were working when I got in weren’t you. I can’t even go out since that would just lead to more meaningless sex and hey… do that again." she was drinking, a first. "Maybe you’ll have fun too." no bad D.. good thing is wasn’t too odvious an inuendo.. -11:29 Jun 03
Tessa: Gaw, there was too much in that stupid bottle and it burned too much to chug it! But Tessa took another drink, then it was back to pointing at him. "I -was- working so we can have a place to live and you can quit your other jobs! I can totally have fun…" Tessa didn’t even know why she was insulted by that. She had plenty of fun. …granted she couldn’t think of a moment outside of things that involved D, and she really didn’t want to use those as examples… "We’ll do something fun right now! I can grab my radio and we can go up to the roof?" -11:33 Jun 03
D: "Only if you finish that." he said pointin to the bottle. "And if theres good music on, none of that teenage pop stuff. And.. We dance." -11:35 Jun 03
Tessa: "I like dancing." Tessa eyed the bottle and huffed at it… More drinking it was! She really should have gotten herself a glass so she could see exactly how much she was drinking. Another round of coughing, then she was swatting at his arm. "…and what about dinner! You yell at me for not eating, and now there’s not dinner!" -11:39 Jun 03
D: He looked down at his arm, then hid it behind her back holding her. "Ow.. that.." ther was the smell of her hair again. "We’ll orber pizza uh.. here.." he let go of her and reached into his bakc pocket and took out a roll of bills… "Uhh.." he just handed her a hundred, easier that way. "I want mushroom. Mushroom, a room where you… mush.. hehe…" Wait he was meant to be grumpy. "You get whatever." -11:44 Jun 03
Tessa: "Where does all of this money keep coming from…?" She took it, but that didn’t stop her from wondering! He was also moving around too much, which she supposed was from drinking that booze too fast. Tessa had to hold on to his shirt to keep herself steady. "-Now- an we go to the roof so I can prove I can have fun and you can stop scowling?" -11:49 Jun 03
D: "I told you I have a job that I do when I’m not here." he said "Booze isn’t cheep that why you musn’t waste it and.." he pu his arms arounf her to keep her steady. of course it was to keep her steady and the nuzzling into the to of her head was accidental. "Yes, to the roof for dancing and pizza." He let go and moved for the door, at least she was near the top floor and the stairs wern’t moving. -11:53 Jun 03
Tessa: Tessa took a small detour to grab her radio and her phone, then it was following him out the door and to the stairs. She nearly missed her step on one of the stairs, which sent her in to a fit of giggling for no real reason at all! "Wait, you’re going to fast…!" Tessa had to stop midway up the stairs to drink from the bottle again. That was part of the agreement, after all. Drink the whole bottle, she gets to dance. -11:56 Jun 03
D: He stopped and waited for her taking the radio from her so that he could take her and and walk up with her. "You’re going to slow, and drinking, you should be ashamed and.. I think I’m drunk.. I" he checkled looking a ther.. "You shoulf get… a D." -12:00 Jun 04
Tessa: "I know you’re drunk…! That is why we’re here!" Tessa wasn’t so sure what she should be ashamed of, so at his chuckling she swatted at his hand and skipped off to the middle of the roof top. There was a nice view of the setting sun, but she was taking a moment to spin while taking another swig. "Turn on the music D, I should get music too!" -12:03 Jun 04
D: He turned on the radio and found a nice station with jazz playing. Then set the radio down and looked at her. "Order the pizza and finish your bottle. I want food and dancing. In any order." he grinned at her. "ANd you don’t get either until you proove you can have fun. -12:07 Jun 04
Tessa: "You can’t stop me from dancing!" Tessa stuck her tongue out at him in the process of pulling out her phone. Pizza was a number she had on speed dial, and it only took a moment to order mushroom pizzas and then specially instruct them to draw wizards on the box, because that amused her and had her giggling again. -12:11 Jun 04
