King of Fools 012: Breakfast

[Leslie is asleep in someone else’s bed. That’s new!] -05:02 Aug 29
[Damion has someon else in his bed in the morning. That’s new.] -05:04 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie slept well and slept deep. Who wouldn’t after an evening of wine and exercise? She was still sleeping, curled up warm and comfortable with a pillow and a person. If she knew there were a dozen messages waiting on her phone, she might’ve been a little quicker to roll out of bed. -05:07 Aug 29
Damion: He was facing away from her and had his head on his pillow. Still completely naked but covered in a blanket he stired and rolled forward onto his stomach then propped himself up to look at her. She still looked to be asleep so he leaned forwards and kissed her forehead and then brushed his fingers across it. She really was pretty. -05:12 Aug 29
Leslie: Something tickling her forehead was met with a lazy and gentle swat of her hand. Then a moment of sleepy grumbling and confusion. Even being half asleep, she was naturally drawn towards warmth. So she tilted and scooted until she was snuggling up against him and burying her face at his chest. -05:18 Aug 29
Damion: He brushed her hair with his hand and lay there with her before he pulled the blanker over his shoulder and boved his hand down to rub her side. "Morning." he whispered softly wondering fow awake she was. -05:21 Aug 29
Leslie: "Hate mornings." she murmured. …usually! Leslie was barely awake and vaguely aware that this morning she wasn’t alone. She had spent the night with Damion Rubrum. This had her softly grinning and making no effort to move. "Maybe not this morning." -05:28 Aug 29
Damion: "Well this morning you’re going to have to help me cook breakfast." he said still making no move to get up. "You do want to eat don’t you? It’s the most important meal of the day you know. And it just to happens I can make waffles, if they’re in the freezer, which they are." -05:30 Aug 29
Leslie: "Is it making waffles if it’s from the freezer?" she teased. Leslie was famished, but the thought of getting up… kinda sucked! And now that her body was waking up too, she was finding herself feeling a little stiff and a little sore. Leslie nuzzled against his shoulder and sighed. "No fancy rich guy super powers to summon breakfast in bed?" -05:37 Aug 29
Damion: "You know its just us here untill noon, if it wasn’t I could do just that and it would be a better breakfast than frozen waffles." and he should stop talkign about waffles sincce doing so make his stomach rumble. "And if you want to make them from sscratch then you’re welcome to." -05:42 Aug 29
Leslie: "Then I will make you breakfast, Mr. Rubrum. As soon as I decide to get out of bed." Leslie finally tilted back, taking her first real look at him since the previous evening. His hair was all tousled and messy and she couldn’t resist reaching up to fix it. -05:46 Aug 29
Damion: As she was fixing his hair he leaned down and kissed her lips softly. "I don’t mind waiting with you here until you do decide." and then he was rubbing her side again and tickling it with his nail and grinning. She was his and he was looking forwards to her in his other room, if she agreed. -05:48 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie giggled, reaching down to grip his hand. She had been so afraid this would be awkward and weird, but it was nice. Amazing nice! Leslie was grinning wide. "What do you think about dates now?" -05:55 Aug 29
Damion: "Dates?" he asked almost incredulously. "I brought you back here, impressed you with my lounge clutter, brought you upstairs and made you stay until morning. That sounds less like a date and more the thing people regret with only a little less wine." he was teasing her of couse and showed it b brushing his lips against her forehead. "What do you think of it?’ -05:59 Aug 29
Leslie: "You didn’t make me stay." she knew he was teasing but… that part was important! It was hard to keep a straight and serious face, though, with soft kisses. Leslie was in danger of becoming smitten if this kept up. "It was more than I expected. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again." There was that cheeky grin. -06:02 Aug 29
Damion: "I was already planning on it." he said, "Right after breakfast if you don’t ahve anything you need to get back to." he smiled down at her and sighed. "ANd I know you stayed because you wanted to, I made sure you did." -06:07 Aug 29
