Repairing Destiny 012: Britt’s Busy

[Britt is at school today. Finals are coming up and there is a Parent meeting today, which is ALWAYS a nightmare.] -05:22 Mar 11
[Jane it limping into Britt’s school to surprise her!] -05:22 Mar 11
Britt: Right now, Britt was in the library surrounded by several books and trying to cram as much information in to her head as possible. She hated this class. Hated it soooo much. But this was what kept her parents happy, and if her parents weren’t happy she was made absolutely miserable. A page was turned and notes were scribbled. -05:26 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "You look like you need a hug." Jane eased herself onto the bench next to her and put her arms around Britt. "Or a hard fuck." she added in a low voice. "Surprise, I can’t do gym so they let me out early." -05:28 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "Hard fucking is what got me in to this mess in the first place." she said with some exasperation, but at least cast Jane a smile. "I can’t hang out today. All my tests are coming up and I’m behind in EVERYTHING. Not to mention the Mister and Missus are coming to the school today, and THAT is just going to be a delight." -05:32 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Soooo… no sex in the janitor’s closet?" Jane pouted. "So… Britt…" she trailed off. "No it’s nothing, I get it if you’re busy" she shifted away from Britt and grunted as her rib moved. "Do I at least get food?" -05:35 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "You can if you go out and get it yourself." she replied, closing her book only to grab and drag over another one. "I HAVE to study. If I don’t pass these tests, I’m not going to graduate on time and then my parents are going to start pushing me about getting married to some rich guy again." -05:38 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "One, you’re smart." yeah, Britt was smart… she wouldn’t rush into a relationship, right? But Jane had… "You’ll pass easily and if they threaten to marry you off tell them you’re alreayy banging a hot girl and if they want to disinherit you over that then you can stay with me." she nudged Britt. "Come on, don’t stress. You’re the brains… I’m the muscle… rememebr?" they had fantasized about being outlaws they were kids. -05:42 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "They’d probably try to have you killed if I told them…" she muttered. Britt wished that was a joke. Sometimes she wasn’t entirely sure what her parents were capable of when they got something in their head. "And I guess we would live with your whacky dad? Not really ideal, I think…" -05:48 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "No they wouldn’t, besides I’m a tough guy. I can take on a couple of old people no sweat. And come on my dad isn’t that bad. I mean how many dads do you know who would let thier only son go into MMA when they tried to groom them to become and academic… and still support them after a major body changing accident." -05:54 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "You don’t know my parents at all." Britt stopped trying to read, to turn and give Jane a critical look. "Your dad is great. I mean, seriously, an awesome dad. He supports you and you get to do pretty much anything you want, even when it’s not practical or makes any sense. Mine aren’t like that. I got to go to college because they picked my courses. I got to hang out with you because they never believed I’d be interested in someone like you. Being tough doesn’t get you anywhere with them." -05:59 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Sooo… you’re never going to tell them about me?" Jane looked away. "You’ve never actually tried being firm with them, have you." it wasn’t a question. "I’m limping over to the vending machine, want anything?" -06:03 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "If I tell them, they won’t let me see you anymore. I know you don’t understand HOW they can stop me, but they will." Britt sighed, leaning back in her chair. "No, I’m okay. I really do need to focus on studying…" -06:06 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Sooo… we’re just NEVER going to tell them. Even if you’re already living in my place. I can work part time… I can win matches… I can help pay your tuition…" she latched onto this point and hung on for dear life. Without a future… she flinched as she stood "I’ll get you a chocolate bar." she stood and moved away. It was fine, Britt felt she needed to study. It wasn’t her choosing school and her parents over Jane. -06:14 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: Britt opened her mouth to say Not Never!, but Jane was already walking away. She huffed and dropped her head against her books. Britt was GOING to tell them, but she had to plan carefully first! She had to make sure both she and Jane were in a position where her parents couldn’t touch them. There had to be money and power struggles and… it was like dealing with the mob! Jane wouldn’t ever understand. -06:17 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: Jane say down and dumped the promised bar in top of Jane’s book. "I really shouldn’t be eating this…" she said at her own. "Not being able to work out properly and eating junk… this is not good." she didn’t want to talk about Britt’s parents anymore. Britt’s mind was made up. -06:30 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: Britt took the car and opened it up to take a bite. She supposed she DID need the energy to get her through studying. "One candy bar is not going to get your ass kicked. Why not just spend some extra time doing easy exercises?" She grabbed another book to open up and started reading. -06:34 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: Jane grabbed the bookand held it up and away from Britt. "Because I wanted to see you, because I love you and you’re my girlfriend." Jane replied. "What are you studying tha you can’t study at home anyway? Civil rites after 1950?" -06:38 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "Jane!" Britt hissed, trying not to raise her voice in the library as she reached and swatted trying to get her book back. "It’s Advanced Calculus and I came here because it’s supposed to be without distractions. AND my parents are coming here today too. So you pretty much picked the worst day ever to suddenly want attention!" -06:43 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "IF you want me to go you can just say so." Jane huffedputting the book back on the table and tunring aorund to but her back to it. "Your parents are coming… good. I’ll tell them." -06:46 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "Ugh..!" She was exasperated! Why did Jane always have to pick the worst times to be a pain in the ass? "If you tell them, we’re going to be over and I won’t be MY fault." -06:47 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "If you reaally wanted to be with me your parents wouldn’t be able to do shit." Jane hissed. "And really if they’re really suck horrible people you should be telling them to get fucked anyway." Jane stood and slid the book over to Britt. "Yoou never got like this when we were just friends." and Jane was off heading for the exit of the library. She was going to wait for Britt’s parents and tell them. -06:53 Mar 11 Jane