D: "But I can stop myself fron dancign with you." he said. "No dancign until that bottle is empty." he was smiling and he stepped closer, takign the bottle from her and taking a gulp then handing it back to her. "Finish that in one go and you’ll get a kiss… dance.. I mean dance.." -12:17 Jun 04
Tessa: "You said kiss first! No take backs!" Tessa was pointing at him the entire time she tilted her head back to drink what was left in the bottle. It was tricky not to start coughing, and she had to pause to breath every other minute. But when it was done she was thrusting the bottle at him along with a thumbs up! "HA! Haaaaa! Gone! Eat that, rockstar! Tessa wins the kiss and dance!" -12:23 Jun 04
D: I should make you choose betreen them." he said "Kiss or dance but since i’m feeling generous and you’re meant to be showing me how good you are at having fun…" he grabbed her arm and pulls her into a kiss with the hand holding the bottle moving arounf her to hold her. He moved his lips slowly agaist hers and closed his eyes before pulling back, nipping her lip, and then letting her go. "Now we dnace." -12:33 Jun 04
Tessa: Tessa was grinning wide, all too smitten and at this point she didn’t care. That was one hell of a kiss and she was back to spinning, along with the radio’s music and humming to the tune. "I do love dancing…! I never dance anymore…" -12:37 Jun 04
D: "You never dance, you never sing, you never play." he said "So what do you do?" he was watching her as he put the bottle down and followed her out. "Also what dance do you want to do? We owe eachother one." -12:39 Jun 04
Tessa: "I work and I work some more and then I go to sleeeep." Tessa took his hand, twirling herself under it until she did it one too many times and almost went tilting. She had to grab on to his arm to steady herself, which had her in a fit of giggles again. "We’ll dance every dance? I tried to be a stripper once and I got fired cause I couldn’t even dance..! Did you know they have auditions for that stuff..?" -12:43 Jun 04
D: He put his arms aorund her to stop her falling over. "Yes, I did." he said "But.." he was imagining her pole dance now and that was making an entirely different type of pole want to dance. "You have the body for it… dancing that is.. stripping too, you’re hot enough." where was he going with this.. distract her with slowdancing, holdign her close and swaying, thats where. -12:49 Jun 04
Tessa: "I’m not upset! I’ve been fired like… a hundred times! I can’t really do anything very well." Slooow dancing. Tessa rest her head against his shoulder and slipped her arms around his waist, still not shaking that grin. "How many jobs have you done?" -12:55 Jun 04
D: "Including colledge, five. I set one of the places I used to work at on fire too, that was fun. They had no imagination with thier food." he sighed, this was nice, too nice. "Then there was.. ugh I don’t even want to talk about it. Then I was scouted for music and ass.. consultancy." he sighed… "You’re good at managing and getting artists to toe the line. You’re good at a lot of things.." -01:00 Jun 04
Tessa: "I’m good at getting fired." She tilted her head back to look up at him, probably a little too far back with the way she was leaning. He was frowing again and she didn’t like it. So up her hands went to his cheeks with her thumbs trying to turn his mouth up in to a smile. "Better. I love it when you smile at me… I set a place on fire once too!" -01:04 Jun 04
D: He looked at her. "Did you scorch ‘Fuck you cocksuckers’ into the floor with lighter fluid too?" he asked "ANd you’rew working fo ryourself now. If you get fired from that I’d be impressed…" he was leaning forwards to get closer to her. "I…" the door opened and a pizza boy stepped out onto the roof. "Thats your cue." -01:09 Jun 04
Tessa: "Assisstant chef in a kitchen and burned a building down with dragonfire!" she chirped, skipping away from him over to the pizza guy. She had the hundred pulled out and waving it in the guy’s face until he took and she confiscated the pizza. Tessa almost forgot the change, but the guy was nice enough to catch her and hand it do her before she danced away. Once he was gone she was eyeing the boxes. "…They forgot my wizards on the box." -01:12 Jun 04