Leslie: "You made sure, huh?" she was grinning wider now. Leslie leaned up on her elbows to plant a kiss on his cheek. "I could spend the day with you. If you don’t throw me out after I make a mess in your kitchen." -06:11 Aug 29
Damion: "I’m not cleaning it up so as long as you don’t start a fire I’m sure we’ll be fine." he slide his hand down to her hip and then all the wa up to pull it out from under the blanket and pul lightly on her chin. "What do you feel like making?" -06:13 Aug 29
Leslie: It was really really hard not to look completely smitten, or lean to steal a kiss. Who knew simple touches would feel so great? "Waffles, pancakes, french toast…? The better question is what do you want for breakfast, Mr. Rubrum?" Hard to resist… Leslie reached a hand up to delicately brush her fingers over his neck. She could steal a little time before rolling out of bed and facing reality again. -06:19 Aug 29
Damion: "All of the above not an option?" he asked almost completely seriously. "I like a big breakfast, with coffee, and the world news. Something nice anf filling to keep me going the whole day or at least until lunch." -06:21 Aug 29
Leslie: "I can do that… extra mess in the kitchen!" Why did she ever think that serious face was intimidating? Or maybe it was just the setting that had her a little biased. Leslie threw out caution and went with impulse when she tossed her arms around his neck and kissed him. She wanted that since the moment she opened her eyes! -06:25 Aug 29
Damion: He kissed ehr back and place his and on the back of her neck to keep her there as he pushed his lips into hers and then nipped her lower lip. "I don’t mind a little more mess so long as I get to watch you cook." -06:27 Aug 29
Leslie: "Careful, I might make you help…" One more kiss. A soft nibble accompanied by the brush of her hands against his cheeks. If it weren’t for her growling stomach, she might have abandoned breakfast all together and begged him to stay in bed all day. Leslie finally broke away, biting her lip as she leaned and looked for where her clothes had been tossed. She finally just opted for snatching his shirt off the floor. -06:33 Aug 29
Damion: He threw the blacnket off of himself and stood moving over to the dest of drawers to pull it open and get a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that he hadn’t worn in ages. Then he was opening the bedroom door and moving down the stairs and into the lounge. Okay maybe this shirt was a mistake, he didn’t even listen to this band anymore. "So you think I’d be willing to herlp?" he was teasing again and catching her on the stairs for another quick kiss. "We -06:38 Aug 29
Damion: He threw the blacnket off of himself and stood moving over to the dest of drawers to pull it open and get a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that he hadn’t worn in ages. Then he was opening the bedroom door and moving down the stairs and into the lounge. Okay maybe this shirt was a mistake, he didn’t even listen to this band anymore. "So you think I’d be willing to herlp?" he was teasing again and catching her on the stairs for another quick kiss. "We’ll see." he was grinning wider. "I’ll get the coffee." -06:39 Aug 29
Leslie: Kissing a man on the stairs wearing nothing but his shirt last night… she was just wracking up points today on why she suddenly liked mornings. Leslie flicked gently at his hair. "You don’t have to be willing!" A teasing grin, and she was bouncing for his kitchen. He wanted a sizable breakfast… thank goodness cooking stuff was one of her million and one experiments. -06:44 Aug 29
Damion: "Oh so thats how it is. You’re going to forse me to do things after I specifically didn’t to so to you?" he followed after her and pilled up the coffe machine with water and putting it on. "Well Leslie, I suppose it is me who should have been warned about you. You make rich men cook for themselves. You despicable feind." -06:48 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie laughed out loud. The image of her being the fiend really didn’t come off quite as well in her imagination! "Maybe I am teaching you valuable life skills, in case you get lost in the wild?" She got stuck watching him for a moment before she remember she was the one who was supposed to be cooking. Leslie snooped around in his pantry and fridge, digging out everything she found interesting. "If you want to sit and reach your paper that is fine… but you have to tell me more about the Mysterious History of Mister Damion Rubrum." -06:55 Aug 29