[(Timeout) Jane was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:25 Mar 11
[Jane beats up the bunnies adn becomes thier queen.] -07:26 Mar 11
Star: Before Jane got very far out the door, a tiny ebony haired, glasses wearing nerd ran right in to her. After apologizing profusely, Star finally recognized who she rammed in to. Her face lit up in that happy-hopeful way. "Jane! I thought you already transfered schools?" -07:34 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow." Jane said holding her broken rib. "Star…? I did I just skipped out of gym… broken rib." She sighed.. she couldn’t limp last enough to get away but didn’t know if she wanted to talk to Star. "So… umm… how have you been?" -07:39 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "Oh, did you have a rough time in practice?" she looked concerned, and really wanted to reach out and give a hug! She kept her arms to herself though by hugging her books. "I’m doing okay, I guess. I’m passing all my classes, and oh! I am now the Galactic Empress in my LARP! So that’s pretty cool. Uuhhm." she hesitated. "I missed you?" -07:46 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Still doing that nerd stuff." she teased. "Yeah… I’m starting to realize what an idiot I still am at… stuff… and… I got beat up pretty bad. I don’t have the wieght I used to have… or the shoulder strength." She shrugged. -07:49 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "Oh don’t worry. Logically speaking, it was only natural for you to take a few months to get used to a new body. I mean, even with the physical transformation going tit for tat, your brain chemestry still has to link up with the rest of you. It’s not like the BRAIN changes." she laughed, understanding a joke that clearly wasn’t obvious to anyone else but herself. Star smiled and rocked on her heels. "I really did miss you. Just because we’re not dating doesn’t mean we can’t hang out sometimes, right? Oh! You wanna get some coffee with me? I’m aceing all my glasses, skipping one day of studying won’t hurt." -07:55 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "I was going to out my… girl… actually I’m free." she said. She was really going to out Britt? "I feel like my brain is changing and I am losing control of my life… I don’t know what to think or feel anymore and I don’t act… rationally." -08:00 Mar 11 Jane
Star: Her eyes went wide. "Fascinating! I bet that’s the difference of the female hormones interacting with your brain chemistry. Do you think it’s making you a different person or is it just highlighting different things in your life? Ooh, I guess that is super personal… but it’s really interesting, you know." Star turned to lead the way out. They could have coffee somewhere on campus. -08:05 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: Jane limped after her. "Or it could just be messing with my brain until I reach a new equilibrium… I hope I’m not like this forever. Wait is all of this really interesting to you?" -08:09 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "Of COURSE it is! I might be an astronomy major, but human biology is just as interesting. After all, we’re all made up of stuff that came from stars." Her nerd was showing, but she didn’t mind it one bit. The great thing about James- er, Jane, was that she listened and actually seemed interested in what she blabbered on about. "I’m sure it will even out eventually once your body chemistry tapers off in to a new normal. I mean, it’s not changing your core personality is it? You are still you?" -08:17 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Maybe you should taalk to my dad then, he’s been doing a test a week and it’s his research that… well… caused the accident…" she pointed to a free outside table and limped towards it. "i -08:19 Mar 11 Jane
Jane: "Maybe you should taalk to my dad then, he’s been doing a test a week and it’s his research that… well… caused the accident…" she pointed to a free outside table and limped towards it. "I am still me, I still love to fight… still mess up everything from romance to math. Still awkward around girls, the ones I like anyway and still way into girls." -08:20 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "See, nothing to worry about!" Star was pretty confident. She plopped in to a chair, setting her books and bag aside. Then waved at the coffee guy, holding up two fingers for her regular. Americanos with sugar and cream. "I think that’s my grandfather’s company. Even if I wanted to, he really doesn’t want me in the family business." -08:33 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "It my dad worked for your grandad I’d know about it… and besides I was an intern and I don’t work there anymore so it’s none of thier bussiness even if it was thier company. It’s my lifem not thiers." Jane ordered a regular coffee. "I am sick of people not doing what they want to because of thier families. It makkes me waant to slap their parents. -08:39 Mar 11 Jane
Star: Star giggled, covering her mouth when she did. "It’s not always that easy, especially with old money families. It’s okay though! You don’t have to worry about me! My dream is to be an astrophysisist. They don’t do a lot of that there." She grinned wide. "You’re always so passionate about stuff. I’m glad you’re still chasing your dreams too and aren’t letting anything stop you." -08:43 Mar 11 Britt

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