D: He had been about to say that he loves her.. why? But hey. Pizza! He took one of the boxes and opened it. "Pizza is pizza, I’ll draw you a wizard later." he grabbed a slice and then folded it and…. pused it against Tessa’s lips. "Take the first bite and tell me is its any good." -01:17 Jun 04
Tessa: Tessa took the bite and chewed thoughtfully… and only after did she frown. "Am I taste testing for poison or something..? I did that as a job once too! That was a weird job… It’s good though! Mushroom is my favorite and theeeen, the one with bacon and tomatos…" Tessa was swaying on her feet with another grin, then stealing that pizza out of his hands. Hers now, poisoned or not! -01:21 Jun 04
D: He took andother slice and grinned. "I just wanted to feed you." he said pouting, then taking a large bite of pizza and sitting, then pulling her down to sit with him ‘accidently’ ending up with her head in his lap. "I could eat for a job, I’d prefer to cook but eating is good, I like eating." he looked down at her and smiled. "Did you enjoy your jobs?" -01:26 Jun 04
Tessa: This was better! At least laying down, the world wasn’t spinning so bad. With her head on his lap she ate, ever so often reaching up to steal a piece of mushroom off his pizza. "I liked some of them… most of them were kinda bad. This one is my favorite though, I had to do a looooot of crap to get it. I was gonna drown myself in the bathroom when the Label fired me, so I stayed out all night to be safe." She really did like the way he smiled, and from this angle it was even better. -01:32 Jun 04
D: "You stayed out and I stayed in.. our place.. you place." he sighed and just fed her the balled up cheese and fopping from his slice and ate just the crust with a fakes grumpy look on his face before sticking his tongue out at her and grabbing another slice and abscently running his hand through her hair. "I’m going to keep you in this job no matter what." -01:37 Jun 04
Tessa: She was nibbling on crust when she rest her eyes closed. If this was having fun, it was hella better than working late in to the night. "We need a bigger apartment soon… my desk is too small to run a business and I need a real office. And you need a home studio cause the acoustics on the couch kinda suck. When I can get your songs played on the radio, I can get us a new place…" -01:42 Jun 04
D: "Worry about making a profit first." he said still running his fingers though her hair. "You’re the best manager there is and soon you’ll be pulling enough to have a sky scraper… and a stadium all for us…" he lenaed down and kissed her forehead. "And we should go inside before the bigs come out. Move this to the bedroom for snuggling? It is my birthday…" -01:45 Jun 04
Tessa: Move now? When she was so comfortable? Tessa grumbled and rolled back to her feet… which ended up with her taking a few very wobbly steps in a weird direction before she managed to get herself standing up straight. Now it was hitting her pretty bad, and she was giggling all over again! "Do I get snuggling on my birthday too? Fair is fair…!" -01:48 Jun 04
D: "Fair is fair." he agreed and stood grabbing the boxes and radio. "When is your birthday anyway?" he was suprised he didn’t know. "I want to get you somethign for it.. somehting niiice, like a cat." -01:51 Jun 04
Tessa: "I thought you were going to get me a panther?" He mentioned panthers aaaaall the time. "But I can’t have one until we have a bigger place to live. My birthday iiiiis… you have to guess!" She was giggling again, skipping off towards the door. ….fighting to push it open until she realized she was supposed to ‘pull’. Then it was the very precarious trip down the stairs without falling head first. ….that was taking very careful stepping and hanging on to the railing. -01:54 Jun 04
D: He followed taking the steps one at a time. "Then I won’t tell you when I guess it to be, I’ll just suprise you with something…" he said "And panthers are great, you just have to de claw them of they’re tear everything to shreads and they’re soft an cuddly and loving and… just like you." -01:57 Jun 04
Tessa: "Do I have to be declawed though? Because I’m not sure how that works…" Ha! She made it down the stairs! Now it was struggling with her apartment door… A little fussing and kicking, then she was near tumbling inside. "You surprise me all the time… I don’t know why anything you do surprises me now." Letting go of the door, Tessa kicked off one shoe, zig zagged her way across the room then kicked off the other. -02:01 Jun 04