Damion: "I won’t get lost in the wilderness." he said. "My wristwatch has a built in AM frequency emergency beacon that will lead recuers right to me, and has a two thousand dollar fine if I set it off without being in an eergency. Pilots use them which is why survival movies don’t know what they’re talkign about." he was grinning at her wider now. "So if you’re flying, stick close to me." -06:59 Aug 29
Leslie: She was pausing again, right in the middle of opening a container of flour and looking a little surprise. "you know… I am not even going to ask how much something like that costs! Do you go flying places that often to really need it?" That or… he was really that paranoid about getting lost. She remembered how uncomfortable he was at the river. Leslie resumed what she was doing. "I’ve never been on a plane before. I’m not really afraid of heights, but it’s still kinda way up there." -07:03 Aug 29
Damion: "I fly all over the country." he said. "In fact I”ll be in New York next month from the 14th t the 18th, back here on the 19th, keep your callender clear." he pressed the button and then leaned against the counter and watched her. "I’d like you to go with me." -07:07 Aug 29
Leslie: "Go with you to New York?" Another surprise, and this time she nearly dropped the sugar. She managed to make a good save and get everything back on the counter where it belong. "What sort of trip is it..?" Leslie wasn’t sure what freaked her out more, the thought of a plane… or the fact that she really didn’t care what the trip was for, she wanted to go! -07:14 Aug 29
Damion: "A fundraiser, they want a show of faces for a cause, I’ll be writing a check, quite a fancy dinner, then I though I’d stay a couple of extra days hoping you’d be there too." he was nervous, strangly, "You can think of it as an extended date?" one he could enjoy. -07:16 Aug 29
Leslie: It was impossible to contain her sudden grin, so she just kept focusing on mixing ingredients in a bowl while she smiled like an idiot. "You are asking me out for a second date." Which meant she was not the only one smitten with last night. …or was he smitten? She stole a quick look at him. -07:23 Aug 29
Damion: He was watching her carefully trying to gauge her reaction, though that smile her him cracking one too. "Yes, yes I am." he said. "I’ll have the finest hotel room, take you wherever we choose to go and for the event itself, well, I believe I can get something made for you." he was rubbing his chin and looking at her gauging her size. "So, will you be my date on thise trip? There are people available for hire, profesional escorts but I’d much rather take my girlfriend."" -07:30 Aug 29
Leslie: Girlfriend! Now her cheeks hurt from teh grinning. She was someone’s girlfriend. She was hiding her face again by digging for a pan and making sure it was heating up. "I don’t need anything made for me, I can always borrow some of Jade’s clothes." -07:43 Aug 29
Damion: He shook his head. "You underestimate the occasion." he said "But you’ll only find out why if you agree to go." he folded his arms and flashed her a grin. "I don’t think even Jade has anything.. apropriate. I myself have several to choose from. You, you will choose your own too." he was grinning already plannign of calling in a desighned for Leslie to talk to about a dress to make for her, expence would be no issue. "If you’re going with me I need to make sure you look the part, and you will be.. exquisite, not that you’re not when you’re in nothing but my shirt and with your hair messed up like that."" -07:49 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie look down at his shirt, that grin of hers fading to a more shy and anxious expression. She had been so wrapped up in him that she forgot all about how showing so much skin bothered her. "I wouldn’t have to wear a dress would I? I’m not really good with dresses." She cast him another quick look, finding his expression interesting… but suspicious! -07:54 Aug 29
Damion: "Don’t worry, I think of everything." he said moving slowly up next to her and leaning down to nip her ear. "You’re gorgious and don’t ever things otherwise." itwas a hissed whisper but it still bore the tone of a command. "You’ll be fine." -07:56 Aug 29
Leslie: With a soft smile she turned and leaned just out of reach. "I’m not sure I believe you, but I’ll find out? And we’ll see about a dress too. That’s still up for debate! And if you want your breakfast actually cooked, you should distract me in the kitchen." -08:00 Aug 29
Damion: "You’ll come with me. If you say that look on your face when I first asked you’d know that too." he moved away from her just latting his ahnd trai across her lower back. "I’ll get you a ticket." he grabbed the coffee pot and a traw with mugs and sugar and got the milk from the fridge and headed for the breakfast table. "Will you be staying for lunch too?" -08:03 Aug 29
Leslie: Damn. Leave it to her over expressive face to give everything she thought away. …which left her wondering just how easy it was for him to tell when she was thinking dirty stuff too. Some thoughts were coming to mind right now as she bit her lip and got busy with pouring batter for pancakes. "If I say I wouldn’t mind staying the night again, would that count as continuing the same date or starting a new one?" -08:09 Aug 29
Damion: "So long as you don’t leave in between I think its the same date, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go somwhere nice." he said "There will be plenty of time for sex if you’re staying." he was grinning too as he pored his coffee. "Some place with dancing?" -08:13 Aug 29
Leslie: With such a casual mention of sex, she was turning red again. Maybe he really could read everything on her face. "Dancing would be fun. Or even going to the park for a walk. Or a ride on your bike!" Would give her the perfect excuse to hang on to him all day. Her fingers were itchy for touching! -08:22 Aug 29
Damion: "So now you like my bike?: he askes watching her. "Its not a scary mass of matal just waiting to trhow you off as soon as you least expect it?" he took a sip of coffee and grinned at her. "I’d be more than happy to take you for a ride." -08:24 Aug 29
Leslie: "You kinda make it sound like a horse. ….can you ride horses, Mr. Rubrum?" Drinking his coffee and grinning at her, she could imagine him wearing a cowboy hat and covered in dirt and riding a horse. Leslie flipped finished pancakes on to a plate.. next was… eggs and bacon! -08:29 Aug 29
Damion: "Oooh…" he said sloly "Haven’t done that in a long time." he aterted his eyes in remeberence, "I suppose I could but I’d be rubbish at it. I like my machines." he looked back at her. "I was knocked over by a horse when I was little, took me a long time to trust them again, still don’t really." -08:32 Aug 29
Leslie: "You know what they say about horses!" she chimed, casting him a wickedly wide grin. It didn’t matter whether or not he was good at it. Now she had a very concrete fantasy about him and horse riding! "I haven’t ridden horses yet either. …Actually now that I think about it, there’s a lot of things I haven’t done even for all the stuff I have." Leslie was tapping her chin with her spatula as she thought it over. Maybe she should write a list. -08:34 Aug 29
Damion: "Plannign on spending all my money living every fantasy you’ve ever had?" he asked lookign at her. "And what do they say about horses I don’t pay attention. Something about leading them to water? Looking them on mouths…." he took another sip and looked at her. "If you want a pony from me you’re going to have to build your own stable." -08:37 Aug 29
Leslie: "Mr. Rubrum I have absolutely no interest in your money at all!" she said with a haughty expression! Something to hide the fact she was thinking dirty again. No, it definitely wasn’t the money that had daydreaming all sorts of things to do with him. Oh look, she was still cooking! "And I meant, you get back on the horse after you fall off." A little stir in her pan, then she was stepping close to him and stealing his coffee for a sip. -08:42 Aug 29
Damion: "I wan’t on the horse I was trying to feed it." he said going back to his coffee. "It lifted it’s head and hit me right in the face." he was arguin thechnicalities, sure, but it was true. "And if I retried everythign that threw me I’d have finish colledge and not be here, with you, so I have no regrets about my life choices right now. Smells good by the way." -08:45 Aug 29
Leslie: Leslie had completely succeeded in stealing his cup of coffee and was sipping from it with a grin once back on her pan. "Details, details! I think horses are worth extra chances, though. And maybe I’ll ride an elevator when you’re not there to hold my hand?" Leslie fetched a couple of extra plates out of the cabinet. She had turned around opening random cabinets at least twice trying to remember where they were, despite having grabbed one earlier! -08:50 Aug 29
Damion: He pored himself another mug and sipped that one. "Horses, are we really talking about horses? I think I have some…" he strewed up his forehead in thought. "Or I own a company that owns a company that has them. Don’t ask me where they are though." he sipped again. "I do remember Fat Bastard though, that was his name, a retired racing horse…" he stopped talking. "What exactly is going though your mind?" -08:54 Aug 29