D: He followed her inside and kicked the door closed almost drippign the pizza as he stumbled beofre putting them on the table. "I like your claws." he said swaying on his feel and putting the radio down. "I liek your hair, I like your smile.. I love your.." he flopped down on the couch and oulled of his shoe, then the other, then his socks and pouted. His pants here uncomfortable.. they had to go too! So they did leaving in in his underwear. "I like your snuggles." He said as he moved to the wall to lean against it on his way into the bedroom. He also like the way she made this into the best birthday he’d had in a long time. -02:07 Jun 04
Tessa: "You’re not wearing any pants..!" Tessa was now laughing, backing up away from him until her legs hit the bed and she went tumbling backwards on it. That took the wind out of her for a second, and she was still half giggling. "I have a birthday present for you, but you have to sit down and close your eyes!" He deserved a special present for his birthday, then he wouldn’t have to hate everything every year. -02:11 Jun 04
D: Special present… so many naughty thoughts went though his mind especally after seeing her fall to the bed. But there was a gap between the bed and the wall they he would have to walk… One step, two, three, four and.. flop onto the bed next to her, rolling over and sitting up leaning on his hand as he used his other to cover his eyes.. "Okay I’m ready.." he said obviously peeking before cpvering his eye. -02:14 Jun 04
Tessa: Still giggling softly, she crawled up to sit on her knees next to him. She moved his hand and made sure his eyes were closed. Then she took his face in her hands, brushing her thumbs against his cheeks. She leaned and gave him a soft lingering kiss. Then a second deeper one that lingered even longer than the first. When she broke away it was only by a fraction, and her breath could still be felt over his lips. "Happy birthday, D. Now you have something to make you smile for next year’s." -02:18 Jun 04
D: He put his arm around her and pushign off of ther floor, then ther matress with is legs pulled himslef and her up to the top of the bed and put both arms around her holdign her agaist him. "Thank you.. best present ever." Okay maybe the hand on her ass wasn’t the best of ideas.. then again maybe it was. -02:22 Jun 04
Tessa: Tessa circled her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek before nuzzling it. He was the best present ever too. She didn’t even have to make a wish for him, he was just there! "You have your hand on my ass." and that made her giggle too! Tightening her arms around him and burying her face at his neck as she snickered. -02:26 Jun 04
D: Now his legs were tangling with hers and he was sliding his cheek agaist her and giving her ass a squeeze. "Because I put it there" he said with a chuckle "In my defence I’m drunk and your gorgeous." his other hand was moving to rub up and down her spine. "We’ll definatlu have to do this on your birthday." -02:29 Jun 04
Tessa: "Hmm, lets do this in a mountain cabin for my birthday…" she mumbled. A nice cozy cabin with lots of snow outside and snuggling like this in front of a fire. She liked that idea. Because this was awfully comfortable! "You’re making me sleepy, I had work to finish…" But Tessa was making no effort to leave. In fact she was making herself more comfortable by shifting where her arms circled him and nipping gently at his neck. -02:33 Jun 04
D: He pulled her on top of him as he rolled onto his back but other than that nothing changed. He was still gripping her ass and still rubbing her spine. "Work, with the amount you’ve had to drink? You prooved me wrong, you’re fun, but you need to sleep this off. It will still be there when you wake up. I will too." -02:38 Jun 04
Tessa: "Hm not drunk." Totally wasn’t. …but sleepy was definitely a problem. He was soooo comfortable and she really didn’t want to get up. "Promise you’ll still be here?" -02:41 Jun 04
D: "You’re on top of me, I wouldn’t be able to leave if I wanted to… And I don’t." it was true, he didn’t and now he was yawning. "I’ll be here, promise." -02:47 Jun 04

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