Leslie: She was dividing food on to two plates and paused to tilt her head and think about it. What -wasn’t- going through her head at the moment? There was an enigmatic smile thrown at him. "I was thinking about skipping breakfast and giving -you- a ride, but then the little Jade in my head suggesting it started squealing. …and now I am wondering why I even said that outloud to begin with. Hungry?" -08:57 Aug 29
Damion: "Food, then sex." he said. "If you’re staying here all day you’ll need your energy. And yes, very." he moved the coffee aside to allow her to put his plate down. And he was sliming all to much. "I think I like how your mind works." -09:00 Aug 29
Leslie: "I’m glad… because I’m not very good at the flirting stuff." she mumbled a little sheepishly and handed him a fork. "I’m sure your other breakfast guests were good at eye batting, but I doubt they’re as good at cooking as me!" -09:04 Aug 29
Damion: "I didn’t have breakfast with them." he said flatly. "Lunch, rarely, but not breakfast." he was eying her again. "And I am a master of the flirtasious arts my words etching tapestries or desire and secudtion across the air and ether ensnaring hearts and weaving dreams to my evey command." he was being sarcastic but his tone and face were deadpan. "No, I like breakfast alone." -09:07 Aug 29
Leslie: Her fork was still in her mouth as she took a bite. Leslie couldn’t tell if he were serious or sarcastic… but either way, he was really good at pretty words. …which left a very small worried part of her wondering if this was all just him weaving her around his finger. That maybe Jade was right and she was a virgin sacrifice to a dungeon master. "Liked breakfast alone, like sleeping alone.. …until now?" -09:11 Aug 29
Damion: "You learn fast." he said movign a peice of bacon on top of a pancace and cutting of a chunk of both and chewing. "Start my morning alone, stay focused on what I need to do, get it done, come home and relax. I can’t focus when theres a girl who I don’t really want to spend the rest of my life with hinting at just that, whichh is what one kept doing… But I think she loved me buying shing things for her more than she did me, and I didn’t love her. So… " he shrugged and took anothe mouthful realizing he was doing a lot of talking and stopping. -09:17 Aug 29
Leslie: What was she learning though? Aside from him not trusting -anything- but, here he was with her doing something he claimed he never did. …And Leslie was debating whether or not she was really, really happy about it or if she was a little suspicious. She was eating, though, and it was really hard to ignore the fact she was just a tiny bit infatuated and more than willing to repeat last evening all over again. Leslie very suddenly grinned. "Sooo… now you have a girlfriend. Are you regretting that?" -09:22 Aug 29
Damion: "If I did you wouldn’t be here." a simple statement "I don’t keep things that I regret. Keeps life simple, so no, no regrets." he ate more, it was good. "Especially not with a breakfast like this or a smile like yours. Its a good thing you signed that NDA or Jade would a story on her hands." -09:26 Aug 29
Leslie: Pleased with the compliment, Leslie was giving him a big wide smirk. "Oh really! Jade doesn’t go printing stories about the typical date. Were you planning to do something truely wicked and newsworthy to me today?" Maybe she could flirt a little… the look she was casting over her stolen coffee was definitely suggestive! -09:30 Aug 29
Damion: "I keep tellign you you’re not going into that room again until you have a better idea of what sex is, though you should have a pretty good idea now, theres still a few more steps." he was grinning right back at her. "I was suprisingly easy on you last night." -09:32 Aug 29
Leslie: That piqued her interest! The minute her plate was clean, she took it to the sink to rinse. But still giving him a look over her shoulder. "How many steps are there… and that was ‘going easy’? You’re impossibly good at being very vague…" -09:36 Aug 29
Damion: "How many there are depends on how well you do and if you even want to continue." he said scewering th elast peice of bacom on his fork and eating it before he stood to bring his plate over. "Whever you want to go to the next step, you just tell me." -09:40 Aug 29

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